Raptor Ranch (2013) Movie Script

Mi nombre es Abbie Whitecloud.
I just turned 22 years old and live in the ...
Forgotten people ... Fossil Ridge, Texas.
It has a gas station and a main road.
We are 100 miles from the nearest big city, Abilene.
That place I put my name and I plan ...
Go there ... as soon as you can.
I want to leave here and become a famous singer.
The type of singer who becomes ...
... So great that you forget where you are.
I am a direct descendent of Chi-ko-chi's.
At least so says my mother, who kept the native traditions.
She says that my stubbornness comes from there.
Maybe even my hunting skills too.
6 months ago my mom was in ...
Praying to the woods ... great spirit.
Praying for a better life for us.
They did not help that day.
RANCHO Dinosaurio
If me hizo afternoon.
I know she will be upset with me.
Ir the alimentarte.
Poor Beth, must be very upset.
Oh, no!
I have good news for you.
Te traigo tu carne.
Yo soy como tu papi, Beth.
When you were small, I used to hold.
Did you know that someday grow, Beth mi.
Remember, Beth?
Me gritabas.
At the time it seemed so easy.
Do you remember that?
Los deci days that you "love you, Beth."
A Texas sheriff still investigating the ...
Death ... a Native American woman ...
That occurred ... just outside of town.
Continue to share information when it comes out.
Listens WKEC. This is the latest from Bishop Martin.
Abbie, you're late.
Down here.
Have a package at the front door.
VISTETE appropriately
Damn, too bad.
... A very important question.
A very important question to ask.
That question is when man became erect?
Anoche, nene.
- Seor Young.
- S seor.
You know that would be a little ...
Step ... so you are in Anderson Hall?
Class not ask when?
Since Mr. Young answered that question for us.
Now we ask why?
Oye, Sheldon.
- You know what would be amazing? - Sheldon.
Being there and seeing the Australopithecus Africanus ...
... First become erect.
- Sheldon.
- Qu?
- Lo Tengo ... - Sending north.
- We will to tals. - No me distraigas.
The answer to why man became erect?
It's simple, guys. To survive.
Do you need a ride?
- Si, debo ir donde Billy Wayne.
- Billy Wayne?
Thank you.
I think my mom had to buy a vehicle with Premium certified.
One that is fixed with an inspection.
I'm thinking of selling my house. I leave this forgotten people.
Do you know that I was sad when I heard about your mom?
I do not wanna talk about it now.
Lucas, bother me in the classroom. Dejame in peace.
You behave as if you need this mierda, friend.
I will do as my dad did.
Pass courses. Going out with my mates.
So you should do.
I do not go to school for this shit, man.
That there, is a real good reason to continue educating myself.
There are 7 million years of evolution calling.
Saying "Luke, multiply the human race."
We will not take my mom's car, man.
Details, details. Tengo una surprise for you. Look back.
No, no. We can not take this to ride!
No lo haremos, amigo! Ests loco?!
- Ese es Beast?
- Hola Sheldon, hola Lucas.
What an idiot. Leave him there, right?
Well, imagine this. Tonight you and me ...
In ... Talisman Ski Resort, with 4 girls 8 tits.
The get on your face. The girls will do well.
In your face, why? Because I'm a guy who loves tits.
A guy like that never disappoints. Are you ready?
We expect.
- I hate you. - How can you hate me? We'll go Tals.
# Evelyn, mi Evelyn
# The most beautiful ass I've ever seen
Chico, listen.
We need more of that secret ingredient.
- Pig? - No, squirrel.
I must have squirrel soon. If you do not, you'll see.
Way to man.
Go get me squirrel. Go now, boy.
This was not part of the deal, Billy.
I'm sorry. Did I say something?
Ya use the more this mess.
If I recall, you created your mom bought me a truck.
No, sorry she's dead now.
But you have to make more payments.
So, until it completes to pay that fine automobile ...
With these hands ... you have, you will dress as I say.
Take this to the table No. 4.
Do it now.
Hey Abbie! Do you know?
You have to take good care of my clients.
Here you will not do what you want, bitch.
They have very, very lucky ...
To be here ... and see little Willie and Willets.
Aqu Vamos. 1, 2 ... 1, 2, 3, 4 ...
The call "the song of peace."
What Rifle Association?
I do not want to die.
We were about to leave.
It was nice to meet you. She will call you, you send an email.
# I am a man who loves tits, tits, tits
- You're not boobs? - I'm a tit man, friend.
- Adnde going friend? - Clmate friend.
You are the rabbit and I am the Wizard.
I have the baby control I have the helm.
Beast, please friend.
No matter what I do. You could live to be 200 years ...
- ... And I never stay out of things. - What things?
Do not be stupid, my stuff.
Seriously, what are you talking about?
- The flow of love. - Fluent Love?
Butter babes.
"Butter girls". That's good, man.
It is safe to assume that your ambition of life is full of cum.
Marcus, what?
No. I have not seen.
I have not checked my email. I will now.
Understood, I'll call you later.
Say what?
There is a death in a village called Fossil Ridge, Texas.
- There are strange things. - Like what?
They found the remains, but do not know what kind of animal did.
Something like crap chupacabras?
Every time an animal muere by a rabid dog ...
Say ... space aliens or some shit and then call us.
Well, if not called, you'd be out of work, man.
Just because you think the madness, do not expect me to believe.
Mind you a carajo you think O'Reilly.
You know why I'm here? This is a punishment,
for having caught the chief's daughter.
It is my version of Siberia.
If you think this place is remote. Pack up, we'll go there.
- Drive. - Drive?
The nearest town is 200 miles from an airport.
Great, perfect. Let's go.
- I love this commercial. - I love you too, baby.
- You love it. - Kiss my ass.
You look like a goth slut with things you have on.
- Willie.
- Si?
Have you seen a brothel on the way? Stop and get off Josie.
She needs new clothes.
Chica, Part A Boca you.
Do not mess with Josie. I love you, baby Josie.
Better stop talking about it.
Right now.
Do you know? I think you should change your ...
Clothes ... the black does not suit your skin tone.
I told my skin tone and what use
is better than your skirt prostitute.
I have no prostitute skirt, looks good.
We will go to Los Angeles. We go to the beach, it'll be fun.
Did you know that we almost run out of gas?
Why not fill the tank?
You put $ 24 last year, how much you have in this?
It seems I have no money, mate.
- Is why is my car? - Exactly.
- You are an idiot. - I love that.
- Do you know what will? - What?
I'll be down at the next gas station ...
Traer ... y les grandes bolsas the twinkies.
Amo a los twinkies.
- You know what you mean? - Yes, twinkies.
Not that kind, Willie talks about cute boys.
- I like cute guys. - There are cute white boys.
That's why I like you., White boys.
They will want to say "thank you very much."
- Dios mio, you tiraste a gas. - Beast.
- What? - Dude, what's your problem?
Smell that? What is it?
We are 20 minutes. Well, I'll see you there.
CSI is already in place.
When we arrive we will ensure ... OMG. Was it you?
- No. - It's worse out there.
Why is this place always stinks?
- God, what a mess. - Dude, it was not me!
It was not me this time!
No, I know my scent for 23 years. I know it was not me.
- Atwood. - Agents, how was the trip?
- Do not ask. - All right.
- How are you? I'm the Sheriff Morgan. - I'm the official Jones.
One taste, I'm Special Agent Logan. This is O'Reilly.
Special Agent O'Reilly. Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
- Did you have a chance to find something? - No.
In all my years, I'd never seen anything like it.
We have had very unusual deaths.
Foul won, but there has never been anything like it.
- I mean, nothing remains, but now ... - So, it is very unusual.
The teeth marks indicate that it was a very large predator.
How a dog or a wolf?
Of course, if the dog is 10 feet high.
By the way, the stream traces are very rare.
If you can call traces.
- Are we talking about a known animal? - No.
I mean, I do not know.
We still need to do some tests.
And DNA testing. We have much work here.
The arm looks like a descendant of African Americans.
The strange thing is how clean it is.
This is crazy.
That does not seem any dog I've ever seen.
- What the hell? - Yes. Know.
- Want to watch? - I give you my number anytime.
But if Dr. Cane.
Has been working, Doctor?
I'm moving.
I need all your gasoline for generators.
Abbie, it seems the Doctor Windshield Cane,
needs some cleaning.
So if you do not mind ...
When we talk about service here at Billy Wayne ...
Talk ... seriously.
What the hell do you think works, Billy?
In something scary? No, that's ridiculous.
Sheriff, I think we have to wait a few more days.
There is a hotel 50 miles away, not far from the station.
Well, I know I should not say this, but ...
Do not worry, Agent Logan. In'll say nothing.
I will return to the office. We took what we could. Much work.
We need to keep this closed area.
Until our people come tomorrow morning.
Sure, no problem.
Do you know?
Being condemned, if I pass him the rest of mi life investigating.
And I can not live, until the day that I can share with the world.
You know, Abbie? Life is ironic.
Whatever you decide to do, give it your best.
Cudese, Doctor Cane.
How are you guys? What do I bring?
- Caf.
- Uno igual
Why are they here, guys?
Last soil, lady.
They are for the deaths, right?
Only routine investigations.
No more lies, we know something is happening here.
What do you mean?
- Ann Carey? - What ever discover.
Ann Carey, I can talk now?
Say anything in the esos types.
They can get in trouble. We can lose everything.
Go and serve them coffee. Do not say anything.
- What caught their attention? - As I said, it's just routine.
If I were you, I would go where the old Cane.
That is enough. It is enough.
- Van to eat what? - Fried chicken.
Good choice.
OMG. And that smoke? No, no, no, no.
What can I do?
If manicure or pedicure, I'm your man.
If we talk about something mechanical, I'm not your man.
Look, there is a town there.
Definitely something happens. 3 people disappeared in 3 months.
Not to mention, 7 dogs and more than a dozen cattle.
- Is bloody chupacabras. - Do not be stupid.
Come, you see that something happens here.
What does that mean? Something supernatural?
- I think they can be many things. - Really? What?
- I'm listening. - "Aliens".
- For el amor de Dios. - In extraterrestrial say.
Illegal aliens or drug traffickers.
Dealers with 6-inch teeth?
What do they eat people? Come on, man.
You must see the whole picture and consider all possibilities.
The waitress spoke about one Cane right?
We will go home first thing in the morning.
Dude, you need to calm down. It's not my fault.
Yes it is. Admit it, if you have to worry that gasoline ...
We would not be here ... first.
I'm sure in Fossil Ridge have a gas station.
I hope so.
Where are we?
This is bullshit.
Dude, look. With gasoline we would have lost that.
- Shut up and go for gas. - What?
Hi, guys.
They are here for the best pig Billy. Even I have a little back.
- I think we will. - But they are hungry.
Want to eat something.
Not this time. We need gas and go.
There seems to be going anywhere.
- Say what? We just want gasoline. - That's right, this thing needs filling.
Seem to have no luck.
What idiot says, is that we have no gasoline.
What the hell is that?
This time we're lucky.
En Fossil Ridge?
Who is she?
Thank you.
Is there a mechanic who can work on this?
We need to go. We must come to a big city.
You are the type of mechanics.
No, you only need petrol man.
What about gasoline here?
Do you need anything extra?
Already have gas?
What does that mean? What kind of fuel do they speak?
I do not get it.
What the hell was that?
That comes from the house of the mad Doctor Cane.
Some say it has brought many things out there.
They say he was driven from the big city to make a kind of ...
Crazy experiment ... who knows what will happen?
But what I know is that he has all gasoline until tomorrow.
Good night.
Did you say "good night"? Does that mean you spend the night here?
Oye, Abbie!
Your you close tonight.
Do not even think.
Excuse me, Mr. Farmer. Where do we sleep?
Do not you have a bus? Sleep on it.
- Where are you going? - Quit. Shut the place.
What? But ...
Where to stay in the know. Adnde you going?
- To get my truck. - Do you have a truck?
Yes, way down.
What about the Doctor? Where do you live?
Does Doctor Cane? It is very quiet. He does not like anyone on their property.
No, you do not understand. Maybe you can get us there.
We can ask nicely and maybe ...
Can lend ... some gas.
Please, please, llvanos Alla.
- Por favor.
- Bien.
Let's go.
Friend. You will not believe this, Josie ...
I studied ... and first grade together.
In the same class and all that.
What was his name? Miss ...
- The Miss Rodlege. - Miss Hutchins.
- Ms. Hutchins. Sure girl, thanks. - Nothing.
Maybe she was locked or something.
- Luke, we must get out of here, man. - What?
Do you see that girl? Nobody here seems to be right in the head.
- Guys. - She likes you.
- OMG. - Listen. How about this?
Why do not you go without me? When ...
Back ..., I and my companion there ...
And we're done ... to kiss and caress.
- Then I can go. - As you wish.
Hey, do you like rock? Yes!
- Beast, nos vamos.
- Bien.
Join us in this adventure?
Yes, I'd be happy.
After you, dear.
Sorry, Mr. Beast. Adnde will?
A ver al loco Doctor.
What the hell was that?
Deserted road to nowhere in Texas?
He visto presence.
Look, perhaps the beginning bien. Dejame turning away the present.
Sheldon'm Macabeach. My favorite color is green.
Green as Irish.
My grandfather was a veterinarian.
It's like a doctor, but with animals. Dogs, cats, like that.
Do you know? Why did you do well in life.
And you do not live on a backwater, as some of us.
Can you do us a favor?
Sure, what?
Shut up.
Sure. All right.
I think you were not popular in your personality, in High School.
- Are you ready for this? - Hi.
Now what?
- What do you have? - The DNA report has arrived.
We have a problem.
What kind?
It's a bit unfinished. Rather, highly impossible.
The closest match is a dinosaur.
- Say it again. - Better said Velociraptor.
What would you say again? I thought I heard "Raptor".
Look, I said it a Raptor, but whatever ...
... Is closely related ...
A reptile ... you have not been here ...
Period ... from the Jurassic, 75 million years ago.
- It's incredible. - You got that right.
Marcus sent troops to have the quarantined area.
- Yes, of course. - One more thing.
These things are nocturnal and one of ...
The fiercest hunters ... you have walked the Earth.
Whatever you do, stay tonight in a closed place.
- I gotta go, call me. - Talk to you later.
- Take care, Logan. - I will do it.
- Man ... will not believe this. - What?
Let's go.
Who are you ?! What do they do here ?!
Get out of my property!
- Should not be here! - Doctor Caine, I'm Abbie.
- Abbie? - Yes, we will get up.
Abbie, what are you doing here? You should not be here.
Come on, levntese, come on.
We'll go to the house, come on.
- We could use a hand, friend. - No problem, friend.
You go ahead, I'll stay here.
Maybe it's a kind of scary garden gnomes.
With animals you shred the meat from the bones.
Take your buddies and get them out of my property.
- It's not safe. - Is it not safe?
He said it's not safe here.
Sure, if your friend is afraid of a decorated garden.
Doctor Cane, we must take him to a hospital.
Do you take any medication?
- It's on the top floor. - All right.
But ...
Whatever you do, do not touch anything.
Because he finished in alimentarla.
And she'll be so mad at me.
I also put myself as Mrs. Cane, when I have hunger.
I hope that is not Mrs. Cane.
The Cane Doctor has no wife. He died long ago.
If not talk about his wife, who the hell is this?
I have no idea.
- Where are you going? - Up to bring your medicine.
What was that?
Hello? Anybody there?
Doctor Cane, do we pay gasoline?
Sweet child of mine!
Wait, something happens.
Can we put the dead man in the truck?
They see those chickens I found!
That guy is dead.
# Love you, dear. Love you
- Get a room. - Sounds like a good plan to me.
Come on, guys. You must see this Acrocanthosaurus.
Check this out.
In gallinas seem.
Let's go!
Never seen so chickens.
Yes, those chickens had teeth.
Security put steroids in the nest.
Seriously, it is the best trip I ever had.
Okay, guys. We must get out of here.
In wanted to say anything ...
Frightening ... but I saw things in the attic of the old Cane.
- Of what kind? - No ask me. We must go.
Listen. I need you to go to the truck and take my flashlight.
Big, the gas can. Can you handle?
Yes, of course.
And I need you to stay here, where I can watch you.
Guys, I found the gas can!
You want me to turn on the lights beyond ?!
So they can see gasoline.
We probably serve some lights.
Doors? I will open the doors.
Turns the light!
I think it's this.
No, leave them alone!
Now what?
That spoke.
Hugs, kisses and more.
What is "more"?
What I can say?
Home sweet home. This place looks safe.
You've complained since we left.
All I did was offer my help.
Need help?
Do you know? If you think you can survive there, then leave.
Vete here.
- Well, me canse. - Vete.
Look, do not really know these things are.
No because these Locura go, but if one thing.
We're safer inside, than outside.
Well, you're right.
Looks like somebody's visit.
Well ... Just thinking of you.
Maybe we can have a party.
Let's get out of here!
If they keep doing that, you know what will happen.
I warn you that there will be consequences.
This tires me. Having to hear this.
Wait a minute. You are like a Pit-Bull.
Wait, Mr. Dog. Lord dog. Just try to go to the bathroom.
Go away, I'm in the bathroom! I got tired of you get me!
Perhaps I can not use the bathroom in here ?!
You better shut up!
Who's there?
I said go! I'm still here!
Wait, no.
No, no. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
- Baby, we'll have to call someone. - To say what?
Maybe it's a world record. How long have we?
No, 15 to 20 minutes.
I think it first started.
What was that?
That was me. God, is 20 minutes.
Now it's my turn.
We can say that after what happened to your head,
do not have to go to work tomorrow.
I think that's good. We'd all like that.
Did not you say you saw something strange in the attic of the guy?
Do you have any explanation as to why ...
... Creatures became extinct ...
Million years ... suddenly came back to life and haunt us?
Do not blame me for this. If someone is to blame, it's you.
My fault? Why?
If it were not for you, I'd be home now.
Last time, my house was destroyed.
Do you know? My little friend is dead, so.
And when I say small, I mean it.
I'm talking about a guy 400 pounds, drinking soda and eating nachos.
He should not have died.
Where did they come from?
No! It can not be that we come to the same place! We're going in circles!
Sheldon, vamos.
I could have killed you.
Shut your friend right now.
Lucas, oye, mrame.
Something tore the head.
- We call someone, friend. - We can call the police.
No cops in this town.
Well, back to the original plan.
Enter the bus and we're getting out of here.
Let's go.
I can not.
Well, I've had a terrible day today with cars.
So please, rewind.
Who do you think is this girl? Turn the vehicle.
Sorry, we are leaving my mom's car.
We're leaving. What am I going to do?
Or kill me or my mom Dinosaurs.
What is the problem? We will all die.
Thank you, dear. You help me a lot.
It's a dark road and do not want to cross it.
Where are we going?
Iremos or center de la carretera Fossil Ridge or interestatal.
Which way you want to continue?
Left or right. I do not care.
It u Oeste.
The most good girls go to this.
Shut up, Lucas. Just let's get out of here, man.
Perfect, I love the smell of a burning motor.
I told them it was crap.
Do you know? It is the story of my life.
Really is.
I could stay in school, do many ...
... Extracurricular activities.
I had to go skiing with the idiot here ...
... And now I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere.
Sheldon, do us a favor. Be helpful and closes the back door.
No, Miss commander. I'm not the only soldier in the army.
Why not ask them to do something they do?
I'm tired of this.
Are they happy?
Come on, come on!
Come on!
This place is so scary.
I feel at home.
That's what I'm talking about, right there.
I think we're safe for now.
Why do not you check the back door?
That thing is out there.
And that does not sound like something I've noticed before.
Friend of skiing.
Lucas, Lucas, Lucas.
Want bone? Come and get it.
Watch this bone, is very good.
Who wants the bone? You want it, right?
Like bone.
Do it!
I said "do it", and he did.
Did you?
- Sheldon, are you okay! - Open the door.
Lucas, you're inside. Sheldon is outside. Open the door.
What idiot.
There he goes again.
It seems that the problems the people followed us.
It is blue. It is the most dangerous.
The apuesto at large.
No, forget the large. It is the small ...
... That we can grab. The blue.
How can you forget to say that big? Watch the bus.
Lucas, for the first time, no matter the size friend.
What are you talking about?
- Killed Beast. - A Beast? What happened?
- Do you remember the football Seventh Grade? - Vaguely.
- When 18 year old guy? - Yes.
No, no.
I do not know man. We ran the truck, I saw behind me and I was not there.
How is it that disappeared out of nowhere?
I do not know, he was not there. I think he ran to the house of Doctor.
- Flamingos. - No flamingos.
He chose that blue thing, before the flamingos.
I mean, there were body parts flying all over the place.
- Beast.
- Pobre.
Probably a Megalosaurus.
A large and advanced carnivore.
Family of Dinosaurs.
Are not sure about the color.
Until now.
He lived 7 million years ago, in the middle of the Jurassic Period.
He was very hungry, because ...
Grew up to be ... 30 feet tall.
You say in the book how to kill these things?
But Dice were probably matriarchs.
You hear that?
What's matriarch?
Means that females were in charge.
Of course you do not. I do not accept that shit.
Dame esa weapon.
This spoke.
The armor will not protect you, Lucas.
Sheldon when grow and be a man ?! Seriously!
Let's get together and go to the top of that mountain!
Why we go to the mountaintop? For tits.
The sole purpose of this trip was to do what?
Having a tit here and here.
I will not let these lizards ...
Out there ... I stop having boobs.
Why? Because I am the man boobs.
We read in this Dinosaur matriarch.
Now is our chance right?
Also, are extinct and are stupid.
We are human and we are smarter.
- Lucas. - What?
- You walk out that door, you extinguish you. - What do you know?
You and your silly friends put us in this place.
Lucas, back, friend!
You should think about it. Will you listen to this bitch robot?
Or the girl in the Manson family?
I'm Luke, your friend.
What will you do with the Dinosaur, Lucas?
We bring out the eyes.
Friend of skiing.
Sorry for your friend.
What are you doing?
I'm fishing.
What ?!
- What? - I dunno.
But I have one.
Come on, you can do it, come on.
- Podria return to see? - In the course.
I will not become a Jurassic appetizer.
Perhaps we'll be safe here.
There is no way to enter here.
It's the end.
So the story ends.
It is what remains.
One of us has to go.
Be me.
Hey, I think I was too hard on yourself.
Thanks, Mom.
Being es for you, mama.
Let's you and me, bitch.
Vete the infierno.
What was that, mate?
Fue an earthquake on something?
No, I think not. It was a blast, come on.
Vayamos selling.
Hi, guys. We have a disaster on our hands.
- What was that explosion? - It was the old factory.
But that's nothing compared to what we found this morning.
Remains of ...
I know it sounds crazy, but those ostriches,
ostriches were not true.
It seems they were dinosaurs. Grand.
Where is Morgan?
Abbie has, the daughter of a possible victim.
Abbie seems to be the only surviving witness.
They are on the road.
There are many media there.
Thank you.
Is it true that Dinosaurs type creatures have been seen in the area?
This is not Jurassic Park, seriously people.
Only ostriches mutant featherless ...
Attacked ... these poor people.
Go find Bigfoot or something. No more questions for now.
And that's how it happened.
Cont al mi FBI history, but I OPTI.
It seems that government officials,
not believe in the delusions of a native.
I prefer to believe that incidents ...
EMUS ... to eat the meat of things as he chupacabras.
Well, eventually I was released. And guess what?
I took the advice of Dr. Cane.
I did not abandon my dreams and my future.
But it leaves mi past.
Goodbye, goodbye.
Raptor Ranch (2013) A translation of TaMaBin