Ramrod (1947) Movie Script

Mr. Dickason, your daughter is with him.
-You'll be around, won't you?
...I'll be around.
Hello, son...
Hello, sherrif.
You weren't quite so steady on your fins
the last time I saw you.
Took me about a week to rope
that hangover.
Speaking of drinks, I owe you one.
Back for more punishment, I see...
I've turned over a new leaf
since the sherrif got me a job.
Is Shipley really leaving on the stage
So he says.
Seen Ivey around?
He plays his cards smart.
Any chance of getting Connie
out of town?
A dangerous set-up... you stay out of it.
I work for Walt.
For three weeks? What do you owe
that fool? Your life?
Thanks for the drink, son.
Make it two.
Hey, Dave...
Where you been?
I though you'd run out
Dave.... If our plan works,
you'll be the foreman.
The ramrod of the whole outfit.
Ivey's not here. He won't be either.
You think he'll show?
-What makes you so sure?
Frank Ivey
Connie wants to see you... upstairs.
She's got a notion I'll need help.
Come in.
Sit down.
-Walt said you wanted me.
Walt thinks Ivey's only bluffing...
...they won't stop him from taking
the stage. -But you think he meant it.
My own father's with Ivey against
the man I'm going to marry.
Don't you understand
what I'm up against?
Yes, ma'am.
The valley is public grazing land.
Walt has as much right there as anyone.
But he threatened to bring in sheep.
This is cattle country.
You know how sheep ruin
a country for cattle
How many men will be there when
the stage comes? -I don't know.
You saw you father and his hands
at the blacksmith shop.
I told Dad if his men step in, I'll
never set foot in his house again.
There's still Frank Ivey.
Will you stick by Walt?
He helped me when I needed it.
What if Walt takes the stage?
He does bring in sheep?
He won't even bring them in...
If he makes the stage tonight,
he'll control the valley.
Goodnight Ms. Connie.
I'll go downstairs with you.
No, you won't.
The whole town knows Ivey
wanted to marry you.
If you're there, they'll say he's
hiding behind your skirt.
That's one sure way of ruining it.
This is Shipley's bag.
-Stage ready! Get aboard!
Made up your mind, sheep-man?
I'm going.
Are you?
I see you, drunk.
-Listen Ivey...
You're not god. You can't
keep a man off a stage.
Throw down his valise, Harry.
He's not going.
Is that you, Dave?
It's your father, Connie.
I've come to take you home.
-I suppose Ivey sent you.
I just thought, on account of tonight,
you might want to come home.
Connie, are you hurt about
Walt throwing you over?
You have such a thoughtful
way of putting it.
Walt didn't throw me over.
He just decided he didn't love
me enough to die for me.
-It's the truth!
He gave you a wonderful excuse
with his threat of sheep.
Now you and Frank are right back where
you started, hoping I'll be impressed.
Well, I'm not and I'm clearing out!
I don't understand you.
At first, I thought you were
just headstrong.
When you were little, I'd get a kick
out of seeing you stand up and fight.
Tonight, men could have been
killed because of you.
Could have... but they weren't.
From now on, I'm gonna
make a life of my own.
And being a woman, I won't
have to use guns.
There's something else...
This isn't just a fight between
father and daughter.
You've pushed Ivey on me
since I can remember.
For years, I've watched him run things.
The town, the valley, you, now me!
No ones ever had the nerve to
stand up to him. Well, I have!
I'm warning you, don't get in my
way! And that goes for Ivey!
Now, get out!
Get out!
-Evening, Rose.
-Come on in, Dave.
Have you eaten?
Come on, we'll have a cup of coffee.
I heard what happened.
What are you going to do now?
Where's Bill?
You know Bill.
He'll hang around town
for a week, raising cain.
Then, all of a sudden, he's gone.
Present for you.
It's lovely!
It was sweet of you, but...
Martin Bondurant already told his wife
about the expensive silks just in.
If I appeared in a dress
of the same material...
-I never thought of that.
-Of course.
What's the matter?
Why don't you get it off your chest?
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pry.
You're not, Rose.
I lost my wife when our son was born.
He would have been six
just three weeks ago.
-Would have been?
I was buying cattle in a small
way and had to travel
So I left him with friends.
While I was gone, their house burned.
He was in it, sleeping.
They died trying to save him.
-Liquor didn't help.
Bill Schell's crazy talk didn't
help, either.
It was you, Rose. Putting up with us,
cheerful, not asking questions.
That's why I wanted to thank you.
If you don't mind, I'll like to
keep this, afterall.
If you don't mind, I think I'll
have that supper, afterall.
I thought you would.
-Morning, Ms. Connie.
I suppose you know Walt's gone.
"Connie... This is the kind of
a beating I can not take.
I have signed my ranch over
to you. Good Luck, Walt."
-What did you expect him to do?
-Marry me and stay and fight.
Not stick a note under my door and run.
He just wasn't strong enough, was he?
Well, I am. Strong enough to be both
Dad and Ivey at their own business.
They broke Walt and I'm going
to fight back.
I'll make Circle 66 an outfit
they'll respect.
I want you to run it.
No, ma'am.
Why not?
They didn't break Walt. They were just
fighting sheep, like any cattleman.
They'd break any man I wanted.
They'd find a reason. Like they made
sheep the reason for breaking Walt.
But I'll never turn to Frank Ivey.
A little money of my own. Enough to
buy some cattle and hire a crew.
They won't break anybody when
I get through with them.
Better let Link drive you home now that
your sheep-herder's thrown you over.
Thanks, Link. But I'm not going home.
Walt left me his ranch, and I'm moving
in on valley grass. All I can hold.
Wait, you're just excited. You don't
think we'd let you steal our grass.
It's a free range.
I warn you. They'll be gunplay.
Men will get hurt.
Your men, too. -What's come over you?
You've changed?
You're so hard?
-Coming from you, that's a compliment.
Looks like we won the first round.
-Not we. This is your fight.
You afraid?
When I take the count, it'll
be for my own mistakes.
If I can draw my wages, I'm drifting.
-I'll leave it over at the Special Saloon.
You change your mind, come back.
You'll always have a job as
long as I have a ranch.
Howdy, Dave...
Ms. Dickason sent this over for ya.
Hello, Jim...
-I hear your boss ran out on ya.
Now you'll have to get a new sucker
to pay for your drinks, boozehead.
I'd go careful, Red.
Sounds like Shipley, don't he?
He just talked.
So do you.
That's enough!
-A man would never do that to me.
-Or me.
Too bad you joined up with the
wrong outfit. Now, you're drifiting
-Am I?
When I'm ready.
I warned you it was a tough set-up.
I didn't stay out of it.
Well, there are other places.
You, too?
Sometimes it's hard to choose
between friendship and duty.
And you've been sherrif a long time.
Hello, Dave.
-How many hands you think you'll need?
-All you can get.
Afraid that won't be many. Ivey scared
all the spare hands out of the valley.
There's one I think I can get.
He may know of others.
Stick close by the house
'till I get back.
I'm looking for Bill Schell.
Have you seen him?
I'll have a look around.
Go ahead.
How are you kid?
It's alright. He's a friend of mine.
You look fine, kid.
Why'd you wanna go to work for?
I miss you.
How's Rose?
She's fine.
You on the dodge?
I kissed a fella's girl last night.
George thought you'd might be him.
-How'd you like to go to work?
-Work? What for?
I still got some money.
How do you stack up with Frank Ivey?
I worry him. I have too much
fun to suit him.
I don't like him either. He makes
too big of tracks.
Walt Shipley gave Connie Dickason
his ranch last night.
She's out to get Ben and Frank.
I'm hiring an outfit.
You're not like me, kid. You don't fight for pay.
Ivey ordered me out of town.
Count me in.
Under my orders, Bill.
That's the way it's gotta be, or
don't take the job. -Sure.
That's the way it'll be, kid.
We oughta have three or four more men.
I can get fifty men to work for
nothing. Just for one crack at Ivey.
Want 'em with grudges?
-I don't care.
But they've gotta pass with Jim Crew.
Jim Crew? What's he gotta do with it?
The sheriff's on blue chip. Anything
we do against Ivey has to be legal.
It's a deal.
Where's Ms. Connie?
Ms. Connie went back home to get her
trunk. Then this happened.
Who did it?
We know who did it. I said before,
Frank Ivey leaves pretty big tracks.
-None we can show the sherrif.
-Who cares? We know who we're fighting!
Now's the time to take him apart.
I give the orders around here and we're
playing this on the square. Remember?
Alright... Alright, kid.
You're the ramrod of this outfit.
Wait here until I get back.
If you're so set on a running a ranch,
you can have mine.
Anytime you want it
-You and I would get along a lot better...
...if you pulled back to your
side of American Creek.
And let you grab half the grass?
What if I won't?
-Then, I'll have to take it.
That kind of fight is supposed to be
from men. Think you're tough enough.
-She thinks Dave Nash is pretty tough.
-He'll be drunk when she needs him.
That's my risk.
You've heard my proposition.
Do I get the grass or not?
I said I'd stick by whatever
Frank says.
I've been doing it so long,
it's gotten to be a habit.
-Ms. Connie here?
-Yes, she is.
-How's your nose, Red?
-Don't worry. I can still smell with it.
Right now, I'm sorry.
Come in, Dave.
-No, thanks.
-Hello, Dave.
I came to help you.
Thank you. That's sweet of you.
-How's everything at the Circle 66?
-Just fine.
Everything's cozy and warm.
You still insist on leaving, huh?
Just what do you expect to
get out of this?
And something Shipley said got
me curious. -What was that?
He said Ivey wasn't God.
Ivey says he is.
I want to see who's right.
I'll wait for you outside, Ms. Connie.
What'll we do, Dave? We can't hold a
crew together without even a house.
Sorry. It's my fault.
You told me not to leave the house.
Ivey's got a line camp near here.
It's built of stone.
Hello in there! I can lick anyone
in there for a meal and a bit!
Well, if it ain't Bill Schell.
You wouldn't have to ask for a handout
if you'd get a job. Come in.
It's an idea.
How many hands you got here?
Just us.
Makes it easy.
Come on in, Dave. They're all here.
Come on in.
Got a job, Gus. Forgot to tell you.
Dave, this is Ed Burma.
Ivey's tough ramrod.
I'll remember this, you saddletramp.
Get the buckboard up here.
Come on. Get out.
Come on! Get going, all of you!
Hurry it up.
Virg Lea... Try to hang him, he'd
go through the rope.
Jess More... He likes to play "injun".
-We'll be back.
Ms. Dickason...
does your old man know about this?
Tell Ben and Ivey that she'll be
glad to trade houses.
Tell him it's for keeps.
-I'll tell him.
A sure sad bunch.
-Where do we put it?
-Oh, anywhere or there.
-After travelling all night,
I'm sure hungry. -Me, too!
There's plenty of food here
for our outfit.
Hey, this ain't bad!
That's going to be just fine, Curley.
-It aint' stylish, like you're used to.
-It'll be alright when it's clean.
Give me a hand, Curley.
-You mean to wash this place?
At least, I can scold a few spiders.
Looks like we're going
to have visitors.
Good morning, Connie.
How's my little land-feed?
-I'm not your little anything.
Besides, this land was filed on today.
Seems you neglected that when you
built here. -So I found out.
Very clever of you.
-The cleverness was my foreman's.
-Since we're busy, I'll thank you to get
off... -Your foreman's new to this country.
I wonder who told him I hadn't filed.
Virg, bring Curley over.
We have a legal right to be here.
You can't put us off this land.
Oh, I can't?
I can discourage your men.
Alright, Virg.
Stop it!
Stop it!
Stop it, I say!
Hold it, Virg!
Take your dirty hands off her.
It's not the camp. It's not Curley.
I'd be through if I let you get away.
Can't play second fiddle anymore
than you. We're alike that way.
Nice, Connie. That's the first time
you've ever touched me.
Go ahead, Virg!
-Is the doctor here?
-He's out on a call...
What happened?
I couldn't stop it.
Two of Ivey's men held him, while
Virg... -Don't waste time talking.
We've got to get him to bed. Take him to Rose's.
I'll get the doctor.
-Hurry up, Connie!
Was he dragged by a horse?
I'll relieve you later.
I'm sorry.
Somebody had to cry for him, I guess.
That's you, Rose.
I'll pay Ivey back for this if it's
the last thing I do.
Ed Burma's down there. Let's send
him back to Ivey in a basket.
-You do, and I ride out.
-They did it to Curley.
-Who you fighting? Ivey or Burma?
Then fight him. Get some sense into
that thick, little head of yours.
They want that. We make a wrong
move and Crew's on their side.
You won't back up your own men?
It's gotta be my way.
Hello, Dave.
I want you to deputize me.
To go after Virg?
Lindstrom and I have already
attended to that.
Where is he?
Ben and Ivey's going his bail. Three
thousand. Ben's bringing it in.
I'd have done better.
I take my law from the book, Dave.
Virg'll go the pen for this.
And if Curley dies...
-Virg dies!
...but it better be legal. Mind you that.
Hello, Burma.
Heard about Curley?
I had nothing to do with that.
I don't want no trouble, Bill.
You ain't got two men to hold
me like they held Curley.
Won't take a chance without them?
If I ever mind to fight, nobody
has to hold for me.
What'll take to give you a mind to?
Right now, an awful lot.
I won't be rawhide'd into this.
I ain't gonna draw!
They can all see my hands!
I ain't gonna draw!
Pokey... here.
Buy yourself a bottle and take a
vacation far from town. And quick!
I heard two shots before
Bill could draw.
There's his gun.
This better be true.
Sure, it's been fired.
What were you doing all this time?
While he was shooting fast, I was
aiming careful. Ask George.
-Well, I...
-Sure. And I'll ask Pokey, too...
When we find him.
He sure let out quick.
Guess he was scared. -Bill ain't the
kind to wait two shots before he moves.
How'd he get this burn on his hand?
Bill laid his cigar down. Maybe
Burma put his hand on it.
It happens to be on the back
of his hand.
He fell on his back.
It might have been under his hand.
-You two are lying.
George and Bill have been in
cahoots for years.
You put Virg on the barn. Why don't
you do the same here?
If Curley dies and Burma's been
murdered, Bill and Virg will both hang.
I can't hang a man for self-defense.
-Burma's dead...
And all Curley had was a poke
in the nose. -Ben...
I'd like to show you what a poke
in the nose can do.
-I don't want to see it.
Connie saw it.
I'd like to take care of Curley.
And pay all his expenses.
Paying his expense won't
restore his sight.
I don't want to fight with her, Rose.
She's all I've got.
She's got her pride, Ben. You
broke a man in front of her.
You don't know how a woman feels.
You didn't have to let Frank do that.
Maybe, but she couldn't have loved
Walt Shipley. He was trash.
What's Frank Ivey?
The biggest man in the valley.
I get Connie's side of it,
but I don't get yours.
Are you after Connie?
We'll just pretend you never asked that.
Hello, Bill.
Hello, Connie. Where is everybody?
Sure could do with a cup of coffee.
Did Burma really draw first?
George said so, didn't he?
-Did he?
-What do you think?
I think you're not afraid
to take a chance.
I like that.
What are you after, Con?
Alright. I'll tell you.
I want to break Frank Ivey.
I want to see him crawl out of town
the same way Walt did.
If Curley dies...
Dave will take care of Ivey.
Dave's way is too slow.
Just what's on your mind, Connie.
I want you to stampede my herd.
It's the one way to make Dave
and Jim Crew more fast.
I've thought about it for a long time.
They'll think Frank Ivey did it.
They might.
They will.
This is something I didn't figure in.
What did you figure?
To tell the truth, I...
Why bother?
C'mon, people... push them on!
Keep 'em moving!
Head 'em for the cliff!
-Hello, Rose.
-Hello, Bill.
-How's Curley?
-I wouldn't go in now. He's asleep.
Wait a little while.
This is nice.
Bill... you've torn your sleeve.
-It's fine
-Give it to me and I'll fix it.
With two women out at the ranch,
I'd think you'd be looked after better.
No one looks after me.
Annie looks after Connie...
And Connie looks after Dave.
Who does Dave look after?
Who do you think?
The cattle.
I wonder what's up.
Ivey and his crew jumped us about midnight.
Set us off of the herd and started
shooting. -Part of them chased us...
...and the others stampeded the
whole herd off the cliffs.
So Ivey's really gone wild.
I'd never thought it.
He's always been wild.
Well, I've heard your evidence.
Remember boys, no liquor. We
got a big job ahead of us.
Your men ain't going, Dave.
Everyone of them has a grudge against
Ivey, and the law has to be immune.
-But you'll need help, Jim.
This is my business.
-And it's my fight.
It doesn't call for shooting.
But it might if you were there.
You're probably right.
I know I'm right. This has been
my liftetime job, son.
You ever want to quit, I'll give
you a job on my outfit.
Even sign you on as ramrod.
At my age, I take that as quite
a compliment.
Virg, watch yourself.
Jim Crew's coming.
Hello, Jim.
Glad to see you. You look
kind of thirsty.
How about a little drink.
Come here for Virg?
No... I will be soon.
Doc says Curley won't last.
-Found Pokey?
-No, not yet.
Something wrong, Jim?
You coming?
Coming? Where?
To jail?
Jail? For what?
Stampeding Connie's cattle last
night wasn't exactly legal.
What? I wasn't off the place last night
and I can prove it. Come here!
Where was I last night, boys?
-Right here.
All night.
He sure was. He won a months wages
off of me in the poker game.
You hear that?
Better put your boots on.
I told you I wasn't off the place.
You'll get a chance to prove
that before a jury.
You're lying.
I'm not lying when I say I'm
taking you in.
I'm warning you, Jim, get away
from here.
I'll tell you just once more.
Come along.
Don't do it, Jim!
-Get over to Dickason's and spread word
that Virg shot the sherrif. - Listen...
Shut your mouth! I'll take care of you.
Go on. I want Dave Nash to
hear about this.
Virg wasn't the real killer.
He just pulled the trigger.
I killed him.
I killed him by playing safe and
using the law as a weapon.
The law was just a tired old man.
Don't risk everything now.
Ms. Connie...
I hate to bother you...
...but there's something you oughta
know. -What is it?
I seen what happened.
Your own men stampeded your cattle.
They done it on purpose. I seen them.
But nobody saw me.
-There must be some mistake.
No, ma'am. Tom Peebles, Bailey
and Bill Schell... I seen them.
Sit down, Link.
You know Dad tried to force
me to marry Frank Ivey.
That's why I left home.
-So, I heard.
Frank fights dirty... and I've got
to fight the same way.
Curley's dying because of him.
I know Bill Schell stampeded the cattle.
The orders were mine.
But... on account of that, Jim
Crew is dead.
I know.
It's a terrible thing to have on my conscience.
I didn't know this was going to happen.
Should I take all the blame.
Oh, no. Don't tell them nothing.
And you don't have to worry about me,
Ms. Connie. I'll keep my mouth shut.
Thanks, Link.
Frank Ivey killed the sherrif.
You'll have to help me, Rose.
Where's Curley?
Died this afternoon.
-Fine! -I'll find him. Bailey
and Peebles, too.
Why don't you look in Idaho or Montana?
They quit after Crew was killed.
C'mon, Nash is wounded. He
can't get far.
Head back to town!
-Out in the open, ain't it?
Why not? I'm in it, too.
Didn't they stampede those cattle
and try to hang it on me.
-Hello, Rose. How is he?
I found out there's no passengers on
the stage. It's our only chance.
They just been through our house.
Thank heavens Doc wasn't home.
Here they are.
You two women go out the
back way and quick.
Where's my gun? -You two get out
of here! -I have an idea.
It's you. Well, I'm busy.
We won't be long. Take a look
in the kitchen.
Just looking around. -Look somewhere
else. Not here. I won't stand it!
What's the matter with you?
-I want Dave Nash, that's all.
I haven't seen him. And if I had,
I wouldn't tell you.
Now, get out. Both of you.
-Not until I've found Dave Nash.
Nothing in the kitchen.
He isn't here!
-We'll see.
You're not going in. Mrs. Parks is
in for a fitting. -I'll look anyways.
-You're not coming in! I'm undressed!
-I'm sorry. They forced their way in.
-Better put some clothes on. I'm coming
in. -I'm not dressing for your sake!
You think you can run this town?
Here's one person you can't run!
I know enough about this town to know
you've done one thing too many.
I never did think decency meant
anything... You listen!
They just brought in Pokey. He says
Bill rawhide'd Burma into that fight.
Bill Schell's dead. He may not
know it, but he is.
I have some business. When I get back,
that fitting better be over.
My fitting will be over when we get
things right and not before.
Bill Schell, turn your back!
Hey Pop, c'mon, we're going.
That's the first time you ever let a
woman bluff you out...
...cause she didn't have clothes on.
She wouldn't have taken them
off if Dave was there.
Dave, listen...
You remember what we told you?
You know what you've got to do?
You wait here.
-Ready to roll, Joe?
-Ready to roll, Harry.
-Is that all tonight?
-That's all.
Hey there, Harry!
I'm looking for Dave Nash.
-Haven't seen him.
If you do see him out on the road,
come back and let me know. -I will.
-Go back to the house, honey.
I gotta get moving. -Bill!
Thank you.
I better go.
I gotta beat Dave through the leaf.
-What's the matter, Bill?
-Alright, kid...
I'd have taken it easier had
I known Dave was inside.
Where you hiding him, Bill?
You're a friend of mine, but not that
good of friend. Another thing...
If Frank Ivey hears of this,
I'm gonna kill you! Dead!
-Don't worry. He won't.
-I said "dead"!
Keep the bandages and medicine
separate. And see that he's warm.
-Morning, Rose.
Good morning, Ms. Connie.
-I'd like to talk to you?
-We'll go in the living room.
Sit down, Connie.
Frank Ivey was at my place,
yesterday. Looking for Dave.
He's been hurt.
I waited, but he didn't come home.
-You've seen him.
Bill's hiding him.
-How is he?
All he needs is rest and quiet.
Why didn't you send word to me?
You don't like me, do you?
I used to pity you, Connie.
You got a rough deal from Frank and Ben.
But your fight is costing too
many lives.
It's not worth it.
-Isn't it?
Not if Frank gets Dave.
He's the only thing that matters to me.
It happens I feel the same way, too.
-Not the same, Connie.
You want him along with revenge and power.
You're letting him break himself
on your greed and ambition.
-You told him that, I suppose.
-You don't tell a man about a woman.
You have to find that out for himself.
Where is he?
Frank Ivey will be watching
all of us. Especially you.
The only way you can get to Dave is by
following someone who goes to him.
You'll never find out from me
where he is.
Wow how. Good morning.
Sure take a lot of killing, kid.
You still hungry?
What good does it do me?
Any salt left?
But Rose is sending up some more grub.
Some day, a man is gonna stop her
from taking in strays. -Like us.
Yeah. Guess she won't know what to do.
-Has she got a man? -She can take me
right off the Christmas tree anyday.
But she knows I'm a drifter.
Jim Crew always said that no one
ever fools with Rose very much.
Just can't figure it out. I mean
Ivey cutting loose his dogs.
He was playing for Crew, same
as we were.
Well, he probably got a wild streak.
No, things just don't fit. He knows a
stampede would bring Crew down on him.
If he wanted to kill him, there are easier ways.
Well, he did and that's enough.
We're licked.
There's just one load and a gun between
Connie and what she wants.
The load that gets Ivey.
Not mine. I've seen Ivey work.
...when you're heading to ride
out of here...
...it's over the hill for me.
How about you?
I'll stay.
What is it? Connie?
-I don't know.
-Listen, kid.
Frank got shot at once for
hugging a gal.
Connie will get you killed just
working for her.
You better sleep on it, kid.
-Like just one horse.
-Probably, George.
I'll take a look.
Why'd you come here? Didn't
Rose tell you you'd be followed?
I didn't know if Dave was dead or
alive. What was I suppose to do?
Wait. Same thing Rose is doing.
I was careful.
I wasn't followed.
Does Dave know the truth
about the stampede?
Not from me.
I feel the way you must feel
about killing Ed Burma.
You don't know. You're just guessing.
I know.
That's your secret, Bill.
The stampede's mine.
Sounds like a deal.
It is.
Happy now? Ivey's after us.
I heard the shot.
How do you feel? -I'll be alright
when I get to saddle.
That's Connie's horse.
-Sure. And you're taking it.
You're riding south, alone. Connie,
you take my horse. -Why?
Look, kid. They followed Connie's
horse here. They know its tracks.
Ivey doesn't want her.
-What about you two?
-We're heading north.
They'll think it's you and me they're
trailing. Then, for a while...
...Connie will head back to town.
Then they'll chase me.
-I won't let you do that. -Don't argue!
I can hold them off for a whole day.
They'll be out of the country by then.
Good luck, kid.
There's just one more thing.
Connie, I want you to hear this, too.
I braced Ed Burma, and got him cold.
I ain't sorry.
I figured you did.
I came up here to help you.
But all I've done is put them
all on your trail.
You would have to come sometime. All
I'll remember is that you did come.
I'll be waiting for you. Hope
you come back.
I will. I promise.
You wanna be sure and get him
killed, just keep on talking.
There it is, Connie. Head for Signal.
-You heading for the Pass?
-No. Ivey knows we were at the mine.
He'll have the pass blocked.
They'll corner you up there.
But it'll take them plenty of time.
And Dave needs that.
Thanks to you. -Haven't
much for me, have you?
You're like a horse or dog, or
a man or any other woman...
Once I understand you, you're alright.
They stop you and you tell them you're
riding with me, they won't believe it.
Well, they parted here.
That goes back to town.
Nash wouldn't take that.
You two better follow it anyways.
C'mon with us, Pop.
He must want to get himself
shot, taking this trail.
We'll accomodate him.
He'll never get out of there.
Alright, let's get her over.
Hold it!
Keep covered.
We got plenty of time.
We'll wait.
You'll have to get mighty
close for that thing.
I'll get close.
Pop, take the ridge. You take
the collapsed side.
You'll have to stake me to a
fresh horse and some grub.
You think you're fit to go on?
Link! Link!
Sit down. I'll get you some water.
They got me on the run, Ben. They'll
be beating the brush for me.
I know. They are now.
Get him a fresh horse.
-Right away, Mr. Dickason.
Ivey shouldn't have got
Bill Schell that way.
A shotgun in the back.
Ms. Connie isn't blaming me, is she?
I haven't told a soul. Not
even Mr. Dickason.
Tired, son? You'll have to talk plainly.
Ivey didn't find out from me.
Maybe Bill Schell told him.
Told him what?
Don't treat me like I was
four years old.
When I told Ms. Connie I seen it,
she admitted giving the orders.
Orders for what, Link?
For her own men to stampede
her cattle out of the country.
Listen, Frank. We've been riding for
two nights. We're all dead for sleep.
Go get some.
Keep out of this.
You gotta get awful close with that.
But you won't.
I'm alright.
It might have been you lying there.
But it isn't.
This is the way it was meant to be.
It's all over now.
You've got what you wanted.
-What we wanted!
You and I.
All this is ours now for
the rest of our lives.
Don't you see what we've won, Dave?
Can't you hear what I'm saying?
I'm thinking of Jim Crew and Bill Schell.
That couldn't be helped.
Link told me about the stampede.
Would it make any difference
if I said I was sorry?
Terribly sorry.
Funny how people fall back
on those words. "I'm sorry".
What counts now is our happiness.
Our freedom. The way we want to live.
Not we, Connie.
Just you. Alone.
But we don't want it alone.
So you don't want it alone?
I guess that squares everything.
It sure is a pretty dress.
You like it?
Would it do for a wedding dress?