Ranbanka (2015) Movie Script

What's wrong with this city?
Somewhere there are
ashes and somewhere smoke.
Why doesn't someone say something?
Why do we tolerate smoking quietly?
Now it's the limit of endurance.
Put out cigarette
wherever you see it lit.
Smoking at public
places is prohibited.
Violation will lead to penalty.
Don't smoke.
Or let others smoke.
You will have to pay
a heavy price for smoking.
Who doesn't want to be happy?
But at what price?
You will have to pay
a heavy price for smoking.
Smoking is injurious for you.
And for your dear ones.
You will have to pay
a heavy price for smoking.
'Life springs new surprises
at every stage.'
'Changing circumstances
takes you places.'
'Bright and dull.'
'Stormy and calm.
Such is life.'
'Nobody can completely
understand life.'
'Wonder what Lord
has store for us.'
'None of us knows
where life will lead us.'
'Life could even
become a battlefield.'
'Be brave on the battlefield.
There's no end to troubles in life.'
'Nobody knows.'
'Mathura, the birth place
of Lord Krishna.'
'A beautiful, peaceful place
in Uttar Pradesh.'
'A city of the River Yamuna.'
'But every story has
its own set of villains.'
'Our story too has one.'
"Gopal, Murli Manohar.."
"You are the creator."
"Gopal, Murli Manohar.."
"You are the creator."
"You are Lord Krishna,
the one who plays the flute."
"You make things happen.
You are a cowherd."
"You are dusky,
but you are brilliant."
"With Sudarshan discus in hand."
"Kanha.. Kanha.."
"You are Meera's inspiration.
You are Radha's dream."
"Dear Kanha."
"Every milkmaid likes you."
"Dear Kanha."
"What you do is amazing.
Blessed is the one.."
"..who beholds you."
"Kanha.. Kanha.."
"Kanha.. Kanha.."
"Son of Nanda, you are unique."
"Kanha.. Kanha.."
"You are the light in our lives."
"Kanha.. Kanha.."
"Intelligent, smart, and strong."
"Your life is incredible."
"Kanha.. Kanha.."
"Hare Rama. Hare Krishna.
Krishna, Krishna, hare hare."
"Hare Rama, Hare Krishna.
Krishna, Krishna, hare hare."
"Hare Rama, Hare Krishna.
Krishna, Krishna, hare hare."
Come on, dad.
Why haven't you filled the form?
Student's name: Ayush Sharma.
Father's name: Rahul Sharma.
Mother's name: Priya Sharma.
Sex : ..
Ask your mom about it..
Drive carefully.
- What's your name?
- Gajender.
- Where are you from?
- Azamgarh.
Azamgarh? Okay.
This isn't for people like you.
I know nothing.
Just take me away tonight.
Very well. Don't cry.
I'll take you away.
I'll take you away tonight.
Please don't cry.
- This is good!
- What a romantic couple!
- Hit him!
- Let me go!
- Let me go!
- Hold him.
You're very strong. Hit him.
Hit him hard.
- Hit him. Hit!
- Take the phone.
- Let me go! Let go!
- Listen!
- What is it?
- Be prepared with a shroud.
Why are you silent?
Why? Your daughter
was planning to elope.
With a guy belonging to
a different caste.
You would be in big trouble.
- Listen.
- What do we do?
Just break his bones,
or put him to rest?
I had warned her,
but she doesn't listen.
Don't spare that guy. Finish him.
I'm hanging up. Bye.
- Let me go!
- Finish him.
Darn you!
Beat him black and blue.
Stop! Stop!
Oh, no.
Don't be foolish.
They would've broken your bones.
This isn't your city.
Do you know who they were?
Bhaiyaji's men.
Bhaiyaji a.k.a. Raghav.
He's the younger brother
of the MLA.
Else, even I have a gun.
Rahul, where are you taking us?
I am scared.
Ma'am, don't be afraid.
Do not interfere.
He won't trouble you.
If you do, Raghav won't spare you.
Priya, we're here for six months.
We'll go back once the bridge is built.
Don't be afraid.
There's your house.
Brother, go ahead.
I'll get your luggage.
Thank you.
Ayush, come here.
- Hey..
- Eww.
It's a nice house.
- Isn't it?
- Yes.
I'm not bad either.
- Ayush might see us.
- No, he won't.
Listen, you have got
a handsome husband.
- Take advantage of that.
- Really?
Not too much. He is not looking.
It's not my fault.
He told us.
So, we did it.
Why did you kill her?
They killed her. So what?
She had embarrassed the community.
She was troublesome. Right?
- Sir, take it easy.
- Did she make you proud? No.
What are you trying
to tell my brother?
That I am a bad man.
I saved your prestige.
Get lost! Go!
Raghav, stop killing people
with the gun on my shoulder.
You still have time
to restrain yourself.
Lest I can't help you.
You thrive because I am an MLA.
Had you not been my brother,
I would have killed you.
Are you done? I am leaving.
Massage the back.
Your brother did a wrong thing.
We protected Santram's honor.
You know, he shouldn't have
scolded you.
Bhaiyaji, tea.
Hey! Come here.
What kind of tea is this?
- Forgive me.
- Come here.
- One last time. Please!
- No.
I'll be right back.
This one.
This one too.
- And this one.
- All three?
- What's wrong, son?
- Dad! Dad!
- What's wrong?
- She looks just like mummy.
- She does.
- What is it?
Actually, his mom
had left us one night.
Oh, no. So sad.
- May I call you mummy?
- Yes, sure.
- What's your name?
- Ayush.
- How old are you?
- Six.
- You're so cute. Okay.
- Shall we go?
- Bye, mummy. Bye-bye.
- Bye. - Thank you.
- Bye.
- Let's get out of here.
- How much?
- Rs. 4,835.
Why that much?
Your son bought some clothes and your
husband asked to get payment from you.
What son? What husband?
These are all I have bought.
What's this?
Hi. I am Ayush's mom.
And his wife.
I have not gone anywhere.
But if they continue
their mischief..
..I might just leave. I'm sorry.
Ayush, say sorry to aunt.
- Sorry, mummy.
- Ayush!
- Sorry, aunt.
- It's okay.
- Sorry.
- It's all right.
- Sorry. - Sir, money.
- The bill?
Here you are. Sorry!
Listen, sorry.
Sir, who will get the tender?
Bhaiyaji, you'll get
the tender this time.
I want the tender.
Assume it's yours.
I've got everything set up.
You'll bag the tender.
Okay. Take it.
- Bhaiyaji, this is not needed.
- I'll have to give it later anyway.
Okay, bye.
- Kantu, get in the front seat.
- Sure.
Don't you know Bhaiyaji's waist size?
He comes here often.
His waist size must have increased.
It must have gone down,
not increased.
- The drink..
- It's 48, Bhaiyaji.
- Give it to me.
- Show us monkey wash.
- Show us monkey wash.
- Here you are, sir.
Monkey wash, Kantu?
Bhaiyaji, it feels good.
Here you are.
- Nice.
- These are latest. Damage look.
- Damage?
- These are Frappe.
It's an international brand.
It's today's latest item.
This doesn't have boot cut.
- I'll show you that too.
- Yes, show us.
- Boot cut..
- He wears long boots.
Don't worry. I have a latest item
with boot cut.
This is also damage look.
- I have four or five colors.
- Bhaiyaji, I think this is nice.
This color is also great.
It's good basic color. Have a look.
- This one is washed out.
- Does it come in black?
- Black one.
- Get a black one.
Here's black jeans.
This is jet black.
- It's nice, Bhaiyaji.
- Bhaiyaji, black suits you.
- He is right.
- Yes.
It will fit well.
- Give it to me.
- Try it out.
- Where is the trial room?
- To the right.
- I'll get more jeans.
- Yes.
- Try that.
- It is stuck.
- What?
- Bhaiyaji..
- Bhaiyaji?
- Bhaiyaji?
- Bhaiyaji, what is it?
- What's wrong?
What's wrong, Bhaiyaji?
What did you do to him?
I'll get shut down the store.
I'll burn it down.
The sand is wet.
It would be easier to dig.
Come on, dig.
Mister, what's going on?
Get it away. Let them work.
Take it away.
It's a marshy land now.
There's no question of leaving.
Mister, such bullying is unacceptable.
Take it away. Please let me do my job.
My name is Raghav.
My brother is an MLA here.
Got that?
Listen, you are new here.
So don't interfere with Raghav's work.
You will be happy.
You won't have worries.
You'll keep your job.
My brother is a player
and I am one up on him.
Guys, let's go! Is it done?
Let's go!
Dad, let's have lunch.
Ayush, I have lots of work. Please.
Dad, please. I am really bored.
- Ayush.. Priya!
- Yes?
- Priya!
- Coming.
Priya, please look after him.
I have lots of work.
I'm not responsible
for what happens next.
Ayush.. He's very naughty.
Ayush, Papa is busy today.
We'll go tomorrow.
Don't be angry.
Dad won't come tomorrow.
He never will.
He will go with that
aunt at the mall.
Aunt at the mall?
The one with whom we played
a prank at the mall yesterday.
They were conversing
on the phone today.
Here's his shirt.
- What's this?
- What?
What's that?
- That's what I want to know.
- How do I know?
- It's your shirt. How can you not know?
- I don't.
Really? Who were you talking to
on the phone?
- Who?
- Who is that girl?
Which girl?
What is going on?
I know you are in love
with someone else.
That's fine.
I don't love you either.
Dad, shall we have lunch
or do you want more?
Darn you! Come here! Stop!
Dhiren didn't send
the money, Kantu.
Bhaiyaji, you will
straighten things up.
The money will come.
Have you asked uncle
for the accounts?
He never keeps an account.
I think we should give him a visit.
That will make him see reason.
Very well.
Come here.
Amazing, sir!
He looks smart.
- How are you?
- Fine.
- Fine?
- Yes, sir.
Sir, I haven't got
the tender this time.
Bhaiyaji, we missed out
by a whisker.
You will get the tender next time.
I'm sure I'll get
the tender next time.
But sir, I didn't get it this time.
You'll have to pay for it.
That would settle the scores.
Babu, come here.
Yes, Bhaiyaji.
- Slap him.
- What?
Slap him.
Not like that.
You should slap like this.
Hit so hard that it hurts.
Go on.
Slap him.
One more time. Turn around, sir.
Slap him. Come on.
Good! Well done.
Very nice.
Get lost.
Bhaiyaji, next time
he will get the tender.
Yes. Nobody is honest these days.
Uncle, I want to become a politician.
Enough of this.
Sir became lucky when he got married.
Why don't you get married?
You might get lucky too.
Uncle, me and marriage..
Who is she?
Sir, she is the new engineer's wife.
He might be the MLA's brother.
We will file a complaint
against him tomorrow. Okay?
Mom. Dad, why is mom crying?
Son, mom has seen
a mouse and got scared.
Don't worry mom.
We will kill the mouse.
Don't worry mom.
We will kill the mouse.
Ayush, do you remember?
The thief came, stole stuff.
The police came and
arrested the thief.
Choudhury! Choudhury!
Choudhury! Choudhury!
Choudhury! Choudhury!
Choudhury! Choudhury!
Choudhury! Choudhury!
Choudhury! Choudhury!
Choudhury! Choudhury!
Choudhury! Choudhury!
Beat him.
Thrash him.
Hold him properly.
Hold him properly.
That's it. That's it!
Hold him properly.
Come on!
- Very good. Come on.
- Come on.
Climb on his chest! Come on.
Come on!
Choudhury! Choudhury!
Choudhury! Choudhury!
Come on. Pin him down.
Hold your breath.
Hold him.
Very good.
That's good.
Use some force.
Hold him.
If you lose then you
won't get milk to drink.
Hold his leg. I am telling you.
Come on. Come on.
- Bless you.
- Bless you, my tiger. Bless you.
- He has won over him.
- Very good.
Choudhury! Choudhury!
Choudhury! Choudhury!
- You have fallen in love.
- What?
Bhaiyaji, get married now.
What if she didn't agree?
We will kidnap her for sir.
Come here.
Stay in your limits.
I want to marry her. Okay?
Get lost.
Who teased you in our city?
We will teach him a lesson.
Tell me his name.
Yes, sir. Raghav.
Get savories from the big house.
Yes, sir.
This is the pending file.
Please go through it.
- Hello, sir?
- Yes, Murari.
Okay, we are coming.
What is the matter?
So what happened? What did Raghav do?
He misbehaved with
me and took away my stole.
You could have taken a new stole.
Why did you come to
the police station for that?
Relax! Relax!
- Sir, I don't understand.
- What?
We have come to file a complaint.
Why are you not taking our complaint?
- Write down their complaint.
- Sir!
Look, Mr. Rahul.
I am ashamed of what
my brother has done.
I am sorry on his behalf.
Please forgive him.
He is a little crazy.
I will make him understand.
But please don't file this complaint.
I assure you that it will
never happen with you again.
You are an elder.
As you wish.
Thank you.
- Mother Holika.
- Hail her!
It is Holi! It is Holi!
- Sir.
- Yes?
How do I look?
You look like an ant in a sweet.
Right, sir?
Brother, can I anoint you?
Go ahead.
My tiger! Wonderful.
Whose son are you?
Do you know whom you have approached?
Look. Look there. Look at the Goddess.
Very good. Go.
Play Holi. Go.
Yes, Murari?
- Sir.
- Yes.
Sister-in-law had come to file
a complaint against you.
We were trying to avoid it
when your brother came.
He has promised sister-in-law
that you will not bother her.
Do let me know, if there
is anything else I can do, sir.
Take your stuff from Madhavram. Okay.
Yes, sir.
It's good. But it's small.
Come. Come here.
Look, I am wearing
your stole like a garland.
Wonderful! I love you so much.
There is bread too.
They say only lucky people get food
in other people's home.
And you have prepared this.
Wonderful. You have prepared
very nice and tasty food.
Whatever happened in the
crossroads was not right.
I am sorry.
And I have also come
to say something to you.
I want to..
I want to marry you.
That's the thing.
Uncle! Let her go. Let her go.
You are bleeding.
Are you mad?
I am already married.
I have a child.
You have a child.
She has a child.
Then I will adopt your child.
I will adopt your child. Okay?
Will you marry me now?
Look here. Okay.
You don't agree.
So shall I kill the child?
- No.
- You won't have a child anymore.
And then we will get married.
"I am wearing your stole."
Tell me.
Okay tell me,
why are you always scared of me?
Why do you cry?
Keep smiling.
I am good looking.
Am I scary? No?
All girls from Mathura
are smitten by me.
Why are you scared?
Laugh. Laugh. Laugh.
I think I will have to kill
your child now.
Shall I kill him now?
Where is he? Inside?
- No.
- Where is he? Inside?
Then why are you not laughing?
What did I do? Did I touch you?
Why don't you laugh?
Why are you goggling at me?
What did I do?
Did I touch you? I haven't. Laugh.
Come on laugh or else I will kill him.
Smile. You are looking so pretty.
Keep smiling. Be happy.
Come on smile.
I love you.
No one will love you so much.
Not even your husband.
Smile. Come on smile.
You are bleeding so much.
So much. Hey.
I have had your blood.
I am giving you time till tomorrow.
It will be good if you agree
to marry me by tomorrow.
Otherwise I will have
to kill your child and husband.
- No.
- You have time till tomorrow. Okay?
Take care. Good night.
Priya! What is the matter?
Priya! What is the matter?
What is the matter, Priya?
What is the matter?
Raghav came.
He misbehaved with me.
He said that he wants to marry me.
And if I don't agree
then he will kill Ayush.
He will come again tomorrow.
Rahul, take me away from here.
I can't stay here.
- Priya. Priya, nothing will happen.
- Please Rahul.
Priya, nothing will happen.
Where is Ayush?
- Where is Ayush?
- He is sleeping?
Nothing will happen.
Pack your stuff.
We are leaving now.
Mr. Engineer!
Mr. Engineer!
You were trying to
run away before dawn?
He kept an eye on you.
Someone might die.
Go back quietly.
It will be good.
Hey engineer!
Greetings, sister-in-law.
Go. Go back.
Hello? Sir, I want to meet you now.
Why? What happened?
All right. I am returning
from Delhi right now.
So you can meet me directly
at my office.
Sir, I don't want to hear
or understand anything.
I just want you to get me and my family
out of Mathura as early as possible.
Can you do this for me?
All right.
I will send two personal
security guards with you..
..who will guard 24/7.
It is my responsibility to ensure
your safe exit from Mathura.
- When do you want to leave?
- Today. Right away.
But.. But it is the
festival of Holi today.
And it won't be safe
for you to leave today.
I think you should
leave tomorrow morning.
All right. Thank you.
- Raghav!
- Yes.
- Raghav!
- What happened?
What are you trying to do?
What is the matter?
Why are you shouting?
He has gone crazy.
He wants to ruin
a married woman's life.
So you no longer care about caste,
creed and neighborhood.
It is correct if you do it.
And if someone else does it,
you will kill them.
They are leaving Mathura tomorrow.
And if you try
to do anything wrong..
..I will teach you a lesson.
I won't allow them to leave.
Raghav! What did you say?
Say it aloud.
Brother, I just said that
I won't allow them to leave Mathura.
Are you challenging me?
The MLA of this city.
You became the MLA because of me.
Did you hear him?
Are you there for me,
or am I here for you?
I can get ten rogues
like you overnight.
There is still time.
Control yourself, Raghav.
Otherwise I will forget
that you are my younger brother.
I have forgotten long time
back that you are my elder brother.
"Smear me with color."
"Touch me."
"Touch me and smear me with color."
"Make me beautiful!"
"Touch me and smear me with color."
"Touch me and smear me with color."
"Make my blouse wet."
"The crazy festival of Holi is here.
Darling come soon."
"The crazy festival of Holi is here.
Darling come soon."
"The crazy festival of Holi is here.
Darling come soon."
"The crazy festival of Holi is here.
Darling come soon."
"Make me colorful
with the color of your love."
"Make me colorful
with the color of your love."
"Smear me with such
color that never fades."
"The crazy festival of Holi is here.
Darling come soon."
"The crazy festival of Holi is here.
Darling come soon."
"The crazy festival of Holi is here.
Darling come soon."
"The crazy festival of Holi is here.
Darling come soon."
On one hand government
says everything is in order..
..and on the other hand rogues are
still on the rampage murdering people.
And the murder of this
innocent boy is one such example.
This innocent boy who
was killed by Raghav Singh.
Now the question is can Raghav Singh's
political influence save him?
Will Raghav, who has
fled, gets arrested?
Will a mother get justice?
Or will this just become
another unsolved police case?
I don't want to hear anything.
Check everywhere.
Trace his phone and arrest him.
Look for him everywhere. I want him.
And arrest him anyhow.
I want him within 24 hours.
Sir, what are you doing?
He is your own brother.
He has crossed all limits this time.
"Your innocent stubbornness."
"Your lovely naughtiness."
"Your innocent stubbornness."
"Your lovely naughtiness."
"Your innocence taught me
how to live."
"You are the reason for me to live."
"I don't want to live without you."
"I don't want to live without you."
"I don't want to live without you."
"I don't want to live without you."
"Your innocent stubbornness."
"Your lovely naughtiness."
"When you smile even I smile."
"When you smile even I smile."
"I forget all sorrow
in this happiness."
"You are the reason for me to live."
"I don't want to live without you."
"I don't want to live without you."
"I don't want to live without you."
"I don't want to live without you."
"After getting you,
I got all these happiness."
"After getting you,
I got all these happiness."
"There was nothing lacking."
"All my wishes were answered."
"You are the reason for me to live."
"I don't want to live without you."
"I don't want to live without you."
"I don't want to live without you."
"I don't want to live without you."
Marry me now.
You don't have a child now.
Will you marry me
if I kill your husband?
I've married a coward.
You are a coward.
He killed our child and
you are still sitting here.
If he comes and rapes
me in front of you..
..you'll still sit here.
Go and kill or get killed.
If you get killed then I
won't let your soul rest in peace.
I'll become Raghav's mistress.
I'll sleep daily with him.
He should suffer
much more than my child.
Let there be no one
to cry over his death.
Torture him to death.
You've just one option.
Kill him. Kill him.
Kill him. Kill him.
No! No!
'I love you, Papa. I love you.'
Bhola is dead. Now..
Get the girl.
- Come.
- Leave me.
Well done, Kantu!
Finally I've brought you here.
You haven't brought
me but your death here.
What did you feel that
your husband killed Bhola and..
..he'll kill the others too?
He'll kill me?
I am as brave as tiger.
That's why you are hiding here
like a coward.
If I want I can rape you here..
..but I will do it,
once I kill your husband.
You think you are brave
and Rahul is a coward.
I promise you, for the first time
a coward will kill the brave one.
I've fallen in love.
Else I would've pulled
out your tongue.
Come, let me repeat history.
New history, Raghav's history.
You'll see how I brutally kill him.
Take her away from here, Kantu.
Take care that there is no problem.
Take her away.
Shall we go, sister-in-law?
Get in.
Uncle, all the money is spent.
Kantu! Kantu!
Yes, brother.
Take the ATM card and withdraw cash.
Okay, brother.
We'll soon have money.
Money will come, uncle. Don't worry.
'A famous dancer from
Mumbai is coming to Mathura.'
They are announcing on radio that
some dancer is going to come, uncle.
There'll be dance show now.
"Taste me, I'm spicy."
"I'm very fashionable."
"I'm sexy teen."
"I'm just 19 years old."
"I massage daily with oil and water."
"My cheeks are lemony."
"With the biryani
(rice dish) of youth.."
"With the biryani of youth.."
"..I've come from UP,
a north Indian woman."
"I'm freshly baked."
"With the added hot spices of love."
"With the added hot spices of love."
"With the added hot spices of love."
"With the added hot spices of love."
"Go and find out from the headman."
"He too got enchanted by me."
"All the bachelors are after me."
"I've intoxicated them."
"Everyone wants to reach out to me
and take advantage."
"They want to defame me."
"With the biryani of youth.."
"With the biryani of youth.."
"..I've come from UP,
a north Indian woman."
"I'm freshly baked."
"With the added hot spices of love."
"With the added hot spices of love."
"With the added hot spices of love."
"With the added hot spices of love."
"Everybody asks me to meet them."
"I'll snatch your heart in a moment."
"Even the smartest men become dumb."
"Save yourself else I may kill."
"I smile and trap
everyone with my smile."
"I do what I wish."
"With the biryani of youth.."
"..you north Indian woman."
"With the biryani of youth.."
"You've come from UP."
"You've been freshly baked."
"With the added hot spices of love."
"With the added hot spices of love."
"With the added hot spices of love."
"With the added hot spices of love."
- Brother.
- Yes!
Kantu, come.
Give me money. Give.
Brother, the card is blocked.
The card is blocked? Why?
It was brother's card.
He blocked it.
What can I do?
Look, Rahul,
what happened was not right.
Raghav has done something very wrong.
He'll definitely be punished for it.
No one can save him.
But.. but don't take
law in your hands.
I know very well that Bhola's
death wasn't an accident.
By doing all this,
you won't get your son back.
- I promise you..
- Don't promise.
I'm tired of all this.
Just get me out from here.
Okay, don't panic.
I'll send Madhav Ram to you.
He'll take you to the police station
and try to find out where Priya is.
Yes, sister-in-law.
what brother did isn't right.
Have you done the right thing?
What have I done?
I want to marry the girl.
Brother is not accepting it
and the girl is also not consenting.
What can I do?
Brother hasn't done the right thing.
He shouldn't have
interfered in our matter.
It's fine that he interfered.
But he has set the police after me.
He has blocked the ATM card.
He didn't think what
I will do without money.
Your brother is doing
all this for your well-being.
Do something. Surrender.
Your brother will handle the rest.
You are his brother.
He won't let anything happen to you.
Media has publicized
the child's death a lot.
Your brother's position is in danger.
Yes he loves his position
more than his brother.
Don't worry.
I'll manage everything.
I'll go now.
- Who is it?
- You..
- Come on, run.
- Brother, over here.
Oh no!
I didn't' expect this from brother.
He wants to kill his own brother.
So, you are challenging me?
I won't care that you are
my younger brother.
I can get ten goons
like you in a night.
I would've killed you.
I will go and talk to brother.
- Kantu, give me the phone.
- Yes, brother.
- Uncle, I'll call this number.
- Okay.
- Make me talk to brother.
- Okay.
Go, uncle. Go.
Stop! Stop!
Uncle, you are here?
Where is Raghav?
you didn't do the right thing.
You have blood ties with him.
- What have I done?
- You've shot him.
Why will I shoot him?
I've only given orders to arrest him.
Talk to Raghav.
I had just bought match sticks.
But you've set everything on fire.
I didn't expect that
you'll kill your brother.
I just wanted to turn
you both into enemies.
You've lost your power
by killing your brother.
Yes, Madhav Ram didn't
shoot you, I did.
Just say where you are.
Find me out.
No! No!
No! No!
Kantu is dead.
Where do I have to come?
He is waiting for you
at the crossroad. Come.
My.. my.. my son..
why did you kill him?
It has made you cry.
Why are you crying?
'I miss you, papa.'
'I love you, papa.'
'I love you, daddy.'
Rahul. Rahul.
"Bring up the heat!"
There is a "Kanhaji" song.
It's the main song.
It'll be shot here.
It's an action film.
It stars Mr. Ravi Kishen, Manish Paul.
It's a very good movie.
The work is very good.
"Lord Krishna, you are the creator."
"You are Lord Krishna.
You play flute."
"You play love games.
Your Sudrashan Chakra moves."
It was the second day of shoot.
We've planned to shoot
Vrindavan dance today.
- Professional dancers are coming.
- Okay.
They'll perform.
It's a very good subject.
It's the first film in which
Manish Paul has done action.
It'll be the first time
when a coward kills the brave one.
It's my promise.
Mr. Ravi has played
his role very well.
I am as brave as tiger.
Very tiring schedule.
"Taste me, I'm spicy."
"I'm very fashionable."
- Cut. Cut.
- Sir, one minute.
You didn't give me any place.
"With the added hot spices of love."
"With the added hot spices of love."
- "With the biryani (rice dish) of youth.."
- Cut.. Cut..
"With the biryani of youth.."
"..you north Indian woman."
"With the biryani of youth,
you've come from UP."
"You've been freshly baked."
"With the added hot spices of love."
Mr. Dashrat..
Now what?
- Crap!
- Cut. What happened?
Forgot it.
- Pooja, cry. Yell.
- Just a second.
Just a second.
Lie down.
Keep shouting.
Take the camera on his face.
Sorry, sorry.
Look at her.
I pulled her,
but she didn't move.
Oh sorry, very sorry.
Let there be no one
to cry over his death.
I had just bought match sticks.
But you've set everything on fire.