Rampage: President Down (2016) Movie Script

Hey, dude. How much coal you have?
Do you remember me? Yes?
What is missing your friend? - He is dead.
What did I tell you?
It is cold. - Yes, it's cold.
And your friend is dead because you did nothing about it.
What did I tell you?
What did I tell you?
When you finally get up off your lazy ass, huh?
If not, you're next.
Los! Forward. - Go on.
Come on. Continue.
The the!
The, the, the! - The, the, the!
God Holy shit.
Here is nothing. - No?
Three dead. The wanker can not be far.
We gather at the base, okay?
Yes. Maybe even a bit further.
Yes this is good.
How was your weekend? - Good. We get a new ...
What's this?
On air in three.
Renewed terrorist attacks of ISIS.
In Benin, Deutschland,
led a suicide bombing in the subway to the deaths of 75 people.
ISIS took Verantwonung for the attack.
The authorities are investigating yet,
who are the suspects and whether refugees were involved.
The German anti-refugee party wins more and more followers.
In Paris there was a Massenschieerei
and in London the entrance to Big Ben was destroyed by a car bomb.
So far, 11 victims were counted.
Another bomb blast in Islamabad claimed the lives of dozens,
Details are not yet available, the investigations are ongoing.
Even in the United States increases the terrorist threat.
In Colorado, a suicide attack was prevented.
The Sprengstofignel a 19-year-olds did not explode.
He remains in custody, three other suspects escaped.
In Boston a veteran shot 15 soldiers at a military base
and then killed himself.
The President referred to these terrorist attacks as the biggest challenge
Western civilization since the 2nd World War.
The air strikes in the Middle East are continuing.
Unfortunately, reports of these events are becoming increasingly common.
Oh my God.
The president.
The President of the United States is dead.
During a press conference before the Senate,
the president, the vice president and the defense minister were shot.
The country is in shock.
Sie kennen Team Billy,
Team David, Team Flynn.
Happy childhood memories, proud parents.
Future plans. "My son will rule the world."
There are no borders. Everything is possible. But it is not.
Parents create hope and confidence against their better judgment.
Flynn will be older and be content with less.
He will be poor, or nearly poor, and happy to make it into the middle class.
He works, raises a family. And eventually moves nothing.
Then it's all over before it has begun,
what Team Flynn has meant once.
Fuck. I'm totally done.
I have done my duty and just
the most powerful people on the planet killed and his corrupt partner.
I killed so many people that there can be no punishment.
I wanted to show you the world as it is, and you saw the idly.
You are obsessed with violence.
Your interested you only for the number of victims, not the message.
The President, the gun laws, nothing has changed.
Still prevail lobbyists in Washington.
The rich get richer and the poor poorer.
Health and the environment are destroyed.
raped the business elite and plunders the earth.
Most of the problems of the world are a direct result of US policy.
You think this country is the greatest in the world? That's never.
A bulwark of freedom, where anything is possible? Was it ever.
Arms Europeans, criminals and scum
boarded a ship full of pestilence and traveled to America.
They plundered the country, raping and killing the natives.
Cultivated land with slaves kidnapped from Africa.
24% of the world hold the United States for the greatest threat to world peace.
Followed by China at 6% and Russia 2%.
Believe it or not,
world opinion is stronger than the American imperialist propaganda.
While the world is still the loss of a 'entrust your greatest leaders,
Interior Minister Milier was sworn in as president.
His first statement in office:
The country will not rest until the killers were found.
A variety of organizations are looking for the murderer of the President.
NSA, CIA, Homeland Security, FBI and local police forces work together
and search individually for different tracks and suspects.
Herhren, hey! Interrupt times briefly their activities.
We would like to introduce ourselves.
I'm Agent Molokai and this is Agent Jones.
We are responsible in this examination.
We know what our job is. Tracing and seizing the assassin.
They were asked to join this unit, because you are the best.
Be patient.
It will take time, from it, we will find out who did this.
Let's go to work.
For questions concerning the technical procedures, the Agent is Murray.
Our brains behind the computers. If you need anything, please contact him.
Holy shit.
I have. Video surveillance of the White House. From 48 hours to the assassination.
Only the White House? Are you kidding me?
We need video from all cameras
in 'nem radius of 50 miles for the White House.
I mean stations, car parks, buses, trains, road crossings. Everything.
Everywhere and everything. - Okay!
If you policeman or soldier are, you're a tool for 0.1 percent.
Not for the general public.
There is no land of the free, no home of the brave.
If you are a soldier, you are a puppet. Nothing else.
I want to see you.
That we have discussed. It is too dangerous.
I'm not the only one who wants to see you.
We miss you,
Your me also missing.
I now have a son. His name is Billy.
Like most parents, I think my son can even dominate the world,
achieve the best, in my footsteps in many ways.
It will teach him that everything is possible, but in reality that's a lie.
Parents are naive.
They awaken hope in their children, because they had such hopes also.
In truth, my son is likely to go up in the crowd.
So just barely, as a member of a vanishing middle class.
Let's face it, if he is not to the one percent belongs, he will be poor.
He will have to constantly fight for its existence, working into old age.
Slave away in vain for his family, trying to achieve something,
something to leave to his children for the future.
Until the end of his toil to make ends meet.
And at some point his body is at the end.
Health insurance will be unaffordable, and then breaks his brain.
And then followed by death.
It is like it is. Eventually everything comes to an end.
At first I thought, it's all about me.
All stole around me, served himself without consideration for others.
I saw so much greed, selfishness, isolation,
I wanted to unite all in me, so that nobody would be able to forget.
What I did should be for the people as a glance in the mirror,
the would force them to change.
I wish we lived in a world in which no people or animals suffer,
in which we share the resources, use the winds and the sun,
to provide energy for us to provide all. In the food at all is distributed,
no one is starving and no waste exists.
Where no one is blinded by religions and we instead Science
use and facts and meet the challenges of that lie ahead of us.
As climate change.
I wish we lived in peace, without weapons, without wars, without violence.
But that is impossible. It is impossible. For this purpose, it will never come.
The President, the Vice President and the Secretary of Defense
were killed with a single shot each.
Analysis of the surveillance video was no indication of the shooters.
Therefore, the authorities anticipate trained sniper.
All registered gun owners fall out. We have no weapon.
But we know the place from which the gun was fired.
It is located 1.2 miles from the White House.
On 7th Avenue, on the roof of a parking garage.
A damn heavy shot. - Shot? Three hit.
And if it were three shooters? - Possible.
This person or these persons knew what they were doing.
You should check all viewpoints in the area. - OK.
Yes. Thank you.
Who can shoot as, probably ex-military.
Presumably succeeds only five people in the world as a shot,
We need a list of all the soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder.
Can you imagine that there is one of us?
By this I do not think.
I will scan all passenger lists by former military Ange hearing.
Next I am looking for anyone who could carry a gun
has and on the day Washington visit or leave.
This is not your average shooter. If there is only one person.
Two weeks after the assassination of the President, the Vice-President
and the Secretary of Defense accepts iSIS the responsibility for the attack.
However, experts see no evidence of their involvement.
We check every hotel, every passenger list by Arabs, Iraqis,
Muslim jihadists. - Do I have.
All from the Middle East. - Do I have.
The only Arabs sells kebab on a street corner.
Why do we play this card?
Beschissener Souvlakiladen.
No idea.
It's like watching ants.
- Bill?
Stop right now on. You're welcome,
Let me the man be. OK? - Bill. You're sick. OK?
Hol Mom ans Telefon. Dad!
- Sohn.
Get Mom answered the phone - I can not pick up the phone Mom.
They hold a car accident and has to stay a while in the hospital.
I want to meet you, Bi / I. I was looking for you, I've done what I could.
But you were gone without a trace.
- Okay, okay, okay. Understand.
On: - Dad, I can not now.
Bill, what's going on? Why are you doing, Bill?
I need to see you one last time.
OK. WM 'come ,.
Yes, sir. Roger that.
Now to me is the Deputy Director in the neck. They demand results.
At loved yesterday. - What? How much time do we have?
I just try manual facial recognition with potential witnesses.
On the way we need 20 years.
I think they do not want that we can find that we seek.
You know very well what we're doing here. It does not work the.
People stop. Stop the archaic nonsense.
I shorten 20 years two weeks - What is it, Murray?
A new program will help us. Promised.
This program can scan every face.
We can control any person who has entered Washington DC.
It will take some time, but soon we can identify each person,
which was recorded by these cameras. If a person is cleared, it is clean.
But eventually we will find our culprit.
We will find the person who shot the president.
And we also get the ID supplied? - All personal data.
Then we can refine it.
And find people against whom there is an arrest warrant or something similar?
I agree. With a specific search. - Okay. Let's start.
When all have been scanned and the file is displayed, which is reconciled?
Absolute - I want printouts.
All will be seen whether we missed something. - Okay.
Thank you! - I'm starting to, okay?
Davidson come to my office. You also.
It's good.
I can hear it. He inhaled through the nose.
Little guy, my darling baby - Hello, fichen.
I love you. - Mama loves you.
Is not he cute? Look at his lips.
Oh, now he would have almost awake.
Look at this.
I've never seen a child so close. So close.
I can not believe that we have created the. - I know.
He is the best thing we've ever done.
The very best. - I want him to wake up.
Just do not. - But.
Then he did not fall asleep again. - I do not think he's going to cry.
It can not have anything else. - I know how he falls asleep again.
I can do it.
Oh, come here, come here.
We wrap up with him warm. We wrap it. - Yes.
OK. Quite simply so?
Let us put it in the cradle. Yes? - Okay.
I have him. - Is good.
Come here, my beautiful son. - In order. Yes.
My son.
You hear and see a lot about myself and my life.
Damn it.
FEATURE D01 POSSIBLE SUSPEC Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey boys. Guys!
Molokai! Murray! Guys, I've got something.
What is? - That's Bill Williamson.
Who? - Bill Williamson!
The biggest mass murderer in US history. - I thought he was dead.
The thought of each.
What time is it? - About an hour before the shooting.
Good God.
Now we have our suspect - The bastard's got a beard.
Experience? That does not make sense. -. Of course, what else it makes sense.
Got him just discovered. That's the guy. - It was only he, right?
I mean, he was at the time in DC
Have not you seen his youtube videos?
Sun Listen to the.
I wiii that you change the width, and does not think so,
that the matter will be peaceful, or that you do hinbekommt alone.
The rich must be executed Go outside,
use your weapons, take Washington apart.
Your preying on the billionaires who finance bosses, the CEOs.
All the bastards and liars.
The governors, the lobbyists, the senators, because they are all the same.
Depends on it, and indeed the first tree that you can find.
War must do it together. OK? I thank you in advance for your help.
Please bring the Deputy Director on the phone.
Sir, we have a video confirming that Bill Williams is still alive.
On Wfrlliamson? The terrorist of Tender Ville? Where?
He was here in DC, was shot on the day when the president.
The facial recognition program has confirmed it.
In order. Summon your team.
Put every man immediately it to. - Definitely.
We have to be 100% sure before we raise the alarm.
Especially now that enough unrest in the country there. - Yes, sir.
Get it yourself. But be discreet. Not a word to the press. - Ok.
Thanks sir.
We follow the trail. - That's okay.
The FBI is after you.
Deliver me names,
Bill Williamson, born in the small town of Tender Ville, Oregon, on December 25, 1986
Parents Allan and Sarah Williamson. Both dead.
His mom was a social worker. His dad in a tax office.
Led a fairly normal life. He was a car mechanic.
And then, on May 25th 2009, a few months after his 24th birthday,
he loaded his van with explosives,
chasing a police station in the air, and then starts a killing spree.
On the morning he kills 39 people. - Good God.
Fleeing into the woods, where he shoots his best friend Evan Drince.
He grabs him in a protective suit,
tried to lure him into a trap and renders it as suicide.
2013 he reappears in Washington,
he blasts his car in front of a television station.
Add to it penetrates and killed a security guard and several employees.
The survivors he takes hostage.
It requires that a nationwide video is broadcast,
He also calls for a camera crew for a live interview.
We know all how that ended.
Shortly after his father commits suicide.
Because he could not bear to constantly remember to have witnessed it.
Now we need to trace only the video recordings.
Second by second. Find out where he was that day.
How did he come in and out.
But most of all, whither he is gone.
I am glad to meet you.
If the office is wired?
If the office is wired?
Tonight you have audio and complete Computerzugnff.
Your elected officials are paid and bribe
you stupid to cut in your silly little world.
How is it possible that no arms control exists.
Although almost every month comes to massacres.
Every year 11,000 people are killed in the United States.
In the UK there are only 300. Why?
Because there are no weapons in the UK.
The people have no weapons. End,
What I have done in the past and now do again,
would not be possible without our weapons law.
It is not even checked - I swear to God,
would these teachers teach, presented to a security personnel,
there would still jobs for people,
and gives them the weapons, I guarantee you, this spook would be over soon.
Are you kidding me?
They would shoot anyway mutually. - No!
That would be trained professionals. The all purely coincidental and teachers.
But at least there is a little fear in schools.
Today, the children go to school and are afraid of being shot.
One can not control human nature.
People do irrational things in times irrational.
That's why it's so okay? - No. It's a fact.
So we are knitted.
The United States come to 5% of the world population,
at the same time 25% of the world's prisoners.
People hike already in prison because they caught with 10 grams of cocaine.
Half of the prisoners doing time for drug possession.
And more than half of them are black.
Why no one can alter that insane Siiuation '?
Because there are criminals!
Washington is paid by the prison industry lobby.
Why are rich pop stars and movie stars ... - Have you time in Detroit?
You have no idea. It is a black problem.
You can not just sit there and say, "Oh no, it's not their fault."
This is in some respects. Certainly not always.
But you can not tell the damn blacks sit for no reason in jail.
Am I a racist? - Somehow.
That's not racism. That's the truth.
And the daily police violence? What is the justifiable?
Because everyone 'has ne shit scared.
But just ... - Everyone is afraid.
That gives you no right to gun down someone
an unarmed man to shoot in the back - Right.
What else makes the even. - He kills innocent people.
He runs there with a AK through the area. - Just like the police!
From which country do you come? - Am I okay with that? No.
But his core message
contains a certain truth ,.
His Kembotschaft has nothing to do with what he does in I / Virklichkeit.
He kills innocent people. - He's a psychopath.
He kills innocent people.
Is our government so much different?
Just because we do it over there in the Middle East, it is okay?
What we do in the Middle East, is done for the right reasons.
Whether you believe it or not.
The would bombard us to dust, if we were not over there now.
And if you want to know what I think,
we should make a parking lot out of the fucking country and start over.
Imagine if they had the power. Can you imagine that?
Put yourself in their shoes. Suddenly have all the money.
They have the weapons and the power. VW cure powerful craps himself.
Every war was a crime. Profit. That is the only reason.
Okay. But, you know what?
I was mostly on the winning side and I want it to continue.
Without the war in Iraq there is no ISIS. By this Bush is to blame.
we do not deepen it. - Follow in the footsteps of his father.
Creates the war against terrorism. - We do not deepen it.
War against terrorism is actually a war against our freedom.
I can no longer hear that shit. - Who the hell ruled this country?
Certainly not the president. No more.
How many people killed our government well? - I do not care.
This is our side. Here is our home.
How can you only so think? Damn, we protect these people.
I mean, it does not matter whether we catch him or not.
There is always a new Bill Vfllliamson or another terrorist group.
Our liberty is already lost. They have been taken from us.
We just do not know. - Yes, but ISIS has not done.
On Williamson was.
So we kill the damn idiot.
He knows what he is doing.
If you were the most wanted man in America,
why you should so walk past a camera? That does not make sense.
Where he sleeps'?
We were in every hotel, motel, hostel, Airbnb. - Have all controls.
The track is just cold.
He has the means to people, he has the Money.
If it had been so long gone, has he been hiding all the time.
He is preparing for us. He wants us to follow him.
Do you think he wants to lure us? - Certainly. That's a trap.
He knows we're at it off.
The are closer than they know.
It is possible that they locate you too early.
we brake them. Set: a, what I gave you.
Agent Molokaii you lead the investigation.
How is it going? - No comment.
Uh, have you ever suspect? I ask you.
Host Appen in the dark. The American people have a right to know that.
Are there any tracks? Any news?
A statement. Come.
Their silence is extremely unnerving. Agent!
Agent Molokai. I ask you. You must tell us something.
That was Agent Molokai.
He leads the inquiry into the death of our political leadership. Silence.
The stove is here. Yes.
Keep him warm.
Is the cradle so okay? - He is fine.
Are you hungry? - No, I drink only 'sip.
Sardines? - No, I do not want sardines.
Sardines. A little corned beef.
Well. Everything OK?
What's happening? I was in the middle of the work!
Murray! - What's this?
Get the maintenance company on the phone. Fast!
Everything crashed.
It was perhaps an electromagnetic pulse.
And the ought to have someone to trigger. Focused on our network.
How do we find out if that is possible.
Call someone to get someone or her. - Do the mobile phones?
I go back to the control center. - I do not have anything. I've lost everything!
If someone sends an electromagnetic pulse,
may all have been destroyed. - Everything deleted.
Is everything clear?
Someone has deliberately done okay. That was no accident.
Fancy Words. Whatever you have to do is get started.
We are losing precious time. - What would be the logical next step.
There are not many options, ok?
But what we can do: We reboot the whole program
and start the facial recognition program.
Damn shit, man. - That's the best thing I can offer
How could you pass it? I thought you were 'n prodigy?
Leave him in peace. - I'm not God! OK?
Leave him alone, he can not do anything for that shit.
We'd better finally do something. We have to start from! Fucki
You know what I thought?
How much you will miss me when I'm gone.
Approximately not? - It is waiting but a ...
What? An other man? - On a horse, he will pick me up.
If the 18th century? - It comes from the 18th century.
He will be riding through the forest. - Is he a true knight?
He rides like a knight in the woods and pick me up.
On a white stallion. In the forest. - Uh-huh.
Well, I hope he comes to my landmines.
I know him from ... - A javelin
I know him from such a dating page. It was really strange. - Oh yes?
If you stand to the Internet? You hit your men all on the Internet.
Live the moment.
You're joking, right? - No, is not my Ernst.
I wish I could find a knight.
Ultimately, you'll have to leave here.
Do not say that.
I do not want to leave you.
Do you understand?
I must not leave you.
We could continue to hide, flee further.
I do not hide myself. What it's me. I no longer hiding.
This is the point in all that I have done.
So it went. To this moment. Now it is here.
We have so often talked about.
You stay in our plan. Just as discussed.
You take Billy and going to your mom's home.
Good night, guys. - Good night.
Let conclusion here? - Yes. All done?
See you tomorrow.
Do not work too much, huh? - Yes.
What the hell is that? - Shake your ass here.
So what is that? - Something fire.
- Cheers.
Gives me some peace. Is good. - Sometimes I can only think as clearly.
I want to be a tough nut to crack.
You know, I get made ample pressure.
The whole unit is in my hands.
And the investigation has led to no result ever.
Now we had a track,
and pulling us away the damn ground under their feet. - Not.
You do not have to apologize. You have no reason, man.
I understand already.
Molly bugging me so to join them tomorrow for their entertaining performance.
Sorry, Molly. It does not work. I start instead terrorists.
Uh, why are you not wearing a wedding ring, man? - To work?
You are not constantly close to me, but ...
I see you more often than your family.
No idea. I...
Sometimes I have the feeling when I wear it, I will stick to it purely with here.
No idea. In this crap.
And I do not think it necessary to learn about this whole mess.
I tell them nothing. - Hm.
You ask me about my wedding ring? Why do you wear yours?
I wear it as a reminder of something
I once had. Keeps me grounded.
Remind me, well,
no matter how shitty everything is going in the world,
there are times in life when one is happy.
When she was still with me.
I know it sounds twisted, but ...
No. - The job has destroyed my marriage.
I was never there.
She wished, well, things I could not give her.
You should as soon as possible to get rid of the part.
I wih not be insensitive)
but people talk. - I'll make you 'nen proposal.
I put off the ring once you've shaved Pornobalken from her face.
Forget it.
Den I since I'm 18. In earnest.
I'll get hold Tom Selleck.
I have to drive. - And?
I should go now. - In order. Sleep it off.
Yes. I just need to always remember that possibly ...
Maybe we'll get him. - Not true?
Cursed. - Oh well
CIA and Homeland Security have come to the conclusion,
that they were LSIs terrorists, disguised as Syrian refugees,
which are responsible for the death of our political leaders,
The arrested suspects have not been identified.
The murderer of the President are in detention.
They came as a refugee family into the country and were greeted by your host family
because of their peculiar behavior ... - Hey, guys. Come now.
The host family was shocked when the hidden in the attic of weapons,
Maps and photos of the Senate building took.
Do you believe this nonsense? - ISIS!
What? That does not make sense. There is no good indication.
Kidding me the bags? The cash credit for each shit.
Any attempt to contact the host family was unsuccessful.
Their whereabouts are unknown. - ISIS, yes.
Yes, sir. Yes, sir, understood.
That's it. The unit will be dissolved as soon as possible.
That was not it. - Tell me about it?
We'll see each other again.
We need to show them what we have. That's ridiculous.
We must not allow that everything to their advantage.
I've already sent a report over.
The have full knowledge of all that we know. - Who says then No?
Deputy Director.
Is ISIS? is ISIS? Has ISIS done it?
Or the small Bill VI / illiamson from the top of a mountain?
Have you ever tried to catch me. What should change now?
I wrap you around my little finger.
And I can do anything I want. This is already proven.
The statement of the President is as follows:
Today, the US put a 22 nuclear warheads and 38 neutron bombs,
to destroy our enemies in Pakistan,
Indonesia and the Middle East.
Russia and China supported the action.
The resources of the Middle East are divided equally
Mix the United States, Russia, China and Western Europe.
Mflr have decided to respond to the continued terrorist attacks
and radical Islam once and for all to stop.
With immediate effect, the Homeland Security includes all mosques,
and the military arrested the Muslim communities.
You were right. The motherfucker who used nukes!
Mach's army ready. It's starting soon.
America was built by scum and is governed today by scum.
But America is the mightiest military superpower in the world.
Full High Tech and geniuses in Silicon Valley
and massive advances in computer technology.
All just to conquer for the purpose of more poor nations and enslave,
raping their companies and exploit their domestic resources.
AII this is done with the help of religion.
The large separation force which large control force the hand of the law.
Ob man Christ ist, Moslem,
Jude, Patriot, Scientologe
or followers of a different ideology from the imagination of some flat Wichsers.
If you can not distinguish what is right and what is wrong,
in the context of time and place, you are cursed idiot.
I'm not saying that there are no religions or ideologies,
that are meaningful and useful.
Every asshole can spoil philosophies. And that happens.
Nietzsche was erroneously as the spiritual father of the Nazis.
He once said, on the top of the mountain of wisdom, it is lonely and cold
and to climb it, is the greatest reward.
All actors and pop stars are monkeys and puppets.
You through brainwashing and keep the people of the mountaintop back.
AII die Comicbuch-Filme, Transformers,
The Avengers, Lone Survivor.
American Sniper.
Reine Propaganda.
Produced for the glorification of the military and the arms industry.
Of Money account.
Jennifer Aniston, Jay-Z,
Tom Cruise, Michael Bay!
All live in villas, foreclosed, and have no idea
what it's like to be a normal person. You are a hologram that you worship
Williamsville, Virginia. That's it, folks.
Immediately after that he just vanished into thin air. - Completely gone.
What is the next stop or the next city, the next?
The nearest station is Fredericksburg. 110 miles from there.
Then you have not seen him? - No.
He has risen from the train for the last time. - It's been a small town.
Since there's not much. Besides the station only forests and mountains.
Do you know them? - Yes. I was there once.
Let's go? - Yes. We should scour the area.
A good start.
I want you to show Billy that if he is old enough to understand it, ok?
Plug's a.
I do not want to leave you. - Come here.
Do you hear? Why must we leave?
Can not we just run away and hide?
Because I can no longer hide.
How so? - You have to go, okay?
You take Billy and go with him as far away from here as possible.
Just as planned. You have to not only do this for me, you're doing it for Billy.
What are you doing for him? He needs his father.
He needs you. He does not need stupid DVD. He needs you.
Tu me please not to, ok? You will go as planned.
Because they know where I am. And they come.
And here you're not sure.
So you leave this forest and have never seen me.
And you've never met me. You've never met me.
I wish we had never met. - Hey, so do not tell a crap.
You must not say.
Fuck. - I love you.
I love you. I love you both more than anything else.
But you have to go. You go to your mom, okay?
You'll tell her that you love her.
Yes. - Okay.
Yes, I'm just ...
I'm just a lonely mother who drives her son for a walk for the first time.
I agree. - I do not know where I am.
And who the hell is Bill Williamson? - Yes.
Seeking a man on a horse. Have you seen one?
OK. You get it all out. OK?
You can do it. - Yes.
You two just that already.
Yes. - Good.
Better you go.
Funk. Fuck. Funk.
Let's get the motherfucker.
We go in there and nail him.
Williamson is a real Scout.
If he's hiding here, it's like chasing a ghost. - Oh!
Our only chance is thermal imaging scanner.
Well, I request a few drones. Air monitoring. We'll get him.
He is here. He watches us straight. I can feel it. - Yes?
Hey, Bill! If you want to be a man, then come out!
We are here, my friend, we want to play?
Fucking smartass.
Come on. We inspect the bridge.
The FBI. The FBI. Absolute idiots.
We've had it all before. Guys, I know you will.
Come. Bring your friends. And then we see ourselves.
Very soon we see ourselves.
Holy shit.
ISIS? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Boom!
Guys! Here!
Bumm. - Damn it.
Is that him? - He is it.
I recognize him in the corridor. - And if it's him.
Exactly locate. Plans, maps. All the 5-mile radius.
Sends out the people. - Let's get it to us.
We need at least 300 men who scour the woods with us.
SWAT, police, military. Send everything.
I can send anyone you lurleit. You have no conclusive evidence.
Your troops should be long since evaporated. - You can not drop us.
We are too close! - VW have the guilt of ISIS confirmed.
The media report.
There would be a Shit Sionn. We do not even know if he is involved. - I know that.
But we have satellite photos that confirm that he is.
A picture as clear as a source. What do you want?
Mfilliamson lives. I'll bet you.
But you have verioren its course, and now you come to me with a presumption '?
This could be a simple hunter. - No, you're wrong. He is it.
100 percent.
Through the dropping of the bombs we've woken every sleeper with us.
We have enough with nationwide terrorist threats intervention.
If you have not, I can not send you people,
If you stay get him to go ahead with what you have.
What did he say? - We are on our own.
Molokai. What is that? 'S name
Honestly, you should often times listen to your colleagues.
Sometimes knowing who might really something more than you.
You know, for an asshole like you there are reasons to be still single.
ISIS. Yes.
This really is typical. This really is typical nowadays.
Somehow underestimated you guys your local talent.
A man can do it.
Molokai. What is that? 'S name
Honestly, you should often times listen to your colleagues.
Sometimes knowing who might really something more than you.
So, folks, I'm here waiting. Have you seen the bridge before?
The river?
You know the President know what he stands for,
if he wants to create the new world order.
Your puppets makes enjoying,
Well, maybe I can do my own new world order.
If he can, I can too. You're just a pawn in the game.
He does not in the least for you. Your president.
Therefore, he had to go.
Where does the sudden? - I had in my email.
How does the wanker who I am?
What about that? When the power went out, we must have been hacked.
That is the only logical explanation.
That can only be a stupid joke. He also sent me a.
Jones! Mfle's your wife Mo / Iy?
Oh no, the name of your wife Sheila, not choice '?
Your daughter called Molly. Summer Heights High Scheel.
No, wrong, it is the primary school Arden.
Fuck you! Fuck you!
You rotten cocksucker!
No! No!
Fuck you! Fuck you!
The fucker has my little girl!
You know, for an asshole like you there are reasons to still be single.
But, uh) grandmama ...
Grandmama. Call it so? Is really cute.
Why do the idiot of our family? - Of course, the ass knows that.
Where is my phone? The fucker has hacked into our system.
He has full access to our complete database. He now knows everything.
All about us, about the investigations and on all our agents.
Hey, yes.
ISIS. Yes. This really is typical.
OK, its fine. Yes / Yes. I just wanted to hear me, if everything is in order.
Today I really come home for dinner.
A man can do this.
So, you do not go out of the house, pushes' ne DVD pure or so,
and in a few hours I am at home, ok?
I killed your President. I killed your President.
See you.
The President is dead. Your damned ass.
Molokai. Jones. I see you.
Pisswichser investigators. Do you know where I am? I know where you are.
I know where your family is, Jones.
Your wife Sheila. Your little daughter Molly.
I know everything about you,
Why do not you bring your friends with rough?)?
We provide alie Wild West shootout.
Just you and me and your best men.
If you screw up, Lebwohi says to your families.
I have many followers there. They know where you live.
I'll see you, friends.
Oh, we'll get you even buddy.
Oh. Funk.
Dear viewers)
as we just learned, the FBI has a trail to the hiding place of Bill Williamson.
About further developments we will keep you up to date.
All right, forward.
The the.
Over there.
God Holy shit.
To my followers: Tonight it comes to an end.
When it's over, start your order!
Three losses. He can not be far.
Everything back, we gather at the base, ok?
The. Komm.
Williamson is here a clear advantage.
We need this box, then back to the ridge.
Scour every square centimeter of soil. We go only if we have the wanker.
Yes, sir. - Spread out!
Not the slightest trace of him. - He is here.
From somewhere he must be watching us.
Respect it, what is behind you!
Before us lies an old mine tunnels.
The Enlightenment says that he is up there.
Perhaps he has since retreated and camped.
Nothing so far. - Here also not.
Over there, - fire!
Man on the ground. Man on the floor!
Away. Away. Left! Left!
Fire protection! Returned fire!
He uses the ridge. Stay in coverage. - Next, people.
You bastard, Bill!
Fast! Paramedics here, go!
All other: Continue forward!
We go before! No retreat!
Do you hear that, Bill?
There he is. On two o'clock!
Go boys. Comes with!
Ok, you motherfucker. Welcome to Camp Bill.
Is it safe, guys. No running.
What did I tell you?
Stop, stop, stop. We are not finished yet.
You just wollrs not learn.
It is far too easy.
OK. Where are you, Jones and Molokai?
Move. It is about human lives. Los.
It is a trap. We are marching in a fucking war zone out here.
Good God.
Can we use the dogs? I'm not going in there. Lagging.
Continue. We go past there. - Let's get out of here.
Hey, stop. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Do you hear that?
There you are. I see you. Look over here.
There. The pig has been watching us the whole time.
The little shit.
Yes. But not for long.
Good shot, Jonesie. Good shot.
It's my turn.
Pisser. - Ok, you wanker.
Thanks for playing, and friends. Game over.
Where the hell is he? Fuck!
Get him!
Fuck you. Fuck you.
There he is!
The the!
Oh God! No no no!
It's a downward spiral,
until the end of time.
And, uh, there is no chance for us to survive.
An absolute joke.
Just talk, not act.
And you did not get it. You think the people are the same. They are not.
I want you to change the world.
And do not think that you can change them peacefully or alone.
You must kill the rich. I had to kill many people.
And I let myself be killed, so you reach my message.
My decision: I appreciate your interests more highly than my life.
I want to shake you and verndem, and I myself am killed,
to you to convey my message,
My decision: I appreciate your interests more highly than my life.
I myself will kill to you to convey my message.
That's OK. Im done.
Nietzsche once said:
"On the top of the mountain of wisdom, it is very lonely and cold.
But if you erklimmst him that is the greatest reward. "
Death is inevitable. Death is the result, the consequence.
I urge you one last time, for you, for your family,
to climb this mountain. You know what I mean.
This is my last message to you.
In vain.
I wish you the best.
We interrupt this program for an important message.
The # 1 gefhrfichsten Terrofisten in the US, Bill Williamson,
was shot by security forces,
The search for the murderer of the President of the United States is completed.
We turn to our correspondent on the spot.
Offers us a terrible picture, Laurie.
The hideout of the terrorists. - He was not a terrorist, ldiofrn.
... Where the FBI has found the weapon ... - He did what had to be done.
cursed, Bill. - ... And the defense minister.
It looks like a battlefield ...
Yes. Hi Ma.
Yes, you can come and take Billy? For a while for me to watch him?
Yes, no, I'm fine. I'm just tired, I'm super tired and I ...
I need a break. I want to sleep only once, okay, Ma?
It will be alright. It will be alright.
A group terrorists pulling the country and shoot people indiscriminately.
Who? - Look at this.
You shoot indiscriminately civilians. Oh my God. Why do they do that?
And they kill only rich people.
The messages that we receive are disturbing.
Anywhere in the United States to shoot heavily armed terrorists civilians.
The main objectives are wealthy neighborhoods, including Wall Street.
It also give reports of attacks on the headquarters of the FBI, the CIA,
Homeland Security, NSA, DEA and various military facilities.
Currently, we receive reports of more than 1,000 shootings.
Apparently there is einerAn revolt against the US elite and the government.
That's for my son Billy.
Bnly, once you are old enough to view this video and understand
I will not participate in your life.
That I am your father, is then only a faint memory for you.
Even if I wished, this video would be your only impression of me,
I know that's impossible.
You will hear a lot, read and see)
as for me, but you have to know, my life was mine,
and you have the opportunity to make your life everything you want.
You only live once, boy.
If you see this video, you may have your own opinion
about life and death and God, but I ...
Believe me when I tell you, there is no god, ok?
There is no afterlife. What is it, this is a life.
And you should use this life to leave a mark.
To do the right thing.
People will lie to you.
They will try to suppress you.
You do not want that you succeed.
You do not want that you realize the truth.
If you should decide not to contribute to society,
the others decide for you what you do or not do otherwise,
in the other use the media,
the education system and the law, and people like you and me suppressed,
People who can think for themselves, who still have a free will,
you have to destroy these ideas and the people and institutions,
they disseminate and preserve 'You have to make the leader,
and your movement will change the masses, the ideologies and laws.
I wih tell you. that I'm sorry.
I wish I could be you the father, who was my father for me.
And I wish I could take you in the arm.
And I wish I could see you grow up and talk with you.
Not only through this video.
I wish you could feel the love that I bear in my heat,
since I saw you for the first time.
I hope they protected you all your life. I love you.
I'm sorry that I had to leave you.
I hope you understand that it was all for the best,
And please take care of your mom, okay? Take care of your mom.
I love you. Your father. Bill Williamson.
According to reports, there is shooting in the Senate and the White House.
Former President George Bush is dead,
as the top leadership of General Electric and Microsoft.
We just learned that Mark Zuckerberg was killed by an employee.
The Entenainer Rihanna, Taylor SWIFI and Britney Spears are supposed to be dead.
Supposedly there was an anarchist revolt,
whose goal is to tear the country midst violence and destruction per se.
What? Can you...?
Did you hear what they said?
No. - What? What's happening?
Can you tell us what is going on out there? - What is it?
I'll be back immediately. - That sounds very close. Security?
When you finally get your ass up and untemimmst something?
on Williamson has changed my life. This was for him.