Rang De Basanti (2006) Movie Script

If your blood does not boil then
it is not blood, but water
If youth doesn't serve the Motherland
then it worthless
Just a minute, Mr. McKinley,
one revolutionary is reading another
Shall we go?
I wish it didn't have to end this way
This isn't the end Mr. McKinley.
This is just the beginning.
There will be others
Many others.
I always believed that there were
two kinds of men in this world.
Men who go to their death screaming
and men who go to their death
in silence.
And then I met the third kind.
Sometimes in my dreams I can still
see them making that long last walk.
They never faltered.
They never so much as
broke their stride.
But above all others
I remember his eyes,
how they looked at me.
Clear, defiant, never wavering.
Fuck you!
- Taj Mahal?
- Cheap hotel, ma'am?
Dollars? Pounds?
Peacock feathers?
Delhi map? Cheap hotel?
Are you helping her or hijacking her?
Get out of the way! Scoot!
- First time in India, madam? Don't worry.
- Yes! No
Are you married?
Even I and my wife are married.
How could I not?
Sorry, you had to do everything
Your Hindi is really terrific
Don't worry. Everything is ready
The posters are all over the campus.
It's been announced on radio
Many will come
for the auditions
What's the matter?
I couldn't tell you, but the truth
is there is no one but me
No producer, no money
- I know.
- You knew?
First Alice and then
Beth Williams called me
They said the documentary was off.
You said something
to her in Hindi.
She asked me what it meant.
I explained. In full detail
Sonia, you're priceless.
Here we are. Delhi University
- How much?
- It's up to you
Thanks Ravi, you are a sweetheart.
Please bring the bags up
- Hello, which country, madam?
- India, I hope.
- Your room.
- Okay.
Get some rest now.
We've lots to do
Call if you need anything
you have my number.
Let's go Ravi.
Grandpa was right
he said when you come to India,
it's love at first sight.
Little ones,
what do you have in your fists?
Little ones,
what do you have in your fists?
I should be cast in the lead because
I have dimples just like Priety Zinta.
When flowers bloom in spring
Jana, Gana, Mana,
Vande Matram
When flowers bloom in the spring
No singing.
Recite 'Salute the Motherland'
- Salute the Motherland.
- Salute the Motherland
If you drank your mother's milk,
come out
I am the Don of Bombay
Raise your hand and say,
Salute the Motherland!
Salute the Motherland
Louder! Raise your hand
and say it
- Salute the Motherland
- Salute the Motherland
I have dedicated my life
to the freedom of this nation
I have dedicated my life
to the freedom of this nation
I I know you want me to marry
but Freedom is my bride.
I know I know that
I know that you want me to marry
but freedom is my bride
but freedom is my bride
Your obedient son, Bhagat Singh.
Bhagat Singh.
Bhagat Singh.
Bhagat Singh.
My name is Bhagat Singh.
Long live the revolution!
- Tea?
- Thanks.
Not quite it, right?
Some will do
for minor roles
but for Azaad or
Bhagat Singh no way
It's all my fault
No Sonia.
You're the only support I have
Look, no point in getting depressed
- Let's have some fun.
- I'm not in the mood
O king of poets! What's up?
How are you?
I'm good. And you?
Aslam Sue McKinley.
Are you studying at the University?
Wow! Great Hindi.
We live and eat there. But no one
has accused us of studying before
Right, Sonia?
Who are those nutters?
Let's rock!
I love you too, baby. Ouch!
Keep it coming!
Damn exhibitionists.
They'll never grow up.
Come on, tiger. Let's rock it
Sukhi, show them!
Is he OK?
That's his normal state.
- Sukhi, all parts working?
- DJ!
Grandpa's hairy testicles!
Who's this?
Sue this is DJ. DJ this is Sue.
Sue? She's so pink,
her name should be Gulabo (Rose)
She's quite hot
I mean it's very cold.
Karan, you saved my life.
you too saved my life
It's ok.
She saved my life too
No Sukhi, she didn't
Never mind. She will someday
- Coming
- Relax, kiddo. You'll be my best man
One more time
Lose Control
I'm a Rebel
I am a rebel.
No students here,
no teachers here
No students here,
no teachers here
Here's to our kind of school.
Having fun, breaking rules
Lose Control
Sukhi, you're just a window shopper.
DJ has cleaned out the store
He's a stud.
- How is everyone?
- What's up, Rahul?
The usual
How's your radio shadio going?
I'm a radio jockey, man
Is it good?
I have a night slot on
All India Radio
You're set then
Set? When the world's fast asleep,
I'm yapping on air,
You're in great company though
Lovers. The sick.
Night watchmen and owls
Laugh at my expense.
Talking about expense
Trial period man. Zero pay
A cigarette?
Okay, see you.
Take care, thanks.
- Conned again?
- Drop it!
It's Dad's money. Rotting idle.
Stop this obscene Western dancing!
How many times must I tell you?
Polluting our culture
Get out of here!
Didn't you hear? Bastard!
This is my last warning!
No more aping the West
Enough is enough
Stop your cheap dancing!
Or I will break your
legs and make you carry them
Who are you to warn us?
If you don't like it get lost!
Bloody Muslim. Pakistani!
Let's finish it
Hey! Clear out.
Last warning get it?
Hail India!
You dare touch Aslam.
I'll beat you to a pulp
Your mother won't know you
Seen a baboon's arse?
Yours will be just as red soon
Sir, let us grown-ups talk
Messing about in a heritage site
This will fix your itch.
Anybody hungry?
I could eat a horse
Grandpa's hairy testicles!
If something had happened to you,
I'd have killed you
Is that how you say hello?
- Hey, how are you?
- I am fine, how are you?
- Mr. Rathod
- Aslam, you're somehow taller.
Stop posing, come here!
That it is.
Hurry up, guys, I'm starving
Go starve in hell.
- Mitro! Sweetheart.
- Mitro, my foot! Stay away, rascal
Suddenly thought of your mother, eh?
I carried you for nine months
and washed your butt a million times
Now you show up wearing torn jeans,
thinking it's cool
- Ma.
- Get lost!
Do you ever wonder
if I am dead or alive?
What's up?
Drunk again!
You rascals!
Ma, feed us first, then yell at us all night
Hasn't anyone eaten?
Sonia, you're even thinner
Thanks Mitro
Girls today! All bones and no flesh
How will you bear children?
How will you bear children?
Aslam, my dear
I didn't see you
Here is my real son who stays in touch.
And you! Good-for-nothing.
I shouldn't have sent you to the city
Look Ma what a pretty thing
I've got you.
Your daughter-in-law.
Her name is Sue
What? A memsaahib?
Yes! All the way from London.
That's why I couldn't come
Your blessings, Ma
Your son is a brat
Grandpa's hairy
She understands Hindi!
So she understood everything?
You understand everything?
I'm screwed!
I'm off to bed. Your beds are ready.
No driving back so late
I saw them then, like they leapt
out of the pages of grandpa's dairy.
Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad,
Durga Bhabhi and Ashfaqulla Khan.
They were sitting
right there in front of me.
Sue, where are you?
Will you act in my film?
Will you act in my film?
Why are you all laughing?
I'm the hero of her film.
They're champions at acting.
They do it all day
You will be perfect as Bhagat Singh,
Chandrashekhar Azaad
Ashfaqualla Khan and Rajguru
And Sonia will be my Durga Bhabhi.
Such sweet Hindi
All this talk of patriots is boring
Boring? They sacrificed their lives
for freedom
Hah! Freedom! Have you seen
the state of this country
No one believes in this crap
One minute. I do
I believe in my country.
Else why would I fight for it?
Maybe it's just cool being
a pilot flying expensive jets
and wearing sexy jackets
And the girls!
They love men in uniform
I admit there's a bit of all that.
But I'm willing to die for my country.
I am proud of it.
Proud of what?
Our exploding population?
- No. Unemployment.
- Corruption.
What tops the list?
No country is perfect, Karan.
You have to make it perfect
It's settled then
You keep trying to make it perfect
I head for America.
Nothing's going to change in this dump.
You won't be able to leave us.
She really does speak Hindi!
Asshole, you didn't tell me
I made an ass of myself
Please ask them
You don't give up, will you?
They won't do it.
Yes, they will. I will bring them.
DJ's promise.
Karan, stub it
My respects
May you live long.
When did you come?
Some time ago with some friends.
- Who is he?
- DJ's grandfather.
Lord, keep him safe
Good morning Karan. Back so early?
Sir, I didn't know you were in town
Just arrived an hour ago.
It was a long flight.
How's college?
- It's fine, Dad.
- Have you decided
which American university
you'll join next year?
I hear good things about
Management Program at Michigan
There's Carnegie Mellon and Wharton
I know the list.
I can't hear you.
Call back later. I said, LATER!
I know you're familiar with the list.
But nothing comes easy in life
You have to plan things out
Every second a baby is born in
a gutter in India. But who gives a damn?
Neither the government
not God.
Take it away! Be someone in life.
Or else you'll end up a servant
Not another lecture please.
A generation of texting.
More than
four lines sounds like
a lecture to you.
I can't hear you.
Ok, I'll go outside
Tell them the deal is off
You're wasting my time
The quality of Russian goods is
suspect anyway.
In the open market
they'll barely get half of that
So, let them decide.
At an Indian wedding everyone is fed.
Not just the groom and his family,
the wedding band too
Tell him to wire the money.
Think it over.
They'll string you along.
DJ promised me.
DJ promised?
You really make films?
Karan! You're late.
Where are the others?
The Young Guns Of India.
Very dramatic!
Where are you going?
Well, that's one part cast
Karan must know where his friends are now
Wow. 9!
What a babe! Oye Chotu
get me a cup of tea
2! Tell her to go.
10! She looks like a hen!
Dude look at those legs!
Shake it baby, shake it
Oh Shit!
No, she's an 8 or 9.
I knew it.
Stuffing your faces.
You lazy good for nothings.
We were about to come, but
Karan is late.
Karan? He showed up.
Oh, I get it!
We're waiting here, he's waiting there
Utter confusion.
You're Ashfaqulla Khan.
- You're Rajguru.
- The hero right!
And you. Know who you are?
The Master of disguise and deception
Chandrashekhar Azad.
I could die for you
Learn your lines.
Rehearsals tomorrow. 8 a.m.
- Nine!
- Sharp at 8.
- Oh that? ok.
- You've already wasted a day
Kiddo, how pretty my future wife
is when she's mad
Bitten by the bug of love!
No hope of surviving
What's new, Laxman?
The Party's bosses are
very happy with your work
The protests you instigated
against westernisation
have helped us score
over the other parties
Take this.
For you and your boys
No sir. I don't do it for money
I believe in the Party's principles
That may be, Laxman
But every movement needs fuel to run
Keep it.
March 14th. We started rehearsals.
To say I was nervous,
would be an understatement.
Whatever you do to me,
you cannot break me
I have befriended pain
and walk holding the finger of Death
DJ idiot! Don't screw up my concentration.
Shhhh The finger of Death!
I have committed my life to
the freedom of my country
I know you want me to marry,
but freedom is my bride
Your obedient son, Bhagat Singh
Who the hell talks like that?
Obedient son! Freedom is my bride!
That's a great line for Sukhi
Anyway, no girl will marry him.
At least let freedom be his bride.
Go on laugh, bastards!
Sue, what have you done to me
The season has changed
and the world so pretty
The Miss Freedom contest-the Sari round
I thought I'd get into character
Hey, Miss Universe ity.
This isn't going to work
You must work harder, take it seriously
Until you get the emotions right
the characters won't ring true
Go on, try! Something will emerge
Hey! Something has already emerged
from Sukhi. Congratulations
You look like a revolutionary now
Gulabo! I'm the one setting the right mood
DJ, quiet! You'll get a wallop soon
Smile smile she smiled! She's mine
Bhagat Singh believed in it.
And he was just 23 when hanged for it
Times were different then.
Today if you say you want to give your life
for your country, know what they'll say?
Are you nuts?
None of this makes sense to me
Don't think about the words.
Just grasp the emotion
- Try again
- Let's try again. Come on
I have committed my life to the
freedom of the country
An easy life, a job, and other
worldly desires have no meaning for me
Like all parents, I know you want
me to marry. But freedom is my bride
I, the son of Mother India,
swear by fire
I, the son of Mother India,
swear by fire and take this oath
Aslam's got it right
He looks a girl in the eye
and recites poetry,
holds her hand, reads her palm
DJ, I'm scared,
I'll stay a virgin all my life
Kiddo, as long as I'm there,
you won't die a virgin
DJ's promise.
Who knows how many people you'll change.
Set them on the right path
You have the art of changing destinies.
Your love line is very strong
The man of your dreams will come to you
in a black T-shirt and say
Sue, what have you done to me?
I have no love line
You licked it off as a baby
The Defense Minister Shastri has been
implicated in the MIG kickback scandal
What depressing nonsense!
Let's go
To the Mahal of the Taj
To the Minar of Qutub
To the Kumari of Kanya
To the Panjim of Goa
To the Kaancheepuram.
Long live bad, long live good
They all have something to say
India and Pakistan
Bangladesh all in a song
Khajuraho to Coimbatore
Here's to our kind of school.
Having fun, breaking rules
To the corners of the earth
What is our search worth?
What is our destiny?
From the Gateway of India
Up to the Himalayas
Across the Ganges, Yamuna,
Here's to our kind of school.
Having fun, breaking rules
Lose control
See you tomorrow
You're my mate. I'll take you home
I'm nearly there. Take it easy
We are far from drunken oblivion
to forget the lane you live in
To forget the lane you live in
Grandpa's hairy testicles!
Friends like that are rare
One day all this will be over
- We'll all go our separate ways
- But you will stay in touch
That never happens. Life happens.
Find a job, make money.
Get married, settle down
A dance to life's tune
This side of the college gate,
life dances to our tune,
On the other side,
life makes us dance
Know something Gulabo?
I graduated five years ago
But I'm still here
I don't get it.
- I want to stay at university forever
- But why?
People know me at campus
DJ is a big shot here
They say DJ is the man.
He will do something
But out there in the world, the best DJ's
are crushed lost in the crowd.
Grandpa's hairy testicles!
It's the beer making me rant on.
Gulabo, another thing terrifies me
Acting in your film.
Don't worry I'm there for you
My friend is tall
but his lane is small.
- Its Aslam's lane.
- Mind you watch it I'm Muhammad Ali.
- Don't be silly Don't be silly.
- Muhammad Ali.
Where have you been?
See you tomorrow
You've been drinking too?
Father, you know I don't touch alcohol
- Good-for-nothings!
- They're my friends
Friends? They feel no shame
meeting your father, reeking of alcohol
Can't you have Muslim friends?
- They want to disgrace your religion
- What's religion got to do with it?
Shut up! Dare raise your voice
in father's presence
He's right.
This country has never accepted us
Muslims and nor will it ever
Doesn't your blood boil?
Have I Hindu friends?
I don't think the way you do,
nor do I wish to
I've no hate
You're a coward!
Stop it!
I suffocate in this house.
Always the same talk
Each year, a celebration will be
held at the shrine of martyrs
Those who have sacrificed their lives
for their country will never be forgotten
- Excellent!
- Well said Ashfaq Sahib
If only the English could hear you
they'd run.
So what's been decided?
We rob the Empire's money from the
Lucknow train as it passes Kakori in 8 days
With it we buy weapons
Bismil will explain the plan
Bismil Where is my Ram?
Where is my Ram?
How will I find Ramprasad Bismil?
- Relax. We will find him.
- But where? How?
You won't find Ramprasad Bismil
among this lot
You need a true Indian.
How can you find one amongst people
who themselves want to be westerners
Ignore him. Let's go.
Bismil prayed to be reborn a hundred times
So he'd sacrifice his life for
his country a hundred times
Let's go, Sue.
You tell me.
Where will I find my Bismil?
The desire to rebel
now fills our hearts
We have yet to test the strength of
the murderer's might
Why does he not say a word?
The one in my sights has his lips sealed
O martyrs, O men of valor,
I'd give my life for you
In every lane even the enemy
sings your praise these days
When the time will come,
we shall show you, O sky,
What is the point in speaking
now of what lies in our hearts?
They drag us all together
in hope of execution,
Those fired by passion gathered
in the murderer's lane.
The desire to rebel now fills our hearts
We have yet to test the strength of
the murderer's might
Sue, this isn't London.
You don't know scum like Laxman Pandey
If he's in then I'm not doing this film
If you have a problem say it to my face
Why stab me in the back like a sissy?
Pandey, go!
We don't want trouble
Speak up! You coward
Aslam, sit down.
Where are you going?
How dare you touch Aslam!
Thrash him! You bastard!
Hey hit him
I'm sorry, I asked you to
be part of my film
What was I thinking?
There's always been bad blood
between Pandey and us
- And will happen again if I stay.
- No, it won't. I assure you.
We've worked it out.
No more problems for you
We all know what this film
means to you
We all want you to finish
what you came to do
Everyone wants you to stay.
I want you to stay.
Say something
Don't worry, I'm there for you
Come on Get up
She smiled! She's in!
Kiddo, she isn't going anywhere
Grandpa's testicles!
What a drama queen! Clean up now
What a mess!
The next four weeks were
the hardest of my entire life.
And the happiest.
God is one. Truth is his name
He is the Creator.
The Fearless. Without Enmity
The Immortal. The Unborn,
By the grace of the Guru
Recite. True in the beginning
True before Time. True in the present
Guru Nanak will be forever true
Thought cannot create Him
Even though one may try.
He cannot be attained through silence
Even though meditation is unbroken
The devout's hunger for God
can never be satisfied
Despite the many worldly
riches you may have
Use the riches as you will.
But none will help you to attain God
How shall a man justify himself?
How can the screen of falsehood be torn?
Nanak, by abiding the will of
God as ordained by Him
The Pure belong to God.
And Victory is God's alone
Take a little soil of my land
Take a waft of perfume
from the crazy wind
Take a breath from
my ever-quickening heart
And the passion red like
the blood that flows in my veins
Mix all this together
and bring a new colour alive
Colour me in the colour of sacrifice
The colour of sacrifice
The colour of sacrifice
The colour of sacrifice
The colour of sacrifice
The colour of sacrifice
The colour of sacrifice
The colour of sacrifice
Bismil sent a message:
The Lucknow train
The one with the whitey's money,
we rob at Kakori
Eating kebabs at the same time
With that money we buy bombs.
What will we buy? Bombs!
Leave her alone!
She'll stop giving us milk
Colour your dreams.
Colour the ones you love
Colour happiness.
Colour sadness
Colour the new generation.
Colour the crops
Colour your heartbeat.
Colour the music, colour your face
Mix all this together and
bring a new colour alive
Mix all this together
and bring a new colour alive
Take a little soil of my land.
Take a waft of perfume from the crazy wind
Take a breath from
my ever-quickening heart
And the passion red like the blood
that flows in my veins
Mix all this together
and bring a new colour alive
Mix all this together and
bring a new colour alive
Mix all this together and
bring a new colour alive
Mix all this together and
bring a new colour alive
Bismil's message. The train headed
for Lucknow Hey, Chotu.
Did you get Bismil's message?
No? Then listen
In eight days, we rob the train at Kakori
It's loaded with cash
- Will you help?
- No
We will buy arms with the money.
- What do we buy?
- Arms
Good. Go!
Let love simmer
on a low flame
Take a waterfall, add some river
Take an ocean, a few clays pots,
Then stir it all together
and bring the new colour alive.
Colour me in the colour of sacrifice
Bismil has sent a message
the Lucknow train
carrying money
will be robbed by us
in Kakori in seven days
That money will buy weapons
Colour the town
Colour your life
Colour your smile
Colour your veins
Colour your childhood
Colour your youth
Paint everything in
the colour of patriotism
Colour me in the colour of sacrifice
The Kakori robbery on August 9th 1925.
That's where it all started.
Nothing would ever be
the same after that.
They are about 25 British Officers.
We better call it off! We're nearly
at Kakori. Stop Ashfaq, quick.
Ashfaq, stop!
It's too late to back out.
Stay calm!
Keep the windows shut
no Indians will be harmed
The keys!
They'll catch you.
- Give me the keys!
- I don't have them.
Banwari, the sledge-hammer.
I'll handle them.
Get the money
Kakori had sent shock waves
throughout the establishment.
The people had found new heroes
But we had no to blame but ourselves.
What we were hearing were
the echoes of our own guns.
The Jallianwala Baug made
an essentially nonviolent people
consider taking up arms.
This was when Bhagat Singh
stepped out of the shadows
to claim his destiny.
I've committed my life
to the freedom of this country.
An easy life, a job, and other worldly desires
have no meaning for me
Like all parents,
I know you want me to marry
But freedom is my bride.
I hope you forgive me.
Your obedient son Bhagat Singh.
Shall we break?
You mean breakfast?
General Dyer.
How could anyone do such a thing?
I never realized he shot 400
innocent people at Jallianwala Bagh.
The official figure is 379.
Actually, over a thousand were
An amulet. I prayed at the shrine
of a Sufi saint for Daljeet's well-being.
Who's Daljeet?
Pah! We were champions at tolerance.
Even an ant bites under attack.
We never fight back.
We did. But today's generation don't.
Have you heard of Uddham Singh?
He went all the way to London
and shot Dyer
who led the Jallianwala Baugh massacre.
Eat Sonia.
Butter will strengthen your bones.
Every mother in Punjab has
given a son to the army.
Sacrifice runs in our blood.
We've always fought back.
- Only idiots like DJ don't.
- Why do you drag me into everything.
Shut up and eat!
From childhood we are taught to 'adjust'
6 guys sit on a seat meant for 3
A 7th shows up and says 'Please adjust!'
Hey! Why are you adjusting?
Isn't it strange?
This is our country, our land.
And foreigners hound us here.
Ashfaq, go to Afghanistan
We have many Muslim friends there.
You will be safe with them.
After all, you're one of them.
One of them?
Don't I belong to this country?
That wasn't what Ashfaq
I didn't mean to hurt you.
This country is as much yours as mine.
You have the right to fight
and die for it
Forgive me.
Why talk of dying?
Allah willing, we will live to see our
grandchildren grow up in free India.
Run Ram Run
Where are the others?
Where is Azad?
Azad was not a man to be found easily.
A master of disguises he appeared
and vanished at will.
After months of frustration a breakthrough
came for the British Government.
Banwari Lal, weakest of
the revolutionaries in captivity.
The man who had given
us the whereabouts of
Bismil and Ashfaqulla agreed
to be the bait to trap Azad.
Just look into my eyes
I love the singing and dancing.
That's why we make movies, to dance.
Ya right Mr. Hollywood
- So where are we going?
- Where to?
Bro! Where to?
Special day, special place!
I was a kid when I came here
for the first time
I'd watch planes take off
and disappear in the sky.
They've gone mad!
Come on, face it,
you'd love to do that too.
You mean howl at planes
and tear off my shirt?
That's fine by me.
Dream on
Boys and girls and Sukhi the skirt chaser.
Why pick on me
Ma'am, if you can spare the time will you
spend the rest of your life with me?
Without telling me,
take me somewhere far away
The place in which you smile
That place is heaven to me
How sweet life is now
I have just tasted it and realized.
How sweet life is now
The place in which your arms hold me close.
That is the shore for me
Without telling me,
take me somewhere far away
Float through my mind like a gentle breeze.
Fill the caravan of my dreams
The song you sing,
is the song for me
Without telling me,
take me somewhere far away
The first thing that hit me
about this man was his voice
I knew then my job
was not going to be easy
I'll come back later
I won't stop until my country is free
I don't believe you can wait till then
My name is James McKinley.
I'm here to ask you
where Azad and the
other terrorists are hiding
Not terrorists. Freedom fighters.
Call them Freedom fighters.
Breaking a man bit by bit
they said it would get easier with time
It never did.
The torture went on for sometime
but Bismil didn't break.
Both men had made pain their friend.
They didn't break.
Instead they did something
I had never seen any prisoner do before.
The desire to rebel,
now fills our hearts
Immortality will be yours, Ashfaq,
Living on eternally beyond death
I think it was the poetry
that held their souls together
as the torture tore their bodies apart
The torture didn't work
so we thought of other ways.
Son, here is the Holy Quran.
Hindus like Bismil
will have their country.
They are just using Muslims like you.
He isn't fighting for Hindus' freedom
but for India's freedom.
Never mind. What would you know?
You've got used to licking
the boots of the British
Where are the other terrorists?
Tell me. You'll be spared.
December 19th
You aren't to blame, Mr. McKinley
You're only doing your duty.
How can this be your will?
Tell me.
How can this be the will of God?
Has someone died?
Sue, I've never seen these
guys so serious
What are you doing to my friends?
It's not me
- Laxman, aren't you coming with us?
- Some other time.
Come on. I'm leaving tomorrow.
I'm not hungry.
You don't have to eat.
Just come
To Ajay and Sonia!
May they always be happy.
Two things are dearer than life to me
Flying and Sonia.
What is a mere heart?
Take my life instead
You're so lucky.
You found your passion.
- You have your poetry.
- Like DJ has his singing.
Everyone has a passion.
You just have to discover it.
Like our revolutionaries.
Freedom was their passion.
Nothing in this world is
worth dying for. Nothing!
Except a beautiful woman!
- Enough, DJ
- Ok, Mother
Some things are worth dying for.
Forget it!
They died for the country, right?
Did it make a difference? Pointless!
See the state of the country now!
Who cares anyway?
I do.
People like Ajay do.
They fight for this country.
So people like you sleep in peace.
Take my life instead
Sonia, don't be stupid
Sonia's right.
You're a foreigner.
Easy for you to say that
All our life we fight for basics:
food, clothes, a roof over our head
Try to change the system
and it'll end up changing you
Corruption is in our fucking DNA
This country has no future
Grandpa's hairy testicles!
She's talking about the past,
you're talking about the future
One foot in the past,
one in the future.
That's why we're pissing on the present
Be serious for once.
It's easy to sit on the fence
and talk big
Cursing others is even easier
If you're so concerned
then you change the country
It's yours' too
Join politics, the police force.
The Civil Service. Change things!
But you never will.
Shall I tell you why?
Because nobody wants to get
their hands dirty!
Be brave, go on Change the future
Nothing will change.
It's always been this way.
Start change and it's the end for you
Correct! The only difference will
be the style of your ending
I'm not drunk. Ask Sue.
Sue, am I drunk?
See? The director's word is final.
Cut it!
Kiddo, where was I?
The style of your ending
Yes! The style of the ending.
Ours will be the same
Wrapped in white shrouds.
Grandpa's hairy testicles!
Only Ajay will be
wrapped in the Indian flag
Karan, even the street dogs
won't bark when we die
But Ajay will have
a twenty-one-gun salute
- What are you doing?
- Attention!
Karan, this is for you.
For me?
Girls fall for him anyway.
I need the jacket
Aunty! You have such
a dutiful daughter-in-law.
Watch, now she'll pay
her respects to Ajay.
DJ's right. Touch my feet!
Sue, see what women in this country
have to endure.
You must respect tradition
Even Sue knows a woman's place
is at her husband's feet
They're still kids.
Half the time they're fighting,
then they're making up.
Sweets, can't you stay a bit longer?
If only. But I can't, Sweets
O beloved, don't leave my arms.
I promise, I will break down and cry,
I can imagine how Sonia
is feeling now
My Dad was in the army too.
Early in marriage, I felt bad too
Slowly I realized that
he first belonged to the country.
Then to me
Whether you like it or not
you have to accept it
I am so happy Ajay has found
a girl like you
- Now I can die in peace
- What are you saying, Ma?
You'll be telling stories
to your dozen grandchildren
Grandchildren? They'll only happen
if you stick around
The enemy sits in waiting,
a weapon in his hand
Here we are ready with hearts of steel
We will play with blood
if trouble casts a shadow over our land
The desire to rebel now fills our hearts
The enemy sits in waiting,
a weapon in his hand
The hands of men filled with passion
can never be slashed with swords
Their heads may be severed
but never will they bow
The embers in our hearts
burn even brighter
The desire to rebel
now fills our hearts
We left our homes with shrouds
wrapped around our heads
We forge ahead with
hearts revealed
Life is a passing guest
Death is here to stay
The desire to rebel
now fills our hearts
A storm rages in our hearts,
revolution rushes in our veins
We will overcome the enemy,
we shall not be stopped today
Our goal is not far from sight
The desire to rebel
now fills our hearts
The desire to rebel
now fills our hearts
Just before dying Lalaji said,
Every blow rendered on me
is a nail imbedded in the
coffin of the British imperialism.
It was the calm before the storm.
We have to take drastic measures.
Kill him.
Let's go
Bhagat, run!
Go! I don't want to kill an Indian
In the days that followed, Azad,
Bhagat Singh and the others went missing
This was the period
when they coined two words
Long live the revolution
Long live the revolution!
Two words that became the slogan
for India's freedom movement
Wonderful plan!
But Bhagat, escape will be impossible
Escape? No. The point is to get caught.
If we get caught, there will be a trial
The trial will allow us
to speak to the people
We shall rouse them.
Whoever is caught maybe
sent to the gallows
I know
Deaf ears need a loud noise to hear
Long live the revolution!
They were only smoke bombs, intended to
awaken England from her dreams.
And they had more than
achieved their task.
The time of unrest is here
Embers are smouldering
The tide is turning
A new wind blows
The time of unrest is here
We are political prisoners
We're allowed books.
And pens and paper.
And a daily newspaper.
No food till then.
We're going on hunger strike.
The fast and the torture went on
for 114 days. 114 days!
Never before in the history of any
revolution had anyone lasted so long.
In such inhumane conditions
we could crush these young boys
but we could not crush their souls.
Our words are so insistent
Our desires are so insistent
This storm is so insistent
We are so insistent
Make your mark.
What have you to lose?
Drink this spirit in one long gulp.
Let life make you drunk
Rejoice this moment!
Let yourself go
There's life in your breath.
The storm will wait for you
Unrest fills their eyes
Unrest quickens their heartbeats
Unrest is in the air
The time of unrest is here
Dark shadows loom over us.
We will brighten the sky
The time of unrest is here
Grandpa's hairy testicles!
Breaking news
We have just heard a MIG
fighter plane has crashed
This is the second accident
in the past six months
The Defense Ministry has ordered
an immediate enquiry
We hear that the pilot
Ajay Rathore has died in the accident
Flt. Lt. Ajay Rathore
did not eject from the plane
Instead he flew away from Ambala city
and crashed in an open field
saving many lives
163 MIG planes have crashed so far
killing 66 pilots.
This game of hide-and-seek
has gone on too long.
Come home now, won't you?
I have looked everywhere for you
Your mother is weary
Dusk has fallen
I worry about you. My eyes are weary.
Come home now
Mother, you won't believe where I am.
Here I can fly in the wide open sky
A place of dreams you spoke of
My kite flies here without a care
No one to steal the kite's string
or cut it loose
Flt. Lt. Rathore chose not to
parachute out of his plane
steering it away from Ambala city
His bravery saved many lives.
Though Flt. Lt. Rathore paid with his own
100 MIG-21 planes have crashed
in the last ten years
And 30 pilots have died
Defense Minister, the CAG states the
spare parts bought from the Russians
were defective
Is this a case of high-level corruption?
No, not at all.
I have clarified this in Parliament.
It's a complete lie
Young pilots today are
irresponsible and rash
No! I don't agree
Flt. Lt. Rathore was an ace pilot
He trained under me
He was a gold medalist.
The youngest pilot to clear night sorties
He has flown a 1000 hours
Hardly the record of an irresponsible pilot
Defense Minister, how many more
pilots will you send to their graves
Will all our boys die the same way
How do I show you the
wonders of this place?
I have drunk from flowing waterfalls
I have touched hanging
clusters of dreams
Here sun and shade walk hand in hand,
everything seems bright and new
Here there is nothing I lack
Yet I feel so alone without you Maa
From now only selected pilots
will fly this aircraft
Not irresponsible pilots like
Ajay Rathore
What crap!
I have nothing to hide.
I welcome any enquiry
This damn MIG investigation
better not ruin us.
Public memory is short.
I'll sort it out.
Dead pilots live long in the
memory of the media
Didn't they join the armed forces
to sacrifice their lives?
All eyes are moisten in the
memory of Ajay Rathore
In these eyes, there's growing anger
Aimed at the Government.
And at the Defense Minister
Ajay Rathore's mother is with us today
The Government can't
turn its back on us.
They will have to tell us
Why were defective MIG spare parts
bought in the first place?
An aircraft can be made again.
But our children can't
It's clear. The Defense Minister
is responsible.
He must resign
An enquiry into the scam is underway
But only time will tell
how much truth emerges
Mr. Mishra, what is going on?
The Defense Minister says
Ajay Rathore was a novice
He avoided crashing over the city
When it developed a snag
he didn't try to save his own life
He flew clear of Ambala city
saving thousands.
Yet the Defense Minister insists
on branding Rathore a novice
We ask how many Ministers
have enlisted their sons in the Army
I'm not budging. This is for Ajay
It could turn ugly
Let it.
Our blood flows angry
through the streets
Seeping through the mirror of our eyes
Flowing from our bodies
Embracing the ground
Winding through streets.
Surging and sweeping
To paint a new world, Blood flows
From gaping wounds
And deep gashes
So slowly
Accusing fingers are
met by clenched fists
Blood flows angry
To paint a new world, Blood flows angry
- Doctor, she's badly injured.
- Take her to emergency!
Wait here please
So many innocents were beaten
Mr. Mishra, why didn't you stop them?
You protested against our government?
It's unacceptable
It wasn't against the government
but for the truth
Our soldiers sacrifice
their lives for the country
While some Ministers fill their pockets
in return for these young lives
Our Party does nothing.
Come, sit down
Have tea
Don't be so emotional.
There's no place for emotions in politics
The Party has great hopes for you
- You'll do well in life.
- I don't care about you or your Party
You sold out too.
- How's Aunty?
- She's having an MRI test.
I am sorry. She's in a coma
She's badly injured. And the shock
of her son's death too
You're hurt too. It needs stitches
Call me if you need anything.
Aslam? How is he?
Haven't you done enough damage?
Uncle, you're mistaken.
I'm not interested in what you think
or your intentions
But listen carefully
Aslam doesn't know what's good for him
He's emotional.
He thinks from the heart.
This is a bad time for us Muslims
I don't want him to get into
trouble because of you
Go in
All parts working?
Don't make me laugh, idiot. It hurts
How's aunty?
In a coma
What is happening with us?
Some dinner?
Never mind, Aunty.
We only came to see Aslam
We must return to the hospital.
My behavior towards you
I was always I'm sorry.
Everything is falling apart
I only stood and watched
People like us don't count here
Thousands like Ajay can die.
It will make no difference.
Nothing will change
Ajay did everything right. And yet
He was a good pilot.
A good friend, a good son
Never harmed a soul.
He didn't deserve to die
Our Sonia didn't deserve this
As I watched DJ sleep that night
a funny thought occurred to me
may be DJ wasn't sleeping.
May be none of them were.
May be they were all waking up.
Karan, they've ruined your jacket
Long live India!
No one could touch that scoundrel
What can we do anyway?
He controls the law of the land
We have to take drastic measures.
What do you mean?
What do you want to do?
Kill him.
Kill the Defense Minister!
Are you crazy?
We aren't killers Sonia.
But they are.
Do you know what you're saying?
It's not a blood lust. We want justice
I'll find a gun.
Don't stir things up, Pandey.
Thrashing people is nothing to you
But to us
Is Ajay's death nothing?
And what's happened to
his mother is nothing?
Be sensible.
He will pay for Lalaji's death
We cannot spare Scott
I never believed we had it in us
to fight for anything
I believed that too until now
We're being crazy
He goes for a walk at 8 every morning.
We'll finish him off.
Finish him off!
Who is going to finish him off?
I will
Security is more relaxed in the morning.
We still might get caught
We chance it
The Defense Minister was out this morning
when two unidentified men opened fire
He was shot in the chest and declared
dead on arrival at the hospital
No one has claimed responsibility
The Government suspects a foreign
hand behind the murder
The country has lost a great leader,
murdered by cowardly terrorists
A true patriot who died for his country
His contribution has been exemplary
A tapped phone call has revealed that
Rajnath Singhania is
linked to the MIG scam
This conversation took place some days
before the Defense Minister was shot
The Russians want us to reduce our cut
Didn't you tell them I make the deals,
not the Defense Ministry
Let's go.
Come on.
V.K. Shastri was killed by
two unidentified persons.
Paaji, where's DJ?
They were here. Now they're gone.
He didn't come home last night.
Is everything alright?
He said he'd stay over at DJ's.
Is DJ here?
Is everything alright?
Come with me Sit, sit.
- Don't worry. No harm will come to them
- But DJ
Daljeet has always been a little devil
He'd vanish on his bike and
stay out all night long
I have only one son.
If I had more, I'd sleep better
I'm scared!
No, child. Don't be scared
Guru Nanak will take care of everything
When you fall in love leave
the rest to God
The Defense Minister, the martyr
Bastard! One of India's favorite sons.
A priceless jewel!
Next they'll give him Bharat Ratna
The bastard! All in vain
People must know the truth
So who will tell them?
We will. We'll give ourselves in.
Yes! Inspector, this is what happened.
And then that corrupt Minister
Inspector, you get the picture?
To whom do we surrender?
The police? They're puppets.
Well? Do we twiddle our thumbs
and let them spread lies?
No! Let's finish them off.
Shoot the lot. Right, Pandey?
Shut him up!
You knew your father was involved
You knew everything.
No, Sukhi
To hell with Sukhi! You bloody liar
You've always wanted to take
revenge on your father
Kiddo, don't talk rot
I don't count, right?
He's your favourite
- DJ, he's used you.
- Shut up Sukhi.
He has used us all
Mark my words.
His father will save him
And we'll get caught.
I don't want to die
We did this for Ajay
Now what, DJ?
- Have you thought it over?
- Yes
I need to know the truth.
Don't worry
I'm not worried. Just don't be late
No harm will come to you, Karan
I promise. Nothing will happen to you
Tell me who else is involved
I know people in high places
I'll get the best lawyers.
You'll be ok
But I will get you out from it.
Remember, just say you were
forced into it
Say something.
Do you understand?
Everything I worked for will be lost.
Why did you do it? Why?
Why did you?
Me? What did I do?
They don't fear death.
Ajay always said: Let death strike.
I'll do anything for my country
Ajay You'll sort it out
out the country
Ajay was burnt alive.
Not for the country.
You killed him!
You made a mockery of his life
I know you're upset.
But what's done is done
Relax! Let me handle things.
I'll find a way out.
Is there a way out, Pa?,
Yes, many
Sukhi, it's okay.
No one will blame you
Kiddo, try and understand.
It might end badly
Without you guys,
it's the end for me anyway
Grandpa's hairy testicles! Come.
Maa, Ajay's death will not be in vain.
What is it about these boys
that make them have no fear?
I think sometimes a person can be pushed
so far that they reach a place beyond fear
A place where you find
a strange peace where you
free yourselves to do
the right thing.
And sometimes that's the
hardest thing to do.
This is Rahul.
Your favorite night-time host
let's listen to R.D. Burman's
romantic music.
Karan! What brings you here?
Need a favor
We want to go on air
I don't get it.
You want to be on my show?
Now! Live.
I want to go on air. Now! Live
Is this some kind of joke?
They'll fire me
You owe us. Payback time.
The studio is all yours!
Come in.
Gun! He has a gun!
Karan, go in. Let me handle it
Keep the mike on.
Or you'll get switched off
Get outside. Don't panic.
Paaji, anyone in there?
Uncle, run. Don't stop!
Security! He's armed.
Leave the building. Move it!
Come on! Get out of here
Everybody leave! Out! Move!
Don't panic, we won't hurt you
We won't hurt you, go!
You'll come to no harm. Move it
Nothing will happen to you,
don't worry, move
It's 6:05 a.m. I'm Rahul. You're listening
to my show, The night is young
I have a surprise guest for you today
An old friend of mine. Karan Singhania.
He wants to say something.
My name is Karan Singhania. My friends
and I killed the Defense Minister
My friends and
I shot the Defense Minister
Ravi, take me to the radio station.
Quickly. Hurry!
We aren't terrorists. We don't work
for any foreign organization.
We don't belong to any political group
We're simply five
Delhi university students
The reason why we shot
the Defense Minister is
because he murdered our friend,
Flt. Lt. Ajay Rathore
And many other Air Force pilots too.
We shot him because he killed Ajay,
and then sullied his name
Ajay's mother sacrificed her husband
and son for this country
She's in a coma, fighting for her life
A Defence Minister is supposed
to protect the nation. He sold it.
What will stop these men? The law?
They manipulate the law and
use it against people
We killed him
because he always
got away with it
Maybe we were wrong.
It's a sin to kill.
But we could no longer take it.
We came here to confess our crime.
We are here to tell everyone
something must be done.
We must all do something.
The Defense Minister's
murderers are hiding in
the All India Radio building
Karan Singhania and his friends are here
If you want to talk to them,
call this number
While you dial
It's done.
Hey, you rascal!
Right this minute, I know for sure
There's a fire somewhere in me
The dawn has broken
Burning me
I swallowed the sun whole,
I'm face to face with the light
Once lost to me
Was a dream
I found the dream again
It's come alive
Once made of iron
Melting now
Lingering notes, A new melody
Melted into a sitar.
What's prison food like?
Food? Think, no beer!
Grandpa's hairy testicles!
You guys are famous. They are calling
you from all over the country
Come on! Talk to them
Your ideas are spreading like wildfire.
- Police!
- Police!
Where did they come from?
You'll ruin my career
Shut up! Get out.
Karan, go on air.
We haven't much time left.
They'll arrest us soon.
Tell them what you need to
The Delhi police have surrounded
the building. They are rescuing the staff.
The news of the Minister's
murderers has just reached Calcutta.
Reporting from Bangalore
Reporting from Churchgate in Mumbai
Reporting from Cotton College
in Guwahati
Reporting from S.P. College in Srinagar
Reporting from Lucknow University
where many people are reacting
I'm Prakash. Congratulations!
All politicians must
be lined up and shot.
Mr. Prakash, how many would
you line up and shoot?
Corrupt ministers
didn't drop from the sky
They're one of us.
We voted for them.
We're just as corrupt.
If you want change, change yourself.
Sharma speaking.
I'm a headmaster from Indore.
You have set a terrible example
by killing the Minister.
You're right, sir. We're sorry.
But name us any minister or politician,
who has been imprisoned for his crimes
Who else is on your hit list?
We have no hit-list.
How do you feel having
killed the Defense Minister?
We didn't kill him for
personal reasons.
And we're still enraged.
If you're caught, you'll be sentenced
to death. Aren't you scared?
The All India Radio building
has been surrounded
The college students who confessed
to the murder are inside the building.
Karan, I don't know
if you're right or wrong
Though I must praise your guts,
Do you think you'll get away with it?
If we did, we wouldn't be here
Shoot on sight!
We can hear the sound of gunshots
Shit! They're shooting at us, DJ!
They're shooting at us
Shut up, will you?
They think we're terrorists.
And we'll shoot back
Wait! Let me handle it.
Don't panic.
Shoot me! Go on! Shoot!
Sukhi, what have you done?
Shit, DJ! I'm still a virgin
My name is Indira. What's the
difference between you and a terrorist?
There is a difference.
Terrorists don't identify themselves.
They kill innocents,
that's the difference
Aslam, Close the door!
We're not terrorists.
We're not murderers.
We wanted justice.
Why are they shooting college students?
Shomu Bose, NDTV, India.
This country will never change.
This is India.
It has always been like this.
And always will be
No country is perfect.
You have to make it perfect.
We'll join the police force,
the armed forces. The Civil Service
We'll be part of the political system
and run the government
This country will change.
We'll change it.
That's fine. If the Defense Minister
may be guilty.
But what about the allegations
against your father?
I'll find a way out.
Is there any way out, Dad?
My name is Daljeet Singh.
There are two ways of living life:
Accept things the way they are.
And endure them
Or take responsibility and
change them
Karan Singhania killed his father
before coming here
DJ! You're bleeding so badly.
It's ok. My blood was tired of flowing
in my veins. It wanted to be free
Aslam Laxman Sukhi?
It's all over
Kiddo, I think I'm in love
I never told you
Grandpa's hairy testicles!
I can't stop thinking about her
Well, she's pretty special
You'll make a great pair
The question of kids worries me.
Who knows if they'll be black or white
You damn clown!
I always believed that there were
two kinds of men in this world.
who go to their death in silence.
Men who go to their death
screaming and men
And then I met the third kind.
We shall spread this fire.
A new wave will end corruption.
We needed this to shake people
out of their complacency
We'll soon be a great nation.
Free of corruption.
Allah willing
Lord, accept the sacrifices
of these children
I come here with Sonia a lot
just like old times.
And sometimes I hear the voices
carried by the evening breeze.
Not words just sounds,
sounds of laughter.
Come, Bhagat Singh
Father, what are you doing?
I'm sowing a single mango seed.
If I plant one, a thousand will grow
Hey, you rascal!
Right this minute
I knew for sure
There's a fire