Rake (2015) Movie Script

(Deep ambient sound)
(Door opens)
Dr. Benson: Hi Audrey.
Dr. Benson: I'm doctor Benson.
Dr. Benson: Would you mind if I sat down?
Dr. Benson: I'd like to talk to you about that night.
Dr. Benson: I know you feel...
Dr. Benson: Alone. And...
Dr. Benson: That your story is unbelievable but...
Dr. Benson: I'm not another psychiatrist.
Dr. Benson: I'm here because I've seen it too.
Dr. Benson: Several years ago...
Dr. Benson: I lost my husband and daughter.
Dr. Benson: I've since devoted my life to...
Dr. Benson: Searching...
Dr. Benson: to finding out why.
Dr. Benson: You're not alone Audrey.
Dr. Benson: There are several of us.
Dr. Benson: And all we have are each other.
Dr. Benson: Will you help us by sharing your experience?
(Audrey panting)
Dr. Benson: I know you can't speak.
Dr. Benson: I've seen the symptoms before.
Dr. Benson: But I have a method that may help.
(Deep ambient sound)
Dr. Benson: You see yourself on top of a staircase.
Dr. Benson: With ten stairs and a door at the bottom.
Dr. Benson: As we count down from ten...
Dr. Benson: With each count, you'll take a step...
Dr. Benson: and become more relaxed.
Dr. Benson: Ten.
Dr. Benson: As you feel your body becoming more relaxed...
Dr. Benson: You'll take another step.
Dr. Benson: Nine.
Dr. Benson: Your body is becoming numb.
(Audrey breathes out)
Dr. Benson: You leave that body behind.
(Whispers fill the room)
(Sound building up)
(Audrey takes deep breath)
(Deep piano keys)
Distorted Voice: Audrey.
Distorted Voice: Audrey.
Katie: Audrey.
Katie: Hey stop stressing so much, we're here to have fun.
Katie: If you don't stop spacing, someone is going to start to take it personally,
Audrey: Somebody like you?
Katie: Yeah exactly.
(Audrey sighs)
Scott: Are you guys gonna make out or...?
Katie: Oh..
Katie: Hm hmm.
Ryan: (Whispers) It's happening.
Katie: yeah?
Scott: Oh my god.
Katie: Only when you're not around. Ew.
Scott: Okay.
Scott: That hurt Katie.
Scott: I mean I want you to know
Scott: that I have the upmost respect for what you two have.
Katie: Do you?
Scott: Well yeah, I mean...
Scott: Obviously I am a lesbian myself.
Scott: I'm just, tragically trapped in this...
Scott: sensual masculine body.
Ryan: It's so brave how open you are about it.
Scott: Thank you.
Katie: And my condolences to the women involved.
Scott: Okay, mean.
Scott: Always mean.
Scott: Hey uh...
Scott: Jason, you wanna help me out over here with...
Scott: Katie right?
Scott: Yeah Katie.
Scott: You wanna go ahead and tell her to stop being so mean.
Katie: Haha
Ryan: A rousing defense.
Scott: Well, thanks man.
Scott: Thanks. You're a real help.
Scott: Okay...
Scott: Where are you two lovebirds headed off to?
Megan: We're just out for a walk.
Ryan: Oh, is that what the kids are calling it these days?
Scott: No, I think they're definitely still calling it Bumping Uglies.
Katie: How are we even friends?
Audrey: Come on, do you guys have to go?
Audrey: We're about to bring out the s'mores.
Scott: Oh Shit.
Scott: We got s'mores.
Tanner: Save us a couple, we'll be back soon.
Katie: No promises.
(Guitar plays)
(Guitar stops)
Audrey: Hey.
Jason: Hey yourself.
Audrey: How you doin'?
Jason: I'm good.
(Fire burns)
Audrey: Are you sure?
Jason: It's better when people don't talk about it.
Jason: Let's just pretend we're all getting along.
Megan: So what do you wanna talk about?
Tanner: I've just been thinking...
Megan: About?
Tanner: You know.
Tanner: About the future.
Tanner: We're out of school now.
Tanner: And it's time to really find out who we really are.
Megan: So you're worried about the future...
Tanner: No. It's not that.
Tanner: I'm worried about us.
Megan: What do you mean?
Scott: And that's when the monster arrived.
(Katie laughs)
Ryan: It's not funny.
Katie: Yes it is.
Scott: Ryan.
Scott: Running with you're pants down
Scott: is basically the definition of comedy.
Ryan: You know there are dangerous animals in the forest.
Scott: Yeah
Scott: I know.
Scott: And it sucks...
Scott: when they attack you and you're taking a dump.
(Scott and Katie laugh)
Ryan: You guys are assholes.
Audrey: Alright, let's talk about something that we all enjoy okay?
Katie: Aw, he'll enjoy it one day.
Audrey: No Katie, I don't think he will.
(Awkward silence)
(Audrey sighs)
Scott: Well, Tanner and Megan have been gone for a while.
Scott: I'm gonna go look for them.
Scott: I may need some help though.
Scott: Come on. You and me.
Scott: Hop hop.
Scott: Come on. Double time.
Scott: Alright.
Scott: Why you being so weird?
Audrey: What do you mean?
Scott: Come on.
Scott: Lashing out like that. That's not like you.
Audrey: We should be nicer to each other.
Scott: Oh okay.
Scott: I see.
Scott: You're doing that mom thing again, aren't you?
Audrey: I want everyone to have a good time. What's wrong with that?
Scott: Well.
Scott: What's wrong with it is that we are having a good time.
Audrey: You're over there picking on Ryan.
Audrey: And what about Jason?
Scott: Look.
Scott: You're stressed because this is our last trip together.
Scott: I get it.
Scott: Okay, we graduated.
Scott: We're all moving on now.
Scott: But the best tribute to that friendship over there...
Scott: Okay, is just one more night of being ourselves.
Scott: Short comings and all.
Scott: What are you afraid of?
Audrey: I never wanna forget my friends.
Scott: Then don't.
Scott: Okay?
Scott: Okay?
Audrey: okay.
Scott: Alright.
(Audrey takes a breath)
Scott: Anyways so we were on the train...
Scott: And this guy who was sitting over in the other-
Scott: Oh, alright. There she is.
Audrey: Megan.
Audrey: Megan, where's Tanner?
Megan: (Soft Voice) He said he was going to leave me.
Scott: What?
Scott: Oh fuck.
Megan: It stopped him before he could.
Audrey: What are you talking about?
Audrey: (louder) God damn it Megan!
Audrey: What are you talking about.
(Megan panting)
Megan: (Whisper) Eyes.
(Low deep growl)
Scott: What is that?
(Deep ambient sound)
(Deep growl)
(Ambient low whispers)
Scott: Shit.
Scott: Come on. Come on.
Scott: Shit.
Scott: Everyone in the trailer, now!
Katie: Why? What's going on?
Scott: Just get in.
Scott: Just get in.
Scott: Come on. Come on.
Scott: Ryan, come on man.
Ryan: What the hell is going man?
Scott: I don't know what the fuck is going on.
Scott: Get inside now.
Ryan: No!
Ryan: I'm not gonna fall for anymore of your bullshit.
Scott: What?
Ryan: Look I get. Okay Scott.
Ryan: Last trip, last time to pull some stuff.
Ryan: Alright.
Ryan: I don't care.
Ryan: Okay?
Scott: Stop being an idiot and get in here.
Ryan: No. you know what?
Ryan: I don't see Tanner.
Ryan: Why isn't tanner in the trailer huh?
Ryan: Hey tanner, I'm onto you. You piece of shit.
Scott: Tanner's fucking dead alright?
Ryan: Bullshit.
Audrey: Ryan please, this isn't a joke.
Ryan: Alright fine.
Ryan: But you have to tell me-
(Loud Hiss)
Scott: Oh shit.
Jason: What the hell?
Jason: Oh my god.
Scott: Shut up. Shut up.
Scott: Shut up.
Jason: What the fuck was that?
Scott: We don't know.
Jason: Where...
Jason: Where's Megan?
Scott: She didn't make it back with us.
Katie: What?
Jason: She's alive?
Jason: You guys left her?
Scott: We didn't leave her alright?
Scott: That thing was chasing after us.
Jason: Well where the fuck is she now?
Scott: I don;t know where the fuck she is.
Scott: Can you stop?
Scott: We need to find a way out of this.
Scott: Who still has their car keys?
Katie: I do.
Scott: Good.
Audrey: We'll how are we going to get to the car?
Scott: We have to wait for the right moment.
Scott: we have to find a-
(Deep ambient sound)
Katie: What is it?
Jason: It's Megan.
Jason: We have to get her.
Katie: Oh my god.
Jason: We have to get her.
Audrey: Jason that is such a bad-
Jason: What?
Jason: Are we just going to watch her die through the window?
Scott: Nobody is saying that.
Scott: Alright.
Scott: But we don't know where the fuck it is.
Jason: She is standing right there.
Jason: It's obviously it's somewhere the fuck else.
Scott: Yeah and it also spared her out there too.
Scott: But that doesn't mean anything.
Jason: So we're going to fucking leave her?
Scott: Oh okay-
Jason: huh?
Jason: Fuck you guys.
Audrey: Wait-
Jason: Get the fuck out of my way!
Audrey: Jason.
Jason: Megan.
Jason: Hey.
Jason: Megan. We have to go.
Jason: Megan.
Jason: Megan, we do not have time for this.
Jason: We need to move.
(Megan crying)
Jason: We don't have time-
(Crying continues)
(Whispers approach)
(Dark ambient sound)
(Loud whispers)
(Megan's crying fades out)
Katie: What do we do now?
(Loud crash)
(Katie panting)
Scott: Shh.
Scott: Be quiet.
Audrey: (Whisper) What's it doing?
Scott: Probably trying to find a way inside.
Katie: Oh my god.
Audrey: You said you had a plan.
Scott: I do.
Scott: it's not a good one.
Audrey: Tell us.
Scott: Make a run for Katie's car.
Katie: Are you kidding?
Scott: No.
Audrey: okay.
Katie: What?
Audrey: We have to.
Katie: No
Katie: No. No.
Scott: Katie?
Audrey: Katie.
Scott: Katie. We need to do this.
(Keys tossed on bed)
Katie: Go ahead.
Audrey: It's going to find a way in.
Katie: Well, it hasn't so far.
Scott: Katie.
Scott: You're not safe here okay. The walls are thin...
Scott: It's a fucking trailer.
Scott: Alright?
Katie: If you go out there, you are going to die.
Scott: What do you think we should do?
Katie: We should stay in here and wait it out till morning.
Scott: No.
Katie: Maybe it's afraid of the sunlight or something.
Audrey: We don't know that.
Katie: If we go out there, we are going to be ripped apart.
Katie: Just like the rest of them.
Audrey: Katie please.
(Whispers get closer)
Katie: I said no.
(Screaming and glass shatter)
Scott: Go. go
Scott: out.
Scott: Fuck.
Audrey: No. No.
(Ambient whispers)
(Audrey panting)
(Hissing Voice)
(Audrey panting)
Audrey: No.
Dr. Benson: Tell me what you see.
(Audrey screams)
Audrey: no.
Audrey: no.
Dr. Benson: Audrey.
Audrey: No. No.
Dr. Benson: Tell me what you saw.
Dr. Benson: What do you see?
(Voices from the trip echo)
(Echoing voice: I don't want to forget my friends)
Audrey: Eyes.