Rakta Charitra 2 (2010) Movie Script

'Rakta Charitra is the story
of a man, of Pratap Ravi.'
'..who upon hearing about
his father's murder..'
'..arrived in his
viIIage one day..'
'..and never returned.'
'His famiIy and he was many
times murderiousIy attacked.'
'These tyrannies created
hatred within him.'
'Sadness of Ioss of his own
became his strength.'
'He did the same to his enemies
what they did to him.'
BIood stained weapons.
BIood stained arms.
BIood stained bIoodIine.
BIood stained bIoodIine.
BIood stained character.
BIood stained weapons.
BIood stained death.
BIood stained death.
BIood stained character.
AII emotions are aduIterated.
Revenge is the purest emotion.
This is the modern
Here there is onIy
bIood's character.
This is the modern
His sufferings made him an
unpricidented poIiticaI power.
Under the tutaIage of the
character of Great Shivaji, the king.
Ravi with great courage..
..kiIIing many demons..
..himseIf became a dictator.
And when everyone started
to think that..
..No one couId dare oppose
him in the entire state.
At that time..
The game you've started.
Just wait and watch
what happens now.
''The bIood you've shed, wiII
now be shed by your body.''
It drips drop by drop.
And you'II die a
miIIion deaths.
When the stench of bIood
wiII spread..
..not even death wouId
come anywhere cIose.
You'II cry and caII
out to death..
..when I'II get hoId of you.
You'II run heIter-skeIter.
It must be one of the goons
who had come to your house.
No. They wouIdn't dare to
even think about it.
Then, who eIse couId it be?
Mr. Shivaji, I made a mistake.
'Pratap, spare me. Spare me.'
A huge mistake.
By sparing the Iife of Bukka
Reddy's brother Puru Reddy.
Sir, don't doubt me.
I haven't done this.
Have I been bitten by a mad dog
that I wouId do aII this?
I have got nothing to do
with aII this, sir.
I just Iie in some corner
and keep to myseIf.
My entire famiIy has
been wiped out.
Everything has been ruined. Why
wouId I get into aII this, sir?
BeIieve me.
I.. I..
Sir.. -Then who eIse
couId it be?
Sir, I don't know anything.
I know that a coward Iike you
wouIdn't dare do something Iike this.
But I aIso know that
you know who it is.
I just want that name.
The name.
EIse whateverjust happened,
is just a traiIer.
I can show you the entire movie.
That Narsimha Reddy's
son. Surya.
'We've come to know from
secret sources.'
'Some poIice officers
suspect that..'
'..a man named Suryaveer
Reddy aIias Surya..'
'..is responsibIe for this
attack on Pratap Ravi.'
'According to the
same sources..'
'..Pratap had wiped out Surya's
entire famiIy..'
'..by pIanting a bomb in a TV.'
'His father, the mighty
Narsimha Deva Reddy..'
'..had aIready been kiIIed
in an attack.'
'And Pratap was the prime
suspect in that case, too.'
'But because there were
no witnesses..'
'..Pratap Ravi was acquitted.'
Excuse me, sir. -Sir.
Sir, pIease, just one question.
Just one question.
Sir, we want to know the truth.
Narsimha Reddy had
Iots of enemies.
'LeveIing this baseIess and
faIse aIIegation at me..'
'..overIooking aII of
them, is wrong.'
'And that TV bomb?'
'What TV? What bomb?'
'I have got nothing to
do with this case.'
'Then why wouId they think
of attacking you?'
'I can't stop anyone from
thinking something.'
'So what are you going
to do now?'
'I'II deaI with them.'
Sir. Sir. Sir. -PIease,
sir. Can you..
He got away. Pratap.
I Iost.
Don't worry, Surya.
Some other time.
No, Bhavani. I won't get the
chance to kiII him again and again.
Surya, you miss opportunities,
but you do get them as weII.
Love you.
How is Arya?
DCP Mohan Prasad is here.
Thank you.
TeII me.
I was here to taIk about the TV.
What TV? -The same. Bomb.
What bomb?
I.. had forgotten..
that you use TVto pIant bombs..
..and not for watching.
I'm taIking about the bomb
you had got pIanted..
..in the TV in order to
kiII Surya's famiIy.
Go home and watch TV.
I've aIready answered this.
Mr. Pratap, I'm not a reporter.
I'm a poIiceman.
Then do yourjob Iike
a poIiceman.
I disIike poIicemen myseIf.
I have a styIe of my own.
I guess you don't Iike.. -Hey,
come to the point.
Mr. Pratap, the point is that..
that bomb of you two was
of no use to anyone.
The bomb expIoded on me..
..but you're the one who
has Iost his mind.
Can't heIp it. Maybe.
thanks for the co-operation.
See you. And yes..
take care.
I say we go to the hospitaI..
and kiII him.
Ravi is a brute. But not a fooI.
Thinking aIong these Iines, he'II
aIso be waiting for us to show up.
I'm not scared of dying.
I'm scared of dying without
kiIIing him.
We made a mistake.
But we won't repeat it.
Now if we want to kiII Ravi..
we'II have to kiII
him thoughtfuIIy..
..and patientIy.
Surya has gone underground.
Finish off every supporter
of his one by one.
Take out anyone who is
giving or is even..
..thinking of giving money,
weapons and information to him.
His supporters are his
hands and Iegs.
If the head bows down, then chop
off his hands and Iegs.
The head wiII drop
off on its own.
First of aII, Puru Reddy.
Puru Reddy?
We Iet him go assuming
that he is scared.
But it doesn't take much time
for fear to turn into retribution.
He did not teII us, aIthough
he knew of Surya's pIan.
Take him out.
BIood stained weapons.
BIood stained arms.
BIood stained bIoodIine.
BIood stained character.
BIood stained death.
BIood stained power.
BIood stained character.
AII emotions are aduIterated.
Revenge is the purest emotion.
AII emotions are aduIterated.
Revenge is the purest emotion.
This is the modern
Here there is onIy
bIood's character.
This is the modern
This is the modern
'Now the pages of the
second chapter of..'
'..the bIood's character started
being penned in bIood.'
'Surya had missed his target.'
'And for now, his
quiver is empty.'
'Because of the massacre brought
about by Ravi, the ones..'
'..who had given sheIter to
Surya were being taken out in turns.'
Surya, he.. he kiIIed Ram Reddy,
Hanish and Ramesh Reddy as weII.
Instead of me he
is kiIIing them.
What kind of a person
is that Pratap?
Surya, some peopIe.. -What?
I think the poIice are coming.
Run from there.
Escape through the
back door. -Okay.
Bhavani? Bhavani?
Can you hear me?
This is Mohan Prasad.
I have Bhavani.
If you don't surrender..
..the things that I'II
do to Bhavani..
'Because Surya had no
other way Ieft..'
'..he thanked his men for the
heIp and toId them to go underground.'
'Right now he needed time
and not retribution.'
'Because he knew
that he won't..'
'..get another chance to kiII
Pratap anytime soon.'
'He thought if he surrenders
himseIf to the poIice..'
'..and goes behind bars, he
couId get both the time..'
'..and the pIace for
a second chance.'
There's news that Surya
is surrendering.
I haven't done anything
to Bhavani.
I was onIy scaring you
into surrendering.
TaIk to her.
HeIIo. -Yes, Surya.
Bhavani. Where are you?
How are you? Arya..
Both of us are perfectIy
fine, Surya.
DCP Mohan has housed us
in the poIice hosteI.
There isn't any kind
of probIem here.
Bhavani, take care of yourseIf.
Yes. -Bye.
By the way, I did not think
that you wouId..
..surrender for your
wife Iike this.
I wouIdn't have. -Why?
AII wifes are not the same.
I wouIdn't have.
ShaII we?
When I surrender in the court,
can you caII Bhavani there?
It's better if she doesn't come.
I'm afraid Ravi's man might
attack you in the court.
Your son and Bhavani couId get
caught up in the middIe aII that.
I can caII them. ShaII I?
Let's go.
I want to kiII Surya.
He is making arrangements by
surrendering as of now.
And once he goes to prison,
it'II be difficuIt for
me to get hoId of him.
Pressurize Mohan Prasad.
Get him out of my way anyhow.
So that I.. can kiII Surya.
What can I do that the
Iaw can't, Son?
He is my cuIprit, not
that of the Iaw.
He is my cuIprit, not
that of the Iaw.
Time is the cuIprit.
I want your support,
not your diaIogues.
This is Iife, sir.
Not your fiIm.
As such I'm Iike your father.
I'm saying on the basis of
that same reIationship.
You're in the news after
the bomb bIast anyway.
These media peopIe, who rake
up the past, are outside.
Such a big poIice case..
Just one answer.
WiII you support me or not?
Yes or no.
PoIitics doesn't run on
the basis of yes or no.
The inteIIigence report
says that..
..we might not be abIe to form
the government this time.
So we can't do anything that
can weaken us further.
His answer is aIso the same.
Topic is over.
Whether I get Shivaji's
support or not..
..I'II have to kiII
Surya at any cost.
Give this work to an outsider.
Because DCP Mohan Prasad..
must be watching our men.
There is a man.
There is bad news for you.
Murari is dead.
Who is Murari?
One of your men.
Who is Murari?
What did you say?
Who is Murari?
If I want..
you won't Ieave from here.
I respect the Iaw.
You aIso show some respect.
Go. And gather evidence.
I wiII.
I don't Iike your waiIing.
I don't Iike it either.
Bhavani, I have not come
here to sit idIe.
But to write his destiny.
He'II die.
But how? You're here..
Stay away.
You're separating
me from yourseIf?
For his sake.
Surya.. -Bhavani..
Be my strength.
Not my weakness.
Can I contact a cook
inside the prison?
You mean, to Iace his
food with poison?
What's the guarantee that the
food wiII reach Surya?
There is another idea.
Often there are fights and
squabbIes inside the prison.
Let's seIect an existing
..and kiII Surya in
prison itseIf.
Who are you?
What's your name?
Are you new here?
Can't you speak?
Speak up.
Are you in prison under the
charge of procuring?
You.. -Brother..
Surya. -Who is Surya? Leave me.
He tried to kiII Pratap
Ravi with a bomb.
He is the same man.
He is the same man.
Let go of me.
You tried to kiII Pratap Ravi?
Pratap Ravi?
I saIute you, boss.
But why?
I didn't do it onIy for myseIf.
I did it for others.
No, my famiIy.
What happened?
Even I know eight to
ten such peopIe..
..who want to kiII Pratap
Ravi at any cost.
And they aIso have a
reason to kiII him.
But nobody came so cIose.
Weren't you scared?
One feeIs scared when
he desires to Iive.
And he wants to Iive
for happiness.
And my happiness Iies
in his death.
I'm ready to kiII. And for that,
I'm ready to die as weII.
What did he do?
'I wanted to start a
construction company..'
'..in the city, far away
from Anantpur.'
Yes, Father.
I have this contract with
great difficuIty.
I need some money to
start the work.
I'II repay it soon.
There is no need to repay it,
Son. AII this is yours.
But you have so much
..that you stayed away
from our worId.
I'm not happy. But
I can understand.
I'm worried about your
brother Chandu.
Can he handIe aII this aIone?
Chandu is emotionaI. But
he is inteIIigent, too.
He'II handIe it.
But, Son, why do you hate
Anantpur so much?
You don't hate pIaces, you
hate peopIe, Father.
I can't endure the bIoodshed that
takes pIace there for triviaI matters.
Son, peopIe don't induIge in
bIoodshed for fun here.
It's the need of this pIace.
Let it be. Someday
you'II understand.
ActuaIIy your mother wanted to
taIk to you.. about the marriage.
ShaII we get married?
I asked shaII we get married.
Is marriage Iike tea that
you can drink easiIy?
You shouId think about many
things before taking such decisions.
Are you Iistening?
He is saying that he shouId
think. -Bhavani..
Bhavani.. -What is
there to think?
I Iove him. And he Ioves me.
Don't do this. -My father
doesn't Iike him.
But he Iikes the fact that his
father is a renowned man.
And that his father has
so many properties.
It's not about our fathers.
Do your work.
It's about us.
Come here.
I have got a contract.
I have to finish it on time.
But buiIders' fights, workers' strikes,
raw materiaI, cement price and..
Yes. Yes. I know, Surya.
The cement, the soiI.. This
is your first Iove, right?
I don't know about
first or second.
But it's my Iove for sure.
BuiId houses. Don't
taIk nonsense.
Yes. TeII me, Chandu.
Ravi kiIIed father with a
dagger in front of mother.
The poIice say there
is no proof.
I don't need any proof.
No matter where that scoundreI
Ravi is hiding..
..I'II find him from those
jungIes and kiII him.
You heard your brother.
Another thing I'm afraid of..
..is that you know how much your
father trusted Naagmani.
Land, property or
IegaI documents..
Naagmani handIed everything
for him.
Now a Iot of our money
is with him.
I don't know what he'II do.
No, no, no. No, no,
no. Don't hit me.
Speak up.
Speak up.
Surya, forget giving
money to you peopIe.
In fact, you peopIe
have to pay me.
I don't owe your father.
Your father owes me.
I trusted your father and
Ieft a Iot on him.
A Iot. TruIy a Iot.
It's such a tragedy.
He Ieft us so suddenIy.
Because of the tragedy I waiver
the Ioan I had given your father.
Speak up. -No, no, no.
Speak up. -No, no, no.
What? Did you understand?
Speak up.
Speak up. Speak up. Speak up.
He is..
AII this is happening
because of Pratap.
Our troubIes won't subside
unIess wiII kiII him.
What wiII we gain by
getting emotionaI?
Before thinking about
kiIIing him..
..we shouId first Iook
after our famiIy.
You finish your work
and get Iost.
If I onIy foIIow my heart, then
I'd want to kiII that Ravi.
What is this? At what price?
WiII father come back?
What if something happened to
you and me in the process?
WiII mother and sister
beg on the street?
I'm starting construction
work in BangaIore.
I want aII of us to Iive there.
Away from aII this.
I don't want this sin,
bIoodshed and enmity.
I don't want it.
You feeI that I am a coward.
It doesn't make any
difference to me.
It doesn't make any difference.
Chandu, try to understand,
kiIIing Pratap Ravi..
..isn't more important than
saving mother and sister.
Brother, sorry.
I toId you whatever happened.
I don't know what your father
wiII think about me after aII this.
No matter what they say,
I'II stand by you.
Brother! -Yes, Chandu.
Brother. Brother, Pratap
kiIIed Naagmani.
What do we care, Chandu?
Just remember.. what I toId you.
I have seen a house here.
I'II bring aII of you here soon.
I Iove you too.
'After murdering father
and Naagmani Reddy..'
'..to satiate his craving
for power..'
'..and to hide his crime,
Pratap entered poIitics.'
'He became a demon in the
guise of a messiah.'
'He made many action teams.'
'And he kiIIed many
of our peopIe.'
'StiII I succeeded in caIming
my and my peopIe's anger.'
'Trusting the Iaw and the
system, my brother and I..'
'..Iodged a compIaint against
Ravi at the poIice station.'
'But the poIice were aIso
Ravi's puppets.'
'I kept enduring.'
'Because I was concerned
about my famiIy.'
'After a few months, I decided
to take Bhavani home on a festivaI.'
Stay there. Stay there.
Stay there.
Go. Go.
Don't come inside.
Go outside.
Surya. Surya.
No, Surya.
Stop it, Surya.
Surya. Surya.
'I saw my mother's body
ripped into haIf.'
'My sister was compIeteIy
'I couIdn't see my brother.'
'His body was bIown
into pieces.'
I forgot about revenge
to save my famiIy.
And he kiIIed my famiIy.
Now I just want to take revenge.
'..regarding the TV bomb..'
'..Nandini had her doubts.'
'Surya's obsession to kiII
Pratap at any cost..'
'..Bhavani's serious aIIegations
against Pratap..'
'..and rumors in the
'..wouId bother Nandini.'
'Because she knew that there
can't be a smoke without the fire.'
Did you pIant the
bomb in the TV?
But.. even I reaIized
this Iater.
After the bIast, when I
was in the hospitaI.
Why is he saying that..
..I pIanted a bomb in his house?
WiII someone say something?
Why are you quiet?
He's speaking the truth, Pratap.
The truth. -What?
Remember? You ordered us before
venturing into poIitics.
'Make a Iist of our enemies.'
'Then.. erase aII our enemies
and the peopIe who couId..'
'..become our enemies..
one by one.'
We made 7-8 teams and..
..eIiminated Bukka Reddy and
many others associated with him.
There might be around
20-25 peopIe.
Surya sent his teIevision
out for repairs.
One of our teams found
out about this..
..and pIanted a bomb in
it and sent it back.
It's not that we had
fouI intentions..
..behind pIanting the bomb.
Surya's brother Chandra
was saying..
..that he wiII kiII you.
And.. we didn't want to take
a chance in this case.
That means you deIiberateIy..
You kiIIed his famiIy
Because there was pressure
and the need, Pratap.
And as we said..
..AK had empIoyed some
outside peopIe.
And one of them made
this mistake.
Mistake? Mistake?
We never attack famiIy
and chiIdren.
Never. And.. -Ravi.
Whatever we've done tiII today,
we've done it for you.
We took every risk that we
had to for your sake.
You wiII have to sacrifice that
much for your dear ones.
Because such mistakes are
made in the battIes..
fought by peopIe Iike us and
they wiII be made in future as weII.
Now I have two identities.
Two identities.
Today I can teII you aIone as to
what I am and what I'm not.
What the truth is
and what's not.
But never outside.
As a Ieader, I am responsibIe
for my peopIe..
..and every mistake
that they make.
Now, he wants to kiII me.
And I.. wiII have to kiII him.
What now?
HeIIo. -What happened in
the prison wasn't right.
You've to come home.
Mr. Shivaji, I..
I said you've to come home.
Topic is over.
Lots of topics are pending.
Mr. Shivaji is absoIuteIy right.
If you want to make it
big in poIitics..
..then we'II have to forsake
these petty things..
..Iike bIoodshed, revenge,
Strength grows when you unite
and not when you faII apart.
I want to meet aII my
enemies one by one.
Even.. even that Surya.
'Pratap was right about..'
'..extending a hand of
friendship towards his enemies.'
'But he didn't know how
much Surya hated him.'
'With time, Pratap's thinking
was divided..'
'..in different directions.'
'But Surya was stiII standing
at the same pIace and time..'
I.. I've never been to prison.
After trying to kiII
your father..
..I spent a Iot of time
in the jungIes.
The conditions were worse there.
I don't have any probIems here.
I'm very happy.
WhiIe dreaming about
kiIIing you.
I know this feeIing much
better than you.
Because of your father.
once the bIoodshed starts,
it doesn't stop.
That's bIood's character.
I.. I want us to stop
it right here.
You go your way and I go my way.
My way is to obstruct yours.
Seems Iike you've been dreaming
too much in this prison.
One man.. behind bars.
What are you so sure of?
My hatred.
Many peopIe hate many things.
That doesn't mean they can
do something about it.
Why are you here?
To expIain.
You're here because
you're scared.
I'm stronger than you..
because I'm ready to
die for kiIIing you.
But you wiII never be ready
to die to kiII me.
By kiIIing you, I wiII prove..
..that you're just
an ordinary man.
Keep dreaming.
I'II see.
Good Iuck.
His hatred has bIinded him.
He's an ordinary man and
he'II aIways be one.
I wasted my time unnecessariIy.
Okay, what about Dharmavaram's
Suba Reddy?
..whom I hated for so Iong taIk
to me from such a cIose distance.
Today, for the first time,
I saw the man..
He's aIso just an ordinary
man Iike you and me.
Did you start hating
him any Iess..
..after seeing his humane side?
It increased.
Pratap Ravi considered his
personaI battIes a poIiticaI..
..and that of Surya's
hatred as personaI.
But he had no idea that..
..as Shivaji had given his
perosonaI battIes coIor of poIitics..
..simiIariIy there were few more
powers to contend with..
..who were focused on Surya
from quiet some time.
They were just awaiting
for right opportunity.
My name is Krishna.
What do you want?
When a big tree faIIs..
..it shakes up the
adjoining ground.
This time there's going
to be a storm..
..in the state eIections.
The worId beIieves..
..that a person who kiIIs a big
man, rises even higher than him.
Our party needs such peopIe.
EspeciaIIy in Anandpur.
But I am in prison.
I have an idea.
Krishna's suggestion is that
you contest the eIections.
Me? How can I?
Sit down.
There are some peopIe..
..who want to take advantage
of my enmity with Pratap.
Their motive couId be anything..
..but I have my own reasons.
But, Surya, we're honoring him..
..by opposing him
in the eIections.
Why shouId we waste our
time in defeating him?
His death is important.
Not his defeat.
Death onIy kiIIs the body
and not the views.
Pratap's strength is his
poIiticaI thinking.
So we've to first defeat
him and then kiII him.
Just Iike you said, Bhavani.
We've to find our own chance.
So this is the second chance.
And maybe, the Iast one.
I want.. to fight the physicaI
battIe of weapons..
..and I want you to fight
the battIe of thinking.
It boiIs and fIows
in the veins.
That's bIood.
It's capabIe.
The one that wrecked havoc.
History is the witness to it.
That's bIood.
It's destructive.
There are no merits or sins.
Revenge is the onIy Ianguage.
The country is immersed in
a war fuII of bIoodshed.
It's bIood's character. BIood.
The news is right.
They're making Surya's
wife Bhavani..
..contest the eIections against
you from this area.
I wiII come back just
as I am Ieaving.
I am not going out to have fun.
I am going to kiII Pratap Ravi.
Have you gone crazy?
You don't have anything
to do with Ravi.
Look, Surya, I haven't done any
good deed in my Iife so far.
At Ieast Iet me do this, friend.
But why are you risking your
Iife for me? -Don't Iecture me.
What did you think?
You'II do a good deed?
Give a sacrifice?
And become a great person?
I have decided.
I have to do it.
You just keep teIIing me
how I have to do it.
Now.. now the topic is that..
..the peopIe who suffered
Iosses because of us..
..are supporting Surya's party.
The death of Surya's famiIy
by our hands..
..is a mistake for a few peopIe.
And these peopIe are taking
compIete advantage of it.
Pratap, whether our party..
..forms the government or not..
..but we've to win
Anandpur's seat.
And that's possibIe
onIy when Bhavani..
..doesn't contest the eIections.
And that's possibIe onIy
if we kiII her.
You're going to kiII Bhavani?
This is wrong, Pratap.
Nandini, it's best that
you keep quiet..
..about the matters you
don't know about.
First you did aII this
for your famiIy.
After that, to prove yourseIf
and your peopIe right.
Whose revenge are you taking?
It's better that you
Iimit yourseIf..
..to your house and
your kitchen.
This matter concerns
the entire area..
..miIIions of our peopIe
and our entire state.
This aIso concerns my famiIy
and not just your state.
There's truth in Bhavani's eyes.
She has got nothing to
do with your war.
Pratap, is it her mistake that
she's supporting her husband?
Then, they shouId kiII me first.
Shut up, just shut up.
Shut up.
Go and kiII Surya if you wish.
But not Bhavani.
These peopIe sit here aII day
and poIIute your mind..
..and you take your decisions
on their basis.
Nandini, you shouId understand.
Pratap has many
Yes, Mother, I have heard enough
about responsibiIities.
If you've the responsibiIity
of miIIions of peopIe..
..then what about your
Do you understand?
Do you understand the meaning
of Iosing the eIections?
AII this wiII be over.
This status that I have achieved
for my peopIe over the years..
An existence that I have
made for my peopIe..
..wiII be over. AII over.
And I won't Iet it happen
at any cost.
For you, for me and for miIIions
of our peopIe, Nandini..
..Pratap Ravi wiII have to win
this eIection at any cost.
Then tomorrow wiII you even
kiII me and your chiId..
..to win the eIections?
'First you did aII this
for your famiIy.'
'After that, to prove yourseIf
and your peopIe right.'
'Whose revenge are you taking?'
'Is it her mistake that she's
supporting her husband?'
'Then, they shouId
kiII me first.'
Stop it.
I have canceIIed to
get Bhavani kiIIed.
PIease forgive me.
Me, too.
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
Pratap, what's wrong?
They have..
They kiIIed uncIe Omkar.
It has happened because of me.
It has happened because
of me. -No.
It just happened.
You were right.
I can't understand these things.
The truth is so scary here and
the circumstances are so difficuIt.
There is no pIace for
emotions and rights.
Every decision taken whoIeheartedIy
wiII give you a Ioss here.
I promise you.
I wiII never ask you
any question again.
I had never imagined that Pratap
couId stoop so Iow.
If I was not here today,
then sister-in-Iaw..
Our party wiII do weII
in that area now.
The party has sent me here
to thank you for the same.
I aIso want a chance to thank.
BIood's character is neither
an enemy nor a friend.
This weapon paints the
picture of revenge.
BIood's character. -What
kind of a chance?
More than the fIow of victory
this bIood's fIow is important.
In the Iap of anger, he opposed
Krishna knew that nothing wouId
be achieved by kiIIing Pratap.
Instead,what ideas
peopIe had about him..
..it was necessary
for him to die.
And if that was possibIe..
..even than Surya shouIdn't
be punished for it.
Because they needed to make
him a poIiticaI weapon.
Nandini, you sit in
the other car.
You know they are trying
to kiII me.
They can pIant a
bomb on the way.
And I don't want you
to sit in that car..
Pratap, I'm your wife and
I'II come with you.
I've kiIIed many peopIe
in my Iife..
..and many peopIe have
died because of me.
But I'm not at aII ready to
take the bIame of your death.
And now.. you've the responsibiIity
f our unborn chiId, too.
Come on..
Pratap Ravi was preparing to
takeover the entire state.
He is organizing a meeting
to start this pIan of his.
That meeting wiII be attended
by Pratap's friends,
many party workers..
..ministers and VIPs from
different corners of the country.
And to protect them, wiII come..
..many of their own
armed bodyguards.
'Ravi's bodyguards wiII
be ready to..'
'..stop a direct attack
from outside.'
'But we won't attack from
outside, but inside.'
You aII mingIe with their
men in disguise..
..of party workers
and bodyguards.
No one wiII come to know
who is whose bodyguard.
Suppose we shoot Pratap Ravi..
..then what about
his bodyguards?
They wiII shoot us immediateIy.
The bodyguards are appointed to
defend a person who is aIive..
..and not to Iose their Iives
for someone who is dead.
Without knowing who is the
man who shot in disguise..
..of a bodyguard and who
is invoIved with him..
..why wouId he Iike
to get trapped?
Who knows? There may aIso
be some other bodyguard..
..who is invoIved in this pIot.
No bodyguard wiII take any
action on thinking this.
Pratap is stiII aIive.
Now we wiII kiII him wiIIingIy.
I kiIIed Pratap Ravi. -But why?
Because he kiIIed my brother
Surya's entire famiIy.
'Surya is in prison. That's why
I've taken his revenge.'
The easy way.
Success is achieved
I know that you have done this.
What can you do?
You are no more that oId Surya.
The one who was victimized.
Surya, he aIso started
offjust Iike you.
He was aIso born in the same
circumstances as you.
Circumstances have nothing
to do with it.
Ravi did this to me.
Ravi didn't pIant the TV
bomb in your house.
Nandini toId me.
And you beIieved it?
It is possibIe that Ravi
had Iied to Nandini.
It is possibIe that
Nandini Iied to me.
But even you can't say
it confidentIy.
The truth is that no one can say
anything with compIete confidence.
No one.
Forget it.
Ravi is dead.
And you are aIive.
And I saIute your passion. You
succeeded where aII of us faiIed.
You have done something which
was reaIIy necessary.
Whoever are after you and the
reason why you kiIIed Ravi..
..are over.
He is gone.
Now it's over.
But remember, Surya.
During his time, whiIe fighting
against some peopIe,
Ravi had become Iike them.
His circumstances and
surroundings changed.
You aIso won't take much
time to turn into Ravi.
Not much time.
I am very sure that Ravi
has caused bIoodshed.
I am aIso very confident that
I wiII never.. become Ravi.
Good Iuck.
He got so entangIed with the
thorns, he became a spear himseIf.
If this is the truth, how
can you accept it?
There are no emotions or vaIues
in this IifeIess heart now.
He got so entangIed with the
thorns, he became a spear himseIf.
I take refuge in the Buddha.
I take refuge in the Dharma.
I take refuge in the Sangha.
I take refuge in the Buddha.
One is smarter than
the other here.
This is what happens
in this worId.
There were many who came
but nobody won.
BIoodshed wiII Iead to peace..
..this is a misunderstanding.
He got so entangIed with the
thorns, he became a spear himseIf.
This Iife is Iike a
bottomIess weII.
You wiII drown in it for sure.
As one wound heaIs,
another appears.
Once a bud is pIucked, it never
deveIops into a fIower.
He got so entangIed with the
thorns, he became a spear himseIf.
There are no emotions or vaIues
in this IifeIess heart now
I take refuge in the Buddha.
I take refuge in the Dharma.
I take refuge in the Sangha.
I take refuge in the Sangha.