Ramarao On Duty (2022) Movie Script

'Can't they love? The commissioner's
daughter won't have a husband?'
'I should have a smile on my face and
my hand should be on my moustache.'
'I am Chanti, a localite,
who will always be here.'
"Sri Lakshmi Venkateshwara."
What happened?
What are you doing there?
Are you not able to sleep?
The hand of the body has
come out due to rain.
I'll go and check that.
You go back to sleep.
Oh, is it?
Can't you check that in the morning?
We must bury it before anyone sees it.
We should be very cautious.
- Okay.
-You go to sleep!
Long live, our leader!
- Long live, our leader!
Long live, our leader!
- Long live, our leader!
Long live, our leader!
- What is this fuss, sir?
Long live, our leader!
- Long live, our leader!
Hey, stop... stop... stop it.
- Long live, our leader!
What about you?
What is this, sir?
He is not there anymore.
- Actually, he is...
You speak as if you are a descendant
of Raja Satya Harishchandra.
The entire office overlooked
us even when we were in power
because you had the backing
of Ramarao, didn't you?
That's why I made him transfer from
here and replaced you as in-charge,
not to listen to your boogie stories.
to clear all our
pending files and NOCs.
Sir, he is yet to be relieved
due to all the cases
charged against him
by people like you.
First of all, sir, don't talk about
Ramarao sir in a disrespectful manner.
I won't accept that.
So what? Who cares
By the way, why have you
switched sides towards him?
That whoever works with Ramarao
turns into an honest man, is it?
Leave all this.
I want all my files cleared right now.
If not, I've come prepared to burn
you and your office down to ash.
- What is this, sir?
- Hey, pour some petrol on him.
Hey, pour petrol on him
and set him on fire
No... please sir no.
Now, our work will be done
Whenever my left eye twitches,
I've suffered terrible consequences.
Something is going to happen.
What happened?
What happened?
I don't care who you are or
which party you belong to.
Whoever it is,
just because you are in power
if you come here with
a plan to dig the mountains,
fill up the lakes, grab the lands,
or any such irregularities
Hey, put out the fire, quickly.
I've read all the reports
regarding Ramarao's case.
But, I want to hear
the summary from you
Of course, your Honour.
After tracking all his activities,
his expenditures,
and the files that he processed
we have come to the conclusion that,
in simple words,
Mr Ramarao is highly
controversial in his deeds
but very calculative in his moves.
With your permission,
I would like to start with
Indo-Japanese power project case
While I am still in
service as a Collector...
To lay the foundation stone
for the nuclear power plant
that our Indian government
is going to build,
makes me feel delighted
and a little proud too.
Although the acquisition of 3200 acres
of land by our State government...
is the key factor to this achievement
but the brilliance and indulgence of
the Special Collector, Mr. Ramarao,
deserves all the credit,
is what I truly believe.
This agreement should be terminated
immediately (Sloganeering)
Mr. Haruki Hayato
Sir, as a token of appreciation to Mr.
Ramarao, please felicitate him.
Please, sir.
I asked you to write me a short speech
but instead you used
the opportunity to show off
your language proficiency, didn't you?
Do not sign the MoUs.
Sir. Sir
What happened?
The farmers found
that company officials
entered through the back gate.
They are trying to barge in
by breaking the barricades.
Listen, although the company
officials have protection,
still, according to the
rules inform the SP.
- Ramarao... come
-Yes, sir.
come on.. Throw stones
I won't let you sign
the MoUs at any cost.
come on.. Throw stones
- Come in...
-Sir, come in.
Take him in.. Go in
Don't spare anyone.
Hey, Ramarao!
Why are you creating havoc
after you have been
paid the full amount
for the acquisition?
Do you think you are a revolutionist?
Yes, this is a revolt.
Every day in a farmer's
life is a revolution...
and people like you get to eat
the outcome of that revolution...
and yet suppress
us with your hegemony.
What? Why are you harping so much?
Everything is done with due
diligence. Now, get out of here.
Get out.
What happened... so many people here?
Why are there so many people?
This is going to turn out to be
much bigger chaos than expected
Our people are not
able to control them,
let us inform our MLA. Come, let's go.
Look, Ramarao.
All the hard work seems
to be going in vain.
Orders were received from superiors to
solve the problem before it escalates.
Look at the bandage on your
head and bruises on my body.
Do you think the problem
has not escalated yet?
The only solution is to arrest
them all and continue our work.
They are not farmers, sir.
They are goons!
What are you staring at?
Ramarao, you are complicating
the problem further. Leave him.
If this protest gains traction and
gets featured in National media
then this venture would be halted
for an indeterminate period.
That is why the Central minister is
stepping in to push for compromise.
Our high command has an
indirect share in this project.
If this agreement is not signed today,
I will be sidelined by the party.
Sir. They are here, creating havoc
at the last minute, to blackmail us.
Ramarao, we bought the land at Rs.
7000 to 8000 per acre
but the amount mentioned in
the MoU is Rs. 40000 per acre.
That means, without investing a penny,
the Benamis of Delhi
high command gets 20%
and our State government
gets 30% share.
That's why we are contemplating
about settling this issue...
by giving more money to the farmers,
some officially and some unofficially.
You go home.
I'll talk with the farmers.
They will get more
aggressive in your presence.
Go home, Ramarao.
That day,
Ramarao was abruptly sent home
and the MoU was signed
after settling the issue
with the farmers by paying
them Rs. 20000 more per acre.
After a few days,
MLA Satyanarayana got
suspicious about Rama Rao.
A case has been filed against
Ramarao for instigation
of protest by leaking
the confidential rates...
mentioned in the MoU to the farmers
and thus encouraging them to revolt.
There is another case
filed against him...
for taking commission
of the 7 crores extra
that was paid to the farmers.
Mr. Ramarao,
before pronouncing the judgement,
do you want to say
something to the court?
Thank you for asking, your Honour.
If I've done something wrong
they must have presented it to be
ten times grave than what it is.
But if I've done something good then
they hide that good in their heart.
There is nothing more that
I wish to say, your honour.
Since 3 out of the 17 cases
filed against
the accused were very complicated,
And due to that reason, the court
constituted the fact-finding
And the court directed the committee
to state the facts of these cases...
and pass a common order in
respect of all the cases.
Considering the reports
submitted by the committee
and after analysing
all the rest of the cases,
the court declares that none
of the allegations charged
against Sub-Collector,
Mr. Ramarao holds ground
On a personal note,
It looks like Mr. Ramarao
has religiously
followed the 'oath of allegiance'....
that every government employee
takes on the day of his induction.
Understanding that authority is
responsibilities coupled with service,
although some of his
deeds are beyond his duty
but yet they fall under
the legal obligations,
hence the court has decided to squash
all the allegations
charged against him.
Hey, Ramarao. Look here.
You can escape from the judiciary
but you can't escape me.
I will see your end.
Why is he laughing?
What does that mean?
Your memory is too fickle.
His smile has many meanings
And his actions have a
millions of meaning.
If the great intellect
Chanakya and a warrior
are forged into one to
form a human being,
the result will be Ramarao!
"Hes a Master or a Servant?"
"Or the king of the Crowd."
"Hes not easy to crush."
"Leader of the pack."
"Sincere though devious,
his soul so brave and pure."
"Does he obey? Does he violate?"
"One shall never know."
"Dodging the duties
don't go well with him."
"King of the crowd."
"Leader of the pack."
"Gunshots of fire and
the country is his mother."
"And now like him no other."
"Hes never never never gonna tire."
"Law oppresses that
tricks the crowd."
"But the rich are free from it all."
"For him it is equality,
his nation above it all"
"Hes not just a rebel.
He is son of the land."
"Playing with fire."
Who is this slick?
"Dodging the duties
don't go well with him."
'He is king of the crowd."
"He's the leader, leader,
leader of the pack."
What is this, Uncle? You have
very little luggage to carry!
I thought since it is just
for two to three days
So, he has sent the remaining
luggage to our hometown.
We shall stay with you
for just another 2 days.
Anyways, we are worried about
the condition of our house.
You are not going anywhere, Uncle.
There is a vacant house
behind our home,
I have asked my father to
talk to the owners.
You are coming with us
and from now on, you too are
the residents of Gummasamudram.
Henceforth, we shall stay together.
I don't know how to thank you.
We couldn't have stayed
away from you both.
Hey, little one!
Come, let's buy some gifts
for your grandpa and grandma.
- We'll be right back, son.
- Come, hurry up!
Are you busy packing your stuff?
Sir, come in. Come, sit.
I'll get some coffee for you.
Put some poison in it too, dear.
Having poison is far better
than bearing the twists
that your husband throws at me.
Go and get a cup of coffee,
without poison.
Come, sir. Come, sit.
I had a doubt.
It got clarified very recently.
So, all those riots and havoc were
completely pre-planned, was it?
What you saw from the inside was far
from what happened on the outside!
Get them! I won't let them
sign the MoUs at any cost.
By the time I got the
situation under control,
the henchmen of the MLA who were
in disguise as the security
personnel of the company
officials got a little excited.
How do you expect me to hold
myself back if a farmer is hurt?
Our government won't
spare a penny for
us if we ask them to
solve our problems,
but if we demand compensation
for the damage
they caused, they'll shower
currency notes upon us.
That's why!
I have seen people taking
bribes to do their work.
I have seen people taking
bribes for not doing some work.
But for the first time,
I am looking at someone risk his job
and life to do service to the public.
Really, I am proud of you Ramarao.
Sorry, I think I came
at the wrong time.
No, you came at the right time.
Your husband is a firebrand.
He spreads light without
causing any noise.
Let him shine even in his hometown.
Your husband has idiopathic insomnia,
that is, he won't fall asleep
until he has
completed the work that
he has taken up.
Don't try to make him fall asleep.
The public requires him to be awake.
I'm sorry,
I couldn't stop the transfer.
I'm going to miss a
revolutionary officer.
Come, dear.
- Come, my dear.
- How are you? How are you doing?
All the evil eyes
My crazy mom!
All the negative energy
Let everything be warded off you!
Anant, break this so that all negative
aura captured in this is chased away.
- Okay, I shall do it, ma'am.
Come in...
- Uncle, Aunty, let's go.
-Come in.
Ramarao, I and your father
are childhood friends.
Prasad Rao, I'm saying this as I
have the opportunity to say...
do you know how beneficial
it is for our people that
your son has been transferred
here as an officer?
Keep quiet, man.
Don't hero-worship him.
- Uncle, tea!
-Give it to them.
- Brother, tea!
-Ananth, how are you?
Tea, sir?
Enjoy your tea
- Will you have some tea?
Ramarao will join the
duty after the festival.
Publish the news in your paper such
that everyone is aware of his arrival.
One more thing, on the day
of the Kanuma festival,
we are sacrificing the lamb to
serve full meals for the people.
How many are going down?
Hey, Anant!
Are you short of money or what?
Had you called Seenayya
from the mutton shop,
he would have done the job for you!
Do you think I can't do it?
Didn't I cut off three
heads with ease now?
- Hello, dear. How are you?
-I'm good, sir.
What is this? You have already taken
the offerings but now asking for more?
Give him, the old man must be hungry.
Okay, take it.
Hi Prashant!
Ananth, your Aunt and our in-laws
must be still engaged in
their household chores.
Go and get them.
I have to clear the payment of
the cooks, later I'll go and get them.
- Give, give. What is this?
- Always talking about money
He still nothing has changed
I'll take your leave. Bye.
Why are you all being so stubborn?
Don't you know about CI sir?
If he finds it out,
he will shoot you down.
- Sir.
This time, we can't come, sir.
If you force us, you will have
to face the consequences.
How dare you raise your voice!
Why police are beating them?
What is happening over there?
Will you come or not?
What happened, sir?
Why are beating them?
Why should we tell you?
get away from here
Then, tell me.
I'm the newly appointed
deputy collector
and also the MRO of this zone.
You tell me,
why are the police beating you?
This is not new for us, sir.
Whenever there is a festival their CI,
instructs them to catch hold of
4-5 people from our community
and force us to hunt
and then cook for them.
They make us work hard
for the whole day
and at the end of the day,
we aren't paid a single penny.
You tell me, sir; don't we the right
to celebrate festivals as well?
Look, they won't come along with you.
You may go.
Or else, I would have to take
action against all four of you.
- Come. Let's inform CI sir.
-Thank you, sir.
- Careful. Go now.
-Come, let's go.
I was working in the port, sir.
The port
Enough! don't repeat the same thing.
It's not a big deal for me
That is not some pocket-size matchbox
that one can hide it from plain sight,
the consignment consists of 450
tons of product in huge containers.
It is not so easy to hide
it from my eagle eyes!
Sir, those guys
Enough! Please!
A wise man is speaking here,
have some manners.
Go tell your boss, I'll let
him know when I find the mall.
- Go.
-Okay, sir.
You tell...
Sir, while we were trying
to get those guys,
someone threatened
to take action against us.
What are you doing?
I'm doing my RMP practice, brother.
How is it going?
It has been good, brother.
On top of that,
I provide medical services.
Okay then.
Okay, brother.
If I have any work with you,
I'll take some time out and meet you.
Hey! Who was that?
Who threatened to take
action against us?
Instead, of beating the shit out
of him, you came running to me, is it?
Go and search for him. Get him here.
We don't have to look for him, sir.
He is coming here itself.
There, sir.
Who are you, man?
What are you staring at?
Why did you stop my men from
taking away those criminals?
Don't you know that
obstructing the police
from doing their duty
is a crime in itself?
- You know that.
-I know.
Police officers like you
don't arrest criminals
when they have committed a crime,
instead, you'd arrest them at your
leisure for your personal work.
What are you talking about?
Where are you from?
I'm not here to listen
to your preachings.
Didn't you warn them of taking action?
What action are you going to take?
If you are Deputy Collector and MRO,
sit in your office
and do your mundane work
of signing and stamping the documents,
do not interfere with
the Police department.
Look, I'm not among those officers who
keep themselves confined to the office
by signing the certificates
and distributing ration cards.
As an executive magistrate of the
sub-division of this district,
I am responsible
for operating preventive
sections of the code
of criminal procedures.
By the way, in this specific incident,
I clearly observed a violation
of fundamental rights,
which is a crime.
And since the crime was committed
by the police, all of you
will have to appear and explain
your stand in my office
If you extend this issue any further.
Isn't he an MRO?
Then how can he call you to
his office to answer him?
Are we answerable to an MRO, sir?
How would I know?
But by the way and swag with which
he told it seems he must be right.
- Hey
He has successfully cancelled our
recording dance program for this year.
The girl that has been hired for
this time's recording dance
will make you all blush red.
Get up.
If I enter the garden...
the flowers grind their
teeth out of jealousy.
- And when I write my name
-What happens?
When I write my name,
the paper loses its consciousness.
Is it?
Is your name that intoxicating?
What is your name, lassie?
'See' stands for Seekakulam...
and 'Sa' stands for Sarangi.
My name is Seesa.
My name is Seesa.
My name is Seesa.
My name is Seesa.
My name is Seesa.
For some, I am a bottle of honey.
For some, I am a bottle of wine.
For some, I am a bottle of spices.
For some, I am a bottle of juices.
But irrespective of that, I would
take everyone on a trip to heaven.
My name is Seesa.
My name is Seesa.
My name is Seesa.
My name is Seesa.
I can kiss you without touching you.
I can hug you without holding on.
I can make you break a sweat
without coming close to you.
I will make you feel like
heaven without my presence
I will stay where I am!
I will stay still where I am,
yet I would make each part
of you jump out of excitement.
How? How? How?
I will stay still where I am,
yet I would make
each part of you jump
out of excitement.
Only my photo is enough!
Only my photo is enough
to satiate your desires!
My name is Seesa.
My name is Seesa.
My name is Seesa.
My name is Seesa.
Rama Rao, I missed your
village dance program
when I went to my in-laws
home last time.
What happened to Raghav?
Why did you grow a beard?
As I am on leave for a month now,
I've been too lazy to shave.
I'll shave it next week when
I leave for the office.
What about you, door-darshan?
If not for the festival, it seems you
are not to be found in the village?
You are a free bird, Raghav.
You may speak whatever you want.
You have a state government job that
will pay you even if you sit idly.
Our situation is
not like before, dude.
Many private channels have
emerged in the market.
If we won't work hard for the entire
month, it is difficult to sustain.
no matter how hard you work,
you can't sustain yourself anyways.
Many private channels like Gemini and
Etv have made their way into towns,
now their next
destination is villages.
Dear, Saleem. Same is in your case.
Cell Phone technology!
Is developing at a rapid pace.
All your landlines are going
to vanish in the near future.
That's why we will work hard and
make our department sustainable.
All the childhood friends
are having a get-together,
Ramarao, do you feel restrained after
being transferred to your hometown?
There are no problems that
require your intervention,
nor there is any work to do.
When are you joining?
He is going to be a
busy man from tomorrow.
I don't know the timing
of the new officer
but the old one used to come
at 11 am and leave at 1 pm sharp.
It was so comfortable for us.
Hey Garjana, what are you doing there?
Sir has already arrived.
- He is meeting everyone. Come fast.
- Sir has arrived already.
Sir has arrived.
I'm coming, coming.
Hello, sir.
My name is Garjana Shyam Swaroop, sir.
I work here as an attender.
Why do you strain yourself, sir?
I will send them out Meanwhile,
you can sit in that seat, sir.
I'm giving 15 minutes to you.
The entire staff should assemble here.
- Is everyone present?
-Yes, sir.
I'm going to tell you two things.
One, I should not find a heap of files
and a crowd of people in
the office where I'm in charge.
The thing that should be there is
the thought that I am underpaid.
That means, the feeling of working
more than what you are being paid for.
Two, doing only those jobs
which have additional
income like tinkering
in the revenue files
giving NOCs to stone query,
mining of hills,
or sand mining, giving
certificates for birth, death,
and nativity,
property tax collections,
and clearance of assets,
is not enough.
Stop scratching your head
and adjusting your pants.
Remember, we are both the boss
and the servant of almost
all the sections mentioned
in our constitution.
Any questions.
Only those who believe
they can be prompt
to both these conditions
are allowed inside.
The rest of you can apply for No-pay
leave and try for transfer. Okay?
There is no privacy and
no protocol in my office.
I should be able to see your work and
you should be able to see my work.
Only progress that matters.
his application has been
pending for a long time.
He is a tenant farmer.
He has applied for work in the 2
acres of government-owned wasteland.
But he belongs to the upper caste.
He was clearly told that we can't give
him that land to work
but he is still roaming up
and down this office.
Even now, he has been torturing me
to allow a chance to speak to you.
If a farmer's hands are
not stained with mud,
our hands won't have food to hold.
Write his name in the 13th
column and get the file,
I'll sign it.
The government will file a case,
by the time the court gives
its judgement I'll be retired.
And meanwhile,
he can continue farming.
Sir, I wished to own at least one
cent of land before my death.
Now only because of you
has my wish fulfilled.
I'll harvest jewels in the land that
you gave, sir. I'll harvest jewels!
Okay, okay. Come along
with me now. Come.
Can one person do so much work?
He has made us complete the work that
was pending for the last few years
in a matter of just a few weeks.
He is great, sir.
Before him,
there would have been
a queue of 50-60 people
still waiting at 6 pm while
it was office closing time.
But now, we still have
half an hour to go
but there are just
hardly 2 or 3 people.
He has done some magic, sir.
Some tremendous magic it must be
We have worked under many people but
with time, we have forgotten everyone.
But under him, we have
forgotten the passage of time.
He will be remembered forever.
- Ananth!
After your shopping in the town,
don't come to my office
and disturb me on the pretext of
Aunt and your sister-in-law.
Okay, brother. Spare me for once.
Brother, look at him.
Look, how he is walking in
the middle of the road.
Hey, Ananth! Ananth!
Hey, old man!
If you shut your ears, how will you
know what's coming from behind you?
If a vehicle from behind rams into
you, you are going to be a gone case.
Why did you get so hyper? Why did you
hit that old man? -Hey, go from here.
- Hey, Get lost
-Shut up.
Not knowing that this would
be such a difficult task,
I agreed to it only because
I thought you'd solve it.
A fool will do foolish things
but with utmost enthusiasm.
Similarly, you go into the forest
and come back empty-handed
and then repeat the same
thing the next time.
Absolutely useless!
Sir, I think the 'maal' has been
exported from an alternative route.
No. Not at all.
The 'maal' has not been exported
and I got this information
from the Don himself who
receives the exported 'maal'.
Just because you
couldn't trace the 'maal',
don't create a fanatical story that
'maal' has left the country.
Then sir, shall we assign
another 5 teams
to indulge in combing operations?
In that case, there is a higher
possibility of finding the 'maal'.
Take your relatives as well.
What a dumbass you are!
The search operation must happen
with utmost confidentiality.
It is very dangerous if the government
finds even a small clue about this.
Finding hundreds of crores
worth of red sandalwood
at once will send jitters
across the country.
Moreover, its security
will be beefed up.
If any of these two happens,
they will kill me.
Maintain low-key profile searching.
- But increase your pace a bit.
-Okay, sir.
- Good morning, sir.
- Morning.
- Malini.
-Good morning, sir.
This is Malini too. Malini again.
This is Malini too...
What is this?
Her name is Malini, sir. She
is from the village Thimmasamudram.
She has applied for a change
of the heir for her assets
We rejected it.
As a protest, she keeps
writing letters to us.
She belonged to a once
aristocratic family.
What is this, sir?
It's been so many years
since I last saw you!
But you are still the same.
Come, sit.
That's okay, I'll sit here.
What is your name, dear?
Just a minute... I'll come again
Are you going to school?
Good girl.
Take it, Rama.
Tell me, when did you
come to the village?
You have a son, right?
How is he?
What happened?
Why aren't you speaking?
What happened?
Rama, go and play.
This is one amongst the many
turns that my life took.
My husband's name is Surendra.
He was working with my Dad taking
contract work in the North.
He was very close to my dad
even before my marriage.
After the death of my parents,
we settled here.
Due to the risks involved in contracts
we faced heavy losses,
and along came a lot of hardships.
He left home to meet one of
his friends named Varma
who was about to start
a new business venture.
But he never came back.
I have cried so much that my
tears have dried up by now.
But, how did you get them?
Recently, I got transferred
here as a Deputy collector.
Is it?
Is there anyone else in the house?
While he was searching for my husband
my father-in-law died in
an unfortunate accident.
As if this was not enough,
people who would come here
to casually meet Surendra
have now started to come only
to threaten me for their money.
I am fed up with roaming around police
stations, lawyers, and your office.
That's why I started to
write a letter every day.
It is not going to solve anything
but by expressing my protest,
at least, I would find some solace
amidst my hardships is what I believe.
This will solve your problem.
These letters have brought me here
and from here on this
is my responsibility.
It is because of you
that I lost my love.
It's been 7 years since Rama,
suppressing the pain within him,
left me with a smiling face.
Now that I am in a hopeless situation,
he came looking for me
and provided me with assurance.
This is making me nostalgic.
Ramarao, hearing this
name itself fills me up
with confidence that
I am protected by divine power.
The girls of my school lived
like wild lionesses
as Ramarao was the SPL of our school.
Do you want to be hurt?
- Come on, hit me.
Let's go.
I felt some unknown connection
with Rama from the day I saw him.
Ananth, why are you killing the ants?
Sir has already started
the class, get in.
As time passed,
in my head, we became us.
What is Hindi language?
National language.
National language.
It is okay if you don't know Telugu
but if you don't know Hindi,
you will be deemed
useless in this society.
Sir, learning a other language along
with our mother tongue is not wrong
but looking down upon our
mother tongue is very wrong.
Hindi is not our
national language, sir.
It is an official language.
Ramarao's style and perspective
regarding every topic were unique.
As days passed, we started to
fall in love with each other.
Two buses have already left,
if you won't leave me still,
even the last bus will leave.
Is it?
I accepted the fact that you like
government jobs as much as me.
And for that, post your graduation,
you have spent the last 4 years on
the job training in the town away
from me, yet I've been patient.
I can't anymore.
Please get a job
soon and tie the knot.
Please marry me, Rama.
Test and interviews will
be over by next month,
and afterwards, I'll act
as per your say. Okay?
When will you be back?
Next month, 25th.
My brain is swirling
and twirling around.
The moon followed my
footsteps stealthily.
The world echoes like the
waves of nightingales.
My heartbeat sounds like
ushering your name.
I'm laughing in different
languages. Girl,
you made this heart tremble
and pulled it towards you.
The sky is pouring out colours and
clouds are swollen due to the burden.
The breeze spreads across
the scent of weed.
The inebriety of your kiss
is stronger than that weed.
My brain is swirling
and twirling around.
The moon followed my
footsteps stealthily.
You doused my burning
lips with your kiss
such that the bird of love
landed in the nest of my heart.
Lord Rama!
It means that you will get
married to someone like Lord Rama
The world echoes like the
waves of nightingales.
A strange love between a rock
and the mirror has unfolded.
When the mirror hit the rock,
the rock exploded into pieces.
Am I in hell or heaven? I'm flying
high after falling in love with you.
My darling and sweetheart,
I would love only you.
Will you be my better half
for the rest of my life?
My brain is swirling
and twirling around.
The moon followed my
footsteps stealthily.
You doused my burning lips
with your kiss such
that the bird of love landed
in the nest of my heart.
The world echoes like the
waves of nightingales.
My heartbeat sounds like
ushering your name.
I'm laughing in different languages.
Girl, you made this heart tremble
and pulled it towards you.
I've had many dreams about my marriage
with Rama and the life after that.
We were each other's pillar of support
in every adversary that came our way.
As expected, Ram secured a job.
While I was lost in the ecstasy that
there will be no obstacle
in our marriage...
and everything is
happening as per plan
This way, go this way
- Where?
-Towards the priest's home.
I have some work there.
Come, let's get that done.
- Hello, sir.
Hello. Uncle
- Uncle
-Ramarao, how are you?
I'm doing good, aunty.
Please sit down
The boy's family has arrived.
Get the girl here
She is my only daughter,
her name is Nandini.
What is this, dad? Who is this girl?
Don't you know about Malini?
That's why I have called them.
Malini is married.
What? How can she get married, dad?
I don't know the reason.
But we could not anticipate
how you would react
to the news of Malini
and we were depressed.
As a father, it is my responsibility
to search for an able partner for you.
Further, it is your decision.
No, dad.
Give me some time and then
the decision is yours.
I know that you would have
never agreed to this marriage
for any selfish reasons.
There must be a strong
reason behind it.
You don't have to hang
your head, Malini.
Love is something related
to only both of us
but marriage involves
both our families.
Regarding our love life,
any one of us can take a decision.
But regarding our marriage, the
whole family comes into the equation.
I didn't ask you to
come to question you.
I just wanted to see you as it had
been many days since I last saw you.
Malini, look at me once.
All these days, I was suffering,
not knowing what answer I should give
to you for getting married to
someone else without intimating you.
But you lifted that weight
off my heart
like one would put a baby
down on the ground.
When my father came home that
day after fixing my marriage
to his partners' son,
the happiness I saw on his
face was not seen ever before.
The only thing that I had to do
to stop that marriage
was to take your name.
But I couldn't take your name as
I didn't want you to be the reason
for him betraying his promise.
That's it.
The marriage happened.
She was supposed to
be our daughter-in-law.
But destiny had other plans.
Didn't you ask if she
needed any monetary help?
She would kill me if I
talk about money, dad.
But she did apply for the
transfer of assets, didn't she?
Can't you sanction that?
If gets the authority
over the property,
she could at least solve
some of her problems.
No. This seems like
a simple application
but legally this is a huge hassle.
The property of the missing
people can't be
touched for 7 years
of the missing period.
Only after that can we apply
Evidence act, 107 and 108,
under presumption of death,
can we transfer the title
deeds of the property.
Okay. Do whatever the best you can.
You are just repeating the same
old stale story since six months!
Sir, we might find some clues if
we search in 15-20 more villages.
You are roaming around the villages
on the pretext of investigation
but haven't gathered any
information about the freight.
Tell me if you are
incapable of doing it,
and I'll apply for leave
and roam around in mufti.
No, sir. Soon I'll complete the work
and provide you with
all the relevant information.
Believe me, sir.
Okay. Let's see. You may go.
Okay, sir.
Why has Mr. Magistrate come
this way? How may I help him?
This is the missing case.
Lady, are you Malini?
The one who keeps writing
letters all the time?
I haven't found any lead in this case,
shall let you know if I find anything.
You may go.
It has been more than a year
since the complaint
has been brought to your notice.
It seems the FIR is yet
to be filed, isn't it?
Go and complain the jurisdiction
where that person went missing.
They will file the FIR.
It is your responsibility to file an
FIR irrespective of the jurisdiction.
Okay, you didn't file the FIR.
What is the progress that you
have made so far in this case?
Hello. What are you asking me about?
Progress and attendance?
I don't answer to my senior officials
and this man has come like a
Let's imagine we haven't
made any progress yet.
No, let's just imagine.
The missing person's wife
and his relatives must
have searched for him, no?
What progress did they make?
People are always on their toes
to blame the police department...
just because we are always
available for service.
By the way, why do you have a
special interest in this case?
Sorry madam, don't think otherwise.
I'm not here to plead along with
her for appropriate action.
As a subdivision Magistrate,
I've come to enquire about a person
missing from my area of jurisdiction.
Hey, Satti! Come here
Make someone file a cheating case
against a man named Surendra
who has debts all over the villages.
Okay sir.
Close the case by filing a report that
he has willingly
disappeared from the village.
If I keep answering every
Tom, Dick andHarry,
even 48hrs a day is not enough.
You may leave, we are not
serving free food over here.
What a puny life!
I am answerable to every Tom,
Dick, and Harry, it seems!
The overaction that
he did in Srikakulam
has resulted in his demotion from a
Sub-Collector to a temporary post.
He was enquiring as if he is the
home minister of the country.
He thinks we have no work to do and
are being idle the entire time.
Why did you come again?
Since you were about to file a
wrong case to close his case,
I've personally come to prove that
it is not a cheating case
but a missing case.
Then I will make you investigate
this case officially.
After you took charge of this station,
there have been two
lock-up deaths so far.
On the pretext of enquiry,
I'll make you climb the stairs of
my office every day three times
and then make you sit at home
for the next three years.
Is it?
- Yes.
Guys, look if that
man is still around.
He has gone, sir.
I can't take it anymore.
Who is he?
He has been giving nightmares only
through the rules in our constitution.
He is Varma.
Look, the gift box he has been holding
has the name, Varma, inscribed on it.
We must gather his address.
If Surendra approached Varm
for some help in his business
then Varma too must be a businessman.
Okay. Get the old calendars and
diaries that you have at home.
is Mr. Varma available at home?
My father is not here.
Are you his friend?
Who are you?
What do you want?
That means the person you
are looking for, Surendra,
had left home saying
he is going to meet Varma
and since then he has been missing.
Am I right?
That too, a year ago
You came this far unnecessarily, my
son has gone to Dubai a long time ago.
By the way, my son has no
friend named Surendra.
What is this?
Is he not your son?
The groom standing
beside him is Surendra.
- Without being friends, did he
-Maybe they are
So what?
You are hiding something?
Yes, I am! So what?
Leave from here.
What are you looking at, dear?
Come, let's go in.
Okay, I'll let you know
after the enquiry.
- Hello, sir.
This contains the details
that you had asked for, sir!
Give me two minutes.
Come here...
What is this? Why are you writing
all the details with two hands?
Wait, I'll tell you.
Okay, Raghava. Call anyone amongst
them on whom you have the most trust.
- Sridhar?
Sir, as you identified,
our check post entry shows the passing
of 10-11 containers
of granite through it.
Generally, there is a mystery around
the containers carrying
granite to Mangalore.
Aunty, didn't you ask for
cow milk? Here, take it.
Ananth, it is very hot.
Come, let's eat together.
No, brother. I'm getting late.
You are a lucky man,
you have some property to rely on
and have a nice job in your hand.
Someday when I settle down, I'll chill
out like you and eat peacefully.
I'll take your leave.
What is the connection between
tiffins and settling down?
There is, brother. There is!
Why are you upset, dad?
I'm not liking what you are doing!
You haven't been home for one week.
Is searching for Surendra more
important than attending the office?
This is office work too.
If nobody shows interest how
will the case move forward?
Let it not move at all.
Do you have to leave everything
aside to help just one person?
If you don't mind,
shall I say something?
Your actions are always intended
to help all the people around you.
But this time, since you
are wandering from place
to place just for one person,
the same people who praised
you would bad-mouth you.
Your father hasn't slept for
the last four days, son.
Even my daughter has
been concerned for you.
Mahalakshmi, do you
want to say something?
Contrary to what all of you believe,
I was not wandering around just
for Malini's husband Surendra.
It's not the case
of one missing person,
almost 20 people have gone missing,
maybe more than that.
We went searching for Surendra
and found Varma missing,
we went searching for Varma and
found his assistant Raja missing,
and while searching for Raja we
found Venkat to be missing too.
I have a huge list
of names that follow.
I have seen the worn-out
eyes of the parents...
who are still waiting
for their sons not
knowing whether
he will come back or not,
I have seen the siblings
who left their studies to fill in
the shoes of their elder brother,
to feed their families.
I met a lady who is down to selling
her flesh for her children's sake.
My son is my only support.
He lost his leg while
searching for my son.
Not only that,
I have strong evidence
which suggests that
the reason for the missing
of these 20-25
people could be the 'plague' that
our district is infected with,
'the smuggling of
red sandalwood trees'.
That is why I have been
busy for the past few days.
I have not been home for just one week
and you all have started complaining
but just imagine the plight of the
families who have not seen their...
loved ones for the past few months.
A wife is looking for her husband;
Parents are waiting for their son
and a son or daughter are looking
for their father for
the past several months.
I am doing this for them.
I am submitting all
the details to the police,
they will look after this issue.
I won't be involved in
this anymore, okay?
I am leaving.
It was not for you, it was for my son.
- Morning Sir
-Ya. Morning, morning.
How did you connect these
two events, Mr. Ramarao!
I understand that it is your ploy
to paint an ordinary issue with...
the colours of red
sandalwood smuggling
so that I will take it
seriously henceforth.
Did you get this thought by
looking at these plants?
I may not match your
intellectuality but I am sharp too.
This is not my ploy. This is a fact.
Which fact?
The checkpost register that you
mention clearly states it as granite...
then how can you
call it red sandalwood?
There is no granite in Tirupati.
Granite is available only
in Prakasam district.
They export their granite
through Madras port.
But Peeleru checkpost has the
entry of trucks related to Varma.
That means, they were
headed to Mangalore port.
So, the men that left from here
to Mangalore have not returned.
Okay, agreed.
But what is the connection
between Surendra's missing
and the entries of these containers?
Do you imply that Surendra
was involved in the smuggling
along with Varma?
Isn't that a crime?
In that case, the rest of the
group should also be missing...
then why have their
families stayed mum?
No such missing complaints
have come to my notice.
Do you have their addresses?
Sorry, sir. I don't
have any more details.
I said I'll prove it to you that it's
not a cheating case
but a missing case.
And, I did.
If you want an official memo,
I can send that too.
No need.
I don't need your memo or demo.
I'll seriously consider
your missing case.
It's not a good sign that the
freight has come to his notice.
Oh no!
The law demands
several responsibilities
from you towards the government
but you are not
supposed to follow them.
There are few standard
you must fulfil only
those selected few.
if you decide to take up all those
responsibilities on your shoulders...
and work towards the upliftment
of this society
then such accidents
are bound to happen
and you are bound
to lose a leg or two.
Anyway, it is none of my concern.
I'll honestly write a report saying
you have caused this accident.
Since you directly
caused the accident,
we have no other choice than
to take action against you.
In this enquiry committee...
I propose six months of
suspension for Ramarao.
What do you say SP sir?
Sir, if you don't mind,
I have a humble submission.
I feel six months of suspension
is a tad bit harsh on him.
It was an unintentional accident.
Moreover, he helped the people also.
So, I propose 3 months of suspension
and I request you to consider that
I'm okay with this.
Thank you, sir.
Better be safe than sorry
next time, Mr. Ramarao.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you all for arriving
here as soon as I called you.
There is a strong reason
for which I've called you.
After my transfer to this village
During his father's era,
the older Verma was our member.
He is not our member at all.
You may leave.
How would we know
about a 'maal' driver?
What is maal?
It could mean anything.
I don't know the details.
maal means red sandalwood.
Then I got to know that there is
a connection between 'maal'
and missing people.
Bro, all these missing people might
be in Karnataka police's custody.
Did you check with them?
Saleem, nobody from that list
is in any police custody.
We have checked that already.
That's why I started
searching for the root cause.
The first time I went to Tirupati,
I visited the Seshachalam forest
and other places to collect
information on red sandalwood.
There are five layers in the
complete smuggling network.
Number one, woodcutters.
They are poor labourers.
They come here from a small
place called Jauvadumalai
situated near Tiruvannamalai
in Tamil Nadu.
Second, loaders,
the locals from the Sheshachalam.
They transfer the wood
to a secret location.
Keepers - they are locals too.
They maintain the wood hidden in that
secret location for several days.
Red sandalwood wood's
nature is such that
even a small block of the wood
would submerge in water
but these people safeguard it
by hiding it under lakes
and ponds for months together.
Fourth, transporters, like Varma.
They transport the goods from
the secret location to the port.
Fifth, the exporters.
They export the red sandalwood
under their company's name
but by stating them to be granite,
food, or tobacco.
The biggest mystery now is
the disappearance of transporters
who work without much risk.
There is a kingpin
beyond these 5 layers.
In local slang, he is called the Don.
Since this time,
12 containers carrying
red sandalwood have gone missing,
I suspect their men also must
be searching for the 'maal'.
To help me crack this case,
give me all the information you know
and do whatever you can.
As you all know,
I work in Mysore Doordarshan.
I have the information about
Mangalore port agents.
We gathered this information
when we did a documentary
on red sandalwood smuggling.
Do you have any contacts?
I'll make a call to
Mysore tomorrow itself
and get the contacts
from my colleague.
Like I told you yesterday,
I called my office and got the
contacts from my colleague.
As you suspected, a port agent is
looking for the missing 'maal'.
You can meet him.
Okay, I'll take your leave.
Brother, you said you
are going to the bus stand
but you have brought me
to the railway station!
I have small work to
attend to. You leave now.
- Brother!
-Where are you going?
There's someone called Surendra,
you don't know him.
I'm going to Mangalore to
solve his missing case.
But tell my family that I have
left for Hyderabad. Okay?
Go.. go.
Why are you here?
He was an energetic lad.
Yes, my dear. I have lost everything.
There, he is the one!
He took my son along with him
and now has brought him
back in this state.
You will be destroyed!
You shall face the wrath of karma!
I curse you, you will
be surely destroyed!
Didn't you say that you were
going to Hyderabad by bus?
Then why were you on
a train to Mangalore?
I fear that your Aunt's curse will
have an ill effect on our family.
I'm afraid that I might have a
terrible stroke due to this chaos.
Ramarao, please tell me the truth.
I'm telling you the truth, dad.
That's not the truth,
he's lying to you all.
Excuse, old man!
What did your son say?
That the body slipped out of
the running train, isn't it?
Absolutely not.
Somebody threw him off the
running train which disfigured
the body beyond recognition.
Hey, Ramarao. This time
I've got you by your cuff.
This time, your smartness
won't help you escape the law.
I've got a strong hold on you!
Come, come. Come...
let's go to the station.
Move! I need to conduct my enquiry.
This is not the right
time to get involved.
The emotions of my people
are not in control.
You don't need to unnecessarily
drag me into trouble.
I have to.
I have the need as well.
By the way, you said something to me
when we met for the first time.
What was that?
Criminals arent caught
when they commit a crime
but are apprehended when the
police need them, right?
Am I right?
Now, I need you.
Come, let's go to the station.
Moreover, I need to take you
to the police station
while all the people witness it.
No, more than that,
you need your job to be secured.
Your birth took place in a small hut
near the railway tracks of Ongole.
The only property your father received
from your grandfather was
that but and half a dozen pigs.
And what you got from your father
was beatings all over your body
and brands all over your back.
Even if you saved
every penny of your salary,
your total net worth should
not exceed ten lakhs.
But to date, you own assets
worth more than three crores.
I have safely preserved every document
and passbook that could prove this.
Moreover, you secured this job on
compassionate grounds against
the death of your far-relative...
who was working in
the police department
by producing a fake
adoption certificate
that states that you were adopted
by him in your childhood.
One register post by me and
you can kiss your job goodbye.
Take off your hands.
What is happening here?
He came in fuming and went back
with his tail between his legs.
What did you say to terrorize him?
What are you up to?
Did Ananth buy any
property in recent times?
Did you notice him transacting
any big amount of cash?
Stop your interrogation
and answer my questions!
You are a father yourself,
you should know that a son
must not lie to his father.
I'm not lying to you, dad.
I didn't want to hurt you, that's
why I concealed the truth from you.
You don't have to make
up such false stories.
I know my Anant very well,
he won't indulge in such things.
One of these two things is false but
my heart is not ready to accept that.
To accept others' faults
and not accept
our loved ones' faults
is hypocrisy, dad.
I bow to you with folded hands.
I'm not as knowledgeable as you are
but if you want us to
live a peaceful life
henceforth, please forgot
that Malini's case.
Your father has become
a debilitated person.
He is always lost in his thoughts.
Not only him, even your wife...
Neither can she confront
you nor can she remain mum.
She cries in front of her parents but
tries to keep a straight face here.
Her life has turned into a dilemma!
It is your responsibility to bring
us back to our normal state.
Mahalakshmi, I am not someone who
would take up the easy challenges
and give up as soon
as they toughen up.
Anant has raised several
questions with his departure,
Mahalakshmi. Shouldn't I search
for answers to those questions?
I'll speak with her. You carry on.
I prefer to live like
a diamond with blemishes
instead of a flawless boulder.
Have patience for a few more days,
everything will be alright very soon.
Sit. Sit, dear.
Sir, my granddaughter changed
my heart and brought me here.
My son is not in Dubai.
The truth is,
with the fear of humiliation,
I stopped searching for
the whereabouts of my son.
It's been a long time since
I heard my father's voice.
Recently he has been
missing my dreams as well.
I am afraid that I'll
forget my father's face.
Will you help me find my father?
My day starts with
the question of whether
or not should I apply vermilion.
No wife should face such a dilemma.
You are of the age of my son.
I beg you.
You are like my father.
Please, don't be sad.
How can they not be sad?
I didn't understand
their pain when you
told me about it but now I understand.
This is not just their problem,
it is our problem as well.
Find a solution for this.
Don't let this go unsolved no matter
who stands in your way, not even me.
Take this, uncle.
What are these numbers, dear?
I'll give you a number,
- note that down.
-Okay, brother.
His name is Suresh.
Three loads of tabla.
Rs. 6000 for three.
What about the amount, brother?
Well, we will get the amount ready.
Okay brother.
Also for the two men,
it will be Rs. 250 per day.
That means, 23250.
And I'll pay them
20000 on their return.
I'll give You one more
number. Note it down.
Okay. 0833-23141.
His name is Diwakar.
Four loads of cigarettes.
For their expenses, both will
be given Rs. 300 per day.
I'm giving Rs. 300 only
because they are your men.
After their return, they will
be given Rs. 30000 in bulk.
You have done your part in the
search for your father, dear.
We both are a team now.
Your mother is downstairs, right?
Go and play with her.
I and your grandfather
will join you soon.
What are those numbers, son?
This is a code language.
This is tabla.
This is cigarette.
This is chocolate.
That means, my son has pulled
all of them into smuggling!
I had already gathered the numbers
that your granddaughter
has noted down.
I even met their family members.
The strange thing is
they too are missing.
And an innocent Surendra
fell into this vile trap.
Poor guy.
Can you take me to his family?
The day Surendra came to my home,
they both had an altercation.
You are making a mistake.
Had I known that you are
involved in smuggling,
I would have never
asked for your help!
Isn't the government selling the same
red sandalwood when they need money?
Viraj has been a part of this
business since a long time.
Do you think the government
is unaware of this?
Everyone is getting their share.
I'm just a small link in
this humongous network.
To be honest, my father's 30
years of honest work
have earned him only debts
across the village.
But on the contrary, I have made a
fortune in just the last 3 years.
I've even helped many of our friends.
Without feeling guilty,
take this money and
set up your business.
Take this.
I won't.
You might be right that the government
is well aware of this smuggling.
But if you are caught, Viraj and the
other corrupt officers will be safe,
and the ones who will suffer
are you and your connections.
Later they will find another loyalist
who will be ready for sacrifice.
Look there,
the only asset that we can
provide to our children
is to feed them a morsel
off our honest work.
Only such kids can bravely face this
society and lead a respectful life.
If something goes wrong
and you end up in jail,
what will you tell your daughter then?
Forbid this business before
things get out of hand.
I didn't think from this
perspective, buddy.
Nowadays, even my father is
not happy with my success,
in fact, he is suspicious.
I will leave this profession before
my family finds out about it.
Since I've already taken money
for this consignment,
I have to complete it.
If I leave it midway,
Viraj would find me and see my end.
After finishing this consignment,
I'll come along with you.
We both will start
some other business.
I'm so happy to see the change in you.
One more thing,
the route of our
consignment tomorrow is
from the internal road
next to your town.
I will go to the port
following the last container.
You can come along with me in the car.
We'll have a nice time on the journey.
I'll drop you off on the way,
at your village,
and head towards the port later.
Why are you hesitating
to travel along with me?
You are more cowardly than I thought.
We would have a red carpet welcome
while en route to the port.
You need not fear
about anything. Come.
Come, let's go.
I was always suspicious
about my son's income stream
but I never knew that he
was involved in smuggling
until that day when Surendra
changed him for good.
They left the home together
and went missing together.
What happened?
Why did you call me urgently
along with the check post entries?
As per Varma's family's statement,
Surendra was with Varma
on the night of their missing.
I have a strong hunch that
both of them along with...
the twenty others have gone
missing in our surroundings.
Each one of the containers
that you noted down
at the Pileru checklist had
reached Mangalore port.
I, myself, checked their
entries at every check post.
Even the agent that we met
through our Doordarshan
Gangadhar is baffled by the missing
of such a large consignment.
CI Murali who is
searching for something,
the missing Surendra,
everything is happening around us.
Don't you feel that there's
something fishy happening around us?
No. However you look at it,
the matter ends in Mangalore.
Also, Ananth attacked you
while you were travelling,
to stop you from going there.
Doesn't that mean that
something is going over there?
No, no, no.
Ananth didn't attack me to stop me
from going to Mangalore...
he attacked me to kill
He was afraid that after my return
his true side would be exposed by me.
With the span of a short time,
between dropping me off
and the train starting
off from the loop line,
if he could gather
a gang and come back,
that means, he is directly
involved with the network.
He must have called someone.
I am going to Mangalore
But, tell the family members that
I'm leaving for Hyderabad. Okay?
Go.. go.. go.
This is not a photo booth,
this is a phone booth.
I am kidding.
Is he missing?
No, he called from here.
Umpteen number of people use
this to make a call daily.
I can't keep a tab
of each one of them.
Moreover, I'm rather
interested in the money
that customers give to me
than the customers themselves.
Even now, when I've been
talking to you for so long,
I'm yet to see your face.
Okay, I need the list of calls
made on the night of 23rd,
the Friday from 9 pm to 9.30 pm.
Are you a police officer?
Then, I can.
If you need the list of that particular
day at that particular time,
then you need to reverse the list.
I'll pay you for doing that.
Money makes things so easy, isn't it?
Look here.
"I am the leader of the labours."
"I am the leader of the labours."
I want the corresponding address to
all these numbers by tomorrow morning.
Note it down.
You are not police, right?
Here, these are the photocopies
that you asked for.
You made me travel for more
than 1000 kms since yesterday
for the photocopies
of the details that
I had already given you in
writing a very long time ago.
And now you are
showing me these hills.
Tell me what is the matter?
All the entries that you
had given to me were fake.
Those containers along with those men
never crossed the Horsley hills area.
You are repeating the same thing.
The details that I gave you
and the photocopy
of the entries are the same thing.
It is. But the vehicles that
crossed the Angallu check post
which is 20 kms before Horsley hills
never crossed the Gattu check post
which is 30kms from the Horsley hills.
They faked the entries till
Mangalore port to fool everyone.
From Gattu check post
till Mangalore port,
every entry has the same handwriting.
That means, only one person
has written all of them.
These fake entries were created to
divert people like us, far from here.
Anyway, we will get more clarity
on this after Saleem gives us
the details regarding
those phone numbers.
The second number is of a public
telephone from Dharmavaram.
It was a short call.
A short call means it was used
to pass a message about me.
The train that I was in
halts for a loop line
at Dharmavaram and I was
attacked at the same spot.
The first number that you
gave me was a ghost number.
It means, it is owned by a
person who is not in existence.
This seems to be a guest house.
Do you know who owns this?
Saleem, are you sure about this?
I am damn sure, this is his number.
According to the call pattern,
this phone is used only on Sundays.
He is one of the most
powerful person in the state.
How should we confirm that this
number really belongs to him?
Let's do one thing.
I'll give you a butt phone.
If we can connect that to
the phone line on Sunday,
we can overhear all the conversations
happening through that line.
This is illegal.
Let's do it!
What did I instruct you and
what are you guys doing?
Sir, don't scold me
because you are afraid.
As you instructed us, we all
have split into different places
and are doing our work without
causing any suspicion.
Still, if you are afraid
of something, let me know,
and I'll take care of that.
Do you think you are capable of dealing
with something that terrorizes me?
I am repeating what I
had told you all before.
Listen to it clearly.
I have designed Operation
Maayam as foolproof.
According to that, the communication
stream between us
should flow like a waterfall - only
from top to bottom.
That means I would communicate
with you through courier boys.
I have made this very clear
that apart from that
there should be no contact
between you and me.
Yet, your gang member...
Anant deviated from this
plan and contacted me.
Its not acceptable.
Sir, I have called to inform
you about the same thing.
That Ananth didn't inform me
about his supposed mishaps.
He sent two of our gang
members on a mission
and pretended to
know nothing about it.
We had a big fight over that issue.
That was the reason why Ananth
directly contacted you.
He suffered his fate and
died in a train accident.
If the assassin is dead that doesnt
mean that it is an accident, idiot.
It means that he has been killed.
He wanted to kill someone?
If possible, find that
person and kill him.
Or else, you abscond from there.
Sir, we have been waiting
for the money
for the job that we did a year ago.
Moreover, three people from
our gang have gone missing.
This case is moving into
unchartered territory.
I don't care where you are
selling off the 'maal'.
Send me the 25% of the amount,
as per our agreement, immediately.
Hey! You better watch your words!
If you limit the supply of maal
for another two years,
we could sell it for four times
the current price.
Meanwhile, if I find anyone
of you going off-limits...
I shall find that rat and
gun him down in encounter.
Keep the phone down.
Have some water.
I just realised how big a mistake
it is to come here.
However, why would he
be here at this time?
I'm not being sane nowadays.
What is happening to me?
All this is love.
The crazy love that
you have towards Rama.
Hello, Mr. Ramarao.
Get up.
I have kept your coffee
in your office room.
Get up.
What has gotten into you?
Nothing. Can't you continue
your work while having coffee?
Get up.
Get up, I say.
- Dear, breakfast.
- Lunch.
-Ok... ok
Come here. Come, sit.
Leave me alone.
Now please leave me alone.
If you keep hovering around me like
this, how would I solve the case?
You have a detective's brain.
If you can't solve it then
nobody else can do it either.
Get up. Get up. We have
something to talk about. Get up
I have a detective's brain?
I have to ask you something.
Tell me.
Aren't you angry at me for ignoring
our family and being busy at work?
Why would I be angry?
Who would help Malini other than us?
We must do it.
My darling!
Is this me? Am I the same
person as yesterday?
Was it you? Was it you whom I
was looking for all this while?
Is this me? Am I the same
person as yesterday?
Was it you? Was it you whom I
was looking for all this while?
The one with a moustache and a
sparkling smile on his face.
Imprison this abundance of
gold in the hem of my saree.
It feels like magic your
unfading love for me.
The greed for moments of
intimacy with you is unwavering.
You made me lose
myself in your dimples.
Our unity has been destined by fate.
This unison will last forever.
I'll tell you the truth.
I have craved only for you.
And I have become one with
you with all my heart.
I have sprouted like a leaflet
the new me is your selection.
I'm elated to see myself in you.
I had kept all these
feelings hidden from you.
Let me shed all my inhibitions today
and confess these feelings to you.
You made me lose
myself in your dimples.
Our unity has been destined by fate.
This unison will last forever.
Without any complaints and
without any celebrations,
my bouncy hairs leaned on your chest.
All my beauty, I serve it to you.
I approached you
and bestowed upon you.
Let me be so close to you
like no one else such
that the kohl of my eye
marks your cheeks.
In this pitch dark night, acknowledge
this seduction which is tough to own.
Our unity has been destined by fate.
This unison will last forever.
That concludes my seminar on Sir
Robert fields Nine Police Principles.
Hello, how can I help you?
- Good evening, sir.
-Good evening.
Ramarao, sir.
You must have forgotten me.
You had given your opinion regarding
my suspension a month ago.
Now, I remember.
I don't recall your name.
What brings you here?
Nothing sir, I'm rejoining
in another week.
So, I thought I would pay you
a respectful visit while I collect
my medical reports.
- Respectful visit?
-Yeah, sir.
Aren't you from
the revenue department?
You would have been apt
for the police department.
Why do you opine so, sir?
Your eyes are searching for something.
- SP sir!
- Come, come, come.
-Good evening, sir.
Meet Mr. Ramarao, your area officer
I know him already, sir.
We have met before.
I would take your leave, sir.
Thanks once again.
He seems to be a tricky person.
Yes, he is a master of deception.
- Yes.
Keep an eye on him.
I had already kept an eye on him.
Now, I'll keep both my eyes on him.
Mr. Ramarao! Don't give me
that serious look, sir.
Since you looked like a rookie,
I thought of dominating you
but as time went by I realized
what a firebrand you are!
Please, pardon my rudeness.
Listen to my plea,
I've understood that
you have found a link
between the missing person
and our SP sir,
and that's why you are
keeping a check on him.
But it took a year for me to
come to the same conclusion.
I too have been keeping a tab on
him but I have found no leads.
Moreover, you know about my
department very well, sir.
We can't oppose our seniors.
Not only that...
if he gets even a
slight suspicion on me,
he is ver much capable of making
me disappear in thin air.
His track records are
a testament to this.
So Mr. Ramarao,
I have bits and pieces of evidence
that indirectly point at him.
The money hawala route to SP sir,
how he managed the forest department
and the police department indirectly,
his travel history,
I have all the details but I am
not able to connect all these.
Since you are very much capable of
reading a man without any evidence
one minute.
If you could connect this,
the SP sir has his days numbered.
Take it, sir.
It will be very helpful.
Sir, I have selfish
reasons behind this.
You want to find the missing people
and I want the person who caused it,
more importantly,
the disappeared 'maal'.
If you could solve this mystery,
with your blessings, I would
get a lifetime settlement.
Sir? After you solve the case,
will you inform me about
the whereabouts of the 'maal'?
Or will you leave me high
and dry by handing over
the 'maal' to the government?
Sir, although I had already
expressed my suspicion
on SP I couldn't back it up
with any document support.
I have prepared a strong pre-charge
evidence on SP Devanand.
I'm sending that to you. I request
you to set up an inquiry on him.
Special enquiry?
That's the only way, sir. Otherwise,
he will find a way out of this.
But it would be better if it feels
like a general enquiry set up on
all the district administrators.
If that is the only option, I
will talk with the CM and arrange it.
Thank you, sir. Thank you very much
May I come in, sir?
Yeah, come in, David
We have news from Hyderabad
saying the amount
from Koduvali hawala
has been received.
They have asked us to collect
at Sultan Bazaar, sir.
Yes sir.
This year, the Tamil labourers
from the Javadi hills have arrived
at the forest before season.
They must be having
a requirement of 'maal',
that's why they have
sent them earlier.
And they have sent us
the money to deal with
the forest department
and check posts like usual.
I know this is not the right time,
the CM office has promoted
the Red Sandalwood
issue to a highly important
matter of cognizance
and ordered surveillance on
our district administrators
You are on the watchlist as well, sir.
And, the Secretary of
the CM office, Mr. Venkatesham
is directly monitoring
the whole process.
I know. I know, David.
I know.
But sir, If they are taking cognizance
of last year's consignment,
do you think something happened
last year without our knowledge?
No, no. Nothing unusual happened.
Last year's activity
went by very smoothly.
Sir, one more thing.
There is a strong involvement
behind this surveillance, sir.
There is a super-man involved in this.
Sir, just to be on the safer side,
shall I ask this hawala
amount to be kept on hold
and send back the Tamil labourers?
No, no, no. Don't do any of that.
I may need to do something.
By the way,
where have the labourers
landed for work?
Yudharala theertham.
Beat point 9, sir.
- Someone is coming.
-Quickly, pick up the wood.
come out!
It is our supervisor. Come.
Come, have some liquor.
No, I'll have it after
finishing this work.
Sir, no. Please don't, sir.
The green Seshachalam forest
has been painted red in blood.
Chittoor district's SP,
Devanand has shown
extreme valour by gunning
down the Tamil robbers
who were here to steal our state's
prestigious treasure, red sandalwood.
Many people in Tamil Nadu have
condemned this encounter.
Many politicians have expressed
that Andhra government...
...has offered their waters to
the Tamilians with one hand
...and spilled the blood of Tamils
with the other hand.
Ramarao, even though the encounter
of those Tamilians is unjust yet,
legally, SP has those rights.
I'll send him a show cause notice.
Let us see what he says.
Sir, now show-cause notice
and enquiries are not enough.
You are a secretary at the CM's
office. Take the powers in your hand
and confidentially arrest
SP Devanand who has been...
the sole reason for the brutal
death of so many labourers.
Who all are involved in his main gang,
what are the remaining
missing links related to him,
I will connect everything and
submit it to the government.
Ramarao, we don't have any concrete
evidence yet to arrest him.
CM sir has gone to
attend the Janmabhoomi
inauguration ceremony
in his native village.
As soon as he returns,
I'll speak with him
and get a conclusion for this case.
But until then,
you must have patience.
After a long time,
you have faced defeat.
You played better than me.
Come on, let's go.
Looks like I have an unexpected guest.
I love your timing.
You know why?
Because I was planning
to meet you anyway.
See, you
Not bad.
You are a courageous man.
I am aware of all your atrocities.
You are holding the
law as a shield to you
I am looking for one solid piece of
evidence to put you behind bars...
such that you would never ever see
the daylight in your lifetime.
Try your luck.
I don't depend on luck and lotteries.
I depend on my work.
And by the way, the sun
doesn't shine every day.
And even if it does, I am as
unpredictable as the weather.
If you are lucky enough and I won't
find any evidence against you,
I would take a voluntary suspension
and make you confess your crimes
by thrashing the hell out of you.
People who depend on their
weapons have confidence
in the weapons they use.
But I'm a weapon personified and every
cell of my body exuberates confidence.
Try your luck!
Dad, grandfather.
He must have had
a sudden heart stroke.
Early in the morning, your mother saw
him lying unconsciously on his chair.
If there was anybody around him
while he was having the stroke,
we could have still saved him.
When the heartbeats stop,
it is time to lay him to rest forever.
Even an infinite amount of
tears would leave the soul dry.
Even an infinite amount of
tears would leave the soul dry.
This is the moment
when you realize that
all the relations are bound
to snap at the end.
This is the journey to unite
the mortal with the immortal.
The truth is, your body
is a fragile glass
which would shatter at a jerk of wind.
Sir, I understood that you
Encountered those labourers
to divert the surveillance on us.
In the beginning, you were celebrated
as a hero in the public and the media.
Even the government
heaped praises on you.
But all of a sudden, the same
thing backfired on you, sir.
People stopped looking at
it from a legal perspective
and started looking at it from
a humanitarian perspective.
As you said, whoever
initiated this surveillance
on you is truly a Superman, sir.
I don't know what he did,
but the CM who
was appreciative of this encounter...
has now softened his approach
and called the Tamil Nadu CM to have
a talk with him regarding this.
Now the issue is getting
very bigger, sir.
Give me a minute, man. Let me think.
I am already on leave.
I'll leave to my regular hideout
and start the damage control
process by cutting off the wings of
that Super-man Ramarao.
You go to the CM's office
and keep me posted
with all the updates regarding me.
Okay, sir.
Yes, brother.
- I want to make an ISD call.
-You can use that.
Which grandfather?
Isn't he dead?
Stop nagging, now!
You keep going.
Hi, how are you?
I'm good.
It seems after many days you have come
to the market along with your family.
It's been a long time.
Life must move on.
-Will you have some tea?
Brother, two cups of tea.
Brother Raghav!
Hey, Kabir!
How are you?
It's been so long since
you last met us.
- Are you very busy?
-Nothing like that.
- How are you doing, brother?
-Yeah, I'm good.
Being an RMP, I have to roam
around several villages.
That's keeping me engaged.
Even now, I have come to town
only to purchase medicines.
That means you are
really being very busy.
Brother, I got to know
about father very recently
but I wasn't available in the town.
- Brother!
-Who are you?
Raghava, Kabir...
take them away Quick.
Come. Come with me madam.
Madam, faster. Your son will be safe.
Ramarao will take care of him.
Get into the vehicle.
- Kabir, get into the vehicle.
-Let's go, brother.
I never knew that Brother
Ramarao was this wild!
You go and you too.
Who sent you?
Tell me. Who sent you? Speak out.
I'll tell. Please. I'll tell.
- Tell me who has sent you.
- Say it out...
-I'll tell you everything
SP forwarded this photo
and sent us here.
Brother, please let me go. Brother!
Guys, stop.
He is thrashing us although
we didn't came for him.
Sir, although I had all
the evidence regarding
this complicated missing case yet...
I could connect all the pieces
together only after the market attack.
Sir, the ones who went missing
in this operation 'Mayam' are...
those who are all connected to Varma
but hailing from different areas.
They went missing in
the Horsley hills area.
And the ones who did that are still
roaming right in front of our eyes.
the most dangerous highway killers.
The most important person in
that gang is my brother, Ananth.
And the leader of that gang is my
junior from the school, Kabir,
Virja is the red sandalwood smuggler
who stays in Hongkong.
His secret operation of transporting
450 tons of A-grade red sandalwood
from the keepers at Seshachalam
forest to the Mangalore port
It's naturally happening
like clockwork
with the support of SP Devanand.
But SP Devanand grew
greedy over Viraj's
entire consignment worth
hundreds of crores.
The result of which is,
'Highway Killer's Gang'.
This gang, disguised
as break Inspector...
would ambuscade at the secret
routes in government vehicles
They would stop only those vehicles
which were transporting
red sandalwood...
as Varma would have already passed
them the details of these vehicles.
After that, they brutally killed the
drivers and cleaners in those vehicles.
Since Varma was travelling
behind the last container,
he noticed a container driving
in the opposite direction.
He followed that container...
And he was caught by a killer gang.
What are you doing here?
How can you steal
the entire container?
Who are you all?
I saw him somewhere.
He lives in the nearby village.
He is not related to this work.
Please, leave him.
An elderly couple belonging
to Karnataka lost both
their sons in this heinous
mass killing spree.
The old father who witnessed
this ran away from that place
to save himself and his wife.
He then started searching for the
killers who killed both his sons.
In the beginning, although he
was terrified of the killers,
the vengeance in him made
him camp at Horsley hills.
He killed two out of
the three men whom
he had identified
by intoxicating them.
He saw the third person, Ananth,
roaming in my government vehicle.
To kill him he planned to cause
an accident of my vehicle.
I found that old man and explained him
that we were fighting the same battle,
that is how I discovered
the whole truth.
But before I could find all this,
I lost both Ananth and my father.
The ones responsible
for so many cold-blooded
murders might be 'the highway killers'
but the mastermind of
all this who didn't leave
behind any trace of evidence
that could point at him..
is SP Devanand.
These criminal scoundrels
will be punished,
No matter what.
Even though there is no
evidence, I will do that.
I scared listening to what you said.
There is no evidence.
Your district collector
Kishore claims that
SP Devanand has
fled out of this country.
Anyway, CM has asked me
to form an 'Red Sandlers
Anti-Smugglers Task Force'
and appoint you as squad
through a special GO.
Just in time, no?
Now you don't have to ask anyone's
permission for any of your actions.
Take the charge from tomorrow itself.
No, sir. I need some more time.
Why Ramarao?
You have almost solved the case,
what else do you need the time for?
What are you upto?
Duty, sir.
All these years, as a government
officer, with due respect to our laws,
I did my duty for the sake of justice
but from now onwards,
as an individual,
as Ramarao,
I will do my duty for virtue.
That means...
I'm going to hunt them.
The real hunt has begun.
Until Ramarao informed me,
nobody knew that so much brutality
happened in these hills.
Dear God, the head of the
dead bodies are falling off.
Anyways, I can't admit these bodies
to any government hospital
without proper identification.
Apart from these two bodies,
which belong to the old man's sons,
nobody would know any details
about any other body including
the killer himself, except Ramarao.
One must appreciate
that Ramarao solved this
one year old case by
persistently following it up.
By the way, where is he?
He is on his way, sir.
He has gone to meet someone.
He doesn't have meet-ups,
he has only shootouts.
Why have you come this way, brother?
Who are you looking for?
For you!
Applaud guys!
I thought you might
find out everything
but me, but you proved me wrong.
Once I started targeting
SP from the CM's office,
to clear all the evidence against him,
he hired a gang to kill you.
That day, that gang's
target was not me but you.
I knew that the SP could go to
any extreme to safeguard himself,
in fact, that's how
I could connect all
the dots as soon as I saw your photo.
By the way, brother,
if you know everything about us
then why did you come here alone?
Didn't you know that
we would kill you?
I didn't come here to get killed.
You killed my naive father...
and your other gang members
are responsible
for so many innocent people's death.
I waited patiently for you
all to gather in one place.
Did you find out about your
father's death as well, brother?
Before you fought with the goons
that came to kill me at the market,
I underestimated you
and came to kill you while you were
working alone at your terrace.
Your father, that old man,
tried to stop me.
I punched him with a
knuckle duster just once!
I killed him with ease without
spilling a drop of blood.
Brother, your time is up.
Enough, brother. Enough.
We surrender ourselves to you.
Forgive us and hand us
over to the police.
We have already outlived your life.
Something strange is coming this way.
Hello, Sir! What did you bring?
Mr. Murali, I brought
them along with me.
One, two, three... Oh!
Looks like you have thrashed them up
and got them safely here.
- Do you know how to drive?
-Yes, sir.
Come here.
Take this vehicle.
Get these scoundrels
treated with first aid.
And then take them to the station
and throw them into the cell.
We can file the cases at our leisure.
- Go...
-Okay, sir.
Sir, sir. It's burning, sir.
Stop, stop. Go, now.
- Go! Go!
-Okay, sir.
So you made that old man the punisher
on behalf of all the families whose
loved ones were killed by
these scoundrels, didn't you?
Great work.
By the way,
It looks like you have finished
some of them somewhere else
but painted a different
picture over here.
You won't talk.
Why would you talk?
Hello, madam. Are you
related to Hubli Krishnappa?
Yes, sir.
Sorry, Malini.
I should ask that to you.
Sorry, for everything.
Anybody related to Surendra?
The body is ready.
You can take it along with you.
This is so unjust.
They have killed so many people!
But finally, you have
ended this killers'
saga by terminating Kabir's gang.
It's not the end.
It's just the beginning.
Viraj, sir.
I feel very lucky to be one amongst
the very few people who have seen you.
Like I promised you,
I have found the spot
where my SP had hidden the 'maal'.
I already know that two days before.
I know that he has hid my 'maal'
in the lake beside
the Kokumoothi hills
at the border of Karnataka.
I also know that this case was
solved by an officer named Ramarao.
I also know that he has been
appointed as special squad
for the new formed Task Force.
How do you know all of this, sir?
I have planted my people everywhere.
In SP's office and in
CM's office as well.
despite having such a huge network
how did the SP flee out of India?
Follow me.
Henceforth, you will take his place.
Now that Ramarao is some squad,
will he let us smuggle
even one block of wood?
He won't.
That is why I started a war against
Rama Rao after coming
to India from Hong Kong.
Hundreds of thousands of acres of lake
and hundreds of crores worth 'maal'.
Let's see who gets to it first.
"Hes a Master or a Servant?"
"Or the king of the Crowd."
"Hes not easy to crush."
"Leader of the pack."
"Sincere though devious,
his soul so brave and pure."
"Does he obey? Does he violate?
One shall never know."
"Dodging the duties
don't go well with him."
"King of the crowd.
Leader of the pack."
"Gunshots of fire and
the country is his mother."
"And now like him no other."
"Hes never never never gonna tire."
"Law oppresses that tricks
the crowd."
"But the rich are free from it all."
"For him it is equality,
his nation above it all."
"Hes not just a rebel.
He is son of the land."
"Playing with fire,
who is this slick."
"Dodging the duties."
"He is king of the crowd."
"He is the leader of the pack."