Ramji Rao Speaking (1989) Movie Script

Please light the camphor.
Lord Vigneshwara!
Let my difficulties end with this.
At least this time,
I should get this job.
Is this a temple
to break coconuts here?
Where do these people come from?
Calling me from behind.
You're going away
without paying the fare.
Come here.
Take it.
Good morning.
Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.
I had applied for a job.
I should get my father's job,
who died in service.
In 1982, my father died
in service in a fire here.
Go and inquire inside.
- Yes. - Okay.
No, I'm Ramakrishnan.
I'm Balakrishnan.
I had applied for a job.
My father's job,
after his death..
That's not my job, go to him.
I had applied for a job.
My father died in service here.
I should get his job.
Not my job, go and inquire there.
First I went to him,
he directed me here.
I'm new to the job,
go and meet him.
I want to know.
Are you here to send people
from pillar to post?
Are you still here?
No, I'll go only
after I get my job.
This man is a pain in the neck.
Who is he?
You'll know it soon enough.
If I don't get the job,
you'll get to know me.
I'm losing my patience.
I've been visiting this office
for the past six years for a job.
No information was forthcoming
to my family or me.
Not a word of sympathy.
I have a valid claim since 1982.
Many appointments had been made
before settling my claim.
I'll get a stay order for
all such appointments.
I know rules,
regulations and law.
I'll take you all to task.
Who was working here?
My father.
What's the name?
- Balakrishnan.
When did Balakrishnan die?
- I'm Balakrishnan.
It's my father,
Peethambaran, who died.
On December 3, 1982.
One Mr. Shivsankara Paniker
died then, too.
His descendants are staking
the same claim, too.
They will get
the first preference.
How's that possible?
My father died earlier than him.
Is he dead on the same day?
- No, I've a death certificate.
Certificates of both of them.
My father died before him.
So my father is senior.
Is there seniority in death, too?
Last time when there was
a vacancy, the same problem arose.
I lost the chance because they said
my father died 10 minutes late.
That's okay.
But the procedures will take
some more time.
You'll have to wait
for some more time.
Please don't cheat me.
You're talking like this without
knowing the plight of my family.
If I don't get a job now,
there's no use of my living.
My family is
neck-deep in problems.
To tell you the truth
I'm leaving now
because of those problems.
Look at this. I have come here
without intimating my family.
If you refuse now,
I'll hang myself somewhere here.
No need for you to die.
I'll write to the head office
about this issue. - Okay, sir.
The rest is up to your fate.
I'm leaving on trusting you.
I'll take leave now, sir.
- It's all right.
'Beware of pickpockets.'
Hey! Stop!
Stop, I say!
Come on. Return my wallet.
- Which wallet?
My wallet..
Help me! A thief!
Give me the wallet.
- No, I won't.
Give me the wallet!
- I won't.
If I see you again here,
I'll kill you. Get lost!
He's the pickpocket!
"A self-created issue
is a big problem."
"Traps made for each other
are a big problem."
" Carrying the weight of life."
"Searching for the good life."
"We are in the eternal
search of prosperous life."
"Tired in the restless search."
"Left in a life boat
without an oar. Problems!"
"A self-created issue
is a big problem."
"Traps made for each other
are a big problem."
"Man's life is a shadow play."
"Searching for the sun
in the dark night."
"In that, man is just a puppet."
"You are searching your image,
light and brightness in the dark."
"Like the happy and content
feeling after a festival."
"That's the everlasting
abode of bliss."
"A self-created issue
is a big problem."
"Traps made for each other
are a big problem."
'Urvashi Theatres.'
'Room on Rent'.
A play!
Hello. - Hello.
- Mannar Mathai speaking.
Isn't Urumees Thampi there?
- Urumees Thampan? Who is he?
This is not his house.
Not at home? Where has he gone?
- This is torture, Mother Mary.
- I just said Mother Mary. - Oh!
This is a drama booking office.
Who am I talking to?
- Booking agent Mannar Mathai.
No one named Urumees Thampan
lives here. - Hello?
- Hello.
Is Urumees Thampan there?
- Urumees Thampan? - Yes.
He died a little earlier.
- Died?
Ten minutes ago.
Did you have something
to say to him?
Check the number
before dialling, you pig.
What do you want?
- Mannar Mathai?
No, I'm Urumees Thampan.
Any doubt?
- I came to meet Mathai.
He hasn't eaten.
He's about to eat.
Do you want to eat?
I came to meet Mathai.
- Tell me the matter.
I've come for a room on rent.
- Oh, come in. Please sit.
This year, we had good bookings
for 'Room on Rent'.
You're the third man to come
for the booking.
Which is your native place?
- Cherupulassery.
I love that place.
Which date?
- Few days.
Few days? Same place?
Then, it's not possible.
Shall I book 'Zoo'?
- What?
It's awesome.
- The zoo?
It's really good.
How can I sleep in the zoo?
I just need a small room.
I just want to keep my things
here. And sleep at night.
Who will sleep?
- Me.
So, you're not here to book a play,
are you? - No.
What did you say your native place
was? - Cherupulassery.
The name of the place
sounded like trouble to me.
Man from Cherupulassery,
get up.. - Mr. Mathai..
What did you think?
Is this a lodge?
A few rascals spread rumours that
Urvashi Theatres is closing down.
My plight isn't bad enough
to convert this into a lodge.
Clear out.
Kurian sent me here.
Kurian? Who is he?
- That hotel owner.
He hates me.
He would've said
stories about me.
- What?
Mathai is a good man.
Mathai is a very kind-hearted man.
He's foolish, but he always
tells the truth.
What's your problem?
- My name is Balakrishnan.
Is that your problem?
- Then?
I've come here
searching for a job.
Until I get a job,
I can't afford to live in a lodge.
I was with Kurian for two days.
If you allow me to stay here,
it'll be a great help to me.
This is the problem. A kind heart
is a bane in these times.
No peace of mind.
I'll never disturb your peace.
Trust me.
I'll give you a room,
but you've to pay rent.
Monthly Rs. 30.
- Okay.
I don't need the rent.
You may consider this
as your own property then, right?
Pick up your suitcase.
Shall I carry it?
- No, I'll carry it.
When the Messiah was crucified,
the cross asked him.
What was my sin to be nailed?
Similarly, you are
a cross to me now.
I can't carry it for long.
- No.
This is your room.
What's all this?
It's the paraphernalia
used in my dramas.
Don't spoil anything.
It may be used in future dramas.
Push it to some corner
and sleep here.
Are there any snakes here?
- No.
Let's talk outside.
Nothing serious, just like that.
This is the kitchen.
It's not used much.
Hereafter, let's cook regularly.
This is a hen. The neighbour's hen.
It comes to lay eggs every day.
You know the kitchen now. - Yes.
- This is the grinding area.
You know to grind, don't you?
- No.
No problem.
I'll teach you.
This is the well.
For drinking and bathing.
- It's very deep!
You don't need to get
into the well to bathe. - What?
Draw water to take a bath.
This is the toilet.
- Hey!
Why don't you hold
the door tight, idiot?
You're always in here.
You know to sing?
- No.
You have to sing or hold
door tight when you're inside.
No latch.
- What?
No latch!
Why is the bus parked
there like that?
You want it to be
parked upside down?
Why are you following me?
Go to your room and clean it.
He wants to park it
this side and that side.
Shall I bury it?
How long has it been?
Why don't you put a latch?
Is it a treasure trove
to latch and lock it?
Those coming to book plays,
don't bring them to the toilet.
Book a play?
He's the new paying guest.
He's also unemployed
and useless like you.
Hey.. Hey.. Is this devil
going to stay here?
Devil? Who?
Mathai, he's a thief.
A pickpocket. - What?
Mathai, he has seen someone else.
Don't talk.
You have to leave this place now.
Mathai should decide that.
Will you leave the place if Mathai
says? - Yes, that's right.
Let me see how you stay here.
I swear on you and my mother.
I'm not a pickpocket
or a thief as he says.
Kind-hearted people like you
shouldn't mistake me.
You are like my dead father.
If I were a thief,
would I search for a job?
Would I stay in such a place?
His bloody suitcase!
Maybe it was stolen.
His bloody bag!
Get lost!
What are you doing,
Don't utter a word.
One word? What word?
Please don't interfere.
- No.
Don't stand here.
Get going.
Please wait..
What's your name?
- Mathai..
That's my name.
Not your name, right?
I'm the owner, not a watchman.
I've the right to talk here.
keep the suitcase there.
I'm not Ramakrishnan,
I'm Balakrishnan.
Let it be any Krishnan,
you take the luggage inside.
- Keep it inside, you buffalo.
If he stays here,
I'll won't stay here.
Okay, I don't mind.
What's your interest
in Balakrishnan?
He's not staying
for free. He's paying.
I'll pay his rent, too.
You've been staying
here for two years.
Have you ever paid me a penny?
If you want to go, leave.
I'll go.
- Go.
I'm going..
- Go!
Aren't you going?
Aren't you going?
- No, I'm not.
You want to abuse me for running
away without paying money.
I'll pay the rent for two years
and then leave.
Then, you've no plans
to leave this place.
Are you really a pickpocket?
Why didn't you prepare gruel?
- I'm not in the mood.
Why? - A new man is here.
Ask him to prepare it.
Good idea! He'll pay rent
and prepare gruel, too.
That's good. - Then,
you've no work here, right?
- What's tomorrow?
Friday. - Auspicious day.
Do one thing.
Pack your bag
and vacate the place.
You needn't throw me out
if he prepares gruel.
I'll prepare the gruel.
But not the chutney.
No need.
Prepare a coconut side dish.
That will be much
better for all of us.
Don't behave disgustingly!
I've closed the door
to keep you from being disgusted.
Why are you
guarding the toilet?
He was washing clothes till now.
I was entering the toilet, and
he rushed into it, pushing me.
Tell him to come out.
I have an interview.
Is the interview
inside the toilet?
Please come out for a while.
I just came in.
Don't interfere in
my personal matters.
He's not answering
the call of nature.
If you've any doubt,
come in and check.
Please go and check.
Is my job to check your crap?
Get lost, man.
Hey, I'll..
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
Go and catch him!
Let me see if I can reform you.
- Hey! Stop, man!
You don't interfere.
- I've caught him!
Beat him!
I'll hold him..
Get up, Mathai.. Get up!
Come and beat him.
I'm coming.
I'll.. Turn him over..
- I won't be beaten up!
Don't try!
I won't come..
Dhoti.. Dhoti..
You tell.. You tell..
I don't know her..
You talk to her.
Not that.. Your dress.
Give it to me.
If you've any problems,
I'll come later.
No problem. We were just
rehearsing a play, right?
Yes.. Yes.. A folk dance drama.
He's our teacher.
It's a new drama.
'Failure or Master's Chest.'
Somewhere here, isn't it?
What has brought you here?
Who is Balakrishnan among you?
- It's me!
You come with me.
Saw that?
No, she wouldn't have seen.
I wore my Dhoti before that.
Not that.. Did you see
his true colours?
Isn't she his sister?
No way!
I'll check on them.
She came here and..
I shamelessly..
Who are you? I'm not
able to recognise you.
What's all this?
- All this is regular here.
Not a big deal.
- This fight.
Not that..
Why do you always create a scene
in the Hindustan Chemicals office?
Who said that?
- I know.
You're right. But what
they have done is injustice.
A useless Paniker's family
is creating hurdles
for the job I should get.
If I hadn't done it
Paniker's family would've usurped
my job long back.
Anyway, Paniker's family
will get that job.
I'm Rani, daughter of
the deceased Paniker.
That job is mine.
Go to hell!
My father died 30 minutes
earlier than Paniker.
So I should get the first chance.
I got the job first.
Let's see who gets it.
No need to see.
I've given a written statement
and death certificates
with date and time.
If all these fail,
there is court and law.
Actually, I'm here to tell you
not to create problems.
I was about to get
my appointment letter
and you came with your claim.
So, you've to give me
a No-Objection letter.
No-Objection letter?
- Yes.
No way.
- Okay.
I made an honest request.
One more thing.
Don't dream of getting the job
and live here, defeating me.
Who are you? A queen?
Yes, I'm queen anywhere.
If I wish, anything can happen
in Hindustan Chemicals.
Wait and see.
Hello.. Please stop!
What did you say your name was?
- I didn't tell you.
You do have a name, right?
- Do I've to tell everyone I meet?
Don't get angry.
Is your name so bad?
Then don't tell anyone.
I'll call you as
Paniker's daughter.
Paniker's daughter needs a job
in Hindustan Chemicals.
For that, you need
a letter from Balakrishnan.
Is that enough?
I heard your argument with him.
Why are you asking him?
If you had asked me,
I would've got it for you.
Don't have any doubt.
He'll do whatever I tell him.
We are childhood friends.
You saw how we were.
Always having fun and frolic.
He doesn't need a job.
He does not have to struggle
like this here.
Back home, he's a very rich man.
We had a fight.
- That's not a big deal.
You go confidently.
Getting the letter from him
is my responsibility.
The job is yours.
Go confidently.. Go..
Oh, my God!
Massage gently.
Oh, my God!
I've been staying here
for the past two years.
Did anything like
this happen earlier?
This one is enough.
No need for more.
You guys are great.
It's not that.
Never has a girl
come looking for me here.
Yes, it's men who go for women.
Yes, they will come in hordes
and Mathai will be thrown out.
Mind your words.
- You mind your words.
My horoscope says I'll kill a man.
My horoscope says
I'll kill a killer.
Let me see..
- Let me see..
Don't argue!
Stop this nuisance.
Take his signature
on a blank paper.
Or else, he'll usurp your house.
I pay rent to stay here.
I'll vacate
whenever you ask me to.
You must be careful with people
who stay without paying rent.
Okay. I don't pay rent,
but I'll sign a blank paper.
If I break my word, you can file
a case or call the police.
Or do anything you wish to do.
I don't go back on my promises.
I'll sign any
number of blank papers, too.
You sign..
- You sign..
Both of you sign blank papers.
The problem will be solved.
Oh, Mother Mary!
Why don't you give me a break
from these two idiots?
Will you?
Now you sign.
"A self-created issue
is a big problem."
Did you hear a song?
- Song?
- Sign!
"Traps made for each other
are a big problem."
I swear I heard a song.
Did you sing?
That's his trick.. Sign, man.
- Sign, man.
There's the next nuisance.
Is it Urumees Thampan?
If I'm not, what will you do?
Will you kill me?
Sir.. My prawns..
Fry and eat it.
Who is this fool?
- Who?
Urumees Thampan.
- No idea.
You know him? - No.
- No!
- Is he at home? - He's in bed.
What's his illness?
Ill? Will a man sleep
only if he's ill?
What do you want?
Tell him Chemmeen Varghese
is here.
I need to see him urgently.
It's very serious.
- Serious? Be seated.
Who should I say is dead?
Nobody is dead.
Just call him.
Not dead.. Just serious..
Who is serious?
- Serious? Who?
What is this?
- Didn't you say serious?
No, I just said that
I want to meet you.
Why are you here this late?
What's the matter?
When I called you on the phone,
you said something.
That's why I came now.
Called me on the phone?
No one called me on the phone.
Then who talked to me that way?
- To fry and eat prawns.
Are you mad?
- He knows.
I'll take you to task if you lie.
What do you want now?
- Material is ready for dispatch.
You just have to sign papers.
If you delay further,
my prawns will decay.
Have you brought the papers?
Yes, I have.
- I'll sign it.
Go and sleep, dear.
Goodnight, Daddy.
- Goodnight.
- Hello.
Urvashi Theatres?
Is Mathai there?
Hey, Mathai!
What is it, sir?
- It's for you.
For me?
Mathai here!
What's the rate of 'Wild Horse'?
- Wild horse?
Surya Soma's 'Wild Horse'!
Who uses a horse to travel now?
A scooter is enough, right?
Is it new?
How is it running?
It's running very well.
I want it on the 30th.
Is it available?
30th? It's Monday.
We are free on Sunday only.
Can you adjust it on Monday?
- I've to ask my boss.
What is it?
Can you change my weekly holiday
to Monday from Sunday? - Why?
- We want to book your play!
Sir, to play!
- Hang up and go.
Who could be that?
- Who?
The man who called
on the phone to play.
Don't talk dirty with me.
Clear out.
I'm going.
Mother Mary,
I should get the job today.
Sir, sweets.
Sir, sweets.
Get it passed in the bank.
- Good morning, sir!
I'll send the money now.
Why is she sitting there?
I asked you why
she is sitting there.
No problem.
- No problem?
I asked you why
she is sitting there.
She has joined here.
- Joined?
- Today morning.
Who permitted her?
What's this misbehaviour?
- You're misbehaving with me.
- I'll take you all to task.
Sir, sweet.
- Why?
Sweets for Rani joining here.
- Get lost, man.
Are you offering sweets
to earn support here?
I'm not going to spare
you or anyone here.
Go and talk to the manager.
I'll talk to every person here.
Are you here to do
unnecessary things?
What's your problem?
Who gave you the right
to offer my job to that lady?
Nothing has been done
against the rules here.
What do you say to
what you'd done?
Overruling my seniority,
she got the job.
It is possible only
in the wrong way.
If I don't teach you all a lesson
my name henceforth shall
not be Balakrishnan.
My answer to you is in this paper.
Isn't this your letter?
- My letter? What letter?
A letter you'd written refusing
the job offered to you.
I never wrote such a letter.
How did your signature
come on this? Check!
Check, isn't it your signature?
"A self-created issue
is a big problem."
Who sang?
- Sign, man.
This is cheating.
The sign is mine.
Everything else is bogus.
Cheating.. Pure cheating.
Say that in court. - I'll argue
that it is not my signature.
I'll prove it is your signature.
- Okay, do it.
I won't give it back.
It is better for you to return it.
Don't tell anything.
You want the evidence?
Yes, this is evidence.
- One punch.. - Prove it now..
All of you come in.
It's better for you
to return the paper.
Or else, I'll make
mincemeat of you.
Take the paper from him.
Give the letter.
Don't interfere in this.
I'm ready to lose my life for it.
I won't give it to you!
Take it from him, sir.
Take it.
Take it, sir.
Dig it out of his mouth.
Spit.. Spit it out, man.
My God! It's gone!
If we get him dewormed,
we can get it immediately.
Get lost.
Mr. Balakrishnan. - Don't say
anything. I'll do what I can.
- No..
No use in talking now.
Let's meet in court.
Don't put me into trouble.
- I'll trouble you.
Or else, throw her out
and offer the job to me.
Otherwise, I'll trouble you.
Nobody can harm me.
I'll see you later. Before that,
I've to see someone else.
The dog that gave you the letter.
Oh, my God! He's killing me!
Stop there!
Mathai! He's trying to kill me.
Are you trying to escape?
Stop there.
What's the problem?
- I'll kill you. - What?
Leave me.
Tell me the reason.
Why did you give her the paper?
- I felt like it.
I'll put an end to all your likes.
Leave my leg.
- No.
Mathai, please come fast.
- What happened?
You step aside, Mathai..
What's the problem?
- No idea!
he has spoiled my livelihood.
I trusted you
and gave the blank signed paper.
I don't want the job and have no
objection to giving it to anyone.
He wrote to this effect..
This useless man..
I told you to stand aside,
Balakrishnan, right?
Move, Mathai.. Move..
Let me say.
I'm not sparing his life
due to the fear of going to jail.
I want to live to work there
at least for one day.
You go now.
I'll take you to task later.
I'll spank you!
You don't know my real character.
Are you hurt?
- No.
Why were you crying then?
It's my trick.
This is my trick.
There's a limit for everything,
you bloody fool!
I favoured you as I've
a special interest in you.
So it's your duty to see
I don't get into trouble.
That's why I asked for
a No-Objection letter from him.
I gave you his
No-Objection letter, right?
How can I be responsible
if you miss it?
Who expected such
a situation to arise?
He swallowed the letter.
Now it has become a problem.
Why are you scared?
You don't know the seriousness
of the situation.
He should've got this job
about four or five years back.
Every officer cited a reason
to deny him his job.
You are the last hitch.
It's good for you to give up
the job in his favour.
Why should I give up the job?
I joined after getting the
appointment letter.
Only I know the tale
of your appointment letter.
I hid his entire
file to process it.
He doesn't need much
time to take it out.
Just a letter to the
head office will do.
Then, neither you nor I can
work there anymore.
You are a girl,
a descendant of Menaka, right?
Entice him.. Charm him..
Get closer to him..
And get the work done.
Just follow my instructions.
Good show!
So both of you are co-conspirators.
I'm an officer in the office
but a good friend outside.
Why don't you then sing
a love duet holding hands?
I heard you are a good
practical joker.
Stop there! - No,
don't apple-polish me.
Let me tell you something.
Don't backstab me.
I'm telling you
an important thing.
I'm giving you three days' time.
Only three days!
If you don't give me the job
after firing her..
Not only your job, even your
retirement will be in trouble.
Retirement, too! Beware.
Don't you've any shame?
You're roaming in shorts
with a girl of your daughter's age.
Dirty old man!
Go.. Go.. Go.. Follow him.
Mister! You fixed one for him.
Somehow, I managed it.
Get one for me, too.
I don't want it free.
Money is no problem.
No joke.. Money is no problem.
Mister, listen to me.
I'm ready to pay any amount.
Why are you following me?
- I feel like it.
I don't want you to like me.
- I like you.
Won't you go away?
- No.
Trust me. I'll call
people for help.
People will come
even if I call them.
What's this nuisance?
Go away.
I've much work to do.
Wherever you go, I'll follow you.
What's your intention?
What do you want now?
Give up the job in my favour.
- Impossible!
Then, I'll follow you.
Your style of approach
says you're a street girl.
You can't get me
to love a loose girl like you
or dance to your tunes.
For that, there's someone waiting
on the beach.
Your old lover!
Go to him!
If you don't like me,
I'll go away.
I'll not trouble you.
I'll give up my job.
Is it enough?
For that, you've to pay
me Rs. 50,000. - What?
If you give Rs. 50,000,
I'll give up my job.
Rs. 50,000?
- It's not high.
There is an offer
for Rs. 75,000 for this job.
I'm settling for Rs. 50,000,
because it's you.
Forget about Rs. 50,000,
I'll not give you a penny.
Then forget about
the job. - Let me see it.
Even if I have to knock the doors
of the Supreme Court
I'll get the job. Watch it.
May I make a phone call?
- Local call? - Yes.
Hello, Kasturba Home
for the Aged.
Hello, is it 35452?
- Yes.
Saraswati Amma..
Call from Kolkata.
Call for Saraswati Amma!
Your son from Calcutta.
Who is that? Mother?
I'm Gopalakrishnan,
calling from Kolkata.
Are you doing well, Mother?
- I'm fine, Son.
When are you coming, Son?
What to do, Mother?
I've applied for leave.
I'll catch the next flight
as soon as it is sanctioned.
Got the money I had sent?
- Got it.
What do you want from Kolkata?
- I don't want anything.
You just come here.
That's enough.
Nothing else, isn't it?
- No.
Don't cut the call.
I've to talk to him.
Son, don't cut the call.
The matron wants to talk to you.
- Hello. Is this the matron?
Can you get
a few blankets from Kolkata?
Hello.. Can you hear me?
No.. No.. Not able to hear you.
Can you get a few blankets
from Kolkata?
Talk loudly.. I can't hear you.
Blankets.. Blankets..
Can you get a few blankets
from Kolkata?
Hello.. I can't hear you..
Blankets.. Can you get a
few blankets from Kolkata?
- The line was disconnected.
Are you playing games?
I could hear from here that
she was screaming for blankets.
Did you hear?
- Yes.
Then buy blankets for her.
Isn't that Balakrishnan?
Please stop.
How come you are here?
To catch you, you devil!
How much? - Rs.35.
Why Rs. 35?
Can't you ask Rs. 350?
I will give only
Rs.10. Is it possible?
Oh, my God! He escaped
from here, too.
Leave after paying the fare.
He was just here.
He suddenly disappeared.
Does he know any black magic?
Man, pay me!
Balakrishnan, where have you gone?
Where is he going?
- Balakrishnan!
Give me my money.
I am telling you.
Give me my money.
Are you hiding here, Balakrishnan?
Don't try to escape like that.
You dog..
Oh, my God. I've gone deaf.
Sorry, I mistook you.
Hello, you came in this vehicle..
Park in front of the gate.
Hey man! Give me my money.
I was after you from there.
Who told you to escort me?
You came in this vehicle,
didn't you? - Then this?
You had come in this auto.
Allah! Two autos for me?
What are you saying? - Is this
an auto stand? Clear out!
That's what I'm saying.
Is this an auto stand?
Get it cleared. I'll come now.
I've to meet a man.
Hey! Where are you going?
Can't you see I'm going inside?
Tell me his name.
I'll call him out.
I want to meet my creator, Allah!
Can you call him out?
Get lost, man.
You may hide anywhere.
I'll find you out.
Come out, idiot!
- Yes?
Sorry. Not you.
I'm looking for someone else.
My friend Balakrishnan.
He has escaped after taking
Rs. 35,000 loan from me.
Brothers! Help me
get back my money.
Otherwise, my sister's marriage
will get cancelled.
You can cut it from his salary.
It'll save my life.
He's not employed here.
Don't lie to me.
I know he works here.
How did you allow such
fools to enter inside?
I'm not a fool.
It's your father who's the fool.
Throw him out!
Hey, stop!
- Don't come near me.
Don't come or else
I'll beat all of you.
Balakrishnan, today I'll
bring down your office.
If you fear for your life,
don't dare come near me.
Caught him!
Don't hurt me..
- What will you do?
I'm talking about hurting myself.
Don't strangle my neck.
Don't thrash me like a street dog.
What a nuisance.
Balakrishnan has put
all lives in jeopardy.
Get down!
Get down. He's here.
What's the fare?
I'll pay, it's my pleasure.
Will he escape from here?
- Am I not here to catch him?
Aren't you both close friends?
- Yes.
What's your name?
- Gopalakrishnan.
Good name.
What then? It would be so bad
had I been named Balakrishnan.
There's Balakrishnan! Enough?
Why did you escape
on seeing me, Hamsakoya?
Rascal! You ran away on seeing me.
What's the problem? - Don't
interfere! Let them fight it out.
Fight it out?
What is it?
Nothing.. He's my best friend
from my native place.
This is the affection of seeing
me after a long time.
Mother Mary!
Strangling him to show affection?
Leave him.
- I won't.
Then I'll catch you. From where has
this yellow-dressed ghost come?
Finished! Are you happy now?
They would've fought it out today.
Get lost!
What is it, man?
- Do you know?
When his sister was to get married,
only I was there to help him.
I gave Rs.35,000
without any surety
to get his sister married.
Koya, love is everlasting.
Money will come and go.. Go
and come.. Come and go..
What's your name?
- Mathai.
Money will come and go.. Go
and come.. Come and go forever.
Will you give me my money?
Will you?
- No.
Then step aside.
Only a week is there for
my sister Nafisa's marriage.
If you don't repay
the loan by then
the marriage will get cancelled.
You ran away to avoid
paying my money, right?
When I was leaving to find you
do you know what Nafisa said?
Brother, I don't mind my marriage
getting cancelled
but don't put pressure
on Balakrishnan.
If the marriage of such a girl
gets cancelled because of you
you will never be able
to wash away this sin.
Why are you talking like this?
Nafisa's marriage will happen
as scheduled. I'll conduct it.
Come on Friday.
I'll settle your loan.
Don't you trust me?
I said I'd repay.
That's why I don't believe it.
No, let him say it.
Not him, I'm Mathai.
Okay, let Mathai promise me.
Will you pay?
He doesn't owe you.
It's me who owes you.
Come on Friday.
I'll repay the loan.
Let's go together and
conduct Nafisa's marriage. Okay?
Allah! Will this happen?
It'll happen.
You go now.
I'll go now but I'll come back
on next Friday.
I won't come alone.
I'll come with a gang.
Not to beat you
or threaten you to pay.
I'll not harm you even
if you fail to pay me.
If Nafisa's marriage is cancelled,
I'll commit suicide here.
They are coming to
take my body home.
Why did you promise him?
How can you arrange funds?
I'll get money.
- From where?
I'll get it.
- What makes you so sure?
My heart says I'll get it.
Nafisa's marriage will happen.
Tell him to have the gruel.
I want to sleep.
Don't you want to have gruel?
Why are you so sad?
Nothing.. Just
thinking about Nafisa.
I literally brought her up.
She's also my sister.
She's a bride now.
Her marriage should happen.
I'll conduct it at any cost.
If there's no other way,
I've a plan.
You're not planning to rob
a bank, are you?
No need for that
I'll get the money.
What had brought me to this place?
What had I been
running madly after?
I'll lose that job.
Rani, I want to talk to you.
- What's the matter?
Please come out for a minute.
Say it here.
Please. It's personal.
Please come out.
What is it?
You said once you'd give up
the job if I pay Rs. 50,000.
Did you mean it?
Not really.
When I saw your stubbornness,
I started liking you..
I toyed with the
idea of giving up.
Forget about Rs. 50,000,
I'm not worth a penny.
I ran away from home to escape
the growing loan burden.
If I had a job, I could've
managed my lenders.
That's why I created
so much trouble for the job.
I don't know anything
else other than that.
I'm not talented in that, either.
You can keep the job.
You've the talent to sell it at
a higher price, too.
I'll sign any number of papers.
Can you
give me Rs. 35,000?
I've to repay a loan taken
for my sister's marriage.
If don't repay immediately
another girl's marriage
will get cancelled.
I'm telling you the truth. I've
come with all my hopes on you.
If you don't help me now,
I'll be in great difficulty.
Don't say no, don't ask for time.
- Do you've to be so foolish?
It's a necessity. You've
nothing to lose in this deal.
In fact, you only gain. You're a
clever girl, so I accept defeat.
How fast you'd
understood my cleverness.
Do one thing.. Come to my home.
Let's discuss this there.
Okay, I'll come.
You didn't give me your address.
The fourth house to the south of
Maria Hospital. - Thanks.
Mother, this is the house
I'm constructing.
Such a big house!
Anyway, we're constructing a house.
Let it be a big one.
It's a once in a lifetime thing.
Come, Mother. - Sir, petrol..
- Don't pester me.
When did you come from Kolkata?
On the morning flight. I'm coming
straight here with my mother.
I'm a mason here.
He always talks about you.
Even yesterday evening,
he talked to me.
How is that? Do you
also stay in Kolkata?
I called him from Kolkata.
I told him to be here as my
mother is coming to inspect it.
Isn't it?
- Yes.
Please go in, Mother.
Trying to overact
and spoil the show?
- Yes, sir. - Come here.
Dispose him by paying something.
- Who has the money?
Settle him. I'll pay you later.
- Sir.. Petrol.
We can fill later.
Excuse me, sir. Who is she?
Is she his mother?
I suspect if she's his mother.
No, his father!
You keep quiet, man.
Why are you getting angry at me?
He said she's his mother.
Yesterday, he told me to act
when his mother comes here.
Whatever it is, he's a crook.
That's my office!
Everything will be in marble.
Here.. A big photo of yours..
A swing here for you to swing.
A screen here
a and dining table beyond that.
There.. You.. Me and my..
When did you come from Kolkata?
Don't you recognise me?
I'm Balakrishnan!
Who is he, Son?
I'll tell you. He knows me
very well. He's ignoring me.
We first met on the road.
I mistook him as a pickpocket.
Come here, Balakrishnan.
- Come here.
Let your mother
know all your details.
I want to talk to your mother.
Leave my hand.
He has helped me immensely.
The job I struggled
to get for six years..
He got it for me in a jiffy.
I'm not exaggerating, ma'am.
In fact, Mathai and I practically
survive off his hands.
If he's not there,
we will go hungry.
Can you reach home early enough
to prepare gruel?
Reach where?
I must go back in the
next flight to prepare gruel.
Do you have gruel in Kolkata?
I don't like Chapatti,
so I prepare gruel..
Three times a day.
He always has gruel. - Please.
Why are you scared?
For all the help you did for me
shouldn't I repay it?
Mortals like us can't do anything.
God should shower his mercy.
Isn't it, ma'am? - Yes, dear.
God will shower his mercy,
knowing all that my son has done.
Enough.. That's enough for me.
You should pray
for it to happen.
Give me Rs. 100.
To offer special prayers for you.
Give him, Son.
Special prayers?
- Have you forgotten?
That day.. Signing a blank
paper.. Given to Ganapathy.
He's always like this.
Always absent-minded.
I'll take your leave, ma'am.
You come with me.
I can do anything now to break
you, but I won't do that.
I will not gain anything
by avenging myself.
Go.. Go, man.
Stop for a moment.
May I ask you something?
Is she your real
mother, you dog?
"Paper boat in the
backwaters of tears"
"is struggling in
the blowing wind"
"away from the shore."
Please stop.
Where's Rani's house?
Late Paniker's daughter?
- Yes.
What's the matter?
- Where's her house?
First house on the right.
- Thanks.
Children. Is Rani at home?
Aunt! Someone is here for you.
Is it Balakrishnan?
I didn't expect you so early.
I just came from the office.
Please come in.
Come in.
Is this your home?
Never expected it, did you?
Come in.
I'll kill you!
If you dare step in..
- Do you dare step in?
Shameless creature.
Come in.
Mother lost her mental balance
after father's death.
We tried medical help,
but all gave up hope.
Me, too.
Why are you still standing?
You haven't woken
from the shock yet?
No.. I didn't expect
you in this condition.
The Rani I met yesterday..
The Rani I'm meeting now..
I'm confused who the real Rani is.
The Rani
you see now is the real one.
A mentally unstable mother
a paralysis stricken sister,
deserted by her husband
their four daughters
playing outside.
They are the wealth of
the clever Rani, as you said.
This is nothing compared
to the treasure I own.
That's my biggest sorrow.
What is it, Sister?
Please come here.
- Coming.
Yes, Sister?
A man has come to meet you.
Who is he, Sister?
Can you see him?
Something hazy and unclear.
He's Balakrishnan.
Balakrishnan? Who is he?
- Balakrishnan.
What is he to you?
He's the son of a man
who worked with our father.
You go inside.
He got high marks
in last year's SSLC exam.
He topped the school.
He started losing his vision
about two months back.
He totally lost his sight
since last week.
What's the reason?
What to say?
It's his fate.
The family burden fell on my
shoulders after my father's death.
I was courageous and expected
everything would go on well.
I had all my hopes on Unni.
I wanted to get him a good
education against all the odds.
But.. - Didn't you
consult a doctor?
I did and they suggested surgery
to restore his vision immediately.
A delay would make
him blind permanently.
Get him operated soon.
Yes, but it's too expensive.
To get back my brother's vision
do you know the price I've to pay?
How much?
- Rs. 50,000!
Can you give me that much?
I played this game for Rs. 50,000
for Unni's operation.
I thought you were very
rich and wealthy.
But when I heard you ran away
from home, fearing lenders
it made me laugh.
Without giving me a break,
fate is after me.
You wanted Rs. 35,000.
I don't have even Rs. 35.
Unable to say all this in office
I asked you to come home.
Now tell me what I can do.
All that I can do is this.
This is my resignation letter.
Let the job be yours,
which is yours anyway.
Try to solve at least
your problems.
Shall I take your leave?
On the way,
I'll tear the resignation.
If I take your job now
even God will not save me.
Don't stop me.
Now you have a partner to share
your joys and sorrows.
You need Rs. 50,000
and I need Rs. 35,000.
But I've only Rs.100!
Shall I tear this note, too?
"We pray at your holy feet.."
Hey, Mathai!
"Devils are waiting for us."
Mathai! Mathai!
Gopalakrishnan, go and check.
Why is he behaving strangely?
"Evil men are around us.."
- Mr. Mathai!
He's calling again.
This is rum.
I had little raw.
Let's finish it tonight.
I had never been
so happy like today.
How can I stop myself
from having a drink?
Why are you so happy today?
Nafisa's marriage
will never happen.
Didn't you get the money?
- No.
What did she say?
She's penniless.
Compared to her,
we are kings..
She cheated you again, didn't she?
She didn't cheat me,
but what she said is true.
She doesn't have anything.
But she has one thing.
A good heart!
Don't talk about the heart with me.
I've a large heart, too!
Does she have money
to lecture to you?
After hearing this,
my stomach is burning.
Give me a drink to douse it.
Little more.. More.. Enough!
Don't add water.
I don't like water.
I want to tell you before you
start drinking. - What is it?
Can you tell who gave money
to buy this bottle?
The world's biggest rascal.
This rascal!
Beware of him.
He can cheat you anytime.
A rascal who cheats his
own mother without any remorse.
Is it true?
Tell him all that I'd seen.
Still, I have a doubt.
The lady I'd saw.. Was she your
real mother or some cheap actress?
Please don't say anything.
She's my own mother.
I'd been cheating my mother
for the past year and a half.
But she's very happy in
that home for the aged.
Her son is
working in Kolkata.
He's sending
money every month.
He's coming via air.
He's constructing
a big bungalow for her.
Why are you cheating her?
What should I tell her then?
Should I tell that
I don't have a job?
Should I tell her
I am struggling for food?
My mother struggled to educate me.
My mother believed
after my studies
I'd get good job offers.
But it never happened.
When days passed
she got more worried.
High tension.
I feared losing my mother
if she got tense again.
Finding no other way,
I started cheating her.
If he'd told the
truth to my mother
she wouldn't have
survived this night.
I'm eternally indebted to you.
I gave you lots of troubles.
Forgive all my sins
for my mother's sake.
You come here.
You're not angry with him, are you?
- No.
Offer him a drink.
- Have it.
Why? - Take it.
I don't want it.
- Come on, take it.
You are in deep sorrow.
Him, too.
I have a little sorrow, too.
When the bus outside
is repaired
your problems will get solved.
Everything will be all right.
That's my faith.
Tonight needs a celebration,
isn't it?
Get yourself a drink. Go.
Not yet finished?
Come on, drink.
"Thousands of desires have merged
into a dream."
"High and low hopes."
"it's like the lamp in darkness."
"How many times you may try"
"the other shore
is always greener."
"This is the sad truth."
"Thousands of desires have merged
into a dream."
"High and low hopes."
"A sage's curse
has become poetry.."
"A parrot's pain
inspired an epic poem."
"A lover's pangs of separation."
"A poet's heart."
"A lover's pangs of separation.
A poet's heart."
"It transpired into a poem.
Greetings to all of you."
"Thousands of desires have merged
into a dream."
"High and low hopes."
"Palaces are made in dreams."
"Time is tying me up."
"Little wishes are
singing lullabies."
"Marriage band playing
in the canopy of the heart."
"Marriage band playing
in the canopy of the heart."
"Time is tying me up."
"A dream house in the dreamland."
"Thousands of desires have merged
into a dream."
"High and low hopes."
"Black bangles playing music
on the bride's hands.."
"Black bangles playing music
on the bride's hands."
"Ghazals should envelop
the marriage function."
"In the marriage function."
"Black bangles playing music
on the bride's hands."
"Apply shadow to the
doe-eyed beauty."
"Why are you already in bliss
before walking to the altar?"
"Entering the dream world
behind the closed door."
"Soft, tender, sensuous
on the bed of jasmine."
"Black bangles playing music
on the bride's hands."
"Ghazals should envelop
the marriage function."
"In the marriage function.
- In the marriage function."
"Thousands of desires have merged
into a dream."
"High and low hopes."
My name is Ram.
Ramjirao speaking.
He disconnected the line.
- Try again.
- Ramjirao speaking.
You said that earlier.
What's this?
- Speaking. - Speaking.
Mr. Urumees Thampan?
- Yes.
Your daughter Nisha
is in our custody now.
Very good!
Go and sleep, man!
What? What did he say?
- Check the number.
What? What did he say?
- He is talking nonsense.
Are they insomniacs?
Shall I go to piss?
- Okay.
Got the number?
- The number's right. 34523.
- Ramjirao speaking.
There's something leaking there.
Hear it.
You're right!
I think they have the phone tapped.
No tricks!
I warn you to switch it off!
Switch it off?
What should I switch off?
The equipment you are using now.
Switch it off at once!
He stopped it.
I didn't bluff when I said your
daughter Nisha is in our custody.
Please save me, Daddy.
Or they'll kill me, Daddy.
Mathai! Get up!
Gopalakrishnan! Get up!
Look there!
- Daddy!
What is it?
- Who is crying?
She's Urumees Thampan's daughter.
Someone has kidnapped her.
- Who?
He said he was Ramjirao!
Mr. Urumees Thampan!
If you want your daughter back
you've to pay a ransom of
one lakh to us!
We'll call you back
tomorrow at 10 a.m.
and tell you the place and
time to deliver the ransom.
Before that, if you
try to call the police
or try to trace us
we won't call you tomorrow.
You'll see your daughter corpse.
Hello! Hello!
What's the problem?
A man named Ramjirao
has kidnapped
Mr. Urumees Thampan 's daughter
and asked for Rs.1,00,000
as ransom, or he'd kill her.
We heard her cries now.
Oh, God!
- What should we do now?
What can we do?
Go to sleep, man.
Let anything happen to her.
This isn't like that.
We must call and inform
this to Urumees Thampan. - Yes.
Get the phone number
from the directory.
What an ordeal!
Don't you've any other work?
We get umpteen number
of wrong calls for this guy.
If you call and inform him,
what's the use?
This isn't it like that.
I'll call to inform him.
Urumees Thampan.
Stop.. Stop.. Say the number.
- 34523.
Buffalo! That's our number.
34523. Urumees Thampan.
Look here!
Mother Mary!
Two phones with the same number!
Check the Urvashi Theatres number.
Urvashi Theatres.
Right below
Urumees Thampan's number.
No wonder we're getting
all these wrong calls.
Urvashi and Urumees Thampan's
numbers are interchanged.
Call the second number.
You'll get him.
What are you going to tell him?
That his daughter
has been kidnapped.
Shall we play a game?
What game?
Let's play a game between them.
What are you saying? What game?
Yes, a game.
Why did we get this phone call?
God's destiny!
We may be millionaires
by tomorrow.
May that's God's destiny.
- Gopalakrishnan?
We got nothing to lose.
What we get may be millions.
Don't you have to repay
Hamsakoya's money?
Shouldn't your drama company
regain its past glory?
I have a few desires
to fulfil, too.
Let's make a try.
Call him on the phone
and say as I tell you.
- My name is Ram.
- Ramjirao speaking.
Ramjirao? Who?
What do you want?
Your daughter is in our custody.
I said your daughter
is in our custody.
Hello? Hello?
What did he say?
He dropped the phone.
What did you say? My daughter..
I said your daughter
is in our safe custody.
Tell me
where you are speaking from.
Cool down, man.
- I will kill you!
Before you kill us,
your daughter will be..
Please tell me.
Who are you? What do you want?
Money.. We need money.
If you pay, your daughter
will return safely.
I will give you everything I have.
Please don't hurt my daughter.
We won't hurt your daughter.
But if you try to call police
or trace us
you'll see your daughter's
I won't go to the police.
Trust me.
No one else will know about this.
I promise.
Okay, we trust you.
We'll call you again
at 10 a.m. tomorrow
and tell you the place
and time to deliver the ransom.
Just tell me your ransom.
We want.. We want..
Two.. Two is enough!
Say three.. Three!
We want Rs. 4,00,000!
I'll pay whatever you ask.
You'll pay?
I said I'd pay.
- Hello? Hello?
He has promised to pay
Rs. 4,00,000!
He has promised to pay
Rs. 4,00,000!
We are saved!
Our lives are settled!
Sir.. Nisha is missing.
Leave it. She'll
be somewhere here.
Sir, I searched the entire house.
Who told you to search for her?
Who are you? Her father?
- No.
Mind your own business.
Got it?
Go now.
- Ramjirao speaking.
Urumees Thampan here.
Is the money ready?
Ramjirao.. My daughter..
Is the money ready?
Say it's ready.
It's ready.
Then, tonight sharp at 8.30 p.m.
come to the back of
the old lighthouse with the money.
We'll be there with your daughter.
Come alone!
No driver!
Ask him if he had met
Thampan earlier.
have you seen me before?
Ask him how he'll recognise you.
How will you recognise me?
You'll come alone.
How can I fail to recognise you?
Say alone. Alone.
Yes, I'll come alone.
If it doesn't happen,
your daughter will be dead.
What? - Urumees Thampan.
- What? - Urumees Thampan!
Ramjirao speaking.
- Ramjirao?
I was waiting for your call.
What time should I come
with the ransom?
Tonight at 8 p.m.
- Where?
Behind the new lighthouse.
Come alone. No driver.
No, no driver.
Otherwise, your
daughter will die immediately.
Butterflies are fluttering
in my stomach.
Will there be any problem?
No problem will arise.
- What if police catch us?
They won't catch us.
You needn't come if you're scared.
Later, don't ask for a share.
- Did I say I'm scared?
We three will go to the
new lighthouse as the kidnappers.
We'll collect the Rs. 4,00,000
ransom from Urumees Thampan.
Taking Rs. 1,00,000
from that, Balakrishnan
will go alone to the
old lighthouse as Urumees Thampan..
He will give it to Ramjirao,
get the child
and return her to him.
Not a soul will know it.
Three lakhs will be all ours!
Oh, God! Should I go alone
to meet them?
No, let's all three
go as Urumees Thampans!
You said on phone
you'd come alone.
Should I've to go alone?
- They know your voice.
My friend, I don't
know to drive a car.
My vehicle is here. You can
learn to drive easily. Isn't it?
In your vehicle?
- Yes.
I'll teach you to drive a car.
There's a problem.
- What problem?
What if Urumees Thampan
recognises us later?
Are we going in this attire?
- No? - No!
Old costumes of dramas and plays
are lying here uselessly.
Let's change costumes
as the situation demands.
Let these things be used
at least for this.
You come with me.
throw the boxes from the attic.
Drink, I say!
Drink.. Drink.
Drink. Drink it, I say.
- She's refusing to drink.
Child, drink it.
Drink it!
Child, drink it.
Drink it!
- Daddy!
Sir, you haven't had any food.
I don't want anything.
You go.
Why are you closing the door?
Open it.
Tell me the truth.
Where is Nisha?
Didn't I tell you that he has
taken her somewhere?
You're lying. Both of you are
hiding something from me.
Tell me the truth.
Last night
when everyone was asleep
a kidnapping took place, right?
Tell that to your woman!
Who else will tell you
other than me?
Has your boss
sent you here?
Sir, Nisha is missing
since last night.
I think she has been kidnapped.
What are you saying?
- I swear on Mother Mary.
Yes, she's not in the house.
You can check it.
Is your boss at home?
- He's there.
He's crying inside
the closed room.
He has refused to eat
anything since morning.
Come, let's go.
Sir, don't tell him
I had told you.
If he asks, just say
you walked in yourself.
Lord, save the child.
Mr. Urumees.
What's the problem here?
- What problem?
No problem here.
I've come after
knowing the incident.
Nothing happened here.
Just go away.
Mr. Urumees,
who are you afraid of?
You're the problem now.
Please go away.
I told you to leave!
I'll go,
but I want to meet Nisha.
She's not here.
- Where is she?
She has gone to her aunt's house.
- When?
What's this police inquiry?
I'm not asking you as a friend
but as a Circle Inspector.
Where is Nisha?
- I don't want to tell you.
If I have a complaint,
I'll go to the police myself.
No need for you to come here
and ask if I do. Got it?
Mr. Ramachandran,
Please come.
I'm going to hand over a serious
case to you. - Tell me, sir.
Nisha Sea Foods & Exports owner,
Urumees Thampan, is my neighbour.
Somebody has kidnapped
his daughter.
He's refusing to say anything
in the fear of kidnappers.
Keep an eye on him.
- Yes, sir.
Where he goes,
what he goes for
who he meets.
I want an update on all these.
Don't make him suspicious about you
following him. - Okay, sir.
Come here.
- Sir.
Tonight I need your car.
I've to take my mother out.
You needn't come.
Just the car is enough.
- No problem.
Just follow my orders,
I'll come later. Go.
What brings you here?
I came to meet you.
- Why?
I think my problem
will soon get over.
I'll get the money soon.
Is it?
- Yes.
Then we can conduct the
marriage, right? - Yes.
Nafisa's marriage will be
grander than my expectations.
Isn't she really a lucky girl?
It's not just Nafisa.
Even Unni is lucky.
Maybe I can offer to
sponsor Unni's operation.
Won't you accept it from me?
No.. How will I repay you?
What if I don't want it to be
repaid? - It's not possible.
Take it as a long-term loan.
That can give me an opportunity
to meet you regularly.
Where are you getting
so much money?
No, whatever I may say
now will be a lie.
I want to tell you only the truth.
Let everything get over.
Tomorrow or the day after,
I'll come with the money.
Arrange everything for
Unni's operation.
Just do not say that
you don't like me
showing affection to you.
Get four new tires.
It should be painted.
Any repairs it needs
should be done.
It must be back
in good running condition.
Tell me the cost.
Tell me.
Why are you so stunned?
- Did you win the lottery?
Go to hell..
He wants all the details..
Sir. - Nothing here.
Begging early in the morning.
Sir, I'm a painter.
- Painter?
I told you to come
in the afternoon. Come.
Whitewash this
and paint the other areas.
Tell me the cost.
Come on, tell me.
What are you looking for?
No tires, how can I take it?
Take? Where will you take it?
You've to work on it here.
What's this?
Why are you following me?
To whitewash the house.
- Can you do it here?
What do you want?
- I was searching for costumes.
Whatever it is, ask me.
What do you want?
We need three robber costumes.
- Three robber costumes!
There were three robber
characters in one of my plays.
Check the size.
This is to cover the eyes
like this.
This is good! Got three like this?
Yes. - Then this is okay.
No need for this. They look like
buffoon costumes.
This is good.
Now Urumees Thampan's costume.
Why should we provide a costume
for him? Is he coming naked?
Not for him.
He's playing his character.
Confusion.. Confusion..
I'm absent-minded.
You have to remind me.
Let's do one thing.
Let's give him King Akbar's
sword and shield.
How can he go out in a king's
costume? It won't be good.
Then I'll take that one.
- Which one?
The other one.
- Which one?
The role I played.
As Alexander the Great..
For three years on stage..
In this dress..
Will it be possible? No?
The dress Vasco de Gama
wore to land in India..
It wasn't for no reason Urvashi
Theatres closed down. - What?
Don't you have costumes
for ordinary mortals?
What did you say about
Urvashi Theatres now?
I didn't say anything.
Enough.. Enough of this play.
You don't need a robber
costume. You already look like one.
Joking.. Joking..
I'll give good co-operation.
- What?
No, I'll give you a good coat.
- Coat!
- Sir, it's me.
Urumees Thampan drew Rs. 4,00,000
from the bank and left.
Where is he going?
- I think he's going home.
do one thing. Follow him.
Arrest the person to whom
he gives the money. - Yes, sir.
"This is a playground."
"This is a battlefield."
"The war has broken out."
"Armies are prepared to battle."
"The battle cries
are rending the air."
"Weapons, shields and armour
are ready to fight."
"Get into the battlefield
and start fighting."
"Expected a playground."
"This is a playground."
"This is a battlefield."
You stay back here.
I'll go and check.
Isn't anyone there?
The yellow devil is gone, isn't it?
- Here it is. - Stop!
Who are you guys?
- Aren't you Hamsakoya? - Yes.
We are Balakrishnan's friends.
- Is it?
Were you three born as twins?
We were born to our mothers.
What do you want to know?
- What?
The three of you appear
similar, so I asked.
Balakrishnan told
about you coming here.
Look. He has informed about my
coming here. Where has he gone?
To get money and give it to you.
He'll be back in two hours.
He told you to sit here.
- Here? - Yes.
Not just two, I can sit
four hours for a friend.
All of you come and sit here.
He has gone to get the money.
Let's take the cash and leave.
Sit here.
Can we take your leave?
- Are you on duty now?
Why is that monkey laughing?
I'll give him a slap.
Don't spoil everything.
I hate that man's face.
Look at his shirt and the scarf.
This side?
- Get in.
Look at their fashion.
You wait here.
We'll come back soon.
You needn't come. It's enough
if Balakrishnan comes.
Your moustache
and beard are peeling off.
Adjust it before going.
Start the car.
Allah! He has cheated me. Isn't
he Balakrishnan? Balakrishnan!
Chase and catch him!
Run fast and catch him!
Stop the car, Balakrishnan!
I'll catch you whether
you go in a car or train.
You don't know me.
I have a car, too.
Start the car, man.
It's full here. - Is it locked
that side? What a bad time!
Open it.
Sorry, that's the driver's place.
Open.. Move.. Move in..
Start the car.
- Oh, I'm dead!
"Good and bad are in us."
"In life's battle"
"wittingly or unwittingly
we face the same."
"it's an adventure
from the start."
"Like wild horses
and a warrior without a master."
"Like wild horses
and a warrior without a master."
"Fighting ferociously,
an undefeated warrior."
"The battle is still being
fought fiercely."
"The swords are drawn out
without going into the scabbards."
"This is a playground."
"This is a battlefield."
Which place is this?
- Don't talk.
Is there a place like that?
I'm hearing it for the first time.
What are those red balls?
For you to swallow!
- I don't want, you have one.
Hold your liquor.
- Your father had liquor!
My dear Mathai, please
sit silently here.
Passing urine here?
Aren't we here to pass urine?
- No. - Then?
Urumees will come with money.
Then call him, Gopalakrishnan.
- Don't say our names.
Don't say names, Balakrishnan.
- Okay. He's coming.
Mr. Urumees Thampan!
Have you brought the money?
Have you brought the money?
Tell him..
Come forward.
Come.. Come..
Mathai, don't create trouble.
Where is my daughter?
She's here!
Show us the money.
Shall I open it?
I have experience.
Move.. Move..
Take your hands off it.
Don't show too much interest.
- First, open and see it.
I'm not showing extra interest.
Where is my daughter?
- We'll bring her.
Don't move!
Give me the suitcase.
- Don't give it. Don't give..
Give the suitcase.
- Give it.
Where is Nisha?
We got a phone call.. Prawns..
Where is Nisha?
I don't know, sir.
- You don't know, do you?
Where is Nisha? Tell me.
I don't know, sir.
Why did you come here?
We don't need
an invitation to come.
You needn't interfere.
I've no complaints.
Don't stop us. We'll
interfere. Come on, let's go.
Stop it.
- Ramjirao, escape!
Why are you holding me, policeman?
Leave the gun.
Come.. Come..
I hear some noise here.
I'm not able to run fast.
Allah! They are all
beating my Balakrishnan.
Boys! Beat all of them up!
Hold.. Beat.. Leave..
- Beat this man!
The yellow ghost is here again!
- Beat him..
Balakrishnan, they are our men.
Come here, catch him.
Hold it carefully, friend!
Though you're the police, if
it goes off, you'll be in jail.
Why is it still aimed at my chest?
Turn it that side.
Don't move it this side,
turn it that side.
Let it fire on something else.
- I can't find his head.
Beat him.
I'm here!
I've found a gun.
Whose gun is it? Don't call
me a gun thief later.
I found a lost gun! Is it yours?
Have they gone mad?
Why are you grabbing it from me?
Leave me.
Hold him.
Enough of it! I've gone mad!
I'll kill everyone here.
I've a watch, is it yours?
Next! Come on..
Are you riding a horse?
You come here.
Let me beat you.
I didn't beat you.
They are not allowing me
to beat them in peace.
Look, a man is on the ground.
I'll kick him.
You come here.
Run away, Balakrishnan!
I've entered the scene.
I'll finish it and come.
Please hold me.
Even kidnappers can't
live peacefully here.
The yellow ghost isn't bad.
I saw him beating three men.
Come here.
- He's faithful.
Job done!
I don't want to be a part of this.
I don't want this type of money.
Stop there.
You said he's a good man
and wouldn't call the police.
What happened now?
I should curse myself for trusting
you and getting beaten up.
You were jealous of my
peaceful life, right?
Will you both go away from here?
Bloody moustache!
Desired to make millions..
I've lost everything.
Whose final rites
are you planning now?
You bloody rascal!
Can't you keep your word?
Abuse me but listen to me.
No need to say anything.
Bloody dog!
You'll pay dearly for this.
I'm no more Ramjirao.
If you have guts, save
your daughter yourself.
Use police or army as you please.
Hello? Hello?
What's this stupidity?
Don't call him from here.
It's dangerous.
- What danger?
Police will come here.
Let them come or else,
I'll call them myself. - Then?
Let Ramjirao and the police
deal with each other.
What about the child?
- I don't care about the child.
Let him face the
music for cheating us.
He's innocent.
If he had called the police,
would he try to save us?
It's Ramjirao.
Don't blabber to him.
I know what to tell him.
You shouldn't.
- Take off your hand.
Balakrishnan, please.
- Leave me!
- Daddy!
Daddy, they will kill me.
You promised to come, but you
didn't turn up. Tell me why.
They will kill me.
Why are you silent, Daddy?
Talk to me, Daddy.
Don't you love me, Daddy?
Mr. Urumees Thampan
I shouldn't have called you again.
You didn't keep your promise.
I needn't show this respect.
But I'm giving you one more chance.
Tomorrow at midnight,
on the outskirts of the city
in front of the old tunnel.
We'll come there.
We'll wait for five minutes.
One minute delay will end
in your daughter's death.
If you come with police,
I'll show no mercy.
Neither your child
nor us will be alive.
A child is losing her life for us.
It shouldn't happen.
I'm going to tell
everything to Urumees Thampan.
Take your hands.
- Listen to me.
I heard enough of it.
Take your hands off.
I'll not allow you
to destroy this plan.
I told you to take
your hands off. - No.
Hands off!
- No.
- Leave me.. - What is this?
Leave him..
Let him kill me.
I'll definitely kill you.
Whether you are with me or not,
I'll go ahead with the plan.
Leave me.
What is this?
I told my mother that I'd come
back with a lot of money.
I promised to take her out
from the home for the aged.
What will you tell the men coming
to fix the bus and paint the house?
Forget about your necessity
and mine. What about him?
What will you tell
Hamsakoya tomorrow?
Where will you get money for
Unni's operation? Tell me.
If you still think I'm selfish
go ahead and tell everyone.
"Paper boat"
"in the
backwaters of tears"
"is struggling in
the blowing wind"
"away from the either shores."
"The burden on the heart."
"There is one to share it."
"No one is with me."
"I'm alone."
Balakrishnan, Hamsakoya is here.
- What?
Please run away from here.
I'll manage him.
How will you manage him?
I'll promise him money tonight.
- How?
I'll somehow squeeze money out
of Urumees Thampan tonight.
You can die here if you want.
Why to go there
and die at the hands of the police?
Let me die. What's
the use of living like this?
There's no other way out. Listen to
me. Whatever it is, let's face it.
There's no looking back now.
There's nothing more to think.
You call Urumees Thampan.
I'll manage Koya and come.
Let's do it!
- I'm Chemmeen Varghese. - Who?
It's Chemmeen Varghese.
- Give it to me.
Bloody.. Hang up!
I'm already in deep trouble here.
He's adding to my woes.
- I shouldn't be calling you again.
You didn't keep your promise.
I'm calling because
of your daughter.
Tell me where I should
come with the money.
Tonight at 11.50 p.m.
wait behind the dilapidated
bungalow near the old tunnel.
We'll come there.
Why are you here now?
To protect my property?
Or to save my daughter's life?
I don't want your help.
Mr. Urumees.
It's better for you
to co-operate with us.
I told you I couldn't take chances
with my daughter's life.
Why are you still after me?
Supporting crime and criminals
is against the law.
You are doing it now.
I don't care about all that.
I want my daughter back.
I'm warning you.
If anything happens to my daughter
because of your interference..
You take note of this, too.
I'll risk my life to arrest those
criminals by tomorrow morning.
Don't dream of meeting them
without our knowledge.
Tonight the city is under
police surveillance. Know that!
We shouldn't fail in this.
- Sir.
We must arrest them
before 11.50 pm. - Sir.
Send an alert to all
police stations. - Sir.
Raid all suspected criminal
hideouts. - Yes, sir.
Check every vehicle entering
and leaving the city. - Sir.
Arrest any suspicious persons
and strangers immediately. - Sir.
Not a vehicle should move without
our knowledge. Got it? - Yes.
Make it fast!
Here's your money.
Stop! Where is my daughter?
First, my daughter.
Then, the money.
First money, then your daughter.
- I'll not accept this deal.
The child is here.
But you have to wait for some time.
We'll bring her safely to you.
The police have laid siege
to the town.
If anything happens to you
what will be the fate
of my daughter?
There's no time
to think or bargain.
You'll get your daughter
as fast as you let us go.
How can I believe you?
- You have to believe us.
It is our responsibility to
bring back your daughter to you.
We are ready to sacrifice
our lives for that.
If you still don't trust us..
I'm Balakrishnan.
I'm Gopalakrishnan.
I'm Mathai.
If you still don't believe us,
you can go back with your money.
I believe you.
You can take the money.
Your money is in this briefcase.
Where is my daughter?
Daddy? Daddy?
He's not my daddy..
I think he's in trouble.
Mathai! Gopalakrishnan!
The child!
Don't bite me.
I've come to save you.
Take the child.
Get lost, you dog!
Don't play with me.
I'll kill you today.
Hey, you..
Take the child.
Go.. Stop fighting
and go with the money.
We'll follow you later.
Don't cry.
We are with your father.
Sit here, I'll come in a moment.
Go, man.
You go with the money.
Go, man.
This stripe-shirted guy
needs a beating.
Catch them!
Mathai, come on!
Follow them!
We'll leave the child here.
The police will return her.
That's not possible.
If you want, you can go.
I'll take the child to her father.
Understand me. I have to return
the child to that good man.
Before that, they will catch us.
You listen to me.
No, I'll hand over her to
her father. You can go.
No, we have come up to here.
If anything happens to you,
who is there for me?
I'm with you. Come.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
The deal is over!
But we are not the kidnappers.
We are just middlemen.
We did this, finding no other way
to meet life's necessities.
Please don't mistake us..
I can't run anymore.
I can't.. - Mathai!
You stay put here.
I'll take care of the police.
Stay put until I come back.
What's all this, Balakrishnan?
Rani.. I..
What's the trouble
with the police?
Tell me the truth.
Why are you here?
Trust me. I didn't
commit any crime.
Why are you here at this time,
hiding from the police?
I came to see you.
The operation is scheduled
for tomorrow, isn't it?
The money is ready.
I just came to inform you.
No, you've stolen the money.
That's the truth.
For God's sake, trust me.
I'll never lie to you.
I risked my life to save a child.
I got paid for it.
I'll give you whatever you need
tomorrow morning.
I don't want it.
- Rani?
Tell me the truth.
Where did you steal it?
I'm telling you again.
Don't mistrust me.
I swear on you and God.
Please don't ask me anything more.
I'll come tomorrow
morning with the money.
Can I believe you?
- Yes.
We must leave by early morning.
Unni's hopes are high.
I've arranged everything.
Even a taxi.
Can we come to your
place on the way?
That's better.
I'll wait with the money.
Go to sleep peacefully.
We are saved..
Mathai, be careful.
- Oh, my God.
Who are you are looking for?
Nobody is going to come.
We are saved! We are rich now!
Hey, Gopalakrishnan!
Hey, thief! We are here.
Where is he?
- Gopalakrishnan?
He's not here!
- Has he..
Who are you calling now?
Is it the home for the aged?
Is Gopalakrishnan's mother there?
No, Gopalakrishnan came
at night and took her.
What did they say?
He has run away with the money.
He cheated us.
He'll do it. I'll be
surprised if he doesn't do it.
He shouldn't have
cheated me.
We shouldn't spare him!
He'll try to leave
the city before dawn.
We must catch him before that.
He shouldn't get away
after cheating us.
Call the police! Call them!
Police station.
You've arrested three kidnappers.
There are three other
people involved in it.
Balakrishnan, Gopalakrishnan
and Mannar Mathai.
I'm Balakrishnan.
Where are you calling from?
From Mannar Mathai's
Urvashi Theatres.
Mathai and I are here.
You can come and arrest us.
The third accused, Gopalakrishnan,
has escaped.
He has all the money.
Tonight, he's leaving this city.
KLY 9433.
That's his car.
There will be an old woman
in the car. His mother!
Hamsakoya's sister is waiting
in the marriage canopy.
Tomorrow morning,
Rani will be here with Unni.
What am I to tell them?
Look! Money!
We are saved!
We are rich now!
What happened?
Where were you?
I went to give Hamsakoya's money.
I gave Rs.35,000
and sent him on the first bus.
Nafisa's marriage will
happen as scheduled.
The Balance Rs.2,65,000 is in this
briefcase. It is for us.
Why are you silent?
Finding you missing here,
we thought you'd cheated us.
What happened?
We told everything to the police.
They will be here any moment.
We can't escape from this.
My mother is sitting in the car.
What am I to do now?
Arrest them.
Balakrishnan, my mother
shouldn't see me in this condition.
You had a tough time, didn't you?
- Yes.
It was ill-gotten money from me.
Take it as my reward.
My daughter told the troubles you
faced to save her. Thanks a lot.
Can you free us
from these handcuffs?
Maybe an hour, not more than that
in the police station. Promise.
The lady in the car is my mother.
No problem.
I'll take care of her.
Sir, please pick the call.
It's for you.
- Ramjirao speaking!