Raju Gari Gadhi 3 (2019) Movie Script

Why wont you pay me any attention?
I keep following you everyday
I love you, Maya
Listen to me,
give it another thought.
I love you so much.
The thing that you just said...
and Ill give you an answer.
Okay, Maya
I love you.
Hey! Who is it?
Whos there?
Dont play games with me.
[Mobile ringing]
Who is it?
If you dare lay a hand on this virgin,
Old woman!
Whats wrong with you?
Whats with that ugly cough?
Oh really?
You sound like a pig dying out of starvation.
If I hear another word from you,
I am going to mix cyanide in a saline bottle
I am only the colonys president in name
I dont seem to have the good fortune
Oh Lord, what should I do now?
He is not some old lady like me
The one who is here is your boss.
Dude... who is here?
Dude... who is here?
Come on man! Come on, Lets chill,
Smoke up the cigarette,
Start the party man.
Come on, jump, twirl, sing and dance
Gather people around you
If you are around,
This entire colony and your precious friendship
Come... Come... Come... dear grandson
Will you become my son-in-law?
This is my lane, dont start anything silly
Dude... who is here?
That little lady is calling to me
That little lady threw colour at me
Who is the hero on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter?
If I take a selfie, I dont think they can match my looks.
If I wear the sarang,
And if we whistle,
In this area, you are the boss
No matter how many struggles that
I am the dont care one.
Its getting late brother,
Hand me a beer
This is my lane, dont start anything silly
Dude... who is here?
Dude... who is here?
Ashwin! What the injection is going on?
You are creating nuisance here.
It sounds like Chikkadapally shopping lane.
Doctor, you dont even have a Pepsi to drink
What, Tapsee?
Uncle, explain it to him in a
The thing is,
And yet, you dream of the heroine Tapsee. Pandu?
Wow! you are like a James Bond in English!
Brother, whats up?
If you need some sort of clarification
Why dont you guys ever ask me?
Ask you?
Your bloody...
Useless! This is ridiculous.
Why do you keep insisting that you came?
What is this sound pollution, master?
Ashwin is a really good guy.
He is a very obedient fellow.
Ashu dear?
He says that you are fomenting
Master! What did you say?
Does the love I have for our father-in-law,
Ever since I was orphaned as a child,
He was the one who wiped away my tears,
And when I had a bath,
Son-in-law, dont go into details,
They are just going to censor it.
Thank you.
So, he was the one who brought me up.
And when he contested to become the
lost with a single vote,
Is that so wrong?
Move aside, move aside...
Whats the silly issue here?
If you are that upset about
to become the president of the Auto Union,
how upset should I be for having
If you dont stop with slander,
That is why I wrote shorts.
Shall I give you mine?
If you losing causes this kind of ruckus,
I wonder what situation
(together) Every night is a spring night
Will you order me a dosa?
Mother-in-law, give our pregnantt a dosa.
You idiot! I am not pregnant
Looking at you,
Whats with that look?
Its a dosa
If you want one, order it.
I know what to do.
Is that all?
Send me a chicken that lays gulab jamum immediately.
The Jamun should drip in juices.
Sir, just stop it... stop it please.
Do you know him?
Who wouldnt know Kim from North Korea?
Why business do you have with Kim?
I have a niece
I think this guy would suit her the best.
Oh, dear Lord!
Oh no!
what happened to your injection master?
My injection is fine.
have you decided to marry off your niece to Kim?
Oh dear Lord!
One fine day, at Ayyappa Swamy temple...
Lalitha dear, Lalitha dear?
Pious man, have you seen my daughter anywhere?
No, sir. We havent.
What happened?
I told her to stay here until I got back with the offerings,
Dont worry. I will search this way.
Please help me.
Lalitha? Lalitha dear?
Oh, Lord Ayappa,
I beseech you to safely
My sweet heart.
I was searching for you
A truck came from behind and
Oh no!
And then, a pious man came and rescued me.
Pious man?Who?
[Backround playing Devotional song]
Oh, holy one, you saved my daughter
Who am I to save?
Everything is his will.
Sir, you must be mistaken about who he is.
I dont think you can survive an encounter with him.
You might be mistaken about Ashwins character
However, ... if only you had seen
[Song Humming]
Shut it, you bitch!
I was the one who rescued you
by that male dog in that other lane.
Once and for all, lets decide if its going to be you or me.
[You innocent looking devil...]
[You innocent looking devil...]
There! Your life would be no
Look at that unscrupulous fellow
There is a total mismatch between the teaser
If he really was that bad,
Why would they don the holy robes?We were unable to take
And so, when they were inebriated,
Have mercy of Pious man!
Oh my god!
I get it now
Its our colonys revenge.
These hands are meant for drinking
The entire state is in debt
If we didnt contribute through dancing and drinking,
How will the government survive?
You dont care about the development?
Get rid of the holy beads,
Stop it you both.
It isnt a garland.
Its the pious Lord Ayyapas oath.
If you disrespect it,
You will be washed away.
Is this Andhra accent or the Telangana accent?
Then, how do we get rid of this?
If you want to get rid of those holy robes,
Or else, someone around you should die.
Of course, they shall...
Are you dead yet?
Did he die yet?
No, he just missed death.Shall I try again?
Oh, no! Lord! Dear god!
Now you know right.
its as good as ordering death on Swiggy.
Would you like us to show you
So, the 100th potential alliance is also laid waste.
Now, he will not be able to find a girl
Miss. Maya
I would like to discuss some injection matter.
... no... discuss some important matter with you.
Ok, sir.
Dont be late, eh?
I will be back soon.
I found it really easy to complete my MBBS and MS
But I find it very difficult to confess my feelings to Maya.
Its very difficult injection, you know?
No matter what, I must confess today.
Maya, I... love you.
No..no. with feel...
Maya... I ... love... you...
Lets try another way.
If I hear another word from you,
You idiots!
I love you.
Doctor, Maya told me to inform you
and so she needed to go.
Another opportunity missed.
Hey, you colony people...
I am innocent like a 'Kamal Hassan'
You have dared to spoil the one alliance
I am going to make sure all of you have
Get ready folks, Happy diwali.
Happy Diwali...?!
Hey Stop.
Poor fellow!
I dont think our president could catch any sleep.
This Kims nuisance is ever increasing
Because of him,
Stop with this chatter.
Think of solutions.
Even cholera would be excused
But we must get rid of him at any cost.
We must devise some injection
Yes, we should...
Yes, we should immediately do it.
Yes, sir. Tell me.
Dont call me Sir.
Call me Shashi.
Tell me, Shashi.
That sounds good.
Once second
I love you.
Listen to me, Shashi.
leave this place immediately.
I love you.
If you dare lay a hand on this virgin,
Leave me.
So... you sent someone to beat up
just because he confessed
Today isnt the day for words
Go and give him a kiss.
Who are you?
Do you think you are some sort of a gangster?
Gangster? Me? Come on, bro.
Its just that the girls got into the auto
I wanted to make some money,
But you guys ruined it.Dont be selfish.Please...
Think about me as well.
Madam, I think they finally realised their mistake.
Why would you attack me from behind?
No, stop.listen to me
Tell them to stop hitting him, please.
Everyone thinks of themselves as some
Just get on with it.
No... please no..
If you dare lay a hand on this virgin,
Leave right now.
You dare lay hands on me?
Whats your name?
Billy, if you ever try to try the girl again...
Why is the colony this silent?
Ah! Why did I get caught by this fellow?
Why would praises be all for you
You go on.
Hey you!
He doesnt spare anyone.
Did you call for me?
Its just that, ever since last night,
Go and get me some medicine.
I am going to the temple,
And the fire ceremony of the puja...
You mean you are going to disregard the
and his painand instead go to the temple?
Hello! What the injection is going on here?
Something happened last night, doctor.
But my right hand is in great pain.
Oh, let me check.
Are you going to shave my armpit hair?
I am a doctor
Okay, let's check.
Do you feel any pain now?
Oh, great god Shiva!
Sorry Doctor.
I couldnt take the pain
Come here.
I am going to message you the names of the tablet
Take them and the pain will subside.
Your pain will subside too.
He is talking too much.
I'll teach him a lesson.
Why are you so down?
Dont call me Shashi.
Okay, sir.
Hey, Maya
Sister, are you well?
I am well.
Do you know Maya?
Yes, we are from the same place
If you dare lay a hand on this virgin,
[Song playing in radio]
Call that doctor fellow And tell him that the pain
Why would it subside?
be a driver becomes a doctor,
Excuse me?
Madam, how are you here?
Doctor Shashi sent me
To give you a session of physiotherapy.
Therapy?Yes. Give it to him.
Hello! Physio has nothing to do with breakfast.
Do you guys drink alcohol?
No, we drink buttermilk.
Whats with those bottles then?
We drink buttermilk to control the
Since when do you have the pain?
Ever since the day you got into my auto.
How do you sleep at night?
Without any underwear and only with a sarong.
No, I was told not to lie to the doctor
I meant in what position do you sleep?
Or underneath your head while sleeping?
You have got it completely wrong, lady.
If he has a beer, he sleeps on the street.
If he has whiskey, he sleeps in the front yard.
If he has rum, he sleeps on the road.
If he drinks all of them?
Shut up.
Do you have some hot water here?
I have a quarter of alcohol here.
Stupid. To treat him for swelling.
Where is the matchbox?
Tomorrow onwards, if you come to the hospital
your pain will completely subside.Okay?
Hello, my dear injections.
Do you want to know how
Do you know?
I was the one who sent
I thought he was a doctor
Thus far, Ashwin was the one
Wait and watch.
How, sir?
We just need to get Ashwinto tell that girl that
He would be done for.
Do you think that he would be done for
Do you know who her father is?
Is he a gangster?
Is he a very big politician?
No... He is way bigger than that.
Oh, holy one.. Someone has come all the way
Holy one, she is the daughter I was
She attained a marriageable age.I dont know what happened.
Please tell me the reason for
[Evil chants]
The holy one is going to leave his body for the next ten minutes
They killed her.
Not just one but four
Four beasts of human beings
Her spirit is not at peace.
It begs for vengeance.
One life is lost\And now the spirit demands
Kill them all.
By the next no moon day, the four of them would
Will you leave me?
I dont want it. Dont lick it.
Ashwin? When did you come??
Just now.
Hey, Srujana.
Escort them personally to the
I will see you all after I finish
Lets go.
Hey, Maya.How come you are here?
The junior doctor is already on his case, sir.
No. No. No.I want you to treat Ashwin.
Okay, sir.
For better results,
Isnt this the advice we generally
My injection... No.. no...
my intention is that
So that he follows through.
Okay, Sir.
Why is there an elephant
Enough now.
I will take care of him.
Little bride.
Hi, Ashwin.
As soon as you wake up,
If you do it for two days,
And, one more thing.
Until you are done with the treatment,
One small doubt.
Ashwin!I am advising you for your own benefit.
Liver gets spoiled,
pancreas get affected,
Sugar and cholesterol levels get erratic.
Sometimes, it even leads to heart attacks.
Maya, why are you giving him such
Do you care about Ashwin that much?
Doctor, werent you...
You are very lucky guy to have gotten
Carry on. Carry on.
I am waiting with breathless excitement
I have been running around and round
I never experienced something like this before.
Anyone I encounter seem to be taking on your shape.
Little by little I am taking on your traits
Charmingly, charmingly, I am coming towards you.
Even when I keep saying no and no to myself,
When the evening falls, I keep thinking of you.
Oh sweetheart, have stolen my heart in
Just a single day and in a single glance.
I had a taken a wayward path,
My heart keeps asking me
I see so many colours and experience new hope
You have completely filled me and my heart
And I want to journey with you together.
Little by little I am taking on your traits
Charmingly, charmingly, I am coming towards you.
Even when I keep saying no and no to myself,
When the evening falls, I keep thinking of you.
Whats up, Ashwin?
I dont think being shy suits you.
Do you know, I have wasted
Why? I used to eat at least 20 rice cakes.
Now I only have two.
I was like a cheetah
Do you know something?
That I realised that I was living a very wayward lifestyle.
Earlier, I thought happiness was only found
But only when you entered my life,
I had never experienced mothers love, Maya.
I experienced it for the very first time
It was then I realised that you were perfect for me.
I cant assure you of great happiness.
But I can assure you that
Ashwin, I forgot to tell you.
Once I come back,
Hello, madam.
This isnt an election result
I dont think I can wait that long.
Ashwin, please stop talking
I finally understand that you get it.
Listen to this as well before you leave.
I love you.
Whats this lag in response?
Ashwin! Please leave this place at once.
Before you leave, say something Maya.
First, get to your place safely.
Please give me a reply, Maya.
If not, I am going to haunt you
I love you.
You are asking for trouble.
Listen to me and
Get out of here.
First, you leave.
Doctor, do you have any information
No, his mobile seems to be switched off.
Do you think our plan is working?
Oh, dear lord of seven hills,
Now, our colony can finally sleep peacefully.
Master, the auto is coming this way.
Looks like he hasnt proposed to her.
All you oldies gathered here. Looks like you are
Someones life?
Nothing of that sort Ashu.But was wondering if you
I just confessed to her, Master.
Go home and get some sleep immediately.
What will come to me?
Thats what the doctor is prescribing for you.
Looks like as you guys get older,
It seems so.
Now, wait and watch.
he is going to be at the mercy of that ghost
Love you Maya!
If you dare lay a hand on this virgin
This is all devils work
Come to Dargha...
This is all devils work?
Yes. Devils handiwork is Maya.
I dont understand.
Being a doctor, I dont believe such things.
Did you know that the same thing
One of the doctors proposed to Maya.
Tell me who it is.
Why go that far, ashu?
Who is the devil here?
Garuda Pillai.
He is the one and only father of Maya.
If you keep insulting me,
chatter at such critical time?
Garuda Pillai is a very powerful
So, whats the big deal?
Someday, as a father, he would want to
Why cant that someone be Ashwin?
Yeah, whats wrong with that?
All of you, even if you egg Ashwin on,
He lives in the forests of Kerala.
So what?
Scared? My boy here went to
Uncle, that was a school trip.
Just keep quiet, son-in-law.
How does it matter to us?
Within a week, we are going to make
What is our purpose in Kerala?
This Dhaba owner is from telugu states.
He knows the address of that Garuda Pillai.
By the time we meet him,
We can then show them
I am Shuvudu, from a village in Guntur district.
I welcome all of you here.
My father, Pochaiah, came all the way from Guntur to Kerala
On the occasion of our silver jubilee,
we offer you patrons here drink, food
Oh, you amorphous clowns
Wont you lend me your ears?
We have booze, we have the stuff
And we are worth your time
Would you like to enter the room
Oh yes! yes! yes!
Come in, come in, come in to my room
Come in, come in, come in to my room
My king.
Come in my king, my great king.
I am here, I will come in
Come in, come in
My king
Do you like it sweet or spicy?
Do you like the vanilla or the chocolate?
Come in, come in, come in to my room
Come in, come in, come in to my room
Come in, come in, come in to my room
Come in, come in, come in to my room
Show me what you got now.
My king.
Oh yes, yes, I am running, jumping, climbing
Oh yes, Oh, yes, yes, I am running, jumping, climbing
My king.
My king, whatever it is that you want to do,
Come in, come in, come in to my room
Come in, come in, come in to my room
Come in, come in, come in to my room
Come in, come in, come in to my room
Show me what you got now.
Come in come in
Come in come in
Why did he stop here?
Look there. Be careful.
If you get in the cross hairs of Garuda Pillai,
Why dont you inaugurate our graves?
Why would I tag along on this venture?
Driver, shall we go?
Hello, brothers, all good?
Son-in-law, isnt it strange that your father-in-law
This excavation has a skull in it.
What is wrong with you?
This is Garuda Pillais house.
We are from Erragadda!
Just move aside.
(In Malayalam) The holy one is going to leave his
commune with the
Who are you?
Dont you see?
If you are here when he opens his eyes,
Enough with the shouting.
If any of you try to interfere with us...
Get me the knife, Uncle.
If I get into the fight,
My future father-in-law...
You look as plumpy and chucky
The police would catch hold of me
He would send goons over
At last, when I fell in love with mages daughter,
Tell me, who else can the youth love?
Tell me, father-in-law.
Anyways, my Maya looks like a porcelain doll,
I wonder if she is your daughter at all?
Uncle, why isnt he answering our question?
Son-in-law, where are we now?
In Kerala.
(In Malayalam) Its a good thing.
Me, Nitya Menon and Vidya Balan are classmates
Me, Mohanlal and Mumooty sir are glassmates
Your little girl came to me
Me and her want to get married
Talk to me father-in-law.
Please father-in-law.
Damn! you...
Why wont he open his eyes?
Move aside.
You idiot...
[Strange language]
Oh my Gosh!
14 languages, he doesnt open his eyes.
Hey you, once and for all
if you would accept him as your son-in-law or not
He doesnt have that choice.
I am going to stay in Kerala for
I want you to humble yourself
Only then will your practice continue.
Start music!
Stop it!
Get everything ready for the Tantric rituals.
Bring me the mud they stepped on.
Get the sacred cranium ready.
They have come here seeking their own death.
Their flesh and bones should be the
Ashwin is a very good guy.
I have taken the vow on my tantric prowess.
Please father. Please dont do anything.
I will make sure that he leaves from here.
I told you that we would speak
Why would you come to Kerala?
It seems Banana chips are cheap here in Kerala.
I came here to buy four bags for my colony people.
Stop joking...
Please listen to me and leave this place.
Hello, I am not scared of your father.
You just have to tell me that you don't love me and
Come on, tell me.
I don't love you.
So, do you want me to stay or leave?
I don't know.
I think this is the beginning of a
As soon girls accept their proposal...
All the boys find themselves lost in dreamlands
First stop the songs.
(Malayalam) The music isnt coming from this.
Just as there is light for darkness,
Just as there is food for hunger,
Just as there is water for alcohol,
Isnt there anyone who counter balances
Yes. There is.
Oh goodness! You scared the shit out of me!
It isnt a name that can be said so lightly.
The name itself is a gigantic force
She is Rajamata 3.
What? You mean Rajamata 3 in Raju Gari gadi 3?
Oh, mother.
She is my elder brothers daughter.
We have sought many alliances for her
Please help us by finding a solution.
Take a powerful coconut,Think of all that your heart desires
Oh goodness, there is a flower in it
In 41 days, your niece would be married.
Blood! Inauspicious!
Please, holy mother.Please help us.
In the month that has two full moons,
On the fifth day of the second half of the month,
Everything will go on smoothly then.
Hail Goddess!
Holy mother,
The name of this man starts with an A
The name of the woman that he has fallen in love with
Their plans to get married
And that is the reason why they have come
Isnt that so?
Come closer.
Please come to the Pooja that happens in the night.
You will surely benefit from it.
Holy mother,What about me?
What do you want me to do with it?
Put it in your pockets.
Alright, I will put it in my pocket.
Oh, holy one!
Come fast!
Lady, start the pooja.
In ten minutes.
Holy one...
Hey, Shivudu.
Two very powerful forces are at the same place.
There is no avoiding the impact of their opposing forces.
We are going to decide once and for all
With such pure and divine energy here,
Wait and watch.
What? Divine energy?
What nonsense is this!
You put flowers in the coconut
Produce symbolic stones out of thin air.
Dont you think I know about your deceitful methods?
You? You would know?
You hire junior actors,tie them up to the graves
as if they are possessed by spirits.
ask them to imitate the sounds of ghosts and ghouls.
You also hired light engineers
Alright. Alright.
Never mind!
We learnt our skills from the same teacher.
In those days, we made love to each other many times too.
How would I not care for you?
Alright, fine.
That guy came to you
Now, I am going to try and scare you
so that he gets the message.
Do you think that people would be fooled into
No, its absolutely impossible.
Its just pretence.
Its for my daughter.
Fine, alright.
Remember that 10 acres of coconut farm
Register it in my name.
Oh, dear!
You want me to give you 10 acres of property
Are you making any sense?
Dont you remember that I borrowed money
...abort our baby?
Who will pay the price for that?
Oh my goodness!
I would have been able to
Anyways, if you dont mind,given our history,
If you get stingy with your medical bills,
Give it a thought!
What are these poses?
Son, come in.
She is calling you. Go on. Go in.
Oh, holy mother.
May you be blessed with good fortune!
Holy mother, have you already
Son, no. Do not speak ill.
You dont know about him, holy mother.
he sends ghosts overto thrash the guy.
Oh, what a great performer you are!
Holy mother,
and tell her that I love her.Lets see if he calls the ghosts over
Hi, Maya.
Why did you call me this late?
If my father comes to know about this,
It could blow up into a major issue.
What? ... a major issue if your father finds out?
I wanted to propose to you in front of your father.
Stop it, Ashwin.
Whats happening?
I dont know. I didnt send anyone.
Now you get it, holy mother.
Didnt you see the one that passed bybehind me?
And that ghost is going to take a U turn
Hey kiddo!
Get out of here right now.
Stop it.In my presence,
I order you to lower your magical staff!
Have you had enough of our Rajamatas powers?
Your powers are useless here.
Please, Ashwin.
No way.
I love you.
Don't worry.
What is that?
If you dare try to touch this virgin,
Stop right there.
You are the holy one who blesses
You rouges are selfish people
Malayali tantric teachings
Holy one,That girl is in great danger.
Do not punish my daughter for my sins.
Please have mercy on the girl.
Whats the problem?
The mystics of these days
I have read a record in the mystic chronicles
used during the time before
This is Yakshi magic.
Do you know anything about this?
No. we dont.
During the 18th century,
I love you...
He used the words I love you quite frequently
One day, George Williams was officially transferred to Kerala.
When he got here, his attention immediately
He did not know that Devayani was the daughter
But soon, Marthandavarma realised that
with George Williams
And so, he decided to use all his mystic powers
It had been passed down from his forefathers,
He had unearthed a powerful spell called Yakshi spell,
On the day of a full moon...
he began to perform the pooja to cast
He invited the spirit Yakshi
he guided the spirit of Yakshi into a doll
Hey, Devayani... I love you
As soon as these words were spoken,
After the mystic got rid of George Williams,
and buried it in some remote corner of his house.
Holy one, we have a doll that resembles this in our house.
That spirit is still active
Where did you find that doll?
Once, a real estate agent requested that
Holy one, why are you digging?
If you want me to get rid of that evil spirit...
we have to bury four bronze objects at
Why would this doll have a nail stuck to it?
Ever since you removed the nail on that dolls head...
that spirit has been guarding your daughter.
With that nail, you nailed your own coffin!
Holy one, what if we throw that doll away in the ocean?
Even if the doll is drowned in the ocean
that spirit will not leave your daughter alone.
We have to perform a pooja and give it an offering
This ceremony should be conducted
we require a bachelor for this ceremony.`
In worst case scenario, he might
The bachelor should be well prepared for it.
Please listen to me.... Stay.
May you be blessed with good fortune!
May you be blessed with good fortune!
Where are you going, young man?
He wants to go
Ashwin, why are you scared when I am with you?
Let it go, lady. Despite you being there,
Uncle, show some respect.
Young man?
That man has taken all the necessary steps
you guys alone
You should never believe people
Lets go.
Please stop, son-in-law.
The Yakshi spirit that I had sent to
If we are to control that spirit, the man who is going
This all seems quite fishy, son-in-law.
That is indeed a very brilliant question.
Give me the answer, lady.
Did you watch the movie Robot 2.0?
Yes. I did. It was directed by Shanker.
The robot built by Rajinikanth
Yes, Logic!
Where is this ritual performed?
This is the exact place where the doll,
The ritual that I would be conducting for
The most important componentof this ritual is the palm leaf
Only when you find this particular spell and can bring it to me,
Holy one, do you think that the spirit
That spirit will not be able to do anything
Thank heavens!
But the other spirits that exist in the
Oh God!
They told us that its a ritual
That is exactly the reason why
Holy one, start the ritual.
Dont be scared.
Why would I be scared when such a powerful mystic...
such as yourself is with me?
Oh! I am here for you.
If I get the carpenters here and
you would never be able to scare anyone else
How dare you play these silly games
such as the holy mother here?
The chair seems....
Yes. You should all be scared of her.
Please take a seat, holy mother.
I dont think its wise to accord me so much
Hail Goddess!
How dare they disrespect you!
How could they play games with you?
Come right away and apologise.
Or else, I am going to ensure that
Just you wait, holy mother.
We are here on some important work.
How dare you touch our holy mother!
Wait and watch. I am not going to let this slide.
Oh lord! Why is this guy unnecessarily
here and
you are going to be scared.
Holy one, if you find a ghost...
could you please trap it
I will display it in my house.
Holy one, there seems to be something wrong.
Umm...Just for the sake...
He scared... He scared.
You rotten fellow who steals incense at funerals!
Whats with this foolishness in
Why would I be scared
Whos there?
Holy One...
What father-in-law!
Useless fellow!
You scared me even more.
Whats wrong with you?
Even if there was a ghost at home,
Little devil?
You? You wouldnt even be able to
Shivudu here! Shivudu from pedakurapadu.
Are you the mother?
I dont think the booklets are in this room.
Holy mother, I dont think there is anything here
That is exactly what I have been telling you.
Lets go... Lets go...
Lets go elsewhere, young man.
Lets move on.
Who is it?
What do you think you are doing now?
They say that a dogs bark
Thats what Im trying to do.
Oh, look. Its gone.
Oh lord! His ignorance is going to give
Ashwin! Lets not aggravate
If they get angry...
Ashwin! Ashwin! Ashwin!
Come... come.. come....
Why dont you use a spell
Oh dear lord!
Stop staring at me and
Ashwin! Ashwin!
Whats up with her?
Hail the divine mother!
If you dont stop with this charade,
Get it?
Young man...
Stop it right now.
I just wanted to earn some money easily
But you have to believe me when I say that
I came with you with the sole purpose
Anyways, if you are faking it,
If I am a beginner, consider him
I wonder whats the situation like
Nephew! Nephew!
How foolish was I to have trusted you.
My life right now is no better
Useless fellow...where the hell are you?
Save me please!
The reason for me being here is that
He must be around here hiding insome corner.
Please let me go.
Please dont come near me.
Please, I beg you.
You wicked thing!
Oh god! Please rescue me from her.
Disgusting! Whats wrong with you?
He figured everything out.
Hello, what are you doing there alone?
Nephew! There are ghosts there
Just come here.
Come on.
If not for me, you would have been
bald-headed pig beside me.
Why is that?
For every little sound,
I am unable to take the foul smell.
This lady here is peeing buckets.
You mean she is in the same category as him?
Not just the same category.
Its useless to put our trust in these imposters.
Come on, lets go.
What about us?
Stop it.
What do you mean stop?
We have been caught and they
We should do something.
I have an idea.
Can you see someone over there?
No. There is no one there.
Oh my god!
She hit me just once and
[Song Humming]
Kiss me.. close your eyes.
Come on, You come...come...
Kiss me. Close your eyes.
Rashmi... open your eyes.
then press me..
Wait... How do I look?
You look like someone who has obesity.
I want to bite you and gobble you up.
Yeah, right! You and your lustful ways.
Listen, you hide in that corner
If you encounter any ghosts,
Just because we wore some make up
Whats this?
Lets switch off the torch light
Did you see that my darling?
How scared he was of me?
Yes, I saw.
Try and scare someone
Only then will you develop your confidence
But, dont try to overdo it.
Whats this girl doing here at this hour?
Let me try and scare her and
Girl! Why arent you scared?
So, arent you a girl?
This is called digging your own grave.
I foolishly followed you because
I am sorry.
[Some Funny regarding Bald-head]
Ghostess!You must be mistaken.
I am begging you. Please spare me.
Anyways, you are starring in another movie
Nephew, I think this must be the room
I am of the same opinion, Uncle.
My tummy has turned all mushy
Hey, stop it.
This is...
This is something..
Just because you have donned on makeup,
Just as one dresses up kids carefully for their
Whats the use?!
Watch me and learn.I have managed to stay clear
Stop making faces!You look like a pig in labour.
Whats that?
When did she come?
She didnt even wish me.
She must not have gone to school
Looks like she is ill-mannered.
Chill baby.
You managed to do one thing right.
No. Stop it.
This hand isnt wet.
So, what hand did I use?
Oh No. Leave me... Leave me...
Listen. please leave me... Leave me...
Let's check this.
Oh dear! A Snake!
Its dead, Uncle.
Is it! let's go.
Its trying to sniff us out like dogs.
Has it already figured out about me?
Oh dear! I am done for!
Hi, I am Jaganmohini from Bezawada.
When I was trying to make a Tik-tok video,
Do you follow Twitter or Facebook?
Anyways, why would I go through all
only to have you settle with them
Oh no..! what a loud sound.
Excuse me!
Since you are seniors,
I think this is a test to prove
There is no other way.
We died only two days ago.
Thats the reason why we do not yet
What do we do now?
How will it open?
Uncle, bring that here.
Its a Kiss me ghost.
Enquire as to what it wants
Is that all? Is this all?
Sing with emotion.
You came to me on your own,
Uncle! Sing it with a huge emotion
Unearth the bottom of your heart and
From the bottom?
Give it a try once more.
The one in front of me is not Heroine Rashmika
Hey you!
Whats your problem?
I have been speaking to you. Dont you see?
If you live in this old mansion,
Do you know KCR? Do you know Jagan?
They are behind me.
If you anger me anymore,
I wont pity you just because you were a ghost.
Hail hero Balayya!
Handover me.
Take it.
We will surely die in their hands.
Please do simething.
Holy one?
Hail the goddess.
Now, place the garland around his neck.
Offer your prayers.
Peace and good fortunes!
Whats happening, holy one?
Even before the spirit gets here,Ashwin
Or else, his life would be in danger.
Go and get the matrimonial thread.
Yakshi spirit is here.
Holy one, please chant the
Take the sacred matrimonial thread
Holy one.
How do we stop that Yakshi spirit?
Goddess.The one who commands the death and
The reason for the existence of every soul and spirit.
[Devotinal Song]
Maya dear...
Maya dear...
Get up, dear.
Are you ok?
Oh my God! They are back.
You set my nephew up with Maya hoping
No.. nothing like that..
Listen doctor. I am convinced that this was
My life has taken a turn for the better and now,
Come on man! Come on, Lets chill,
Smoke up the cigarette,
Start the party man.
Come on, jump, twirl, sing and dance
Gather people around you
If you are around,
This entire colony and your precious friendship
Come... Come... Come... dear grandson
Will you become my son-in-law?
This is my lane, dont start anything silly
Dude... who is here?
Dude... who is here?
Dude... who is here?
That little lady is calling to me
That little lady threw colour at me
Who is the hero on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter?
If I take a selfie, I dont think they can match my looks.
If I wear the sarang,
And if we whistle,
In this area, you are the boss
No matter how many struggles that
I am the dont care one.
Its getting late brother,
Hand me a beer
This is my lane, dont start anything silly
Dude... who is here?