Rapt (2009) Movie Script

No, I'll be in China
with the French president.
Not until February, I think.
All right, see him about it.
We'll talk on Friday. Good-bye.
Minister, hello.
How are you?
Very well, and you?
The president is delighted
to take you to China.
French industry and diplomacy
must work together.
Your predecessors
never realized that.
Sorry, I have a meeting.
That's all right.
Hello, honey. had a good day?
And you? great.
How are my girls?
See you next Monday.
Good night.
We can redo your essay tonight.
It's no good for now.
I'm going.
Your sister could help you.
See you later.
Seen her essay?
- Hello, Sir. how are you?
Very well.
Are you all right?
Hands up!
Freeze, I said!
Open your mouth!
Time to sleep now.
You had separate rooms?
He slept here when he got home late
or when we fought sometimes.
Is the name Vilar familiar?
Get out, we're here.
And don't make a sound!
On your knees.
Get up.
Cooperate and you'll be fine.
Your money's what we want.
We mean business.
We'll send your family a finger
to prove that.
First, write we want 50 million Euros.
By Thursday,
in used notes only.
They'll get delivery instructions.
If we spot the cops anywhere,
you won't be seen again. Write.
They can't access my account.
It's my money. They can't touch it.
Shut up and write!
It'll take more than two days.
Do it, chairman!
Who gets it?
Head office, Rue de Touraine.
We asked who!
JeanJacques Garnier
and Andr Peyrac.
Can I write to my wife?
If she doesn't pay up,
you die Friday.
Just tell her that.
Or rather,
say you love her.
You may not get another chance.
Let's do it.
Swallow this!
Who told you to take the mask off?
If you see our faces
for even half a second,
you die. Get it?
Get it?
If you come out or we come in,
wear the mask when we tell you to.
Get that?
Get it?
Dip your finger in this!
Okay, good.
I followed the planned procedure.
His full powers are delegated to me
until he returns.
With his accounts frozen,
his family simply can't pay.
I suggest that the group
advances the ransom.
Of course.
How much?
The kidnappers haven't said yet.
I think we should plan
on around 20 million Euros.
We agree it's an advance?
Yes. The group won't have to pay.
Can you guarantee that, Mr. Peyrac?
I'd be honored to,
Mr. De Montrouveau.
But I'm not that solvent
and I'd make a poor guarantor.
Don't be idiotic.
You know what I mean.
Are you sure they will refund us?
Please, Montrouveau.
I trust them.
If it's a problem,
I'll guarantee the loan.
Certainly not.
We'll just wait and see.
Well, since we all agree,
do what's necessary, Peyrac.
Had you noticed anything odd lately?
Unusual phone calls?
Not that I recall.
Is the name Vilar familiar?
And you, Mr. Garnier?
Me neither.
An urgent delivery, Sir.
It could be from a corpse.
Just to impress you. it's his.
The nail's bitten to the quick.
He's always done that.
They want you to deliver the ransom.
Why is that?
As his friend, no doubt.
An old friend.
You have a code name. Touraine.
They'll be Davout.
Be in your office at midnight
on Thursday with 50 million Euros.
You'll receive orders by phone.
Is it his writing? yes.
Sit down, Mr. Garnier.
We've identified Vilar.
A fellow poker player.
I wouldn't know.
Two days ago, the chairman signed
a 50,000euro IOU.
He'd lost that much.
He never staked that much.
It's absurd.
It wasn't unusual.
He'd even go much higher.
We're hearing from casinos too.
It could be more there.
Much more in fact.
Do you know what they do among crooks
when people don't pay up?
Cut a finger off.
Our chairman isn't a crook.
He isn't, no.
But I don't know whom he saw.
And you don't either.
How can he act like that
in a position of responsibility?
It's his private life, minister...
Be quiet!
Two weeks ago, the French president
spoke of him warmly in public.
Almost fraternally.
The head of a leading French firm
must be irreproachable.
Don't you think employers
have a bad enough image as it is?
What do you plan to do?
His wife wants to pay.
I understand.
But I don't approve.
The police stay on it.
Yes, minister.
If I may, I'd like a word
with Mrs. Graff in private.
There's nothing to discuss.
My clients want to save him.
So do I. But paying won't guarantee
his safe return.
Can you guarantee it, inspector?
But whom do you trust?
Crooks or the police?
You think solely of public order.
Refusing to pay
will discourage other kidnappers.
Too bad if a man dies!
Please, keep your humanist theories
for the courtroom.
I'll talk to the family.
Please do, Mr. Garnier.
Remember, a ransom handover
is always very dangerous.
They'll move fast
to profit from your fragility.
You won't resist the pressure.
No one can resist.
Don't refuse anything,
but let me handle things.
No, I won't take any risks.
You know what will happen
if the media find out and they will.
I heard about his finger on TV.
It's part of their strategy
to contact the media.
But, together,
we can control information.
That can be a decisive advantage.
In a psychological war,
get all the weapons on your side.
I don't know.
I need to think.
It's a matter of hours.
It's your decision alone, Francoise.
No one will criticize you.
Even so, you need to know
you can't pay 50 million.
That's not the problem for now.
We'll negotiate.
How high can we go?
Given his personal funds,
up to 20 million.
No higher?
Reasonably, no.
Are there accounts
you don't know about?
In Luxembourg or Switzerland, maybe.
No. I'm sorry.
He had no secrets from me.
Financially anyhow.
That amount is the sum
of all his available funds.
I thought we were richer.
So did I.
But you're no doubt right,
Mr. Peyrac.
20 million then.
It's not even half.
It's still a lot.
They'll think twice.
How can his fortune
have melted away like that?
We have to negotiate.
You make me sick!
With my father's life at stake,
you want to haggle?
Sell off a few subsidiaries.
It won't kill us!
Take it out of my inheritance
if you want.
The group's money and your father's
aren't the same thing.
The group won't pay.
It will advance funds,
but it won't pay.
You now have all the information
you need, Francoise.
We'll pay.
Very good.
I've drawn up an iou for you.
You don't waste time.
There was none to waste.
I was asleep.
I couldn't put the mask on.
Dip your finger in this!
Come on! Move it!
20 seconds minimum.
That'll do.
Please... what?
What time is it?
What the hell do you care?
There are guys in a car outside.
You think it's them?
No, it's the police.
are you with the prefect?
Put him on.
Good evening.
Your men seem to be staking out
our building.
Their presence endangers
the hostage and Mr. Garnier.
Respect our decision
and pull your men out.
Calm down, Mr. Walser.
The rules were stated clearly.
I wanted us to work together
but you decided otherwise.
We'll do what we need to do.
If anything happens to either man,
accept! We reposition the car
the bike makes the link
you'll take responsibility public
as you wish. I'll pull our men out.
If Mr. Graffis found dead
a day or two from now,
that will be on your conscience.
Davout here. Go ahead.
You have the money?
I have 20 million.
Davout? You hear me?
You don't understand
Were not negotiating
we told you 50.
It's that or nothing.
Hurry or we'll send
another hit of the chairman.
I'll give you a minute.
No, your position
will become untenable.
Hurry. He's finding the time long
think it over.
20 million is a huge sum.
It's 130 million francs.
The minute's up.
What's your decision?
20 million is our limit.
What do you suggest?
We wait.
That's all we can do.
for another finger?
Marjorie, please.
We can't get more.
How many fingers
before they realize?
Let the police step in.
That's not the best plan.
You have another?
They'll kill him. they won't.
It's not in their interests
to kill him.
Dead, he's worth nothing.
Like I said,
we have time to negotiate.
They have room to maneuver.
They can keep on amputating.
You'll stop at how many fingers,
Mr. Walser?
Stop, it's unbearable!
So we must react.
Give me 24 hours.
I'll think of something.
Who loves you the most?
Who really wants to see you again?
I don't know.
My older daughter.
She drives? yes.
Write and tell her
to hire a Mercedes.
She puts the money in the boot
and awaits our orders.
She'll be Miami. Any cops,
she gets you back in pieces.
Make it good.
She needs to cry.
What are you waiting for? Write!
That's good.
A trembling hand,
like you're sobbing. Very good.
And this...
In Monaco,
Graff defied oil magnates.
By dawn, he had lost 1.5 million.
Mr. Graff's wild nights.
Jet set, bosses,
shady frequentations, a fatal mix.
Not to mention the editorials.
Seen the communist daily?
I found it indecent. really?
What the French find indecent
are the amounts he lost
when 250,000 people are homeless!
How can we justify
our austerity measures now?
I'm aware of that, minister.
There'll be more talk of golden
parachutes and stock options.
The government has to take a stand.
The president has asked me to speak
after the cabinet meeting.
Warn the family I'll be harsh.
As harsh as
our fellow citizens' feelings.
Even if, personally,
I feel sorry for him.
I'm afraid I have no choice.
Any other revelations, Mr. Peyrac?
Only strictly
private matters, madam.
The chairman left me
to manage the group.
Are we to understand
that you actually ran the group?
At this tragic time,
I cannot let people think that.
But, fear not,
the group is perfectly healthy.
Industrial continuity is ensured,
whatever happens.
The employers are panicking.
The unions worry me a lot more.
We must distance ourselves.
We won't pay for Stan's bad habits.
We can't turn our backs on him
with his life at stake. It's obscene.
The unions are bound to react soon.
They'll press for wage talks
within the week.
I don't think so.
Not before he's released.
But we must quash the rumors.
We need to meet the unions now.
They have to see
we need to present a united front.
You think you can convince them?
It's worth trying.
Firstly, the police haven't
confirmed the figures mentioned
and we believe them
to be pure fantasy.
I myself was shocked by what I read
in the papers, just like you.
Mrs. Kellertoo.
She asked me to speak of her shock
at the obscenity of these amounts.
There is no question,
no question at all,
of the group paying the ransom.
This is a private matter
and our staff will not pay
a rich boy's gambling debts.
It's a matter of principle.
No, I wasn't followed. I made sure.
No, only 20 million. I have it here.
I can bring it to you now.
But we can't get 50.
I swear it's true.
Bad news, chairman.
They won't pay up.
No one wants you back.
20 million
when you're worth 20 billion?
I don't have 20 billion.
We're not dumb. It's in the papers!
That's the group's turnover,
it's not my money.
Don't try to hoodwink us,
we're not the IRS!
I don't own the group.
I'm the main shareholder, okay!
I don't have 20 billion!
But you lost 1.5 million at cards!
I never lost 1.5 million!
Cut it out, it's in the paper
in black and white!
Put your mask on and come out!
Move your goddamn ass!
You want us to chop off a hand?
Pluck out an eye?
You want that? We'll do it!
Where do we start?
I swear I'm not that rich.
Don't swear! Don't swear, okay!
Look at this.
Don't look up.
You know what happens if you do.
So, what do you say?
they're confusing everything.
Say they're bastards,
that it's your last letter.
We want the money
where and when we say
or they get a piece of you
each time they stall.
Write that and be persuasive.
You can go back in.
Last moments of bliss before hell
Springtime in Paris
the double life of Stanislas Graff
there's no end to it.
You knew about this?
This particular one or in general?
So you did know.
A mother knows her own son.
He told you?
Certainly not.
But one senses such things.
Don't you?
Hints... tension...
However minute.
Francoise would ask me for advice.
She knew?
not much more than I did.
It was never serious enough
for him to leave. He loves her.
This can't go on.
Stan's image gets worse by the day.
Talk Francoise round.
No one else can.
But how?
Speak from the heart.
You love him like she does.
She may not agree on that.
And she's not the only one.
I'm known to be
a bit cold and direct.
People take it
for a lack of affection.
So prove you love him.
People will think
I'm scared of being ruined.
Play on that too.
Don't be cynical, Peyrac.
I asked about Paoli.
He's a good cop.
Let him handle it.
No. I won't endanger his life.
There's no other solution.
Walser is getting the money we need.
I didn't know.
You found 20 million.
He has methods of his own.
It's absurd. He'll never get it.
He thinks he can.
Even so, how will you pay it back?
We'll manage. I trust my husband.
If he finds 30 million,
I'm not alone.
Mr. Graffwon't accept.
He'll never forgive you.
I prefer that
to his death on my conscience.
Don't you, Mr. Peyrac?
Don't do it, I beseech you.
You'll ruin him for good.
I'll live with that.
Do you notice anything unusual?
Anything that could help
the investigation?
You didn't know
about this apartment?
Your husband bought it 15 years ago.
The janitor says he'd come
a few times a week, an hour or two.
At night too but rarely.
How is that possible?
Be quiet, Mr. Peyrac.
you weren't as firm with him!
What do you mean?
You didn't play your part.
An industrialist's wife
doesn't let him go to casinos,
spend his nights at poker
and keep mistresses.
Thank you for being so frank, Mr. Peyrac.
Now get out.
Forgive me. I got carried away.
Get out, please.
Get out right now.
Leave us, Mr. Peyrac.
It's always the same.
Everyone feels guilty and accuses
others of what they feel.
I think he is truly affected.
He has your husband's interests
at heart.
And his own.
Yes, probably.
And yours too, believe me.
Was it really necessary
to bring me here?
I wanted to avoid it,
but you're not very cooperative.
I feel like your opponent.
We'd work more effectively together.
You'd suffer a lot less too.
Any further questions for me?
No. Not for now.
How could you?
I should have made
a spectacle of myself?
Cried? Caused a scene?
Why bother?
I accepted for your sakes.
No, because it suited you.
You couldn't face reality.
You were a coward.
I never blamed him.
He's not like other men.
He has more energy than others,
greater appetites and desires.
I couldn't keep up with him.
But those he loves,
he loves like no one else.
You forgive a man like him everything.
You realize what running a firm
of 130,000 people is like?
Being responsible for it?
Imagine the weight on his shoulders?
He needed his affairs.
There are three in this issue!
Don't blame him!
He's a poor husband
but a perfect father.
You must keep on loving him.
I still do!
And stop reading
these crap magazines!
Here we go.
Dip your finger in it.
Could I eat something first, please?
All right.
Thank you.
It needs changing.
Does it stink?
- No. it's okay then.
- Good evening, Roland.
- Hello, mahaut.
What is it?
I have a letter for you.
It's about Stan.
Come with me.
Read it and give me an answer.
Yes or no.
It's the kidnappers.
It must be a joke.
Why would they contact you?
No idea.
Because all your phones are tapped?
I guess Stan gave them my address.
I've done as they asked.
I stop here.
If you call the cops, he dies.
Don't worry.
Do you know Ostend?
just yes or no.
I'm sorry. Yes.
Get out with your hands up.
The envelope was on my car seat.
With instructions
and a letter for walser.
I didn't open it, of course.
I did exactly as told
and that's all I know.
Walser simply asked
if! Knew Ostend.
He's booked at the thermal palace.
We'll be there.
How many nights? one.
A train ticket? not yet.
If he goes by car,
it could be anywhere.
Put two teams on his ass.
I'll call the Belgian cops.
All right.
He's here.
Mr. Walser.
Thank you.
Room lll.
Walser's coming out with the bags.
Walser's coming out
on the beach side with the bags.
It could happen anytime now.
Goddamn it! The horse...
what? Where?
No, I didn't tell anyone.
Get out!
What is it? belt up!
What's going on?
What are you doing?
Belt up, we said!
What is this shit?
Climb in.
Move it, asshole!
On your knees.
Lie down.
Belt up!
Welcome, Stanislas.
I'm your new host.
I hope your new accommodation
is more comfortable than the last.
I heard that it was pretty spartan.
Your situation isn't an easy one
but if! Can do anything, just ask.
All right.
We had to move you fast.
For security reasons, see?
We had a ransom pickup
but the cops were there.
All over the place.
They must think we're washouts.
They thought we'd walk into it.
Then again,
it's their job.
It's normal for them to try.
But why did your lawyer
let them know?
You pay him, right? They don't.
Still, for now,
you're not paying him either.
So who is?
I don't know.
It's a good question.
Think about it.
Who ran the risk
Of calling the cops?
Your family?
Your lawyer? Or Peyrac?
Whoever did it
doesn't want to see you again.
It's outrageous!
You deliberately endangered
my husband's life.
I'm the only one
who can decide that.
If anything happens to him,
I'll never forgive you!
I know.
That's why I make decisions alone.
You can always blame me if he dies.
You could never bear
that responsibility.
If we fail, I must be
the only one responsible.
Certainly not the family.
I imagine I have no choice.
There's only ever been
one sensible choice.
Do what you feel you must.
I can't resist any longer.
Why are you so silent, captain?
You don't really want me here.
I'm just trying to be discreet.
Talk to me.
To reassure you?
Everyone does
and it only makes things worse.
Just talk to me.
I don't have
anything interesting to say.
Well, why are you here?
It interests me
why a policeman should move in.
The inspector didn't say?
Not really.
I suppose he doesn't
tell a woman everything.
You're the hostage's wife.
A husband would be the same.
That intimacy is problematic,
the bonds of affection...
So why are you here?
To protect you.
Am I in danger?
Not directly.
But you might panic if they call.
Change your mind, say,
decide to act without telling us.
Or accidentally endanger his life.
You're keeping an eye on me.
Keeping an eye on you to protect you.
Let's say that.
I'm here to help. That's all.
Want some?
No, thank you.
Tell me about him.
I don't know him, madam.
You know so much I don't know.
His fellow gamblers...
Have you met them?
I never have.
What are they like?
Usually always the same ones.
A bestselling writer,
They hunted together?
No, he hunted with others.
He didn't mix them up.
Business with some,
poker with others
and hunting with people
in neither category.
I don't know any of them.
I know.
His family was a fourth circle.
A separate one.
I don't know.
He just didn't mix them up.
Does that seem normal?
I've learnt that people
act for themselves
and their loved ones.
However odd it may seem.
Tell me about his mistresses.
It's not worth it.
You're scared of hurting me?
It can't be worse
than the magazines.
There's nothing to say.
Nothing interesting.
I'd like to know
what interested him.
The pleasure ofan immediate,
fleeting encounter with no ties.
The need to seduce too, I guess.
Yes, that's right.
We guess.
Here, Stanislas, look.
This will be a change from usual.
I've cooked up something
good for you.
No reason
you shouldn't eat well, right?
Is your finger ok?
Does it still sting?
Can I have the TV on?
that's what it's for.
Nothing more about us.
We're soon forgotten, huh, Stanislas?
A few days below the radar
and we're not news anymore.
Francoise, could we have the TV off?
At least during meals.
It's getting to be unbearable!
You haven't turned it off
in six weeks!
That's how it is.
You don't have to stay.
He's my son.
You're right to remind us.
We tend to forget.
Stop playing the perfect wife
you've never been.
He wouldn't have strayed otherwise.
Others think so too.
Stop it!
You're both totally mad!
Thank you, captain.
What says he's still alive?
They've put a lot into this job.
A lot of time and a lot of money.
With him dead, they lose it all.
We haven't had other body parts either.
That's important.
They lack confidence.
They're hesitating.
It could turn out badly for them.
The more they mutilate him,
the heavier the sentence.
These guys are professionals.
They're testing us
and preparing a new handover.
They have to regain confidence.
If they feel confident,
we can surprise them.
That takes time. It's only natural.
So we'll help them.
No mask!
Back to the wall.
Photo session.
Two weeks without news,
they'll be shitting themselves.
They act smart,
then demand proof you're alive.
Easy to act tough
for the interior ministry.
Right, chairman? Unlike us.
Have you washed often in six weeks?
It's the first time.
No wonder you stank.
They thought you'd catch a chill?
I read you're a hunter.
For business or pleasure?
For pleasure.
Where did you hunt?
In Sologne, Alsace, Belgium...
Bear in Romania.
I've hunted in Africa too.
You bagged elephants?
No, but lions I did.
I prefer that.
I like elephants.
They're big, strong,
wise and majestic.
To think a feeble creature like man
can kill such an animal...
That sucks. Right?
You hunted chicks too.
The papers are talking
about your trophies.
Flatteringly too.
I liked the Swedish one.
When you meet people,
you always learn things.
Before, I thought all Swedish girls
were blond.
Nothing to say?
It bothers you talking about it?
Tell me if it bothers you.
Does it?
A little.
Among men, we can talk about that.
Among hunters.
I'll stop if it bothers you.
What rifle do you use?
A pair of Holland & Hollands,
a Lepage, a Purdey...
You spoil yourself!
I have a Beretta,
overunder and ventilated.
Pretty basic but it works.
It's versatile.
I have a .357 Magnum too.
It's a bit out of date,
but I prefer it to a Glock.
Young guys, they swear
by the Glock
but I don't know.
I don't really like the Glock.
The name's ugly for starters.
It's a question of taste.
I mean, it works well.
Have you ever used a pistol?
Yes, I have.
How about a Kalashnikov?
No, never.
That's a pity.
It's a nice weapon.
It makes a special sound.
Mr. Saunier!
Phone call, Sir.
Saunier speaking.
We'll settle for 30 million.
Take it or Leave it.
I'll take it.
No screw-ups this time.
It's his last chance.
You've seen we know our stuff
here '5 what we'll do...
It's okay, Stanislas.
How are you?
I'm okay.
Good. I want you to be in shape
for tomorrow.
You're not asking why?
I am.
Tomorrow's the big day, Stanislas.
Pay day.
The jackpot.
We'll be richer
and you'll be poorer but free.
Stanislas, do you hear me?
Too moved to speak, huh?
The adventure's over.
Maybe we'll meet again.
On safari in Africa.
I can afford that now.
If it happens, only I will know.
You'll never know.
You'll have doubts.
The voice will sound familiar
but you won't be sure.
Marseille folk are everywhere.
I'll taste the jetset lifestyle too.
Flavio Briatore, you know him?
a friendly guy? He looks it.
Know his club on Ibiza?
There's a GPS transmitter
in one wad per bag.
Did you bring what I wanted?
Meet Lieutenant Grazziani
from the SWAT team.
He'll play your employee.
Trust him, he's corsican like me.
Only halfcorsican.
Learn this list of colleagues
of the man you're replacing.
Will you be armed?
No. We don't know their plan.
No weapon, no bulletproofs
and no Mike.
As good as naked.
Grazziani is a weapon anyway.
We'll have 60 men on this.
10 cars, 3 motorbikes and a chopper.
We need only one of them alive.
Mr. Henry?
Who are you?
I work with Mr. Peyrac.
My name's Marcel Gallois.
You have the money?
What car do you have?
A Nissan.
What color?
Go to the Marechal Brune cafe.
You have 25 minutes, no more.
The Marechal Brune...
Mr. Henry?
Identify yourself
Stay in contact. I'll guide you.
Never repeat a word/ say,
for any reason.
Got that?
I won't repeat any instructions.
Got it.
Obey and it will all go well
start the car.
Eagle to team...
Malabar's on the traffic island,
Porte de la Plaine.
Do not follow. Taking ring road
in the opposite direction.
Charlie 1 to delta 3.
Malabar is on the ring road
at Porte de la Plaine.
Heading your way.
Message received. Taking over.
Eagle to Charlie.
Malabar leaving ring road.
Taking motorway a6.
Delta 3 to team. Green BMW
between us and Malabar
for last kilometer.
Pull back. Charlie 2 take over.
Charlie 4 and 5, intercept BMW.
I repeat, intercept BMW.
Do not follow. It's a service road.
You'll be spotted.
I repeat, do not follow, Charlie.
It's a service road.
Charlie 7 to team.
All take the next exit.
Eagle, maintain contact
and report back
Roger, Charlie.
4 and 5, how's it going?
BMW intercepted it looks clean.
If it's okay, head for exit 5.
I repeat, exit 5.
I'm at point 12.
Very good
turn right,
then take the second leg
and the fifth right.
You'll reach a shopping center.
That's point 73.
We've lost him
in the shopping center parking lot.
If he changes cars,
we'll lose visual contact.
And the GPS?
No signal.
Fuck, we're going to lose him.
GPS contact.
I repeat, GPS contact.
He's heading west.
Gaining altitude.
What the hell's going on?
Too much traffic to identify him.
I'm at point 22.
Very good
He's at the station in massy.
He's taking a highspeed train!
Eagle, can you follow one?
Sorry, too fast for us.
Get the departure time
when the GPS moves.
Why not halt all the trains?
We couldn't identify them.
We'll alert the police forces
at each stop until the terminus.
My bet is they'll get off
at the first stop.
We're looking for two khaki army
bags, unless they switched them.
Check the passengers one by one,
but make sure you're not spotted.
How's the journey going?
Very well.
Go for a drink at the bar.
Stay there until the terminus.
To your freedom, Stanislas.
We won't feed you forever.
Your camping trip's over.
When are you freeing me?
As soon as possible.
Tomorrow, probably.
Police! Everyone out! Hurry!
See your pal? He's dead.
Want to end up that way?
Fuck you.
- What's going on?
- Shut it!
All right.
They've arrested one.
That's the main thing, they say.
Paoli swears he'll talk.
It's a matter of hours.
He'll make him talk.
He'll succeed,
by whatever means necessary.
What are you implying?
don't answer.
We don't need to know about that.
I've no idea.
Chatelain asked me
to pick up the bags with him.
We'd get paid 2,000 Euros.
I don't believe you, Bertaud.
No one sends small fry
to pick up that much cash.
But it's true.
How about my fist in your face?
If it helps you relax.
You'll take the rap
if we don't find him.
I'd like to help,
but I was just hired
to pick up a bag.
- Who by?
one of chatelain's pals.
His name?
No idea, it was his pal.
Too bad you killed him.
Stop farting around.
How many deaths do you want?
For nothing too.
Want to take the rap?
For the hostage's death?
The torture?
If I knew anything, I'd tell you.
Go and lie down, dear.
No. I don't want to sleep.
I'll wait for them to call.
You get it?
The situation has changed.
A man's dead.
The choice is simple now.
We plug you or we free you.
We're talking it over together.
It's too risky to keep you.
I'll let you know once we decide.
If you have to die,
it'll be painless, I promise.
I want a doctor. so do I.
That's enough, Bertaud.
You've been loyal and brave.
You've ratted on no one.
You'll do 30 years
to protect your pals.
You'll be a man of honor in the clink.
But there's no reason
Graff should die.
So here's what we'll do.
Call your pals and explain
it'll be bad if Graff gets iced.
You'll trace the call.
Think I'm that dumb?
I give you my word we won't.
We just want to save him.
That's all bullshit.
So what do we do?
Think of something.
We'll take a car, drive around Paris
and you'll pick a phone booth
to call from.
We'll wait in the car. Deal?
That's our best offer.
Think hard.
His life's in your hands.
It's hard living with a man's death
on your conscience.
You've saved your hide, Stanislas.
We're releasing you.
I haven't finished.
I think they never meant to pay.
They were stringing us along.
And they'd blanked you out.
You understand?
Part of losses and profits.
But it's your life, chairman,
and your money.
So we'll put it differently.
Are you ready to pay
if we release you?
Yes, I'll pay.
We don't have to believe you.
I swear I'll pay.
I swear.
We know where to find you.
And your daughters.
Never forget that.
I won't.
This is what's going to happen.
You'll sign three ious
for 50 million.
We'll let you get the money
together, then contact you.
The code will be calypso.
You'll have 24 hours to pay up.
You pay, I destroy the ious
and you'll never hear from us again.
If you don't,
we'll shoot someone on the street
and pin an iou to the body.
People will know
an innocent died
because you wouldn't cough up.
We'll do it with each iou.
And if you talk to the cops,
the price doubles.
Got that?
Wait a minute,
then take the blindfold off.
And remember, chairman, calypso.
Could I speak to Francoise, please?
Who is this?
Her husband.
It's him, madam.
I'm inspector Paoli,
head of the crime squad.
Glad to see you alive.
First off,
we need to question you in detail.
We must act fast to find
the men who did this.
I don't know.
I never saw their faces.
Let's go to your study.
Do you want anything? Coffee?
I'd like to see my dog.
He's in the country.
we'll fetch him.
I'm sorry, madam.
No comment for now.
We'll issue a communiqu tomorrow.
We must draw up a communiqu,
however brief.
The press is waiting.
How is he?
He seemed well. They've been
questioning him for two hours.
Hello, Stan.
Hello, old chap.
Good evening, Sir.
Hello, Peyrac.
How are you?
As well as to be expected, thank you.
If I may, I'd like a word in private.
No, not right now.
Inspector, do you have a second?
of course.
Can you deal with the press
until tomorrow?
Of course.
Thank you.
Will you be much longer?
I don't know.
Peyrac's waiting.
He can wait an hour or two.
I waited two months.
And you think we didn't wait?
You think it was easy?
Do you have any idea?
I spent two months locked in too.
With a cop to stop me from putting
your precious life at risk.
Two months waiting for a letter, a call,
a photo,
dreading a piece of you with it.
Two months reading the press
about your gambling,
your mistresses,
the address of your love nest.
What I learnt,
the children learnt too.
My friends, my family,
the staff knew
how you'd cheated on me,
with whom, when and where.
France had a brandnew episode
every week.
That's what we went through.
And it's not over now you're free.
It'll take years to forget all that,
if we can forget it one day.
Which I doubt.
I knew it would end well.
You look well enough.
I'm okay.
How are you doing?
We're managing.
It'll take time.
We suffered.
A lot.
You're not happy to see me?
I am.
It's not her fault.
Where's Francoise?
She was tired.
She's gone to bed.
Come on, JeanJacques.
Let's celebrate my release.
I'm sorry, Sir, you can't go out.
Excuse me, but who are you?
Captain Verne, crime squad.
I picked you up earlier.
You're still here?
his job's to protect you.
What from?
The outside world. The press.
Haven't I been in isolation
long enough?
This is different.
If I want to talk to the press,
you'll stop me?
You can't
until we find your kidnappers.
It's for the best, Stan.
Don't tell me what's best for me!
I'll do just as I want from now on!
No one will stop me!
calm down.
It's bad enough already.
You've always done as you wanted,
whatever the cost to others.
That's enough now.
Get your strength back
before you talk about it.
You have to wake up, Sir.
Don't move.
Your release didn't cost a thing,
for you or the group.
Yolii' interests are secure.
I know. You've been exemplary.
Once again.
I did my best.
Now, I must explain the situation.
At first,
people thought
the group had been decapitated.
We followed procedure
and, after a few days,
they realized it was running
as smoothly as ever.
They gradually got used to it.
Things got back to normal.
Don't take it badly, Sir,
but your return is problematic now.
You wish I hadn't come back.
Don't think such things.
We're all delighted to see you back.
But the details of your private life
complicate things.
It wasn't a problem before.
Of course.
But there's a Gulf
between reality and opinion.
Your image has changed.
Describe this new image to me.
It's a caricature, Sir.
That of a playboy, born into money,
inept, idle,
a gambler and a braggart
more interested by the jet set
than his company.
You find that funny? a little.
They said that
about my father too once.
I know, but times were different.
Today, you're in the spotlight.
You've lost the trust of the market,
the authorities, our shareholders
and our employees too.
You don't realize how much.
You must win it back
and it won't be easy.
You have to change, Sir.
And let people know.
All right.
We'll hire a public relations firm.
They'll build a new image.
A hero, a new man,
his sins cleansed by his ordeal.
Kidnapping as redemption.
The story of a man
who returns from hell,
stronger than before.
I fear it may be more complicated.
It will take time.
Use it to recover
and to take a step back.
I think you need to.
Hello, Sir. Are you well?
yes, thank you.
Isn't my wife here?
I think she's in her room.
Shall I fetch her?
No, don't bother.
The amounts the press spoke of
were absurd.
I never lost that much.
Forget those articles.
This is the police investigation.
Over the last year, you lost...
These are the sums
lost in casinos only...
Why is that important?
Your debts mean
you're not as rich as expected.
Too bad the kidnappers didn't know.
But if the group paid the ransom,
your problems were over.
I organized my own kidnapping?
It's just a theory.
Your honor, my client is a victim.
Nothing indicates otherwise.
My task is to leave
no stone unturned.
However unbelievable.
It's perfectly valid.
Just look at me!
Look at my hand!
Look at the state I'm in!
Can you sacrifice that much
for money?
Yes, sir.
People could sacrifice more
for a lot less.
That would explain
your vague statement to the police.
I'm not listening or answering.
Sit down. I decide when it's over.
You didn't defend me.
I won't be treated like a culprit.
He has to ask you those questions.
It's the only way
to clear everything up.
If he doesn't,
that idea remains a possibility.
People think
I arranged my own kidnapping?
Some do.
To get the group to pay your debts.
It was mentioned more than once.
Maybe it's the times we live in.
We must deal with that too.
But I'll be at your side.
You won't be alone.
Very good.
You're doing nothing?
What should I do?
What she's been expecting.
Talk to her, comfort her,
apologize and explain.
I don't need to explain.
Or justify myself for anything.
I don't judge and won't be judged.
Certainly not by my family.
We suffer while you say nothing?
While you pet your dog?
As if things were fine?
What are we talking about?
About who?
Who asked if! Was suffering?
If I had suffered?
If I thought I would die?
Who asked what I thought right then?
Who asked if! Was scared?
If I cried? If I felt alone?
Did you ask me?
What about her?
You think she asked me?
No one.
No one, not once.
They just asked me to explain.
To say who I'd slept with,
where and when,
how much I lost at poker
and why this and why that!
I won't explain.
My life's mine
like yours is yours.
That doesn't stop me loving you.
More than anything.
Come on, Luna!
Come on!
Let's go.
Good morning, Sir.
Are you well? yes, and you?
Good morning, Sir.
I'm glad to see you.
Good morning, Sir.
What happened here?
The police took everything.
It was necessary.
Everyone's looking for you.
I can't walk my dog now?
It's normal to worry...
No, it's not normal.
I'm a free adult and not senile yet.
Fetch me my files.
I'll have them sent to your home.
That won't be necessary.
I'll work here.
Sort out my office by tomorrow.
Organize a press conference.
I have things to say.
I want people to know
I'm back in charge.
It's too soon, Sir.
It would be seen as a sort of putsch.
A putsch?
Against whom? You?
You ran this group for two months
as a temporary measure.
I safeguarded your interests.
No one complained.
I know, but that's over now.
Get used to it.
This isn't about me, Sir.
People forget
I'm the group's key shareholder.
Graff is chairman of GraffKeller.
Will your blocking minority
protect you long?
I'll fight back.
I know how.
I've never felt so strong.
You have no legitimacy
or moral authority.
Without me, the group would be dead.
I never knew you were so vain.
Give up, Sir.
Stand down before you're forced to.
Just face the facts.
You can't run a group like this.
You've never played
the part correctly.
I've done most of the work
for years now.
Take a step back, Sir.
Make the most of your wealth.
Enjoy life.
You're wrong, Peyrac.
You have no strategic vision.
You never had one.
You can't sense
global trends or shifts.
You're not a boss, you're a manager.
You won't last six months.
You're here to clean up,
to do the dirty work for them.
In return, you'll get to enjoy power
for a while.
You'll lunch with ministers.
If you're good,
you'll be invited
on a state visit with the president,
but then you'll be dismissed too
to enjoy your money elsewhere.
Don't be bitter.
I've been loyal to you.
I believe this is the best solution.
After such an ordeal,
standing down seems normal.
I'll never stand down.
In that case, I have to inform you
that my nomination as chairman
is for the next board meeting.
Apart from your vote,
it will be unanimous.
I wanted to spare you this.
You can also sell your shares.
There are buyers.
I've drawn up a draft agreement.
You may consult it.
After deliberation
during the special meeting
on June 6, 2009,
the group of partners
has allowed the transfer to proceed
under article 17
of the company's statutes.
The assignor hereby transfers
under the guarantee of deed and law,
to those assignees who accept,
his 25,000 shares
with all inherent rights and obligations.
The assignees will own these shares
from this date
and will respect all rights
and obligations from this date.
Was that the last copy?
Can we discuss the divorce
some other time?
Of course. I'm a bit tired.
May I make a personal remark,
as a friend?
Of course.
This marks the start of a new life.
You're still young. And rich.
Very rich, in fact.
There are worse ways
to start a life.
So make the most of it.
Good luck.
Thank you.
See you soon.
Your mail, Sir.
Thank you, Cecile.