Raining Stones (1993) Movie Script

Come on.
Tommy, I've got one
of the buggers.
Come on!
Fucking get one!
I've got one, Tom.
Come back!
Bloody job this!
Stay quiet, it
might come down.
There's one here on
its own.
This one on its
Go round the back
of him.
Go round the back
of him slowly.
We've not come all this
way for fuck all.
Go round the back
of him slowly.
Get it, lad!
Get it.
I've got the bastard!
You've got it!
Get it!
She'll get it!
Oh, we've got to
get hold of it!
I've got the bastard!
Hold it! Hold it!
I've got it!
What do I do with it?
Get hold of the scruff! Hold
it tight! Get hold of it!
Help me, will yer!
Hold it!
Come here!
Take it easy, will you, lad,
I've got no chance here...
Ah! There's shit
all over... look at this!
Watch that, it's
scalding hot, son...
I am knackered...
It just wants one good belt on the back
of the head, then it'll be stone dead.
Good hard... short,
sharp shock.
Come on,
let's give it a go.
Just wack it
across the napper.
Good heavy blow.
But where, though?
The back of the head, across
the shoulders, know what I mean?
Put plenty of force
into it, son.
Go on, go on,
go on, go on!
Just whack it.
Hit it on the head.
Look, look!
There's one thing...
What are you waiting for?
Hit it.
Listen, we could always
sell it as it is.
To that butcher, you're joking.
He'd rob us blind.
Give it a belt,
will you, Bob.
Oh, you know, you're so good at
giving the orders out, you do it.
Come on, when you
kill it, I'll skin it.
I'll peel that bleedin' fleece
off like peeling an orange.
Now just give it
a belt.
Come on son,
you belt it.
Get on this side.
Get on this side.
Oh, there's me
fucking tea!
Jesus... hold
the bleedin' thing!
Tommy, I fucking
got it!
I've got it.
Cor blimey, its' got
loads of bottle, ain't it.
What do you get off
of sheep, anyway?
Foot and mouth disease
unless you wear a condom.
Ah, very clever,
very droll. Yeah.
I'm serious here,
what do you get off it?
Mutton, you dopey bleeder. What
do you think you get off it?
Yeah, but what do
you mean? Show it me.
Get four legs,
don't you.
Couple of shoulders, all them chops,
feel the ribs there, all of them.
How many chops?
Fucking big bag
Oh, serious. Come on, can't
you be serious for a minute?
Well count them, feel them.
Ten, eleven, twelve...
Hang on, hang on, one...
three, four...
Don't be worrying, you'll be
getting your share. Come on.
Jesus Christ! Can you smell that?
I thought it was
you. It's farted!
Come on, let's get it
down there.
Hold onto it and I'll get
one good shot at its napper.
Have you got it?
Let's get it down then. Go
on, get hold of it. Smack it.
Go on!
How many times have you been
in that position with a sheep?
Never mind.
Come on, hit it.
Fucking hell!
I should have done this job on
me own. You're bleedin' hopeless.
And watch me.
Don't hit me.
Just give it.
Just give it one.
Go on.
That's it. Go on!
Fuck it. Let's take it
down the butchers.
Get hold of the back end.
You shit house.
You shit house...
Come on, you twat,
look up, look up.
Just give him a honk
on the horn.
Give over, with everybody's
eyes round here?
Here, I'll tell you what.
You get out, get in the butcher's
shop, I'll drive it round the back.
Be bloody quick, then.
It'll feed the whole bleedin' town,
I' telling you. Have a look at that.
Hello, Bob.
All right...
Ah! You're pulling
my pisser, aren't you?
What do you mean?
What I mean?
That's mutton, that.
Nobody wants mutton
these days, they want lamb.
Well it hasn't gone
out of fashion.
They're still eating it,
aren't they?
Yeah, of course.
I'm not saying that.
You're talking fourteen
quid there.
How much?
/Fourteen quid, if that.
I thought you said...
Hang on... last one I sold I
got thirty-odd pound for her.
Not sheep, lad.
On our kid's life!
Thirty-odd pound.
This is another bollock
I've dropped now.
Is there nothing at all
you can do for us?
Well have a look at it.
It's massive.
Well, let's have a look
at it then, Bob.
Oh, Jesus!
Told you it was a big bastard,
isn't it?
Big bastard!
It fucking stinks!
That's because it's been pissing and
shitting all up the sides of my van.
Oh, stop moaning!
Fucking hell! Can't do owt
with that.
We can't take it back
to the moors, can we?
Listen... listen are you going to fucking
kill it for us, and chop it up or what?
Well, get it in back
of shop, then.
Fucking hell! Watch you don't
pull its fucking head off.
I'd like to pull his head
off, I'm telling you.
I'd like to pull
yours off!
Do you know you, you've never
stopped moaning from this morning.
Come here...
Now listen, Bob.
I'll do this if you
put that fireplace in for us.
Fair enough, that sounds
okay. Yeah.
It's all plumbed in and
The bloke did it. I paid
him. Done a runner.
Well, you can't trust anyone,
that's fair enough lad, yeah, go on.
That's all right, yeah?
Yeah, okay, I'll do it.
Come on.
Come on lad, get its head
head over this bucket.
Okay Bob, get hold
of its ears.
Pull its ears back.
Go on.
Head back, keep
hold of him.
Just cut it.
Dirty bastard!
Jesus, he's cut its
fucking throat!
Before I go to Communion...
I will listen carefully to
the priest at Mass.
I will tell God that
if I am sorry...
if I have spoilt my love
for Him...
by choosing something that
He does not want.
I have nothing to eat
or drink for one hour...
it is not a very long time
and it is to...
it is to remind me of the great
Son of God who will come.
Before I go to Communion...
I will listen carefully to
the priest at Mass.
I will tell God...
I want to grow up like Jesus...
and I want to meet Him
in Communion.
Very good. Very good.
Thank you, Coleen.
Thank you.
Now you see...
the Church, well we call it
Mother Church...
has decided that when a child
reaches the age of seven...
the age of reason...
it's time for the parents to prepare
them for their first Holy Communion.
So the parents must teach that child
about the loving family of God...
and that their first Communion marks the
beginning of a beautiful friendship with Christ.
I'll take the vault, lad.
Okay, I'll get 'the room'.
Jesus! You've started early,
haven't you?
Hello, girls. This could be your
lucky day.
Have a look in this basket.
Best mutton. Look at that.
Fresh as a daisy.
Two pound fifty the leg.
What do you mean 'no'?
A beautiful piece of meat, that.
No? You sure?
You don't eat meat?
/All right, love.
Hiya, mate.
Look at this bit of
flavour, eh...
look at this, real English mutton.
Look at that...
I'm sorry, mate.
I'm sorry, I'm skint.
Skint? I know exactly how
you feel, pal...
Can I do you a favour, lads?
Fair enough...
Hello folks, here you are,
have a look at this.
Real English mutton.
Look at that.
Beautiful leg of mutton.
Just done it before
I came in here.
Hiya, Walt!
Hiya Bob, you all right?
Have a look at that
for a leg of mutton.
Beautiful leg of mutton, that.
How much?
No, I'II, I'll give you
two quid for it.
Two twenty-five.
No, two pound or nothing.
Sold to the girl over there.
Do you want a bag with it?
Yes, please.
There you are, love.
Put it in that bag.
Yeah, over there, love.
Have a look at them chops.
What d'you reckon, Cissie?
D'you want owt?
Breast? Chops?
How much?
One-fifty your chops, love.
Bit warm though,
aren't they?
Hello there Paddy, me old son.
Not Paddy.
Come to do you a favour, son.
Have a look at that.
Now you can fuck off!
I, I, that's not
very nice, is it?
Just fuck off...
all right?
Who d'you think you're
talking to, Paddy, old son?
I'm not a dickhead,
you know.
Sudden death...
or a broken jaw?
Ah, just get your face away before
I tread all over you.
Okay, Pad.
Any time you like.
/Thank you very much.
Anything for the weeken, boys?
Anything at all, lads?
Jesus wept!
How'd you go on
in that vault?
Crap. Couldn't sell it.
Couldn't even give it away.
How did you do?
Four-and-a half quid.
Four pound fifty!
That all?
So where's all this fucking money
we're going to make according to you?
Oh, come on Bob, you haven't given
it a proper chance yet, have you?
Give over...
We'll have to try some
other pubs, won't we?
The Carters Arms, the Horse
and Jockey and all the others.
I'll even take some of it
up to Rhodes.
Well, what do you say?
Okay, yeah.
Can we have a pint first?
Put your meat on the tray,
I'll put it in the back of the van.
'Scuse me, love. Can I have
two halves of bitter, please?
Order us one of them meat
pies, will you, lad?
And a meat pie,
love, please.
Hello, Tommy...
/Hello, Tony.
By the way, Tommy, any chance
of that fiver you owe me?
I give it to young Bob to give
you. Hasn't he given it you back?
Nobody's given me
He's a bugger...
he gets me into all sorts...
I'll make sure you
get it back, son.
Okay, cheers, Tommy...
Ta-ta, pal.
"Send Joe to Lourdes all
donations welcome. "
There's your pie.
Ta, lad.
How's that young
Joey going on?
Little Joey Young?
You know me fell off
bloody roof. /Aye, I know.
And he wasn't even employed
bloody legally, was he?
That means he won't get a
penny back. /That's right.
Now joking aside, we're having
a bit of a collection.
See if we can send him
to Lourdes.
Did you hear about the kid from Liverpool in the
bloody in the bloody wheelchair they took to Lourdes?
They got him to the water's edge and he
couldn't get in because his legs was twisted...
so they had to hire
a little crane...
and pick him and the wheelchair up...
over the water... and submerge him.
And when he come out
they all had a look at his legs...
and his legs were
still twisted.
But the wheelchair...
had two new tyres on it.
Where's the van?
/It's gone, hasn't it?
I can see that, you dozy pillock.
Where the fuck is it?
Well, I don't know, lad.
It was there ten minutes, only.
Well, where's the keys?
You've left them in the
van, haven't you? /Yeah.
You dozy fucking bastard!
You left them in the van!
I've a good mind to...
All right. Hang on. The bleedin'
police could have towed it away.
There was no tax, or nothing
on it, was there.
Excuse me, love, you've not seen a
green van go round here, have you?
A what?
/A green van.
No, why, has somebody
pinched it?
I've only been in there
ten minutes.
You know, they're bastards. Take the
eyeballs out of your head here, they would.
Hey, lads, you haven't seen a van
being taken out of here, have you?
With all the meat in?
Took the lot, Walt.
They took everything.
Yeah, they've took the lot.
You know, I can't report
this to the police either.
It's not taxed
and insured.
Would've cost me fifty sixty quid
just to get it through the MOT.
That's twenty quid, innit?
/I haven't got it, mate.
Just don't have the money.
What am I gonna do, Tommy?
Let's go and have a look.
You haven't seen a van
round here, have you, son?
Oh! Where's your key?
How was our Coleen?
Our Coleen were
absolutely great.
You should have been there.
Yeah. Father Barry asked
her to read.
She just went up... I think
I were more nervous than her.
How did you go on?
We got us a sheep.
You want to watch it,
Somebody catches you.
how much is this Communion
going to cost us?
For the dress?
we can't get her dress
without getting her shoes.
How much?
What's up?
What are you
snapping at me for?
I'm not snapping, I asked
you a question. How much?
God, you only just got in and
you're snapping at me.
I'm not snapping.
How much?
About seventy,
eight quid.
Jesus Christ.
I told you last night it were
going to be something like that.
What is wrong with you?
I've had the van nicked.
Oh, Jesus!
Outside the Falcon.
I was only in there for ten minutes
with Tommy, flogging the meat.
Come out and me bloody
van's gone.
What you going to do?
I can't go to the police, can I.
I had a nice little scaffolding
job lined up with that next week.
Two or three days work.
At least it would have kept
our heads above water.
Now... I've blown it.
/Oh... it don't matter.
No wheels.
No job.
We'll manage.
/How "we'll manage"?
Where we going to find
that kind of money?
We're already
scratching as it is.
Sommat'll turn up.
All right.
Oh yeah? At least
with the van...
I could have done a few
days work. A bit here, a bit there.
But now! Now.
I can't get anything.
Look, there's no law that says
she has to have a new dress.
I say.
/Father Barry won't mind.
I'm not bothered about
Father Barry.
Look, that dress I got her
last year, that one'll be fine.
Oh, fine. She walks up the aisle
looking like a pauper...
while all her mates are
clobbered up to the hilt.
Will she heck look like
a pauper, don't be daft!
Listen, you had a Communion dress
when you... were a kid, didn't you?
Yeah, but... yeah...
Well so will our Coleen.
I don't know how long
it takes, or what I've got to do.
Anyway, how long is it?
/Only six weeks.
Well she's going to
get a dress.
/I don't bloody know!
You're talking daft now.
How many bills have we
got to pay? Gas, electric.
Phone's already out and you're
talking about a dress!
I'm talking about the most
important day in our Coleen's life.
Is your dad down the Tenants
Association tomorrow?
Should be. Why?
/Just wondered...
You took your Pill?
/I always do.
I always feel like
I'm committing a sin.
We're not fucking animals just
because we've got on work, you know...
you're fucking parasites!
Do you know
what you want? Eh?
You listen to me,
Do you know
what you want?
A fucking revolution!
Do you know what I think
of you? Eh?
Here we go, here we
go, here we go...
So these two are yours?
Yeah, I've got another one at
home, Liam, who is eleven years old.
Right. These are both
under five?
Under five, yeah.
Is Jimmy in?
Er, yes. He's on
the phone, Bob.
Do you want to sit
down for a minute.
He shouldn't be that long.
So that's, that's your worse
problem, the electric, isn't it?
Well, that's my immediate
one, yeah.
Right, well, you'll have to
leave that with me.
I'll have to see what
I can...
I'll have to speak to somebody else and,
you know, I'll see what I can do about that.
Yeah... so what else
have you got?
And, um...
I had the, the sink in the kitchen
leaked for two years...
and the water leaked out and
ruined all the carpets and everything.
And so I had to replace all
the carpets and...
the, um, the Treasury Department sent me
a cheque for a hundred and fifty pounds.
The carpets cost me four
hundred quid...
I've got in here.
Listen, I've got to go to a meeting,
Jimmy. /I'm still not happy, man.
I've got to go to
a meeting, Jimmy.
Well, you're the Labour, you're
the Labour Councillor for the estate.
I said I'll see to it.
You've said that more times than
Soft Mick and it's got them no where.
That's a lie, Jimmy.
/Let me tell you this.
You'll not tell me anything.
Wait till we start holding the
rent back.
Then you will be in deep
shit, my friend.
You're not worth a tripe supper!
And no wonder that Labour keep
losing the elections!
Wants goosin' with the raw ends
of a pineapple, him.
Hello, Bob.
How are you?
Hiya, Jimmy.
/What is it?
Listen, you still got them rods
that Kevin Gill lent you?
Yes, somewhere in the house, lad,
yeah. What's up?
Do you think he'd
lend them me?
No problem.
No problem.
I thought I'd go out and earn myself
a few bob rodding a few drains, like.
You know, it's been
raining all week...
Well, why not?
Why not?
Give me a couple of
hours here.
Slip up to our house and I'll
sort them out for you.
Anne and Coleen all right?
/Yes, they're fine.
See you later on, son.
Yeah, cheers.
See you.
Hello, love, I'm in the area cleaning drains
and I wondered whether you'd like yours doing?
No. I'm a little busy.
I can come back later,
if you like.
No, it's all right, thanks.
I have my hands full.
Okay. Thank you.
Excuse me, mate...
Do you want your drains doing? /Drains?
Yeah. I'll make a hell of a good
job of them, I'll set me rods out,
rod 'em out for you,
whatever you want.
No, mate. No, mate.
Nothing wrong with these drains.
Did them myself last week.
You sure?
Ok, thank you.
Fine, see you.
No, no. Thank you very much.
We've got somebody that does that.
Okay, thank you, love.
Can you tell me
what exactly you do?
Yeah, what I do basically, is
lift your manhole cover off...
put my rods together...
/Yeah... hmm-mm...
rod it through and make sure
it's clean and clear for you.
Sounds a good idea cos we've
had blockages before.
Have you?
Oh, then I'm your man.
/Sounds good, that.
I could get that done and then probably come in
and check your bathroom for blockagees up there.
Come in your kitchen, check your
kitchen with my plunger.
Sounds great. Just what
we need, that.
Get in, you.
Get in. Shut it.
Listen pal, I don't care what
you're flogging...
whatever it is, we don't want it.
Now piss off!
All right, mate, yeah,
see you.
What have I told you before about going
out there with no clothes on and nothing...
I'm in the area
doing drains...
and I wondered if you'd like
yours cleaned out.
There's nothing wrong
with my mains.
I've had them checked.
Nothing at all wrong with
my mains.
Not your mains, drains.
No. I've had them checked.
There's nothing wrong with them.
Drains! D-r-i...
I keep telling you, there's nothing
wrong with my mains.
Not your bloody mains!
Your drains!
There's no need for that
Oh, aye...
Anyway, I'm not bothered, there's
no need for that language at all.
So you don't want
your mains doing?
/Ta-ta, then.
Ah, Bob!
/Morning, Father.
Can I help you?
I just wondered if you had any
drains that might need rodding out.
Well, that's very good
of you.
I have a manhole round the back
that needs to be looked at, come on.
You're the right man
in the right place.
Oh, my God!
Yeah. We sometimes have
difficulty in flushing the toilets.
That's because all the shit's coming
back on you, Father, and getting blocked.
And these drains look as
though they're collapsing to me.
You're going to need
new ones soon.
Oh, we can't afford it.
I'm sure if it wasn't for people like yourself helping
us for free, we'd never never get anything done.
Can I help you at all?
No, you step back, Father. I'll carry
on with this. I'll soon have done.
Okay, okay. Give us a shout when
you're ready and I'll put the kettle on.
Okay, Father, yeah.
Oh, shit!
Oh, shit!
Oh! Bloody hell!
Oh, Jesus Christ!
Jesus! Jesus!
I think that did the trick,
I think so, Father.
/Oh, my God...
I hope that fits you, Bob.
/Thank you, Father.
Every man has the right
to work, Bob...
and should not be subjected to the butt
of criticism when he fails to find it...
through no fault
of his own.
It doesn't work like that
though, Father.
No, but it should.
That's the way things
are nowadays.
Come on, and help yourself
to the biscuits.
Thank you.
About Coleen's Communion...
There's no reason for you and Anne to
be going into any debt because of it.
We'll manage,
Middle-class parents don't
spend half as much.
That's because their kids run
round in new clothes all the time.
You can celebrate Communion
without any fuss or expense.
Oh, I know it's a Catholic tradition
to lash out on...
dress, flowers and
but it isn't necessary.
But that's all part
of it.
Love and prayer is enough,
I don't want our Coleen
missing out, Father.
She won't.
When she walks up
that aisle...
I want her to look as smart
as the rest of them.
Which she will.
This is her big day.
/Yes, I know that.
And ours. This is once
in a life time.
You'll not be... embarrassed if
I suggest something?
The school has dresses available
to people who can't afford...
just for the day.
You mean cast-offs.
/Not at all.
I'm talking about dresses that
have been donated.
You're talking about dresses
that kids have worn.
In immaculate condition.
/No thanks, Father.
No one else would know.
Anne and I would.
It'll cost you a pretty
penny, Bob.
We'll manage
somehow, Father.
We'll manage.
Bye, now.
Have you worked since you
last signed?
Hello, lad. You just been
to sign on?
Look, I'm sorry about
the other day with the van.
Ah, forget it, mate.
No, it were my fault. I should've
been more bloody careful.
Anyway, listen. You can now
do me a favour.
What is it?
Go and get yourself
signed on...
then we'll go and
have a nobble.
Just do us a favour,
try and pick a few winners.
I can't pick my
bloody nose.
Right, right,
come on!
Go on dad, have a
shot at it.
Our kid's back!
/Is she?
/Where is she?
In there with me mum.
Where's Sean?
Gone to the shops.
She's give us two quid.
Two quid!
She must be loaded.
Pick this out, son.
Oh, yes, there's a gap!
Oh! What a save!
A goal!
How are you, kid?
Fine, dad.
You all right?
Turn that bloody head-banging
gear off, will you, love?
Blimey, it's a wonder you've
got any ear drums left.
Where's your mum?
/She's on the loo.
Is she?
So how are you doing?
/I'm okay.
Well, you look okay, just got little
black marks under your eyes, though.
Dad, that, that's me
Well, you look a little
bit washy.
Well, rundown, yeah.
Are your eating properly?
/Yeah, I feel great.
Well how's the flat
It's great!
Paying your rent
every week?
You bloody make sure you do. /Hi, Tom.
Shift your arse...
Yeah, all right.
There's some tater'ash
in the pan.
Is it hot?
Just cooked it.
Get myself a bowl now.
Oh, by the way, er...
how long are you staying
this time?
Oh, a couple of hours.
We're going down to the
market in Middleton.
Shouldn't be too long, though.
Eh, she bloody changed,
ain't she? She looks well.
Not so long ago we were dragging
her in off the bloody grass...
and changing her drawers and
putting her to bed, eh?
Don't be disgusting.
Ta-ta, then...
All right, Tracey?
Let's get going.
/Let me just do me hair.
Your hair's all right.
/No, it's not.
Yeah, it is.
Has he still not
got a job yet?
No... just goes down and
signs on, that's it.
Doing his head in.
Sending him mental,
it is.
Still, you've landed on your
feet, haven't you? /Yeah.
So you're doing all right,
are you, babe?
Yeah, and it pays well.
Tommy, don't put that plate
on that table, you'll burn it.
Bloody hell, it's not going on
bloody Antiques Road Show, is it, May?
So what is you're doing
What, selling?
Selling what?
Um... selling perfume,
make up.
Selling that stuff?
Bloody hell!
Over a hundred quid
a week.
You get a hundred quid
a week!
Yeah, with commission,
You couldn't do us a favour,
could you?
Go on.
Bottle all my experience in the engineering
game, which is over thirty years, by the way...
cor blimey, we'd all make
a fortune.
I'll just get me coat.
Still no luck then,
There's nothing doing
anyway, love, is there?
Fresh air sandwiches here at
Christmas, I'm afraid.
Here you are, dad.
What's that?
Get yourself a drink.
Don't want that, chuck.
Honest, things are not
that bad.
If it was mine, he'd take
it off me.
May, that would be different
wouldn't it?
Oh, dad! I treated me mum
and the lads...
She's loaded now,
She can afford it.
/Go on.
You sure?
/Yeah, here you are.
Tell you what...
when I win the pools...
I'll buy you a George Formby
long player, okay?
Right, Tracey.
See you later, Tommy.
See you... bye.
Do you... still do
Communion dresses?
Yeah, we do. Is it for
the little girl? /Yes.
Right, okay, um...
well do you want me to through
the prices with you first?
Okay, um, do you want
a full outfit?
Yeah, we do. Yeah.
Our dresses start from
fifty pounds...
and they go up to
ninety pounds.
Then you want a head-dress.
That's a really nice ring
of flowers you get...
they're three twenty-five
up to five ninety-nine.
Then you want, um,
a veil...
from five ninety-nine
up to nine ninety-nine.
Oh, unless of course you want
us to provide you with a consett...
What's that?
It's the head-dress
and the veil combined.
It's actually what most people
are buying these days.
It would look really
lovely on her.
How much is it?
Um... they're sixteen ninety-nine
up to twenty-nine ninety-nine.
Oh, and then, you want
white gloves two ninety-nine.
Is that it... is that it?
do you want to go home
and have a think about it?
Yeah... yeah, I think
we should.
No, there's no point.
We'll go for it.
Where are we going to find
a hundred and fifteen quid?
A hundred and five. You've
already put ten down, haven't you?
Oh, yeah. And that's why we're
walking home instead of getting a bus.
Will you just shut up...
And there's the shoes. We've got to get
the shoes as well, another twenty quid.
We'll find it. Don't worry
about it.
Oh, yeah.
Mister Moneybags!
Will you shut up!
Well, it's bloody
stupid, isn't it?
Oh, stop moaning, woman!
/Coleen, come on, hurry up!
When am I getting
my dress?
Soon as all the alterations
have been made.
Then you'll get your dress. Soon
as the alterations have been made.
Jesus! Can't you just
shut up!
Don't take it
out on her!
She can wrap you right
round her little finger.
Get hold of her hand
crossing this road.
Right. Come on,
hurry up.
Anyway, it's so happens, I've
made meself a few quid.
You what?
Whoops, eh...
I had a 25p win yankee
on the horses and it's come up.
Well why...
Don't tell that Tommy, though
or he'll be tapping us.
Why didn't you tell me?
I was letting you
sweat a bit.
Right, how much?
Right, Coleen, what I'm going
to tell you now...
I want you to listen to me very,
very carefully. Okay?
Well, you know about Our Lord, don't
you, he was crucified on the cross...
well... the night before he
was crucified...
he... he got all his mates
round a big cable...
and they had a big tea.
Did he eat beans
like us?
I think he probably
ate his up.
Oh, very clever.
Get in the kitchen, I'm doing
me best here.
The reason he had all his mates
round for this tea...
was because he knew he was
going to die.
How did he know?
Well, because he's Christ.
Christ knows everything!
Why couldn't he run away?
/Oh, bloody hell!
Don't they teach you anything
at school?
Well, they told me
about confession.
Oh, forget confession, get
confession right out of your head.
We're not talking about confessions,
we're talking about Communion.
Right, what happened...
Jesus gets His Disciples...
Who's telling this, Anne,
me or you?
We'll be out here all night...
way you're telling it.
So what he did was, He got
all his mates there like...
and He picks up a piece
of bread...
and He takes like... a piece of
the bread off like that...
and He holds it up to
His mates...
and He says...
"This is me.
This is my body. "
And then He
He got hold of His cup...
What's the next one, Anne?
"This is my blood. "
Oh, aye... picks up His cup,
or his goblet...
and He says to
His mates...
"this is my blood. "
Yeah, but I don't want to drink
Christ's blood.
It's not real blood!
It's just a glass of wine!
How come you said that
it were blood, then?
Because it means like...
it's the blood of Christ...
it represents the blood of
Christ. It's blood and it's wine.
Do you understand
You don't, do you?
It's like... it's like when
you die, you go to Heaven.
Aye, well, if you've had no... if you've
not had your Holy Communion you can't get in.
Do you understand what I'm
talking about?
Well, look at me.
/I'm looking.
He gives you the present of life so
that when you die you can go to Heaven.
If you don't have Communion,
you can't go to Heaven.
Now do you understand?
Oh, bloody hellfire!
Twenty, forty, sixty,
eighty, five...
Thanks, love.
Bye, now.
All right, Bob?
Hello, Ted.
Do you know a bloke
called Gilbert?
Yeah, small guy,
He's a smart-arse.
He owes Tansey money.
No. I don't know him, mate.
I just wondered if you'd
seen him about.
No. Don't know him.
All right, Tracey?
I can't really give you
that money...
Never mind you can't give it
me. You know what the trouble is...
It doesn't matter about the kids.
We want the money. All right?
Yes, mate?
Dave Ward sent me down. I'm
looking for a guy called Mike.
He said there might be a couple
of nights work here.
Didn't realise that we were
advertising for a fucking pot collector.
Right. I suppose I'd better get
you kitted out.
That's all we
fucking need...
You worked in the clubs before,
Well, I did two years in the bar...
bar at the Milbeck.
Do you know
what the job entails?
Well, I can handle myself, if
that's what you mean.
What sort of training
do you do?
See, training's looking
after yourself.
I play table tennis
now and then.
Do you know what sort
of club this is?
He's a comedian.
Well, I can see it's not a fucking
ballroom dancing club!
No, this is a rave club,
Do you know how to do a proper
body search?
I'll soon learn.
Do you know how to handle people when
they threaten you with knives and guns...
Well, we all get together, don't we,
and sort it out?
It's like the old day...
Yeah, it's as simple as that.
It 'eight' fisticuffs at dawn.
Let's see what we got in me
toy box for you.
Oh, Jesus Christ!
It stinks, man.
You're joking, aren't you?
/It's a Riko's jacket, that one.
Yeah, it's to keep
the muggers away.
Shark repellant, I think...
That's it...
Looks younger already.
I wouldn't go that
fucking far!
Overstatement, sorry!
Mutton dressed as lamb.
Be on the Clothes Show next.
Leave it out, boys.
I've only come for a fucking job,
not an audition as a comedian.
Where do I put
these on?
Just stick 'em on now.
He's shy now...
Have you got something
different to us, eh?
We'll find out what a real
man he is.
Show us what you white boyes
have got.
Whoa! Cool man, look at
them undies.
Fucking hell, he's got
a sunbed!
Do you shave them legs
or wax them?
Thought you said I was working
with professionals.
He's a fucking pervert!
Doesn't hang on the door though,
do you fucking Eric!
Hey, easy, get off
me case.
Not so much a Chippendale,
more an MFI.
Hey, Bob...
he went "wait" training once. Stood
at a bus stop for half-an-hour.
The track is...
you're in three nights
a week.
Wednesday, Friday
and Saturday.
Fifty-five quid a night.
In at ten o'clock, any later,
you're out.
No drinking and smoking
on duty.
If you're found with a drink or
a fag in your hand... you're out.
And no fucking around
with the women.
Yeah, I know,
"Or your out!"
Get us a drink!
She's got something...
Jesus Christ!
Listen! Are you out of your
head or what?
Don't give me that! I
just stood and watched you!
It's only...
I'm not on about that!
Everyone's at it in here.
That's why the place is rocking!
I've just seen you!
You've just passed something to a bloke
down there and he's giving you money.
You're a pusher! Come on, I'm
taking you home. /Get off me!
Your dad will bleedin' kill you!
/Will you let go of me!
Come on, I'm taking you
home an all...
Is this the ponce you're
pushing for?
Listen, mate!
/You fucking get off!
Fucking get down there, you
bastard! /You fucking twat!
I'll kill you, you bastard!
/He's a fucking lunatic!
What's the fucking
score then, eh?
He's a fucking drug pusher!
Has anyone seen any
fucking drugs?
He's seen fuck all!
Fuck him off!
No! Fucking keep him,
I'll sort it out...
The girl's that pushing for him,
I know her!
We fucking know her.
She's a fucking slag!
Her fucking father's
a friend of mine!
Who gives a fuck!
Look at the fucking state of
your jacket. Get it off!
You're nothing but a fucking
balloon, you are.
Don't fucking need you here.
fucking twenty quid.
Be fucking grateful you got that,
you cunt.
Does that mean I'm
fucking fired?
Yeah, count yourself lucky!
/You fucking bastard!
"Drug alert no to drugs
Say no to drugs"
Come on!
Come on, Rambo.
Oh leave it
out, love.
I hardly touched you.
All right...
Hope so...
I'll tell you what, you're going to
have a shower and in the morning...
Try this, love...
now this is going to sting.
I don't know where
to start.
Keep still!
Jesus Christ, it stings!
Morning, Bob.
/Morning, Tommy...
Bloody hell, it's nippy,
isn't it, lad?
Right through the bones
now, mate.
Eye-eye! You been looking
through key holes? /Get away...
What have you done to your eye?
/Had a bit of a fight last night.
Fighting? Bet the other fella
doesn't go to school this morning.
I tried me hand at that
bouncing game.
You must be a bloody crackpot, that's
only for young bulls, that, lad.
Wages, Tommy.
What did Anne say?
Well, I got slung, didn't I, so there's
not much she can say, is there now?
What, you got the sack
on your first night?
Well and truly.
Just as bloody as well.
Listen, this mate of yours, you know,
is he all right or what?
Sound as a pound. I've worked with
him loads of times.
And what's this job we're doing,
and where are we going?
I don't know where it is
and what we're doing.
I told you everything I know.
That's all I know.
Digging up turf?
Yeah, he's a bloody
ladscape gardener.
Here he is now.
Jesus, look at the state
of it.
All right, Dixie?
This your mate?
Jump in the back.
/Sound as a pound.
Give us a shout
when you're in.
Okay... okay!
Not worth getting
out of bed for.
Go away! A tenner for two hours
work's not bad, is it?
We'll be back home before
the kids go to school.
Why can't we get involved
in laying it?
We'd make a few more bob
out of that.
He's got another gang there
doing it, that's why.
He's got a couple of gangs working
for him then, has he?
Got loads fellas working
for him.
He has one gang cutting it,
one gang laying it.
But he's got gangs all over
the bloody country.
Does loads of work, you know,
You'd think he'd have a decent
van... Jesus Christ!
What does he want a decent van for, for
bloody old soil and wheelbarrows and spades!
That's pushed my piles back
about a fortnight.
All right, let's get these shovels
moving here.
Eh, where are we?
The Con Club.
Conservative Club?
We're not nicking their fucking
turf, are we?
You're not a Tory, are you?
Well what are you worried
about then?
Yeah, the caretaker lives miles
away, there's no problem...
all you've got to do...
is heads down... arses up...
let's get into gear and make
a couple of bob, come on...
Here you are,
Kevin Keegan.
You get over here and take
this corner...
Hurry up...
What am I going to do?
Roll them over and take them
back to the wagon...
Come here...
Keep in a straight line, make them
about a foot long...
so you can roll them
up like a carpet...
Here you are, dopey arse,
you get over here.
Now go in sections
as fast as you can...
a couple of barows and
we're up the road, all right!
Now come, Dean, hurry up,
lad, will you!
Too early for this sort of stuff
for me. I've got a bad back.
Hey you, can't you keep up with
me here or what?
Oh, keep them neat,
will you, lad...
come on, Tommy
just make it safe there...
Oh no!
Communist bastards!
We can pick up a roller from
a scrap-yard dirt cheap.
All you want then is a roll
of twine, a couple of pegs...
couple of banjoes, a plank,
a wheelbarrow and a rake.
We're on our way.
Yeah, to do the businesses
Now, it all depends if I get
my hands on a van.
Just put an advert
in the local paper.
And I'll need me phone
putting in.
Correct. As soon as a local
punter rings up...
I go down,
measure the job...
go nick the turf, lay it down,
get paid all in the same day.
You ever done it before?
Dead easy, lad, like laying carpet
tiles, isn't it?
Just make sure the underneath's
dead flat.
Where do we get
the turf from?
Parks, gardens, cemeteries...
And Conservative Clubs!
Well that's the best
quality stuff.
We get a few extra bob
for that, don't we?
But I've got to get
a van.
Where we going to
get a van from?
To ensure tenancy arrangement
under the private landlords...
So, where does the difference
come in?
The difference is you've got
no you've got no protection...
If you get any problems at all,
give us a shout.
Yeah, okay.
Hello, Bob.
/Hello, Jimmy.
This is my son-in-law,
Pleased to meet you...
This is Ken Rider, councillor.
Second prize again, eh?
I hope you got it
fighting for the working class.
I've got to go now.
Give us a ring.
/Nice one.
No problem.
All right, son.
I'm after a van. You don't
know anyone, do you?
A van?
Yeah, nothing fancy.
Have you got the money?
Depends on the price.
But without a van
I can't work.
Er... hang on, I'm sure there's
a card come in yesterday.
Cheers, Jimmy.
Yeah... this is it.
This is it.
Only come in yesterday
this, Bob.
Let's look at that.
Well he won't rip you off,
you know...
you know Cliff, don't you?
Cliff... oh, is that the little guy
always wears a boiler suit full of grease?
Lives on Hollins.
I'll give that a look at,
You're looking a mess,
you know, son.
I feel a mess.
Listen, what did this Communion
dress cost you?
Oh, has our Anne been talking?
Anne hasn't mentioned
it, son.
Young Coleen's been coming around
telling me all about it...
and I put two and
two together...
you know, it must have cost
you a bomb.
Yeah, a good few
quid, yeah.
But I'll manage.
Aye, so I see. Look.
/No, you look!
I've got a lot of respect
for you, Jimmy...
but this is none
of your business.
Bobby... we're family.
Look, I got meself in this mess,
I'll get meself out.
Not through the Church
you won't, son.
What's the Church
got to do with it?
Because you're looking for
answers and there isn't any...
because they're part
of the problem.
Look, you've got
your beliefs...
I've got mine.
No, what you've got
is fear.
And five Hail Marys ain't
going to help what ails you.
Because all this religious
all it does is tire your mind
and stop you thinking for yourself.
Look, Jimmy, the last thing I need
right now is a lecture.
Or a sermon.
No what you need is a job
and there aren't any.
Oh, now tell us something
I don't know.
When you're a worker, it
'rains stones' seven days a week.
And then it pisses
down on me.
Ah, not only on
you, Bob...
you see, you're walking around
with this individual guilt...
and this is what they want.
It's destroying you.
God knows, you know, given half
the chance I know you're a grafter.
It's not done us much good,
though, has it?
We never invented
the system, son...
but it's up to us to change it.
What's that?
/Slanging match.
But she can't be any more
than fifteen.
You've got my ring!
I haven't, Ellen! I haven't
got your ring!
Well you've got me money then,
haven't you?
No! Cos I want to score
tonight as well.
You're a liar!
You're a liar!
I need to score tonight.
You know for a fact...
What chance have they got?
You know, one or two might
slip through the net...
but for the rest of them,
it's, you know, it's mapped out...
it's all cut and dried.
They've got no work...
no hope...
it's all despair.
All the they've got is crime,
booze, drugs...
families just breaking up.
And do you know, it could be
a lovely estate to live on.
Do you know, we're like punch drunk
fighters hammering at each other...
instead of us getting together and sharing
around the power for us to make all the changes...
and that's all it is in a nutshell,
the rest is propaganda.
It'll do about thirty to the gallon
on the road.
Let's have a look round here...
Hang on, hang on a minute,
Well, you have a look.
I'll have a look here.
Yeah, but Tommy...
Oh, come on Cliff, play the game,
look at the bloody bodywork, son.
What's wrong with
Jesus Christ, there's more filler
here than on Barbara Cartland's face!
There's some spots of fillers...
Look at that, the tyres are
bleedin' baldy.
They're remoulds.
Yeah, well, you don't see
the tread with remoulds, do you.
You're joking,
aren't you!
I've seen more rubber on a
bleedin' French letter!
You must have a big
French letter.
You've got new tyres
on the front!
Hey, Cliff... I'm having it.
Right, how are you
having it, then?
Is there any chance of us, er...
knocking the price down?
Oh, here we go now,
knock it down!
How many owners has
it had?
Owners! Only one owner!
Who was it, fucking Ben Hur?
/Who's Ben hur?
Come on, Cliff!
Does he live on the Estate?
Cliff, Cliff...
I'm buying the thing, right?
Can we knock it down to
two hundred?
How can you do that,
I've got to make some money...
He's lost his mother! I'm going to lose my
wife if I sell it for any less than that.
Two hundred?
No, two sixty, and
that's it.
Cliff, I haven't got that
amount of money on me.
What about if we can come
to some sort of deal?
Can I pay you weekly...
So you're paying half the price of
the two sixty, right?
And a tenner a week.
Can you manage that? I don't
want any pissing about.
If you say a tenner
a week, I want it.
Mum! Dad's got
a new van!
I'm going downstairs
and see him.
Hey, dad!
Yeah, look at this!
What! Is is this ours!
/Like it?
Yeah, it's great,
isn't it?
Come on, let me show you
the inside.
What do you think?
That's ours?
/Yeah, it's not bad, is it?
Why didn't you tell me
you were getting a van?
It came out of the blue. A bargain,
two sixty. Snatched his hand off.
Two sixty?
Look, the bloke I'm getting
it off is a mate of mine.
And he says I can pay him back
bit-by-bit once I start earning the money.
Ah, come on, this is us, kid,
we're on our way up now.
I can start earning
wages with this.
In fact, I've already pulled one
little job on the way down.
/Moving a little bit of furniture...
so it's a start.
Oh, it's got to be
right, this.
It's going to make it for us.
So what do you reckon?
Well, it could do with a bit
of a clean, couldn't it?
Bit of elbow grease and
it'll be fine, this.
Dad, when can we have
a ride in it?
Later love, later.
But for now...
you can sit in the driver's seat and
play with the steering wheel.
There you go. Get in there.
Have a go on the steering wheel.
Hey, can earn some money
with this, love.
Ta-ta, love...
Hello, Gilbert.
Hello, Bob.
Are you all right?
Yeah, fine.
Better now.
I know what you mean,
mate, yeah.
Yeah, see you later
then, Bob.
You little shithead!
/I was going to pay you!
Oh, yeah! Were you?
I've got the money! I was going
to pay you!
I've got the money!
I want it now!
I've got it!
You never give me
a chance.
When you borrow money,
you pay it back.
And never mind spending it
at bookies.
Look, we want this
every week...
/Every week.
You owe a lot of money!
/Right! Right!
Don't spend it
in the bookies...
I'm warning you!
/I won't!
A warning!
Oh, yes...
part time cleaners...
evening shifts
for city centre.
Mmm... that looks all right,
doesn't it, where is it?
Oh, Stretford.
Waste of time,
isn't it, that?
Travel'd be a week's wages,
wouldn't it?
See if there's anything else.
"Returning to work... "
Can I have some money to go
to the chippy, please?
Oh, he's always after money,
our Sean. Come here.
Right, I want some change.
I shouldn't be too long, right.
I'll be home in a bit.
Mum... can I play out...
/Come straight home, bye.
Yeah, of course you can.
Put your coat on.
"... earn pounds at home.
Experienced machinists required...
for making baby buggy hoods
and aprons. "
Aye, I wonder how much
that is?
It's usually cash
in hand.
I used to get 12p
an apron...
and if I really was good, you know,
disciplined myself and put the hours in...
I'd get between ten and twelve
quid a day.
Sounds like it'd do us,
You've got to be fast.
I've not sewed
in ages.
Soon get back into the swing
of things, don't you.
Eh, mum...
/Yeah... yeah?
An ambulance has just pulled up
outside Mrs Whittaker's house
and the people in the chippy said
that she's took an overdose...
Let's have a look.
You know, it doesn't
surprise me, this.
She got caught for doing
the meter.
Did she?
/Yeah, about three weeks ago.
You know, it gets you like that,
Yeah, but throwing the towel
in's not the answer, is it?
She's got three kids,
for Christ's sake.
Mmm... it's funny how we start off,
innit, with all these big ideas...
and you realise that things aren't
going to change...
Well... no...
Like Bob's prospects.
When's he going to
get a job?
Well, Tommy's like that, he's been
trying for ages, he's give up now.
Do you know...
I'll live and die in that flat and
nobody'll even know.
But at least you're not on your
own, are you?
I reckon we should
go out one night...
and get ourselves a couple
of sugar daddies.
Do you reckon?
Isn't it gorgeous?
/It's lovely.
She looks like a princess.
/It's lovely, isn't it?
Go on, Coleen,
give us a twirl.
Oh, yeah... now walk up
and down.
Put your hands together as if
you're going to the altar.
Oh, she looks great.
Twenty, thirty, forty, fifty,
sixty, seventy...
seventy-five, eighty, ninety,
a hundred...
and four pounds. I'll just
get your change.
Keep close to the edge,
No, you're going too far
away from the edge.
You're wasting too much
material, love.
You've got to keep that edge,
keep it closer to the edge.
Whoa! Whoa, whoa,
whoa, love! Come on!
You're running riot!
Try and keep as close to...
I don't want any
wastage at all, love.
What did you work
on before?
Um... kid's coats.
Kid's coats! My God, I bet you
had a lot of waste on them.
Go on, then...
Listen, love...
...keep your edges together.
I want to keep it close.
Lift your foot.
Lift the foot.
It's you, you make
me nervous.
You're making me ner...
you're making me nervous, love...
...look at that wastage on that
Can make a belt out
of that.
Just try...
I'll be all right
once I get...
Have you got a machine
at home? /No, not yet.
You haven't got one at home!
Well how do you expect
to sew?
Er... I'm going to
hire one.
Well, I can't be working on that,
love. We need a job...
...whoa, whoa, whoa
Girl! Bloody hell!
Gift the thing up!
No, I'm sorry, love.
I'm sorry, love. You haven't
got a clue, have you really, love?
Er, yeah.
I'll try again...
Come on, love.
I haven't got time to train
you, love.
Well, give me a chance.
No, go and practice on somebody
else's material, lovey.
/Off you go...
here's your coat. /When I'm
at home I'll be all right.
Never mind.
Off you go.
When you've got some
experience, come back.
Off you go. Go on,
love, go on.
Wasting my bloody time,
they do.
They haven't got a clue
about bloody sewing machines!
I've got everything for the mince pies,
so I'm all right for that. All right?
Um... want some bread.
/How many loaves?
Two. Two loaves.
Will that be enough?
Yeah. Yeah, I've got
a bit in.
Boiled ham.
Get some salmon paste...
Salmon paste...
Yeah, Coleen likes that,
doesn't she?
A big bag of crisps.
Oh, coke...
What about the booze?
What about it?
Have to get a bottle
of whisky.
Don't have to get
a bottle nothing.
I do. That bloody brother-in-law
of yours is coming.
I'm not having that Tory-faced pillock
saying he never got a drink in my house.
Don't be daft.
Give over. You know what
he's like.
What's up?
Nothing, love.
Well, can you get
a move on?
Yeah, I'll see you later
/All right. See ya.
Yeah. Ta-ta, love.
Here we are.
Get it from here.
Excuse me. Have you got a cake
with icing on, please?
Is that big enough?
Yeah, that'll be fine,
that. Yeah.
Is that the lot or have you
got to get anything else?
Sausage meat...
Fancy a little bet?
You what?
I got a couple of tips last night
of Keith in the Carters' Arms.
Go halves with me for
a Yankee bet?
At the Carters'!
Oh, sod Keith and the bets,
mate, listen...
I'm up to me neck
in the shit.
What with?
Have a look at that.
Oh, bloody hell,
how much?
You all right?
Can you get that
for me?
Your daddy in, sweetheart?
/No, me mum is.
Mrs Williams?
/What are you doing?
Nice to meet you, love.
Look, you don't just come
barging in somebody's house...
Fucking shut it!
You got a dickhead for a husband
and he owes me money...
You can't just come
in me house.
...lots of it!
Do you mean Bob?
Ted, go up fucking stairs.
Have a look upstairs.
You're not going up me stairs.
I've not got anything.
No, you're not going up!
Get out!
Where is he?
Look, get your...
Where is he?
I don't know where he is.
Get him down my stairs now!
I told you, he owes
me money.
Let me tell you the shit
you're in!
Tell your mate to get
He borrowed a hundred and fifty
pounds. It's there in black and white.
Look, he's not in.
All right.
He borrowed a hundred
and fifty!
/Shut up!
The people he borrowed it
maintained it was for a Communion
dress or something for a young girl.
Probably that little girl there,
was it?
Paid four weeks,
then pissed off.
Get out, will you!
Done the vanishing act.
He's not here!
But not from me,
he doesn't!
I bought the debt!
Look, he's not here,
so you...
And now he owes me!
And I get fucking paid.
Don't come mithering me about it,
I don't know anything about it.
Altogether it's two hundred and
eighty-five pound.
Will you tell him to...
Two hundred and eighty five
pound, love, please.
Two hundred... I've not got two
hundred and eighty-five pound!
How much have
you got?
You must have something.
I've not got anything!
You must have something
in the house.
Oh, can you stop him!
You just stop it
in there!
Anything upstairs, Ted?
Look, he's gone and messed me
kitchen up.
Ted, anything upstairs!
No, fuck all!
Let's have a look
at your fingers.
No. You're not looking
at my fingers...
Let me have a look at
your fingers! /What for?
Hold your fucking hands out! /No!
Hold your hands out!
Take the rings off.
Take the rings off.
This is me
wedding ring.
Pretty daughter,
isn't it, that?
You just leave her alone,
and just get out!
Do you want her
to stay pretty?
Just get out.
Do you want her to stay pretty? Take the
fucking rings off! Put them on the table.
God... this isn't fair, this.
Take them off!
If you don't,
he fucking will!
Now take them off and
put them down there!
I don't believe this!
Where's your money?
We haven't got any money.
You must have some
fucking money.
There's no money!
We're skint!
Where's your bag?
I don't know.
Where's your bag?
Here Tansey,
in the kitchen.
Oh just stop it, please,
get out!
Get out!
Get out of me house now!
Get out of it!
Open this!
Open it and give me
the money!
Get the money out!
There's nothing!
Get the money out!
There's nothing in me bag.
I haven't any money...
You have no fucking money but
you're living off me!
Whose, fucking money bought
this? Mine!
Give me some money!
I haven't got any.
Open the fucking bag.
Let me see.
There is no money.
I know...
What's that! What is that? /Why...
Take that out!
What for?
Give it to me.
Give it to me! /That's
me book... I need...
That'll fucking do
for starters.
I'll be back for this when it's
fucking due every Monday...
and you can tell that fucking
shit-house of a husband of yours...
either he pays... we find him,
we'll cut his fucking bollocks off!
What am I going
to do now?
Then I'll come back and I'll
rip it out your fucking arse!
Do you fucking understand
now, do you?
Just please don't...
Don't fuck about...
with US!
...let him fucking know that
we'll be fucking back!
Hi, love.
Why didn't you tell me?
/Tell you what?
You borrowed that money,
didn't you?
You never come up on the horses.
You borrowed it!
Oh, I'm sorry,
I'm sorry.
Just get off!
/Tell me what happened?
They said things! They were really
threatening. You should have seen them.
What did they say?
They said...
They said Coleen were...
...was pretty.
And did we want to keep
her like that?
I'm sorry, love.
Look, I'm sorry...
/It's all your fault!
And they said they'd come back and take
it out on my arse, that's what they said!
Look, I'm sorry,
You've got no bleedin' right,
Bob! You really haven't.
Look Anne, I'm just ducking and weaving
just trying to keep my head above water...
...trying to get what I can.
I'm sorry.
You've got us all
in the shit now.
It's all down to me.
Oh God...
We'll have to go the police. We're
going to have to do something!
Oh, the police. They think we're
a load of tosspots to start with.
Oh shit! Don't go.
Don't get it. Bob...
Stay there.
Just stay there.
It's Coleen, love.
Oh, Coleen...
What the bloody hell's
going on, lad?
Oh, Jesus! Look at the mess
in here.
What's happening?
They didn't hurt you,
did they love?
Them men didn't hurt you,
did they?
They took mummy's ring.
Didn't they, mum?
They got the ring.
Are you all right now?
What else did they do?
They push me over
there and...
...and they got mummy's family
allowance book.
Hey, Coleen... when we've cleaned your mum's
kitchen up, shall we make some more cakes...
...for your party?
Eh, shall we do that?
You sit there.
Where are you going now?
/I'm going out.
Oh, don't be a dickhead!
Bob... don't be a dickhead.
Get out the fucking way,
Stop it!
You're out of your
depth, lad!
I need to do this. I'll fucking
sort it out my way.
You stay here, Tommy...
Bob, don't be a dickhead!
Think of these, lad.
I'll fucking sort it
out my way!
Bob! /Leave it out, will you, son.
City lost again!
They want stuffing!
Every week I get blamed...
On your bike...
You know me...
you know me...
Tansey, are we going
for a flutter...
Please. Let me come with you. /No, no...
Let me come!
Where you going...
where are you going...
Are we cabbing
it tonight?
Tansey, come on.
Come with us, man.
I'm away. I'm away.
/No, come with us.
I'm away,
get yourselves away.
Do me a fucking favour,
get yourselves...
...have a good night,
I'm away.
See you...
See you. Look after her.
Look after her.
I'm away. See you.
Take care.
Who's that?
What the fucking hell are
you doing here?
You called.
You came to my house and frightened
the fucking life out of my wife and kid.
What you fucking
talking about?
You know what I'm
talking about.
You owed me money.
/Yeah, that's why I'm here.
Come on.
Into that, are we?
With fucking folks like you,
I am. Yeah.
Come on. Keep coming.
Just keep coming...
Listen, you're gonna want
somebody, aren't you?
You're going to want somebody to
look after you... /Just keep coming.
...help you get out the shit
that you're in.
Just keep coming...
Somebody who can help you
financially. /Just keep coming.
I'll look after you...
I'll look after you...
Ah, fuck you! See you when
I'm sober...
I want that fucking book you've
got with my name in it.
You're fucking dead!
/I'm already dead!
And what I haven't got,
you can't take from me!
I want that book
with my name in it.
Crazy fucking bastard!
I want that book
with my name in!
I want that book!
Tomorrow, you fucking arsehole,
I'm coming for your arse...
...and I'm going to shag your
wife's arse off!
You bastard!
You bastard!
/I'm in trouble, Father.
What do you mean?
Come in.
What is it, Bob?
What's happening...
Sit yourself down.
What's up?
I'm in terrible trouble,
What kind of trouble?
I've been responsible
for a man's death.
You... you killed someone?
No, it was an accident.
An accident.
I didn't mean to.
To a man named Tansey.
The loan shark?
You fought with him?
About what?
You borrowed from him?
No. I borrowed
from a loan company...
...but I couldn't keep
the payments up...
...and Tansey got hold of
the debts.
That's what he does.
Debts and drugs.
So I heard.
How much?
/A hundred and fifty pound.
To pay for Coleen's dress?
/Yes, it was the only way.
Bob... I thought
you had more sense.
Hold your horses
there for a second.
I took these out of
his pocket.
What is it?
It's the book
with all the names in.
That's the money
they all owe.
And if... if they don't pay he
goes round and breaks their legs.
That's why the call him
the Collector.
I boil up inside,
sometimes I get angry.
But I'm a grafter.
I know that.
I get up every morning and go
looking for work, wherever it is...
I'm a good Catholic,
I go to church, I believe in
God, I pray...
but it doesn't put food
on the table.
When did this happen?
About an hour ago.
So he's still lying
in the car?
As far as I know, yeah.
Does anyone else
know about it?
Just us?
What are you going to do
about it, Bob?
I'm going to have to go
the police, what else can I do?
But I don't... I don't want them
going round telling Anne and Coleen...
...I want you to do that, Father,
I want you to do it
because I can't.
I can't...
/Why should you?
Tell Anne.
Tansey's dead.
Fuck Tansey!
May God have mercy on his soul.
You didn't kill him.
No. It was an accident.
Yes, it was an accident.
So why sacrifice your freedom
and the happiness of your family?
There's lots of good people
on this Estate...
...will sleep easier in their beds
because of his passing.
They were afraid of him, Father.
They were afraid of him.
You came to me
for advice and help.
Then stay away from
the police.
Go home and pray for Tansey's
worthless soul.
Say nothing to Anne
or to anyone.
First thing we do is get rid
of this lot.
You're not an evil
man, Bob.
People like yourself are
hungering for justice...
in the name of Christ who was
himself the bread of life...
you deserve it.
Now I'll hear
your confession.
In the name of the Father and the
Son and of the Holy Spirit, amen.
Forgive me Father...
for I have sinned.
Over in that corner there... /Coleen?
Hey, lads...
Do you mind standing over
in that corner there, please.
Just over here.
Come on, lads.
Everyone line up just there.
That's the idea.
Just over there a little
bit, son.
Now, just come a bit closer in.
That's it, and lift baby up.
Just behave yourself.
I know you don't want to be
here but just behave yourself.
What, you got
problems, mate?
Just a minute...
Did you hear about
I believe he became unstuck
in a car crash.
Unstuck! He's as dead
as a bloody dodo!
How did it happen?
Just run into a concrete wall
or something.
Stoned out of his head,
I believe.
Couldn't have happened
to a nicer fella.
Mr Williams can I have your
attention, please.
...just face the camera.
Now everybody a big
I've seen more life
in a sick note!
Come on, everybody!
One, two... Mr. Williams...
Mr. Williams!
Bob, stop it!
Mr. Williams...
...now face the camera,
that's the idea...
...after three, a big smile...
one... two...
three... cheese!
Mr. Williams?
The day before
He suffered...
He took bread
in his sacred hands...
and looking up to Heaven, to you,
His Almighty Father...
He gave you
thanks and praise.
He broke the bread, gave it
to his disciples and said...
"Take this all of
you and eat it...
this is my body which will be
given up for you. "
When supper was ended
He took the cup...
again He gave you thanks
and praise...
gave the cup to His disciples
and said...
"take this all of you and
drink from it...
this is the cup
of my blood...
the blood of the new and
everlasting covenant...
it will be shed for you
and for all men...
so that sins maybe forgiven. "
Hello, love.
Does, er, Mr. Robert Williams
live here?
Yeah. But he's not
Can you tell me when
he may be back?
Well, I don't know. He's gone
to church. Why?
Does he own a green
Transit van...
...BRJ 563Y?
Yeah, but it's been stolen.
Well, we've found it. It's in
the police pound at Collyhurst.
I wonder if you'd give him
a message, ask him to collect it.
The body of Christ...