Rasathanthram (2006) Movie Script

Shall l serve some more Channa curry?
- Enough. Satisfied.
Actually l dont take anything
on these functions.
l take only a glass of water
or coffee.
They keep mixture and biscuits
which looks irritating.
l didn't see your daughter.
Oh she is very shy. l'll call her.
Kumari! You go to the front side
l don't want to see any one.
lf you don't want its ok.
Simply come out.
Divakar, come here.
This is the girl.
Let them talk something
Oh! l neverthought about it.
l am not going to marry anyone.
That and all we will talk later...
No. Don't waste time.
you go and see some other girl.
Stop. Don't run. l've come to
give you food, not to kill you.
Otherwise l will give you away
to some one.
You can do that.
They are dumb creatures.
l've one who can talk.
To whom will l hand over her?
l've seen some people today also,
anything materialised?
Nothing wrong with the party.
But my princess doesn't like.
l'd arranged for seven functions
this month alone, not one ortwo.
But all in vain.
l am tired of giving parties.
Your mother is scolding you now,
she'll start to beat you.
She will! l told her not to bring
anyone forthis matter.
When girls grow up it is the
duty of elders to marry her off.
Why such hurry.
When l want, l'll tell.
Wash your hands, come uncle.
Have puttu and channa curry.
Don't want child.
l poured water in last night's rice,
take it with onion and green chilli.
All that, later. This is specially
prepared forthis function.
l'll bring water.
Stop. l want to ask you
seriously a question.
What uncle?
Come near me.
Look at my eyes.
l've taught a lot of clever boys for a long time,
so don't try to tell lies.
Look at me and tell who is that
someone in your mind.
That's what l ask. Who?
Come. l was wondering
why you didn't come.
Two phone calls came while starting.
Am l on time? -Yes
Ask them Where they
have reached.
We've nearly reached.
Crossed the Church.
Hurry up. Everyone is waiting.
Come l was afraid that
Muhurtham time will pass.
No sir. Everything is
written by God.
Atime foryou to think to
construct a new house.
Atime for me to come here
and mark the boundaries.
But this is the last stage you know.
As per Vaasthu,
Stumping is the 7th stage.
There are six stages from finding
a land to constructing a house.
Don't be scared. Omen is good.
Everything will be fine.
This is the plan, please see.
l need not see sir.
No, my mother wanted you to check
the plan and make changes if any.
No. there won't be any,
it is drawn by big engineers.
What is your post now in Police, sir?
- Dy. SP.
You get Bribes?
- No.
Then you've to redraw the plan.
You are staying with wife, mother..
- My daughter..
Forfour people. Four rooms are more
than enough including the guest room.
This seems to be for a joint family.
Anyway while building...
No objection for me.
l've seen many people construct houses
with all the cash they have.
Then to furnish and maintain the house,
life's major part will be spent.
Those who see from outside,
it is a beautiful house.
But forthe head of the family
there will be no peace of mind.
Carpentar, just see if there is any fault
in the plan according to vaasthu.
See, they are angry.
We've passed the exams,
constructed a lot of houses.
Apart from scale, pencil and Geometry,
Carpentry has some rules.
Just one canvas is enough . Mind.
By just keeping ears to the earth
and closing the eyes,
ln olden days great men found the
water level deep inside the ground.
A house we wish to have.
l mean we have to see
whether it longs for us.
A house which is built
purity and prosperity,
gives the owner prosperity.
lt makes the architect famous and prosperous.
Bhojaraja's Samarangana SoothraDhara ''
Read and see.
Then let the things go well.
Have this.
No. l don't want.
You gave me Dhakshina.
Betel leaves, arecanuts and one rupee is enough.
- Please accept it for my sake.
This is not my work. lf anyone
calls me with love,
l do it forthem applying what l've learnt.
To live, l've my work.
l didn't tell you to bring this now, suresh.
Why delay now. You fix the after
and put the tiles.
l'll tell when to fix the rafter, when to put tiles.
l am the Chief here.
lt is long time you are calculating.
lt is not making a wooden
spoon with coconut shell,
That should be accurate.
That is what we are also telling.
There should be one at the top
who knows the work perfectly.
Boys, don't play with Manikandan Asaari.
You rememberthe story of Perunthachan?
lf l put this chisel without losing aim...
Without losing aim, isn't it?
Don't say like that boys.
This phone won't allow to work.
Yes, Chief Asaari Manikandan.
Premettan has come.
Perunthachan can heave a sigh.
Have you done the top roofing?
l wanted you to do the upper part
of the roof after l come.
Chief wanted to shine alone.
Poor man.
l'll come.
Was there any necessity to
hearthose boys words.
How can l wait foryou. lt was the
police who took you away.
Why this cross bar is not fixed perfectly?
Give me. See what you have done.
Why can't you make this stumping
a permanent job?
You can put a board in front of
your house and sit quietly.
Premachandran Asaari.
Timings from ... to... People will come
and stand in queue.
No need to work in
the hot sun and sweat.
This hard earned money is more
than enough for me.
What is this Girl reading?
Not ''contains'' it is 'Continuous'
Newton's First Law.
Suppose we go in a bus and the driver puts
break we will be pushed in front.
That is part of this theory, child.
You read
by understanding the meaning.
Tomorrow rest. Then day aftertomorrow
at the house of Varghese Vaidyer.
l'am not comming anywhere for some days.
Don't betray me Preman.
l am relying on you.
Let your belief not save you.
Master. Master. Balan master.
What Preman, is Father asleep?
No. This is his trick.
l didn't come last night due to heavy work.
Forthat he is angry.
l am not angry
This is my father. How can he be
angry with me. Did you hear ?
Oh l heard.
A house of a peon in Govt. Office.
His leave is overtoday.
He wanted me to stay overnight
and complete. How can l refuse.
Even then l told Manikandan Asaari
that a poorfather will be waiting for me.
He has got his work only.
l have to serve the dinner, switch off
the light and put him to sleep.
This is fish curry brought by Kumari.
You have it after bath.
l have taken Dosa and beef from
the shop, wasted 23 rupees.
We can take fish curry tomorrow.
Did you massage your hands with oil?
l don't want. lt won't be set
right my hand.- Oil. Oil.
Why father and son having
a music programme?
Come, Kunjuttettan.
Kunjuttettan, when did you come?
-We came yesterday.
Vilasini and children
Then the eatery shop?
l've closed it.
Can say that Manikantan Asaari lost
some more money.- How?
Last time he took a large amount from
his brother-in-law to start a shop.
What is there to tell like this.
lt is for his sister and children.
l've worked with chisel
can't get on with the shop,
So thought of coming back and live here.
Forthat l want Preman's support.
My dear preman, Go to Beypore and enquire.
There is none to defeat me in carpentry work.
Master, have you seen bell metal.
Arabs spend lakhs of Rupees on that.
ln Beypore it is well known
My chisel's touch will make it as pure gold.
Why do you laugh?
Manikantan Asaari says that
you can't be entrusted with any work.
Hey. What work has he entrusted me.
Do you know people give him
work only because
You are with him. So if l Call you,
you must come.
Not always. l'll get work
if you are with me.
l am sure l need not go for
my in laws free things.
l'll come.- Enough.
But, You should do one thing.
-Yes. What to be done?
You make me and Manikantan Asaari
to quarrel with each other.
Kishore! What are you doing?
Time is 8.30.
Lunch is ready. On the top there is fish curry.
See it doesn't spill.
Boiled egg?- lt is inside the rice.
As if going to work as Collector.
Anyway, it is a job without sawdust and sweat.
Hey, l earn in two days what he earns
from the STD booth in one month.
Anyway it is carpenter's work.
You don't delay, son.
Daddy'll start quarreling. Bye Bye.
Why are you keeping aside?
- For Kunjuttettan.
All these?
ln the morning if he doesn't take
stomach full, he'll be tired.
Then what shall l give to Maniettan?
Mother ... ldli.
- For me also.
You've not finished yet.
- l have finshed.
You got up late brother? Here, tea.
l think there is more milk in the tea.
- Never mind. lt is milk.
What are all your program, Kunjutta?
l want to take an oil bath in hot waterfirst.
Then after breakfast l want to go to
school for children's admission.
Then after lunch a sound sleep.
That is today's programme.
l didn't ask that.
We'll be here only.
lt is a pleasure to take bath and
have food from wife's house.
That pleasure you can't have hereafter.
Those who can't work and look
afterfamily should not marry.
Don't utter such words. l've seen
chisel and all long before you.
Go to Beypore and enquire who is Kunjuttan.
Forthat no need of going to Beypore.
Who made table for cobbler George?
Table turned out to be a birds cage.
You made a cot for mother
of Subbairfrom Gulf.
That cot broke on the first day
and that lady is bedridden.
You make Almirah, it will be hen-coop.
lf you make hen-coop, l will be rat-trap.
Whatever l say, a Beypore.
lf you say Beypore once again,
l'll burn Beypore.
You talk ill of Beypore?
Beypore is my livelihood.
l'll set right your livelihood today.
Mother, father and uncle are fighting.
Will you raise your hands at me?
Not only hands, l'll raise my legs also.
lts she who needs beating.
She has two children. ls it not?
Whatever may be the problem,
we can settle it by talks.
Come here.-Will you raise
your hands at me?
He is not as intelligent as you.
Be calm for a minute.
Have you forgotten what i told you yesterday.
The plan to take kunjuttettan in
our group is being settled.
Difference of opinion will be
there for everyone.
ls it properto beat each other.
At the time of Birth
At the time of Death
At the time we meet
Why do we quarrel in vain?
Haven't you heard Poet
Poonthanam's lines?-Who?
Can we insist someone to behave as
we like. So one compromise.
From tomorrow Kunjuttetan also
coming with us for work.
Oh God.- Don't talk.
We are all one. lsn't it Manikandan Cheta.
l am with you. OK?
Farfar away, clouds offer prayers
And sweetly chants the daylight.
Dear Perunthachan,
You created a world with your skill.
With illusory trees,
You built a palace of dreams.
Fashion a small form for my soul!
Help the chief with the planks...
Pass on the chisel and sticks.
Teak tree forthe carpenters
to make sculptures.
Country wood forthe workers to make pillars.
Afew flowers for me to make a pearl necklace!
The flagmast nearthe temple,
The old tree in the garden with
his touch becomes gold.
The twist of the story!
Farfar away, clouds offer prayers
And sweetly chants the daylight.
Tomorrow you bring the hammer
to make carvings.
Clay forthe women to make rice pots
With an illusory yardstick,
l will remove sorrows!
Make mosques and old houses
Temples and theirthreshold
With his touch becomes gold.
You learn the moral of the story!
Farfar away, clouds offer prayers
And sweetly chants the daylight.
Dear Perunthachan, you created
a world with your skill.
With illusory trees,
you built a palace of dreams.
Fashion a small form for my soul!
Help the chief with the planks..
Pass on the chisel and sticks
Brother, this frame does not fit.
Length is less.
lt was correct.
- lt is not fitting anywhere.
What? Oh why did you cut it?
ls it right size?
For bottom and top, the work is completed.
This is forthe side.
- Then you could've told me.
Prema, He has cut the frame into two.!
lf you've any doubt you could've
asked Kunjuttetta.
l didn't have doubt.
When owner comes what shall l tell?
Oh God!
We, in Beypore....
lf you speak a word about Beypore,
l'll change your shape.
Kunjuttetta, Come here.
You go and get 4 tea.
One without sugar.- For brother?
You are the only person....
Who's this?
Manikanda, my wife told
you've started woodwork.
l've come last night.
l was in the estate.
l didn't know that you are the worker.
Knew that you were not here
so l did not come.
All are new people. ls that man with
the moustache not there?
- He is in Gulf.
This is the land l gave.
Yes, l know it.
When buying he didn't tell that
it's for a house. He is in Gulf.
They are people known to me.
The buyer is Vasudevan's father.
- He was the driver here.
That are all old stories.
Manikanda. See that shed there when rain comes
water will drop through the wall.
Tile might have broken.
Tiles are changed. l think something
wrong with the rafter.
You must come and repair it.
Yes l'll do it while going in the evening
This is only a few minutes work.
Then l'll come in the lunch time.
Termites are there. A major part
of the rafter is gone.
Then take the timber.
- Okay.
You get down and see Preman.
What happened?
Don't be scared.
l've not seen anything.
Hey. Open the door.
Oh her bath at this time.
l'll beat you.- Oh slowly.
When l tried to remove the termites,
it has fallen.
Stop. Hey stand there.
When she is told to do a work she wont.
Oh ! Going to become a beauty queen.
Stand there.
She is a poor girl, Master.
She has not done anything wrong.
They won't think that they
do it in front of others.
Seeing that l felt very much.
They dragged her and still beating.
They will beat, if necessary they will kill.
Who is going to ask.
Roy was running a brandy shop in Salem.
A Tamilian woman brought this girl about
10 years ago for household work.
When father died, Roy closed business
and came here with family.
He brought this girl along with them.
At Salem no relations for her?
What relations will they have?
There is a rumour Roy has bought her.
Yes. Those days there were agents
to bring children for work.
lt is still there. l know some agents.
Do you want one?-Why do l want?
Just have one. To keep company to
master, to cook, to clean etc.
To say, l've a servant isn't it dignity.
The dignity already have is enough.
Make a move.
For me, not enough. You bring pickles.
ls it a toddy shop? Get down.
One more small.
Small and Big after going home.
l came here because l can't have it
in my home.
Master!- Stop it. Manikanta.
Go and sleep.
Then l'll sing a song.
Onnam Devi Thirudevi
Who gave you this flower?
Neither did anyone give
that nor did l pluck it.
Are you married and taken care of?
-Was your child given a ring??
Premachandra! You close the gate.
Some drunkard may come.
Open the door. Hey!
lsn't there anybody inside?
l have to kneel down and offer prayers.
Ammatchi is shouting.
l want to kneel down and pray.
Hey, is Simon Sirthere?
l saw a jeep there.
When you come to market,
why can't you come to my shop.
We can just talk for a while.
Whatever happens the blame is on Police.
But can we keep quiet without
doing anything.-What is that?
l've brought all the CDs in the list.
l was asking about Hansy.
Hansy!-You bring it. Let me see.
ls there any bribe?
No Sir, l don't have any such arrangement.
Did you get ''Milli.........''-Yes
l'll give it day aftertomorrow.
lt's reached Thiruvananthapuram.
Where is that girl?
Hey! l've to break my throat to get you here.
You grind as smooth as butter and bring.
What is wrong with Ammatchi?
Nothing wrong child.
When they lock me up in the room,
l'll make problems.
They think that l am mad.
The other day Roychan did not allow me
to lock the room, hearing Ammatchi's words.
Ammatchi climbed the compound wall and
started bathing in the Temple pond.
With great difficulty we brought her back.
We should not leave Ammatchi like this.
What l feel is to admit Ammatchi
in a mental hospital far away.
Then everyone will know that Ammatchi is mad.
Now some proposals are coming for Hansy.
After marrying her off, Ammatchi can be
admitted in any mental hospital.
Afew of us only know this now.
ln Church some friends asked me about her.
Nowadays they don't see Ammatchi,
who knows they are keeping
something in mind.
Upto this time, no one had any doubt.
- Beena, you get in.
Brother-in-law was in Malappuram.
Got promotion as Town Circle and came here.
Good. Any rowdyism can be done.
Got people.
These are all l bought yesterday.
There are some good pieces among the old.
l'll have a bath.
Where is the ladder?
lt is in the backyard.- Take it.
Kathreena Chedathi, what are the news?
Do you know me?
Yes. l know you.
Did you have tea, sons.
lt is not yet time fortea.
The work is being done there.
We'll gave it there.
ls it proper? When you come here,
you must take tea from here itself.
Then after some time.
You like tea or coffee?
We don't want anything now.
You should not tell like that.
You've to take something.
- Tea or Coffee?
Then Tea will do.
l can put sugar in coffee, right?
You can, as you like.
See. what a well behaved lady.
She did not understand Manikanta Chettiar.
She thought it was someone else.
Don't be jealous.
This is all due to our behaviour.
l've seen her since so many years.
When l see her love,
my eyes are full with tears...
You can wipe later.
l've seen years back.
What are you doing?
Rice is just boiling.
l want boiled one only.
Shall l come on the top, Prema?
Not necessary. lf there is any good
timber among the old, take.
Oh God! ls the tea ready so soon?
-Yes, take it...
Run. This lady is mad.
Am l mad? - Go away.
Where are you?
Somebody come and give me the plank.
Hey girl, Carpenter is calling you.
Kochamma wanted me to
sweep Ammachi's room.
You do it afterthis.
You give me the broad rafters one by one.
What's your name?
No name?
l am asking your name.
Are you from Salem?
l know a little bit Tamil.
Why did you make such a fuss that day.
That's why you got beating.
To say the truth,
l didn't see anything as l came down
from the hot sun.
l didn't see anything.
You are playing with chettan.
l've seen many clever women like you.
Even controlled them.
l didn't ask for 1000, 10000 or 1 lakh.
You have not given me the rent
since many months That too a small amount.
lt is not wantonly, chettan.
Thats what l also tell.
l'am comming every month not
to see your beauty.
Speak in a low voice.
l am not afraid of anyone.
lf necessary l'll use a mike.
No chance of my going without getting rent.
lt is not like before.
He was there.
We have to spend on clay only.
We've made the pots ourselves.
Now, l've to buy from outside and sell.
Seethamma, whateveryou say,
l'll get up only after getting my money.
Otherwise my name is not
Ganesan Chettiar.
Get up.
Get up...
What nuisance are you showing
where only ladies are there.
lf you dont't give me rent...
l've no mind to give you rent.
lf l don't give will you stay in the kitchen?
He made a house with 4 walls in the unclaimed land.
He says it is his house.
Yesterday village officers came
and wanted us to vacate.
VO's will do that?
Yes. Otherwise you show them the deed.
Oh! You speak in a low voice Seethamma
lsn't enough if l hear.?
lt is you who said will bring mike.
Then bring the mike set.
Chettiaryou are not comming
as you went there.
Can't mingle with people
who makes pots and pans.
What did you say?
- l was telling here.
Chettiar, here is our rent.
- This is as if deposited in bank.
How much Seethamachechi has to give?
- l will take it from them.
l've money, Chettiar.
Don't want. They've debts and
other burdens. lsn't it, master?
But, l won't write it off.
l forced the drama people to vacate.
Oh! that is why l didn't hear
any sound while going that way
Rogues. Since 1 1/2 years they
didn't give even a naya paise. Master.
Drama has lost its demand
when mimicry people came.
l am so clever.
Took 2 or 3 people with me and
shouted at them to vacate.
Oh! you said so?
Not so harshly. But told them to vacate.
They were sent out, got the keys. See
Ohh it's great.
What is that?
A little Chaembu (Colocasia) curry.
Give me. The back door is closed.
For her marriage what will Seetham do?
She has not even a naya paisa.
Chettiar, No money is needed for her marriage.
She is such a beautiful girl.
Where are you going, Chedathi?
- To church
At this time? Any thing special.
To go to church on sundays,
christian needs no speciality.
Forthat today is not a sunday.
That is foryou. For me today is sunday
Ammachi, we will go home.- Leave me...
Do you know how many days passed
since l went to church.
Please come Ammachi lf you don't come,
l'll get beating
l'll beat you. Hey.
Ammachi Come What is this
-Will you go away?
l'll come only after going to church
Why are you quarelling on the way?
Not allowing me to go to church, son.
Kanmani, Let ammachi go
to church and come.
Till that time we can sit and talk
Come Ammachi.
Son, come here.
You like this girl is it not?
- Not like that
lf we tell Roy, it'll not materialise.
You take her.
Ammachi, come here
l will come,-You come.
l'll give good punishment.
Why are you keeping me alive?
Can't you take me away.
Do you know what a lot of
beatings l had today?
What wrong l've done? Tell me
You've not done anything wrong,
Kanmani. l Know.
Who is that.
Me. Me Murugan
Om Saravana Bhava.
Why are you making such a lot
of complaints to God?
You are a grown up girl.
lf anyone beats or scold you unnecessarily,
you give them back.
You are a Tamilnadu girl
women. Country's eyes.
Walking tall, sharp looks...
fearless and intelligent, so said
legendary Tamil Poet Bharathi.
Do you know today why did you get beating?
l didn't see ammachi going out.
Not only you are there,
lot of lazy people are there.
Don't they have responsibility?
What? ls it not enough what you got?
Go inside.
You didn't get beating in your
childhood lsn't it.?-What
There'll be pain forthis beating
and other punishments.
l'll understand it only
when you get it back.
Why? Have you any intention
of giving it back?
Why should l give? When you go there,
God will give.
What do you want in this courtyard.
Nothing. l've come for some icecubes,
one of our boys injured his
legs with hammer.
This is not ice factory you go.
lt is not for nothing
lf there is anything you speak loudly
You went to the convent to become a nun.
l was telling, Everyone knows you
came back from nunnery.
Hey ls your blackgram
grinding not yet over?
Tommorow sosachechi will come late.
You get up early and do the work.
Then, today you sleep in Ammatchi's room.
You make her pass urine at 2 am, 4 am.
Otherwise the bed'll be soaked in urine.
l am scared, Kochamma.
She will disturb me.
You are not a child.
Got more health than Ammatchi.
You do what l tell. lf you want,
keep alarm.
Ammatchi, let me sleep for a while.
Why do you want to sleep?
There is nothing to worry
even if you are not slept.
Do you see me. lt is so many days
since l slept. Come here.
You keep aside that log of Jack tree.- Okay
Getting laundary done?
A lot of clothes like a hill!
You like Tamil or Malayalam, tell me.
Both? How can we converse in two languages?
Kanmani, why do you work hard
from morning till night?
lt won't be right. ln Tamil or in Malayalam
which one you want?
Tamil is my mothertongue.
Now l speak only Malayalam.
Where is the time?
You got work full time, don't you?
There is a woman for kitchen work.
No one will say or do anything to her.
This bullying is only on you.
Sosachechi got her own house and family.
Who is there for me?
l'll bear if they make me starve or beat.
Will they make you starve?
Why can't you go back to your place?
You can do at least some coolie work.
Will not be someone there?
Oh Nobody there.
l don't rememberthe village even.
God has punished me forthe sins
committed in last birth.
No one to speak a work with love.
Once l cried for mother, they kept
a hot knife on my leg.
The pain is still there.
Don't cry. lf anyone sees this.
Don't cry.
Master, don't you remember Vaithi,
owner of Banian company in Tirupur?
Vaidyanathan! He came for Deepavali
with sweets?
Yes. That dark tall boy.
ln his company a lot of girls
are working on daily wages.
Shall we send this Kanmani there?
Without anyone's knowledge?
lf she stays here they'll kill her.
Or she may commit suicide.
lt is a pity to see her.
Can we save her?
ln this earth there are a
lot of people suffering.
lf we think, can we save them?
We see this in front of our eyes.
She has none to tell her sorrows.
She can't even cry, Master.
Forthat also she will be beaten.
Why do you pay attention to all these?
For us our life.
Even then, humanity's sake.
Nothing. l too thought like that in olden days.
Now l understand that was all wrong.
Poorthing. When l see her pitiable condition...
Don't utter a word about that girl here after.
No. Stopped. l won't speak a word.
Hello. What Gopaletta, Will l forget?
You buy the timber.
No. No. Work here is almost over.
Afterthis l am coming there straight.
Premachandran will certainly come.
Getting all work at the same time.
Oh God! Stop that polishing.
Waned very much.
The work l do should be clean.
lt is enough...you go and...
What work l can give him?
You poke that window. you go...
Manikantanchetta, don't make him do that.
l've kept aside the window
panes which he did yesterday.
No bar is fitting.
lf a college professor go to 1st std and try to teach,
he will write the letters wrongly.
Have you see Uru?
lf you speak about Uru and Beypore,
l'll pierce your neck with chisel.
Kunjootta, for God's sake you do me a favour.
You need not do any work.
Come in the morning and
take rest in the shade.
ln the evening l'll give you the wages.
Brother, l know its meaning.
You want to get me out saying
that l am unfit.
This is your plan.
l won't stand here even for a second.
Preman, l am leaving. Don't stop me.
He is not worried about
his sister and children.
l'll show him who this Kunhoottan Asari is.
Rest of the things afterthat.
l say Good bye to everybody.
lf you want me back,
you should call me now.
lf l go out of this step, you can't get me back.
-You cross the step soon.
Premetta, you tell my mother not
to try for any proposal.
l am ashamed of standing
in front of grooms.
Why are you forcing her,
when she is not intersted in the marriage?
Good. Yourfather had gone.
When l too die while going places selling pots,
who is there for her?
Brokers want money and food.
Forthat they will say some reasons.
Today also one man was brought.
He has squint eye.
What if he has squint eye?
He is a conductor in the Government bus.
lt is a luck-not a driver.
My chechi, it is told,
marriages are made in heaven.
lt is written who is for who.
ln her head also the man's name
will be there. Show me.
See Preman is standing there.
Time is good, son. Come l'll tell you.
l'll get the work. But Preman
should stumpt it at 6.30 am.
l've stopped stumping and checking the plans.
l got this contract,
l promised them you'll come.
Getting contract isn't big deal,
we must finish it on time.
You don't worry.
l'll get people from Beypore.
l may loose face with my brother-in-law.
- Find another carpenter.
He's not trustworthy man.
lf Preman do the stumping, the work'll finish
without any obstacles.
That's all meaningless.
Leave it.This is a matter of my prestige.
My yardstick and almanac
are all at my work place.
Then get in to the vehicle.
We will go and take it.
l'll come after bath.
l'll come at 6 am with car.- Okay.
Hey, why are you here?
Why standing here?
They beat me till they got the chain
from Kochamma's room.
They said l'd stolen it.
They neverthought you are a human being.
So don't think of suicide.
l won't go to that house. lt is betterto die.
l won't go.
Don't cry. We'll see whether
there is any way out.
Don't cry.
Hello, l speak from Kerala.
Can l talk to Vaidyanathan?
He is out of station. Gone to buy
materials forthe company.
He'll come only after 10 days.
What shall we do now? To say 10 days,
till that time.
He left this morning.
You do one thing.
You stay in that house for 10 days.
l've given the phone no. of Manikantan.
As soon as he reaches Tirupur,
Vaithi'll call me.
l'll take you to Tirupur without
anyone's knowledge.
No, l won't go there hereafter.
See, you've suffered so many years.
Wait for some more time.
l'll take you there.
l won't go.- Then go and die somewhere.
Who is that? Come. Sit down.
l was just checking my old instruments.
When brother was there,
if a board ''Chettiar brothers' concert'' was kept,
there would be a crowd.
l Nadaswaram, brother Tabla.
Brother Nadaswaram, l Tabla.
l was not taking these after he died.
Shall l sing a hymn?
No. l've come for another matter.
-What's the matter?
You expelled the drama people
from a room, you know?
l want the key of that room.
Only fortoday.
One of my friends has
come from Kasargod.
He didn't get the train to go back.
lt is for him. He will go in the morning.
What is there? Lakshmana!
There is toilet. You take rest
after washing face and all.
l've some work in the morning.
l'll come afterthat.
We'll decide what is to be done.
Why are you silent?- Ok.
lf you are about suicide,
there are sarees, dhoties and fan.
See child, don't betray.
Close the door and lie down.
Suicide or murder. lt is sure.
They are influential people.They'll suppress.
Don't pay attention there
and do the work boys.
My BP is increasing. Do you hear?
Look at this.
The photo taken when Sussy aunty
and daughter came.
She was there on the left side.
We scolded herforthat but
it's become useful now.
Let me see.
This is enough if you blowup.
Dear Simon, don't make it a big issue.
Not even a single person will come for her.
But our side should be clear.
lf there is a complaint in the station register,
need not worry even if she commit suicide.
This is a missing case.
lt is not a small issue.
Oh God! That girl was brought
up here like a flower!
lf any paper people come,
brother will dispute with them.
l've seen the boy who brings CDs
and cassettes flirting with her.
l was just going to say that.
-Yes it is correct.
l've noted it.
Babykutty you book him no itself.
-Yes, Sir.
Premachandra! Everything in a mess.
That servant maid is missing from morning.
Simon sir inquired about our workers.
l somehow managed it.
We've to leave this place as soon as
the work is over.
When l came here, yourfriend has not gone.
Fast asleep.
l knocked the doorfor about an hour.
Come here. What is all this?
When l got up, he is standing outside.
You said yourfriend and got the keys.
l think he can't see properly. l quickly fixed
moustache and put on a shirt.
Even those who can see can't recognise you!
Just change this shirt.
No practice since so many days
Now how is it?
How is this dress?
You go and buy 2 Tea from that shop.
Take the money.
Don't forget you are a boy.
Two Tea.
Till Vaidyanathan's arrival from Maharashtra,
you are a boy.
They are business people.
lt'll be before or after 2 or 3 days.
lf l tell, you will get a job in his
Banian company. l am sure.
By that time the furore
will be lessened.
Hereafteryou shouldn't have fear,
shyness. Be smart.
Should not show anything
for others to suspect.
Those who encourage to do wrong will get
punishment as those who do wrong.
They are as guilty as the criminal,
No.- Then don't understand.
You wan't a name, right?
Murugan is enough.
My friend's brother should have a Malayalee name.
We will make it Velayudhan.
How is it?
Velayudhan Kutty?- Not Ah. lt is O
Velayudhan Kutty..-Yes...
Hey tell. Where's the girl?
Oh God! l don't know anything.
- Tell me truth.
Sir, don't beat me.
Tell the truth.
Sir, l don't know really.
l will see whether l can make him tell.
Where are you keeping that girl?
l don't know.
Mother, who is that boy with Premettan?
A boy!
Yes, a handsome boy.
Both came when l was there.
You could've aked Preman.- l didn't ask.
May be somebody known to them.
Premettan went away leaving him there.
He seems to be a fraud.
You squeeze these clothes and
put it for drying. Hold this.
Sugar is in that tin.
Well you are making the guest work
in the kitchen, Master?
No. He is not a guest.
He is brother of Preman's friend.
He does not allow me to
make a black tea for him.
Take one more tumbler, Seethama.
Oh. l don't want Master.
Hey. l haven't seen you in this place.
How to see.
His place is far away.- Then.
His place is beyond Thiruvananthapuram.
He was wandering to get a job.
He happened to come in front of Preman.
Preman has informed his brother.
Let him stay here till he comes.
What is your name?
Velayudhan Kutty.
Who are all in your house?
-All are there.
Why your voice is like this?
l've just told him same thing.
He had a colleague in our school.
When he takes the class,
no one will say it is a master's voice.
His name is Bhargavan.
The boys call him Bhargavi Master.
Why can't you go out
instead of sitting here?
Be careful Master. Don't keep money in open.
Keep an eye.
Any information brother?
-When did you come?
l came back leaving children in school.
lt is he only.
That CD boy, when Babukutty questioned him,
he did not answer properly.
There is on ASl from Pala.
When he gave him severely he said
that she was sent to Thanjavur, his friend's place.
Police are going to Thanjavurtaking
him with them tomorrow.
God! He doesn't look such a fraud.
Deepam. Deepam.
Master, what is this new practice?
Yes. Today this has become a house.
Don't you feel the prosperity on seeing this.
Come and see. The whole house was
sweeped and tidied up.
All the clothes in the Almirah folded and kept,
washed the soiled clothes and dried.
Even the dinner is ready.
As if a girl has come.
Oh God, with folded hands, l pray Listen
save me, this poor man''.
Don't send Velayudhan Kutty
away immediately.
Let him stay here.
Can't you arrange a job here.
That's not possible.
When call comes from Thiruvananthapuram,
l've to send him away.
Hey, you left Murugan and now
make friends with monkeys.
lt is Murugan only.
- ls it?
Here some dresses by guessing the size
you try and see whether it is alright.
Why pants and shirts?
When he stays here, lungi was enough.
Then Master will faint, What a Gym body!
Can it be shown to others?
Besides, there are girls in the
neighbours' houses, Master.
You too sit. Get yourself a plate.
No. He'll sit later. lsn't he junior?
This is perfect.
Chillies and Tamarind in correct ratio.
Excellent cooking.
Good but not execellent.
- Don't be jealous.
He also cooks fish curry. Sometimes more salt,
sometimes more chillies.
Why- a curry with fish.
Tomorrow he will go. Then there will only
be the fish curry l make.
You learn how to make curry
from him before he goes.
Hearing Master's words don't be proud.
That's what l too want to say.
Don't show off your strength.
- Hen crowing!
You will get beating.
l've already got a lot of beatings.
Nothing. l was talking to her.
l've kept water here.
You go and sleep in his room.
Take this mat and pillow is underthe cot.
Where are you?
Mastertold me to sleep here.
You can't sleep here.
- Let him sleep there. What's wrong?
Nothing. You sleep there.
Where am l to sleep then?
- Sleep in the verandah.
l'm scared.
You sleep there only.
- Can't you hear what Master said?
Master will say such things.
You go to kitchen.
He is not familiarto this place.
- Let him sleep there, he'll get used to it.
l'll sleep here.
Let him sleep here. What's there?
Dhal 1/2 kilo, mustard seeds 100,
sugar 1/2 kilo...
l am old, son. Tell slowly.
l'll take the 1st item. Dhal- 1/2 kg.
Pulses half kg.
- Mustard seeds 100 gms.
Aren't you Velayudhan Kutty?-Yes.
Prema told Master
has a new companion.
Does he sell chains and bangles here?
Why? You want to give it to someone?
Behave properly.
You don't know the behaviour of Preman.
Moideenka, what's the price forthis Bindi
Mustard seed 100. Then,
Sugar 1/2 kg.
- Sugar.
ln the morning, l'd cleaned.
That l can see. Dust and soil
all are there as it is.
Then where is the broom?
Give me. l'll do it.
Sweeping and wiping all were
being done before your arrival.
That was in the past.
Now l am here.
Now l am here?!
What is this?
To cook rice for lunch.
Child, you keep everything there.
This boy will do it perfectly.
Kumari used to help me before.
Now if you want any help just
tell Velayudhan Kutty.
Why did she go frowning?
Jealous. She doesn't like my coming.
Kumari, what's the problem?
Did that glutton broker bring anybody else?
Not that.
Then why are you sad?
You intent to make the boy stay here itself?
Which boy?- That boy!
Oh. That boy? Any problem with that boy?
lf you send him out one day earlier,
betterfor Premettan.
You just tell the master, straightly.
He doesn't make me do any work.
Let it go.
Girls can't walk that way Premetta!
- ls it?
Whistling. Songs with meanngs.
Hey, you go. He is a poor boy.
Oh! he is poorforyou and yourfather.
He is a tiger in your absence.
You want to hearyesterday's incident?
l won't tell.- Tell me.
You won't believe me.
- l'll believe you, tell me.
Master had gone out. l was feeding
the cows in the afternoon.
Wearing only an underwear...
- ln underwear?
l feel shy to tell you.
- Come on tell me.
he was standing in the backyard massaging
with oil and showing muscles-
To make me fall.- Really?
Will l say lies? Don't go and ask him.
lf you ask he won't tell.
He is not that good.
That's all l say. ls it true?
Somehow orthe otherthe
work is completed now.
There is peace of mind now.
Did not get the girl from Thanjavur, Master.
Now he says she was sent to Tirunelvei.
Do you know Prema. Police've gone taking
that cassette boy to Tirunelveli.
When they reach Tirunelveli,
he will say she is in Madurai.
Thus will roam a lot.
Police can see places in the
Goverment's expenditure.
Here is Pickles.
Hey- stand there.
Master, l am not joking.
l've seen this boy somewhere.
You are mad.
You come here.
Haven't you come to this place earlier?
- No not at all.
See, there will be 7 people
just like one person.
This is one among them.
Have you seen the rest?
Even then, somewhere....
Manikanta, we've to arrange some
job for him here itself.
He has come in search of a job.
Father, you adopt him.
Don't joke. Now l like him more than you.
This is really a kind of sorcery.
He doesn't know to write Malayalam.
Today, bought one slate and pencil
and started learning.
Hey, you write 'Amma' and show.
lsn't it Elephant?
- No, this is Amma only.
Yes, this is Amma.
No need for searching for another job.
From tomorrow let him come with us.
No Leave it. Let him live somewhere
or other, Manikantan chetta.
Forthat only l tell this...
l need one in place of Kunjoottan.
He can learn the work also.
- Do you like the wood work?
l like it. l'll come.
No. No. He has to go after 2 days.
What's wrong with you?
Started to talk like this from
the time he came.
Don't listen to him. Velayudhan Kutty,
l am the Chief carpenter here,
l tell you to come for work tomorrow.
One minute. You touch my
feet and take blessings.
Father, he has to go after 2 days.
Searching forthe golden field,
the fading light moves to roost.
How the sparrows make haste
to swing on the hay!
With the resounding notes of the pipes,
mingle mischievous anklet tinkles.
We will sow lots of pearls in
our hearts and our sky.
An unpecked fish slips from the net!
Come near, with the chill of the hills.
O Myna, pecking grains in the barn,
what's foryour dinnertoday?
Somewhere in the reddening sky,
mellow millets bloom.
Somewhere in the reddening sky,
mellow millets bloom.
Time has yielded the nestling,
A harvest of handfuls of moonlight.
Searching forthe golden field,
the fading light moves to roost.
How the sparrows make haste
to swing on the hay!
On a bough, festooned with flowers
sweetly warble, with wings of light.
Come little squirrel give me
a small sugar-candy
And good sweet things.
Yonder red clouds wander like cows.
Yonder red clouds wander like cows.
The golden moon in the mirror lake
walks along with the cowherd boy.
Searching forthe golden field,
the fading light moves to roost.
How the sparrows make haste
to swing on the hay!
With the resounding notes of the pipes,
mingle mischievous anklet tinkles.
We will sow lots of pearls
in our hearts and our sky.
Who? l am Manikantan Chief,
whom do you want?
Yes, l will call him.
Call foryou.
Even Tamil people know my telephone number.
Hello! Vaithi! Calling from?
Thanks. l'll accompany. Not possible.
Father is alone.Ok. Thanks.
Velayudhan Kutty, come here.
Thus we can say Good bye to Velayudhan Kutty.
From tomorrow you can become Kanmani.
Vaithi has come back.
lf we want we can go today itself.
l said not necessary.We've to
arrange the set up here.
We can leave by tomorrow nights' train.
am also coming.
Since Police case is there, you be in
this disguise till we go there.
God! it was a play on a bubble.
lf it was broken, can't even think.
Go and work. l'll tell them about going.
l am not going.
What did you say? Now what did you say?
You said something.
l can't go leaving all of you.
Oh! ls that all? lf you had kept your
head on the rail that day...
ln life there'll be such circumstances.
When you go to Tirupuryou will
get accustomed slowly.
Go and do the work now.
No, l am not going.
Don't be adamant.
Now l have reached the extreme limit.
l can't be patient any longer.
Tomorrow morning there is a bus at 7'0'clock.
l am going to book the ticket now itself.
You book the ticket and you go if you want.
Velayudhan Kutty is not going anywhere.
Don't talk. You don't be scared.
l am the person who decides the matter here.
You can work here as long as you like.
You go and do the work. l'll pacify him.
What's this foolish boy!
l'll ask you this because l can't understand.
What's wrong with you?
That boy is learning the work.
He got good discipline, gentleness, etc.
First class behaviour.
Why are you asking him to leave
if doesn't like to go? - Come here.
Did you get the beatings of Police? - No.
Then you'll know its taste before long.
Police jail, lock up, full time busy.
You tell your wife and son to
search for some other work.
Are you mad?
See man, That is not Velayudhan Kutty.
lt is Kanmani.
The girl who was missing
from Roy's house.
What did you say?-Nothing.
You said something!
You promise that you won't tell anyone!-Promise.
You keep your hand on my head and promise.
Are you not well?
You started this from the time you came.
Do you want to vomit?
Your are frightened?
Did you close the hen-coop?
l've closed it long back. Why?
Did you give waterto the goats?
-Yes. l've given.
Then what?-You stand here.
Shobana! -Yes.
What's the matter?-What a man!
Who's that?- Come here.
What?-Prema! a glass of water.
Come fast.
What?-Bring on.
One more glass.l am so restless.
l can't bear.
What happened Manikantan chetta?
Shall l tell my wife at least? -What?
l've no strength to keep such a big secret.
Not to wife alone, not to anyone.
Even when she goes from this place.
Not even once in your life time.
-Go and sleep.
Give me a glass of water.
-You go and jump into the well.
You go and jump.
What Prema!
Velayudhan Kutty who stays with
Premachandra is not a boy, is a GlRL.
The girl who was missing from Roy's house.
Day or night. Oh it is slipped
-What did you say now?
ls it worth telling?
- Hey, where is Kanmani?
By worries.-You bettertell the truth.
You take a purgative!-Today l'll...
Oh My God!
Brother. Time is past 11.30. Come soon.
Nobody forced me to go.
We love each other.
He said he will marry me.
l told him that marriage after
getting father's permission.
l want to go with Preman chettan only.
Brother please wait.
Oh! Why should l wait?
l've the common sense to understand
what is courtgoing to say.
When the girl is an adult she'll be allowed
to go as she likes.
But after completing this.
-Oh! l've closed that chapter.
Today Ammatchi to be admitted
in the mental hospital.
l've come here leaving that.
You do one thing. ln the evening,
come home with Beena.- Ok.
He is in the back.
Conductor, nobody in the back.
One ticket only to Chungam.
l don't know that girl.
She did not say that you are
the one at the back.
But l know the truth that the girl
is not anybody to me.
He just came out of the court
saying that he will marry.
Before that divorce?
Oh is it family quarrel?
This is the man, isn't he?-Yes.
l wanted only one ticket.-Let it go, Sir.
ls it properto make family quarrels public?
Walk slowly.
Stop. You've better knowledge than me.
Then why...
Father used to say that we should not
show humanity, kindness etc.
l neverthought even in my dream that
l've to carry such a big burden.
What's happened to become angry like this?
Those who doesn't have dignity
and honour won't understand.
ln front of such a lot of people you said
we like each other and going to marry.
What would have people
thought about me.
We were able to come out
because l said like that.
A policeman told me this trick
while coming to court.
Otherwise they would've put us in jail.
lt was betterthan this if l was hanged.
Oh God! How can l face the people?
To the place where l'll get peace of mind.
Bars are closed today sir.-Get lost.
What is broken, child?
Couldn't you understand it by the sound?
Some glass. l asked which one?
Have you kept hundreds of vessels?
That one tamarind was stored.
Pick up all the bits of glass.
Otherwise it will pierce feet,-alright!
You are sitting since long time with winnow.
Rice to be cleaned -to take out the stones.
That's enough. Water is boiling.
You give me that. lsn't it to be washed?
ls this girl become mad?
l am staying with you. lt is not a surprise
if l've become mad.
Oh my Kodungallur Amma! Why this girl
is quarrelling with me!
Seethamma, l wanted to ask you.
One A Class groom, a tailor in Mangalore.
He has come here now.
He asked whether he can see the girl on Sunday.
Shall l bring him?
Why do we give trouble to
them Ramakrishnan Chetta.
Now l've left that desire.
What a good proposal was it the other day.
But my daughter doesn't like.
Mother, is to be decided by you?
You ask them to come.Even if l don't see,
l give my consent. ls it enough?
lt is a pleasure to see you lying
with peace of mind.
Good. There is a time for everything.
Only you and your son are
not enough for a family.
A daughter-in-law must come.
They must've children.
Their play, laughter and crying
should fill this house.
Preman has thought of this at least now.
Not like that.
He has saved the girl from
such a pitiable condition.
ls it a small thing to have mind forthat.
ls it due to the non-availability of other girls.
To give a livelihood to an orphan girl,
it is blessedness.
Ha. What to do when you don't understand
what l say. The matter is not as
you've misunderstood.
Master, we are all poor people.
We believe blindly what our children say.
We didn't believe when we heard that Vilasini,
sister of Manikantan Chettan
and Kunhoottettan were in love.
See, she promised keeping
her hands on my head.
Sister, there is nothing like that.
We were surprised when they came back
from Guruvayoortying the sacred chain.
He must be upset to tell everything to master.
We've to realise it.
Where is that smart girl?
Hey Clever girl!
Have this. Shobana chechi's gift. l don't know
whetheryou like these.
Sarees and churidhars are there.
On the way l bought bangles, ring, earring,
bindis, etc from Moideenka's shop.
Preman will not be conscious about this.
l said that suddenly as there was no other way.
Doesn't matter. God has decided everything.
He will make us reach that goal.
There'll be difficulties and sorrows.
Thats all common.
Minds harmony is important. Finding an
auspicious time, the function to be celebrated.
Before the sacred chain is tied,
don't do any mischief.
Mischief? What mischief?
You go girl. Very innocent girl.
Don't Preman, l am elderto you...
- Make me ashamed
Not wantedly. l've no strength to
keep such a big secret
unloaded my burden after making sure that
no one was in that area who knew that
police will come in Satan's form?
l can't face the people.
The difficulty l had to make
my father believe!
You played with fire. Then it will
burn even if it is late.
Think everything for good.
Even if there is nothing, you can take
her with you as a girl itself.
Oh! Am l going to roam and show off with her!
lt is all over l am sending off hertoday.
Let her go anywhere. Why should l know.
lf she keeps her head on some rail track?
With that the matter will be finished.
Has your brain and consciousness gone.
She said in the court
she'll marry you and live with you.
Then if she commits suicide.
Leave that. You think you just
sent out of this house.
lt is enough if anyone gives a complaint
that you are not caring her.
lf she says something wrong
about you, journalists,
TV people and social workers are waiting.
You've kept your head in a trap
from which you can't pull out.
They say this is world of man.
But if a woman wants she can put
any celebrity in great trouble.
There is history.
What to do now?
Move shrewdly.-How?
Even if you are extremely angry,
you love her.
Then after sometime she'll feel sorry foryou.
That time you can get rid of her as easily
as pulling out a thorn.
Prema, heard you have got married.
When was that?
On your death anniversary.
Why are you so late?
This is given by shobana chechi.
lsn't it good.
See the earring l've this is chain.
l have selected some betterthan this,
if possible
we can take in by exchanging or
you buy me a new one.
Come. Have dinner. Father has slept early.
Who?- Father.
What was you calling him so far?
Now suddenly you call father, why?
Because the things have turned out as this.
What has turned out...
l don't want dinner.
Oh God!
The dizzling rain by the river said,
O wind, will you come.
The dizzling rain by the river said,
O wind, will you come.
Opening the window of the rainbow hut.
What a desire to steal a glance!
Shyness while seeing you, but in my
silent lips, the tune of your song.
The dizzling rain by the river said,
O wind, will you come.
Underthe shade of flowering trees
the sky lays a milky silky bed.
Fanning its beautiful peacock feathers,
the breeze is cool when you come.
Hey, coquettish parrot, cooing koel,
sing, shaking the glass bangles.
Make a garland of pretty flowers
Make a sacred chain seen by none.
O dove, build a canopy in the sky.
The dizzling rain by the river said,
O wind, will you come.
Opening the window of the rainbow hut.
Sitting on the flowery mat,
the lover kisses the bud in the hair.
Closing the eyes of the lamp wicks
the wicked steals the heart pearls!
Like a gold bangle, the lightning
Like a bewitching slippery moonlight!
A beauty adorned with gold ornaments,
You are a dream dancing with joy.
O love, come along with me.
The dizzling rain by the river said,
O wind, will you come.
Leave me.
Oh What happened?
- Nothing.
You might have seen some dreams.
You pray Lord Murugan and lie down
Otherwise pray Arjunan,Palgunan,Parthan,
Kiridi etc l've heard you will not get bad dreans.
Even if l pray to any ''karadi'' l won't be
free from bad dreams.
Oh God! Save.
Didn't you take the tools?
l didn't tell you to remind.
l know. You don't bother.
l've come to see you.
- Me?
l got the punishment for all the wrongs and sins
l've committed when l can't bear police beatings
l'll tell them that l've sent herto Salem
or Thanjavur.
l won't get beating till l was brought
back here, Beggars! wanderers!
l am grateful to you for saving me atleast now.
l've to perform some vows.
Will go to Palani to get my head tonsured.
l'll begin from there.
See you.
Poor man.
We could've given him a coffee
Ha!l could not recognise you kunhuttetta!
What is this dress?
There is God above, son.
lt is good for everyone to realise it.
lf one way is shut there will be 9 ways open.
The first way is this. And 8 more is there.
-Oh! 8 more is there?
What's this?
Are you going to build a house?
Yes l'll build a house Besides,
l am trying to buy a car.
lt is my wife's insistence.
To go to her brother's house in her own car.
Let it be. lt is her wish.
Look at this. l bought it second
hand for a cheap rate.
This l will sell it 5 times the rate.
What you take 1 yearto earn,
l will earn in just 1 week.
My sister's bad time is not yet over, Prema!
She will've to endure a lot.
- Let it be.
l won't come to your house to
eat even if l've to suffer a lot.
How many times l've heard like that
when he started chappal business in
the footpath and an eatery shop,
he had said the same thing.
At last, my sister's sacred chain also was sold.
First you take two coconut shells & learn
to make wooden spoons
OK agreed, l am satisfied with you.
Forthis l won't blame you.
How prosperous?
What is this unusual?
ln the morning he did not take anything.
As soon as lunch is ready,
l brought it.-lt's good.
l've kept fried fish for all.
Rice for him only.
How lucky.
l want to sit chatting but what to do.
l've become a business man Driver,
Start the car.
Suresh chetta, l too will do the work.
lt is enough to go in the evening
to give tea to master.
No. No You'll lose your beauty by working.
Premettan will be angry with us.
Come here.
Go child. - Come here.
This is a kind of.....
l don't know what pleasure
you get from insulting me.
lf you don't like my bringing
lunch l'll take it back.
Not about lunch see.
We both know what happened and
how it has reached upto this level.
Leave others. Why you who knows
everything, is punishing me .
What wrong l've done?
This is not child's play.
Then why can't you marry me?
Why can't you marry me?
lt is not like what l said in court.
Truly l like you.
l am not what you think of me.
You don't know anything about me.
Now l've seen you for many days.
ljust want to know this much.
Anyway all are seeing like this
what People will start talking
if you don't marry me.
Child, Marriage & family.
These not in my mind.
This life should be lived somehow or other.
That's all.
l've suffered a lot. More than
what you can think.
Forgetting all this, l laugh and play.
Do you know l was in jail for some years.
That too for murder.
l've learnt the carpentary work from there.
The knowledge l have about vaastu and
all was from the books l read from jail.
This is not my hereditary work.
Conscience in me does not allow
me to see others' sufferings.
l won't learn even if l get difficulties.
lt is a curse on me.
Thats what l suffer now.
OK l told you that because l was ignorant.
There are other reasons to tell.
He's gone to jail it seems for murder,
will anyone believe?
You've to believe. What he said is true.
What you said is also true.
He cannot hurt anyone.
But he was trapped.
l was the cause for it.
l've not only him,
but two other children.
Raji and Ramachandran.
Preman is the youngest.
They grew up without mother.
As soon as studies were
over Ramachandran got a job.
Raji was studying for medicine,
Preman for degree.
When she goes to college
a fellow used to tease her.
He was the son of an liqour contractor.
l did not know all those things.
All the complaints given to preman.
He warned that fellow 2 or 3 times.
With that teasing increased.
At last she said she won't go
to college and wept,
that day Preman went with Sivan,our neighbour
with him and followed his sister.
lt was raining heavily.
He has to cross the lane to reach the main road.
That fellow died by Sivan's hand.
Sivan was the son of a man who
committed suicide due to debts.
He has a mother and 2 sisters.
lt was the time he got visa to go to gulf.
lf he became a defendant in a case,
he won't be able to go.
His mother cried and said the whole
family would commit suicide.
l told Premanto take the
responsibility and confess.
ln advocate's opinion there'll not be
any great punishment as it was by mistake.
But it was wrong.
My boy who has not done the
crime got life imprisonment.
That day l fell ill with paralysis.
My body became like this after
taking treatment for a long period.
But when he came back from jail,
no one wants him.
They did not tell to get out.
But that was in their mind.
Preman walked out of the house, with him l also.
He was the most brilliant among my children,
one to reach the top.
When l think of it my heart is burning.
Will you phone up yourfriend in Tiruppur?
l'll go if he takes one for job.
Master has told me everything.
Then only l believed.
l neverthought you were carrying
such a lot of worries.
l've given you lot of trouble
more than one could endure.
You forget it as it was done ignorantly.
So far l didn't know anything
about love, freedom etc.
After coming here and started to be with you
all l thought i've some to love and care.
l was proud. God won't pardon me.
l did not think all that.
When l was a child, my mother said you'll
get food from that house and left.
Afterthat she never enquired about me.
You've given more
love to me than my mother.
l have this at least to remember.
Hereafter l will never botheryou.
Tell me when to go.
lt is not that l am angry
l only thought of putting you at a place
where you need not fear anyone.
Now whereveryou go,
it will be new place and new people.
l'll try whether l can arrange some
job here itself.
All these are learning tailoring work.
But they need sister Roseline's help
till they learn the work.
Afterthat they take loan
from bank, buy machine and will go.
That is why l take fees compulsorily.
- l will give fees.
Yes. You have to.
We are the people who do the wood work here
That is alright.
No other man should come to see her.
No one will come. Never.
We can't believe the girls
of this age nowadays.
So Premachandran you take the
full responsibility
of the girl as long as she stays here.
You write and give.
Marykutty, bring that Register.
-Yes, sister.
You write complete details,
contact phone no. also.
Elizabeth has not returned
after going?- No sister.
Then let this girl stay with you.
Go to the hall.
One minute.
Don't be frightened seeing her
strict behaviour. She is a poor lady.
You bought the mobile number which l gave.
lt is of Manikantan Chettan.
lf you need anything, you call. Then Ok.
The other day, l told you that
l like to marry you.
Hey. Nevermind. You said ignorantly.
l forgot it.
l am telling not to forget it.
l still like you.
Can go.- Okay
l am coming after going to your house.
l am selfish in your eyes.
One who has no conscience.
l won't say to correct
it each has his own
law and justice l've done
Manikantan Asaari is making noise
there for not seeing Preman
Today didn't go for work?
No. l had some urgent work.
We can go home and speak.- No
l've told father everything.
l don't know whether, he
understood the seriousness.
Some truths are hard to believe.
But try to see the things practically.
When we live in society particularly.
l know father will do only.
what you say lf you are convinced,
you tell him.
You make him agree.
Did he tell you what for he came?
No.- Then why do you want to know.
He wanted me to make you agree.
This means that Master will
tell me everything in detail.
No it is not a thing which you should know.
You can't make me agree also.
l'll definitely be angry with you.
There are already 100 and
odd problems to worry.
ln the middle you father and son.
Whatever it is tell me. l won't
compel you if you don't like.
Even if there is nothing,
he is my brother who's come.
Brother. That is foryou.
He told he has only a sister
as sibling.- To whom?
To the people who came to see Sreekutty.
Sreekutty! ls she going to marry.
Yes l must go forthat Only me.
lt is marriage.
lf anybody asks, he can't say
that l am no more.
Besides, Sreekutty said she won't enter
the marriage hall without getting
blessings from me.
Oh! is that all. What is there to
become tense forthis.
Master should go and bless Sreekutty.
No. l won't go where you are not wanted.
Never mind.
What? Never mind?
He told me looking at my face.
Two proposals were cancelled because of you.
What have you done?
There is one who knows everything.
Your sister.
She could've told him.
lt is for her only you....
Let it go master.
That's all old story.
They are not children of old school Master.
One is Doctor and one is a Bank Manager.
They got the dignity and all.
Considering that, who am l?
Just a carpenter. One who's gone to jail.
Can they say l am their brother?
l am not at all hurt.
When l was thinking not to remember...
That is l also say.
Don't remember anything
which is not necessary.
The marriage is for our Sreekutty.
Till 5 years l told stories and
played with her.
l was carrying her without
keeping on the ground.
She bit me when she had new teeth.
l feel it still.
She is ours.
lf she is stubborn about grandfather's
blessings it is due to her goodness.
Then Master must go.
No l've decided.- That decision we
are going to change.
Master will go forthe wedding l'll take you.
But When they see you...
- No one will see me.
l know such magic,
an invisible man, see.
Masters eyes are full.
Why tears in the eyes of Souri!
Did everthe lotus eyed kannan weep?
l am keeping it in your pocket.
You go and sit in the car. l'll come soon.
No. You come peacefully afterthe function.
Aren't you going inside?
Girls who have to carry the platters come.
My grand father came! ljust want it.
Don't cry child. Don't lose your eyetex by crying.
You extend your hand. Open and see.
You out it in your neck.
Why all this father?
This is for my grand daughter.
Gift given by someone else.
Forthe rememberance of a 5 year old girl.
Where? Where is my cheriachan?
lt is time. You bring the girl to the stage.
Paayasam 3 types.Dal, Banana and ada.
This will be more grand than the
advocates son's marriage.
We drivers can enjoy feasts
during marriage season.
lts true.
ls it started?
Will go soon and sit in the first row.
Are you not coming?
- l'll have afterwards.
Come will go.
You've come so soon.?
No Govt. should rule after destroying our houses.
- lt is our duty.
Without any warning to demolish the houses.
Here there are some rich people.
ou demolish their bungalow
Where will we sleep Say.
- l don't know all that
Forthis we got the orders.
No use of agitation.
This is the Court's order.
We have to put into practice.
Besided this is a part of
expansion of this place.
lt is necessary We will have
a power station.
A bridge will be built on that canal.
lt is forthe good of the village.
lt is forthe good of the villagers.
What is going on here
You can all sleep on the roads.
This place is taken by Government.
My Kodungallur Amma.
Please give way.
We give rent every month and live with dignity.
lf you just tell us to clear out, what law is that?
Thinking that they will get the deed,
there are other people also who built houses
on government's land and lit it.
Here Chettiar and on other
side Ex-MLA Moideen.
They were given notice long back.
We need not know that.
For us no place to go.
We won't vacate whoever
comes- court or police.
Even if l die...
Don't demolish. You take it there.
Don't bring it here. Don't.
Whichever Police may come...
l won't stand back.
lf you give a complaint to the collectorate
you will get compensation.
There is rule. Now let them do their work.
lt is not your house alone, Seethamma.
There are 36 houses in this row including
Balan Master and Premachandran.
Say no more. l am not going.
Chettiaryou should've told us about this earlier.
How much they would've suffered to
transform into a house, the building
Covered with a house, the building
covered with termites and creepers.
They should've remembered at least that.
Manikanta,it was Advocate who cheated.
He said will get stay order,
the Ministers will be changed and will
get deed easily. l believed him.
The collector has sent the
Bulldozer on a holiday.
On Monday when the court
gives the stay order,
everything would be destroyed.
Why are you silent?
What can l say...
We'll have to bear everything.
Yes. Man can't change the fate.
What did you do with your household things?
Everything kept in a shed.
Seethamma chechi was taken
away by her daughter.
Good thing she came from Mangalore now.
The place where drama people stayed,
was given to co-operative society last week.
Otherwise you could've stayed there.
Staying temporarily is not a probem.
By God's grace there is enough
space fortwo people to live here.
Hey, that is not necessary
Manikanta Chettiar.
Why? Are we strangers?- Not that.
The problem will solve if we take
room in some lodge in town.
But we had an attachment to
that house. lsn't it master?
We shoud not love anyone too much whether
a man or animal.
Don't go to lodge with your sick father.
Here only three of us are there.
Get down.
Children get down.
Wait a minute. l've no change. Come.
How much autos are charging?
There is no use of blaming them also.
The price of petrol is increasing daily.
lf lraq-America problem is not
solved we'll have to
go back in bullock carts.
Son, ask your motherfor Rs 60/-
and send the auto.
Brother, don't be angry with us.
No other place to go.
Why are you feeling sad?
A business will grow sometimes
and fall sometimes.
lt is common.
l've stopped the old furniture business.
Complete cheating Now debtors are troubling
We closed the house and came.
Wood workers like us can't adjust
with any other work.
We have our own status.
Why are you weeping Vilasini?
Go and heat the water.
After bath l can' ve food and rest.
Yes come.
There is a place. A safe place forfather.
Without troubing anyone,
you can stay as long as you wish.
l guarantee.
This was my ancestral House.
ln partition my father got this.
Afterfather l got.
When l reached here after retiring
from military and roaming,
this house only was there.
l felt the lack of a family earlier.
But l've a family biggerthan l wished.
For some, sick and old people are a burden.
l've taken that burden.
For me, my father is not a burden.
Nobody need take that burden.
A place to stay till l get.
That's all l wanted.
Can go, master we will go
to some other place.
Colonel has said generally
about the matters here.
Why are you angry?- l got acquainted with
this person before he enlisted.
He used to come to our pace to listen
to the concert of my brother and me.
l've also booked a room here.
ln my house children and in
laws started quarrel.
That's why l am not calling you there.
Still, you alone here- no master.
Why do you like this unnecessarily.
l like the atmosphere and procedures here.
you find a good small house slowly.
Till then l am not coming anywhere from here.
Thinking everything l feel...
you come, and sign those papers.
Then we can go.
l've to see the advocate..
You are young. Can lie in lodge or on street.
Father is not like that.
To see you suffering because of me,
l feel sad.
U won't understand it. Come.
Up. down. touch. bend.
Up. down. touch.
What is this meditation?
l saw 3 houses.
Two are not bad.
The beauty of the old house is not there.
We can adjust.
Master get ready.
We'll go and see.
Don't hurry.
l've no difficulty here now.
You take the house only if suits ourtaste.
Even if it is little late, it's allright.
Then it doesn't matter if l am not with you.
No. Don't play. l'll go somewhere.
Hey, today there was a funny incident.
A rich man... a jewellery shop or
so it was his wedding anniversary.
He gave a veshti and a shirt
for all the inmates.
l too got one. See this.
The door of the heaven will be open to those
who help the poor and orphan.
Now a days, l am little nervous.
l feel as if l have wasted my life.
- Only a feeling? Then it's all right.
Did you everfeel angry with me?
Angry? With you?
You lost your education a life because of me.
No. Do you think there will be
a meaning to life
lf l had studied and accumulated a lot of wealth.
Everything is a role.
Our happiness is what we make.
l've also thought like that.
But that is for self convincing...
My heart throbs when l see you work
hard in the heat and dust.
You-having no one...
Don't l have anyone?
l got my master.
lf it is not enough how many
loving people are around.
Other relationships are nothing.
lt's better not to have such bonds.
You have a soft heart master soft as a flower.
lt'll fade in a little sunlight.
So, l will be a shady tree overthat flower,
protecting it from light and heat.
O! flower, saffron flower,
smiling sweet flower,
the beautiful lotus in my heart.
O! flower, saffron flower,
smiling sweet flower,
the beautiful lotus in my heart.
ln my memories blossomed from moonlight
on tender boughs adorned with pearls,
A small flower, saffron flower,
smiling sweet flower,
the beautiful lotus in my heart.
You are my teacher who taught me letters
A light that removes darkness at night.
You are my teacher who taught me letters
A light that removes darkness at night.
You became a song to sing lullaby
Afingerto keep rhythm,
A blessing which fills mother's absence.
O! flower, saffron flower,
smiling sweet flower,
the beautiful lotus in my heart.
Slept on your shoulder when going to festivals.
Walked with you in the heavy rains of July wind.
Slept on your shoulder when going to festivals.
Walked with you in the heavy rains of July wind.
You called me Unni Ponnunni
became my shadow like a mirror
A goodness that removes all my sorrows.
O! flower, saffron flower,
smiling sweet flower,
the beautiful lotus in my heart.
ln my memories blossomed from moonlight
on tender boughs adorned with pearls
A small flower, saffron flower
smiling sweet flower,
the beautiful lotus in my heart.
Kanmani, didn't l tell Premachandra that
nobody should come to see you.
Won't come sister.
Then who are those sitting in the front.
Wow! How she has grown. What beauty.
Sister, see. ls this a peacock or a rainbow?
Kanmani, do you remember me?
l am your chithi. Your mother's sister Valarmathi.
How many years passed since you are missing.
How will she know sister. Dear, l am your uncle,
your customary bridegroom.
Vetrivel Sundarapandyan.
Dear, if you were in our place
you would have been
living happily with 5 or 6 children.
Like Rama's Sita, lsn't it sister.-Yes.
Why are you frightened?
Did you see your bridegroom and chithi?
Hearing that carpenter's words,
you were making me a fool for a long time.
Jesus saw that. My going to church
and praying is not in vain.
Don't scold Roy Sir. l also know
a little malayalam.
Sister, l am doing firework business.
Fireworks means crackers.
Forthe sales l've come to many
places in Kerala. Wow!
They have come in the morning getting my
address from Salem Police Station.
Didn't the Police take the CD boy all
over Tamil Nadu in search of her.
Learning from that.They've come.
l don't know any of them.
l don't want to see anyone.
Kanmani stop. She doesn't remember anything.
You tell.
That time you were 7 years old.
When we went to the festival in
Mariamman Temple,You asked for balloon.
l bought you chapals
too big foryourfeet.
You threw it away telling it is stolen.
Do you remember?
Do you remember sister?
Hey. Once you applied tomato
Rasam on your hair
Thinking that it is coconut oil and went to bathe.
Do you remember it at least?
The rasam you prepared for sister?-Yes.
Herfather is a cycle rickshaw driver.
Without driving Riksha he died taking liquor.
l incurred all family's expenses.
Her mother is my sister.
When she was born do you
know what Sakthimatha,
Sri Muniamma of Ashramam said? Tell sister.
This girl is foryou. lf you marry her
you are King in this birth.
Otherwise a beggar.
When l was living with that wish stupid
sister left her somewhere.
When l came back from Palani
that sister burnt herself and died.
Sister, from that day, we are searching for her.
Thanks to Muniamma.
As she said she has brought you
in front of me alive and beautiful.
Wow! is this pomogrenade or Mango?
Please you go and sit there.
Hey, come.
Prema! go slowly.
Valarmathi Chithi, Sundar mama
these names l've heard.
But if ask me whether it is the same people,
l don't know.
Perhaps, afraid of this uncle, mother
might have left me in Roy Sir's house.
lf what they said is true,
my mother would have decided to
commit suicide that day itself.
While returning she was weeping.
l remember.
She turned to look at me till
she crossed the gate.
Let it go. That's all over.
ln everybody's life there'll be some incidents
hard to remember. Bear it.
We must bear. What shall l tell them?
l won't go. l don't trust anyone.
Don't send me away.
- Enough. l'll tell them.
That beautiful Alamelu has match
box business. For me fireworks.
Good match. Match box and fireworks.
ls the company still there?
Yes. Alamelu has a child without a husband.
She is ready to marry me along with that child.
Sister, haven't you seen Alamelu.
Tell them how she is!
Fat and dark.
What is wrong with dark skin.
Black is beautiful.
Yes. When he was thinking of marrying Alamelu,
Sakthi matha Muniamma said,
SundaraPandi don't do this.
You forget her.
Muniamma said it. Ourfamily's diety.
Her word is a word.
She said, ''Sundara Pandi keep a sacred
chain ready with you always.
You tie this chain as soon as you see her.
From that day there is a chain always
in my pocket. See.
Brother, what happened?
Where should l tie the chain here,
in the hall or in some temple?- Come.
Tell me soon. My heart is throbbing.
You go. She is not coming anywhere.
What did you say?
To leave Kanmani here and go back
with the chain? Am l a fool?
There was no Mama and Chithi so far.
Hereafter also let it be like that.
Hey, who are you to tell that?
Do you know who l am? - Come here.
You go now.
He is a rowdy.
Get lost. l am a bigger rowdy.
You dog! l know your idea.
Are you trying to do business with my darling
Kanmani after enticing and
brainwashing her, you fool!
Can't you understand if you say politely?
This is not a market
where you sell crackers.
This is a place where good women work.
lf you make any trouble here,
l will thrash everyone, Be careful.
Sister, get in. We are going.
- Get lost.
Mr Premachandran, it is difficult to accomodate
such a problematic girl here.
There is no problem.
Forthe time being, she'll stay here.
Master, shall we leave this place?-Where?
Anywhere. Wherever we are both together.
Anyway we've to take a house.
lt need not be here.
Like bullocks tied to an oil press,
our life's cycle is rotating.
Another place
When we get bored to another.
Like that we can fly like wandering birds.
Your heart is paining. lsn't it?
Not pain, master. Restlessness.
Many problems one after another.
We need a change.
Have you decided?
We've to put Kanmani in safe place.
Poorthing. How long she is like this?
lt is as if God's taken a vow not to
allow some people to live peacefully.
Shall l do one thing master.
shall l go and meet one Sivan?
The real culprit who should've gone
to jail instead of me.
l saw him recently in Town.
l didn't tell you for not reminding
you of old things.
He has come back from Gulf.
Now in Kochi.
There he's doing his father-in-law's
business-real estate.
High status.
As soon as he saw me, came
running and hugged me.
He said his life is my gift and wept.
l felt very much.
He invited me to go with him that day itself.
lf he helps l might get a better job.
Don't want son.
The love when you see each other won't be
there when you are in need.
That may be true. Not all
may not be like that.
What l feel is that in his heart there is still pain.
lt will be a consolation for him
if he coud help us.
May be l don't feel like brushing anyone.
We can try to trust once.
lf l get any job, l'll search for a
house too and come.
l am not telling anyone if l tell l've to explain.
This is a small secret between us.
Do you agree?
Go and come.
Sivettan has come.
Good morning. All are there
You keep this inside
lt is 1 1/2 hrs since l reached airport.
This traffic.
Vehicles are increasing but roads
are not becoming broaderthe politicians
Won't allow it.
Yes l was to reach yesterday itself.
Afterthe checking, when l was about to enter
security there was a bomb threat.
All the flights were cancelled.
- lt was in TV.
You've not met Thampi Sir.
- Harinarayanan Thampi.
Sarath Uncle. Only Uncle.
That day when he came to see the girl,
your son was with Sarath.-Right.
l've returned only 2 days back from
a pilgrimage in North lndia.
Kasi Rishikesh for salvation.
After retirement it is like that.
When in service, must have
committed a lot of crimes.
We can fix the date as peryour convenience.
l'll be here whole of this month.
-What Raveendra!
Someone has come to see you.
Here? Tell him to go to Office.
He said it is personal.
He is from your place.
He came day before yesterday
as soon as you went.
Yesterday also he waited for a long time.
-Tell him to come in the evening.
Meet him now itself.
lf he has come for some help, it is better
to deal in this atmosphere.
They won't sit for a long time
telling something or other.
Ok. Tell him to come.
lt's 8 years since l left my native place.
Even then someone will come to see me.
There is a proverb that the wind
blows only on tall trees.
Sorry, l'll come later.
Hey this is our life imprisonment man.
How come you are here
murdered anyone else?
When l was a jailor in Poojappura, he was there.
How do you know him?
l've seen hm somewhere in my place.
l was in Gulf for some years.
So l can't remember clearly.
Anyway you wait outside.
lf you tell the watchman he'll
show you the outhouse.
l will call you when l am free.
Though a murderer he was a brilliant boy.
What brilliance! Should not
keep company with them.
A criminal's mind will not
change with punishment.
l will come now.-Yes.
Oh Drink.-l got scared.
Prema, come here. l am sorry.
When l saw suddenly in front of them,
l was perplexed.
They came forfixing the marriage
of my sister-in-law.
They all will go now. Outhouse is there.
You go and sit there.
l'll send them and come soon.
No need, Siva. l was wrong.
l should not have come.
Why do you think like that?
l told you to come any time.
That is the courtesy you've shown to me.
My father also told this earlier.
l didn't have Balan Master's foresight.
l waited because you were expected
to come yesterday.
Anyway we met. Sometimes such
experiences are good to know ourselves.
You need money?
Hey, no! l got health to do the work l know.
You go. Don't make the guests wait.
Still you've come so far...-Never mind.
Life imprisonment means punishment till death.
Even if one comes out of jail, it follows till death.
Ok. l am going.
Where were you?
Atravel was necessary. Late by 2 or 3 days
than l thought. l'll get the scoldings now.
After seeing master and getting
the scoldings l'll come.
You can't see master anymore.-What?
Colonel told me that day you had come.
Before the doctor's arrival...
We searched foryou in all places you go usually.
Thought you'll come and waited fortwo days.
Can't keep more than that it seems.
Ashes to be merged in some sacred river.
The rites should be performed for peace of soul.
Get up,
Someone is waiting for a long time.
Not a patient. He asked me to
show the slip to you.
There must be some reason for coming
there without seeing my first.
Father must've had enough of him.
You tell him to wait. l'll come there.
Come, you can sit there.
You sit here. Doctor will come when she is free.
Why this sudden visit without informing?
That too here?
l didn't want to give trouble by coming there.
lf Sreekutty's husband or relative are there...
they don't know me.
You must've phoned before coming here.
Good thing, Gopiettan is not here now.
Some days back did you go to
Advocate Ramanathan's house for work?
Yes.-He's Gopiettan's close friend.
Advocate asked him for lunch.
When he went there he was there
with chisels and tools.
He felt ashamed. Can he say that
is his brother-in-law.
Even otherwise, father and son
like insulting us always.
After Sreekutty's wedding l
wanted to say some words.
Then l thought why should l waste my energy?
Father had come forthe wedding.
He came.
All the people saw him cry and went away
without speaking a word to anyone.
While tying the sacred knot & the girl was
going everyone enquired about father.
What reply can l give?
Everyone knows about the happenings.
He might not have liked my stand.
l never said that l can't look after him. Have l?
She too didn't tell. That day he left as if
we were not his children.
A generation gap will be there.
One should understand it and
adjust when old.
No need of any adjustment now.
Now l'll tell everyone father's
gone on a pilgrimage.
ln olden days it is a custom.
Taking a bundle, they'll go to Kasi or Kailas.
lf they don't return, it is believed
they get salvation.
Don't make it belief.
You can say it certainly.
Father will not come back.
lt is true that he got salvation.
l've come to tell this.
The last rites should be done
by the eldest son.
l thought of handing of the
ashes to sister and go.
Now there is no need of it.
l doubt whether, there is any soul.
lf there is, if you touch this,
it will get hurt. l'll do it.
Father will like it.
Don't. Don't remember even that name.
You live peacefully. l won't come
to botheryou hereafter.
Have you finished reading?
This is Usilampatti Village Officer's certificate
to show that l and my sister are the only
living relatives to Kanmani.
See this Chennai court-order.
Walter Muthunayagam and his party have come
to take her according to this order.
That too sent by Collector Kandaswamy.
That carpenter can't do anything now, sister.
l'll kill him.
lf Walter Sir kicks from Salem, he'll go
and fall in Secunderabad.
l've that experience.
You call Kanmani. Without seeing
her my heart is throbbing.
Sundara Pandi!-What sister?
Muniamma is asking for water.
-What? Liquor?
No. Coconut water.-Sister, can l get
coconut water here?
My family deity Muniamma, who never leaves
her Ashram has come here now
due to her affection to me.
l've to tie this sacred chain
in Kanmani's neck in her presence.
Ok, no need of coconut water.
Just move. ls this drinking water?
Sister, you see about Kanmani-Okay
Will you stop it?
Amma Muniamma now you
drink this plain water.
When we go back after l marry Kanmani,
l'll buy you coconut water and other drinks.
Will everything work out well, Amma?
-Why the doubt, son?
ln a few minutes, the sacred chain
will fall on Kanmani's neck.
Oh Goddess!-Yes. My blessing.
Walter Sir, come.
Stop, you stand there.
This is ourfamily matter.
You don't interfere.
Go away. For security,
there is Tamil Nadu Police.
For blessings, there is ourfamily deity
Sakthi Matha Muniamma has come.
She is sitting on the throne. See.
She is mine.
She is the girl who the court has
given consent to live with me.
That day you said in court that we are
going to marry and live together.
l have only you.
Lie. What he says is lie.
Don't believe him.
Show him the village officer's certificate,
Chennai Court order and Collector
Kandaswamy's special recommendation.
Walter Sir, arrest him. Amma, Muniamma
why are you staring like an owl.
Curse him to ashes.
Hey don't shout.
For everything there are documents
of Police and court.
But not this. Where is this?
The sacred chain l kept foryears.
Stop it! Old lady.
My life is wasted because of you.
you foolish evil woman.
l wanted to marry Alamelu along with her child.
You said not to do that.
You witch- l'll burn your Ashram.
What harm you did to me.
Are you happy now?
ldiot. What did l tell?
l told you that sacred chain
will fall on Kanmani's neck.
Now it's fallen. You go as a Sanyasi.
Sanyasi or Kinyasi!
You are not Muniamma.
You are a Puliamma
A Tigress. A Tigress who's
come to drink my blood.
Oh God!
A new chemistry of life begins...