Ram Setu (2022) Movie Script

Turn the cannon towards the statue.
Done, sir.
Six years ago
in Bamyan, Afhanistan
Taliban committed a major
crime against humanity.
The massive Lord Buddha statues
were bombed and blown to pieces
destroying an integral
part of our cultural inheritance.
Under the supervision of UNESCO,
an international team of archaeologists
will arrive and restore what's
left of the heritage structure.
They will excavate the
scattered remnants of the idols
to build the Lord
Buddha statue once again.
On this mission
we have archaeologists from Pakistan,
Afghanistan, Japan and India.
Welcome to Bamyan.
I don't see our Indian guest
Mr. Aryan...
don't tell me you abandoned
him at the LOC, Mr. Bilawal?
Would I dare to?
Your guest is sitting beside the pilot,
inside the cockpit.
As usual India wants to
be in 'control' of everything!
I wasn't controlling him,
I was trying to convince him.
Our pilot was scared to fly here.
He said, Bamyan is dangerous territory
and it's not safe to
fly down in a helicopter
as the Taliban could bomb it.
We couldn't possibly have driven down,
so I held his hands
and gave a long, emotional speech...
to inspire him.
Did your speech work its magic?
The 100 dollars I gave him
after the speech, worked its magic!
I'm adding that to my Expense account.
But your pilot wasn't wrong.
The Americans too are
scared of patrolling this area.
We aren't here to patrol the area,
we're here to restore the
lost inheritance of Afghanistan.
We have to overcome our fears...
am I right, Bilawal?
Absolutely, Mister-know-it-all.
After Lord Buddha, you're the second
person who has attained enlightenment.
Go on, make fun of me.
Let's go.
The ear of the statue has been found.
Here it is!
It must've gotten buried
here when the statue was bombed.
What is it?
There's a metallic object under this...
There's something here.
Did you just find a landmine?
You know what, we should
hand over this trench to the army.
Let them pull off this stunt.
Why do you Pakistanis call
the army for every little thing?
They won't be able to handle this.
They'll destroy this site!
We'll have to do it ourselves...
Pull it out.
Pull it out.
Tamiko... come down.
We've found something!
Brahmi script.
This is an ancient Indian script.
You might just have found the
treasure looted by Mohammad Ghori.
this dates back to an earlier period.
Dahir Sen was the last Hindu king
of Sindh, in the 7th century.
These coins are from his time.
People from Raja Dahir's
kingdom might have travelled here.
This area was a part of the Silk Route.
Taliban are here!
The Taliban are here... run!
Taliban are here!
Let's go, Mr. Aryan...
the Taliban are here.
We'll collect the coins later,
let's leave right now.
These are not mere coins, Bilawal.
Dahir Sen was the
king of your Sindh too!
This is a priceless legacy
belonging to your country.
His will get me killed in
the name of the country!
Hurry up!
Let's go.
Tamiko, sit in the car.
Let's go. Fast!
It's dangerous to stay here.
Where can we go?
Let's take refuge in Buddha.
What do you mean?
Come on, let's go.
Hurry up!
Reclining Buddha!
Let's take refuge in Buddha.
Thanks to Dr.
Aryan Kulshreshtha's bravery
these priceless antiques
could be saved from the Taliban.
King Dahir's coins are an
invaluable part of Pakistan's legacy.
On behalf of the Pakistani government,
I thank Dr. Aryan...
As we fell into the ravine,
we discovered a statue of Lord Buddha
...the reclining Buddha.
Again, it is because of
Dr. Aryan's courage
that we made this new discovery.
Wasn't only me...
both of us were there.
Not just for Pakistan and Afghanistan,
Dr. Aryan has worked very
hard to restore South Asian heritage.
Therefore, we will give half
the treasure to India.
Thank you so much.
Mr. Habibullah...
King Dahir was a Hindu ruler...
while Afghanistan and
Pakistan are Islamic states.
In that case, you should handover
the entire treasure to India.
Don't you agree?
Don't you like peace among
neighbouring countries?
Mister... these coins are
a part of our common inheritance.
They can't be divided
according to religion.
Religion divides...
while culture unites.
Tell me, Dr. Kulshreshtha...
Don't you believe in religion? In God?
I don't believe in religion,
God or any theory
that can't be proven.
I'm a man of facts.
History. Archaeology.
I believe only in things that
can be proven, okay.
Thank you.
Good morning.
Why did you have to
make a speech on religion?
Read what's written in the newspapers
instead of your success story.
Forget the newspaper,
take a look at this paper.
Your husband has been
promoted by the ASI.
That's wonderful.
Congratulations, my Lord.
You're calling your atheist
husband a Lord, professor.
People might get offended.
Is Kabir still sleeping?
I'm here, Dad.
You're on the sofa!
Which comic book are you reading, son?
Baby Ganesha.
Go get ready for school.
Why the sudden change in expression?
That's not just a comic book,
that's you trying to
get Kabir to believe in God!
I know you very well.
Should I make him an
atheist like you instead?
Read the praises being heaped on you...
they're slandering you.
-And you want--
-Okay... let's not fight.
It's my first day in office
as Joint-Director General.
Be nice to me.
Don't demolish Ram Setu!
As you can see, a large number of people
have gathered here today,
to oppose the Sethusamudram Project.
According to the project,
the Indian government
and some private organizations
will demolish Ram Setu to construct
a shipping canal in its place
to provide a shorter
shipping route for trading.
According to the people,
Ram Setu was constructed by Lord Ram
and is part of our cultural legacy...
it should therefore not be destroyed.
Don't demolish, don't demolish.
Don't demolish Ram Setu!
Don't demolish, don't demolish.
Don't demolish Ram Setu!
Don't demolish, don't demolish.
Don't demolish Ram bridge!
Don't demolish, don't demolish.
Don't demolish Ram Setu!
We immediately need to file a reply
in the honorable Supreme Court.
Mr Indrakant,
the government will file the reply.
We are simply giving you an update.
I invested in this project
because you and your cabinet
had given me assurance...
now you're giving me an 'update'?!
Sir... it is just a small headache.
Someone has filed a public
interest litigation in Court saying-
The Sethusamudram Project will offend
the religious sentiment of the people.
We will challenge this.
This country has
deep faith in Shree Ram.
How will you challenge this sentiment?
I have a plan...
Sir, I'll need some
time to study the Ram Setu.
I'll have to go on an expedition--
We don't have time for that, Aryan.
All the government needs is an affidavit
stating that Ram Setu wasn't built by
Shree Ram, that it's a natural construction.
Guess what, you've been highly
recommended to make this report.
Thank you very much,
sir, but I need to research--
Go ahead.
You've written a thesis
on marine archaeology after all!
Do you believe in God?
No, sir.
That's the reason you're
the perfect guy to do this report.
You're not religiously inclined,
therefore you'll be
able to see the truth.
See... Ram Setu--
Is created by the
process of sedimentation.
I know, sir, but to prove it--
Prove it?
You don't have to prove anything...
you simply need to state it.
The ASI is an authority on this matter.
What we say is considered a fact.
You can't go to Afghanistan
for a month anyway...
I mean, they're securing the site.
Might as well serve your
country in the meanwhile.
Congratulations, young man...
Dr. Aryan Kulshreshtha, Joint Director.
Where are you?
Please give me a cup
of tea, professor...
You shouldn't even be given food today!
What kind of report is this?
Do you want our family
to be thrown out of the country?
Why are you reading my report?
It was in the printer,
that's why I read it.
Aryan, how can you say that Shree Ram
has no connection to the Ram Setu?
I am only saying that Ram Setu
is not a man-made structure.
That's it!
No, what you're doing
is what happened in Ayodhya...
How are Ram Setu and
Ayodhya related, Gayatri?
Both are connected to belief, Dr. Aryan.
Just like Ayodhya connects the
country to the birthplace of Shree Ram,
Ram Setu is the bridge that connects their
beliefs to the principles of Shree Ram.
This is a baseless argument, professor.
Ayodhya was a matter of land dispute.
It was a matter of faith.
Just like Ram Setu.
Some people in Ayodhya made the mistake of
asking for Shree Ram's birth certificate...
remember what happened?
But I'm not asking for
Shree Ram's birth certificate!
You're not asking for one...
in fact, you're giving a
certificate stating he didn't exist!
Which is even more dangerous.
Oh, come on.
your report questions the
existence of Shree Ram in history...
Don't do this.
Listen to me for once.
I am simply doing my job, Gayatri.
I'm not here to question
Shree Ram's history.
Ram Setu is part of Shree Ram's history.
You've called 'Valmiki Ramayan' an epic,
in your report.
But for the people,
it is part of history
and Ram Setu is a part of that history.
'Valmiki Ramayan' is merely
a piece of literature...
Do you have any other proof?
Isn't literature proof enough?
The Mughals believed in the 'Ramayan'
and considered Shree Ram
a part of Indian history.
Humayun's wife commissioned
paintings of the 'Ramayan'...
Akbar had got the 'Ramayan'
translated to Persian...
in fact, coins had also been issued...
Siyaram coins!
Please don't teach me my job, Gayatri.
That's what I'm saying, Dr. Aryan-
this is not your job!
Your job is digging up graves...
not to question the
belief of the people.
When will you understand this?
In the Supreme court,
the government submitted
Dr. Aryan Kulshreshtha's
report on Sethusamudram today.
The report states, Ram Setu wasn't
built by any person or Lord Ram...
Rather it is a result
of natural phenomenon.
This report also states that
the 'Ramayan' is an imaginary epic.
Belief cannot replace science
therefore, this epic
cannot be considered history.
My Lord, the petitioner believes
that around seven thousand years ago,
Shree Ram, the king of Ayodhya,
had built the Ram Setu.
My question is,
in which engineering
college all this is taught?
There is no proof that Shree Ram or
Ram Setu actually existed in history.
My Lord, denying the
existence of Shree Ram
is like denying the existence
of the Indian civilization.
This is an attack on
the very foundation of India.
As you can see,
the argument on Ram Setu is not
just limited to the Supreme Court...
it has reached the common man as well.
Our government is in a
hurry to demolish the bridge,
they're not willing
to study it properly.
I go fishing near Ram Setu.
We worship this Setu
that was built by Lord Ram.
The Court asked the
government to introspect
and reconsider the
contents of this affidavit
which could be detrimental to the
cultural harmony of the nation.
First it was Ayodhya,
now it is Ram Setu.
Some anti-Hindus want
to toy with our history,
beliefs and traditions.
If they come to demolish it,
we will stand in front
of it and protect it!
The Court directs the government to
provide scientific evidence
to substantiate their claim
that Ram Setu is a natural formation
and not a man-made structure.
The Indian government
is answerable for this.
Someone will have to
pay the price for this.
Sir, I made the report after
showing it to the legal team.
Why didn't you send it to
the ministry first for approval,
before sending it to the lawyers?
Aryan, I only asked you to state
that Ram Setu is a natural formation.
But you have raised questions on the
historical significance of the 'Ramayan'.
Why did you have to
call the 'Ramayan' an epic?
All hell has broken loose now.
Sir, I was simply arguing that every
incident mentioned in the 'Ramayan'
can't be believed to
have actually taken place.
I was going for the jugular.
Now they are going for the jugular.
Aryan, why don't you understand...
you know it, I know it...
in this country,
people believe that literature is also
a part of historical records.
I will not be the scapegoat...
you have to lie low for some time.
Are you suspending me?
Thank your stars
it's only a suspension
and not a departmental enquiry.
Do you know, the government
had to withdraw the affidavit...
apologize to the people...
Do you know how embarrassing it is?
I'm getting late, Aryan.
Hurry up and give
Kabir's lunchbox, please.
Okay... The toast is ready,
I'm making the omelet...
You eat the omelet,
I'm getting late for my lecture.
Don't be. Toast is fine.
I'm not talking about the toast.
I'm apologizing because I
didn't pay heed to what you said.
Don't think about it too much.
Now stay away from
this controversy. Okay?
-And rest properly today.
Listen, the maid won't
come for work today...
you'll manage, right?
And what about my rest?
You can rest after
you finish all the work!
Let's go...
Because of the
Sethusamudram controversy,
the government has suspended
Dr. Aryan Kulshreshtha...
a senior ASI officer.
His views on the 'Ramayan',
in the government report
is the reason behind this decision.
His report has angered the nation...
Yes, sir?
What are you doing, Aryan?
I'm cleaning the house, sir.
What can I do for you, sir?
I'm feeling really bad for you.
The government has over-reacted...
You know how politics is.
Hard decisions need to be
made under pressure from the public.
But mind you,
your work has not gone unnoticed.
Some bigwigs are very
happy with your report.
And who are these bigwigs, sir?
Come and meet me at Le Regency at 12.
I want you to meet someone.
Come with me, Aryan.
Let's go.
He's waiting for you.
In fact, he had just called...
Sir, isn't Pushpak
Shipping a private company?
They're very close to the government.
They're pretty much
the government themselves.
I met Mr. Indrakant
through the minister.
Big man... very big man.
Are you getting late
for something, Aryan?
Sorry, sir...
I will go home and cook.
Sir, Aryan.
I have heard a lot about you.
Being an archaeologist,
you must be fond of old things.
This is a model of my new ship.
I would proudly say,
this is the best ship on water!
But there is a small issue.
It is a fuel-guzzler!
I had thought the shipping
route would get shorter
because of the Sethusamudram Project.
It'll reduce the
travelling time by 36 hours
and distance by 400 nautical miles.
It would save time and fuel...
and the country would
profit from this.
I don't know why these
people are against progress.
Influencing mob shouting slogans!
Sir, this is why our
country is lagging behind.
They've embroiled Ram Setu
in a religious controversy,
hampering progress.
I've read your report, Aryan.
It was an honest and true report.
I want you to write
another report on this...
more detailed, well-researched
with scientific evidence.
So that we can submit
in Supreme Court.
But my report will have no value, sir.
I have been suspended by the ASI.
It can suspend an archaeologist
but not the truth.
Well said, sir.
Well said!
I will help you...
for an archaeological
expedition to Ram Setu.
Do your research
and collect evidence...
and scientifically prove that
Ram Setu is not a man-made structure.
Sir will provide you with
facilities that the ASI cannot.
I have deep-sea access.
The government will help us...
this is the time to go for the truth!
Your offer is great, sir.
the people of this country
don't want to hear the truth,
they only want to hear
what they think is the truth.
I don't want to be
a part of this controversy.
I just want to stay
away from all this.
You had questioned the sanctity
of the 'Ramayan' in your report.
Your very name is a controversy now.
You may stay away from it
but the controversy
will not stay away from you.
Sleep over it.
"We Shall Overcome, we shall overcome."
"We shall overcome someday."
"Oh, deep in my heart."
"I do believe."
"We shall overcome someday."
Well done!
Well done, kids.
In this year's Annual Day,
we will have an inter-school
fancy-dress competition.
Kabir, you should dress up
as Ravana.
Why Ravana?
Because your dad doesn't
believe in Shree Ram...
maybe you belong to Ravana's family!
-Thank you.
-Thank you, sir.
Give it. Quick!
What are you doing?
Who are you?
Yes, this is Kabir's father.
It was shocking,
the way Kabir beat up this little boy.
Where did he learn
this violent behavior?
I don't know, ma'am...
Ours is a peace-loving family.
But it's not right to
call someone Ravana either.
I'm sure you understand.
It's verbal bullying.
My Chintu is not a bully.
Kids playfully tease each other...
that doesn't mean your
son has the right to beat him up.
What Kabir did was
in the heat of the moment,
otherwise we are
from a cultured family.
Cultured family my foot!
Anyone who doesn't believe
in Shree Ram deserves to be insulted!
Don't get personal.
Don't get personal now!
Wasn't beating up my son,
a personal matter?
Does that mean you'll swear at us?
-You think you'll get away with this?
-How dare you!
-Cool down!
-Do you know what--
-Cool down, I said!
Mr. Kulshreshtha,
consider this a last warning.
This school will not
tolerate any kind of violence.
Do you understand?
You may go now.
Dad got scolded because of me.
It's okay.
You reacted because you were angry.
But next time no fighting, Kabir.
He insulted us.
Why does everyone hate Dad?
Cultured family, my foot!
Anyone who doesn't believe
in Shree Ram deserves to be insulted!
Your very name is a controversy now.
You may stay away from it
but the controversy
will not stay away from you.
Thank you.
Is Kabir asleep?
He felt terrible about the
Principal scolding you because of him.
That's okay.
But what he was told...
that is more worrying.
I have to clear my name, Gayatri.
Are you thinking of
going back to that mess?
I am talking about how
I can get out of the mess.
That man didn't just
insult me today...
he judged my family as well.
And for what?
Just because I was suspended for...
blasphemy, that's all?
I'm a scientist,
I will protect my family
-with hard evidence, with truth--
-Enough of this, Aryan...
-with facts and--
-What are you even saying, Aryan?
What you're planning to do
will put the family into danger.
What do you want...
people to throw stones at our house?
For them to make our lives miserable?
Gayatri, I'd told you
this is a scientific expedition
which will bring out the truth.
The truth will shake the
foundation of an age-old belief.
Indrakant is a nice man.
He is sending me fully
equipped to Ram Setu.
And I would request you
please don't stress me out.
Thank you.
I too will go 'fully equipped'
to my parents' house in Varanasi.
Go ahead and complete
your agenda for the government.
Be assured that whatever you asked for
has been provided on
the ship and much more...
Best of luck!
Thank you very much.
-Dr. Aryan?
Approaching Ram Setu.
Please wear your seatbelt.
In this area, the weather
is very unpredictable.
-Hi, I'm Bali.
Project manager.
-Pleasure meeting you.
Mr. Indrakant was hell-bent...
no matter what,
every facility should be provided here.
I'll introduce you to everyone...
we have experts from
all over the world here.
Ladies and gentleman,
I present to you
Dr. Aryan Kulshreshtha.
Dr. Chandra, specializes
in under-water research.
Dr. Gabrielle, geologist from Brazil...
world's leading expert in carbon-dating
using the AMS technique.
No way, I can't believe
that this ship has
a dedicated AMS machine
for carbon-dating.
Well, we spared no expense.
For this mission
we have all the
state-of-the-art technologies.
Professor Andrew,
head of Remote Sensing.
He will help you capture
sonar images of the Ram Setu.
Udyan and his team...
they are our scuba divers.
Dr. Sandra Rebello,
environmental scientist from Goa.
Along with religious fanatics,
some environmentalists
are also against this project.
Mr. Indrakant is covering all the bases.
Dr. Sandra Rebello will prove that
the Sethusamudram Project
will not harm nature.
That's really impressive.
Nice meeting all of you.
But, Mr. Bali...
I'd requested for another
member for the team.
I know.
I was keeping it for the last.
Meet Makar... your exosuit.
Your personal submarine...
That you can wear and remain under
the deep sea for hours.
This has inbuilt oxygen
and air pressure maintenance.
There is no danger
of decompression sickness.
You'll be flying underwater,
just like Ironman.
Let's go for a dip tomorrow morning.
As you wish.
But I have one request...
we are very close to Sri Lankan waters
a civil war is going on
between the government and rebels.
Conduct your research
in the Indian territory.
We have taken sonar
pictures of the Ram Setu
...to create this 3-D image
which has never been done before.
As you can see, the bridge
which is submerged under the sea
is a 35km long stretch,
connecting Pamban Island of Tamil Nadu
to Mannar Island of Sri Lanka.
At some points it reaches 3.5km in width
and up to 10m in depth.
Thank you, professor.
Dr. Chandra, what's your opinion on
why the Ram Setu is
submerged under the sea.
Well, because of global warming,
the sea level rises a little every year.
Right now, Ram Setu is
about 6-feet under sea level.
That means, this structure
is thousands of years old.
But we can determine
its actual age after
testing samples of the bridge.
'Dating the Era of Lord Ram'
by Pushkar Bhatnagar...
this book, on the
basis of archeo-astronomy,
gives us the exact dates
of the incidents of the 'Ramayan'.
Sage Valmiki has described
star and planetary positions
in various places, in the 'Ramayan'.
These positions don't get
repeated for thousands of years.
Pushkar Bhatnagar studied
these very planetary positions to
deduce when Shree Ram was born...
which is roughly seven
thousand years ago.
To be precise, Shree Ram was born
on 10th January, 5114 BC...
We have to prove,
Ram Setu is more than
seven thousand years old
...it predates Lord Ram.
Now let's find some evidence.
Sigma to Base.
It's a GO for descent.
Copy that.
All set?
Aryan, you must retrace your steps
on your way back
else your cable might get entangled.
Copy that.
Approaching Ram Setu.
Oh my God!
Guys, can you see this?
It looks like an engineering marvel.
I'm climbing down
into the base of the structure.
Okay, Aryan, turn right.
Yeah, right there!
I need samples of these corals
to test for transplantation
Copy that.
Aryan, Gabrielle has
finished carbon dating
the sediment samples that you brought.
We have found some
fossils in the samples,
which are about 18 thousand years old.
18 thousand years!
This means, Ram Setu is much
older than seven thousand years.
The bridge is older than Shree Ram.
This is a good piece of evidence
but it's not enough
to substantiate our claim.
We need more proof.
We need to find out
the age of the stones that
form the main structure of Ram Setu.
We have already studied the sediment...
why do we need to find these stones?
They're of the same age, aren't they?
Not necessarily.
This sediment is like
cement plastered on a wall.
We will have to study
the bricks as well.
The bricks of the Ram Setu are...
floating rocks.
The floating rocks.
In order to reach those rocks,
we will have to break the structure.
Which is...
According to this sonar image,
here... near the Gulf of Mannar,
the upper portion of
the Ram Setu looks weak.
There might be loose rocks in this area.
That is a possibility.
Aryan, this area is very
close to the Lankan waters
...our boundary.
Bali, I'll be careful.
I promise.
Alpha to Base.
Divers are saying, the rocks
are not coming out of Ram Setu.
I repeat. The rocks are not coming out.
Don't go there, Aryan.
Those are Lankan waters.
Remain in our zone.
I spot a floating rock, Bali.
One rock is all I need.
It won't take more than a few minutes.
Aryan, do as you're told.
Aryan, follow the rules!
Aryan, do you copy?
He ejected from the exosuit.
Where the hell is Aryan?
Where has he disappeared, goddammit!
Is that him?
How is he walking
in middle of the sea?
He is walking on Ram Setu.
The water there is
less than six-inches deep.
Could be a pumice stone.
I don't think so.
Pumice stone is made of lava
and there has been no
volcanic activity in this area
in thousands of years.
This is something else.
I had told you not
to enter Lankan waters.
According to the 'Ramayan',
Ram Setu was made
with such floating rocks.
In order to disprove this theory,
it's vital to study these rocks.
let's study the rock in the lab.
Chandra was right.
This is not a pumice stone.
Then what is it?
Not something I've seen before.
the coral samples we've got
have evidence of loose
marine sand at the base.
This is not possible.
It seems, these corals
have been planted here.
What do you mean they are planted?
Are you saying they have been
brought from somewhere else?
Is it possible that they
floated here because of the tide?
No, there is no chance of that.
They have been deposited
in a linear manner...
smaller corals on larger corals.
There's a really,
really clear pattern here.
I'm sure someone has brought
them here deliberately.
To put it better, these corals
have been planted in a straight line
to build Ram Setu.
They seem to be part
of the bridge's structure.
Holy shitz!
This is not possible.
What happened?
The organic remains in this rock
are roughly seven thousand years old...
much younger than any fossils
found in the marine sediment.
That proves...
If the organic remains found in
this rock are seven thousand years old,
this rock was brought
here around that time.
And, Sandra...
your research shows, the corals
were brought here from somewhere else.
This could mean that
the Ram Setu structure
is actually seven thousand years old
...and man-made!
Seven thousand years would mean...
Period of Shree Ram!
So now you want to prove that
Ram Setu was indeed built by Shree Ram!
My job is to unveil history.
Do you understand what 'history' means?
'It thus happened!'
The truth will come to light.
Good evening, team.
I received your message, Aryan.
So do you think this
is a man-made structure?
Well, sir this is what
the evidence proves...
Sandra and Gabrielle
also agree with me.
What do you think, Dr. Chandra?
Well... I still believe
Ram Setu is a natural structure.
Aryan, continue your research
with Sandra and Gabrielle.
Dr. Chandra,
continue working on your theory.
Thank you, sir.
No... I must thank you, Aryan.
Your impartiality is commendable.
I suggest, to dispel all doubt
break a section of
the structure of Ram Setu
and collect rock samples.
This rock was found floating nearby.
We need clinching proof.
I agree, sir
but breaking a part of the
Ram Setu might invite controversy.
Not in Sri Lanka.
You can do whatever you want
with the portion of the bridge
that is situated in Sri Lanka.
I'll speak to the Lankan
government and make arrangements.
But you'll have to
do this work at night
so that not too many people find out.
I suggest, you do it tonight.
Sir, there's a civil
war going on there.
Relax, Bali.
I know what I'm doing.
Give Aryan full assistance.
Right, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you very much.
Bali, there's a storm
warning at 2100 IST.
Have you made the required
adjustments in the submarine?
I've conducted the safety
checks as per your brief.
Aryan, you'll enter
Lankan waters in 15 minutes.
Remember to go as deep as possible.
Copy that.
Sandra, I don't trust him.
Yeah, he doesn't seem very
happy with the development.
That's why I kept the
floating rock in my bag.
What are you two whispering?
Gabrielle is carrying
the floating rock in her bag!
Descending 50-feet.
Descending 300-feet.
We've entered Sri Lankan waters.
This is it.
This is the Gulf of Mannar.
We should drill into this portion.
What's happening?
It's a storm.
But why is the engine overheating?
I've lost control over the submarine.
Submarine has completely shut down.
Oxygen levels?
Depleting fast...
Soon they won't be able to breathe.
Didn't they know about this storm?
This was such a bad plan!
Actually it is a bloody good plan!
They've sent us to
die on this mission.
What about the emergency blow?
Even if they bring the
submarine to the surface,
it'll be impossible for
them to swim in this storm.
The floating rock is missing!
What do you mean it's missing?
I think Gabrielle took it with her.
The engine has shut.
The oxygen level is low.
There's a storm in the
sea and we have no life jackets.
Oh my God!
Gabrielle... take shallow breaths.
We need to conserve oxygen.
When I said I don't trust Bali,
I didn't mean this!
This is a planned murder.
We have to reach the surface.
I'm applying the emergency blow now.
It's the only thing that'll
work without the engine.
I'd suggest, brace yourself.
Brace yourself.
Give me your hand, Gabrielle!
Come on.
There's a storm up there.
Hold on to it tightly.
Where is she?
Where is she?
-Are you okay?
I can't swim.
Gabrielle, hold the floating rock.
Hold the floating rock.
Hold it properly.
Don't leave it.
Hold my hand!
Oh my god.
Thank god!
Aryan, careful!
Welcome to Sri Lanka.
Myself Anjaneya Pushpakumaran.
You can call me AP.
Let's go!
You can't study the
Ram Setu like this.
AP will help you.
AP knows Ram Setu like
the back of his hand.
I used to be a tourist guide.
After civil war broke out,
I earn a living by fishing.
Please... tell us what you know.
Ram Setu used to be a proper bridge...
there was an earthquake 700 years ago
and the bridge broke.
Do you have any evidence?
You want evidence?
In the 'Mahabharata',
Ghatotkach crossed this bridge
to meet his Lankan family.
1000 years ago,
the Persian writer Alberuni
wrote about this bridge
in his book 'Kitab ul Hind'.
I'm talking about scientific records.
You want scientific records?
According to 'Ramayan' the bridge
dimention ratio is 100:10.
Ram Setu is 35km
long and 3.5km wide...
what is the ratio?
Scientific record!
I know...
but this isn't enough to prove it.
AP can take you to the middle
of Ram Setu and get you a rock.
A floating rock,
5-times the size of this one!
Still find it funny?
Be nice...
AP has access.
Go there in the morning and
take as many rocks as you wish.
Mr. AP, why do you want to help us?
What will you gain out of this?
Good question.
I'm a guide...
your journey is my gain.
All that I do to help you,
I'll write in this diary.
You can settle the account
after the journey ends.
How much are you charging
us for saving our lives?
That is complimentary.
AP got clients because he saved you.
Aryan, why do you want
to go back to Ram Setu?
Those people want us dead.
We already have one rock.
It's enough as evidence.
Let's just fly back to Delhi.
We can't go back
after coming this far.
I want to study the core of Ram Setu.
I'd say...
let's just give it one more day.
Thank you.
They were able to get out of this
but they wouldn't have
survived last night's storm.
Can't take a chance.
They have a sample of the rock.
There are many small islands here...
we must take a look.
-Come on, let's go.
-Yes, sir.
The Sri Lankan navy might
be present near the Ram Setu.
Is it safe to go to
the Sri Lankan coast now?
We don't have our passports.
I'm more worried about dying.
You don't need a passport for that!
Did you get this scar
during the civil war?
No, this is AP's childhood memory.
When I was a child,
I wanted to fly like a bird.
One day, I stretched out my
hands and jumped out of the window.
But no flying... crash landing!
Seven stitches.
Turn the boat around. Bali!
Turn the boat around!
-But why?
-Oh my God!
Make a U-turn, AP.
Why a U-turn?
-Come on.
-This is my area... I'll negotiate...
Hold this.
Take the boat over there.
These are my tourists.
Don't come here. Go!
U-turn! U-turn!
Aryan, please. Faster!
AP call friends.
Go to island fast.
Faster, please...
Come on, everybody.
Let's go!
Come on, Gabrielle
Aryan, wait.
Run fast.
Come on, everybody.
Come on.
Both of you go to the helicopter.
I'll get her.
-Okay. Come on.
Madam, get up.
I'll get it. Don't worry.
Wait! Run!
Take it lower, take it lower!
Come faster. Come faster.
Run fast.
Jump. Come on.
-Come on.
-Come on.
Come on, Gabrielle. Fast.
Come on, Gabrielle.
Get in.
Where's AP?
Hold my hand!
Hold my hand!
Hold my hand!
Come on.
Are these your friends?
They are rebels fighting
against the government.
Throttle up! Faster, throttle up!
Where's the rock?
Let's save our lives first.
Throttle up, throttle up!
Tell him to fly towards Ram Setu.
Towards Ram Setu.
Are you mad?
Forget the rock now!
I want to go back!
Nobody will trust us
if we don't have the evidence.
I don't care.
I'm out of this!
Why do you want
to go back to Ram Setu?
We already have one rock.
It's enough as evidence.
Let's just fly back to Delhi.
The three of them were
just spotted in Jaffna.
I've alerted the local authorities.
You have to tighten
the noose and finish them!
But I want the rock before that.
But, sir, it's very difficult
to get to that side.
None of the flights
are landing in Jaffna.
Come on...
Your flight will land in Jaffna
but give me some time
to pull a few strings.
In the meantime, ask Dr.Chandra
to complete his final report.
So that we can submit
in the Supreme Court.
Copy that.
I'll just come.
What do you want?
Do you have a sat phone?
-Will try.
-Can you arrange?
Mr. Aryan...
don't feel sad.
AP has arranged a
satellite phone for you.
Speak to your family.
Sethusamudram Project
has a glimmer of hope.
According to the new report submitted by
the government in the Supreme Court...
Ram Setu was built much earlier
than the period of Ramayan.
Please sir tell us...
It is a big day today...
Being a responsible government,
we formed a team of
scientists from all over the world.
They studied the fossils that were
found in Ram Setu and found out that
the bridge which is a natural formation,
is about 18 thousand years old.
This proves that
Shree Ram did not build this bridge.
After the submission of this report,
Court has given the opposition
three days to file their reply.
If they are unable
to file a suitable reply,
a part of Ram Setu's structure
will be demolished.
Come here, quick.
Pushpak Shipping Company has...
Be right there.
What happened?
Namaste, Mr. Chaddha.
Namaste, Gayatri.
There's a phone call for you.
-At your house?
Why are you calling me here?
Your phone might be tapped.
Forget that.
I'm sorry.
You've completed the mission, isn't it?
You must be happy.
What do you mean
completed the mission'?
It was being shown on TV...
The government has submitted
a scientific report in Court...
stating that the Ram Setu
is eighteen thousand years old...
demolition of Ram Setu
starts in three days.
I'm sure you must've made this report.
Not at all!
Indrakant has used Chandra's report.
He tried to silence us
as well but we managed to escape.
Tried to silence you? Escaped?
Tell me everything that happened.
Aryan, where are you?
Somewhere in Sri Lanka.
What are you doing in Sri Lanka?
It's a long story, I'll tell you later.
Weren't you supposed to be at Ram Setu?
Yes I was...
but now Indrakant wants me dead.
That's why it's difficult
for me to go there.
I've even lost the rock from Ram Setu.
I will have to search
for another rock...
Because that rock is the only evidence
to prove that Ram Setu was man-made.
What are you even saying, Aryan?
You cannot risk your
life for another rock!
Leave everything
and come home right now.
Enough of your obsession with Ram Setu!
But, Gayatri it's
not just about Ram Setu.
If I find any solid
evidence about Shree Ram,
I'll be able to prove that
'Ramayan' is not just an epic
but our history as well.
What evidence are you talking about?
We are one of the oldest
civilizations in the world.
It's impossible to find
archeological evidence.
This is a lost cause.
Just come back, please.
What's that noise?
Hello, Aryan...
Hello, can you hear me?
Aryan, are you okay?
Hold on, professor.
A large part of Ramayan
took place in Lanka...
Yes, but you'll only
find evidence of Ravana there...
-not Shree Ram.
If I can prove that Ravana existed...
it will automatically
prove the existence of Shree Ram!
Not much research has been done
on the Ramayan, in Sri Lanka.
I'm sure there are high
chances of finding evidence here.
Makes sense.
But Jaffna is in middle of a civil war.
Please be careful.
I'm worried about you.
Don't worry...
your Lord Hanuman will protect me.
I'm sorry again.
Take care.
Sandra, if we find the archaeological
remains of Ravana's Lanka here...
no one will be able to
question Ramayan and Ram Setu.
Where do we start?
Will the government of
Sri Lanka support us?
Why not?
AP has friends.
Do you have friends in both camps?
In the civil war...
they're all our people.
That's why AP is a friend to all.
You're also my friends...
and AP is ready to help.
But you need to pay
me a little extra for this.
Of course.
Tell me... if we're looking for
Ravana's Lanka in present day Sri Lanka,
where can we find clues?
I've heard, Jaffna Public Library has
maps and drawings made on palm leaves
...documentation of thousands
of years of history.
You'll surely find
clues about Ravana in them.
You would know something...
Give me some idea please.
Feeling jealous?
No way!
He's not even my type.
And this library is also not my type.
Forget about thousand-year
old manuscripts,
these books aren't even 50-years old!
What's wrong?
Thank you.
Let's go!
We have to leave immediately.
Forget the book.
Why forgetting?
The palm leaf book has been found.
Which section?
It's not in this library.
I'll tell you about it outside.
The library was set
on fire in the 1981 riots.
Many of the historical
documents were burnt but
an old librarian managed
to save some manuscripts.
He will meet us now
and show us the book.
Why didn't he return those
documents to the library?
There's a civil war going on!
That book is priceless,
it can't be risked again.
I see.
Did that girl tell you all this?
Yes, turns out she's from my village.
Very nice lady.
Where will we find the librarian?
-Both of you are on the 'wanted' list...
we'll have to meet him in secret.
I'll set up the meeting.
Both of you go to the hotel...
keep this phone with you
and wait for my message.
What happened?
There There There...
Look there Look there!
Let's go. This side.
Let's go. Fast!
Hey! Grab him!
-Why you running like this?!
Who's that?!
Come on.
Oh no!
Hold my hand.
What would we do?
Come, let's go.
-No Need.
Attention please.
Train will be leaving shortly.
Please mind the closing door.
They are escaping...
This man is no ordinary librarian.
Seven generations of his family have
been protecting this secret manuscript.
He likes your cause
...this is why he's
showing this book to you.
This manuscript is
at least 400-years old.
But he said these records
are thousands of years old.
The records are thousands of years old
but the manuscript needs
to be changed every 400-500 years.
See this... these are palm leaves.
They have to be changed
because they get decayed.
Found anything?
There's a design of a secret tunnel...
probably made by Mayasur.
Who's Mayasur?
Mayasur was Ravana's father-in-law
who had built Lanka.
I think he was the one
who built this maze of tunnels.
They've drawn the secret tunnel
which is spread across
hundreds of kilometers.
Show me...
This is Wariyapola...
This is Ashok Vatika...
Ravana's palace.
Ravana's palace!
Ravana's palace?
Golden Lanka!
Golden Lanka was built
in a triangular shape.
Triangular shapes were used
extensively in ancient civilizations.
From Egyptian pyramids
to Greek architecture...
and our own temples.
It's everywhere.
Okay. But how will we reach this tunnel?
Ashok Vatika is the
closest among these...
we can enter the secret
tunnel from there.
Please consider the travel
expenditure separately.
Can I? Photo?
Thank you.
Nuwara Eliya...
a tea plantation from the British era
...colonial feel,
plus religiously very important.
Locals say,
Ravana had kept mother Sita here
...Ashok Vatika that's
mentioned in the 'Ramayan'
...also has Seetha Amman temple.
Very very famous tourist spot.
If Ravana's tunnel
was indeed situated here,
everyone would've known about it
because it's a tourist spot.
No point in going there.
They might demolish Ram Setu
in a couple of days.
We need to find the secret tunnel soon.
Doesn't the map have any clues about
where the tunnel opens?
Looks like the face
of an animal or a demon.
Show me!
This reminds me of Mutalai.
A relative of yours?
Very funny...
Mutalai means 'crocodile'.
Oh yes.
This looks like a crocodile.
AP, are there crocodiles in this area?
Sri Lanka has a plenty of them
but not sure about this area.
Is there any lake or
river in this area?
There is a waterfall... Ravana Ella.
According to folklore,
Ravana used to sit there and play veena.
Let's go there then.
This tunnel is definitely
near a water body.
We'll rent a car from the station.
Sir, that librarian sent
those three to meet this old man.
They were looking for this map.
Ask him where are they first headed to?
Where didt hey go first?!
Ashok Vatika.
Nuwara Eliya.
They've left a few hours ago.
Once Aryan enters the tunnel,
it'll be difficult to find him.
Ask Silva to take out the bird.
Let's search the region of Ashok Vatika.
-Leave book!
How much farther will you make us walk?
You'd said you'd rent
a car from the station.
If you change plans last minute,
how will we get a car?
We have to take lift now.
He's coming.
What did he say?
They're returning from a wedding.
The groom wants you to sing a song.
I can't.
I don't know how to sing.
You're an Indian, aren't you?
Sing a Bollywood song.
My wife wants...
Any song will do.
What do you mean?
I'm an archeologist,
not an 'Indian Idol' contestant.
Why don't you sing.
I can't sing.
You sing?
I know only Tamil songs.
He wants to hear a Bollywood song
they might throw us out of the bus
your wish.
Come on.
I can't sing, no way...
Try. Try.
Sing the song or we throw you out!
"It's time for celebration"
"For the wedding party"
"The groom and bride are right here"
"And they are holding hands"
"A 'filmy' song is playing"
"And I'm making up the lyrics"
"Mr. Groom, why don't you tell me"
"Who I should get to the dance floor"
"I'm celebrating the
wedding of someone unknown"
"But I'll make sure everyone has fun"
"Welcome, welcome"
"What a fun! What a fun!"
"Welcome, welcome"
"What a fun! What a fun!"
"Welcome, welcome"
"What a fun! What a fun!"
"Welcome, welcome"
"What a fun! What a fun!"
"Romance is but a gamble"
"And love is a game"
"In which we think of
only one person day and night"
"Bring out the gifts"
"And enjoy yourselves"
"As you play the lovers' game"
"I know for sure"
"Whether it's Delhi or down South"
"Everyone gets drunk at weddings"
"If it's true love"
"And you're sure about your feelings"
"That, my friends, is priceless"
"It's a beautiful day"
"With dreams abounding"
"The henna on the bride's hands"
"Bear witness to their love"
"Color yourself with the color of love"
"Enjoy and live the
life that you wish to"
"Welcome, welcome"
"What a fun! What a fun!"
"Welcome, welcome"
"What a fun! What a fun!"
"Welcome, welcome"
"What a fun! What a fun!"
"Welcome, welcome"
"What a fun! What a fun!"
See that...
something is moving in the water.
That's a dwarf crocodile.
It could be a cave crocodile...
small crocodiles like these, that
live in caves, are also found in Africa.
-Can you follow that crocodile please?
The lake ends here.
What do we do now?
Where did the small
crocodile we were chasing go?
The crocodile led us here.
Is the tunnel inside this rock?
There is no opening...
How could this be a tunnel?
This crocodile chase was a stupid idea.
Maybe we should've gone
to Ashok Vatika.
I think we're at the correct location.
Guys, come here.
AP, come here.
See the reflection
of this rock on the water.
Crocodile on the map
is an inverted image of this rock.
The tunnel could be under water...
Let's go.
Under water?
This lake is very dangerous.
AP won't go into 'crocodile water'.
-Come on, AP...
-It's a small crocodile.
No, sir.
Come on, AP...
You're not coming?
No, sir.
Fine. Forget about your fees.
Let's go...
How can I forget about it?
I've kept an account of everything.
AP is coming...
-Double charge for this!
What the hell!
Stop shouting.
Oh my God...
We are inside the rock now...
This is the tunnel.
Come on.
Let's move.
Thank god these bags are waterproof.
What are you doing, AP?
There could be wild animals inside...
I'm making a torch.
Sir, I've reached Ashok Vatika.
They haven't come here.
A man matching Aryan's description
was spotted near the waterfall,
a few hours ago.
No trace of them after that.
I think they've found the tunnel.
The court's deadline will soon end.
We have to remain careful till...
the start of bridge's demolition.
Do you have a map of the tunnel?
Yes, sir.
Reach the spot where the tunnel opens.
And wait for that bloody
rat to come out of the hole!
Sir, there are a dozen
places the tunnel opens at...
I think Aryan will emerge
from either of these two places...
Sri Pada, on Adam's Peak mountain or...
also known as Ravana's airport.
No... we cannot second-guess this.
We have to get an expert
to study this map...
someone who thinks like Aryan.
Okay, sir.
I know just the person.
What "Po"?
What "Po"?
Bloody bats!
Okay sir?
Which way now?
Take a look at the map and tell me.
This intersection
isn't there in the map.
One, two, three...
What are you doing?
what are you doing?
One should count when confused.
We should go in the
direction the count ends.
Any problem?
Go ahead.
I forgot because of you...
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven..
Nine,... ten!
Give me the torch.
What happened, Aryan?
Hela script!
What is Hela?
Aryan, what is Hela?
Ancient script of Lanka...
thousands of years old. Some
of its symbols have been deciphered.
Come here.
What happened?
All okay?
What's written here?
could mean 'Ravana'...
Helatuva... island of Hela people...
The middle word looks like 'radhaya'
...could mean
'Ravana, the King of island'.
Why are these inscriptions
written on the ceiling?
These might be secret
directions to the tunnel.
Why is the Hela script written
in a particular direction?
I think let's follow the script.
Come on, let's go.
Let's go.
I told you...
AP is always right.
Nine, ten, it stopped at this tunnel.
Didn't I tell you?
Yes, you did tell us.
Come on.
The final hearing
on the Sethusamudram case
will take place in
Supreme Court tomorrow.
The government has asked
for Court's permission
to demolish Ram Setu.
As per the government, all
departments working on this project
are ready and waiting.
As this news broke, Pushpak Shipping
Corporation shares saw a rise.
I would like to remind you, after the
final hearing tomorrow afternoon...
Supreme Court might give permission
for Ram Setu to be demolished.
This is incredible.
If I had time, I would've
decoded all these inscriptions now.
We'll now be able to prove
that this tunnel is man-made...
built during Ravana's era.
We might even come
across Ravana's Lanka...
Look in front.
Ravana's palace!
Same to same triangle!
Golden Lanka!
According to the map,
there should be three pathways
but there are only two.
The right one leads to Wariyapola and
the left one to Sri Pada.
One minute...
Oh no,
the third pathway that
leads to Ravana's Lanka
is behind this wall.
Looks like someone has
blocked it with this rock.
We'll have to break this rock...
Seems like all the walking
has turned your brain into mush.
We have only two options...
left or right.
AP feels we should go left.
Sri Pada religiously very important.
Let's go to Wariyapola.
If it's known as Ravana's airport...
there might be archaeological
remains over there.
Wariyapola is a tourist spot...
We'll only find Japanese
and Chinese tourists there,
no archaeology.
Let's go to Sri Pada...
I promise we'll find
Ravana there... Shree Ram too.
People say Sri Pada
fulfills all prayers.
You should go there
and offer your prayers.
No, we don't have
time to offer prayers.
We need hard evidence.
Let's go to Wariyapola.
Thank you.
Sri Pada is also known
as Trikut mountain in Lanka.
Trikut mountain?
Golden Lanka was visible
from Trikut mountain...
If Sri Pada is the Trikut
mountain mentioned in 'Ramayan',
we might find evidence
of Golden Lanka near it.
I think what he's saying is right.
Let's go... Come on. Well done!
Sri Pada,
also known as Trikuta.
What... are you tired?
Ravana's Lanka was marked
with a triangle on the map.
The triangular shadow
of that mountain we see...
might be that very triangle.
Does that mean Ravana's
Lanka was situated there?
AP was right...
Sri Pada answers all prayers.
AP, if we find Ravana's Lanka...
this would be the fastest archaeological
expedition, thanks to you.
We'll surely find it.
AP is the best guide.
Oh my god...
This is selaginella bryopteris.
These plants are found only
in northern India, not Sri Lanka.
This is believed to be what was called
'Sanjeevani Booti' in the 'Ramayan'.
No way.
this is the first time
AP saw this plant in Lanka.
I'm sure this is 'Sanjeevani'.
If this is 'Sanjeevani'...
we're standing in
Ravana's Lanka right now.
Hello, folks.
Long time!
I have to say, Aryan...
along with being a
good professor of History,
your wife knows you very well.
I didn't want to help them...
but I got scared.
The description of Ravana's
Lanka in the manuscript
matches that in 'Valmiki Ramayan'.
It is proof that Ravana existed...
it's a very big literary evidence.
When he showed it to me,
I knew you would reach here.
And you told him where to find us?
Sorry but this evidence is with me now
and you'll also return
that floating rock to me.
We don't have the floating rock.
Don't play games!
There's a civil war going on here...
you might disappear without a trace!
We're not playing games.
We left the rock there when
we were escaping from that place.
Gabrielle lost the rock.
That's why we've come to Sri Lanka,
in search of evidence.
Isn't it?
Last chance.
Where is the rock?
Oh my god.
Don't shoot.
-Listen to me...
Are you okay?
Stop firing in the chopper.
Force the pilot to land.
Land the chopper.
Land the chopper right now!
Land the chopper right now!
Give me that...
Gayatri, gun!
Gayatri, gun!
Just stop...
We're going down!
Caution terrain!
We're going to crashland.
-Give me that.
Caution terrain!
Caution terrain!
Caution terrain!
Sit over there.
Are you okay?
Stop crying now.
AP died protecting me.
I tried to save him...
all I could save was his bag.
Why was his bag so heavy?
Where are you going?
Don't go there, Aryan!
Floating rock.
Aryan, come out right now!
Come fast.
Aryan, come on. Run.
-Aryan, come on.
-Aryan, come on. Get out of there.
Are you okay?
Open the bag.
You okay?
The rock!
Why didn't he tell us?
I don't know.
If we present this rock
and the manuscript to the world...
we might be able to
prove that Shree Ram existed
and that the story
of Ram Setu is true.
He took a sample
of the Sanjeevani also.
We have enough evidence now.
But we don't have much time...
the final hearing takes
place this afternoon.
How do we get out here?
I can help.
I can help.
My Lord, Ram Setu Protection Committee
has not been able to
submit any hard evidence
to prove that Ram Setu
is a man-made structure
built by Shree Ram.
I would request the Court
to reject this case immediately
and not stop the
demolition of Ram Setu.
That's all, My Lord.
Mr. Jagannathan,
do you have any evidence?
My Lord, I want some more time...
My Lord...
I have many evidences.
Who are you, mister?
Aryan, My Lord.
Mr. Aryan, I'm sure you're aware that
you can be punished for
disturbing the court's proceedings.
I do.
You should have brought
your lawyer along.
If you don't have a lawyer,
the court would have
provided you with one.
I only want to tell you
that I'm an archaeologist
who understands the language of rocks,
bricks and lost civilizations.
My method and language may
be different from that of law but
My Lord, I believe that the truth...
in any language, any form...
will still be the truth.
He's the same archaeologist
who had submitted a report
on behalf of the government.
Mr. Aryan,
the Court permits you to speak.
But after hearing
what you have to say,
if we deem fit,
you can be punished for
wasting the Court's time.
My Lord, I am an archaeologist
who believes in evidence.
Till a week ago,
I too didn't believe Ram Setu
is a man-made structure.
But I am forced to
change my opinion today.
Carbon dating shows that
the fossils found on this rock are
about seven thousand years old.
That means, Ram Setu is
seven thousand years old.
According to Pushkar Bhatnagar,
seven thousand years means...
Period of Shree Ram.
These corals...
have been brought from somewhere
else and planted around Ram Setu.
They are not native to this site.
The question is, who were these people
who placed these corals and rocks?
Under whose direction?
The answer is Shree Ram.
My Lord, Pushkar Bhatnagar's evidence
cannot be taken as final evidence.
If you insist, even if I do agree
with Shree Ram's date of birth...
how does it prove that
the person who built
Ram Setu was indeed Shree Ram?
I want to ask the government
who did the great poets,
right from the ancient poet Valmiki
to the great poet Tulsidas
say the Ram Setu was built by?
Shree Ram!
Right from Valmiki...
generations of Indian
mothers and grandmothers
have taught their children
that Ram Setu was built by Shree Ram.
One understands why Shree Ram
is an integral part of India...
but why do Nepal, Sri Lanka,
Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia,
Thailand and Vietnam hold
Shree Ram in such high veneration
in their cultural consciousness?
Why is 'Ramayan' mentioned
in Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism?
Why is Shree Ram mentioned numerous
times in the 'Guru Granth Sahib'?
My Lord,
just because a good story has been
repeated often does not mean it is true!
Over centuries, these stories
have travelled with traders
and travellers in various countries.
What's new about it?
I would like to ask
the learned ASG madam,
all the places described
in 'Valmiki Ramayan'...
haven't they all been found
to exist in India and Sri Lanka?
Aren't there 500 such places in
India and 50 such places in Sri Lanka?
My Lord, no archaeological
evidence of Shree Ram and his story
has been found in any of these places.
In a world where dozens of
civilisations have come and gone,
where entire countries
have disappeared from the map,
where some cultures have completely
vanished in a matter of few decades,
how do you expect one to find archeological
evidence of a 7000 year old history?
Madam... is a difficult
and challenging task.
But my Lord, during my exploration
in Jaffna, I found a manuscript
with the map of Ravana's secret
tunnel that was built by Mayasur.
My friends and I found the
tunnel with the help of the map.
My Lord, the map on this manuscript
is seven thousand years old
and so is the tunnel.
The inscriptions found in the tunnel
are in the ancient
Sri Lankan script of Hela.
My Lord,
in my opinion, this is the Trikut
mountain that is described in 'Ramayan'
...known as Adam's Peak in Sri Lanka.
Around this mountain,
we found a plant called...
Selaginella Bryopteris.
This is the closest candidate
to what was described
as Sanjeevani Booti in 'Ramayan'.
Lord Hanuman had taken
this plant there from India.
It is not native to Sri Lanka.
Question is,
why is this plant found
only around Trikut mountain?
My Lord, there is Lanka
mentioned in 'Ramayan',
Ravana existed in Lanka...
why can't we believe
Shree Ram existed in Ayodhya?
My Lord, what we call Ram Setu
is called Adam's Bridge by
followers of Christianity and Islam.
They believe Adam had crossed
this bridge to come
to India from Sri Lanka.
Tell me,
which story will you believe in?
My Lord, if Indian Christians and
Muslims believe this is Adam's Bridge...
is it not an additional
reason to save the bridge?
But they don't oppose the demolition
of this bridge, Your Honor.
Will madam ASG tell us who named
this bridge Adam's Bridge, and when?
No, I am not sure.
Let me tell you.
My Lord, 220 years ago, in 1788...
based on the findings of Australian
botanical explorer Joseph Park,
the first Surveyor of East India Company,
General James Rennel made a map...
known as the Map of Hindustan
or Map of the Mughal Empire.
This map is kept in Thanjavur's
Saraswati Mahal Library...
The bridge that connects India and Sri
Lanka is called Ram Setu in this map.
James Rennel changed
the name of the bridge
from Ram Setu to Adam's Bridge,
in the 1804 version of the map.
Ram Setu suddenly
became Adam's Bridge.
This was a ploy by the British
to make Indian history Eurocentric.
This was a conspiracy
to erase Shree Ram's history.
The argument on Ram Setu has
reached an interesting point in Court.
Dr. Aryan Kulshreshtha has provided
all evidence related to Ram Setu
and silenced everyone.
My Lord, the government is
working on this project keeping all
environmental concerns in mind.
A very small portion of
Ram Setu will be demolished.
As far as religious
sentiments are concerned...
are we not compromising
with progress of the nation
by considering religious sentiments
before every big decission.
The Hindu community of our country
calls the soil Mother Earth...
considers Cow as their mother...
Even river Ganges
is worshipped as mother.
Worships trees, stones and mountains.
Tomorrow if a group opposes the
construction of a dam on river Ganges
saying, we worship the river
or opposes an electric
pole on a mountain
because the mountain
is the abode of their Gods...
Don't cut down trees
as our Gods live on them...
Will science and progress ever manage
to find a foothold in our country?
That's all, My Lord.
Mr. Aryan...
My Lord, in order to save the symbol
of India's defeat, the Qutub Minar,
the route of Delhi's
metro rail was changed...
Because, though a symbol of defeat,
it is our historical monument...
our heritage.
The best example of
human craftsmanship...
called 'the symbol of love',
the unique Taj Mahal...
in order to save its
beauty from getting ruined,
Taj Corridor was stopped.
So that the white marble of
the Taj Mahal does not get discolored,
factories in its
vicinity were shut down.
My Lord, Taj Mahal is known
as the symbol of love across the world,
it is our responsibility to try
our best to save it from getting ruined.
But why is our government
so eager to demolish
the symbol of the oldest love story...
Ram Setu... the symbol
of a woman's honor!
My Lord, I want to ask you...
why were the Lord Buddha statues
of Bamyan in Afghanistan bombed?
Were the Taliban looking for the
stones that the statues were made of...
to decorate their homes with?
The fact is,
the Taliban had a
problem with Lord Buddha.
As long as the statues
were standing there,
they couldn't deny the connection
between Lord Buddha and Afghanistan...
My Lord, why had the world raised their
voice against the Taliban at that time?
Because Lord Buddha now
belonged not just to India,
but also to the world.
Similarly, demolishing Ram Setu
is an attempt to wipe
out the memories of Shree Ram.
As long as Ram Setu exists,
it will show the world...
whenever a woman is kidnapped...
whenever she is tortured...
Shree Ram will emerge to cross
the seas with his army of followers
and vanquish Ravana!
There are thousands of temples dedicated
to Shree Ram all over the world
But there is only
one bridge... Ram Setu!
Only people who think
like the Taliban would think of
demolishing this bridge!
My Lord, no archaeologist or scientist
will oppose the Sethusamudram Project.
All we need to do is
find an alternative route.
If progress comes at the
cost of destroying our culture...
it should not be supported
by any government or society.
This is my prayer...
my request to you.
That's all, My Lord.
This Court will give
its verdict shortly.
No matter what the Court decides,
you're the best lawyer
Shree Ram could have.
You did very well.
All that is fine, professor
but if we lose this case today
AP and Gabrielle's
sacrifice will go in vain.
Who was this AP?
I don't know... he said he was a guide.
I have no idea where he came from.
What I don't understand is...
despite having the rock with him,
why did he take us to Lanka?
I wonder why he lied to us.
Had he given the rock to you...
would you have so easily found
all these evidences related to Ramayan?
Everything happens for a reason, Aryan.
Check his bag,
you might find some information on him.
Coconut oil.
Red notebook.
He would note down all our
travel expenses in this notebook.
This might contain some
information about his family.
I want to send them what we owe him.
They're about to give the verdict.
Come on. Let's go.
After hearing both sides,
Court has a few questions.
Ram Setu
or Adam's Bridge
that is thousands of years old...
is it not a part of Indian
and human history and heritage?
If it is,
who is responsible for saving it?
Shree Ram was not just a man,
he is part of Indian culture.
What kind of a narrative is this
in which the government
is asking for proof that
Ram Setu was built by Shree Ram?
Millions of people who believe
in Shree Ram are being asked to testify
and provide evidence...
The Court wants to ask the government...
does it have proof that
Ram Setu was not built Shree Ram?
That Shree Ram is an imaginary figure,
the onus of proving it does not
lie on people who believe in Shree Ram
but on those who don't!
Therefore, the Court has decided,
until the government
provides scientific evidence
of Shree Ram not existing in history,
they do not have the right
to demolish Ram Setu.
Jai Shree Ram!
Jai Shree Ram!
Jai Shree Ram!
Jai Shree Ram!
Professor, can I get a cup of tea?
Of course.
Lord Indra looked at
the naughty boy and said,
'O son of Anjani, you will
be known as Hanuman today onwards'.
This is how he got his name Hanuman.
Myself Anjaneya Pushpakumaran.
You can call me AP.
You won't be able to
study Ram Setu like this.
AP will help you.
AP knows Ram Setu like
the back of his hand.
I'm a guide... your journey is my gain.
All I do to help you,
I'll write in this diary.
When I was a child
I wanted to fly like a bird.
One day, I stretched out my
hands and jumped out of the window.
I'm sure this is Sanjeevani...
Sri Pada is also known
as Trikut mountain.
You will find Ravana there,
as well as Shree Ram.
But who was this AP?