Raja Hindustani (1996) Movie Script

It's amazing! Your birthday and
your daughter's birthday...
..fall on the same day.
Yes. And we celebrate
our birthdays together...
..on the same day
every year:
Where's Mrs. Sehgal?
There are people
who want to meet you.
This is my brother.
This is my nephew, Jai...
And who's she?
Ah! Aarti...
Looking at your figure,
it doesn't appear...
..that you're the mother
of such a grown-up girll.
Who told you that
I'm her mother?
I'm only her step-mother.
But my sister loves Aarti more
than her real mother would.
Isn't Aunt a bit foolish?
Not a bit. She's very foolish.
You want to go to Palankhet?
What's there to laugh about?
People go to see America
and Europe, whereas...
..you want to visit a tiny
hill-station like Palankhet?
Why don't you go to
Switzerland instead?
Because what I can find at Palankhet,
I cannot find elsewhere.
What's so special at Palankhet?
My mother's memories.
Father...didn't you meet mother for
the first time at Palankhet?
Look... it is Shalini now
who is your mother.
Forget the one who is dead.
Let her go if she wishes to.
Besides, aren't you visiting
Germany for a few days, too?
Yes....when do you
wish to leave?
When are you leaving
for Germany, Father?
I'm leaving tomorrow itself.
All right. Then I'll
also leave tomorrow.
But I cannot permit you
to go all alone.
What'll people say? That I let my
young daughter go all by herself?.
She's right.
Gulab and Kamal... you must
accompany Aarti tomorrow.
To Switzerland?
Not Switzerland.
What did you say was
the name of that place?
Had you telephoned the Hotel Taj?
Did you ask them to
send a car?
Has the car arrived then?
What can one say? The hotels
here are all useless.
Had we telephoned London...
This is not London.
Will you continue to stare at me,
or do something about it?
There's an only taxi
parked there.
If we miss that one too,
we'll be stranded here.
She's right... Please stay here.
We'll go and fetch the taxi.
Raja Hindustani.
Raja Hindustani...?
The licence number is 420
(as in cheats ).
Anyway, what does it have got
to do with us? Come on...
These people are very lazy.
He's taking a nap. What now?
I'll wake him up.
Hey! Wake up!
Hey! What're you doing?
Who're you?
I'm the helper on this taxi.
My name is Rajnikant.
Wake your driver. We wish
to go to Palankhet.
We can't go.
Why can't you?
The boss sleeps at this hour.
He sleeps at this hour? Is he in
eternal sleep that he can't wake up?
Hold one leg.
I'll hold the other.
Let's see how he doesn't wake up.
Come on...Get up!
Wake up, O descendent
of the demons!
O descendent of the demons?!
What do you think of yourself?.
Who dared wake up the
Indian King of Hearts!?
Not me, Boss. They did.
These people?
Who addressed me as a descendant
of the demons?
Not me, Boss. They did.
They did?
Who thumped my cab?
Not me. They did.
They did?
Aren't you ashamed of raising
your hand on a woman?
Woman? Is she a woman?
What else? Can't you see?
And who're you? Her sister?
I'm male. My name is Gulab Singh.
She's Kamal, a female.
Everything is wrong here. Hot is
cold and cold is hot.
Don't you know about them?
About whom?
Shut up, will you? We want a taxi
to take us to Palankhet.
Just tell me if you
will come along.
And why not?
I don't feel like it.
I don't want to go.
Then how'll we go?
Put the luggage on your head...
..and walk the distance
of 250 kilometers.
But just listen...
Didn't I say no?
But please listen...
Didn't I say no?
We're new here. And there's
no other taxi around, too.
Please help us.
You may charge us money.
How much would you charge?
500 rupees?
All right. Take 600 rupees.
All right. Tell me.
How much will you charge?
- 500 rupees will be enough.
- 500 rupees is enough. As it is,
our taxi belongs to Palankhet.
How amazing! When I asked
you, you refused.
But when Madam asked,
you agreed. Why so?
That's my look-out!
Fetch Madam's luggage.
Yes, Boss.
Please come, Madam. Be seated.
Hey! Where are you going?
To sit with Madam.
No way. Madam will make herself
comfortable in the rear seat!
Come on. Let's sit in the front.
No, not in the front.
My cleaner, Rajnikant,
sits up front with me.
As it is, while driving, sometimes
I shake my hands and legs.
Then where will we sit?
Yes...where will they sit?
Don't be worried. I've a special
airl-conditioned place for them.
Where's that?
Looks like he's
going to kill us!
Hold tightly! I think that
this man is crazy
What're you doing?
Look ahead, Boss! Or you
might cause an accident.
Shut up!
Excuse me...
Yes, Madam?
How far is Palankhet from here?
- 28 hours in a bullock cart.
5 hours in a ramshackle bus.
And 3 hours flat in
Raja Hindustani's taxi.
Your name is Raja Hindustani?
Yes. Didn't you like it?
No...it's fine. But it's
a bit different, isn't it?
Yes, Madam. It's different.
My name is different from others.
My name is Raja because I'm
the King of my moods.
Nobody can dominate me. And
I'm a Hindustani because...
in this country, you find Hindus,
Ssikhs, Christians, Muslims...
but no Indians...
I'm an orphan. When I was a kid,
my father passed away.
Now I'm just the child
of my country.
You're a very interesting
Am I not?
Thank you, Madam.
What's this?
Why? Madam?
It's an English song. People from
the city really enjoy it.
I don't like it.
Switch it off.
Very well, Madam.
What's this?
It's a hit Hindi film song.
I don't like that either.
Please switch it off.
All right...
Why did you stop it?
That's a nice song.
Let it play.
It was not a cassette.
It was me singing.
Do you also sing?
Would you like to hear me?
There's no booking in
your name at this hotel.
How is that possible?
Our booking has been confirmed
at this hotel.
You had telephoned them,
didn't you?
What's this?
Why're you crying?
I made the booking.
But not for this Taj.
I booked you at the
Taj Mahal in Agra.
Are you out of your mind?
Please book two rooms
for us right now.
There's a conference in
progress right now.
You won't find any accommodation
in the whole of Palanpur.
What should we do now?
Why're you worried? Come with me.
To a place where there are not
just 5-stars, but countless ones.
To a place where one
serves with feelings.
To a place where the doors are open
even if there's no place.
Come on...
But Raja...
Where is such a place?
Come along, Madam. Please come...
Look...what a beautiful
place this is!
After all, you did lie!
Even a blind man wouldn't call
this place as five-star.
Is this a hotel or a rest-house?
How can the young lady live here?
Even a donkey wouldn't like
to be tied to such a place.
In that case, the donkeys might
return to where they come from.
You called me a donkey!
Why're you arguing with him?
It's a good enough place.
It's better than the
5-star hotel.
Is this somebody's residence?
Yes. It's the residence of
my Uncle and Aunt.
This taxi too belongs to them.
I only drive it around.
Are they your blood relatives?
It's not blood that ties us
together, but our hearts.
You know how we Indians form
a relationship everywhere.
My relationship with Uncle and
Aunty too is a similar one.
Hurry up! Go and tell Uncle
that Madam has come.
All right.
Also tell them that she has
brought two maidservants along.
Hey! What did you say?
What happened? You cut your
hands, didn't you?
Hey! What're you doing?
People say that if a tigress
tastes blood...
she doesn't spare
anybody alive.
Really? So I'm a tigress, eh?
And what're you?
I'm a sheep.
You've come?
Yes. Boss too has come.
He has brought
along a madam too.
A Madam...?
A madam with Raja?
Let me go and see which Madam
Raja has brought along.
You're very beautiful.
What's your name?
Ah! What a lovely name!
Yes, it's a lovely name.
You may stay here for
as long as you wish.
You don't have to go
to any hotel.
Come on.
Please come, Madam.
Go and get the luggage.
And you, maidservants...
Go and help him.
Please come, Madam.
Just a minute.
I'd forgotten.
She's my wife.
And this poor man is my husband.
He's performing his duties.
Uncle and Aunty are always
pulling each other's leg.
Why're you standing far away?
Come closer.
Bless you.
What're you doing?
Guests stand for good fortune.
How can good fortune enter the
house without a welcome?
Yes, of course.
Why did you throw water on me?
I couldn't help it. After all,
it was only a hand. It shook.
The day my hand shakes, your
brains will start shaking.
It's your mind which
is wavering, Boss!
What did you say?
Whom were you gazing at?
I was admirling the morning....the
Sun that shines so brightly!
But the sun rises
in that dirlection.
When did it get to rise
in this dirlection?
You're getting to be
too smart nowadays.
Want a beating?
For your beautiful Sun's sake!
Well...wash the car
properly today.
I must take madam
to the market today.
Please come.
Look at this beautiful
taxi-stand of Palanpur.
She hasn't come here from Mumbai
just to see a taxi-stand.
Hey! This taxi-stand is
our bread-earner.
If you criticise it, I'll punch
your ears and nose together!
What's this?
What's going on? Come on...
let's go and see something else.
All right...as you wish.
Wait a minute...you can't leave
without meeting my dearest friend.
Hey there!
Who is it?
Raja! My friend!
My dear friend!
Madam! This is my friend!
My dearest friend.
He's the president
of this taxi-union.
And this is madam!
She's come from Mumbai.
Greetings. Please come in.
Let me serve you refreshments.
I've got some shopping to do.
Yes...I've got to help her
with the shopping.
But please treat the two of
them. I'm going with madam.
Sure. You can sit with me and
enjoy some refreshments!
Meanwhile, I'll do some shopping.
Don't you worry.
How're you related to Madam?
I'm her body-guard.
You're a robust body-guard.
Why don't you embrace me too?
Leave me! Leave me!
Just a minute.
Let me go!
You're all right.
Just once more.
Leave me!
There's something wrong.
Please come inside.
Please come in.
Sit there. Sit here.
Bring two glasses of
some great butter-milk!
It's so warm. Come on...
Take off your sweater.
It's so warm. Take it off.
Let me go. I won't remove it.
Why not? I'll remove it for you.
Strange! A brave man takes off
his dress at the drop of a hat!
But he's feeling shy
as ifhe were a girll!
She is a girll. Wouldn't she
feel shy like a girll then?
Are you a girll?
That's why I was wondered...
why bells rang in my mind
everytime I touched you!
Beware! Don't you
call me a girll!
This is Aarti speaking.
Pass on the phone to father.
He hasn't yet returned
from Germany.
When will he return?
In a few days time.
Ifhe telephones, please
tell him that...
I'm not staying at the Taj, but
with a very nice couple.
Theirl address is...
Fax your address to us.
Whether she lives at the Taj, or
elsewhere, why must I bother?
I disconnected the phone.
You're an expert in
faking the act, Sister.
I've learnt from none
other than you, Brother.
Well said...if you continue to
follow my dirlections...
the whole property will be
transferred to our name one day.
And what about Aarti?
Her problem will be
solved by itself.
Just a minute, Madam.
Take this, Madam.
What is it?
Please keep it.
But what is it?
Shopkeepers here give guides a
commission for bringing customers.
This is my commission.
You may keep it. You're
entitled to it.
No, Madam. How can I take
commission from your money?
Please keep it.
What did you say?
Are you sure?
Yes, I'm sure.
What did you say?
When I say thank you, you
should say ''you're welcome''.
What was that?
Firlst say you...
Not Gu...say You.
Never mind. You won't be
able to say it. Let's go.
I won't be able to say it?!
Why won't I be able to say it?
Come on, Raja.
Let's go, Madam.
What did she say?
What is it?
You're doing it without reason.
Nothing's going to happen.
Just get lost!
It's your time to get lost.
Madam has been asking for you.
What? Has Madam asked for me?
That's wonderful!
Madam....you asked for me?
I've got such a nice place
to live in, thanks to you.
You've showed me
around the whole town,...
helped me in the shopping...
and you didn't even
collect your commission.
That was only my duty, Madam.
But you didn't even ask for
any money. Why?
Where's the hurry?
I'm here. And you're here too...
You'll be here for
a few days, won't you?
Still...take this.
But this is too much, Madam.
I've asked Rajnikant
for the accounts.
This 800 rupees is for the taxi.
And this 200 rupees
is your tip.
My tip?
How can I accept
any tips from you?
Why not?
I can't accept it.
Why not?
You can accept it from others,
and why not from me?
Are you feeling shy?
Is this less?
Do you want some more?
Take it, I say...
Keep it!
All right. You may go now.
Don't worry. I'm with you.
Let me speak.
Hey! Raja!
What is it?
Come...we want to go
to the market.
I don't want to go
to the market.
Why not?
The boss is in a foul mood.
Foul mood, my foot! There's nothing
wrong with the car, is there?
Didn't I say that I won't
go to the market?
Are you doing us a favour? Haven't
we paid you for the cab?
You, there!
Just a minute.
The madam has paid me.
I'm answerable only to her!
not to her servants!
Look at how he uses
his tongue!
You there!
If the boss gives you a punch,
you'll begin shaking terribly.
Don't you dare touch him!
If I go and complain
to madam...
How dare you try to scare me
by using her name!
Go and complain to her!
I'm not scared ofher.
You aren't scared?
We're not scared.
Leave them. Let's go.
Not like this.
How else?
What? Does Madam
praise me a lot?
I suppose you aren't
playing some mischief.
We swear.
Why would we lie?
I swear upon this little one.
Don't you swear upon me.
Just listen to all that
the madam says about you.
Really? What does madam say?
Madam says that Raja is
so handsome!
Is it?
Just shut up...what else
does madam say?
She praises your singing,
walking and laughing.
Is it?
But I regret...
What do you regret?
Must I tell him?
Go ahead.
She says that everything about
Raja is nice.
But neither does he have
class, nor style.
What's that?
It about how one walks, talks,
dresses and conducts himself.
One has to play the hero.
The hero? Really?
Madam likes all that.
Yes. She digs that.
All right, then. I'll do that.
I'll wear nice dresses.
Behave like a hero.
Shut up...
But I don't know anything.
How will I do it all?
What're we for?
You should help me.
Did you see Raja's style?
Isn't it classy?
Just like a hero!
What's this?
Stop fooling around.
But what was the need
to do such foolish things?
Because I am a fool...
a total fool!
But let me tell you something.
Nobody can fool me otherwise.
But they named you,
and I got fooled.
You're not a fool.
You're just a simpleton.
You're a very decent man,
aren't you?
It's of no use.
Decency and simplicity is
of no use in this world.
People with a clean heart
have no place in this world.
But people with a clean heart
cannot have any worth.
After all, they're priceless.
How wonderful! You've just
said something so true!
You can't place a price on
clean-hearted people.
They're priceless.
Just like you are.
Just a minute, Madam.
Give me 200 rupees. Hurry up.
- 200 rupees?
Keep all of it.
No. Just 200 rupees.
Here, Madam.
What is this?
A tip.
A tip?
Yes, Madam. That day, you liked
what I said. And you rewarded me.
Today I liked what you said.
So I'm giving you a tip.
The scores are level!
Please take it, Madam.
Please take it, Madam.
A tip!?
What is it?
I like it a lot. Come on,
let's go and tell Baby.
What're you doing here?
Look at the dress.
It's so beautiful.
It's a beautiful dress.
It'll look good on you.
Shall I buy it?
Wait here. I'll be back.
Baby liked it at first sight.
Where's Madam?
She's ours.
Why should you be bothered?
You hit me?
How do you find my dress?
Looks like Raja didn't
like my dress.
Shall I tell you the truth?
I didn't like this dress at all.
I suggest you change it immediately.
It's not nice.
This boy is naive.
What'd he know about fashion?
Don't pay attention to him.
Let's go and do some
shopping instead.
Come on...
You think a lot. My
dress is very nice.
O sweetheart!
It's so tiny!
Even if you didn't wear it,
you would've looked prettier.
What is it?
Let them say what they want to.
You're quite a dish!
Didn't I tell you?
O sweetheart! Are you joining us?
If you aren't coming,
I'll come over.
You're so delicious!
What were you saying?
Scoundrel! How dare you
try to attack Raja!
How dare you confront Boss!
Leave him!
Will you kill him?
What does he think ofhimself?.
Let him come. I'll deal
with him properly.
Yes, Madam...
I see..so you've come?
Why did you have to
create such a scene?
Why did you indulge in
so much of violence?
You made a scene for
such a small thing.
You call it something small.
Those scoundrels were teasing you,
abusing you...
and you call it a small thing.
So what?
Barking dogs can't be helped.
You should've ignored them.
This is a common occurrence
in the cities.
It must be happening in
the cities, not here.
This is Palankhet. Womenfolk
here are treated with respect.
And those who don't know
how to respect...
are kicked several times and
taught how one should respect.
I see...so you've taken it
upon yourself to reform society!
Has the government awarded
you a contract to do this?
How strange! I beat them up
for your sake...
..and you're scolding me!
Listen to one more thing.
I don't like it at all
when you wear such dresses.
Who're you to tell me what I should
wear and what I shouldn't?
Who're you?
I'll do and wear as
I please. Understand?
Yes...who am I to
tell you anything?
You can do as you please.
And I'll do whatever
I find appropriate.
Wear whatever you like, and I'll
keep on bashing up people.
Today I've just broken theirl limbs.
Tomorrow I'll break theirl heads.
I am not scared of anybody.
I'm not even scared of you.
Yes. I'm not scared of you!
You're searching for Raja?
I know where you can find him.
Where is he?
You'll find him
in his own house.
His house?
Shall I come in?
Who told you about this place?
Aunty did.
Aunty has told me everything.
This is your home, isn't it?
The unfulfilled dream
of your parents...
It's very pretty.
Why have you come here?
To ask for your forgiveness.
I spoke a lot of nonsense yesterday
in a fit of anger.
Please forgive me.
Who am I to forgive you?
What right do I have on you?
You're very angry, aren't you?
All right. Look...I'm
even holding my ears.
Please forgive me now.
Look...if you don't forgive me
right away, I'll start crying.
Very well...I forgive you.
Hey! You were so angry at me
just a while ago.
And you pardoned me so quickly.
What does it mean?
I cannot see anybody crying.
If somebody weeps, I too
start weeping.
What does it mean?
It means...you're a darling.
Madam...do you know who is
addressed as a darling?
Yes, of course...one who
is close to the heart.
One who is dear, and one
who is the best friend.
Am I?
Me, Madam?
I'm your best friend?
Stop talking now,
and let's move.
I've decided to see the
whole of Palankhet today.
Will you show me around?
Sure, Madam.
I'll show you the heavens today.
Please come.
Shall I open my eyes?
No, not now. Just a minute.
Where have you brought me?
Please keep walking.
Shall I open my eyes?
Yes. Open it now.
It's such a beautiful place.
Isn't it beautiful? I knew that
you'd like this place a lot.
Come on...be seated here.
It's such a nice place.
It must be here that my
parents had first met.
What did you say?
Do you know...my mother and father
first met at Palankhet.
Your mother..? How is your mother?
She isn't alive. She passed away
soon after I was born.
Amazing! You don't have a mother.
I have no mother too.
Both are same.
Pardon me for blabbering like this.
I say anything that comes to my mind.
It's a problem. I don't
know how to converse.
Who says that you cannot converse?
You talk very well.
Madam...I just talk beautifully.
But you're beautiful too.
Yes. You're very beautiful.
You too make a lot of
insincere praises.
I swear...I haven't seen anybody
more beautiful than you are.
Why? What's so
beautiful about me ?
Everything about you is beautiful.
Your hairl...
It's nothing special.
Your eyes.
My eyes..?
Come a bit closer.
What's so special
about my eyes?
Your eyes...
Yes..my eyes?
Your eyes...
Come on. Tell me...
What's so special
about my eyes?
Your eyes are like the
headlight of a taxi-cab.
You're an idiot! A clown!
But madam! I don't know
poetry. What could I do?
I'm telling you the truth.
No one is more beautiful than you.
That's enough. If somebody hears
you, he'll have a nice laugh.
I'm not scared of anybody.
I'll tell everybody.
This sky...these clouds...
these mountains...
Madam is very beautiful.
Madam is the most beautiful.
Be careful, Madam. Hurry up...
What're you doing? Why're you
drenching yourself in the rain?
Come here...under the tree.
No, Madam.
Are you mad? You'll fall sick.
You'll catch fever. Come here.
I'm fine here.
Look...if you don't come here
rightaway, I'll come out there.
No, Madam.
Then come over.
Give me your hand. Come on!
I'm very scared of lightening.
I'm such a fool, aren't I?
Those idiots must've told you
that Daddy has come, did they?
And you...
..came rushing through the storm
and the rains to meet your father?
I've come to meet you, my child.
I've come to meet you
straight from Germany.
I haven't even been home.
We'll go together now.
I'll take you back.
Yes. Back...
Where had you been?
I was in the storm.
It's nice that you've come.
Take out the taxi quickly.
Your madam is leaving.
Madam is leaving.
Her father has come to take her.
She has to leave tonight itself.
They've to board
the morning flight.
What're you still standing for?
Get the car out quickly.
Come on...keep it.
What're you saying? After all,
your daughter is our daughter.
You've taken care
of Aarti so well.
Many, many thanks to you!
Always remain just
as you are:
I'm leaving, Aunty.
No. Never say you're leaving.
Say that you'll return.
Shall we leave?
Hey! You're wearing dark
sunglasses in the night?
What's wrong?
Something is hurting my eyes.
It must be a particle of dust.
It'll come out by itself.
Let's leave, Driver.
Come on...
Come on...we've to reach
the airport, after all.
Come on...be seated.
Poor Raja!
What did you do all these days?
Nothing special.
My daughter is not in a mood
to talk to me.
Anyhow, I'll speak
to somebody else.
What's your name, driver?
Wow! That's a nice name.
Once you hear such a name, it
can't be forgotten for a lifetime.
How much do you manage to earn?
It depends on the person.
Some give me a lot.
Some give nothing.
You speak well.
You drive quite well too.
By the way, there's a scarcity
of drivers in Mumbai.
Why don't you work with us?
We'll pay you a good salary.
And give you a room to live in.
What say, Aarti?
No, Sirl. I'm fine here.
Why? What's the matter?
Are you married?
No, Sirl.
Why not?
I haven't yet got
what I desirled.
How strange! You people
live in a dream world.
As if some dream girll is
going to come.
Why not, Sirl? She'll come someday.
A dream girll will
surely come for me.
What's this traffic jam for?
Hey! Raja! My dear! Tell me...
where are you going?
Where are you going?
O Madam! How're you, Madam?
Who's he?
He's Balwant Singh.
He's my father.
Greetings! How're you?
Why this traffic jam?
The traffic jam has been
caused because of a landslide.
But we've to reach the
airport by morning!
No problem. It won't take
longer than a couple ofhours.
But why don't you have some food
at the eatingjoint close-by?
Why don't you take them along?
We'll treat them to refreshments.
How wonderful!
There's so much feeling
in your voice!
It's said that when a heart breaks,
it makes no sound.
But when it breaks,
it causes havoc.
There's anguish in your voice.
There's that love in your voice.
But listen...
The people in the world
around you...
..won't do justice to
your pain and your love.
You'll be left trembling.
You'll keep singing.
And this world will
just stand and stare.
Listen...you continue to sing.
And today...after a long time...
I'll dance wholeheartedly.
''Do not go away, O traveller''
''Do not leave me''
''You are my love, O traveller...''
''honour your word''
''You must return''
''Remember, I'm here...forget me not''
Our Aarti will never marry
your Raja taxi-driver.
Don't you speak
bad things.
If I weren't fond of you...
..I would've ensured that
you were dealt with properly.
You'd better hold back
your breath.
You will need it to
extinguish the lamps.
This marriage will never
take place.
It'll take place.
It won't take place.
Why not?
It won't take place.
Let's bet on it.
All right.
Let's put our arms on trial.
Come on...
I'm asking you once again.
Lovers hold hands firmly.
They don't leave it.
Let's get down to
the confrontation.
Is it? Here it is.
Come on...
It's so warm.
It's so warm!
You lost!
Shut up, will you?
You indulge in cheating?
You show me your Doordarshan
and ruin my Star TV.
Why did you unbutton your dress?
I was feeling hot.
So I unbuttoned it.
What if I did unbutton my shirt?
Wouldn't I have felt hot then?
Don't scream. If that's the
case, let's compete once again.
I'll win again.
You're too confident.
All right. This contest
will be a different one.
What's that?
Are you willing to wrestle?
You got scared, didn't you?
I'm not scared. I'm not
scared of anybody.
Then how about a bout?
All right.
Let's go then.
Come on!
Come on, Balwant!
Leave me.
You have lost, haven't you?
Will you become a girll now?
All right.
Will you marry me?
I will. Leave me now.
You'll get married.
You'll surely get married.
Aarti has made her decision.
And perhaps you're waiting
for my decision.
For the sake of my daughter's
happiness, I've agreed to her.
But before this marriage,
I've some conditions.
Aarti will not live here.
And you'll have to live
with us in Mumbai.
You'll mould yourself
in our ways.
You'll learn the etiquette
of our society...
..and you'll do only that
which you're asked to.
Not at all.
Neither will I come to Mumbai...
..nor will I learn the
etiquette of your society.
And nor will I become
what you want to make me.
I am just like I am now.
And I'll remain like this.
Did you hear? What I want to make
him, and what he wants to remain?
Yes...are you listening?
And listen carefully...because
I'll remain just like I am.
I won't change for anybody.
If you want to accept me
despite all this...
..this is the time
for you to decide.
You're leaving, Aarti?
You're leaving your father?
You'd learned to take your first
step with my assistance.
And today, you're taking away
those very steps away from me?
Don't go...come back.
This is my place from today.
Bless us.
Bless you?
I cannot bless this
mistake of yours.
Your marriage will never succeed.
You'll never remain happy
by staying away from me.
Gulab and Kamal...let's leave.
I too will stay here. My marriage
has been finalised with Balwant.
Marriage with Balwant?
And you, have you fallen in
love with somebody too?
Yes, I've fallen in love too.
I've fallen in love
with all these lovers.
Henceforth, I'll live in this river
of love. I won't go away from here.
All of you have turned
crazy about love.
You'll die because of
the illusion of love.
Come on...
No, my daughter...
Father didn't even bless me!
So what?
We'll bless you.
Perhaps God kept us childless...
..so that we may get you married.
Yes, my child...
''You are the spring in my life''
''Live in my heart forever...as my love''
''You linger in my dreams...
a thousand pleasant ones''
''Live in my heart. Always. As love would''
I'd never imagined that my only
daughter would revolt against me.
That she would insult me like this.
That too for a tourist guide,
a taxi driver?
No. This marriage can
never take place.
If she's stubborn,
I'm also no less.
I'll disinherit her
from my property.
I won't bequeath her anything.
''Like this, my love,
always be at my side''
''They will show theirl true colours;
but you mustn't change''
No, I cannot sign these papers.
I can never disinherit my daughter.
Neither from my property,
nor from my heart.
But listen...you've prepared these
documents yourselves.
She's a part and parcel
of my heart.
How can I separate her?
But her behaviour with you...
She might've done
anything with me.
But, after all, she's my
progeny, and I'm her father.
She might punish me as severely
as she likes...
..and I cannot punish
her even slightly.
She might forget me,
but I can never forget her.
I'm going to meet her.
To her new home.
I'll accompany you too.
After all, I'm her mother too.
So what if I'm her stepmother?
Do I not feel like meeting her?
All right. Come along.
Brother, what's happening?
Relax, Sister.
Brother, this...
It doesn't matter, Sister.
You too are a mother, so what
if you're her step mother?
You too are dying to meet her,
aren't you?
Father! Wait!
You were so delayed.
We'd been waiting for so long.
Do you know who had come?
Who had come?
Father! Father had come here.
He has accepted our alliance.
I'm so happy today!
But he didn't wait...to meet me?
He had waited. But you
were so delayed!
And he had to take
the evening flight too.
Come on...
I want to show you
something. Come on.
Come on...hurry up!
Which place is this?
Whose house is this?
It's ours.
This is our palace.
You're the King of this palace.
And I'm the Queen of this palace.
How did you find it?
I don't understand.
Fool! Father has given it to us
as a marriage gift.
And you accepted it?
Without asking me? Why?
Why do you have to be angry?
Every father gifts something
to his daughter.
I don't regret his giving.
I regret your accepting it.
My self-respect...all my good
qualities which you were in awe of...
..you compromised on
it today so swiftly?
You want all these
comforts, don't you?
Give me some time.
I'll slog day and night
and get everything for you.
You're misunderstanding me.
I want all this for you,
not for myself.
I want you to get all the
happiness and comfort.
You want me happy, don't you?
Then return this gift
to your father.
And henceforth, never accept
any help or gift...
..from any of your family
members. Understand?
But why?
Because when two people
of equal status...
..gift each other something,
that's called a gift.
But when a rich person gifts
something to a poor person...
..it's considered to be
help, an alm.
And Raja doesn't accept
alms from anybody.
Enough of it. Let's go from here.
Come on.
I won't go.
All right then.
You may stay here.
I'll send your belongings here.
I'm going. You may stay here.
You're going away from me?
I gave up the whole world
for your sake.
I sacrificed everything. And you
are leaving me today?What do you think of yourself?.
You're a man. So you can
leave me any time you like?
But where should I go?
Where should I go?
When I stepped into your life...
..I shut all the doors
which led me back.
Now I don't have any other door
except yours...
..or my other choice is death.
Where am I leaving you?
I'm not leaving you.
I'm not going anywhere.
Please forgive me.
I've said a lot of undesirlable
things to you out of anger.
Please forgive me.
But I cannot live in that house.
I can sacrifice a hundred such
homes for your sake.
But listen to me attentively.
If you ever talk of
leaving me again...
..I'll commit suicide.
What're you saying?
You love me so much?
You can test it.
Forgive me, Madam. I haven't
yet tested your love...
..and I've already taken
so much ofbeating.
What'll people in Palankhet say?
That Raja is bashed by his wife?
Hush! Why do you lie?
Where did I hit you?
Is it?
I was just annoyed a bit.
A bit annoyed?
What could I do?
Whenever I become angry, I wonder
what happens to me.
Henceforth whenever I misbehave,
you may slap me twice.
Is it? Think it over.
I've thought it over.
One more slap is still pending.
What happened?
What happened?
What happened to her?
What's happened to her?
What did you do to her?
Nothing. I just slapped her once.
Just once? It's all right then.
You men are all alike.
To hell with you!
Say something. What's
happened to you?
O brother!
You've scared me needlessly.
You'd better get scared. It will
be in your interest.
Otherwise you would be
at the receiving end.
The father and daughter are related
to each other in blood.
And it can never be severed.
Today, brother-in-law has only
willed the house in her name.
Tomorrow, he may transfer
the entirle property.
But her husband has already
returned the house.
He has only returned the house.
But he won't return the property.
After he dies, all property will
be transferred to Aarti's name.
Then that taxi-driver
will reign over us.
Then what should we do?
To kill the snake...
..it's very necessary to make
the snake come out ofhis hole.
Do something so that both
of them come here.
Then I'll make such a move that even
the villains would be embarrassed.
No. I won't go to Mumbai.
If you won't go,
I won't go too.
But where am I preventing you?
Just look...
Mother has written
such a loving letter.
She wants that father and I should
celebrate our birthday together...
..just like we do every year.
Otherwise, Father will
feel very lonely.
But I'll feel like
a stranger there.
Why don't you go yourself?.
Without you?
You want me to celebrate
my birthday in sorrow?
No, but...
Then agree to come.
It's a matter of only a few days.
Please agree to it.
All right. I'll come to Mumbai.
My home has come!
You've come! Didn't I say that
Aarti will surely come?
Thank you for honouring
my request.
Where's Father?
He's gone out.
He must be returning.
Our daughter has come alone?
Where's our son-in-law?
Gosh! He's left behind.
I'll fetch him right away.
All of us will come to greet him.
Let's us how our son-in-law is.
You don't have change? Why not?
Why don't you keep loose change?
Forget it. After all, it's a matter
of only two-and-a-half rupees.
Is two-and-a-half rupees
a small amount?
Give back my note. I'll give you
the exact amount. Am I a fool?
You live in such a huge bungalow and
you crib for two-and-a-half rupees?
I don't live in this bungalow.
I live in Palankhet.
Come on...give back my money.
What happened? What's the matter?
He's a strange fellow. The
fare is 47.50 rupees.
I gave him a 50-rupee note.
Now I'm asking for 2.50 rupees...
and now he's arguing with me.
Let it be.
It's a matter of two-and-a-half
rupees. Come on. Let's go.
What do you mean?
Are you gone mad?
It's my hard-earned money.
I too drive taxis.
But I've never cheated anybody.
I account for every paisa.
Come on. Give me my money.
Take your two-and-a-half rupees and
stop your nonsense, you beggar.
Whom did you call a beggar?
Don't you hit me! Or
I'll contact the union!
Take him away.
You've got your money. Go now.
What do you mean? Is he mad?
He quarrels for a couple of rupees.
He may kill for 5 rupees.
Send him back to his village.
All right. We'll send him back.
He's a quarrelsome person.
Calm down...calm down.
Raja is very tirled. Take him inside.
Go and take rest.
Why did you have to...
Do you mean that I was wrong?
What kind of a person
did Aarti marry?
She has married the right man.
Didn't you see how much
angry he becomes?
It's easy to instigate a person
who is so hot-tempered.
It doesn't take long
to light a fire.
Hurry up.
The guests must've arrived.
May I come in?
Yes, of course. Please come.
How should I tell you?
I won't be able to tell you.
You may tell me.
Dear...I too can have some desirles
and aspirlations, can I not?
Yes, why not?
I want Raja to wear this dress
in today's party.
I've got it made myself. It would
look so good on Raja.
But he...?
Don't you want Raja to look the
most handsome in today's party?
Don't you?
But why did you take
so much of trouble?
Trouble? What's the trouble?
I'm your mother, after all.
Who else do I have besides you?
But don't tell Raja that I've
given it to you.
Otherwise he won't wear it.
You know how Raja is!
Then what should I tell him?
Every wife knows how to
convince her husband.
Ah, yes! Tell him that you've
bought this suit for him.
It's one and the same thing whether
you buy it or I buy it.
He'll agree if you ask him.
All guests have arrived.
Both of you...get ready.
Get him to wear the
suit, all right?
Gosh! Why did you sit down?
Get up!
I'm unable to get myself to
attend this gathering.
What? Don't talk about it now.
Just get up and get ready.
Hurry up...come on!
You will wear this today?
Yes. I thought of wearing
my wedding dress tonight.
No...today you'll wear this.
What is this?
It's a suit.
You'll look handsome
if you wear it.
Everybody at the party
will say that...
..nobody is more beautiful
than Aarti's Raja.
But where did it come from?
I bought it.
But it must be very expensive.
So what? I've been taking away
money from your pocket.
Did you get to know about it?
This suit was bought
with that money.
Is it?
Hey...enough of arguments.
Wear it now. For my sake.
All right.
You were so delayed! Father has
been waiting for you since long.
Why're you looking so lost?
Come...I'll introduce you
to some guests.
You're feeling shy?
Do you know...in this party, the
richest of people have come?
Come...let me introduce
you to all of them.
But will you agree to something?
Keep quiet in theirl presence.
Or else the truth'll be exposed.
You understand everything.
Isn't it? Come on...
You were asking, weren't you?
He's Aarti's husband.
The owner of Lucknow Mills.
Uncle...where is Raja?
Where're you going?
You should leave your husband
alone for some time.
He's mixing with people.
He's happy.
All right.
What is your profession?
Isn't it such an unusual name?
The owner of Hindustan and
Hindustan Motor Company.
He has hundreds of cars.
What're you saying?
You're feeling annoyed because
I'm speaking in English?
I'm speaking in English.
And he hates English.
He's of the opinion that only
those who speak English are...
What're you saying?
No...I've nothing against the
language of the English.
In fact, I don't know
how to speak English.
She believes that one who doesn't
know how to speak English...
..he becomes degraded,
and is unfit for your society.
Keep quiet.
And you'd better know that I'm not
an owner of any motor company.
I'm a taxi-driver and
a tourist guide.
Forget about hundreds of cars,
I don't even own my own taxi.
I've only one vehicle, and that
too belongs to my Uncle and Aunty.
If you like, you may
speak to me now.
You see...
Come over here.
Didn't I tell you that you
should keep quiet?
But why're you lying to
others about me?
Then what should I do?
Should I tell them the truth...
..about your status and means?
Should I tell them the
reality about you?
That a taxi-driver has become the
son-in-law of this big family?
You're a shameless man.
You might not even be
feeling ashamed about it.
But hear this carefully.
We decent people are tirled...
..ofbeing embarrassed
because of you.
Now don't embarrass us any more.
Why're you leaving the party?
I'm going upstairls.
How beautiful!
It's such a beautiful suit.
Where did you buy it from?
Aarti bought it for me.
Why're you laughing on me?
Yes...why're you laughing?
Why shouldn't I laugh? This suit is
mine. I've worn it so many times.
It belongs to you?
But I don't understand something.
Why did Aarti lie to you?
Aarti must be feeling
embarrassed since...
..Raja doesn't have
nice dress to wear.
She just lied a little to make
you fit for this gathering.
You aren't lying, are you?
Why would he lie?
If Aarti is embarrassed about you,
go and ask Aarti. What can we do?
Come on...go and ask her.
Like you know...
Today is the birthday of my
husband and my darling daughter.
Wow! What a night it is!
Come on, Raja...
Hey! Where are you taking me?
You've already made quite
a scene. Come to the room now.
No. Not in the room. Right here!
In everybody's presence!
Speak whatever you like
in everybody's presence.
Enough ofkeeping things
under cover!
How could you dare to misbehave
like this with my daughter?
If you utter any more word...
You'd better keep quiet!
Who're you to interfere in a
husband and wife's matter?
You interfere a lot with our
lives. Keep quiet now!
Why're you embarrassing us
in everybody's presence? Why?
You've said the right thing now!
Are you hearing?
All of them are embarrassed
of me. Do you know why?
Because an ordinary person,
a taxi-driver...
..has become the son-in-law of
such an affluent family.
And by accepting this illiterate,
naive and uncultured person...
..everybody's heads are
hanging in shame.
Poor souls!
They're afflicted with
a false sense of pride!
You too are embarrassed of me!
Aren't you embarrassed?
Liar! Cheat! You too
proved to be like others?
What've I done that you're being so
respectable towards me in public?
What have you not done?
You've lied to me. To make me fit
for this gathering...
..you've even made me wear
somebody's discarded dresses.
I did?
Didn't you?
Did you buy this dress?
I lied to you because...
You lied, didn't you?
What're you doing?
Actually, Aarti lied
to you because...
Lie! Everybody is lying!
Ask her! Does this dress
not belong to him?
Did you not go to him...
..to beg him for
a dress for me?
My dress? What nonsense, Raja!
When did I tell you that
this dress is mine?
Why're you lying? Why're you
embarrassing Aarti in public?
Liars! All of you are liars!
I'll kill you!
You raised your hand
on my father?
How dare you!
You're really an uncultured
and a wild person.
You're not fit
for this place.
I'm realising today that by
falling in love with you...
..by accepting you,
I committed a big blunder.
I hurt all of them so much!
Go away from here!
Get out from here!
I'm not lying!
Leave my hand!
I said...leave my hand!
O God!
What did I tell him?
Where are you going?
He's going away, Mother.
Let me stop him.
Don't be a fool!
He's misbehaved with me.
He's misbehaved with you.
And now you'll go
to appease him?
Even ifhe wants to go,
how far can he go?
He'll roam about on the
streets all night.
And when he comes to his
senses in the morning...
..he will come back
rushing to you.
He won't come.
Listen carefully to what
your mother has to say.
Ifhe truly loves you,
he will surely come.
He won't come.
He will come.
He won't come.
He will come.
He won't come.
What's happened?
What? I'm pregnant?
Yes. You're three months pregnant.
I will have to go to
Palankhet right away.
I'll have to tell Raja
about it right away.
No. You cannot travel under
any cirlcumstances.
Your condition is very delicate.
If there's any tension on
your heart or your mind...
..there's a risk of miscarriage.
You'll have to be very careful
for at least six months.
Please ensure that she doesn't
travel for at least six months.
All right.
But you don't realise how important
it is for me to go.
If I don't go...
I will go.
I will go.
When will this mother of
yours be of some use?
I'll bring back Raja.
Ifhe's annoyed with you...
..I'll convince him in your name
and bring him back.
But he...
Why do you worry?
I'm there. Leave everything
to your mother.
Of course...
Whatever has happened
has happened.
But you too made a big mistake.
You shouldn't have left her
behind and come back.
No matter how much a husband
and wife quarrel...
..you shouldn't have
left her there.
Uncle...a big scene had
been created there.
The condition had crossed
much farther.
And I too had drunk- liquor
for the first time.
I wonder what all I did
under the influence of liquor.
And they too had instigated
me a lot. And Aarti...
No! Don't suspect Aarti.
After all, she's your wife.
All husbands and wives quarrel.
It doesn't mean that...
Come on...go and appease her.
And bring her back.
She's very annoyed at me.
She won't return.
Fool! Is a wife's annoyance
to be taken seriously?
She must be waiting for you.
Go and bring her back.
She won't return, Aunty...
Look! You were just thinking about
it. And she has even returned.
Look! Baby has come!
Where's Aarti?
Aarti didn't come?
No. Neither will she come.
What is it?
You may read it.
What is it?
But why?
Everything has been mentioned
in these divorce papers.
Our Aarti cannot do this.
I'll go to her. All of us
will go to her.
We'll explain to her.
Nobody will go to her to
beg or plead for my sake.
What does she think ofherself?.
Does she want divorce from me?
Will she be able to
live without me?
All right then! I too
will live without her.
What're you saying?
No, Aunty.
If anybody of you goes to her
you won't see me alive.
We haven't come here to see
your new performance.
If you hate Aarti so much,
then sign the divorce papers.
Tell that daughter of
an affluent father...
..that marriage might be
a game in her society...
..which can be terminated by
signing a piece of paper.
But in our society, we treat
marriage as worship.
After encirlcling fire for
seven times...
..the relationship
becomes permanent...
..even if we don't see each
other's face for a lifetime.
He wants you to divorce.
Yes. The documents in your
hands are meant for divorce.
He has signed the documents too.
He wants divorce from you.
Raja cannot do it.
He cannot punish me so severely
for such a small matter.
Mother...you had said that
you'll convince him.
Didn't you say?
What could I do, my daughter?
I tried a lot.
I even pleaded with him.
I told him not to ruin
my daughter's life.
But what could we do?
He has begun to hate you severely.
You told him that I'm pregnant?
Yes, we did.
We told him a hundred times.
But he made such an abominable
statement that...
..we're feeling embarrassed
even to mention it.
What did he say?
What did he say?
He said that the child
should be aborted.
He cannot do this. He
cannot do this with you.
He can do anything.
Out of anger...out of stubbornness,
he can do anything.
He can do nothing.
As long as I'm there,
he can do nothing.
Congratulations, Father.
You forgot your curse, Father?
Do you remember...
I'd asked you for your blessings...
..and you had said that my
marriage will never be successful.
That I would never be happy
by staying away from you.
Your statement proved to be true.
No, that was just...
No progeny can protect itself
from theirl parents' curse.
But remember what I've to say.
I won't divorce him.
He wants to leave me, doesn't he?
But I'll never leave him.
I'll give birth to his son.
It's just that I've lost
faith in this world.
I've lost faith in love.
I'm still young.
I'm still young.
Who's she?
She's Shalu.
Is she fast?
She's Shalu Madam,
Aarti's step-mother.
Mother? Is a mother
supposed to be like this?
Madam! Greetings!
Greetings, Madam.
What're you doing here?
I've come to visit Mumbai.
He's Balwant Singh, my husband.
Greet her!
Get up...what're you doing?
I was looking as to how big
people appear from the bottom.
A typical villager!
A villager!?
What were you doing?
Come on now...
Won't you allow me an opportunity?
I'll make her move...
What is it?
You're so nice!
Ask him to stop this!
Stop it...
Madam is very nice.
Let me serve...
Why've you come here?
Madam...we've come to meet Aarti.
I wonder what happened between
Raja and Aarti that...
What have you got to do with it?
She doesn't want to meet you.
She hates you people.
She wants to forget all of you.
I don't believe you.
And don't dare to
return. Understand?
Stop it now! Goodbye!
Come on!
Listen to me...
Come...let's go.
What is it?
What is this that I see?
A child!
Yes. We saw a child in Aarti's
arms with our own eyes.
Your child is very cute.
Why did Aarti hide such an
important thing from us?
It's your child, and we
don't even know about it.
It's your child! Your own blood!
We saw it with our own eyes.
My child!
My child!
Lord! Today is Karwa-Chauth.
And like every married woman...
I pray that wherever my husband
is, however he might be...
May he be blessed
with my own life.
What happened?
Raja had come.
He took away the child.
Did you see? Didn't I say that
he can do anything?
He took away the child,
didn't he?
Brother-in-law...please take
care of Aarti.
I'll go and telephone the
police right away. Come on...
What're you doing?
I'm telephoning the police.
You're a donkey's son.
You cannot be my son.
But didn't you say that...?
We don't have to act
like we say.
We can't get a better opportunity.
We'll chop off the necks
of Raja and his child.
Listen...nobody will suspect it.
Aarti will become free too.
Then we'll get you married to her.
Thus brother-in-law's entirle
property will be in my hands.
And don't mention about
this to your Aunt!
All right. But why?
She's a fool! I know that
she might cause my downfall.
But we will ease her
out gradually.
Now we have to find out where
Raja has gone with the child.
The police wants to know as to
where Raja can go with the child.
Look at the flower's condition...
you don't even scold the gardener!
Shall I become a gardener?
What happened, my child?
My child!
My child!
No...whatever has happened
hasn't happened for good.
No matter how serious the
quarrel might've been...
..you shouldn't have
severed the relationship.
What had been so serious that
you sent divorce papers to Raja?
What? I sent the divorce papers?
I wanted to sever the relationship?
I was carrying the child.
I couldn't even travel. And Raja
wanted me to abort my child?
Does he hate me so much?
What're you saying? You're levelling
such a serious accusation on him?
I admit that he is old-fashioned
in his thinking.
But even today, he's
madly in love with you.
Your mother and your uncle had come
here with your signed divorce papers.
Ask your mother. Ask her.
Hadn't they come to
sever the relation?
I haven't done anything.
Tell me the truth.
Tell me the truth,
or I'll thrash you!
Tell me!
I'll tell you!
The divorce papers did not
bear Raja's signature.
It had been signed
by my brother.
Raja didn't want to break
his ties with Aarti.
We wanted to destroy
her relationship.
To keep control...
..over your property
and your daughter.
You destroyed my daughter's
marriage for property?
I won't spare you alive!
No, Father.
You want to protect her? The
one who destroyed your home?
No, Father...I destroyed my
own home. Nobody is at fault.
But, mother...let me tell
you something.
I didn't have my mother.
I believed blindly
everything you said...
..because you related
to me as a mother.
A mother's status is the
most significant one.
Never fool around with your progeny
in your
Otherwise nobody will trust
one's mother henceforth.
Please forgive me.
All is not lost yet.
Tomorrow morning, Raja will come
straight home with the child.
We'll reunite you with him there.
Won't we?
Raja has come.
Raja has come. He has
the child with him.
But you won't come out
and appear before him.
Firlst we will meet him, explain
to him. Then you may come.
Please don't let her come out.
My child!
It's my child!
Come on...kill him!
I am on your side.
Beat these scoundrels!
I am with you.
Hit these rascals!
Rascal! You destroyed my
daughter's home!
No, Uncle!
Leave my son!
No, Brother-in-law!
You've threatened me enough!
You've threatened us enough.
And I kept on tolerating it.
We lived on your money,
and at the same time...
..we continued to ruin
your daughter's home.
Yes! We've ruined your
daughter's home.
We've poisoned her life. Else,
you would've transferred your...
..entirle property in favour of
this illiterate son-in-law.
And what would we've got?
Now that you know our truth,
and you know everything now...
We're now taking your progeny to
bury him in some deserted land!
You don't want to do it, do you?
Then transfer all your
property in my favour!
Come on, my son!
Come on!
You'll bury my child!?
Leave him!
Please rescue my father!
You'll bury my child!?
Stop it...or he will die!
Stop him, Aarti!
Listen to what I've to say.
Listen to what
Aarti has to say.
At least listen to her.
Nobody will say anything today.
Today...only Raja will say
and Aarti will listen...
Aarti will say and
Raja will listen...
It's our fault that we
didn't trust each other...
..and listened to what
the world had to say.
Our relationship was at fault.
It was so fragile that
it broke so easily?
How could I believe that you don't
love me...that you hate me?
And how could you believe that
I could be unfaithful to you?
That I could hide from you
that we have our child?
Believe me...I didn't do
any such thing...
So you still don't believe me?
All right. What do you want?
That I should walk away
from your life?
I'll go away.
You want the child, don't you?
You may keep the child
with you forever.
I'll manage to live
without the child.
But I cannot bear your suspicion
and your hatred for me.
Just remember...I've
always loved you.
And I'll always
continue to love you.
Stop her, Raja!
Don't go...please stop!
Come on, Father...
Let's go...
Do something...
please do something!
''Do not leave us''
''Do not go away...do not leave us''
''Keep your word, my friend''
''Remember us, always...Forget us not''
''Do not leave me...''
''Do not leave me''
''Know what's wrong with me?
What intoxication I feel?''
''This is my punishment for
falling in love with you''
''This is what I get for
falling in love with you''
''This is what I get for
falling in love with you''