Rampage (2018) Movie Script

Athena-1, come in.
Athena-1, this is Control. We have
negative copy on that last transmission.
We are showing LOS in the command module.
Please verify. Over.
Mission Control,
this is Atkins.
Something went wrong
with the test.
The crew is dead.
Athena hull integrity
is critical.
I'm headed
to the escape capsule.
Negative, negative.
Reroute to the lab and
secure the canisters
before departure.
But the test subject is loose.
Doctor, the test subject
is a rat.
Not anymore.
What is this?
You have your orders, Doctor.
Open the goddamn door!
Dr. Atkins, it's Claire Wyden.
We'll unlock the escape capsule
when you secure the samples.
Doctor, either you come home
with my research,
or you don't come home at all.
Entering the lab.
Mission Control, securing
the samples now.
Copy that.
hull integrity critical.
Oh, God.
Open it!
Capsule unlocked.
Mmm. I love that smell.
Brings me right back to
You've been to Uganda?
Yeah. Oh, yeah.
If the jungle doesn't kill
you, the poachers will.
The cops are still after me
from all that shit I pulled.
They call me El Diablo.
I know they don't speak Spanish,
but they might as well.
- You ever see Blood Diamond?
- Yeah.
Now, I know it's about diamonds,
but it really captures the vibe.
I don't know if it's the same region.
But, you know, it's intense.
Don't mess with
Mother Africa...
Everything okay, boss?
No, it's not.
Don't move a muscle.
Junior here is dropping
a lot of monkey shit
with these made-up stories.
It's very entertaining, though.
It's very entertaining.
I've been to Uganda, man.
And I've been to Hogwarts.
Regardless, if you had any
experience with poaching,
you would know that it's extremely rude
to talk about it in front of a lady.
Oh, it's okay.
I can handle it.
Oh, I know you can. I'm
talking about these ladies.
There shouldn't be any
but remember you're not
in the classroom anymore.
These are wild animals.
They're very unpredictable.
So remember your training,
and do exactly as I say.
Tell me, what do you see?
The, uh, the young male,
is attempting to establish his
presence with the female.
He's posturing, agitated.
Sounds like someone we know,
Okay, let's remember this is Paavo's
first interaction with the troop.
So we'll just take it
nice and easy,
and we'll see how well he
responds to my commands.
Paavo. Paavo, it's okay.
Femi, Enu, on station.
Good girls.
That's far enough, Paavo.
It's okay.
Calm. Calm.
It's me.
There you go.
- It's cool, right?
- Yeah.
Good boy.
Good boy.
Good boy.
Uh... Davis.
Everyone stay where you are.
No one move.
Are you crazy?
If you move, we're gonna be in big trouble.
Connor, do not move.
Connor, do what he says.
Connor, don't move!
No! Paavo! Shit!
Help! Help!
Connor! Connor!
It's okay.
George! George!
Easy, buddy. Easy.
Okay. Okay.
Oh, very funny. Very funny.
We're all very impressed.
Yes, yes.
You and I, laughing at your
joke, okay?
New guy, he no laugh.
He cry.
Yeah. Yeah, opposite of laugh.
- Connor, you can get up now.
- Are you 100% on that?
100% sure. You can get up.
And check your diaper.
Come on, let's go.
He cry.
It's okay, it's okay.
He's not gonna kill me?
No, he's not gonna kill you. He
has a unique sense of humor. I...
Uh, no, no.
George no save Davis.
I don't need your saving. No.
George no save Davis.
You didn't save me.
I was fine on my own.
I'm fine.
Stop doing that. Listen, it's important
for you to be nice to Paavo.
He's just a kid.
Poachers killed his entire
He's in your troop now.
I want you to welcome him.
Welcome Paavo.
George, you and I cool?
Come on.
Wow, I can't,
Come on.
I should never have taught you
that. Stop that.
Now, come on. Give me,
Come on! Don't do that.
Stop that! Okay.
All right, listen.
I need you to protect Paavo.
I started using this new
vegan deodorant.
- How's that?
- I smell like guacamole.
Hey! Davis.
Hi. Look,
I just wanted to say,
that was amazing out there.
Ah, thank you.
And I would love to learn more
about those submission techniques.
If you have time for a drink?
Your allergies acting up
It's the dander.
- It's the dander.
- Animal dander.
Mmm-hmm. Uh...
Thank you, anyway.
I appreciate it.
I already have plans tonight.
You did great out there today.
Oh, I didn't do anything.
Exactly. The first rule of
dealing with hostile animals is,
you wanna remain calm.
I was gonna bake some kale bread
tonight, if you're interested.
No, I know you have a gluten thing.
All right, see you in the morning.
She used the word
"submission." That's a clue.
Should I go back there and tell her your
plans are to hang out with your dogs?
Come on, you know me, Nelson.
I need my "me" time.
Your "me" time?
Okay. Listen, buddy,
since everyone else is afraid to
tell you this, of course I will.
It's, um...
Uh, what's the terminology?
Weird you like hanging out
with animals more than people.
They get me.
Animals like you, they lick you.
They don't like you, they eat you.
You always know where you
Or where you lie. All chewed up in
their belly 'cause they ate you.
Yeah, that's just some food for thought.
And by the way, you're the food.
All right, get outta here,
you big lug.
Say hi to the dogs for me.
I will.
Girls love him.
I should shave my head.
I got your message about
George. He okay?
- I don't know.
- What do you mean, you don't know?
Davis. Davis!
He's in the grizzly enclosure.
- Put it down.
- What?
You know how he is around guns.
Put it down.
Are you sure?
Put it down.
I'm gonna go talk to him.
Hey, George?
It's okay.
It's me.
It's me.
What happened?
You're sad.
It's okay.
Did you hurt him?
It's okay.
Did he hurt you?
He made you scared.
It's okay.
It's okay to be scared.
It's okay.
Is it me or is he
considerably bigger?
No, he's definitely bigger.
It's Connor.
Guys, you need to get over
to the gorilla enclosure.
What the hell happened?
We were doing our morning
rounds when we saw the burnt foliage,
and found this.
All right, let me see the kit.
What is it?
I don't know.
But we gotta figure it out.
Stupid piece of crap!
Mini space station!
Are you done?
We just lost billions of
dollars, Claire.
Tens of billions, actually.
Plus $20,000 for the models
you just destroyed.
Our stock got hammered this
Down 20%.
And you aren't upset,
Because Project Rampage works.
- Do you know how much that's worth?
- Zero.
Because all of our research
was on that space station.
Atkins got the research
samples onto the escape pod.
Yes, the escape pod blew up.
But the canisters were
engineered to withstand reentry.
And the American Meteor Society
just reported a meteor strike
in southern Wyoming.
All we have to do is go
get it back.
Well, let's get out there!
Somebody finds that sample,
it leads straight back to us.
Please, enough with the
I am not overreacting, Claire.
There's a reason we were doing
these experiments in space.
And it wasn't exactly for
the betterment of humanity.
you handle the press,
and I'll get Burke to take
care of the canister.
Who is Burke?
Remember that private military
firm we acquired last year?
You called them "Killers
'R' Us."
Well, he's the "us."
Wheels up! You boys are
Oscar Mike.
Let's do it.
Where to, Burke?
Ah, never been.
Lots of mountains,
not a lot of people.
Animals love it.
You'll fit right in.
Hey, Mark.
Where the hell are you? Do you
have any idea what time it is?
Yes, yes. Um...
Yeah, sorry.
I am on the freeway,
I know I've already been late
twice this week,
but it will not happen again.
Brett Wyden addressed the
situation with this brief statement.
My sister and I and everyone at
Energyne are stunned and deeply saddened
by the loss of the Athena-1
These were brave and brilliant
men and women of science,
who were committed to helping
and we will continue that work
in their honor.
That's enough.
Thank you.
Helping mankind, my ass.
Since then, Wall Street has kept a
close eye on Energyne's performance.
Now to politics...
What you're looking at is
dramatic video of a fireball
touching down near the San
Diego Wildlife Sanctuary.
It is thought to be debris from
last night's Athena-1 tragedy.
However, it's unclear
if this is related
to one of the park's gorillas
escaping the enclosure
at the sanctuary earlier
this morning.
The gorilla's name is
Hold on a second, Mark.
The car ahead of me...
- It just exploded.
- What?
There is currently no explanation
for the primate's behavior,
and zoo officials are not
commenting at this time.
Our very own Jason Sloss is at
the scene. Jason, what have you heard?
That's right,
Chris and Maria.
I'm here at the San Diego
Wildlife Sanctuary,
and the word
everyone seems to be using
to describe the gorilla's
escape is "surprising."
There. Set her down.
We've secured the canister, but
it was pretty badly damaged.
Whatever was in it
was destroyed.
There's something else.
These wolves were slaughtered.
From the tracks, looks like
another one killed the pack.
It's infected with the
Burke, I need that wolf.
Dead or alive.
Copy that.
This is the list of the unrecognized
hybrids you were talking about.
George's lab results are in.
You're not gonna like 'em.
This can't be right.
His neuromuscular synapse
activity is through the roof,
his blood has lethal
concentrations of growth hormone,
he'd be dead.
Run it again.
I did.
I ran it three times.
His values went up each time.
We can't keep this quiet.
Animal Response is
asking questions.
I just dodged a call. It was
someone from the government.
What do you want me to tell
Tell them nothing.
He didn't do it, Nelson.
Look at him.
Somebody did that to him.
Davis, he killed
a grizzly bear.
Okay? Snapped his neck
like it was a toothpick.
Listen, protocol says, first sign of
aggression mandates immediate isolation.
It's what we're doing.
This is beyond protocol.
Davis, look at him.
- I'm looking at him.
- Really look at him!
That is not the George we know.
If we report this,
they're gonna put him down.
I can't let that happen.
I'll keep everyone off your
back as long as I can.
All right.
Thank you.
I'm gonna figure this out,
I promise.
All right, everybody,
listen up.
I need to find someone who knows
exactly what the hell this thing is.
I found her!
No, that's a lie.
Technically, she found us.
You must be Davis Okoye.
Thank you so much for
your help.
What help?
I'm Kate Caldwell. I'm a
geneticist with Energyne.
Um, you recovered
my research sample.
Yeah, you mean this?
Oh, please tell me you had that
tested for residual particulates.
Yes, that's exactly what I did.
I always do that.
Anytime something
new comes in.
Amy, have this tested
for residual particulates.
I need that back.
Actually, I need some
questions answered.
Like what the hell is that
thing doing to my friend?
Uh, well, I am not allowed
to discuss that with you.
Oh. Okay, well,
I guess we can't help each
other then.
Kate Caldwell, it was good to meet you.
Nelson, show her out.
He's growing, isn't he?
At an unprecedented rate,
Increased strength, speed,
Demonstrating levels of aggression
you don't see in his species.
Come with me.
Last night, he was seven feet,
500 pounds.
This morning, he was almost
nine feet, pushing 1,000.
His hair?
Yeah, he's an albino.
As far as I know, he's the only
living gorilla of his kind.
He can sign?
Yeah, he can sign
and he's hungry.
Guys, let's get George
something to eat.
It's okay.
There you go, buddy.
It makes sense.
He must be starving.
He's growing so rapidly.
"Makes sense"?
Last night, he killed
a grizzly bear.
The most powerful terrestrial
predator on the planet.
So you tell me right now, Kate,
how any of this makes sense.
Are you familiar with CRISPR?
Yeah, genetic engineering.
It's more like
genetic editing.
I am talking about
extremely specific results.
Check this out.
Sharks are indeterminate
growers, right?
They never stop.
Isolate that gene
and combine it with, say,
the growth rate of a
blue whale,
the strength of a
rhinoceros beetle,
the speed of a cheetah,
And you get one confused gorilla
that could take down a grizzly.
We developed a lot of different
genetic combinations,
so changes will be incredibly
Right. Okay,
Kate, I get all that,
but it still doesn't explain
to me how he doubled in size.
Guys, we need to get that
food in now.
See, CRISPR only allows
you to alter
the DNA of one cell at a time.
But I developed a system
which rapidly transmits changes to every
strand of DNA in the host's body.
Mr. Okoye, listen to me.
I am the only one
who can cure him.
George! No!
It's not gonna hold.
Everybody back!
Not again! Not again!
George! Stop, George!
Call 911!
Come on!
Look out!
George! George!
George, it's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Yes, I know you're scared.
I'm gonna help you.
No, no, no.
No, it's okay.
Sir, move away from the
It's okay, it's okay.
It's okay.
I'm the primatologist here.
I look after this animal.
I can handle this situation. I just
need you to lower your weapons.
It's okay. Calm.
Stand down.
Stand down.
Don't worry, buddy.
I'm gonna help you.
What the hell?
I've never hunted a wolf before.
What do you think, fellas?
Should I bring the .50 cal?
Got 'em.
You sure that's a wolf?
Damn, that thing is moving.
Not for long.
Burke to Base,
Rampage-1 is down.
What do you got?
Nothing yet.
Wait a second.
We got tracks.
Are you seeing this?
A wolf made that?
Maybe I should've
brought the .50 cal.
How we playing this?
Nice and easy.
They're in a hurry.
What do you think spooked...
Vinny! Garrick!
Set a perimeter!
- Come on!
- Open fire!
Get it! Get it!
Light him up!
What the hell?
Hit 'em! Hit 'em!
Run! Run!
Garrick, where are you?
- It's on me!
- Run, Garrick!
Come on, get it!
Taylor, get up!
They won't.
Taylor! Go!
The pathogen is doing what
we designed it to.
No! God damn it!
Wilson, check in.
Zammit, check in.
Garcia, get me outta here.
Copy that. Ten klicks out.
Oh, shit! I see him!
Light him up!
Pull up! Pull up!
Oh, no!
I'm losing control!
Sir, let's go.
Out of the van, please.
Who the hell is this?
Mr. Okoye and Dr. Caldwell.
I am Agent Harvey Russell.
Hell of a day, huh?
Science experiments
falling from the sky.
Giant gorilla on the loose.
Just the kind of exciting shit we here
at the government tend to notice.
Where's George? I need to
see him.
And if you're thinking about putting him on
that plane, it's gonna be a big mistake.
I think we'll be all right.
Okay, let's all take a
breath and...
I said I wanna see George.
Or we can get in each other's
faces and see who's the toughest.
Brother, I'm gonna prance
myself right out on a limb,
and guess that no one's ever accused
you of being a people person.
How about you take these cuffs
off and find out yourself?
I'll see you on board.
Load 'em up with the ape.
So weird that he didn't take
your cuffs off.
- He's good.
- All right.
Just note it in the chart.
You see that?
Where he cut himself breaking
out of the primate department.
There's barely a bruise now.
African spiny mouse.
Its DNA makes it capable
of extreme regeneration.
"Davis Okoye,
Primate Specialist."
Blah, blah, blah.
Army Special Forces.
What are you, some kind of
international man of mystery?
I see a lot of "redacted."
"Redacted, redacted..."
Oh, here we go.
"Transferred to the United Nations'
Special Anti-Poaching Task Force."
Well, I'll have you know that I,
myself, am also an animal lover.
Let's cut the bullshit,
I told you, having George
on this airplane is suicidal.
He's on a very powerful
sedative drip.
He will not wake up until we
wake him up.
Sir, with all due respect,
at his rate of growth,
that sedative is gonna become ineffective
long before we're back on the ground.
We factored in his growth rate.
Same as his elevated metabolism.
- Sir.
- And the increased amount of blood,
in his system. We may not be the
brightest bulbs in the room,
but we're doing all right.
Especially considering,
you got another one of your little science
experiments running around out there.
What do you mean another one?
Oh, you didn't know about
the 30-foot wolf?
Oh, sir,
your oversized monkey
is old news.
Weirdos on the Internet
are calling him "Ralph."
Who do you work for?
Sir, I work for the American
Homeland? CIA?
Justice League?
I'm OGA.
I've heard that bullshit before.
"Other Government Agency," huh?
It's clever.
Yes, sir, it is clever.
You see, when science
shits the bed,
I'm the guy they call
to change the sheets.
What's gonna happen to George?
He didn't ask for any of this. He
sure as hell doesn't deserve it.
Whether it is his fault or
not, he is dangerous.
But there's a cure for this.
She helped engineer the
pathogen that infected George.
She works for Energyne.
You mean used to.
"Dr. Kate Caldwell. Ph.D. in
Biochemistry from Stanford,
"with a specialty
in Conservation Genetics."
Recruited by Energyne in 2010.
Fired by Energyne,
a little less than two
years ago.
It gets better.
Caught trying to steal
company hard drives,
and did 13, what I'm sure
were glorious months,
in our beautiful Greenville
Federal Correctional Institute.
Well, I am guessing by the
look on the big fella's face
that this is all news to him.
Enjoy your flight.
Oh. Mr. Okoye,
about your friend.
For what it's worth,
I am truly sorry.
I'm sorry I lied to you.
Can you cure George or not?
I know that Energyne was working on
a counter-measure to the pathogen,
Yes or no?
Claire, I found him.
Some black ops-looking dudes
loaded the gorilla,
into a cargo plane late last night.
You know who that is with them?
No. But clearly, he likes
hitting the gym.
No. The woman.
It's Kate Caldwell.
Dr. Caldwell.
Yeah. What's she doing
out there?
Well, given our history
with her,
her blaming us for putting her in
prison and the death of her brother,
my best guess? Gathering
evidence to screw us over.
I told you, we should've
liquidated her two years ago.
Claire, you can't liquidate
every problem you have.
Agree to disagree.
Claire, I'm serious! Hey!
I can't believe
I'm saying this,
but I don't even care
about the money anymore, okay?
I just don't want
to go to prison.
So if you have a plan,
I would love to hear it.
Brett, I always have a plan.
If you've given a subject
extraordinary genetic gifts,
and unlimited physical potential
combined with unthinkable violent,
and aggressive disposition,
how do you control it?
I don't know,
you give it a chill pill or...
Yes. See?
That wasn't so hard.
R-19, the chill pill.
One small dose will stop
an infected creature's
growth and aggression.
And to draw them here, the pathogen
also genetically rewired the subject
to respond to a low
frequency radio wave.
Lucky for us,
this building has some of the most
powerful radio antennas in the world.
I had our team modify
this one last night.
Now, we just have to
turn on the signal.
And those creatures will
do anything to get here
and make it stop.
How do you think that will
go over at 32,000 feet?
That monkey will bring the
whole plane down.
And when the wolf gets here,
we let the military kill it,
and then we collect a sample
of the weaponized DNA.
Then we sell that shit
for a mint!
George, you okay, buddy?
Oh, no.
Get up. Now!
Caution. Caution. Caution.
Aim for his body!
Light him up!
Get back!
Come on, come on!
Strap in.
mayday, mayday!
Shit. Shit.
Oh, shit!
Hold on!
Swing me!
Now what?
We're getting the hell off
this plane!
Hang on tight!
This is insane!
We're gonna die!
Now go!
God damn it, Russell!
Holy shit!
You're welcome!
I'm sorry, George.
Where's the body?
There isn't one.
He's wounded but he survived.
Tracks are headed northeast.
And I got zero signal.
I'm gonna see if I can find
a radio, get it working.
Once DoD figures out your
animal survived that crash,
they're gonna have questions
for you two.
What about Energyne?
They know a hell of a lot more
about this than we do.
Yeah, the FBI's checking on
Listen, do me a favor,
don't meander off too far.
Oh, Mr. Okoye.
Thank you for getting this
old cowboy off that plane.
Well, even assholes deserve
a second chance.
Like my grandpappy
always said,
us assholes gotta stick
Have you seen our
satellite footage?
The gorilla survived
the crash!
so did Dr. Caldwell.
So now what?
The gorilla doesn't
concern me.
It'll respond to the radio
frequency and come straight to us.
Dr. Caldwell is the bigger
Do you think she told them
Based on the federal agents who are
about to walk through our door,
I'd say she told them
Claire Wyden.
How may I be of assistance?
Agent Park, FBI.
This is a warrant for a complete
search of your company's records,
starting with your lab.
Of course. Follow me.
We are horrified that what's happening
out there originated in this lab,
and we will do anything we
can to help.
Good, we need access to
You have our full cooperation.
Every file.
Hard drives and servers, too.
Let's go.
Step away from
your work station, sir.
Could you open that up?
Keep yourself logged in.
Step back.
To that end, Agent Park, we're
going through the files
of the scientist responsible for
these creatures, Dr. Kate Caldwell.
I'm sure you're aware
of her criminal record.
we're just now uncovering
all the horrible things she was
doing during her time here.
I'll need that list of
Energyne servers, ASAP.
Of course, sir.
You okay?
Because you're sweating.
A lot.
No, I'm fine.
Everything's fine.
this is Echo-Four-Romeo, over.
this is Echo-Four-Romeo.
So, what do we do now?
I'm sorry, Doc.
There's no "we" anymore.
Look, I am sorry
I lied to you.
Yeah, save it.
You wanted something, you lied to get it.
You're human.
What makes you dislike
people so much?
Let me tell you something.
I've fought in wars all
over the world.
Hunted down animal poachers,
Africa, India, South America.
I got to see how people
really are.
And they'll pretty much do
anything to get what they want.
You think we're all like that?
You know where I found George?
He was hiding underneath
the poacher's truck.
When my team arrived,
these bastards were in the
middle of butchering his mother.
They were cutting off her hands so
they could sell them as ashtrays.
George never would've survived
on his own.
An albino like that on the black
market is worth a fortune.
So I took him with me.
And what happened
to the poachers?
Well, they shot at us
and they missed.
I shot back.
I didn't.
It's a good thing George doesn't
feel the same way about people.
What's that supposed to mean?
Oh. After what happened
to his family,
it feels like it would be real
easy for him not to trust humans,
but he definitely trusts you.
You're a geneticist,
you're not a shrink.
I also have a Ph.D. in calling
people on their shit.
Ah, well.
This ought to be good then.
Look, after college,
I was using CRISPR
to help endangered species
in the Arctic.
Then my brother got sick.
Doctors told him he didn't
have much of a chance.
But I knew CRISPR
could save him.
Then Claire Wyden showed up.
She made me her lead
genetic researcher.
- So Energyne recruited you?
- Yeah.
But what I didn't
know was that
every time I'd make a breakthrough
that could help my brother,
they were secretly using it
to build weaponized DNA.
I tried to destroy it.
Security just got to me
before I could finish the job.
Anyway, uh,
a month after I went
to prison, my brother died.
I never even got to say
I'm sorry.
I just wanna make sure
the Wydens can't hurt anyone
or anything ever again.
Does that sound like a plan?
Sounds like a plan.
Looks like our ride's here.
...Captain Evans.
Copy that.
Set a perimeter.
Colonel Blake, sir.
Black-Dog-Six-Actual, we have
eyes on targets Alpha and Bravo.
Roger that. Get in
position to box them in.
Roger, Six-Actual.
Targets are eight klicks out
and moving fast.
George is with the wolf?
You've engaged the
gorilla, sir?
And the wolf.
Got them surrounded in a quarry
about 30 miles outside Chicago.
Their trajectories had them both going
in a straight line to the city.
Two different species making a
coordinated long-distance journey.
That just doesn't happen.
Excuse me. Who is this?
Colonel, this is Davis Okoye.
He's a primatologist.
He raised the gorilla there.
And that is Dr. Caldwell.
She worked for Energyne.
She helped cook up
our cuddly little friends.
Agent Russell, this is a
military operation.
Yes, sir. I understand that, sir.
But right now,
these two know more about these
creatures than anyone on this planet.
I think you need to hear
what they have to say.
Colonel, what everybody
has to understand is
this is no longer just a wolf
and a gorilla.
A wolf and a gorilla would
be attacking each other.
They wouldn't be traveling in a
straight line to the same destination.
Then what are they doing and
why are they going to Chicago?
Because they're being called.
When I was at Energyne,
we worked with bat DNA.
The Wydens were obsessed with
developing biosonar communication,
and it looks like they got it
to work.
Energyne must be emitting some
kind of signal to draw them there.
Those creatures will do
to get to that signal and
make it stop.
Colonel, you have to
evacuate Chicago.
These creatures are engineered
to regenerate.
Bullets and tanks
are not gonna stop them.
We have our contingencies
in order, Mr. Okoye.
In the meantime, the FBI has
requested that you remain here.
They have a few questions
of their own.
These gentlemen will
see you out.
- Ma'am, let's go.
- Come on.
You're making a big
mistake, Colonel.
Sir, let's go.
Targets in circle. All
Bushmasters, targets in three kill zone.
Hold fire till playtime.
Black-Dog-Six-Actual, we
have the targets surrounded.
Ambush is set.
All Bushmasters standing by.
Prepare to engage.
This operation is gonna go south fast.
We have to get to Chicago.
Yeah, I'm working on it.
All right, you two. We're in
the transport to the left.
- Kate, come on, come on.
- Hey! Hey!
Hey, I said left.
Okay. Hold on a second, boys.
You look like very smart MPs.
You also know there's a lot of bad
shit that's going on right now.
And I gotta be honest with
you both,
this stuff that we're doing?
It's not working for me.
- Enough. Move!
- Okay, all right.
Just consider this.
I'm a former team guy.
Let's not do this thing,
where you get in my face,
you threaten me,
because I'm gonna have
to knock you out,
and then, you, look at me. I'm
gonna choke you out so bad,
you're gonna urinate yourself,
and in front of the lady.
- It's not a good look.
- It wasn't a goddamn request!
- Let's go!
- Hey!
This is exactly what I
didn't want to happen.
That's a big arm.
Don't fight it.
Don't fight it.
There you go. Sleepy time.
That's the plan you
were working on?
Well, I didn't kill them.
So what are we looking for?
We're looking
for a helicopter,
but preferably one that's not
surrounded by military personnel.
They probably have a grounded
medevac chopper at the hospital.
And that's why you always
bring a doctor.
Good job, Doc.
Well, well, well, looky here.
Stealing the hospital
Color me impressed.
That is creative.
Come on. You already saw
what George did to our plane.
You know everyone's
underestimating these animals.
But you two have the magic
We think we know
where to find it.
Claire Wyden is way too smart to
create a weapon she can't control.
They must have an antidote at
Energyne that can halt the mutations.
If we get our hands on it,
it could be our only shot
to stop George and the wolf
before they level Chicago.
You know, this ain't
no truck stop, amigo.
They don't just leave keys
under the visor.
Wait, you're helping us?
You saved my life. I reckon
it's the least I can do.
We're on the same page
when it comes to the Wydens.
They think they're
above the law.
And I wanna remind them
that they ain't.
So yes, we are helping
each other.
Do what you do.
I'll be in touch.
That went way better
than I thought it would.
Yeah, it did. I was hoping I could
knock him out, too, though.
You know there are other ways
of dealing with people, right?
I do know that, yeah, but
that's no fun.
I assume you know how to
fly this thing.
It's coming back to me.
It's all coming back,
right now.
It's coming back.
It's coming back.
Sir, we are 15 minutes from
sunrise. Call for fire to follow, over.
We have the targets.
Serpents are in position. It's playtime.
Get the FLIR footage onscreen.
FLIR is up.
This is Three-Six.
Targets in the open, over.
Clear to fire.
Shot out.
Good hit. Stand by for BDA.
Confirm EKIA.
Six-Alpha-Lobo X-ray.
Confirm EKIA. Over.
Roger, Lobo. Stand by.
Two-six, stay on overwatch.
moving to phase line gold.
Come on, come on.
Six-Alpha-Lobo X-ray.
Sitrep, over.
Negative EKIA.
They must have moved, sir.
I say again, we no longer...
Jesus Christ!
They're on our east and west flanks!
Everybody move!
Nothing's working!
Bushmaster-Six-Alpha, this is Lobo X-ray.
Need a sitrep, over.
Captain Evans?
Kaplan, inform the National Guard we're
moving forward with the contingency plan.
Yes, sir.
I want ground artillery rolling
into downtown Chicago, ASAP!
This time, we throw everything
we can at these things,
and get people the hell out
of that city!
I want blockades at every
quarter mile south of the Loop!
We evacuate
civilians to the north!
It's me. They are
evacuating Chicago.
George and the wolf went
right through Blake's men.
Okoye, they are out in
front of you.
Copy that.
What is it?
They're never gonna get everyone
out of the city in time.
targets in the open.
Roger. You are clear and hot.
Roger. Weapons free.
I'm engaging now.
I'm hit! I'm hit!
Bird down! Bird down!
To hell with that,
I'm taking these things out.
I have no control!
Two-Nine firing, target hit.
Lighting him up.
He hit me with something!
Lost tail rudders!
Mayday! Mayday!
I'm going down!
Status report.
Where is Warthog One?
Inbound, sir.
- Warthog One, you are cleared hot.
- Roger that.
This is Warthog One.
Targets missed.
Lobo X-ray, request come
back around for another run.
Warthog One, this is Black-Dog-Six-Actual.
Hit them again.
Roger that.
Kaplan, where are we
with the evacuation?
50% downtown, sir.
Sir, we have a bogey headed north
in the river, half mile out.
What the hell are you
talking about?
Is that a ship?
It's underwater, sir.
We don't have any subs
in the area.
Davis, there's something big
in the river.
Well, that sucks.
This is Three-Two.
We have enemy contact in the river!
How copy?
Say again, Three-Two?
Enemy contact!
Target is heading east!
Copy, Three-Two.
Call for fire to follow.
1 Negative, negative!
Danger close!
Copy, Three-Two.
Direct all forces at that
thing now!
Enemy contact!
Three o'clock! Engage!
Flank him!
Everything you've got!
Aim for the gills!
Fire! Fire! Fire!
They can't stop them.
We gotta get that antidote.
we can't hold them!
I've lost half my men!
We're backing out!
Are we evacuated downtown?
Clear at a 10-block radius from
Upper Wacker to Adams, sir.
Prep the MOABs.
Roger that.
Colonel, you are about to drop the largest
conventional bomb in the arsenal,
on US soil.
With all due respect, sir, there
has got to be another way.
You drop that bomb,
not only do you wipe out
half a city,
but you'd destroy any
See, I got a team on the way to
Energyne to secure the antidote.
So if you could divert some
resources and support them...
Is this the same team that
stole my medevac chopper?
Davis Okoye
and Dr. Caldwell...
Need to get the hell
out of there.
And I need you to drop
the cowboy bullshit,
and get with the program.
Well, sir,
you know us cowboys.
We just can't stand
leaving our friends behind.
Get your ass out of here!
Finally, an order of yours
I can agree with.
Let's bring up a feed
on our stealth bombers.
Bomber feed is up.
Viper Two-Five, you've been
released for mission execution, time now.
short, runway two-five.
Cleared for
take-off, runway two-five.
Cleared for take-off,
Roger. Good luck.
Lobo X-ray, this is
Viper Two-Five.
Package is airborne.
We are inbound.
Agent Russell, here's the
information you requested.
That's the FBI's list
for Energyne's servers.
You were right.
There's one server that
they left off.
And there's only two people
that have access to it.
Brett and Claire,
you sneaky sons of bitches.
- Thank you, son.
- Yes, sir.
It's Russell. I need a ride.
Come on, this way, this way!
Keep moving!
- Where to?
- Eighty-fifth floor.
Lab's in here.
Damn it!
Hey, give me some good news.
MOABs are 30 minutes out,
give or take.
Just one could take out
five city blocks.
You better move!
I'm never taking your
call again.
It's locked. What'd he say?
Uh, something about the mother of all
bombs is on its way and we need to hurry.
FBI must've confiscated
all the hard drives.
All right.
Come on, Kate, think.
Here we go.
Okay, everything in the lab
is on one system.
The FBI would never have thought
to confiscate a thermostat,
but there's a backdoor into
the server.
So we should be able to access
every file
from here.
Okay. Change of plan.
The military's lost control.
We're coming up.
All right.
The chopper is ready.
I have got your rat.
Let's get the R-19 from the
lab so we have some leverage
when this shitstorm
finally catches up with us.
Now what?
We have visitors.
- I don't believe this.
- What's wrong?
The system has been
totally scrubbed.
They erased everything
connected to the project.
But it's here.
We just have to find it.
In there!
I got this.
I like it.
What are we looking for?
Anything that starts
with "RPG."
It'll be in one of these
cryopreserve trays.
Got it.
I think I found it.
This is it.
Is that the cure?
Not a cure exactly.
R-19 doesn't revert them
to their normal size.
It just overrides
their unchecked aggression.
Nice to see you, Kate.
Go to hell, Claire.
I was so sorry
to hear about your brother.
Now, why don't you hand
those over?
All right, let's go.
That's not happening.
Can I see that, please?
That happened.
Now, let's go.
- Oh, my God!
- Now.
They're here.
I was actually starting to worry about how
we were gonna reengineer the pathogen.
Then you showed up.
Now, get in unless you wanna
end up like your friend.
Brett! Get back here!
Come on.
I thought you were dead!
Well, I think she missed
all the vital organs,
but don't jinx it.
Now, let's get that
antidote. Come on!
Davis, wait.
I have one.
Okay, new plan.
We give it to George and maybe he
can help us stop the other two.
Now, we just have to figure out how
the hell we're gonna give it to him.
We gotta move!
You know, I'm actually glad
you're both still alive.
Now, you can go up there
and distract your friend
while I get the hell
out of here!
Or I could kill you both now!
I'll go.
Get away from me!
Get your hands off me!
What the hell are you doing?
Feeding the monster to
the gorilla!
Oh, shit!
No, forget my sister!
She lost her goddamn mind!
You just get an SUV over here!
You get me out of here now!
Damn, son!
Did you just run down
80 flights of stairs?
Who the hell are you?
I'm the fella that was gonna run
up those stairs to arrest you.
But, shit,
you look so terrible
I feel kind of bad about it.
I'll tell you what.
Since you're working so hard
to get out of here,
I'm guessing you got a laptop
in that bag there.
You give it to me and you
can just get.
Right out that door.
- Really?
- Yeah.
You just hand it over
and be on your way.
It's really my sister
who did all this.
This wasn't even my idea.
Since when is
complicity a crime?
- See you, Tex!
- Hey!
Why don't you leave the
little fella here with me?
That's my pleasure.
I hate that thing!
That was a lot.
Boy, I hope y'all have
a plan up there.
What do you say, little fella?
Let's you and I take another exit.
When does the antidote
kick in?
Ten minutes, maybe.
This building is not gonna
be standing in 10 minutes!
How the hell do we get
off this roof?
Maybe we don't have
to get off the roof at all.
No, we definitely do!
Come on, come on!
There's no tail on this
That's right. We don't
need one.
You do, if you wanna fly!
We're not gonna fly,
we're gonna crash.
We just need to get enough lift to stay
on top of the building as it falls.
You know,
just like riding an avalanche.
No, I don't know!
Come on, baby!
Here we go.
Oh, my God!
This could get ugly.
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
Oh, Jesus!
Oh, my God!
Hold on, Kate!
I got you.
I need a drink.
I can't believe we
survived that.
Wait, there's still
people here.
We need to call off the airstrike.
Come on.
I know.
You okay?
Thank God.
Good to have you back, buddy.
Oh, I look like shit?
You look like big shit!
Come on.
Lobo X-ray, this is
Viper Two-Five.
Escorts are in position. We are
eight minutes from target.
Roger, Two-Five.
Call for fire to follow.
- Over.
- Copy that.
Let's go! Let's go!
What's the plan?
I want you to take this Humvee
and find a sat phone.
And get a hold of Russell. He's our only
shot at calling off this airstrike.
Then let him know there's still military
personnel and civilians on the ground.
George and I will handle
the other two.
- Davis?
- Yeah?
Try not to get killed, okay?
Come on, get going.
All right, George. We gotta stop these
things before they destroy the city.
That's right.
Let's kick some ass.
Oh, shit!
Of course the wolf flies.
Come and get me,
you ugly son of a bitch!
That's it!
Help! I need a satellite
It's not safe here, ma'am.
We need to go now.
You two, get her on the truck.
Wait! There's a way to
stop this!
- I will take it from here.
- Yes, sir.
Take a breath, Doc.
Tell me what you're
doing here.
The antidote worked.
Davis and George are trying
to stop the other two.
But there's still civilians
and military on the ground.
We have to call off the
Son, I'll tell you what.
Let's trade.
- All right, come on. Let's get.
- Hey. Hey!
George, go!
Colonel Blake, it is your
old pal, Agent Russell.
Listen, about your MOABs.
Do me a favor, would you,
and take a gander at Federal
Plaza before you drop them?
Bring up the drone feed
on Federal Plaza.
Yes, sir.
My God.
Oh, come on.
George, no!
This is Viper Two-Five.
Two minutes out.
Target is locked.
MOABs are armed.
Doors are opening.
Get up! You gotta move!
Come on, come on, come on!
Come on, come on!
You mess with my friend,
you mess with me, mother...
I'll be damned.
Abort mission.
Hey, buddy.
We did it.
We saved the city.
You saved me.
George saved Davis.
I'm so sorry, Davis.
He saved my life.
He saved a lot of
people's lives.
Yes, he did.
Did I just see you close
your eye?
I just saw you open your eye!
Son of a bitch!
Pretending to be dead?
- At a time like this?
- Oh, my God!
No, no.
No, it's not funny
and I wasn't crying!
I wasn't crying, okay? There's
a lot of debris around here!
Wait, is this like a thing
between you guys?
This is not a thing between us.
It's a thing with him!
Because he has a twisted
sense of humor!
Yes, I guess you could
say that.
She is part of my troop.
I mean, we're friends, right?
Yes, we're friends.
No! Come on, dude!
Have some class, okay?
I don't know what's gotten into him.
Kate, I'm so sorry.
George, stop.
All right, all right, guys.
Let's go home, okay?
Dude, that was funny.
I heard that!
Thank you for saving the
Yeah, thanks for calling off
the airstrike.
Like a wise cowboy
once said,
us assholes gotta
stick together.
How about we all help
these people out,
and then find George
here a new home.
Where are we gonna put him?
I can tell you right now, we're
not gonna put him on a plane.