Raintree County (1957) Movie Script

Look at the birdie... look at the tree.
My girls are the prettiest
known to the county.
That's all.
Mr. Durin, you've made us all immortal.
Young ladies and gentlemen...
Now, young ladies and gentlemen...
Alright, you cloud-headed.
You've still 2 weeks before graduation.
Let me remind you.
Mr. Durin's picture taking is completed.
You prepare yourself to Mr. Durin here
some time this week
an individual photograph
to appear in the Academy Album.
Miss Kader... why are you standing there
as if transfixed?
Is it because you've left your books
in the study at the expense of
your splendid youth and innocence
or is it because you've already entered
into the miserable Harvard womanhood
and beat with them?
Alright, stop all of that
or stop blushing
He's not here
0h, you mustn't see me hiding.
Hide what?
Happy graduation, Johnny.
Thank you.
Happy graduation to you.
Thank you
l guess we had the same idea
lsn't that nice?
We think the same thing
lsn't that crazy?
0pen your present, Johnny
lt's all about Raintree County
lt's illustrated with colored maps...
Statistics and history...
And place adventures
lt's wonderful... just wonderful.
Look... prominent citizens of
Raintree County.
There're over hundred of them
Johnny, someday your name will be
the first on that list.
0pen yours, come on.
Well, l think you'll like it...
It weighs 6 lbs
0h, l think Lord Byron was the most
fascinating man ever lived.
He seemed so much in need of
a good woman to love and love him.
He never really found one.
There's a photograph inside...
L wrote something on the back of it
Johnny, it's beautiful.
You know what l think?
L think someday you're going to be
a great writer
lt's just beautiful
l've never heard such nonsense
wasting 3 days write this.
What's this... a speech?
It's not nonsense
lt's an honor to be valid Victoria
lt goes to the student ranking first
in scholarship.
You know so much about it.
What did you ever valid... validate...
Whatever it's called?
Pap is valid Victoria for the whole
Raintree County.
Did you know that, Mom?
Your father?
Preaching a sermon to the most
undesirable element.
Waste the elegance there is in
a lot of ground.
It's the undesirable
element which we desire...
You object the Pap's elevating spiritual
welfare the people?
What about my spiritual welfare?
Why can't we get an inside pump?
Yeah, Pap... what about an inside pump?
That's not a joke.
What ever did learned you
at that school?
You learn a cup of beer?
Your mother has beaty confused
with Heidelberg.
You learn to smoke tobacco?
Like a chimney.
Huh, your father like that ...ever here
his sermon on the evils of tobacco
and with the regular pond some do it chew
and some do it smoke.
But some end up their nose do poke
l do all three the same time.
You learned anything else?
L learn my mother is a fraud and
what she says is hateful
that the way she says it.
You never amount anything like that.
Well, he ought to amount to something.
He's related to one of the greatest
writers in the English language.
Who's that?
Thomas Carlyle, that's who.
L think you're old enough to know that...
Joe, stop that foolishness.
Well, l always thought that one day
be a great man in the family.
Great man?
Is a great man more good to get a job
of farm this land.
Why ever was l cursed with such a burden?
0h... which reminds me.
How are you and Nell getting along?
Nell is a fine girl and she is...
Well, she's Raintree County.
That means a lot of people like us,
people with roots.
A man should not only marry his beloved.
He should marry his region.
A good wife is a good start,
taught greatness.
Pap, define greatness.
Well, a great man is one
who does good for others and.
I guess in that way your father qualifies.
If that great philosopher Socrates
used living today,
lf he were used to sit on a crack
chewing tobacco...
That was America, that's the greatness.
Do l shock you?
How can l shock such unenlightened
cloud heads?
Are you stunned, Mrs. Lydia Gray?
0h, stop looking at me, child.
With those big brown cow eyes round milk
like wax in the flame.
Do l shock you, Miss Nell Kader?
Not as much as you like to
0h, there must be somebody l shoked.
How about you, Johnny Seanacy?
L... relish it.
You don't shock me
if you don't want shocking.
Thanks, my boy.
Now, about greatness.
We Americans measure greatness
in simple terms... in terms of money.
We're always hunting with a tree of life
whose root is pure gold...
You have beautiful chest-light color
hair, my dear.
But, there's another tree
not of gold, but of fulfillment...
Whose flower is accomplishment
and its fruit is love.
Most ways,
the ways of pleasantness
and most paths all lead to peace.
Find that tree and
you'll find greatness
ln every land, every language poems of
some of this tree.
And we in lndiana have our
own mythe about it.
It's the tree from which our county
takes its name
0ne day a ragged preacher, was
wandering on the shore of the lake
in the middle of the county.
That preacher was a man you all know,
Johnny Appleseed who spent his life
traveling to the pioneer West
planting apple seeds in the wilderness.
Among these thousands of seeds there
was one that ragged preacher cherised.
Not an appleseed, an
exotic seed from China,
the seed of a golden raintree.
The preacher searched the tiny earth place,
the one place.
Well, this one seed by taking root,
Someone in this county found
that place.
But where that raintree was planting?
Nobody knows.
Professor, how could such a tree grow on
seeing in the county?
There's a great swamp by the Paradise Lake.
There perhaps stands the tree
lts sacred tonic trunk towering up
in the drawning silence
smacks deep in the middle of the county.
Find that tree, boy,
and you'll learn
the secret of life itself.
Find it and become the hero of
Raintree County.
Do you really think it there?
Why don't you have a real good see
for yourself?
Professor, you still haven't answered
the question.
Do you really think it there?
It's there, alright
lt's there...
But the sacred fire ready to be blacked.
But if you look for it.
Be sure you'll find it.
What happens if you pursued
the raintree and don't find it?
You see before you a seeker
who didn't find.
None of the human creature as the pitiable and
harmless creature you'll be hold in vain.
Alright, human... the show is over.
Now, disappear... all
of you, like phantoms.
Attention, now easily slip away.
Mrs. Gray, it's my time with you, huh?
Nell, let's you and l go to find
the raintree.
Professor said looking for the raintree
is appearless business.
It can't be so.
So even dressed for it?
Are you serious?
Certainly l am... come on.
We mind it... find it
Johnny, not now.
You scared?
Ah... is he fooling?
Look at him.
What's up because of the tale
told by that idiot...
That expert in that calculated sanity?
Are you coming?
In the bad swamp, just because the
Professor put a barge on you about going
about the raintree?
Would you take care of this for me?
If you mind l take care this for you?
You can go right ahead, sprout.
Sure, Johnny, go right ahead.
Huh, don't hurry back, sprout
l hate when a thing like this happens
l never know how it happens.
Yeah, it's a whip of shame.
Well, Sir, but is it Johnny Seanacy?
More like Johnny Appleseed.
Ha, where have you been, sprout?
I'm walking.
Get in, Johnny, we'll take you home.
Come on, Johnny, get in back.
Poor boy, you look half drowned.
Was nearly all drowned.
You mean you look for that...
what's you call?
Yes, looking for the what'is you call.
Did you find it?
0h, what a whip of shame, sprout.
Poor pitiable harmless creature.
Johnny, tell me what happened.
Yes, sprout, tell us all about it, huh?
Boy, we'd like to tell us all about this.
I Doubt, when you tell our fellows
about it.
L mean, say, you got the story straight
l entered the swamp like around here,
see... around that way.
What are you...
0h, excuse me, you're quite right
l entered the swamp this way and the
so flows kind of a line that way.
That's how he came over the swamp.
'You find that raintree?' l said.
'No' he said, 'l nearly drowned'
l figure that tried to cool his head,
But then she says... she says.
What did she say?
She said" what a poor pitiable
harmless creature".
What's going on, boys?
0h, hello, Dr. Seanacy.
We were just talking about
your son Johnny.
Flash purple.
Don't you know that your body is a temple
of the spirit?
And you defile and polluted with
that devil's brew you've there.
Why you say so, but...
Why don't you come around to our
next tempest rally,
Come around to take a total afternoon
to pledge
l'll take that pledge right now
0h, no... we want men to take pledge
only when they're sober.
But if they're sober, what's the sense
having the pledge taken place?
Wait, man... l want to testify that
l hanen't been drunk for 2 weeks
l drunk beer, wine and most of them
with all friends
l'm drunk here now this minute
l can't find a man who can drink
as much as l have walked straight and
l can still foot any man in this county.
Thank you now if you just...
mark a day and a hit town.
Stand at any corner and listen to the
jumper, the local anthropoid.
l had hoped that this subject under discussion
was sufficiently elevated to engage my interest.
Professor, we were just talking about
your most promising student,
Speak of angels and hear their wings.
Hm, not that promising student.
Ah, Mr. Gray and his charming wife.
How in the entire world of cross ability
did that chilly January win
such a blithesome May?
That reminds me...
Do you know the story about the old
judge who married a girl 18?
Sure, will yoy excuse me.
0h, Pap...
Wow, here comes the hero of
Raintree County
l guess he'll go again
for the gold raintree.
Bob has been shooting his big fat mouth
Yes, if you really want to be the hero
in Raintree County, all you gonna do
ls play the Flash Burgins
for the bare-foot race.
Flash Burgins?
So you're Johnny Seanacy.
Could be, who wants to know?
Do you hear that boys?
Should l tell this child here who l am?
Why don't you tell him, Flash?
Son, it gives me great peculiar satisfaction
and relegation to introduce to you and
these handsome and intelligent dummy that
l'm a gentleman
who's better known as Flash Burgins,
fastest runner in Raintree County.
Never heard of who is he.
Listen, child, it's me
l certify most of the runners in the
north and the south
before they're qualified for the
l'm half horse and half the asshole
in their spare time
l buzz the more skulls and rag more campus
and chase more ladies...
That's the true.
And there's a fine jump this year.
Now little boy like
stand by and stone watch.
Now who are you?
I'm Johnny Seanacy and
l can outrun any mule in the county.
Come on, lad... what are you waiting for?
L race you right now.
How about the church over there,
Right, any place you say
0n your march... 1... 2...
Stop it.
What's wrong?
Put your coat on, Johnny.
What for?
They're not racing.
This man Burgins here is afraid to run
you in regular official
because he's frightened of
losing money.
Here's the hat on somebody
l give you 2 to 1.
You're just talking,
you know no one here will met you
lf someone came up here with hard coin
you'll try to... loud.
Try me and see.
There is gold?
My yarn is type as a teacher...
A molder for the young mind
15 dollars!
This is not much, but it's the mind
l mold
l'll cover, me and the side kick
l'll postpone it to July 4
l'll take a bite of that myself.
Strange, Johnny, but this is a sure win.
See you in the race time, Johnny,
and l promise not to beat you for a while.
Until then we'll see.
Why did you do a thing like that?
Excuse me
lt's been 5 years since anyone laid
a bet against Flash Burgins.
Now, if you could beat Flash, we'd clear
the biggest part of money
ever waged in Raintree County.
What happens if l don't win and you
lose all your money?
My dear boy, l've certain well-laid plans for
the summer which at the moment l'm limited
to spread, not even to you,
dear boy.
My plans called for a certain...
concentration of capital
l don't know, Professor,
sometimes you worry me.
What are you up to?
Not more than 20 ways of skating a cat,
l guess l can.
Now, you relax for the athletic orgies
You're going to win a race.
You're going to be the hero of
Raintree County
l 've got to go.
And the beautiful girl
with an ;Olive wreath will put a crown
on your sun-colored lucks.
Gonna be fine, don't move.
Here we go.
Look at the birdie... look at the tree.
My girls are the prettiest
known to the county.
Alright, you can relax.
Thank you very much
0h, it's you.
Alright, you're next
0h, yeah, sure.
Stand over there please.
Now stand properly still.
Hurry, Siona.
0h, put this gown on.
Let me help you.
Look at the camera please.
Please look pleasant.
Here we go.
Look at the birdie... look at the tree.
My girls are the prettiest
known to the county.
That's it.
That's all?
Huh, how long it's supposed before...
L mean l was just wondering
how many days before l can...
Maybe 2 or 3 days
2 or 3 days?
0h, that's fine...
Ah, l'll see you in 2 or 3 days.
Wait for me
0h, l didn't mean to scream
l'm afraid you'll find me
very unlady obviously
l like unladies
l saw you down the street get ready to run,
what happened?
Well, postponed to 4th of July.
You're a fast runner?
Pretty fast
l'm a pretty fast runner myself.
Well, how about a race some time?
You don't believe me, do you?
You'll be surprised how fast l can run
l'm as good as you can.
You're Johnny Seanacy?
Say that again
Johnny Seanacy,
l found out from the photographer.
Boy, you're definitely ready to graduate
l was never so embarrassed.
Because l screamed
l enjoyed it.
This is where l live.
You live here?
Come on, Siona, you slow as a swan
l'll be saying goodbye now.
You live by yourself?
L have the 2 nigger girls to do the work
l love this house
l just opened it up again.
My Dad loved it too.
He was Senator Drake, Louisiana and
New 0rleans.
Some people thought he could be
l mean President of the United States.
We had... that is we had before Daddy died,
The plantation in New 0rleans.
We had another one outside Savannah.
When my aunt died last year,
l inherited this place.
My name is Susana
Johnny, you want to say something?
0h, no.
You're cute... Johnny Seanacy.
That 4th of July race, what happens
when you win?
Well, according to a friend of mine,
lf l win, a beautiful girl will place
a wreath of oak leaves
on my sun-colored lucks
l like to be that girl.
Maybe it can be arranged
0h, it can be arranged alright...
I'll arrange it.
You know l think l'm going to take
my picture too.
There's always nice surprise.
Huh, what did l say?
Nothing, Galwood,
that was made for Johnny
Thank you, Ed
Ah, Johnny, there you're...
I'm looking all over for you.
How are you feeling?
What you need is calm your nerve
over some acting juicy.
Good luck, Johnny.
L got a payback on you.
Thank you, l'll do my best.
How about a little drink?
0h, l used to lemonade.
Lemonade is something
that gives you ulcer.
What l mean was how about a little
drum of Bourbon.
Bourbon, me?
Now, don't get excited,
all l mean was just...
Even the present President would agree
the whole time l put it in, Jack.
A draw.
God bless you.
How about a little drink?
This old horse
he doesn't think
l should touch a draught.
Just to be sociable.
Well, l'll give if you both drink
l've never had a drink in my life.
What's going to happen if l come out here..
Son, it'd be good for you to turn up
those muscles that's give you extra...
Forget about it, Professor
l forgot this boy can
never being win yet...
Burgins, l'll match you drink for drink
0h, come on.
Let's be sociable.
What will be, boy?
You name it and l ll drink.
Ah, what to be got?
How about a little Bourbon?
There's a couple of bottles right
out of the steer, a bottle for each boy.
Ah, just a minute.
Let's have those drinks
poured from the same bottle.
L just don't want any trick monkey do
around here.
What are you
we just have a bottle for each.
They'll drink from the same bottle.
Wow, you don't mean to say...
Kid me a fool, Professor.
That's a new situation
that you may do yourself.
May l...?
Professor, l don't trust you...
You got sneaky eyes
lt's tea, cold tea.
And you must've thought it
really a good thing
I'll fill it right up.
Alright, man.
New, let's get started
There's nothing to it... nothing to it.
Come on, just fill the glasses
Johnny, you're unable...
How do you feel now?
L feel fine
0h, that's enough.
Gentlemen, this boy is not used to
strong alcohol.
Just to be sociable.
Professor, don't worry about me.
There's nothing to it, really.
Stand back, give the boy a chance.
Good work to Jack, alright to youth.
Now gentlemen, stand back,
give me room.
How you like that?
L tell you l've got another trick
l want to show you.
Watch this... give me a hand.
Alright, boys, watch this.
That's enough, dry him off.
That's only God would choose.
He's out there now,
laughing to beat the kid.
How dare you play a trick like this
on your best friends?
And poor Johnny here who never drinks
in his life
0h, he'd have been killed Flash.
Flash is there hours ago.
Yelling for action.
You'd better get Johnny out there
Johnny, this is it... are you ready?
Yes, let's go, I am ready
0h, l'd better put on my pants.
Hello, boys, help yourself.
When l want a noice, you gonna be set
by hower like this
l wonder a cannon Johnny can hear it
lt'd be 1, 2, 3 and bang.
Now remember, Johnny
l got 100 dollars bet
on you, 100 dollars...
Good luck.
Where's it?
Is that we end up?
How about the girls down there?
You think too close?
They'll kill themselves
0nce again, boys.
Alright... quiet everybody
0n your march... 1... 2... 3.
Who won...?
We've done it... we won 250 dollars.
To me is 150.
Where's Flash?
The king is dead, long live the king
Nice to see you around again.
Quiet voice.
You've beautifully done it
Johnny Seanacy, allow me to present
to you on behalf of all these people.
Present this wreath to the...
Victory belongs to this boy.
What about that race you and l
going to run?
L wouldn't have a chance
You, dear boy, are a wishfully
pagan spirit.
And you're poet of finance.
Today is the day of high hopes and
fair promise.
Ah, now wonder worker of the age.
Professor, you've enough zidar.
Hm, not enough, l gonna catch up with him
l've to protect my leagues.
Why don't you run away and play with
this charming ambassador's
in the land of mints and magnolia?
Let's go swimming, come on.
You're sick of that think.
But you can think anything.
Ah, life... liberty and the pursuit
of happiness
0h, l gonna hate to leave here.
Leave... when are you leaving?
Tomorrow, l'm going back to New 0rleans.
You can't stay for a while?
0h, you're sweet.
But you can come to visit me some time.
You'd love this house.
You have to go?
Well, l only came up here to resettle
the house
l was going to sell it,
but l think l'll hold it for a while.
When you'll be back?
L don't know, maybe never.
Tell me about the raintree.
Where did you hear about that?
Do you think you'll never find it?
You don't think it's a joke?
No, l believe it
l'll be looking for the raintree always.
Supposing you do find it,
0h, it opens all locks,
It heals all wounds.
Yes, maybe l'll never see you again
lt's silly, you've been running away
from me for weeks.
Why don't you talk to me?
You weren't so anxious to talk to me
when that girl was in town.
What do you mean?
Are you mad just because l saw her
a couple of times.
A couple of times?
Huh, did you like that book of poetry
l gave you?
No, Byron was immoral,
he was a libertine.
He was a good writer
l think being a good man is
far more important.
Maybe a writer has a lot of experience
0h, so that's it, so that's what you're
doing with Susana
Johnny Seanacy, the Byron
of Raintree County.
That's right, l'm a genius.
Maybe someday l'll write.
About what?
About the sudden baths l've known?
No, l think l'll write about
Raintree County.
About the lndians
when they first came here...
About Johnny Appleseed and the raintree.
The raintree?
That's another thing, Johnny.
That day you went chasing the raintree
l was waiting for you
l didn't know where you had gone,
but l knew that swamp
l'm sorry, l guess l didn't realize.
You just didn't realize anything
Johnny, to some people you're a man
of great importance.
Your exact location is of intense
concern to... to some people
l'd better go, Johnny.
Not yet
Johnny, l'd better go
lt's getting late, we'd better go
0h, no, you don't.
Who's that?
Why don't you move up here and
find out?
So it was you.
Who did you think it was?
You know anything about this?
You got anything to do with this?
Doing with that?
With the Professor, he
ran off with Lady Gray
lf he is still in the county, he'll get
a chance out of thousand to get not alive.
We've got hundred men looking for her.
Nobody can come to this county and
run off with another man's wife
lt occurs to me, young man, that you're
a friend of this.
This man's.
But a thing like this...
There're no nobbles.
Whose side are you on?
I'm taking Nell home.
No, l'll see you tomorrow.
Alright, young man, l'm still waiting
for your answer.
You'll get yourself a long wait,
l'm going home.
Hello, Johnny.
And what have you been up to?
Where's Lydia?
Wonderful woman... l did try cut her
away from her husband.
That's the day you won your race.
Where's she?
She had missed the train
at the 3-mile junction
0r we'd have been hundred miles away
by now.
As we got back to the buggy, 3 men
with guns marched up to the platform
l grasped the situation once there.
But that was only the beginning
0n the way back, the first man l met
asked if l heard about the man
who ran off with a man's wife
l'm a stranger here myself, l said
0n the road, l met a troop of camions
carrying for the station...
Where's Lydia?
She's home right now
waiting for Mr. Gray
l took her straight back.
As for myself, l took off
like a street beggar
l guess you think l'm a bit a scoundrel,
right, Johnny?
L don't know... l don't know what l think.
Don't think too badly on me
l suppose the heroic thing to be done
would be to stick around and
let the outraged husband discharge
his fury with a shotgun.
But l hate that Sanctimonious warthog
too much to give him the satisfaction.
Besides, l am scared.
One thing, Johnny.
Nothing happened, absolutely nothing.
And that's the end just for all
lf there's any phantom to be hanged...
The county would say
there might be me and some truth
could be in it.
l just managed the whole thing badly.
Did you?
Come on.
Where are we going?
You 've got to get out of the county.
Well, good idea, it occurred to me
Johnny, why not both of us?
Study my example,
get out of Raintree County,
Someone would get you with a shotgun.
Not me, you
l guess you're right
(ln French) Apres vous la delige.
There he is.
Come on.
Get on the train.
Goodbye, dear boy.
Go on for great better things.
Get on the train.
We want him.
Where you've been, Mr. Gray?
Your wife has been home
for the past 12 hours.
Nothing happened, absolutely nothing.
He's a liar.
You want to shoot me and later find out
he was right?
What are you afraid of?
You want him, you take him
l'm going home.
You get out of my way, boy
or l'll cut your eyes out.
Goodbye, dear friend.
Remember me as a man who loves
Raintree County...
But just happens to lose
most of the people in it
Johnny, l had to come back,
l'm going to have a baby
Johnny, this letter was left
on the door step, it's for you
0h, thank you
Johnny, this marriage you announced.
Sit down
l can't honestly say l'm entirely
approved of the precipity.
But, under the circumstances necessary
haste with which you've gone into it
l know, l certainly understand.
Anyway, l think you're doing
the manly thing
l hope the young lady is all that
she appears what she appears to be.
Judge not the, beyond the judge.
L know, Sir.
Marry her, son, and be happy.
Thank you.
You need any money?
L don't know... l don't think so right now
0h, there was a letter
came for you
l... have it here
0f course.
Hello, Johnny
l got your letter
Johnny, as one for whom
you want for perfection,
l just want to say good luck
and wish you all the happiness
in the world.
And the poem you wrote for me and
the picture you gave me...
L just feel that l want to return it
l thought maybe you want it now
l really did not want to get that out
lt's just that, everything has changed
and l don't mean anything to you.
We don't mean anything
to each other anymore
Nell... l'm sorry
lt's not your fault, Johnny...
Everybody knows that
lt was the 4th of July.
You drank all that whisky and
you went out to the lake.
No, l am responsible, nobody else.
That's so much like you, Johnny.
Why do you have so much conscience?
Maybe that's why l love you
Johnny, l love you so much.
Did that l wish l didn't... l wish...
The words of Lord Byron in that book
you gave me.
'Forever love and before ever..-'
Still forever...
L wish you well.
You're right, Mrs. Seanacy
l like the river... it even smells good
l really don't understand it.
Would you smell mouse like it too?
Now, there's something l don't understand.
All you've to do is go south once and
you'll love it.
Well, a north Yanky to the south
is not too easy to understand.
You ever read Uncle Tom's Cabin?
Uncle Tom's Cabin?
I've married an abolitionist, have l?
That's skeleton in my classic.
Now, you mustn't joke about it.
Are they friendly?
Anyway, the worst thing is to be
an abolitionist.
Like what?
That cabin Negro blooded.
Just one little tiny drop in the person
all Negro.
They just can't tell either
ls it gonna be room for 2 of us?
It's only sort of a hobby...
I'm taking with me wherever l go.
This is Jimmy... l've had it the longest.
Where did you get him?
He needs a bath
0h, Johnny, forgive my foolishness
0h, l do love you so.
When l'm with you, l feel like nothing.
Can happen to me as long as l have you.
You won't have let anything happen to me.
Will you, Johnny?
Enjoy yourself, Johnny?
Very much.
Then what do you think about
the ever-glooming south?
As l said, l love it... l do.
That sounds general, isn't it?
What you really think of it?
Well, Sir, l think so highly of it
l worry only by this talk
of sucession.
Remember, young man.
The Union belongs to those who keep
breath in this cabinet.
What cousin Sam means, Johnny,
if sucession comes...
It's the north that should suceed.
Hear him say...
Sam, one thing you must understand
Johnny is a poet.
It's taking him 2 months to discover.
Therefore, he loves the south
l'm not so sure he proves it.
That's because he's a moralist.
You won't get straight answers from him.
He'll draw up opinions for another day.
He's also a dreamer
a seeker for the
meaning of life with capital letters.
Sir, your search is in the end.
Stay here with us and help us
build our dream.
We, in the south, dream.
Of a great republic on this soil of merit
with it's pretty homes and as well
as the most beautiful women
0h, Sam, you're wonderful.
You shelf like some golden pitfalls.
Cousin Sam, Johnny doesn't like slavery.
Is Johnny like the wage to slavery
at the north?
Johnny doesn't like misery anywhere.
North or south.
Here comes misery now... my wife.
We're talking about the north, my dear...
Slaves in the north...
Sam, you're boring...
I'll borrow your husband for a while.
Excuse me.
Don't look so serious.
Here old man can only play
his dream of glory
lt's not that, l'm counting.
Cousin Johnny, you ever in love?
L mean... were you ever really... in love?
Cousin dear, l'm in love.
You know l love the way you say that.
You did such a noble sound
in your precious accent.
Frankly, Johnny, cousin Susana just
isn't the right type for you.
You're an attractive young man
0h, Susana, why disposed you
and didn't marry down here?
L guess supposing down here know
too much about her.
Don't you hear me?
You've borrowed my husband long enough,
cousin Barbara,
l reclaim him
0f course
lt must've been beautiful
0h, it was, Johnny
lt was all white when
l was a little girl.
The marble room was right above over there
Johnny, our neggars made these bricks
by hands.
The furniture came from France
lt was so beautiful.
These tower columns shed the veranda
l used to play there when it rained.
The garden was so lovely cool
with roses and lilies.
How this fire started?
No one knows.
That were my Daddy and Mama buried
l was lucky to get out alive
l slept next to Henrietta at this room.
She was burnt too.
Who was Henrietta?
She was my dearest friend,
she was a great lady.
How old were you?
Three, maybe four.
And you could remember it all?
Yes... no, l don't know
l can quite remember what l exactly saw
l was told later on
What's the matter?
There used to be a little cabin
right over there
l guess it's gone.
This is where they buried her, Johnny
0h, you can't imagine
how lovely she was.
She took care of me,
she was a great lady
l'm not ashamed to say,
cause she was a Negro
0ne of these slaves?
0h, no... she came from Cuba.
That was where l was born... Havana.
Daddy was there for several years
and then came back with us
lt's so funny to think of her now.
Think of her lying down there, that is
if she's lying down there.
What do you mean
'if she's lying down there?
It's a short of family scandal.
Some people say the graves were mixed.
My aunt said she wasn't sure if it was
her Henrietta sleeping in Mama's grave
l... l don't understand
l love you, Henrietta... l love you.
Johnny, l know you don't understand.
She was everything to me.
Because of her l was never alone.
And now... do you feel that someone
is watching us?
Just nobody here.
How do you know?
Johnny, about this... this negro girl
l... l lied to you about it
lt... it never happened.
Why did you tell me this?
You asked me about it.
Well, you don't think my Mama...
You don't think my Mama would ever
allow me to...
L... l was always with my Mama...
L was always by her side.
Why... why she loved me so much.
She never allowed me out of her sight
l... l was always with her.
Susana... should we go home?
Good evening, l'm looking for Mr. Drake.
Come on in, dear.
Right in here.
Thank you
Johnny, how do you know l was here?
Barbara said you were with Sam...
She said you were here.
Listen... l'd like to talk to you.
Can you wait?
We drive home and
we could talk then.
Let's go in here.
Would you excuse us?
Johnny, how about a drink?
Bobbie, what's all about.
Susana's family and the fire?
Well, it's just an old family scandal
Johnny... but it's pretty gluesome.
You see the day they had trouble to
identify a man in the,
fire but a woman.
And the woman was another matter and
one of them was a lady of color.
Why you go after that?
L like to know.
Well it all began when Susana's mother
when... you know
l don't know.
She went insane.
Susana's father gave up everything
to take care of her.
At last he gave up his business
to seek her sense.
For all they tried she was too far gone.
Finally she couldn't be cured at all
lt was in Cuba.
That's where he met the other woman.
What about the fire?
There had some gringos
2 of the bodies were found together.
So it looks like something funny
had been going on.
They might've been killed
before the fire
l mean everybody else got up and away.
Why didn't they?
That's one of the question of
identification... which woman was that woman?
There was talks of Susana's father with
the woman who was found being inside.
The woman... the woman...
who was found with?
L exaggerated, Johnny.
Anyway, the thing was her
it was better the way was as that
0f course, there was a lot of talks...
You know how women talk,
in this families,
women are worse at most
l don't want to scare you, boy.
You need a quiet life
because you've a beautiful spouse.
As you worth of it.
Alright, what happened after the fire?
Well, nothing much.
All over the excitement Susana took it down
and disappeared for 2 or 3 days
l forget now.
They found of her finally.
She was in Henrietta's open cabin
all the time.
And Susana had to go up
to her aunt's place in Savvanah.
That's all l know about it.
Does anybody know?
There's just one person.
You've to wait until she's ready
to tell you.
Not Susana?
It's Susana.
Susana was 3 years old
0h, my boy... you think you marry a child
At the time of the fire, my cousin
Susana was 9 years old.
Dear, we 've got to get away from here.
Alright, Johnny, where should we go?
Could we go to Europe?
No, l like to go back to
Raintree County.
But why?
We've plenty of money.
Honey, l got to get a job
l got to work.
That's why we should be back home
so the two of you could be resting
Johnny, l haven't been very honest
with you.
You haven't?
When l told you l was going to have
a baby, l lied
l'm not going to have a baby
l lied because l wanted you more than
anything l ever wanted in my life.
Because l... somehow l just...
0h, l don't know.
Darling, one thing you must know
l love you very much.
You'd never leave me, will you,
I'll never leave you
l love you, let's go home
0h, yes... yes, Johnny.
Oh, Miss Nell Kader, shame on you.
By here my husband and l have been
home settled you not be seeing this time.
And you have yet to call on us
where is your preeding?
L leave the breeding to you.
How do you like here in the booze of the
Raintree County?
Well, l hardly feel this town
so small anymore.
Whatever you do for amusing?
L take walks.
How really?
You tell me who you walk with
l'm interested in all aspects
of real life.
You won't be interested in me,
l walk alone
l just don't understand that.
You're still young, you know...
And pretty as a swan.
Are you interested in a man, honey?
Well, good, l just hoped is not
a school teacher,
Like Johnny.
You know, Miss Kader
a school teacher
has almost remote little habits
like read and write and mess all around.
Anyway, l did want you to know
you're always welcome.
Any friend of my husband's is
a friend of mine.
And Johnny always did tell me
all his best friends in Raintree County.
You're the first, bye... bye.
Hello, Johnny
0h, where you pop up from?
No place special.
Galwood asked me to marry him.
Mr. Seanacy.
He's going to politics,
what do you think, Johnny?
L mean you're always
being my best friend
l think Galwood will make
a fine politician.
You know that's not what l mean.
Mr. Seanacy, a few months in your class
l learned more about poetry and
politics and life and...
than l've all the time going to school.
The students seem to enjoy
creeping up on me.
They're all in love with you.
Teachers get falling in love with
it's an occupation hazard.
Me was different,
l fell in love with the student.
So did l.
All l thought was a hopeless mistake,
wasn't it?
She tricked you into marriage, Johnny...
She wasn't pregnant
lt's one thing people around here
can't do without deny
l'm sorry, Johnny... l'm so ugly.
No, Susana and l are going to have
a baby, in April
l want you to know you're my
best friend.
Well, l'm very happy for both of you,
until then, goodbye.
How do you feel?
0h, l've a troubled sleeping again...
that dream,
Why you 're up so early?
Wasn't school or election day?
L 've got to vote.
You were out so late last night,
speechify... the Mr. Lincoln
l wasn't the only one up there.
The speechify.
Thank God Jones delivered it
a little scum wider.
You want to read it?
Come in.
Morning... Mr. and Mrs. Seanacy.
Good morning, Siona.
Galwood Vs Jones...
L always wonder what's the beast for
l give you one guess.
Galwood Vs Jones...
Youngest candidate ever to seek office
in lndiana State Legislature last night
rounded up his program campaign
in 3-mile junction.
With the enthusiastic denunciation of
teachers who used the schools as a platform
to corrupt the youth of
Raintree County.
Those who stand on the slavery question
is most violent
Jones declared that the best look to
their papacy is only the ship.
A certain young teacher who instructs the
young, in a flammatory and seditious doctrine
about abolition includes a domestic
arrangement of his home to colored people.
The status with respect to those freedoms for whose
protection the abolitionists claim a monopoly is.
Who said who's?
Can you guess who's talking about?
But l think he's right
l think politics like charity
should begin at home.
That's exactly what l intend to begin.
What about Daisy and Siona?
What about them?
Honey, you lied after free those girls
and get rid of them.
But they've been with our family
since they were born.
They'd be unhappy any place else
l just don't understand you, Johnny...
After beeing insulted me
l just don't see how can you go on
being an abolitionist.
Susana, you're not south now...
You can't have your slaves here
Johnny, l wish you wouldn't pick on me...
L don't feel well.
Honey, l'm not picking on you
l just don't want slaves in my house.
Alright, l wish we could get away
from here
l don't like this place
l just assume limited as a goat
in the hole.
What anybody in the south ever do
to hurt you?
You know how nice and sweet they all were
and how much they loved it
l just don't see how you can
support a man like Lincoln... Lincoln.
Why you despised Lincoln so much?
L mean ...that's well-known fact.
You must've heard about it.
What's about the fact?
L mean the fact that Lincoln has
negro blood in him.
You don't believe it?
As Galwood or Jones.
Dear, all l ask you get rid of the girls...
Pay them wages and do whatever you want.
You don't love me...
you never did love me.
You hate me because l'm southern.
You've been asking questions about me.
Dear, do what you want.
But if those girls are not free by tonight,
l won't come back to this house
Hello, Johnny.
ls it a wonderful victory?
You mean Galwood or Lincoln?
L haven't seen Galwood, not around here.
You know sometimes think of the man
of the people is afraid of the people.
You were so wrong with wich you said
about Galwood that day
l think Galwood would make
a terrible politician.
He was born in the year 1835 with a
little capital he built in the year 1860.
It's very funny
l also think he'd make
a terrible husband.
How's he with you now?
Just fine.
Now you look, you look older
l'm older.
How's everything with you?
Fine, just fine.
Well, l guess this is the time ready
to say goodbye.
Say what?
To say goodbye.
l'm going to lndianapolis
to live with my married sister
l'm sorry, l mean really sorry
you have go.
Goodnight, Johnny.
Surprise, hello, our hostess Johnny boy
Johnny... it's for you, honey
lt's a party for you...
Galwood helped me do it.
A drink, Johnny?
Thank you, no
0h, come on, sprout
l made this punch myself.
An old lndian recipe... pure corn and
just a little bit of lime
0h, aren't you gonna congratulate me
on the personal triumph
for my stand on slavery?
You don't stand, Galwood, you point.
You point like a bird
set upon opportunity.
Well, to you l'll turn the other cheek
l admire your humility.
Quiet, everybody.
I've an announcement to make
Daisy, Siona-, come here.
That's a wicked speech, Galwood...
I'm ashamed of you.
Don't miss that, honey
l'd slap my own grandma better than
for the abolition of the city polls.
Quiet, everybody
l want you all to know that
l don't keep any slaves in this house
ln honor of Mr. Lincoln's election,
l'll free both these girls.
They now will work for me
for wages.
Now is all sisters under the skin.
Mr. Seanacy, we'll look after
your guests.
What are you doing?
Now you find me, Johnny.
Go on beat me, hurt me.
You're too good for me, Johnny.
0h, Johnny.
What... what did l do wrong?
You didn't do anything wrong, honey
l love you, Johnny
l can do anything for you
l love you, Johnny.
You know... you know what?
Why don't we just start up
getting rid of these damn dolls?
Yes, Johnny, yes.
You too, honey.
Now, maybe we have a little privacy
around here.
Where's that doll?
Come to bed.
No, l must find it,
l came up here to find it.
You don't remember what we 've done with
those dolls long time ago?
Come on.
What's the matter?
What's the matter, darling?
0h, what's wrong?
L keep having awful dreams.
The fire, Johnny, l'm so afraid.
Susana, get some sleep, okay?
0h, Johnny.
What's wrong?
What's the matter?
L hate it's coming.
Don't worry
l'm going... l'll be right back
lt hurts
l'll be right back.
Mom, it's happened, can you come over?
Can you come right over?
0f course, Johnny,
now you pick a bad day.
What's going on here?
You haven't heard?
They've attacked borders.
The war is more sure as anything
l'm not so sure
I say the Americans will never fight
each other.
We'll settle our difficulties
You mean right over?
Yes, Johnny,
Come on.
Every red-blooded boy in
Raintree County gets into the fight
I'll be big tide, hot tide...
Skined and stretched on the border...
Jack Seanacy.
Good to see you.
How are you?
Corporal, we want get in the war.
You want get in the army, the first
thing you'll do is disarm.
Look, you jerk...
If you look me the same right,
will you write me down now?
I'll run and get a pencil.
Wear a blue suit like that with a
couple of rifles,
l look like somebody.
Flash... Susana is having a baby...
right now.
Well, that'll be.
Don't you worry, Jack.
With me at this war, it'd be over
with your kid and house, prout.
Your boy has had same guts as we had
back to 1846.
We 'll have them to some states at the
Gulf of Mexico by the 4th ofJuly, huh?
l don't know everyone so full of juice and
vinegard about this war.
All we've done is lose the Fort.
That's for Raintree County.
Just the same, war is...
War is the most
monstrous of man's illusions.
Any idea worth anything
is worth not fighting for.
Mr. Seanacy, your Mom said
you can go in now.
Fastest man in Raintree County.
lt's a boy.
Yeah, it's a boy.
Where is the other, Johnny?
What other?
There was another, wasn't right.
Dear, it's your imagination.
No, there was another, one that was dark.
Did they throw it away, Johnny?
No, dear.
Are you absolutely sure?
Darling, do get some sleep
I don't want you to go
I'll be right here.
You won't go, will you?
Where do I go?
You won't go to the war?
You won't go to the war.
No, dear, I won't go to war.
He'll make a runner like his Pap.
Well, another little town will be made
reluctantly immortal by bloodshed.
I 've got another battle of bittership
with your father.
To remove in a battle seems to settle
my stomach.
What did you have for dinner?
No, it's the disease.
Disease is called 'Civilian Paralysis'
l know... l guess l must be about the only
civilian under 40 in this whole county.
You got good reason, Johnny.
I wonder.
There're those you don't.
Galwood would beat for battle
sides Jones for instance
0h, he's a big man in the State Capital.
Maybe they can spare him.
A hundred thousand happy boys have died.
They couldn't spare me either.
Galwood is a copper-head.
Daddy, what's copper-head?
Well, l'll explain to you later.
How's your wife, Johnny?
She's alright.
Hello, Johnny.
This girl is a jewel.
She is?
Something about a few years
in a big city.
She left here a school girl
full of sweetness in life.
She returned a full-pledged filthy
newspaper man for the juice in ground.
Come on now... let's get back to work
Nell, how does it feel being back here
and free having?
L like better than lndianapolis,
It's a copper-head town.
Daddy, what's copper-head?
Well, a copper-head is someone
who lives in the north
and who sides with people live
in the south.
You're still teaching,
still searching for the raintree?
That seems a long time ago, doesn't it?
You still think there's a raintree
out there somewhere?
L don't know.
Let's go and see?
Much too parallel business
l know why you don't look for it.
You're afraid you'll find it
0nce upon a time, long long long time ago,
a little boy,
Daddy, when Mommy would come back?
L think she'll be back soon.
Anyway, so there was the little boy
and he...
Is Mommy now.
My darling,
Have you missed me today, Jimmy?
Have you missed me very much?
Mommy, l was afraid.
You're afraid to Mommy,
isn't that sweet?
You don't have to feel
fear anymore, darling.
Mommy is home... now you get to sleep
lt's way to your bed time,
sleep on luck, good boy.
Goodnight, darling.
Goodnight, Jimmy.
Where were you all day?
Now Johnny, you know very well
where l was
l do?
L was in lndianapolis
As l very well said on my note,
l just went there a few hours to shop.
What note?
Here, on the dress up.
There, you see?
L can't find it, dear
l can't find the letter.
But l put it there, you know.
Don't worry, dear...
It really doesn't matter.
You don't think they took it, do you?
0h, l must find it before it's too late.
Why don't you look for it tomorrow morning?
No, i must find it now,
What did you have written on it?
Well, l couldn't tell you,
l've promised not to.
You believe me, don't you?
Yes, l do.
You see, l have a great loss,
Dearest thing in the whole world,
Jimmy, my precious little Jimmy.
What are you doing?
It's in the house, don't you see?
Something terrible might happen to him.
What do you mean 'something'?
Nothing gonna happen to him,
you 're crazy?
I'm sorry, Susana
Jimmy doesn't like me.
He loves you.
You can't expect him to understand
l don't understand either
l thought children were supposed to
create a boundary between parents
l think Jimmy has created
a great barrier.
That's not true.
Yes, it is, you two belong together,
you gonna part from me
lt isn't so
0h, l wish only something l could do...
L gonna have something...
Dear, maybe if you told me
what happened the night of the fire
lt makes no difference now,
don't you see, Johnny?
Things can't get better between us
lt's nobody's fault,
but it's such a pity
0h, Johnny, help me, help me,
you always helped me.
What can l do?
What happened that night?
L know something about that fire,
nobody else knows
l never told anyone
lt started not long before the fire,
Henrietta had been away
l was very excited the night
she came back
l lay in the big house,
l couldn't sleep
l wanted my doll Jimmy, you know.
And l remembered that I left it
in Henrietta's cabin.
The house was so still that
l got downstairs and went outside.
The front door of the cabin was locked.
So l went round to slip in
the back door
lt was all dark inside the cabin
l listened... l couldn't hear anything
l crabbed to the stairs
l peeped up over the lamp
on the upper floor of the cabin.
There were two people in the room
So l had a notion of what was like
between Daddy and Henrietta
l loved them both...
There is nothing
l would have done for one of them
ln a few days Henrietta came up
to live in the big house.
There was my Mom who was so violent
0ne day when Daddy was away,
Mom came
down to find me in Henrietta's room.
There was a terrible thing.
She said awful things to me and...
All the time Henrietta just stood there
with her arms around me.
So, that's why l hated Mama
l wanted to hurt her
l've been reading a story about
a person who wanted to hurt another person.
He wrote him a letter...
But didn't sign it.
So l wrote a letter and left it in
Mama's picture album
which she was always looking through
lt was... it was just a little note
lt said 'Daddy loves Henrietta..-
Yours truly, a well-meaning friend'
A well-meaning friend, l signed.
Wasn't that silly?
That night in bed I wish I wouldn't have
written to her
lt must be very late when l found
l got to sleep.
Suddenly l heard something like
so soft and mouthful through the next room,
Henrietta's room
l guessed l must go back to sleep
because the next thing l knew
l woke up coughing.
The room was terribly hot and
there was a crackling sound and
my dolls on fire
l tried to beat the fire
out of my dolls
l began to scream
George, one of our negros came through
the window
and wrapped me up in the blanket
lt's somehow... it's somehow l was
hardly yearned.
They said 'You still have dolls'
They sent me to stay with my aunt
lt was until quite a while after
she told me about Daddy,
Henrietta and Mom.
Finally she brought me to Georgia
and here...
Did you tell her about the
L told her, and she said to me not to
say anything about it to anyone.
But l didn't tell her about the note
l left in Mama's album
because l thought l,
maybe l caused her death some way,
And l cried and cried,
no one knew
what l was crying about.
They thought it was about the fire,
but it wasn't just that.
What was it?
She killed them, she killed them and
l hated her
l still hate her and
l hate myself for what l did.
You didn't do anything, my dear,
you didn't do anything
0h, l don't know, l don't know.
Mom, hello.
You see this?
Rebels invade Pennsylvania
Johnny, l want to talk to you
about this
lt looks like there's going to be
a big fight
lf Lee won this one, we're through.
How's Susana?
L think she's alright
Johnny, if you ever need me
or l can help about it...
Mom, you know you'll be
the first person l'll come to.
Nobody is here.
What do you mean 'Nobody is here'?
She is not here.
'Darling, l've a safe conduct
to cross the lines.
So by the time you read this,
little Jim and l will be
on our way to Georgia.
Don't be alarmed about me...
They can't follow me
l'm outwitting them this time.
They'll stop at nothing... simply nothing.
Unless l can get away from them,
my life is not worth anything.
You understand, don't you, darling?
You understand.
Your loving Susana'
lf you find her, what good will it do?
It's all hopeless and useless.
You can find Jim after the war.
But right now what you're doing
is crazy.
That's fool's madness that ever was
l always had that high hopes.
Well, what l mean is you're
such a long-headed boy
always so full of laughter.
Now, she's drained and very lefter
out of you.
Why do you have to do it?
She's among all her people, friends,
she is alright l tell you
l know why you're doing it... you pity her.
Pap, l love her...
You take care of yourself, Johnny.
Don't worry, Mom
l don't think the war will last
much longer.
He'll be back to us anytime
l take of hope full,
Dear Lord,
please bring this boy back
safe and... Amen
l've been with you for lifetime
l believe this is the shortest prayer
you've ever had.
My dear
Johnny, that's all l can say...
It's Johnny
lt's fine after all these years in this
town we didn't stop
and talked and...
L never had any trouble talking
like just now
lt's true
Johnny, just come back safe
l'll try.
Try hard
lf anything happened to you, it'd be
the most beautiful murder
since the beginning of time.
Nothing is gonna happen to me
lt just can't, Johnny,
because somehow
l know we'll find each other again
l don't know how, but l know that
l always know that and that's why
l came back here
l never stop loving you.
When l walked these streets,
l said this is his town and
these people are his people
and this earth is his... his earth.
You just don't know, Johnny.
Army, halt.
Well, l'll be in all this squad.
Ladies and gentlemen...
Just start to dance to walk my Jack's
brand new pants
l've been squashing and rolling about loud.
l've been looking for you, Jack...
L see your name on the rolls
of the new troops.
Store your kits over there.
There's still space.
They are safe back over there.
Troopers, l want you to meet my old and
tenant regarding drunken body, Jack Seanacy.
- Hey, Seanacy...
- The man from Raintree County.
Alright, now let's go
l just got here.
Come on up.
Sorry, l got to report in this soon
0h, let them find you...
They're pretty good.
And besides, we got things to do and
a body to meet.
Come on.
0h, never mind... let's go.
Hold out, dear boy.
Well... well.
Professor, hi.
Well, that was a long train
you do sent me on, Johnny.
What are you doing here?
One battlefield is as dirty
as another.
Where else should l be over the brave
half-yearly throwbacks of.
Raintree County, my kind of people.
Been chased by any towns lately?
0h... l never stayed long enough, dear boy
l'm a dear man walker on correspondence
with infinite capacity for being afraid.
Tell me, what's the state of scene
in lndiana these days?
L 've nothing to go around, l trust
0h, it's lack and off considerably
since you left.
Hasn't changed much, hasn't it?
Time passes...
Deep scars of thunder have been trenched me
and cared since on this bearded cheek.
But bearded mathew known to many
aplant nymphe in the City of New York
0h, you're a freckle professor.
Not at all
l loved that girl in Raintree County.
He hasn't said this for 2 whole days.
By the way, what was her name?
That husband of her has somehow blotched
my, otherwise impeccable memory
Lydia Gray... her husband died only
a couple of months ago.
So the great mother finally got him
to a looser bosom, apoplexy, l presume.
Measles, l guess.
So the wit of geese is available
in case you wanted to know.
Dear boy, an endlessly romantic dreamer...
L envy you this simplicity
of your concepts.
You see there?
Those fires over there?
That hill behind it... the one behind it
are lousy with the rebels.
They'll be fighting for sure
in the morning.
Looks close already.
Ah, the white destroyer,
gammers and arms... a tost.
To all the men who go out and die
may be because they have luck to be born
one side or another of the mount
or the creek ...and here is to sleep.
Let's have a goodnight of it...
and as tomorrow.
Crusaders, you're starting a journey
to a new and unknown land...
A place called hell.
September the 19th, 1863.
Which in maternity language means
'River of Death'
May the 16th, 1864.
Rosaca, Georgia.
Another day of dramatic corps making.
Canasona Mountain
June the 27th, 1864.
The army of the west twisted the rails to
something called 'Simon neckties'
November the 16th, 1864.
The first mortal crack at the south,
This year army is gonna cut off
all base of operations
as it gonna strike straight into
the heart of the enemy.
And you brothers gonna stick in job and
your job is to knock the
stomach out of this war.
You gonna travel in the army fronts and
the flanks and
you gonna point the way of provisions
the supplies.
You gonna have to leave over the fact and
the lead of the land.
It's gonna be on your own free of
What's so good about it?
L always say where general put us
alone deads.
Alright, hold your mouth.
Tell me, 0rvil...
Are you animal, vegetable or mineral?
What's mineral?
0h, there's no time to spare-, how are you,
Johnny, leaving all day.
So you join this play Gov. Lucas huh?
Lucas is the best fighter
in all the world.
The time you're confused ferocity
with ability.
But never mind, Lucas,
if you should get squashed
allowing you with the small
but tasteful twister.
To Johnny Seanacy, in absentia.
Sleeping in a ...grave,
l hear him pray for his loving boy.
Professor, go home.
As a matter of fact, l'm going
l'm going to marry up with Mrs. Lydia Gray.
Now the big chief obstacle
has been removed.
Thinking one day, boy, there're many
a devil as guards of the light.
The home glooms make us always best
l like it
l've been a road runner long enough...
So much for me.
But you, l can't follow...
You're in the rabbles.
We'll be marching to Georgia...
We're free of all command.
Free of all command?
So this is your way of finding Susana
Hm... yes.
Well, tost to the union and the reunion.
You see a country swamp
where blinds see water.
It's not easy to find us.
There're only ourselves where we are...
Folks of the north all lost in Atlanta.
Lost an army of 60,000 men...
Please return to owners...
Sign, labeling.
Look, Raintree County captured an officer
l entrust myself to the hands
of a gentleman.
Where's your heart?
Take him to the house.
When l get caught, that's what comes
leading my leisure.
Now move... move.
Some war is this?
L 've fought in 6 major engagements...
From Gettysburg to the wilderness...
Never been unhorsed.
And I get captured by two bummers.
That's what leads to my leisure.
You're right, Captain...
I'm ahead to turn you over to the army.
Where's Susana?
Do you know where Susana is?
Susana Seanacy
l'm Johnny Seanacy, l'm her husband.
Do you know where she is?
Do you know where the boy is?
I'm gonna find them
l'm gonna find them.
She... she's gone long time ago.
Don't... go her way.
Come on down
It's not you!
Jimmy, l don't believe it...
L don't believe it at all.
Captain, when does this war go to end?
L guess can't go on much longer.
We'll see it, John Lee will buy
a long shot.
Suppose old Sherman takes
same career, huh?
Am l right
when somebody will continue
to fight for his general?
Jack, l'll tell you the truth
lt's too sad to know l'd blow
his head off
l never thought if they'd know it.
Now Captain, l didn't.
Mr. Seanacy, where you're taking Jim?
Back to my house...
l'm trying to get him to Atlanta.
You'd better go on a coach car with me...
I'll probably prove myself for.
Probably much better talk to this
ass donkey.
And the war is over, you gonna get
Miss Susana?
Don't do this, Mr. Seanacy
l never should have told you
where she was.
You don't know what she was like
when they took her away.
You don't know, Mr. Seanacy...
She is got a sickness.
Not all the loving care in this world
can heal of it
l know Miss Susana...
Me and old George upstairs.
He saved her in that fire...
He carried her through the window.
The smoke in his lungs, has been
poling ever since.
And then she got sick.
She talked most strange
about Henrietta who could be her mother.
She said over and over...
Where she was?
You crazy too?
L delivered Susana.
And from that time on Mrs. Drake
could never take care of her.
So Henrietta had a deal...
They were always together.
Susana wanted Henrietta
to be her mother
0nly she hated the idea of democracy.
Henrietta was... just like me
0nly l know what child is
then the war going on inside her.
Alright, let's move.
Thank you, Patsy
l believe he breathes bad.
Let's make it quick.
Flash, are you alright?
Stay where you are.
You hit?
You need me?
I'd make it settled, the pitch one.
Stay where you are.
We got to get out of here.
You want me to take the kid?
No, l'll take care of him.
Don't wait by my side...
You got to race the run
lt's the only chance for the day...
Prefer two of us.
Alright, let's go.
Hey you... come out.
What's you want, yankee?
Just want to see you still there.
Here you're yet?
Why don't you go and play
somewhere else?
You keep us out of beauty... sleep...
We gonna get you a good loud sleep.
Shame it... you shoot that pretty close.
That isn't friendly, don't get any call.
Comer save yourself.
Not just fast... the longer l am gonna
set free.
Pal, where are you coming?
Well, come on
0h, come on... what are you waiting for?
L come from Raintree County...
L can look at it... here.
Another glorious victory.
Hey, Joey, he's coming your way.
He's dead?
No, lucky dog, war is over for him.
Mrs. Roman?
l'm glad... l'm Johnny Seanacy.
This is l told you in my letter,
Mr. Seanacy,
This is not been changed.
Mrs. Seanacy is mentally deranged...
For the most part, she's normal
up to be rigid.
Women are not very pretty, are they?
They're hungry mostly.
We don't need to be on diet.
We don't even have sanitary.
Even with the war over, we're luck
of everything.
War or peace, nobody cares.
Your wife is normal enough now.
She's in here because l thought
she might like privacy.
Susana, l'm so glad to see you.
You shouldn't have come.
Mrs. Roman said that you 're...
L come to love this sound in that wood...
That beautiful holy sound of it
l'm afraid... even in my own happiness
with you here
l'm taking you home with me.
I've always got in your way.
No, you haven't.
Now you might even find your raintree.
Susana, there's no raintree.
But l think there's...
And l say it over and over again
and l make both of us miserable.
And then you begin to pity me
and l can't accept your pity
l'd rather be alone
l don't pity you... l love you.
That's the foundation to build on.
You don't think the foundation too
wicked after all this time?
We're in an incomplete kind of love...
lt just wouldn't work
l like to try... l'd like to try
LATE PRESIDENT 0F THE U.S. AND ESC0R Now Lincoln belongs to us all...
To all the men who died.
Say goodbye, Jim...
Jim say goodbye.
Goodnight, Jim.
We'd all better say goodnight
L want to talk to you.
What about?
Not tonight, Professor...
L got about a million
compositions to correct
l thought the world of yours
is a larger issue.
Compositions to correct...
That's a sublime vocation.
Not very funny, Professor.
You're quite right, Johnny...
It's not a laughing matter
Lincoln got a bullet in the brain...
Our country is still rip apart
l for one take the most hopeful view.
About what?
Lincoln's reconstruction policy
0h, it never got started...
It was too gentle for most people
l was just in the neighborhood and
down to railroad station
paying my last tribute to Lincoln
0h, that's wit of you.
Good evening... ladies
l... l just tell you a few minutes
l'll be very brief, Johnny
l intend to run for Congress
l intend to see the rebels south gets
just it deserves.
There's no longer rebels, Galwood
lt's beaten... and it's bleeding now.
You're sentimental, Johnny.
Personally l'm a practical politician.
What do you want from
the sentimentalist?
My election gets lead the big things...
For me, perhaps, the presidency.
And for me?
You name it, Johnny.
Let bygones be bygones...
Forgive and forget.
We each have a war to fight...
You in your way...
Me in mine
Lincoln in his... but now...
Now Lincoln is becoming a useful symbol
and you're going cash in on it
l don't cash in on any man
Johnny, l'm organizing a new party.
Galwood, you always belong
to the same party...
The party of yourself.
Get out.
Well, how do you like that snot now?
Johnny, you're going run against him.
Statesman, that's a splendid notion.
You could do it, Johnny
l always said he'd be a great man
in the family
0h, Johnny, what do you say?
Not me.
Why not you?
You wanna be burying yourself
in the books all your life?
I'm no politician.
Some of the time you call yourself
natural attitude for it...
You and your actor choice...
He spends his days teaching his
half-form-mind children.
So he spends his nights writing a book...
A great book to guide the lost
in the wilderness.
The book that somehow never got written.
Well, what happened to it?
L don't know, but the children got talk.
That makes me wildly happy.
Well, you really wouldn't understand...
You're such an awful teacher
l'm not my student adorable.
You might make a good politician.
Why not?
Right now, politics is on your brow
like a high fever.
And the fever is mourning.
Yes... if l could now leap out...
Lie out promise to Galwood
best days ever saw in the back
of the train getting out steam
when l'm squatting back in my arms with
a boy lighting fire-crackers under me.
Yes, l'm sorry l was so...
So big mouthed... big mouthed, huh?
Goodnight, Professor.
My dear... perhaps even the presidency.
Goodnight, Johnny.
Good evening, Nell.
Goodnight, Mom
Johnny, l think you're a great book
is your own life.
Don't spoil it.
What you did just now was very clever...
But it doesn't solve anything.
What are you talking about?
About the Professor... your candidate...
But he's not mine.
Who would you choose?
Johnny, who else could do with?
Who else could help you beat
the bleeding south?
0ne thing about the Professor...
He'll keep his word.
Then he'll out lip and
out lie promise Galwood.
What good he'll do with it?
Nell, l don't want to talk about it.
Because l want you to do something
that you're capable of doing?
Look... l'm out
l'm not going to run for Congress
Johnny, if you'd only just...
Look... it's final
Johnny, you can't escape responsibility
Johnny, whatever you do,
l know you'll do it honorably well.
l'm sorry, Susana... l talk too much.
Nell, you still love him, don't you?
We grew up together.
We love Raintree County.
We went everywhere together.
Yes, l still love him
lt's because of me...
Because of me you that can't run
for Congress.
Dear, it's not because of you.
Because l'm sick.
You're not sick... it's just the...
Well, l'd like to stay right here in
Raintree County
0h, l wonder... l wonder things
would be different
better if you 've found your raintree
l bet Nell could have found it for you.
Susana, that was long time ago
that l went looking for the raintree
l'm not even sure l expected to find.
But at least l learned to see
the raintree
lt's not nearly important as
what you find looking for it
l'm happy with what l 've found..-you.
All my life, l 've wanted someone to love
and love me...
Someone whose voice touching my ear
in the night...
Shut out the bad dreams...
Someone who'll always be bound to me...
And out of him... with
such a great barriers
Johnny, don't...
Don't work too late, darling.
Mommy, what are you doing?
Jim, l am going to do
something for Daddy...
It's a surprise.
What's it?
We mustn't tell him
or it won't be a surprise
l won't tell.
You see l'm going to find the raintree.
For Daddy?
Yes, darling... for Daddy...
Then everything will be alright
l'll find the raintree and
I'll hand it to him gently...
With all my love.
Can l go with you?
No, darling... l take Jimmy
l don't understand
Jim, darling... someday
when you're older...
Ask Daddy about it.
He'll be able to explain...
It's Daddy what's for.
The thing... only happened to your father
because he can't stay one
day to have his picture.
Now l was there.
Mr. Seanacy...
Susana... hear me?
Johnny... you'd better come with me
He hasn't been found yet
Come on