Ranangan (2018) Movie Script

I've come.
Without completing
my marriage ceremony.
Only for you.
Because I love you a lot..
..you are taking
advantage of me, aren't you?
You know what all I had been through.
I didn't wish to do all this but..
Henceforth you will not get
a single chance of complaint.
I love you, Priya.
But our child.
You shouldn't have aborted it.
I wanted to start my life afresh.
I had no other option.
You're right.
Sometimes we do
not have the other option.
Like I do not have now.
Any other option.
What are you looking at?
You, I am looking at you.
Is there any problem?
You've been looking
at me all the time.
That's my job.
Even now, whatever you did.
I've seen everything.
Hail Lord Ganesha!
Now, forget everything.
God will make everything alright.
Sister. Brother-in-law. Don't worry.
Your uncle is with you.
Just don't worry.
Have I made a mistake?
I must have.
Oh, I forgot.
There's a meeting with the officials.
And I have to call up the Dean also.
I will see you soon. Bye.
See you.
Aunt, take the blessings.
Yes, carry on. Do the worship.
God is watching.
He knows everything.
What is to be given
what should be taken back..
..and from whom.
Take care of the breakfast.
- Yes.
I will just be back.
- Yes.
Aunt, come inside.
Sada, give the breakfast to
the bodyguards and the driver.
I've a solid news.
Watch your language.
- Oh, sorry. I've got a good news.
Party member had called up.
They already had a discussion.
And your name is suggested.
This time the state
council seat is final.
You go inside.
- Wow, sister.
Saffron pudding?!
We want to put saffron flag
on the car, right? - Yes.
So, shouldn't we make
saffron pudding at home?
You mean you already knew?
Anna, who else will
get the seat if not me?
Ambition and victory run
in the blood of Deshmukh family.
Shamrao Dehmukh's
intellect and efficiency..
..have no option in Pune at least.
- He is coming.
You told him to forget everything.
But is it so easy?
And it's not just once
but twice it happened..
Give him some time.
Sister, leave him on me.
Anna, the pudding is getting cold.
Come, sit.
- Take it.
Kalindi, today I have to
take Varad and go to the Guruji.
To the Guruji?
Actually, he had suggested..
..Namdeorao Thorat's
name for the university.
If you had kept that name..
What could have happened then?
Kalindi, the time has changed.
Today even the social service
needs the glamour of names.
Just in four months
of naming the university..
..as Dr. Shamrao Deshmukh university..
..the school and college
experienced rush for the admissions.
Would this be possible
with the name of Thorat?
But he's angry with you.
That's why I am going.
What will happen at the most?
He will shout at me.
Let him shout.
Even his shouting will
be like blessings to me.
Suddenly, today you're
taking me to the Guruji.
Anything special?
No, nothing as such.
You see. The son should be aware of..
..the places his father have faith in.
Is this the only reason?
Say, Hail lord Mahadev.
Hail lord Mahadev.
Hail lord Mahadev.
They are hailing god's name.
It means the sermon
on Lord Shiva is over.
Hail lord Mahadev.
Hail lord Mahadev.
- Hail lord Mahadev.
Slowly. Slowly.
Hail lord Mahadev.
Varad. There's a bank of river
Trishna behind the ashram.
It's very beautiful.
You go and take a look.
You see, I've to appease the Guruji..
..regarding the name
of the university.
Once I am done,
I will call you.
Barkya, bring the chillies.
- Yes.
Shamrao Deshmukh has come here.
Bless me.
May you be successful in life!
But don't forget the base..
..in your ambition to reach heights.
What are you looking at?
I was trying to listen
to what you're saying.
But I haven't said anything.
Then how did I get to hear?
What did you hear?
Just that which I am trying
to say from past many days.
I feel..
..we are sailing in the same boat.
Who are you?
Sorry. I am Varad Deshmukh.
Uncle Sham's..
- Son.
Your name?
Sister Sani.
Grandma has called you.
Sorry. That boy called
you Sani in short form.
I just confirmed if
your full name is Sanika.
Guruji, you look upset.
How will it make a difference to you?
Of course, it does.
Doesn't look like.
Whatever happened
in naming the university..
I never intended to
ignore your advice.
Thorat sir is very great.
But we need to consider
some calculations.
I don't understand these calculations.
I understand the service.
Let me be clear.
Many are against
Thorat sir's thinking.
Naming ceremony
would have faced the protest.
And it could have disturbed..
..the construction of the university.
And you've taught me..
..that by no reason the
education should stop.
I was following that path.
I had heard that you're
taking entry into the politics.
Today I have got the proof.
Is this the only reason
of your upset mood..
..or is there anything else?
Do this.
We will come soon. Come.
Can I get some water?
Will you take some tea?
Along with the biscuits?
Yes, I love biscuits.
But I'd like if the
tea is little sweet in taste.
Guruji, I am not an outsider to you.
You can always share
your problems with me.
Tell me.
I'm in a problem.
You just tell me.
I will solve your problem in no time.
Shamrao, this problem
is not social or political.
My granddaughter Sanika
is pregnant before marriage.
Boy named Avinash..
..had wooed her.
He pretended to be in love with her.
He Promised to marry her.
When he got to know
that Sanika is pregnant..
..with his child, he disappeared.
Please, sit.
You?! Tea?
Shamrao, I've gone blank.
I can't see any other option.
Biscuits dropped in.
I mean it is dropped in the tea.
Varad also had been
through the tragedy.
He had a failed marriage
that ended up in divorce.
After six months,
we fixed his alliance..
..but the bride committed suicide
just a day before marriage
by Jumping off from the Temples wall.
So, I think that..
..Varad and Sanika will be
the best option for each other.
We never know.
Two sad souls might
become happy together.
Dad, have you told Guruji about me?
I've spoken with him.
He has no objection with anything.
He also told me to fix the date.
So we must inform mom.
And Shlok as well.
Because, he alone will
do most of the things at home.
No need.
You see, There is lots
of work to be done in Hyderabad.
He's needed there.
As it is, I don't want
to make it very lavish like last time.
Okay, Guruji.
- Okay.
See you.
Uncle Sham.
I will not abort my child.
My child.
The rights by which
you will become Varad's wife..
..with the same rights
your child will also get his name.
This is my word to you.
Thank you.
For what?
For marrying me.
Grandpa was worried about me.
About my future.
so much had happened with me that..
But accidents happen with everyone.
Yes, but not every time
you get a hand to hold on.
You could have
got a better girl than me.
First of all,
you are from Deshmukh family.
Besides you're perfect in every way.
No one is perfect in life, Sanika.
Everyone lacks in something.
That's why..
..people compromise.
But what's lacking in you?
Varad, you have an
entire life to talk.
You both must be tired after
the nonstop wedding rituals.
Tomorrow morning
you've to visit the temple.
- Yes.
Take her to her room.
Yes. Please, come.
- Go, my dear.
See this happiness on his face.
Naturally I will be happy.
My son Varad is married today.
I know.
Teaching me.
Varad is married.
Have you won the
world because he is married?
Look here.
Our fate is untrustworthy.
It can change any moment.
(Prayer in Sanskrit)
Hail Lord Ganesha!
"Who do I call.."
"..except You, O Lord?"
"Guide me."
"That's my only prayer, O kind Lord."
"O Ganesha!"
"Hail Lord Ganesha."
"Who do I call.."
"..except You, O Lord?"
"God! O God."
"Let these happy moments
experience budding, God."
"Let these happy moments
experience budding, God."
"Let the emotions flourish now."
"Let the emotions flourish now."
"Let our life experience
the new season."
"That's my only prayer, O kind Lord."
"Who do I call.."
"..except You, O Lord?"
Why are you looking
at everyone like this?
Sanika, are you feeling alright?
- Yes.
Do this.
Bring lemon juice for her
with extra sugar. - Yes.
So, sister-in-law.
You became unconscious
as soon as you saw me.
Do I look that dangerous?
Varad. Let's all of us wait outside.
Let het rest.
- Okay.
I will stay here.
- Let's go, aunt. Come.
Mom. Who is he?
Shlok? He's Shlok.
You must have seen
Shlok for the first time, right?
He's like Varad's elder brother.
25 years ago,
someone had left a newly born baby..
..at the courtyard of our school.
People are so heartless..
..to abandon new born babies.
He was telling me to
drop him at the adoption center.
But he was so lucky.
The day he came to our house..
..I got the news of my pregnancy.
Then I insisted him
to let the child be with us..
..as Varad's elder brother.
I love him more than my own son.
He's very nice.
- Yes.
- Wait.
Yes, brother-in-law, tell me.
Are Shlok's jobs at Hydrabad over?
No idea.
I wasn't expecting
him here all of a sudden.
I also wasn't expecting him but..
..I think he couldn't stop
himself as Varad got married.
Yes, but many important
things are pending over there.
Tell him if he has met his brother..
..he should leave for
Hyderabad tomorrow.
And tell him that these
are my instructions. - Yes.
Feed her.
What will the doctor know?
Only I know about
sister-in-law's illness.
Anxiety of the marriage.
You're too much.
If you like a girl..
..you should straightaway
get married in the court.
Pack your bags and
go for the honeymoon.
All the Anxiety should
be felt on your honeymoon.
Shlok, please. Don't joke around.
Sanika suddenly fell unconscious.
I am really worried about her.
Ever since the childhood..
..I've solved all
your problems, right?
This time also I will solve it.
So what if my surname is not Deshmukh?
I'm your brother.
Is sister-in-law in her
bedroom at the moment?
Shall I bring her to
you in next one minute?
Shall I do that?
What did I tell you?
I will bring sister-in-law
to you in just one minute.
Actually, both of you
should gift me something now.
So, sister-in-law.
What will you give me?
As a gift?
What is happening to you?
Are you not feeling good?
Why did you come out
when you were not alright?
It's cold wind out here. Go.
Come. come inside.
And all of you come inside.
I will serve your plates.
What have you started with, Shlok?
Why did you come here?
Are you coming?
- Yes.
See if you can remember
the favors of this family.
Sanika, why are you doing all this?
You sit and take rest.
Nirmala, who should
keep the table ready?
How are you now, daughter-in-law?
Hey, it's enough.
It's Durga Ashtami today.
Go to the temple with Kalindi.
Seek blessings.
She was ready to come
but I told her no.
She is still very weak. That's why.
Good morning, dad.
- Good morning, my son.
What's this?
Breakfast is still not ready?
Breakfast is coming. Sago porridge.
Is Shlok preparing it?
Tell me.
Yes, Shlok is cooking it.
Yes, Shlok is cooking it.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Good morning.
- Good morning.
Good morning, aunt.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Good morning. Good morning.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Same taste. Wow!
The man is also the same.
Sister-in-law, do you like porridge?
You should try and taste
porridge cooked by me.
Once if anyone eats
the porridge cooked by me.
..they never forget me.
No, sister-in-law. Come.
You must eat the porridge.
What happened? Where are you going?
Finish your breakfast.
- I don't want to eat.
Varad, come to the
university with Shlok.
I am going to the temple. Okay.
All the three colleges'
results are less than 100%.
We are trying our best. Soon..
I don't want your efforts.
I want results.
And if our teachers are incapable..
..then I will speak to the account.
They will manage 100%.
But this is illegal, Sham.
If I had thought about
Legality and not friendship..
..then still today you
would be teaching in class 4.
Sorry, dad. I'm little late.
- You came alone? Where's Shlok?
He left from home with me.
But he recalled something
so he went back.
Who are you?
I asked, who are you?
has your fever gone high?
I am Shlok, your brother-in-law.
Impossible. No.
- So, you tell me.
What relation should we keep?
But remember that you're married now.
You are Deshmukh's daughter-in-law.
So, think well.
Look, I know you're not Shlok.
- Okay.
You're Avinash. From Wai.
What are you saying?
I've never seen Wai in my life.
How much will you lie?
In the medical camp at Mahabaleshwar..
..for a month, we..
- We?
What did we do?
Stay away first.
- Just a minute. I am already away.
You're dragging me closer.
You're trying to form
the bond that doesn't exist.
Bond that doesn't exist?
Since yesterday I've
been observing you.
There's no difference in both of you.
Your behaviour,
cooking porridge and that flute.
Everything is same.
My eyes will not deceive me.
Does your husband know about Avinash?
Did you not tell him? Why?
Was it something you shouldn't
have told your husband?
Actually, we do not
share any such relation.
But I would like to maintain.
You're very spicy.
Slowly, Sanika. Be careful.
Nirmala, open the door.
- Yes.
And bring water bottle first. Go.
- Yes.
Hey, what happened?
She is again not feeling good.
When I returned from the
temple she was sitting on the sofa.
She had a fever and she was shivering.
Thank God, Shlok was at home.
Sit carefully.
I am taking her to the doctor.
Hey, reverse the car.
What did you do with Sanika?
- Me?
Nothing. I returned home.
She was alone.
Will I miss such a chance?
I quickly started.
Some of the yesterdays
and some of the today.
And some of the past.
I don't know what happened to her.
Suddenly she started shivering.
But mom entered at the same time and..
..I lost the chance.
Why did you come here?
What do you mean?
Recollect the incidence
of 25 years ago.
You found me wrapped in a stole.
Then you took me and
brought me to this house.
Since then, you've told me every day..
That this is your house, my child.
Now, this child has
returned with that right.
But now I don't want you here.
Pride suits Deshmukh's face..
..not the sweat.
You've received a mail.
Your ticket for
Hydrabad at 7 AM tomorrow.
You will go there forever.
I don't want any change in this.
- Sir.
People who deny
changes in life, die early.
You've only taught me this.
Don't forget.
Hey, now make a move. Go.
Sister, specialist.
We must consult a
specialist for Sanika.
I will call up a doctor in Mumbai.
Son, how's she now?
You don't worry.
I will take off evil eyes
from her tomorrow morning.
Kalindi, the world has advanced.
And you're still stuck
in all these old belief?
No, brother-in-law.
Evil eyes do affect.
- Yes.
In that case you should have been..
..burnt to ashes by now
due to my evil eyes, right?
Every time, I make a fool of myself.
Varad, do one thing.
Take Sanika and go
to our farmhouse tomorrow.
Stay there for a few days.
She will feel good.
She is not well and..
That's why I am suggesting this.
Arrange to leave at 7:30
tomorrow morning. Go.
But listen to me.
It's decided now.
No more discussions.
Your farmhouse is really very good.
Not yours. Ours.
Earlier I used to come
here every time..
..something good happened in my life..
But in past two years.
Now, it feels that my visits
to this place will increase.
It's okay.
We need some time.
Come inside.
I will show you the house.
Come inside.
Just a minute.
Sorry, but there's no servant at home.
I mean dad hasn't appointed any.
So, all the chores over here..
We will do it together.
I will just open the room and come.
- What? - That..
- Varad.
What happened, Sanika?
You please remove all
the thoughts from your mind.
I know nothing is normal in our life.
But at least let's try
to make it normal.
Everything is going to be alright.
We only need to be
persistent with this thought.
Okay. Tell me what will you eat today?
Come on, tell us, sister-in-law.
Tell me what you will eat.
Veg or non-veg.
Simple or spicy food?
I know Chinese, too.
And I am also good in
cooking south Indian dishes.
Yes, not as good as the porridge.
Shlok, you..
You're here?
When did you come and how?
I will always be there where
there's something lacking.
I've come to take all
your responsibilities..
..for the next 2 days.
But that wasn't needed.
We'd have managed.
Why do you be so formal?
You're here for your honeymoon.
So enjoy that.
- Yes, but..
Don't argue now. I'm here.
So I will do everything.
And sister-in-law.
Our program at night is fixed.
Just a minute. What's there at night?
If I tell you everything now..
..there will be no fun at night.
Hey, sister-in-law, you tell me.
Shall we enjoy..
..at night?
"Once again there
are Romantic signs.."
"..in the eyes."
"That light shade of same old colour."
"Does this illusion in breath.."
"..make you also restless?"
"Once again there
are Romantic signs.."
"..in the eyes."
"That light shade of the
same old colour."
'The flower you had given..'
'..also had dried now.'
'I wasn't the only one wrong.'
'To some extent, you too were wrong.'
"There was shy girl,
who ruled my heart."
"She was full of life."
"Splashing and flowing
her energies all her way."
"She was that crazy."
"Her smile."
"Her talking eyes."
"With the sight of hers,
with her smile.."
"..even the moon would feel shy."
"Her breathe, her company."
"Her faith are still
intact in my heart."
"Once again there
are Romantic signs.."
"..in the eyes."
"That light shade of
the same old colour."
'On the way,
when we stepped on that turning.'
'We were in each other's embrace.'
'And everything that could
have happened, had happened.'
"On that spellbinding moment.."
"..we had lost all our senses."
"It was like the mesmerism that.."
"..made us forget the world,
and forget ourselves."
"Those locked lips."
"That fire in the heart."
"Swayed away by the emotions."
"There was no distance
left between us."
"On that rainy night."
"Even the soil became soft."
"That anonymous relation."
"That sweet sin."
"Once again there
are Romantic signs.."
"..in the eyes."
Did you understand now?
That I am the same guy.
- Varad.
Hey, how's Sanika now?
She's fine now.
But what happened all of a sudden?
No idea.
She was in happy
mood yesterday morning..
..when we came here.
Then Shlok came in the evening.
Did Shlok come?
You had sent him, right?
Did the doctor come and check her?
- What did he say?
Do not give her much stress.
Because it is not right for her..
..to repeatedly faint
in this condition.
And child's life will be at risk.
Nothing should happen to the child.
Speak softly.
What I mean to say is that..
It's a tiny life.
We will feel guilty
if something happens to him.
We need to take more care about her.
Kalindi, take care
of Sanika's food and all.
I will go and see her.
Uncle Sham. He's the same.
He's the same.
The one who lives
in your house, he is..
Tell me calmly.
What had happened?
He.. the one who pretended
to be in love with me and ditched me.
He's Shlok.
He's Shlok, uncle.
- I think you've a misunderstanding.
It's not any misunderstanding.
I've recognized him.
He's Avinash.
The one who met me in Wai.
How's this possible?
Shlok is in Hydrabad
from past 6 to 7 years.
Once in a while he
visits us for a day.
How can he meet you at Wai?
Uncle, but..
Sometimes two people resemble..
..and their habits too can resemble.
But he himself told
me that he's the same guy.
He must have said something and you..
..must have heard something else.
Look, such illusions are
common in this condition.
You go to your room and take rest.
I said go to your room.
I knew you would call me up today.
Where are you?
I want to see you right away.
Come to the university.
Marathi Balbharti, class 5.
Famous phrases and idioms.
Thirsty should reach the well.
The Well doesn't come to the thirsty.
Where shall I come?
I will text you the address.
And yes.
Take your time.
The Well will not run away anywhere.
Get the car ready.
How do you know about this house?
It's mom's house.
Her child has to know.
But why do you feel so
familiar with this house?
Did you have any relation with my mom?
Marathi Balbharti. Class 5.
Solve the exercise.
Why Shamrao
Deshmukh madly ran to Pedgaon..
..upon hearing Shlok's sentence?
Are you refusing your
love affair with my mom?
How do you know all this?
That's not important.
What's important
is that what all I know.
More than that I've come to know..
..another important thing.
You're telling everyone
that you found an orphan child.
You brought him home.
You named him Shlok.
But you are not telling anyone that..
..his full name is Shlok
Shamrao Deshmukh.
What do you want?
The baby your
daughter-in-law is carrying.
I have made her pregnant
on your instructions.
Do you even know what you are saying?
Is it difficult?
Never mind. I've another easy potion.
Will you take some tea?
No? Okay, options.
You will go to the
police station and confess..
..that you had killed
my mother 25 years ago.
It's a lie. It's total lie.
I haven't murdered anyone.
You're speaking lies, Mr. Deshmukh.
Kavita Sapnis, my mom.
She was a teacher in your school.
You enticed her in love.
Gave false promises.
Took advantage of her innocence.
And the day you came to know..
..that she's pregnant with your baby..
..you took the U-turn?
She waited for you for
nine months, Shamrao.
But you didn't turn up.
Finally, she came to you.
Not for herself.
But to get me justice.
So that I can get
my true identity from my father.
Janardan, get the car ready.
Our baby.
Don't try to form relations like this.
I don't want money.
I want our son's right.
Accepting this child means
accepting my relation with you..
..which I cannot afford.
Take this money and
put him in some adoption center.
I haven't given him birth for this.
Then die.
I am dying.
I am dying since past 12 months.
But this time, I will take you along.
You've deserted me for the
education minister's daughter.
Now, she will leave you for my child.
Are you threatening me?
Are you?
I am just showing you the mirror.
Will you give my child
his legal rights or not?
Then I will ruin your prestige.
- Yes.
What have you done?
- Hey.. hey..
Quiet. You've three daughters.
You want your family safe, right?
Then forget everything. Forget.
Not just forget but
handle the matter also.
But this child.
What do we do with it?
Had I decided,
I'd have killed you right there.
But I didn't do that.
I gave you life.
Yes, but as a dependent.
You never gave me my real identity,
Mr. Deshmukh.
And I..
..have worshiped you like my God.
I've obeyed each and
every word you said.
And today you
are trying to oppose me
After all, blood.
What.. what are you doing,
Mr. Deshmukh.
Aren't we the same blood?
After all,
I am also from Deshmuh family.
You're certified
and I am uncertified.
You can't prove anything of it.
I know.
That's why I told you to
go to the police station..
..and give your confession.
This will not happen.
Dependent boy
of Deshmukh family..
..eloped with their daughter-in-law.
How does this sound?
I am ready to give the compensation.
Will you give me mom
in return of mom?
Don't be obstinate.
At the age of 25,
for the first time in my life..
..I got a chance to
demand something at my dad.
Why do you refuse?
I will not give any confession.
Then give me my child.
That's not possible.
Class eight.
Sanskrit book. Verse 13th.
During the time of destruction,
one goes against his intelligence.
- Take care.
Take care of yourself.
Because now the war is confirmed.
War between you and your blood.
Nirmala, please make tea.
He has come.
Where were you?
Where did you disappear
all of a sudden from the farmhouse?
Varad and Sanika?
I brought them along.
How's Sanika now?
- She's good.
She has gathered herself.
She's in her room.
Varad is also with her.
Take care of her.
And don't leave her alone if possible.
You get fresh.
I will serve you tea.
Just see.
Look at his face.
He seems lost.
It seems today
he has met a competent.
Pay for your karma
right here on the earth.
You always happen
to meet someone..
..who will pull your strings.
Old lady.
Henceforth, keep your mouth shut.
If you utter a word
anymore I will strangulate you.
Hey.. are you coming?
Party members have created ruckus.
The members have created chaos.
You're called
to meet them immediately.
We might need 900 million.
And it's not a big amount for you.
Look Mr. Deshmukh, you must spend..
..this much money
for a seat in state assembly.
Rest is your wish.
See you. Bye.
Anna. I am going to
get a seat in state assembly.
We've to raise funds
of 900 million by tomorrow itself.
Do as I say.
If required mortgage the house.
What are you doing?
Will you mortgage the house?
Shree, you're a friend. Be a friend.
Don't cross the line.
Shlok. What are you doing?
Leave me. I..
I am Varad's wife.
Have you convinced this to yourself?
Sanika, I beg of you.
Why do you harass me?
I made a mistake. Please, forgive me.
Begging for pardon?
Because of this behavior of yours I..
Sanika I was helpless.
I'm under major pressure.
I've got death threats.
I am very scared.
No, you're speaking lies.
I mean it. You don't know.
This house, your marriage,
uncle, his behaviour.
All this is a big conspiracy.
What conspiracy?
I will tell you when
the right time comes.
But not now.
No, I don't trust you at all.
You don't trust me?
- No.
Do you trust Varad?
Yes, you do.
You trust Varad, right?
So meet him once.
Ask him. He knows everything.
Sanika, please forgive me.
Don't leave me, Sanika.
I can't live without you, Sanika.
I love you, Sanika.
I love you a lot.
I love you.
Sanika, go to your room.
Your daughter-in-law
is not changed at all.
She still hugs me
with the same intensity.
What are you doing here?
Balbharti. Class 6, phrases.
The Tree that has the Jujube
also has the Thorns. (Marathi Phrase)
We know each other from so many years.
You still ask me the same question?
Am I not equal share
holder of this entire property?
I mean no one else knows.
But both of us know, right?
And you had asked me.
Shall we start the game?
So, should I not come
to the battlefield?
Hey, son. You're so scared.
Son, this is just for my safety.
Only between us.
I will not show it to the police.
If I wanted to do that,
I'd have done that long ago.
After all, you're my blood.
My son.
How can I ever think bad about you?
So, listen to me.
Stop being adamant. Go to Hyderabad.
Live happily.
I will give you as much
money as you want.
You see.
The father who runs a university...
You shouldn't teach
Him primary class lessons.
It isn't called
intelligence but suicide.
Give these photos to the police.
Let me get punished.
You see, even you
can't afford to open this file.
Because, it will dig out everything.
I will also tell the police..
..that what you made
me do with Sanika..
..you had made me
do with Priya as well.
Because your son is infertile.
So, you wanted a
readymade pregnant girl for him.
But you wanted her
child to be of Deshmukh family.
And for your desire, you decided..
..to use your illegitimate
child for this job.
That was me.
On your instructions
I made Priya pregnant.
And then, only on your instructions..
..I disappeared from her life.
A night before
Priya and Varad's marriage..
..you found out that
Priya has aborted the child.
I had no other option.
I wanted to start my life afresh.
You too had no option.
So once again you took my help..
..and on your instructions
I killed Priya.
What do I do?
After all, I am your son.
Lowliness is in my blood.
Shlok, do you have any idea..
..you've gambled something very big?
I'm gambling from the
day you told me the truth.
Until he was taking
care of you like his son..
..I was quiet.
But the moment he started
using you for his selfishness..
..I had to speak up.
All these years.
All these years this
man was using me..
..for his selfish reasons.
But not anymore.
Now, I will use his tricks on him.
Shamrao Deshmukh must be punished.
Even you should be punished.
Please, no.
I am not mentally prepared.
But will you ever be
prepared unless you decide?
I want to meet grandpa.
Has he returned?
- Yes.
So, go. Go tomorrow.
I will ask mom.
What's there to ask in that?
It's her maternal house.
Let her go.
I will tell Anna.
He will drop her.
No, I've given him a responsibility.
He can't get free for another 2 days.
Varad, you go and drop her.
Dad, tomorrow
I've an important meeting..
..of educational officers.
I can't go.
Then Shlok will drop her.
No. No. Let it be.
My child, you go day after tomorrow.
Why do you say that?
For the first time
she has asked something.
And Shlok is a family member.
Sir, don't you trust me?
Hey, don't blabber anything.
No more discussions. It's decided now.
Shlok will drop Sanika.
Your that work is going
on at a very fast rate.
- Your job has completed very fast.
We got 70 in hand.
We will get 20 tomorrow morning.
I will give you a bugle.
Go to the village square
and make a propaganda.
Have I made a mistake again?
You're with me from
past so many years.
But you still do not have
any sense of what to say and where.
It's true that by
keeping a donkey in...
...a horses stable
he does not become a horse.
And that's the truth.
I thought that there are
only family members here. So..
Are you ready?
It's okay.
I am sorry.
I not being able to come.
It's okay, Varad.
Either you go or I am going.
It's the same.
Even before this, I've done
a lot of things on your behalf.
Isn't it, sir?
Yes. In school,
he used to do the homework for Varad.
Drop her very carefully.
She's Deshmukh's daughter-in-law, mom.
As much as she is
yours she is mine also.
Sister-in-law, shall we go?
Take care.
1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9..
Hello, sir.
The money is ready.
In half an hour,
it will reach your home.
He's your brother-in-law.
He's not a driver.
Sit in the front seat.
Rane. Let's go.
"How many times I should.."
(Song playing on the Radio)
Stop the song.
You're telling me to
stop the Marathi romantic song?
Yes, because now
I don't like love songs.
And what about me?
"How many times I should.."
I am sure you have still not
forgotten the taste of my lips.
"How many times I should.."
Income tax officers have come oustide.
What I suggest.
Should we go to your grandpa's house?
Instead, let's go to Sinhagarh.
Mr. Sawant, state Assembly
seat will be final in next week.
I will give you transfer
to any state you tell me.
Thank you, sir.
Excuse me.
Income tax. Open the dickey.
Open the bags.
- Why?
Open the bags.
Whose bag is this?
- It's mine. - Its mine.
- Sanika. It's my bag.
Hello, sir.
- Hello.
- Please, sit.
I just took off my hand
of support from you.
You must have
not even realized it.
What happened
and how did it happen.
meaning.. you became
a prey to your own bait.
You got to know that I fathered you.
But now you will come to
know why I am called a father.
You gave the tip to Sawant.
And he called me up.
So, for the first time,
my blood ditched me..
..but obligations
proved their loyalty.
Before you left home
this morning with Sanika..
..I had set everything.
In front of your eyes,
the bags were taken out.
According to your plan,
the income tax officers came.
But before that 800 millions
had already left home..
..from the backdoor.
How long you will read primary books?
Read this secondary books. Chapter 7.
A person who is oversmart...
..will make silly mistakes.
Actually, I could have
got rid of you in just Rs.10000.
But I spent 100 million.
State assembly election
is coming near.
So, until I pass
your order of release..
..you will..
"My entangled legs trying to walk.."
"..on the foggy streets."
"My entangled legs trying to walk.."
"..on the foggy streets."
"I have faithful hands
On my doubtful shoulder."
"I have faithful hands
On my doubtful shoulder."
"In the fear of uncalled-for,
why am I getting lost?"
"Beloved, I am like a wounded Deer."
"Beloved, I am like a wounded Deer."
I came to pick you up.
Did you meet grandpa?
What did he say?
He said we should
give time to each other.
Shall we go to Pune?
Tomorrow, we've an opening
of the new library in college.
You should be there.
Why do you need to
think so much about everything?
I don't know.
Perhaps due to my past experience.
Look, Sanika.
Remember one thing.
If you will really hold this
hand once, I will never ever leave it.
Anna, is everything ready?
- Yes.
But the Dean had just called up.
He said he will take at
least an hour to reach here.
Is it so?
- Yes.
Where's Varad? Varad.
Yes, dad. I will just come.
The Dean will take
some time to come..
Where's Sanika?
- Hey, but..
Leave me.
Shlok, what are you doing?
Leave me.
Look, I have no relation with you.
No reation with me?...
Leave me. Varad.
No relation with me?
- Shlok.
I've closed all your
ways of return, Sanika.
Leave me.
I don't want to come with you anywhere.
- You have to come.
And if you don't want
to come then give..
..the baby which is in your stomach to
me and then go wherever you want to.
Don't you dare say that to me.
This is my baby.
Varad and my baby.
Which illusionary
world you're living in?
If I go and say this there, Varad
will immediately step back right away.
Then not just the baby..
..you will also lose
your husband forever.
I've closed all your ways of freedom.
That's why I am telling you,
come with me.
Shlok, leave me.
Leave me.
- Get inside.
Sanika, go inside.
How did you come out?
Secondary books.
You only gave me
for reading it, right?
Poetry number 11..
"No one is as powerful
as Goddess mother."
"We are obliged to
Her in all our lives."
I read it and called her.
I cried.
And mom. She got me released.
Wasn't it good?
How dare you touch Sanika?
This is your condition
only on touching her.
When I will actually take her away..
- Shlok.
You just don't listen
to your dearest son.
You're not giving Sanika to me.
I am telling you to confess
your crime with the police.
But you don't agree with that too.
How will we solve this riddle?
I will give you two more days.
Go to the police
and confess your crime.
Otherwise, I will go to the police.
And if I go to the police then..
Where did you go?
What is happening to you?
- Nothing much.
She was vomiting a little.
She was a little restless.
It happens in this condition.
But Kalindi, you are
not taking proper care of her.
Nothing is more
important to us than her child.
My child, go and take rest.
Kalindi, take her home.
But here..
- I will take care of everything here.
Go. Anna,
tell the driver to come with the car.
You go.
- Let's go.
Something is not right.
No matter how much I try,
I can't ask her anything.
Because I am also trying
to hide so much from her.
I think we should
tell her everything.
That I can't father a child.
We have to tell her this.
But this is not right time.
First of all, she's not keeping well.
Perhaps, she might not
be able to bear this shock.
Once she gives birth,
..you can tell her whatever you want.
Go. She must be waiting for you. Go.
Boss, your mom's call.
Tell her I am busy.
I've no time to eat Biryani.
Go and tell her.
What was your problem
with Deshmukh sir?
He's my father.
- I see.
He's your father?
But he said his life has
turned into hell because of you.
If he kills my
Mother, will I spare him?
Hey, stop banging. Stop.
He killed your mom?
Deshmukh sir killed his own wife?
Not his own wife. My mom.
You just said that
he is your father.
So, your mom is his wife, right?
She is his wife,
but she is not my mother.
Okay, so you don't have a mother.
I've a mother.
But the one who
gave me birth is no more.
Hey, the one who gives
you birth is called mother.
Even the one who raise you up,
is called a mother.
Tell me. Who is dead?
The one who gave you
birth or your foster mother?
The one who gave me birth.
And the foster mother?
- She's mom.
Deshmukh sir's wife.
O God!
Hey, Iqbal come here.
Salim come here. Stand here.
See. He's your first mom.
Boss, I won't play
the role of a mother.
I will give you a tight slap.
You won't become a mother.
You will have to.
See this.
He's your first mother.
- The one who gave me birth.
Yes. Okay.
And he's your second mother.
- Foster mother.
Yes, the foster mother.
So, now tell me.
With whom your father had affair?
With her.
And with her?
- He married her.
And whom did he kill?
- Her.
I see.
This means you're
avenging her murder.
I am avenging my mother's murder.
Yes, brother Sallu.
You're avenging
your mother's murder.
What would you have done?
I'd have slit him right there.
I am also doing the same.
- Yes.
Call up mom.
Tell her that I want to
eat Biryani cooked by her.
You've made me emotional.
But I am helpless.
This is my business.
Yes, Usman. Tell me.
Your job is done, Deshmukh sir.
Tell me what has to be done next.
This evening state
assembly seats will be declared.
Keep him alive until then.
After that you know
what has to be done.
Stop somewhere.
How many more lives will you take?
You will rot..
You will get ruined.
- Old lady.
Go. Go inside.
And keep quiet.
- No.
Today I won't keep quiet.
You captured my property.
I kept quiet.
Because of you..
Because of you,
my children became..
..homeless and died of hunger.
Still I kept my mouth shut.
Ever since I came to
this house I had decided..
..I will die only after
I see you ruined.
But no.
I've lived in this house.
I can't see you getting ruined.
That's why I am warning you.
Reform yourself.
Stop all this now.
Otherwise, you will get finished.
Even if you die,
you will lie aside like an orphan.
Municipality will also
not come to take you away.
Old lady!
I received a call from the party.
You got the seat.
"There's power in my name."
"I'm a prestigious
personality in the city."
"There's power in my name."
"I'm a prestigious
personality in the city."
"Do not try to mess with me."
"There's power in my name."
"I'm a prestigious
personality in the city."
"Do not try to mess with me."
"I will tear apart
anyone or bury him alive."
"Do not come in my way."
"Do not challenge me."
"Do not challenge me."
"Do not challenge me."
"Do not challenge me."
"Do not challenge him."
"Do not try to put your
hand in tiger's mouth."
"Do not challenge him."
"Do not try to put your
hand in tiger's mouth."
"Many have given up.."
"..at my conspiracies."
"Many have given up.."
"..at my conspiracies."
"I'm proud of my manliness."
"I'm proud of my roots."
"I'm proud of my manliness."
"I'm proud of my roots."
"Do not try to mess with me."
"Don't hinder my ways,
don't dance on my head."
"Do not cross my ways."
"There's power in my name."
"I'm a prestigious
personality in the city."
"Do not try to mess with me."
"I will tear apart
anyone or bury him alive."
"Do not come in my way."
"Do not challenge me."
"Do not challenge me."
"Do not challenge me."
"Do not challenge me."
"My terror is spread in the region."
"All your arrogance will vanish."
"All the mouths will shut."
"When we will play our bugle."
"My terror is spread in the region."
"All your arrogance will vanish."
"All the mouths will shut."
"When we will play our bugle."
"Moves will be mine,
so are the shields."
"Better do not mess with me."
"Don't hinder my ways,
don't dance on my head."
"Don't hinder my ways,
don't dance on my head."
"Do not cross my ways."
"There's power in my name."
"I'm a prestigious
personality in the city."
"Do not try to mess with me."
"I will tear apart anyone
or bury him alive."
"Do not come in my way."
"There's power in my name."
"I'm a prestigious
personality in the city."
"Do not try to mess with me."
"I will tear apart
anyone or bury him alive."
"Do not come in my way."
"Do not challenge me."
"Do not challenge me."
"Do not challenge me."
"Do not challenge me."
"Do not challenge me."
"Do not challenge me."
"Do not challenge me."
"Do not challenge me."
30 years ago Shamrao Deshmukh..
..had an affair with
a girl named Kavita.
He deceived her.
Refused to take her responsibility..
..and then.. he..
He killed that girl.
I'm the son of that Kavita
and Shamrao Deshmukh.
I don't want much.
I want my identity. My rights.
All I ask is to clear the
tag of orphan from my name.
Your duty wouldn't
end just by giving me birth.
When you gave me birth,
give me my rights as well.
Please, dad.
I love you.
Are you listening Nah?
All this is a lie. It's a lie.
Varad. Varad.
The news has reached the boys.
And.. in college.. they have..
Sham. Sham.
The News is scrolling on the TV.
You have lost your seat
in the state assembly.
I don't care.
Hey.. but you will have
to return the money..
..you've borrowed.
That's why I was telling you.
To think before mortgaging the house.
But you..
Even if I am ruined,
I am still Shamrao Deshmukh.
I've no habit of taking advises.
- I want your resignation on my table..
..tomorrow morning.
Anna, get the car ready.
What's all this?
Is it so difficult?
You believe that liar..
- Is Shlok speaking lies?
Shall we go for the DNA test?
No need to be so harsh.
All of you please sit.
I will explain.
Do you still have answers?
Why did you do all this, dad?
For you.
For this house.
Because you couldn't
give a heir to this family.
You can walk in the
society with pride.
And Deshmukh's
lineage should continue..
(..interrupted), that's why I did it.
I am absolutely not fond
of such appreciation.
In short, I don't agree
that manliness is proven..
..only by fathering a child.
But this is what society believes.
To hell with your world.
For a wrong belief, how many lives..
..you will stake at a time?
In which world are you living, dad?
Today Science has advanced so much.
If you wanted a heir only, we
could have adopted many methods.
That was not possible.
You can't father a child.
You're unable to do that.
And I wouldn't agree
with anyone else's child..
..being nurtured in your wife's womb.
Why would you not agree to that?
Tell me.
Even that child would
have been identified..
..as Deshmukh's heir.
Yes, but Deshmukh's blood?
Deshmukh's intellect.
How would he have got all this?
Any tom, dick and
harry will not have..
..the quality of Deshmukh's blood.
How will such a child
run this family's legacy?
This.. this big empire..
Shouldering it means..
Stop it, please.
Stop it. Stop it.
Which intellect and
caliber you're talking about?
Don't forget from where
this empire had begun.
You're here today because
my dad gave you a chance.
But I proved myself by converting
that chance into gold.
I did it.
Kalindi, You can't shape
any stone into God.
That stone itself
has to have that shape.
Deshmukh's have it in their blood.
That's why I had decided to have
Deshmukh's heir from Shlok..
..and hand it over to Varad.
You still don't feel that
you have made a mistake?
Not at all.
It's not wrong in
preserving our family's lineage..
..and existence.
Look, don't get emotional.
Forget what I did.
Remember why I did that.
I don't want to be
a part of any of your sin.
According to me, being a gentleman..
..is more important
than being a father.
All of us feel that
maintaining relations..
..are more important
than maintaining the legacy.
I don't think it is
possible living in this atmosphere.
Then, go.
Get out.
I don't need anyone.
Anna, you also go.
- Yes, I am going.
Sir Shamrao Deshmukh.
I am going.
This time I will
not make a mistake.
Let's go, sister.
Come, Sanika.
Sanika, you will not go anywhere.
Your wish, your heir, your blood.
Everything is yours?
What is mine?
Why did you pull me in your game?
Hey, keep quiet.
You're nowhere in this game.
Because you've a womb, you're here.
If not you,
it'd be someone else.
you're just a device for me.
Once you give me your child..
..it doesn't matter to
me if you are there or not.
But it matters to me.
Such a big lie?
Such a big deceit?
You used me for your dirty ambitions.
You're mad.
Deshmukh's heir
is growing in your womb.
You should be grateful.
Today I regret being a human.
Where there are demons like you..
Sanika survived.
But my child died.
Marathi balbharti. Class one.
Lesson one.
Bad deeds have bad results.
The game is over.
It's your misunderstanding.
I end the game only when I win.
You wanted my name, right?
Henceforth, you're
Shlok Shamrao Deshmukh.
I will make proper documents.
Will register your name officially..
..in the government documents.
I will also change my will.
Everything that is in my name..
..I will transfer it in your name.
And in return of all this..
..I should once again give you a heir.
Of course.
I mean, you will get married
one day or the other.
And I don't mind getting a grandson..
..even if you are not married.
Class 8 books.
Famous phrases and idioms.
A bad habit doesn't go till
the person dies. (Marathi Phrase)
Why do you want a heir,
Shamrao Deshmukh?
What is left with you now
to maintain in the form of legacy?
Your name, wealth, prestige and image.
Everything is over. It's ruined.
Yes, but the attitude in
Deshmukh's blood is still intact.
Even if I've lost everything..
..my brain will not get Rusted.
I.. I have earned all this.
I will get it back once again.
But for that..
For that I want a heir.
A heir.
Deshmukh's family
name should be taken with glory.
Deshmukh's blood.
Everything is lost,
except the attitude.
To end this stubbornness of Deshmukh..
..one has to die, Shamrao.
This is the rule of the world.
Everyone who is born,
has to die one day.
My mother died.
You too must die.
Instead of living like an insect..
..it is better to die for an..
..arrogant and rude man like you.
I will surrender to the police.
Let anything happen to me.
But you..
You've only one
options for your illness now.
One bullet.
And everything will be quiet.