Ranna (2015) Movie Script

"He roars like a Lion."
"He is like fire."
Leave me! Please!
Who are you?!
Leave me!
Why have you kidnapped me?
- Strip her!
Thank you, boss.
- Hey!
I mean, remove the blindfold.
Okay, boss
Why did you kidnap me?
Money. Money.
Did you phone him?
He said he will be here in sometime.
Till the one who gave
us the contract comes here.
Make her dance for u; boss.
Tell us your flashback.
I fell in love with a guy,
he had come to my house..
...l thought he loved me too..
"But realized he
had come for my mother.
For your mother?
This story began in
Zurich three months ago.
Where is Zurich?
In Swiss
- Where is that?
In Europe.
Where is that?
Do you want to know
geography or my history?
There is a family named Chandras.
Sharat Chandra,
proprietor of the company.
He is very rich.
Wham do you mean?
He is millionaire
He is millionaire?
You fell in love with an old man?
I fell in love with his power.
Do you IFC?
That's Investment Fund Company,
isn't it?
They are 7 percent share
holders of our company.
A man named Praveen Shetty
has purchased that company.
What does he want?
That chair.
The cost of that
chair is only 50 Euros.
...ifl sit on it.
...it will cost thousands of Euros
- That's why..
...he is eager to get to your chair.
He is purchasing our company shares from
everywhere by spending lot of money.
Those who refuse to sell,
he is threatening them.
No matter how hard he tries.
...he can never buy 60 percent of the
shares which belongs to our family.
40 percent.
...remaining 20 percent belongs
to your daughter Saraswami.
In the past 25 years, she has
never attended a single board meeting"
...nor she has claimed
the company ownership..
...knowing that, he is striving hard
to get 1 percent more ownership than us
How did he find out these details?
One can cover the wound on the palm.
"But not the wound on the forehead.
Outsiders can see it better than us
Try talking to him.
He owns yacht.
...and he is in that all the time.
He never receives anyone's phone..
...nor attends any meetings
So his own kingdom and he is the king.
Fair enough.
Then summon my grandson Bhargav.
It is not easy to revolt against him
He is always accompanied by bodyguard..
...carrying deadly weapons
who are well trained than army.
Weapon; meaning arms.
A true soldier doesn't
look for weapons.
"But he looks for his enemies.
My grandson Bhargav Chandra.
...is notjust a soldier,
but an army himself.
But Sharam.
- This meeting is over.
"They call him Ranna"
"He is gold."
"No one to match him."
Hey you!
Put your hands in the air!
Put your hands in the air!
Don't move!
I guess you have kidnapped
me without knowing who I am
I guess you have kidnapped
me without knowing who I am
You are making a mistake
You purchased our company shares
without my family's knowledge.
...so there is no need for me to talk to
you about what's right and what's wrong.
Why do you want our company shares?
- It gives me a unique happiness.
You so scared for your life..
"Then why are you boasting so much?
I actually didn't miss the aim..
...you will be dead if
I miss my aim even by one inch
I won't talk much
to make you understand.
...l will come to the point straight.
The warning that I'm giving
you with love don't take it lightly.
Don't go by the smile on my face..
"But understand what
I'm trying to tell you.
If you trouble my family..
Alright, you won't understand like that.
To whatever extent you go..
...l will go way beyond that extent.
Elders have said..
...to make a living,
hand full of rice, a glass of water".
...and little bit of place
is enough to make a living.
It is so right.
Follow it.
You say one has to be patient
to gain happiness and peace.
Good. Wait then.
But you won't gain them
You won't gain them even
after you become old like me.
- Grandpa
Do you know what my wish is?
My daughter, my son-in-law..
"Their children.
...everyone must have food together'.
The sound of their laughs..
...should be heard in this house.
I've been waiting for
them for the last 25 years.
...the food is getting digested
but my wish is not getting fulfilled.
They say as a man gets older,
he becomes like a child..
...and his children become his parents.
I want to see my daughter'.
In three months, I will turn 75.
Dear, will you bring
your aunt for my birthday?
VWII you bring my mother?
\Mll you stand?
You are crippled since three months
will you stand now?
You can't, isn't it?
Similarly, he won't bring her too.
- Hey.
It was you who sent her away,
why are you getting angry on me?
You gave her everything,
she still went away.
It won't take much time to
punish a person for his mistakes.
"But forget that it
can even break relationships.
He got married against my will..
...hence I ousted her from here
Now, I want to see her, bring her.
She has committed mistake..
...we cannot plead her to come
back since you want to see her.
No matter where earthquake
takes place..
...we can pinpoint the area
where it exactly happened.
But when there are
problems in a family..
...it is wrong to put the
entire blame on just one person.
Of course They say daughter
will one day become an outsiden.
his daughter left this house.
To say her that we are still alive..
...the things that we send to her,
she sends them back.
She herself doesn't need us
Her memories gave us only pain.
...so we decided to leave the country"
"but nothing has changed.
I'm standing now.
\Mll you bring your aunt?
I will.
He has promised me,
he will surely bring her.
"He is Bhagirata who brought
river Ganges to earth from the sky"
"He is Bhagirata who brought
river Ganges to earth from the sky"
"No one can stop him now."
"Here he goes."
"Hey you my people, the Lion is back."
"Single Lion in the jungle."
"His name is Babbar Sher."
"He is Drona in aiming."
"His arrow never misses the target."
"Single Lion in the jungle."
"Number game he does not care."
"He is a friend forever."
"He is loyal."
"He is ready to face any consequence."
"He is a bonding for victory."
"He will make the enemy
scream and drive them mad."
"Hit out or get out."
"He is six feet cut out."
"Hit out or get out."
"He is six feet cut out."
"Single Lion in the jungle."
"His name is Babbar Sher."
"He is Drona in aiming."
"His arrow never misses the target."
"He is a leader by birth."
"Dictator, cooler."
"He is a hunter by death."
"Be careful, short temper."
"There is guts in his talks."
"He is always courageous"
"His loved ones know
how valuable he is."
"He bows down before good people."
"He is Lord Yama for bad people."
"Hit out or get out."
"He is six feet cut out."
"Hit out or get out."
"He is six feet cut out."
"He warns his enemies
just with his stare."
"There is a meaning
to every step he takes."
"Ask his name, he is Ranna."
"His name is Ranna,
his every move is sensational."
"He belongs to Bhima's clan."
"He is a follower of Chanakya."
"Hit out or get out."
"He is all India cut out."
"Hit out or get out."
"He is all India cut out."
"He is Bhagirata who brought
river Ganges to earth from the sky"
"No one can stop him now."
"Here he goes."
Welcome, sir.
Sir, this is Bangalore
It was earlier called as Bendakaluru.
Give that to me.
- Sir.
This is your aunt's recent photos.
Her name is Saraswami, but
she's more powerful than Goddess Durga
Sir, he's your uncle, it won't
be wrong if you call him dynamic
Now he has become soft as he
has experienced everything in life.
If I have to tell you about both of them,
your uncle is a lawyer in the court".
...and aunt is judge at home.
They have three daughters one brother...
- Nani.
I know you know everything,
but don't try to impress me
Sir, I'll prepare for
what you tell me to do next.
Who knows what's next?
We'vejust landed.
Then.. - Had you known what's next,
would you be doing this job?
Sorry sir.
- Where's my aunt's house?
Sir, your aunt's house is in Jayanagan.
...but uncle just checked out
from Hyderabad and is walking there.
Who has come to receive?
- I've set up a new team.
N arayan..
Si r?
Get me a vehicle.
- Sir, shall I get a chopper?
I want to go by road and not by air.
Okay, sir.
Excuse me, that's my car.
How much did you pay?
- 80 lakes.
N arayan..
- Sir?
Give him the money.
Hey, my car.
This is an American Express Exchequer.
...it is equal to cash. - Do I have
to give my car if you give me cash?
Do you want us to warn you too?
Thank you.
Sir? Sir..
I think he's suffering from
heart attack. Call the paramedics.
If you wait for 10 minutes more,
he will die
Then your aunt will become a widow.
Think about it, sir.
Then she will have to do as you say,
what do you say, sir?
Mr. Chakrapani..
...l want some more
time to repay your debt.
Om Shakti,
how many more days would you need?
Is it after Kalbasva walks away?
Why are you staring at me with anger?
Even I have eyes.
Ifl drink a peg,
it will become redder than yours
I think you need to have some dignity
Om Shakti..
...when you came to me
asking for credit, you said..
...'Brother, give me so many crores'..
...'Brother, I want so much money'
with so much love talking in Kannada.
"But when we ask you to repay"
...you talk to me in English.
Madam, sir has been
admitted to John Hospital.
Madam, he has suffered an attack
One has to inform before leaving.
...but this madam left
without saying aword.
Oh Om ShaktL.
...why do you give debt
and get humiliated like this?
Let it be
I will fulfill my vow of Om Shakti..
...and then I will make
her cry on the right time.
Had you gone 2 kms ahead..
"There was another big hospital.
Why couldn't you take him there?
- Madam.
...2 kms ahead, there's a graveyard too.
When someone suffers a heart attack.
...he needs first treatment instead
of first class treatment.
You better thank him.
Sir, I thought she would fall at your
feet and thank you, but she's so arrogant.
Had she been so patient,
why would've she come here to take him?
Who got me admitted?
- Madam?
There's a briefcase in my car,
tell the driver to get it here
Give 1 lake rupees to him.
Okay madam.
- To live with me..
...you left your wealth and money.
The one who saved my life..
"Would you just give
money to him, Sarsu?
The one who gave me life..
...and you let him
go without thanking him.
...even God won't forgive me.
Hello. He's calling you.
Sir, you have dialed my number.
- Receive
Listen what we talk inside
Okay sir. - If you miss anything,
then I'll hack you to pieces.
Okay, sir.
What's your name?
Give him these tablets.
- Okay, sir.
I'm a driver, sir.
-Are you Kuber's driver?
The guy I am going to marry is in Dubai.
Sir, I was a driver
to a sheikh in Dubai..
...and now I quit that job and came here.
- Did you come on your own..
...or they sent you?
- They sent me, sir.
- Which case is that?
Sir, someone drowned.
Sir, actually.
Sir, in Dubai, Sheikh's wife was
drowning in water so I saved her.
So, he sent me back.
Dubai is a dessert.
Is there a beach in Dubai?
Swimming pool, sir.
- Why did he build a swimming pool?
To learn swimming, sir.
Forget that. Why did they send you back?
Sir, in Dubai,
only their husbands can touch"
...and see their women
I did both, so they sent me back.
Not just Dubai,
it's the same rule everywhere.
Sir, it is illegal.
According to the law, I shouldn't
stay there, so Dubai Sheikh..
"Gave me lots of
money and sent me back
He gave me lot of
money and sent me back
Why are you saying it again and again?
So that we both understand.
Look there.
Excuse me.
Just a minute. - What will you
get if you give this suitcase inside?
"Why did you come so lame?"
They'll tell this dialogue to me.
If you give me the suitcase,
we'll give you car worth 80 lakes.
Why did you get it?
Where is our driver?
He said, "he prefers to be
a cleaner for car worth 80 lakes.
...but won't be a driver to a car
worth 60 lakes". So, he gave this to me.
Who are you?
- Patient from that bed.
Oh Lord Narayana.
Sir, you can't beget children.
I already have a dozen children
He left work at the right time.
If you don't have any objection,
will you work for me?
Sir, I was very worried,
you are offering me ajoh
I will surely work for you.
You live a lavish life
and you say you are worried.
Madam, I don't think it is right to offer
him a job without knowing who he is.
- Sorry, madam.
How much salary do you expect?
You'll have to print notes day and night
in Reserve Bank to give him salary.
You can join the duty from tomorrow.
"The one who shaped the world."
"Nurtured by Yashodha"
"The one who shaped the world."
"Nurtured by Yashodha"
"The one who shaped the world."
"Nurtured by Yashodha"
"The one who shaped the world."
"Nunured by Yashodha with lot of love"
"Nunured by Yashodha with lot of love"
"The one who never gets caught."
"The darling son."
"Nurtured by Yashodha"
"The great man."
Lord PurandmrMfnflxdmds
"Nurtured by Yashodha"
"The one who shaped the world."
"Nurtured by Yashodha"
"The one who shaped the world."
"Nurtured by Yashodha"
King, shall I get you athrone
to sit and watch your dancers dance?
What's the matter,
you are enjoying so much?
Sir, it is an.
There's nothing wrong seeing it.
Is it? Even I dance very well.
Bow down your head
Girls live in this house.
- Sir, please don't get me wrong.
Why do you beget girls and
then restrict guys from seeing them?
For example, God is valued
only if He's worshipped by people.
Girls are valued only if guys see them
One minute Can I help you?
- What are you doing?
Are you out of your mind?
One goes out of their senses
at this age and even marry.
He will be happy with his wife, but the
girl will be sitting here and crying.
Is this correct?
Who is he?
-He is Chandu.
Nice meeting you, Chandu
- Same here - Stop it.
Madam, why do you want
to shake hands with the driver?
Hey, remember that your work
here is only to control the steering
That's okay, Chandu.
Madam you dance very well.
Thank you, thank you.
Salsa and Tap dance are
waste compared to your dance
Your hook like reverse Nike symbol.
...it flaps when you dance, and
if someone sees that, their heartbeat..
...will skip a beat for a minute
I guarantee that, madam
Are you really a driver?
- Sir has come from Dubai.
Madam, let's go.
- Oh
See you around.
- Sure
You have to keep
your eyes on the ground.
- What is this?
It is a bell. You should be
there until madam rings this twice.
Wham if she rings it third time?
- Then you won't be here.
Are you okay?
- Give me your hand. Pick me up.
Why? - Sir, I am a driver.
Don't shake hands with me
You won't stay here for long.
Let's see.
-All the best.
Everything is here according to the list..
- Okay.
That way..
- Thank you very much - Okay.
Swami, who is this?
- New driver.
Oh, are you the one who admitted
my brother to the hospital?
He has good height.
Looks like a basketball player.
We can get the tank cleaned
on the terrace without using ladder
Sir, what's the occasion?
You are dressed up like a priest.
All the ladies had vowed that they would
organize prayers if brother gets well..
...so they are here
- Oh, very good.
Give me the list, let me see.
This list is for veneration
and this list is for things.
Where's it?
- Snacks
It is in the room
What is it?
Do I look like a girl to you?
Why are you staring at me?
Go and get it.
Sir, where is it?
- It is there
Total, 9 plus 3 plus 22 plus 72..
No matter how much I exercise,
I don't get zero figure
"This is awesome"
- Thank you.
Wham happened?
Who sent him to my room?
Who told you to go to madam's room?
Sir, do you suffer from
short-term memory loss?
You sent me to the room to get snacks.
\Mll you go anywhere I point my hand at?
I'll point upwards,
will you go to the moon?
Why did you have to scream
Shame on you.
He made mistake,
why should I be ashamed?
You look decent,
how can you do such thing?
Madam, I know that unzipping is wrong.
"But I didn't know that
helping someone zip is wrong
If you are hurt, I will set it right.
- Like this
You are unzipping a girl's dress,
you are Dushassan.
Sir, listen to me.. - Come with me.
- Doesn't he have senses?
Swami, what's the matter?
- Sir actually...
Your second daughter Rukku, her gown,
her zip. I can't say it.
Sir, he shouldn't stay here.
He doesn't know where the snacks are
Swami, he knows where my guts are
Brother, listen to me
- Brother; throw him out.
Listen to me - If he's here,
we'll lose our dignity. Send him.
Sir, no matter what,
he shouldn't stay in this house -Yes.
Who do we keep in this
house and whom we don't.
...Saraswati knows very well.
She will decide
Get the tank full.
Hi, hello.
Who are you?
- I am nurse Lakshmi.
Lakshmi Narayana.
- 'Ne thought nurse would be a woman".
"But you are here
Many nurses who we had sent
to serve people have returned pregnant.
So, I came here.
Why? Are you upset?
- No. - Listen.
Take this.
- Thank you.
Oh no. Aunt, you should store
oil in a can and not in fritters.
Look, you should use
olive oil for cooking.
You have to make an
omelet using egg whites.
You shouldn't miss out
beetroot at any cost for lunch.
Because it is very good for heart.
- Okay; what will you eat?
Whatever I told was for me
I don't know what the patient
likes to eat. Go and ask him.
Funny guys They think I am the doctor.
Wham style? Move your hand.
Are you big boss? Move your leg.
Are you a hero?
Hey, you don't even have the
minimum body language like a driver.
Other than screwdriver,
all the drivers are here.
I didn't ask body, but body language.
Sir, I've brought one show reel.
Sir, Dr. Rajkumar as a lorry driver.
'This lorry doesn't take lives,
but gives lives.'
'What's the name of the dog?'
Dr. Vishnuvardhan as bus driver,
in the movie 'Suryavamsham'.
- Hey, why are screaming?'
'Did I run into you intentionally?'
'You came speeding
and rammed into my car.'
Double star, Mr. Ambrish.
He doesn't wear uniform.
He has a different style.
I can see that.
- 'You always act...'
"Move aside, brother is coming"
Sir, he looks like you
He is Ranga SSLC..
His name is Kiccha
Huccha (mad)?
- Sir, you can think that too.
Do you want me to follow that mad?
I should be commanding you and not you.
Sir, what do you want me to do?
- Nothing. Just get me an ice-pack.
My bad luck that a clown
like you is working for me.
Sir... is there any development
in your aunt's case?
If Prakash would drink
daily and hit my aunt.
My aunt would be crying and want to go to
her mother's house, that's development.
But he is taking care
of her like a queen here.
There won't be any development.
- Whether or not you get your salary..
"But your aunt will
never come back for sure.
Sir, please leave me. I beg of you.
- Sir?
My uncle is back from the hospital..
"But when he knows why we are here..
"Won't he go back to
the hospital again? -Yes, sir.
Is it?
- Yes.
\Mll aunt take me into the house?
- No chance, sir.
Now, why have we come here?
To fulfill our aim, we should
get into that house, right? -Yes sir.
Is there any better
route than the driver?
No way, sir.
- Sir, please put me down.
I can't bear it any longer.
- Look, Muneen.
...if you fight with me in anger,
then I will fight like 'Veer Madakari'.
Yes sir.
If you fight with me with love,
I will surrender to you like Nandi.
Sir, this dialogue doesn't
suit this situation.
You should be in ajungle,
but you are wearing a suit.
Should I remove it?
- No, sir.
You shouldn't question me.
- Okay sir.
What did I say?
- I shouldn't question you.
He is so haughty.
Sir, these are the documents required
for Saraswati's college admission
This is scholarship form,
this is latest bank statement.
She hasn't told which
subject she will select.
Let she select whichever she likes
- Dad, I've already selected
Why are you getting tensed?
I didn't murder anyone
I just got married.
Dad, he is Prakash. He's done ML.
He said, he would die
ifl didn't marry him.
I told him that he would die
even if he marries me
He didn't listen to me
So, I got married to him.
He was scared that you
wouldn't accept him as..
He was scared that you
wouldn't accept him as..
...your son-in-law as
he is poor and we are rich.
I told him not to worry..
...as my dad loves me very much,
he will surely accept you
Not only that, you would've
even told him that..
"My dad is a fool and
wouldn't do anything.
I used to disguise as a clown to make
you laugh when you were young..
"But you made me a real joker today.
What did you say? 'Just married'?
I thought I would send you to Oxford for
higher education and give you my office..
"But you got married to him
I am organizing a veneration for your
well-being, but you've ruined my peace
- Cut it out! Who is your dad?
Dad, I was very sure that you would
accept my marriage So, I married him.
If you had trust on me, you wouldn't
have come with garlands in your hand..
...you would've come without it.
Had you asked my permission,
I would've refused.
You would cry, but I wouldn't give in.
One year,
two year; three years, four years.
...or even many, you would've
waited had you had trust on me.
He doesn't have status
even to carry my company files.
Dad, I see future with him.
I can see a good family.
- But I can see your ruination.
Had you died,
I would've cried for one day..
"But you will make me cry every day.
Out! Get out!
Sharat, listen to what she says
Because of you, he is advising me
Hey Sharam!
- Out! Get out! - Dad, please don't.
Listen to me, dad.
- Out!
Dad, what are you doing?
- Don't stop me.
Even her shadow shouldn't be here
Don't put wood to light fire,
but put her things
She snatched my smile,
I shouldn't listen her laugh again.
Good morning, sir.
Sir, it is diny here.
- "It is about the waist.."
What is he doing here?
-I think he saw you.
Wham do you say?
-I will teach him a lesson.
Nani, we have to bear the consequences.
Let's tell him the truth.
Hope he understands.
- Excuse me, move aside.
Hey, what are you doing here?
Who are they?
Lakshmi, I am not a driver,
but Saraswafls nephew.
I own an iron plant company in Spain.
My aunt got married
against grandpa's wishes.
I'm here to take her back with me.
You like her elder daughter Indra,
you wish to marry her, right?
Listen, come here.
Even I am not a nurse
My father owns an iron shop in foreign.
My father iron clothes of American
President to London Queen, governor.
I like her second daughter Rukmini,
sol have come to this house.
Oh what an irony.
- What?
Coincidence. - If you both
become sons-in-law of that house..
...like Johnson and Johnson,
you'll get a name as Iron and Iron.
Your name is much better than the girls.
Extraordinary. - Shut up.
Don't fool me saying iron and steel.
He wouldn't have got a bus
and you would've dropped him here
He is standing here and
watching an aunt sweeping..
...he is giving built up
and there's a band set team
Hey, you are getting lame for work.
Come on.
He says, she is his aunt.
- Sir, he just walked away.
Come here
Nani, truth is like coconut
and lies are like cool drinks.
Cool drinks are sold more in our
country. Our bad luck. We can't help.
Oh, I'm getting late for my duty.
lfl go late, they'll deduct my salary.
Morning, ma'am.
Actually... I am sorry about yesterday.
Actually accountant
Swami misguided me, if not..
- I'm driver Chandu.
Look Chandu, if this chair is broken,
then will someone plan to..
...click a picture of it,
frame it and watch it daily..
...to teach the chair a lesson?
You can sit on a chain.
"But you can't take revenge from it.
- Right?
You are the same for me
For me chair,
table, driver, servants, all are equal.
I don't think about them at all.
Go and do your work.
Aunt, there's no water in the geyser.
Geyser has to be repaired.
I want hot water to have bath
It is ready. You come here and take it.
I am wearing a towel.
Even are busy working.
I should've at least got married.
My husband would've
brought water in a bucket.
Hey, why did you come here?
They had kept the bucket downstairs
Sir has told me to do all the work.
You look like a thief. My father
made a mistake by appointing you.
Actually, I am like a 3D picture.
You can't see me
clearly from naked eyes.
If you see me through the glasses,
you can see this cut out clearly.
Don't you have common sense that
you shouldn't go in a girl's bathroom?
Madam, the pipe, the bucket,"
...brush is watching you have bath.
I am just a driver.
You said it yourself.
You do one thing,
I will stand here, you go and have bath.
If you run out of water,
I'll get one more bucket for you.
Are you challenging me? I will have
bath. VWII you watch? - Look madam.
...you can have bath in front of me..
"But I am not interested
in seeing men taking bath.
You stay healthy. How did this happen?
I was feeling uneasy since afternoon.
"Moreover, I was travelling.
I had chest pain.
I thought it was gastric
problem and drank Eno.
While I was driving, I had severe pain.
My vision was blurring.
I felt I was dying.
I was not able to do anything
I was thinking whether to scold God..
...or pray to him to give me a life.
I couldn't know.
Life passed with the speed of light.
"Then I thought.
"Wife, children, brothers and family.
...l am going to miss everyone
None of my children have got married..
...and I am going to die
When you wait for something,
you know the value of time"
...when you are dying,
you know the value of relationships
It is true If not for me.
...l thought I should live for my family.
Then came my savior.
He broke the glass, called the ambulance,
and got me admitted in the hospital..
...he saved my life.
Thank you. Wham else do I tell you?
Had my mother been alive,
she would've a built a temple for you.
Mom, what would've
your family members done?
I don't have a family. Everyone died.
"There's garden everywhere,
but monkeys are troubling"
"I am short."
Listen, there's a small
shop in the next lane.
...if uncle is in the shop,
tell him my name and get two cigarettes.
If aunt is in the shop,
tell her to give one packet.
You take sweets for yourself.
Oh! If you want cigarette, buy it.
You can take coffee or tea if you want.
I have servants to serve me tea..
...and wash my hands
why should I drink tea in your name?
Oh god!
Sir, I said it..
Sir, listen to me.
- I have servants to do all my work.
...and you tell me to do your work?
What is that?
What is that?
- Coffee shop.
Was it here yesterday?
- No, sir.
Whether I drink American coffee,
filter coffee, or black coffee.
...even I don't know, but they know it.
- Sir, I made a mistake
Come here
When they tell me to buy vegetables,
I don't know how to get them..
...so, they've put up a stall here
to pack it and give it to me
Sir... -You tell me to work.. - Sir...
- Come with me. Come Look there
Look there!
- Yes, sir.
I don't know which car is
filled with diesel..
...and which with petrol,
but they do it for me.
For me to act as a driven.
...so many of them are working for me,
but you are telling me to work
Sir, I didn't know about you
Sir, you tell me, can anyone recognize
someone with clothes and cell phone?
Lakshmi, you can't order anyone to work.
Sir, but I can orders others, right?
No, sir.. No sir..
-You! -No, sir.
Sir, they are here
We are paying salary to them, sir.
Sir, tell them not to hit me.
Please sir. They are hitting me.
Nani. - Sir. - Did you realize
that I don't get angry like before?
You are right, sir.
Earlier; you threatened people with
gun but now, you talk to them politely.
I guess if you give up your anger even
more, you will become really very polite
Ye; sir. He is absolutely right.
- Do one thing. -Yes, sir.
Give him some money.
- Okay.
Give me.
Give him everything.
It's 10 lakes, he will be shocked.
- Narayan.
Okay, sir.
- Oh my god.
I'm not upset for
getting beaten up, sir.
Okay, go.
- I don't mind getting beaten again.
Sir, the key.
Give it. - Are you going
to open it for me, sir?
People rob banks in
Bangalore sitting in America.
...but when others are given 10 lakes,
they ask for key:.
He is laughing.
One needs key, isn't it? Idiot.
Nani. - Sir. -You are right.
If he sees so much money..
...he will be shocked, so..
Nani sir, that one?
You're lucky to get so much money.
Take it and enjoy yourself.
10 lakes..
- You won't get even than.
Alright, I will go.
I thought the owner of
the hotel would be an old man..
"But she is so young, isn't she?
The debtor is happy when he gets money..
"But the creditor should always worry.
I said I will repay the money.
- But how?
We are getting tied
up with a software company.
...ifthe deal is okay, we will
get minimum 40 percent occupancy.
It won't happen. Simple
I will raid your hotel tomorrow itself"
"arrest the call girls..
...and your contract will get canceled.
That's it.
Think about it.
If you put your finger into a baby's
mouth which doesn't have teeth.
...it will still try to bite you..
"But though you troubled me so much,
I did nothing to you.
I was quiet.
Look, I will let go the loan money..
...l will also give 25 lakes extra.
...tell her to give
away the hotel to me.
...the problem will get solved.
I think he is right.
- He is very spiritual.
Even the coconut prices have gone up,
rather than offering it to God.
...he might even break
it on your husband's head.
Try to understand
When we get upset with God Himself
when He doesn't fulfill our wish..
...how will we spare human beings when
they don't give back what they owe us?
"They call him Ranna He is gold"
'No one to match him"
I don't know who you are and
what happened here. I will find out..
"But seeing her upset
when she was leaving..
...l'm sure something wrong has happened
He)', who are you?
Her driver.
- What's the need to talk to the driver?
Throw him out.
How dare you create scene before police?
I will shoot you.
The person who does
wrong will fear the police.
...and the one who fears
death will fear for gun..
...l don't fear anyone. - If you thrash
goons you think you are a warrior?
I have become a politician
by fooling thousands of people
The home minister and
I play cards every day.
State or central? Narayan.
- Sir.
Did you hear that? -Yes.
Are you threatening me?
I have seen many
men like you in my life.
I'm old too, it's just that
I have dyed my hair, that's all.
Done, sir.
Put it down Put the gun down.
Sir, sorry.
I didn't know he was such a lowly man.
Wham happened?
What happened? Don't you know the
difference between bicycle and bullet?
It was home minister from Delhi.
He is abusing me having Kannada
dictionary so that I understand.
You idiot.
What are you looking at? Film?
He will create earthquake
and Tsunami. Get out.
Sir, is my post still there?
- I will tell you, come.
You expect her to sell
the hotel because you want it?
Otherwise, you will kill her?
I'm there to save her..
"But who will save you from me?
Come here
Kneel down before me.
You will give back the
documents to her in half-an-hour.
- Please don't say a word.
You will kill me.
- That's right.
Take paper and pen
My kind request to sister Saraswati.
Ma'am.. - Ma'am.. - I'm sorry..
- I'm sorry for everything.
- Take the papers
Hereafter" - Every year"
- I will" - Take you as my sister.
For Sankranti (Indian festival).
- I will buy clothes for you.
For Ugadi (Indian festival)"
- I will bring sweets for you
For Gauri festival"
-I will bring vermillion and turmeric.
For the mistake I made.
- Please forgive me.
Wham happened?
Half-an-hour back I threatened
you to sell your hotel to me..
"Now, I regret for whatever I did..
...hence I'm giving it back to you.
How did you change your
mind all of a sudden? - Mister".
...you didn't ask me a single question that
day when I took away the hotel from you..
...now when I'm giving it back,
why are you asking me so many questions.
Isn't there value for good people?
There is a power
which is protecting you.
It is not easy to confront it.
It is not easy to overpower it.
Please pay your visit.
I will take your leave
Look, mom
We must convince
her at any cost. - Okay.
Where are you going?
- Party..
We had told you about it.
Mom, what's this.
- Mummy, what are you doing?
The line should not be seen.
- Shall I wipe it, mummy?
Naughty I mean,
you must wear clothes till there
What? Party, mummy. - Only if you cover
that line, I will open the door for you
Chandu! Come!
Where to, madam?
- Friday night.
Oh god. Party?
- Yes.
I have been waiting for you.
Mother told us to change dresses.
I'm sorry.
- Don't say sorry please. It's okay.
Then come, let's go.
- Let's go, come on.
- Oh
You changed your dress
while telling me the address?
If you talk too much, I will change you.
- Why are you talking like that?
You are right, madam.
- Chandu, have food and wait in the car.
Please go.
- Let's go.
Hi. - Hi.
-Are you single?
Excuse me?
-You have come alone
I have come here looking for someone
ls it me?
Hey Rukku, Chandu.
I'm looking for Rukku.
- I think he is looking for us.
Be quiet. He deserves it.
- Am I not beautiful?
You are beautiful"
- What's your name? - Chandu.
Why are you here? - Look, I'm not
the kind of guy you think I am.
You mean, I am bad girl?
- Not at all, madam
Take it.
This one is more bitter, madam.
Vokda Why? Shall I order for milk?
I made a mistake again.
"Sarika! Radhika! Jyotika! Ambika!"
"Chandrika! Monica! Rupika!"
"Naamika! Nikita! Kavita!
Shamita! Deepika! Roobika! Devika!"
"Pick the bottle and drink the liquor."
"It is injurious to health."
"Never memorize the
numbers of many girls"
"It is injurious to heart."
"lf your ex-girlfriend comes
before your current girlfriend."
"lf your ex-girlfriend comes before your
current girlfriend, what do we do then?"
"Men are so unfortunate."
"What to do? Wham not to do?"
"What to do? Wham not to do?"
"What to do? Wham not to do?"
"What to do? Wham not to do?"
"Pick the bottle and drink the liquor."
"It is injurious to health."
"Never memorize the
numbers of many girls"
"It is injurious to heart."
"There is some kind of bonding
between ex-girlfriends and liquor."
"You start playing solo
violin in your dreams"
"You play the harmony of
your heart with your fingers"
"But it we who pay the intallments."
"Scary flashback."
"Unpredictable future"
"Scary flashback and
unpredictable future"
"Let's do this"
"Let's drink some more"
"What to do? Wham not to do?"
"What to do? Wham not to do?"
"What to do? Wham not to do?"
"What to do? Wham not to do?"
"\Mll the honor of men
be safe in ladies hostel?"
"VWII anyone let go a scapegoat?"
"Why doesn't the girl get angry
when we say hi to another girl?"
"No one will pity me though I'm loyal."
"Don't take anything seriously
that is said after getting drunk."
"Don't take anything seriously
that is said after getting drunk."
"Let's make a promise."
"Let's quit drinking from tomorrow."
"What to do? Wham not to do?"
"What to do? Wham not to do?"
"What to do? Wham not to do?"
"What to do? Wham not to do?"
So you smoke cigarette too.
I will complain to mother.
Silly girl.
'Ne had been for a party recently.
You wore a decent dress
when you left home..
...and changed it when
you got down from the can.
...and your mom is unaware
of it, am I right? -Yes.
Now, I will tell you a story, come.
A girl finds a genie lamp.
Genie lamp, when rubbed genie comes out.
As soon as he came out,
he said 'I will give you three wishes..
"But on one condition'.
He said whatever I grant you..
...l will grant the same to your
husband but ten times more.
...and she agreed.
When he asked her first wish,
she said I want a big house
Okay, he gave her a house and her
husband was given ten times bigger house.
When she asked her second wish,
she said I want plenty of money..
...so obviously the husband
was given ten times more of the amount.
When he asked for her third wish
it is very important, pay attention
When he asked for her third wish.
...she said 'give me
a minor heart attack'.
What do you think would've happened?
Her husband would've then would've
suffered a major heart attack.
So brilliant, isn't it?
This is where girls prove
they are dimwits trying to act smart.
Actually, the husband suffered
ten minor heart attacks
Look, you must come.
No other option.
Do you know him?
- No.
Oh, it might hurt, Chandu.
Ms. lndu,
we hit so that the enemy gets hurt.
No, I mean, you might get hurt.
Drivers are human beings too.
Call me by my name.
Boys, don't repeat it again, okay?
Please come, come.
Come on!
Hey, go and beat him!
"Feel the power of Ranna."
Go bring your sister.
He is beside her, Chandu
All these girls know is to cry
when threatened or threaten by crying.
So what if he is beside her,
I'm with you, madam.
Go bring her, go.
Who were they?
I don't know, daddy.
-\Mll you be able to identify them?
Brother, lodge a police complaint.
Yes brother, they shouldn't be spared
Being a father, even I want
to lodge a police complaint.
"But as alawyen.
...fighting the case in
the court isn't a child's game
Let's not do investigation
during the time of giving invitation
Correct, sir.
It is better to ignore such incidents.
There is no need to felicitate
Chandu because he helped you again.
Where is Chandu? ls he alright?
It was he who thrashed them.
What will happen to him?
God bless him
He saved my daughter
for the second time.
Send for the doctor,
let's talk about marriage alliance
Okay, brother:
In angen.
...my father also used
to beat the wall with a stick..
...and my brother used to mock me.
...since I did the same
He had a son, very mischievous.
When a driver is asked
to fill petrol in the car..
...he won't go without
taking money and keys
It's the only thing he doesn't know.
Your father and l..
"Grew up together for 20 years
I see your father in your face.
...and I hear your grandpa in your talks
You think I won't know even that much?
I'm not cruel like your grandpa.
He can oust his daughter
from his house.
"But I can't oust
my driver out of my house..
"That's why you
are still in this house
He shot my husband..
...do you think.
...l will come to their
house as soon as you call me?
'Other than this,
what else can you do, daddy?'
'Father, calm down What are you doing?'
'Father.. -I bought
this gun for self-defense..
...but dignity is more
important than life.'
'Father, don't!'
'Father, don't!'
'Prakash! Prakash!'
'Oh no! Prakash!'
'Even if you didn't
invite us inside the house..
...l thought you would at
least bid adieu by blessing us.'
'Even if you are hurt.
...l thought you would endure
everything for me, daddy.'
'You killed me there"
...here, you died yourself.'
'The fire there will turn off..
"But the fire that you have lit here.
...will never go off.'
- Don't worry, brother.'
'I won't file case against your father.'
I'm not angry on all of you..
...because for that,
I have to remember all of you..
...which I just hate
You staying in this house..
"Won't make any difference to me.
But one thing"
...you came to our house
and saved my husband.
Helped us retain our hotel,
saved my daughter..
...if all this really
happened then it's okay"
"but if you did all this on purpose.
...to gain our confidence.
...l have a gun too..
...l never miss my
target like your grandpa
Sir, before you finish the
coffee and keep the cup on the table.
...your aunt will be right before you.
Kidnap, sir. Yes sir.
Like Havana kidnapped Sta,
let's kidnap your aunt.
You uncle Prakash won't
come looking like Lord Ram did..
...even if he came, who will
come for the rescue like Lord Anjenaya?
Come here
- Sir.
Get out of my sight! Go!
Sir, you don't beam. - Hey.
Don't tell me something that
makes me angry. Tell me what is it?
Except your aunt, nobody knows
that you are her nephew, do they?
Nobody knows and she
won't tell anyone too, Nani.
Take advantage of it and..
Nani, come to the point.
Say I love you to Indra
lfl say I love you to Indra,
will she say I love you too?
What if she says I hate you?
Sir, let me tell you something.
What? -You are the
most eligible bachelor, sir.
Girls go crazy just
by seeing your height, sir.
Hearing your voice.
"They will go crazier, sir.
Although girls have married other men..
...they have always
been in love with you, sir.
Yes sir.
- Really?
Yes sir.
- Come here.
Are you sure?
- Sure, sir.
Are they crazy about me?
- Yes, sir.
Continue Come on, continue
Sir, just for once.
...for once.
...call out 'Indra'.
Like a passenger chases a running bus.
...she will chase you, sir.
- Really?
Then? - Your aunt will
then follow her, sir.
...l have seen her watch
you with so much love in her eyes.
She is fond of you.
Is that so?
- Yes, sir.
Yes sir.
Shall I tell her?
- Yes, sir.
Shall I tell her?
- Yes, sir.
I'm going to tell her.
Are you sure?
- Sure, sir.
Shall I tell her?
- Yes, sir.
Sure, sir. Okay.
Wham are you doing?
- Don't stop me!
Wait a minute, madam? You want to die?
Why should I be alive
when I don't get what I want?
I think she found out.
Look, the thing that
you like is always yours
Not mine.
I think she is very upset.
Look, actually, I'm a driver.
Yes not a driver, you are a dacoit.
You are a villain who
separated me from my lover.
\Mll you tell me who
you are in love with?
Rohit, the guy you hit in the mall.
That's unfair, madam
- What do you mean?
He actually kidnapped you, didn't he?
Had he kidnapped me, won't I scream?
We've been dating each
other past three years
We also planned to
elope and get married..
"But you came and ruined everything.
L.. - He is getting
married tomorrow night.
I will bring him in the morning.
Don't worry.
Hello, it's not so easy.
'Rom Naik weds Neehnveri Dodmaxfl.'
Notjust Dodmani, Veerappa Dodmani.
He is a big shot in the city.
He has two sons..
...and one daughter'.
They are getting her married to Rohit.
He loves his daughter very much.
Once a guy had only touched
his daughter's hand.
"They chopped his hand.
\Mll you still bring him?
VWII you go right away?
All the best.
- Bye.
"The wedding bond."
- "Last forever."
Sir, did you see?
The song matches the situation.
Oh my god!
Oh no.
Change the song. Park the flight.
Take me to the hospital.
Him? I mean..
He is handsome
He is more handsome.
The day he clicked this photo,
the camera wasn't working properly.
Darn it.
She believes he is handsome
What is he doing here?
Someone wants to go to Hubli..
...l will take him to the
address and come back in flight.
Okay, bye-
On seeing them both"
...l think they are trying
to escape after robbing something
I will inform mother.
Did the tyre burst?
Is it ghost"?
I think the sun rises just to burn us.
So hot.
How did she even fall in love with him?
He looks like a terrorist. Darn it.
Sir, in the current generation, very few
people fall in love seeing character
Boys fall for girls
seeing their beauty"
...and girls fall for
boys because they are rich
For instance, this very family.
First daughter is good..
"But the second daughter;
...she is decent at home
and mischievous outside.
Why are you laughing?
So you know her better than me?
You naughty boy.
- Hi?
0h god!
Please stop!
Do we have to come all the
way from here to get here, sir?
Has she gone mad?
Shall we go, madam?
Three fried rice!
Please give me ice, it's burning.
Okay, sir.
- Lakshmi.
Make fried rice
How did she get here?
I have no idea, boss
I think she suffers from sleepwalking
She must've fallen
into the jeep last night..
...and hit her head and
had temporary memory loss
The medical term for it is Malaysia
Idiot, you are wrong
It is called amnesia
Did they change the name?
- Excuse me
Why are we here?
Actually, you are my aunt's daughter:
Our families are not in good terms
We tried hard to convince
our families to get us both married..
"But they didn't agree.
...hence we have eloped.
They are crying--
"don't add onion.
Don't I have sisters?
You do have, the witch.
She is a real witch.
It was she who exposed
us before your parents
They are crying more..
"Don't add lemon juice.
Who is he?
- You are injured..
...he is a doctor.
- Ayurvedic doctor.
He said Ayurveda.
...don't add coriander and curry leaves
Why is my sister against our marriage?
It's a big story. Since you're asking,
I will tell you the truth.
A rich guy betrayed
your sister in love..
Even I am a rich guy.
He is boasting himself so much.
So cancel their order.
For a fool, everyone looks crazy.
Though she is in trouble,
she doesn't miss saying proverb.
- What is this?
Cancel the juice too.
Boss control yourself.
You are my cousin, aren't you?
Come here
Lakshmi, when she calls out to me,
I am getting electric shocks
Give that electric shock to her too.
Is it?
- Yes.
Tell me, dear.
You look very nice to me.
VWII you talk to your grandpa?
I told you just now.
- Yes, you did
Only he supported our love story.
Call him.
You be seated.
He is relaxed.
He can even take a selfie with you
Keep pursuing it, huh?
- Give the phone to grandpa.
Okay, be on the line please, sir.
- Grandpa
\Mll you talk to your granddaughter?
- Granddaughter?
Hello grandpa.
I am Rukmini speaking
How are you, dear?
- I am good, grandpa.
But mom and dad are not agreeing
It is not a small matter, dear.
Whether small or big..
...it is a long gone matter now.
Isn't it wrong to
still be angry about it?
You are so young, but talk so maturely.
Grandma, why do they oppose
ifl want to marry my uncle?
- One minute
Hello? Hello? Hello?
- Grandpa, I will talk to you later.
Uncle and aunt's daughter
are playing games.
Talking to grandpa.
...l feel like crying
If you feel like crying, why
don't you embrace him and cry. Go ahead
Embrace him.
Had I known that there's so much benefit,
I would've pushed my girlfriend too.
Is the fried rice ready?
There's so much spice in their story..
...so offer them boiled rice
Sir, I know this is more
important to you than food now.
What is it?
Your love story may be old,
but this is a new sari.
Tell madam to wear this.
I can see my daughter in her.
- Sir, please tell her.
Take it.
Take it. - Take it.
"..Your temperature goes high."
"My teacher didn't teach
this to me in the school."
"I need an answer."
"Why is the sari transparent?"
"Though I don't want to see,
my eyes don't stop looking."
"I don't know why
my heart is going crazy."
"lfyou see a girl wearing sari,
your temperature goes high"
"My teacher didn't teach
this to me in the school."
"My two eyes..
...used to laugh,
cry, and blink together."
"Ever since they saw her beauty."
"They forgot their friendship"
"I wish to make a small mistake"
...if she agrees to me."
'Wm punishment would she
give ifl bite her cheek once?"
"Why are you upset?"
"Though I avoid her,
she comes closer to me."
"Though I want to kiss her,
she runs away."
Darn it!
"L was living my life happily."
"I fell in love, lost my life,
and the road was filled with flowers."
"When girlfriend came into my life,
my future became bright."
"There shouldn't be any misunderstanding
in love as it is very painful to bear."
"There's already so
much pain in the body."
"Wow, what happiness is this?"
"No matter how much I try,
I am unable to sleep on time"
"Though you wake up early in
the morning, it will be eleven o'clock"
"lfyou see a girl wearing sari,
your temperature goes high"
"My teacher didn't teach
this to me in the school."
"My teacher didn't teach
this to me in the school."
Everyone is so happy thinking
this wedding will take place
Do I have to wait until you return?
Oh dear, do you want to marry?
Sir, shejust asked if she
had to wait here - She didn't mean it.
From her eyes she asked
me if we'll marry. Right?
Think their first night
will take place before they marry.
Sir, come on
Sir, you are getting ready for action.
Lakshmi, what do you expect me to do?
Sir, let's tell them the truth.
Did I believe you when
you told me the truth?
Sir, wait and watch.
...l'll do something by which
they'll send the groom with me.
Sir, greetings
Are you here to attend the wedding?
We came here to stop the
wedding and abduct the groom
Didn't I tell you they won't believe us?
Who are you?
I am bride's younger brother
He is elder brother: She is the bride
Where's the groom's room?
Sir, it is upstairs.
Come, sir.
So many people are working so hard for
the marriage that is going to be stopped"
...l am feeling so bad.
Give me the flowers.
- Put this garland on the dais.
Before the lights go off,
we have to escape from here.
Hey, pass me those flowers
Sir, come on. I am here.
Hey brother, why are you
sitting so sullen than Goddess Sta?
He is seeing a photograph.
- I had to marry her..
"But I'm marrying her instead.
That's the reason I am sad.
Hey, I understand your plight.
That's a different matter.
You forget it. -I know, sir.
Cool, sir. Cool.
Okay, let's go.
Where? If they come to know,
we are dead.
Who? They?
"The times are over
when the warriors too lost.
"But in this era,
only intelligent people win.
They are brave,
but we are intelligent. Come on.
Who is boss amongst you?
What bothers you who the boss is?
Who has been talking
more since we've come here?
Sir, please don't.
Sir, you saved my life like god.
In the next birth I will".
I was joking,
but you are taking it seriously.
Nab them!
Hey, who are they?
I should have been at home. Wham
am I doing here? What's going on here?
Can I know who is groom's father
who is getting him married by force?
Who is the father of
the guy who is sleeping here?
By hittingjust one man,
you show so much arrogance.
Look, Mr. Veerappa
A policeman develops arrogance
because of the uniform.
...a politician develops
arrogance because..
...of his men who make
him win the elections.
...girls develop arrogance because
guys fall for them but whereas l..
...l develop arrogance after seeing how..
...my opponent behaves with me,
now you tell me..
"What makes you so arrogant?
He is my brave elephant.
No matter how huge the elephant I;
it is the mahouts who tames it.
Veera! Basava! Kaala!
I have hunted down a Lion having them.
- Good, Mr. Veerappa. Very good.
But it is better if you
don't mess with certain Lions.
Ask me why.
- Why?
Because the hunters have become
preys themselves Mr. Veerappa.
Thank you.
This is my status Mr. Veerappa.
Even if one of you touches that"
...it means I have lost and
if they put it on, it means I'm dead.
Come on!
"He roars like a Lion."
"He is like afireball."
Hey, he is my daughter's fiancE.
Wham you are doing is wrong.
Don't you think you're doing
wrong even without asking him..
...if he is willing to marry your daughter?
Even if you get them married forcibly,
your daughter will die
Tell me who is important.
Let me tell you something, Doddamani.
Before you mess with someone
unnecessarily, remember this.
...and if someone messes with you,
imply this
Look, I'm like Bruce Lee
There is only one difference between
him and me. He is not a Kannadiga.
...and l.. I'm real Kannadiga.
"Otherwise, my talks and my beatings..
...is same to same, sir.
There is so much fun in giving
warning in North Kannada language.
You discussed with the driver
before taking such a big decision..
...you didn't feel the need to inform
your parents? - Sir, l.. - Be quiet.
How is it possible to
take such a big decision.
"Without knowing who he is..
...and whether or not
he will take good care of you?
Am I right, Saraswati? - To feel
ashamed if someone falls in love.
...or shoot if they got married,
we have human beings in our family".
...no one is demon.
We love you very much..
...and we also respect your love
You have great respect
for your daughter's love..
...whereas for my daughter's marriage,
he has no respect.
If someone makes mistake.
"That person comes and apologizes to me
even before praying to God in the morning
He put me to shame before my people.
I am feeling so ashamed.
My people will never
respect me hereafter:
How can ever be quiet? Tell me.
Sir, you are lawyer, isn't it?
Then do justice.
The lady who offered you
buttermilk is my younger sister.
We found a good marriage alliance
for her, it was a rich family.
We were also very happy about it..
...but we didn't bother to find out
if the guy wants to marry her or not.
If our grown up son doesn't earn money,
we can oust him from the house..
"But if our daughter gets married.
...and stays back in her maternal house,
where will we send her?
Even a kid throws away
the thing that it doesn't like.
So isn't it wrong to get your daughter
married to the guy who doesn't like her?
Look, Mr. Veerappa
Tell me the expense
for your daughter's marriage.
...l will bear it thinking
her to be my daughter:
How dare you weigh
my dignity with money?
How much will you pay me?
- Hey! - Move back! Move back!
This is for cutting harvest
and to behead someone.
Behead him if you want to..
...he wanted to get his
son married without his consent.
They are good people.
"That's why they
offered you buttermilk.
Had it been us, we would've
thrown them out of our house
I'm sorry, sir.
My father got upset since
his daughter's marriage got stalled.
Please try to understand.
- Why are you apologizing to him?
They are good people
Look, it is wrong on
our pan to talk about money.
Although we cannot bring back
your dignity, the honor of our family..
...we will get our second
daughter married to your son.
Do you accept this alliance?
Seeing all this, I don't think
you are here to take your aunt back.
...looks like you are here
to get her daughter's married.
Do something, boss.
I was wondering why
your boss sent you away"
"though you saved his wife's life..
"But now I understand.
...why we can retain things that we like.
We offer milk to snake pit..
"But if the same snake pit is
inside our house, we demolish it.
This marriage is taking
place because of you..
"But I'm scared
if the wedding will get stalled.
...if that person gets irritated
again seeing you here.
Chandu, you are like medicine
You save lives on time.
"But there is also an expiry date
I hope you understand.
Grandpa's condition is critical.
He's having respiration
problem since morning.
They have given oxygen.
Bhargaw please come back
Forget about your aunt.
Come and see your grandpa for once.
I shouldn't see grandpa,
grandpa should see aunt.
I won't break the promise
of bring aunt for grandpa's birthday
Tell him to please fulfill the
promise of waiting until I bring aunt.
Do you hear me? Go tell him this
Tell him to fulfill the promise
Please tell him to be alive.
Please, dad.
I want just one chance.
Just one chance
- Veerappa here.
Tell me, brother:
My brother's son Bhaskar
will come to your house tomorrow.
He will be doing the
wedding arrangements.
We are very fond of him
Make sure he is provided
with everything - Bhaskar.
He went to Uganda with
just 2 lakes and did agriculture.
Farmers usually get crops.
"This man found diamonds
along with crops
From then on, his fate changed.
He made billions in just five years.
- Don't be shocked.
He also wants to win Oscar award
Why will anyone give him Oscar award?
So he himself came up with
an award called Bhaskar award.
...made afilm and presented
himself with an award. - Which film?
300 inspirations.
He made afilm called 306,
he himself is the hero.
Use your next words carefully, Leonidas
Use your next words carefully, Leonidas
They maybe your last as a king
Persians or Greeks
no man threatens a messenger.
You bring the crowns
and heads of the other kings..
...to my steps and you insult my queen.
You threaten my people with death.
I am choosing my words very carefully.
"Perhaps, you should do the same.
This is madness!
- This is Spartan!
The best pan I;
he also played the heroine in the film.
He spent lot of money
and took the award for free
I wish my parents witnessed
me winning the award
They would've died at once.
The audience said every single
scene in the film was like a diamond.
If you spend one diamond for
every scene, it is bound to be good.
Actually, this award belongs to my
parents Mummy, daddy, this is for you.
Swami, you don't know
one more thing about him
It was in this house he stole 2 lakes.
He used to work in your place
He brought me as easily
as winning a cup in a race.
The other name for safety is Chandu.
Excuse me.
Thank you, Chandu.
You are really one man army.
- Stop praising him so much.
He didn't win a battle
Why are you getting angry? - Go on, the
next time, your husband will get angry.
You are such a spoilsport.
Ms. Rukmani, decrease your
angry and increase your patience.
...because the family
that you are getting in..
...number of swords are
more than human beings there.
Whom should I marry then? Tell me
Oh should I marry a man who will make
me sit on his laps and tell me stories?
Are you wondering how I know all this?
I thrashed nurse yesterday
and he revealed everything.
Do you know who is responsible
for my state? It's you.
I fell for you on the
very first day I saw you
Magnet attracts only iron.
"But your eyes everything they see.
"But how can I marry a driver?
She is getting married to MBA graduate.
...her children will go to kindergarten
and my children will go to local garden?
Although you lost your job,
why do I still like you?
When you come close,
my heart starts pounding..
...l legs start trembling.
Even now they are trembling, but
you can't see because they are covered.
I'd decided not to tell you..
"But since you won't fall for me,
I told you.
I want to tell you one more thing.
I only said I want to tell..
...did I ask you to listen?
Close your ears.
I love you.
It's up to you now. Do what you please
"Lord knows."
"Lord knows."
"My heart sang seeing you, butterfly
- Butterfly"
"My heart sang seeing you, butterfly"
"Ranna, come Come and embrace me"
"Paint my heart with
different colors, Ranna"
"I fell for your face, Ranna."
"I fell for your voice, Ranna
I fell for your style, Ranna."
"I will give you full marks"
"You are my begum and I am your sultan."
"My heart sang seeing you, butterfly
- Butterfly"
"Lord knows."
"Lord knows."
"The surrounding nature,
make it the sticker on my forehead."
"The powder called moonlight,
I will bring it in a sack"
"Your Alexander has brought it for you."
"Make me your neighbor."
"Join your name to my name"
"I will stop my breath."
"Ranna, come.
Let's climb the Eiffel tower".
...and romance,
height doesn't really matter."
"You are my begum and I am your sultan."
"I fell for your quality."
"I surrendered my glamour to you."
"I climbed the satellite speaken.
...and found the matter of love"
"I will predict our
future by playing a guitar."
"Do you want to see my courage?"
"I will send the theatre by parcel."
Ranna, come and paint the China wall."
"Let's show our love to the world."
"You are my begum and I am your sultan."
"Country poem in Switzerland,
- Yes?
Good news.
I worked hard in this house
These are the people who made me cry.
Hello everybody. How are you?
Why are everyone
watching me so seriously?
Have you zipped your pants?
Yes sir.
Have you zipped my pants?
Sir, you are not wearing a pant.
Wham made you come here? - He?
He is my personal.
- He worked here for so long
He quit recently.
He has become a good
guy after quitting yourjob.
Had he left the city like I did,
he would've become rich man
Actually, sir.
What is this?
I've passed my exams in first class
- Sweets got over..
...so please at least take sugar.
- Sugar?
I already have it.
Take 2 lakes.
If you pass next year..
...then organize a feast for
the entire city. Okay, sweetie?
Hey, sir..
- 2 lakes.
2 lakes..
- Relax, man.
You stole 2 lakes,
so we threw you out of the house.
Hey, lam not a leather
ball to bounce back.
I am not a plastic ball
either which will not bounce back.
I am ball.
- No.
Crazy ball.
As soon as you throw me, you won't know
where I will be and what I will be doing.
I like music.
I like ladies.
Different people like different things,
so why are you giving build up?
Your cheeks are so smooth
I use face wash.
Bhaskar sir is so naughty, right? -Yes.
Hey Bhaskar!
How are you?
Sir, she is coming to embrace you.
Hey; it is better I hang
myself instead of hugging her.
How are you?
- I am good.
Bhaskar, it's been
many days since I saw you.
I missed you so much
Oh is it? - Yes.
- Whenever I got hiccups in Uganda.
...l thought you were remembering me.
My serial named 'Friends'
is starting from today.
...please watch it
without missing a shot.
Is she the same little girl who
used to cry a lot when she was young?
She's grown up.
I am coming
I will just act to save her.
But you do the rest.
I'll pick it up
Hey Bhaskar, how are you?
Greetings, ma'am.
I have some work, I'll be back.
- Okay, ma'am.
Sir, you got scared when you saw her.
Hey, some are very powerful.
We feel like respecting them
But there are some
who make no difference
Example, my wife
- Sir..
Mr. Veerapan was praising you a lot.
- Oh, really sir?
They say you should
organize the wedding.
VWII you?
- ls it?
Wham you can expect from me?
A little mannerism.
He says, mannerism
They treated me like garbage,
so I'll stop the wedding.
...and I will make them cry..
I will make them cry.
- But how?
Did you see the second
daughter of this house?
Hey, you like her?
- I want her.
Then you have to meet someone.
Who is it?
"Come, let's serve the sage."
"Shower flowers to welcome the sage"
"Glory to the sage!"
"Glory to the Kiccha sage!"
"All the guys, meditate"
"All the girl; stand close to me."
"Glory to the sage!"
"Glory to the Kiccha sage!"
"lf you are in trouble, hold my feet."
"You'll get heaven. Walk straight."
"This handsome sage is God for us."
"Glory to the Kiccha Nanda sage!"
"Glory to the Kiccha Nanda sage!"
"Come and see,
this sage's abode is so sacred."
"Once you come,
you don't feel like returning."
"Although he wears white dress,
he is still so colorful."
"lnspiring speech, people folk in."
"A little naughty, a little romantic."
"I'll do magic, hold my hand."
"I am renowned Kiccha sage"
"Glory to the Kiccha Nanda sage!"
"Glory to the Kiccha Nanda sage!"
"Glory to the Kiccha Nanda sage!"
"Glory to the Kiccha Nanda sage!"
"Glory to the Kiccha Nanda sage!"
. Yes?
My right hand didn't
trust the left hand..
"But after I met you,
they both are inseparable.
They are not leaving each other.
Sage, you are great.
Bijapur, forget about me.
...in this era, you don't water to drink,
but you've got jewelry. - Yes, sage.
Wham else do you need?
Just listen to him
Sage travels very often.
...like a baby stops
crying when cuddled.
...same way, I have some doubts.
What is that, Davengere?
I have come here for a wedding.
The bride's name is Rukmini.
She shouldn't get married.
her marriage won't take place.
I want her.
Duryodhan, she will belong
to only the one she loves.
He is talking about Mahabharam now.
No one loves her more than me.
- Not at all.
- My mines and diamonds..
"Currency, GITOQQHCE"
"future, glamoun.
...all this has to stay with me
Whatever is yours.
...will stay with you until
the last breath, Shakuni.
If you want things to work as you wish..
...you have to stay where you are.
On this tree?
- Not tree, idiot!
It is tree of knowledge.
If it is good for me..
"Then I'll take this tree
with me and water it daily.
He is blessing you.
Why did sage turn into
Tarzan all of a sudden?
An elephant may come inside
Good my son..
- Sage.
"This is the first time in my life..
...l am dying to see a man's face..
...and that is you.
Please turn.
Show me your face. I'll be blessed.
Do you have guts to see my face?
Yes Sage.
Shall I turn?- Ye; sage
Shall I turn
- Ye; do it sage.
'If you lie, leaves will
fall and you'll vomit blood.'
Wait, I'll check.
I am like Challenging Star Darshan.
Sir, the leaves are falling.
I can see that.
I am lover boy in Uganda
It didn't fall.
- I'll break your teeth.
Even I can see I am a loafer!
He's a scoundrel,
dog, street dog, rabies dog, beggan.
It didn't fall.
Do I have so many qualities in me?
I only know so much.
I don't know what else...
- Who told you to come here?
Shall I go?
- You go from here.
I don't like you.
I hate you.
Hey, what is going on in this house?
What's going on in this house?
- What's the matter?
Sir, what happened? - What happened?
Everyone is unaware of
what's happening in this house.
...l thought you were
following police system
But that's not the thing.
This is the scheme so that
the truth doesn't come out.
This people are not police.
They are fools
- What happened to him?
Hey, sir..
Tell us correctly what happened?
Wham happened? Listen"
...girls of this house.
...is going around with a loafen.
- Shut up!
Should I stay mum?
Why did you stop?
- Sorry.
Your daughter is fire
We are monkeys
Sorry for the inconvenience
You may leave now.
Go away.. move
They both were hugging each other,
was it fake?
Hey, their hugging may be fake..
"But I guarantee you
that I will trap her tonight.
Sir, what's the name of the drama?
'Ahalya amayiki'. Right?
Then we have to find two girls
Hey, Ahalya Amayiki
are not two different girls.
Ahalya is Amayiki (helpless).
Sir, there's so much
twist in the title What say?
Hey, if you see the screenplay,
there are so many twists in it.
Sir, tell us the concept.
Tell me the concept.
Gautam and Ahalya are a couple.
Indra had an eye on Ahalya.
Sir, it is wrong, isn't it?
- Ahalya also said the same
So, Indra plans something.
Wham did he do?
- Watch on screen.
Wham did he do?
- Watch on screen.
Gautam wakes up one
hour before the sunrise.
...and thinks that
it is time to take bath.
...and goes to the river.
Indra goes near Ahalya
disguised as Gautam
He watches Ahalya's beauty
with lust filled in his heart.
He wakes Ahalya from the
sleep by patting on her shoulder.
- Yes?
Didn't you go to the river to have bath?
You are here..
...how can I go alone and have bath?
He tries to embrace Ahalya by force
You are so fragrant.
Hey, you went to the river to have bath,
why did you return?
I forgot the soap,
so I came to take that.
Take the soap and don't
return until the soap gets over.
Do you want to tease my beautiful wife?
Ye; I am Indra
I can do anything. It's my wish.
I am Gautam. I can do anything I wish
Hey, what will you do?
Hey, he's hitting me! Oh..
Oh god.
He alone hit me,
but looked like 10 people hit me.
His fingers are like hands.
If I have to be safe, I have
to change the scene. Scene reverse!
If they want to hit wherever they wish,
why should I read out the script?
Dear, didn't you go to have bath?
I have got mesmerized by you,
why should I take bath?
I will stay here with you.
- Hello?
Wham is going on here?
Didn't you go to the river to take bath?
There's drought everywhere
and there's no water to drink..
...how can I have bath?
They have changed.
- Tell me something"
...if there was no water in the river".
...you should've come back
and slept next to your wife.
...does anyone leave
their beautiful wives alone?
Hey, get up. Sir..
...she is not only beautiful".
...that's the reason I married her.
- Oh..
You are correcting me?
Hello, I am Gautam.
...l can make any corrections my wish.
I am Indra,
I can make any corrections as I wish."
No matter who get thrashed next..
...l will become Ahalya
Wham a beautiful back.
0h god!
Even he hit him on the back
Dear, didn't you go to have bath?
I can't leave you alone
between these filthy people.
...so, I didn't feel
like going to have bath
You are so great.
- Idiot. - Dean.
- Dean.
- Lustful..
Who is it?
Please excuse me.
- Sure, boss. - Oh no.
Dear, didn't you go to take bath?
I went. .
...l returned as I had a doubt on you.
So, you are going to hit him now.
Go on, hit him.. hit him.
- Hey. - I will hit him later..
"First I'll teach you a lesson.
Hey, you are living with
me for 25 years, right? - Yes
Who is your husband..
...and who is a stranger,
couldn't you recognize?
It was dark.
- I couldn't see him.
You couldn't see?
I came here to show you
Don't hit me. please don't..
- Come on..
Oh god! Oh god!
I will be in the audience now.
You all go to hell.
I'll see how he hits me now.
Even I'll see.
She didn't recognize you.
"But don't you have sense
that she is someone else's wife? - Oh!
\Mll you hit her now?
Why should I hit her? You scoundrel..
...l will thrash you.
- Oh no!
Oh, come here..
Actually, it is futile to hit you.
- Wham is it?
Do you know what's going on here?
I know.
I wrote the script.
Is this man that girl's husband?
N o.
No, right, then what you should've
done is. instead of telling her..
...'Dear Ahalya, the man here
is not your husband, but Indra.
...you are sitting there
and watching it shamelessly.
Wham do you mean?
Do you plan to hit me again
by considering this point?
Bhaskar, no matter what point,
but you'll surely be thrashed.
All the rapes in the country
are happening because of you.
Hey, what are you watching? Thrash him!
"The hen has swallowed the monkey."
"The hen has swallowed the monkey."
"Listen sister,
the hen has swallowed the monkey."
"Listen sister,
the hen has swallowed the monkey."
"The hen has swallowed the monkey."
"The goat swallowed the elephant.
The wall swallowed the paint."
"The goat swallowed the elephant.
The wall swallowed the paint."
"The drum swallowed
the actor playing it."
"The hen has swallowed the monkey."
"The hen has swallowed the monkey."
"The hen has swallowed the monkey."
"The grinder swallowed the grinding
pole. The plane swallowed the food."
"The grinder swallowed the grinding
pole. The plane swallowed the food."
"The wheat swallowed
the old woman who sowed it."
"Listen sister,
the hen has swallowed the monkey."
"The hen has swallowed the monkey."
"Listen sister,
the hen has swallowed the monkey."
"Listen sister,
the hen has swallowed the monkey."
"The hen has swallowed the monkey."
"The hen has swallowed the monkey."
Madam! Madam please save me.
Save me, madam. Save me
They all are hitting me
Sir, I'm the only batsman and
11 people are bowling How can l..
...hit the shot?
I want to talk to you.
Wham are you doing?
What will we do if Bhaskar
feels bad and cancels the wedding?
You want Saraswami.
But Saraswami Prakash lives here.
Prakash will never
go away from Saraswati.
This Saraswati will
never come close to you.
Your grandpa made us cry..
...l was confident that
I will live happily here.
Please, don't come here and make me cry.
Go away.
Why aren't you ready yet?
He groom is coming in half an hour.
Do you agree to this wedding?
Don't give me a shock
in front of the groom.
Mom, the alarm didn't ring
Why are you questioning me so much?
Okay, go and get ready soon.
Tell me, dear.
Doctor is not in the town so I have
to take care of all the operations
The patient is here,
I'll call you later. Okay?
The tank is full. Take this
Mom, sister Rukku is not to be seen.
Her jewelry and clothes are missing.
Then I'm sure that
she eloped with Chandu
How do you know?
She proposed Chandu in front of me.
-Why didn't you tell this to us before?
I thought, generally like
every girl cheats their boyfriend.
...and would stay happily with
the guy her parents select for her.
You said you would
throw him out of the house
Who brought him inside again?
Uncle, as per I know, there
are many things happening in this house.
All that are blank,
so I am not able to link them.
It will be better if any
one of you fill up the blanks
Tell me the truth about what happened.
If you lie to me,
I will hang you to this tree.
You need not strain yourself.
That tree cannot withstand if I lie.
The leaves fall.
How is it connected to you?
If leaves fall, the tree will die..
...and if it dies I'll die.
We both are like a couple
I've not married it yet, that's it.
Uncle, I'll tell you whatever I know.
Please put the gun down
Chandu, why are you sullen?
Your mother told me to leave.
Okay, let's elope
In atrain.
If we go by flight, they'll
know it from the hotel travel desk
Hey, the trees are falling off.
I didn't lie.
The leaves were falling
not because you were lying..
"But because Chandu
used to press this remote
Move aside!
Why are you getting worried?
It is not only hot in Mumbai..
"But buildings are more
for me to interior design it.
I am sure that I will surely get a job.
You earn as much
as you want as a driver.
We can live happily.
If you don't get a job..
...give an ad, 'Joyalukas..
...my heart says'
If we have a child
in between these expenses.
...we'll send his photo to mom and dad..
"Then we'll be in their family photo.
Mum do you say?
Oh god! Oh!
Sir, give me the ticket.
My should I give you a ticket?
You take the ticket.
Sir, stay quiet for two minutes.
If he watches me,
he'll give me a ticket to hell.
Do you know to read English?
Seeing him thrash everyone,
I learnt all the languages You shut up.
Hail Lord Shiva!
Hail Lord Shiva!
Hail Lord Shiva!
Sir, the flight is ready.
We'll not go by flight,
get us aticket, we'll go in train
Madam, you need not buy a ticket.
He owns a flight.
Sir, whatever you said is ready.
- Chandu!
N o.
Okay, sir.
- Chandu is a driver, right?
Even after seeing us you
are questioning. What do I tell you?
Boss, they all are here
N arayan.
- Sir.
I want to buy this
station in 15 minutes
Sir, it is difficult
if you say suddenly.
Narayan, can't you
vacate this small station?
- Make some alternative arrangements.
Send everyone in flights
to their destinations
In some places if there's no airport,
then arrange for vehicles
Call the railway ministry.
Convince the station master,
if he doesn't listen, then threaten him.
Anyone will not say no
to money to fulfill their needs.
Narayan, this meeting is very important.
I want this station at any cost.
Do you get it?
Do you want my daughter?
You work for me for money..
...how did you think that
I'll marry my daughter to you?
Hey, aren't you ashamed
to elope with a driver?
Leave her. Leave her.
Sir, first see who's holding whom.
You back answer me? I will kill you!
You are questioning me that how can
an ordinary driver marry your daughter.
...one millionaire..
"Doesn't he have the rights to
ask you how did you marry..
...his daughter when you
were a common lawyer?
You got married and directly went
to his house and said you were married.
...how did that man tolerate?
But your daughter..
...when you heard that she was marrying
a driver, you couldn't even hear that.
Just because you love her..
...you are pointing a gun
at me thinking I am a driven.
"But his daughter;
...she got married and came home, and
he got angry, isn't that foolishness?
Yours is love.
"But his is anger.
You are doing out of love,
but he did it out of revenge
If you scold, it is love..
"But if he shout; it's arrogance.
Who are you?
You took her out of
the house with rights.
...her cousin.
I am the son of the man who is regretting
daily for letting his sister go away.
And the grandson of an old man..
...who is waiting for
his daughter to return home.
He is a millionaire.
He has provided job to many.
I am a poor man who has
factories across the country.
Chandra Swarastara
Tell me, what has changed?
Today he is holding a gun
and that day he did the same.
If you think what he did was mistake,
then what is this?
Leave your daughter;
I will take her with me.
Aunt, if you think you are right,
then even he was right.
Aunt, stop being angry.
Come with me, I will take you along
Aunt, I'm telling this to convince you.
"Both are at fault.
Aunt, he realized
his mistake the same day.
Why don't you realize your mistake?
Everyone heard you cry when
I left the house that day, aunt.
Everyone heard you cry.
Had you heard our cry
for once standing at the door..
...all this wouldn't have
lasted for 25 year; aunt.
- Don't worry, brother.'
'I won't file case
against your husband.'
'Father, at least you..'
'N ever mind, son.'
'I tried to kill my daughter.'
'How could l.. how could l..
...try to kill my own daughter?'
'I shouldn't be alive.'
'Father, please calm down.
- I shouldn't be alive.'
'We have had enough. Please calm down.'
In life, there are two ways
to solve any kind of problem, aunt.
\Mth love or with hatred.
I chose the first option.
...you chose the second.
Think in our point
of view for once, aunt.
You left grandpa since
he shot uncle's shoulden.
"But he killed my mother,
what do I do to him?
It was only because of you
he pulled the gun out that day".
"But like you, did I hate grandpa?
I didn't.
I was raised by him, aunt.
Even today.
...only for him, I came to your house..
...worked as a car driver
and sometime a gatekeeper, why aunt?
So that you come.
to that house at least now.
Why don't you understand?
When I was child..
When I was child..
...it was you who took
more care of me than mother.
You might've forgotten but I didn't.
You got upset and left the house..
...saying you didn't want anybody.
"But it wasn't you who lost something"
...it was I.
When called for mother, father comes.
...when called for aunt, grandpa comes..
...but in that young age,
not knowing where mother went.
...and why isn't aunt coming"
...l was getting very angry, aunt.
I spent my childhood with
so many questions in my mind.
Even today.
...we keep a share for you in
the money we earn, the food we cook.
...we keep a share in everything for you.
Come back, aunt.
Come back and we will
take good care of you, aunt.
I like you very much, aunt.
I like you very much, aunt.
For the mistake committed then..
...we have been apologizing
for the last 25 years
We have been apologizing
Why don't you understand?
Forgive us if you can..
"Otherwise, punish us.
At least let us know you remember us.
Please, let us know.
Let us know.
...l want to talk to father.
A real man is not the one who stands
everywhere with his head held high..
...a real man is the one
who knows where to bow his head
...my brother's son.
he will never miss his mother
He is great man.
Not great man, he is a generous man.
Hey, stop praising him now.
He used me for my mother.
He used you for your mothen.
...he didn't exploit your
mother using you, calm down.
Hey! You idiots
By the WW-
...why did you kidnap me?
It was I who got you kidnapped.
- Are you shocked?
You're bound to be shocked. The
story is yours but the climax is mine.
Not just you, even if hundreds men like
you threaten him, he won't get scared.
Get one thing clear. You can mess
with a bomb but if you mess with him..
...you can never get away, Bhaskar.
I won't believe
At time; you have to
believe seeing the cut out.
Hey, don't mess with me.
There's no need to talk to him.
Throw him out.
American Express Exchequer
It will come to you faster
than Shatabdi Express. - Take it.
Never mind even ifl lose my mines..
"But I won't spare him
'This is international news.'
The government of Uganda.
...has ordered to takeover
all the privates mines - Really?
It's film song.
...l thought it was some devotional song.
You idiot.
I thought this song was inspired
by some devotional song, sir.
You took me to that imposter..
...and betrayed me.
He maybe an imposter..
"But he fulfilled your three wishes.
Think about it.
No. 1 -'Her marriage
shouldn't take place.'
It didn't take place. No. 2
'She will get married to
the one she loves, Duryodhana'
She is getting married
to the one she loves.
No. 3 - 'My mines and diamonds..
"Currency, GITOQQHCE"
"future, glamoun.
"They shouldn't go away from me.'
'Things which belong to you
will always be with you, Shakuni.'
Sir, after losing all your wealth.
"After all the expense;
you are left with only 2 lakes
I don't think it is a good idea.
...to make your grandson
the CEO of such a big company.
Only I have the right to decide what to
do and what not to do for this company.
...because I want 60 percent
share of this company.
40 percent, sir..
...the shareholder of the remaining
20 percent is your daughter SaraswatL.
"But she didn't come
- She won't come too.
Saraswati, what I'm saying is..
I'm proposing Bhargav as the CEO.
Do you have anything to say?
- The devil is back
"The great man."
Lord PurandmrMfnflxdmds
"Nurtured by Yashodha"
"The one who shaped the world."
"Nurtured by Yashodha"
"The one who shaped the world."
"Nurtured by Yashodha"
"Lord knows."
Shut up!
Move aside.
"My heart sang seeing you, butterfly"
"My heart sang seeing you, butterfly"
I am surely.. oh, I'm so sorry.
My mother..
Sorry. You.. oh.
"Paint my heart with
different colors, Ranna"
"I fell for your face, Ranna."
"I fell for your voice, Ranna."
"I fell for your style, Ranna."
"I will give you full marks"
"You are my begum..
- No!
For the last three months" sorry.
Accompany him with weapons.. sorry.
"My heart sang seeing you, butterfly"
- Yes.
You won't have children.
- I know.
I already have a dozen children
"Lord knows."
"Lord knows."
"Lord knows."
"Lord knows."
When someone suffer a heart attack.
...he needs first aid treatment
not first class treatment.
- Cut!
Take 3!
When someone suffer a heart attack.
...he needs first aid treatment
not first class treatment.
Sorry, sir.
- Take 5!
When someone suffer a heart attack.
...he needs first aid treatment
not first class treatment.
He was on time
You say better sorry.
- Kannada alphabets."
"Rama's rhyme, butterfly"