Rangasthalam (2018) Movie Script

(This story is tend to happen in the period of 1980)
(Village Tradition Song)
Sir...nothing will happen to you sir.
Sir...nothing will happen to you sir.nothing will happen sir.
Who is there.? none is there..?Hey..
Sir...nothing will happen to you sir.
Doctor sir...
Doctor sir...
Go, come on take him...fast
Nothing will happen to you sir.
Where is Doctor sir.
Doctor sir... Doctor sir...
Be careful
Nothing would happen to him,
You..go out
Nothing would happen to him, right Sir
Get out first
Give the torch.
do CPR
Come on..take taht fast.
Come on.
Come on...Breathe
Come on.
Come on...Breathe
Prepare for eternal injection
Black Cobra,
it would be around 3 feet long
That will have a scar of fighting with the Mangoose on it's waist
It bit me four days back
I am saved because of the witch man Subbadu at village
I am now searching for it
I will not leave it, I will kill that
This is its skin shed.The skin is here means it would not have gone far
That would be caught
No idea why but I keep finding something asand when I search for this snake
My name is Chittibabu.I am the Engineer for this village
All look at the sky when their crops needwater in any village,
but they look at me in our village
What Chittibabu, when would you put water to my crops?
I told you that I will put the day after right?
That old fellow is too much in a hurry
What Chittibabu?Why did you water my fields just half and left?
Only half would get wet when you pay only half the money
Hey Chittibabu, see and walk
What rascal? Why does everyone scream..?
Can you not speak normally?Do you not know to talk slowly?
If someone screams again, he will get wet in pants
Not that dudeI will hit with the pipe
Say slowly now
Not that dude, they are cutting thetree there and walk carefully
Yes, you should say like this
I should water to your half acre right? Ok, I will
Not just you but will water his, his and even his.
I will not leave anyone
Hey ChittibabuHey Chittibabu, stop
Why are you screaming again?
Who else will come for you?
If not me, you think Goddess Gangescomes from the sky and water?
Chittibabu, come this side
Oh noHey
You now understood why they are screaming so loud right?
Because I cannot hear until someone screams aloud
This is our engine problem
Thus all in village say us Engineer, no...
call me sound engineer
Whatever but this deficiency is a boon to me
Hey chittibabu..See him asking loud to pay back the money.
I heard it but I did not listen to that
That means I listen to some sounds and some are seen
Deaf rascal
Look, he is leaving saying somethingand that was seen to me
Hey Errababu
Come back for once
You said something just passing over?
What did I say Chittibabu?I did not say anything ChittibabuWhat did you say?
You said something. Your lips gave a movement.
Say what?
Oh that?I just asked is the chutney fine?
No dude, you said something elseWhat did I say?
idiot...say so
No sound
Not that Errababu ...That should be a bit more lengthy
Oh no...
Dirty rascal
Dirty rascal
Errababu, both the lips haven't met
What would that be?
Deaf rascal,... say so
He is got it
Say... deaf rascal
deaf rascal
Deaf rascal... You said the same, yes
I've arranged for a desciple too to sayif anything is missed out
Mahesh, what is the news?
Play the cassette
We started with engine early in the morning right?
Papayamma came opposite in theway showering the dung water
She asked in love, hey Chittibabu will you eat the cheese?
Why will she not ask?I've given 10 rupees discount too for the engine
She should ask
Then Rangamma Aunty on the river shore shouted loudand you may have heard that
Yes, only Rangamma aunt speaks soloud in the entire village like I can hear.
Even this engine belongs to aunt.
Her voice is loud but heart is soft.
She helps anyone in need from this village.
Be cool Rangamma, you too will have kids
Yes, it is true for my hubby to return from Dubaiand true that I will have kids
Here is 20 rupees.
Hey Rangamma aunt!
If you don't return by the coming festival, I'm not any good ladyHey, Rangamma Aunty..
and will ask before all in the street
Aunty, see what I got?
Good watch, take this and give a hundred
Yes, how is it? It looks great on uncle.
It looks good for you.
I am saying it looks good for you
What..? Okay.
Here, your hundred
Keep it dearMy darling
I did not say our village name, right?
The real story just starts
(Village Traditional Song)
What Narsamma,looks like you have a bumper crop this year...
You cannot be controlled now
What do we have brother,it is all the result of hard work from my son
He worked very hard dayand night to somehow get his sister married
He is my maternal son in law right?
It is all about your marriageCome on brother
Here is the advance 3000,I will give total payment when we sell all the bags
When would you give?
Come on,I'm saying will return right?
We hereby inform to everyone that as Bollam Narasammadid not repay the loan taken from society,
the crops from this land belongs to the society
None should either cut the crop or work in this
If does so,
Why are you announcing so,your loan is repaid long back right?
Oh no..no.. public are not having any proper thinking
What, have you dreamt that your loan is over so fast?
The money you gave was enough for the compoundedinterest and the Principal is still remaining
What do we know about those entire accounts sir?
As you did not ask, we thought loan is completely cleared
We have been repaying the loan with allwe got from crops from the past six years
and we do not understandwhy the loan is not yet cleared sir
What can I do man,
I am the society President.
You shout if I collect and he would shout if I do not
See how the officer is sitting in the Jeeplike a swollen potato
What man, how much pay did you give?
You would give 10 rupees less perone bag as you are giving cash
I'm paying 100 rupees per sack sir
Pay the balance in the society and take the seed bags
Sir, I have planned to get my daughter married this year sir.
I cannot do it after this year, you show mercy sir
Are men any less in the village?
Give another chance to people like me whose wife is dead
Oh no...
Don't cry
Namaste sir.
Sir, it is all over. My son is dead sir.
He is gone leaving me
Why do you cry?
What do we do when there is a tree full of fruits?We see the ripe fruit, cut it and eat
Even the God is like us,he sees for the correct guy and takes him
Ok, think his life time is over.
Here, look into the works to happen
He is the President of our village.
He is being elected unanimously from 30 years
There is none even filing nominations against him
In Rangasthalam there is only one party and one flag.
What he says is the judgment and what he makes is the law
Not just before him but none dares towalk with slippers in front of his house
He is very crazy about radio
He is a great devotee. He is into worships year long
Few believe because of that he has some powersand something bad happens opposing him
Elections have come again in our village
His is the only nomination as the President even this time
Hail to the President sir
It is like a celebration in the village if he is filing nomination
Ranga..Ranga.. In Rangasthalam...
Ranga..Ranga.. In Rangasthalam...
Not like one listens but hit like all see
Ranga...Ranga...In Rangasthalam we are all toys andpuppets though we have do not put any color or makeup
We are all toys and puppets
In Rangasthalam we are all toys and puppetswho cannot stop once the game starts
We are all toys and puppets
We are the toys being played by an invisible hand
We are the puppets dancing to an unheard song
Ganga is the wife Lord Sivaand the air is the father of Hanuman
Either to breathe air or to wet the throat,they should show mercy
Flute is the instrument of Lord Krishna,Triceps is the weapon of Goddess Kali
Either to sing a song or to attack with weapon,it happens only when they permit
Ranga...Ranga...In Rangasthalam we are all toys andpuppets though we have do not put any color or makeup
We are all toys and puppets
It is Ravana having ten heads andLord Rama has not even a single bad thought
They kept Rama and Ravana and played the game ofRamayana and put us in between good and bad
The one who cannot put aside morals is Dharmarajuand the one with no mercy is Yamadharma
That attack is a must not walking in his path,saying so they are running our life like a play
In Rangasthalam we are all toys and puppetswho cannot practice before playing
We are all toys and puppets
What Chittibabu sir, is your brother coming?
Yes, he is coming after one yearOh, is it?
Give tat guava here
Then you sat turning this sideand how will you know when the bus arrives?
Will you sit here if the bus comes?Will you not start shouting with basket over head?
Oh no...bus has come sir..Guava...guava...
Guava...guava... 4 for 25 paisa...
Hey Chitti, are you fine?
How are all at home?
Is sister fine?
Hey Chitti
Hey Chitti
What Chitti, why are you going without talking?
I and he had a small fight before leaving to Dubai.
He scolded me for wearing his shirtand since then I have no talks with him
Hey Chitti, I am asking you.
How are all at home?
Hey..I am talking to you.
Is your anger still not down?
Hey, sorry dude
See, he is still not saying sorry evenafter so long that he is come
He is very egoistic
I said sorry right? Talk now
What, I did not understand
What you said is also the same for me
When would that dumb head understand?
Hey Chitti, sorry dude
He said it now
Are you fine Brother..?What did you bring from Dubai?
As Rongali Chandramma did not repay theloan taken, her house is seized
Leave this time sir, do not put suchblames on my daughter in law
Then agree that your son has comeand I will agree that your daughter in law is pure
Come on agree
What is that with that old lady?
Hey Kumar, when did you come from Dubai
I just came, what is the matter?
Nothing dude, it is been three yearssince her son left for Koita
and she has an year old kid in her lap
She says her daughter in law is pure
Not understanding how did that kid come dear
You do not talk wrongHer son had come last year for the festival and I know it
Yes my dear, that fellow came for festivalhad nice food and left without repaying the debt
Will her father repay the debt?
Hey, push them out and lock the house
Hey... Hey...How much is it?
Our society is very kind,if you pay the interest for now, we shall leave.
Pay one thousand
Give Chittin, come on I am saying to give
There maybe people without food in the villagebut none without a debt
Hey ChinababuYes
Go inside...
Mom, brother has come
What son, was the journey good?
Hey be right there, be right there,
Are you fine mom?
Mother in law, put some red chili more,I think my evil sight may hit
Not one or two chilli but a sack of chilies are required, go
Enough son..
Daddy, have you visited the eye Doctor
Yes, I showed son
He says not to operate machine in the nightsand how is it possible for us?
Wash the feet
Brother...When did you come brother?
Just now dear
Are you studying well?Yes! What did you bring for me?
For you?
Brother that Jyothy bought cycle long back.
Buy for me too brother
Enough idiot, you are torturing from when he came
Why are all shouting mom?
It is become a habit always shouting to him, son
Nothing, I am saying you are running this whole family
Yes, I am dying to do both Engine workand the household work
Hey, what did you get for me?
Chitti, I forgot. I will bring the next time when I come
You...Come, eat
Go to the house Venkatsamyand bring Cheese Milk saying brother has come
Go, I will not bring
Feed him more, feed the cheese, sweet rice and everything
What is he thin, he is like a pigGo and bring son
I should bring but he never brings anything for meBrother
Wow, whose are these goggles?
What brother, you never forget me
See now, this whole Rangasthalam now...
What, it became dark bro?
Hey brotherYes
Is it so necessary to go to town so late in the night
It is been very long since I saw Padmaand thought to visit her once
What will you do after seeing?Will you hug her tight?
Hey, she is your to be sister in lawYou will go blind idiot
I put these goggle not to lose the eyes
I cannot see whatever you do now.What did you say..?
Hey you...Hey, stop bro
Hey Chitti..
Hey Chitti stop
Padma...Kumar, come here
When did you come?
Just today
How are you Padma?
Oh! is it..
I brought this for you from Dubai
Oh, you remember to bring gift for girlfriend
Oh no, I am able to see
He doesn't look normal
( Songs palying in Radio)
Manoranjani, you heard songs you requested for.The time now is...
Oh no, it is time for my warden to come
I will leave then
You will come again on Saturday right?
I will surely come Padma
See you.
Why is sister in law crying bro?
Is love so dude?Will you feel like crying?
Hello President sir
Bring tea for BDO sirOk Sir
BDO Sir, what is the matter?
I have brought the papers for those40 houses as you said sir
I even got the bullock cart on subsidy for yourward member Rangaswamy
What about the road to that leads to the fields ?
I have got the concrete road fromthat tree to our fields sanctioned Sir
Have it Sir
Call that Contractor Nagaraju
Loan is sanctioned even to those Dimpa'sand cattle farmers and they are signing
Here, keep it here
If you give away these DDs with your hands to them...
Tea gets cold, have it
Sir, these DDs
President Sir knows what the public need.
Convert those DDs to cash and hand it over to the clerk
Yes, we understood
Here, take your bribe and leave now
Sir, who would clean the glass?
You maybe the adopted son to Governmentbut not for Rangasthalam
What is this, am I any beggar?
I am an officer
Will the systems not change here?
I do not understand what is happening here
We have no idea where the bonds,loans and subsidies coming for you are disappearing
Who can we ask?
He is the President from 30 years.
We can do something only when the power changes
Damn you! Hey, open your eyes at least now
At least one of you compete in these elections
What will he do?
Will he kill? That is it right? To hell with these dirty lives
I cannot change you guys
What's wrong with him brother?
Taililor Koteswarrao's son sir,looks like he's brought something for you
Hello sir...
Hey, stop your nuisance and kill that snake first.
It is eating up my chicks
Move, what are you seeing guys?
You should not see the snake for so long, you should hit
Hit then
Today is Thursday so I will not hit, you hit
I had recently poured milk in the mound and prayed.I will not hit, you hit dude
Don't you know, your sister is pregnantso I should not do sinful things
You hit dude
I understood... Chittibabu...
Chittibabu, your snake is come here...Where?
Is it roaming in the village too these days?Where did you go..?
Dirty rascal, don't you have a common sense?
Will you peep in when a girl is taking bath?Have you gone blind?
You came into my bathroom,you dirty idiot...you dirty idiot.
Why are you seeing with open mouth, you dirty idiot?let there be chillies in your eyes...
let your mother's stomach burn...Let someone put mud in your mouth.
Why are you staring so like an owl rascal?I will pluck out your eyes
You..bloody Idiot..
You are gone high in cholesterol, are you gone deaf rascal?
To hell with you idiot,what work do you have in the ladies bathroom?
Is it not enough of what you saw, get out from here rascal
You are so beautiful like a treasure, foundwhile actually digging the mud for groundnut
You are so cute Lachimi
You are so cute like the moon coming into the handswhile climbing the tamarind tree to cut the leaves
You are so cute Lachimi
You are so cute like the marigold in between the jasmines
You are so cute like the yellow threadin the neck of a married woman
You are so cute like the moonlight in a star studded sari
You are so beautiful like a treasure, foundwhile actually digging the mud for groundnut
You are so cute Lachimi
You are so cute like the moon coming into the handswhile climbing the tamarind tree to cut the leaves
You are so cute Lachimi
You are a two legged rain dropwho jumped in to the river of heart
You are so cute, opening up the bags of tides
You are so cute Lachimi
You are the lightening with no cloudsand walked on the earth
You made me as the skyYou are so cute.. Lachimi you are so cute
You are so cute when biting and eating the sugarcane piece...how cute you are...
You showed the sweetness to the sugarcane crop,how cute you are..
Like the smile of the mom comingopposite to her crying missing kid
You are so cute Lachimi, you are so cute
You are so cute like the folklore in thepalanquin of air and Telugu words in the folklore
You are so cute Lachimi
Hey Chitti...feed them
Oh no, son come here.
He is unable to here even after shouting so loud
Hey Chitti
He used to hear when I say loudand now even that is gone
Hey, ears will be gone
Why is he honking so loud?
Chitti, you are able to listen right?
What dude, I am able to listen evenwhen you are talking so low?
Machine bro, Doctor has given a machine to you
You bloody...
All these days there was a doubt whether I am deaf or notand now it gets confirmed wearing this.
Take, you are a great fellow.
Go!Hey Chitti
Hey ChittiGo dude
You are so cute, when you are walkingon the bund with the pot over the waist
and it looks like your holding the sea on your waist
You are so cute Lachimi
You are so cute when you walk withthe bundle of sticks on the head
and it appears like you are carrying the forest on your head
You are so cute Lachimi
You are so cute when planting rice crop in the muddy fields
You are so cute like giving life to the doll of earth
You are so beautiful like a treasure, foundwhile actually digging the mud for groundnut
You are so cute Lachimi
You are so cute like the moon coming into the handswhile climbing the tamarind tree to cut the leaves
You are so cute Lachimi
What beauty...What beauty...?
That girl is just the same as how you lookedwhen you attained puberty
What, when did you seewhen I attained puberty and became an adult
The whole street was crowded with youngsters... Believe me.
You uncle used to feel jealous
I am saying, your uncle used to feel jealous
You too will feel jealous seeing that girl
what scoldings..what scoldings ? When she wasscolding, they dashed like bullets into my ears
Still, we must agree. She is a great beauty
Hey aunty
Look, are you Chittibabu?
Are you Chittibabu?
Oh no, looks like I'll be ruined
Aunty, can you come in for once?What is this, hey...
Leave my hand dude, my husband is in Dubai...Hey..not that.
This is the girl I saw while bathing andnow she is come and started scolding
Hey, she is not scolding but is asking are you Chittibabu?
Is it?
Yes, see now
There are four Chittibabus in the village
Rongali Chittibabu, Sana Chittibabu,Engineer Chittibabu and Deaf Chittibabu
Remember Engineer Chittibabu,
which is me and I answer only when called to as Engineer
Oh, I too studied till sixth class
We have to water our fields, are you free day after?
No chance if it is tomorrowand I will think about if it is day after
What is it aunty, we got to go to thesugarcane fields of Venkatrao tomorrow
Aunty, let me say about myself
You idiot, that girl too has askedfor day after and not tomorrow
I understood for watering the fields and the rest...
See, I will cover it up
I just said right?It is not possible for tomorrow and ok for the day after
How much would that cost? Is it per hour or per acre?
Again....aunty what is she saying?Hey stop
What is your romance, closing the door every time?What is happening here?
Look girl, there would be so much of secrecy in a business.
You are daughter of that drunkard right?
Talking like it is some 30 acres, you have just 3 acres
Our Chittibabu will water it by evening startingthe engine in the morning, what do you think?
What dude?Yes
I see
Let us see how great a man is yourguy after starting the engine.
Say the cost first.Wait...
Engine is mine and the oil is yours.
50 Rupees per hour and 20 Rupees charges,lunch in the noon and a bundle of cigars in between
We shall do for thisYes
Here is the advance 50 rupees
You are so cute dear...
Hey, what time shall I come on the day after?
Hey MaheshYes boss
Come here, Ramalakshmi is coming.What shall I do?
What if she talks while putting the oil?
Yes, correct
Do one thing, you be in worship and I will do..
Can I believe?
I promise on the snake that bit you sir
Hey, talk low. Put that leg here
Hello Ramalakshmi madam.
Come on put into this
Look Chittibabu, is here any old oil in the Engine?
Look I am putting three litersHe cannot listen, madam.
I mean, he never listens to anything while in worship.Say after it is done
You are so cute.. You are so cute Lachimi
Oh no..Boss..
Hey MaheshYes
Babe is so hot right?
You should know about all that, do not pull me into that
She is coming..
You messed unnecessarily.She is coming now and what will you answer?
Whether my boss is great or not would be known now.
What are you seeing?
What is that look?
Look, I cannot hear in the engine sound.
Talk loud
Wow boss, you managed great
Is what you saw the day before not enough?
Past is past and today is fresh again.
do we not have dinner because we had lunch?
True boss, hunger is fresh when ever one is hungry
I see
Learned dog has said disco when ever some one said isko
What, I cannot listen
Do you have no shame to talk so?
Which caste are you from?
Our engine will have no caste and religion
It wets any land
This land will never go dry now
Still, Rangamma aunt said thatyour father is in law to me as a relative
Imagine what are you for me in that relation?
What is your relation to Rangamma aunt?
Engine sound, talk louder and I cannot hear
Why do you stop the engine, wait...What are you thinking about me..?
He is finished nowHey Mahesh... Mahesh...
What's your matter?
What are those talks between youand your aunt Rangamma closing the door?
What are you talking?
You are talking about seeing me while bathing right?
Hey Chittibabu
I am seeingRangamma aunty
Leave that engine to himand go collect the debt from Venkat.
Tomorrow is the festival and he cannot be caught tomorrowYes, I am coming right away
Look here, do you think I have only engine works?I have so many other works
I am observing every thing. when ever I get a chance tocatch you I will cut you and sprinkle chili over your body
Hey, I am unable to see. Cover with sari
You, rascal
How is my new shirt dude?
It is a wow, only you are visible allover
Chittibabu, moneyI will say in the night and pay in the morning...
Sir, RamalakshmiI saw dude
She looks so beautiful..I will meet her and will come again
Boss, why are you messing unnecessarily?
You cannot listen and get booked just like that
Ramalakshmi should give us the engine money
I will ask Ramalakshmi engine moneyand she says Chittibabu, here is the money and finished
You are finished
Ramalakshmi, my engine payment
Why, you think I would run away without paying or what?
I am moving around keepingit in my waist from day before to pay that
How much is it in total?
You came an hour late in the morningand slept an hour in the noon after food
Hey Mahesh...
You went somewhere for an hour on thework of that Rangamma
Are you done now?
One more hour in the middle saying engine got heated up
Taking out those hours and reducing the advance 50,what is the final amount?
What you will know, I should only say as I studied sixth class
It would account to 80 in total.
Here, take this 100 and give my 20 rupees back
When I said to pay back 20 taking 100,why are you pinching?
Oh, say like that then..
I should take 100 and give 20 back, right?
Huh, I have no change and will give it tomorrow
Hey Chittibabu... Chittibabu...
If you take all the money, what shall I buy with?
I have no money and buy at least bangles for me
Why are you pinching againwhen I asked to buy me bangles?
Bangles right, I will buy. Come on
Mud bangles, plastic bangles and Singapore bangles...
Hello.. Show bangles for our ladies
These will correctly match for you
How much?
Dozen 10 rupeesOh, that is it?
Shall I get into your bullock cart?You bloody idiot.
How much?
Those are Singapore bangles and costly.They are 40 per dozen
Hello, I will buy these.
These are enough
He is messing too much with Ramalakshmi
Sound is great
Come on dude, let us mess it upYou say so?
Move on
They would look good for you, wear them.
Look, take 40 and give 60 back.
I never step back at ladies
What Chittibabu, new shirt?
Yes dude
My brother brought from Dubai and my father stitched it.
Is it good?
What just good dude? When the babe is so hot,
I think you are eating daily
What bro?It is thus great
Yes dude, Singapore bangles and forty rupees
Ramalakshmi, bangles are great
She fell for bangles only means maybeshe would come for family life if one gives anklets
Shirt is great Chittibabu
What dear, what happened?
Ramalakshmi... Hey Ramalakshmi...
Oh..! what happened to her?
Why are you like that Sir?
Why did Ramalakshmi leave angry?
I doubt brothers of that Kasi said something
Is it boss?
No problem if they said nothing.
But I would be an idiot if they had said something
What to do now then sir?
Either they said or not, let us bash them up.
It would be good
Will you have the snacks?
Say what did they say about my Ramalakshmi?
Chittibabu, sorry. It was a mistake
You said mistake means you spoke something bad.
You speak bad rascals...
You speak bad
Hey Chittibabu, why are you hitting my brothers?
He said something to Ramalakshmi
Hey stop...Chitti
Stop bro, what happened?
Brother, they spoke something wrong to Ramalakshmi
What did they talk wrong? Say what did you say guys?
Look, if my brothers said something bad I will hit them
If they did not, will you hit your brother?
Chitti, what did they say?
Say dude, what are you thinking?
What happened, Chitti?
These guys to Ramalakshmi...To Ramalakshmi...
Ramalakshmi... That is...
They said something about my RamalakshmiWhat can he say? He cannot say
Hey Kasi...
Because he cannot listen
I will kill rascal...You manhandle my brother in front of me,idiot?
Hey..stop chitti.
Hey..kasi listen to me..
Hey Chitibabu, leave... Hey...
You manhandle my brother in front of me,idiot?
Hey Chittibabu...
Seedlings have come up in my fields.
I am very happy and want to talk with you
Yes, I am taking these carriages to the fields
No, not that... You hit that fellow yesterdayat the celebrations right?
I felt very good
I felt has this boy hit for me?
Why did you hit?
You got so angry when I was commented right?
Oh no, see the anger is still the same
Hey, where are the fields of Swamiraju?
Look, ladies are talking to me here.Can you not see? Go on...
Hey stop, I am comingHey stop
What are you saying..?
Ok, they are looking for marriage matches at my home.
Do you have any intentions to marry me?
If yes tell me and I will inform my father tonight
Oh God, she is killing...
What are you looking here and there? My dadwill leave early in the morning to see the marriage matches
Look there, I have so many works.
We shall talk later, go and give this in our fields.
Right, right...
Hold on... hold on...
Hold on...
What is this, you brought me herewhen I actually asked for the fields of Swamyraju?
Do you not know?
Hey, come here
Ramalakshmi just spoke something in front of them.Find out what that is
Hello clerk sirYes
A girl just had spoken to our Chittibabu right?What did she speak?
Oh that, she asked whether he would marry her.If he likes, she said to inform by this night
What dude?Chittibabu,
Ramalakshmi asked whether you would marry her
Have you heard properly?
Yes Chittibabu, it seems Ramalakshmiasked whether you marry her
and asked to finalise the matter coming by this night
Now ask what do they need
Yes sir, what do you need?
Do not make sound..
be right there
Why did Ramalakshmi throw down so many things?She is very lazy
Do not make sound,
Has he slept here?
Let us go.
Is she here? Why did she sleep after calling me?
Hey Ramalakshmi, come outCome fast.
Why did you come here?
Ramalakshmi, you like me?
I like you too a lot. Yes
I mean, there were society people thenand I could not say anything
This liking is not born just now.I saw you first time when you were bathing, right?
I liked you very much right then Lakshmi
Say your dad now, not to look for any other matches.Just you and me...
Chittibabu, my dad is behind...Hey, do not talk any more
Just give me two kisses and we shall enjoy
What is it? I came so silently and how did they get up?
What Uncle, do you people wake upbefore the cock screams?
Ok, since anyway you got up...listen..father in law I like your Lachmmi very much
Not just me father in law, even Lachmmi likes me a lot.
Hey Lakshmi, tell...Lakshmi tell... tell
Come on..tell Lakshmi, say how much did we love
Hey rascal, what work do you have in my house?
You need my daughter, idiot?Go, get out.
Get out idiot
Your parents have left you out like a starving animalWhat happened ? What is the issue sir?
Why do you say what issues?Why would someone come home in the midnight?
They may either come for a chick or a girl.
As far as I know, there are no chicks in this house
He is definitely come to do something to Ramalakshmi.Why do you look so guys, finish this idiot
Hey, I am talking loud now rascal.Hey, move...move.
What are you blabbering rascal, what happened now?
They both are in love and will talk. What is wrong?
You are all making it a messlike some great mistake has happened
You come..
As your husband is not in town,it may be ok if someone may come and go
What guys, are you seeing?
You come shouting when known this is some dirty relation
What have you done, my baby?
Hey, you may fall down
Take care, I said you would fall down.
Get down.
(Song Humming)
Aunty, my heart feels very sad
Yes son in law, once the heart is givenit would not return again
She hit so hard.
Even my brother never hit me so hard.That short rascal hit me
Not hitting you, idiot. Maybe she felt like touching you hard
Hey, not so
When I put motor in fields of all,she put the motor on in my eyes
See how the water is flowing out from the eyes
Oh no, do not look so dude. My husband is in Dubai
I will never leave her.You remember aunty, I will kill her
I will chop her... put chillies...and squeeze her
Say in the morning dear
Oh no..Hey, what are you doing?
What is this?
No problem aunty, uncle is in Dubai right?
Hey, Aunty... I am getting disturbed just for ten days...how are you surviving with out uncle for such a long time
My life is like that, it is getting over just waiting.
This too is love it seems, father in law used to say
What is that, give it hereGive
Uncle is looking great
He is good looking right? Same like Chiranjeevi
Chiranjeevi right? I heard this
Why will it not be heard?
What is the issue between you and uncle?
What..? even uncle has put motor in your eyes?
How did you drink like that, aunty?
Drink the balance dudeOk, ok
What more is left aunty, you cleared it all.
To hell with you
It is to inform all that as Matta Somaraju hasnot repaid the loan taken from the society,
his land is being seized
What uncle, are you fine?
What is left son, it is over.
It is all over. Society people snatched everything
They used to just snatch the crop,but they pulled off even the land.
They have seized everything
That Godavari is there for everything now
I will get into the lap of that mother.I will jump into Godavari and end my life
Very good.
Then what, be on that job.Go and look into that work, go
Thank God, we are saved
my engine money then?
I just have 10 rupees dude
Only ten..?
Ok, let us look into that later
God gave you a great boon.
You cannot listen to the pain of anybody.You are a lucky fellow
Rangamma aunt, Suribabu, Konda aunt come on...Somaraju uncle jumped into Godavari
Rangamma aunty, uncle jumped into Godavari
Looks like he is swallowed water.Uncle...
He jumped.Uncle...
Brother, see...
Uncle... Move aside, let him get some air
Water has come
Uncle is alive
Uncle you are known for telling good things to all people.If you only do like this, it is not correct.
What else would he do than to diewhen society snatches all the land he has?
Oh no, will this society not let us live?
Uncle you come, let us go and ask..
Good that I have seen. If not, what would happened to you?
Yes Chittibabu, you cannot listen at all, right?
How did you know that I am jumping into Godavari?
He is asking how did you know thathe was jumping into Godavari?
Maybe I cannot listen to what you said uncle.But I saw tears in your eyes
I got a doubt and turned backand saw you jumping into Godavari river.
I just came and saved you
I should run the engine in the garden of Raju sir.careful chitti.
You take care uncle
Our Chittibabu may be deaf but his heart very soft.He is a good guy
Chittibabu... Hey Chittibabu
Hey, what?
You could see the pain from the eyes of Somarajubut not the love in my eyes?
I like you.
I will marry only you and I will tellmy father not to look for any marriage matches
What are you talking low rascal,you just came to know that I cannot listen properly right?
I suffered all these days unable to manage... Talk louder
Love is so, they say so.
As you cannot listen... saying so loudly shouting
Why are you just moving the lips, idiot? Say in low voice
I like you and I will say only like thisWhat?
Say silently, without a sound
You- Idiot
I likeRascal
Like this- Who would marry you?
Why did you say so?
You are like a tiny pot and who would marry you?
I am not marrying you, goand marry the guy your father brings.
Hey Rangamma, Mangamma
Hey Rangamma, Mangamma
Rangamma, Mangamma what a guy is he?He is beside but never cares
Rangamma, Mangamma what a guy is he?He is beside but never cares
When grass hopper comes and pinches my nail
When grass hopper comes and pinches my nail
Funas (wild Regional Ant)stings,when my lips are in numbness
He does'nt even waft on themeven for wordsake he does'nt console me
He does'nt even waft on themeven for wordsake he does'nt console me
When Iam lost in this wierd words
I apparently bit chilly, and feeling the hotness of itHe does'nt look and handover me atleast water to drink
Hey Rangamma, Mangamma
Hey Rangamma, Mangamma
Rangamma, Mangamma what a guy is he?He is beside but never cares
Hey parrot trying to eat bear fruit
Pulp of fruit falls on my new saree
Parrot trying to eat bear fruitPulp of fruit falls on my new saree
I yell at stains caused by it,he won't see themhe doesn't give me the other saree
I yell at stains caused by it,he won't see themhe doesn't give me the other saree
Hey Rangamma, Mangamma
Hey Rangamma, Mangamma
Rangamma, Mangamma what a guy is he?He is beside but never cares
I tied all my beauty in a bundle and I go to pulse field
Those honeybees come and sting me over hereand there and surround me
I tied all my beauty in a bundle and I go to pulse field
Those honeybees come and sting me over hereand there and surround me
He doesn't gush at them and make them go awayhe doesn't respond or move such a stubborn man
He doesn't gush at them and make them go awayhe doesn't respond or move such a stubborn man
Hey Rangamma, Mangamma
Hey Rangamma, Mangamma
Rangamma, Mangamma what a guy is he?He is beside but never cares
Rangamma, Mangamma what a guy is he?He is beside but never cares
I am asking when?
How much did you take uncle?Rs. 4000
How much have you paid till now?
I have been paying from the last 9 crops
How much is I per crop?
No idea son
What is this uncle, do you have the receipts?
What receipts son?
What are you talking?Do I look like a mad girl?
I too studied till sixth class and know accounts.I will not keep quiet.
Whom did you ask and put these flags?You seize my crop?
What are you screaming?Not that brother in law...
Debt is cleared long back as per my calculation.
My mom sold bangles before dyingand cleared when there was a bit.
They are seeing debt is still pending.
I even have the receipts brother in lawYou have the receipts?
Brother, we both have fightsand I do not like you helping her
What are you in the middle, move
I will kill you rascalGive that cardboard
How much have you taken dear?
Have they seized it all
You should have it
Have you stopped eating as your son died?
You are into dirty cryingand you get a pain to repay the loan?
You have already paid 2000 more than what you took.
Come, we shall ask
Wipe your eyes and go,else bad name would come for the Seshunaidu
Oh no, she is weeping a lot
What Kumar, looks like you have missed your wayand came here
Secretary sir
As per the accounts it looks likedebt of Ramalakshmi is cleared
But society people have seized her crops today.
Will you have a look into this and say?
Oh no, a guy has newly come in Rangasthalamto question the accounts
You would leave soon to Dubaiand why all these for you?
Come on, how can we be silentwhen there is a difference observed?
Come on show,he is screaming as there are ladies to his side
Talk with sense, that badge will be lost
I saw so many
Great bank officer has come for checking.
Open up the eyes and see the debt hereLook
What is this? When the Principal is 10,why is it written 20 here?
How much have you taken?Just 10, brother in law
When your father took, how will you say?
I was just beside and it was me counting that
What is this?Give that book here sir
Hey stop, what is that force?Why do you get over us like that?
Give it here sir
Why do you pull away the society books?
See, all wrong accounts are hereOh no...Blood.
You are not aware about how far would this matter go.Hitting me is like hitting the President
I will see your matter at the village Assembly
Go and call the Police.Come on, we shall go to the President Sir
You overact so much when President Sir isout of town for two days, idiots?
Hey Kumar idiot, you know what happensmanhandling the society?
I will teach you a lesson at the PanchayatHey, what are you saying my brother?
What idiot, why is the voice raising?Chitti, quiet
Hey get upAsk him to first talk properly
Every idiot is coming into the house
Rangasthalam is lost systematic decency
Why have you stopped idiots?Not on us but show your power on those
Your manliness will be out then
Is what I gave that day not enough rascal?
Hey Chitti, you stay calmBe quiet dude
It is a promise on me, do not get in to fights
Mahesh, take him to a side
I am dying with these promises
You come sir
Oh no, he is Lord Sriramaand this fellow is the deaf Lakshmana
Your Rangasthala Ramayan is great guys
President Sir...
Hello Sir
What Koteswara Rao?
Is this how you brought up?
Not that, President Sir
You wait sonDo you not know to keep sons under control?
My elder son is not so Sir.
As daughter of Pallalu has asked for a help...
Yes, President Sir...
Ramalakshmi has taken 10000 and they wrote 20000
Many in the village are into troubles because of society
Erra Srinu son of Narasimham has recently taken his life havingthe poision as he could not repay the debt to this Society
Just recently here,
Come..Somaraju uncle.
even Somaraju uncle jumped into Godavari
It was ok as my brother Chittibabu came and saved.
What, what is my brother saying?He is saying great about you
What do you say now?
You say they are writing wrong accounts in the society andinjustice has been done to the family of Ramalakshmi right?
Yes Sir
Hey SecretarySir
How much has Pallalu taken?
He is taken 20000 as per the accounts of Society Sir
Hey PallaluSir
How much have you taken?Sir, that is...
We took 10000 sir, I was right there
Hey, you are a girl and what do you know accounts?
No Sir, I studied till sixth class
Oh no...
I am laughing for nowbut say what has he spoken tonight dude
Hey Pallau,
Hey Seshu Naidu Sir is talking listen
I am talking to you.I am on the same job Boss
President Sir is asking right? Is what you took 10 or 20?
Say clearly, you drunkard rascal
I took 20000 sir
Ok Pallau, you go
Why did you change word so father
Hey, I am being quiet as you are a motherless child,you ruined my prestige and put me at Panchayat.
Move now to the house.
What is that dude, why is Ramalakshmi leaving?You wait Sir
That is the matter, it is clear now right?
As Kumar hit the society clerk,
for none to again point at society again in the village,please declare that penalty Sir
What dude?
Penalty is Rs.20,000
Koteswara Rao, bring and pay the moneyat Panchayat in two days
What is it Sir,
how can I bring so much money as of now?
Do one thing. You have two acres land right?Sell that, bring and pay
Here, our Raju Sir is also ready to buy.
What Sir?Yes.
I will go and bring 10000 as advance right away
How can we sell that land sir?
That is the hard earned land by motherselling milk and cow dung
Was it hard earned?
Why do all in village say that father of Presidenthas written that on the name of your mother?
Hey you, what are you talking?
It is what is the truth
What dad, what is wrong?
Nothing, they are asking us to pay the penalty.
Why would we pay, we will not pay
I will bring the papers and give tomorrow morning sir
Ok, go now
Do whatever you can and we are not going to pay
Enough of the amusement you had, go now idiots
No stability in lives but started to better the village
Mom, it was great to see dad talking today
When Seshu Naidu asked to pay the finehe strongly said not to pay
What brother?Yes.
You too spoke great
Why all these for us, son?
No problem in losing the land but we lost the prestige
What did you cook mom?Fish curry..serve it.
I will eat more..
What dude, is father not hungry?
Hey, give that curry.
Nothing, I thought it may get spoilt by morning
What is the news today Mahesh, start the cassette?
Nothing much today sir
Milk Satyam came opposite in the way this morning right?
His granddaughter is into puberty andasked us to come for lunch tomorrow
Not that dude, say what happened today at the Panchayat
At the Panchayat? You know what happened right?
Not that dude, all laughed when Ramalakshmisaid something right? Say what that is
Oh that,
when President sir said she is a girland how will she know all these accounts
Ramalakshmi said she studied up to sixth classand all laughed loud for that
Have they laughed dude?
If not, she is egoistic that she studied more than us.
She would be down now
And after that you know it.
That Pallala changed his wordand they asked your brother to pay fine
And we said not to pay that and that is all.
See you now.Hey Mahesh, sit down dude
Yes Mahesh,
Seshu Naidu said something while getting down the steps.
What did he say?
What did he say, he said to sell your land and pay the fine
What, just for that my brother said strongly to talk properly?
That is, the land was hard earned byyour grandmother and it is a sentiment for us.
Will one not get angry when asked to sell that?
Yes, we should get anger
Still, brain is working great for my idiot brother these days
What Chittibabu...
Your dad used to daily come for the leaves after foodand why did he not come today?
What do I know?
Maybe he is not hungryand did not have food even at home.
What hunger will he have for what Seshu Naidu said?
We ourselves felt bad listening to the wordsand definetly your father would have felt very very bad?
Oh no, he said so dirty and that is very wrong
It is time for my Chitralahari and I will leave now
What did Seshu Naidu say?
That is, I said right Sir...
What did Seshu Naidu say?
I said that he asked to sell land ofyour grandma and pay the fine, right Sir?
Remember well and say
I just remember this, see you Sir
Better remember well.better tell me what Seshu Naidu has said?
My mother is alone and I will leave
I will kill you rascal,
say what Seshu Naidu said to my father
When he said how can we sell the hard earned land fromselling milk and cow dung,
that filthy rascal said...
Is it hard earned by selling milk and cow dung?
He said father of President gavethat in writing to his mother to your dad
Your dad felt like he is dead Sir
I too felt bad as he said so to your father.
He said so bad to your father...
See you Seshu Naidu Sir
Hey, where are you going Errababu?
It seems Rattalus hubby is not home andshe said cant sleep alone,
I wanted to make her sleep at my wife
His work is better than mine
Come on, throw the card
Hey, who is that?What did you say about my grandma, rascal?
Tell..Who ?
Hey Errababu, catch that fellow
Hey..Tell idiot.
Hey, you hit me idiot?
How dare you..You say about my grandma, rascal?
Hey catch him. Catch and hit him...
I will not leave you
You bloody.
Hey Chittibabu, I will kill you
My grandma... You insult my Grandma...You hit Seshu Naidu?
I wouldve killed you right there if I had heard
Kill him,
will he be alive hitting Seshu Naidu? Kill that idiot
What did you say..?You insult my grandma, dirty rascalYou insult my grandma
I will kill you
Hey catch him, catch that idiotI'll see who blocks me today
I will kill you rascalleave me..
Where will you go...You, bloody..
Hey wait.
Hey, Chittibabu
Hey, chitti leave him..
Leave him
Hey Chitti, throw it down
Will he say about my grandma? I will kill this rascal
Laeve me..
Will he say about my grandma? I will kill this rascal
You unnecessarily hit men of that President, Chittibabu.Why these fights for us?
All this is because of that Ramalakshmi.
My brother has unnecessarily backed her up
Bloody hell, anger on her is not downhow much ever I drink dude
Love is like that Chittibabu,
it keeps oozing out like Toddy as we keep scratching
There, she is comeHey Chittibabu
Come here
Keep one pail of toddy for meI will just come, dude
It seems you are not talking with Ramalakshmi?
What will she do for the deeds of her dad?
You dirty idiot, can you hit a girl?
You do not get worried
You think she is any ordinary lady?She got my brother insulted.
She is even made my brother into an idiot at the Panchayat
She is not any less, it is a habit for her.It is a habit to make idiots before all
what have you done whenI came to your house day before night?
What did you do..?Did you not hit me hard?
Yes, she would hit. Her breed is like that
Her dad, her dog, her chickenand everyone at her house has that same brain
Take her away from here, I do not know what I may do..Not that
She likes you very much and she has come to say that.
You sayOh no
You sayReally?
You wait... You say...
Say it
Chittibabu, I like you very much
I like youSay loud
Come near, come on
I said to talk loudI know the same way to say
See, she says only that aloud.
She says the words making me an idiot aloudbut she says love on me at low voice
Her dirty face and her dirty breed...
She is high on cholesterol, you do not back her up. Go...
Hey, are you Chittibabu?
SI sir is calling, it seems you hit Seshu Naidu right?
Come rascal
Hey ChittibabuIdiot, I think she is called even these Police
She looks so short but she is so tall below the earth,
do not believe her aunty
You do not cry, love is like that.You do not cry Lakshmi...
Rangamma aunty, take care of her.
Get into the Jeep idiot
You do not cry dearGet in rascal
Hey Lakshmi, I will come back fast
You hit the president's man?
Are you so high in Cholesterol rascal?
I heard about you..heard....you had a fight in the village celebrations also
Hitting the president man... I heard...you came to my station now
I will stamp you down idiot?
Say sorry to constable.
Say you will not do..
Say sorry..Sir, do not hit
Bro, he is my brotherSay sorry
Sir, he cannot listen
Sir, he is my brother. He has a hearing problem
He cannot listen unless spoken aloud sir
Are you deaf? Can you not hear?
Who said, I can listen great.I can listen however anybody speaks
Are both brothers playing a drama, say sorry rascal...
Say... Say sorry rascalSir..do not hit him sir.
Please Sir, do not hit himPush him inside
Do not give even water.He will know if starved for two days
Sir, listen to me. He will not listen, he is a stubborn guy.
Hey Chitti...
What are you man?Our SI is a mad fellow and may push even you in
Look, do one thing.
Your President knows our SI very well
Go and make his say once and your work will be done.
Make him call by evening.Its a two day holiday for the court
Our guy hand was in raising..
He play the game well
Hey Kittaiah, have you tied that calf?Excuse me
Hello, is President Sir in?He is sleeping.
What dude, is this the tobacco from Lanka?I need to meet President Sir urgently
Hello President Sir, the Police have taken away my brother
They are hitting him badly sir.
If you say a word, that SI...
Sir, put a word.
That SI says he will leave my brother if you put in a word.
SirHave the buttermilk
Not that Sir, they are badly hitting him
Have it
It is wrong to hit Seshu Naidu Sir. I am saying Sorry for that.
I will see to that it will not repeat.
SI says to let go if you call and say one word sir
They said a hit for animal and a word for the human
Animal listen when hit andthe human listens when said a word
Poor fellow, your brother cannot hear even when said right?
Maybe he gets some enlightenment after hitting
Let them hit, he will spend time there for two days
My brother cannot bear hunger Sir, please say a word
Hey, you know what my name is?
Hey UmbrellaSir
What is my name?President Sir
What is my name?
President Sir, right Sir?
Not just these but none knows my name in this village
Who is that?Ammiraju Sir
Have you seen that flag?
Be in the line...
You know why is one single flag flying in this village?
That is not the greatness of party but the value my word has
You asked me to put forward a word right?To say that, my word should have a value
Whatever happens in this village,It should happen after informing me
if that does not happen...It happens like this only.
I understood sir
I will take care that it never repeats again.
I fear that they may kill himPlease just put in a word sir
What, even you cannot hear?
I will look into that and what else?
Clean the glass and then go.
Hey, your brother has come.Get up.
Getup idiot, your brother has got you bail
Get up, your brother has come
Chitti, careful
Hey, keep it dude
Serve it quick..I am very hungry
Open it
Why so late to get a bail? I was dead here with hunger
Who would give when you oppose the President?
Hey, give water fast
They hit me badly brother, here...
I forgot, remember that SI rascaland we shall look into him later.
What?Brother says ok, Sir
and that constable fellow too...
I will remind you...you eat sir.
Why did you bring here?
Hey, brother...
Hello sir.
What is the work?
You wait dude.
I need the nomination papers of president post
What is the name?
Chelluboina Kumar Babu
Name of your father?Koteswara Rao
Which village?
Hey, What happened to him?
What man, are you from Rangasthalam?
Yes sir
Have you come to file nomination for the post of President?
Hey..Yes sir.
I have been waiting from so long for this moment.
Come on sign
Their games will not run from now on..
How much more long would you look downat the ground, President Sir?
Look up for once, a new flag has come to Rangasthalam
Villagers got bored seeing same Presidentand one flag for so long, President Sir
Village is wishing for a change now
Thus, I filed nomination as Presidentin the elections this time
We came to put a word to you as a respect.
Huh, hairs!
My brother may not listen unless spoken aloud
But for you....you could not listen so faras there was none to talk loudly till now
There are many problems in the village President sir.
Village is the same as it was in my childhood
They are looting people on the name of society debts.
I know who is behind all that
That is why, the village will not changeunless the power changes hands
Brother, I heard this. Shall I say?
Sir, politics have started in Rangasthalam.
Get ready for the elections Mr. Phanindra Bhupathi Sir
What, you feel to have heard it somewhere?Maybe you forgot, it is your name
See you, Phanindra Bhupathi sir
Move dudeMove
It will now be the interval for him, brother
Even the breed eating grass is raising their voice,how did they get so much courage President Sir?
This courage is not theirs but of the flag they are carrying
The boys we got bail have come
Come sit..
You did a great work guys.
It was my dream from 20 yearsto have my party flag in your village
It is being fulfilled after so long.
I have never at least stepped intoyour village because of that President
He is like demon Bakasura,he is eating away the money of public
I am an MLA for this constituency but not for Rangasthalam
Not just a single vote,I did not get even a single vote in your village
Now I got the confidence.
You have to work hard
Work hard
Ok sir
Your village should develop and ask for any help you need
I will risk even my life for your victory
He is Dr. Murthy and he did the surgery
here was a deep wound on the headWe almost removed blood clots
and we did the best to our efforts.
He is not responding for anything.He is gone into a coma
As far as I know, it is tough for him to be alive
Why tough Doctor, what tough?
He is breathing right?
His heart is also beatingand how can you say he will die?
If he was to die, he shouldve been deadwhen the Lorry dashed him
He will not die, are you any God to say?
What sir, you will live right?
He will live it seems, he said and I heard it
You should live sir, you should live.You have to make him live
Nothing will happen to you sir..
I will take care.
Ok madam, you understood please sign on this
What madam.. what are you doing doctor?
Its tough now
Its tough now
You too have been seeing from so long.Its the same whatever we may wait
Thus we had to come take this decision
What does it mean?
You wish to kill him?
No son, we too are feeling sad.
But the Doctors are saying its tough right?
How long would you work hard more?
Still. How long more can we keep him so?
Dont say like that please
Our fate is like that....We have nothing more
I am indebted to him
He will live. I need him Doctor sir
Do one thing, all of you leave in a feeling that he is dead
If he lives by chance, Ill bring him to you
Give it that.
Come on, have the curry.
I feel pity seeing you Chittibabu.
You dont eat in time, sleep in full
Why do you work so hard day and nightfor a person you have no relation with?
Go back to your village get into some work
Look Chittibabu, whatve I said now?
Hey Ramalaxmi... Hey Ramalaxmi stop...
Hey Laxmi... I can't run with you..Laxmi stop
Hey, stop.
Hey stop... where will you go...
Will you talk the same way even afteryour brother becomes the President?
You... Wont you leave this stick till you get your snake?
Why do you talk loud? Why not speak low?
Is ours a love to have eyes in eyes to talk silently?
Ours is a love to shout loud in the ears
Not that dear,
we too have a system to speak slowlyand with love. Sit, Ill say.
Come on sit
Listen, Ill say what our system is
Ok, say
Now, Ill say what Ramalaxmi dear
For that you reply saying, you say Chittibabu
Then Ill say why are your eyes so red
Youll reply, when did you let me sleepcoming into dreams for the whole night
Ill say, if so give me a kiss Ramalaxmi
You should then feel shy and say cant kiss so
Then Ill hold you tight and kiss
If it is so, we can talk even if you talk in low voice.
What a brain?
What Ramalaxmi?Say Chittibabu
Why are your eyes so red, dear?
I had no sleep for the whole night.You came into my dreams
If so, give me a kiss dear
I should kiss and you must feel shy right?
Ok kiss
What?Someone is laughing
Hey, I cannot listen right? Come on...
Right here...
Hey, you go home.
There is someone and Ill have a look
Chittibabu, careful...
Powers of the Kings ruling are vanished at this place...
The black beeds of a tender wifehave broken down at this place...
This is the stage where theEvil lord dances along with the ghosts
Oh no Ganapathi uncle... What is that?
It seems you were dead falling under the train, right uncle?
Oh no, have they ended my role so in Rangasthalam?
The same play from the past 30 years.
There will be no hero in this play,there would just be the villain called the President
If anybody tries to become thePresident his role ends right here in this mud
Its like someone is dying if our village has elections
Hey, what are you talking?
Has your brother filed nominations?
Is he wishing to become the leader?Yes
His role too would end
You dont know who they areand from where they would come.
They come when this Rangasthalamis asleep and end the roles
Dont leave, dont leave your brother alone.
Itll end, the role will end.
Careful, be careful
I had to file the nomination in a compulsory situation,
please understand Padma
Dont say anything else
What did you say me?
You said well get married and go away once you get a job
You said we can both live happily.
All those are false statements right?
What happened now?
I do not understand why you did so?
Whos that?
Whos that?
Hey...Brother, its me Chittibabu.
What are you doing here Chitti?
Nothing I followed in a fear thatsomething may happen to you
Whatll happen to me?
It seems they would kill if anyone who contestsopposite to the President
Who said so?
Who said so?Hey, silent
Ganapathi uncle said me
Go away.. you...
Hey... Chitti... Chitti, he is a mad fellow
He keeps roaming singing poems and sayingsomeone is killed and his madness has gone to peaks.
Mad... He is mad, right?Yes Chitti
I too got a doubt brother
Thats why I didnt care much
Is it sound Engineer sir?
President is gone high in sarcasmThank you
Ill beat you up if you overact
All villagers are into thinking why is the President silentwhen they came in lungi and slippers and challenged
That Dakshinamurthy has no courage to step into thisvillage and no idea what their courage is seeing him
What is a festival when it is cleaned up dude?There should be ward members to file nomination right?
Who would step forward opposing the President Sir?Who is such a man in Rangasthalam?
Hey Edukondalu, my brother is contestingthis time in the President elections
and you all need to be with him
If not, Ill not put engine in your fieldsand they would go dry. Take care
Chittibabu, Im talking right? You be quiet
No bro, they should have some fear
Ok, you talkOk, sit
Are you fine uncle?
Were just living son. What is the matter?
You know right, I am contesting as the President.
I felt it would be good if you are the memberfor this eighth ward.
Whats it, there is already a President for this village right?Why another President again?
It is not as easy to wave the flag to win the elections, idiot
Come on, it is being said for your good right?
When nobody is coming,it should either be a fear or a confidence
If fear, nothing can be done,
if confidence, that should be driven out
We should make all know that President is theone behind the scams of society
Oh no..you go..go.
Hello sir..
Sir, checking officers have come there
Oh no
Rongali Chandramma and took 10000
Give the pass book
The Principal take is just 6000 sir
Matta Somaraju, taken 8000Oh God
Principal taken is 5000 sir
Kota Ranga has taken 6000Just 3000 sir
Pullam Narasamma has taken 12000
NarasammaI took only 6000 sir
Even my son committed suicidefor not being able to pay this debt
See officer...This is the situation
What man, is it become a habit to eat well?
What are these wrong accounts?
Have you understood at least now,how they are looting you on the name of society?
The same took place recently even inthe case of Ramalakshmis father.
They cheated him and made him lie
This is all a drama played by that Presidentand that Seshu Naidu is just a puppet
They are looting the whole village keeping him in middle
You are looking to him as a God
Say one thing, has the village changedin his rule or have our lives got better?
For you, I filed nominations as President for you people
Support me and file nominations as ward member
Even my nomination goes wasteif none of you come forward
Give it a thought
What are you still thinking,come on file the nomination as a ward member
What are you doing here when PresidentSir has started the worship?
Come on..move.
one minute...please listen what I am saying?Somaraju Uncle..
Uncle... Katamaiah... Where are you going?
All the villagers have become enemiesfor what these are doing
None are talking to us.
When none have a problem, why just for us?
Chinni..Mom, give it here
Hey go idiot.give some water
Do we have any properties or what?
What son, have you asked all?
There is a girl for marriage at home
We asked dad, none is coming forwardand what do you wish to do?
You shall ask all friends and even enemies in such times.
No hesitations.Looks like he will not leave even if they let go
If he is so, will these not become like this?Chitti come
See you mom
Where are you going again?
Wait... Will you ask this face?
Come on, we just get fooled by asking but no use, move
Not that ChittiHey..move.
Look, listen to me
I said no, right?
Here, you be hereNo bro
I will go and come
You are a great guy dudeMahesh, take care of him
Brother is saying to go and ask right Sir, what for you?
What Kasi, are you fine?
Listen properly to what he is saying.You wait.
You said say me again in the nightOk, I will say
You know right Kasi, I filed nominations as President
None is coming forwardfor nominations as ward members, none
All are running away in fear,you know why am I doing all this right?
Kasi, enough to have a guy like youand the whole village gets courage
Thats why Kasi, I came to askif you file nomination as the ward member
What, I should file nomination as ward member for you?
You should have some shame to ask
What is that Kasis brother raising over brother and talking,
Come on... listenIm listening
Why, did you forget what happened at the celebrations?I will not keep quiet if he overact now
Yes, say no way and send him back
Go..go. Hey wait
Kumar Babu, I will support you
Hey brother, what are you talking?
Hey, till date they hit us and we hit them
But is there any man who hit Presidents guy?
Chittibabu has hit
Why is that Kasi pointing finger?
And thus his brother is got the couragetoday to file nomination
Still, is he doing all this for his good?
He is doing this all for the development of the village
Hey...Hey, be quiet guys.
It is a waste if we do not support at least now
Kumar Babu, I am behind you.
Ill do whatever you say. Say me what to do.
He is talking with his hands moving,listen what he is saying
Sir, you cannot listen and not me.I can listen even being here
This is enough Kasi
Come on Kumar Babu
Ill break his finger if something goes wrong.
Oh no, your brother is seeing angrily at me.
Go and say him what I said, else he may again hit me
Chitti, Kasi said to support us
First say what I said about him
He said we fought each other in the village till date
but your brother hit Presidents guy and he is great
Is it?Yes
Youre great dude.
If you are on our side, whole village can be trapped
We have no looking back now
Will you be on that shore Naganna, will you come this side?
Will you be on that shore Naganna, will you come this side?
Will you be on that shore Naganna, will you come this side?
Will you be on that shore Naganna, will you come this side?
There is bottle full of arrack, pot full of toddyand so much Brandy on that shore
There is a tumbler full of buttermilk on this shore
Will you be on that shore Naganna, will you come this side?
Will you be on that shore Naganna, will you come this side?
Will you be on that heap Naganna, will you come this side?
Will you be on that heap Naganna, will you come this side?
There is batch of wolves, group of foxesand gang of bandicoots on that heap
There is herd of cows in this heap
Will you be on that heap Naganna, will you come this side?
Will you be on that heap Naganna, will you come this side?
Will you be on that doorstep Naganna,will you come this side?
Will you be on that doorstep Naganna,will you come this side?
There is poisonous food, waste plantsand the weed on that doorstep
There is the sandalwood in this doorstep
Will you be on that doorstep Naganna,will you come this side?
Will you be on that doorstep Naganna,will you come this side?
Have it son
What dear, feeding sweets already to the bridegroom?
What am I to do when my dad is sittingwith poison bottle in hands?
Get up rascalsHey Chittibabu
What are you eating, get up rascals
What are you doing Chittibabu?
Ramalakshmi is mine
Take your hands off
Take your hands off
Its because of you.Theyre getting her married fearing because of you
How will they give hands to a guy opposing the President?
Will the whole village not exile themif they give her to you in marriage?
Still, you have no base and how would youtake care of her, if you get married to her?
Ok, do one thing. I will somehow plead,request President Sir and get money
You say your brother to take back the nominations
Then Ill give Ramalakshmis hand to you in marriage
Why till then, Ill give the money right now.You take her hand, go
Take the money, at least you get better
So, you too have joined hands in Presidents politics.
I neither need this money nor Ramalakshmi.Get her married to anyone you like
But the vote should be to my brother
Will you be on that side Naganna, will you come this side?
Will you be on that side Naganna, will you come this side?
There is justice, law, our own this side
And that side...
There is an anti to all these on that side
That means?
Injustice, illegal and not our own
Will you be on that shore Naganna, will you come this side?
Will you be on that shore Naganna, will you come this side?
Come on aunt, put a sign here.Aunt will sign
Kumar babu..Ill contest as the ward member
Hey..come on..Take the chair.
Please be seated
Hey Rangamma aunty, come out
When all supported my brother in the Evening,why did you turn your face and go away?
Yes, your husband is in Dubai andsends Dirhams every month and you sit here getting ready
You have any debt or pain from the society?
You...Come inside
Like how all call you in the village,I too will call the same from tomorrow
I am saying to come inIll look at like all
Come on...I don't need your Engine...Ive no relation at all with you
That's all.
Why are you closing the doors?
My brother will not lose just with your single voteand we dont need your vote, go
What, fish curry again?
I quit eating fish. Ill not eat your fish at all
I dont need you or your fishEat
Ill not eat
Dont overact, just eat
Ok, say this first.
Why didnt you sign in the Evening?
How to say the pain from heart to youwhen you cant listen unless said aloud?
Whom did you ask and file the nominations?Did you ask me and file?
Whom to ask for doing a good deed?We just filed, thats all
Are you the only men in the village?
You think none opposed President till date?
You remember Erra Sreenu?
I know
How did he die?
Jumping recently into Godavari
Why, does he not know swimming?
Abbulu then, how did Abbulu die?
That fellow, he died drinking pesticide
Then why were knife wounds on the body?
Were they there?
You know when would guy who can swim Godavarifrom this end to that, die drowning in a canal?
When opposing President
Come on.. Eat..
even your uncle has been just like your brother
They are misusing all the Panchayat funds
The accounts you are writing in the societybooks are different from the originals
He said power should change.
Your uncle wished to file nominationsafter coming back from Dubai
I will file nomination in the coming electionsand see what you will do then
He returned from Dubai
Your uncle is not in Dubai, they killed him
This is your uncles watchand thus asked you to wear it that day
Watch is for you, wear it.
Aunty, why didnt you say?
This Rangamma aunt is a beauty right?
By getting to know that my husband diedevery guy from the village feels like a man
All the murders happening in the villagemaybe of different types but the reason is the same
To oppose the President...
Your uncle. Abbulu, Erra Srinu, Venkatrao...
All these didnt die as their death came but were killed
Say now, will even your brother become like all these?
He killed those all just as they wished to file nominations
Your brother has already filed nominations.
You think President will stay quiet?
President sir...we know that it is you lootingall our house plots and ruining our crops
Thus we are competing oppositeyou in the elections and standing before you
I know all this is because of the power.
Those in power are looting in the name of the society,
I will file nominations this time for President post.
Do what you can
Has your brother filed nomination?
He wishes to become a leader? His role too would finish
Say now, should even your brother become so?
An announcement to the villagers of Rangasthalam
Grand welcome to our dearest leader, a hope for thelower and weaker sections and our MLA Dakshinamurthy
Tie those banners taking a bit high...You take care of those
Kasi, take care of all these.
There, tie to that pillar
There comes the great leader who arranged food to eat,clothes to wear and a shelter to live, have a look
Hail to Dakshinamurthy Sir.
Hail to Dakshinamurthy Sir.
Hail to Dakshinamurthy Sir.
There he comes..Hail to Dakshinamurthy Sir.
Hail to Dakshinamurthy Sir.
Hail to Dakshinamurthy Sir.
Hail to Dakshinamurthy Sir.
There he comes....Hail to Dakshinamurthy Sir.
Hello sir...Hello..
Hail to Dakshinamurthy Sir.
Hello sir..welcome
Hey, go..
Sri Sri says you cant find a placewithout war on this whole globe
This is not Rangasthalam but a war zone
Its a fear what may happen,a fear what happens if we oppose
Its a fear to be born here, to die hereand a fear even to take breathe
Look man, God decides the death anywherebut society decides the death in this village
If there is anyone in this village withno fear of death, raise your hands.
To live in fear is equal to death.
That Lord not just gives a chance to the snakebut even to the ant
You have got that chance now
Our Kumar Babu is the first person filing nominationopposite to the President in the history of Rangasthalam
He is the courage of this village
Either for the fear in you to be goneand for your lives to change,
you all should unite and makeKumar Babu win in the elections
He is educated, thoughtful personwishing to do good for the village
All of you should stand as a support to himHey, Who are you idiot..?
What is in that bag
Are you mad?
He is get a coffee for me and he is my man
He is your brother, right?
Yes sir..Why did he hit so?
Maybe he did something wrong
When you fear, what courage would you give the people?
Not that sir..You come.. move
Sorry, sir.
It's okay..no problem.
Not that..
What happened Chittibabu..?I feared he may harm my brother
No brother, I felt he would be taking outa knife with his hands
Kasi, now you look into election works.
We both are different now,
Not that brother..you heard it?
Hey babe, see whether it fell beside you or not...My necklace chain...
Hey babe, see whether it fell beside you or not...
Hey, where is your brother? Hey, did you listen?
Have you cooked anything for me or again it is for him?
I thought, it is your deed
Here, you always come together right?
He is a big President and will have many obligations.
Who cares where he goes? What if he doesn't leave?
He does his work and I do mine
Oh that is the issue..!
Mine is the necklace
Hello go first to the house of Kasi and see.He would be in discussion there
No peace from when these elections have comeHey Kitti
Have you seen my elder one?
We know where this tall idiot goes, poor lady doesnt know
Oh God, this head ache is killing.I should never drink again, my God
Boss is right here,you have all been over me for the whole night
Village works in the morningand works with someone at city in the night
Sir is now the President candidate
See you brother
Where can we get him now?
Hey ChittiIf he is so now, in future...
Careful dear
Boss, all ward members are goingto take back their nominations
One bad thing is gone now,we have the engine works. Move
We just spoke to them yesterday right?don't know sir, they are going getting into the tractor
What exactly happened?No idea sir
What happened Kasi?
Whats there, we are going to take back the nominations
I am asking, why is that?
All are aware in the village, dude
You dont have to play a drama before us
I am asking what that drama is?
Both brothers have cheated us greatly
I will understand what happened onlywhen you say, right?
Nothing Kumar, Whole village is talking thatyour brother is taken money from the President
Understood right? Come on start the vehicleHey, wait
Dont get excited without knowing the truth.You too come along with me
I will question Chittibabu in front of you.
If my brother has really done the mistake,I too will come along with you
I will withdraw my nomination
Go man, should we come with you?Come on..I will say to you..
Wait guys, come on let us go
Mom, serve me the food and put into the chilli too
Hey Chitti...
Did you take money from that President?
Hey, I am asking youThis tall rascal has messed with me early in the morning
Why will I take?
Mom, give that food here
Hey, why dont you answer when brother is asking?
How many times should I tell? Cant you listen?
What is he becoming the President, I am dying with him
Chitti, look into my eyes and say.
Have you taken money or not?
Why do you say so? Why will he take?
Mom..give onion to me
You will not answer so, idiotHey, stop
Stop brother, listen to me.Stop Kumar babu,
Hey Kumar...wait.You wait
did you take money or not?
Brother, stop and listen to me
Wait, my throat will get cutHey, what is this?
hey, I will tell you later. Leave it..listen to meAnswer to what I asked,
you have taken or not?
I will tell you later.
Hey, listen to me..
Say, you took or not?
Hey, I have taken. I took
Yes, I took
I took
Mom, apply the turmericVillage is just believing us
You have made all together into idiots
He is bleeding, go and get turmeric.
Go and bring turmeric
What if he lives, you have killed him
Not that Mom
Not that dad, I feared something may happen to brotherHey, get out of the house
What Dad?
Deaf rascal, get out of the house
(Worshipping to the Goddess)
President sir, here is your money
I dont know how much was in this.
Still, no differences would come
Not to come, I have buried right there
Still, I thought ward members wouldgo back if I take this money
and that my brother will take back his nomination
Still what is that fellow Sir?He put the knife to throat and said he will kill himself...
I died watching that Sir.
I don't need this money.
Still, I feel very proud seeing my brother.
He is doing so much for the village
How much more should I do for such a guy?
I will do sir, I will do
I will do for sure Sir
Yes, I forgot.
Whole village is saying that President Sirdoes so many worships and he has great powers
and those powers will kill if anybody opposes him
I mean those people, that Abbulu, Venkatrao, Erra Srinu...
They say all these died the same way
President sir...
You should know if they are true or not.You are a great man
If that is really true by chance, say a word to your powers
There is a brother named Chittibabu to Kumar Babu.
To touch him, say that you got to crossthe guts of this Chittibabu
Also say you cannot go crossing, ok?
Hey, Sir heard what all I said.Come on beat it now
See you sir.
Hey, Chittibabu... who would clean the glass?
Sister, you bless
Wow...What uncle?
They have made Ramalakshmi into the bride
Hey Chittibabu... why are you here..?
Get out.
Catch it..
Hey Ramalakshmi, you look cute in this bridal attire
Will any idiot let go such a cute girl?
This Chittibabu is letting her go.
Get out
Even after saying so many timesto this Chittibabu that I want this Ramalakshmi,
these ears are not listening
Hey Ramalakshmi, you know what?
I like you, but I like my brother more than you
What am I to do?
You know why am I crying even now?
Not because you are ready for the marriage.
My brother at home, he put the knife to throatand said he will kill himself...
I am getting to cry remembering that
But I have just one pain.
I left everything for my brother. I left you too
And can you not let go your father for me?
I am saying now.
when you have as muchlove on me as I have on my brother, that day you tell me.
I will not leave anyone.
I will come myself, take you and marry you
Stop crying.
If this marriage stops, your fatherwould this time really die consuming this poison
Youll not die with the small tin, have the big can and die
What are those papers?
Voter list it seems Sir
We were unanimous all these days and thus we never saw it
Scrutiny is done and it seemswe shall get ready for the elections
Huh, politics have changed in Rangasthalam.
It looks like a new President may be coming for the village
We killed all those Venkatrao, Abbulu,Rangammas husband
and even Erra Srinu son of our servantEdukonadalu who opposed us till date
But we erred in the case of that Kumar fellow being quiet
Why do you cry?
Even that God is like us, he keeps taking the right guy
I could not know that you are that God sir,I could not know
I could not know
I am sorry Sir, I did not notice
Still what can we do now Sir,whole village is on the side of Kumar babu
Added is the support of Dakshinamurthy.
A day to call you by name has come Sir
My advice is its better to quit than to lose
Oh no, it was a mistake sir
Sir, it was a mistake sir
What rascal?I am sorry sir
They dont come even the bell is rung.Are they too deaf like me
Hey Govindulu, we returned Presidents money
You know? Yes, you would be aware
Whole village knows it, but those at the house dont know
The tall rascal heard it
Hey, stop these over actions and come in
Why will I come in? You think I have no ego?
Mom..chitti has come
No worries if someone said
but own father said deaf rascal and asked to get out
In addition he scolded loud like I can listen
You know how much sad did I feel?
Stop the over actions, come and eat
Hello Kanthamma madam, my hunger diedlong back for what your husband said me
I dont need your food, we too will get...Yes, there is my carriage coming
Come..come, you came in correct time.
Look, her name is Ramalakshmi and is my would be wife
She cooks better than you
I am going.
Where will you go? This portion is mine,my grandma gave in writing.
Come on sit dear.
What did you cook?
Lachim curryOh, majjiga charu (Making with Butter Milk)
Brinjal curry
Brinjal curry is mouth wateringeven without opening the box
Come mom..
Hey, Lachmmi...serve fast..
Im very hungry... Yes serve
Sister in law, give me some curry
Ok, sister right? Have it
Then for me?
Ok...Brother is right!
Serve even to me daughter in law
Even for me dear, serve
Wait...hello Koteswara Rao sir,I am deaf already please say a bit loud
Ok dude... you serve dear
Bring a plate for sister in law
No need, we both will have in the same plate
Oh no
Here..open your mouth.
Great pair
Sir, we got the Lantern symbol
Now, let whole Rangasthalam dazzle with lights
Hey, I am going and you come behind
You go dude
Lachimi, Dazzle queen..
Thanks dear..
I am coming Dazzle queen..see now.
An announcement to all the villagers of Rangasthalam
The dazzling queen has come to dazzle eyes of all.
You all be ready,hey dazzling queen, come on
Oh no, are there so many dazzle kings in your village?
Will they not be or what? They came even from theother village knowing that you are coming
Look, why is that flower shirt dazzle kingstaring at me with mouth wide open?
That is because you would give something, dazzle queen
Hey you check shirt, why are you coming on to me?
Look, none of you push each other
Ill come to all and go giving whatever you ask for
Give at least a kiss dazzle queen,or at least blink hey dazzle queen
Give at least a kiss dazzle queen,or at least blink hey dazzle queen
Ive given kiss to the Munasaband blnked at the Karanam
Ive given kiss to the Munasaband blnked at the Karanam
Will you hug once, hey dazzle queen?
Ive kept that hidden for the village President
Will you come home to night, hey dazzle Queen?I would say no competition for you with your father
Then what would you give me, hey dazzle Queen?
Ill give whatever you ask for
Hey dazzle King, will I say no to anything you ask for?
Hey dazzle King, will I say no if you ask for what I have?
Will you say your age, hey dazzle queen?I stopped it from when I came to sixth class
What did you study, hey dazzle queen?Ive studied the weakness of men
Please smile once, hey dazzle queen?I will smile if dress of Subbisetty opens up
Say me Brother in law, hey dazzle queenThat is reserved only for the Police people
Will you love me, hey dazzle queen?
Will you write all your properties on my name?
Hey dazzle King, will I say no to anything you ask for?
Hey dazzle King, will I say no if you ask for what I have?
Oh no, whats this trouble? You say nofor everything asked. Say what do you have?
Say what do you want..?
Hey, well ask for the flowers you decoratedWe shall worship those with flowers
Well ask for the sari you have wornWell wrap it around us and sleep
Well ask for the bangles you wearWell die listening to their sound
Well ask for the perfume you sprayedWell live the whole life smelling that fragrance
Hey dazzle King, Ive put them out for auction
Hey dazzle King, you can go for your own rate
Which village are you from?You look to be new here and where are you going?
I am going to pedapadu sir
We came to cut sugarcane in the fields of Mr. Buchinaidu
My rate is the ring to my handMy rate is 10 grams of Gold
My rate is the bulls bought at the market
My rate is this tiger nail
Silver plateOne acre of mango garden
Dowry brought by my wife
The new house constructed
My rate is rice mill
Hey, leave all those. My rate is cash of One Lakh
Oh no, one Lakh?
Why is he still not come after going to get the carriages?Im very hungry
Here the card..
You put all waste cards, you waste fellow. Whats this?
Why so late dude?
Come fast, Im very hungry
Some guy stopped me on the way dude
Super card dude
Have you got a good country chicken?Hey serve even for me dude
What dude, have you come to cutthe sugarcane at Buchinaidus lands?
Yes sir, we cut half and more half is pending
They cut that four days back, right?
Not this Sir, but the piece on the other side
Oh that is..?
You are great guys dude!We came when the song was on a good rise
Hey Mahesh
They know about meHow sir?
They are speaking loud to meYes sir
Hey, there are so many carriages hereand they are just four.
What about the rest?Hey, where is brother?
Today is Saturday right Sir.He would have been to town for meeting sister in law
Hey, he would have been or has he been?
Ive seen, he is gone to town on the bike
Who is it?
Hey brother...
Hey brother...
Where are you..?
Brother, I have come. Ill not let anything happen to you
Nothing will happen to you.
Come on..move.
Brother... careful.
Nothing will happen to you.All are just small wounds, I was hurt many times before
Nothing will happen to you.
Ill go and bring turmeric
If I bring turmeric and apply, all would be gone
Sorry, Chitti..
Ill never go leaving you without saying
What are you saying?
Yes, If you go with out telling me,then it will be like this only...Be careful
Okay sit..I am coming
Oh no, I forgot! Your spectacles, wear them
He cannot see and I cannot listen
Hey grandma, take turmeric
Oh no... not the chili powder but the turmericI cannot see son
Both eyes and ears doesnt work for her
Hey, Brother...
Hey brother...
Hey brother... what happened?
Hey.. Brother...
Hey brother...Nothing will happen to you
What? Nothing will happen to you
Say, loudly..
Hey...I am unable to listen.
Im unable to listen, say properly
Say loudly..
Hey brother...
Hey brother...
Hey brother...
Hey brother...
hey, Brother... get up.
Hey brother... come on say..
Hey brother... Brother get up...
Hey brother...Nothing will happen to you brother...
Hey brother...Im unable to listen, say properly
Hey, say something
Rangamma aunt, Kumar Babu is deadKumar Babu is dead
Kumar Babu is dead
Kumar Babu is dead
Ramgamma aunt, they killed our Kumar Babu
Whole village has his photos...
Oh, did you come?
Where were you the whole night?
Ask brother to stay back right there,I should take off the evil sight
We shall get him married once these elections are over
Oh no.. Kumar babu..
Oh no...My son..
What happened..?
What son..?
What happened..?
Oh my dear..
What happened to my son? Why did you bring him so?
What happened to my son?
Oh..my dear son.
Mahesh... Where is chittibabu.
Bro! Chittibabu is going toPresident Sirs house with a knife bro
Hey, Phaneendra Bhupathi....
Where is the President still?He is left long back. That rascal!
Oh my dear..
I fed you milk with this handand gave you food with this hand
I gave you head bath with this handand massaged your legs with this hand
Shall I carry your corpse with the same hands?
Shall I light your pier with this hand?
Oh my dear..
Oh my dear..
I fed you milk with this handand gave you food with this hand
I gave you head bath with this handand massaged your legs with this hand
Shall I carry your corpse with the same hands?
Shall I light your pier with this hand?
Are the legs showing us paths are into the burning wood?
Will the hands patting on ourshoulders turning into ashes?
Are the eyes dreaming for us burnt and become black?
Has the voice waking us up gone into deep sleep?
You were a support to console when we were in troubles
It would have been nice if you were thereto console our present grief now
Oh my dear..
Oh my dear..
I drove away the evil sight with this handand I consoled you with this hand
I taught you to walk with this handand sent you to school with this hand
Shall I send you to graveyard with this same hand?
Should I send you to be burnt with this same hand?
Oh my dear..
Oh my dear..
Brother is weeping for you
Sister is drowned into tears for you
food in the plate is searching for you
Your spectacles are looking around for you
The shirt you wore is in painand has committed suicide to the hanger
Has your role ended in Rangasthalam?
Has the emptied role started in the graveyard?
Have the claps of tears rolled for your action?
Maybe you have bid a good bye to usBut our sinful ears could not listen to that
Oh my dear..
Chittibabu..it seems President is escaping in the Launch
Oh my dear..
Oh my dear..
On the north side to the village at the big tree,black smokes would come...
Vengama Sattayya, you say the route
Say it...
He wanted to say something aunty,but I cannot listen...you know that
I am a deaf rascal
You are searching for the snake.Human would be with a head
Careful, he is ready to hiss
Careful, he is on the North side
Careful, he is watching your way on the South side
He is breathing in the grass bushes,foxes are safeguarding him
Excuse me, how do we go to Achanta Venkatraos house?
Say a bit loud, I cannot listen
How do we go to Achanta Venkatraos house?
Fourth lane going a bit ahead
In the by-elections for the Sarpanch postof Rangasthalam village Panchayat,
Kolli Rangama wife of Ramprasad is elected unanimouslyand we declare the same as per the election code
Hail to Rangamma aunt
Hail to Rangamma aunt
Hail to Rangamma aunt
Why have you put so much responsibility over me?
No that aunty,
even uncle wished for the same for the village to develop.
You help all and you can do the justice.
Sign aunty
Hail to Rangamma aunt
Is Dakshinamurthy Sir there?
Who are you?
I am Chittibabu from Rangasthalam.I should talk to him urgently
He is not here and is been to guest house
He went to his guest house
Boss, what is wrong?
Hello sir
Have you made everything ready?
What dude, what is this?
How long would you be right here? Come back to home
Mother in law is worried a lot about Chittibabu,she is not eating food properly
Why not come, son?
Will I not feel like coming back? Let me be right here
Ok, how is sister?
Come dear
Careful dear, study well as said by brother
Dad, see youSee you.
Doctor Sir...
Doctor Sir... he Opened his eyes.
Murthy sir.
Dakshinamurthy Sir,
Its me Dr. Seetharam.
Have you recognized me?
Dakshinamurthy Sir
Hubby, look here...
Dear husband..
Dear husband..
It's me...Please do look at me.
Chittibabu, it is all because of you
Your confidence has saved him
You have really done a war for his life
Just two months more andhe will stand up and walk around
Okay, see you sir.
After two months...
Come on..get up.
Hail to Minister Sir.
Sir, hello.. Once and Dakshinamurthy SirWait, I will say
Please inform, just Once..
Hail to Minister Sir.
Have it Lakshmi.
Sir, just once..
Madam.. I want to meet Dakshinamurthy sir..
Hey prepare the food, all our people are arriving..
You drink
Hey Venkanna, arrangements of foodare to be seen there. Come fast
Chittibabu, what are you here?Hello madam
I need to talk to sir once..Then why are you here? Come inside
Hes upstairs Chittibabu, goHey, take proper care of all, go
Hey, take out all these
Hello sir..
Hey, Chittibabu, how are you..?
I am fine sir, how are you..?
Im very fine,
you know right..?he is served me for two years.He never lets go anything
I have no death and live for hundred years
Good sir..Come on sit.
I just got the call from high commandand my name is in the list it seems
It is all because of youand I am drinking in that same happiness
Say, what can I do and what do you need?
Sir, I need to talk something with you
My life is yours, Come on what?
You please be outside sir
Hey, close the doors.
Close the door
Yes, say
Sir, your health should be fine and thus prayedto our Goddess Gangamma.
Have this offering
What dude, why so much affection on me?
Oh, how is your village?
Very good sir
As my brother longed for... Village is very good Sir
I heard what all happened to you and felt very bad.
Was that President found?
We searched a lot, we searched everywherebut he was not found
We had foreseen that now...
We started now to kill that fellow withthe symbols as she said
On the north side to the village at the big tree,black smokes would come...
he is on the North side
he is watching your way on the South sideHe is breathing in the grass bushes,
foxes are safeguarding him
I killed him...Have you killed?
Erra Srinu, Abbulu, Venkatrao and finally husbandof Rangamma aunt who takes great care of me...
The guy killing so many...Its justified to kill such a guy, right Sir?
It is justified...
He has to be killed
But you killing my brother is not justified sir
Hey, what are you saying?Why should I be killing your brother?
Yes sir, I too did not understandwhy you had to kill my brother
He said something while dying Sir
I am a deaf rascal and cannot listen to properly
I never was worried as I cannot listen, Sir.
For the first time, I felt very bad thinkingwhy God has given me this deficiency
But that same God has shown another way out
The song played in celebration andwhat my brother said before dying was the same
Luckily, there is no Srimannarayana in our village Sir
We are all the children of mother Ganges Sir!But, I heard that name somewhere
It is tough to put words into Chittibabu's ears.but once it goes in, it stays stamped there
Yes for once, I heard that from you Sir
Hey SrimannarayanaChitti
My man and brought coffee for me
Srimannarayana is your man
He said it all before dying
Why did you kill my brother? Who asked you to kill, say
Who asked you to kill, say
Dakshinamurthy...your brother loved the younger daughter of him
It seems my brother was in love withyour younger daughter, right?
I will be to the hostel dad...
Come home at least this SaturdayOkay.
Will you kill when someone loves Sir?
It is so horrible sir.
You gave a bail to me with no relation
You made my brother file nomination,got him killed and pushed into the account of President
You took a full life Sir
Will anyone stay quiet instead of killing?you bloody rascals.
Your brother is not qualified even to step into my houseand how can he think of stepping into my daughters bedroom?
What are you and whats your life?
Now you are talking correct Sir, this is your real face
Yes rascal! Can you hear, you deaf idiot
Why did you save after knowing that I killed?
I thought to kill you as and when I came to know sir,but Lorry hit you by then
I took you fighting death to the hospital.
I served you a lot sir.
I changed you dress, washed your clothesand even cleaned your toilet
My hand while shaving your beard shook
Shivering... Like this..
I thought to kill you right then sir,but you know why I kept you alive Sir?
You should know how painful it is when your dying
and before that you should understandall my pain that i have undergone.
My brother told me Sir.
Even the criminal given a hanging sentencewill not be hung if he has even a small fever
He should be healthy andhe being healthy should have hopes to live
see sir..now you see
Look Sir, you are so greedy.Added you wish to become even a Minister now
It is justified to kill now, right Sir?
Just wait...
Do you remember him.
My Brother.
For killing my brother Chelluboina Kumar Babuof Rangasthalam village,
and his brother Chelluboina Chittibabu will kill you.
Now you understood sir.
You understood well now sir