Ramabanam (2023) Movie Script

This moment and this journey were
neither anticipated,
nor planned by me.
My destiny has decided my destination.
It sends me to a place where I thought
I would never go again in my life.
To tell you why I am going there
or where I am going,
I have to first tell you
where my journey started.
Raghudevapuram, my hometown.
Growing crops without the use
of fertilizers,
feeding others without expecting
any profits
has been the work of the family
for generations.
-Bhuvaneswari, did brother eat?
-Yes. He is gone to the field.
-Kotayya, give that to me. I'll serve.
Is that the way to serve someone?
Shall I put some more gravy?
It's okay, madam. Enough.
Thank you, Uncle.
-Delicious food.
and my uncle
are my brother's army.
But as they say, good and bad
are like yin and yang. They co-exist.
In our village, the name
of that bad is Paparao.
The owner of the opposite hotel.
what are you doing?
If we are running our hotel
with lakhs of rupees,
and you are giving away food for 10 rupees
and 20 rupees as you give to beggars.
What's the matter with you?
What are those prices?
What are these rates?
Until you change these rates
I will keep this license with me.
Until then you won't be able
to run this hotel.
Take action to prevent it
from happening again.
Come, Uncle.
Rajaram has filed a complaint it seems.
Here. I am using his complaint letter
as tissue paper.
From Rajaram to the honorable inspector.
At around 2:00 p.m.,
when I was serving my organic meal,
Paparao forcibly took away my license.
-Who is it?
Who is this? Catch him.
Who is it?
Clean properly.
Customers will arrive soon.
-Mr. Rajaram
-Why have you come here, Chanti?
The SI asked you to bring
your brother to the station.
What did he do again?
Paparao's house was set on fire at night.
Did he set it on fire?
Okay, I'll get him. Go on.
Okay, sir.
-Brother, what happened?
Let me go, brother.
Brother, let me go.
You made the same mistake
that Paparao made.
What's wrong with getting our license?
There's a right way to do it.
There's a law and the police in place.
The police are also supporting Paparao.
If so, then go to court.
An eye for an eye makes
the whole world blind.
If it has to stop with this,
you have to go to the police station
and get an appropriate punishment.
However, Paparao needs to be punished.
Why are you talking back to me?
All these words can be spoken
by anyone of your age.
To achieve something,
your eyes have to be on the ground.
You have to keep your tongue
under control.
Your behavior should garner respect.
If not, you can't achieve
anything in your life.
You're also following all this, brother.
What have you accomplished?
You can achieve it
only if you are like me.
What have you achieved?
Police complaints and fights?!
If that's the case,
you won't be with us for long.
-Come, let's go to the police station.
-Let me go, brother.
Once you get punished, you don't change.
Brother. I'll come back home only
after I have achieved something.
Hey, stop!
Bhuvanamma! Vicky ran away.
The train I boarded that day
took me to Kolkata.
There was not a single penny in my pocket,
but I had the courage that
I would survive anyway.
Here's your dhokla.
-Can I get one more?
You guys are here already?
-Uncle, give them something to eat.
-Okay, Bhai.
Anji, give them something to eat.
Uncle, call him to eat as well.
Hey, kid!
Come here.
-Eat this.
-I have no money.
Eat this first and you can work later.
Tell me what's the work,
I'll eat only after completing it.
What's the difference between
eating before and eating after?
If I eat first, it's your alms.
If I eat later, that means I've earned it.
I don't want to live on alms from someone.
Well said.
You seem to be a Telugu guy.
Will you work for me?
I will work. But not for you,
I will work with you.
I like you.
I need someone like you.
Come on.
I got the son I wanted.
Then Kolkata was in the arms
of a don named Mukherjee.
Facing Mukherjee, Gupta set out to
bid for a contract with two crore rupees.
Mukherjee's men tried
to stop him from bidding.
If anyone were to step forward bravely,
they would risk losing their life.
Mr. Gupta, if you want the tender,
you have to pay the money
within five minutes.
Oh no!
Hey, Gupta.
Are you still hopeful
that your guy will come?
If he can swim, then he must
have fled with your money.
If he doesn't, then he'll probably drown
and die.
I've told you so many times.
No one can step into my business empire
in this port while I'm there.
There's my son.
Two crores.
What did you say?
"No one can."
Look. My young partner.
My lion.
This is the first step to your downfall.
Let's go.
Brother, don't let him go.
Shut up!
He's just a kid.
No, let us--
It's a roar that defies all directions
Come like a dawn that is boundless
You are the lightning that beholds
Scorching heat within it
Come like a battle
That uplifts your character
Is there a weapon that asks
For right and wrong advice?
Will there be a war that knows
The difference between good and bad?
Will your difficulties be solved if you
Ignore the problems or beg for solutions?
He is an unparalleled fighter in the ring
He is an armed soldier
That Vicky has entered
into imports-exports,
and all other contracts in our port area.
I urged everyone to kill him
when he was a kid,
but nobody listened to me.
You let him go without killing him.
Finally, Mukherjee's son tried
to win me over by using Gupta.
Do you need my help now?
So far, he didn't care about anyone
because he had Vicky's support,
and he entered all our businesses.
Now who will stand for you?
He is dead.
He is dead.
Your time's up, Mukherjee.
Remember? His name is Vicky.
I had told you, this guy is a bad boy!
This is the last chapter
of your autobiography.
I earned a lot of money and status
just because my brother had demeaned me
by saying that I could achieve nothing.
During that time, Bhairavi showed me love.
You are my first love
I chased you until I found you
And then began the love melody in my heart
You are the personification of the sketch
Sketched by both Picasso
And Da Vinci combined
I have gone crazy
I have forgotten myself
I am no more myself
I am following you
Leaving everything behind
It's you! It's you!
Who looks like a flower bouquet
But stabs my heart with a knife
It's you! It's you!
Who sounds like a soothing noise
But shoots bullets at my heart
You are my first love
I chased you until I found you
And then began the love melody in my heart
You are the personification of the sketch
Sketched by both Picasso
And Da Vinci combined
It's you! It's you!
Who looks like a flower bouquet
But stabs my heart with a knife
It's you! It's you!
Who sounds like a soothing noise
But shoots bullets at my heart
The full moon calls me every day
Asking me to tell the whereabouts
Of her moonlight
Even though you are in front of me
I never tell about you
Because I want you to be with me lifelong
My heart! My heart!
Listens to me no more
An unknown bond with you
Makes me fall in love with you
My heart dances to this new romantic beat
This is new for me!
It's you! It's you!
Who looks like a flower bouquet
But stabs my heart with a knife
It's you! It's you!
Who sounds like a soothing noise
But shoots bullets at my heart
Bhairavi told us that you two are in love.
Look, son, two people are enough
to fall in love.
But a family is needed for a marriage
to take place.
If you could tell me where your house is,
I'll talk to your elders.
He doesn't have to stay
at somebody else's house, sir.
He owns a five-star hotel.
We all stay there.
Our boss's office and house
are both that five-star hotel.
This is about it!
Sir does not even have a house, but
he came hoping to ask for the bride.
House isn't a big deal, sir,
I'm not married yet
so I didn't bother about it.
Tell me which area you want in Kolkata.
By tomorrow morning the house will
be ready, along with the registration.
Dear, a house is not built with bricks,
but with people.
If you have money,
you can become a rich man.
But if you have a family,
it can give you strength and support.
Sir, who lives as a joint family
these days?
They are getting separated from
the family soon after they get married?
There are many people with golden plates
who can't eat a satiating meal,
many who own silk beds
but can't get a peaceful sleep.
Do you know why?
Because they don't have a family
that can celebrate their victory
or comfort their suffering.
So, no matter how many crores you have
when you don't have a family,
you're still poor.
No matter how many servants you have,
you're still an orphan.
We don't want to give our daughter
to an orphan like you.
I am not an orphan.
I have a family as well.
You said that you are alone.
If you have a family, why is that?
When I was a child,
I got into a fight and left the house.
Every family has conflicts.
We also get into fights.
But we'll be back together
the next moment.
That we is the family.
Look, my dear.
The blood relations can get separated,
but can't be severed.
If our daughter has
to come to your house,
we need to talk to your family.
That's it!
It has been 14 years
since I left my family.
When they ask me why I didn't come
for so many years,
I may not be able to answer them.
My brother believes
that it is wrong to beat even those
who have done injustice to us.
Then how can I tell my brother
what I have done in Kolkata to grow up?
I am going with the belief
that the parents will forgive
their son for any mistake.
After 14 years,
feels like my life has returned.
There is not a single day when
I didn't pray to God for your return.
Dear Janani, what are you looking at?
He is your uncle.
I saw you in the photo, Uncle,
but now you have changed a lot.
But you are the same as you were
when you were a kid?
What's wrong?
That's how you welcome our Vicky back?
What else should I do?
Why should I welcome him anyway?
-Listen to me, Bhuvi
-Wait, brother. Let me talk to her.
How are you, sister-in-law?
It's been 14 years since I heard this.
There's never been a day when these eyes
don't expect you all these years.
I would cook your favorite dishes
with these hands every day,
but you never came to eat them, right?
If it had been your mother,
would you have left her like this?
Did you even call me once
in all these years?
Have you forgotten that you have
a family of your own?
-Or did you think we're all dead?
What is this, Bhuvanamma?
Till yesterday you have prayed to
every God on earth for Vicky's return,
and now that he is back
you are scolding him.
It's okay. Let her speak, uncle.
Had it been my mom,
she would have thrashed me left and right.
Sister-in-law is letting me go
with just scoldings.
Why did you leave?
I didn't know at that young age.
I thought if you got what you wanted,
you'll find everything.
unbeknownst to me, the years passed.
I will never hurt you again.
Take Vicky upstairs and show him his room.
Little one.
This is the room that your brother
has built for you.
It was a daily routine. Every day
he would come here and think of you.
Little one.
In all these years I've never seen
your brother so happy before.
He should be like this forever.
That's it.
I got to know what my brother's love is,
but if my brother finds out
who I am then
Did you start early in the morning?
-Bye, sir.
-I only drink coconut water.
Why did you put on makeup
early in the morning?
Mr. Savitri, are my
children singing well?
Singing? They are rocking.
Man! What is that pronunciation?
They are not instant fast foods.
I shall make her Ms. Subbulakshmi
and I'll make him MJ Micheal Jackson.
We can do that later.
Do you want me to ask them for fees first?
Shut up! They gave us a place
in their house to run classes.
Why do you need the fees?
It's free for them.
Did anyone die? Who is crying?
My music sounds like crying?!
-What are you talking about?
-Dear son!
He is the music teacher for our children.
His name is Savitri.
-Savitri? What sort of name is that?
When Venkatesh can name
his character Lakshmi,
and Allu Arjun can name
his character Pushpa.
-This is not just a name. This is fire.
-Who is he?
My guru tried many names
for the screen presentation.
The masculine names
didn't bring him any luck,
that's why he chose a feminine name.
It was unlucky or didn't suit him?!
It was my guru's personal matter.
It doesn't matter. Who are you?
He is Rajaram's younger brother Vicky.
He came from Kolkata.
-You keep talking, I'll send you juice.
Uncle. Don't send two glasses.
One and a half is enough.
Because he is a half.
-Do you have any interest in music?
Savitri, even though he is not interested,
you seem to be very interested in him.
Do you like him?
Stop it.
Watching some people makes my heart
jump out and dance in jubilance!
If you fall into my guru's eye,
you are just done!
By the way, do you play the flute?
I play the tabla. Do you want me to play?
I'll rip it into pieces.
Oh God! So many varieties?
This is not fair, sister!
Have you ever done
so much for this brother?
-Go away.
-No, you haven't.
what are you doing in Kolkata?
Well, as soon as I went to Kolkata,
I joined a businessman.
What business?
-Import and export company.
-Picking up and dropping.
-Human beings?
I didn't understand.
Nothing, Uncle.
A company from outside exports
something and sends it here.
We receive it and take care of it.
Then we have to pack the return package
and send it back carefully, that's all.
You have not got yourself
in any trouble, right?
Why would I fight someone, brother?
Even if someone comes to quarrel with me,
I say, Sairam, think of Lord Ram
and move aside.
By the way, how much do you earn?
-About 75,000 rupees.
-Is that all?
It's not important how much
you're earning.
It is important whether he is living
with morals and principles or not.
Enough with your interview, eat the meal,
-or it'll get cold.
-Is the fish good?
While eating these, I remembered
all my childhood memories, sister.
All these are special dishes cooked
by your sister-in-law.
You won't find it anywhere outside.
Sister-in-law's culinary skills
should not be confined to this house.
Let's make a video
and put it on YouTube.
What? You will put it on YouTube?
Put it on Zomato or Swiggy.
What will you get if you put it
on YouTube?
You, idiot.
Do you know the power of YouTube?
Money, name, fame.
Those who know how to cook, those
who don't know, those who are learned,
and those who are not,
all the Telugu-speaking people
around the world would watch her video,
and sister-in-law will automatically
become a star.
Dear, I don't want to be a star.
I'm happy to stand behind my husband!
Will you always stand behind your husband?
For once,
try standing next to your husband.
That's when people outside this house
will know you.
-I'm willing to bet on her cooking.
Anything you wish to do,
you have my support.
This encouragement is enough, brother.
Tomorrow I'll get my men and make a video.
-Sister-in-law, don't say anything else.
It's done, let's eat.
-I'm hungry.
-What is it?
-Yes, boss.
I don't know how they found out,
but they knew that you're not here,
and they attacked us at Kalighat.
Our men counter-attacked them
and escaped with minor injuries.
Boss, they are asking about you.
We are worried that they will come
to Hyderabad looking for you.
If that happens
I would lose my family forever.
I know, boss.
-Please be careful.
-Yes, boss.
Look, no one should know
that I am in Hyderabad.
I have asked Bhairavi to come here,
you should come with her.
Ask Gupta to manage everything until then.
-Okay, boss.
-Okay, boss.
You haven't slept yet, brother?
I wanted to talk to you.
Seeing you again after all these years
it feels like a weight
has been lifted off my chest.
If you are angry with
what I said that day,
please forgive me.
No! Please don't ask
for forgiveness, brother.
I was scared.
I was afraid of what you were going to do
or what would happen to you.
I can't tell you
how happy I am to find out
that you have put aside all the rage
and have come home
a completely changed person.
Congratulations, brother.
The Hotel Sukhibhava that you've set up
has become a chain of hotels today.
The central government
has also given you an award,
anyone wanting to enter the food
business at the international level
has to obtain the license from you.
Janani told me a lot about you, brother.
What else did she say?
That was it.
Is there anything that I need to know?
No, there's nothing else. That's it.
You must be tired.
Good night, go to sleep.
Okay, brother.
You didn't sign my food products license,
-I won't.
-Okay, sir.
-The products have high chemicals in them.
I am forwarding a recommendation
that you can neither export your products
nor manufacture them in India.
Selling food products is a business.
Not a social service.
I am not asking you to do social service,
I am saying
that a person who does any business
should have a social responsibility.
You are running your Hotel Sukhibhava,
We wouldn't stop you.
If you would restrict yourself
to organic foods,
then you will get government jobs
and awards.
But you will make no money in business.
The health of 147 crore people
in this country depends on my signature
They see the seal of this organization
and eat it with the belief this
won't harm them if they eat it.
I can't pledge that trust
for your business.
You're rubbing me on the wrong side,
If I start the game, the consequences
will be very harsh.
I'm ready.
I don't want any adulteration
on my premises.
Get out!
I'll see your end.
What happened?
Under no circumstances should Vicky
be made aware of the quarrels
I am having with GK.
I can't bear it if Vicky is away
from me again.
Tell uncle too.
-Sir, money.
-Yes, I'll pay.
-If you want money
-Who are they?
-The red painting is very good.
-It's not a red painting. It's tiles.
-That's tiles?
-Hey! Who are you?
How can you barge directly into the house?
Hello, Mr. Purushottam.
How are you?
How do you know my name?
Sir, we called you Purushottam because
you are the best among all men.
-Aren't you
-The best man?
-Or are you just an ordinary man?
-Or are you not a man at all?
-Catch me!
Dad. You slept with us
in the kid's room at night,
so how did you go to the
bedroom in the morning?
Well, your mother had a headache
so I went to apply some medicine.
-Go and play. Go.
-Oh! Okay.
-Wow! You are a man!
-Wow! You are a man!
Who is she?
Our girl.
-Your girl?
Looking at your behavior,
I feel something is wrong.
-What is it Purushottam?
-What's wrong?
What are you doing here?
-Salutations, Mr. Suridu.
-Who are they?
What the heck! How do you know my name?
I know everything about you.
How are your leg aches?
Has the pain reduced?
-My leg pain went away long back.
-How do you know he has knee cramps?
-I asked if there was something wrong.
But, who are they?
Uncle, I called them from Kolkata to shoot
my sister-in-law's cooking video.
Why didn't you tell me that?
-Go in, get in.
-Get the lunch box ready, go.
-We serve a lot of varieties.
Her name is Bhairavi,
-a famous celebrity on YouTube.
I invited them here to shoot
sister-in-law's cooking video.
He is the director
and he is the cameraman.
-Cameraman, sir.
He is the director.
I am the cameraman, sir.
These are my friends. Ajju, Vijju.
What is this?
You're saying they are your friends,
but they're calling you boss.
Actually, not boss, sir. Box.
-Lens box.
-He said Lens box.
Okay. The cooking video should be a hit.
The entire world should know
about my wife's amazing dishes.
Ask for whatever you want
without any hesitation.
I want your brother.
I mean,
it would be better if there was someone
I knew beside me while shooting the video.
Girl. Can I be your assistant?
Let me know where should I stay.
What? What's that?
She asks where she can stay in the house.
-Janani, show the girl her room.
-Okay, Mom.
Come with me.
-Thank you, sir.
-Go to the room and freshen up.
-Let's go
-Careful with the box.
This house is great for shooting.
Your room is upstairs.
-The view from here is very good.
I think our room is upstairs.
-It's urgent.
-It's urgent for me as well.
-Why are you in such a hurry?
-I said it's urgent.
-It's urgent for me as well.
-It's urgent for me as well.
You fool!
Close it. Come on!
-Hey, I've seen it. I saw it!
-Thief, what are you hiding?
-What? What did you see?
-Take it out once.
-What did you see?
-Take it out.
-Listen to me, there's nothing in it.
-What's the problem to show?
-Don't you understand what I'm saying?
Show it once.
There's nothing to show.
It's just a violin.
Now you must show it.
Lilly, that's a French violin.
Cecilio Special Edition. It's very costly.
I can't take it out wherever I go.
-Cecilio version it is.
French violin.
Since childhood,
my guru has wanted to play it.
-If you can give it once
-Since your childhood or his?
Since my guru's childhood.
Do you play the violin?
I do. But very mildly.
Shut up! I'm going to hit you now.
Why don't you play the violin for once?
He will play after getting fresh.
Why don't you show your violin once?
Are there any bombs in it?
It has a gun.
Oh, my God!
Your sense of humor is so vibrating.
You go and finish your shower.
I will wait here till you come.
Take care of him.
Go to your room.
You always intervene at the right time.
-I'll show you what I am at midnight.
-I'll see.
-Hey, come here once.
-Be a little careful with him.
-He is an emasculate person.
-What is that?
-Do you know Bangkok?
-That means, there's nothing there.
Oh God!
-Boss, please--
-Who brought the gun?
-Him, boss.
-Him, boss.
-Me, boss.
-Me, boss.
Tell me correctly, who brought it?
We both brought it, boss.
Why did you bring it?
We thought if Mukherjee found out that you
were in Hyderabad he might attack you.
-We brought it for your safety, boss.
-We brought it for your safety, boss.
All right, make sure my brother
never sees it.
If he sees it, my marriage and your life,
both will be lost.
-Okay, boss.
-One more thing
I told my elder brother that I work
as a manager in import and export.
-You need to maintain that lie.
-Yes, boss.
How's it?
It's very nice.
I can't tell you how good it is.
Bhairavi chose this sari.
See, how intelligent Bhairavi is?
-Very intelligent.
-Very talented.
-Whoever marries her will be very lucky.
-Will be very lucky.
Are you here to praise her
or to shoot the video?
Shut up and do your job.
Sir, will you please keep quiet?
She asked you to shut up in English.
Why does she talk to me in English?
Sister, you have to watch the camera
frequently while cooking.
And what if this burns meanwhile?
The shooting part is new to Mom.
But not the cooking part, right?
She has a good sense of humor.
She makes everyone laugh.
-Very punctual.
-Very amiable too.
Whoever marries her
-will be very lucky.
-will be very lucky.
Now, my sister is going to tell you
about a special curry.
What we are going to
do today is okra fish broth.
First add curry leaves,
turmeric, and chili.
Spices should be crushed in this old way.
Finally, add the fish.
Bhuvanamma, the soup seems to be burned.
It's okay, no problem.
Yes, it's gone.
Shall we do it again?
No problem sister.
We know that it's burnt at the bottom,
but those who are seeing it don't know.
I'll taste a little and tell them
that it's good.
Superb covering.
-Very talented
-Very talented!
Whoever marries her will be very lucky.
This is what you are going to say, right?
What's wrong with it?
Bhairavi is really talented.
She has done well.
Vicky, What?
Come out once.
-Come on.
-What? Where?
Come on.
Vicky. Why did you bring me here?
What if someone sees us?
The bed is scolding me for sleeping alone.
Then tell your brother and sister-in-law.
Then we can both sleep on the same bed.
I'll tell them very soon.
The morning plan was a super success.
So let me tell you another plan.
Give me a kiss.
Hello, it's been a long time
since the thunder left.
Did the thunder leave already?
It thunders only for a short while.
Baby, Soni. It's raining, come up quickly.
Bhuvanamma, coming.
We are coming.
-What is it, sister?
-Bhuvanamma called us. Come on.
Tell Purushottam to also come.
Would it be nice if the thunder came
one more time?
What is this?
Sister, don't misunderstand me.
It was Bhairavi who loved me.
I told her that I'd get
married only if you agreed to it.
I told her clearly
otherwise I won't marry her.
Yes. She loves you
and she only wants to marry you.
You don't have any feelings
for her, right?
-Okay. Come, Bhairavi.
-I don't want your over-acting.
Tell me what happened as it happened.
We do not wish to give our daughter
to an orphan like you.
Was this the inner meaning
of your praises?
I understand that when
you praise her unnecessarily.
-That girl is very--
-Shut up. I'll break your jaws.
You see that?
Did you find this out now?
We knew it long ago.
It's very difficult to convince him
for this marriage.
Vicky, let's not keep our hopes high.
But we'll try anyway.
Then you didn't come for us, right?
No, that's not it. I didn't know
what you were going to say.
Why are you worried?
You have been separated
from us for the last 14 years,
but Bhairavi has brought you to us.
Who can bring more luck
to this house than her?
Dear Bhairavi, let's call your parents
and talk to them.
Thank you, sister-in-law.
Holding iPhone in your hand
Wearing high-class perfume over you
Wearing a high-class sandal
When you walk like that
Walking like a model on a ramp
My heart beats very fast
Oh, my Bengali Baby
My heart beats very fast
Oh, my Diwali cracker
Wearing a Rolex watch and RayBan glasses
Wearing a Raymond suit
When you come in your Range Rover
When you come revving that engine
My heart beats very fast
Darling, it blooms up like it's spring
My heart beats very fast
Darling, how to control this feeling?
My heart wants to suck up
The ice candy-like body of yours
The thunder in your chubby cheeks
Is electrocuting me
Oh, my sweetheart
I love your description of me
This gorgeous girl is yours
Play any game you like with her
The intensity of earthquakes
Isn't readable on a Richter scale
I just want to get lost
In the depths of your navel
My heart, oh my heart
My heart beats very fast
Oh, my Bengali Baby
My heart beats very fast
Darling, it blooms up like it's spring
My heart beats very fast
Darling, how to control this feeling?
One sight of yours
And I start dancing on the spot
My eyes are glued to your curves
Like a bond of glue
This colorful bird has flown onto you
You are free to break the boundaries
To enjoy these curves
How pretty are you
Your smile is a vitamin supplement
I'll be the jasmine in your hair
Come, my darling
My heart beats very fast
Oh, my Bengali Baby
My heart beats very fast
Oh, my Bengali Baby
My heart beats very fast
Darling, it blooms up like it's spring
My heart beats very fast
Darling, how to control this feeling?
My heart beats very fast
Oh, my Bengali Baby
My heart beats very fast
Oh, my Bengali Baby
He hit hard, right?
What's the matter? Haven't you slept yet?
We are watching an action film, brother.
-Hero is killing it.
-He is attacking from the shadows.
It's already late, now go to bed.
We'll go to bed as soon
as this fight is over, sir.
What are you doing here?
I've come for water.
-I've kept it in your room.
-I didn't see it.
Vicky. What happened?
Who came? What's the matter, Vicky?
Nothing, Bhuvanamma.
We've been hearing that thefts
have increased these days.
They might have targeted our house.
If they fled as soon as we arrived, who
would it have been other than the thieves?
Why are the thieves who never came here
before coming now?
Do thieves go to the same house every day?
-They came to this house today.
Good riddance! Glad that Vicky saw them
and nobody was harmed.
Vicky, are you alright?
Nothing happened.
Okay, come on.
Nothing happened to anyone.
-Let's go.
-Go on.
-Bloody, thieves
-Come on, Vicky.
Let's go.
Boss, because you were alert
there was no problem for those at home.
Yes, boss.
Do you understand now?
Why didn't I come to this house all
these years even when I wanted to?
I don't want such accidents
to happen because of me.
Who was that?
They are not Mukherjee's men.
Start the inquiry tomorrow.
Who came, where did they come from,
how do they know that I am here?
I need every detail.
-Okay, boss.
-Okay, boss.
Dear, they are GK's men.
I can't see Vicky being disturbed.
He was happy until he came here.
It's not right to be here at this time.
Let's go back to our village
for a few days.
Hey. What reason do we tell Vicky?
Let the bygones be bygones.
You kept postponing the Maha Rudra Yagna
until your brother's return.
Now it's time to complete your vow.
Perform the yagna immediately, Rajaram.
-I will definitely do it, Guruji.
-So be it!
-She is my brother's fiance Bhairavi.
God bless!
it is your responsibility
to complete this.
No matter what the obstacles may be.
Oh Lord, you will come to this earth
Whenever there is a hindrance to dharma
Take a new avatar, decimate the evil
Come to save your devotees
Oh Lord Narasimha
The heart rings up
The legs twirl and whirl
Let the fire spread wide
Let the sky go wild
As the earth prepares
To welcome Lord Shiva
Let the devotional dance loose
With songs of worship
Let the Lord Narasimha enter our bodies
Play the drums
Sway your legs
Make some sound
Let the celebrations go wild
Make some sound
Let the celebrations go wild
The carnival should make noise
In all directions
The heart rings up
The legs twirl and whirl
Let the fire spread wide
You are the human form of a lion
Such is your strength
The village where you stay
Swells their heart in pride
It takes the evil omen off you
And kisses you with love
When you are here
There is no place for worry
In their hearts
I am half human
And half animal
Lord Narasimha has inspired this in me
If you are good
I'll be good
If you provoke me
I'll warn you
If the evil raises its head
I'll chop it off
Play the drums
Sway your legs
Let the celebrations go wild
Make some sound
Let the celebrations go wild
Make some sound
The carnival should make noise
In all directions
The heart rings up
The legs twirl and whirl
Let the fire spread wide
Boss! He is there.
-Okay, I will see you later.
Boss, that Bihari gang
didn't attack our house for you.
-For your elder brother.
My elder brother?
A complaint is not a big deal.
I can file many of them.
But I can't take any action.
If you go against GK, forget about
the police and politicians,
nobody from the entire system
would come forward to support you.
Who is this GK?
There is a man named Paparao
in this town, boss. GK is his son-in-law.
No matter what yagna you perform,
your fate is not going to change.
Because your fate is not
in the hands of this Narasimha,
but in the hands of my son-in-law GK.
That's why these arrangements.
These cameras around you have not
come to cover this yagna that you perform.
We are waiting for that one word.
That one word!
The gang sent to kill our people
has already reached, boss.
No one knows when they will attack
and from where.
If I don't utter that word?
Then, you wouldn't know
where your death will come from,
and I don't know how terrible it will be.
The five elements gather around
where the yagna takes place.
As long as they're around me,
none of you can do anything to me.
Oh! Will the earth split to save you?
Is the sky going to fall?
Will the water sink us?
Will the wind blow us away?
When necessary, everything
together becomes a form of terror.
Hey! I should not hear any other sounds
apart from the instruments.
Don't let go of anyone who looks doubtful.
We have to kill those scoundrels before
they can lay their hands on my family.
Its name is Narasimha Avatar!
When the time comes,
he appears in some form or the other.
Hail Lord Lakshmi Narasimha!
Boss, brother is safe.
But I don't know
where sister-in-law is, boss.
Janani! It would be great
to vlog all of this.
Take it all down.
Is this sour enough?
Everything was added according to the
measurement. I'm sure it must be fine.
Sister-in-law, you quickly go
to the yagna. It's time for Purnahuti.
The work is not yet done,
and then the ones who were supposed
to make the offerings have just arrived.
I'll take care of it, sister-in-law.
Don't worry, I'll take care of it.
Go. Quickly, we don't have time.
Tell me where are the rest!
Rice Mill.
Let's finish the job so that nobody
recognizes us.
Hey, attack!
Brother of Rajaram.
Rama had two pillars of support,
Lakshmana and Hanuman.
I am the amalgamation of both.
"He's innocent, he'll get
scared if he's threatened."
"He seems like a good man,
we can force him to surrender."
"He is alone, so he will bow down to me."
Get rid of these assumptions.
He has a younger brother
who loves his elder brother.
If he takes an oath, he won't break it!
If opposed, he will fight.
If he is threatened, he will rebel!
And if someone tries to scare him,
he will kill them!
You think harassing my brother will work?
When I was a child, I burned your hotel
for a license and took it away.
If anyone tries to harm my elder brother,
I will burn him
and his entire empire down.
Tell this to your son-in-law GK.
I'm like the danger zone board
on a highway,
and if you don't slow down
even after the warning,
death will come looking for you.
That death's name is Vicky!
Why didn't you tell me that
he has a younger brother?
He ruined the entire plan.
He ran away at an early age,
and I didn't expect him to come back
like this and intimidate us.
He was not like a younger brother,
he was like a terminator.
Find out what is his strength,
what is his weakness,
what is his background,
what is his network.
Find out why he loves his brother so much.
I don't know what you're going to do
or where you're going to go,
the next time you meet me
you should have all these details.
Okay, sir.
-Mr. Rajaram.
-As you wish.
What happened?
Sir, there is a possibility
of cancellation of bail
in the orphanage case.
If that happens, you will have
to go to jail.
Dear, meet the honorable judge.
Let's go.
Oh, Lord.
I haven't asked anything so far,
but now I am.
See to it that my husband does not stand
for the mistake he did not commit.
You can hide the tears,
but you can't hide the pain
in those eyes.
Nothing, Vicky.
Don't make me a stranger
yet again, sister.
I'm not asking as your husband's brother.
But as a son to his mother.
Why is GK after my brother?
Swear on me.
What happened?
Your elder brother was honored
with an award by the Indian Food Farm
in recognition of his hard work over
the last 20 years to make people
understand the importance
of organic farming and organic food.
Hello, everyone.
There is nothing new I have done about
organic farming, about traditional food.
Our sages have written
about it a long time ago.
That's our state's wealth.
These diseases start in our green fields.
The chemicals we use in modern agriculture
are getting into us.
That's why along with blood,
diseases have also
become a part of our body.
Obesity and hormonal imbalances in this
generation of children are caused by this.
Our daughters are becoming mature
at the age of ten.
There are so many complications
during childbirth.
If a mother's health is disturbed,
then all the next generations are ruined.
Good food and good relationships
are the only things that can save a man.
I wish for everybody's well-being.
We are all fortunate that the Indian
Food Forum has honored Mr. Rajaram,
who has been serving with the aim
that everyone should eat a healthy meal,
with the The Best Healthy Food Award".
At that time, a man named GK
Forget about exports, I recommend it
to be not manufactured in India as well.
Some of the GK food products were banned
due to a report given by your brother.
But GK changed the brand name and started
selling the same products again.
One day at an organic food exhibition,
Paparao along with GK set up a stall
of fake organic products
without permission.
These are not organic,
they are chemical products.
Who let the stall be put up here?
-I don't know.
-I don't know, sir.
Where is your entry card?
I was gone for a moment
and you have created a ruckus.
Hey, manager, didn't you tell him
that it isn't some stranger
who has set this up, but it's me, Paparao?
Your adulteration has not changed,
and neither have you changed.
GK brands are international.
Your brother has exposed the adulteration
in GK products in front of the media.
The permitted chemicals are being mixed
in large doses.
Many people have lost their lives
due to these GK Foods.
GK Foods are dangerous.
Say no to GK Foods.
Eat food, not chemicals.
GK Foods are bad.
GK company's shares fell drastically
due to the statement given
by your brother.
International collaborations with
the GK group ceased immediately.
Your brother's words that I have
the evidence started to scare GK.
So he sent Paparao to the hotel
-and threatened your elder brother.
Hey, Paparao!
Don't you know that it is bad manners to
force people to leave their food halfway?
Look, it will be better for you
if you confess to the media
that the statement
you gave about GK Foods was because of
the wrong information that you received.
Just say this one line to the media,
"GK Foods is good".
Otherwise, you will lose a lot.
No matter what I lose,
I'll never certify your son-in-law's
poisonous food to be good food.
You have found out that GK
is selling poison to people.
But soon, you will realize
how much poison there is in GK.
Janani's marriage was arranged.
It is our custom to send food
from our Hotel Sukhibhava to the orphanage
for any auspicious event
that takes place at home.
We did the same on this occasion.
All the children who ate that food
fell seriously ill,
and no one knows how it happened
but it was food poisoning.
-Sister, increase the oxygen.
-Okay, sir.
-Check the saturation levels
-Raju, here.
It's okay.
For that reason, GK conspired
with the officials
-and arranged raids on Hotel Sukhibhava.
-Mr. Rajaram.
They planted fake goods at the place.
Hotel Sukhibhava was made to shut down.
Your elder brother was arrested
for poisoning orphaned children.
Let him go, sir.
-Get in the car.
-We are right behind you.
Your brother got out on bail and
Are you hurt?
Even if you don't take your word back,
even if you don't give me
the evidence you have,
this pain won't stop with you.
I'll give it to everyone in your family.
I'll make sure your family
doesn't experience happiness.
Hey! I wouldn't have stopped
your license if I was afraid.
If I go to jail, my honor will be lost,
that's it.
But if I get scared
and let you continue your evil job,
people will lose their lives.
For me, people's lives
are more important than my honor.
GK broke off Janani's engagement.
-Come in, brother-in-law.
-Sit down.
-I have not come to sit down.
What happened?
When the hotel was closed, I thought
it was okay, we have enough businesses.
When you were arrested,
I thought the cases against
such well-known people in the society
were common and they'd come out.
But now the witness is going to give
a statement against you in court.
You are bound to go to jail.
That's why, I have come here to say that
we want to cancel this engagement.
Dear, you have come at a time
when your brother was fighting
a lonely battle to get out
of the false cases he has filed.
When so much was going on,
why did you hide all this from me?
Uncle, under no circumstances
should Vicky be aware of our problems.
We don't know how much trouble
he has suffered while he was away from us.
Now we should not hurt him again
by telling him about our difficulties.
As long as he's here,
we should all look happy.
The happiness I saw in all
of you should be true,
and I will make it come true.
But brother should not find out
that you have told me about this.
The person you're calling is not
answering, please call again later.
The person you're calling is not
answering, please call again later.
Did he answer?
Pradeep is going to get engaged
to MLA Rudra Pratap's daughter tomorrow.
Their father may have changed his mind,
but Pradeep is very fond of me.
He must have been afraid of his father
and agreed to this match.
Leave that fear to me.
Tell me, do you love him as well?
I like Pradeep very much, Uncle.
Be ready tomorrow, let's go
to the engagement. Okay?
There's still time, right?
For the auspicious time?
Dear, you go and take some rest.
Take all of this off.
Brother-in-law, sit.
Hello. I'm Sambasiva Rao speaking.
Why do you want to arrange
a board meeting now?
Give me an hour's time.
I will give you your 50 crores.
Why have you come back again?
Are you selling your boy's life for money?
I know, sir.
You were clueless when your business
partners asked for the money
they had invested in your business.
At the same time, GK made you an offer.
Engagement with Rudra Pratap's daughter.
Sir, you should have spoken to my brother.
My problem is not so small
that you can resolve it.
Fifty crores.
I told you, son, you are not capable
of solving my problems.
It's time for the ritual to begin.
Please leave.
He will suffer as his destiny
has planned for him.
Fifty crores!
Sir, 50 crores?
Sir, the amount is here.
Your problem has been solved.
Don't ask for the details.
It's time for the auspicious time.
Please come.
The money is here,
but what about Rudra Pratap?
I'll take care of him.
Who are you?
Shall I show you a small live show?
-I don't have that much time.
-Do you have time to go to jail?
My man is at the CBI office.
He has a pen drive with him.
-There are some facts in it.
Like, in the name of your shell company,
you are exporting drugs in the guise
of medicines from Kolkata port.
It's too much to have
6,000 crores worth of scams
and evidence in a pen drive
that doesn't weigh sixty grams.
-What do you want?
-In 30 seconds,
you and your people should vacate
this place and leave.
And the pen drive?
When you get home, it'll be in your hand.
Come, let's go.
-What happened, brother?
-Let's go. Come on.
Come, let's go.
-What happened?
I need a small favor from you, sir.
I will definitely do it, son.
It would be nice if you could
call my brother
and tell him that the engagement that
you canceled will continue to happen.
I'll call him right now.
Thank you.
What happened to you?
Why are you so happy?
Uncle spoke to them
and they agreed to the marriage.
Vicky, what is she saying?
It's true, sister.
What magic did you do?
It was certainly magic.
Fifty crores in a single click.
Fifty crores?!
They called me to arrange
the engagement in two days.
They said they canceled the engagement
due to some misunderstanding.
There are only two days left.
We need to do the shopping,
call the relatives,
-there are a lot of things to do.
-A lot.
-Brother, I have a small request.
-What is it?
Since the marriage is at home,
can we also call Bhairavi's family?
Do you want to just call them
or get married?
One plus one offer?
Hey, shut up.
You may call them, Vicky.
You don't need permission for that.
Thank you, sister-in-law.
-What's the matter?
-Boss, the violin case
which had the gun in it is missing.
I don't know anything, boss.
Who could have taken it?
-What's the matter?
I have a surprise planned
for your birthday.
You'll be shocked to see it.
Did you bring the gym trainer, David?
Why are you so obsessed with him?
-Then what else is it?
-No. Not yet.
-You have to close your eyes first.
-Okay, what crazy love you have for me.
You will be tempted if you see it.
Why are you hesitating, Savitri? Play it.
-You see my tension as hesitation?
-It's okay. Play it, Savitri.
If I use it, my fingerprints
will get on it.
Is it a gun that will get
your fingerprints?
Mr. Rajaram, your question itself
has an answer in it.
If I use it I won't have
my next birthday, sir.
Please consider that.
That's been your dream
since you were a child.
That dream is long gone, stupid!
But this is Vicky's personal violin.
It is illegal to play it
without his permission.
I mean it's unethical.
I'll tell Vicky. Purushottam.
Take that violin and give it to him.
If they find the gun, there
will be mayhem in the house.
-Do something, boss.
Please, sir. Don't. Listen to me.
Don't, sir. Please!
Don't, sir. Please!
Don't, sir. Please, sir!
Rajaram, I have nothing
to do with this gun.
I have nothing to do with this gun.
It's not mine.
-I don't know anything.
It is a violin, not a gun.
Have you changed it?
Who put it in his hand?
You put it yourself.
You put it in the dark and forgot.
If you don't drink,
you will get forgetful.
You gave the gun
and didn't give him the bullet.
Give the bullet.
-Is this called a bullet?
If you give him the gun
and not give him the bullet,
how will you get the sound from the gun?
-So give the bullet
How can I shoot using a violin?
I mean, play it. Play it.
Do you want me to play?
You hold your weapon in your hands,
why do you ask me?
I don't know which raga
will come out in this confusion.
-Hey, shut up.
He hasn't played yet.
Don't we have to say
the same thing even after he plays?
Hey. Please let me play.
-Play it.
-Play it.
-Very soothing! How well is he playing!
-He's playing very well!
-What raga could it be?
-I won't tell you.
How would it be if he had a performance
at Janani's wedding?
-Brother, Bhairavi's family is here.
Mr. Ramarao, I will call you later.
My husband.
-Hello, sir.
-Hello, sir.
First, you must forgive me.
Why, sir?
Traditionally, we must come
to the girl's house and do the rituals.
Forgive me for bringing you here.
No. That's okay.
We settled in Bengal ages ago.
Because of you,
we got the opportunity to step
on the Telugu land and smell this soil.
No, your one question
has brought Vicky back to us.
That's why we should thank you.
Son, will you keep the guests
standing here?
Call them in.
Come in.
-Get the bags.
-Come on.
I like your selection a lot.
It looks like that family is very rich.
You are right, sister.
How did such a rich family agree to take
a supervisor as their son-in-law?
Son, what did you show them
to convince them?
Is he a supervisor?
What did you tell them, Uncle?
Do you have a bungalow?
I don't even have a small hut.
What the hell? Small hut?
Being the owner of so many villas, he says
that he does not even have a small hut.
Then, a car?
I don't even have an old car.
How else will you feed her?
How are you running your family?
Brother is asking something. Answer him.
Somewhere, something is wrong.
Must be in your coconut.
I can smell it.
Brother, I will be back.
Daddy, Vicky is lying to everyone
that he is a supervisor.
-Did you hear that?
-What is it?
-Did you hear what they were saying?
Dad, did you hear
what they were talking about?
-Oh, God!
-Tell me.
You haven't put up your hearing aid yet?
Why are you shouting?
These things you can clearly hear?!
It's a waste talking to you.
I'll tell this to the one
who must know this. Go!
-Grandpa Shukla.
I shouldn't be quiet at all.
I must immediately--
-Where are you going?
-Where are you going?
I am going there!
It's good for us to make that decision
-To expose your friend's fraud.
-Which fraud?
-Aren't you lying to your elder brother?
-Not a single lie was told.
If I prove that you lied,
I will slap you once for each lie.
-If proven true?
-Then I would take two slaps.
Now, ask me.
When you have so many villas in Bengal,
why did you tell your brother that
you don't have a small house?
Look, Bokadia. I have villas in Bengal.
There is not even a single small house.
Yes, that's true.
-Oh no!
Second question.
You have so many cars in Bengal,
so why did you tell them that
you don't even own an old car?
Oh, my Bengali sweetie.
I own only a Mercedes Benz in Bengal.
Do I own any old cars?
Oh no!
Stop it.
The bet was only two slaps for each lie.
Why did you give me four?
It was two each.
Why is he laughing?
You guys are so stupid.
If it was two per person
then you are three people,
and what are three twos?
-Then you gave me just four slaps.
Correct. You're a genius.
I like you.
Not enough.
I am a little bit confused.
I will come later.
Do you want me to clear up your confusion?
-I have some work.
-We don't have work.
This is what it means to get yourself
thrashed by your own stupidity.
You are great, sir.
You lied to them and later convinced me
that all the lies were true?!
What is your strategy, sir?
Can you tell him our strategy?
Okay, boss.
-Now, he'll tell you.
My boss has two policies.
-What is that?
If someone is equal to him,
he would thrash them in such a way
that they wake up on a stretcher.
If he is someone like you,
then he will make him go mad
so that you wake up in a mental hospital.
Stupid fellow.
You're messing with the wrong person.
Take it, please.
Mr. Rajaram, you are more noble
than we had heard about.
We couldn't have got a better family
than yours for our Bhairavi.
We will take your leave.
Mr. Shukla, you can leave later.
Since you have come this far,
let's make their formal engagement.
If an elderly person like you insists,
I can't say no.
-Let's do it.
-That's it!
The chains tying up the legs
Is the Venus that lights up the sky
Doesn't light up, it's a shadow
It's not a shadow, it's a deep well
The chains tying up the legs
Is the Venus that lights up the sky
Doesn't light up, it's a shadow
It's not a shadow, it's a deep well
Oh, my Monalisa
Your hip is as smooth as the black bead
Let's whisper to each other
As nobody can hear us
Oh, my Monalisa
Your age is as sweet as a nightingale
Come let's sing a melodious song
Will I say no to you?
Just whistle to me and I'll jump the wall
Call me to be with you
And I'll come with my luggage packed
How can I stay without you?
I fell in love freshly
While I was in Kolkata I lost my mind
Oh, my cannonball flower
You are a walking piece of art
Like the moon follows Lord Shiva
I follow you
Oh, my cannonball flower
You are a walking piece of art
Like the moon follows Lord Shiva
I follow you
Oh, my Monalisa
Your age is as sweet as a nightingale
Come let's sing a melodious song
I am blushing when you come onto me
My body gets heated up
When you are near me
Keep that hesitation aside
We don't need it
Let's douse off the heat
That is generated in your body
'How do I stop you?
How do I stop you?
How do I pull myself
Into this chaotic game of romance
Oh, my cannonball flower
You are a walking piece of art
Like the moon follows Lord Shiva
I follow you
Oh, my cannonball flower
You are a walking piece of art
Like the moon follows Lord Shiva
I follow you
The number you're calling is either
Pick up the call, Ravindra.
It takes time to go to a new place and
find information about a new person.
Why are you so worried?
Sir, Ravindra is here.
What's the matter, Ravindra?
You have come so early.
Sir. There is no one in Kolkata
who does not know him, sir.
So my work became easier
and I came quickly.
Sir, your guess was right.
He is very famous there.
Vicky Bhai is Chhatrapati Shivaji
of Kalighat.
I went to Kalighat,
the place where he lived.
There I met his business partner Gupta.
I lied to him that I was a journalist
and that I wanted to write
a story about Vicky Bhai.
Then he told me about an incident, sir.
Then I understood
why he became Vicky Bhai there.
Kalighat is ours.
We've been living here for so many years,
and we won't evacuate.
Sir! Your hotel must be worth 400 crores.
But our emotions are worth
four generations.
It's not fair on your behalf
to do this despite a court stay.
If you believe in the court order,
I believe in Mukherjee.
This Mukherjee is ready to kill any number
of people for those who believe in him.
And will the Vicky, whom you believe in,
come to your rescue?
If I see you again in this area,
I'll rip off your heads and hang them
as a garland to the Goddess.
When I was hungry, Kalighat fed me.
When I was alone, it gave me shelter.
I am not grateful to be able to help
when there is a difficulty in Kalighat.
-It's my responsibility.
-Thanks, son.
What a unique character!
He did all this just
because he was fed one meal?
And you closed his brother's hotel
and deprived so many people of food.
What would he do to you?
What, Ravindra?
Did your journey to Kolkata go well?
By the way,
it was GK who sent you
to Kolkata to find out about me.
But it was I who let you come back
to Hyderabad alive.
Because GK needs to know about me.
GK, everyone lives
for the sake of victory.
But he lives with an ambition
of doing good to other people.
People like my elder brother
are very rare.
If my brother's smile gets wiped off,
I'll get disturbed.
When you were a child,
your Uncle Paparao once disturbed me.
Now you're disturbing me again.
Don't, GK.
Don't meddle in my business.
Was that a warning?
I'm not the one who is meddling
in your business, it's you.
I repeat,
I'm going to wipe
that smile out of your family
and make them suffer
in front of your eyes.
I dare you to stop it.
Laugh well, my friend.
Suppose I find the man
who poisoned our hotel food,
will that smile remain?
If our closed hotel gets opened,
if the truths you're hiding
are exposed to this world,
and your empire collapses
in front of your eyes.
Will that smile remain?
You see, the smile on your face dropped
when I told you what was going to happen.
That's why I'm telling you,
smile happily, take a picture now,
and get it framed.
Because later you won't be able
to smile even if you wanted to.
Because I won't let you.
It's a little strong,
but it's good, drink it.
GK, you're meddling with my brother
but you will have to face me.
All the best.
Breaking news!
In Rajaram's case, the kids who ate
poisoned food are in a serious condition.
In the case of anybody's death,
Rajaram is certain to get a life sentence.
There is a possibility of permanent
closure of the Sukhibhava Hotels.
It's okay now.
-What is this, doctor?
-Okay, sir.
Why aren't the kids recovering?
We don't know what kind of poison
was added to the food,
and what sort of chemicals
were present in the poison.
That's why the treatment
has been a trial and error process.
Some are responding
but some kids' condition is worsening.
Anyway, we have called specialists
from AIIMS Delhi to help us.
Let's hope for the best, sir.
Doctor, don't worry about the payment
of the specialists.
I'll bear the cost.
I appreciate your kind heart.
We'll do our best to bring them on.
-Thank you, doctor.
-Not a problem.
-Thank you.
Okay, sir.
Mr. Lawyer.
Oh, your brother just left.
It's okay.
I have to speak to you personally.
In the case of the food poisoning
that took place in the orphanage,
the food inspector filed a complaint
that some adulterated chemicals
were mixed in the food eaten
by the children.
Someone must've poisoned the food!
Didn't they find a single clue
in the police investigation?
GK stopped the investigation midway.
But if you find out who did it,
all the facts will come out.
That is the only way to prove that
my brother is innocent and GK is guilty.
-No, there's another way.
Who is this?
He is a scientist who worked
at GK Foods for some time.
His name is Mahesh.
He researched about the adulteration
that was going on there
and the health problems it caused.
When your brother gave a statement
that GK foods are bad,
Mahesh came and met your brother.
All of the allegations that you made
on GK are correct, sir.
They're buying adulterated products
from China,
bringing them to our country,
and using them without people's knowledge.
Palm Olein oil is used
instead of palm oil in chips,
this actually causes cancer.
Chinese salt and Ajinomoto are used.
This stops the brain from functioning,
in young people and adults alike.
The brain stops working slowly.
So I am preparing a detailed report
on every single product of GK's.
I'll come and see you
when all the reports are ready, sir.
Until then my phone will be switched off.
GK's men are looking for me.
I'll come and meet you
at the right time, sir.
He didn't make contact after that.
No matter how hard we tried,
we couldn't find his details.
My suspicion is that he might
have been caught by GK's men.
No, sir.
The one who mixed poison in the food
and that scientist, Mahesh,
both of them are GK's fears.
GK still fears my brother
because they both are alive.
First of all, we must catch that person
who mixed poison in food,
later everything will come out.
But whatever you do,
you have to do it before
the final hearing of the case.
Uncle, who cooked the food
for the orphanage that day?
It's me, son.
After the dishes were ready that day,
Mr. Rajaram tasted it as usual
and approved it.
Who took the food to the ashram that day?
-It's me, sir. But that day
-What happened?
-On my way to the orphanage,
I came to know that my daughter had
met with an accident that day
and was admitted to the hospital.
Then who took the food?
Bailu Raju.
He's Bailu Raju! He is the one
who takes care of all our restaurants.
-Hello, sir.
Bailu Raju is our man,
then when was the food poisoned?
Bhai, I forgot.
How's your baby feeling now?
With God's grace, she is fine now.
The man who caused the accident
that day took her to the hospital,
he paid all the bills himself.
He is a good man, sir.
Do you know him?
I don't know him, sir.
He is from UP.
There's a small truck.
He is a good driver.
-Yes, sir.
Where is he?
Does Amit stay in this vicinity?
Yes, sir. Look, there he is.
Who are you?
You have to get into an accident.
You have to take the victim
to the hospital as well.
How much will you take?
Who did you come for, sir?
I'm not that kind of a person.
I am an honest man who does honest work.
Will you do it for GK?
Who GK?
What are you talking about?
Please leave, sir. Mind your own business.
If Bailu Raju asks
I know everything.
-Bailu Raju confessed everything.
-That Bailu Raju!
He promised me he would tell no one.
I must kill him first.
Call him! Now!
Sir, a person named GK has asked for you.
Talk to him, sir.
Mukherjee, if you want to take revenge
on Vicky, brute force isn't enough,
you need a plan.
What's the plan?
He has a family here.
They all love him.
He is devoted to his elder brother,
that's the plan.
If you add vengeance to my plan,
the poison will become more powerful.
Come soon.
We shall take care of him together.
Welcome to Hyderabad, Mr. Mukherjee.
The enemy's enemy is our friend.
What's the plan?
Excuse me,
tell me, Bailu Raju.
Vicky found Amit, sir.
He told him everything about me.
Vicky will surely come and find me.
Calm down.
Leave immediately
and come to our SAS iTower.
Our men will come and pick you up.
They will send you to Dubai tonight.
Okay, sir. I'll be there, sir.
We have found the bait,
the shark will automatically come.
What's the plan?
-Hey, Reddy.
Call Vicky and tell him
the location of Bailu Raju.
I know that you are looking
for Bailu Raju,
he is hiding in the SAS building
in Nanakramguda.
GK's men are trying to kill him.
You go and rescue him right away, sir.
-Who are you?
-I am Mr. Rajaram's well-wisher.
If he is Rajaram's well-wisher
then he should call him as well, right?
I understood, son-in-law.
Where is he?
Check out!
Look there.
-Guys, come on.
-Mr. GK, our men are trying to kill me.
Why are you hitting me?
Hey, stop.
-Hey, I'll kill you, idiot.
Vicky, please forgive me.
I got greedy for a better future
for my kids.
Please take me to court alive.
I will become a witness.
I will reveal all of GK's evil plans.
Please, save me.
The injuries you gave to my son
on his body have healed, but
the wound on my pride in Kolkata
hasn't healed yet.
Let me go, please. Don't harm me.
Bailu Raju.
-Bailu Raju.
-Take me to the court.
Please, let my father go.
We'll stay out of your way from now on.
Please, Vicky.
If I had known him beforehand,
I wouldn't have asked him to call you.
Even after knowing the truth,
it would be cheating
to marry Bhairavi to him.
I don't think that's good.
I made a mistake.
I'm sorry.
You took control of my business
in the port area, defeated my forces,
and now you're here enjoying
yourself with your family.
Vicky, what's all this?
What your brother is saying about you,
is that true?
He sent Bhairavi's family away saying
that the marriage would not take place.
They trusted us, Bhuvana, not him.
What's this?
Is the Vicky we saw true?
Is it true what he is saying?
Both are true.
Both of them are me.
It is true that I have not changed
as my brother said,
it is true that I loved Bhairavi.
It is also true that
I want to be with all of you,
and also that I want to be happy with you.
Does that mean what I saw
with my eyes was a lie?
No, brother.
Do you know the difference
between you and me?
As a child, you wanted to show
me the world with your own eyes,
and I wanted to see it with my own eyes.
If someone raises their voice,
I'd raise my head.
If they lift their hand, I'd lift my leg.
Attack for attack, cheating for cheating.
Are you justifying your mistakes?
I am telling you what I did was not wrong.
I lied to you because you would be hurt
if I told you what I did.
If I knew your problem, I would be hurt,
that's why you made everyone lie to me.
We have both hidden the truth.
Listen, a life-giving lie has more
value than the truth.
And, the truth that takes life
is more dangerous than a lie.
Would you have let me stay at home
if I had told you the truth?
You stopped at being good at heart,
honest, and pure at soul.
The world has changed.
You could gain respect with politeness,
but today respect is given to one
who raises his hand.
Once upon a time, evidence was needed
to prove that wrong is wrong.
Now we need evidence
to prove the truth is the truth.
We have to change.
We have to change along with the world.
If I don't change, will you kill me?
This house has some ideals,
this family has some values.
He who doesn't follow them
doesn't deserve to be here.
Get out.
What are you saying?
I can't accept adulteration
in the food I eat.
Do you want to keep
an adulterated person at home?
Tell him to leave.
Why should I go?
I'm staying here. Tell him I won't go.
He can do yagnas for me to come back.
My sister-in-law can pray to every
God for my well-being.
But, is it wrong for me to stand up
when this house was in trouble?
Don't I have any responsibility or right?
You do. When?
When you're honest.
When you don't cheat anyone.
In this house,
we never talked about rights
except about love,
respect, and responsibility.
If you want your rights
then I'll get out of here.
Dear, stop him.
Vicky, stop.
I thought my brother would be happy
if I stayed at home all these days.
If my brother will be happy
only if I leave the house.
I won't stay here for a single second.
You are used to living without me
for all these years.
Similarly, I'm used to loneliness.
Oh, Rama's arrow, who left the bow
Did your journey stumble?
Oh, Rama's arrow, who left the bow
Did your journey stumble?
The unity between both brothers
The unity between both brothers
Was comparable
To the legendary bond
Of Rama and Lakshmana
Within seconds a bond of ages
Has been broken
Who wrote this unfortunate fate?
Eating these reminds me
of my childhood memories.
But this tragedy is not new for him
He is used to it
Both of them are good men
But the ways chosen by them are different
An evil eye might have fallen on them
They both now travel on separate paths
A soul without a body on one side
And a body without a soul
On the other side
Who will console the eyes that
Welled up
Because of this chaos?
-What happened?
We got a call from the hospital that
the children were unwell.
I and Rajaram went there.
When we reached the hospital,
we saw the children were well,
but they were being shifted
from that hospital.
We both tried to stop them
but we couldn't.
They took Rajaram along with the children.
I think it is GK's work.
So many missed calls?
there is a case hearing in the court
against your brother.
Final hearing.
I need your help.
Sister-in law.
Why did you bring me here?
What happened to brother?
I'll tell you that later.
Come in.
No matter what happens inside,
don't react until I tell you.
Where is my husband?
Tell them, Commissioner.
He is afraid that the court
will punish him, so he ran away.
As soon as the arrest warrant arrives,
I will find him wherever he is.
Stop with your lies.
They called him to the hospital
saying that the children were unwell.
It was GK who beat uncle
and took my husband away.
The police were there and didn't react,
that means you were
the one behind it, right?
Tell me, Paparao, where is he?
Today my son-in-law will win the case.
Your runaway husband will be found dead
near some railway tracks.
Since Rajaram has no son,
it is better to inform his brother to get
ready to conduct his funeral rites.
I don't know what you're going to do
or how you'll do it.
I'll be waiting for you in the court.
Wherever he is
it is your responsibility to bring him
to the High Court by 10:30 a.m.
I can stand the fact
that he lost the case.
But I can't bear the accusation
that he ran away.
The judge has arrived.
Ma'am, the judge has arrived.
Mr. Rajaram is not here yet,
I am afraid that something will go wrong.
Don't be afraid, he'll come.
He will bring him in time.
Brother! Get up, brother.
Every step you take would cost one life.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Hey, don't leave anyone. Come on.
Kill them.
Kill him.
Hello, lawyer. Are you waiting
for Rajaram?
Why waste your time?
Hello, ma'am.
The fugitives never come back.
Now save your brother
and the children, come.
How many times have you failed
my plans against your elder brother?
I sent people from Bihar
to your brother's house,
but you made them run for their lives.
I wanted to kill the whole family
while your elder brother was watching
during the yagna,
you came in between.
You don't know
where your death is coming from,
and I don't know how terrible it will be.
You challenged me
that you wouldn't let the smile disappear
from your family's faces,
and conducted the marriage that I stopped.
They are having the engagement
in two days.
Finally, I called Mukherjee
to kill Bailu Raju.
It's then that I found the weakest point
between you brothers.
Save him. Now, save him.
You've come to save your brother, right?
Who's going to save you now?
Vicky, you're right.
It is useless to preach about goodness
to the one who comes to deceive you,
likewise, it is useless to speak
of righteousness to the one
who comes to fight you.
How dare you try to kill children?
-My Lord.
Rajaram, who was afraid that
he would be punished has not come
to the court despite knowing that
this was the final hearing of the court.
He is trying to leave, not just the state,
but this country.
-He is--
Rajaram will not come. He ran away.
Report this breaking news.
My lord.
The lawyer seems to have forgotten
that the court needs evidence
and not the allegations.
We have proof, my lord.
All the evidence is here.
My name is Bailu Raju, sir.
I was the one who poured poison
into the food that went to the orphanage
because I was offered money by GK, sir.
Mr. Rajaram doesn't know anything, sir.
Take this as my dying declaration, sir.
Your Honor, my name is Mahesh.
I worked as a food scientist
at GK Food Company.
Every single product that comes
from that processing unit is adulterated.
Even the coloring agents used
in those food products are adulterated.
I made a report on all these and
sent the samples to the lab for testing,
but they manipulated the results.
They also threaten and control the labs.
They also threatened
to kill me and my family.
My Lord.
I'm not doing this to protect my property,
nor to increase my share value,
or to improve my brand image.
I am fighting this case
to fight for our health,
for our children, for the next generation.
I don't think so, Your Honor.
Mr. Rajaram and Mr. GK are competitors.
This is just about personal revenge!
What's personal, sir?
Is 100 children getting cancer
after eating GK Foods personal?
Or is it personal to question that?
Come to the dais
if you have something to say.
My lord, "What we eat is what we are."
The medicines
given to mothers to produce milk,
the biscuits, chocolates,
chocolate syrups,
the pizzas and burgers
that our children love to eat
Do you know how brazenly
they've been adulterating them all?!
Nature-identical flavored substances,
thickeners, preservatives,
and emulsifiers are printed
in small letters
along with their respective numbers
and sold openly, sir.
Due to eating this packaged food,
and fast food,
we have chemicals running
in our body instead of blood, sir.
Every company that plays with
people's lives must shut down!
They must fear
the consequences of adulteration.
The government must bring in
a law to enforce it, sir!
Otherwise, the youth of this country
will grow old before our eyes.
Don't give them free education
or free medical services.
Just give them unadulterated food,
and they will take care of the rest.
My Lord, these speeches
won't help anyone.
-Stop it.
-Our client--
What are you talking about, Prabhakar?
He's not just talking about himself,
it is about all of us, about our children,
about their future.
You win cases every day
and take the money home,
but if you win this case,
it's not the money that you take home,
it's the diseases.
I wish there was one person
like Mr. Rajaram in our assembly,
instead of our power-hungry leaders.
The court finds Mr. GK guilty.
We direct the police to ban GK Foods
and confiscate all their products.
We are acquitting Rajaram,
who has been falsely accused in this case.
-Why are you serving me, brother?
-It's okay, let me serve you.
That day, I sent you away while you were
having your food.
Let me make up for that pain
at least a little bit.
Brother-in-law, sit down, I'll do it.
-Sit down.
Vicky, this is for you.
-You must finish it all.
Is your brother-in-law going to eat it all
or will you serve your brother as well?
Hey, he's not my brother-in-law,
he's my son.
Then serve him the whole thing.
I'll help myself.
Please take a little.
She will never refuse to serve food
to her husband.
-The pickle is all I get!
-He likes it.
"Good relationships and clean food
are essential for a good life."