Rang Rasiya (2014) Movie Script

Today the biggest auction of India in arts is taking place.
Auction of talent.
The rich people from all over the world are present here.
They will bid for the paintings of Indian painters.
Some people are objecting to it.
May our culture live.
- This filth is not accepted.
Now for lot number 13.
The recently found painting which
was missing since 100 years.
Maneka and Vishwamitra.
In 1883. The painter is Raja Ravi Verma.
The famous painter of the 19th century..
..the father of Indian art.
This will not do.
- Shame. Shame.
Recently many attacks have taken place..
..between artist and the media.
Many incidents of attacks and violences have taken place.
Look for yourself.
The state is 24,000,000 for this beautiful painting.
Thank you. Thank you sir. Now I want 26,000,000.
I have a bid by phone of 28,000,000 now I want 30,000,000.
44,000,000. 46,000,000.
48,000,000. Now I want 50,000,000.
Thank you. I have a bid of 65,000,000.
Now I want 70,000,000.
No one?
I am selling them.
70,000,000 once.
70,000,000 Twice.
70,000,000. Thrice.
"Painter. Painter."
"Painter. Painter."
"Painter. Painter."
"Painter. Painter."
"Painter. Painter."
"Painter. Painter."
"Painter. Painter."
"Painter. Painter."
"All these colours belong to you."
"The orange is like the setting sun at dusk."
"The black tresses."
"It is flowing through your eyes."
"Red. Yellow. Green. Pink. Golden."
"You are one. But you have different shades."
"Colour me. Colour me. Colour me."
"Painter. Painter.
- Painter. Painter."
Ravi Verma.
Where is Ravi Verma?
Ravi Verma.
Yes sir.
How can I help you?
What is this?
This is an old story.
She is Maneka. A fairy.
He is the great teacher Vishwamitra.
Craving for love.
You think of strange stories.
In these strange stories like the soul of a nation.
- But this stories create lot of trouble.
I have a warrant for your arrest.
Thank you.
What is happening? Why did you imprison him?
He is an artist not a criminal.
Who are you?
- I am Raj Verma. His younger brother.
Did you paint these dirty paintings?
- No!! But?
Then stand there and keep quiet.
Ravi Verma. Raja Ravi Verma.
Father's name?
- Ezhumavil Neelakanthan Bhattatiripad.
Slowly. Slowly.
E. N. Bhattatripad.
Mother's name?
Uma Amba.
Brother's name is Raj Verma. My servant's name is Pachan.
Waist. 34 inch.
The size of my shoes is one and a half foot.
Place of birth?
I am just a back ground painter. His shadow.
And he is great painter. Since childhood.
"Painter." Ravi. Ravi.
Ravi! Ravi!
Ravi, what are you doing?
If the King sees this, he will behead me.
The King is here.
Let's go.
Who did this?
This.. This.
- Who did this?
I am sorry, sir. When small kids have.
I did it. It is my mistake.
I won't do it again.
If you don't do it. Then who will do it?
This is him.
Don't worry. He is with Chintanmi. He filed the case.
All rise to his Lordship. Justice Richard.
Under section 295 the case 135 of 1886.
Queen Victoria versus Ravi Verma.
Ravi Verma, the accused. Please come to the witness box.
Mr. Ravi Verma.
You are charged with filthy thinking, irrational thoughts..
..and for hurting the religious sentiments of the people.
Do you accept this crime?
No, your honour.
Mr. Verma, do you have a lawyer to fight your case?
I believe that I don't need a pleader.
If I need I will plead for myself.
Mr. Ontel, how much do you know about the law?
As much as you know about art.
Your honour.
And members of the jury.
This is not an ordinary case.
Important decisions will be taken in this case.
The impact will be felt for many decades.
If a man murders..
..he is given capital punishment.
If someone..
..kills the culture and tradition which is 1000 years old.
What punishment should be given to him?
This man..
..who stands shamelessly..
..and calls himself an artist.
He is a stain to humanity.
He is a danger to the society.
This man in the name of art..
..has spread filth in the society.
Has hurt the society's norms.
By painting derogatory pictures of gods and goddess..
..this man..
..has hurt the sentiments of 1000 of people.
Mr. Ravi Verma.
Please explain to the court.
Are you married?
Is it true that after your marriage for a long time..
..you was staying at your in-laws place..
..and enjoying life with her wealth.
I feel you know about me better than me.
But you have forgotten that the place I come from..
..the husband stays in his wife's home after marriage.
And my wife was a princess.
I want to see you.
The whole.
- Come on.
Are you crazy?
What are you doing?
I am getting ready to paint.
Painting? Whose painting?
Come on.
In our family the husbands don't do such lowly job.
Then what do they do?
They just enjoy. That's it.
What are you doing?
Don't move.
Stand still.
How did you like it?
You may leave.
What is your name?
What are you doing?
I am tired.
Just for sometime. The painting will be done. Then.
Keep your left hand close to your ears. In this manner.
With the right hand the flower..
..you are opening it.
Like this. This position.
Are you only a painter?
And I a thing which you want to paint.
"In your heart and soul..
..I lost my heart."
"My dreams came true."
"Your eyes are mesmerizing."
"I am not in my senses."
"In one look I die thousand times."
"It opens up my desires."
"O Kamini! O Kamini!!"
"O Kamini!"
"Your skin."
"Is like a mirror."
"I gift you the rainbow."
"Let me wrap myself."
"Just lie the earth covers itself by the sky."
"We have met since..
..the stars didn't shine."
"Just think what life has to say."
"Flow along with me."
"O Kamini! O Kamini!!"
"O Kamini! O Kamini!!"
Aren't you ashamed?
About what?
- About what? To touch the untouchables.
And for this dirt.
Everyone laughs at me because of you.
Is this the way to mingle with servants?
God knows what things you do with her?
Have you any self respect or not?
For the last time I am telling you.
I won't allow this in my house.
I don't care.
Raja Ravi Verma.
Will you tell the court..
..which is your Kingdom?
You won't be spared if you are silent.
The King of art.
Wow! That's great. Good.
But. As you call yourself a King.
You should have a Kingdom too. In reality.
Not in your thoughts.
Tell me.
Where is your Kingdom?
In the competition of Madras painting..
..where the painters from India and Europe have taken part.
There our royal painter..
..got the top most award.
Ravi Verma from Travancore..
..for his beautiful painting called a lady..
..where he has mixed east and west..
The golden coin of the governor is given as an award.
Even ants have learnt to fly.
Though you are my brother.
But you have no right to insult an artist.
Ravi Verma.
You are the pride of Travancore.
You have revered this kingdom with your painting.
Please accept this award.
I, Ayilyam Thirunal, the King of Travancore.
Bestow you with the title of King.
King. Henceforth you will be known as Raja Ravi Verma.
No one must say.
That a artist is not equal to a king.
"Painter. Painter."
"Painter. Painter."
"Painter. Painter."
"Painter. Painter."
"Painter. Painter."
Brother Ravi.
Brother Ravi.
Brother Ravi.
Brother Ravi.
Everything is over.
- The King is no more.
I am very sorry to hear the news.
Now what do you intend to do?
I haven't thought about it.
Then think about it.
Two lions don't stay in one jungle.
And this Kingdom is too small for 2 kings. Raja Ravi Verma.
I am grateful to you.
You relieved me of my dilemma.
From a King to a pauper in just one moment?
Just like as if it was a dream.
If we could change our lives.
If I wouldn't come to Bombay. This wouldn't take place.
Madhavrao was the chief administrative..
..officer of Baroda state.
He asked me to come to Bombay.
Welcome to Bombay, Ravi!
I hope you will like Bombay.
Consider this as your own house.
I am very grateful to you, sir.
I like your art.
And the artist too.
I don't know whether that artist is alive or not.
Don't worry. I won't let that artist die so easily.
Bombay is the city of dreams.
The talented one are well thought off.
Now give a smile.
Forget the past and start a new life.
What is it? Why are you following me?
I am an artist.
- Artist? What is your art form?
To stare at girls. To follow them.
Aren't you ashamed?
You are mistaken.
I understand you very well.
I have come across many like you.
You deserve a slap. Shameless!!
I thought you would resurrect my talent.
But I was wrong.
I don't know who you are but whoever you are.
God knows how many are crazy for you.
But don't forget that you won't be beautiful forever.
It will subside just like the youth.
But my art will remain. Forever.
Bhackubai. The girl is growing up.
Have you thought about her or not?
Their mother died and they are my responsibility now.
If you are their aunt then you will have..
..to do something about it. Right?
Alright. You spread the word. Let's see.
Where did you go?
"He thinks I am crazy."
"He thinks I am crazy."
"My friends tease me."
"My eyes are speaking. Listen dear."
Did you know that I would come?
Just like from heaven.
You didn't tell me.
You knew I would come.
Like an inspiration.
Let's start from Saraswati.
The goddess of Knowledge and art.
Please come!
Consider you are a goddess.
How do I know how a goddess is?
Absolutely. It is my job to make you feel like one.
"Painter. Painter."
"Painter. Painter."
"All these are your colours."
"Orange is like the sun set at dusk."
"My tresses are black."
"Just like flowing from your eyes."
"Red. Yellow. Green. Pink. Golden."
"You are one. But there are different shades."
"Colour me. Colour me. Colour me."
"The blue sea is swaying. Flowing. Swinging."
"I am the colour that you choose."
"Painter. Painter. Painter."
It's very pretty.
You are pretty.
What do you know about me?
Nothing at all.
Whatever I know..
..is enough for me.
Where did you get me, sir?
My dear painter. There is a world outside your paintings.
I want you to see it.
Ladies and gentlemen, will you please be seated?
The meeting is about to begin.
Indian National Congress is the symbol of our nationality.
Do you know who is he?
- He is a painted.
Raja Ravi Verma.
- It is an organisation for our country.
The Viceroy says.
India is not a country nor it was in the past.
He can't believe from Balochistan to Burma.
Kashmir to Kanyakumari.
People from here can unite and get freedom.
I say he is wrong.
Freedom is my birth right.
And I shall have it.
Do you read Times of India?
To know about the world and to move with time..
..read Times of India. It's the voice of India.
Do you have Rs.5?
Times of India will be delivered
to your residence for a year.
Every day without fail.
Thank you. Have a nice day!!
But you don't even know my name?
Don't worry. I know. Raja Ravi Verma.
- Yes.
Any news about Sugandha?
She should have come by now. Right?
Why is she so late? Go and find out.
Stop. It's not needed.
Is she sick?
She was fine until yesterday. Right?
Pachan. Tell the boss not to worry so much.
Tell her not to worry me.
Do you think it's a joke?
Is it a joke?
Pachan, why is she so late?
Is she sick?
She was fine until yesterday. Right?
Who gave you the right to tarnish me?
It's not a tarnish.
It's colour.
More higher.
More higher.
You may go to heaven while jumping. You may fall.
I am not scared.
I have to go for a party.
Will you come with me?
Devi. To some party?
Others will also be there. I can't come.
Then we will go elsewhere.
We will take a boat and go in the sea.
Far. Somewhere far.
Only the sound of waves and..
..only the moon watching us.
What if we get lost?
We will find an island.
I. I can't wait after the sun sets.
Someone or the other will search our island.
If not today then tomorrow. Then.
Hello sir.
- Hello!
The painter Raja Ravi Verma.
- Hello!
I am pleased to meet you.
Please come!
- Hello!
The painter Raja Ravi Verma.
What is this Indian National Congress about?
- Fenny! -Hello!
Some people who learnt English wants to play politics.
That is Seth Hirachand. He has a mistress.
She is young.
Younger than his grand daughter.
He may be around 70 years.
God knows what he does with her.
This is a joke. What will you do with freedom?
Will you eat it?
What do you think about it, Raja Ravi Verma?
Should we get freedom?
I don't understand politics.
I am just an artist.
But I know that art is always free.
This is a camera. It takes photograph.
You get pictures which look real.
Is it?
Can we have a look?
Absolutely! Come.
Let's start our work.
Please! Come on.
Come on.
Hold! Hold it!
Keep your left hand up not your right.
Keep your left hand up and right down.
Open your fingers.
- Hello!
Hello Ravi!
Hello Fenny.
My!! You look lovely!!
Thank you.
What is this?
We had decided yesterday that we would go to watch a play.
Ravi, you always forget.
I am sorry.
I hope it's not too late.
No. But it will. Get ready quickly.
Sit down for some time. I will get ready quickly.
Go! Go away! I won't wait for you.
Welcome sir.
Ravi. There is a good news for you.
This was a golden opportunity in our life.
The King of Baroda called me personally.
When I was in Europe, I saw very interesting paintings.
What paintings!? What painters!?
I am ashamed why the painters here can't paint so well.
Go to Europe and look at the paintings there.
And make some copies for my court hall.
I am sorry, sir.
I can't do this.
What are you saying?
- I will explain.
Don't take me wrong.
There is a treasury of stories in our country too.
One story greater than the other.
These stories will surprise the world.
Ramayana. Mahabharata.
I want to show these stories to the world.
I want to paint them.
Then paint. Start from today.
No one must say that we, Indians don't understand art.
I am grateful to you.
But even now I can't do this.
I will need to make preparations.
I will have to visit the whole country. And.
I will need to understand where these stories started.
And for that..
..it will take time.
I will wait.
Officer, give him whatever he needs.
Let's see whether he paints as well as he talks.
"I am present everywhere."
"But you are not to be seen."
"O.. No one can find..
..your path."
"Who is he? Open up the secret."
"Open up the closed doors."
"Open up the closed doors.
- Open up my senses."
"I search for you every nook and corner."
"When it is dawn, I get up and I find you there."
"There are flowers everywhere. We smiled when you bloomed."
"The sun is touching the ground.
You are glowing like light."
"Your beauty is all around."
"I am following you blindly."
"Like someone is pulling me."
"Open up my senses."
"Open up my senses. Open up my senses."
"I am searching you everywhere."
"O.. Open up. Open up."
"Every path. Every lane."
"Each river. Each lake. Day and night."
"You are in every kingdom. In everything I see you."
"You are in every corner. I am in you. You are in me."
"Come, follow me. Leave everything aside."
"Open up my senses."
"Open up my senses. Open up my senses."
"Open up my senses."
"Open up my senses. Open up my senses."
"Open up my senses."
Raj. Send a telegram to the King. I am ready to paint.
"This golden colours. The silver."
"My darling is so entertaining."
"God knows his condition being away."
"With the sun and moon, the night is lovely."
"Where is your destination?"
"Painter. Painter. Painter."
All your paintings will be put up here.
I will arrange for it to be hanged, your highness.
Are you upset? Tell me without any hesitation.
Very few will see these paintings.
If it could be found out..
..what the normal people think about this painting? So.
Do I look abnormal to you?
- No, your highness.
I mean the common man.
You are not common in any sense.
Alright. Show the paintings to everyone.
This will be the first art exhibition for the common man.
Are the paintings ready?
No, your highness. It will take another week.
Alright. One week.
I can't wait longer than this.
Why did you lie? The paintings are ready.
If the King finds out he will hang..
..us instead of the paintings.
Take care that no one sees these paintings.
Hey, where are you going?
Suganda! I need to speak to you.
You thought of me after a long time.
I thought you have forgotten me.
I have come from afar just to meet you.
Leave me. The people are watching.
Come with me.
Don't ask. Just come along.
You know I can't wait after sunset.
Just once.
For me.
Come here.
This is you. Mesmerizing me.
This is when you get angry with me.
And this is you. Having fun with me.
And this is when you go away from me.
Even for a moment.
You can't be away from me.
I wanted you to be the first to see them.
It is you.
Just you.
It is you. You!!
Did you like them?
Very much. A lot.
A lot.
I don't know why I met you.
Now I don't fear death.
You have shown me the face of god here.
Get aside. Get aside.
Get aside.
Ravi, you are really famous.
Chintamani has come personally to see it.
Come with me.
Master, hello.
Pretty. Very pretty.
Raja Ravi Verma.
He is King Chintamani.
He is the scholar of Sanskrit, Sachiv Maharaksha trust.
Trustee of 15,000 temples.
No. 18,000.
I am sorry. 18,000 temples.
You must be the member of my trust.
We do a lot for the upliftment of the society.
That's good. But I am busy.
You need to make time.
It is for your good.
You will make new connections. Your network will increase.
All the powerful people of the trust will support you.
Thanks a lot. But.
I don't need them.
Who gave you the permission to paint gods?
The gods.
Is it?
In my dreams.
God's can't be painted in human forms.
The gods and goddess are better in the temple.
They are not for everyone.
Who made this rule?
Your trust?
I am sorry. I don't believe such nonsense.
Egoistic. Non believer.
Raj, escort him out.
Remember this moment.
Get aside.
- "Ram. Ram. Ram."
"Ram. Ram. Ram."
"Ram. Ram. Ram."
"Ram. Ram. Ram."
"Ram. Ram. Ram."
"Ram. Ram. Ram."
"Ram. Ram. Ram."
"Ram. Ram. Ram."
Once again the great stories of India came alive.
The gods got their face. Their identity.
These pictures were a finding.
The search for the soul of India.
- Painter."
Success once again.
Raja Ravi Verma became famous far and wide.
King. Lords. The rich.
Everyone, whoever it was.
Wanted to have the paintings of Raja Ravi Verma.
Success and money..
..if it doesn't make you mad. Where else would it lead?
Good evening sir. I am Phalke. Dhondi Raj Govind Phalke.
I was with Mr. Wilson. The Photographer.
I want to work with you.
Why? -I want to learn from you.
- I am a student of J.
J. School of arts.
- I have learnt everything.
Painting. Drawing. Oleography. Lithography.
And I also know English.
Meet me tomorrow.
Thank you. Thank you very much sir. Thank you very much sir.
There it goes.
There it goes.
What is it?
- This is fake.
What nonsense?
The note that you en-cashed at the counter is fake.
What nonsense? How do you know if this is true or fake?
We found out.
You are making a big mistake.
I did not en-cash a fake note.
Show it to me.
I feel it's real.
But it is not. I will have to hand you over to the police.
I have been in India for a year. Now this is happened to me.
Take the money from me. This is a real note.
I feel so.
Surely it is a mistake.
Come on friend.
Thank you.
I am Chris Schleizer from Germany.
I am Ravi Verma. An Indian.
What do you do?
I am a painter.
I a printer.
Are you mad? Now you want to open an printing press.
If he can print a fake note which..
..looks so real then just think..
..what he can't do with our paintings.
Oh! Now you want to print copies of your paintings.
This is the latest craze in Europe.
One machine can print 500 pages.
In 8 hours in 14 colours.
The perfect knowledge of auto technology.
Yes. Besides this.
I have seen his paintings.
Very exotic.
A painting and 1000 prints.
Sell it in India, Europe, America, the world over.
It will sell like hot cake.
But I don't like cakes.
Come here. Do you know what you are doing?
If we do it only then we will know.
How can you say that Schleizer won't cheat you.
I know he won't.
How much will be the cost of this printing press?
Rs. 200,000..
Thank you Mr. Schleizer. I think we must leave.
How much money we have in the bank?
Around 50,000.
If we take loan?
How are you playing with fire?
As I can't forget the face of that old man..
..who was worshipping my painting. Our painting.
How much is it?
- Still more is needed.
How much?
Around 100,000.
Send a telegram to Madhavrao. He will do something about it.
Madhavrao will not do anything.
He is no more.
People want to see life on the face..
..of an artist not a look of death.
Your dreams require people like them.
Be happy. Confident.
You will get what you want.
Smile. When you smile you look great.
Good. Very good.
Good idea!
Printing press?
Good idea!
What are you saying, sir? Its a wonderful idea.
You will have to finance it.
I won't finance it.
- Business. Who will run it?
I will.
Did you ever venture into business?
This is not just business for me.
That's it. That's the reason I won't finance it.
Look, an artist can't be a business man.
A business man can't be an artist.
Look, you are happy with your art.
I am happy only with money.
Will you be my partner?
You take care of the art. I will take care of the business.
Believe me.
We will earn lot of money.
Nothing sells like religion in this world.
Raja Ravi Verma's prints connected the whole country.
For the first time these colourful paintings..
..reached every house in the nation.
The sari's that the model's of Ravi Verma wore..
..were accepted by the ladies of India.
It became the identity of the women in India.
Loads of letters.
Did you hear that the whole post office..
..is filled with one man's letters?
So you are now the real King.
And this are your people.
One. Two. Three. Four. Five.
Stop there.
I wanted to meet you.
I want to show you something.
Come with me.
We were never let to go inside the temple.
Never since ages.
Always the gods were in.
And we were outside.
You got them out and let us meet him.
This man has accepted that he..
..made art and religion a business.
Art. Which was a part of the temples and palace once.
Today it is being sold on streets.
It has become an advertisement for soaps and oil.
It is hung on the walls of prostitutes houses.
Your honour, this man's art is supporting such a culture..
..where god is money.
But I don't see any filth in these pictures.
Your honour.
Thousands of people feel..
..maybe the goddess appeared to him.
But later they came to know.
The face they considered to be the face of the goddess..
..was the face of a mere lady.
And that lady was a prostitute.
But this man didn't stop here.
The face that people considered a goddess..
..this man painted such dirty pictures.
It's long since you have painted.
What's the matter?
You are famous. You have money. You have love.
Everyone loves you.
Even then you are so sad. Why?
I am thinking.
About whom?
Who is she?
A fairy. Just like you.
Urvasi. The one..
..who loved a human being.
She has started to love Purushva.
He was a brave King. But he was a human being.
The god accepted this relationship but on one condition.
What was the condition?
That they will not see each other in their real form.
Naked. If it happens.
Then Urvasi will have to return to the heavens forever.
- Then they used to meet only at nights.
She used to leave once it was dawn.
But Purushva was a human being.
This incomplete truth was not enough for him.
But their love was so strong. The gods were jealous.
Then one night.
When she was draping her sari..
..was getting to ready to leave.
Purushva was awake.
He caught her drape.
The god planned something and there was lightening.
Urvashi's sari slipped.
In that light they saw each other.
Urvasi had to..
..return to heavens forever.
How interesting?
There are so many pictures..
..which will never be painted.
The story is true.
Who will model for this?
We are afraid to accept the truth.
Actually to be free.
Our thoughts are shut with fear.
"Why do you trouble me? My dear, why do you trouble me?"
"I don't understand. I don't understand."
"I don't understand. I don't understand.'
"My eyes are like the arrow."
"When your tresses are away from your face..
..your beauty is seen."
"All my senses are awake when I hear your tinklets."
"Is my being. I am feeling desired."
"I am feeling as though music is being played."
"Today I have only one thing in mind."
"Let me be lost."
"I want to give myself to you and be pleased."
"Why do you trouble me? My dear, why do you trouble me?"
"Dear, I don't understand. I don't understand."
"In. Out. And inside,"
"For a moment we are lost."
"Let us unite as if our bodies have turned to ashes."
"Only our hearts will meet."
"I will drink the nectar of your being."
"I will paint such a painting
that even god will come alive."
"Why do you trouble? My dear, Why do you trouble me?"
"I don't understand. I don't understand."
"I don't understand. My dear"
Do you love him?
It's terrible.
My paintings.
Pick it up.
Pick it up.
Accounts. Altar roof. Everything is burnt.
We will have to buy some parts.
How much will it cost?
Around 30,000.
Please don't look at me.
I.. came to tell you..
..that I want to break off this partnership.
I can't take any more risk.
Give me some loan.
What's the use?
I will return it.
With interest.
Don't misunderstand me. But.
What do you have in bargain?
Keep my paintings.
All? Think about it.
We have to start the press again.
Then plague started spreading.
Death was all over.
So much pain. How long could one endure it?
The plague isn't in our body but in our soul.
The British government is killing us like animals.
And we are quiet.
Are we cowards?
No. No.
We must burn all the pictures of this painter.
And even him with them.
He has sold gods and goddess for a penny.
He supports the British.
Mr. Pandit, this is a court. Think before you speak.
I am speaking after thinking about the pros and cons.
He is part of the conspiracy.
A conspiracy to destroy the Hindu religion.
That's why the gods are angry. They have sent the plague.
What do you mean?
This plague is the anger of the gods. What else can it be?
1000 have died. More will die.
If this sinner is not stopped.
Down with the British support. Down. Down.
- Throw him out.
Who are you to decide?
The court will decide.
Kill him. Kill him.
Where is Pachan?
- Maybe giving water to the horses.
What? What are you staring at?
Do I have horns?
May you have the plague.
- Everyone has gone crazy.
Where are you running?
Will you hit me?
Hit me. -No body will touch him.
I will report to the police.
Hit him. Hit him.
Call the police.
He is running. Catch him.
What smell is this?
Rats. The rats have dirtied the place.
What should we do?
What to do?
Keep it with the clean print and parcel it.
It will dry up on its way.
This is not right.
I am the partner of this company.
Don't teach me what is right and wrong.
Who will bear the loss of 3000?
My brother, I can't cancel anymore orders.
Who is bothered about your art during this plague?
Go and parcel it.
Burn them.
I have seen his dreams turning to ashes.
Before time, I saw him ageing.
I have seen the pain.
But never saw him losing hope.
Chintamani is here.
Please sit down.
We are ready to take back the case.
But for this..
..you will have to say sorry to god and the people.
You will have to atone for your sins.
Donate to the Brahims.
Fast for 11 days.
Dip in the Ganges for 21 times.
Clean the staircase of the temple for 21 days.
Thank you for your advice.
It will be better that the court decides my future.
Excuse me. I have lots of work.
So much pride.
The court may let you go.
God will punish you.
That is later. The people will punish you before that.
I will wait.
Ravi Verma, pack your bags.
Your days in Bombay is over.
Yes. As you say.
Don't come to me begging for your brother.
Gajodhar, let's go.
Who is the boss?
Raghu, please come in.
Yes. What made you come so early in the morning?
Go in.
Today I keep my shop closed.
I went to the barber.
While returning I thought of meeting you.
Your girl is becoming very famous.
Is it a woman with a sari or the sari on the woman?
Is it a woman? Is it a sari? Or is it a woman?
The barber has hanged it in his
shop to please his customers.
I bought it for 25 paise..
..25 paise? -Yes.
- Buy all of them.
How much will you buy? It is being sold everywhere.
The elder one has done what had to be done.
Decide what you want to do with the younger one.
Or you will lose her too.
It doesn't matter if she is paralysed.
She has the head.
Aren't you ashamed? Go away.
Stupid, look what you have done.
You shamed us. Stupid woman.
Drop your drape.
What are you hiding? Show yourself.
I know.
You know?
I was not asked.
The press was running in losses so.
I gave my paintings for loan.
He printed it.
And you didn't do anything.
I trusted you.
You cheated me.
I loved you.
You sold me.
I know it shouldn't have happened. I am really.
No matter how many women you paint.
You will never understand what it is to be a woman.
Why did you paint her if she was scared of being blamed?
Are you a kid?
- Don't you know how the society and the world is?
Or you are acting that you are angry?
Govardhan Das, this is cheating.
This is business.
Don't forget that your press is..
..intact because of this prints.
As you are not a businessman..
..you will not understand the pain of earning money.
You haven't borne any loss. You have always stolen from me.
You print 10,000 copies and tell me it's 5,000 copies.
And you also take commission.
- It's nonsense.
If this is true then why didn't you stop me?
Why didn't you check the accounts?
Why didn't you try to understand the business?
As you were only concerned with your name and fame.
You never tried to find out..
..how much hard work is required to do business.
You are responsible for everything that has happened.
You have started this game.
I will finish this game. It's too much.
You haven't paid my loan.
Ravi, this press is mine.
You scoundrel!!
How dare you?
You will take my press. My press.
I will kill you.
- Down with Ravi Verma.
Down with Ravi Verma.
- Down with Ravi Verma.
Punish the culprit.
- Punish the culprit.
We won't bear the insult to religion.
We won't bear the insult to religion.
Down with Ravi Verma.
- Down. Down.
Complete bed rest. I am afraid.
Your mind is better than your body.
If you don't get well who will pay my bill. Eh?
You won't get rid of me yet.
That's good.
Fit. Come.
I hope it's not the plague.
No. I suspect it's diabetes.
Madras competition.
I had sent a painting, right?
You did.
What happened about it?
I got the prize.
This is better.
You didn't inform me.
You sent your painting.
I never thought that I could win.
Sometime I feel..
..staying with me, you..
..wasted your life.
I am happy to be your brother.
You are crazy.
Even I am crazy.
Everyone is crazy.
Time was changing fast.
Everything was changing fast.
Machines were over powering life.
One day.. I saw such a wonder.
Ladies and Gentlemen.
Welcome to the Mother Audisentry.
We have great innovators..
..of Greece and Lily Mayor from France.
I, Manin Saskip..
..present before you the wonders which beat all the wonders.
The cinematograph.
The magic of moving pictures.
You weren't seen while the show was going on.
Where did you disappear?
I was helping in running the projector.
Do you know to run it?
Why don't you start this cinema.
Yes. The same one.
I feel like.
But it is costly. I don't know if its possible.
It will happen.
When it happens will you take me as your student or not?
What is that?
Pictures moving.
It's amazing!
Suganda doesn't want to come here.
Chris, what makes you very happy?
In the scent of the fresh prints.
Will you want to buy the press?
- If I lose the case the people will take away..
..everything from me and even the press.
I don't want Govardhan Das gets anything.
You can run it very well.
I maybe having only 50,000.
The price of the press will be much more.
How much you can give me..
..that is enough.
But the paintings? What will I print?
Keep those paintings too.
Raja, why are you doing it?
As you like the scent of fresh print.
When do you want the money?
I don't want the money.
Give Gowardhan Das whatever I owe him.
The rest..
..give it to this young man, Phalke.
For his cinema.
Use it wisely.
Cheers! For a new world.
And cinema.
You have always supported me.
And I didn't do anything for you.
This is a small gift for you.
They are beautiful!
Now she is your new inspiration?
She is a friend. She came to meet me. You didn't come.
Oh! That's why you gave her your drawings?
You may have told her too how beautiful she is.
Sugandha, enough.
How were you watching her?
I know you are worried.
But nothing as such.
Nothing as such. That's nothing to you.
Nothing. And mine?
Everything. House. Family.
Friend. Respect.
I am doing whatever is possible.
The court has called me as a witness.
If I go I will be insulted.
If I don't go they will consider me your partner in crime.
And this is nothing.
I never forced you.
Whatever you did was your wish.
Now don't blame me.
You play with others life with a lie.
Use them and throw them out.
And you are not at fault.
- Sugandha, enough.
Your art can kill someone.
But it doesn't make any difference to you.
You never thought what would that do to me.
You exist outside my thoughts.
I.. I.. don't exist.
Are you married?
Are you a widow?
What are you?
Is it you?
And this?
Even this?
Why did you paint such paintings?
Did this artist made you helpless?
Or gave you money?
Or requested, what happened?
What was the reason, Sugandha?
Please answer, Sugandha.
This is a court and you..
..have vowed to speak the truth.
No woman would insult herself willingly.
Why did you do this? Answer me?
As I believe he is a true artist.
You won't live.
I won't live.
But his art will remain. Forever.
And through him even me.
Don't explain to us about art.
We know the art of a woman like you.
This man..
..made a woman like me a goddess.
You made her a prostitute.
I am the culprit.
Blame me for painting.
I am to be blamed to paint the god and goddess.
And a mere woman.
This woman.
I am to be blamed to make this woman my inspiration.
As I..
..saw a goddess in her eyes.
Can I ask..
..who are the people who tell me what..
..is right and what is wrong.
Who are these people who are ready to judge my art.
Of my life.
As my art is my life.
I am proud of my culture and tradition.
And it is not so weak..
..that it will break on seeing a naked body.
I have roamed this wide country.
And I have seen amazing temples.
Ajanta. Ellora.
Seeing the statues in them.
I didn't feel anything dirty.
I was not ashamed. In fact it was..
..so beautiful that I. I was amazed.
This country belongs to Kamasuthra.
It talks about our body..
..our soul..
..our beliefs and humanity. It teaches us to celebrate.
I am just a human.
This is my story.
I have grown up hearing these stories.
They are stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata.
It is from the best stories of the world.
Among them..
..one thing is found.
That is..
..a woman who was cheated.
Who is cheater sometime by her husband..
..sometime by her lover.
And sometime by gods.
We all are to be blamed.
I know.
I am..
..to be blamed.
Your honour, the truth is..
..I am little, selfish, greedy artist.
Who wants to win the hearts of many.
Who wants to touch more and more people.
Who lives in fear..
..that whatever I have in me if..
..it doesn't come out completely?
If the changing times will leave me behind.
I believe..
..our life's motto should be to be better than art.
If you tie up art..
..it will destroy everything..
..which is beautiful and it has some meaning.
It will be closed.
If believing this is a crime.
During the course of this case.
Some important questions have been raised.
Can we..
..stop our thinking?
Can we imprison art?
Can art, technology and religion..
..all three..
..can go towards one direction?
All the witnesses of this case.
And keeping in mind all the different outlooks.
This court..
..Raja Ravi Verma.
This is him. It is him.
If I could live only in your thoughts.
But I am a woman. Not a goddess.
After living in the world of paintings.
I feel the real world is a lie.
I can't endure..
..whatever is happening with you.
I am responsible for that.
I believe time will prove you right.
But as we have..
..seen each other in our real form.
Like Urvasi, I will have to leave too.
Whenever you remember me. Close your eyes.
I will come.
How long will you hide from the world?
I don't know.
I don't feel anything.
Nothing at all.
Why are you punishing yourself in this way?
Who am I.
This is a game by the gods.
Then maybe you should leave painting gods and goddess.
Paint real people.
Their real pain, sorrow..
..real laugh, happiness..
..real life.
Ladies and Gentleman..
..another master piece by Raja Ravi Verma.
And my starting bid is.
Break it.
- It is wrong!!
"Painter. Painter."
"Painter. Painter."
"Painter. Painter."
"Painter. Painter."
"Painter. Painter."
"Painter. Painter."
"Painter. Painter."
"Painter. Painter."
"Painter. Painter."
"These colours belong to you."
"Orange is like the dusk at sun set."
"The black tresses."
"Is like the flowing from your eyes."
"Red. Yellow. Green. Pink. Golden."
"You are one. But you have different shades."
"Colour me. Colour me. Colour me."
"The blue sea is swaying. Swinging. Flowing."
"There is nothing different. Add the colours you want."
"Painter. Painter"
"Painter. Painter."
"These golden days. The nights are like silver."
"My lover is entertaining. He is always chirpy."
"Your hair are curly. How do you look?"
"The sun and moon are like the golden rays."
"Where are you going? Leaving behind dreams."
"Painter. Painter. Painter."