Rajamagal (2023) Movie Script

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[Raja's daughter]
Dude, give me a good fruit.
Brother, all these are good fruits.
Taste it and pay me.
I can find the quality of the fruit
on it's skin whether it's red or black.
Give me a fruit in red.
Give him a red coloured fruit.
Red coloured fruit?
Take it.
Here is the red coloured
fruit you asked for.
Red coloured fruit.
Only the owner knows
how to cover the customer.
Hey, give the money.
- Sorry, I forgot.
- You'll forget?
The first customer, brother.
I thought of giving him
good stuff.
But, he voluntarily
took away the poison.
Are you here to save
the customer?
Hey, dude!
Wonder, you've opened
the shop on Sunday.
You'd have fled with
your daughter by this time.
My parents has come
to go to the temple.
Got a small work amidst.
- That's why, I came here.
- Take the remote
- Whose phone are you checking?
- Mom's phone.
The speaker isn't working,
that's why.
Why can't you buy
her a new phone?
She is going to press
only the green and red buttons.
Why to buy her a new phone?
You buy many things
for your daughter.
What would mom think
if she see it?
Stingy fellow.
Vasanthi, won't you ask
all these to your husband?
Yeah, aunt.
Instead, coming around me...
...he goes holding the ribbon
of his daughter.
I can survive in this house,
only if I shut my mouth.
Dear, if he spends all
his money on his daughter...
...what will be his future?
Where is she?
Because of me, your house
has escaped.
Henceforth, be careful.
This one too...
Take it, mom.
Come, be seated.
You just gave me this phone
again sticking here and there.
But, you've bought a big TV
for your daughter.
Can't you buy me
an android phone?
You came here as
you couldn't earn in locale.
After all these years, have you
bought me a saree?
Do everything for your daughter.
However, the girl child shouldn't
be caressed this much.
Why shouldn't a girl child
be caressed?
- Daddy!
- Come on, my dear!
Did you buy me the toy I asked?
Yes, I bought it.
Vasanthi, get me some water.
Just now I told you
not to caress more, isn't it?
Hey, oldey! because,
grandpa has caressed you a lot...
...you keep talking, continuously.
Like grandpa caressed you,
my dad is caressing me.
Grandpa! Henceforth,
don't care about grandma.
Come on, my dear!
Sit on my lap.
I'll caress only you, hereafter.
Have you seen your grandpa
caressing me?
Go away.
Hey, what are you talking
to the child?
Get lost.
What are you looking at?
It's time to go to the temple.
Get ready.
Dad, I couldn't walk.
Let me hop on you.
No, I can't.
Ask mom.
Hop on.
My legs are painful.
I too can't.
Just a short distance.
Let's walk.
- I'll take you in return.
- Come on, dear!
Come, let's go.
Why are you standing here, dear?
Daddy, I need to tell you
one thing.
- What's that?
- Look there!
You must take me to that
mountain without halting anywhere.
Can you?
Daddy, superb!
Are you crazy?
Why are you running,
lifting her?
She asked me whether I can?
When did I say, I can't?
Always you are listening her words
Go away.
Hey, come on.
Who made his heart, beautifully?
Look at his lips smiling,
even in poverty
No intention to have more
Whatever we've is enough
Oh, happiness in eyes
I must walk with you
to the distance of sky
Oh, happiness in eyes
I must walk with you
to the distance of sky
Who made his heart, beautifully?
Look at his lips smiling,
even in poverty
Hey, dear!
Why are you playing, still?
It's 12 O'clock, right?
Go to bed.
Grandpa, it's my house.
I'll dance, play and hop.
You shouldn't ask.
You go to bed.
Be quiet.
You shouldn't talk so.
Isn't four walls enough
to sleep with eyes closed?
Can't I sleep, if it isn't
a glass house?
Someone who lived here...
Where are they missing, now?
Don't burden your back
with something
Isn't the honey drop is sweet...
...from the flower blossomed
in the mud?
Just because the flower has
blossomed in poor man's home...
...won't it have fragrance?
The house, your house...
The small nest of a crow
So what?
The quail you sing, along
It's only 8 o'clock.
You're shutting down the shop.
Your business starts now, isn't it?
You're alone.
Don't I've a family?
I'm going to enjoy
with my daughter.
Is money important
than being with my daughter?
Go away.
You can't eat now,
for tomorrow too.
Though the river flows
full of water
A glass of water is enough
to drink
The imprints lie until
the waves touches it
What's there small and big?
Let's lead our life...
The small nest of a crow
So what?
The quail you sing, along
The small nest of a crow
So what?
The quail you sing, along
Princess, your bathtub is ready.
You can bathe.
I'm coming, my King.
Grandpa, how many times
I told you not to do so?
Sorry, dear.
I didn't know you were coming.
Don't put the snuff powder
in the nose, anymore.
Put in your eyes,
only then you'll see better.
My dumb son has
got this kind of girl.
Hold the hand properly
and go around.
Yashira, didn't you go
to school, today?
My dad didn't pay
the school fee.
So, I was given holiday.
Then, watch 'Shin chan'
in Hungama channel at 10 o'clock.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Is my house good?
Kanmani, your house is good.
It's good, right?
Hey, your enemy is coming.
If you stare at this single side
pasted house,
Then, how will you look
at my house which is so big?
Get lost.
Get lost.
If you ask him to show
his house, I'll get tensed.
If you ask for a share
in food, I'll not give you.
- Okay?
- Okay.
- I'm your best friend, right?
- I won't show.
Show me.
I won't show.
- Please, show.
- I won't show.
Please, Vinoth.
Your house is excellent
and it's big.
Let me see
- Hey, your house is looking like a bungalow
- Yes, it is
Hey, Vani!
Do you know, there is a big TV
in my house?
I'm coming.
We've a bigger TV in our home.
We've refrigerator in our home.
The refrigerator in our home
has three doors.
We've just one door
to our house.
How about three doors
to your refrigerator?
It's there.
We've an air conditioner
in our bedroom.
It's only for bedroom
in your house...
...but our whole house
is air-conditioned.
In addition, I bathe in
the bathtub, everyday.
I too bathe in the bathtub.
- Good morning, teacher!
- Good morning.
Give me that colour pencil
- Teacher, today is my birthday.
- Happy birthday!
And there is a party
at our house, today.
Thank you.
We'll enjoy in party.
Hey invitation looks good.
Will you come to the party?
I will come
Kanmani, you too join the party.
Hmm... I'll come.
- What, dear?
- Come, here.
I'm coming.
Daddy, this toy is beautiful.
Shall we gift this to Vinoth?
No, dear.
Look, what is written on it?
'Not for sale'
That means?
It's not to sell for the customers.
Only for sale is right.
- Is it?
- Look for some other novelties.
I'll buy you.
Take that.
Is it okay?
Yeah, okay.
- Let's buy this for fatso, dad.
- Show me.
Not damaged, I've checked it.
Your dad isn't looking for damage.
Instead, looking for the price.
Just Rs.1900
Isn't there something
more expensive than this?
Hey, be quiet.
I don't want any other
except this.
Okay, dear.
- Pack it.
- Okay, sir.
Such a big house!
Welcome, uncle!
- Happy birthday!
- Thank you.
Welcome, Kanmani.
Come in.
Hey, you shouldn't touch it.
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday!
- Happy birthday to Vinoth!
- Happy birthday to you!
Take it.
Thank you.
Give to her.
Take it.
Thank you.
Everyone, come along.
Let me show you the house.
Go and look around the house.
Didn't I say about the refrigerator
with three doors?
This is the one.
Come here.
This refrigerator is like
the cupboard in my house.
Didn't I say that my
whole house is air-conditioned?
- This is the centralised air-conditioner.
- Centralised air-conditioner?
Come, let's go upstairs.
This is the living room.
- How is it?
- Nice
A big room!
This is my bedroom.
It's excellent!
Hey, do you've a TV, separately?
Yeah, I shouldn't disturb
my parents, isn't it?
So, they bought me
a TV, separately.
Kanmani, come here.
Kanmani, this is the bathtub
which I use to bathe, everyday.
How is it?
Is your bathtub similar to this?
I'll watch TV while I bathe.
This is the living room.
How is it?
Didn't I say about the refrigerator
with three doors?
Didn't I say that my
whole house is air-conditioned?
Is your bathtub similar to this?
Please, sir.
Don't lock the house.
My husband will pay
the rent in the morning.
He can't.
Don't lock the house.
- Mom! I'm afraid.
- Take your hand.
How many times can I tell you?
Is it my routine?
- Give the key.
- Sir, don't lock.
Give me.
Definitely, he'll pay
the rent in the morning.
- Hello!
- What?
Why are you creating
ruckus in the night?
Whatever, come and talk
in the morning.
- Leave now.
- I didn't say prior a day or two.
Already, your advance money
was reduced for the rent.
Then, six months rent is due.
I can't be patient, anymore.
So, will you create ruckus
in the night when he isn't here?
He'll give in the morning.
Where will they go, now?
Let them go anywhere,
that isn't my problem.
Better, you take them
to your house.
Tomorrow, vacate the house
paying the rental due.
- What happened?
- Seems like the house rental issue.
Okay, come.
Let's go to my house.
You take Yashira.
I'll stay here.
Where will you go at this time?
No, you take the child.
Okay, bring her.
Come on, Yashira.
Didn't you sleep yet?
Why didn't you sleep, dear?
What's meant by
rental house, daddy?
That is, whose house is this?
Our house.
No, it's not our's.
It's the house of grandpa.
We pay him the rent
and stay here.
This is the rented house.
If we don't pay the rent,
will we too be pushed out?
Grandpa wouldn't do that.
There are some people
and they did.
Daddy, have you paid rent?
I've paid it.
You sleep well.
Come on.
Come on.
Hi children, every bird has
a kind of nest.
They don't stay in
the same place.
It'll change it's nest and
location according to the weather.
Every bird has it's
own nest except Quail.
It lays eggs in the nest
of the crow.
Similar to we're all in
a rented house, right?
Teacher, we'll never change our house
whatever the weather might be.
Because, our's isn't a rented house
like Quail but an own house like a crow.
Vani, what's meant by own house?
Don't you know about own house?
We can dance, sing
and heed songs in high volume.
Can scribble on the walls
and no need to pay anyone.
That's called own house.
Vinoth's father is well educated.
So, he took up a good job
and bought own house.
- What should you all do?
- We must study well.
Daddy, I'm Kanmani, speaking.
Where are you speaking from?
I'm speaking on
watchman uncle's phone.
Tell me, dear.
I asked you a Barbie doll,
in the morning.
Have you bought it?
No, dear.
I've to buy, hereafter.
Daddy, are you educated?
Why are you asking?
Tell me, are you educated?
Yes, I'm.
Then, instead of Barbie doll
buy me a house.
What's in this?
I'll buy the Barbie doll
along with the house.
Oh! thank you, daddy.
Thank you, uncle.
I couldn't attend your birthday.
Will you take me now
to your house?
You've toys and
play things, right?
Let's play.
My dad will not allow, often.
He allows, rarely.
I'll take you to my house.
My daddy is buying me a house.
That too, a separate room
for myself.
Let's play there.
Who? Your dad?
He can't buy.
My dad will buy whatever I ask.
He'll buy the house too.
- Shall we see?
- Come and see.
Come and see.
- Daddy!
- Come on, my dear!
Daddy, have you bought
the house?
Yeah, I bought it, dear.
Hey, don't laugh too much.
She said she doesn't want
barbie doll but a house.
I thought she is asking
for toy house.
How do I know
she is asking for real house?
Dear, how could dad know,
you're asking for real house?
Daddy, are you educated or not?
Your dad is the only educated
in our village.
Go inside.
I don't know, are you educated
or not?
Look there, uncle is speaking
on the phone.
If his phone gets problem
he can't fix it.
But, dad has studied to fix it.
I'm not bothered.
Have you studied well
or not, tell me?
Yes, dear.
Then, buy me a house.
My dad will buy me anything,
even he'll buy me a house...
...I've challenged the fatso.
Please, daddy.
How it'll be if we too
have own house?
Kanmani, enough of playing.
Go and change the attire.
Hey, shut up.
What do you want, dear?
A house, right?
I'll buy.
Hey, good!
I'll buy this world for you
for sake of this kiss.
You'd have seen many places
to build a own house.
You wouldn't have seen
a place like this, anywhere.
With natural surroundings
and wonderful ground water...
...it'll be like living in paradise.
Book the plot, immediately.
And start building your house
in paradise.
- Don't escape, daddy.
- No, dear
Daddy, that place is excellent.
Let's build a house there.
We must sketch a design
before that.
A design?
It means, give me a pencil.
This is the living room,
the bedroom and it's your room.
This sketch is the design.
You've done it.
Come, let's go.
No, dear.
It's a rough sketch.
There are professionals to do this.
We've to get a sketch from them.
I've a friend who has studied
about this.
But, he is out of station.
He'll come after two months.
Let's meet him, get a plan
and look that place.
Students, you must solve
all these problems, tomorrow.
Copy it without any mistakes.
- Come on, daddy.
- Where, dear?
Come on, daddy.
"The naughty was caught"
"He was caught in fuss because of idle talk"
Where are you taking me?
- Slowly...
- Come on, daddy.
Hi, uncle!
Hi, mam!
- You brought your dad.
- Yes, uncle.
Daddy, he'll sketch good designs.
As I couldn't wait till
your friend arrives.
Let's get a design from him.
"She is troubling me..."
"This girl... this girl..."
Where is the plot, sir?
I've to buy, hereafter.
Look dear, first buy a desired plot.
Then, I'll sketch a good design.
Daddy, how much to
feed the fish?
Just four pieces is enough.
If you wish to buy this paradise,
call the numbers below, immediately.
We'll come to your home
and take you to the spot.
To contact us, call...
He is cornered
Please, Daddy!
call this number.
He is standing...
He is bending...
He is laughing to
manage her by telling lies
Hey, where are you going?
To visit the paradise.
This is not the place
you've shown in the TV programme.
That was a green lush.
This is not so.
No, dear.
I brought you to the
same place you saw in TV.
It's a short distance from here.
Just 40 kilometres.
A good school is there
for you to study.
The barren land sold in packs
He tries to deceive by tempting
He throws the bait
in the poor man's heart
He gets caught on his own
He is in the headlines
in all the media
Will the mirage
quench the thirst?
Though, he runs...
Daddy, why are they telling lies?
This is business, dear.
Uttering lies is common
in business.
So, will you too utter lies?
I don't.
Dad will not tell lies.
I know about my dad.
Come on, dear.
Moreover, she asked me
whether I utter lies like them?
I lied her that I won't.
I feel guilty.
You're a great father!
You'll buy everything for her
before she spells the word.
That's why, today it
ended up in buying a house.
Are you 42 years of age?
I'm 40 years old.
Did we ever think
of buying a house?
But, she thought at
the age of eight.
When children ask with desire,
If we deny showing
our poverty as a reason,
They'll not wish anything, further.
I think it's good to say
the fact which is good...
...to you and your daughter.
Decide yourself.
Lord, give me the strength
to deny my daughter's wish.
- Daddy!
- What, dear?
Are we poor?
Why, dear?
Vinoth said, the poor people
can't afford to buy a house.
That's why, asked.
Nothing so, anyone can buy.
Why are you vacating that house?
All for the sake of Kanmani.
She asks to buy a house.
I too can't deny.
If I shift to a house,
where the house owner isn't near...
...then she too will believe.
Then, she will understand.
We bought the land, well designed
and built a quality house.
Buy the house, right away.
It's good, isn't it, dad?
Dude, there is a house
as you expect.
Shall we go and see?
- No need, be quiet.
- Is it a constructed house, uncle?
- Yes, dear.
Daddy, you asked to look
for a constructed house.
You're in hurry than me.
So, I'll also come
to visit the house.
"The naughty was caught"
"He was caught in fuss
because of idle talk"
Hey, bath tub!
Daddy, a bath tub is here.
Let's buy this house.
Thought of something
but what happened is different
She is troubling me...
This girl... this girl...
Hey, tell the TV guy
to come tomorrow.
Oh, no! Daddy!
It's me.
What, dear?
There is bath tub in the house.
I said, let's buy it.
But, why didn't you buy?
The vastu isn't good.
That's why.
Oh, is it?
Vastu is good.
But, your dad's words
aren't good.
What's meant by Vastu?
She started again, useless talks.
It means, the house must
be painted in white colour.
With trees, plants and creepers
in front of the house.
The door should face east.
You must sit and study
towards north.
If so, you'll study well.
That's vastu.
Oh, is it?
Good morning, teacher.
Why are you all sitting there?
As per Vastu, if we sit here
and study...
...Kanmani said, we'll study well.
Yes, teacher.
My dad said, If you face east
and teach us...
...you could teach well.
Will you tell in school,
everything dad said.
Vastu is only for houses
not for the schools.
Teacher called me
and chided, now.
You said to me, dad.
That's why, I told them.
It's okay, dear.
I'm watching you both.
Going beyond your limits.
Work is going on here.
Go aside.
How to go, Dad?
Let's go in the other street.
This street seems to be new,
isn't it dad?
Daddy, stop.
What happened, dear?
Daddy, this house is excellent!
We'll buy this house.
What are you saying, dear?
Daddy, this house is white
in colour.
Trees are there and
facing the east.
This house is good,
as per Vastu.
We'll buy this house, daddy.
No one will sell the house
they live in.
Dad, look there.
This house is for sale.
You said, they'd sell
if noted so.
Come, let's go inside
and inquire.
Look there, dear.
The gate is locked.
No one will be there, now.
Let's come here, tomorrow.
Meanwhile, I'll inquire about
this house.
Mom, I saw a big house.
Bigger than Vinoth's house.
Dad said he'll buy it for me.
If go this way,
my new house will come.
Daddy, that house looks good.
It's excellent as per Vastu.
It's white coloured, as you said.
The house is surrounded by trees
and plants.
I want that house, daddy.
It's white coloured, daddy.
I'll buy you, dear.
Sleep now.
Please, daddy.
Buy it.
I'll buy, dear.
Sleep now.
Please, daddy.
Sleep now.
When she asked to buy
a plot and build a house,
You'd have told something
and made her to understand.
You just nodded.
Now, she has shown
some house and asked for it.
You said, you'd buy it too.
Believing what you said,
she developed a desire...
...and lamenting in her sleep, now.
I don't think, she'll forget this
like other things.
I don't think it's good...
...if you don't reveal
the fact, anymore.
What's the fact to reveal?
You want to say her
I only earn to eat.
Can't afford to buy a house.
Your family members
think of me as a wastrel.
Do you want my child
too feel the same?
Hey, my child adores
me like a hero.
Do you want to say,
your dad is not a hero but a zero?
Don't bother about others.
How will she mistake you?
We'll say what we can
and can do for her.
And let's say her what we can't.
She might weep for two days.
Let her weep.
Then, she'll understand, herself.
I can't say the word 'cannot'
to my daughter.
The word 'cannot' that
fell in my mind in childhood...
...continues to frighten me
till this day.
The child is growing up.
When I think to shift
for a big rental home,
I fear I can't earn,
so I'm staying only here.
If I think I can go ahead
taking a loan,
The next moment,
there comes a fear...
...which I may lose
what I have.
To this day, that fear made
me to stand where I began.
I live in a fear of
not being able to.
Let my daughter live
with the thought she can.
Everyone will say that child birth
is the biggest pain in this world.
But, the biggest pain is
the pain of a father...
...who says, he couldn't buy
what his child is asking.
Tomorrow, I'm not going
in that street.
I'll take her in the regular
way to the school.
She'll forget.
Let's see.
Instead, if you tease her,
I'll bang you.
Daddy, why are you going
this way?
We can go to school
only this way.
Only school comes
this way, not our new house.
For that, you must
take right, dad.
Come, turn on.
- Turn on the vehicle.
- Hey, wait.
Our house has come.
- Daddy, the house is locked.
- Yes, dear. It's locked.
Shall we go to the school?
Can't we buy a house?
No one is there, dear.
What to do now, daddy?
You go to the school, smartly.
I'll inquire by the time
you're back from the school.
You no need to inquire.
Buy this house before
I come from the school.
If not, I'll never come home.
Don't nod your head.
Open your mouth and tell.
Okay, dear.
Okay, come.
Let's go.
She threatened me
she won't come home...
...if I don't buy the house,
by evening when I pick her up.
Give me some idea.
I can't give ideas to tell lies.
If you assure to tell the truth,
I'll give you many ideas.
Bring Kanmani from school,
in the evening.
She threatened me,
she won't come home...
...if I don't buy the house.
by evening when I pick her up.
I can't manage her.
Dear, where are you?
Has she slept?
Okay, hang up the phone.
I'll come.
Take it.
Dear, have food.
I don't want.
I'm not hungry.
Both of you're showing
more attitude.
Have food.
Did she ask me?
She asked several times.
Where is dad?
When will he come?
Did he buy the house or not?
She tortured me
from school to home.
From now on, you take
her to school.
Only then, she won't
remember that house.
I can't manage
as I caressed her more.
Like you said, everything
will be fine after two days.
Eat now.
Mom, where is dad?
Mom, I'm asking you.
Where is dad?
Mom, I'm asking you.
Didn't dad come home,
last night?
He came.
Why didn't you wake me up?
You were sleeping, that's why.
Okay, where is he, now?
He left to the shop.
To the shop?
How will I go to school, then?
Don't keep lamenting.
From now on,
I'll take you to school.
Get ready, go...
The dream... the dream...
In my eyes...
The query... the query...
Searching for an answer...
The tear... the tear...
The drop...
The fest... the fest...
The eyes with tears, here
The wandering breeze...
No colours can draw it
The moon floats above the water
But, can't be touched by hand
If you ask for a fish,
I'll buy it
If you ask the star,
where will I go, my dear?
The dream... the dream...
In my eyes...
The query... the query...
Searching for an answer...
The tear... the tear...
The drop...
The fest... the fest...
The eyes with tears, here
Not everything heard in the tales
is available on hand
The scenes in the dreams
can't be touched by hands
No words to say,
not the age to understand
I made her to sleep
by telling lies
The facts disturb the sleep
If you ask for a fish,
I'll buy it
If you ask the star,
where will I go, my dear?
- Hello!
- Hello!
Hey, where are you?
I'm nearing.
Come fast.
She is waiting.
The sound of the heart is not heard,
though it beats, throughout
Although the eyelids are nearby
The eyes have never seen it
The world that praises the mother
Does anyone know
the father's grief?
I made her to sleep
by telling lies
The facts disturb the sleep
Why are you sitting here?
Come upstairs.
I'll be here until dad arrives.
You no need to come,
give the bag.
Kanmani, what are you doing
in the dark?
Come upstairs.
Eat and sleep.
Hey, can't you heed me?
I'd not eat without dad.
No need to eat.
Come upstairs.
- Mom, I told to leave me.
- I said, come upstairs.
- Mom!
- My dear! Come on.
- Mom, I'll not come without dad.
- He'll come.
- Mom!
- Come on.
Go and sit.
I'll come.
Change your dress.
Hello, dad!
Where are you?
Come home, soon.
I wish to talk with you.
I want to see you, dad.
Why aren't you coming home?
Speak out, dad.
- Please, dad.
- Kanmani, who is there?
Mom, dad is not speaking.
Tell him to speak.
Dad will speak.
You eat and sleep.
Dad will come tonight.
Sit down.
Kanmani, why are you
looking despondent?
I'm telling you to eat.
You didn't eat at noon, properly.
Eat now.
Kanmani, can you heed me or not?
Eat now.
I don't want food,
I want my dad.
I don't like mom,
I like only dad.
I won't eat without seeing dad.
I'm telling you for long time...
You behave, rudely,
tapping the food plate.
You want a house, right?
Let's come here, tomorrow.
I'll inquire by then and buy you.
My dear!
What happened?
My dear!
First you get into the auto
Nothing will happen to Kanmani
Hold your child
Go to the hospital, go
Sundaram, won't you attend the call?
Why are you having
the phone, then?
What happened?
Kanmani is sick.
Vasanthi took her
to Kalyani hospital by auto.
I came.
Henceforth, I'll not go anywhere,
leaving you.
I'll be with you.
You sleep.
Nothing to you, dear.
You didn't eat, properly.
That's why, medicines are
It'll be alright.
Go, sleep, dear
Did you buy, daddy?
What, dear?
Did you buy the house?
Open your mouth and tell.
I bought it, dear.
Hey, bath tub!
Oh, no!
Hey, Kanmani!
Daddy, where is the bath tub?
- On your dad's head.
- Tell me, dad.
Didn't we go to
the new house, yet?
- No, dear.
- Why, daddy?
Those who stay there
are yet to vacate.
Once they vacate, we can repair
few things and shift there.
Shall we all go and
visit the new house?
I'm ready.
Mom, you too get ready.
I'm not coming, dear.
You go.
- Why, mom?
- I'm here only to cook.
You go, I'll stay back
and do cooking.
Okay, I'll get ready.
- Hey, you're talking too much.
- Who? Is it you or me?
The moment you said
she fell sick just because...
...I hit her, I decided not
to involve in your matters.
I'm just being here.
Don't poke me.
Are you good, dear?
Come, dude.
Give the key.
Where is the key?
You're staring,
when asking for key.
Don't be angry, dude.
Unexpectedly, the house owner
left out of station
Just now you're saying it.
We both came in joy
to visit the house.
But, you don't have the key.
You'd have retained the key.
What could I do if he left?
Hey, get the key from
the house owner and call me.
That's my foremost job
when the house owner comes.
Thank you.
Look me, dear.
Don't talk to me, dad.
I came with joy
to visit the house.
I planned that I could take selfie
in the bath tub and irritate him.
No, dear.
As soon as the house owner comes,
I'll take you and show the house.
I'm not bothered.
I must see the house, tomorrow.
Else, I'll not talk with you.
Brother, where is the
'Aqua water company'?
Take right and go left.
I want to meet sir.
What's the matter?
Tell me.
I've to meet him, personally.
Tell me the matter,
I'll convey.
You can meet only if he agrees.
There is a house
in the Alagiri street, isn't it?
Yes, are you a broker?
No, sir.
It's for me.
I came to ask whether that house
is available either for rent or lease.
Get lost.
You don't know about him.
You're asking the seller
to rent out?
Will he give?
He'll kill you, if he knows
you asked so. Go away.
Sir, just leave once.
I'll speak and convince him.
If I allow you inside,
he'll kill me.
Please, sir.
Just once.
Go away.
Hey, go away.
Hey, where are you going?
Who are you?
Sir, I'll meet him and go.
Can't you understand,
if said once?
Sir, just a minute.
Go out, first.
Let him inside.
Who are you?
Sir, my name is Sundaram.
I want the house
in Alagiri Street for lease.
For lease?
Security, send him out.
Sir, I'll pay ten lakh rupees.
Did you see the board?
Is it for lease?
It's written as 'for sale'.
If you don't know to read,
better ask someone.
Okay, what are you going
to do with a big house...
...taking for lease?
My daughter wants to live there.
Your daughter?
What's her age?
Eight years old, sir.
We must teach them...
...What we can do
and what we can't.
If you buy whatever
she asks for, it'll be a problem.
- Go.
- Please, sir.
If you give for just one year,
she'll understand, herself.
Please, sir.
Just for one year.
Will she understand?
That's right.
People like you know
when you get hurt, only.
You'll get hurt.
Security, send him out.
- Sir, just for one year.
- He is telling, right.
- Sir, please.
- Go away.
Hey, where did you go
without opening the shop?
Be seated.
Hey, what?
I went to meet the owner
of that bungalow.
To ask the house for lease.
For lease!
He denied.
Don't you've even
a bit of sense?
If he says he'll lease out
for hefty amount...
...will you give it, immediately?
Even if you've said
you haven't bought the house,
...we could've managed.
Now you've said that
you bought the house.
Your daughter got admitted
in the hospital...
...just for missing you
for two days.
If she knows you've lied
and cheated her...
Wonder, what's going to happen!
- Leave me.
- Hold well.
- Leave me.
- Hold well.
- Kanmani, leave me.
- No.
- No, Kanmani.
- Hold him.
He said, if your father
buys a house...
...he'll pound his head
as many times as possible.
He bought a house, isn't it?
Pound him.
Let him go.
Hey dude, where is he?
Middleman sir,
where is Sundaram sir?
Sundaram sir has gone to Bazaar.
Okay, sir.
Fruit vendor uncle!
What gift are you going
to give me?
Gift for you?
We're moving to
a new home, right?
To new house?
I'll give you.
- What do you want?
- I want a big round light.
Round light?
There are two lights in my shop.
Take it, when you go.
Oh, my gosh!
It's not that, uncle.
A big one which hangs
in the mid of the living room.
I said that light.
You're fooled by a child, sir.
Dear, my phone is in uncle's shop.
Bring it, please.
Hmm... I'll go.
Sundaram doesn't tell his child
that he cannot do.
People like us shouldn't desire
for anything and we cannot do.
I'll explain and make
her to understand.
Hey, shut your mouth.
If he knows,
it'll be a problem.
Nothing will happen.
Just watch.
Here is your mobile phone.
- Middleman sir, go.
- See him.
Go, sir.
Dear, what did you ask me, now?
Light, uncle.
It's shown in films.
That lights can be bought
only by rich people.
Poor people like us
can't buy it.
Look at uncle's shop.
No one is here.
Then, how uncle will have money?
Tell yourself.
First, you must sell fruits
of good quality.
Did my dad ever buy
a banana from your shop?
It's waste effort.
- Then, how will you've money?
- No, dear.
- Buy the latest model of light.
- That is...
- Uncle, I don't want any other gift.
- Okay, dear.
- That light is enough.
- Not that, dear.
Everyone who attends
the party must astonish.
Hey, will you listen me or not?
I'll listen, tell me.
Dear, you've asked a light.
Isn't it?
If we want to buy such
a big light,
We need one lakh rupees.
To earn a lakh,
We ought to run the shop
without closing even a day.
Do you understand
how hefty amount it is?
- I know.
- Do you know?
My dad earned similarly
and has gifted me a bungalow, now.
You too can, uncle.
Do you know what
Abraham Lincoln has said?
Do you know what
Gandhi has said?
He said, 'You can do'.
You too can do, uncle.
As my dad did.
Tell me, you can do.
Watchman uncle did.
My dad did.
You can do, uncle.
You can...
Tell me, whether you can
do or not?
I can do.
- I can do everything.
- He's lost.
How good to hear this.
You can go.
Don't forget.
Just remember it.
Good father!
Good daughter!
Dangerous family!
Kanmani, when will you
take me to your new house?
Still, I didn't see it.
I'm going tomorrow.
You come after that.
What did you say?
Have you bought the house
without looking it?
I just looked outside
but not inside.
Something sounds wrong.
Kanmani, just stop.
Stop, I say.
Kanmani, stop.
Did you go to the register office
before buying the house?
Did your father sign
in the register office before buying it?
He'd have signed.
Go away.
Kanmani, wait a minute.
Do you all sit at home
and count the money?
You didn't count the money,
didn't go to register office.
Then, your dad didn't
buy the house.
He has lied you.
No, my dad wouldn't lie.
If you've doubt, ask him.
If you've any doubt,
I'll ask a query to my dad.
If he says 'yes',
will you accept he bought a house?
Let's see.
- Daddy!
- Come on, dear.
- Sorry, dad.
- What, dear?
Dad, I told Vinoth about
the house.
He wants to ask you something.
Ask him.
Uncle, where did you
buy the house?
At Alagiri street.
From whom did you
buy that house?
From your granny.
You don't know.
Okay, leave it.
How much is the cost
of that house?
What's your problem?
You idiot.
It's one crore rupees.
Why didn't you take Kanmani
to register office?
It's far away.
That's why, I didn't take her.
Kanmani, when you go to
see the house, take me too.
You've doubt still, right?
Okay, I'm not going
to that house.
You too don't come.
Instead, my birthday comes
in ten days.
Like you celebrated your birthday,
I'll celebrate my birthday
in the new house.
You may not trust my father.
But, I trust.
Is it okay, daddy?
- Open your mouth and tell.
- Okay, dear.
Look, my daddy said, 'yes'.
What will you do, now?
Come, dad.
Let's go.
Be seated.
- Hey.
- What?
Kanmani wants to
celebrate her birthday.
Okay, good.
Let's make it grandeur.
Not that, she wants to celebrate
inviting her friends to the new house.
Will you've some juice?
I'm talking to you, seriously.
But, asking me to have juice?
Then, have tea.
Are you irritating me?
Whatever I say, you'll do
what you think.
Do as you wish.
Let me see, where you end up.
Welcome, mom!
Come, dad.
Did you check with your husband,
whether you can serve tea to us?
Aunty, have it.
Hey, you spent a crore
and bought a house.
Can't you even inform
your mother?
I was aware after
your daughter told me.
Are you worried, we'll stay
in your luxurious house?
- Hey, be quiet.
- You be quiet.
Until, we're healthy,
we'll not come and stay.
Don't worry.
Mom, calm down.
Dad, are you staying, tonight?
Vasanthi do we've food
or should I buy from hotel?
You've no intention
to tell us...
...that you've bought
a new house nor inviting us.
A mum mouthed.
We'll not stay,
don't worry.
We're leaving, you enjoy.
Mom, I didn't utter
for staying, but for food.
Else, we'll be late to bus.
Come, let's go.
Mom, give to me.
Mom, I haven't bought
a house, yet.
She pestered me to buy
the house she has shown.
That's why, I said I bought.
I lied her...
I felt happy that my son
became mindful and succeeded.
You'll never thrive in life.
Earlier, you troubled me
and later your wife.
Now, making your child to suffer.
You'll never thrive in life.
- Go aside.
- Mom!
Sundaram, no issues on
telling lies to your daughter.
Nowadays, those who've faith
in us are very few.
Don't betray, those who trust
and live along with you.
Your child believes,
you'll never lie.
Think of the consequences
if she knows that you've lied?
You've inducted her
the dream home.
What will happen
if it's shattered?
Sundaram, affirmation is
not important.
Ensuring to accomplish
is important.
Think wisely and decide.
Kanmani is saying, she will celebrate
her birthday in the new house.
And you too confirmed it.
Is it true?
You told me to shut my mouth.
She had a re-birth.
I thought you'd change,
but you won't.
Being a noble wife isn't enough.
I must be a good mother, too.
Whether you disclose
or not, I'll.
If you disclose?
I rather die.
Due to your disaccord,
we're in this situation.
Do you know, from the day
she spoke about the house...
...that was in our thoughts too.
Did she ask for a big house?
She wants us to buy
a piece of land...
...and construct the house.
You'd have told her
it's not possible.
But, you didn't utter.
Then, she asked for a big house.
But, you didn't say then, too.
Since, you affirmed to buy
a house, she believed you.
Will you heed me?
God is teaching us
a lesson through our child.
Let's buy a house,
which we can afford.
Tell her, you can't afford
to buy a big house.
You'll buy her a small house,
as she wish.
If you tell her,
she'll understand.
You've never bothered my words.
Now, heed to what I say.
What do you say?
Open your mouth and tell me.
I thought how to pacify her,
but not to fulfill her wish.
I wished to embrace her bravely...
But, instead embraced
her as a coward.
Good, you made me realize now.
I'll do as you wish.
I wish to see the house,
she desired.
Will you take me along
and show it?
I don't know whether
to feel proud of my child...
...asking us to buy
a big house.
...or feel sad for our incapability
to buy a big house.
Let's see, what happens.
Like she desired,
we'll buy a own house.
Only 10 days to go,
for my birthday.
Am I worth to manage 50 lakhs?
Dispute among brothers.
That's why, they're selling the half.
You don't have any hassle,
since it's at the front.
They seek for 20 lakhs,
what's your call?
Don't worry, my heart...,
Climb the sky
Beyond the five...,
You become six
Dude, leave it.
We'll buy.
Dude, good.
Don't worry, my dear...,
dare to look at
Be seated.
See, what happens
face to face
Brother, I wish to buy
an own house.
I've two lakh rupees.
If you lend me fifteen lakhs...
Sundaram, you aren't worth
for fifteen lakhs.
I'll give you two lakhs.
That too, believing your sales.
If you're okay, get it now.
You too have twists in life
What's this?
It seems not even
ten sovereigns of gold.
- Give the chain.
- It's artificial gold.
Is this our savings
for all these years?
For my birthday, a party
is there in my new house.
I invite you all to attend
the party along with your parents.
Brother, we've come to
meet you for...
...what I said on the phone.
If you want to buy a home,
you must earn and buy.
Else, you should live
in the rented house.
The situation is not good,
here too.
Don't mistake me,
There is no such thing
as tomorrow
Execute today, what you said
There is no such thing
as tomorrow
Execute today, what you said
Those who declined you as
unfit should be ashamed
The early man walked
without knowing the paths
Was he paralysed in a corner?
The world runs on
the desires of people
You too have twists in life
Brother, I want 15 lakh rupees.
I'll do whatever work,
you assign.
I know driving too.
I'll commute the smuggled
drugs also, safely.
Once if you get in,
you can't quit.
Is it okay?
Brother, when will you
give the money?
Do those who buy
a house opt to steal?
Either, they've some money
on hand...
...or will opt for a loan
in the bank.
Will ask for money
with known people.
You too take loan.
Ask the people known to you.
I'll lend sixty three
thousand rupees.
When the sun sets,
the lamp is here for light
Though the river water dries,
the spring water is there
When the sun sets,
the lamp is here for light
Though the river water dries,
the spring water is there
Is the ocean so big thing?
A small boat can win
Is the forest so big thing?
A small fire will burn down
If you constantly look for it
you'll definitely get everything
The thing which is not existing
will make it available
The world runs on
the desires of people
You too have twists in life
I know a private bank
and let's speak to the manager.
A 1% commission is must for us.
Will I get fifteen lakhs, then?
Prepare the documents, perfectly.
I'll arrange for it.
Don't worry.
I'll take care.
Okay, sir.
In fatso's function, he didn't
allow me to touch a toy like this.
Keep this in the new house.
He must feel irate,
looking at it.
Without searching,
you'll get nothing
- He is it daddy?
- Looking nice dear.
The crow also has a nest
Where is your home?
Without searching,
you'll get nothing
The crow also has a nest
Where is your home?
If you get up and walk,
All the directions are east
There is no light outside
But, in your eyes...
Enough of looking the ground
The foot of the brave
is in the moon
It was fun.
I bought a dress
in orange colour.
It was cute.
Hey, just eight days more.
You get ready
for the party, okay?
Everything will get over
by two days.
Then, we'll sign the agreement
and buy the house...
...like our daughter desired
and then...
What to do?
Wrap around.
I'm coming.
A client came to visit
the neighboring house for rent.
But, they've locked
and went out.
So, showing your house.
Come on.
Sundaram, what happened?
Vasanthi is sick.
This is the living room.
If you open the window,
will get good breeze and sleep well.
This is a lucky house.
Everyone has moved
to their own house from here.
Let's go out and talk
about the rest. Go...
Sundaram, take care.
I'm leaving.
Hey, Vani!
What flavoured cake
do you want on my birthday?
Even for ice cream,
tell me now, itself.
I've choosen a gift for you.
- We'll rock.
- Okay.
Just five days more.
First, give the invitation.
Let's see later.
Go away.
'By promising will get
a bank loan to buy a new house'
'Cheated Lakhs of ruppes
The broker is in hideout'
Mam, a news is featured
in the daily about the person...
...as a fraud, who assured me
to get a loan.
I don't know about him
Yes, many people are fraudulent.
We don't take commission
from anyone.
They've cheated one lakh
assuring to get a loan.
No one is ready to help.
Don't know, what to do!
I feel guilty to face my daughter.
- Daddy!
- Yes, dear!
This is the new name board.
Kanmani house.
How is it?
It's good!
Keep it at the entrance.
Daddy, I gave you
a toy, isn't it?
Have you kept it in the house?
Yes, I kept it.
The fatso must astonish
looking at that, in the party.
He'll astonish.
- Then, paste this too.
- Okay, dear.
When shall we give
the invitation?
Let's give, tomorrow.
Kanmani, is the invitation ready?
Wonder, when will you give?
You gave on your birthday.
I too will give on my birthday.
'Kanmani Mobiles'
Hello, daddy!
Where are you?
Did you get the invitations?
Let's distribute, tomorrow.
Daddy, you're saying
the same for two days.
- Give me.
- Take it, mom.
Hello, where are you?
I'm in shop.
Come, home.
No, just one more day to go.
How I'll face her?
Let's manage it, somehow.
Come, home.
Hey, hang up the phone.
There is a last chance.
I'll try.
Sundaram, get up.
Get up.
I came with trust on you.
Don't deny, brother.
Get up, first.
- Do me a help.
- What's the matter?
- Don't deny, brother.
- Tell me, first.
My daughter's wish.
I too gave her hope.
If I say now, I can't...
She'll break down.
Please, help me.
Don't make me ashamed.
Do this help as a father.
Sundaram, we shouldn't show
mercy in this business.
If so, then I've to fall
on your foot.
I gave you two lakhs
not having mercy on you.
I too gave it as a father.
Better, try somewhere.
I'll celebrate the party in
my new house, inviting you all.
You may not trust my dad,
but I've trust on him.
Hey, Kanmani!
Mom, where is dad?
He has gone to the shop.
You get ready.
Didn't come yet?
I told, I'll give
the invitation, today.
Tomorrow is your birthday, right?
Let's give the
invitation, tomorrow.
- Mom!
- Get ready.
I've challenged
the fatso, please.
I called dad.
He said, he'll come
straight away to the school.
Get ready.
- Mom!
- I said, go.
Didn't you get ready, yet
I'll get ready.
- Kanmani!
- Mom.
Have food.
- Vasanthi.
- What, dad?
- Come down.
- I'm coming, dad.
Kanmani, eat soon.
Your dad isn't attending my call.
You're attending,
If I call your mom.
Where is she?
Mom went down.
Dad is yet to come.
Okay, tell her to call me.
Didn't you and grandpa
not coming?
To my birthday party
in my new house.
Aren't you coming?
Okay, we'll come.
Give the phone to grandpa.
I'll convey him.
She is celebrating her birthday
at a house not bought.
Give me the phone.
Grandpa will come, definitely.
- Will you hang up the phone?
- Okay, grandpa.
Your husband is making me
to roam for four months...
...for the TV he bought.
- Is he pranking?
- No, brother.
If I go to the shop,
he asks me to go home.
If I come home,
you say he is in shop.
No, he said that he has paid.
You'd have bought a small TV.
Is it routine for your husband
to cheat everyone...
...like he has money?
Someone who lends you
loan must be blamed.
Don't be louder.
She is pityful.
Her husband is the reason for it.
- Not only you...
- Don't want...
He lied his daughter and made
her believe that he bought...
...a house for one crore.
You go to the shop.
I'll tell him to come to
your shop as soon as he arrives.
Look here, I'll come tomorrow.
If you don't pay,
I'll take away the TV.
'Kanmani House'
Didn't even switch off
the light.
Are you changing the powder?
Brother, did you see Sundaram?
The shop is kept open
from morning.
Isn't Sundaram inside?
- You too didn't see?
- I didn't notice.
- I'm the middleman, speaking.
- What?
Sundaram has met
with an accident
He has been admitted
in the hospital.
I'm coming.
'We're going to study division.'
'A mango tree yields
1000 fruits per year.'
'A total of 10,000 fruits
were taken from it.'
'So, how many years
it took to get those fruits... '
'... is to be calculated by division.'
'I saw a bigger house
than Vinoth's.'
My dad said, he'll buy it.
Is it bigger than the plastic
house bought on that day?
If we want to buy such
a big light,
We need one lakh rupees.
To earn a lakh,
We ought to run the shop
without closing even a day.
Do you understand
how hefty amount it is?
'They yield 10,000 fruits in 10 years'
Teacher, I've a doubt.
Tell me.
Teacher, if it takes a year to
earn one lakh...
How many years will it
take to earn a crore?
You must divide and check.
It'll take 100 years.
Is anybody got admitted
as Sundaram?
No one is admitted.
Better ask in
out patient department.
He isn't inside.
He isn't here.
What happened?
You're sitting here!
I'm failed.
Not like that.
I thought of bringing up
my child without poverty-stricken.
But today, I'm going to
be a liar, in front of her.
What you said is right.
I should've brought her up
with what I can do.
I feel bad for my daughter.
She believed all my lies.
I'll tell her, I can't buy
her a house.
Will she understand me?
She is your daughter.
Can't she understand you?
Come, let's go home.
No, first I'll see my daughter.
Okay, Come.
Get up.
- Who knows?
- I know, teacher.
The peacock feather
is light weighed.
Everyone must do the homework.
Kanmani, aren't you coming?
- I want the toy.
- Don't be adamant.
- I want the toy.
- I bought you, yesterday.
- I want the toy.
- I'll buy you, tomorrow.
- Come on.
- I want the toy.
- Don't shout. Come on.
- I want the toy.
I'll buy it, tomorrow.
Don't shout.
I want the toy.
Why are you shouting?
I said, I'll buy you, tomorrow.
Don't shout.
Don't be adamant.
Why are you giving?
You keep it.
Don't you want?
Don't want, aunty.
Let her have it.
I don't want this toy, anymore.
Why did you lie to me, dad?
Am I a kid to tell me lie?
Why did you get hurt here?
Is it painful?
Yes, dear.
Leave it, daddy.
I'll study well and emerge
in life and buy a house...
...for you bigger than that.
Leave it.
Eat well, daddy.
Who made his heart, beautifully?
Look at his lips smiling,
even in poverty
No intention to have more
Whatever we've is enough
Oh, happiness in eyes
I must walk with you
to the distance of sky
Oh, happiness in eyes
I must walk with you
to the distance of sky
Who made his heart beautifully?
Look at his lips smiling,
even in poverty
Isn't four walls enough
to sleep with eyes closed?
Can't I sleep, if it isn't
a glass house?
Someone who lived here...
Where are they missing, now?
Don't burden your back
with something
Isn't the honey drop is sweet...
...from the flower blossomed
in the mud?
Just because the flower has
blossomed in poor man's home...
...won't it have fragrance?
The house, your house...