Raincoat (2004) Movie Script

"Come to our alley."
"Come to our alley."
"Oh groom, your mother
doesn't know."
"Oh groom, your mother
doesn't know."
"Come with complaints
in your pockets."
"Come with sleep
in your pockets."
These pills are for the morning.
These are for the night.
Don't forget, Mom.
So many packets?
How long will you be
away in Calcutta?
There's so much money involved.
There's no guarantee
I'll get it at once.
Don't worry,
I won't be away for long.
I'll wait till Tuesday.
If things work out, fine...
if not...
Don't say that, it'll be fine.
Wouldn't it have been better
if you had called Alok beforehand?
These things can't be
said on the Phone.
You'll stay with them as well.
Couldn't even cook
something for them.
I'm off, Mom.
Will you go there too?
Why did you touch my wallet?
I was putting some holy flowers there.
From now on, don't touch my wallet!
Don't go there.
Don't beg.
I still have some jewellery left.
"Come to our alley."
"Come to our alley."
"Early morning."
"Early morning."
"What struck you suddenly
this morning?"
"What struck you
suddenly this morning?"
"Why turn to your village,
Mathura's king?"
"Mathura's ruler, why go away?"
"Your fine garments leaving."
"The golden crown lowering."
"On the ground the scepter flinging."
"Why pick up the flute to play?"
"Mathura's ruler, why go away?"
"Mathura's ruler, why go away?"
"Mathura's ruler, why go away?"
"What magic flew from the skies!"
"So the royal robe all dusty lies."
"What magic flew from the skies!"
"And your heart in longing sighs."
"Why throw royal laws away?"
"Why throw royal laws away?"
"Mathura's ruler, why go away?"
"Mathura's ruler, why go away?"
"Why go away?"
"Another's wife,
your old love sits at home."
"Household chores are hers alone."
"Another's wife,
your old love sits at home."
"Household chores are hers alone."
"Tears wiped dry while you moan."
"Why fill her with fresh dismay?"
"Krishna, don't go away!"
"Krishna, don't go away!"
"Krishna, don't go away!"
Remember Manoj Tripathi,
our dear Mannu?
He was in hostel with us.
Remember, he was my roommate.
Family pressures made him complete
his finals from the village school.
However, as long as
parents were there...
I used to go to the village.
Hence, Manoj and I stayed in touch.
Now, Manoj has a small problem.
The jute mill where he
worked has closed down.
Now he is completely unemployed.
He's thinking of starting
a business.
He needs around
Rs. 35-40 thousand.
If we can help out...
with Rs. 5 to 7 thousand each...
it was easy for his
initial capital.
I can't ask this of everyone.
You, I know, will take me seriously.
Hope you'll be able to help.
Is that okay?
You made chicken in the party
the other day, make the same.
Marinade the chicken.
What do I write then, tell me?
Forget it.
Forget it? What do you mean?
What's your problem?
Last night, it was all decided.
It is getting late.
I'll do it right away.
I couldn't sleep all night.
First night in a new place.
Sleep well tonight.
- Did you soak the gram?
- Yes, done.
This is nothing but begging.
They're all friends!
Your classmates!
Alok, friends don't
need certificates.
Don't be stupid.
It's been 17 long years, since
they've last met you.
They even don't remember
what you look like.
You can't even remember them.
I describe them and you vaguely say.
Yes, yes I know.
But, actually you don't.
There's a difference in
my not recognising them...
and them not recognising me.
They're not asking me for money.
Then live with your false Prestige.
Why did you make me
write this letter?
Phone calls for nothing!
Sorry, don't be angry.
I'm just not sure that
they'll trust me.
Hey, look here...
have I changed a lot?
They'll recognise me, won't they?
Use that smelly hair oil of yours.
They'll recognise you
with their eyes shut.
Come. Breakfast's ready.
Hurry up with your shower.
There'll be heavy rains
today. It's on TV.
- Hurry up, you two.
- You go ahead, I'm coming.
Come on.
- Govind.
- Coming, sir.
- Govind!
- Yes, I'll call you in half an hour.
Yes. Go.
Can't he work in your TV serials?
Who? Manoj?
Yes. Looks Pretty cool and composed.
Can't you give him a job in
one of your Productions?
Who says you need to be
cool and composed...
to work in production?
I meant cool-headed.
After all he's honest.
He won't be able to
do production work.
You just said
'it's so cool and composed'!
Remember, when he went for his bath?
Right. Shall I check?
I'll say you're waiting.
No use.
He'll say ' Two minutes'...
and come out 15 minutes later.
As if you know everything!
Oh, we stayed in the same room
at the hostel for eight years.
Does he eat chicken?
I'll send Govind to the market.
Yes, he does.
I feel so bad for the gentleman.
Looks so depressed since he came.
For him.
You're still so formal with him?
Haven't you got to first names yet?
I tried.
He prefers sister-in-law.
I'll go and check
Will you take long?
Two minutes.
I'm coming.
Good morning.
Good morning.
What's this?
Haven't even shaved properly?
It was dark in the bathroom.
Should've switched the light on.
Did you put the geyser on?
Or, had a cold bath?
I normally bathe in cold water.
My mistake. Should've put
the geyser on for you.
Here, start.
There's baked beans, butter, cheese.
Ignore him. He's dieting.
Has Herbalife for breakfast.
You said you don't have
to wear a tie to work?
There's a meeting at
National TV today.
They're selling slots.
Time slots. Like say, 7 to 8 or 8 to 9.
Oh, I thought slot machine.
As in casinos.
Yes, TV serials are as good
as gambling these days.
Earlier, they were like
fixed deposits.
Now it's all about cost-cuts.
Have you taken the letter?
The list of names?
In the room, with the letter.
Let me see it once.
You sit. I'll get it.
It's on the table, under my wallet.
Let's plan.
Today South. Then central and North.
You can't cover 12 offices in a day.
Today finish the south.
Do the central tomorrow.
The day after, north.
Your wallet.
- Thank you, sister-in-law.
- You left it lying around?
There's not much money in it.
There must be other things,
it's so bulky.
It's full of these.
(tobacco powder sachets)
- Listen.
- Yes?
Where will this address be?
North or South?
Lake Market. South.
Whose address is it?
Will it be near the area
I'm going today?
Yes it will.
But whose address is it?
You know the person.
Yes, that way I know everyone.
Tell me, where is it?
Is it business or
just a social visit?
I can't talk business here, Alok.
If I could...
then I wouldn't have
to go to so many people.
Someone I know?
Why get so livid, Alok?
A childhood acquaintance.
He wants to visit her.
Give him the directions. Finished.
She kicked him in the ass and
set up home with someone else!
Come on, why should he go there?
Why not?
It's up to him!
Up to him!
What about the time we spent on him?
Took him to all the films in town.
Saw a film six times!
Why? Just to make
him forget that...
that girl!
It's not all that easy, Alok.
Then people wouldn't
they'd go to cinema halls.
Do you think that...
everyone who watches your soaps...
don't have any problems?
They just forget everything?
Look, if you go there...
get at least 15 thousand.
Shame on you!
What about her Mom?
She got carried away with his job,
money and house.
Got her married off to that guy.
He was jobless then no income.
Yeah, I agree.
But in a crisis like this.
Won't your childhood sweetheart
bail you out?
Don't know.
But will you like it if
I go begging there?
It's raining.
Can I give you an umbrella?
No, I'll lose it.
I have to go to so many places.
I'll definitely leave it behind.
But you'll get drenched.
Didn't I have a raincoat?
Give it to him.
Yes, but Govind uses that now.
Who is Govind?
Our domestic help.
That's not a problem.
I really don't need it.
If you don't have any problem...
he's basically very clean.
I'm telling you, give it to him.
Why explain?
I'll just go once.
I'll see her and leave.
Two minutes, I promise.
Are you still in touch?
Why are you going, Manoj?
You'll get upset again.
I won't, trust me.
I remember everything.
You guys saw a movie
6 times just for me.
Am I that irresponsible?
Just show the address once.
Here's your raincoat.
I've put perfume on it.
Who do I thank? You or Govind?
Look, there's a phone number
beside every name.
On top, my office number...
our home phone and mobile numbers.
Call me on the mobile
if you need to.
Shall I give him my mobile?
I'm at home.
- Okay.
- No sister-in-law, no need for a mobile.
If needed, I'll call from a booth.
Where will you look for a
phone booth in this rain?
Take this.
Can you use a mobile?
I've never used one.
Show him.
- All the best.
- Thanks.
It's very simple.
If landline...
Thank you.
Can I say something
if you don't mind?
Of course.
You're meeting her for the first
time after her marriage.
Will you go empty-handed?
Will it look good?
Look for a gift in this rain?
And honestly,
I don't have any money.
I have many new gifts...
which I haven't even opened.
Now, can I ask you something?
Why do girls cry so much...
when they leave home after marriage?
Just because they're leaving
their parents?
Why? Did she cry a lot?
I don't know.
I wasn't there.
I still remember you wept
all the way in the car...
on the way back
after your wedding.
Next time you cry in the bathroom...
please turn the shower on.
You need to learn a few things...
from us girls too.
"Mathura's ruler, why go away?"
"Mathura's ruler, why go away?"
"Your lovely wives have worried eyes."
"Flowers seem thorns where he lies."
"Your lovely wives have worried eyes..."
"all night Krishna sleepless sighs."
"Why call the chariot, wait till day."
"Mathura's ruler, don't go away."
"Mathura's ruler, why go away?"
"Slowly slowly nearing the river."
"Lonely waters where breezes quiver."
"Slowly slowly nearing the river."
"From time to time grief forever."
"Why am I unable to forget?"
"Mathura's ruler, don't go away."
"Mathura's ruler, why go away?"
What's wrong?
Isn't anyone home?
Are you hurt?
Wait, don't get up.
I'll come.
Wait, don't try. I'm coming.
What are you doing there?
Get down. Right away.
Get down, or I'll call the police!
Who is it?
Who Manoj?
Manoj. Mannu from Bhagalpur.
Rubbish! Tell me your real name?
No Niru, it's really me, Mannu.
Can't you recognise my voice?
Don't get wet, stand
under the shade.
I'm coming.
Come in.
What's wrong?
Nothing. Why?
You took so long.
Did you fall or anything?
No, I had fallen asleep.
Suddenly I heard your bell.
Come inside.
"So many years have passed
since you came this way."
I won't stay long.
Sit for a while. Let the rain stop.
Shall I make some tea?
Do you have to make it?
Not much choice.
My servants always vanish
in the afternoon!
Won't you take that raincoat off?
Vanish? Where?
No idea.
After lunch I feel sleepy.
I tell them to stay around...
there may be some urgent letter...
some courier.
They hardly listen.
Even bought them a TV...
still they sneak out to play cards!
I woke you up at the wrong time.
What do you mean?
I would have got up anyway.
Were you ringing the
bell for a long time?
Not really.
Won't you open the windows?
The rain will come in.
Put a light on at least.
Can't even see you properly.
And what kind of a furniture
godown have you made here?
No room to move!
That's the problem of being married...
to an aristocratic family.
You won't understand.
Plenty of old furniture...
all apparently antique.
Not a single piece
can be thrown out.
Its stuffy.
Move your hair from your face.
You've changed a lot, Mannu.
Yes, look, you've lost weight.
Become dark.
Sunken cheeks.
Thin hair.
Take the shirt off?
- No, why?
- It's soaked.
You'll catch cold.
It's okay.
Take it off.
I'll hang it in the
next room, it'll dry.
Switch on a light, please.
Niru, just 20 minutes left.
It's getting late.
Wait. I'm getting ready.
Then you get ready.
I'll go and call a rickshaw.
I'm almost done.
Think it over, Niru.
There's still time.
This film is only for adults.
Girls are adults at 18...
don't you know?
There are so many films in town.
Must you see this one?
Yes I must.
If you have any problem, tell me.
I'll go with someone else.
I don't care.
Neighbours will see you.
Come inside, please.
Oh, just come!
I can't do this button...
please fix it for me.
I can't do it. Wear something else.
Who are you scared of...
sitting and watching an
adult movie with me?
Or yourself?
I'd like a glass of water, Niru.
Wait. Let me put the light on first.
I'll switch it on.
The switch is here.
There's a power cut, Mannu.
I have to turn the generator on.
Shall I come, or can you manage?
No.. no.. you sit.
Don't know where they've
kept the kerosene...
actually they handle all this.
But the bell rang.
Oh, that was another power-line.
You're right, it's not a power cut.
A power-line has gone.
Maybe, it's the rain.
Then what are you doing?
Thank goodness the bell rang.
Otherwise you would be knocking...
and I would be sleeping.
Wouldn't have heard you at all.
Where do I put this?
Put it here.
Then I have to sit here...
otherwise you can't see me.
You sit there. Leave the candle here.
The shirt will dry slowly.
no bruises...
no black eye...
he hasn't burnt me with acid.
My husband really loves me, Mannu.
"So many years have passed..."
"since you came this way."
Were you going out?
Expecting guests?
- No
- Why?
So dressed up?
What dressed up?
Usually wear a caftan.
I'm wearing a sari now.
You wear such expensive
saris at home?
Just wore it.
Otherwise they'd rot in the cupboard.
Tell me...
who likes sitting alone at
home wearing a silk sari?
Why all alone?
What else?
Where's everyone else?
The servants?
I told you,
they go out in the afternoon.
See, they're still not back...
they've been away for so long.
Surely there are other people...
in the house besides the servants.
Not at the moment.
What time does he come home?
Say.. which day?
What do you mean?
Doesn't your husband live here?
When he's in Calcutta yes...
where else would he go?
Where is he now?
Can't say...
what time is it?
Two ten.
Two ten.
Four and a half-hours
time difference.
Oh.. he was supposed to
go to Japan today.
I didn't understand.
Went to Germany first...
said he'd be back from there.
Suddenly a call came
from his office...
that he had to go to Japan,
for some urgent meeting.
Now he should be on the flight.
You don't know for sure?
I can't do it anymore, Mannu.
Earlier I used to keep track...
kept all the news.
What do you do with someone...
who's always out?
Now the office gets the mail...
and his secretary keeps me informed.
Your husband tours a lot?
Two huge suitcases with wheels...
two sets of clothes, towels,
brushes, shaving stuff...
toilet kit..
All in pairs kept separately.
He arrives with one set...
that goes for dry cleaning...
he takes off with the other set.
By the time he returns...
the first set is back,
washed and ready.
You don't go with him?
Go where?
It's not a holiday.
Today in one place, tomorrow
he's somewhere else...
can't take this spinning around.
I'm happy at home.
you need someone to
look after the house.
You don't travel...
because you have to guard the house?
You weren't born a girl, Mannu.
Besides I don't like travelling.
And while he's at his meetings.
What would I do
What else?
See places, enjoy, have fun.
What do mean by 'have fun'?
Standing in front of...
those big stores.
What do you call that?
Window shopping.
Yes, window shopping.
What else can I do alone, Mannu?
Can't even speak fluent English.
Travel once or twice, you'll learn.
He can't be in meetings 24 hours?
Your husband should
have some free time.
He keeps insisting.
Earlier he always said...
'come with me'.
Then what?
In April he went to London.
He said, 'I have work till Friday...
you reach by then...
we'll spend the
weekend together'.
- And you didn't go.
- No.
Why? Too expensive?
No, no. That's borne by the office.
That's the advantage
in a good company.
Once a year with family.
Then why didn't you go?
God! Such a huge plane...
such a long journey.
People die to go to London...
and here you're scared!
Can't tell everyone everything.
I'm telling you.
It's so scary!
Such a long journey...
supposing I have to go to
the bathroom on the plane.
Planes have good bathrooms.
They're not dirty, like in trains.
Haven't you seen them in films?
That's not the problem.
If I can't open the lock and
get stuck in the bathroom.
How will I call for help?
I don't even know that much English!
So, you don't go abroad because...
you might get stuck in the bathroom.
You haven't changed at all, Niru.
Thank god I haven't.
If I had really changed...
and refused to recognise you?
For a moment I thought as much.
The way you kept me waiting outside.
Before opening the door,
one has to find out.
So many things happen in Calcutta...
murders and robberies in daylight.
You don't know anything.
- Shall I open the door?
- No.
- Why?
- Who knows who's there?
Can't just open the door like that.
But I'm here.
Please don't open it, Mannu.
- Why?
- I'm telling you, don't open.
What kind of madness is this, Niru?
I said I'm here.
It's because you're here.
I didn't understand.
Otherwise, he's a very good person.
Just has to see me with a man...
friend, relative, neighbour...
can't even invite anyone in for tea.
I'm not mad, Mannu.
But your husband is in Japan.
That must be someone else.
That someone will come in,
see me with you...
and the news will reach him at once.
That I was alone with you inside.
Nothing will happen.
Someone's soaking
in the rain outside.
Okay, go ahead.
Open the door.
Let him see everything.
What does it matter to you...
you've come to ruin my
marriage in any case.
Let him beat me, kill me.
Lock me up in the bathroom.
You won't be here to save me.
Now what? Go! Open it.
I haven't come to
ruin your marriage.
I've just come to see you, Niru.
"A dry monsoon overflows
from the eyes as tears."
"After so many years these eyes..."
"flood with tears from my eyelids."
"Knowing me."
"My love, my love, you're my life."
"Don't tell that
I'm a stranger to you."
"I've called you out."
"Tell me, you'll be here."
"Who knows..."
"after going, will return?"
"My love."
"Don't tell me..."
"My love."
"My love. My love."
See, not back yet!
- Light?
- Yes.
And no sign of that driver either.
What's the time now?
Quarter to three.
Need to send him somewhere?
No, the rush hour will start soon.
The roads are waterlogged...
and you won't be able to
get up on a bus or tram.
He could drop you home.
Don't worry about me.
I thought you needed him
for something else.
Good you came, Mannu.
Please come more often.
At least we'll meet...
get some news from home.
We also don't get any news from you.
Here you are living like
a queen, such luxury.
We don't even get
to know about that.
I can't go round telling the world!
They'll think I'm bragging.
Good you came, saw for yourself.
Why brag?
But you can come occasionally...
you'd like it.
When your husband goes
on a long tour...
come over.
I don't know.
It's been six years.
I'm not used to it now.
Please don't tell Mom...
there are no attached bathrooms,
no TV, no AC.
How will I stay?
Of course there's a TV!
In every home now.
There's not much difference...
between town and village anymore.
You haven't been there for ages...
that's why you don't know.
That way...
you don't have an ac in this room.
You're such a country-mouse, Mannu!
AC's in the bedroom.
No one keeps expensive
things on display.
Look at the People who come
into the drawing room?
All afternoon,
the bell keeps ringing.
'Have you tried this new soap?'
'New perfumed incense sticks...'
'...free matches with each pack.'
'Madam, is your Water Purifier okay? '
'New pest control with
herbal formula'...
all excuses to come inside.
They look around...
tell every burglar in town.
Actually they're informers.
You wanted my news, didn't you?
One day you'll read in the Paper.
Housewife Murdered
in Broad daylight.
You haven't changed a little bit.
Still keep on babbling.
But you've changed, Mannu.
You've become quieter, pensive...
is anything wrong?
The candle's burnt out.
Will you light another?
Leave it.
A rainy afternoon.
Husband not home.
No need to have a candlelit
romance with the Wife.
In Mannu's room, dear.
What happened?
High fever since afternoon.
Must have caught a chill.
Sit. Are you in a hurry?
Holy sweets from the prayer
service. Mom sent it.
I haven't yet found time
to go to the prayer room.
I'll sit. You go.
Mannu, will you have a little?
And you?
I've had.
"Beloved, your..."
"favor is great."
What mischief were you up to?
Where was the chance?
Fell ill before doing anything?
Why didn't you take the Holy sweets?
I don't have leftovers.
Really.. remember that.
I'll catch a cold as well.
How do you know this
isn't a 'leftover'?
This time I couldn't stop it.
They finalised it a day before.
The wedding is in March.
When did you arrive?
Day before yesterday.
On work or just a visit?
No. Work.
Factory work?
I've left that job ages ago.
I didn't know that.
What are you doing now?
Now I realise why you're
into tobacco?
What business?
A TV serial production office.
Don't lie, Mannu.
Why should I lie?
You're making TV serials?
My company makes them.
You mean you work there.
Work there?
It's our own office.
Our office?
There are other people as well?
Just a couple of them.
It's a private limited company.
Have to have some shareholders.
Actually speaking, I'm the owner.
That's very good.
Which TV serials have you made?
Have I seen any of them?
We haven't done anything
for national TV.
All local stuff.
Tell me the names. I'll tell Mom.
She'll watch them.
They're over now.
Now there's talk of some
national level work.
When that happens I'll tell you.
Then you can all watch.
That's why you've come to Calcutta.
There was a meeting at Calcutta TV.
They're selling some slots.
You won't understand.
And what's the use anyway?
That's very good!
You're doing really well in life.
Must have been hard work.
Yes it was.
How's aunty? Is she well?
Still in the same house?
But you won't recognise it.
Has everything changed?
They've built a six-storey house.
We have two floors.
Floors or flats?
The top floor's for Mom.
Covered by marble.
With attached bathroom and AC.
Mom's prayer room is also
on the same floor.
She doesn't have to climb up
and down with her arthritis.
What's that?
You don't have to
cross the courtyard...
to use the bathroom.
Take this away!
Does that mean people do it
sitting in their rooms?
Take it out immediately!
You can stay with us if you like...
no problems.
That's what you're saying.
Others at home might have problems.
My mother and the maid?
You haven't married?
Mom's looking for a girl.
The carpenters are working
on the other floor.
Mom wants me to settle there.
What do you mean, 'looking
for a girl'?
Nothing is final yet?
It's almost final...
but Mom wants the wedding
in December.
But that probably won't happen.
If we get the time slot...
we have to start work
the serial immediately.
My husband also had this idea once.
Heard there's lots of
money in TV serials.
Earlier they said it was
like a Fixed deposit.
Now it's suffering due to cost-cuts.
He used to tell me.
'You sit at home all day...'
'...let me start a company
in your name'.
Why didn't you do it?
Rubbish! Serials are only
fun to watch on TV.
Why get into it yourself?
It's good I didn't. Otherwise.
I'd be your competitor now.
Could have been my partner as well?
The girl aunty likes,
where's she from?
Will she leave Delhi to
settle in Bhagalpur?
Why, haven't you settled elsewhere?
This is a big city.
There are huge shops, cinemas,
But when do you go out?
I can watch TV at home at least.
So many channels nowadays.
We have a dish antenna as well.
We receive all channels.
Mom's just like you...
watches TV all day.
Have you seen the girl?
Mom has. I don't need to.
You'll marry without
seeing the girl?
You didn't see your husband either...
before you got married.
At least, that's what you told me.
They say he's good looking.
Six foot tall.
Has a good job.
This time,
what can I say to stop it?
What do you mean, how?
You're not a child
they can't marry you off forcibly.
Please Mannu, don't shout.
Tell them clearly you won't marry.
- Come, I'll go and speak to your Mom.
- You've got fever, Mannu.
To hell with the fever.
They finalised this two days ago...
and you're telling me now?
I deliberately didn't.
You'd have felt bad.
And do I feel any better now?
You'll feel bad for
a couple of days.
Then you'll be alright.
Oh! That means you want this too.
All parents want...
their daughters to
settle down, Mannu.
We'll settle down as well, Niru.
Next month his company
is giving him a car.
They finalised it two days ago.
Look.. a diwali gift.
Could you have given it?
I can.
Just give me a little time, Niru.
I'll do it, I promise.
I'll buy you a diamond ring.
You get loans these
days to buy cars.
I'll also buy a car.
And I'm six foot tall too.
- See.. Niru.
- Mannu!
- I'm six foot tall too.
- Mannu!
- Hello?
- Hello, this is Sheila.
Is everything okay?
Yes, it's fine.
Had problems finding the place?
No, I didn't.
Did it rain?
A little.
Thank god.. I forced you
to take the raincoat.
Tell your friend that.
Of course I will.
These are things that
only women remember.
Men can't.
Not bad! I see the mobile
has its virtues.
Even the dumb have begun to speak!
No, it's not the mobile.
It's the person who gave it to me.
Really? Have you had lunch?
No, I haven't.
What? You haven't eaten yet?
I'll eat soon.
I'm busy now, can I call you back?
Of course, bye.
Who gave you that mobile?
And who is that 'someone'?
You tell me.
I'm asking you, you tell me.
But you must have guessed something.
You tell me.
The girl who's going to marry you?
Why are you laughing?
Thank goodness you didn't
make TV serials.
They would have been utter flops.
No imagination at all!
Then who was it?
My secretary.
You've even kept a secretary?
How else could I manage?
I would be there...
who would look after my work here?
And she has a mobile phone too?
Yes. Actually it's mine.
But she keeps it with her.
I use it whenever
I come to Calcutta.
What does she look like...
your secretary?
Speaks good English?
Be careful, Mannu.
These girls are not good.
But she's nice.
You're still the same.. idiot.
She asked if you had eaten...
and you immediately melted.
I'm not an idiot any more Niru.
Now I can tell the difference
between good and bad.
The way you flirted.
It's good, it wasn't in
front of your fianc.
In front of her, I would
have spoken differently.
Do you know what relation...
your husband has with his secretary?
She is old and about to retire.
That's even worse.
Now he'll have a new secretary.
She will certainly be young.
Let her be.
If something has to happen...
can I stop it?
I don't worry about all
that anymore, Mannu.
Do you know that there
are a lot of problems...
for a rich man's wife.
When and where is he going...
Is he in good health,
did he reach safely?
Did he eat well?
Oh no! You've been here so long...
and I haven't fed you a thing!
I don't want to eat.
That won't do.
This is the first time you've come.
Actually I'm not allowed.
I'm on Herbal life.
I have to skip lunch.
So what if you eat lunch once...
hell won't break loose.
If your secretary doesn't like it...
tell her you were forced to eat...
so you couldn't refuse.
Forced by whom?
Me. Who else?
My secretary doesn't know you.
What do I tell her?
Say it was.. your girlfriend.
- Sure?
- Yes.
Your husband won't be angry?
As if you're going to tell him.
What would you like to eat?
What do you have in the house?
That.. You can't eat that.
- Why not?
- It's just bland pish-pash.
- Stomach upset?
- No. My dietician told me...
to have this on Fridays.
I'll have that too.
I can't send you off like that.
Then what?
I'm taking your raincoat, Mannu.
It might rain on the way.
On the way.
The shop's close by.
You need to go to the shop now?
That's just my luck.
Two huge servants in this house...
have you seen even one of them?
- Will you go alone?
- Yes.
I'll come with you.
You and my husband are the same.
Always pampering me.
Why? Am I a child?
Will I get lost?
Listen, sit here.
If the bell rings...
don't open the door.
You can't trust anyone.
And if your servants come?
They have the back door key.
And when you're back?
I'll ring the bell three times.
What's the need, Niru?
We were fine chatting here.
We'll chat again.
What's the phrase?
'After the break'!
You all go.
What happened? Suddenly?
I've applied for a car loan.
It'll take around 24 hours.
Come and select a color.
What colours did you see?
There's silver, gold,
blue, off white.
Was this colour there?
No they don't have that.
If you had tried harder
you would've got it.
My wedding sari is also this colour.
I had also told them...
that unless they match
the car to my outfit...
I won't go.
They're sending the
car in this colour.
You get roses in this colour.
Whatever colour I buy.
I'll cover it with roses.
Then it'll match?
Which match are you talking about?
The one you were saying.
The one you were saying
the sari and the car.
That takes real guts.
A loan for a car, just
needs guts for a day...
but not a life time.
Want to see real guts?
You've known me for eight years.
You couldn't find a better
time to prove it?
The day before my wedding?
You're right.
It's my fault.
I should've done it much before...
but that would be forcing you.
Go home, Mannu. Don't be crazy!
What's 'crazy'?
All this madness.
Return the loan...
there's no need for a car.
Then you'll come with me, as it is?
I'll take care of everything, Niru.
You won't have any discomfort.
What will you wear tomorrow?
Wear something nice.
My in-laws will be there.
I won't let it happen.
- Mannu.. that hurts!
- Let it.
You're mine.
I won't let you go anywhere.
I'm not going forever.
I'll be back.
Then see.. we'll chat a lot.
We'll even go out together.
Everything won't end here.
Didn't I tell you.
I don't like having 'leftovers'!
I told them so many times...
to match the colours to my bangles.
They've made it so light...
Please, come here.
I can't speak loudly.
- Please.
- Yes, what?
Will you open the door, please?
I need to use the bathroom.
I've been looking all over,
for a public urinal.
Which house should I go?
It's afternoon.
Men have gone to work.
There are only women at home
I can't go there.. please.
- There might be a woman here.
- Didn't she go out?
Wearing a raincoat the
windows opened.
I took courage and looked in.
Otherwise my bladder will burst!
Please try to understand.
One for me as well.
See what happens when...
the doors and windows
are always shut.
Smells so stuffy.
Have you finished?
How else would I be
talking so calmly?
Okay.. leave now.
You finished using the bathroom,
now leave.
I'll go in a such a hurry?
Won't even wait for her?
No sir.
Settle the matter.
What matter?
Let madam return first.
Do you know how long
I've been waiting outside?
I come every afternoon,
hoping to catch her.
Today I couldn't bear it.
Rang the bell once.
I knew she wouldn't answer.
- Oh, that was you?
- Remember?
Just imagine, how long
I've been standing outside.
A rainy day, cold and damp...
no sweat. Can't blame my bladder?
That's my fate!
Worse than a dog's life!
Ask me how.
My own house.. my bathroom..
And I can't use it.
Oh, sorry! You're...
You got off the rickshaw...
you rang the doorbell...
the door opened.. shut...
I sensed it right away.
But this raincoat scene
was a bit new.
Can I ask you something directly?
How much is she charging?
Nothing is free of cost.
You have to pay something for it.
- What rubbish are you talking?
- Rubbish? Why?
On a rainy afternoon...
you quietly want to fix up
everything and disappear?
Don't have to tell me everything.
I need to know some details.
Will you tell me or
I'll ask her when she returns.
She was right.
You're very suspicious.
But weren't you going to Japan?
I had work in Delhi.
She probably knows that.
I didn't go.
I just lied.
Wouldn't have been wise to
leave station at that time.
Every afternoon I regularly come...
and wait in case I can catch her.
Who told you this stuff about Japan?
She did. She said that...
'My husband's on the plane,
going to Japan today'.
Wait, wait, wait.
You thought I'm her husband?
Then I really must be looking young.
And thank you very much
for making my day!
I didn't understand.
Look sir, I've nothing
to do with her.
I'm the landlord.
You've chosen this room?
- Who?
- You.
Why should I take a room?
I've just come to meet her
and I'll soon leave.
You'll come back again with
your luggage tomorrow.
Fine, tell me one thing.
How much did she let it out for?
How much is she charging
for the room?
You asshole!
Please get out!
Or else I'll throw you out!
Shall I call them?
- Who?
- The neighbours.
Whose house? Who's the asshole?
It will be proved immediately.
Listen, if you really need to rent...
get the real information from me.
'Wives and homes'
should be taken very seriously.
Now tell me what's the rate?
Why should she sublet?
Who sublets? people who need money.
These people are quite rich.
So this is the story she was
feeding you, all this while?
Therefore, these rich guys...
are slyly renting this place
to a furniture man!
Furniture man?
Those who've transformed this
room into a storage-dump.
What do you think?
All this is their furniture?
Come tomorrow you'll see new stuff.
Two truckloads of furniture
go out everyday.
They hire it out for theatres
and shootings.
And bring them back at night.
But this is their family's
antique collection.
Then she must've said,
the house is also theirs.
Can't believe it.
Why would they turn their
house into a storage-dump?
All for subsistence.
But.. her husband has a decent job.
Goes abroad often!
You think he's an Indian
living abroad?
Have you seen the bathroom?
- No!
- You've been here for two hours...
and you haven't been
to the bathroom?
I had just gone...
and I'm thinking of going again.
Come with me, I'll show you.
Come, sir. Come over here.
Come and see for yourself.
Come on please.
"The spring season is here."
"Near the banks of river Jamuna."
Are you a relative?
- Guest
- Whose guest?
An old acquaintance.
I see.
Whose acquaintance? His or Hers?
I know her only by that name.
I thought as much.
Then what exactly is the connection?
Nothing specific, presently...
We grew up village, together.
Nothing specific 'presently'..
But you used to be 'in the past'!
An affair to remember.
Look, don't joke around.
- This is my personal matter.
- Sorry.. sorry.
As for your house...
if there's something illegal...
that too if it's really yours...
why not call the police?
That I certainly will. Soon.
The day the girl burns
herself with petrol.
I'll go straight to the police.
I'll bring them to you...
and tell them, 'arrest him...
It's all because of him'.
All because of me?
If you don't have the guts...
why get into romance, Mister?
Or did you find a rich
bride with a fat dowry?
Then why bother about her?
And then one fine day,
just like any other tourist.
You suddenly arrive to visit her...
'Hello! How are you?
Are you happy or not? '
- But she...
- She won't tell you anything.
A woman never confides...
never submits...
specially to him who's dumped her.
I didn't dump her.
I wasn't well off.
So her mom found her a
more suitable match.
I'm seeing her for the first
time after her marriage.
Are you married?
Why? Because you were jilted?
I worked in a jute mill.
It's closed down.
Now I'm unemployed.
Can't even think of marriage.
What will you do now?
Borrow from my friends.
If I can collect some money.
I could start a business.
Well supposing you do manage...
will you be able to rescue
her from this mess?
Rescue? Where will I take her?
At least try to explain...
she doesn't have food...
but at least there's
a roof over her head.
Soon, she won't even have that.
She'll be on the streets.
She won't listen.
We spoke for so long...
but she didn't say anything.
What will she say?
That her husband is a fraud?
Told this.
I get this letter of guarantee
from a big company...
to rent the house to him.
And I give it to them.
Later, on enquiry, I find out
that the letter was forged.
He doesn't work for them at all.
In fact, he doesn't work anywhere!
He's a total conman.
He's up to his neck in debt.
If you don't believe me,
come with me...
and ask whoever you want.
Hasn't paid the electricity
bills for months.
Why will the power supply people
have mercy on you? They've cut the power.
The windows are always shut.
Ring the bell, they don't answer.
If there's no power,
how does the doorbell ring?
That way, they're very smart.
Got a battery-operated bell.
He comes back at dead
of night, sizzled.
My fair lady, I come back to thee...
and the Lady might be asleep.
If he knocks too loudly,
the neighbours might hear.
Creditors will find out.
They have their own timings.
He rings the bell...
she immediately opens the door.
But when she got married
he was really well off.
We've all seen..
It was a lavish wedding indeed.
It all started sweet.
Then he lost his job
in an office scam...
and things turned sour.
Changed his name, got another job.
There also, the same story.
Who will trust you if
you keep on cheating?
He sat at home, then sitting idle
at home, he started drinking liquor.
At first the girl was naive...
now she's got smart.
Won't open the door at all.
What do I care?
The court eviction order
will come in 2 days...
police will break open the door...
and throw them out on the streets.
Can't it be stopped?
How? He's defaulted thrice.
Not paid rent over 10 months.
What if you get your money?
I've heard that 71 times
in the last 6 months...
and the court... 55 times!
No one will listen now.
You won't have to listen.
I'll pay up.
Will 'pay up'? As in future tense?
No. Do you have your rent book?
Yes I do.
You'll settle the full amount?
What's the amount?
4 x 10 months.. that's Rs. 40,000.
That much isn't possible.
Then how much is possible?
If it's four a month.
I can give you three months' rent.
And the rest?
The rest you'll have to consider.
Tell me something.
Hasn't she told you anything?
But you have to promise
me one thing.
Tell the court not to harass them.
There's only Rs. 8,000 here.
Rs. 4,000?
8 and 4.. Rs. 12,000.
This is 3 months' rent.
Please consider till then.
And the rest?
If things haven't changed by then...
please let me know before
you do something drastic.
Keep my name and address.
Where did this come from?
You were going to borrow yourself.
I visited 2 friends this morning.
I've collected Rs. 12,000.
Can I ask you something?
Please don't mind.
Is this your penance...
or revenge?
Eat something.
Why are you so upset?
It was my mistake.
I didn't realise...
you wanted to match your
car to your sari.
Tell me what do I do?
If I have to get married...
better do it with a smile, isn't it?
There's no point...
crying and making
a useless scene.
Can I ask you something?
Have you really accepted
this marriage?
Do you really want an answer?
I haven't even seen him yet.
Then, why are you marrying him?
Just think.. I'm not marrying him.
I'm marrying for the security.
That'll make my parents happy.
How many times shall I upset them?
Parents.. but that means
you're unhappy!
How can I answer that today, Mannu?
If we meet again...
and I can speak my heart
out, I'll tell you.
Perhaps you won't tell me...
you'll hide it from me.
Like you hid the truth
about your marriage.
What do you want to hear?
That I'm unhappy?
If necessary, I'll make it up.
And I'll act in such a way that
you won't even understand.
Today's a happy day,
have some sweets.
"Dear one, why are you so angry?"
"Dear one..."
"why are you so angry?"
The wind has tilted...
the picture on the wall.
Unlike that monsoon's lost hours.
Who knows how, who can say cracks
have eaten the walls away.
The wall's damp is like a wan face
On which a lifetime's tears race.
"The rains have come
glorious flowers."
"From Mathura a palanquin
on four shoulders."
"You didn't come."
"Where is my golden love this hour?"
"The courtyard is so lonely."
The heavy monsoon shower down the
roof pours in frenzied power.
On the wet windowpane.
The rain writes again and again.
Winding its way Over the
glass in tearful pain.
"From my eyes endless tears flow."
"In a stream that like
the Ganges shows."
"From my eyes endless tears flow."
"In a stream that like
the Ganges shows."
Silent afternoon vain Empty
like a deserted board game.
No king or queen or players at all.
To fill the vacuum with their call.
"A thousand times to swim I go."
"Still my desire to bathe
isn't fulfilled."
"Dry tresses, dirty dresses..."
"a heart's joy killed."
Everything it seems
will end the same.
Was it the wind after all Tilting
the picture on the wall?
"Dear one, why are you so angry?"
"Oh dear one."
"Oh dear one."
All right, I know we
didn't get married.
That doesn't mean...
you can't tell me
you are in trouble?
Have I become so distant to you?
Fortunately your landlord came.
So I found out.
I've paid three months' rent.
Here is the receipt.
Don't worry.
They won't evict you immediately.
He gave me his word.
Please don't hesitate
to accept this Niru.
It was fate that prevented
us from getting married.
Otherwise all your responsibility
would have been mine.
Isn't it?
Your's Mannu.
Thank you, Mannu.
Why thank me? You got the food.
For your raincoat.
Oh God! Who opened the windows?
- Me.
- Why?
The rain has stopped.
This rain won't stop.
It'll start again soon.
Let them be, Niru.
I'm seeing you in daylight
after ages.
I told you Manoj...
if someone spots us together
there'll be trouble.
What took you so long?
The shopkeeper's quite weird.
Just a little drizzle...
he shuts his shop
and goes to sleep.
Woke him up and made him cook.
Why did you bother?
Why? Is your secretary the only
one who can care about you?
No. I normally don't eat
in the afternoon.
I chew tobacco the whole day,
it kills my appetite.
Usually people have
candlelit dinners.
Today.. have a candlelit lunch.
Are they good?
Not like homemade ones.
Tell me, Mannu...
what's the point in
keeping servants...
if I have to go to the kitchen?
Do you cook sometimes?
Now and then.
When your husband's home?
As if he lets me!
He says, 'Why keep all
these servants then? '
Doesn't he want to eat
your cooking.
I can't cook like before anymore.
If you're not in the habit...
you lose the touch.
Now eat.
One Friday afternoon, instead
of eating bland food...
you ate two puris (Indian bread)...
would your dietician get very angry?
Yes, he will.
It's all about balanced diets,
Do you know how much
I pay every month?
He takes my weight,
makes out a chart...
- and prescribes...
- Don't tell him you ate puris.
He'll surely find out.
'Going to parties lately? '
'Didn't I tell you
not to drink cola? '
'You must've eaten fried food!'
Then, tell him.
'My boyfriend forced me to eat.'
Shut up.
What would your fianc say?
What would she say?
What goes on between you
and your dietician...
my secretary and me.
These aren't meant to be discussed
between husbands and wives.
- Hello!
- Hello, Sheila again.
Is your work done?
- Some of it.
- Had lunch? Or not?
- I'm eating right now.
- Where? At a restaurant?
No.. I'm eating piping hot puris.
Oh, you love puris?
I had asked you before.
Why didn't you tell me?
- Would've made them for breakfast.
- Does everything need to be said?
Okay. Don't be late.
If there's water logging,
you'll be in trouble.
- Okay.
- Okay, thanks.
- Okay, bye.
- Bye.
Will you be getting a new secretary?
After this one gets married.
Will you flirt with her too?
If she does, why not?
The raincoat, does it belong
to your secretary?
Ask her what perfume she uses?
Thank God, I had the raincoat.
It was so useful.
The thing is, he takes care
of the umbrellas.
If I'd kept looking for it,
you'd starve.
At least, there was your
secretary's raincoat.
Enough for me...
can't eat anymore,
please finish it.
I deliberately didn't
get any sweets.
You never liked sweets.
Do you eat sweets now?
I should've brought the sweets.
After all, it's my first
visit to your house.
When your first serial is telecast...
on the National TV, then bring some.
That day I'll cook.
We'll eat and watch
your serial together.
And your husband?
God knows where he'll be...
probably on tour.
And if...
my secretary wants me to watch
the serial with her?
Tell her someone else
asked you first.
Who? Girlfriend?
Please Mannu, when you go back...
don't tell Mom you came here.
If you say so, I won't.
But, people might ask.
What's the use?
There'll be idle gossip...
and your marriage is close.
If you can,
do visit us in Bhagalpur.
Always alone in this house...
You're right.
Sometimes.. I wish I could
go someplace far away.
So what if I get stuck
in the bathroom?
The plane has to stop somewhere...
and then again move on...
I'll go with it.
Locked up all the way?
I am locked in here Mannu.
You think this luxury is everything?
That's true.
Can anyone stay locked
in a bathroom forever?
Believe me. Someone's bound to
come and open the door for you.
I don't hope for that anymore, Mannu.
And Please, I beg of you...
don't show me any new dreams.
Fine, dear. Don't cry Niru.
Please, Niru. please don't cry, Niru.
See? This is the result of watching
too many TV serials.
Sorry, I've spoilt your day.
Why spoilt?
You had so much work.
How long will you be here?
There'll be work...
but at least I saw you.
We talked...
It was nice.
What did you name your company?
Rajni productions.
Who's 'Rajni'?
No one.
That old TV serial.. remember?
But the numerologist said...
to change it.
He said 5 letters were unlucky.
Has to be 6.
I'm wondering whether
I'd spell it with a double 'E'.
Call it Neerja then. My proper name.
That's... N, e, e, r, j, a..
6 letters.
One way or the other...
I'll still be your partner.
That's not a bad idea.
I'm just joking.
But do listen to the numerologist.
We're also having Feng Shui
done for our new flat.
New flat?
Yes, the company's.
We'll probably shift in a few days.
You mean, if I came after
a couple of days.
I wouldn't have found you here?
Perhaps not.
But he's also trying.
Shifting all alone
will be difficult.
It's a very big flat...
on the 7th floor...
3,500 square feet...
four large bedrooms...
drawing room... South facing.
There I'll do up the drawing
room beautifully.
Don't worry.
They have security downstairs.
Strangers just can't ring
the bell like that.
What's the address?
I don't know yet.
It's a company flat,
the office knows.
You have a phone at least.
That will be up in 24 hours.
Then how will I find you?
Give me your mobile number.
I'll call you.
I don't remember the number.
How come? It's your mobile...
you don't know your number?
Or you don't want to give it to me?
Actually it stays with my secretary.
But I'll find your house.
Have you thought of any
story for the TV serial?
They're thinking about it.
There's one idea they're working on.
Please.. not another serial...
about a quarrel between mother
in law and daughter in law.
That's too much.
No, it's about two business tycoons.
That's also stale.
No one will watch.
Tell me, what serial would you like?
A serial about girls like me.
A village girl comes to
a new town after marriage...
with a dream that...
she'll love her husband
very much...
look after him.
But he's always on tour.
She's always waiting.
Suddenly waking up from
sleep, thinking...
'did the doorbell ring? '
And then one day the bell rings...
she opens the door and sees...
it's not her husband, someone else.
Someone she used to know.
But can't recognise him anymore.
He's dark. His hair is thinning.
Will you make up the whole
story sitting here?
Then why do you pay people to do it?
- I'd like to wash. Your bathroom?
- Why are you getting up?
To wash my hands.
Haven't you seen in big restaurants
they've ways to wash hands...
at the table itself.
You sit here.
Here, finger bowl.
You like big restaurants?
Can't go anymore.
Now after going to the dietician.
I stopped everything.
Oh no! Don't you have a hanky?
You don't wipe your hands
on a sofa cover.
You're a real country
bumpkin, Mannu.
Sorry. Get it washed.
- How was the meeting?
- Good.
- Are you getting it?
- Looks like.
There were a couple of others.
Inside information is that...
our program content
is very strong.
Now it's up to marketing.
Is Manoj back?
Yes, long time.
- Where is he?
- In his room.
Call him.
Change. Freshen up. I'll call him.
Meanwhile, chat to him.
Must be getting bored alone?
He's depressed.
Why? The others didn't work?
I called Prakash. He had been there.
He went to Balraj too.
Didn't get anything?
That he did.
Was he rude?
Actually, on the way back..
Please Alok, don't freak out.
Somebody stole my money.
My God! Full 12 thousand!
- Alok, he's listening.
- No.
Ma'am only said that to protect me.
Yes it's open.
Sorry! Were you asleep?
No, please come.
I forgot to keep your water.
Didn't you switch on the AC?
It's okay. I prefer the fan.
Thank you.
Tell me one thing.
Am I just your friend's wife...
or do you consider me your friend?
- Why?
- Tell me.
Of course.
- Then shall I say something?
- Certainly.
Wait an hour.
If you still can't sleep.
Take this.
I won't need it.
It's good if you don't.
I don't want that either.
But, just in case.
You keep sleeping tablets too?
Two tips in a day.
Cry with the shower on
and sleeping pills.
Have you ever met
him after marriage?
Shall I say something...
you'll feel better.
Her husband must be back by now.
She'll be busy with him now.
She won't be thinking about you.
You're very practical.
Women have to be.
Oh! Your raincoat?
In the bathroom.
Govind has to get the milk tomorrow.
In case it rains.
There's a letter in the pocket.
Give it to Alok.
Okay, good night.
Good night.
Sorry, I'm disturbing you
again and again.
This was in the raincoat pocket.
Still leaving things here and there.
- Good night.
- Good night.
"Come to our alley."
"Oh groom, your mother doesn't know."
"Oh groom, your mother doesn't know."
It was God's will, Mannu...
that you brought the raincoat.
Otherwise, I wouldn't have worn it...
and wouldn't have read the letter.
You needed money so desperately...
and didn't even tell me once?
Actually, when my husband
went on tour...
he took the keys with
him by mistake.
Or else, why should you have to go...
from door to door just
for 30/40 thousand?
I don't have any petty cash at home.
That's why,
I'm giving you my jewellery.
Please don't say no, Mannu.
If God had willed it.
We would've got married.
Would you still have hesitated
to take my jewellery?
Yours Niru.
"All my friends left."
"I'm lonely near the river banks."
"Rower, tell us your name."
"How do we call you?"
"I'm lonely near the river banks."
"I'm lonely near the river banks."
"The spring season."
"The spring season."
"I've come the banks
of river Jamuna."
"I've come the banks
of river Jamuna."
"Rower, tell us your name."
"Rower, tell us your name."
"How do we call you?"
"I'm lonely near the river banks."