Rakshasudu (2019) Movie Script

Hi Subbu!
-You didn't come to walk yesterday?
My granddaughter missed
her school bus yesterday
I went to drop her.
The traffic was bad. It's better to go
to Vijayawada than drop kids in the city
You should've joined her in
a school in Vijayawada then
Joining her isn't enough.
My daughter-in-law would even
ask me to give her lunch box
You are lucky enough not
to have these hassles
Well, some hassles aren't evident!
Hey stop!
Why is it barking?
That's what I don't get it
Why don't you look for the
right partner for this one?
Having pets also means you have
to take care of their other needs!
That's too much now!
-Hey Rambo!
Rambo.. stop!
Breaking news
The corpse of a 15 year old student
Samyuktha murdered in Hyderabad...
was wrapped in a polythene
cover by the murderers...
and placed it in a waste
pipeline near Durgam Cheruvu
The cops have ceased the dead body
and are investigating the case
But, the reasons for the
murder haven't been found yet
Accordin the the people who came
for a morning walk to that area
...it's known that the dogs
have found the body first
Cut it! Okay, play back!
We need a close up shot of the knife
with blood on it. Don't forget it
The producer is refusing it as we won't
get a U certificate if we show blood Arun
Why do you place the alarm at my ear?
Turn it off!
-Ah! I am unable to turn it off!
My name is Arun
These are the articles of 100s of
psychopathic murders in the world
My dream is to see my name on
the screen as 'A Film by Arun'
These are all the home work and
detailed study I did for that
Hey Arun...
we must be at the office before
the Rahukaala (inauspicious time)
Come soon man!
Arun, so what's the
producer count now?
Stopped the count long back uncle!
All the best
See you uncle
Opening shot...
Top angle camera shows a girl
crossing the road in a hurry...
and two guys are chasing her
Your story is indeed quite a thriller,
It's too dark from the beginning,
It's not practical
The story is good, but family audience
won't turn up for such a movie
I think it's good if you create an
item song situation in the climax
Would you sell me your story?
I'm okay only in that case
You have been toiling
really hard to make a movie
But the producers are wasting your
toil on the name of current trend
I'm sure that won't happen dude
The trend will change
Two movies are in progress already,
we shall see it the next time
Did you make any short films?
How will I make a short film
when I can't even afford my food?
Is this how movies were
made in the past 75 years?
Someone who can't realise my 8 year effort
what could he possibly notice
in an 8 minute short film?
It's been more than an year
since your dad passed away
Though he didn't leave
behind comfortable wealth for us
He sure earned a good
reputation in the department
Which is why you are eligible
for his Sub Inspector post
Your brother-in-law is ready to get
that job for you once you say yes
Arun, just attend the SI exam
and I'll take care of the rest
Shot ready!
Hey Arun!
Arun, what about
this month's rent?
Don't you want to play
that corpse character?
Huh? All the best!
We end the film with a
great action episode sir
-I loved the story
-Thank you ma'am!
Collect the advance tomorrow
-What happened?
-The producer gave his nod!
-The film got the nod!
-Wow! Congrats Arun!
You've achieved what you dreamt of!
Roll camera!
I checked our
horoscopes yesterday
Looks like our combination
wouldn't succeed
Please understand. I'm sorry.
Don't worry brother.
You keep trying.
I'll join a job and go to work if required
You are 22 years old already. I'm
unable to answer the people around
I'm asking you for the last time...
Would you get into that job or not?
Sir, we shot the corpse
from different angles
We'll show a black car pass it closely
Producer sir had asked me to come today
Can you inform him Arun is here?
Sir isn't here.
He has gone to Mumbai for a shoot
He'll be back after six months
Mom, I'll meet brother-in-law
Your father's reputation
will ensure you this job
You have no idea about the competition
and politics going on for this SI post
Can I trust you and apply for it?
What Arun? Did you quit Direction
and start an acting career?
It's indeed acting
What about direction then?
Fate should cooperate!
What about my dead body character then?
We'll plan that soon
Huh? I might become a corpse by then!
All the best!
Hey Arun.
Forget your film craze and
concentrate on your duty
Just obey whatever your higher
officials order you to do
That's what everyone does here
-Did you get it?
-Yeah, okay
-Good morning sir
-Good morning
Sit down. I've got a work outside
Once I'm back, I'll explain you your duty
Yashwanth! Order two tea!
Okay sir
I don't know anything sir!
I didn't commit that theft
I didn't commit that theft!
Sir no!
Tell me!
-I didn't commit that theft
-Tell me!
-I don't know anything sir!
-Tell me!
Come on tell me!
Hey... come here
Are you the newly joined one?
Thrash him till he reveals the truth
Sir, I just joined today
Is there a rule that you
shouldn't thrash on the first day?
Do what I said
Sir... please no...
Why do you look around when
I said thrash like a cop?
You should hit like this...
this... here...
No sir... please!
Don't you have any sense Arun?
I asked you to take this
accused to the court
and you are narrating your script
to a producer along with him?
What if he had escaped?
No sir. I wouldn't have escaped.
SI sir's story was awesome!
This is the last time
If this repeats...
Puppy! Come... come!
How many times have I warned
you not to come out without me?
You have to be punished. Dirty fellow...
Look, your face is covered in dust
Oh no!
How many times do I tell this girl?
I have to be dead scared once it's dusk
I'll complain about her to her
dad once he comes back today
What Amrutha? Don't you respect my word?
I'll not spare you if you aren't home
by 5:30 from tomorrow onwards
Weren't any of your neighbors present?
Any relatives atleast?
No relatives too?
-Good morning Arun
What happened?
Murder case, Arun
What happened?
When my daughter was
studying for her exams
He tried to molest her in a drunken state
I tried my best to stop him, but in vain
Just because I had to
save my daughter...
I hacked him to death sir
Where's your husband?
It was him, I murdered sir
What exam have you got today?
-Uncle, is it registered in the FIR?
-We did
Tear it off
I'll talk to my brother-in-law
and get you the order
You take this girl to the exam hall
You go attend your exam
Forget the episode
-My daughter is missing sir.
-Since when?
Since 5 pm to 5.30 pm
-Is it 5 pm or 5.30 pm?
-Their daughter is missing
-He is a relative of our IG
-It's the time they leave the school
It's at that time sir
He works for the customs
Speed up the investigation
Check the CC camera
footage near the school
Also, check any CCTV footage near her home
-Yes sir
When that girl went missing...
a gift box was found tied
around her dog's neck
Her parents are really shocked seeing that
These are the items in the gift box
Who gave you the permission to
release the women in the muder case?
It was his own daughter
that he was mole...
That girl must be of same age as Siri
that sentiment could work for you and me
Does that mean you
leave them at your wish?
I didn't leave them at
my wish Brother-in-law
According to IPC section 120 states
murder for self defense isn't a crime
I released her under that
section thinking you know this
So, you did it according to the rules
Why did you forge my signature then?
What else did you expect me to do?
By the time the case is closed after
the formalities and enquiries...
that girl's career would be over
You can say whatever you want...
I'm responsible if it
becomes an issue in the future.
And you teach me about the sections
I've got to imprison you first
Do my dad's signature on my report too.
Already the assigned tasks
is giving me severe headache
-You want me to sign?
-Yes, you have to.
-I'm minding just my work
-Just do it.
-No... No...
-Please uncle.
I flunked in two subjects. He'll
skin me alive if he finds out
-Here, put his signature.
-Don't bring my issues back to me.
Do you get it?
Hey, a police job demands
no kindness and compassion.
If they probe this case
tomorrow, I must answer the press
Over that there is local politics
that we must take care of.
Just work for the salary you are paid.
Arun, this is the first
and last warning for you
Heard that?
This is your first and last warning.
Your mom's not here, right?
She stayed back home
saying she had a headache.
Thank god!
The new teacher doesn't know
I'm Padma teacher's daughter.
So, for now, you are my dad.
Just nod to whatever she says.
Do not open your mouth
Beat me if you want in between
but do not open your mouth.
Please, do not open your mouth at all.
Stop it!
Excuse me, ma'am
Come in.
Please, have a seat
Are you really Siri's father?
-Unbelievable? Why?
You look very young.
Thank you.
-Looks like uncle has fallen for her.
-Um... Um...
Well, my fate. I was forced
to marry at a very young age.
It was my grandpa's dying
wish, so I got married.
Fine, leave it. Do you know
what your daughter did?
What did she do?
She has forged your signature in
the progress report card. Look.
Looks exactly like my signature!
But I was smart
enough to find it out.
You are brilliant, ma'am.
You did a terrible thing.
-How dare you?
-Please don't hit me, daddy.
-Sir, stop hitting her.
-Please don't hit me, daddy.
-Please, daddy.
-How can even think of doing that?
-How did I raise you?
-Please, daddy.
-Stop it, sir.
-Don't stop me, ma'am.
Tell me I say.
-Please, daddy.
-Stop it!
Okay, see you. Bye.
You've said you're having headache.
Why don't you rest at home instead
of straining yourself, Padma?
It's okay,
I don't need rest. You leave.
Well, where are you headed?
Well, that...
Siri wanted a
scientific calculator
I thought of gifting
it to her as a surprise.
This is fine but do not
spoil her by giving money.
Fine, come on
How can you even hit a girl in that way?
Whatever. It's a serious
mistake that she has committed.
So what?
You are hitting me in this way as
I don't have a mother, isn't it?
What if my mom was alive?
This is out of context!
Your mom's not alive, Siri?
Intimate me before improvising.
Sorry, Siri.
I won't beat you hereafter.
I will never beat you.
I am sorry.
It's okay.
She is becoming more arrogant
because of your pampering.
Okay... I will just give the
calculator as you said.
-I'm sorry ma'am.
-Sorry, Siri.
Um... Oh no!
What happened?
This girl forged her father's
signature in her progress report card.
Is that why she is crying for?
No. Her dad thrashed her real good.
Moreover, she doesn't
have mother. Poor girl.
What? She doesn't have mother?
And who said that?
Well it's her father.
I swear I didn't!
-It was her father.
By the way, where is her father?
He is right here.
-Greetings, sir.
-He is the father.
Ma'am, I am her mother who passed away.
And I am Siri's father.
And I am Siri's uncle.
I am unmarried yet.
I'm still very young as you said.
Did she ask you?
My intent was to give little information.
Siri, what's all this?
You don't study well. you've forged your
dad's signature on the progress card
On top of that,
you make your uncle play your father.
What's this?
Stop accusing me alone Ma'am!
It was my uncle who failed in
forging my dad's signature.
Hmm... wow!
You put my signature better than me.
That's why you were caught.
Right! Felicitate him with a shawl!
I have told you a thousands of
times to set her right.
Don't expect me to be patient anymore.
If she is left like this,
she will take full advantage of us.
Morever, she doesn't pay heed to my words.
Siri, do you need chutney?
I'm talking to you.
Yeah, tell me.
She is becoming naughty if she
stays with us due to our pampering.
If she has to be improved,
you better put her in a hostel.
Why did you come to school despite
telling that you had headache, sister?
I must beat you up, first!
Then everything will fall in place.
Hello. Will you find a new
school for her or should I do it?
Answer me!
No, daddy. Please!
-Thank you.
Get lost!
You flicked everything
without my knowledge...
but there's someone above
us watching it all.
Fine, I'll won't tell anyone.
-Put everything back in it's place.
I won't tell anyone.
How many times have I told you to run
to me when strangers approach you?
They'll look decent.
They are very bad boys.
Look... be careful!
Come on, it was after all a signature
and you look at me as if I'm a criminal.
Well, even a small crime
makes you a criminal.
-Yes, brother-in-law?
-Got the photos?
Got them.
You have to submit them to Lakshmi
madam tomorrow morning. Be careful.
Okay, brother-in-law.
Why did you bring all these? Don't
you already have a lot of them at home?
Go, put it back.
You little demon! You turned
out into a mobile market!
Go, put them back.
Ma'am, you need not return.
Sorry. She is a little girl
not vary of her actions...
Ma'am, the bill was already paid.
By whom?
Look, the sir who is just leaving
Don't you link up Samyukta's murder and
Amrutha missing case with that doll's head
That doll's head is the
only evidence we got
We have to move this case using that
I know how to move this case
No brother-in-law, if you must
support me, we can catch him for sure
Don't strain too much
David Raju, who threatened
to kill Amrutha, has been caught already
The case would be closed today
You'll see it...
The case wouldn't close
today brother-in-law
I don't even have the guts to propose
Amrutha with a love letter, madam
How can I even kill her, madam?
Then why did you run at the sight of cops?
It was purely out of fear, madam
Oh god!
This is the right time. Shall
I talk about the evidence?
-Tell me the truth!
Lakshmi madam is very arrogant.
She won't even respond properly
to higher officials orders
Would she even pay
heed to new guys like you?
We are on the wrong route brother-in-law
But we are on a route atleast!
Madam's torture is better than
the tough time you give me
What's going on there?
Well ma'am, he was
inquiring about this case
You... come here
Take that stick
Your thrashing must make
him speak the truth!
Go now!
Madam, please tell him no to hit me!
Please madam!
Hi darling!
Did you have your food?
-Mommy's going to be late home...
-I am innocent, sir
-Be good. Okay? Bye!
-Please leave me sir!
Hey! Is that how you hit a person?
This is how you extract the truth?
Ma'am, there is no use
in bashing him up
The one we're looking for isn't a rapist,
kidnapper or a one side lover like him
A mentally unstable guy who carefully
plans and kills his victim
In simple words, he's a psycho.
What's your crap?
Ma'am, just a minute
This is the photo of Samyukta,
who was missing earlier
And this is the photo of Amrutha
who went missing two days ago
The common point between these two
is that they are school students
And both are 15 years old...
Both were kidnapped
while returning from school
This is Samyukta's photo when her
corpse was found two days after kidnap
This is the photo of the doll's head found
in the gift box when Amrutha was kidnapped
Just like Samyukta, the hair
on doll's forehead is uprooted
Just like Samyukta's eyes were
drilled and her mouth is damaged...
the same is done to the doll
Apart from that, on Samyukta's forehead...
on her ears and nose, the wounds seen
The same marks can be found
in the doll's face too
it's with these instances you come to the
conclusion that it's the same man...
I mean...
you say the so called psycho did this?
Not just this ma'am...
27% from the list of the
psychopaths across the world
leave their mark when they kidnap or
murder their victims, it's in the records
For example...
in 1970s a serial killer
named Zodiac, from America...
murdered ten people and left a
cross as his mark on the victims
A psycho named Dennis Radar always
left a woman's form as his signature
Only when they turned it, did they
know that they were his initials 'BTK'
In Mumbai, a psycho named Ravinder placed
beer bottles as his signature near victims
John Allen and Malan
from Washington,
placed a card named
'Calling card' as their mark
Similarly, a psycho named John Fianse
left a broken cross as his mark
During 19th century, in London,
a psycho named Jack the ripper...
murdered call girls and split
their bodies into two halves
The reason they leave
their mark or sign is identity
Psychos crave for their own identity
Because with every attack people started
fearing their sign and in turn them
The psychopaths
enjoyed that fear
There are hundreds of
such examples if we go on...
This damaged doll head is one such sign!
He would have started enjoying the
fear he instigated on us already
Which is why,
let's probe in this direction ma'am
So, you mean I'm headed
in the wrong direction?
Ma'am, I didn't meant it that way
So, when Samyukta died, no
such doll head was found
Ma'am, let's inquire that
Why are you so much interested
in Samyukta's murder case?
I had collected such
news articles for my film script
Oh yeah! Right!
Weren't you working as
an assistant director...
and then you became an SI using
your dad's reputation, right?
Don't vomit all those film stories here!
Use your script knowledge
only for your movies!
If you drag it into the investigation...
and create unnecessary confusion,
I'll kill you
Only if you had put your creativity to
right use, you'd be director by now
You are here on our heads
because you couldn't do that!
Ma'am please...
Samyukta's body was found in a tortured
condition two days after she was kidnapped
Today marks the second day
since Amrutha went missing
Ma'am if we don't take a quick action
then Amrutha might face the same plight
-It will happen
Don't you order me what to do
Go, get me cigarettes
Go now
I said, go!
It's me, the ACP
Keep the public or media at bay.
Don't allow photos or videos
I'm on the way
Arun, things are happening as you said
It happened exactly as the SI predicted
Take the entire area into our control.
Don't let any news to the
media without my permission
-Okay ma'am
No sir
We don't have any such gift box listed
in Samyukta's murder investigation
Please do check with her parents once
Sir, we didn't find any such gift box
Samyukta was kidnapped when she
was returning from her hostel
Maybe you could inquire at her hostel
When I was conducting the autopsy...
I couldn't control my tears
I guess,
the killer doesn't know what pain is
A demon!
Poor girl, he drilled out her eyes
Then broke her teeth...
uprooted her hair by force
Ruthlessly, he has scarred
all over body with a knife
He did this all while
the girl was alive
This man is suffering from
Antisocial Personality Disorder
With aggression and
deviant behavior
In simple words... he is a psycho!
Completely a psycho!
Sir... was she raped?
Er... No rape
her private parts were
utterly mutilated...
Sir... this is Samyukta's autopsy reports
It's the same! There is no difference
She has been murdered exactly
the same way as Amrutha
Same person... I am sure!
but we can't confirm he is the
murderer based on just these facts!
-You see...
-Ma'am... one minute
Yes sir, someone had left a gift box in
her name at the gate after she left
There... that is the gift box sir
I forgot about the gift in
the shock of Samyukta's death
I got this from Samyukta's hostel ma'am
What's going on, Lakshmi?
The DGP has taken me to task!
Is there a link between Amrutha's murder
and Samyukta's case that was closed?
And how?
Sir, if you can give me sometime...
How much more?
So according to you, if it's one
person who is behind these murders
What is the
link between him and the victims...
What's his motive?
How do we proceed this case further?
Whom do we doubt?
I somehow feel this case is
going to be a big headache
Sir, I have an idea
but there is a risk
involved in it
Tell me Arun
In this case, the mark of leaving a gift
box after kidnapping the victims...
then leaving the corpse
in a public place to attract attention...
All these evidently speak about the
publicity this psycho seeks sir
Like how applause and appreciation
motivates an artist...
Psychos thrive on the attention they
get and fear people have on them
And that stable mind is what
helps them to plan their murders
In order to stop them, all we need
to do is devoid them of that thrill
If we don't focus on him,
he'll be confused
He'll shift his target,
he'll commit a mistake in his planning
And at that moment, we'll have
the opportunity to nab him!
For that, we'll have to keep
Amrutha's corpse away from everyone
Even from her parents...
Sir, please, let's try this idea
If the information leaks later,
You're just an SI, you'll be safe
We'll face the problem
We'll have to reply to the
home minister, CM, media etc.
Ma'am this isn't gonna
stop with Amrutha's murder
we don't have any clue to nab that psycho
Her dead body, seeing which even the
autopsy doctor couldn't control his tears
Do her parents need to see it?
Could they bear the sight of it?
Look Arun...
We need to follow certain procedures
and ethics when we handle a case
Only then would it be good for all of us
You go and bring her
parents to identify her body
I'll talk to the DGP meanwhile
Sir, it is because normal procedure
won't work out in this case...
I came up with this idea
Don't you tell us the
procedure we need to follow
Go now, and be on the work
-Show them
-Please go
-No, I can't bear it
-That's okay, come
That girl wouldn't be Amrutha
-Why did we even come here?
-Yes, let's check once
-Kill me here if that's her
-Calm down Kamala
Please listen to me
Amrutha is alive!
Calm down Kamala,
it wouldn't be Amrutha
-That's not Amrutha right?
Are you sure?
I am telling you the truth Kamala,
Kamala would be safe
-Calm down
Did you check properly?
I did check officer. That's not Amrutha
Sir, Amrutha's body...
Yes Arun, I discussed the points
you mentioned with the DGP
He has given the permission
Sir, then Amrutha's corpse?
This is a secret mortuary
maintained by the government
It looks like an ordinary medical godown
from the outside, politically supported.
When we encounter thecriminals
who don't leave clues
we bring their corpses here
We file an absconding case on
them and fake a search on them.
One it settles down, we
dispose their corpses
Mr. Arun,
your thesis about psychos had logic
Whe I discussed the same with the DGP sir,
he gave the permission immediately
We shifted Amrutha's body immediately
Doctor, can you please show us the body?
This mortuary is under Dr. Kishore
Hiding Amrutha's corpse isn't a big issue
If that person is a psycho killer...
then he must be arrested
before his next attempt
Come in
Come dear
Hello sir. I am Prasa...
My daughter Siri...
She is a little weak in the subjects
Hence, we changed her school
I heard that you are quite strict.
Please do take care of her
You may leave.
I'll take care of her
Ok dear. Take care
-Go and sit
-Okay sir
This model toys have been discontinued
As such dolls weren't selling,
they stopped their sales since an year
Only one doll is left
This is an imported toy sir
As it's a very old model,
no one is buying it sir
So we've stopped ordering
from that company sir
I can get it if you want.
Dear students...
In today's world, women's
education is quite an important factor
A nations progress lies
in the education of women
India being in the first plave among the
developing countries is a pride to us
The reason for that is the importance
we give to our country's women
-You can't even solve a simple problem
How will you pass this year?
It's hurting sir!
-Tell me
You do everything
else except studying
What do we do?
-Answer me
The function has already started...
You leave. We'll come
Ah! Sir!
Tomorrow, the random person
I'll ask should solve this
Okay sir
Or else,
the entire class will fail this year
-Okay sir
-Leave now
In order to achieve 100% result
in the 12th grade, our school...
We'll correct the papers
strictly in the pre-finals
Where, even an average
student cannot clear
But you are below average
You will fail for sure
You shouldn't ruin my name Sharmi!
Last week I saw you roaming
with a guy, on his bike
No sir... ah!
You roam around a lot
You don't study well
Do I inform your parents?
Please sir, no
You don't want me to?
Then will you obey me?
Tell me!
If you won't obey...
then you can leave to attend the function
But if you want to me to
make you pass this year...
then close the door and come
Our school stands in the
first position Hyderabad
The reason is the way we educate our
children and the security we provide
I congratulate all our teachers for that
Now, our special guest
Mrs. Annabelle George...
...is going to present an
interesting magic show
Ok students...
Solve this problem and come tomorrow.
-Padma ma'am!
-Has your husband arrived?
-Yeah... He is waiting outside
-Is there an improvement in Kavya?
-Yeah, she calls out mom once in a while
-Krishna ma'am!
-I'm taking her to speech therapy tomorrow
-Excuse me... ma'am!
Meera! Oh sorry! I forgot
Tell me how's the gift
It's awesome
Convey my wishes to your parents
Why don't you do it yourself?
They'd be surprised
Happy anniversary.
Wish you happy married life!
Machine: Happy anniversary.
Wish you happy married life!
-Thank you, ma'am
-Bye ma'am!
-Does this machine have record facility?
-Yes ma'am
I have bought a similar one for Kavya
-Recorded voice helps in speech training
Okay, fine. So when are
you getting married?
I can't ignore Kavya and get married
I will marry only a
person who'll accept her
It's tough to find someone like that
It was our wedding anniversary yesterday
She said she'd come home soon
Did you inquire all
friends and relatives?
We have inquired everyone
I saw Meera boarding an auto-rickshaw,
but I don't remember its number
Did you notice any name or poster
or any sign on the auto-rickshaw?
No, I don't recollect
I left when the bus arrived that day
Okay, please come with me
Let's check with all the
auto-rickshaws in that area
Please help me in nabbing that auto driver
I'm so sorry! I don't remember anything.
Kavya must be waiting for me at school.
I need to start
Ma'am please
Any small information you give
can help us save the life of a girl
Sir, I am a responsible person too
But as I said, I don't remember anything
Ma'am, please cooperate with us
Sir, don't you understand?
Kavya might start crying and
that will make her weak
-I've got to go
We are scared with the though of
what Meera's condition would be
Sir, I have girl child dependent on me
I must leave
-Ma'am please!
Stop blowing the bubbles now!
We're delayed because of you
How long before the bus
arrives and we reach home
I've brought you along
to the birthday party
you've delayed playing games
No parties and no outings from now.
That's your punishment
Auto-rickshaw! Hey!
Kavya... Come here
Need an auto-rickshaw madam?
There's place, please, come madam
Come madam,
you wouldn't get autos at this time
Come madam...
Come Kavya
Hey! Get in man... let's deal with her!
We missed her man!
Forget it, we'll find some other chick
-Come on...
Hey! Who're you man?
Are you her bodyguard?
Eh? What?
I didn't know you were a cop
until you came to school for the enquiry.
What did you think I was then?
I thought you were a jobless bachelor.
Where is Kavya's father now?
Kavya isn't my daughter.
I know that.
Kavya is you elder
sister's daughter
And that she passed
away after falling sick
Her husband abandoned Kavya
because she is speech impaired
Hence you took
responsibility of Kavya.
Am I correct?
How did you get to know all these?
Siri told me.
But how did Siri know?
I promised to sign her report card in a
way that she won't get caught next time,
And she helped me with your details
Is this all Kavya's work?
Yes, they are Kavya's work.
She keeps drawing all the time.
She expresses her feelings through
these drawings since childhood.
Remember, you paid for all the
sketch pens at the super market.
Okay, bye.
Kavya, no.
Okay, Kavya...
Tomorrow, let's go check all
the auto-Rickshaw in that area.
I'll update you if I recollect anything.
Thank you.
"Tiny drops of rain drenched my heart"
"Small memories drizzled in the heart"
"The age that gathers small things"
"Got to know the destiny of short sprints"
"A room inside my heart for you"
"It could conceal the sky itself"
"The thought in my eyes"
"is flowing like a river"
"A second is yours and a second is mine"
"Which way do I go?"
"Tiny drops of rain drenched my heart"
"Small memories drizzled in the heart"
"I'm in search of my yesterday's dream"
"Can't get into tomorrow's thoughts"
"In the rains of these tiny memories"
"Which way do I show my destiny now?"
"Tiny drops of rain drenched my heart"
"Small memories drizzled in the heart"
"The age that gathers small things"
"Got to know the destiny of short sprints"
"Tiny drops of rain drenched my heart"
"Small memories drizzled in the heart"
It's a flat tyre, Arun.
-Stop that auto-rickshaw uncle.
-Okay, Arun.
-Stop that auto-rickshaw.
-Hey... Auto-rickshaw...
Stop... Stop...
Go to Habsiguda flyover.
We are losing.
What happened, Arun?
Meera's corpse was found
at the corporation's garbage.
What do you mean?
Arun, on the back of that
auto-rickshaw in which Meera travelled...
Krishna, your voice is distorted.
Seems like bad signal.
Hello... Hello, Arun
Can you hear me now?
Krishna, your voice is breaking.
Hello Arun, can you hear me now?
Arun, there is a red colour printed star
on the back side of that auto-rickshaw.
I can't hear your voice, Krishna.
-Hello Krishna!
Just remove the garbage from the top.
-Move the body slowly.
-Sir, we're from Cyberabad police station.
It was the cleaner who saw it first.
Although in our area, they asked me
to divert the case to your station
Get the body out.
Handle it carefully. Take it.
Get it down carefully.
Arun, there was red colored
star logo on the back
of the auto-rickshaw Meera traveled.
There is a word 'race' written in English.
I had been trying to
reach you to convey this.
Speak up...
Sir, I didn't murder anyone.
I just simply tease the school
girls for timepass. That's it, sir.
You tease school girls for timepass?
Who else is with you?
-Speak up!
-Sobaraj, sir.
I lure the school girls
into my auto-rickshaw...
...and drop them off at his house.
My task ends there. And I really
don't know what he does to the girls.
What does Sobraj do?
He is a school teacher, sir.
School teacher? Is this something
a school teacher would do?
Which school does he work at?
I don't know the school.
I only know his house.
Why do you address him
with respect, bloody idiot?
Where is his house?
Gandhinaagar, Chikkadapally.
-Go that side and check
-Okay, sir.
-Venkat, check that room.
-Is he Sobraj?
Oh! Siri studies in his class.
Did everyone get answer sheets?
Those who has secured less
than 35 percent, stand up.
Sir, this is Meera's note book
What's your percentage?
34, sir.
I didn't hear it properly.
Say it out loud so that everyone hears it.
34, sir.
Get that and come here.
We have searched the house
completely, Arun. We didn't find any clue.
He will be at the school, Arun.
-You have failed in all the tests.
-Please, sir. Leave me.
Okay, all of you leave.
Please, sir.
Sorry, sir.
Principal has asked me to give the list of
10th class students who'd get demoted.
I think I should put your name first.
-Sir, please don't do that.
-You are not concentrating on anything.
What do you want me to do?
You wan't to be in the same
class the next year too?
I will listen to you, sir.
-Will you obey?
-I will, sir.
Then go close that door and come.
Sir, please don't do this.
Please let me go.
I'll count up to ten.
-Please sir, I plead you.
-Please leave me, sir.
Where is Sobraj teacher?
He will go to Ameerpet
tuition centre after the school.
-Please, sir.
-What happened, sir?
-Let's go to his tuition center
-Okay, Arun.
Please sir!
Please don't do this, sir!
Sir, I didn't do any mistake.
Sir, I didn't do any mistake.
Tell me!
What do you want me to speak?
Why the hell did you do this?
Have you ever felt the
depth of loneliness?
I've waited all my life for someone to
give you a cup of coffee upon waking up.
Similarly, there is no one who
would ask me if had eaten anything.
Doing a job that I don't like without
any further growth in the life,
Do you know the agony in it?
There should be some excitement in life.
Excitement? How can you
murder girls for excitement?
I haven't murdered anyone.
Sobraj, We know that you took Meera to
your house the other day evening.
Meera is my tuition student.
On that day, she go in to my
auto-Rickshaw, as planned.
Is it already engaged?
-Sir, this is Meera. Get in, sir.
-I got into it as if it is coincidental.
-Are you sure?
-Sure, sir.
-Then I convinced her to come to my house.
-Did you do this?
Sir, this was made by
my ma'am. Isn't it good?
Even my wife does
good embroidery.
She has made a lot of design
and hung all over the house.
-Are you serious?
Come home and you'll be surprised.
Come inside, Meera.
-Sit, I'll bring something to drink.
-Okay, sir.
Meera, it is just a vitamin
tablet. Nothing wrong.
Meera stop
Hey, Meera! Meera... Stop...
Hey! Meera!
When I came out and
looked for Meera...
She wasn't there.
Then, I saw a gift box on my gate.
After hearing the news that she was
missing, I resumed my job at school.
-I didn't do anything else.
-Don't you lie, Sobraj!
Don't you act innocent!
You killed all the four girls.
You might be thinking to escape from
this case by trying to act like this.
We have no plans to keep you alive!
If you tell the truth, you can at
least stay alive in jail till your death.
Sorry, gentleman.
Are you trying to frame me into the cases
which you are incapable of solving them
and escape from it?
Do you think so?
Hey... Sobraj... Hey... Get up! Get up!
-Hey, Sobraj.
-What's all this, sir?
Didn't I tell you not to
trouble the patient? Go out.
Please leave!
This wretched person took advantage of his
teacher's profession to approach girls.
As me and my team rounded
him up at the correct time,
we could arrest him, sir.
Sir, since all the
evidences are against him,
he is trying to narrate
some story and escape.
He knows very well that he'll be
hanged to death if proved guilty,
he is lying for sure.
He'll open his mouth if we give
him a third degree treatment.
Good job, Lakshmi.
I was worried that you
guys were gonna miss him.
-Congrats to your team.
-Thank you, sir.
Brother-in-law, why are you
placing the doll in the car trunk?
Oh! This one?
When Siri cuts her
birthday gift in the evening,
I'll hand it over to her as my
surprise gift. Don't tell her.
Happy birthday
-Is it Ipad?
-Happy birthday Siri...
-Thank you, Uncle.
-Very happy.
Happy birthday...
One selfie, please...
Come closer, dear.
Why are looking dull?
Forget about the case.
Come on, enjoy.
Come on, everyone!
Hey, this girl is looking good.
She looks very tall.
She would be your perfect match.
-Yes, she is looking good. Very good!
Very well...
I can understand the type
of girl you're looking for.
-Greetings, sir.
-Second floor, sir.
Sobraj, the police have
surrounded the hospital.
You can't escape from here.
Listen to me... drop your gun.
Don't come near.
Else, I will shoot him. No!
Sobraj, you are doing
mistakes over and again.
-Let go of him
You guys are trying to
frame and finish me off.
I have to go!
No matter what you say, all
the evidences are against you.
Drop the gun and surrender
yourself. We won't harm you.
No matter what I do, you guys will
finish me eventually in an encounter.
You can't escape, Sobraj.
Drop the gun.
No, I can't!
All of you drop your
gun and step back. Now!
Ma'am, he is holding the gun wrong.
He also appears restless.
For now, let's obey him
We can nab him before
he leaves this hospital
Will you shut up?
Ma'am, he's holding a very sensitive
gun. It'll get fired easily.
I know all that. Get out, first!
We must save Venkat somehow.
-Please listen to me.
-I said, get out!
Hand over the gun and surrender yourself.
It's for your good.
Listne to me.
I'll count up to three and by then I want
everyone to drop your gun and step back!
Or else I'll shoot him for sure.
Put your guns down!
No matter what I do, you guys will
finish me eventually in an encounter.
What happened, brother-in-law?
Siri's been missing
since a very long time.
-I am really worried!
-Don't worry, brother-in-law.
Nothing would've happened to her.
Your sister told that she
went out with a friend.
Your sister is really worried!
Please console her.
We have arranged special teams.
They are on the job
We'll find Siri within morning.
Don't worry.
Siri will be alright. Don't worry.
Where is the child who was shooting
the party with his handy cam?
Hey, come out of that case.
-Hello Rahul.
Hello uncle!
-Where is Siri?
-She is outside, uncle.
Rahul, don't just shoot us,
but cover everyone in the party.
-That's the way... with those balloons...
-That's it..
Pom Pom...
Siri, it's time to cut the cake. Come on.
Coming... Give me 2 minutes...
Siri, it's time to cut the cake. Come on.
Hey... did you see whom Siri was talking
to when you were recording this video?
I don' know, uncle.
Don't be afraid.
Think well and answer.
She went out with a guy who was
wearing a blue colored shirt.
Sir, I didn't take Siri anywhere.
I saw you taking her out in the video.
She went missing after she
talked to you at the gate.
-Tell me the truth!
-I don't have to lie sir.
I won't even bother that you're a kid.
I'll bash you up inside the prison
Tell me the truth!
I thought she wouldn't reject me
if I propose her on her birthday,
So I called her out.
By the time I tried to propose her,
a van came on the opposite side
-A van?
-Yes, sir.
I thought it was some of Siri's
relatives and I left from that place.
Did you see anyone inside the van?
No, sir. I didn't see anyone.
What kind of van was it?
I couldn't notice it
properly in the dark, sir.
Get the list of vehicles that
came to the birthday party.
I am pretty sure there would
be psychopath's van among them.
Okay, Arun.
-Did you check that car?
-That is our ACP's car, Arun.
A van came on the opposite side.
-A van?
-Yes, sir.
I thought it was some of Siri's
relatives and I left from that place.
Did you see anyone inside the van?
No, sir.
What kind of van was it?
I couldn't notice it
properly in the dark, sir.
-We will find Siri, right?
-Brother-in-law, please!
I will put my life on
the line to save Siri.
It's been two days since she is missing.
Well, she is the daughter of a cop.
She will give tough time to the kidnapper.
Remember how she put you in soup at
the school by making you forge my sign?
Her eyes are really big and round.
She'll somehow scare the kidnapper
with her eyes and manage to escape.
You too will see that.
She will escape.
All I need is finding Siri.
It's been two days. We don't
know if she had eaten any food.
That's okay...
We'll get her back.
-What is it?
-Nothing, brother-in-law.
Is that Siri?
Don't go, brother-in-law.
There is nothing in there.
-Listen to me...
-Don't go, brother-in-law!
-Wait, brother-in-law. Please...
-Listen to me...
-Hey... Arun...
Don't go, brother-in-law! Listen to me...
Wait, brother-in-law.
Don't go... Please listen to me.
Hey... I'm a cop too.
Let me see
-Please, brother-in-law. Don't go.
Siri... Siri...
Hey Arun!
What happened?
-What happened, dear?
-Ah! It's nothing
I bought this teddy bear for Siri.
I forgot it in the car trunk.
My fingers got hurt
when I was taking it out.
Well, here take it.
Hey, take the vehicle and leave.
Didn't you say that you
got a clue about Siri? Go.
Go now.
You should have given me the
teddy bear at that time, dad.
I forgot about it as I was
busy managing the station.
You always do like this,
dad. Won't you give me?
"My sweet baby, look at me...
oh my darling, look at me"
"Oh my dear girl, open your eyes once"
"Please speak to me once my munchkin"
"Speak sweetly as you always did"
"At such a tender age"
-"You're on a journey leaving everyone"
-Siri.. the brakes!
Don't confuse her brother-in-law...
How can she learn if you confuse her?
-How can she learn if I don't tell her?
-She knows everything, I've taught her
You don't panic her. Stay quiet.
-Hit the brakes!
"The dancing legs stopped now"
"The embracing arms are tired now"
"The god has called you to him"
"The blue eyes would be turned to ashes"
"The beautiful cheeks
would be set on fire"
"Your mother has an incredible loss!"
"Your toys are heartbroken"
"Your friends look for you"
"Tears flow like a river looking at you"
He tortured and killed our Siri.
The thought that he would
feel happy for our grief
is boiling my blood.
We couldn't do anything
despite being policemen.
What do I do with this report, sir?
Should I remember how
he tortured my daughter?
Why should I keep this report
when my daughter is not alive?
I don't know how many more days
should I hide this truth from your sister.
We are leaving.
You take care
It was a very critical situation
at the hospital to save Venkat,
and that is why we has use the gun
Mr Arun fired his gun
at the girl's school.
What was that? Heroism?
No FIR was filed against him.
As per rules, no enquiry
was conducted on him.
Then, how did you guys
conclude that he is the accused?
Do you think the police
cannot be questioned?
Mr Arun must appear in front of this
committee within the next two days.
Otherwise, we will have to suspend you.
You got a summon asking you
to appear before the committee.
I suspend you for three months officially.
Sorry Arun, I don't have a choice.
You stay away from this case
Arun... Please Arun!
Apart form being students, there is some
other link between these four victims.
Unable to crack that...
I have failed, Krishna.
I couldn't even save a
single soul around me.
Not even a single soul!
What's the use of being a cop?
One clue... Just one clue...
I am scared, Krishna.
Please stand by me.
I will be with you all the time.
Please don't lose your courage.
Unable to crack that...
I have failed, Krishna.
I couldn't even save a
single soul around me.
-Not even a single soul!
Why did you record all this?
I'm so sorry, Arun.
When someone speaks,
she records it in this and hear it
repeatedly for her speech training.
My student Meera used
this same kind of device.
So, I bought it for Kavya
after seeing that one
So... Does Meera's hearing aid
has the same recording facility?
Happy anniversary.
Wish you a happy married life
This is indeed Meera's voice.
I don't think this music
has released in our place.
Infact, there is no language for music.
this style is a Mexican and Indian mix.
In that way, I feel this could
be an Anglo-Indian style of music.
Based on the playing style,
the psycho you are looking for...
may be he could be a pianist.
A program like that can be arranged but
9 to 10 timings is the peak hour slot.
So, we need to get the
permission from head office.
Sir, I am under suspension
That's why I'm insisting for the letter.
Without the letter, I'll have to
give explanation for my head office.
Hello Arun, are you aware of
the situation and asking for it?
A memo was given to Lakshmi ma'am as
you didn't appear before the committee.
She is already furious with you.
They have warned her and asked her to
produce you before them in two days.
And you ask for a letter from her.
That's an impossible thing.
Forget it.
Greetings Hyderabad!
This is Hyderabad's favourite
radio station 91.1 Radiocity
and this is RJ Sunitha.
Awesome songs await you tonight.
All you gotta do is listen to the track
we play, by the way it's a rare track.
Tell us the composer or when
and where have you heard it
and gives us details
like it's note and beats.
We have the first caller on line.
Let's talk to him
Hello and Greetings!
Hello, I'm Shiva from SR nagar.
Hey Shiva. Tell us, what do
you know about this track?
Come on madam,
how can we say by playing just music?
Give us some clue
I have no clues, Shiva.
Enjoy the song.
Our next caller is on the line. Hello.
The music sounded really great
but I don't know its details.
This is Pachabottesi song
from Bahubali, isn't it?
-I think it's Keeravani's composition.
-Another caller online. Hello!
-Hey, this is a love beat.
-That's the song which I have told you.
It is the song from the
movie Tholiprema, isn't it?
-This is Illayaraja's song.
-Your favourite song for you!
-This is Allu Arjun's song.
-Let's talk to one more sweetheart!
This is the song from the
movie Neerajanam, isn't it?
Do you know?
This is Raj Koti's song from
the movie Hello Brother.
It is Honey Singh's song.
-I heard it somewhere, but I can't recall.
-The next song is for you!
Hey, this is Sonu Nigam's song.
The last song for today is coming up.
Thanks a lot to everyone who has been
enjoying listening to the lovely songs!
I'm your Sunitha... singing off!
Sir, it was supposed to be
a half an hour programme.
But we have extended it to an
hour as you have requested.
Next, we have a celebrity interview.
He's already waiting outside.
Sir! Sir!
A girl is on the line saying
she knows about that music sir!
Go ahead Swetha, tell us what details
have you got about that music?
I have heard it at our
school's annual day function.
At your school's annual day function?
Swetha, when did the annual
day function take place?
Yes sir!
The annual day function
took place three months ago.
Do you have the video
of that function, sir?
Sir, do you have this lady's
details or contact number?
Actually, this lady is speech impaired
She voluntarily came to us and requested
that she would perform the magic show.
So, we didn't collect any
contact details from her.
Hello Arun
Hello Krishna, are you at the school?
Did any magic show happen at your school
a few days before Meera went missing?
Yes it did...
Was it an old lady who performed it?
Go watch the video of
that magic show immediately.
-Tell me Arun.
-Hello Venkat.
-Go to Amrutha's school immediately.
-Okay Arun
A magic show took place few days ago.
-Go, check it's video footage immediately.
A little forward please.
Forward... Forward...
Pause... Pause...
Samyuktha was the
first victim in this case.
Samyuktha was
kidnapped on October 20th.
The annual day function at her
school took place on Oct 18th
Second victim... Amrutha.
-Date of kidnap.
-November 16th.
On 14th Nov there was children's
day celebration at her school.
Third victim... Meera.
Kidnapped on Dec 20th.
Their annual day function
took place on Dec 18th.
Fourth victim... Siri.
Date of kidnap... 4th January..
Education day... 2nd January.
Two days prior to kidnap of these 4 girls,
an event took place in all their schools.
The common event all those
events is the Magic show.
That lady used her Magic
show as a tool to kidnap the girls.
First, she impresses all the
children with her magic show.
Second, she selects a girl as a
volunteer and invite her on the stage.
Third, she interacts with the
volunteers and gets closer to them.
Fourth, she starts to stalk
the selected student.
Finally, she kidnaps the student exactly
after the 2nd day of show without any fuss
This is her pattern of crime.
We must immediately
find out if this lady had...
...committed any magic shows
in any of the schools.
But we must enquire it
in a secretive manner
We will collect those
details within an hour.
a magic show took place on 17th of this
month at Mother Teresa school function.
As you said,
it's the same lady who gave the show.
Today is the 19th, isn't it?
So it's the second day...
Today is 19th... the second day
The time's up. Ring the last bell
Wait for 10 minutes!
Venkat ask them to lock the gate.
-Madam where is the principal room?
-That last room.
Ma'am, it's me who called you earlier.
Pause madam!
Who is this girl and from which class?
Her name is Sanjana, 10th class,
section 'A', school topper.
-Where is her class room?
-1st floor.
-Wait here.
-Ok Arun!
Ma'am, I'm Arun from Police department.
Please tell me what's
the matter? Any problem?
An awareness meet
regarding students safety.
Ok go ahead sir.
Girls, a small advice.
Please listen to me carefully.
Everyone around us need not
necessarily be good people.
A problem may arise anytime and anywhere.
Whether it be our
house or any public place.
Though we cannot avoid the problem,
we can face it by following the
5 guidelines I tell you now.
First point, do not get scared.
Fear is the biggest enemy.
It will weaken you both
mentally and physically.
Second point, face the situation. You
should appear like fearless to the enemy.
Third point, think about how you
can come out of that situation.
Fourth point,
try to inform about it to someone.
Fifth point,
if any of these are not possible,
Attack on the enemy
using all your strength.
Do you know something?
Every pain is lesser before the
pain you endure while giving birth
Do not underestimate your strength.
So be confident and be brave.
And lastly I would like to remind,
Police are here for your protection.
-Do you all have your cell phones?
Ah... Ma'am, I forgot to mention,
Principal ma'am has called you.
Now you tell me, do you
all have your cell phones?
Girls, this is my personal
number. All of you save it.
-Did you save my number dear?
-I did sir.
Let me see.
Ok girls, thanks for your time.
Okay Arun
She is stepping out of the school
Auto-rickshaw number 6267.
Venkat, follow it.
Careful! We shouldn't miss her
Go! Don't stop!
Why did you stop? I told you not to!
we missed the vehicle at the signal
Auto-rickshaw turned to the left.
Follow it
Okay Arun
Move it! Move it!
Hello Arun...
if you come further and take a right
there is Vivekananda Tution Centre.
She went inside
We are right behind you
Arun... Sanjana...
Hello Venkat. That girl is going
with a guy on a bike. Follow them
Okay Arun
Careful! Maintain the distance
Careful Vijay!
Damn! We missed her!
You go to your left!
Venkat... both of you take the right!
Who are you sir?
What did that lady in the van ask you?
She asked for an address.
How does she look?
Who are you?
It's me Arun!
I came to your class earlier.
Oh! Sorry sir, you should have
been to my sister, Sanjana's class.
My name is Sangeetha, we both are twins.
-Then where is Sanjana?
-She's been to music class.
-Where is her music class?
But why sir?
t's here Arun!
Hello, Salman go to the control room
immediately and trace Sanjana's number.
Arun we traced the number. It is now
exactly crossing Secunderabad Flyover.
Good keep a close watch.
Go towards, Secunderabad Paradise.
Arun it is entering towards
Trimulgherry road from Patny.
Very good, we are almost
at the Patny center. Keep tracing.
Arun! It has the All Saints church
and moving towards Army Hospital.
We too are close by. Take left.
Sir he's going towards right.
Any further movement? Give me any update!
Arun we lost the tower signal,
while the number was in movement.
Damn! Exactly in which
area is the signal was lost?
In Jawahar street, Balaji Nagar.
Where are we now Ma'am!
They would be waiting for me at home.
I'll go.
There's no way that they
went away from Balaji Nagar.
If they did, we would've got the
signal connected to the next tower.
Right right!
I've got to use the restroom
Venkat, I'll go to right,
you check on the left.
Ok Arun.
Hello... hello Sanjana!
Hello Arun sir, it's me Sanjana speaking.
-Where are you Sanjana?
-That magician lady has kidnapped me.
I locked myself in the bathroom.
Don't worry
Sanjana, I'm very close by.
Arun... it's the control room
Sanjana give me a minute dear...
Tell me Salman
If you turn towards
North from your location,
Sanjana's phone is 200 metres
away from the Masjid there.
Arun, you're going in
the opposite direction.
Oh damn! Stop stop! Take U turn.
I feel very scared sir.
Back... back...
-Sir... Sir!
-Hello! What happened Sanjana?
She's breaking the glass sir.
Oh no!
Remember what I told you in the class.
-Come soon sir!
-Don't be scared.
Be brave.
We could trace your location.
Is there a window in the bathroom?
Please tell me quickly!
Yes, there is sir.
Face the situation boldly.
If you find anything in the bathroom,
break the window with it and
try to escape from there.
I'm coming.
Don't worry Sanjana. Be cool.
Ok sir!
Salman let me know the exact
location of Sanjana's phone.
It's exactly 5 metres away
from your location Arun.
Arun it's exactly at the same
spot where you are right now.
-Sanjana get up! Are you ok?
-I'm ok sir.
-She didn't harm you right?
-I'm fine sir.
-Where is that lady?
-She went that way.
-You stay here, careful.
-Ok sir!
-Venkat, follow her!
-Okay Arun!
-Venkat, are you ok?
-I'm fine.
Aah damn!
Vijay, check the 2000 batch.
Arun he's in Hyderabad presently.
The lady's name whom you are
searching is not Annabelle George.
She's Mary Fernandez.
The one in this photo is
Fernandez, Mary's husband.
He was a magician.
This lady who was a music teacher,
started doing magic shows as
part-time job after his demise.
At the same stage, she introduced
her only son, Christopher to everyone.
But everyone were shocked
to see Christopher. Because,
he had a hormone disorder which made him
look like an old man even in childhood.
Because of which all the kids
didn't allow him to be close
Come here! I'm Sophia...
Mary felt happy, as Christopher
found a friend like Sophie.
-But none of Sophie's friends liked it.
-Come sit.
Let's eat.
Without letting this affect
Christopher, Mary took good care of him.
Happy Birthday to you!
Thank you Sophie!
Nothing to bother him again,
to make Christopher a best magician,
Mary started training him.
At the same time, Christopher
started to have feelings for Sophie.
-Sophia... Sophie...
-What's it? Tell me.
-You're awesome
-I love you
Though Sophia was shocked by that
-Later, she tried to make him understand.
-Please leave this topic
But Christopher failed to understand
and used to follow Sophie everywhere
Sophie started avoiding
Christopher since then
Please talk to me, Sophia.
She doesn't want to talk to
you, why do you insist her to?
You get lost!
Sophia! Other than my mother, you are
the only one to show love on me.
Sophia couldn't bear it anymore.
-Come with me.
-Please Sophia!
She gave him books about
Genetics to read at her school library.
Read all these books
But why Sophia?
She explained him about
his hormone disorder.
Please don't say that Sophia, I'm normal!
Please Christopher, don't make me say it.
-I'm normal Sophia
-Please read it.
-Please don't leave me Sophia.
Christopher was still
very stubborn to read.
Losing her temper, Sophie said,
'You are not fit for marriage'
-'You are an impotent.'
-You are impotent
-She said he wasn't a male
-Don't disturb me please!
and warned him to never come after
her saying love and marriage.
That night...
He told Mary weeping about
his condition and how they hated him.
But his mother Mary, told that he
would become a renowned magician,
and consoled him a lot.
To boost his self-confidence
and cover his flaws...
she made a make-over for him.
He too left for school
with cheer and confidence.
The crowd calling 'Impotent'
disturbed Christopher a lot.
Impotent! Impotent!
I'm sorry ma'am. I shouldn't have spoken
that way to Christopher the other day.
I had fever the next day,
so I didn't come to school.
Mary understood it and asked
them both to be friends again...
and gave a gift to her.
Thank you ma'am
Send everyone away...
When I arrested his mother and took her,
I could see fear in everyone's eyes there.
A few days, after getting released,
I heard that they both were
dead in a fatal accident.
But I still can't
believe that she's alive,
and killing people
with the same vengeance.
It's quite shocking.
Anyhow, you better arrest
her as soon as possible.
Else you have to witness a lot more deaths
-Arun, Emergency!
What happened sir?
I saw the photos and videos you gave me.
-Please come quick!
-Okay sir.
Sir... Sir!
Hello Arun, Lakshmi madam learnt that
we met Jayaprakash sir and sent Sravan.
Venkat, she killed Jayaprakash sir.
-What are you talking?
-That lady should have killed him.
She shouldn't have gone too far.
-Please alert the surrounding areas.
-I will take care of that.
You move away from that place.
I saw the photos and videos you
gave me. I need to talk to you.
What are you doing here Arun?
Sir, I came here as Jayaprakash
sir asked me to come urgently.
One minute!
Hello Madam, Yes Madam...
Ok Madam! Lakshmi ma'am asked us to
arrest and bring you to the station.
Sir, what have I done sir?
By the time I came...
You better do not
utter a word and sit.
Respond Respond! Don't spare any suspects.
Take them to station and interrogate.
Hey what are you doing here? Watching fun?
Arrest him and get to the station.
Come Mr Arun!
Are you making everyone come
after you and enjoying that?
There's something serious beyond
what we found out in this case ma'am.
As I told, that killer lost her
mental stability and started to fumble.
That is why she started killing
those related to this case.
Hey stop it! I got you suspended as I
didn't want you to work on this case.
Ma'am please ma'am.
Hey, won't you listen to me at all?
Take him, handcuff him and lock him up.
-Ma'am please ma'am! Listen to me!
-Come, tell me I'll listen.
Vishwanath get those handcuffs.
Come on sir, you are
treating him like an accused, handcuffs?
Do as we say, that will do!
Alert, alert! CM convoy
has started from Begumpet.
Uncle, where are the photos that
were brought from JP sir's house?
-They are in the shelf Arun.
-Do me a favour uncle.
Please give me those photos uncle.
They have to be sent to forensic lab.
Taking them out, might create a problem.
If that devil inside come to know...
Just 5 minutes uncle, I'll see if I
can find any clue in those photos.
Here they are Arun. Just a minute...
Arun, wear these gloves.
Uncle, please drag that table here.
Uncle, this is the clue,
JP sir wanted to tell.
Look at this photo, this lady
has 6 fingers on her hand.
We are searching for a
wrong person all these days.
We arrested Arun sir.
We shall present him at your
committee tomorrow morning.
No, that won't happen.
-Ok sir. Thank you sir.
Hey, who opened his handcuffs.
Ma'am please listen to me.
Please have a look at these photos.
These photos are supposed to be sent
to lab isn't it? How did you get them?
Hey Vishwanatham!
Ma'am we will never find that Psycho if
we search by the name Mary Fernandez.
Baby, didn't you sleep yet?
-Ma'am the person we're searching...
-You want me to sing you rhymes?
'Baby is drowsing cozy and fair'
'Mother sits nearby the rocking chair'
'Forward and back she sways the cradle'
'Don't worry baby the mother is near'
-Ma'am this case is a very serious one.
-Good night!
The psycho we are searching
is not Mary Fernandez.
It's her son Christopher,
we have that evidence in these photos.
As he doesn't know that we knew his
truth, he will be roaming carelessly.
An Echo van is heading towards
Alwal, please check it.
Are you trying to divert the
case with you filmy stories?
Ma'am city police will be searching for
that lady thinking she is the killer.
Hey name is Mary Fernandez. Age 40-45 yrs.
Gold hair, her face looks wrinkled.
We got information that
she's escaping in Echo vehicle.
Kavya... Sleep now!
Done for the day. Please sleep dear.
My sweet girl!
Ma'am please send me as a
police officer for this one night.
Oh really? You want us to send
you out and stay here like dumb?
Kavya... Stop playing!
Kavya get inside!
How will it workout if you
have such a stubborn mindset?
-Hey, get out!
-Please try to understand ma'am
We'll miss Christopher
because of your ego.
If you don't shut your mouth and go,
I shall lock you up naked in the cell.
Arun, please pick up the call!
What is it Krishna?
Hello Arun, I am not sure who he is,
but he's trying to kill me and Kavya.
Where are you Arun?
Please come home quick.
Krishna, what happened?
Please tell me Krishna!
Hello Hello Krishna...
Hello Krishna...
Looks like he left!
How does he look?
He looks like an old man Arun.
Hello Krishna, is Kavya safe?
Yeah! Kavya is...
Kavya... Kavya...
Hello Krishna, what happened?
-Krishna, what happened?
Hello Krishna, what happened to Kavya?
Kavya... Kavya...
-Krishna... Where is Kavya?
Arun, I think he took away Kavya.
Arun, please save Kavya.
Sir,what happened sir?
What happened to Kavya?
Christopher kidnapped Kavya.
Ma'am, Christopher has kidnapped Kavya.
Are you creating a scene?
-Hey, go and get the handcuffs.
-Ok ma'am.
You shouldn't step out of here,
until I produce you at the committee.
If you try to act smart, I will kill you.
You can't ma'am.
Vishwanatham, have you lost your mind?
-What are you doing Vishwanatham?
-Take it sir.
Vishwanatham... Hey!
-Remove my handcuffs!
Such egoistic devils will
never understand anything sir.
I don't mind even losing my job,
please go and save the child.
-Listen to me!
-What is it? Stay there!
Madam is very furious. She doesn't
want anyone to disturb her until half hour
-Don't send anyone inside.
-Ok sir.
Hello excuse me!
Hey old man! Hello!
Your back wheel is loosened!
Hey old man!
Hey old man, check your back wheel.
Hello Venkat!
Hello Arun...
Could we get any clue about that lady?
That psycho is not a lady as we thought
earlier, it her son Christopher.
He is the one who did the
murders in the disguise of an old lady.
Now Kavya too is with him.
-What happened Arun?
-I'll tell you the details later Arun.
How do we identify Christopher?
That psycho has six fingers on his hand.
Pass this information to
the patrol team immediately.
Ask them to pass the
information to all check posts
Hello Venkat, hello
Venkat, can you hear me?
Venkat are you on line?
Hello Venkat,
One minute Arun...
Hello Venkat, what happened?
Christopher get down!
I said get down.
Venkat... are you there?
Venkat, what happened?
Christopher get down!
Hey you... get down!
Venkat, tell me quick, what happened?
Venkat... where are you now?
Venkat, in which area are you now?
In the subway, beside
Dr Kishore's mortuary.
Hello Venkat, is Kavya there?
-Venkat, is Kavya there?
-One minute Arun...
Kavya is in the van. She's safe.
-Venkat do not think, shoot him.
-Christopher get down!
Come out!
Venkat listen to me, just shoot him.
Listen to me, just shoot him Venkat.
-Raise your hands and sit down.
Venkat do not think,
shoot him immediately.
-Did you shoot? Tell me Venkat.
-Don't move,sit down!
Venkat shoot him.
Venkat just listen to me
Venkat do not think, shoot him!
Venkat shoot him.
Venkat shoot him.
-Hello... Hello
Hello Venkat... Hello Venkat...
Hello Kishore sir...
-Tell me Arun...
-That psycho is not Mary Fernandez.
-Her son Christopher.
-He abducted Kavya!
-Oh my God!
Venkat made gunfire and stopped him
at the subway nearby your place.
After that I have no update from Venkat.
-Can you please go there and see?
-One minute Arun, one minute!
-Hello sir...
-Kavya, why are you here?
Venkat... Venkat... Venkat!
Go away dear, you please go away.
Aah... Go away! Make it quick!
No, please don't harm
the child. Please no!
Arun we got an information that an old man
was taking a child at old Nampally station
Leave the girl.
Leave her! Else I will shoot you!
Christopher, no! Leave her.
No! Please don't harm her
No... hey!
To stop them,
all we have to
do is interrupt their thrill.
He will get distracted if he loses focus.
He will change his target.
Then, we will get an
opportunity to get hold of him sir.
Go away!
Kavya go away!
Go away Kavya!
Go away!
Go away...
Kavya... No!
The psycho killer, Christopher...
who was killing school children
was shot dead by Police last night.
For taking up Christopher
case as a challenge and
for encountering him, Assistant
Commissioner Lakshmi and her team
were specially appreciated
by the Chief minister.
Our reporter Vijay Varma
will give further details about this.
Christopher's house looks scary
He tortured the school children and...
killed them atrociously
with deadly weapons.
-Hello Arun...
Suresh Babu here...
Everyone is now talking about
Christopher who's dead.
So I'm planning to make a movie
of that Psycho story you told me.
Come to office with your
script. We'll discuss.