Rasavathi (2024) Movie Script

'All incidents in this movie are fictitious'
'No religion or community is
glorified or disregarded'
'Thanks to press, media
internet and social media friends'
Sir, please listen to me
for a moment, sir'
'Sir, please, sir'
'If you do that'
'I have no other choice
but to commit suicide, sir'
'Don't hang up, sir'
'I can explain everything
in person to you, sir'
'Sir, please, sir'
'Don't keep whining, Parasu'
'I don't have time to listen
to your non-stop lament'
'Listen to me'
'Don't come for night duty
I'll grant you leave today'
'Meet me tomorrow morning
at Superintendent of Police's office'
'We can talk over there'
'You have set it up to look like
you were not at home during the incident'
'Did you think you can escape
by being over smart?'
'You were present at that venue
and I have all the required proof, Parasu'
'I will hand it over to SP sir tonight'
'Tell your explanation
and excuses to him'
If you say that, I have no other choice
but to commit suicide, sir
Kindly die!
You will definitely get death sentence
for the crime you have committed
At least life imprisonment
If you lack the courage
to face all this
Do what you said now
Go ahead and die
Who is stopping you?
'If you commit suicide
like how you are inclined'
I will squash it and refrain
from complaining to my boss
But if you come and stand before me
without committing suicide
'I will hand over
all the evidence to him'
'Then it is between you
and our Superintendent of Police'
[breathing heavily]
- Sir, your vehicle is ready
- Is that so?
Will it pick up well like before?
Can we chase and nab the culprits?
The moment they see us
they will scatter in all directions
Every scoundrel owns
high speed bikes
Will our jeep keep
pace with them?
I thought as much
Didn't I tell you, they will
assemble in a particular spot?
All of you go in advance and
take cover in dark corners
No one should suspect anything
even if they see you
- Understand?
- Okay, sir
What is it, Parasu?
I told you to take the night off
And meet me at SP's office
in the morning to discuss your matter
Then why did you come here?
I wanted to see you
in person and speak
Why should you talk to me?
I have nothing to talk about
I have a far more
important duty to attend
'Leave now'
I'll meet you tomorrow
at SP's office
'I will deal with you then'
- All of you leave
- Okay, sir
- Constable
- Sir?
My stomach seems to be somersaulting
Double up and get me a soda
- Make it fast
- Right away, sir
Has everyone left from the station?
No, sir
Inspector is inside
He has a bad stomach, sir
So he sent me to get him lemon soda
Inspector is feeling queasy
Give me a fresh lime soda
'Accidental death of Cuddalore Inspector
while cleaning his gun'
[blowing of conch]
'Palani, Tamil Nadu, 2019'
- What happened?
- Got electrocuted, brother
The Alchemist'
I've come to the place you specified
Hello, 'old man'
For how many generations have you
been standing here, watching us amusedly?
- Good morning, doctor
- Come
Like how you asked us, we plucked
these before the honey bee wakes up
Myrobalan flower and
trellis vine, doctor
Root of the Touch-me-not plant
that grows in the west, doctor
Why do you need these, doctor?
For herbal research
Is your vehicle parked outside, doctor?
- Yes
- Okay
- Hello, Shivaram brother
- Hello, doctor
- Packed my list?
- All packed, doctor
- King and queen, right?
- What are you saying?
To prepare my Siddha medicine
Mercury and Sulphur
Hello, Sadha
Greetings, brother
What brings you this side, Sadha?
Raw material purchase, bro
Are you off duty today?
I just took off for a day
I have bought a piece of land
I wanted to plant the seedlings
And just take a look and go
1 more year and then retirement
I have to sit at home
This is my son
Hello, sir
This is the sir I told you about
who is well versed in martial arts
He has an one track mind
on 'Varma' for self defence
I told him about you
I have a small errand to run
I'll leave this evening
- Okay, Sadha
- See you in Kodaikanal
- See you
- Okay, sir
- What do you want, sir?
- 'Triphala Churnam'
- On the top shelf
- Yes, that's the one
Siva, how much longer
will you cook for yourself?
Why? I cook quite well
I like it
What is the matter?
I've found a bride for you, son
Family is well off
Only daughter
She is beautiful
'My son is no more'
I wanted to get you at least
married and well settled
- No need
- Why, my dear?
Affluent family
As an only child she is
bound to be pampered
Only a girl who has met difficulties
in life will understand me well
You know my life story
You take care of your health
Don't sit at home all the time
and get depressed
Walk up to the foot hills daily
Do only that
More than enough
Only if you listen to me
I'll do what you're ask-ing me to
- Huh? What?
- Get married, dear
I like my life style
I'm happy by myself
'If I find a girl like me
I'll get married'
I'll leave now
Brother, stay and have lunch here
- No, it's alright
- Please eat
No, I have to go
Uncle, what happened to your leg?
I fell down from my bike
When you grow up and ride a bike
be sure to wear a helmet, okay?
'Arjun Das'
'Tanya Ravichandran'
'Sujith Shankar'
'Reshma Venkatesh'
V.J.Sabu Joseph'
'DoP Duo
Saravanan Elavarasu & Shiva G.R.N'
Hi guys, I'm Vishan
[Malayalam] Now we will find
my missing phone, guys
A chap is rummaging
through our litter
Let us ask him
Brother, I lost my phone
I was the one who littered all this
Did you by any chance
find my phone?
- Huh?
- No, I didn't see
Did you make this mess?
Come and clear it
- No-
- Come
Brother, my phone
- Lost
- That isn't your phone
- Check in your pocket
- That's my phone
Call your number
You littered, clear it
Call your #
- Guys, today I'll get my phone
- Bro
- You dumped this trash here?
- Just wait
[Malayalam] Yes
[clears throat]
What, dude?
Found it?
Hahn! Got it
You kept it in your car
and you're checking me
- Really sorry
- Sorry, bro
Range problem
No signal in the car
- Come
- Sorry
Dump this in a trash can on the way
Yeah, I will do...I will do
Really sorry, brother
Brother, you want to say
anything to my subscribers?
Teach in your channel
how to handle garbage and not litter
'In order to keep our home clean'
We dump our garbage
at our neighbor's
We dump our State's rubbish
in the next State
And we dump our country's rubbish
in the next country
But we can't dump
all this trash in space, right?
It will still be strewn
all over our earth
Educate your followers
Really sorry, brother
Really sorry
Keep that rubbish in our car
What's your good name?
Sadhasiva Pandian
Really nice name
Sadhasiva Pandian sir
Please 'like' my channel
And subscribe
- Thank you and sorry
- Sorry, brother
[Malayalam] I found my phone, guys
You heard Pandi's sensible advice?
Please save God's own earth
Please save, guys
See you later, guys
Good night
'Coming, sir'
- 'Took all your bags
- Yes, I did'
'For the kind attention
of all passengers'
'There are 6-7 of us
as staff in this resort'
No one has work during the weekdays
But during the weekend
we will be terribly short-staffed
She is Surya
She has come from Bangalore
She is joining in our resort
as day-time manager
We will move?
You'll get it real hard from me
Just wait and watch!
'I'll get even with you'
Is this what you are up to
in your hometown?
Wait, I'm coming
- Oh gawd!
- What?
Will anyone get irritated
watching a tiktok video?
- Look at her sensuous waist?
- Waist?!
Don't provoke me
Get out of my sight
Yov! Careful
Don't stab me with it
I was wondering how temperature
in Kodaikanal is reducing rather unusually!
Our resort now has
a lady manager!
She's even better than
Goddess Mahalakshmi!
Hey! Son of Paulraj
Early morning, you go and sit there
before Govt liquor shop's door opens
You sit here in the evening
before I can open the clinic
And call me 101 times
asking me where I am!
- What exactly is your problem?
- No, Sadha
As long as I was taking the tablets
you prescribed, I was feeling good
When I stopped, I was feeling uncomfortable
That's why I wanted to see you
You should either stop drinking
and get cured with proper medicine
Or you should stop your medicine
and die as a drunkard
I told you, if you continue drinking
you'll end up in the cemetery
Are you pinching the baby
and rocking the cradle?
I don't drink nowadays
I heard you were drunk and
trying to fish on the side of the lake
That was because
I fought with my wife
If I ask her, she says she fights with you
because she can't stand your drunken talk
You claim you drank
because she fought with you
If you keep drinking
you'll end up in a graveyard!
Then your wife and son
will be care of roadside!
Why are you being so cruel?
[moaning in pain]
What is this?
Are they returning
from the battlefield?!
Why are you bringing him
with your shoulder as support?
Bike accident, doctor
Clear case of drunk and driving
He needs stitches
Go to the Allopathy clinic in the corner
You'll find a nurse by name Teresa
If you tell her
she will stitch him up
Apply ointment to your booze-scars
and go home in one piece
Sir, greetings
'I am coming from Poomparai village
My daughter has a problem'
What problem?
She says she saw a ghost
'She claims it is calling her'
'My wife says we should chase the spirit
with the help of a soothsayer'
I am not for it
So I took her to an 'English' doctor
'She checked my daughter
and prescribed some medicine'
'My daughter seems to be
allergic to those tablets'
It has been 2 weeks
She hasn't come to her clinic
'Please help, sir'
I shouldn't take a patient half way
from another doctor, not right
'No, sir'
'That doctor madam isn't even
picking my calls'
'Don't know when she will be back'
No, that isn't job ethics
Try and call her again
Okay, thank you, sir
Then what about my medicine?
Here, medicine
Whether you take this or use it
as starters for your booze, leave now
- Good morning, sir
- What, sir?
I called that doctor madam twice
She just didn't pick up, sir
My daughter is crying in pain
the whole night without sleeping a wink
I would really appreciate it
if you visit my home just once, sir
Please help me, sir
What is the connection
between a ghost and garlic?
If the stomach is affected
brain too will be afflicted
Terrifying nightmares
Ghosts featuring
in such nightmares
The ghost suffocating the dreamer
pressing the chest
All these are caused
by an unhealthy stomach
If the stomach is treated
any disease can be cured
That's where garlic is used
Haven't you seen it hanging
in Hollywood horror films?
As if you will!
Your taste is so different
Okay...okay, forget it
I don't know if your parents
will get what I'm about to say
You are a college student
I am sure you will understand
This is a digestive problem
When you wake up from your dream
You can see the continuation
of your dream in the darkness for a while
1 minute
If you see a black
& white spiral spinning
And you look at some other object
that will also spin like a spiral
You have no feeling
visually or via sound
So you are not schizophrenic
or possessed by any spirit
Just change your food habits
'Eat 2 gooseberries in the afternoon'
Eat a dinner that is easily digestible
- Madam
- Yes, sir
Add a lot of garlic
in the food you cook
Okay, sir
Wait for 2 hours after dinner
and then go to bed
Hmm? You'll be fine
Okay, sir
- Thank you, sir
- Thank you very much, sir
Sadha, didn't you lie to the girl
she isn't possessed?
Do ghosts exist or not?
Tell me the truth
As if spirits exist outside?
It is all one's own mind set!
Whatever is told in childhood will be
embedded in the heart and mind
I was told ghosts don't exist
That's why here I am in the middle of
nowhere roaming around boldly at midnight
You were told they exist
That's why you get drunk and
scared, sleep face down, at night
Okay, Sadha, I'll go home,
hug my ghost and sleep, see you
Please hang up, dear
I'm at work
- I told you I'll talk when I get back-
- Gopal
How are you, Gopal?
The day I got my daughter married
I lost my peace of mind
My son-in-law is forever drunk
and beating up my daughter
She uses this as an excuse
and comes back to us
After a few weeks, he will claim
he has reformed and take her back
If this is a regular occurrence
imagine my plight!
He is a good boy
But when he gets drunk
he has no idea what he's doing
Those bitten by a rabid dog
seeing water will run terrified
'Find a medicine which drunkards
can benefit and run away from booze'
At least you'll be helping
a suffering soul like me
All drunkards don't create a ruckus, Gopal
In my research
there are 4 types of drunkards
Lion drunkard
Parrot drunkard
Dog drunkard
4th is pig drunkard
The lion drunkard knows to use
booze as a medicine
He is the same drunk or not
Is that so?
This parrot category
He'll get drunk and
like a broken record
He will harp on the same topic
repeatedly till he becomes sober
3rd is the drunk dog
Even though sober
Lacking the guts to ask questions
He'll get drunk and
sprawl in a secluded place
He will howl and
indulge in a brave monolog
Pcccht! This-
In a forest without a lion
Like furry-haired dogs parading
claiming to be the king of the jungle
Last category
Drunken swine
Drink not knowing his limit
He'll puke absolutely tanked
and roll in his own vomit
Which category does
your son-in-law fit in?
He's a 'parrot' drunkard
He'll blabber from dusk to dawn
till he is sober and take our life out
'This is Surya'
She has the morning duty slot
He is Dr Sadhasiva Pandian
He runs a Siddha clinic here
1 minute...phone
You go ahead
'I told you I'm at work'
- Hello
- Hello
When did you get this tattoo done?
Er...about a year ago
Aren't we meeting
for the 2nd time now?
You were wearing
your mask that day
But I saw your tattoo
Forget your past sorrows
and be happy here
True, that's why I came here
leaving everything behind
I think the liking is mutual
We are talking
unaware of our handclasp!
[80s Tamil song playing]
"Why did she forget this somehow?"
"This is the story now"
"A tiger in its den will hunt one day"
"He realized that today"
"This is fate, I say"
"One's sin will come out in the open
No way can it be hidden"
What pathetic washing is this?
If I wear this to office
won't my colleagues spit on my face?
You'll always find fault with me
How dare you fling
my shirt like that, rascal!
'Ripping my vest?
Are you mad or what?'
Get out!
Get out of my house
I won't live with you hereafter
I'm packing my things
and walking out of here
What things?
What did your father buy for us?
This old TV?
Here...take it and go
Get out!
I've unloaded everything, sir
One of the cartons
has a rat trap
- Search and keep it aside
- Which box, sir?
If I knew, won't I
take it out myself?
Look for it
- Hey! Go and look
- Okay
- 'Sir
- I'll search in 1 box'
Sir, what kind of job
brings you here to Kodaikanal?
How do I come across to you?
You look like the PT teacher
of Kodai school
PT teacher for the whole of Kodaikanal!
Okay, sir
Thank you, sir
I'll take leave, sir
Wait, you'll get it from me
Look at her
People forget their worries
watching Tik Tok videos
But why do you get tense watching?
What exactly is your problem?
If it is someone else's wife
I can watch coolly
Will you watch happily
if it is YOUR wife?
She is MY wife, man!
[appreciative whistle]
'I thought someone's wife
In the end she is his wife!'
Daily 40 outsiders call me
Only I know how I feel when random men
call and ask me, 'how is OUR wife?'
So is she 'our' wife, bro?
How dare each one of you auction
a big shot's wife?!
Get back to work!
He was the first one
to 'like' and comment
Really, bro?
It's normal to 'like'
if you like a video!
- Let's go
- You'll click 'like', huh?
'Let me see how you click
on the 'like' button'
Madam, good morning
- Hi?
- Outing, huh?
Madam, boating, huh?
Or horse riding?
No, just want to walk around
Madam, ride a horse around
the lake, simply soooper!
He's right, madam
What are you doing out here?
- Neglecting your work!
- No, madam-
I want to consult a good doctor
Not feeling well?
Actually general physician-
No...no, I follow Siddha medicine
- Okay
- You introduced a Siddha doctor to me
Dr Sadha
From BSNL if you turn left
on the way to Naidupuram
You'll reach Bogar Siddha clinic
- Bogar Siddha clinic
- Got it? That's his clinic
In fact, anyone will be
able to direct you
Okay, thanks
Er...excuse me
Where is Bogar Siddha Clinic?
Go straight and take the 2nd left
Okay, thanks
- Hi
- Hello
What brings you here?
I just wanted to look around
Is this your clinic?
Sadha? Friend, huh?
She asked me directions
I sent her here
I came in search of you
I felt a bit shy to say so
That's why
Come in, have a cup of coffee
Time for my duty
I'll come another day
'You've worked in
Cuddalore, Ramnad, Tirunelveli'
'This is Kodaikanal'
'Tourist place'
'Public movement is heavy'
'So you have to handle
matters sensitively'
Welcome, sir
Go and buy tea for me
Okay, sir
Sir, tea
Sir, tea, sir
Don't you know how to
hold a glass of tea?
If your fingers are all around the mouth
where will I sip the tea?
Should I imagine what you did
with your fingers and where?
Sir, the glass was too hot
for me to hold here
Do you know why you are still
a head constable before retiring?
You should bring it on a tray
if it is too hot to hold
Go to Mariyamman temple nearby
Practice holding
a hot pot of coal over there
- Go, man
- Okay, sir
Don't worry
Forget it
Kodaikanal is known for being chill
But that man doesn't know to chill!
I remember
You told me both of you were
in the same police station
Yes, sir
10 years back I was assigned
to Cuddalore station, sir
- Okay
- At the time of his wife's death
Whether he was in the house
or he had stepped out
He had a huge difference of opinion
with the Inspector in Cuddalore, sir
When that Inspector was cleaning his gun
the gun exploded and he died, sir
Otherwise he would have been
found guilty right then, sir
Good morning, sir
'I will see you later
Call if you need anything'
Family, sir, they are here
on a holiday tour
My shoe lace has loosened
Re-tie it for me
Drinking uniform-clad?
What respect does an uniform have, sir?
Only when uniform-clad
higher authorities insult me
I may be the last constable
for this station, sir
But in the eyes of my family
am I not their hero, sir?
I heard about it, Palani
Maybe because we've been slaves
for many centuries
People in high posts
Get a great deal of pleasure insulting
those working under them
Treating them in a subservient way
That attitude still continues
Many of them have a superior attitude
as if they passed the exam in flying colors
And as if those below them
failed the same exam
Their condescending behavior
Such stink like this
Try to overcome it
without the help of booze, Palani
Okay, sir
[mobile ringing]
'Is it Siddha doctor
Sadhasiva Pandian?'
'I am Dr Sailaja'
'A patient I've been treating
for the past 3 months'
'In the gap I was not in Kodaikanal'
'Her father told me you have cured her'
'I need to talk to you
regarding that'
'Can you come to my clinic?'
Your clinic?
'My clinic and home are the same'
Okay, I'll come
Where is your clinic?
'Don't you know my address?'
'Anyone will tell you
in Lake View road'
Sir, please wait, madam is
busy with an important work
Hello, friends
This is Dr Sailaja
World's first psychiatrist reviewer
The film we will review today
'The director of this film'
'7 years ago he gave us
'Mouna Guru', a so-so film'
'Magamuni's star cast includes
Arya, Induja, Mahima'
Arya essays a double role
One character is a tutor
Another character is a henchman
working for a politician
Periyar, Saivite, Vaishnavite
Is the confusion throughout the film
only with the characters in the story?
Or is the director equally confused?
A snake features in this film too
like in 'Mouna Guru'
But one character in the dual role
gets stung by the snake
The other character Arya
gets stabbed on his back
'But we don't feel
even an ounce of pity'
Whether this is a tale of
a father & son or sibling rivalry
Even we are confused
One half deals with spirituality
Other half is full of villains and violence
The story weaves like
waves all over
'Since his story-telling
was so confusing'
I rate this director
only 6.5/10
This director should at least try to
score more marks in his future films!
- Sadhasiva Pandiyan
- Hi
I thought you were caught up
with reviewing a patient
Were you reviewing a movie?
Oh yeah! I review a lot of movies
I select the best movies in a year
as Top 10 Movies
I point a finger to society
to watch the best films of that year
'I have an idea to give
awards too in the near future'
- How many years have you been reviewing?
- About 10-15 years
How do you select this Top 10?
You see, earlier only 50-60 films
were being released in a year
Only 2 or 3 will get to the top
'But now the count
has increased considerably'
To sift and sieve and decide
what to retain and which to reject
Pccht! It is very challenging, you see
If only 3 films make the mark in 1 year
Why don't you just say
those 3 films are top notch?
Same way if you think 13 films
are good, why rate them?
Just say all 13 are watch-worthy
What is the sanctity of 10 numbers?
Is it the 10 commandments of Moses?
Or is it Kamal Haasan's 'Dasavathaaram'?
[clearing throat]
This Top 10
Can we assume it is a means to
include some mediocre films
And keep a few strong films
outside this purview
How long have you been working?
Listen, why are you stepping
into my space totally unconnected?
'I called you here
for an entirely different matter'
I patiently examined the patient
and I was treating her for 3 months
'When I was out of town, I was told
you tried some other treatment to cure her'
That's why I wanted
to meet you in person
She has woken up with a start
from her nightmare
She believed the images she saw
in her nightmare to be true
You diagnosed it as schizophrenia
and you treated her accordingly
Her body reacted adversely
to the medicine gets allergic
Flustered, her father
tried reaching you
He consulted me
as he couldn't reach you
I would have treated her
for the allergy too, right?
If there is an issue of a flat tyre
The nail has to be removed
and the puncture has to be patched
Instead you are patching it strongly
with the nail intact!
What is that supposed to mean?
If a patient has an issue
we must delve into the root cause
But you want to create new problems
and want to address that too!
Is that the right procedure?
Her father is having a hard time
He has already spent too much
He has to spend on these tablets again
That was my thought process
You are talking too big for your boots
No, give what I just now said
some serious thought
You know the kind of contacts
I have in this hill-town
Do you know how many viewers
follow me in Instagram?
Sorry, I don't know
Do you know how many mental health issues
I have solved in TV programs?
I don't have a TV set at home
Then okay
You can leave now
I'll meet you next
wherever I have to
Tell me, Mr Parasu, right?
Tell me
I was wounded in childhood
and it never healed
10 years ago
I got a bigger wound on the same spot
That wound is not healing even now
I understand
It is an emotional scar, right?
Your eyes-
I am reminded of my mother
Oh! Is it?
Are you very fond of your mother?
I was unable to buy the tablets
in this prescription, see?
- Hello, sir
- Good evening
- Thank you
- What do you want to order, sir?
- 1 bowl vegetable soup
- Okay
- Without corn
- Yeah, sure
Give it in this
Is manager Surya here?
Madam is in the kitchen
Shall I call her?
No, it's okay
Thank you
'Hey! Wait'
Giving me food
like I am some dog?
'Serve me properly'
You have time to doll up
but you have no time to cook?
Listen, don't shoot off your mouth
- Go out and eat
- 'I will smash your face, mind you!'
I don't want your food
or any bloody crap
'Get lost!'
- Hello?
- Hello
I heard you wanted to see me
Yes, I came
You were missing
So I asked for you
You haven't cooked at home tonight?
When I was working today
Thoughts of you flashed in my head
I used soup as an excuse to meet you
- 'Sir, soup'
- Thank you
- Ma'am, you got a call
- I'll come
Okay, I think you are busy
I'll leave now
Hello, sir
Order please
- Buttermilk gravy and rice fritters
- What, sir?
Buttermilk gravy
and rice fritters
- We don't have that dish here
- Bring it, man
Sir, order please
Buttermilk rice fritters
Sir, it isn't even in our menu
Prepare it today
Add it in your menu tomorrow
Welcome, sir
Sir is the newly appointed
Inspector in Kodaikanal
You were alone here, so I came-
I came here to be alone
You attend to your duty
Wild bulls frequent this area
How did you come?
I can't see your vehicle?
Shall I drop you home?
No, thank you
I came to be alone, please
Can I come over?
Want a smoke?
Been there, done that and given up
Surya, shall we leave?
- Wild bulls will come down the mountain
- Where?
I'll drop you at home
Huhmmm, no need
Let's go to your place
Your bike is a single seater
How can I ride pillion?
The day I saw you, I searched
at home and fixed the double seat
I feel like hugging you
Shall we?
Hey Surya!
Look where you're stepping
How can I come without looking?!
Your joke may go laughing
down the road, let's get in
I need to eat something sweet
Do you have any sweet at home?
No, you sit
I'll make a cup of
special tea for you
No, I want to go around
and see everything here
Saying you'll go around
don't faint in a dizzy spell
I am steady on my feet, Siddha
I can take care
I can see, very steady
Watch your step, Buddha!
Sadha, so many books in this shelf
Have you read all of them?
You've never shown off
you are so literate even once
Even these authors will
maintain low profile
But the ones who buy
the books and read, pah!
Sky is the limit to their bragging!
'Have you read this book?
What about that book?'
They will keep boasting
God help those show-offs!
Dope is kicking in
from brow to toe in you!
Sit down, I'll make tea for you
Oh gawd!
- Surya
- Pcchht!
- It's okay
- Sorry
Sheet can be washed
After an incident
that happened in Bangalore
This bed-wetting problem started
My grandmother raised me
I mean it
She took good care of me
She brought me up
to be mature
I was working in a software
company in Bangalore
'My colleagues seemed a good lot to me'
'They invited me
to a party on a Saturday'
'I went'
How are you?
Coming, baby
Have it
What, bab-
Hey! What's going on?
'The bottle broke and
ripped my stomach apart'
'I found myself lying in a hospital'
'Only when I was left
alone on that bed'
'I realized I was not
leading a happy life'
'But just foolishly focusing on
making money and spending it'
'I wanted to be left to myself'
'I came here'
Every time I travelled
from then onwards
I preferred a seat
I won't even book a sleeper
scared I may nod off to sleep
My wound healed
and left behind a scar
But the needles in my heart
haven't healed as yet
Can I see that scar?
Your heart that keeps erupting
rewinding your past
No longer needs a joint
I'll teach you how to find peace
without that addiction
"Within me slowly spreads a glow
A streak of lightning as your shadow"
"Forgetting myself I smile happily
Dawn's golden rays stretch before me"
"Within my youth, I can see aglow
a streak of lightning as your shadow"
"Forgetting myself I smile happily
Dawn's fresh rays I can see"
"Time retrieves my feet over the years
stuck in a quagmire of tired tears"
"To & fro, stars rock my love-swing
I hear it as my life's tune lingering"
"Dispersed dreams of love
bloom in my eyes now"
"Even in the lamp of snuffed light
a new wick glows bright"
'Your heart that keeps erupting
rewinding your past'
'No longer needs a joint'
'I'll teach you how to find peace
without that addiction'
"Cool rain drops drizzle
Within my heart as misty mizzle"
"Refreshing rain drops sprinkle
You are that delightful drizzle"
"Drizzling rhapsody"
"Love's spray within me"
"Drizzling melody
Golden harmony"
"When I tossed restless
through nights sleepless"
"You were the silver moon in fullness"
"In the love you showered unconditional
you are the male-mother for me eternal"
"Which account do I save you truly
when your love-account won't tally"
"On your love-fort wall carefree
will I blossom as a golden laburnum tree?"
"Semi-circles of change
in me unknowing"
"A rainbow appears in my heart glowing"
"Enough...enough, this will do
Love's blossoms in many a hue"
"Enough, for all times of day and night
I am so suffused in love-delight"
"I am contented, baby
with your crooning love lullaby"
"This will do for me, till the end of time
I am floating on cloud nine sublime"
None of the tribal people here
regard trees as a dead piece of wood
They consider trees as Gods!
The elephant hurt and fallen
on the railway track
Trees packed as logs of wood
and transported in a lorry
To me both are same
Look at him
Smile please
Smile more
Some more
Look at the camera
Look at each other face to face
I think it's some film shoot
'Hello, director'
- What film, bro?
- Pre-wedding shoot
English film, huh?
- Bro, seems risky
- Let's pack up
- Let's go
- Who are they?
Why invite trouble?
Let's rush back
Hey! Did you get cash from Suresh sir?
We came all the way
only to kill him
Hey! We have been assigned
to kill Ramesh
Suresh bro has given us this task
Then what about that female
he brought with him?
That is Suresh bro's glam doll!
The moment we set eyes on Ramesh
we have to kill him, buddy
We must get his signature
and then roll him off the mountain
What are you doing
without getting a hang of the facts?
Hello, boys
Elephants walk down this path
You are breaking bottles here
Look at this Good Samaritan
feeling bad for elephants
Why don't you buy shoes
for the elephants?
Pick this also
You won't listen
if I tell you in a good way?
Try saying it terribly!
Nab those 2, running over there
'Where did these thugs
come all of a sudden?'
- 'Nab them
- Who are they?'
'Look how they got drunk
and created a ruckus'
'Sir, only two of them
have got caught'
Can you be off alcohol
with Palani vow?
Yes, sir
Then follow that abstinence vow
the whole year through
- Lord Muruga won't be mad at you
- Okay, sir
- I'll prescribe medicine just for this
- Okay, sir
Please take a seat
I haven't come to sit!
I'm here to investigate
Tell me
I got information you supply magic mushroom
to foreigners who visit Kodaikanal
- Who told you?
- I can't divulge classified information
You are a doctor
So I've come here to enquire
Otherwise I would've
summoned you to the station
Someone has given you
wrong information
Enquire thoroughly and come
Why were 7 of you
armed and roaming around?
Confess now
If you don't tell
I'll break your knees
He is tight lipped even after
being beaten to a pulp, sir
Must be used to the 'lathi'
[groaning in pain]
You don't know how
to hit a raw nerve
- Come here
- Sir
Go to the shop nearby
Ask for a lemon squeezer
Buy the wooden one
Not the stainless steel
- Get that
- Okay, sir
[moaning in pain]
Give it to me
Make him stand up
and strip his trouser off
Not two
Just take one
Squeeze it tight
- Sir
- Just obey my order
[screaming in pain]
[mobile ringing]
'Can I get buttermilk and fritters?'
Can I get buttermilk gravy
and rice fritters?
Who is this?
Did you think this is a hotel
and called at this time of the night?
Hang up now
[mobile ringing]
Hello, can you make
buttermilk and fritters?
Hello! Who are you?
Bugging me for food
disturbing me with your calls
I'll complain to the police
I am actually calling
from the police station
'I have nabbed 2 junkies'
'I believe you intended
to kill your husband'
'They claim you planned to
roll him down the mountain'
Shall I come and relish
buttermilk gravy made by you
'Or will you come to the police station
and eat the 'biriyani' here?
'I will make buttermilk gravy and
fry fritters for you in 10 minutes, sir'
Who is Ramesh?
He...he is-
Boy...boy bestie
Why this deceit without a divorce?
My husband didn't agree
to grant me a divorce
I haven't filed a case yet
Thank you, sir
I don't know how I can help you in return
My husband has been calling me repeatedly
wanting to know where I am, sir
What will I tell him and cover up?
Please, sir
Tell me what to do
You wanted to know
how you can show your gratitude!
Do you know the kind of money
other cops would've extracted from you?
Or they will call you
for 'adjustment'!
I didn't stoop to that level, right?
Your eyes remind me
of my mother, I already told you
Okay, you can leave
I can take care
'Leave...you go'
Go home
Boy bestie Suresh!
Okay, bye
Take care
I can visualize the words
you are reading on your face
I was admiring that radiance
You are such a beautiful lass!
You too
So many girls would have
said the same to you
No one has complimented me like that
I've been a loner
Many have said I'm full of
temerity head to toe!
What's so amusing?
No, just that
I was thinking of a future
with a boy resembling me
Talking in your deep bass voice
Doctor sir
I'll go
Doctor si-
Who are you?
What do you want?
Who are YOU?
Haven't seen you before
I come here quite often
I misplaced my phone
That's why I couldn't contact him
So I came to see him
Girl, who are you?
I think I barged in
at the wrong time, see you
She isn't the type to get emotional
over your act and ditch me
Who sent you?
I got caught in a police raid
He asked me to break your relationship
But please don't ask me the name, sir
I can't tell you, sorry
I don't know if you checked
your period dates
You are pregnant
I thought as much
Oh gawd!
Was your marriage arranged
or did you fall in love?
Arranged marriage
Why didn't it work out
for both of you?
I am a psychiatrist
He's stinking rich
I agreed to marry him
only because he is loaded
After we got married
he started treating me like a slave
When I hated living with him
and asked for a divorce
He refused outright
That's why I hatched this plan
Hand in glove with Suresh
I'm talking to you
but at the same time
I can hear my father and mother
fighting loudly inside my head
Hey! Your friend Aravind and you
Went to Pichavaram
when you were in college
'If you keep suspecting me
and dragging me into a fight'
I'll burn myself to death
First do that
You have my full permission to do so
Go and self-immolate
[anguished scream]
'Hey! Don't come near me'
[yelling in pain]
32 years have sped fast
since that fateful day
When I am alone, those yelling scenes
rewind and replay in my mind all the time
I don't like anyone being happy
The man who ruined my life
He is leading a carefree happy life
right in front of my eyes
I am Inspector Parasu
We have already met twice before
But I haven't come
as Inspector now
I'm here as your well wisher
Can I talk to you
for 2 minutes?
Hmmm...tell me
I've seen you being
rather intimate with that doctor
Were you the one who sent
that prostitute when I was there?
I did that with good intentions for you
But didn't work out
the way I intended it
So I came to see you in person
and share some information
Sadhasiva Pandian you are dating now
He has been practicing in Kodaikanal
only recently, for the past 3 years
Before that, for 8 years
If you ask him what he was doing?
He will claim he was doing his PhD
If you ask from which city?
He will zip his lips
Do you know why he drags his foot
and walks with a noticeable limp?
'Have you ever asked him why?'
If you do
Disgusting information about him
will make you speechless!
'Then you'll automatically
drift away from him'
You are a beautiful lady
Well read too
'Why do you get lured
by an accused like this?'
This is your life
You have only 1 life
Think deeply before you decide
Mix this medicine in 4 drops of honey
and take on an empty stomach in the morning
Okay, doctor
Hi Surya
I need to talk to you alone
Sit inside
I'll join you
No, I'll wait here
- Here
- Thank you, doctor
- Let's go in
- No need
I would like to talk here
What happened?
I came clean
about my life to you
But you have shared
only general stuff with me
Even I should know all about you, no?
Why all of a sudden?
No, I need to know
My mother didn't want to stay alone
after my father's demise
We went to live with my grandfather
'I studied in Theni'
'My mother was diagnosed with cancer
and she passed away'
I grew up in my grandfather's house
'His Siddha medicine and Varma martial art
became our family legacy'
The science of Siddha medicine
I have taught you so far
A patient can be cured
He can be made a permanent patient too
If not that
From his body
you will be able to
Snuff out his entire breath
'When I die'
You don't have to wait
for my useless relatives to arrive
Cremate me
'Sprinkle my ash
all over our estate'
'I studied Siddha medicine in Tirunelveli'
'When I came to Madurai Nagamalai
to pursue my PhD in Siddha medicine'
'I got back in touch
with my school friend Ilango'
'Varma School of
Self-Defence Training'
What, I say?
Missing for 2 weeks?
Heard you went to the Himalayas?
Hello, bro
I went to do penance
in search of peace, bro
Why do you go to the gym in USA
to try and become Arnold?
Even if we work out in our local gym
we can flex our muscles
Pccht! Don't confuse him
Bro, did you hear
this piece of news?
Permission has been given
to quarry this mountain, bro
I studied law only to crucify
such ruthless rogues
I must tell my senior
and first put a stop to this
'If the townfolks stand united
and protest against this move'
- Can't this be stopped?
- Correct
But they are split caste-wise
This petty infighting is advantageous
to that unscrupulous lot
If one caste wants to protest
the other caste refuses to co-operate
They will never stand united you see
Even if they decide to hold hands
'Your grandfather grabbed all our land'
'My grandpa taught you
to even drape a 'veshti' you know'
They will provoke such controversies
And ensure they remain split
and not stand united
You want to teach the concept
of freedom to these people?
Each one has understood
the word 'freedom' differently
You claim freedom is flying
here and there like a wild rooster
But they have become broiler chicken
'When you take us to the butcher stall'
'You hang us upside down
in your TVS 50 bike'
'Our beak is scraping the tar road'
'If you tie us a little higher'
'We will be truly happy'
This will be their plea
You want to support these broiler chickens!
Why is mercury referred as 'king'?
The perfect king
He is one who absorbs
the good and bad events in his kingdom
'Like how he guides his subjects
in the righteous way'
Mercury will absorb all these
as part of its own character
That's the reason
mercury is called
Sulphur is referred as 'queen'
Continue to grind
I'll be back
Chandra, your parents are here
Feels good
but they may see us
Chandra, please
Get up, dear
I told you to come to my college
Why didn't you?
I will be blamed
for your arrears!
Please go in
- Please
- Don't wriggle out
'Coffee for you'
Oh God! My mother
Hi, pa
Come, dear
We can get married
once I finish my undergrad
We'll have 2 babies
1 son, 1 daughter
Hey! I grew up
as an only child in the estate
Just 2 children won't do for me
I want minimum 7-8 children
Not C-section, you'll deliver
all our babies naturally
You have to be fit enough for it
I am sharing my soulful wish list
And you are keeping quiet
Allow me to blush a bit
Remove the jewelry from ears,
neck and feet quietly
And go your way speedily
- I won't harm an inch of you
- Hey! Get lost
Who is this?
Look how I puncture a body now
Take this
And this
Take him to the hospital
without taking the knife out
He'll bleed pots
and gallons otherwise
Damn! You stabbed me in my butt
I'll get even with you
'Take me gently
It pains like hell'
My bones are rattling
They may complain to the police
and we will be in deep trouble
- They won't report
- Slowly
We'll cross the bridge then
'A few stitches
is all you need'
If they stitch you up,
butt will burst when you crap
A bit of turmeric paste
will do the trick, come, bro
I don't have the heart
to go back home
- Okay, let's catch a late night show
- Aiyo!
You know my mother will make
mincemeat out of me
So you know, right?
Go, darling
Stop right there
You think I don't know
what you are up to?
Nothing of that sort
I know, you know
You are meeting her alone quite often
Once in a while
The topic of 'marriage'
would have cropped up?
[clearing throat]
- No
- Hey...hey!
What else will you talk about
when you have your privacy?
What an explosion!
Oh my goodness!
What did they do to our mountain?
Tamizh...hey Tamizh!
They are breaking our mountain
You are lying here totally tanked
Are they breaking down the mountain?
A boulder from the mountain
has fallen inside your house
I went looking for you
and here you are in a drunken stupor
I must ask that quarry fellow
to pay for the damage
I'm bothered about the mountain
and you are harping on compensation
Get up and come
Come, bro
Hurry up
You are looking at this mountain, right?
This is...this is
after all just a mountain
They will break the stone
And decorate the floor
of some rich man's bathroom!
A monastery stood here long ago
There are beds of 7 Tamil Siddhas
carved in stone on top
Besides this cultural relic
A rare species of falcon
Only a few are left circling here
Are any of you aware of this?
[overlap of voices]
It's just a mountain, man
If eagles fly away and it is flattened
we can also play cricket here
Such a hindrance
in the middle of our town
Even you have a couple
in no way useful
Shall we chop them off?
I have just one request for you
I want your signatures here
Only then we can save this mountain
Come and sign
'If this chap gets a stay order'
It will be doomsday for us
You know how much
I have spent for this?
Do you know how much
this mountain is worth?
We can buy 10 generations
of this entire town's population
That much money is at stake
He is bothered about
stork and sparrow!
He has got everyone
to sign their dissent
You are right, bro
He's a real pain in the wrong place!
He will ruin our livelihood
If he doesn't pay heed to my words
No other go but to close his chapter
Only snag
He rebelled for this mountain
They will make him a revolutionary hero
'Before he dies'
We must tarnish his image
and make him die a rogue
What I want you to do is
Link some affair with a chick
and spin a believable tale
Only then our people won't
even attend his funeral
Are you going to your clinic regularly?
Did her father pull you up?
He doesn't know
He's a good soul
He is very fond of me
If he finds out he will
get us married willingly
But her mother knows
only to glare at me
Did the bus to Pazhanganatham stop here?
Not yet
I am unable to decide whether
her mother stares or glares at me!
If our girls fall in love
the family will start groom-hunting!
Don't think too deep
Get married
Chandra is a good girl
Please don't miss this golden chance
Good afternoon, Mr Lawyer
Sadha, I need to talk to your friend
Please sit
My boss asked you to meet him
regarding the quarry issue
I can't discuss
quarry issue with him
Ask him to come to court
I am saying this
for your own good
I spoke politely to you till now
respecting your age
Leave now
- Go
- You won't listen to good advice
Hey Ilango
'Young lawyer in Madurai murdered
due to an altercation about illicit love'
'In both the police and
law & order departments'
'A few corrupt officials are willing
to have their palms greased'
'As per the complaint
given by the quarry manager'
'Ilango's death was reported
as an illicit love case'
'When I wielded my knife
that hooligan was killed accidentally'
'There's a visitor to meet you'
'I got life imprisonment'
Ilango is dead
The quarry owner acquired a permit
and the mountain is being broken
Our entire town is
cloaked in smoke, Sadha
Our people have learnt to
close their eyes and nose
And got used to living
in that dust-laden atmosphere
Visitors can go in
Why did you come here?
You are here
How can I not come?
'Sadha, I had submitted a petition
to meet you last week'
They refused to let me see you
What is the tearing hurry to see me?
Chandra is married
But she was totally against it
That's why I rushed here to tell you
He is that chap, Vetri
Didn't I tell you?
He's coming here
Is Chandra his girl?
You are rinsing here
Her husband is rinsing her
night and day over there
You are such a sissy!
- Why this unnecessary talk?
- What is unnecessary?!
Vetri has been hit
Come over here
Why are you hitting us?
Show your rage
on Chandra's husband
You think you are Bruce Lee?
Hereafter you will walk
with a limp lifelong
Break his ankle
'At first it felt good
to take revenge'
'But the pain within me never decreased'
'Then after my leg was broken and
I was shut in a dark room in solitude'
'This revenge feeling was replaced by'
'A decision to do something
good for our society'
What happened to that girl?
Sorry, I don't wish
to talk about her
'If you knew the truth'
'Scared you may leave me'
I held all this back from you
I won't leave you and go anywhere
You don't ditch me either
What's the problem
between you and that fellow?
Why is he stepping into your space?
We are leading a quiet life here
leaving many of our problems behind
Where will we go
if there's an issue here too?
Try to rectify this, Sadha
Why are you 'sir'ing me?
How many more days should I do this?
Please, sir, Govt is announcing lockdown
My husband is calling me nonstop
I managed to cover up
with 101 excuses
But I swear I can't continue like this, sir
Please, sir, I have to
go to Chennai, let me go
All in good time
Please, sir
'Listen to me, sir'
Please let me go, sir
Do you know why I liked you?
When faced with a problem
instead of committing suicide
You wanted to murder your husband
That's what I liked about you
My mother could have killed my father
and lived happily with me
I can't cope with
the screams inside my head
The man who ruined my life is happy
One swift blow with an axe
If I slice his life into two, I believe
the voices in my head will subside
Why are you voicing such thoughts?
You know, I can help you
[mobile ringing]
Hello, sir, I am
Dr Sadhasiva Pandian speaking
A problem is brewing
unnecessarily between us
I would like to see you in person once
and come to an amicable solution
Can we meet one day soon?
Is that so?
I am at home
You can drop by
I'll go meet that man and be back
I'll come with you, Sadha
Why should you come?
You be in the resort
I'll be back soon
[mobile ringing]
'The whole of India is
scheduled for a lock-down'
'Covid will easily spread
in the cold climate of Kodaikanal'
'So send all the tourists staying
in lodges, hotels, resorts here'
'Send them back to
their respective home towns'
'Just allow a single watchman'
'To stay in lodges and hotels'
'Make sure the others leave Kodaikanal'
No one can help me
I need to help myself
Whether you kill Ramesh
and live happily with Suresh
Or be beaten up lifelong
by Ramesh, I don't know
But Suresh
He isn't even picking your call
You've planned to kill your husband
trusting your boy bestie!
When he found himself in a soup
he switched off his phone and scooted
Don't fall from
the frying pan to the fire
Trust your own self
Live alone, by yourself
You will find true happiness
'Chandra is having hell
in her married life it seems'
I'm feeling tired
I want to sleep
'Okay, sleep'
'Take rest'
Slept well?
Feel rested?
Come then
Don't talk to your neighbors
None of them are good
I don't talk to anyone
in this neighborhood
You shouldn't talk
Lock the door and stay inside
[door bell ringing]
'Come here'
Did your mother compel you to marry me?
- 'Huh?'
- No
Then why are you
lamenting here and there?
Sit here
What is this?
When you give it to me
specify it is 'coffee'
I don't know what I'm drinking!
Your mother bragged to me
about your culinary skills
Are you training to be a cook
with me as your guineapig?
'There is no connection between the life
I imagined and my present reality'
He is forever finding fault with me
Darned if I did
Damned if I didn't!
I have no other option
I sit at home
in silent solitude
I can't even stand his normal chat
When he's off duty and
talks to me in a drunken stupor
I just can't listen
to that mad tirade
We have to buy groceries for tomorrow
You are the only child
for your parents
Who buys in your house?
My father
You get used to doing so here
Go straight and turn right
You'll reach the grocery store
'I can't keep buying all the time'
'Assume I am not here
and you go buy'
'Go and come back quick'
Give me cash
Keep it on the table
Who is he?
His name is Sadha
For his PhD thesis training
He joined as assistant to my father
Isn't it the pine forest
in the background?
You've gone to Kodaikanal from Madurai
Did you travel by bus or bike?
Did you return the same day?
Or you booked yourselves
in a hotel room?
'My dear father-in-law!'
The chap who came to
pound medicine for you
Do you know he has pounded
your daughter too?
Don't you know?
I was in the dark why she had
a sulking sullen face all the time
Every time she slept
with me, all along
She has thought only of him
If people get to know
It is an insult only to me
How could you do this to me?
Don't come home hereafter
Stay with him and try
to solve your problem
Don't think of coming home
Obey implicitly
whatever he says
Try to be happy
'Chandra's husband got to know
about your love matter, Sadha'
'He called her parents
and insulted them to the core'
'She has called Ilango's sister
and cried her heart out'
'Poor Chandra!'
Keep it there
Get the room ready
- This is your-
- Hey!
Hello, sir
Nationwide lockdown has been ordered
Why are you making entries here?
Sir, that's usual-
- Why did you come here?
- We are here as tourists, sir
You came to Kodaikanal
to get drunk, right?
Go back home without dying of Covid
Where is the other manager
who works here?
She is in the next block
I will inform her
- No, I'll tell her
- Sir?
All of you leave
Go home right now
[startled gasp]
He is an accused who served
jail time for a murder case
Despite my words of caution
you continue to flirt with him
Won't you pay heed to my words?
- Which is your home town?
- Coimbatore
Leave now
I have no one over there
I intend staying here
How will you be here?
He will visit you here
You'll go over to his place
This is what you'll both be up to
Go and stay with
any friend or classmate
Don't stay here
Whom are you calling?
I don't know if I was drunk or I forgot
He said he would come home
Tell him to come
Let him come here
'Ask him to come right here'
Call him over
'Sadha, that policeman is here
and creating a problem'
'Come to the resort now'
He has come, eh?
What happened, Surya?
[mimicking Sadha]
What will you do
whatever happens, huh?
What will you do, I say?
- Sir
- HEY!
You are Sub Inspector
Keep out of this
Okay, Surya
Go back to your town
Surya, come with me
I'll take you home
Do you think you'll get away
ruining my life and be happy?
Me, huh?
Why did you kill her?
I killed her, huh?
'You killed her'
She died because of you
My wound hasn't healed even now
10 years have sped by
You are having a jolly time
Why did you kill her?
I didn't kill her, man
You were the one who killed her
What did I do?
You ruined my life totally
If only you had never met her
we would have led a happy life together
Why are you drinking
just before your duty hours?
Thinking of you and that medical intern
having fun in Kodaikanal together
Torturing myself about what you would have
been up to, I want to drink all the time
We didn't make out
or cross any limits
He is a good man
That's why I loved him
He loved me too
Circumstances made me marry you
Why are you killing me
with your words day and night?
You can chase me once and for all
out of this house instead?
You think you can
then find greener pastures?
You'll run away just 3 months
after we have got married
You want society to deride
me as a wimp and a wuss?
Why do you kill me daily?
You can kill me
and put an end to this life
Why should I kill a wretched female
like you and land up in jail?
You die
Go and die
I can't bear this, father
I just can't bear this torture
I am going back to my father
I'll kill you, bloody female!
If you can polish my shoes
and scrape the pots and pans
Stick around here, then do so
If you don't like that life
Hang yourself
to death right here
You cannot go to your father
Father it seems!
What are you doing?
I have to go to work
Polish my shoes and then die
I did not sleep with him
But I feel sad now
I didn't do so
You can't match even the dust on his feet
Every time you forced yourself on me
I thought ONLY about him
Do you know why?
Because you're such a sissy wimp
'I will die now'
'You die daily, lifelong'
'10 years since she died'
Still I haven't got rid
of that urine smell
Surya, let's go
Having ruined my life
will you have fun with her too?
Surya, let's go
'Doctor, are you hurt?'
He is provoking me
Am I kindling your anger?
Come on, lose your temper
I want to see you lose control
Show me your angry side
Damn your rage!
I am restraining myself
because he's in uniform, sir
Sir, don't hit him
Sir, you are committing
a grave mistake, let him go
Sir, leave him alone
- Don't shoot, sir
I'll report, when you were cleaning my gun
your head exploded to pieces!
- Move
- Let him go, sir, please
Acting as if you are not
the least bit scared?
Think you're a brave hero?
Have your parents taught you
to act as if not scared is bravery?
I was taught
'to die fighting' is bravery
Come on
'In all these years of service'
We have aided and abetted
the crimes committed by our higher-ups
Today when a higher up officer committed
a grave crime in front of our eyes
'We were unable to stop him'
'Due to pressure from higher authorities'
How often we have hidden the truth?
Forced to lie
Today for the sake of the public
- We can easily lie
- Okay, sir
You leave, doctor
I'll handle this
Take care
Take him home safely
You said you hit that man
into an unconscious state
How is he now?
Will he return to torture you?
We'll handle it
when he regains consciousness
[hissing sound]
'Sadha, we are all under lockdown now'
What will happen?
Everyone will air their thoughts
on all the TV channels
And inject everyone with
medicine they have already prepared
In the end they will claim KSK
a Tamil herbal Siddha medicine will save us
They will release all of us
from this 'lockdown' rule
Okay but what is this KSK
'Kabasura Kudineer'?
You'll know before Lockdown is lifted
subtitled by rekhs