Rainbow Time (2016) Movie Script

Rainbow time.
Damn it.
Hey, are you awake?
Lindsay, are you awake?
Do you remember
the first time
we held hands?
We were walking
into that diner
after staying up
all night together.
I just...
Never thought I'd...
Find someone like you.
Well, me too, sweetie.
Probably my brother again.
We should go
if we want to be on time.
I love you.
I love you.
Hey, bro.
Um, can you please
call me back,
and let me know that
you're bringing a tape?
Also, ask Lindsay
if she's cool
with being in it.
Maybe she doesn't mind
doing some nudity?
Some tasteful nudity?
For the scene.
It would be good
for the story.
Just kidding, bro, all right?
Don't worry.
I mean, unless she
really wants to.
I don't know,
maybe she's kind of a...
A little freaky.
All right, well,
please call me back.
This is shonzi.
Rainbow time.
What's that?
Oh, Gretchen, my boss,
posted the video
we made.
Oh, cool.
Yeah, but some
of these comments are...
Really crazy.
Damn it, dude.
He keeps calling
'cause he wants to...
Wants us to shoot
this stupid movie with him.
Oh, he's just
so excited, it's cute.
You know why?
'Cause you're
gonna be there,
it has nothing
to do with me.
Just so you know,
I'm warning you.
Now, what is his...
Challenge again?
I can't remember.
Is it down's?
No, no, he's just
a little slow,
and in the womb,
he didn't get enough oxygen
because of his umbilical cord
or something
wrapped around his neck.
-Ah, yeah.
Well, there's also...
Also, there was this...
Incident when we were kids.
He likes to
hold that over me.
What happened to him?
I ran him over,
in a car...
Oh, Todd!
I know.
I was playing
in my dad's car,
I didn't see him
behind it.
Why was he behind it?
'Cause he was
humping the ground.
Oh, hi, shonzi.
What do you want?
Get out of here!
Wait, but I really like you.
I saw you laughing at me
with those girls.
You were pretending
that you liked me?
And you're just trying
to mess with me.
And that's not cool.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Let me make it up to you.
What do you
have in mind?
Wait, wait, wait.
Okay, if my dad asks us
to stay the night,
let's just say that
we have something
early in the morning,
and we can't, please?
I know that you're
stressed out about this,
but if you think you're
gonna have a bad time,
then you probably will.
You don't know shonzi.
He's a lot.
He's a lot.
-He's a lot?
Well, did you use
the essential oil blend
that I made you?
I think I left it at home.
- We should go back.
No, I know
you're kidding.
It's very funny,
but it does actually
really help.
Oh. Oh, yeah.
Oh, oh, oh...
You can't just
barge in, dad!
You're in here playing
with your fuckin' dolls?
I asked you to help me
an hour ago.
I asked you
to straighten up.
Yeah, well, I'm
working on the movie
that I'm gonna make
with Todd and Lindsay.
Please, tonight,
can we just have
a nice, normal dinner?
Dad, we're gonna have
a normal dinner, all right?
But we're working
on this movie,
and you gotta
give me time for that.
-I'll get that, all right?
-Wait, no...
Dump the garbage,
take my jacket off.
-Well, I got...
-Take it off!
I got to do something.
We don't want any.
- Oh...
Very funny, dad, okay...
- Hi.
-Welcome, welcome.
-Come on in.
-Good one. Thank you.
Welcome to our humble abode.
-Oh, wow.
-Hey, dad.
Todd, good to see you.
You too.
So, this is Lindsay.
-Hey, Lindsay.
-So nice to meet you.
Good to meet you.
Now I know why
you haven't been
answering my calls.
- Wow!
- Would you like a glass of wine?
- Sure.
- -That'd be great.
Good idea, dad.
Yeah, this is
my brother, Shaun.
Or shonzi.
Or Arthur shonzarelli.
Okay, great.
-Come here.
So nice to finally
meet you, shonzi.
Dude, look at this hug.
- I'm looking at it.
-Oh, man.
Something's happening here.
Begin an erection...
What took you so long?
Did you get the tape?
What tape?
I don't know what tape
you're talking about.
- Good one.
You're very brave.
I would not
get into a car
with this guy.
You know,
he ran my head over?
I heard about that.
Wow! Not even two minutes,
and you brought that up.
Well, I'm sorry.
When you get
your head run over,
it's a little hard
not to forget!
- Okay.
- -Yeah, I bet.
Don't worry,
I'm still pretty cool.
Like the fonz.
-Yes, hey...
-Does that say "ah?"
-Oh, my gosh!
It says, "ah."
Uh, no.
It says, "hey..."
I'm pretty sure
it says,
What, 'cause
of the "h"?
Yeah, 'cause
of the a-h-h.
It looks awesome.
- Yeah.
- -Or a-some.
All right, all right,
you got me.
I spelled it "ah..."
As a joke!
I thought that'd be funny
if he's like,
- It's funny.
- -It is funny.
Yeah, that was the joke.
- All right.
- -Okay.
I got
the first shot set up.
I'm back!
How did you find me?
Never mind how I found you.
Tell me where she is.
Don't even think about it.
What the...
Dude, not so fuckin' hard.
Sorry! Don't
break character, though.
You're gonna break
the glasses.
Take 'em off, then.
Don't take them off.
- Yeah.
-They look so cool.
- I don't know.
- I think they look really cool.
I think they look sexy.
Here, switch with me.
No, you can't,
it's not going to
match the stuff
we already shot.
I don't care,
i wanna wear them.
Okay, whatever.
Do I look good?
- Yeah.
-You look great.
Tell me where she is.
Jesus Christ.
Please don't kill me.
Too late.
Here's your stupid
glasses back.
Now, does it match?
Dude, you just
threw those glasses at me.
You shouldn't have
glasses on right now.
Oh, there you are.
What did he
do to you?
Are you all right?
Shonzi, thank you so much.
You're welcome.
Now for my reward.
And cut.
That was great.
They gotta kiss.
Maybe we could...
Hey, guys!
Dinner's ready.
with the shonzi.
Oh yeah.
That was a long hug.
I was just trying
to be friendly.
- Yeah, I know.
- I would not do that.
I could steal her
away from you.
I know you could.
Oh, my god.
You guys are so cute
in these pictures.
I'm the cute one.
You're both cute.
-Hear that?
This is so sweet.
Me and gilma in palm Springs.
Before she got sick.
I'm really sorry
for your loss.
Thank you.
So I got a new iPhone,
and I was thinking
i could give you my old one.
The iPhone 5?
The 5s.
Dude, are you serious?
Any videos
of Lindsay on here?
All right, photos?
Shut the fuck up.
Just change the subject,
what are you doing?
I just want to know
you're happy, everything good?
Yeah, we're fine.
How long you guys
been together?
Officially, um,
six months.
But a little longer.
I mean, we knew
each other before that,
when she had a husband.
Oh, whoa, wait.
You guys hooked up
when she was still married?
- Yeah.
-Oh, you dog!
No, no, her husband was
on the way out, anyway.
It was special.
It was sweet.
We went dancing
together all the time.
You like to dance?
I do, I love it.
But I can never get Todd
to go with me.
Here, come here.
-Step back.
Now, sideways.
Feet together.
Okay, now a little dip
on the back.
-Oh, I love it!
So, you might wanna
bring it up.
She'll just think
it is perverted.
How do you know
if you don't ask?
Trust me.
You don't...
You don't understand.
Oh yeah, right.
I don't understand.
I forgot I'm slow.
I hate when you do that.
I hate when you
pull that card.
You're not retarded.
You're not special.
I'm not special?
I thought I was pretty...
I got special sauce
all over my room!
Good to see you, bro.
I'm gonna bring
a uv light over there.
Oh god, I bet it would
light that room up.
Feet together.
Aw, thank you.
That was so special.
Dad, don't be a pervert.
Who wants a little more wine?
-Me! I do.
No, I'm good.
Um, I'm driving,
so I gotta...
You guys should just
stay the night.
That's easy.
Come on. Sleepover!
I think we should.
-Here, come.
Just want to
talk to you
for a minute.
Okay, what
are you doing?
What is this?
There's just something
super important...
I just have
to talk to you, okay?
Um, you just
need to act... there.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Is this okay?
What's wrong?
Did I do something?
-No, no.
-Just tell me...
-It's good.
It's great, uh...
I just have to go
to the bathroom.
-Oh, okay.
Hey, what are you doing?
-What the fuck you doing?
-Calm down, bro.
Look, she wouldn't
have seen me, man,
just chill out.
Maybe I don't wanna
look at my brother
when I'm getting
a fucking blow job.
Okay, well, calm down.
It's not like I haven't
seen you before.
You are not to say a word
of that to Lindsay.
-All right.
Don't say anything
about that.
'Cause Lucy was
very different, okay?
Well, maybe you should tell
your girlfriend what you like.
Give me the phone.
Let me just
finish watching it.
No, dude,
I'm gonna delete it.
-Give me the phone.
-Come on, man.
-You owe me.
-Give me the fucking phone.
You owe me.
-Give me the phone.
Dude! Dude,
what are you doing?
It's mine!
Come on, shonzi,
stop it!
Stop, stop it!
-Dude, no! Come on!
-Give me the phone!
What is going on here?
He was spying on us.
Well, you didn't
have to hit me.
Come on, we're going home.
Jesus Christ.
Oh, I wonder who that is.
He won't stop.
Hey, do you want some coffee?
Yeah, thanks.
Hey, I'm sorry
about last night.
I know he's like,
really hard to deal with,
but you really have to
get a grip
on your anger, okay?
Yeah, I know. It's just...
He just triggers
something in me.
-I feel like shit.
You know what?
We can start
meditating together
if you want.
Do you wanna see
what he did, though?
I mean, I don't...
Oh, boy.
Oh, my god.
Oh, look at
your face, though.
-When you see him...
-It's not funny.
-It's funny.
It's pretty funny.
It's pretty hot.
Are you...
What do you mean?
Are you like,
turned on by it?
Is that weird?
Well, look.
Look, you know how
sometimes I feel disconnected.
I mean, you have me
right here, can't you just...
Like, connect with me
and just be here with me,
and just like, delete that?
It's kinda like,
porn. Porny.
I guess we haven't really
had this conversation.
I'm like,
very against it.
-Obviously, yeah.
Because, you know,
these women are
really being exploited.
I read a whole thing about,
you know, the rise
of like, super exploitative,
like violent porn.
That's like, what,
men wanna watch now?
It's like, so weird to me.
Babe, I don't
wanna watch any of that.
I don't wanna watch
any of that.
I just wanna watch
you and me.
-Want me to delete it?
-Get rid of it.
Yeah, just delete it.
Yeah, okay.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
That would be good.
So, so far,
this one's been a lot better,
because on my last birthday,
we were serving tacos, right?
And Todd, my other uncle,
bet shonzi that
he could eat 30 tacos,
and he did.
And then he
threw up everywhere.
Like, honestly,
like everywhere.
Like, in the pool,
yeah, it was
really disgusting,
and it was a disaster,
and everybody left,
and I was all alone
on my birthday.
Get your hands off her.
-Just ignore him.
All right, you asked for it.
Shonzi, don't.
That's enough, all right?
Hey, guys!
Hey. Oh yeah, good.
You made it.
Shonzi, you got me all wet.
Gross. Isn't that
your boyfriend's job?
Ew! Shut up.
No, you shut up.
Wow. That's a big present.
I can't stay too long.
Okay, well...
Oh, my gosh. Gotta
get you drinking, then.
I gotta go
check the grill, too.
Dude, where's Lindsay?
She's not here.
Any luck?
Sorry, I...
He knows we have
a parking garage, right?
Mm-hm, yeah.
He, oh, here...
Just open.
Hey, what's up?
Whole gang's here.
Um, you guys are underdressed.
I figured I'd
get out of this marriage
the way I came in.
Just like, on fleek.
And a little bit tipsy.
Yeah, you're
really late, you know?
Oh, yeah.
I apologize if I'm not
as eager as you are.
I was hoping that,
you and me,
could have a word in privacy
before we commence
the negotiations.
-I think we should...
We'll give you that.
-Yeah, let's...
So, before I sign
that shit, um,
you know,
I need you to do something.
Okay, what do you need?
I wanna hear you say it.
Say what?
That you fucking
cheated on me.
Are you...
This is ridiculous, okay?
You had your
little secrets, too.
Hm, okay.
I, we both,
had fuck-ups,
but I stuck in.
You're the one
that's leaving.
You stuck in?
You have this whole story
that you're perfect,
and I fucked
the whole thing up.
You fucked part
of this up, okay?
I'm not going
to play games.
I'm not going
to play games, no.
Okay, fine.
All right,
well then, I guess,
I'm not gonna
sign the papers.
Don't be crazy.
Say it.
Why does it matter?
Why does it matter?
We're just getting...
We're gonna sign the papers...
Because you don't get
to be right all the time.
You can't do it.
I am not going to.
You can't do it.
Hm, right.
But was it easy to move on?
The first girlfriend
after divorce
is kind of a big deal.
I don't care as
i don't want to be with him.
I'm glad I'm not
married to him.
Still, it was like,
"hm, he's got a girlfriend."
You ever fee like
you wanna get back?
Oh, my god, no.
Hey, Lily, Jake.
You want a burger?
Get over here.
Hey, bro.
Come here.
Check it out.
It's Lily.
Dude, that's our
fucking niece.
So? She's hot.
You're a pervert.
I'm kidding, bro.
Here you go. I gotta go
pick up Lindsay.
Oh, you gotta go
pick up your girlfriend?
-Are you pussy-whipped?
-Is that your boyfriend?
-Who is it, then?
-I called an uber.
Okay? So...
Hi. I'll just...
What's up, man?
Hi, my name is Todd.
I'll be your uber driver.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
I just didn't wanna
complicate things.
I didn't know how to...
I get it. It's fine.
So, what happened?
Oh, he's contesting it.
Just to be an asshole.
I mean, it's gonna happen.
He just wants to
punish me for it.
I'm sorry, babe.
If you're gonna touch me,
I should probably
report you to the company.
Oh, please don't.
I already have
only three stars.
I touch all my passengers.
Do you feel okay?
Do you want me to
flip over again or something?
I don't think
i can finish.
Really? Are you sure?
I'm sorry, I just...
I think I wanna go
to the bathroom.
I know you're angry at me,
but please call me back
'cause I have
a really cool idea
for the film.
All right, I'm thinking
your character
wasn't really dead,
and then maybe
you end up with
Lindsay's character.
All right, would that
make you happy?
This is shonzi,
call me back.
What did I tell you
about knocking?
I thought you were gonna
help me with that thing.
Dad, I quit, okay?
You quit. All right.
Then you quit
your allowance, too.
I don't care.
I'm gonna be
a famous film maker.
Don't hold your breath.
You better be nice
to me, all right?
Because when I'm
rich and famous,
and I got all these
girls around me,
you know, like,
at the premiere,
I'm gonna have, like,
three of them on me,
I can't make out
with everyone at once.
if you're nice,
maybe I'll give you one.
Five minutes, all right?
I'm not working for you.
Yes, you are.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on, pizza.
Hi, justine.
Hi, Lindsay.
How are you?
Good! How's pizza doing?
Pretty good.
I just got her
a new wheelchair.
It's kinda rough,
but I think it's gonna be
really good in the end.
Hey, sorry,
i just need to get...
Are you masturbating?
Seeing if it still works.
What are you looking at?
Just, come on.
This is just...
Oh, god!
I thought you deleted that.
It's, um...
It's on the cloud.
I mean, we just
talked about this.
I thought you understood
what that meant to me.
On the cloud?
Dig a hole that end.
Not unless you apologize.
Apologize for what?
For treating me like an idiot.
Are you gonna help me here?
Or are you not?
Jesus fucking Christ...
You're gonna hurt yourself.
Call 911.
No, not unless you apologize.
Jesus Christ.
All right. Let me
get my phone.
Hi, Todd. It's Nina again.
So, um, dad is stable.
Do you mind
if I just check your iv again?
Uh, yeah.
Does that hurt?
Does it feel okay?
Yeah, yeah.
I'm all right.
What's up?
Not much.
What's your name?
Cool. Very cool.
You know, I noticed
you got some...
I really like your nails.
Oh, thanks.
I just got them done.
Yeah, they're really cool.
I was just gonna say that.
What the hell was that?
I just told her
her nails were cool.
Yeah. Well, you interrupted.
Shaun, please.
Shut the fuck up.
Dad, it's not all about you.
I was just
leaving you a message.
-It's all right. Hey.
-Hi. Lindsay.
Uh, how is he?
He's okay.
He's stable...
Well, well, well.
Look what the cat dragged in.
Shh, okay?
Keep your voice down, okay?
You know, I do about
100 push-ups a day.
Wanna feel it?
so what are we
gonna do with him?
Oh god, shonzi.
Um, I'm super-crazed
right now,
with kids and work
and everything,
I cannot right now.
Could you take him?
Um. Well...
Thank you so much.
Why would i
go over to your house
if you don't want me there?
Hey. We want you there.
We were just talking about
inviting you over, anyway.
-Oh yeah?
Why didn't you
call me back, then?
'Cause we were trying
to figure out which day
would be best
to have you over.
--Right, babe?
Lindsay, is that true?
Actually, um, shonzi,
Todd is still upset
about what happened.
And I understand
him being upset...
I mean, it doesn't
excuse the fact that he
hit you...
But we should talk about
the fact that you're upset.
Why are you upset?
You are the one who hit me.
I don't know, maybe because
you were trying to
videotape us having sex.
I'm sorry, all right?
Can we just
get over this, already?
Wow. Great apology, buddy.
I really felt that one.
You know what?
I don't need this shit.
Tell me
when you're gone.
Dude. Hey, dude.
Hey, I'm sorry
I hit you.
I was just
trying to help you.
I know you were just
trying to help.
I was in the wrong.
You were acting like a maniac.
I'm sorry.
What's up with you?
I was gonna give you the video.
-I know.
I'm, I'm...
I've been agitated
lately, okay?
So what's the problem?
I don't know, I think
I'm just depressed.
Or stressed out,
i don't know.
Talk to me, okay?
I'm your brother.
You got a big mouth.
All right, I will...
-Keep your mouth shut?
I promise
i won't say anything.
I'm having
a hard time finishing.
During sex.
I can't finish.
-Okay. I'm coming over.
We can get
to the bottom of this.
-All right?
-Okay, just...
Just don't do
anything weird.
I'm not, all right?
Can you say it?
Say it, "I'm not
gonna do anything weird."
I'm not gonna do
anything weird.
-I promise.
-Promise? Okay.
We're back!
Put your tongue
back in your mouth.
She's got your food
coming right now.
-Thank you.
-There you go.
This is literally
the finest cuisine
I've ever eaten.
Thank you, shonzi.
Whoa. Todd is a lucky guy.
Oh, well, he's not
so bad himself.
Well, I, for one,
cannot wait to go back
and see dad.
Are you worried about him?
Yeah, but I want to
talk to that nurse.
She was pretty
into me.
I'm not so sure she was.
She kept
playing with her hair
when I was
talking to her.
Sort of like, fidgeting.
-Body language.
-Body language.
It's a subconscious thing.
But the thing is, um,
you know, sometimes,
i play with my hair,
I do stuff like this,
but it's just to get it
out of my face.
Well, no. The...
The night we first kissed,
I knew something was
gonna happen with us, because,
you kept playing
with your hair.
- What?
Maybe I'm wrong,
but I don't think I am.
Don't you guys see?
Like a woman is not even free
to touch her hair
without it being interpreted
as some sexual thing
by a man.
That's like, depressing.
You seem tense, Lindsay.
You want me
to give you a back rub?
That's really sweet of you
to offer that.
But, I think,
after what happened,
it's better to have
some boundaries.
You know, I don't think
it's appropriate.
How are we gonna
get past this
if you guys
don't trust me?
Hey, see what happens
if you touch her, dude,
I dare you. Go ahead.
Oh, okay, I guess I'll
make her slow then, right?
It's not
like cooties, okay?
You know what, shonzi?
I think that if you
can give me a back rub
as a friend,
that would be
a really good step.
That's all I need.
Are you serious right now?
- Yeah.
- -Wait...
- He's just a friend.
- -Just relax, bro.
How's that?
Oh, it's good.
How's that?
It's really good.
Take a deep breath in.
Nice, how's that?
It's good, oh yeah.
Oh, gosh.
This is just
the ending.
It's just the ending.
All right, well,
you know what?
I think that's great.
And I'm gonna
clear the plates.
Um, that was a
really good first step.
See? That
wasn't inappropriate.
What are you doing?
I'm warming her up for you.
For what?
-So you can take a video.
-I'm not... hey...
Or, okay, photos.
-Start out with photos.
None of it.
She's not into that, okay?
You want me
to bring up those videos
that you did with Lucy?
No. I don't want you
to bring that up.
I mean, don't you think
i wish she was into that?
I do, okay? But she's not.
Look, if you
don't bring it up,
then I will.
Let's just let this go.
Maybe I should
tell her right now.
-Don't, please don't...
-Oh, Lindsay!
-We have something to tell you.
It's for your own good.
Are you pissed?
Look, I know you mean well,
but I'm just gonna take him
to work with me tomorrow, okay?
I just think
that the more he is
around a woman,
and gets to know her,
the more chance there is
that he'll stop treating her
like a sexual object.
You have to be
careful with him.
He doesn't get your whole
super open, new age-y thing.
He just sees a pretty girl
giving him attention,
and then it turns him on.
You don't trust me?
I don't trust him.
He's very lonely.
He's very lonely right now,
and you are not being
super friendly to him.
Yeah, I know.
So I should take him
to work with me.
Are you gonna be nice to him?
Yeah, of course.
Hey, I've been
meaning to, uh...
I just, I wanted to...
I just want to say sorry
about the whole video thing,
and I understand that
you are not into that.
And that, that was
very disrespectful
to you and your beliefs.
The main thing
i had an issue with
was the secrecy,
that everything was so secret.
I mean, you know how much
i hated that with Adam,
-just the lying, and...
-I know.
-I can't do it again.
-I know, I know, I know.
And I don't want that.
I don't want that for us.
I guess I just...
Just couldn't resist.
I couldn't resist.
Yeah, well, I couldn't.
Well, okay.
Do you want
to take a photo of me...
Do you want to take
a photo of me right now?
Babe, really?
I think
it could be sexy.
If you want to.
-Right now?
I mean,
you do want to, right?
I'd love to.
I think it could be fun.
-I don't know.
-This is amazing.
Do I do this?
What are you doing?
Hey, kinda have to be
quiet right now.
Oh, okay.
It's a secret.
Oh, I love secrets.
Is it a surprise
for Todd and Lindsay?
Ah, yeah.
You could say that.
He's my brother.
It's like a whole
project we're doing,
and so I can't really...
I live next door.
I'm justine.
What's your name?
Do you want to
hang out sometime?
Like, what do you mean?
Do you want to
hang out sometime?
What, you and me?
I would love to,
but I have a girlfriend.
Her name's Cindy Crawford.
I want him to
stick his penis in this jar
and try to come from just
the flapping of the wings
on the tip of his dick.
Do you think
you could do that?
Stop it!
Stop! You're hurting her.
Why did you kill dad?
You gotta save her.
By the flesh,
must be free.
Hey. Wake up.
Wake up.
What are you doing?
Just get dressed.
Shonzi, just put this on.
This looks fine.
Hurry up,
she's got this big plan
to hang out with you today.
That's what she said?
Yeah. Yeah, so let's go.
Okay, I think I see
what's happening here.
You're scared to
leave me alone with her.
Right? You think she's
gonna get sweet on me?
Actually, I don't think
you're her type.
You think you're
gonna go to work,
and then I'll be at home,
working your girlfriend.
Dude, that won't happen,
'cause you're a
fucking retard, okay?
What'd you call me?
Oh, hey, Lindsay.
What's going on?
Todd just called me a retard.
You were pushing
my buttons, buddy.
He was pushing my buttons.
Can you just apologize?
Hey man, I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have
called you that.
But I don't like it
when you...
Say dirty jokes about
my girlfriend, okay?
Okay. Well...
I mean, if that's all,
you have to say.
I'm pretty sure I did,
like a million times.
- It's just... okay.
He's trying, Todd,
and I think he
has a point, you know?
Just say it.
-You know?
We can talk about this later.
Uh, we gotta go.
-So get your shoes on, okay?
Shonzi, um...
Do you wanna just
stay here today?
- Yeah.
- -No, no.
You said you wanted
to come with me.
You said you wanted
to go to work
with me, right?
You know what
i think is happening?
I think he's
a little freaked out
- 'cause he's in a new place,
And I think you're probably
scared about your dad, right?
- Yeah.
- -Yeah.
So just hang out with me,
we'll do something fun.
It's gonna be nice.
You guys,
if you need anything,
just give me a call.
We'll be fine, bro.
And I just wanted
to show you
all my little crystals.
I like that one.
You like that one?
Looks cool, right?
That one is for protection,
and for divine connection.
Does it make you feel
kinda safe?
Powerful, good.
Like, um...
Like in a cave.
Yeah, exactly.
But my cave.
Just staying by myself,
but I'm not lonely.
I really love that.
I really love that.
You know what?
This is for you.
I want you to keep that.
And, this one here,
I think will be good for you.
It is frankincense oil
and it is really good
for depression and heartbreak
and things like that.
Put your wrist out.
Now give me your hand.
It's very calming.
You feel calm?
Well, I don't know about calm,
but, well, like...
That's good.
You feel kind of energized.
Also, shonzi, can I show you
this video I made?
Uh, yeah.
Look at this.
And that guy
is just following her?
Yeah, look, he follows her
down the street,
for literally 30 minutes.
- What?
- -Yeah.
Just like shouting things
and saying things.
That should be
against the law.
I mean, if someone was
following you around like that,
I'd pop him in the face.
Thank you, shonzi.
I mean, I'd rip his arm off.
I'd be like, "uh..."
-"What are you doing, bro?"
-"How do you like that?"
Because you know
that it is wrong.
Yeah, I mean, she's just...
"Get out of my way."
You know what I think
this video is missing?
A man's perspective.
Do you wanna help me?
-Do a mic check.
-Oh, okay.
- Check.
-Can you hear that?
Hello, hello! Testing!
Do you think you're
gonna be that loud?
I might.
Yeah, I don't need
to wear them.
Hello, and welcome
to rainbow time.
I'm your host, shonzi.
And, on tonight's episode,
we're talking about
So stay tuned.
We'll be right back
after this commercial break.
So good! Perfect.
Oh, look, there's
some girls over there.
-Can we talk to them?
Oh, my goodness.
Hey! Hey, wanna be in a movie?
All right,
so tell me,
what are some
of the annoying things
that guys say to you,
you know, on the street.
Sugar tits.
"Let me see you smile."
It's like, "hey, yeah,
oh, sweetie!"
And how does that
make you feel
when they say that crap?
It's just condescending,
it's a comment that becomes
how I'm sexually
relevant to this man
rather than my brain
or other qualities or whatever.
You're just walking
down the street.
You're not there
to entertain anyone.
It's like,"hey!
I'm just trying to walk here."
-"Get out of my way!"
You just wanna get to work.
Sometimes you're just
not in the mood.
No. Exactly.
And guys at home,
you don't need to
have a girl smile
to enjoy how hot they are.
Look here...
You're a very pretty lady,
--well, now, you're smiling.
Thank you
for watching rainbow time.
I'm shonzi, and I've
been here with my friend,
That was so good. Thank you.
You're so pretty.
Shonzi, don't...
Okay, all right, okay.
Do you want to
hang out some time?
No, no, stop. Stop!
Thank you so much.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I think that's fine, it's okay.
It's not. It's not fine.
Thank you for
doing that for us.
You can't just like,
grab someone
and kiss them like that.
Okay, well, I didn't know.
I thought I'm doing
something good, I'm talking...
You are, you are.
But then, you just
have to let people go,
just you know,
maybe shake hands
or something, okay?
I did cut.
Oh, hey.
Oh, hey.
How are you?
Not good.
Oh, why? What's going on?
Pizza's wheels
are all messed up.
I don't know what's wrong.
Pizza's my dog.
Your dog's name is pizza?
Oh, hey, um...
Justine, this is shonzi,
Todd's brother.
This is my friend, justine.
Yeah, we met last night.
Sort of.
Uh, I mean, yeah,
when I was out smoking.
Smoking? I didn't know
you smoked.
I do.
I like your t-shirt.
Sorry, but I'm just...
I'm not really
in the mood to talk.
I just want to go in,
and just eat
some doritos, please.
I love doritos!
What's your favorite kind?
Cool ranch. Jinx!
Two for flinching.
I didn't flinch.
Yes, look at flinching you.
-Got me.
-Oh, man.
-Nice biceps.
Oh yeah? You like that?
Yeah, I do like
100 push-ups a day.
You know what?
We should have justine
in the movie.
Yes, sure.
- Rolling?
- -Rolling.
Uh, so what?
The same questions
i was asking those girls?
do you remember?
Yeah, okay.
Yeah, so okay, this probably
doesn't happen to you
but do you ever have guys
yelling at you on the street?
Oh, yeah.
All the time, I hate that.
I mean, like, catcalling.
All the time.
I mean, it's a little
hard to believe
because I mean,
you are kind of ugly,
I mean, not totally ugly,
but I mean...
Why would you say that?
I just mean, because
these other girls
you didn't see
what we were doing, okay?
You have no idea what
we were in the middle of...
Just give that to me.
Okay, I told you
i didn't wanna do this.
All right? I'm sorry you
didn't see these other girls.
Someone can be beautiful
even though
they are not blonde and...
I'm sorry. Jesus Christ!
I'm really sorry.
Wanna check out some
of these girls
me and Lindsay
met today for the video?
Check out this one.
Hot, right?
Did you get her number?
I tried, but she said
she had a "boyfriend."
You're never gonna score
unless you take...
- A shot.
-See, Lindsay?
My dad always taught me
i got to be confident
like the fonz.
You know, he just
snaps his fingers,
and girls come up to him.
Yeah, um,
sure, but shonzi, I think,
another thing that
making the video
is helping you realize
is that it's not fun
for women to be
sexually harassed.
Right. Feminism.
You know what I need,
is pictures of me.
We put them on a website,
maybe for magazines.
Bro, can you take a photo,
just right now, me and dad,
you know, like
in people magazine,
they have the candid shots.
Yeah, yeah.
I'd hold out for
vanity fair,
if I was you, though.
Exactly. Thank you, bro.
You know what?
You should get in it, too.
-Come on, bro.
Okay, but Lindsay, be careful
because you might not
wanna delete
the photo that Todd
took of you last night.
I mean, if you guys
have any photos
you don't wanna delete...
What? Did...
Did you show it to him?
No. No.
Lindsay, he didn't
have to, okay?
I only spied on you
so he wouldn't chicken out.
If you're gonna start making
some photos or videos,
you should see these ones
he made with his ex, Lucy.
I mean, a photo
isn't even that kinky.
Oh, my god.
Well, cat's out of the bag now.
Shonzi, when are you
gonna learn to
shut your mouth?
You, knowingly,
let shonzi watch you
take a picture of me
I mean, why?
Because, he said
he was gonna tell you
about the video
I showed him of me and my ex.
Why would you show shonzi
videos of you
and your ex, anyway?
I don't...
When mom died,
he went into
a really dark place.
He was a mess,
and he locked himself
in his room
for like, two weeks.
We called it...
Shonzi's in solitary again.
We were worried that he
was going to hurt himself.
So I was kind of trying
everything I could
to get him out.
And it was working.
I mean, I feel bad,
i feel guilty.
He's never gonna
experience that, you know?
I just wanted him
to feel normal.
I mean,
I do...
I understand, kind of,
on some level, but,
that's not treating him
like he is normal.
Like you wouldn't do that
with one of your guy friends.
-Right? I hope.
Wouldn't be like, "look
at this video," so...
Because you are
doing that with him,
it's saying,
"you're not normal,
"and I need to
do this with you."
I just wish I knew
how we could help him.
I wonder if we could maybe
make this like,
part of my project.
And that could help him
to understand that,
you know, he's not the only one
who's doing something
wrong all the time.
He's not just being told,
"that's not okay."
You're saying, "i did
something that's not okay."
Or, we could just
drop him off at Nina's.
This is the kind of thing
that we need to
deal with, okay?
Is that creepy?
Just maybe try to look like
you're looking at something
sexy, though, you know?
I can do sexy.
I'll go like this.
I'll be like,
I'll imagine
two people making out.
I'm not gonna say what
two people...
Okay, buddy,
we can't use the shot
if you're talking in it, okay?
Let's get this shot with
you standing still, okay?
I think it's us.
That's ridiculous.
I know, I know.
I'm just trying to...
It's less of like a face.
It's less of like a...
Any of that.
I think it's more just
like a blank face.
And no talking.
I think we just need,
just like a few
seconds of you just,
standing and saying nothing.
Just not talking.
How many seconds?
Like, thirty.
One, two...
Don't count, dude.
Don't count.
I want to get it right.
How am I going to...
I'll tell you.
I think we got it.
-I think we got enough, yeah.
We got it.
Relax, Todd.
She said we got it.
So, Todd,
if you don't mind,
just explain a little bit
about what it is
you like about videotaping
yourself and your girlfriends.
I don't know, um...
It's just exciting...
To know that a girl is willing
to do that
for you because she
likes you that much.
I guess.
I mean, I guess the thing
I'm wondering is why...
You want someone
to put themselves
in an
uncomfortable situation.
Like, when you're in love,
you do things
for the other person,
even if it makes you
uncomfortable, right?
Like when we were
dating at first,
when you were married,
that was kind of
uncomfortable for me,
and I, kind of,
hiding that, but,
I did it, and
i don't know, I just,
I guess I wish
you would humor me.
Right. It's a give and take.
It would be a
nice reassurance.
A reassurance...
Of what?
That you're not
gonna leave me
when things get bad,
like you did
with Adam for me.
I wanna do the videos
because it's like
a way of controlling
the situation,
because even if you do leave me,
I'll still kinda have you.
I know how hard that is.
I'm so proud of you
for your honesty
and for telling me all this.
I love you so much.
I love you so much.
we're still rolling here.
Can we focus a little bit?
I don't know,
I feel like we got
so much good stuff.
Like we got really,
a lot of really, um...
Aren't you gonna
ask me some questions?
Yeah, we gotta
hit the sack, dude.
we're gonna, um...
But thank you for helping.
You were such a great help.
You were wonderful.
Thank you, um...
The remote's right there,
you can watch
whatever you want.
Okay, well, just go
right to sleep, guys.
We can get
an early start tomorrow.
No funny business, all right?
I love it when
you kiss me there.
Where else?
Right there.
Right here?
Hey, guys!
Not now, dude.
Well, guys, I started
a fire by accident.
I'm really sorry.
Not now, buddy.
There's smoke everywhere.
It's all right.
Oh no, honey, wait, look.
What did you do now, dude?
What the fuck, man?
Jesus Christ.
You really think
I'm so stupid
I lit the house on fire?
Yeah, maybe.
Looks like you guys got
your own fire going on here.
What do you want, man?
I got this great new idea
for the film.
Okay, it's gonna have to
wait till tomorrow.
I'm sorry.
Wait, wait, wait.
Lindsay, please can I tell you?
I don't wanna
forget it. Please?
She said okay, bro, relax.
Okay, do you know
what a dream sequence is?
We could have a dream sequence
where you and I are kissing.
Okay, nice try, buddy.
We could just be dancing
or something, you know?
We could be slow dancing.
Maybe, maybe.
Just fucking say no.
Just say no to him.
I don't want to
just shut him down.
Well, we don't have to
fucking listen to him
right now, okay?
Todd, please don't swear at me.
He's manipulating you.
Can't you see that?
I think it's important
to hear his ideas.
You don't fucking
listen to me.
You know this
makes me uncomfortable,
and you say
it's my anger issues
or some shit, and
I'm fucking sick of it.
Don't fucking touch me.
Calm down.
Meet me in the car.
I'm taking you to Nina's.
Are you okay?
Wait here.
Hey. Hey...
Where are you going?
I thought I would stay
at my place tonight.
I'm sorry I freaked out.
And I didn't mean to...
I don't know what to say.
I don't know.
You know, I actually haven't
had much time to myself
since I left Adam.
You're just gonna give up?
I feel like I've been
pretty patient.
Please, please,
just give me
one more chance, please.
I really just wanna go.
I'm so sorry.
Hi, you guys.
Sorry, it's so late.
It's okay.
You could have waited
till tomorrow.
It's really okay,
I'll just order food.
Hungry? Want something?
No, I gotta get going.
- Mom!
-Okay, I'm coming.
But, are you gonna be
at the hospital tomorrow?
I'm coming! God.
Teenagers can be
total douchebags, ugh.
All right.
See you later, dude.
Look, I'm sorry, all right?
I'm jealous.
I'm jealous of what you have.
Don't worry about it.
Okay, what are you gonna say?
What, are you gonna call her?
Just let me do my thing, okay?
You worry about your own shit.
Look, I'm sorry.
I'm only, just so,
you know, trying to help you,
I know I don't have a chance,
I'm gonna die alone
in a group home, all right?
I'm not gonna have
what you have,
but, I don't know,
you owe it to me, man.
To be happy.
I don't care about myself.
I know I'm a
fucking lost cause.
You want me to be happy?
Stop doing this
pity-party shit.
Stop trying to help me
with my relationships.
Do you realize that
you're the reason why
she left me tonight?
Just worry about yourself,
do your thing.
I'll do mine, okay?
I gotta go.
Hey, fonzie.
Mrs. Cunningham?
Would you do me a favor
and would you check on Lily?
-I have to take off.
And we have a rule, there's
no boys if I'm not here,
but she's also, um...
You need to have sunscreen on.
I'm fine. Trying to get
a new base layer.
Okay, you're super-freckly.
There's your
base layer, freckles.
Check it out.
Don't do that.
Just check on her, okay?
When I'm gone.
No boys.
-All right.
Cool. Got it.
Lookin' good. Good for you.
One hundred.
This is from forever 21,
and this is from
Abercrombie & Fitch.
And this is from h&m.
And these and this
is from forever 21, too.
Yeah, it's like
my favorite store.
Is that okay?
Hold on.
I just want to
take my earring out.
Your mom said
you're not supposed to
have "guests" over.
It's fine, shonzi.
Why don't you guys
come into the...
Big house and watch
some TV with me, all right?
We could have some cookies.
Hey, buddy, uh...
We're fine here,
so if you just
close the door
on your way out.
Okay, you're embarrassing me.
Lily, your mom said,
okay? No boys.
It's fine.
-Just get out!
-Look, Lily...
Lily, open the door.
Hold on a sec.
Maybe we should
take a little break, okay?
No, come on.
Don't you like me?
I'm just feeling
a little weird, that's all.
It's okay.
Don't worry.
No, stop.
No, no...
Oh, damn it!
Shonzi, get out!
You cannot have
boys here, all right?
You're too young.
Come on, you gotta get out.
Are you serious, dude?
Yeah, I'm serious
as a heart attack.
You gotta go.
You're not listening to her.
She is not into it.
I'm not leaving, retard.
Oh, I'm a retard?
Well then, looks like
it's time to
take out the trash.
Come on, let's go.
Wanna go?
Come on, let's go.
What are you doing?
You say anything to upset him?
No, he just came in
and started hitting me.
Did you provoke him
in any way?
Provoked him?
What, are you saying
my son deserved to get
his face bashed in?
But Nina, you told me
to watch them, all right?
Yeah, I didn't tell you
to punch him.
Okay, I could see what
they were doing, all right?
It was going too far.
We were just watching a video.
I think you got confused.
That's not true.
All you have to do
is say you're sorry.
-Just apologize.
All right? I'm not gonna
be the one apologizing.
Take it easy.
Wanna help me here?
He forgot to take
his meds or something.
Yeah, we're pressing charges.
Off his meds? Next time,
he's gonna have a knife.
Through the window,
i could see the whole thing.
All right, dude?
They were kissing, all right?
And he was touching her.
You were watching them?
Yeah, yeah.
I saw the whole thing, okay?
What are we gonna do?
I don't know.
He's an adult,
Nina, maybe it's time
he's treated like one.
So, we're gonna let him
get arrested?
How else is he gonna learn?
Oh, god.
He understand his rights?
He understand his rights?
Guys, I didn't do anything.
Guys, I saved her.
Ow! That hurts, dude.
Let's go, son.
Wait a second.
-Come on, let's go.
-Just give me a second!
-Go, come on.
Guys, this is stupid, okay?
He called me a retard!
Stop! Lily!
He called me a retard!
All right? That's not fair!
Wait, wait!
He didn't do anything wrong.
He was telling the truth.
See? Let go of me!
Let him go.
How're you doing, bud?
Wanna go get some
burgers or something?
Not hungry.
Hey, you could stay
at my place tonight.
come on.
Hey linds,
it's me, just thought
I'd call to check in,
see how you are doing.
Also, you left some stuff
at my place.
if you wanna come get it.
I miss you.
I just
need to file this
first thing tomorrow morning,
and you'll be
officially divorced.
I'm getting tired
of shonzi solitary.
Come on, please,
come out, shonzi.
Todd here?
No, um...
We had kind of a falling out.
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
But I just wanted to stop by
and see how you're doing,
and to say goodbye,
and also,
to bring you this.
It's an essential oil blend
that I made.
It's supposed to be
really good for your heart.
How nice.
Thank you.
Come, come.
Come, sit for a second.
So what's up with you and Todd?
I don't know.
It's probably for the best.
I've had a very hard year
with the divorce
and everything, and...
I really tried, but um...
I think it's just bad timing.
I really don't want to
make the same mistakes.
You know what?
I'm not much on advice, but...
The relationships
that I have seen work
are the ones where
one person just accepts
the other person
as they are,
don't try to change them.
But don't you think that
people should be aware
of what their problems are
and the work that
they have to do?
Having a kid like Shaun
just made me aware
that life's not perfect...
And people aren't perfect,
and you just got to love them
the way they are, you know?
What do you want?
I'm gonna fuck you up.
Go away, dad!
I'm not hungry.
Hey, buddy.
What do you want?
Um, I was thinking we could
shoot a movie.
I got an idea for a movie.
Okay, what's it about?
It's about two brothers.
And uh, one brother
is an asshole,
and he fucked up
really bad.
He betrayed the other brother
and he feels
real bad about it
And they're ninjas.
They're ninja brothers.
Ninja betrayal, huh?
And the only thing is
that I can't figure out
is how to end it.
You know, how do they make up?
Maybe you could
help me out with that?
I should like, hit you.
Do you want to
take a swing at me?
Wanna hit... ow!
You can do it again.
You want to hit me again?
Maybe you should just keep
just doing more damage to me.
You should hit me
on the head with a bottle,
cut my arms off...
I should cut your dick off.
Cut my dick off,
we could do that.
If you cut my dick off,
will you forgive me?
I'm really sorry, man.
I just can't be the
one who's like
trying to love you,
and you treat me like a...
I love you.
I'm sorry, okay? I...
You've always been there
for me, and I...
I'll never do that again, okay?
I swear to god.
Yeah, when you look down
and you have no dick,
you will remember.
Not to treat me like that.
I know.
Come here.
Just don't do that, okay?
I won't.
All right, let's go
make a movie, huh?
All right.
Come on, shonzi.
All right, coming!
No! Father!
Don't die!
Father, are you okay?
I do not know
how much longer
I have left, son.
No! You can't die!
I have heard
about your adventures.
And I have some gifts
i wish to bestow.
Thank you.
And please,
take my leather jacket
that I have worn on
so many adventures.
Shit, hold on.
Technical difficulties, hold on.
Okay, give me a second.
Thanks for doing this.
A man with will.
I like it.
I'm happy to help.
You know, I'm...
I'm sorry you got to
worry about me so much,
and that I'm a
disappointment to you.
You're not a disappointment.
You can be a pain
in the ass sometimes,
but you're not
a disappointment.
You are a good son,
you took care of mom,
you're taking care of me,
you're my man.
We're good.
Okay? All right.
What do I say now?
Just give me the words.
"Promise me that
you'll find your brother
"and rule my kingdom."
Just promise me
that you will find
your brother, and together,
you will rule my kingdom
after I am gone.
Uh, that might be tricky.
Because, I cut his dick off!
Well, then, use this.
I will not be
needing it any more.
No! Father!
Oh, well.
Don't do this, brother.
You cut my dick off.
I know, I'm sorry,
i was just jealous.
But, look!
Is that dad's?
You better believe it.
Quick, we don't have much time.
Okay, but just be careful.
Oh, be careful.
Hold still, this is
a delicate procedure.
Be careful.
It's not taking.
Come on, you son of a bitch.
Come on, don't die on us.
Give him mouth-to-mouth.
Feel for a heartbeat.
Oh, come on.
What does it say?
Do you hear anything?
He wishes he'd traveled more.
I'm sorry, little guy.
Come on.
Hi. Hello.
Uh, what are you doing here?
You texted me?
You asked me
to come, so...
I texted you from your phone
when you weren't looking.
Um, okay.
Lindsay, you and i
have great chemistry,
I think you should be
with my brother.
Yeah, yeah.
It's just bad timing.
Another time, another place.
Well, I'll leave you guys to it.
Thank you.
Just give me one second, okay?
Hey, hey, hey.
Dude, dude.
Um, sorry we had to stop
doing the movie.
That's cool, man, I get it.
I'll just see you later.
Where are you going?
I'm just gonna
take a walk or something.
Get out of your hair.
All right. Hey, uh...
Thanks for being so cool.
Yeah, cool like fonzie, right?
Good luck.
Okay, be careful.
So, I have been doing
a lot of thinking.
Yeah, me too.
And I understand
why you resent me.
I don't resent you.
No, it's okay, I mean...
Come on,
i made you sneak around.
I really just dragged you
through my whole divorce,
which isn't fair.
It's okay.
I'm not perfect.
But, I mean,
it's not like you didn't know
what you were getting into.
Yeah, I know.
And I'm sorry.
I'm trying to get over
the whole resentment thing.
Working on it.
I guess...
Even when I was helping you,
and your marriage,
it made me feel worthy.
And I guess, now that
you're not married any more
i don't feel like
I have anything to offer.
Is that really how you feel?
I didn't fall in love with you
'cause you helped me
leave Adam.
Well, I'm sure that
it had something
to do with it, right?
Look at me.
You are awesome.
You are beautiful,
you're so smart,
you're so funny,
you're a really
good brother...
And you're
like, really, my best friend.
I don't know what I would have
done without you this year.
I missed you so much.
Yeah, I missed you.
Oh, hey!
This pizza?
He's cute.
Yeah, he's pretty cute.
He's also really heavy, though.
Well, glad I bumped into you,
because, remember
when I called you ugly?
Yeah, well,
I'm sorry about that.
I was thinking about it, and,
look, you might not be
the prettiest girl,
but you have a lot to offer.
Okay, I don't really need
to talk about this.
I feel we already
talked about this.
All right, I'm trying
to apologize.
Okay, what, I mean...
Thank you,
but if we're gonna hang out,
you need to know
when to stop talking.
So we're going
to be hanging out.
If your girlfriend
doesn't mind.
I don't have a girlfriend.
Okay, you don't need
to rub it in.
Just give me the dog.
You got to watch out,
he's got a sore spot.
No, pizza!
You all right?
Okay. You okay, pizza?
We got to nurse you
back to life.
It's working!
Wow. It's so sharp.
Mm, don't mind if I do.