Raja The Great (2017) Movie Script

My Darling..
Daddy, all prizes are for me right?
I have asked the God, dear. All the prizes are yours
You are a cute kid for my eyes
After how long you grow and when?
Hey Cutie...
Hey Cutie...
Your naughtiness and your words are diamonds
Your walk and dance are all wonders
Hey cutie...
Come with me running along with me
I am your mom and I am your dad
I am like a toy for you to play
Like the earth to carry you
and with love as much as the sky
Shall I always come with you?
Birthday gift...
How much is that gift daddy?
Rs. 10, 000 Baby...
If you would have given that 10,000
to daughter of our maid,
she too would have studied like me right daddy?
I have asked God, dear. She is studying
How are you all, brother?
Hi uncle...
Hi uncle...
Daddy, why did they leave so?
One letter difference
We think as ours and they think as them
Arrange for the celebrations without anything less
Queen of Srisailam and Goddess of
studies is the wealthy Goddess
All in one form have blessed me as this great girl
When this precious princess
is moving in front of my eyes
I am seeing my life
within without blinking the eyes
Hey cutie...
Hey cutie...
Next year, when we come for this celebration
I will show you your life ambition
What is that daddy?
I am your mom and I am your dad
I am like a toy for you to play
Like the earth to carry you
and with love as much as the sky
Shall I always come with you?
Hey cutie...
Hey cutie...
Daddy, life is very happy.
I feel like living the whole life with the same happiness
I have asked God, dear. We will be the same happy
Minister sir,
we brought the prisoners here against the rules,
who were to be taken to the court
How much more time shall we wait?
Look, I got them here putting my post in risk.
If you call your son fast,
we can send them to the court
Is there at least one idiotic son,
who listens to father even after getting 25 years, say?
When asked him to study in London
and settle abroad,
he said to settle in politics becoming
a goon and snatched all my power.
He loves his brother a lot and angry on his father.
He respects the servant.
I did not understand
My son would come
and you will understand everything
Good morning brother
Good morning brother
Bless me daddy
May Goddess show mercy
Devaraju, it is time for the court.
Speak to them fast and send.
Why are you taking them to court, Minister Sir?
For doing murder attempt on your brother
You wanted my brother, right? Come and kill
Why are these killings now Devaraju?
Remove those glasses first. It is very irritating
My brother is my life.
Anybody who wants his life will not be alive.
What is this dreaded thing sir? Why did he kill so Sir?
What is me killing?
Daddy, what happened here now?
You asked those going to court to come home
and you killed them son
When an attack happened on you those days,
you left mom and came escaping.
Mom has died and you are failed as husband
Now, when I thought you growing old would be with me
giving advises like Kattappa, you are fail even now
Bless me daddy
Servant Saraswathi madam
Yes sir
What happened here now?
When those rascals escaped from jail
and came to kill you and your brother,
you killed them for self protection and that is all.
Oh no!
You do not have the common sense a servant has
Hey Cp, record as said by Saraswathi madam
and close the case
Brother, see the faces of all once
Brother! According to science when
a wonder takes place before the eyes of human,
his brain goes into saturation state for ten seconds.
That means going into
a state of great surprise completely immersed
I am a wonder...
A great wonder.
Prakash! Not as a higher official
but saying you as a friend.
The area you are going on transfer is in
the control of that Deva
We cannot do him anything.
Do not get into unnecessary problems
with your sincerity.
His brother kidnapped four girls
and put them in house arrest.
Understand how powerful is he as the department
aware of everything has not done anything
Lucky, what are you doing here?
I came to shop daddy
Ok, you carefully go home
You bloody...
Not that Prakash..listen to me.
Now that Deva..
No need of fearing to anybody
First you listen to me.
Prakash, please listen to me. Please...
Take Lucky from there and leave
Daddy, will you make brother alive?
How can we make the dead alive, my son?
You are saying your own son is dead.
Do you have no shame?
He is dead what if he is my son, to hell with you
As long as brother was alive,
his wish was to see me as MLA
I will fulfill that and make brother alive in that goal
Bless me daddy
May Goddess show mercy
Where is my daughter?
Where is my brother?
Where is my daughter?
Where is my brother?
Where is my daughter?
Where is my brother?
You are worried badly when your
daughter is not seen for just five minutes.
You took away my brother
for permanent and what about me then?
Hey, I will show even to you how would the pain
losing those we like in front of our eyes feel.
I will not leave any of you alive,
who are the reason for death of my brother
I will first start with your daughter
and start with her death
Save your daughter with the same
team spirit you killed my brother
Come on save
Hey Sundar...
Wow, what a team work
Sir, we should save lucky first. Come on sir, please
Move, move, move...
You take Lucky and go sir. Sir, please go
Come Lucky.
Lucky, you go.
Lucky listen to me and you leave...
They will not leave you Lucky, go
My darling, go as daddy said.
Lucky go... Lucky go...
All along with you killing my brother died,
except your daughter.
What is she, a small sparrow...
I will kill before she flies ...
I have asked God to send
a guy to save her wherever she is in this world
Even if that God comes in the way
to save your daughter, I will kill that God too
Confidence thrills...
Overconfidence kills...
Welcome to my world...
Shower with hot water.
Having sandwich
It's Yummy.
What, are you fearing the darkness?
I am coming into your world.
What is the time?
I am blind
But you put a watch
I am a bit high in style
Shut up...
Hey, I am named as Sahayam to help the opposite
Hey, can you not see?
Are you blind?
Yes sir
Will you go walking by yourself
without the help of anybody?
That is, I am accustomed to this road sir. No problem
Come on, everyone is into overconfidence
If blind like you cross the road by yourself
how would we get the goodwill?
Still, what do you think of this road?
There would be stones, marbles, holes and ditches...
There would be a speed breaker ahead, see to that
I know... Oh no!
What did you understand by this incident?
A guy with sight should walk more
careful than the blind.
Good lesson
What is your name dear?
Raja the great
Apt title
This is the bus stand, where should you go?
I too am going there. You get into 216
What about you then?
Milk tanker comes at this time, right?
Ok Google,
now get to Gachibowli stadium
Navigating to Gachibowli..
Your destination arrived
Thank you Google map
Hail Lord Ganapathi!
My hairy dog should be good,
I should get great hairs
Where is my close friend?
Hey Bujji
My Raja...
What is this? Stop it
My God Raja...
My mass maharaja...
Are you a human?
Do you worship a man with the flowers meant for God?
What bloody, will you adopt finding a six year
shabby kid at Odion theater in RTC cross roads?
Damn it, why will I adopt?
Hey, I got this shabby guy of six years
when I was 10 years old.
If you adopting dogs and cats are humans,
what would my Raja adopting humans be,
if not a God?
You dirty bald headed....
Hey Bujji...
Why fight with them?
Has the Kabaddi match started inside?
No. Speech of the coach has started
Yes Sir
Speech of the coach is important to win a match.
What my speech now is...
Hey Coach...
Hey Bujji, is it a warm up?
Not warm up, all fell down
Is it? Hey Coach...
Hey coach... No, this is bald head Bhasker.
He is dumb mouth Prasad
Face with the holes and he is our coach...
Hey Bujji...
Hey coach, here is the recommendation letter of SP sir.
Make me play as the main player
at least in the main match
You could become extra player in this
Police team as your mother is a head Constable
You cannot become a main player,
how many ever letters you bring.
Go and carry the water bottles, go.
Speech of the coach is important to win a match.
What my speech now is...
Hey, umpire there is calling for the game.
Come on
Play well idiots...
Welcome to the district level pro kabaddi tournament
Oh no.. My leg..
Not that side, we shall go this way
You bloody idiot, we with good sight
are standing here and why do you wander so?
Stand here.
Now, coming before us is...
Swamiji, bless me.
Hello, I am the vice captain and cup too is ours
Come on...
What is our game planning?
Jai Tahishmati!
This talisman has brought us to finals
and this will bring us the cup too now
Court or the chant?
Good luck bro
I am..
I will go..
He is strong guy in our team.
Go, hit two to three and come.
You will always have my blessings, go.
Kabaddi, kabaddi...
Oh no...
He is not responding at all.
Is he alive or dead?
What dude?
Will you not send me?
Oh no, what is he like Kalakeya?
What dude?
Send me, man
Yes, point
Yes, point
Yes, point
Oh no..
I stopped chant, get up.
I am going breathless guys.
By the end of first half Bank bulls
are down in the hands of our Police Rodies
Our score is 35
Ours is zero
Waste fellows...
See john, they are hitting your men with bottles.
Hey, all these are natural for our Indian sports
These idiots look to take lives for points.
See how they are dashing like wild pigs
What is the score?
A match to win
Hey coach, one chance. Just one chance
What will he do giving a chance sir?
What will he do?
He keeps saying Kabaddi and move in his own court
Hey Bujji, what is the face expression of coach?
It is glowing in between victory and happiness
I did not like
So what?
Hey..catch it.
He is a coach and this is a team of his
Hey, make me play in your team
and I will make you win
One chance dudes, just one chance and I will finish it
What can you do without eye sight?
What did you do with 14 eyes?
Why is there no sound?
What a confidence?
We can better believe in his power than this talisman
New josh came as he
came unexpectedly into the team.
When those with eyes could not do anything,
what would a blind do John?
Robert.. See there
Yes, he is caught now
Yes, he is caught now
Hey, why do you pull my leg?
What will they win the cup?
You pulled our own guy?
How did I miss so? Ok, let us count.
1, 2, 3, 4...
Mid line
1, 2, 3, 4...
Ball line
1, 2
Bonus line
1, 2, 3...
End line
Side line.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5...
End line
5 here and 5 there and total 10.
Someone go for an empty ride.
Come on.. Go.
Bull, what bull? Black bull...
Yes, I had been and back..
Come now idiots, come
What is he playing Bathukamma instead of Kabaddi?
That means?
Human gets a sound from near and
another from far.
He makes them out based on it.
Looking at the pace of our blind boy,
he would shake your team.
Theirs is 35 and yours is 36 and correctly on the edge.
You should get 2 points to win.
It is enough for us to stay on what we have.
Our guy would get us to win.
How many are on that side?
Two are there
I will go...I will go.
Will you go?
Go, come on go
They win getting the two points only.
It is enough that you are not caught.
He should listen to any sound.
You both remove your shoes.
Are you frightened idiots, not coming in front?
Come if you have guts,
Come on...Silence
What idiots, shall I arrange for saree
and jasmines for you to wear?
Come front idiot...
Do not react
You did not get even one point after I came. Come on...
Come on...
Cup is ours...
Won the cup
Audience are marching ahead
It is natural in Indian sports to pat first
and then march ahead.
Yes, it is true
What will you say now in the department?
What will they generally write in papers
when India loses?
What they write..
They won the cup and we won the hearts
Hey, bujji what is the expression
on face of that coach now?
I will say
It is struggling in between pain and loss.
Yes, it is laughing time
Raja, Raja, Raja the great
Dazzling 2000 note
Raja, Raja, Raja the great
Dazzling 2000 note
Raja, Raja, Raja the great
Fate changes when you step in
Like this stick in black and white
You filled colour in our life
That you have no sight...
Shut up, is that topic needed now?
Can you not sing without that?
Sorry boss
Great sound from the drums
It will be a wow if I dance in steps
Great sound from the drums
There is great stuff with us
You are our trump card
You are our world cup
You are our trump card
You are our world cup
You are the ground and back ground
Your whistle is my tonic
Your shoulders carrying me are Titanic
When screaming so, I get kick.
Let us go ahead in the same swing.
His sight is tsunami...
Stop it, where is the sight?
Do not praise of what is not there.
Just praise of what is there, ok?
Great sound from the drums
It will be a wow if I dance in steps
Great sound from the drums
There is great stuff with us
Come on..
Come.... Come on..
Come.... Come on..
Come on..
Raja, Raja, Raja the great
Raja, Raja, Raja the great
If he puts the hand...
Why doubts, I have both the hands... Continue
If he puts hands, it is a luck and kick
Great sound from the drums
It will be a wow if I dance in steps
Great sound from the drums
There is great stuff with us
Great sound from the drums
It will be a wow if I dance in steps
Great sound from the drums
There is great stuff with us
Why is the door open?
Mom would have come then
She is there, come
Ananthalakshmi, we defeated your
Police team badly and won the cup.
Hey Bujji, show it
Here is the cup.. Hi five...
Hi five...No!
She is slapping
No idea
Oh, she too is a Police right?
I do not need cup
What do you need then?
I wish to see you as a Police dear.
They are not giving you that job on the name of rules.
I wish to see you in a Police operation before I die, son.
Come on spit
No... here
Yes, give it here
IG sir has started a secret operation newly.
You somehow join in that team and...
The confidence you have is not there
to that higher official
This operation is in regard with the life of a girl, son
Later, IG sir called uncles of Lucky.
Everything is cut with her dad itself sir.
We have no issues even if she dies.
See you.
Come on move..
What humans are these
Lucky, we will arrange Police protection for you
No uncle, not even another Police should die for me
I have no hope on life without my father.
I will live till I die or till he kills
As she did not agree Police to be with her,
IG sir planned a secret operation to save her.
It is not just my wish that you go for this operation,
but your responsibility too
You met with an accident returning
from school in childhood
Doctors said huge amount
would be required for operation
There was no trial left behind by me for me
Prakash Sir was in charge as CI at our station then.
Take good care of the boy
You got the chance to pay back the debt of him,
who saved your life
Anantha Lakshmi
It seems dry fruit paper sweet is come
fresh in the market
Not a basket but, arrange a bigger plate this time
This land and the river...
Hey my favorite song is on, increase the sound
My people who took care of me...
Yes sir...
switch of that TV
Hey, switch of that TV
See madam..
I am keeping calm as we are from same department.
How can a blind be in the department?
Handmade sweets sir,
let it go so for just this one time sir... Please sir
Do not put me into trouble bringing
sweet like this as my wife likes sweet
None else can save that girl than my son, sir.
This is the matter related to the life of a girl
You know about him and his track record?
You know about our track record?
We won cup over your Police team.
We won the hearts sir
useless fellow...
Sorry..can't help.
Anantha Lakshmi
Somehow my son should be...
Sir, my mom is dying sir.
Fulfill her last wish and put me in the Police team sir
Please sir, I beg you sir
I missed serial last night.
Keep it in recording as there
would be the repeat telecast.
I got heart attack and will call back again, ok?
She is ruined it
Sir, I thought heart pain.
But, it is the gas pain
Good, you can try in serials.
Definitely we will try sir
Hey Bujji... What is the face expression of IG sir?
It is glowing in between power and ego
I did not like
Tell dear..
Did Anantha Lakshmi come with sweets?
Not that dear
Put her son in the job she asked
and bring those sweets home
Wait... Salute him
It is good for you now to go home with
the sweets than with empty hands sir
Hey Bujji... What is the face expression of IG sir?
It is struggling in between wife and duty
It is laughing time
Mrs Anantha Lakshmi, come
I am putting your son in this operation.
He should not overact, should clean the vehicle.
He should keep the house clean and also cook, Ok?
A bit left... A bit up...
Hey, what are you doing?
You gave a sweet news right sir
and I am feeding you sweet
Take the basket and keep it in the vehicle
Anantha Lakshmi, you did it
Ok, where is that girl now?
Why are you stopping?
Woman's perfume... That means a girl
I do not know your language,
but I will say in the language I know
The music you played is very good.
But there is some pain in that.
If happiness adds to your music,
it would be further great
Lucky, come...
Yes, coming
Lucky... Very nice name,
but I think I heard this name somewhere
Hello madam...
Oh God!
Hey, we came for that same girl
I will not leave from here without adding happiness.
Get fixed!
My relatives avoided me when I was in problems
You gave me a shelter as a friend, thanks dear
Why so much sentiment, come on move
Good morning
Good morning dad
Gayatri... I am leaving
Pandu...I am leaving
Oh no daddy, stop daddy
Yes, I am dead
To save, it is not the stool to pull. It is the rope
To take the charger...
Oh no, it is hurt badly..
That is why I said to try my cotton saree.
My scarf is better than that, right?
Aunty, what is this?
This is the story that runs daily in our house dear
What exactly happened uncle?
Into my life living like king in the Tea estate,
That rascal Babji, my bank manager friend entered
it is me
To reach his target, he gave me 5 Lakh loan by
force though I did not need
Because it is my profession
Once his hand fell, all my business became a zero
Adding another zero to the given 5 Lakh,
he cheated me saying to pay a total of 50 Lakhs
Because I am merciless
He seized my tea estate for 25 lakhs
He is saying to seize even this house
if another 25 lakhs is not paid in four days
Because I am ruthless
It happened so at a time when we were very happy
That God is always so aunty, he disturbs only those happy
That bloody bank Babji fellow...
How many pockets would be there
for the Jean pant of Aurangzeb?
4 Pockets if Jeans pants were there those days
Wrong answer
Mummy, no! Your hand will pain
Why did grandma hit?
In the starting days of smart phone arrival,
our old man... I mean my dad...
I will start if you stop the works
My dad climbed onto a stone for taking
selfie with mom in the beach
Our old man is very romantic
and pinched cheek of mom in the gap
Mom is very shy and pushed him at once
That is all, old man slipped and fell so into the sea
Mom went into a shock.
I set up a library to relax mom
She is relaxing a bit high reading books continuously
What is the car number of Srikrishnadevarayalu?
It was Samaikyandhra then,
so AP and if you take 12 it is 1234
Wrong answer
Hey, that is my leg
This is the house Lucky stays and this
is the guest house you would be staying
Boys... suspect... Take positions
Yes sir
Hey Bujji, what happened?
Looks like some Militant has come
Hey, come on stop
What is their nonsense?
Something is in the jacket
Who is he?
Stop, do not go near
Milk smell... He is a milk man Bujji
Milk man?
Yes sir
Ok, go and pour
Milk man sir
Enough, bring it down,
you badly failed before him as CI
It is alright sir, failure is the stepping stone of success
Hey, stop it. Move...
Do you feel that
girl is safe with these three idiots Bujji?
What happened?
Those three idiots are still here
My foot
We searched whole of Andhra and
Telangana and found no where sir
We searched all districts in Tamilnadu
and found no where sir
We searched all places in Karnataka sir,
not found anywhere
We searched whole Kerala sir,
that girl was found no where
She is not in South states means
she would definitely be in North states
Go for West Bengal,
Manipur, Orissa...
No chance for that girl to be in North sir
Last phone call she did after escaping
from this incident was to the IG.
This is the call data sir.
She with the help of Police is definitely
taking shelter in twin cities
Give time for two days and that girl will be before you
Daddy, you appointed this fellow right?
Yes my son
Bless me daddy
Mercy of the Goddess
He is very sharp. All of you follow this fellow
Hey, you work better.
My son appreciated for the first time,
mercy of Goddess..
Ok sir
Good morning sir
As we thought, I diverted Deva in the matter of the girl sir
No chance that he gets to know where Lucky is
Not just that, we shall gather many secrets from him
All those evidences are in the secret room of his
generator factory sir.
We will get for sure.
Ok sir
Sir, Sir
Hello, we came new into this opposite house.
Will you give if we need some grocery?
Are you Telugu?
How did you make out sir?
As you were trying to mingle on the name of
grocery immediately after you came...
Only we will have this talent.
What is he struggling for?
To give a shake hand
He is blind sir, cannot see
He does not look so.
That is why I say to hold the stick.
You are high in styles
Stick and the spectacles sir.
Check if you have any doubts sir
How many fingers are these?
No, once more
How many fingers are these?
He is out
How will they believe if you say it all so?
What to do? I am lucky and everything is matching
One minute sir
How many are these fingers?
Have you raised or not?
He is raised
Then five
Whatever you need... Do not come to our house
Why sir?
There are two grown up girls in the house
They have grown well
There are two more inside
On the whole we introduced on the very first day
Yes, but what are our idiots doing?
Silence, they are right here
Hey, what are these meetings with him?
We have come to save that girl.
What will we get just by following?
If we talk and introduce with that girl,
we can be by her side for 24 hours right?
You were brought as extra players.
Do not overact, go and look into the cooking works
Yes dear
We shall cook with spoilt tomatoes
We shall put even rotten vegetables
Ok boys, we from tomorrow would
follow that girl and make friendship
Being a CI, do you think stealing
idea of an assistant is correct sir?
A police cannot become a thief sir
Hey, stop your idiotic nonsense
Come on boys, let us do it
They are stealing our plan
Bujji, what are the face expressions of those three?
Glowing in between cunningness and characterless
I did not like at all
Then he is dead
This is Batasia Loop view point,
very famous in Darjeeling.
All the best, sir.
It will be very helpful to me if you teach Violin to me.
Madam, please. We are very poor.
We will follow you.
Lucky, there may be some idiots in Darjeeling. Just ignore them.
Stop, idiots. Stop.
This fellow cheated my daughter. We found him here.
What happened?
Which subject he asked you to teach?
He asked us to teach Guitar.
Was it me?
My daughter said, no.
He said that his family is poor.
He made her pregnant.
Don't believe them. I don't even know them.
He is lying.
What is this? It is very strong?
Baby got angry. Baby, go to sleep.
What did you do when he did this much?
He will beat our mouth.
I will beat his nose.
To teach me Violin in Darjeeling, you said that I made pregnant her.
It's like this in Darjeeling.
What is this?
We planned jointly to make friendship
with Lucky.
We put our talents in this resume, sir.
We give this letter to Mr. Prasad and convince him to give us jobs
and will settle in their house.
He already have debts.
How can he give you jobs?
That's why we mentioned in 5th line as,
'we will join even by giving the salary in opposite.'
He didn't study correctly as his nose was broken.
Stop this.
Carry on as per your wish.
I changed it.
What are you guys doing here?
We are playong the game.
You are sitting side and side and
how can you play the game?
Bujji! Are you beside me? Out.
You go and do your work.
Crazy fellows and their blind games.
Bujji! They will be finished.
What is this?
We wrote our talents to get a job at you.
'Dear! My heart's Rhythm.'
In these two, to whom you wrote this?
I am also beautiful.
In these three, to whom you wrote this?
We didn't write it to the ladies. We wrote it to you.
Who wrote this among you both?
Whatever we do, we do it unitedly.
Matter seems very odd.
All ladies go inside.
"When your lip beauty is provocating us..'
'Your chest beauty is disturbing us..'
'Your legs are like banana branches..'
'Your waist is like the paithon..'
While watching them, we are spending many sleepless nights.
They have caught.
We will satisfy even by giving the salary in opposite.
Giving in opposite?
It's not a matter, how much it may be.
We can pay.
Is this plan also failed?
Ye, obsolutely.
Prasad! Rajnikanth killed how many persons in Sepoy's revolt?
He asked the question in a wrong way, sir.
You may go and correct that.
Definitely, sir.
Grandma! Rajnikanth is a film actor. Robo, Robo2, Narasimha.
Wrong answer.
She left you by just beating.
If you bring this kind of crazy letters again, I will kill you.
Do they kill in Darjeeling, if we give resume?
It's like this in Darjeeling.
Hey Bujji, we shall make friends first with Lucky
We should not give them that chance
Are your eyes lost, idiot?
Yes, will you give yours?
You have the eyes and can you not see rascal?
Every person with eyes walks
keeping them over the head.
That girl is going not caring even after seeing us
Is it?
Lucky, I cannot see.
But you can see, right?
Why do you go not caring even after seeing?
Lucky, I already said to
add happiness to your music right?
Yes, even the bell rang.
Shake hands, let us be friends Lucky.
What is your problem?
To add happiness to your music...
You know what is beside you?
My Bujji
On the other side
Yes, that one
A stone, so what?
I too will not have any feelings
or emotions similar to that,
I am like a stone
I do not need any happiness.
I am just inexpressive like this stone
What is it Bujji?
When we said to be happy why does she say stone?
Let us melt that
Is it?
Lucky stone... Lucky smile...
Your inexpressiveness becomes so expressive
People expressing expressions expressively.
How is it Bujji?
It is like Tweet of RGV
Then, it is not understood
That is why she is leaving getting confused
How can she go so?
The stone said not to have any expression became
attraction yesterday and devotion today.
How is this Bujji?
There is clarity like the Tweet of Rajamouli
Then, she understood
That is why, she stopped and is thinking
When a lifeless stone changes so many colors,
how many colors shall we with life change?
Life is like a painting.
Picture comes as beautiful as we draw with our hands
Problems always follow like our shadow.
If we stop just watching that,
how can we march ahead Lucky?
Huh, she is leaving
Lucky, I will give you happiness
and then I will go. I asked the God
I asked the God
I asked the God
Let us be friends
My feeling is that your plan will not work out sir.
Yes sir
No, what is he made friends with that girl before us?
Ok, I am leaving bye
We will come tomorrow by 12 for lunch,
Inform Prasad garu
Hey, how did you make friends to that girl even before us?
Bujji...Say it in pace
How did she become friend by painting the stones?
Our planning is like that
That means, the plan we did whole night is a waste?
What is their face expression?
It is shattered in between depression and hopeless
Yes... it is laughing time
Happy birthday Minister Sir
Oh no, he gets irritated if I am in spectacles
Happy birthday Minister sir
Thank you, come and be seated
Our Party President
Mylar Gadda
Hello sir
Minister sir,
what gift are you giving me for your birthday?
What is me giving a gift for my birthday?
Your smile is very irritating
Daddy, why does he smile when we ask for gift?
How many gifts have we given for his birthday?
Farm house, guest house, Kokapet land...
And when he wanted that heroine...
Oh no, ask what gift do you want?
Last wish of my brother was me to enter politics.
That is why I am wishing to become
MLA of this constitution.
You should not smile, he gets irritation
Why are you laughing?
Deva, our constituency had
bi-election just recently right?
There is the sitting MLA having sweet seated happily
Hi bro.
There will be an option here to resign,
do you know that?
Yes, a point
That will not work
I will work if you take me to hospital.
To Government hospital?
Please take me to corporate hospital
Sorry bro
It is ok bro
Deva, I will talk to CM about your ticket.
You should stop all these murders to enter politics.
Just one murder,
I will kill the lady responsible for the
death of my brother and then stop
Post plus life is equal to the peace of
the soul of my brother
Yes, why did I forget to commit suicide today?
Prasad sir...
Will you give some grocery?
Have you come to Darjeeling for the grocery?
Still, I am hanging myself and they are not there
Go on, we will wait.
I am not making Snacks, but hanging myself
Is it that in which you swing badly,
eyes come out, tongue goes stretched
I wish to listen to the final scream Bujji
Oh no, he is getting down from the stool
No, how can that be...
Here, he is sitting in the Sofa
Why do you still tense him,
when he is already in tension?
He helped me when I was in problem.
I am unable to do anything now when he is in problem.
Then, are you happy if his problem is solved now?
Come on Bujji
Prasad sir, what is your problem?
I will not blindly follow the blind people
How many runs did Kohli make in Kurukshetra?
This is a very intelligent question grandma,
I do not know
Correct answer
How did you manage?
I understood that she is mad immediately
after listening to her question
Either we answer or correct
the mental people, their ego gets hurt
Their ego is satisfied if we say not to know
I have been getting beaten from
so many years not knowing this logic
From now, I will blindly follow you
What happened was...
Say in short
That happened...
Very simple matter
You should pay 25 to bank.
How much will you get mortgaging the house?
We will pay that in the bank
Then house?
We will get the same 25 and pay for the house
How can we pay one 25 at so many places?
We will loot that 25 paid in bank
Bank robbery?
Bank robbery?
Bank robbery? I too will come
That is not a function, but a robbery.
A lady is not week but strong
Not week, but weak
Tabla means to beat.
Sabala is the lady who should able to do.
I am the don. I am the don.
We accept this bank robbery for just you will make
friendship to me with Lucky.
Wait and watch. How will I highlight you.
Raja! Why did you take him to the places
where ladies are there?
Why did you take him to the places
where gents are there?
Lucky! Prasad garu. These are our people.
They committed mistake unknowingly.
These useless people will be helpful to this work.
Boys! Say sorry to them.
Sorry, sir.
Will they get afraid if they see this fake gun?
You press the trigger on the time.
I will press remote on the time.
Then, the bullets will be come out on the time.
Everything will be on timing.
Sir, come sir... This is our bank.
Ours is the number one bank in Darjeeling sir
Sir.. He is Mr.Kotarao.
He came to deposit a crore in our bank
Yes... Come and see the bank then
Sir, he is blind
Then we will reduce some zeroes in crore...
What are you saying sir?
Manager sir, we paid our loan.
Now, we have no relation
who ever loots the money now
What is looting? Will thieves rob our bank or what?
Who else is a bigger thief than me in this bank?
Hey, it is a joke...
We are very cruel robbers.
Manager, we have come
Why are you saying me?
Hands up
Hey, hands up
Oh no, who is this fellow?
What is he coming over with such a body?
Body builder is going like a bull dozer
and he would lift both of them up
Shoulder surgery sir, I can lift hands.
I will lift the legs
Thank you sir
They look like toy guns
There are two in my house
Toy guns?
You rascal, do you say ours are toy guns?
We will prove right away
Who is first?
Me... Shoot me
Who is next?
You too will be shot
What is that? Why did they dies to coming
for taking Adhar card photo?
I have some doubt, come on shoot him
Why did you shoot that guy when
I said to shoot this fellow?
We did not like him
They shoot if they do not like right?
Maybe they shoot only those they like
Correct, we like him
You liked right? Shoot
We shall kill the guy we do not like
before shooting the liked fellow
He is the guy you do not like, right?
Why not shoot?
To kill the guy we do not like before
shooting the liked fellow means
we shall shoot the guy liked
and we did not like in between
Did you understand anything?
That is, now shooting the liked
and not shooting the un liked and like...
Shut up...
Instead of these likes and shooting,
do whatever you like...
Take out the money...
Some sound of pressing
phone numbers is coming here?
I called the Police
None of you get into tension,
bank manager is calling the Police
Is this any matter to announce?
No idea sir, I cannot see
Is there any relation to my question
and your answer?
There are personal videos bro,
do not upload in the net
Wow, I phone 7... Give it to me daddy
Why is she saying you daddy?
It is wrong dear, you should
not call thieves as daddy for phones.
They would hit you
He looks very cruel.
He hit two when that fellow said one
No way out
Cashier...Take out 25 Lakhs money
Please say, how can I help you?
Keep the money
I will not
We will blast your bank with bombs
Go ahead and blast
We will shoot you
Go ahead and shoot
We will kidnap your mom and dad
I am an orphan
We will kill your dearest wife
I am a bachelor
Another matter, I put a message
to Police and they are coming
It seems Police are coming
and he is not giving the money.
What to do now?
He is saying bachelor right?
Show some beautiful girl and ask her to request cutely
What do you say Manager sir?
Hey, have you come to deposit or for robbery?
No idea sir, I cannot see
You cannot see?
Not really, but just for fun
It seems they would kill me,
why not give the money Siddarth?
Why did he connect to that fat babe?
Is he connected, thank God
Call again
Yes, 25 Lakhs
I put 50 when you asked 25
50... Wow, double
Hey, have you come to deposit or for robbery?
No idea sir, I cannot see
Sir, Police are coming
Police? Boys, escape...
What are those dead bodies getting up and running?
Maybe they got frightened
Shut up, what is dead bodies getting frightened?
No idea sir, I cannot see
Hey, stop else I will shoot
Manager sir, I heard in many English movies.
It seems thieves take hostage of innocent girls
and run away in such situations right?
We are the innocent girls in this bank
Yes, us
Hey, all guns down... Shall I say you in special?
What is happening here?
Robbery sir
I can see that
No idea sir, I cannot see
Yes, success for the first time.
Police sir, I will catch the thief for you
Here.. black sweater
Zoom it.
It is my mannerism
You bloody..it's all your plan right!
come to police station
One minute,
Will only thieves escape and do
bank managers not escape in English films?
Why not, they will?
Say to have done a mock drill for the
awareness of customers.
What about the lost 50 Lakhs?
Take out from your account and deposit in bank
Bank robbery?
Yes Ananthalakshmi,
We played with weakness of that bank manager
and solved the problem of Prasad sir.
How is Lucky, son?
She is just feeling better
Ok see you, bye darling
Bye son
Raja, you are saying darling. Who is it,
your girlfriend?
Yes, my mom
You like your mother so much?
My life
My mom is my world from the day I grew
Your dad, then?
Doctor said he will not get sight in his life.
We have taken the burden for 10 years.
It is better we get rid of him now
Thus I called the orphanage people.
Let us hand him over to them.
We will have another kid if needed
I and my son decided to live together for the whole life
You decide whether you wish to live with us or not
100 rupees
You are getting him educated greatly,
what will you make him?
Madam, what name shall I write for the boy?
Raja the great!
My mom taught me just one thing.
Life will never give us anything, Lucky
We should go ahead and take,
either happiness from sorrow or victory from the defeat
My problem is solved
I prayed to offer 1000 coconuts to Goddess
You know, it is not safe to bring
this girl outside like this
How much time did you take it to bring?
Why are you beating?
Do you know who we are? Cops.
Caste feeling.. Caste feeling.
Caste feeling? It's wrong, right?
Ganta baba blessings.
Swami! To me?
Ganta baba blessings.
Bujji! Why do this priest wear clothes?
It's like this in Darjeeling.
Blind man? Don't feel bad. I will give you the blessings.
Why is he showing sympathy on me?
I don't like it.
It's ok just for one time.
- Prasad!
What is the relation between Rambo and Rambha?
It's wrong.
Rambo is in Hollywood and Rambha is in Tollywood.
There is a lot of distance between them.
Wrong answer.
- He will die.
Did she take him?
He came.
Is she mental.
Don't feel bad. I will give you the blessings.
We have seen cold weather till now, right?
we now see the Goddess here once?
This Goddess very famous in Darjeeling
Not only in Darjeeling..
this temple very popular in west bengal also..
Celebrations of the Goddess happen
every year here at this time
You are presently watching the
traditional dance of people here
These celebrations continue for 9 days
Goddess is seen in different incarnation on each day
Devotees come not only come from West Bengal
but in thousands from the areas around
for these celebrations
West Bengal Government has made all arrangements
for the comfort of devotees
One thousand Police are put on security
and RTC is running 100 special busses
Oh! my God.
Baburao, is the phone connected?
It is not connecting sir, I am trying.
Come on try
Guest houses are decorated beautifully for the devotees
All streets of Darjeeling are crowded with the devotees
Hail Goddess
Hey idiot..Phone is ringing in the pocket, lift it
He may be some debtor
He is not lifting the phone
Call that Raja..
Here is the offering, touch to the eyes and eat.
Shut up bloody
IG calling...
Why did he call at this time?
Say IG sir
Lucky is seen live in that NTV camera, go and see
Is it?
Hey Bujji, it seems our lucky is being seen in the TV
There she is, move
Come on fast..I am saying right!
Hey, move away from TV.
Do something and make that girl not seen in TV
Hey, where are the camera guys?
Baba is there that side..
Hey go.
Hey, Katrina Kaif came to visit the God.
Wow Katrina Kaif!?
There, come I will show
Hey wait..
She is Katrina Kaif
Your name...
Katrina Kaif
Grand party to all of you on the occasion of my
tea estate opening grandly
Our bank loan for Tea estate is 50 lakhs.
Where did you get so much money?
I put a hole to your bank
Yes, it is a joke
What are you here?
No idea sir, I cannot see
You idiot, again the same loop?
In which flight did Lord Hanuman travel to Lanka?
He went in Indigo.
What is Hanuman going in flight, you mad old?
Wrong answer
Oh no, is she really mad?
Hey Bujji, he would never do fraud again
Uncle and family are very happy Raja.
Thank you so much
When will you be happy Lucky?
It is time to start a new life Lucky
God gave wings even to human
along with the birds, Lucky
We forget to be having those because of our sorrows
Just fly once and see Lucky, you will know what life is
Allabe allabe
Allabe allabe
Allabe allabe, I am the Charlie Chaplin
Allabe... Will I not be your eyes
and present so many smiles
Shall I forget all festivals, who is more than you?
Life is a lovely jasmine
and the wind and cyclone are natural
Bear the sorrow like the flower not frightened
Yesterday is not like the day before
and no tomorrow comes like today
Every day is a new life,
come on learn as you cannot escape
Story does not run in the direction you dream
Will small disturbances
and pain not come in the calculation of life?
Allabe allabe..
Allabe allabe, I am the Charlie Chaplin
Allabe... Will I not be your eyes
and present so many smiles
Shall I forget all festivals, who is more than you?
Not wanting the life without dad,
I waited as to when he would kill
Raja, I want to live
I want to live whole life with the same happiness
I want to know the ambition my dad left for me
You said that life does not come and give anything
but we should go ahead and take
I want to go ahead.
I want to live
Why are you hitting our own guy?
He is not our guy, but a Police informer
Looking at his phone call data,
he spoke once to his wife
and once an hour to Police in a day
where did you find him?
Recently when notes were banned, he taught me
Pay TM to pay at toll gates, milk and to pay bills
As he helped you in Pay Tm,
you pushed him into my team
Why did you kill him so without knowing
whereabouts of the girl?
I am not an idiot like you, he already gave us a clue
Last week Sunday morning, when
I was watching NTV he stood blocking the TV.
There would definitely be some information
we need in that
I immediately want that NTV footage right now
I will speak with NTV head on phone,
you urgently go to Hyderabad and get that footage
Why to run to Hyderabad for that?
These days, they keep all programs coming on
TV in YouTube right? That is all.
Oh no..
Hey Police,
you planned a man in my team without my knowledge
and diverted me not to get information of that girl.
But, now I came to know where she is
My men are starting.
Save her how you can
Sorry Lucky I hid a truth from you.
These are none other than the Police
we appointed to save you.
Devaraj came to know that you are here.
He may come anytime
Your Visa is ready,
you should immediately start abroad
Do not run sir, let us fight
I am talking right? Why are you coming in the middle?
Be silent.
Lucky let's go..
Do not run sir, let us fight
It was because of him that he came
to know that this girl is here Sir
Though I said no, he took her out
Do not run sir, let us fight
You came here as your mom begged,
why are you overacting?
Hey, pull him out from here
Start the jeep..
Thankyou sir.
Come on Lucky..
Fast... Let us go
Do not run sir, let us fight
Lucky, do not run let us fight
Go man..
My son may not see this world,
but this world should see what my son is
What is your strongest weapon?
My body
What is the most powerful thing in your body?
My brain
What is the thing you do not in your body?
My eyes
I am blind
But, I am trained
Confuse and hit him
Anybody else?
Say him
I am in front of Lucky
Whoever comes or how many ever come...
Hey, all left
You should say right Bujji?
I extended a bit as the flow was good
Ok, where is IG sir?
There he is, come I will take
IG sir, come. We shall sip tea and talk
How if you keep running away for everything IG sir?
They will set if we hit them slightly
Of course, it is not that you know.
There will be a ditch ahead, take care
Please come and be seated. Sit
Hey Bujji, looks like IG sir is in tension,
Say a Darjeeling special tea
What are the facial expressions of the audience?
It is glowing in between happiness and surprise
It is break time
Did a blind hit 30 people with good sight?
Will my son believe saying this fact now?
Sir, do not hit sir
Oh no, son has come
Sir, do not hit sir
Sir, do not hit sir
Why are you hitting son?
Look dad, it seems this blind
has drawn this painting.
When I asked to call a painter
to draw picture of brother...
How will a blind draw this painting?
I will pluck your eyes if you come
into this compound again with such crazy ideas
some day you will get to know their power
Get out
Move on
Oh funny! Ok, where is the girl guys?
Did a blind hit you guys too or what?
Where is the girl?
You either hit with a belt or chop with a knife,
a blind has hit these guys
Lucky, he would raise more knowing
that we hit his men.
Listen to me at least now and leave abroad
Do not run uncle, let us fight
Every year I used to travel to my village
for my birthday along with my dad
I need to know the ambition my dad left for me uncle
and thus I should go even this time.
I do not need anybody uncle.
Just send only Raja and it is enough
Hey Bujji, what is the facial expression of IG sir
It is getting pestering in between
helplessness and disappointment
Yes, it is laughing time with less sound
Hey, that is my leg
Sorry sir, I thought it is a pole
Go along with Lucky to village and
Ok, after going...
Safeguard her
My mom said that long back, right?
Say your password
Hey, that is my phone
Why not we clear the guy who is the real problem?
Ok Google call Deva
Your men would have already said you about me
You may have taken it light.
Consider me
Who are you, idiot?
Raja the great
In general the guy with sight will have a dirty disease
They do not listen to anything when said.
They do not believe unless they see
I am starting with Lucky to her village.
Come on, come and be heard
Consider me
Daddy, what you said is correct.
It seems that blind fellow is taking
that girl to her village
He challenged me to come there.
Should I go or not?
As per my idea, it is better you go son
Should I go when after all a blind guy challenges?
Should I go?
Bless me daddy
Mercy of the Goddess
I have meeting with CM in two days
and he is confirming the ticket
Daddy, is it difficult to take the life of a girl
or to get a post like this?
That is girl and post...
Difficult to get the post
Yes, it sounds so
Uncle is there in that area right?
Call him and ask him to beat that blind
and bring the girl
Do not bring down my range for every small matter
I am a wonder. Wonder!
Good morning brother
Good morning big brother
Where is the respect adjacent to Coffee?
Coffee hubby
You should have that clarity before
Milk hubby..
Why are you hitting me hubby?
Will sister in law not feel if she is beaten alone?
Good morning brother
Good morning brothers
Good morning
Why not call when beside hubby?
That is a fun
What kick would be there without
that fun early in the morning?
Elders are waiting outside daddy?
Dad, today is Sunday right? We will go to a movie.
Movie rascals...
Why do you hit like a rascal
when asked to go for a movie?
Hey, she scolded something
What did I say? I did not say anything.
Hey, what did you say?
Hey, stop
Go inside...
She said something like rascal
Did she say?
That is very bad word
How many more days with these idiots, sister?
No way out, for the kids dear
Idiots will be out soon
What elders, came in a group?
Celebration in the village used
to happen every year on the hands of your brother
He is no more now
and we felt it goes good if celebration
happens on your hands now
How much would brother give for the celebration?
He used to give 4 lakhs every year sir
We will give 8. What brothers?
We shall give if needed brother
Come forward, dear elders
Come, stand in front.
One lakh and one...
One lakh and two...
You are enjoying property taking in wrong way
and do you not help for a good cause?
Are you humans?
Bro, priest is feeling bad as all are given
and he did not get
Then we shall give 16 to the priest, bring him
Come on
Hey no...
Come on
Come on hit..
Oh no..
Hey, do you manhandle this great Brahmin?
I have moles on my tongue.
I will sit in front of your door till
I see you get ruined.
I will tie this hair only when my revenge is achieved
A man to suppress your ego will come.
He will come
He will come
Someone here is strongly wishing for our entry Bujji
Brother, look there..
Why did the girl thought to have gone come like this?
Are you fine uncle?
We thought you too were gone along with your dad.
Why did you come back like this again?
We do the celebration in our village
temple every year, right uncle?
That is why I...
There are no such bad things this year. Leave now
Poor girl, let her be...
Where is the respect before that?
Poor girl hubby
That clarity should have been there before
Why are you still standing, get out
Bujji, what are the facial expressions of these idiots?
It is a mix of cruelty and ruggedness
I did not like it
What is that sir?
Instead of taking Lucky coming home
after so long inside, why do you ask to leave?
No, I did not like your behaviour at all
What is you to like, idiot?
Your head will break in a single shot
I will squeeze like a lemon.
We will throw you into the air and chop
Dear blind man, we too are blind like you
We cannot see these love and affections.
Please leave from here
Sir, I got fruits from the garden.
Shall I cut and serve them to the kids?
Is it the occasion, you idiot?
Will they cut the melon like this
and that too in the air?
Melon is ok brother, but what is even a grape?
Subhadra...Take Lucky in for now, immediately
Come dear.
Hey Pineapple... I like it
Thank you uncle
I systematically threatened as you are relatives.
Lucky should not have anything in less
Do the arrangements perfectly for the celebration
This is just beginning
Aunty, there was photo of dad here right?
Those idiots removed and threw it in the store room
Either he is in this house or not,
I thought at least his remembrances would stand
Even those are not here
Ok Google, call Ananthalakshmi
Say Dear...
Ananthalakshmi, we came to the village of Lucky.
There are four idiots here
and it goes well setting them up.
Come on set them, go on
I should give a lakh for celebration to happen right now
You should give two
He should give three
Instead of giving so many, why not finish him brother?
Where is the respect before murder?
Murder hubby?
You should have that clarity before
Will sister in law not feel bad if she is alone hit?
Should you hit and say that?
It is pure fun
You are acting, right?
Yes, come on say
Those four idiots are thinking to kill us
Ananthalakshmi, call you later
Bujji, position
Why they have slept without latching the door?
He cannot see, right?
Then move
Get up idiot
Come on catch
Hey wait.. Silence
See now
I am sorry
Hey Bujji, someone came into our room
Maybe the thieves
You like killing thieves, right? Kill them
I will kill, I will chop, I will stab.
My sword...
Hey Bujji...They robbed my sword
There is the emergency kit under the cot, right? Use that
Great warrior skills and the enemy troupe is ruined
Bujji... Blood! There are thieves confirmedly
Oh..next item.
Spear troupe... Arrow troupe... Skills of Raja
and punishment to the enemies... Sharp...
Let us take turn, about turn
Bujji!, why is there no single sound
even after hitting so many arrows?
Perfume and the huge fire volcano
What perfume brother?
What volcano brother?
Brothers, spray...
Jasmine flavor
Where the key.
Where is the key.
He is coming
Bujji, why is no sound coming even
when so much is done?
Kadapa bomb and goodbye with tears
Come on throw..
Will you kill or what?
They call Police when thieves enter the house
They would beat badly if caught.
What is this, you are almost killing?
Why did you come sir?
They said like guest is equal to God, right?
We came to do service
Why not tell that before itself?
Did you give any gap and let us say it out?
Hey Bujji, we played with our
people thinking as the thieves
You may have played,
but no single target is missed out
Why so late..let's start..
In the hut.. in the hut.
Prayer has done..
Good night.
Which country song was this
I will ask them brother
Come on move..
Hey, it did not end with this. There is still left
He looks not to go home unless he ruins us
Sister, what is in that bag?
Thank you
Sister, please I want this
Oh no!
Oh no!
What is happening here?
Daddy, sister brought gifts for us.
You do not bring and do not let us
take when someone brings like a rascal
Oh no, she scolded bad again
What did you say?
What did I say? I did not say anything
Move aside
Did you think to settle here by giving all these?
No, not that uncle
You should have some shame
to stay back even when asked to get out
Bujji, what is the discussion?
Tell what is that?
Oh no brother, what is he coming with the kit?
Good morning everybody, what is happening here?
As baby brought gifts for kids,
I am saying they are very good
It is a lie. They are hitting as we took the toys.
Not just us, but they daily hit our moms too.
Dirty rascals
She scolded again, she said rascals
Did she really scold?
Yes, she said rascals
Lucky, you go inside dear
Not that Raja
Yes, one minute
Lucky... You come
I am finally asking, are you doing
arrangements for the celebrations or not?
We do not have money
Ok, shall we play with this kit for some time?
What with kit every time? Say some new game
I will give another option.
You in the places of your wives
and they in your place for an hour...
What is that game?
That is the game
It's a fun game.
Brother, look at those faces
Oh no, with our hands?
Pressed insects, dead snakes,
Rabits from hitchan
Yes..this game is better for us.
This game is ok for us
Ladies, this is a golden chance for you
Like the male society shakes at once,
like the women society get into peace...
Come on, rise up
What is the time?
Where is respect beside the time?
10 madam
Oh no..
You should have that clarity before itself
Oh no..
Why do you hit me?
Will brother in law not feel if he is beaten alone?
You Bloody..
What, are you smoking?
It is fun... Come on give
Give it.
Oh no..
Attention please....
This song is dedicated to all frustrated women
Hey beautiful lady... baby, come to the mango garden
Come on tighten up your dress baby,
all should be bashed
Hey beautiful lady...
baby, come to the mango garden
You showed taste of your cookery
Show the anger you have within to husband
They should go blank with your shots
Greatest of the games now...
Greatest of the games now...
Oh no...
You said an hour and the hand is on 10 from 5 hours.
Will that not move ahead?
I removed the batteries uncle
Greatest of the games now...
Greatest of the games now...
Once more
Hey beautiful lady...
baby, come to the mango garden
Hey beautiful lady...
baby, come to the mango garden
They are killing oh my God!
Hey Bujji!
They should give whatever is needed
for the celebration expenses
He signed
Please smile
Laughs are not being heard
I will show you your life ambition,
when we come for this celebration next year
Someone came for Lucky
Are you fine dear?
You are?
My name is Surya Murthy.
I know your father very well.
Do you know what the surprise
he said to give you was?
Did you recognize this girl?
The small wish you asked your dad in
childhood changed the life of this girl
I have asked the God, She will study
I completed medicine
But your wish did not just stop with this one girl
Every single birthday of yours changed
the future of every girl here,
I did B Tech sister
I did MBA sister
I did MCA
I did M.Tech
I did MSc
I did Law.
Your dad adopted all these
and got them educated through our foundation
Your dad wished to continue the
good work which started because of you, with you
But, it happened so by then
Do not cry Lucky, we are all here for you.
Smile sister, you look very good when you smile
Happy Birthday sister
Thank you
Happy Birthday sister.
Thank you
Thank you
Your dad like this will always
be with you in your happiness.
Always be happy
I never expected to see this moment today.
I saw, because of you
I understood the life
I would lead next because of coming here
This too is because of you
I am very happy Raja,
because of you
Happy Birthday Lucky.
Uncle, Raja troubled you a lot for me.
I am saying sorry for him.
I will leave tomorrow after the celebration is over
I will now never come in the way of your
property and happiness,uncle
I and so many girls stood by the side of
Lucky without any relation.
Why did you having a blood relation go so far sir?
We need to spend for helping anyone.
Love is for free right? Why not show it sir?
We can live without eyes or dreams.
But it is difficult to live without a support.
Added for a girl to live is more difficult.
Come on Bujji,
God did a great thing by not giving eyes.
Not so great faces..move
Lucky, we shared blood of brother
and were born but could not share his greatness
We are all there for you from today, Lucky
Lucky look at you
What are the facial expressions of this family?
They are shining in between love and affection
Yes... It is laughing time
Son, take this sacred water.
It is good for the eyes
I don't want..
Eyes are important among all organs
Shut up
I am living here without those eyes from 25 years.
Will you sell off all the other parts?
All organs are important
It seems a blind fellow has brought a girl.
He should bring that girl and handover to me.
Else, celebration will not take place here.
Bloodshed would take place
Girl will not come and the celebration will not stop.
I need bloodshed.
Lucky! Start the worship
Hey, how many are we?
20 Brother
10 Of you go
I will turn that side and everything
should end by the time I turn this side.
Go now
Hey, prepare great tea with ginger, elaichi and milk
Did he hit?
Yes brother
Why did you fall behind me?
You came to hit me right?
I should hit you
What is me hitting you?
We came to eat as they were serving
food in the temple.
The guy who came to hit you has just left.
Go now, go
I know your voice well, it is you
Come on man! The guy who came to hit
you was frightened and has just left
You have changed voice and are talking great.
Whatever tricks you play, I should hit you
Same result how many ever you send. Consider me...
People around us say that our bad time started.
We should get to know.
If we still cannot think, Nature will say
We should fix
Come and be heard to me once
Why do you leave when I am saying that CM sir is calling?
Hey, it seems CM is calling
Hey listen, stop son
You said more than killing a girl
to get post is difficult, right son
Now, to take life is difficult
Hey, stop. you stop.
Leave me..
Who is that man saying to stop if she is taken?
Where is that blind fellow? Come out
Bhamchik, that fellow came
When did I say to come and when did he come?
Ask him wait for two minutes
No, that is...
Back off
He is eating country chicken
and is saying to wait for two minutes
Oh no..
Daddy, what is he saying me to wait?
And that too eating a country chicken?
Mercy of the Goddess
Is it you who called me?
Bujji, which side is Lucky on?
She is on that side only
She is on that side only
Was it you who called me?
Send Lucky this side
Your boss himself heard me and travelled so long.
You should listen to my word, right?
Hey Bujji, this fellow grew his
body great with great muscles.
This idiot will withstand five to six shots
What is your problem, idiot?
Your brother did a mistake and her dad shot him.
It was duty, right? What is this discussion?
What are all these revenges?
Pack them and keep it aside
Lucky has a life, let her live
Lucky has a goal, let her win
I gave a word to Lucky that
I will clear out all the problems of her
Look once into the eyes of Lucky
You can see the confidence that nobody
can do anything to her, right?
I have not called you here
to know your strength
For you to know my strength
What is your courage?
Stupid question, I am my courage
Do you have no fear at all?
Intelligent question
Have you ever been to forest?
I had been
Have you seen the tiger there?
I saw
Did you get frightened?
You will get frightened
because tiger will be seen to you
I can't see.
Maybe you are tiger in your point of view,
but I cannot see
What do you I care about any number of men behind you?
I cannot see
I am living every second after I was born by fighting.
I am a warrior
I am ready to die even a hundred times to win.
But my victory would before that death,
every time I die
How many ever maybe the eyes watching me,
how many ever maybe coming towards me,
the step you take, the look you see, breathe you take...
Everything is under my control
Who is the man to cross me and touch Lucky?
If anybody still wants to come can cross
the line and come
But be cautious, it is a deadline...
Dead Line...
Oh God!
We sat in hot Sun from three hours
and I am getting weak.
He has no eyes.
We have eyes and are going unconscious.
Come, let us go, son
Daddy, according to science when
a wonder takes place before our eyes,
brain goes into saturation state for 10 seconds.
It means going into an awestruck
state full of overwhelmed surprise
That fellow is a wonder daddy
He is a wonder
Come on, he is hitting with a perfect timing
whenever anyone is coming from any corner
Based on my voice, he judged my height,
calculated and kept the knife locating my neck
He is a wonder daddy, a wonder
According to God,
when God gives defect to an organ in human,
it seems he gives double and triple
powers to the other items in the body
Mercy of the Goddess
I know how to off his power
He showed me what he was and
I will show him what this Deva is
I will show
He cannot see, right son?
He cannot see even if you see so in anger
Bless me daddy
Daddy, one thing I did not like
The confidence seen in her eyes that
a man is standing before her to save her,
I did not like that
I am liking myself,
I am loving myself after you came into me
I am giving myself to you and coming to you,
till you my heart is taking me
Happiness feels like another birth,
love came to me like you for me
Do not think I asked, make me stand beside you
I am liking myself,
I am loving myself after you came into me
Lucky, there is complete happiness
now in your music
Flowery garden is opened up in the cheeks
My age has recalled you in the hick ups
All feelings cannot be said like you understand
You understand
and come near from my dreams about you
I am liking myself,
I am loving myself after you came into me
Hey honey bee, this black boy is so naughty
Hey honey bee, he stole sleep from your beautiful eyes
He poked with moustache and cheated
He hugged and gave a hot waist band
Hey honey bee, he stole sleep from your beautiful eyes
You said to take the girl crossing over you,
right idiot? I am taking now, come on...
Now take her crossing over me, idiot.
Come on
Wow! Your senses are working so sharp
You identified mom by smile
Mind blowing
I am putting a test for your senses and sharpness
Let's play the game
Nerve of your mom's hand is cut.
She will die in 20 minutes.
My men are taking her.
Save if you can before blood drains out of her body
Decide now whether you want mom or the girl
Uncle.. here the stick.
Now the time is 3.10
20 minutes..
I want to save my mother
Hey..stop.. Where do you go?
Where is the next junction?
Palvancha cross junction
15 minutes from here
The time is 03.15
15 minutes...
Okay Google..now get to Palvancha cross junction
Navigating to Palvancha cross junction
Your going to reach your location about 10 km
Drive fast..
Your going to reach your location about 8 km
Your going to reach your location about 6 km
Your going to reach your location about 3 km
Your going to reach your location in 100 mts.
10 feet
10 feet
Your destination is arrived
10 feet
Hey..take a turn
Condition is normal
Take a rest for two days
Where is Lucky, son?
Raja, do not take Deva light.
He may harm Lucky
He does not need Lucky sir, but me
Now, I need that fellow.
Look into her eyes once. Look at her confidence
A confidence that he would
still come is seen in her eyes
I am not liking that confidence.
Let us first kill the confidence seen in her eyes
and then kill her
He will come
First time in life, he made me know
what fear is for five minutes.
He too should know, right?
Hey Bujji...
Call him.
Ask him to put the speaker on Bujji
Heard it, right? Do it
Hey, you..
Lucky, mom is safe.
Say the idiot beside you to listen correctly
Time is 4 now and I will be there sharp by 8.
I will take you in front of his eyes.
He cannot do anything to me.
Lucky, say I will not talk to him.
It is a cut if to him and me
I am saying again, I will be there by sharp 8.
It is a cut if to him and me
Daddy, he says to take her with so confidence means...
Alert as many people we have in the city
What bro, you called so urgently.
You just say and it will be done
Just to hit or to finish?
Say bro, we shall see his end
All of you listen carefully
Hello, it seems a problem has come for Deva bro...
A settlement here...
Hey, pack all the phones first and keep them aside
A blind fellow challenged to take this girl
Why is a blind fellow taking the girl
Because, I want to kill this girl
Why do you want to kill the girl?
Her dad killed my brother
You should then kill her father, right?
I already killed her daddy then
Why to kill this girl then?
Hey, my brother died because of her
Where did the blind come in between?
Why is the blind trying to save her?
What is the link with this girl to that blind?
Shut up
Hey, are you goons or writers?
Are any story sittings happening here that
you are asking for so many logics?
Why do you get angry bro?
Emotion would go well if content is known
and then we can mash them up.
Just one content,
a blind is coming to take her and we should kill him
We will kill
We shall kill
We shall kill
Bro, I think it is a sin to kill a blind man
Your sins have gone too much now,
I will see your end
I am the punished for you,
I am the correct opponent for you
We have come
Oh God..
They made a trap
Trap or my foot
There Abhimanyu..
Leave it all..
Lucky, there is still 2 minutes time for what I said
and we are starting
Thanks Bujji, let us chitchat for 20 minutes
Come..come you bloody...
You challenged to take before my eyes sharp at 8 right?
Come on take
Come on take and I shall see
Yes, we will see how you take?
We will see
Will you see?
We will see
Will you see?
We will see
Will you see?
We will see
Start the countdown...
start from 5
Welcome to my world
Mylar Gadda
Do not leave me.
I will be right here, ok?
You said to see with a confidence to have eyes.
Now, you too have gone blind
We all now belong to the same community
All of you are going to now experience
how fierce would silence and darkness feel
Is it!
Let us have a rocking dark ride
Hey Chanti, do not leave me
Somebody go to the Generator and switch it on
Go to the main exit and lock the door
Shall I go to Green Bawarchi and biryani, you idiot?
You let go the girl coming in hand
and made a challenge
Now the girl is gone and even the eyes are gone
I will not leave that fellow,
bless me daddy
Do what ever! Goddess show Mercy on you.
There is the mercy of Goddess. I said no option and we shall go
Hey, if anyone sings along with me,
I will take them out
In the dark night,
behind the jasmine garden
Meet me in the evening
You will get what you like
You will get.. Ok?
What guys, did you believe me saying to take you out?
No dudes, you are gone now
Hey, that fellow sang and is caught.
We shall not sing and not be caught.
In the dark night...
Oh no! Do you think I am an idiot like that fellow?
I will not sing
Behind the jasmine garden
Do I not know that you are behind that?
Sing..come on sing.
I will not sing...
Come on sing.
I will not sing...
Have you seen dude? I did not sing and he is gone
You are caught my dear
How is that?
You have spoken saying not to sing, right?
Oh no, we are caught dudes
You got us hit bloody
Lift that box. Other wise, we will be find.
Bujji, a box is sounding here.
I am getting fear.
I think nobody is here. Let's go.
Wait. The breathe sound is coming, right?
Wait, we will listen.
Nobody is here. Let's go.
Some sweat smell is coming.
A rat might have died, it's not the sweat smell.
Is it so?
Do one thing. Hold us and let's go.
Where are you?
Nobody is here. Let's go.
Ok, coming.
Nobody is here.
Nobody is here. Hold us.
Let's go.
you left us... Oh no
Wow... You are enjoying great
calling us into your dark world
Deva...cutie pie...catch me.
This blind is hitting us badly in the darkness
This fool is distributing bullets
to our own people like snacks
Bro, you are shooting us
Where..where are you hid.
Bro, you are shooting our own guys
That fellow is confusing my son
moving like a bat in the dark
My son is killing our guys shooting with the gun
Why did you call us?
Is it to kill that fellow
or for us to be killed in your hands?
Whom are you killing, idiot?
Both of you together are torturing us...
I am not married even for once and
do you know where all did the bullets pierce bro?
Is this a generator factory or Jalianwala Bagh?
Hey, all of you look for some exit and get out
Thanks bro
Thanks bro
Bro, what is the relation between that blind
and this girl?
Everybody is asking logics after watching many films.
I will kill.
It's me Mailaragadda.
He can do anything in the darkness.
How can you do that?
Daddy! As I have not seen, I have a nose and ears.
If he is Raja the great, I am Deva the great.
Daddy! I will know him wherever he is.
I will know him wherever he is.
I will know him if he is here.
My gun? My gun has robbered by a cat. My gun!
The person who was here beside me is that blind fellow.
He theft that.
Why did you tell that earlier?
You have irritation with my voice, right?
Dude, what are their facial expressions in the dark?
What facial expressions in the dark,
you should say sound waves
Oh, what are those waves?
They are struggling in between cries and screams
Wow... now it is jumping time
Is he there or gone?
Who will Know
even i don't know r u here or not.
Even her husband also not thinks about her.
Anathalakshmi..I brought lucky
Thanks a lot aunty! You and Raja did so much for me
The good done by your dad is saving you dear
I cannot say you in words about how happy I am
Oh no Bhamchik,
what happened that you became so?
What happened son, what is in that?
No idea, look mom
Oh no! Those seeing are going stiff,
what did you write?
I wrote 'I Love You' in brailey, that is all
Oh no
Hey Bhamchik
Hey Bujji, what is my facial expression?
It is glowing in between happiness and surprise
Those saying what love for your face
and those saying no girl falls for you...
Enter one by one Bujji...
I will
A girl before my house and her name is Mangala Gowri
My first love story and I loved by selecting
Oh God, I followed her so many times
She rang the cycle bell and knocked my heart
Her anklets sounded and my body shook
Oh my God, I kept so many love letters in her books
Education was second inter
and my moustache just entered
When the matter was setting, you ruined that Peter
Oh God, you said love is waste for my face
Where will you hide your face now?
Oh God, luck came along with Lucky in my life
Roja in B Com opened love door
Raja being calm has sounded a band
Oh God, sir fell in love again for the second time
Scent and glamour came, front and back have changed
Srinu brought bike and we went to Cinema and park
Oh God, we chatted a lot in land phone
It was then the marriage scene
and the groom was Gold Srinu
Back bone broke and wine was left for me
You cheated me from back, Oh God
What will you say about this stunning beauty?
Oh God, luck came along with Lucky in my life
We are super hit but our love stories are flop
My mom got doubt and we went to the gate of Sastry
Oh God, he saw many hand lines in magnifying glass
He opened the horoscope and did some calculations
He saw the Jupiter and confirmed the fault
Oh God, he said there was
no chance of a girl in my fate
He wrote my astrology and took a quarter acre
He performed some worship and wasted all my money
Oh God, you ate lakhs by swiping
Planets brought down a beautiful babe in my lap
Oh God, luck came along with Lucky in my life
I thought it dance moment..
What moment? Go..
He said the dark truth while leaving
Switching the cell phones on, inverters, generators,
candles and everything is stopped when power is gone
We shall eat in dark,
should walk in dark and said to respect darkness too.
How will we?
The darkness is great
The darkness is great
The warm darkness
The warm darkness
The beautiful darkness
Hey..stop that nonsense
Deva, one good news for you
Raja while going away with Lucky has brought all
the evidences about your dark secret activities
It is locked.
You go back
Bujji laptop..
Bujji locker.
This is the arrest warrant coming from the Court
Look, I am the Minister here
and what are you saying warrant?
Links between you and Deva are full of a hard disk
Why do you still see, call the CM
Deva, your voice is very irritating
and I did not like it
You know, I do not have the option to resign now
Look Mailaram Gadda, I will leave now.
Hey Police, move.
The law goes in its own course
Deva, your game is over
Is that fellow robbing in darkness
and taking the evidences, a man?
Being Police, you came to arrest me taking
the help of a blind and are you Police?
If he has the guts, ask him to fight from front,
kill me and then take that girl
Where to come, idiot?
Where to come? You fix the place and time
I will bring my son along with
Lucky in the day to the place you say
Down the guns, please down them
All these evidences are yours, right?
Hard disk...
Arrest warrant!
Mrs. Ananthalakshmi,
you will lose your job doing like this
I let go my own husband for looking cheap at my son.
What is this job after all sir?
Still, what are you idiot?
My son gave you the option to happily live in jail,
but you are getting ready to die?
What a discussion with this fellow
cruelly killing five Police sir?
He himself gave us a chance.
You believed my son for so long right?
Just believe my son for another 24 hours.
Hey, I am saying again. I will bring my son.
Fix time and place and send the location in WhatsApp.
You move sir.
Hey old man
My WhatsApp number is 8074545422
Jio number son, net is free.
Send how many ever you want to
When I scolded a blind fellow,
his mom reacted so much.
You did not say even a word
when she scolded me so much?
That is, he is blind and you...
You have no love at all on me
Not even a bit...
A little bit..
Bless me daddy
Mercy of the Goddess
Hey beautiful lady... baby, come to the mango garden
Here Bujji, catch and do not wear
How much time will you take?
Maybe it would take 30 minutes
It is too sunny and daughter in law is too white.
Will she not get tanned?
Ok, if I finish in 20 minutes?
Ok, go on
He will finish in 20 minutes!
Daddy, how am I looking to this fellow?
He cannot see, right son?
Hey Bujji.. Is anybody here?
Then ask him to come. Hey idiot Devaraju, come on
Hey come on man, he is calling right?
I love this expression
Is he your confidence?
Your confidence fell on my feet
I will not let him live
In front of your eyes...
Hey Police, in front of your eyes I am killing
Do not harm him,
he is my only son
It is all my mistake. I did a mistake.
He is blind, do not harm him.
You think I would say so, idiot?
Mercy of Goddess..
My son got beaten by you,
not because he cannot hit you
You confused him with sound
and he habituated this place with his brain and body
Now east, west, north and south... 360 degrees,
everything here is in the control of my son now.
I am now giving you exactly five minutes of time.
If you have the guts, save yourself from my son
My son is blind, but he is trained
What is his facial expression?
It is glowing in between challenge and victory
I did not like it
I can listen to the beating sound of your heart.
You lost, means you are dead
What is his facial expression?
It is fighting in between loss and death
Yes, it is end titles time
Saraswathi Madam..
Yes sir
What is going to happen here now?
When Police came to arrest,
my Sir attacked on the Police
Will Police be calm? They encountered and that is all
Saraswathi Madam.
Good bye Deva
Bless me daddy
Mercy of the Goddess -- TamilMV.re
In that way, Raja the great married Lucky
and got ready for the next scene
You did great but you didn't win..
bad luck, it is ok
Shall I go to Bigg Boss 2 then?
I will kill you
Raja, you are really great
Here is the stick
Damn it, I have no work with it today
Bujji, shall I leave now?
Oh no, is it the shy feeling?
All the best.
Welcome to my world.
This is a very difficult operation sir,
a trained officer is needed for this.
No problem sir, I have a man. I will take care
All varieties of sweets, please take
He already proved and is this required?
Phone from madam, Sir
You anyways have brought, let it be
He is asking to keep it, let it be
You got to travel to Europe.
Ananthalakshmi, Europe trip!
It would be cool there it seems...