Ranam Aram Thavarel (2024) Movie Script

Whose body is this?
No clue sir. Siva gave the sketch
Not matching with any missing cases
So we're disposing it sir
An unidentified female corpse was
found in Madhavaram lake by the police
To establish the identity of this
woman with severely decomposed face and body
..forensic experts have arrived,
as part of initial stage of investigation
Any identification?
- No sir. No ID yet
Face got decomposed severely, a
destructive effect of water, sir..
..considerably complicates the chances of
recovering material of evidential value
.. but there is no chance to become this
bad in 4 or 5 days, sir
Close it
Baskar, I think we are going nowhere..
ask Siva to come here
Ok sir
Co, why didn't you attend the calls
from the station?
Still in hangover from last night's drink?
Pak Rajendran is waiting in the crime
spot, it seems..
.. I am getting roasted for you not
attending the calls
Here's what... I am sharing the location
of the crime spot..
.. don't even touch the bike, ok?
Take an auto
I will be there too
- Tiger!
Everybody around tortured us...
unable to bear it, I took this decision
When I killed my wife and child with
my own hands, I died too...
If you don't pay up by this evening my
husband won't spare you, mind it!!
Return the money by tonight.. else
I'll cut you into pieces!
Sir, delivery, sir
I have no intention of doing this...
pardon me..
Ayyo!! what are you doing
to the child.. no!! don't...
Sir, we found his finger prints on this
I didn't kill them sir
He was such a caring husband ...
.. we didn't have any problems between us
.. not sure what happened that day...
he wouldn't have committed this on purpose
Siva, the body was in water for 3 days..
it got decomposed beyond recognition...
hence I called you in ..
I need you to do a facial composite..
Who's he sir?
-He's Siva,a facial reconstruction artist
he sketches even severely damaged faces
so accurately!
..and, he's also a crime story writer for
hard-to-crack cases..
Those stories are so damn close to facts
- Oh!
Such people are hired from outside sir?
No, every station has such people in
their payroll, but it's kept confidential
You've only joined now, right? You'll
get to know about these things soon
- This should be her, sir!
Well, there's too much pressure on
Prakash's case
Ravi was not the murderer as you think
Prakash had too much debt in his business
.. he couldn't handle the pressure
So he bought a saw online, killed his
family and committed suicide
But Ravi's finger prints
matched with those found in the saw
Those finger prints were left in the saw
when he was showing the product demo
Sir, that's what Ravi was saying too!
- Thanks a lot Siva! Bye!
Hey! Can't you use a headset to hear that?
Why blare it so loud?
Ha, ha! You shouldn't use a headset for
hearing such songs, do you know why?
- Because, headsets were not invented then
Ha ha ha ...
- All nutheads!!
Hey! you could sit and say that
Why do you want to stand up for that?
That's because .....
I will answer that!!
Now, hear him out
Damn your comedy, I'm begging you to sit
down!! - Better to have that respect
Hey! When did I see her first? Tell me
Hmm.. those jokes are better than this
Tell me man..
- Ok, ok. Will do!!!
Open the flash back .. five years ago...
In the shooting spot
On that day, Kavya joined the shooting
spot as assistant sutradara
Hey shower the flowers when I tell, ok?
- Yes brother!
Hey!! Who asked you to shower
the flowers?
Guys! She is assistant sutradara!!
Heroine is there ...
Bro, Co-sutradara asked us to shower
- Is it Co? Ayyo!!!
This is a low-budget movie..
..and we don't have any more flowers!
Hey! When did I give the green signal
for love?
Even Madhan was not around, it seems..
You went alone and proposed to her
Your fault, Siva!
- That's ok.. go ahead..continue..
Give a position for camera
- Sir! How can I give position?
Won't you? Go and give man!
- Ok ok!!
Balaji, check if position is ok..
will the atmosphere team show up promptly?
Yes sir!!
- Ok!
Bomb party!!! when I give my ok it should
blast, ok?
Dammit! Haven't even started
this 'take'!
Kavya came in as assistant sutradara
You two go together for your meals
Same story for the past four years! He
should've remembered by now. Why repeat?
Hey! there's reason behind everything, ok?
After the accident, he couldn't
accept that his lover Kavya is no more!
Wanting to forget about Kavya,
he lost 2 years' memories
Doctor calls that as DISSOCIATIVE
..those 2 years' memories include his
courtship and wedding with her
To revive those memories, Dr asked him
to recollect everything in that period
So he started sleeping in the
car that met with that accident..
.. singing in Kavya's music group..
..going through the diary they wrote..
..drawing her face daily at home..
enquiring with everybody about Kavya..
..thus changed his life upside down..
Suddenly in a video call, you announced
your wedding
..Not sure why you got married suddenly.
Then THAT accident happened!
Hey!! who the hell are you guys?
Hey!! We plan the murders so well,
and you help the police to nab us?
Is Pak Rajendran around?
- He is upstairs, you can see him there
What is the hurry Madan?
Sir, there was a brawl last night
How do those thugs know we do the
sketches? Who's responsible if we're hurt?
I was there to protect Siva..
You told us our identity is confidential
Then how come they've attacked us?
No big deal!! Who can lay their hands on
you guys?
Then we'll give you protection
for a week..
- After one week?
- Why not put them in jail?
They will sure come out on bail sir
- What! ...jail, bail.. not funny ok?
Sir some guys attacked us with bottles
- Sir, Baskar is shouting in the entrance!
What's up with him?
- No idea, sir. He is calling you!
Please come sir. Come fast sir!!
What's happening there?
- Sir,in the box there're 2 burnt up feet, sir!
Come sir...
Hey!! move.. move away.. give way!!
Give some space!!!
Move it.. move it..
Feet are burnt up sir
Don't know who left it here sir!
Kumar, don't allow any of them to leave..
- Get their address details!!
Tiger come, come , come here..
- Co, come to the station, immediately!
What for?
- I came for you, can't you come for me?
They've locked me up, Co!! Come now!!
- Ok will come..
Somebody dropped two leg pieces, is it?
-Hey! human legs.. ok? Not mutton pieces!!
Co, what did i call you for?
But you are up to something else!
We have given so much for this station.
Now they are treating me as accused, Co!
Don't look there! Somebody dropped a
couple of burnt up legs
Hey, one tea for me
- Hey! One tea for mate
Take that damn phone!!
- Hello!
- What now?
Sir! They found a similar box in
Perambur too.. with two burnt hands!!
What's the status here?
- Sent the body to the mortuary after forensics!
Only when we get there, we'll come to know
- Ok! Let's go there!
Ask Siva to come along
Siva, the inspector is calling you
Let's go!
- Tell me sir!
Sir! We heard that you found a box ..
Likewise we found a box here with a body, sir!
What !! Sir! Another box is
found nearby.. with just the body!!
What the hell!!
- You heard me right, sir!!
Gruesome murder by mutilating and leaving
body parts in different parts of city..
.. has created panic among the public..
..police face an uphill task in
identifying the body of the victim
Mutilated legs were kept in the entrance
of Madhavaram police station as a warning
Partly burnt masks were found along with
body parts in those boxes left behind
We are better off than Rajendran!
Boxes were kept in station entrance itself
How his head is going to roll,
nobody knows!
The murdered victim's head
is yet to be found..
..and that's become a huge challenge for
the police in filing the case !
Co! Can't they file a case if the head is
not found?
Hmm.. even if the head is not found,
case can be filed with finger prints, DNA!
Doctor! Found anything?
-There's a chance the victim's a muslim!
How come?
- Victim had undergone circumcision!
.. can tell the rest only after
examining the body fully!
Siva, need your help for sure in this case
They poured perfume all over to deny us
the leads from sniffer dogs
Get inside and take a look.
You may get a clue! - Hmm..
What's up Siva? What does the dead body
tell you? Your thoughts on crime scene?
Why scatter mutilated body parts, put them in
a box, and leave it in the station entrance?
If it were me, I wouldn't leave that in
station entrance!!
Killer is trying to tell you something!!
See you then, sir!
- Ok!
Co! normally we are brought in
towards the end of a case
But this one is yet to start..
There is nothing like BEGINNING
or END in everything around us!
There are reasons behind all the incidents
we come across
The gruesome murder of the victim by
mutilation of body parts..
..and leaving them in public places, has
created panic among the public.
The killer has left a warning to the
police by placing the mutilated legs...
Co! When did you take these snaps?
Even for minor cases, we faced the music
by thugs in the bar.
Limit your work with writing crime scene
report, Co!
As such it's scary to get the legs
and hands!! Why get into trouble?
Madan, even if Pak Rajendran hadn't asked
for help, I still would have pitched in!
Tiger, my hunch is, you and I are going to
end up in pieces in next box. Be ready!!
Siva, don't get involved in this case
Why sir? Any problem?
- Not your business! DON'T GET INVOLVED!
Sir but ...anything?
Co! If Rajendran's not answering calls,
why not leave it? Why go to the station?
For some questions we have to search
for the answers
What Co? Nobody around! Stay here
Will go and check it out!
No idea how photos and footage were
erased, madam - How's that possible?
Who's he? hmm..
Important meeting is going on
Why are you barging in like that?
Selva, who's that, somebody new?
- Since we found the box, it's all messed up
Pak Rajendran has been missing for
past 2 days!
- You heard me right!
She is a replacement for Pak Rajendran..
sent by Assistant Commissioner
Ever since she joined, she has been
tormenting us with all sorts of questions!
Hey Selvam! Madam is calling you inside
Come fast!!
What are you staring at Siva?
It's your sketch only!
There are no matches in missing case
files for this girl!
Maybe we didn't receive the complaint
on this sir?
Co! Pak Rajendran has been missing
for the past 2 days..
They have sent in a replacement..
I don't feel good vibes here.. let's leave
Since inspector Rajendran went missing
two days ago..
Inspector Indhuja was sent as replacement
to trace him and work together in ....
..solving the murder mystery he was
working on
Baskar sir! I asked you for Rajendran
sir's phone calls history..has it arrived?
They're checking madam ..we will soon
receive it
Once you receive it, enquire with all the
people whom he spoke with, last..
Ok madam!
- Hmm..
Baskar sir..
I need important case details, handled by Pak Rajendran
O.k Madam..
Post-mortem report is ready, it seems
We can collect it tomorrow
What about the call history?
- Here it is, madam!
Whose number he called last? Please check
- It's Siva's, madam!
Who's Siva?
- Our Crime scene writer..comes here often
Ask him to come here tomorrow
-Ok madam! -You can go...
Kumar sir, please ask Siva to come and
meet madam, tomorrow
What the mask is denoting is,
"dead body"
He's Siva madam ..Baskar sir said that
you wanted to meet him
Need to discuss with you!
- Hmm..
4 days ago 3 boxes were found-one in our
entrance, next near milk outlet ..
..and third near Kolathur market
One thing common in those boxes is this
mask .. this mask denotes 'dead body'!
Let's say this is head... hands, legs,
trunk were found in 3 boxes
So, parts are not of a single person..
high chance body parts were from 3 people
Madam, doctor is calling you...
- Hmm..
Cuts are so accurate..so, killer was NOin a hurry..
..looking at the way killer went about,
each cut is surgically precise
Unlike the earlier theory, the body parts
belong not to one person but to 3 victims
The 3 victims were 40 - 50 years old..
yet another aspect is both hands..
..belonged to a female.. to wipe out
evidence,killer partly burnt body parts..
..it's purely premeditated murder
What were Rajendran's last words with you?
-Asked if I came to know any case details
Why should he ask you?
-Used to write crime report in his cases..
..so he asked for my help in this case too
- hmm.. ok
Hm, you should come to the station when I
call you - Hmm..
Baskar sir! Didn't we make copies of
photos and footages on this case?
Don't know madam. Only Pak Rajendran
was looking after them
Baskar sir
- Coming madam..
Sir.. went through full CCTV
footage of 10 days..
..no indications of any planning.. how come
the boxes were left randomly without a plan?
..that too in the entrance of the police
station? I don't understand!
You were appointed to crack
the case quickly, right? What's going on?
I have to answer higher officials..
Sir, on the day Rajendran went missing,
CCTV footage of the crime date was erased
Certain photos are missing in the FIR..
no other copies..
There is nothing suspicious about
Rajendran's activities..
..either Rajendran himself erased all the
evidences or ...
...somebody erased all evidences before
kidnapping him...
Did you call me madam?
- Baskar sir..
Siva was part of all the cases handled
by Pak Rajendran, right?
Yes madam!
- So Siva knows about Rajendran very well
We need his help
It's your sketch only; her picture doesn't
match with any 'missing cases' files
Yesterday I buried my daughter but her
body is not here in the burial site
What?? how's that possible ..?
Maybe we didn't receive the complaint
on this sir?
This mask denotes a 'dead body'
I need to know about a case
- Which case Siva?
2 months ago a lady complained that her
daughter's dead body's missing..that case!
Kumar come here!
- Sir, a lady complained that her..
..daughter's dead body went missing from
the burial site. Where are we on that case?
One minute Siva!
- Why are you asking Siva?
My hunch is.. there's a link between that
and the current case
Got it madam! Here it is!
- Give me please!
Why was the FIR not registered on this
complaint, Kumar?
No madam...after all, it's a dead body...
- What the hell!!
First register an FIR...ask that lady to
come to the cemetery
It was from here my daughter's body
went missing. - Take her away!
Hello...yes madam
Sir, please check for 'dead body missing'
complaints within city limits
Ok madam!!
Hello!! Perambur station?
- Yes sir!
Sir, are you dealing with any 'dead body missing'
case? - need to check with the inspector sir!
Dead body, is it? Yes sir..
..10 days ago we received a complaint..
..that a dead body was missing from
Central cemetery
Hello! - Madam, as you expected, there are
8 cases on 'missing dead body' within city
.. in 4 or 5 cases FIR was not filed madam
..also..the face in Siva's sketch matches
with the face of a missing dead body..
.. one case was filed as recent
as 10 days ago madam..
Which station was the case filed in?
-Central Station madam!
Ok, I will check it out... go to the
Central Cemetery
Hemanth I need this footage
No number plate in this vehicle!
- Mmm..
Hello! - Madam! There is a similar
case registered in my station!
The body has no internal organs ..
and embalmed. Can I send you the details?
Send me the details, please
- Ok madam
Who the hell is he Siva? What's he doing
with corpses?
Start the vehicle!
- Ok madam
Madam, why not enquire all mortuary
van drivers?
In all the corpses found in water bodies,
there are no internal organs
And to preserve the dead bodies, they've
embalmed them.. I don't understand!!
- Hm.. tell me Baskar?
Post-mortem reports, madam
Siva, post-mortem reports in all the 8
cases are similar!
All 8 bodies were found in the
water bodies!
Inner organs were removed in all those
But they were buried with inner organs
The mystery is .. all dead bodies were
What will they do with organs in a
dead body?
Good morning madam! He was the one to
bury the body that day! - Greetings madam
Were you there till the end when the
body was buried?
I didn't go on that day madam. I
sent an acting driver
Who's he? Do you have details about him?
Sir, we don't collect their details. We
check if they hold a valid driver's licence
Bring them all here
- Ok madam
Hey!! Have you seen this vehicle?
- No sir! Don't know sir!
Have you seen this vehicle?
- Never seen sir
I don't know sir
- Ok get going
Have you seen this vehicle, old man?
- No sir
Hey!! Why do you want that?
Madam is watching .. get going!
SIR! I have seen this somewhere
- Where did you see it?
In my vehicle sir! .. it was there in
my vehicle two years ago!!
Two years? How can you be so sure?
I didn't report to work on that day, sir
I asked for an acting driver in the group
A guy came. Took the vehicle..returned..
but left the mask in the vehicle itself
He came back a week later .. was adamant
about taking the mask back and took it away
Do you know his whereabouts?
- I don't know, sir
Madam, they are getting acting drivers
by requesting in their WhatsApp group
Shall we ask them to request for acting
drivers in WhatsApp groups and get them?
Kumar, ask them to do that immediately
- Ok madam!
Is he the one?
- No sir
What about him?
- No sir
- No sir
Is he the one?
- No sir!
- Not him sir!
Him, hmm?
He looked like him..
Madam, here is suspect's driving licence
His name is Kailasam!!
Trace his cellphone location immediately!!
-O.k Madam..
- Got the location of Kailasam, madam!
Share me the location immediately!!
Will inform you of future rides, if required
- Ok, tell me
Come Baskar ..
Follow him, quick!
Come quickly!
Co, police can't keep idle now..
they've sent the location too..
Co! I am talking with you
Don't you ever think of going there..
you'll be damned..
Co is not going to join us, right?
..come let's play..
Let's play.. come on..
Come in!
Two.. Three..
Four.. Five.. Six..
Madam.. there is a van parked here!!
Put off walkie..all of you..
Open it..
Oh! Gone this side, huh?
Big deal! you leave a clue...
then you hide..I have to find you, huh?
This is the vehicle, madam..!
Hey! thankless Tiger! Here you are!
Were you misleading me with wrong clues?
CCTV footage got deleted..then, Rajendran
sir went missing..
But, what we found in that lake is a full
dead body of a girl!!!
What that means is ..!!!
Sorry madam!
- Hemanth.. break it..
Search thoroughly.. all places
Siva..what happened?
Siva, Siva, Siva!!!
Siva Siva!!!
What happened, Siva? ..
-Baskar sir, Kailasam..
What are you blabbering Siva?
- Shucks! he ran away sir..
Kailasam escaped madam!!
- Dammit!!
This way.. only..
What? He went this way?
Flash Kailasam's photo in all stations..
all of them...
- Ok madam!! Move it guys!
Hey! show me your licence
Ok.. keep moving..move move..
show me your documents...
Hey! show me your face ... Keep going..
Stop it.. stop, stop.. keep moving..
Inform the forensics..
Madam..this is SI Chandra from Kolathur
station.. found a box in our station..
..similar to the box you found in your
station.. with only a head!!
..that too burnt up madam!
No way to know the identity
Please pass on the details NOW..
On my way to station...
Ok madam will share the photos
Siva, Siva ..
What Siva? We're searching for Kailasam..
how come you have sketched him?!!!
This guy!!?
Why draw him?..Siva what happened?
Is it Kailasam's head that we found?
Then who's committing the murders?!!
Siva..Siva... SIVA... What happened Siva
Police have found the severed
and burnt head of suspect Kailasam
Face reconstruction artist has confirmed
that it is indeed Kailasam's head
That's a setback for the police in
finding the real culprit!
Hello sir!
-Indhuja, situation's going out of control!!
Media are flashing some nonsense..
What the hell you're up to?
Who is that Siva?
Why is he getting involved in this case?
You claimed that Kailasam was the killer,
then who killed him?
- Yes sir
If no progress by that time, CBCID will
take over the case. DO SOMETHING!
Ok sir, will do sir!
-I just can't handle this anymore sir!!...
What are we missing?
Where are we going wrong?
What happened madam?
- We thought it was all coming to an end..
...there starts another mystery!
Need to discuss something important
- Any problem madam?
Not here in station.
Please come to the location I share
Tell me what's up?
- It's all getting really messed up Siva!
..lot of pressure from department..
no clue on what happened to Rajendran
...media is playing their own
line of stories
But I think it's better you stay away
from this case Siva..
There seems to be some connection between
this case and locations we found the boxes
By the way, how Kailasam
escaped from you?
Under extreme stress, I go blind..
.. sometimes there's a chance my body
gets paralyzed..
..due to the accident I met with..
will take about a minute to become normal
Oh ... sorry Siva!
When I blanked out, somebody helped
Kailasam to escape
Doesn't make sense! ..we got his head,
but you say he got help
In both the places we saw the same
mortuary van
From what the old man told us, it should
be Kailasam who took away dead bodies..
..we found Kailasam's head also
in a box in the same way..
..if Kailasam gets caught, the culprit
thought he too would get caught..
..so he killed Kailasam..
in the same pattern!
Give me that
Is it confirmed for tonight?
- Confirmed!
Anybody followed you?
- No!
- Sorry madam!
Hemanth.. break it..
Ask Siva not to come!
- Ok madam
Who the hell is that?
How come at this hour, sir?
- Why, I'm not allowed or what?
Why everybody around
doesn't make any sense?
Indhuja madam asked you not to involve in
this case anymore..
.. not to come to station also.. but don't
take that to your mind, show up now and then..
Sir, she put the END CARD for him in this
case, why start again with the TITLE CARD?
Anyway you're not going to listen..
do what you like.. I'm off to the shop
Who would've killed Kailasam, Siva?
-No idea, but he knows about all our moves
Did somebody accompany you?
- Nobody.. came alone..
- Check if Baskar sir is ok!
Baskar sir!
Co.. Baskar sir's alive!
If taken to hospital immediately
we can save him, I think
Wonder in which case the attacker
got convicted!!
Couldn't you nab him Siva?
Got a look at his face at least?
You recognize him?
- All that later sir! Now get going please
Please come sir!
- Hmm..
Pak Rajendran is missing
for last two days..
CCTV footages has been deleted
Someone has removed the photos
taken by forensic
Let us get going
What're you looking for, Co?
Co, Co...what's up?
Took a snap of the box left in the station
entrance..this is the same barcode...
This snap in FIR also was missing along
with the footage in the station!
I checked the bar code you gave..
It was purchased in Korattur Vasanth & Co
Hello Siva
- Tell me madam
Got quite a lot of info on the murder..
but very confusing.. need to discuss
I'm in Andhra now..will meet you tomorrow!
- Ok!
Come Siva.. what.. why the head injury ?
- Got hurt while riding the bike
Investigated deeper into this case..
got answers but more confusion!!
I've found who's the killer!
What're you talking about!?
- hmm.. go thru that.. will wait outside!
Kalki was working in EbhilHospital as
Labour & Delivery nurse..
..she had a 12 year old daughter, Aadini
Kalkimma told that woman is
suffering a lot..
.. you Lord'll give whatever we ask for..
she should be having a normal delivery, ok
Geetha.. Geetha!!
Geetha try some more please
- Can't!!
You waited all these months for
this moment, give a try some more..
..try some more.. Geetha..
.. a little bit more.. that's all..
Don't you want to see your child?
You want to see your child's face, right?
.. try.. push Geetha..
.. your child's face
will make you forget all pain, ok?
.. push Geetha, please..
- Kalkimma!!
Girl or boy?
- hmm.. boy!!
It's beautiful, Kalkimma
My dear! It's time to get
up..are you not going to school?
Get up!!
- Huh!!
Kalkimma, put the lights on..
should I tell daily?
.. put on the light..it's scary..
Here.. On my way!
Did you put the light on?
- Yes I did. Get up !!
When you're going to get over this fear,
I don't know! Get up!!!
Not ready yet?
- Kalkimma!
- Do i look like when you're young?
- Yes or no?
Yes! Now what?
Get going soon
- Don't lie!
Only eyes look like yours..
nose is like dad's
Mom...ma..ma..stop please!
- For what?
Will tell you..stop!
- Ok wait!
Tell me now!
- Shall we buy a flat like this?
You're telling as though
for the first time!!
Hmm.. Ok ok we'll buy!
We should never come this way around
Tell me, my dear
- I think, Kalkimma is feeling lonely
You're there for her.. I am there..
why should she feel lonely?
Are we alone enough for her?
My dear! don't worry about anything..
go to sleep now.. you've school tomorrow!!
Hmm.. ok!
Last night Aadini had called me!
What's up with her?
I'm stating this based on yesterday's
call with her
Don't get angry with her on what
I'm going to tell you..
I think Aadini feels that you need
a new life..
Last night she sounded not
like your daughter.. but like your mom
.. go, have a conversation with her..think
through and take a good decision!
My dear! you think lot about me it seems?
Why shouldn't I, ma?
Not that!
What's happened to me?.. am happy as is..
.. you're the world for me..
what's with you? You need a dad?
Mom alone is enough for me!
Where're you going?
- To take bath!
I bathe you everytime..
why change it now?
Kalkimma, shall I take bath
myself, henceforth?
Hmm... ok.. go ahead..
Aadini.. what
did you tell your teacher?
She taught us about 'good touch' and
'bad touch'
.. and we should tell mom about
'bad touches' immediately..
I asked her, the way you teach us about
'bad touches'...
.. why not teach the boys,
that 'bad touch' itself is bad?
.. for that only she scolded me ..
Hello madam!
- Hmm.. tell me!
Nothing wrong in what Aadini asked,
isn't it? She has a valid point!
It's not only important to teach the kids
.. but to teach the kids by being in their
world is more important, isn't madam?
Bye then!
- Sorry madam
Kalkimma Hmm.. Tomorrow's
my birthday..you remember, right?
I'm the one who told you that..
you're telling me huh?
Ok! what gift you got for me?
- hmm.... mm... that's a surprise!
You're not good in giving
'surprises' Kalkimma!
Ok.. will buy whatever you ask for!
- Promise?
Hm...mom's promise!
Aadini! This is your home going forward!
Hello!! You know Aadini?
Who's this? .. She's my daughter!
She met with an accident!
hello madam..are you there?
hello, hello!
Hello..hmm..nothing serious, right?
Is she hurt..conscious? ...
...where're you now?
- Taking her to GH now..please come quick!
Not there please..hm.. that hm.. take her
to Ebhil hospital. Will be there soon..now!
Go to Ebhil hospital!
- No worries!
Doctor! how's she now?
- She's got Hematoma on her brain..
She needs a very urgent surgery!
No..no..no..no.. don't get panicked!
everything is going to be alright!
Just a minor surgery,
don't worry about the expenses.
Hospital will take care of that, ok?
Don't have to worry about anything
It may sound odd if I say that,
but, let's all pray for her!
- Tell me!
I'm going to the church.. will be back!
Be here.. they will call..
I'll handle that
Hello! .... tell me..what's up?
Kalkimma.. Ha.. Aadini has left us all!!!
Kalki! Kalki.. Hello! hello!
Hey! Hold.. hold her!!!
Where's Aadini?
They've taken her to the mortuary
What? Why mortuary?
Who asked to take her there?
My dear! Little one! Why are you here?
Come, come on! Get up.. not a good
place to be here.. let's go!
Oh! You need the lights
on, huh? Scared of darkness, right?
will switch it on for you!
Lights're on! light's are on!!
come.. get up.. let's go home.. my dear!!
COME!! GET UP!! dear.. oh my little one..
..look at me
Tomorrow is your birthday..remember? What
gift you asked? Do you remember? REMEMBER?
that.. there you asked for a
flat.. I promised you, right?
.. I booked the flat for you!!
Don't you want to see that?
You'll like it very much.. hmm..
That pink colour dress.. we saw that day,
right? huh.. hmm.. that dress..
AADINI...AADINI... my dear!
please get up..get up ..
Dear, I can't bear to see you in
this dress..
Come let's go home..
Aadini! Aadini! AADINI!
Hu.. huh.. My daughter is fine.. DOCTOR!
Aadini... get up.. DOCTOR!!
Aadini! look at me..don't die on me
Mom lifted you!! Look at me!!
Aadini.. will consult the doctor and
go home..
What are you doing Kalki?
- Doctor.. Aadini is alive!!
.. please check her once.. she let out a
breath..I saw that doctor!
No way!! I myself checked her pulse!!
Kalki.. calm down..
How many times to call you..
where'd you go?
Where did YOU go? How can you
allow Aadini to be taken to the mortuary?
Dr, take a look at her.. check her please..
I'm a nurse, right? SHE BREATHED doctor!
Kalki, what are you doing? Not outside!
Let's talk about that inside
Aadini passed away Kalki!
- Let's talk inside.. Please come inside
- Let us not create a scene here!
Oh!! now I understand..
this is YOUR hospital!
to my daughter!
Wait and watch what I am going to do!!
- Come on!!
Not going to spare you and your hospital
Wait and watch what I am going to do!!
She was alive in the mortuary, sir
She passed away on the way sir
We can't help you like this!
Baskar, get the written complaint
Give a written complaint.. you can tell
You write it up
- What's up sir?
How come your hospital's stench
reaching our station?
Please come to the hospital, sir!
We'll talk
Save us and the hospital from
this problem.. somehow.. please!
Ok, what benefit do I get in helping you?
- Will do sir..
We'll take care, whatever you ask for sir!
- Ok, you can be saved!
Burn down the mortuary!!
- What.. mortuary is not...
Sir, you only asked for my help!
If bodies are burnt up, even post
mortem can't help in proving anything
It's for your good only!
- Ok sir!
Ok sir, please be careful
- Hmm
I want to see Aadini now!
- We shouldn't have left her on the outside
You go be there with her
Auto! Come here..
Kalki, inspector asked us to
wait here, right? I will be here , you go!
Siva, inspector is calling you
I too enquired Siva.
Whatever you've written is true
But that's what I don't get it!
My enquiries revealed that the body parts
belonged to Nirmala, Suresh and Aslam!!
If Kalki is no more, then,
who's doing these?
But everybody tells that Kalki's dead!
- Yes they do! But no proof, right?
Distraught that her child's dead,
Kalki might have tried suicide!
Nobody saw her dead body! She
should've survived the suicide attempt!
Then started killing whoever was
responsible for her child's death
Enquiries found Dean Suresh's son
Aswanth also missing for few days Siva
Yes madam..it's possible Aswanth
is also involved in this case..
Next targets for Kalki could be
Rajendran, Dean's son Aswanth... then..
.. could be Baskar sir too!
Baskar sir, forward Aswanth and Kalki's
photos to all police stations!
Madam, Rajendran's phone
is on since 9:30
- Yes madam..
We got the location of Rajendran's phone..
.. start the vehicle.. let's all move!!
Hey! ask Baskar to come here
Keep it aside
Why won't they withdraw the case?
Go, get the damn lady
sign it and bring it..
Sir.. at this hour?
- Do we follow the rules always? Go now!
Finally, you wiped out all about what
happened to my daughter, isn't it?
You burnt all the evidences along with
my daughter!!
Not only badness is a sin, but turning a
blind eye to such badness is a sin too!
Do you know who's behind all these?
Dr Suresh who owns the hospital,
his wife Dr Nirmala, their son Aswanth..
..then their employees Kailasam,
Aslam.. inspector Rajendran!!
Don't know how long you have been
working there.. but..
..something unthinkable has been happening
in that hospital for long..
Dr Suresh's son, Aswanth, has a habit
of having love making with the deadbodies..
.. ever since he got
acquainted with Kailasam, the mortician.
Hey!! wanted to ask you for long..
I got this habit from you..
how did you start on this?
In the 90's, actress who was
a hot heart throb..
.. many were ready to pay millions
to lay their hands on her..
One fine day, she died...her
dead body was in front of me..
.. how can I resist? It all
started that day!
Yet another person who came to know
about this is Aslam, the employee
He started pay blackmailing Aswanth with
videos of Aswanth with dead bodies
Thus it was kept as a secret from others
Dean Suresh was operating
on Aadini..
.. and it was true her heart stopped
They immediately brought her dead body
to mortuary. Then Kailasam..
Boss, where are you? New deadbody
has arrived!! Coming?
Hey! she's not much old!
- So what? It's a dead body anyway!
Everybody came to know from you that
Aadini's heart beat resumed
Sir, my son has Necrophelia, a habit
of having love making with dead bodies
Only if the female is alive, will
lead to problems.. but it's a dead body..
Taken it so lightly that it's a dead body,
huh? Look at where it's landed you now!!
Save my son and our hospital
from this crisis, somehow ... please!!!
What do I get by saving you?
Will take care...whatever you ask for..
will take care..
Burn down the mortuary!!!
I knew all about that, but couldn't do
anything against them
When you were in coma, I decided to take
care of you, myself
I took that decision not to set right my sin
Please forgive me Kalki
They are scot free, isn't it?
Have to do something to them, sir!
Right or wrong, I'm thirsting for revenge!
Sir.. Kailasam is here..
Didn't I tell you to stay underground?
- Driving this for my livelihood sir...
Where's the number plate?
Just returning from getting fitness
certificate, sir!
Don't ever show up again! I will finish
you off if I see you again..
.. get lost now with the vehicle!
I saw Kailasam!
- Where?
With a mortuary van!
Did you see the licence plate?
- No! there was no licence plate!
Baskar sir, please arrange for a vehicle
exactly like that
We need a deserted place
Did Kailasam's van looked like this?
- Yes Kalki!
Perfume is ready.. this'll hide the trail
from sniffers..
Rajendran goes home after his night
duty..we need to place them that time..
Kalki, I get why you asked us to leave the
boxes in two other places
But why did you ask us to leave the box
in the police station entrance?
Rajendran will check CCTV footage in the
station, right?
Hmm.. yes!
- Seeing the van, who would he suspect?
You know this?
- The box left in our station entrance sir
Yes Baskar..how did the box for your
personal purchase..
.. got into the hands of the killer..
and left in our entrance?
Enquiries about the barcode led me to
your address
I deleted the CCTV footage and photos..
if you are caught I too get caught..right?
Baskar sir, please remove all evidences
collected in this case from your station
Why're you keeping him alive?
Let's finish him off..
Hmm.. no.. he should be killed last..
.. if he's killed we can't trace
Aswanth and Kailasam..
Since he is from the police department,
the case will move quicker
Only then they will search for him!
Baskar sir, it is your
responsibility to make Kailasam escape
- Sorry madam!
Hemanth break it!!
Baskar sir, would Siva have seen
all that?
Siva didn't notice all that it seems..
but we nabbed Kailasam in front of him!
Siva has a health problem, for sure..
Siva, Siva ... SIVA!!!
Why? It could be Baskar sir too
Forward Kalki's photos to all police
Hope Kalki is not around there
Call Rajendran's phone number
Madam, it is Pak Rajendran's phone
Call the forensic team... check
around for anything important..
- Hello Siva!!
I am sharing a location. Can you come NOW?
- Ok madam..
Don't know why Kalki has to do this!!
Where would have Kalki and Saritha gone?!
We found Rajendran's phone and this head
We doubt this could be his head!
This is the address sir!
- Are you sure this is his address?
Confirmed Sir
Kalki grew up here.. but after her
daughter met with an accident..
.. don't know her whereabouts or
what happened to her!
One fine day she committed
suicide by jumping from there
Not sure what happened after that Sir!
- Siva set me free, Siva!
Sir, what happened?
Take me away Siva..
I'll tell you Siva.. take me away with you
- Sure sir!
Don't set him free Siva!
- Siva, Siva...don't listen to her..
Siva, Siva... set me free Siva...
set me free..
Set me free Siva!
Siva.. she's lying.. take me away with
you Siva...
I knew you would come here...
only Aswanth is yet to be nabbed
Set me free Siva...she's lying
..Siva..don't listen to her.. Siva...
I'll tell you Siva.. I'll tell
First, listen to me Siva.. then whether
to let him live...
.. or should I kill him is something
you can tell me
When i was carrying my child I saw her
last breath..
Baskar sir told me everything.. otherwise
I wouldn't have known ..
The law says it is not an
offence to do such a crime
Then, what can be a punishment
for guys involved in that, Siva?
SIVA !!!
I should've burnt
you too that day itself..
Nobody should be able to trace
even their dead bodies
Aswanth's head.. let it be here
What happened to Kalki, Siva? Where's she?
-Need an ambulance.. need to go to Andhra..
Where're we carrying Rajendran's body?
- To dispose in Chittoor, Andhra..
If they don't know identity of the dead,
anyway they'll call me for sketching..
I am in Andhra now..will
come and meet you tomorrow..
Then I decide whose face I sketch for
Is it Aswanth's !!??
What Siva, you've sketched
Aswanth's head?
That IS Aswanth's head madam..
Then what would've happened to Rajendran,
Need to find Kalki to know
about Rajendran's whereabouts
Who's the serial killer?
What is the fate inspector Rajendran?
..are the questions in front of police
in the hunt by..
.. task force set up under special
inspector Indhuja have found the killer
As per the official announcement,
the killer's name is Kalki..
In order to arrest the killer Kalki and to
prevent any more of those murders....
.. the case has been trasferred to the
Lot of crazy things had happened,
isn't, Co?
Whomever we thought as
culprits...are they really the culprits?
Everybody is an opportunist, isn't?
When we leave this world, our good
and bad deeds will follow their trail..
If that's a good deed, then no issues!
Where is Kalki, Siva?
You've done so much for Kalki, sir..she
wanted to convey her gratitude to you..
Co! What're you up to?
Why're you burning them?
All the facts out here will search for
their justice themselves..
.. who're we to be in between the facts
and their justice?
I'm not writing crime scene reports
What's up Siva? So grim..
this is not your type?
Nothing........... ok,
tell me where we shall go!
Henceforth you've to take me around for
rest of our life, but I will tell where to go!
If you ever change route, I'll kill you!
- Ok!
Why're you looking at me? Eyes on the
take her to Ebhil hospital..
-Go to Ebhil hospital
Boss, where are you? New deadbody
has arrived!! Coming?
I have seen..!!
- you looked ? On my way..