Ram Jaane (1995) Movie Script

- Get one ticket.
- Right.
- Get me some eggs.
- Okay.
ln a minute.
Why does everybody
call you Footpath?
- Because l was found there.
- But you must have a name.
l'll ask the bread vendor.
Tell me one thing.
- Did you hurt anyone today?
- No.
Here, eat this.
Now ask what you want to know.
What's my name?.
- Ram jaane (God knows).
- Great!
To hell with all of you!
Now even l have a name!
- l've got my name!
- What is it?
- Coming to a film?
- Got the dough?
l just cleared that guy's dues.
- So?
- Stealing. Come on.
There's Bela! l'm off!
Heroine! Let's take in a film.
l go to school. l'm not
useless like you. Footpath!
- l told you my name is Ram.
- Let go of my hair!
First say my name.
- l won't!
- You won't?. - No!.
lf l don't avenge this,
my name is not Bela!
What's the matter?
You were screaming
now you're laughing?.
Look at your face. Half cream
half clean. What's the politics?
l like Bela a lot.
- l also like her.
- Don't you dare look at her!
l've asked my God for her!
What the...!
Help me!
Caught you! Rascal!
Who was with you?
Answer me! Rascal!
Have mercy on your bones.
Tell me where he is!
Open your mouth, pig!
What the...! You spat on me!
l won't spare you alive!
What happened to you?
Bela will laugh out loud
when she sees me in this shape.
But what is all this?
My breakfast. They beat you here.
- They beat you so much!
- They asked for your name.
- l didn't tell them.
- You should have.
Why did you take this
thrashing for me?
This is my style.
Live and die with pride.
Why did Ram Jaane get
thrashed for my sake?
Giving pleasure to others
gives a lot of happiness.
ls that why you give us
free bread?
No, my son. l get love
from you in return.
Those who get love from
others are very lucky.
Then Ram Jaane is very lucky.
God knows.
This is Banu Technicolor.
He ran away from the remand home.
Now he travels in cabs and
smokes imported cigarettes.
He's made a lot of money!
- Why doesn't anyone catch him?
- Who wants to die?
- Sameer dada will tear him apart!
- Who is he?
Banu's boss.
He's very dangerous.
Haven't you heard of him?
How did he run away?
Move behind!
Released from the remand home?
l don't get released. l escape.
What if the police catch you again?
l know how to escape them.
You tell me, what's all this?
The bread man enrolled me in school.
- With Bela?
- She has gone.
- Where?
- To a hostel.
- Why?
- He is alone.
He couldn't look after her well.
She will stay in the hostel,
study and become a memsaheb.
Then he'll mary her
off to some rich man.
l'll become rich and show them!
ls he your father to give you work?
Then is he your father
to give you work?
l liked the boy's answer.
lt will do for me.
Take him with you from tomorrow.
- Yes?
- Your face is mud!
Once again my Amar, Akbar
Anthony has sullied your face!
l have your goods worth 20 crores.
Will you buy it for 10?
This bastard Mirchi will...!
ls he too hot for you?
Tell me. Finish!
You talk too much!
What's your name?
My name is Ram Jaane.
Tell your boss Mirchi
his time is finish!
Like this damn lighter!
What are you watching?
Throw me a match!
l asked for a match and
you're giving me a bullet!
l have 2 things to tell you.
l don't like chilies.
lf you touch my boss' goods
now l'll sort you all out.
- Give me a match.
- Sure.
This is a cutout. Where is he?
l'm here. Look!
l was only firing at the gun.
l missed my aim.
Your men are no good.
The sound of a bullet scares them.
Tell them l'm vey bad.
lf anyone moves, l'll mow him down!
l said, don't move!
How many men will l kill?
l won't kill any more.
Tell your men not to...
Spoilt my clothes!
lf anyone acts smart with me,
l'll chop them up!
Didn't l say...? Rascal!
Where are you running?
All your men are finished.
You're left alone but don't worry.
l'll talk to you of love.
Do you watch films?
Who is your favorite hero?
Don't kill me!
Saved again!
Your name is Amar.
You can't die. Go.
l free you for your name.
Go away.
Got hurt?
You can't get hurt.
Your name is Amar.
Where are Akbar and Anthony?
l won't tell them you told me.
You can keep this stuff too.
l'll say that l took it.
You be happy, so will l.
- Say yes.
- Yes.
Must be Amar.
Something fishy. He's alone.
Ram Jaane is behind.
Akbar and Anthony are finished.
Your name is Amar.
You cannot die.
My cigarette won't light up today.
Don't fear. Light the cigarette.
Light it.
lt is very harmful to the body.
lt goes into the body and
makes noise and man is...!
From today l'm the number one
star in the world of crime.
Nobody to compete with me.
- That Mirchi is for name sake...
- Only for a few days.
l've found the plot to buy him in!
l'm not worried with you around.
Where is Technicolor?
Putting a little color in his glass.
Why are you hiding yourself?
Give the cash l gave you
yesterday to Ram Jaane.
The fishermen area is yours now.
- Who?
- Me. Mirchi.
- Mirchi on the line.
- Ask him what he wants.
What's the matter?
Finding it too hot?
A chili never feels hot.
Only the sick eat food without chili
Add chili together if you
want the taste of life.
- l'm ready for a compromise.
- He's ready for compromise.
- Shall l refuse?
- Why?
He's not worth making friends.
But he's not even worth
turning into an enemy!
He's right. Give me the line.
How do l fry you?
ln the pan or the cooker?
To hell with his...!
Did you come here for this?
l came to say l...
l'm ready to be partner!
But l want one crore
and a cut in the business.
What do you think l am?
l'll put a rod through you
and roast you in this fire!
The days of eating kababs
and becoming Don have gone.
l don't know what blood l have
that still retains its' color.
Talk like a man.
But l won't spare Ram Jaane!
Why? He's not bad.
He's saved my life many times
but you know business better.
You know or God.
What? Attack by him?
Mirchi will kill him?
Make him Technicolor.
You're playing a danger game.
You said you would search each other.
To check if anyone has arms.
Then how will Mirchi have a gun?
What is that?
We finished them all!
You wouldn't have cried so much
when you entered this world...
As much as you'll cry at leaving it.
l won't spare you!
Why did you kill him?
You'll cry for this!
You'll make me cry?
Have you forgotten the
power of my bones so soon?
Did you think you'd escape my hands?
Finished! Your bones are finished!
They have grown soft.
Have mercy on your bones because
now my bones are very tough!
Your bones are soft!
Pig head! You find my bones soft!
lf l don't break your bones,
l'm not worthy of my name!
Finished! Soft bones!
Are you tired?
Why are you calling your death?
- Finished!
- You are finished!
- Finished!
- What the...!
He wants to be finished!
Take him away!
He said, my bones are soft!
What's all this?
lf Bela sees me like this...
You don't even know her.
You can't be bailed out.
l know. l talked to the lawyer.
He says if l become a state witness..
l'll be released in 2 or 3 years.
Take it.
- l have one request.
- What?
Save me.
- Why?
- l'll settle you outside.
When you return you'll get cooked meat
Otherwise the enemies
will take away the honey.
And we'll be eating bones!
How will you run the business?
- Sameer's....
- That is mine!
lt is yours. l'll return it
to you with interest later.
lt's time for the jailer to come.
l know you're very sly!
But if you act smart with me...
You'll make me Technicolor.
l know it.
The government nabbed goods worth
crores because of Ram Jaane's help.
As a result the court
takes a lenient view...
And sentences him to 4 years
of rigorous imprisonment.
What the...! Open their file.
This is Murli.
The organizer of Apnaghar.
We've written about him in our paper.
But you wouldn't have written that
under the guise of housing orphans..
He has made a house for himself.
The land that he has taken
over and guards like a snake..
That land is worth crores.
l've arrested these boys
for hooliganism so many times.
But he always frees them.
So that the car of his
life travels smoothly.
l ask you one question.
When you can't reform this gang
why don't you close down shop?
Who doesn't know him?
He has been accused of
corruption so many times.
But each time he did something
and managed to get away.
The public got moved but
he didn't move his chair.
Just so that the car of
his life travels smoothly.
l ask you one question.
The job of the police
is to stop crime.
lf you can't stop crime,
why not shut your police station?
Here are the bail papers.
- Let them go.
- Yes sir.
Have one?.
How much for all of them?
- You want them all?
- Can't you hear?
- 1000.
- Okay.
- Open all the cages.
- Open all the cages?
This will clear the cobwebs. Open up
Release time.
Fly away!
Go on, fly!
How are you?.
l knew someday love would rise in you.
Then you'll be on the right track.
Don't find your own point.
l'm celebrating my freedom.
l got fed up in prison.
You'll never say what's in your heart
Let's push. Has Bela returned?
l've arranged for you to
stay here. Is it all right?
Yes. Where is Bela?
So he is back?
Finished! The monkey
turned into a beauty.
lf l'm a monkey, what are you?
- Where are you going?
- The kids must be waiting for me.
Eat food. l've cooked today.
Feed it to the one
you've cooked it for.
What are you staring at?
l'm thinking you weren't
so pretty when you were little.
Youth hasn't been kind to you.
You're still the same. Footpath!
l swear! You say it so well!
l'm very happy to see you.
Me too, pal!
Remember how you pulled
my hair when we were small?
l waited for this moment for years!
What rascals! Where is
your boss, Technicolor?
Gone to Dubai?
Don't know when he'll return?
Hope you know your
father's name at least.
You think you're very smart?
Pick his pocket if you have guts.
- You act smart. You do it.
- None of us have the guts.
l'll show you.
Hey kid! Careful!
Times are very bad. What!
Get lost.
Took it.
1600 plus change!
- Now what will we do?
- Eat, drink and watch a film.
And be kicked around!
Loafers! Acting smart!
- You had to pick my pocket!
- We had a bet.
What was it? Who will die first?
You should have picked someone
who doesn't know your den.
But how did you know?
ls this your den? Rascal!
Come there!
Your den!
When you were not even born
we used to play cards here.
Would Murli also play with you?
- Then?
- Who spoilt him?
You rotten kids!
Murli is calling all of you.
Tell him nobody from
our gang will come.
Why don't you go when he calls?
You think you're a big hood!
He wants us to play
with kids. We get fed up.
Then how will you
play the game of life?
Tell him l'll come to play. All
who come will be treated to a film.
- Really?
- Yes, don't point fingers!
Get up! Rascal!
l know. We'll play again.
Don't scream. We'll play again.
- You make them play.
- Come on!
We won!
- They cheated.
- crying when it's your turn.
Who won the game?
Both of us won.
- Then shall we go for the film?
- Are you going for a film?
- l'll get Murli. You wait.
- Murli too is going?
- l too will come.
- Take her and go.
Here's the money. Go.
This movie will be a hit!
l mean you are Sunita's sister.
- No.
- No! No?
- Is 'yes' your enemy?
- No.
How are you guys?
Hasn't Murli come?.
l wasn't going to bring him.
You refused to see a film with me
when we were small. Hence this game.
Why did you lie to me?
What would you lose
if Murli had come?
What is it?
- l'm eating.
- Finish all of it.
- What childishness is this?
- Scream, yell.
l know you're angry with me.
- Why? - l went for a
film without telling you.
- With Ram Jaane. You felt bad.
- No.
l know you are angry.
But you keep hiding your love.
How many times do l tell
you that l don't love you?
Whatever you may say,
l can read your eyes.
Just once, say that you love me.
l swear on my life l'll
give up the world for you.
lt's very difficult.
Give your world to the one
whose world is lonely.
l have many in my life.
Who? Rocky and Sabir?
With every child of Apnaghar.
Their life should change.
That's my only dream.
And what about my dream?
Come in.
What pal?
When were you released?
When did l come?
You had gone out.
You've become a big man.
lt's just show.
Times have changed.
Politicians play the game now.
Don't be under any mistake.
Nothing here belongs to me.
You've become very smart. Before l
ask for my cut, making things clear.
What cut?
You may fleece others.
l'll turn your skin Technicolor!
You had promised me that
we would be equal partners.
Better do it or l am not
fond of showing off my power.
Tell me did l refuse?
l never denied that.
But now the business is Bhau's.
- l have to talk to him..
- YOU talk to anyone.
But l want my cut. Finish!
And what about my crore?
l'll arrange it in 2 days.
l've just returned from Dubai!
Give me some cash for spending.
l'm giving.
ls the red Mercedes
parked outside yours?
- Why?
- l have problems getting around.
- The key.
- l won't refuse anything.
Fill the tank.
l'll return on Monday.
A man just left with my Mercedes.
Finish him off!
- Come on.
- Why?
No time to waste. Come on.
- What happened?
- Guests to talk to me.
- Not to be spoken before girls.
- Go inside.
All of you go away.
- They have to pay bills.
- Later.
Don't look behind. Get lost.
- Ram Jaane here.
- My boss will speak.
l'll lock up.
- Get in the kitchen.
- Do you want to eat fried egg?
l want fried brain!
Do you want to eat fried chicken?
Go and take his order.
l'll give you fried brain!
Why has your face turned
pale seeing me here?
What do you mean?
l'll tell you.
No...what is the matter?
Talk from far. Don't come close.
You sent your men to kill me.
- What?
- You didn't?
- You didn't?
- Swear by my mother.
Ty to recall.
You remember nothing.
l'll remind you.
Did you sent them or not?
- No.
- Did you send them?
- Did you or not?
- l did.
See, you're bleeding.
Get up and say it.
Get up, carefully.
Dust off your clothes.
- Didn't you sent them?
- No.
Talk. Talk! No smart moves.
l too will listen.
Your job is done.
Ram Jaane is finished.
Forgive your elder brother!
Your voice...!
l didn't know your voice
was like a mouse's!
Say it once again.
Forgive me Ram Jaane.
- Like a mouse!
- Forgive me!
What a lovely sound!
Now get up.
lf you were not my childhood pal..
With great love...
l would turn your skin Technicolor.
Don't take those papers.
They are very important.
l know a smart ass like you
won't keep trash in the vault.
What's in this?
- What's this for?
- To escape from the police.
You've become very technical.
Shut up! Call Bhau.
Call him up!
Darling don't take the call.
One crore?.
Tomorrow at 10?
Who is this?
- Come on.
- Yes darling.
But before that let me book
Ram jaane's ticket to hell.
Nobody? Let's check.
There's a bomb in the car!
Push it away!
l thought l should
make an entry in style.
Why did you send men
out to receive me?
l'm a vey small man.
Why are you staring at me?
Didn't you recognize me?. lt's me.
Whether God knows or not
l only know this much...
The one who looks into my
eyes shuts his eyes very soon.
Why? You don't look so bad.
lt takes me time to understand.
Did you threaten me?
Yes? Now why are you scared?
You've tried once earlier.
ln any case, l don't care.
l'm not scared of death.
l don't love life.
l say it with pride!
Hit me! Come on!
Come on, shoot!
No man can shoot me.
That friend of yours, Banu
along with whom you cheat the public..
And send it to banks abroad.
He really fears death.
lf Banu dies, you'll be in trouble.
But what can l do? l'm helpless.
lf l don't reach him by 11,
my men will shoot him.
- It's going to be 11.
- What?
You talk so much!
You wasted so much time!
l will call up.
Maybe they haven't killed him.
20 bucks for whole milk
and 15 bucks for cow milk.
What's the rate of
Banu Technicolor?
What color? My milk is white.
What? He has turned white!
l don't understand what you're saying.
l'm speaking from Bhau's place.
Then give the order.
My order will take some time.
lf l don't reach by 12,
give our guest some hot bullets.
Poor thing shouldn't die hungry.
You seem mad!
My men are going mad!
Why are you standing?
- Get the suitcase.
- Hurry up.
Tell your men not to follow me.
My own rascals are waiting.
If they see anyone chasing me..
Banu will really turn Technicolor!
See you.
l'll take the front door.
See you, men of Bhau.
He has gone!
How will he go?
l've got used to winning
after giving notes.
Connect me to Inspector Chunte.
How are you guys?
There's a bag under the car.
Fix it someplace.
Search the place.
Yes, l smell a dead rat
from under the gutter.
Searching the house
will get you nothing.
You'll be a rat in prison!
Find the red bag!
Which bag?
What do you think of yourself?
Only you have brains?
You don't know the c of crime!
A policeman butters
his toast with it.
And has it for breakfast!
- Great.
- Where is the money?
ls it yours?
Have you had wine so early?
lf l had the cash, would
l be standing here?
Wouldn't l have gone to Delhi?
Arrest him!
- My crime?
- Your crime is that...
You looked into my eyes!
Why does he ruin my clothes?
But tell me where
they are taking you?
- What politics is this?
- It's not politics.
lnspector has piles. He wants
me to apply some balm to him.
l'll apply the balm to you
grinding your own bones!
Do you have a warrant?.
Asking me for a warrant?
Come with me, l'll show you!
Why are you inviting trouble?
Why do you get hot? Forgive him.
He has lost his nuts.
He thinks everything is legal.
He doesn't know senior officers..
Like yourself, killed
justice and buried it!
And you just threaten the poor!
Don't be scared.
Don't worry. l'll be back soon.
Now you'll only return when
your hair has turned gray.
And if l turn bald
like you before that?
You've ruined everything!
You shouldn't have upset Ram Jaane.
Nothing has happened.
Inspector Chunte will sort it out.
How did he enter the picture?
Have you done something?
One challenges those
who are more powerful.
Not with Ram Jaane.
Right now Ram Jaane
is in jail thanks to me.
You'll get us killed!
All the papers of the bank scam.
All the letters and
diaries are with him!
lf he splits the beans, you'll
go to jail in place of him!
Call up Chunte!
Free Ram Jaane.
- But sir... - Pig! Know the
meaning of saying 'but' to me?
Hail stones on the head.
The diaries and papers are with him.
lt's opening.
l won't go in a cab.
l have my respect.
Take your vehicle to drop me.
You've heard that song...?
Come on smooth face.
You should knock before
entering a girl's room.
Why don't girls knock
before entering our hearts?
They just get in like a jet.
Man is finished.
See what l got you.
lt looks pretty expensive.
Don't talk of cost!
Nothing in my life is
more precious than you!
l'll cut my head and place it
at your feet if you want it.
l'll give up my life.
Finished in one minute.
Do you know..
Since you entered my life...
l marvel at the beauty God has made
Wear this. l swear...
You'll look better
than the film heroines.
l won't wear this dress.
You won't? Got it!
Not in front of me.
l'll turn away. Wear it.
l still won't wear it.
Why? You don't like it?
No problem. We'll change it.
l'll get whatever you want.
l won't take anything given by you.
You're not yet ready?
That's a lovely dress.
But she's not wearing it.
Wear it. Everybody at the
party is waiting for you.
- What party?
- Didn't he tell you?
There were 3 weddings in our area.
Ram Jaane paid for all of them.
There's a reception tonight.
Come down soon.
The liquor has just come!
Tell me one thing...
The inspector said he would
cook you in jail forever.
Why did he come to drop you?
What politics is this?
You know or God knows?
Now tell what politics this is.
Politics goes to vote.
Tell me one thing.
How did you get this name?
Even you don't have an answer to that
Bhau is sitting there.
l'm sitting here!
Come in Ram Jaane.
We were waiting for you.
The whole world waits for good times.
lsn't it, Technicolor?.
Tell us what your demands are.
l haven't come with any demands.
Do l look like a union leader?
l've come to do business with you.
l want the same cut from
your business that Banu gets.
l know all about what your business
is and how much is Banu's cut.
Here, read this.
Where did you get this?
Where 10 people work,
one man will be a traitor.
lsn't it Technicolor?
l'm speaking from experience.
Kill one of these, another will rise.
Just like a chicken.
Keeps getting deeper.
Isn't it Technicolor?
We accept what you say.
But the construction
business started after Sameer.
So you have no cut in it.
All right. l accept what you say
since you accepted what l said.
This is how the car proceeds.
But all the diaries and papers
you took from Banu's safe...
Give them to me.
For the car of business to start
you need the battery of trust.
Then let the car remain standing.
l've found the complete
story of your crooked neck.
You wrestled before fighting elections
lf the opponent was powerful,
he played foul and defeated him.
You are like a chameleon.
Can't say when you'll change.
l won't give you the papers.
Isn't it Technicolor?
Why do you keep saying, Technicolor?
So that you know you're not
the only one who can do it.
- l can also do it.
- Why fight? Talk to Bhau.
- Where is he?
- Look here...
We want to do business with you.
What difference do papers make?
Isn't it Technicolor?
Break everything.
What is going on?
The municipal land has
to be vacated by morning.
Show me the orders.
Getting thrashed!
l'll rip everybody!
Why did you stop? Hit me.
Took it out with such style.
Yelled, tying to fool me?
lf you don't stab me,
the public will boo you!
l've got my gun out.
Now if you don't stab me,
l'll press the trigger.
Let me tell you, l might escape
your assault but if you survive..
This whole area will dirty you.
So let's both get ourselves maligned.
You put away your knife
and l'll put away my gun.
Tell me one thing.
Who sent you here?
You don't interfere.
This concerns land.
l'm warning you, l won't let
anyone step on that land!
l told you not to interfere in
construction or you'll regret it!
lf it was only me, l would
understand but Bhau...!
He took 10 crores to clear the land.
How did our men return? You said
the land would be vacated by morning.
Forget that land.
- Who spoke?
- Me.
You'll get back your 10 crores.
What nonsense is this?
l want the land not the money!
You wont get that land.
lf l don't get that land, l'll
buy you along with the inhabitants!
Where are you Banu?.
Knock some sense into him!
l will. l told you for morning.
Have a little patience.
He won't listen.
- If Bhau tells him..?
- There's no way of convincing him.
Can't you see? Driving blindly!
ls it your father's road?
What have you done!
You've ruined the construction
business by killing him!
How will you work like this?
Will you kill all your men?
Loud voices disturb my eardrums.
You know l never kill my own men.
Tell me where is the compromise?
Who killed him?
You know who killed Baweja. Tell me!
- l don't know.
- Lying!
- Move..
- No.
Who killed him?
Stop it!
Why are you hitting this innocent?
lf he is innocent, who is guilty?
You know it better than me.
But you won't catch them.
Instead you'll hit innocents.
You can't reform these rascals!
You've taken over municipal
Iand in their name...
You think you're smart?
- Attack!
- Stop it!
You killed him!
Not just him, l'll kill
everyone of you here.
l won't move from here
till l find Baweja's killer.
You tell us. Who killed Baweja?
Say who had killed Baweja!
Answer or l'll kill you!
l'll tell you who killed him.
Yes, son. You tell me.
Come closer.
Rarely do you see tears
in the eyes of death.
Come and see death cry.
Poltoo was only 14 years old.
Death doesn't take away
life at that early age.
lt takes away dreams.
This is not Poltoo's corpse
but of all future children.
Their future has been charted by you!
Their lives were full of thorns.
But also some flowers.
You taught them to remove the
thorns by uprooting the trees!
Today we lost Poltoo.
Tomorrow will be Sabir's turn.
Then Rocky. Then it
will be Chintu's turn!
Are you saying before everybody
that l am responsible for his death?
You are wrong! Tell him.
The police killed him, not me.
Yes the police killed him.
But why did the police come here?
l'll go away from here
if you want me to.
But l didn't come here myself.
You brought me here by force!
l don't want to stay here.
l'm leaving this place.
Talks nonsense!
Do you know what Ram Jaane
said when he was leaving?
He wanted me to go
with him. l refused.
He started insisting like a child.
- Why won't you come?
- Because l don't love you.
You are lying.
Lies! Say that you are lying.
l know how much you love me.
Say that you are lying or
l'll set the world aflame!
l'll burn up everything!
Now l know why you said this!
Because of Murli!
He put this in everybody's mind
that Poltoo died thanks to me!
l'm responsible for his death. No!
The police killed him.
What's my fault?
l didn't do anything for myself!
lf l hadn't killed Baweja,
where would all of you go?
What would happen to women, kids?
And his Apnaghar?
Where would his kids go?
Where would your Chintu go?
He is right.
He is not right.
You know l love you not him.
But he loves you.
l can't sacrifice my love for him.
He has been sacrificing all the time.
When he was born, he got a
trash can not a mother's lap.
When he grew, he got derided by
strangers not love from family.
Life has always kicked him.
And today, l who he made the
mistake of considering a friend..
l drew away from him.
You must do what l couldn't.
lf anyone can reform him it is you.
One day you said, you could
give up your world for me.
Today l say to you...
Yes, l love you.
For my sake...
Save Ram Jaane.
You're looking beautiful today.
Even l'm wearing a shirt for
the first time, for your sake.
This way.
Open up.
Today just the two
of us will eat here.
l've booked the hall
for the entire evening.
- Didn't ask why?
- Because l'm with you.
Swear, you know me well!
Ours will be a good pair.
Just like ice cream.
You're not smiling?.
Now why did you laugh?
Because l called the
steward city bird?
Everybody calls him steward
but city bird is my style.
l don't know the English
of eating. Ask madam.
And tell your band
l haven't come from abroad.
l'm from this county.
l'd like to hear some good beats.
What is that?
What kind of song?
That's the limit!
Were you born in Malabar Hill?
Haven't you ever seen
Ganpati being immersed?.
Haven't broken Govinda's pot?.
Don't you know a fiery song?
What do you know?
You haven't slept?
What's the matter?
Why are you so silent?
Your eyes are filled.
What's the matter?
What do l say? And how?
After all what am l? Your servant?
- l've never considered you..
- Let me speak.
You were 5 when your
parents died in an accident.
You had no relatives.
l wasn't your Uncle but a waiter.
l know l'm not intelligent.
l couldn't do much
but l raised you well.
l know. You gave me lots of love.
l did think of my parents
but l never missed them.
Tell me, had they been alive
would you return so late every night?
Times change but not
the worries of parents.
How long will l watch this quietly?
l'm glad that you asked me.
At least it gave a
chance to lighten my heart.
l swear l have done nothing...
That will hurt my parents' soul.
l've done nothing that won't
allow me to meet your eyes!
Then why do you stay
with Ram Jaane all night?
You raised me, looked after this hotel
What do you mean?
Murli made his house
with great difficulty.
Raises orphans.
What's the meaning of that?
This is the only meaning
between Ram Jaane and me.
But do you feel he will change?
God knows.
20 for 40.
- 20 for 40.
- Give it for 25.
Selling in black?
- Yes. So what?
- Are you new?
l came much before you son.
- Don't act as our father!
- Understood. Come to jail.
- We're coming. First call Chunte.
- Acting smart!
ls Chunte your father!
He will drop us back
in the vehicle he takes us!
- Is that so?
- Don't up know us?
We're Ram jaane's men.
See what's printed in the paper.
Murli prepares hoods in Apnaghar
to strengthen Ramjaane's gang.
On that pretext he has grabbed
municipal land worth millions.
The municipality had decided
to give that land to Baweja.
So Murli told Ram Jaane to kill him.
Whoever may have a hand in
Baweja's death, the mind is Murli's.
This is all a big conspiracy!
Chunte is behind the news.
- He is spreading rumors..
- We've heard complaints earlier.
Specially about Sargam gang.
This time the matter is serious.
So we resign from the trust.
We'll prepare a report and
send it to the government.
We're freezing the bank accounts.
You can't draw anything.
- You can't..
- Let's go.
Think about what will
happen to the kids.
How will we eat bread and water?
Won't we get milk today?
Look at how thin the gravy is!
It's just water!
- You haven't slept?
- Give me some milk.
l can't sleep without milk.
A man gave this packet for you.
- Don't fuss...
- You're crossing limits.
l'll break all limits!
Okay but you won't
see my face after that.
l proposed to you but you refused.
Do you want to torment me forever?
l told you the day you leave
illegal jobs, l'll do what you say.
- Why involve my work?
- To know whom you love more.
Me or your work!
This! This!
Finishes me at this point!
lf l do as you say,
will you do as l say?
Why are you saying it angrily?
Promise me with your hand in mine.
Why do you see him and draw away?
He's not between us.
- He's my friend.
- But l don't want your friendship.
Take back your money.
- What money? - l know you
when you didn't know yourself.
By giving money do you want
to prove you run Apnaghar?
l'll die but not look at this money!
What's wrong with this money?
They have been printed at
the same mint as the others.
The fault lies in
the way it is earned.
How can l tech the kids
Honesty is the best policy?
When their school stands
on the foundation of dishonesty!
Die alone if you have to.
You're killing the innocent
children with hunger!
l won't let them starve!
We're in this state thanks to you!
l will unmask them all!
Your brain will be outside your head!
And disco dance!
Everybody has to die someday.
lf my death removes thorns,
l'll consider my life worth it.
Stop it! If you see death,
all these big words will choke you!
Go home and sleep!
Do you think l'm joking?
Honesty is a joke!
Hard work is a joke!
The only truth is those living in
buildings suck the blood of the poor!
How many will you fight?
What do you want? We mustn't
light lamps fearing the storm!
You are lighting your pyre!
Explain to him.
Why don't you understand?
lf l ask you the same?
l've said what l had to!
Now l'm not responsible
for whatever happens!
This life is indebted to you.
Take it back whenever you want.
You'll die!
And you will let him die!
What can l do? If he puts
his hand in a snake's pit..
- Who can save him?
- Are you a snake?
l don't know my caste or l wouldn't
be caught between Murli and Bhau.
But he knows his caste.
Why does he envy me?
He envies you?.
Why does he oppose me?
Whatever for?
He has nothing. He is
where he started from!
The papers are right. If he
hadn't pretended to raise kids..
He would still be on the footpath.
Flies would be swarming round him!
And look at me. 50 people
salute me wherever l go.
They recognize my face.
l have everything.
Money, flat, cars and
a beauty like you!
He saw you with me and turned green.
Very well.
You can teach lessons on friendship.
The one who sacrificed
his own love for you..
You are abusing him?
What did you say?
Who sacrificed his love?
- Murli?
- Yes!
- For me?.
- Yes, for you!
- And you?
- l can sell my soul for him!
What does he have that l don't?
He doesn't live for himself.
Like you, he too was an orphan.
But look at him today. To save
others he sacrificed all he had!
He thought l might succeed
in making you a good man.
But l give up.
You are still the same!
Get lost! Bitch!
You came to me because
you wanted a good time!
You wanted to sit in a car
show style like rich people'!
You wanted all this and
you take Murli's name!
A prostitute takes her money
and goes but you are very smart!
You sell your heart
before selling your body!
But l won't be trapped!
l can get hundreds like you!
l am not for sale!
Raise your hand on another!
l will rip you apart! Get lost!
Why did l hit her!
Why? Why did you punish me?
l would go to the extent of saying
newspapers are responsible for this.
Pick any newspaper. You have no
headlines but violence and power!
We print what is happening in society.
- We are the mirror of society.
- Absolutely wrong!
You only print news that brings
forth the horrible face of today.
You never print stories to
show goodness in society!
ls it a lie that 2 boys of Apnaghar
were involved in Baweja's murder?
l'm willing to prove
the truth with evidence.
But l want some answers before that.
On what grounds was Baweja
given the land of Apnaghar?
Despite knowing that Chunte is
responsible for Poltoo's death...
Why wasn't legal action
taken against him?
My last and most important question.
Why did Bhau give Ram Jaane a crore?
l'll repeat these questions everyday
Till the time their echo
returns as my answer!
Why don't you say something?
If we don't shut him up...
The public will hit us with shoes!
l'll gouge your eyes out
if you even look at Murli!
Raise your hand and l'll
crush it! Murli is my friend!
Bring your friend here.
l'll open my bank for him.
Should l give up my life
because he is your friend.
Quiet, Banu.
Legislators have started
making noise in the Assembly.
Some of them have even met Murli.
And he assured them at the right
time he'll give proof against us.
Where did he get evidence?
Have you given him the
papers and diaries?
All the papers are with me.
You will die and kill us too!
Let go!
The matter is gone far beyond.
Do one thing. Give the
papers and diaries to me.
And talk sense to your friend.
Explain to him if he
opens his mouth in public...
He won't hear the screams of
innocent people amid the applause.
Your friend will survive.
- But the public will suffer.
- No!
l'll get the papers and diaries.
But l want no problems.
l'll talk to that jerk Murli.
But warn this fink...!
No action to be taken.
We'll wait here for you.
- Bhau...
- Quiet.
Captain, bring your men home.
As Ram Jaane reaches
blow up the entire area.
The game should begin
before he reaches.
He is cray. He'll
change sides anytime.
No need to understand what l say.
Ram Jaane is on his way here.
Arrest him and take him to jail.
There's going to be a
blast here. Who did it?
Ram Jaane. Why?
Because tomorrow morning..
Murli is going to go public
about Ram Jaane killing Baweja.
He'll be in prison
and try to break away.
You shoot him then.
God knows whether l
will be Technicolor.
But you turn Technicolor today.
This was good.
Well done. This rascal deserved it.
l knew you were eavesdropping.
That's why l played this game.
Don't you believe me?.
Captain is here.
You may call and ask him.
Here, ask him.
Are you all right sir?
He's dead.
By God! Today he won't escape!
The police won't enter the temple!
You'll hide thieves in the temple!
Give refuge to criminals!
Then the army not just
the police will enter!
You're a Muslim. Why are
you worried about the temple?
So what? Am l not a human?
You know religion but l know
l'll give my life to save Ram Jaane!
- We'll all give our lives!
- Yes!
Don't expect mercy from me.
l hate the word, mercy!
Counting of dead bodies
holds no meaning for me!
You're not telling us
anything new about yourself.
Keep one thing in mind...
if you fire one shot today...
A battle will be fought.
A battle in which l may not survive.
But you definitely won't.
lf you love these bastards so
much, hand Ram Jaane over to me!
Whether any of you survive or not..
Ram Jaane definitely won't!
All right. l'll get him.
Everything is finished.
Before you came in,
l thought the same.
All this is finished.
Come on, get up.
Why are you drawing guns?
Don't you know your Banu
has become Technicolor?
And Bhau too is finished!
Quiet! You talk too much!
There's nobody to save you.
Everybody is finished!
lf you try any smart acts,
his death will be on your head.
l will rot in prison!
Shut up! What are you staring at?
Put down your guns!
Or l'll shoot him!
Throw down the guns!
Do as he says.
You take so long to understand.
Walk slowly.
Sir, this gun is empty.
What have you done?
He is saved.
But you won't escape!
lt nicked him but if the
bullet had touched his heart...
l would have torn your chest apart
with my hands and removed your heart!
And squeezed it like a rat!
Why did you shoot him?
Why did you shoot my friend?
You are my enemy. Shoot me.
Since l was this high,
this chap has been after me!
He shook my bones when
l was a little kid!
Do you know he turned my
lips yellow by hitting hard!
Do you know why?
Only for this uniform!
lf you didn't have this uniform,
you couldn't stand before me.
l throw an open challenge
to you before the public!
lf you are a man, take off
the uniform and face me!
l will prove it that your
strength lies in your uniform!
lnside the uniform
your bones are jelly' !
Just jelly!
Bastard! You are not
the child of a man!
- That's why you were born
in a trash can! - Shut up!
- You challenged me?
- Yes.
- Then take this!
- Look at the jelly bones!
lf l don't make mince meat of
your bones with my iron fists..
l'm not worthy of my name!
Why are you talking with your
mouth. Use your hands instead!
Get into the arena!
l'll prove it before all..
The size of the bones doesn't matter.
Courage lies in the heart!
My hands are twitching.
Pick up your fists!
Throw away the gun!
You shouldn't have thrown the gun.
l'll prove that the accusations
on Ram Jaane are baseless.
He fired at Chunte for self defense.
Why are you lying to save me?
l say it with pride.
l killed Bhau.
l killed Banu.
And l only killed
that bastard Chunte!
What will you do? Hang me?
l don't even want to
live in your world!
See what you have
turned your world into!
Third class!
This lawyer knows l killed those 3
Yet he tries to save me.
Why? For money!
He sells his soul for money.
Sells the law! You have ruined
the law by selling justice.
You eat food worth thousands
in a five star hotel.
And buy your wife a car
costing 20 lakhs but...
But you won't give the
5 bucks due to a poor man!
Not look at the footpath. Why?
For money!
The whole world runs behind money.
Like you l too am a bastard!
l deserve to die! That's it!
You will kill me, isn't it?
But who will kill you?
l am not alone. Ram jaane's are
being born in the whole world!
How many will you kill?
The law will get tired killing them.
But that will not stop them
from being born! l warn you!
They will be born on
every heap of garbage!
lf you want to kill Ram Jaane
erase the heaps of garbage!
Clap your hands kids!
Under Section 302 of
Indian Penal Code, this court..
...sentences Ram Jaane
to death by the noose.
Hey guys! No crying!
l've thought of this game.
Hang by the noose.
And smile despite all the pain.
- What?
- How?
Like Ram Jaane!
What's going on?
- What are you doing?
- Playing the game of death!
We are not scared of death!
We don't want to live in your world!
Buddy! What's wrong with you?
Looking at your face anyone would
feel you were being hanged not me.
l wish l could take your punishment.
Then nor would this situation
come nor l ask you for anything.
You're late. l could only
have given you one thing.
My life. But even
that has been stamped.
The law has taken away your life.
ln return you have given
death to every child of Apnaghar.
l haven't understood.
They follow your life style.
They are preparing for death not life
lf you give up your life with
a smile, they will be convinced...
Life is a disease not a gift.
And death is its' cure.
Do you want me to cry while dying?
- This is my last request pal.
- No! l won't fear death!
l always lived like death.
That is why life never dared...
To meet my eyes!
l know it my friend.
- Think of those innocents...
- l will not!
As it is the world will kill them!
We are insects not humans
in their eyes! Cockroaches!
That is why like yourself, you want
them to wash their hands off life.
Like myself l want them to
live with their head held high!
Look death in the eye!
You won't understand!
Only when you kick life
you get what you want!
lf kicking the world
gets you everything...
Then why didn't you get Bela?
Because she is off the rocker!
She is mad and so are you!
l won't listen to you.
l lived with pride.
And l'll die with pride. Finish!
Gently. They said to hang
me not bleed me to death.
Now do it gently.
See you guys.
This man snored a lot.
Constable, look after everyone.
Don't cry. l'll tell your
mother you're following me.
Good bye guys. See you up there.
Hey guys! How are you?
- Hail Ram Jaane!
- l'm feeling good.
Ram Jaane is the best!
All my boys!
- Come on.
- Let go.
Let me go. l'm scared!
Let me go!
l beg you. Let me go!
Save me Murli!
- l'm scared!
- Come on!
l'll be straight now!
l beg you!
Save me Murli!
He said he would die
with his head held high!
You rat!
Let go!
This too was my style! What?
l hit and insulted you. Forgive me.
l had no other way of
sending you back to Murli.
lf l knew you loved Murli.
l swear l would never
come between both of you.
But how couldn't l come?
Rascal on the footpath!
l came to this world
without wanting it.
Came between you without wanting it.
But now l'm leaving.
The bread man used to say.
What you don't get in this
birth, you get in the next.
ls there a next birth?
Will we meet in the next birth?
God knows.