Raptor Island (2004) Movie Script

Boom. Dead bad guys.
All right, listen up gentlemen.
There's an agent out there
whose life depends on us,
and doesn't know it.
Not to mention a cachet of
arms that we need to destroy.
Azir controls both.
Should we happen to bag
him, so much the better.
But he is not our primary
objective, understood?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
There's a dozen
hostiles running with him,
and half a dozen more UN
personnel in harm's way.
Officer on deck.
Hack, we're picking up
weapons fire from the freighter.
Looks like it's hit the fan.
So you and your men better saddle up.
I'll pick you up at the extraction point.
Good luck.
Aye aye, Captain.
You heard the man.
Let's get this party started, hoo-yah.
Guys, guys, guys, enough.
Who are my betrayers?
Tell me who lied, and your
death will not be slow.
Go. Go get the woman.
Rico, stay with Diaz.
Seal team, let's go.
Move, move. Go on, go on,
go on. Move, move, move.
To the boat, move, to the boat.
Seal team, top side. Top side now.
Jackpot. Hack,
you better come over here.
Let's move.
Okay. See that island?
Go, go, go there.
He's heading for that island.
Keep on him.
Here, come here. You, come on.
All right.
The best you got?
Sit. You, you're trying
my patience, Kalif.
Rashid, take her.
Fall out!
Stay low.
Yusef, Hassan, find cover.
Wait for Americans to follow us.
When they do, go back to
the beach, destroy the boat.
Anybody survives, kill him. Go.
Rashid, bring this.
Kalif, cover the rear.
- All right? Go.
- Yeah.
Let's go.
Back off.
Quiet, woman.
Target, 300 meters ahead.
Well, I'm glad something's
going right today.
Lock and load, gentlemen.
Let's complete this mission,
and get to our extraction point.
- Roger that.
- Go.
Rico, Simon, back to the LZ.
Marcus, Quinn, you're coming with me.
Got it.
Rico? Rico!
Alpha leader, come in.
Alpha leader, the zodiac is destroyed.
And Rico, Rico's missing.
Alpha leader, come in. Do you read me?
Damn it.
Remember, aim high
unless you got a target.
We got one of ours in there.
Rico, Simon, what the
hell's happening at the LZ?
You okay?
Who are you?
That bastard's mine.
What the hell happened out there?
Where in the hell did
you come from, Hacket?
We're in the middle of the
South China Sea for God's sake.
This was a UN operation.
Good people died out there.
I'm well aware of that.
One of them was mine.
Your ship wasn't the only
friendly out there, Miss Cole.
A Navy destroyer was on
station shadowing you.
We deployed from there.
Shadowing me? Why?
I should call you Agent Cole.
The CIA picked up chatter
indicating your cover was blown.
They had no way to let you know it.
Now that UN team you
claim to be a part of,
may have been on that freighter to inspect
what was supposed to be
legally purchased arms.
But you and I both know that Azir
was behind that
transaction, and those arms
are destined for god knows where.
Your mission was to take him
down, Chinese waters or not.
The problem was Azir knew it.
I have no idea what you're talking about
You can drop the act, okay.
We're on the same side.
We've been monitoring
your tracking device.
Besides, you picked up that
AK-47 like it was an old friend.
Your company, lady.
That doesn't prove anything.
The fact that you're still alive does.
Azir knew you had value, otherwise
you'd be dead, just like the others.
Setting up that intercept
was six months in the making.
And I'd been tracking
Azir in his operation
for almost a year before that.
We were this close
to capturing and shutting
down his pipeline.
He's been smuggling
munitions from North Korea.
There were long-range
SAMs. on that ship, Hacket.
Not anymore.
Hack, take a look at this.
He's stopped.
And Simon?
200 meters out.
Simon, how do you hear?
Come on, you bastard.
Oh my God.
Quinn, you all right?
Had a lot worse.
Simon, are you all right?
Yeah, I'm all right.
Where's Rico?
Can you believe this?
If I didn't know any better,
I'd say these were raptors.
Which is impossible.
Raptors have been extinct
for over 100 million years.
Somebody forgot to tell them.
Your other man?
I don't know, it must
have hit the gas tank.
It just blew it all to hell.
Rico, he was standing right behind me,
but I didn't see a thing.
Oh man.
We're not going anywhere.
Damn it.
Not for 20 hours anyway.
Maybe not ever, if we can't
establish radio contact.
Load up everything you can carry.
We're blowing this joint in two minutes.
Here's an extra weapon, and a radio.
Treeline clear.
Let's move.
I gotta tell you,
I'm having a tough time
believing what we just saw back there.
Well, you can believe it
because blood doesn't lie.
But think of the food chain.
So far, we're it.
Odds are there's more of
those things, probably a colony.
Take a lot of puppy chow to keep them fed.
Yeah. And if that's true,
we may have bigger worries.
Such as?
Such as creatures that
consider them puppy chow.
So what's your plan? Guys
like you always have a plan.
Do you always talk this much?
No. I usually work alone.
Never really dealt
with authority that well.
Now why doesn't that surprise me?
And I usually call the shots.
I'm not leaving this rock
without Azir, Hacket.
Azir is no longer my primary concern.
But believe me when I tell you,
I want Azir as badly as you do.
He's got lives to answer for.
But right now the only
thing that matters to me
is the survival of my men, and you.
And if we're lucky,
maybe the raptors will
take care of Azir for us.
What about extraction?
Well, we missed our first window.
Our next and final chance is
tomorrow evening at O-300.
Now the Navy destroyer
that we deployed from
is holding just outside of
Chinese territorial waters.
It'll send a chopper to a specified
point at cedar rendezvous.
And if we're not there,
the Captain's orders are
to leave immediately.
Officially, we don't exist.
People in our business never do.
The problem is, without the zodiac
we can't get to the extraction point.
Can't the chopper make it here?
I don't know. I don't
even know where here is.
Why not just use your
radio to contact them?
I would if I could, believe me.
But so far I haven't had any luck.
Something on this island
is interfering with our radio signals.
Outside of 200 feet, all we get is static.
That's why we're moving
inland to higher ground.
Maybe we can make it to a point
where I can transmit a signal.
Wait a second. Interference?
That makes no sense.
Miss Cole, does anything on
this island make sense to you?
Hold your fire!
Save your rounds.
Quinn, keep trying the radio.
On it.
And watch your six.
He was a sick son of a bitch,
but he didn't deserve this.
That's debatable.
So what do you make of all this?
I don't know for sure but,
judging from the overgrowth I'd say
this wreck's been here more than 30 years.
Wanna take a look?
I'm on it.
Hey, Hack.
You gotta check this out.
Got your back.
This is unbelievable.
You know, I saw some Chinese markings
on the outside of this aircraft.
Yeah, me too.
what's a Chinese airplane doing
hauling cargo for the US government?
Yeah, exactly.
Got a light?
- What?
- Skeletons.
Ever since I was a kid, I've hated them.
Bones. God!
You gotta be kidding.
Hack, get out here.
Damn it!
Did you see anything?
No, didn't hear anything either.
This wasn't done by
one of those creatures.
Yeah, his weapons and ammo are gone.
So is his headset.
Secure his body. I don't want
those raptors getting at it.
What is it?
Call me crazy, but I think it's
a possible explanation for
your communication problems,
and our mutated dinosaur friends.
I'm listening.
Well, from the looks of
things these containers
were filled with highly
radioactive material.
Plane makes an unscheduled landing,
lead cracks open, contents
leak into the ground soil
contaminating whatever
was living on this island.
And yet another very good reason
for us to get the heck out of here.
Like we needed another problem.
How is he?
He might not make it
through the night, Hacket.
We need water, lots of it,
fresh dressings, medicine.
Okay there's a first aid kit
from the zodiac somewhere in here.
I'll go out there and see if
I can find some fresh water.
We're gonna camp here for the night.
Marcus, any trouble whatsoever
you give me two short bursts.
All right.
I got you covered.
You're gonna be all right, old man.
Isn't he?
Negative. No sign of him, Sir.
What the hell happened out there?
Son, for the next 24
hours I want your eyes
glued to that screen,
and if you see anything,
anything at all, you get me immediately.
Aye, Captain.
That's a pretty good field dressing.
You must have done a couple of those.
More than I care for.
Let him rest, okay?
All right.
I'm gonna go check out the cave.
An active vent.
Oh my God.
Miss Cole?
Miss Cole?
Miss Cole?
Miss Cole, are you there?
Miss Cole, if you can hear me speak up.
What the?
Oh, this can't be real.
This can't be real.
So long.
Damn baby things.
Where's Marcus?
I don't know.
Wait here.
I'm all right, go.
Save your ammo. He's gone.
Move. Now.
I'm gonna give him a shot.
Damn. This thing is useless.
How's he doing?
He's not good.
I've given him the last of the morphine.
We've been through a
lot together, me and him.
We've been in battles that
nobody ever knew about,
places nobody ever heard of.
He saved my life more
than a couple of times.
He's a hell of a soldier.
Sounds like a hell of a friend.
You think Azir's still alive out there?
If he is I can't imagine
he'll stay that way for long.
But he's about the furthest
thing from my mind right now.
There's hundreds of them, Hack.
I've seen the nest.
The thermal heat from the
volcano must have sped up
the mutations, incubating
them, nurturing them.
Marcus must have stumbled into it.
Why would he leave his post?
I don't know.
But he's too good a soldier
not to have had a good reason.
It's these, these creatures.
They're intelligent, cunning.
But we can kill them, and
we're not their only enemy.
Trust me when I tell you.
The other one's huge and fast,
would make a T-rex piss on itself.
So what do we do?
We trust our instincts,
and do what we do best.
Which is?
We're soldiers, Jamie.
And we're in a damn war.
I was out of line before, Hack.
You saved my ass. I know that.
Well, your ass is worth saving.
Why don't you get some rest?
Because we don't stand a chance
against these things in the dark.
We'll head out at first light.
Sir, the weather report you requested.
The storm's changed course.
It's headed right for us.
We have about two hours.
I suggest that we move out of the area.
Steady as she goes.
Hey? What the hell is this place?
This swamp must be sitting
right over a ruptured vent.
Released heat and gas
cooked everything in it.
Those fish haven't been dead
for more than a week or two.
You mean this whole place is gonna blow?
All of it, any day now.
We got company.
Oh my God.
Quinn, are you good to go?
- Yeah.
- Okay on me.
No wait.
What, what?
Remember back at the crash
site, when they attacked
and consumed one of their own,
after we'd wounded it, right?
They totally ignored us,
didn't even know we were there.
And Quinn, back at the cave.
That pack of juveniles,
they were mauling the one that you killed.
I'm telling you these things
have a shark mentality.
Make your point fast.
It's instinct with them.
If we concentrate our line of
fire on one of these things,
its friends are gonna be
driven crazy by the blood,
and they're gonna attack it.
You're sure about that?
It's now or never.
Target the second one from the left,
and make every round count.
Let's go. Let's go right now, right now.
listen to me, we gotta go now.
This is nuts. Let's go.
I'll get you killed.
Finish it for me, for Sean.
Quinn, cut the hero crap. Let's go.
- He's gonna stay, let's go.
- No. No!
He's staying, and we're
going. Do you want to die?
Quinn. No, Quinn! Come on!
Come on.
Come on you ugly bastards.
Come get some of me.
Come on. We gotta keep moving.
Now look.
You gotta follow me in,
okay. It's the only way.
Those things are staying away from here.
It must be poisonous to them.
To them?
Yeah. Come on.
Hold on. I gotta puke.
Don't move.
Don't even breathe.
Oh damn.
It didn't even know we were here.
Must be the mud, the sulfur in it.
It couldn't smell us but,
why couldn't it see us?
Well scientists always speculated that
most dinosaurs had terrible eyesight,
that they relied almost solely
on their sense of smell,
and ability to detect movement.
Guess we proved their theory.
Yeah, but I thought raptors
were the ones that could see.
These things are
obviously genetic mutations.
I guess that characteristic
didn't make it through
whatever transformation they underwent.
This stuff may be our key
to surviving this nightmare.
Captain. Captain?
What is it son?
According to the charts,
it's an uninhabited
atoll Captain, volcanically active,
small, barely two miles across.
Well, the signature
looks bigger than that.
It is.
And it's changing shape.
The island isn't, but
whatever we're picking up is.
It's like a cloud of
interference of some kind.
Ash from the volcano?
We should be able to see
right through that, Sir. Unless?
Unless what?
Unless it's charged with
particles of some kind.
As in radioactive?
Yes, Sir.
How far are we from this atoll?
Approximately 150 miles, Sir.
It's 35 miles beyond the
designated rendezvous.
Son, if those Seals made it there,
could this interference be masking the
signals from the radios
and tracking beacons?
I don't know, Sir. But I'd
hate to say it couldn't be.
This crap smells even
worse when it's dry.
Yeah but it worked, didn't it?
Next time you drag me to a
mud bath, it'd better be a spa.
How did you get in this anyway?
Is that special ops talk for
what's a nice girl like you
doing in a place like this?
Only child.
Army brat.
Familiar story.
Dad was career military, fought in 'Nam,
was an instructor at Bragg.
I could field strip any weapon
blindfolded before I hit puberty.
My mom was miserable.
She begged me not to
marry into what she had,
said there were no happy
endings in the service.
But I fell in love.
Young ranger named Tommy Cole.
What happened?
My mom was right. Tommy
was killed in Desert Storm.
I'm sorry.
I enlisted one month later.
I wanted to kill everyone responsible,
every last one of them.
Company came knocking before
I even finished basic.
What about you?
Well, I was one of those kids
that just kept getting in trouble.
I did a lot of stupid things.
And one day,
I'm sitting there across from the judge,
and he looks at me and he says hey kid.
How'd you like an
alternative to juvenile hall?
And here I am,
pledging my heart and
soul to the Navy Seals.
Guess I found a way to
channel my testosterone.
Stop me if I'm crossing a line,
but back there Quinn gave you
something and mentioned Sean.
Was that one of your men?
That was Quinn's boy.
He was a Navy Seal, stationed in Malaysia.
One of the 209 soldiers that were killed
when one of Azir's fanatics
drove a truckload of
explosives onto the base.
How much time before we
can expect the chopper?
About 10 hours.
Think they'll find us?
I know they'll try.
So will the raptors.
We're really getting low on ammo.
Jamie, the only way we're
gonna make it out of here
is by making it to the
shore at O-300 okay.
Otherwise they'll never find us.
Yeah, but getting back to the shore
past the raptors is gonna be tough enough.
Once we're there, if we make it,
we're gonna be sitting ducks, Hack.
Unless we find a way to keep those
creatures occupied in the nest.
How do you propose we do that?
- Pete?
- Yes Sir?
No heroics out there, son.
You got zero visibility,
and gusts up to 50 knots.
Flown in worse, Sir.
But when you reach the
island, you got 20 minutes tops.
From the readings we've been picking up,
the weather on that rock
looks totally unstable.
One loop.
If you don't find them you
get your ass back here pronto.
With these headwinds you don't have
the fuel to take up any more time.
Sir, I think-
That is an order.
You just have time to get her back here
and get her down in this soup.
Now, don't screw around Pete.
I've already lost enough men on this op.
I'm responsible for the
safety of this boat,
and all of its crew, that includes you.
As far as the real world is concerned,
that seal team and its
mission doesn't exist.
We're under orders to ensure
that it stays that way.
Do you read me?
Roger that, Sir.
Good luck.
Gotta plant these charges
close to the heart of the nest.
If we can kill enough of those things,
they'll be too busy attacking each other
to worry about us for a while,
give us a chance to pull out a rescue.
Yeah but without any
kind of signal from us,
they don't know where we are,
or if we're even alive for that matter.
If it were me, I would try.
And for what I know about this Captain,
he's gonna do the same thing.
Okay, suppose when we blow this place
it sets off a chain reaction,
turns this rock to magma and us with it?
You want to sit around, think about it?
You haven't seen this place, Hack.
The nest is a huge chamber.
If we're gonna create
any kind of real damage,
we need to set charges at
several points around it.
That means splitting up once we're inside.
Just listen.
We got to be in and out,
and I've done this before.
I'll get us to the intersection
of the two main tunnels,
we'll split from there.
Okay? Fast and furious.
Fast and furious.
Recon six,
pre-flight check completed.
Stand clear, powering up.
Mud's still magic.
Yeah for now. But it's
not gonna last long.
Where am I going?
Down there, about 200 yards.
It's beyond words.
Is there any cover in there?
Place is gonna be swimming with them.
There are some depressions
in the rock but,
nothing once you reach that final rise.
I didn't really venture
too far in, you know.
So I can't really say for sure.
We'll meet back here in
20 minutes. 10 in, 10 out.
Set the charges.
We're gonna lay a single wire
all the way to the cave entrance.
We'll detonate it from there.
If one of us isn't back in 20?
We're gonna make it back.
If we're not?
Complete the mission.
Send this place back to
holy hell, where it belongs.
Good luck.
You too.
USS Drake, I
have the island in site.
Oh my God.
What is it? Over?
It's breaking apart.
Pete, what is it? Over.
Pete, talk to me. What is it?
Radar, talk to me.
He's in it, Sir. I've lost everything.
Oh my God.
has nothing to do with it.
You looking for this?
Well, that's an understatement.
Me too. I thought I was alone,
that you and the others were dead
at the hands of our prehistoric friends.
Sorry to disappoint you.
Oh no, no no, no no.
No, I'm hardly disappointed. I have you.
You must feel right at home,
with all the savagery of this place.
Of course, you and the Western world
think of me as a barbarian.
You think maybe one morning
I wake up and I say,
today I become a terrorist.
But if you knew, if you truly knew
the suffering of my people,
you would see that they
see me as a liberator.
You're insane,
a coward, and a murderer
who retreats back into
the darkness with each despicable act.
I should have killed you the
first time I laid eyes on you.
Ah, but you did not.
No, you did not.
Now move!
I've located the Seal's zodiac.
They made it to the island, Sir
but there's no sign of
them anywhere, over.
Still nothing, Sir.
Picking up some strange interference
on the location finder, but no contacts.
If you can hear mel, Captain,
I'm proceeding along the shore.
You and your men eliminated
any chance of being rescued
when you destroyed the
Seal's inflatable, Azir.
No, they'll be coming for you.
They don't even know
where the hell we are.
Do you think I'm a fool?
They have tracked you, I know.
You are not without communication.
Do you see a headset? Huh?
There's interference
emanating from this place,
blocking all transmission,
probably radiation
from the crash site
where you killed Simon.
It was you, wasn't it? Huh?
Weapons grade plutonium in all likelihood.
Never made it in the hands
of any bad guys, thank God.
But it created all of this.
Our very own lost world.
Finish? The history lesson?
Okay, we go now?
You know what?
My only solace,
is that you're here too, Azir.
And they'll get you.
Eventually those creatures
out there will get you,
the raptors, and that big fella.
You seen him, huh?
And then there's the radiation.
We probably already
absorbed a lethal dose.
Blah blah, blah blah blah.
You talk too much, woman.
Yeah, so I've been told.
Don't even think about it.
Come on.
I completely circled the island.
No sign of the Seals.
No trace of their
tracking signals, either.
I'm still picking up that
weird interference, Sir.
Captain? USS Drake? Can
anybody hear me? Over. Damn.
Rest now.
Run, you bitch!
Gotcha. Yeah.
Hey! Hey, wait! Hey!
Hey wait! Hey, American!
Hey, George W! I surrender, look hey.
Take me, come on. Right here, come on.
Help me across please, please?
You wait for me. It's
justice you want, no?
And that's exactly what
you're gonna get, Azir.
Oh, and save your ammo.
You're gonna need it.
I should have killed
you when I had the chance!
Yeah, you should have. But you didn't.
This is not over yet, you.
I know you guys are down there.
Give me a signal, anything.
Come on.
With any luck, I'll make it back on fumes.
We're 32 minutes outside our window.
Fleet's orders are very-
I know what our orders are, son.
Yours are to maintain course
until I say otherwise.
Aye Aye, Sir.
Over there.
Over there.
- Wait!
- Hey, wait!
- Hey.
- Hey!
- Come back.
- Wait.
Let's keep going.
Sorry guys.
Wait, wait.
- Wait!
- Wait.
- Don't go! Wait!
- Over here!
- Wait!
- Wait!
- Wait!
- Over here!
- Wait!
- Wait!
Here, wait!
Oh my God.
I don't believe this.
Oh no.
Come back!
Captain, I've got a contact.
Is it Pete?
Aye, Sir. It's gotta be.
There they are.
Damn it!
What is it?
He's turning back, Sir.
Come back.
Come on.
Jamie, it's turning around.
Jamie, the chopper's coming back.
It's coming back!
- Hey, over here!
- Oh my God!
Oh yeah! Hey!
Yes! Hey!
Over here, right here!
Come on.
Come on, come on. Take it up, go go.
Why won't that guy just die?
Hey Mister, you want to die?
Maybe he wants to be liberated.