Rasputin and the Empress (1932) Movie Script

[Men singing in Russian]
[Bells ringing]
[Choir singing
in Russian]
Almighty lord of hosts,
preserver of holy Russia,
300 years this day
have the Romanoffs
reigned over us.
[Choir singing]
Grant unto them
thy servants
a peaceful life, length of days.
# Emperor Nicolai
Aleksandrovitch #
[Choir singing]
Man: # Bless all-pious #
# Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna #
# Protect with thy mercy #
# Alexis Nikolayevich #
# Anointed by God #
# To protect the throne #
[Choir singing]
Choir: # Amen #
Almighty lord
of hosts,
king of kings,
bless all
of these my people.
Fill thou
their lamps with oil
and give them from on high
the dew of heaven
and all the fullness
of the Earth below.
Grant them
mutual love
in the bond of peace,
and may the Grace
of our lord Jesus Christ...
Be with us ever.
Choir: # Amen #
[Choir singing]
Your highness,
I regret
to inform you
Your brother
will not be present.
Why not?
There's been
an accident.
He is dead?
Yes, your highness.
Yes, your highness.
God rest his soul.
What has been done?
A number of suspects
have been arrested.
Shoot them...
All of them.
Without trial?
They did not give
my brother a trial.
We'll show them what a
real killing can be like.
Your highness, another
wholesale execution...
You've had
your orders.
But, sir, I can't
obey such orders.
Man: Shh. Natasha.
Uncle Igor...
is it true
about my father?
Your fianc seems to
sympathize with the assassins.
Darling, because
they murdered,
we can't
murder back.
It's the first thing your
father would have said.
Take me to him.
Natasha, your place
is here.
The Empress'
Does not leave for any
reason, Prince Chegodieff.
But, your
[Gavel raps]
Man: His imperial highness
the archduke Ferdinand
of Austria-Hungary.
[Orchestra playing]
Ferdinand, what an angel
you are to come so far.
I wouldn't have missed it
for anything. Your majesty.
And Alix.
Your imperial highnesses.
If the Emperor
had been well,
he would have been
here himself.
Oh, he would not bother
about us parvenus.
What is 300 years
to a Hapsburg?
We are feeling
our years, though, hmm?
In celebration
of your anniversary,
The Emperor has
asked me to confer
the order
of the iron crown
on his little highness.
Oh, how beautiful.
No, no,
at the top.
Well, Aloysha,
what do you say?
Will your highness
honor me
by expressing
to his imperial majesty
our sincere gratitude
for this great honor?
Ferdinand: That's
a beautiful speech.
What a soldier.
If we ever have
a war,
will you promise me
to fight for Austria?
Yes, your highness.
He will stay home.
Oh, well.
Ha ha ha!
Your imperial
I wish to extend
the sympathy of France
in your terrible loss.
The grand duke, sir,
he was fond of my country.
Your majesty.
Sergei... Sergei?
your majesty.
I was laughing and talking
with him only this morning.
Your majesties, Im so
sorry I brought the news.
Excellency, we should
have heard soon.
the audience.
Aloysha, go with
your sisters.
Oh, take this away.
My head aches.
Yes, majesty.
Do you want
the doctor, my dear?
Oh, no, Nicky. It's
nothing. I'm all right.
I can't help
thinking of Sergei.
He was so full of life, so strong.
Do you remember that
rose garden at Bialystok
and the marble stairs
He never
let me climb?
Once he tried
to carry us both.
Why didn't we
stay there, Nicky?
We were happy...
Human beings.
Nobody wanted
to kill us there.
There were
no soldiers then.
This is our destiny,
my dear.
I know.
What have we done to these
people of yours, Nicky,
they should hate us so?
Nothing, Alix.
Everybody loves you.
You know that.
but you love me,
That's enough
for any empress.
[Choir singing
in Russian]
[People shouting]
We die gladly!
Our names will be remembered
when your end comes!
Comrade, stand up!
[Woman screaming]
[Drum roll]
[Trumpet playing
As you were!
Lieutenant Karpov, who
detailed the chevalier guards
to the firing squad?
His imperial highness the
grand duke Igor, prince.
Oh, he did?
What do you mean by
interfering with my orders?
Your highness, this
is not your regiment.
I will take
all responsibility.
Fortunately, Ive
already done so.
Fe chevalier guards
have on our helmets
for faith and courage, not murder.
I commanded
this Court-Martial!
Nobody commands
my regiment
but the Empress
Aah! You want to shoot us
yourself, you Judas!
And I know their majesties would wish
these people to have
a fair trial.
You are
under arrest.
Any such order,
your highness,
must come directly from their majesties.
Left face, forward!
Man: Left face,
forward, March!
Follow me to the Emperor at once.
Gladly, your highness.
We'll use my car.
Woman: Go on, finish
your dirty work.
Shoot us all.
Get it over!
Oh, be quiet.
No one's going to hurt you.
That's your thanks, Chegodieff.
Well, it, uh...
it isn't blood.
Take her away.
You ready,
your highness?
[Car approaching]
[Trumpet playing
[Knock on door]
Igor, we're so sorry.
You got our message?
Thank you.
Uncle Igor,
tomorrow we'll meet
with the minister of justice
and decide
what's to be done.
Oh, tomorrow.
Nicky, how long
do I have to stand
and insubordination
from your
court favorites?
Well, who is it
this time?
Prince Chegodieff.
Should I leave, Nicky?
No, no, my dear.
And what's he done?
He has been insolent, disobeyed orders,
and grossly
in the presence
of others!
All right.
I'll punish him.
That's what
you said last time.
I know he's
your little pet,
but if Im to remain
governor general of Moscow,
I'll not be made
a fool of
by a colonel in her majesty's guards.
And where is he now?
He's here.
Call him in.
Colonel Chegodieff.
Yes, your majesty.
If I hear one more
criticism of your behavior,
I'm going to relieve you
of your command.
You must realize
you're a soldier
subject to your superiors.
May I explain,
your majesty?
No. You can
As colonel of her majesty's
chevalier guards,
I offer my apologies
for insubordination
while your imperial
assumed the duties
of public execution.
I demand his arrest.
Wait a minute. What's
this about executions?
For the assassination
of my brother... Your uncle.
It's for me to decide what
action should be taken.
This calls
for immediate action.
Under martial law,
I acted within my rights.
How many are dead?
I don't know.
12, 15,
your majesty...
Four of them women.
After... After all our
promises of reform...
Nicky, they started
the killing.
Paul left me alone.
Your grandfather
did not hesitate.
There were no assassinations
during his reign.
This is another
century, Igor.
What you have done
has put us back 20 years
in the eyes of Europe.
My dear empress... Or would
you rather be called Kaiserin?
The last empress Germany
gave us... Catherine...
Was usually called
"The Great."
I meant no disrespect, majesty,
but you have never
The Russian
Moderation might be
all right in Germany,
but here
it would be fatal.
It has never been
tried here.
What if, instead
of my brother,
it had been
your son?
You really are
a very cruel man, Igor.
Igor, please.
We must do
something at once...
Something that will
reach the people
before the news
of these executions.
[Knock on door]
Your majesty.
I'm glad I found you, Igor.
Do you realize what's
going on out there?
You mean
the crowd?
They're merely celebrating,
your highness.
Weren't they told
the ceremonies are over?
They're demanding
the Czarevitch!
It seems they were
told he'd appear.
He winot appear.
But they're getting
ugly! It's the only way
we'll be able
to get rid of them.
Do you think Ill wave my
son in front of that mob
after what happened to Sergei?
Alix. Alix.
Nicky, Nicky, dear,
We're always
holding him
between us
and the crowd.
Why can't you find
someone bigger
to hide behind?
He's not
a sacred image.
He's my son...
The heir
to the throne!
Dearest Alix, we're not
sending him out.
Of course not.
May I ask your permission
to disperse them
as I see fit? They're getting ugly.
I'll disperse them
if your majesty orders.
It's perfectly simple for a few
thousand soldiers to ride down a mob,
but how long
can you go on, sir?
You can't shoot
160 million people,
and God help
the dynasty
if they ever learn
to hate you, your majesty.
You haven't
enough soldiers
or enough walls
to keep them back.
Your majesty, punish my
impertinence with death if you will,
but you're on a volcano
day and night.
Your only bulwark,
your only security
is the love your people
have for you and Aloysha,
but that love could be
killed by violence,
And anyone who proposes
it now... Anyone...
Is a traitor to you and
Russia and the Russian people.
Nicky, why do you
tolerate such impudence?
There are women and children
out there, your majesty.
Women and children have
no business in a mob!
Alexandra: Wait!
[Crowd shouting]
Igor, I am a woman.
I have a child.
Nicky, I can't bear
to think
that someone will tell
Aloysha when he's grown up
that his safety
was ever held
Above the lives
of his people.
Tell the Czarevitch
they're waiting.
No! I'll go.
[Crowd roars]
[People all talking
at once]
Thank you,
Some for you,
Mamushka, look.
It's Maria.
I think
it's charming.
Alexandra: Paul,
where have you been?
Your majesties.
Paul, how long are you
going to be here?
Paul: You should ask your
father. I'm here at his command.
I received
your summons, sir.
Yes, Paul.
I'm weary.
The task of governing millions of people
is getting
beyond my strength.
I want to share the burden
of government with my people.
I want to form
a Duma, Paul,
Along the lines of
the British Parliament
or the German
I want men elected
to that Duma
by popular vote...
Leaders who would help me,
Who'll represent
my people.
Such a Duma, sir,
Would put us
on an equal footing
with any nation
in the world.
I want you
to help me form it.
Oh, your majesty.
These reforms take
years to accomplish
the good
that's intended.
Let's hope
we live to see it.
Aloysha will,
at any rate.
Paul: Your majesty.
We can go over the
groundwork in my study.
Oh, Nicky, the Duma
can wait one other day.
You promised me
this afternoon.
Is the photographer
Yes, your majesty.
Oh, Alix.
Nicky, if
I let you off again,
A whole year
will slip by.
Show him in.
Oh, Alix, Id rather play
bridge with cousin Wilhelm.
Ha ha! Remember,
we are his first royal clients.
Paul, do me a favor.
Don't watch this.
Ha ha ha! Natasha,
let's go and discuss my vices.
I have to look after
the Empress' letters.
Your majesty,
may I, uh, help her?
I think you'll be a
tremendous help, Paul.
I'll do my best.
Come along,
my brood!
Come here, Natasha.
But I have to see
about those letters.
My dear child, you know,
this letter-writing's a menace.
I mean, you write them.
Some poor wretch has to read
them. He writes you back again.
You have to answer it.
I mean, where are you?
I mean, the whole thing's interminable.
It doesn't mean
will you marry me?
I'm going to!
I mean now.
Listen, darling.
It doesn't help
the dead any
to stop living just
because they're gone.
You don't know how I feel
about these things.
I know, sweetheart. I suppose
religion's a wonderful thing.
Yes, I presume it is,
but I mean,
it can be overdone.
It's helped you through
a terrible time, I know,
but it's
changed you, too.
I can't explain, Paul.
It... It's peace,
If you could talk to him,
you'd understand.
Talk him?
Father Rasputin.
Oh, is he a priest?
You don't have to be a priest
to have the power of God.
Oh, really?
If you talked to him, you couldn't
help feeling the greatness of his soul.
I think the saints
must have been like him.
Well, if he's
helped you,
I'm very grateful
to him, darling.
But... But it seems
Ive lost you.
There's something
I can't see...
I can't fight.
Natasha: Paul.
You'll never
lose me...
if that's what
you still want.
Oh, darling,
of course it is...
only let the halo
slip a little,
like it used to be...
Over one eye.
I will be
a good wife, Paul.
I don't want
a good wife...
until Im so old
I have to be good myself.
Aloysha: Oh! Ha ha!
Look at Paul and Natasha!
Oh, Mamushka!
I saw you, Paul!
I saw you!
Aloysha, under
certain conditions,
one officer never
sees another.
Pull his hair,
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!
Hey, Aloysha,
come on!
he's bleeding.
Paul, send
for Remezov at once.
Paul: Yes,
your majesty.
Aloysha. Aloysha.
But, doctor, it's
only a slight fall.
It's more serious
than that.
Hello, operator,
I want to talk
to Dr. Franz Wolfe
in Vienna.
Yes, please.
Did you ever hear
of hemophilia?
Yes. the Empress'
uncle died of it.
And her grandfather.
It's the heritage
of her house.
That's impossible.
Well, they're all
so healthy.
The girls, yes.
It can only be
from mother to son.
There's an element
lacking in the blood.
It doesn't...
It doesn't coagulate.
The slightest injury
may cause them
to bleed to death.
Herr Doktor?
Herr Doktor Wolfe?
[Speaking German]
[Choir singing
in Russian]
Thank God. Paul has
found Dr. Wolfe.
Where are they?
At the frontier. They'll
be here in the morning.
I must tell Nicholas.
Nicky, dear.
He's the greatest
physician in Europe.
He's still bleeding.
Shh, heart.
I know, but...
you must have the track
cleared for that train.
Of course.
will you say
my prayers?
I can't
remember them.
Gentle Jesus,
meek and mild,
look upon
the little child.
Is that the one?
Pity my simplicity...
there's some more.
Suffer me...
to come to thee...
and ask him
Not to make it
hurt anymore.
[Alexandra sobbing]
Don't, Mamushka.
No, Mamushka...
is only laughing.
[Trying to laugh]
Only laughing.
That's right,
your imperial highness.
Your mother is happy
because you're
doing so well.
[Quietly] Your majesty,
for your own sake...
for the boy's sake.
I know. I'm sorry.
She must have
some sleep.
Alexandra: Remezov.
Remezov: Yes,
your majesty.
The doctor
from Vienna
will be here
in the morning.
your majesty.
Do you think this man can cure my son?
If anyone can,
he can.
[Aloysha screaming]
"If. " "If. "
That's all
they ever say.
Your majesty,
god won't let him die.
[Aloysha screams]
Come in.
Where is the boy?
Who is this man?
Grigory Rasputin.
He is a man of God.
He can cure him.
He has cured many.
There was woman
called Nirushkin.
She was dying,
wasn't she, father?
And the child run down
by horses.
He has healed them.
He can heal Aloysha.
The doctors have admitted
they're helpless.
He has the power of God.
Let me pray
with your son.
All the priests in Russia
are praying, father.
I am no priest.
I am a simple man
who believes
God answers prayers.
We are grateful for everyone's prayers.
Go to the cathedral.
They're all there.
The cathedral of God
is here.
Why, if you could believe
like a little child,
you'd say to me,
"my son is getting well
because Ive asked God
to make him so."
And then God would know that
you trusted him and raise him up.
[Aloysha screams]
You trust doctors.
Don't you believe God
can do more than they can?
If only he could
be spared that.
There are no ifs,
my daughter.
I can heal him.
Won't you believe?
Say after me,
"my son will live."
My son will live.
Rejoice, my daughter.
Your son will live.
Remezov: Who are you?
What are you doing here?
I've come to take
care of the boy.
Who let you in here?
The Czaritza.
Your majesty, permit me to
forget that you are my sovereign.
You're a woman. This is
your child. I am his doctor.
I'm going to the Czar
and demand
That you be kept away from him.
This madman is the last straw.
Send him away.
You will go.
You and the other nurses
report at once
to your headquarters.
Imperial majesty, your
physician in ordinary
begs to be relieved
of his duties.
He is already
[Aloysha groaning]
Now, there's no use
calling her.
She's gone.
What color
are your eyes?
Where did
she go?
She went to get a beautiful
white elephant for you
With purple eyes and a shiny
golden house on his back.
I want her.
But she's gone all the way
to the zoo to get it, Aloysha.
That'll take a long time.
Aloysha, look. Look here.
Look at my watch.
Isn't that pretty?
A man gave that to me once
for making him well.
He was a great deal sicker
than you are, Aloysha.
Look at it glitter. Look.
See how it glitters?
Look at it turn.
We're going to ride in
that golden house, Aloysha,
on your elephant through
the black, dark forest,
and yellow tigers are going
to be hiding in the trees,
and we're going over beautiful
blue rivers in the snow
filled with silver fish.
We'll ride on that elephant
of yours, Aloysha,
all the way
to the moon, Aloysha.
All the way to the moon.
Look at me, Aloysha.
Look in my eyes.
That's a good boy.
[Song playing]
Hear the bell?
Isn't that pretty?
Keep looking
in my eyes now.
Keep looking in my eyes.
That's a good boy.
Keep looking
in my eyes, Aloysha.
That's a good boy.
You don't feel badly
now, do you?
You have no pain.
It's gone
out of your body,
down your arms,
through your hands,
and out of your fingers.
Now it's going
out of the window,
way up into the sky,
And you are going
to sleep.
Yes, you are.
You're going to sleep.
Your eyes
are getting heavy.
Yes, they are.
Good night, Aloysha.
You're going to sleep.
Lift up your hand.
Drop it.
That's a good little boy.
Who was it you were
asking for a minute ago?
Who was it you wanted
to speak to?
I don't know.
[As Aloysha]
I don't know.
[Normal voice] Aw, isn't
that too bad? He doesn't know.
Well, we don't care,
because he's going to sleep.
Dear little boy
is going to sleep.
[Song playing]
Alexandra: It's been a miracle,
doctor, a great miracle.
It's amazing.
I shall be the first
to admit it...
after I make
a slight examination.
What do you want?
Oh, several things.
Have you any pain,
your highness?
Have you any pain,
Anything more?
I'm not going to
hurt you.
Doctor, Im an old friend of his.
Possibly, I can...
Well, lieutenant...
I'm sorry, old mate.
He's not quite himself yet, Paul.
Could you sit up, your
highness, just a little bit?
He'll staup.
He'll run
around the room.
Come, Aloysha.
Show them
what you can do.
Don't, your highness. No
exertion, please. Your majesty...
Don't you believe
he's cured? Let go!
Please let go.
Come, Aloysha.
Come to me.
Come to me, Aloysha.
We'll show them
what two days has done.
Come on. Come to me.
Come. Ah!
Ah! Don't touch it!
Ah, hey. Hey.
Ha ha ha!
Now laugh
at the doctor.
Laugh at him!
Laugh! Laugh at the
doctor! Laugh at him!
Are you sure the diagnosis was correct?
You saw the result
of the blood tests.
I should like
to take another.
Your majesties, may I be
alone with the patient?
The way to lose
God's power
is to doubt
his power.
Do you want
the boy to die?
Even you should know better
than to talk like that.
Get out!
You doctors have had
your chance with the boy.
You know
what you did,
and you've seen what God has done.
Now, which
will you choose?
No, no. It isn't that, father.
Which will you
We've already chosen,
You've raised our son
When none of you doctors
have given us any hope.
He's alive.
I hold him in my arms.
Who do you suppose
I would believe in?
Who do you suppose
I would have faith in?
My daughter, your faith
has made him whole.
[People all talking
at once]
Grishka, show them. Here's
the hand that shook the Czar's.
The Czar shook hands
with him.
Did he really
do that, Grishka?
What does he call you,
Grishka? Tell them.
"His friend."
Man: You mean,
he talked to you?
Well, what's so marvelous about that?
He's just an ordinary human being.
Does he really
smoke cigarettes?
Yeah. Yeah.
Here. I got one
for you.
Oh, that's wonderful!
One of the Czar's
own cigarettes.
Look what else he brought!
Aw, don't be showing
those things.
Aw, they won't tell.
Look! Look at the eagles.
Solid gold!
Are you going back?
Yes. I've got to go to
the palace every day.
Man: This will make
your fortune, Grishka.
How much
did he give you?
He didn't give him anything.
He didn't give him a thing!
What difference does that
make, you old sheep's head?
These aristocrats don't
think anything about money.
It wouldn't surprise
me if I got 200 rubles.
Ha ha! 200 rubles!
Ha ha! 200 rubles!
I might get
500 rubles!
Yeah! I saved his son's life, didn't I?
[Bell ringing]
Oh, Grishka, you're just such
a sweet little thing, you are.
Ah, you're just
making up to me
because Im an important man now.
No. I love you. I've always
loved you, Grishka. You know that.
Give me one...
Ah, go on now! No.
Oh, Grishka.
Go on.
It's the chief
of the secret
Here. Put those things
away, will you?
Don't worry, my friends.
Go on and eat.
Go on. Be happy.
It's nothing.
[All talking at once]
Grishka, Im afraid.
Afraid of what?
Are you sure you didn't
go too far with that boy?
Are you sure you didn't make him crazy
like the boy
in Kazan?
If he's gone mad, too, they'll kill you.
Look. You can go
out that door.
I haven't anything
to be afraid of.
I've done nothing.
The boy is all right.
Get out of the way.
Go on over there.
Father Rasputin?
Your Excellency.
I have just come
from the palace.
Thank you.
May I, uh...
Oh, you're asking
Your modesty
is almost convincing.
You know, father,
it has just occurred to me
that we might be able to
help each other, you and I.
How can I help you?
Well, my department has been
subject to a little criticism
since the death
of the grand duke Sergei.
Oh, I see. Your post
is in danger.
We all have enemies.
Of course.
And the Czar being grateful
to you at the moment,
I thought you might
drop a word.
What makes you think that
I can influence the Czar?
Oh, come, come,
You know you're the most important
man in Russia at the moment.
Ah, Im beginning
to understand.
What is there in it
for me?
Your record, father,
as far back as Tobolsk.
There are one or two
little items there
that Im sure you
wouldn't like to have known
Now that you're
where you are.
My record, huh?
It's not enough.
You just said I was the
most important man in Russia.
You don't go
to an important man
and ask him to save
your post for a ruble.
What do you want?
Hmm. Let me think.
Do you keep your hat
on in your own house?
I beg your pardon,
I'd almost forgotten
about her.
Have you got these
things about everybody?
of consequence.
of this kind
Would be very valuable
to an intelligent man.
As someone once said,
knowledge is power.
I'll save your post
for you.
Thank you, father.
Yes, but I must look
through some of your files.
Yes. I'm going to be more
important than even you think.
I won't tolerate this
meddling in my department.
I'm going to tell
the Czar.
All right. Tell him
of the 2 million kronen
You received from Austria
And what it was for.
Tell him who planned
General Sablin's murder
and why you're going to meet the
minister of the interior tonight
at General Gadya's house.
I think you can afford to take
orders from me, your Excellency.
Ah, you want your husband
promoted, don't you?
Yes, yes.
Have you done anything
about General Karloff?
There's nothing
to be done.
Have you offered him
He can't be bought.
Hmm. You know,
God has given me a power
to read the hearts of men.
It wouldn't surprise me
if this fellow
had been selling plans
of our fortifications
to, well, let's say Turkey.
The Czar would be horrified
to find anything like that out.
Now, you take some
of our most important plans
And put them
in his portfolio.
Then Ill tell the Czar
of my premonition.
How did you
know, father?
Of myself,
I know nothing.
A power has been given me
to read the hearts of men.
If it has helped Russia,
I thank God.
waltz of the flowers playing]
Natasha: I hope
you're not angry
With father Rasputin
for not coming.
Of course not, darling.
As a matter of fact,
I very seldom attend
dinners given to me.
But I usually notify
my host.
He didn't mean
to be rude,
but he lives in such
a world of his own
That people and time and dinners
don't mean anything to him.
I see. Well, always
remember I asked him.
At least
that's over.
Was it such an ordeal,
After all he's done
for Aloysha?
Darling, if a witch
doctor had healed Aloysha,
he could have everything
Ive got in the world,
But I don't
like him,
and I never shall.
You never tried to.
It isn't that. There's
something clammy about him.
I can't explain it.
I've had
the same feeling
brushing against
something on a dark night.
I don't know
what he's after,
but I get a sort of feeling
of a man waiting his chance.
You dragged it
out of me, darling.
Have you ever watched him with people?
He goes as far as he dares,
even with the Empress.
You don't like him
because he's so outspoken.
You don't like his
manners. Isn't that it?
No, that's not it.
It's his smile.
It's like
a man-Eating shark
with a bible
under his fin.
Paul, Ive never seen
you like this before.
I can't help it.
Paul, I believe in him,
in his sincerity, his divine power.
No one can shake
my faith in him,
not even you.
I know it, and I hate your
belief in him. I hate it.
Everything that's come
between us I blame on him.
Ah, well, darling...
let's have
some more champagne.
Man: Grigory
Yefimovich Rasputin.
Hmm. There he is.
Paul, nothing has come
between us.
Please be nice to him.
Of course, darling. I'll
be a pearl among hosts.
Excuse me.
Pardon me, general.
We were worried
about you.
Dinner was at 8:00.
We waited until 10:00.
Perhaps I can get you
something on a tray.
No, thank you. I just had
some wonderful borscht.
Little friend of mine
makes it.
Who are all these people?
I'm about
to present you.
I'll tell you
who I want to know.
Oh, very well.
Well, my dear child,
you look very beautiful.
Is this the famous
father Rasputin?
Am I?
You're all anyone
talks about.
All of us came here
just to see you.
I gave up
a trip to London.
You see, Ive been an
invalid for nearly 12 years.
Oh? What's the matter
with you?
None of the doctors seem
to know. I've had them all.
Ill tell you.
You're a lazy,
spoiled woman.
If you were to scrape some
of that rouge off your face
and get behind
a washtub,
you'd be all right
in a week.
He's wonderful! A washtub! How divine!
I warned you.
Who is that man?
I like his face.
That's Kropotkin. He's
a brilliant creature.
He's helping me
restore the Duma.
Come and meet him.
Professor Kropotkin,
University of St. Petersburg.
General Linoff,
our minister of war.
And his Excellency
the German Ambassador,
Count Cartales.
Father Rasputin.
Oh, I am delighted
to see you, indeed.
Thank you.
So you're
Kropotkin, huh?
I'm afraid so.
Oh! Tobolsk cakes!
Where did they
come from?
Natasha said
you liked them, sir.
No! Did you
remember that?
Well, that's very sweet, my daughter.
Paul: Natasha.
General Linoff
is awfully bored.
Go and flatter him
a little.
But, Paul, I...
Aw, don't
take her away.
Excuse me.
Ah, Kropotkin...
I was talking
to the Czar
about you this morning.
Oh, you were?
Look here, why do you
want to hand out rights
to a lot of slobbering peasants?
Have you forgotten
the French revolution?
Don't you think the
peasant has any rights?
No. It's one of the luxuries of the rich
to feel sorry
for the common herd,
But I know them.
They're born to the lath.
Let them have it.
This is the will
of God.
Will you pardon us
a moment, sir?
Father Rasputin and I have
something to discuss alone.
I don't go
behind closed doors.
But I want to ask
your advice
about the situation
in the Baltic.
You can ask my advice
about anything right here.
Perhaps we're, uh,
disturbing the ladies.
Oh, excuse
my peasant manners.
This way, father,
What's this cock-And-Bull
story about the Baltic?
Sit down.
Have a cigar.
I trust you didn't
think it was rude of me
to take you away from
those delightful people.
Ha ha!
Delightful people!
You see, father,
you're by way
of being a stranger
at court, aren't you?
And although you've
made a very great success
with the royal family,
you might want
a little advice.
Advice? About what?
Well, a man
in your position...
Yesterday nobody,
today a hero,
trusted by her majesty,
Almost worshipped.
Such a man might...
I won't say he would...
but he might let success
go to his head,
mightn't he?
Hmm. Come to the point.
Say what you want.
if you're wise,
You won't meddle in matters
that do not concern you.
Such as?
The Duma, my friend.
The Duma concerns me
very much.
Someday, Im going to run
this country.
I don't want to have
my toes stepped on
by a lot
of ignorant peasants
with political ideas.
Oh, that's it, is it?
The power
behind the throne, eh?
Yes. You might as well know
it now as any other time.
Get used to it,
Just, uh, where did you pick
up these delusions of grandeur?
You think Im dirt,
don't you?
Just an ignorant
to kneel before
for a miracle.
Well, you never made
a greater mistake.
I know my destiny.
I know my power.
It's growing,
every minute.
As long as the life of
that boy depends on my will,
it'll go on growing
and growing
Until this court
of yours rots.
The Russian people
and their rights!
Why, you
pampered fool!
Inside of a year,
in lethan a year,
I will be Russia!
Do you hear that?
I! Rasputin!
You know, people with
ambitions like yours,
my dear father,
are sometimes
rather unlucky.
Ah, indeed?
Yes. There was
a general not long ago
who shot himself
in the back.
No one could understand
quite how he did it.
Ah, you think Im frightened
by threats of murder?
Oh, murder. That's
such an ugly word.
When the rights of 160
million people are at stake...
they call it progress.
Your highness,
once more please.
[Speaking German]
Your highness, please
give me your attention.
Now, please
repeat after me.
Nach Frankreich...
nach... nach...
Please pay attention
to me, your highness.
Let him alone.
du lieber gott.
But his highness is
forgetting all his German.
Good! If God wanted
him to learn German,
he'd have been born
in Germany.
But her majesty is very much concerned.
Who's in charge
of the boy? You or me?
I am in charge of his
highness' German lessons.
Clear out!
And I shall report this to her majesty.
Get out, you Krauthead,
you dried-Up sausage.
German monkey.
What can a squirt like
that teach you, huh?
Now, where is
that thing of Remezov's
that we were looking
through the other day
when we were watching
the spider?
The microscope?
Ha ha! Now
we'll see something.
I... I don't want to!
Come here!
Sit down.
Sit down.
Now, today we have something
better than the spider, Aloysha...
A big fat fly.
Oh! No. It's an ant.
Look at him
try to get away,
but he can't.
Now, we could kill him
just like that,
but we won't.
Give me the box.
Close it up.
here's the fly,
A nice big fat one.
Look at him.
He looks almost like a
general, doesn't he, Aloysha?
All noise
and patent leather,
open it.
Close it. Put it there.
Now, suppose those two
should start in fighting.
I don't want
to watch them fight.
Yes, you do.
You're going to watch
and learn.
Who do you think
will win?
You'd say the fly,
big general fly,
but that little ant
has power,
And he knows
how to use it.
Power is the only thing
in the world,
but you must know
how to use it.
Let me look at it.
Look. Ha ha!
Look at the big
juicy fly,
the stupid aristocrat.
Oh, no, no, no.
But the ant has him.
See how he's moving
up on the fly?
The general
is in for it now.
That's it! Look!
Look! Look! Look!
He's fighting, but it's not
going to do him any good,
because the ant knows how to use power,
and he doesn't.
Poor general.
First cripple
and then destroy.
I don't want to watch!
You'll watch
and learn.
look! Look! Look!
He's got his wing.
He's got
the aristocrat.
He's got
the general now.
Here. Let me look.
He's taking him
He's eating him up.
Ha ha!
That's the kind of power
we can have, you and I,
if you do
as I tell you.
We can have Russia!
You'll remember
That's a good boy,
a very good boy.
We'll have Russia,
You and I, Aloysha.
You know, you're the
fly, and Im the ant,
but Ill always be
your friend.
Now, let's see.
Where is Russia?
I don't seem to be able to
find it. Where is it, Aloysha?
This is it!
Ha ha! That's it!
[Knock on door]
Spin it! Ha ha! Russia!
What do you want?
Thought Id find out
what was so amusing.
We were laughing
about the Duma.
What's happened
about it?
I thought it was
to be signed today.
Never mind that.
This is more important.
Hello, Aloysha.
Little lieutenant.
Look at me.
Aloysha, it's Paul.
What damnable thing
is this?
It isn't my fault that
he doesn't like you.
You've done something
to his mind.
what's he done to you?
Tell me.
We'll go to your mother.
Do you think
she'd believe you?
You filthy swine!
Meddling in politics
is one thing...
but if you've tampered
with this boy's soul...
Let me alone.
What have you done
to him?
Paul: Majesty, Aloysha... Look at him!
What's the matter
with him?
Ah, he's frightened, naturally.
It's all right,
my boy.
Go to
your mother.
Don't be afraid. He won't hurt me.
Look at his eyes.
What's the matter
with his eyes?
Is it because he wasn't glad to see you?
What do you say to your mother, Aloysha?
I love you,
I love you, darling.
Majesty, a moment ago, he was
different, shockingly different!
Is it because he didn't
want you to maul him?
He hurt me!
Then he said
he'd kill
Father Grishka.
that isn't true!
He didn't mean it. I knew that.
Paul, you didn't
say that!
Majesty, may I say
one thing?
there is nothing
to be said.
Please leave us.
[Crowd talking]
Woman: Is this
father Rasputins flat?
Different woman: Come in. Sit
down. I'll get to you later.
I've sent him word,
your honor.
He said he can't make
a minister out of a miser.
If he will
just read...
Take your turn, colonel.
My lady would like to see
father Rasputin at once.
Yes. Would she? So would a
lot of other pretty squabs.
Listen here, then.
My mistress is Natalia,
to the Empress.
Why didn't you
tell me? Pardon.
Tonia: Your highness.
There are so many of
the other kind come here.
I didn't know.
Come inside, your
highness, and Ill tell him.
I won't be
a moment.
Man: Father was going to
get my brother out of jail.
He'll take care of that.
Come inside, your highness.
Tonia, please!
[Women singing]
[Crowd talking]
Woman: Father,
let me touch...
Natalias here.
My daughter.
What's she
doing here?
My daughter.
This way, my daughter.
Blessed among women, this
is the way of holiness!
Children happy
in their faith.
Woman: Father,
I must talk to you.
There's something troubling
me that I must know now.
Why do you always bless
the young and pretty ones?
Listen to me. If you keep this
up, Ill break your thick skull.
[Women singing]
I hope you weren't upset
by those simple people.
You look anxious,
my daughter.
Father, Im sorry to intrude
on you like this, but...
No, thank you.
I have to warn you.
Your life may be
in danger.
My life?
Yes, but don't tell him.
It's because I love him that I came
here, so that nothing will happen.
Nothing is going to happen, my daughter.
Let me take
your coat.
You're going
to get cold.
No, really, I...
Oh, I see. My home is too humble.
Oh, please.
That's better.
I've been
so terribly worried.
Well, don't be.
They've had many a go at
me... These aristocrats.
They can't stomach the
power God has given me.
I see through them and
their little schemes.
But it isn't Pauls fault. They've
poisoned his mind against you.
He was never
like this before.
[Knock on door]
Who is it?
He'll see eventually,
but be careful.
Yes. Don't worry.
Nobody's going to kill me. Nobody can.
[Loud knocking]
Excuse me. I'll see
what it is she wants.
What are you pounding
on the door for?
Prince Chegodieff.
What about him?
He insists
on seeing you.
he means trouble.
Take him up the back way
to the kitchen.
Hey. Psst. You there
in the corner.
I can see you.
Can you see
all right?
Yes, thank you.
It isn't much like your
house, is it, prince?
Smells a little
This way,
your Excellency.
This way.
[Women singing]
You know, my neck is black
and blue where you choked me.
Ha ha!
You want
to shake hands?
I'm willing.
Sorry. I haven't
my gloves on.
Oh, still, you must
have some reason
for honoring
my humble flat.
Are you looking
for someone?
Do you remember...
I told you once
something about progress?
I meant it.
This is for Russia.
Grab him!
Paul: I couldn't have missed him.
Tonia: What's that shooting?
What has happened?
He tried
to kill me,
but there's a power
watching over me
Stronger than any bullet.
That power won't
help you next time.
I'll aim at your head.
[Women shouting]
Tell your superiors
they can find me
at the barracks of the chevalier guards.
Next time.
Rasputin: Go back,
my children. Go back.
I want to be alone.
Tonia: Go back.
Go back. Go back.
Never mind him.
A miracle
has been performed.
Women: Alleluia!
A miracle.
[Women singing]
Has he gone?
A great miracle.
Look here, Ill report
this little affair, not you.
You understand?
Go on. Get out.
There he goes,
That fella Chegodieff
isn't afraid of anything.
I've got to
get rid of him.
Are you sure you're not hurt, Grishka?
No. This was
a good idea, though.
That first bullet almost
knocked the wind out of me.
It might have
killed you.
It might, indeed.
I couldn't have
died now, Tonia,
Just as Im within
reach of everything.
There's going
to be a war.
Do you realize that,
old cabbage-Face?
There's going
to be a war.
Napoleon needed a war.
Well, Ive got one.
I wonder if you know what a
great man you're with, Tonia.
Why don't you go
to the Czar right now?
Oh, one thing at a
time, old cabbage-face.
This whole
little story here
Will fit a much
better occasion.
Keep them up.
I heard a shot.
Yes, my daughter.
It was Paul.
[Band playing]
[Door opens]
My daughter...
this concerns
His life may
depend on it.
Come with me.
Continue the review
until the end.
General staff
will follow me.
[Trumpeting call]
what is it?
Our cousin Wilhelm has ordered me
to demobilize under penalty of war.
What are you
going to do?
Everything in my power to
save Europe from this insanity.
God grant you wisdom.
I'll do all I can
with honor.
I'll meet the general staff
in my study.
I've just spoken
with the ambassador.
He's sure that England will be in
accord but can make no promises.
El Pankore will be at
sea for two more days.
The Kaiser has chosen an
awkward moment for his ultimatum.
Nikolai: Gentlemen.
Germany demands
that we demobilize.
Our refusal may lead
to war.
We have a terrible
responsibility to face.
I beg you not to let passion or
mistaken patriotism color your judgment.
The peace of Europe
rests with us.
I have preserved it
for 30 years.
We must keep it now.
Your majesty,
may I suggest
that the best way to preserve
peace at this present moment
is to show Germany that we
are ready to enforce peace?
I agree with the minister of war.
So do I.
If we demobilize, Austria will
take it as a sign that we're
going to stand weakly by
while she crushes Serbia.
Instead of preventing
a war, we cause one.
On the other hand, if we demobilize, it might
remove all the tension from the situation.
It may move this crisis back to
the Balkans, where it belongs.
Serbia's case
could be arbitrated.
No, your majesty.
It is quite obvious what
your inferior cousin is doing.
Germany is holding
Austrias coat
while Serbia
is destroyed.
This impudent ultimatum is a
bluff to keep us from interfering
with the murder
of a nation.
The Kaisers not
inclined to bluff.
It will cost us a million
men to find that out.
Now you're overrating
the Germans a bit.
If I remember rightly, you, at
one time, underrated the Japanese.
Berlin is on the telephone
now, awaiting our decision.
What possible
choice have we?
Your majesty, I don't see
how we can turn our backs now.
We are pledged
to protect Serbia.
Paul: Surely.
We're also pledged to protect
Russia, your Excellency.
I have seen
Germanys army.
With all respect to your ministry, sir,
We are not prepared.
[Men talking]
You're not in the best
position to know, colonel.
[Men talking]
Gentlemen, the consequences
of whatever we may decide here
are more than I can face
without the help of God.
I wish to be alone
for a moment.
My son...
I know everything that's in your heart.
It is very heavy.
Because you're not
in the will of God.
Why do you want to
bow to the Kaiser?
Why do you say that?
Your eyes are
full of it.
My son, if you
follow this course,
it will be the end
of Russia.
You know the Kaisers
ambitions in the East.
This is the first step.
The next, the Turks will
close up the Black Sea.
Father, I need your spiritual advice
more than your political opinions.
But you yourself
have told me,
A gun is pointing
toward Russia.
I felt that something
led me here.
Besides healing Aloysha, Ive
been ordained to save his throne.
Be firm, and it will
endure forever.
Tell the Kaiser that you remain
the protector of the weak,
that you are
still the Czar.
Out of the way.
Forgive this interruption, your majesty,
but circumstances
justify it.
Your foreign minister has just received
another demand
from Berlin,
and you are
with the man
Whose advice has created the situation,
the man that was
undermining your government.
What is the meaning
of this?
Your majesty, this man
wishes Russia to go to war.
This means the destruction
of your country,
the end of
your dynasty.
Your advisers will
tell you otherwise
because they no longer
are your advisers.
All the people
devoted to you,
all the people loyal to you are gone.
These men are
his creatures.
There are limits to
my friendship, prince.
No, no, my son.
You must hear him out.
If I am all he accuses me of
being, I don't deserve your trust.
Let us have the truth.
I say that he is
plunging us into war,
but you must decide.
By what right do you burst in here
with these reckless accusations?
By the same right, sir, that
I went to his flat last night
and tried to kill him,
the right every man has
to protect his country
against her enemies.
You did what?
Sir, I was hoping today you'd
be signing my death warrant,
that Id be dead,
but so would he,
And the nightmare of this holy
leech would be over forever.
Yes. Yes, he
tried to kill me.
Why didn't you
come to me?
With all your burdens?
If God sent me here
to save Aloysha,
surely he can
protect me.
You knew Aloysha's life depended on him.
And they could play their
little game undisturbed.
Isn't that it?
Sir, you know
I love Aloysha.
Why do you
want him to die?
I don't,
but Id rather see him dead
than what you've made him.
Above everything
on earth,
I love my son.
I thought
you did.
Oh, sir,
in all sincerity,
it was as much for Aloysha
as for Russia.
I have never questioned
your sincerity.
I do, your sanity.
I have been swayed
by many influences,
but one influence
has never swayed me...
Attempts to assassinate my
advisers, my family, or myself.
Your resignation
is accepted.
Well, what are you waiting for?
God moves
in a mysterious way.
You wouldn't have
believed me.
He had to reveal
Now you know
your enemies.
Go, my son.
Protect holy Russia.
[Band playing]
Chevalier guards.
Man: Attention!
Alix, am I right
in going?
Yes, my dear.
Yes, but taking over
the entire command...
The responsibility
frightens me.
Others are better
trained for war.
I have no stomach
for the slaughter.
But you must remember
what father Rasputin said.
It is only you who can
give Russia courage.
You'll write to me
when you can?
Every day.
Look out
for Metchnikoff.
Our friend
doesn't trust him.
I used to think all the
men around me were loyal...
before he opened
my eyes.
Had to be done,
I know.
Ever since, I haven't
liked the taste of my heart.
[Knock on door]
It's 9:30,
your Majesty.
I'm coming
Good-Bye, beloved.
Not yet, Alix.
Fight well,
my emperor.
Alix dear.
Fear God...
and no one else.
[Man shouting]
Hurry back to me.
[Trumpet call sounding]
[Whistle blowing]
[Engine chugging]
Tell me, Aloysha, how does
your father sit in this chair?
Does he put
his elbows on it,
or does he sit
like this?
You better not let papa
know you sat in his chair.
He'd be terribly upset.
Rasputin: There are a
lot of people in Tobolsk
who'd like
to see me now.
I was hungry
and cold there.
Come here,
my child.
Come here.
Come here.
You seem afraid
of me lately. Why?
Aloysha, go and find
your sister.
Take... Take Anastasia
with you.
I want to see
Olga, too.
No, no. There's something
I have to tell you first.
Well, go on!
What is it, father?
I heard you went to the
hospital the other day.
Yes, father.
What did you
see there?
Mother and I
talked to a boy.
The first day he was at the
front, he lost both his hands.
And he was so brave
and beautiful.
Do you like
beautiful boys?
I don't know
what you mean.
That's all right.
It's perfectly natural for
a girl to think of boys.
You must never be
ashamed of life, my dear.
I don't want to be
rude, father,
but I haven't done
my lessons,
So if you have
anything to tell me...
I've got something
for you...
a little locket...
A holy image
to wear
around your neck.
Father, I don't know
if I should.
Ah, you see, you
are afraid of me.
No, father.
Yes, you are,
and you mustn't be.
Your mother wouldn't
like that, would she?
No. Well, then you must
be a lot nicer to me.
you put this
around your neck...
and every day you wear
it, you'll be blessed.
Wear it next to your warm little heart.
It's beating
so fast.
You know...
it reminds me
of a little bird
I once held
in my hand.
It was so afraid
Id hurt it,
but I didn't.
That's all I wanted to say to you.
Thank you, father.
Maria, it's
your bedtime.
Both: Good night,
Good night,
my little doves.
what is it?
Oh, Natasha.
My darling,
what's the matter?
I don't know.
I felt as if
someone touched me.
What was it?
Nothing. It was
just a bad dream.
You look
so frightened.
No. You go
to sleep again.
Close your eyes.
I'll be here
if you want me.
Good night,
my lamb.
Good night, Tasha.
I love you.
I love you.
Get out!
Where are you
The empress!
Open your eyes!
Now... can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
You're so far away,
You are so far away.
You're whirling
up in the sky, Natasha.
Up in the sky!
And there's nothing
to remember anymore.
Nothing to remember.
Look, Natasha.
There's only one star left
in all that black sky.
It's getting bigger
and bigger.
It's going to hit us!
Now it's going away,
millions and millions
of miles away,
and you're
floating after.
Keep following it, Natasha.
Keep following it,
Or you'll float forever
in the cold.
Keep looking, Natasha.
I must leave you now.
Keep looking, or you'll be
lost forever in the dark.
Keep looking
at the star, Natasha.
Keep looking.
Keep looking.
[Door opens]
[Floor creaks]
you frightened me.
I was, uh...
talking to Natasha,
and she fell asleep.
What is the candelabra
doing on the floor?
Um, back in Siberia on the
night of the feast of St. John,
we used to light fires
in the forest
and jump over them
So that our praises would rise
to heaven on wings of flame.
I was showing
If we could only
worship as simply.
Poor child. She's done 10
women's work in the hospital.
Yes. Did the Czar
get off all right?
Yes. He's worried.
Ah. That's what's going
to save Russia... the Czar.
One authority.
One responsibility.
And one blame.
But he won't fail.
No, no.
Of course he won't.
Why don't you get some
sleep, my daughter?
You look tired.
I am tired,
Good night,
my daughter.
I wouldn't
disturb her.
But she can't
stay here.
I'll watch her. It's dangerous
to awaken anyone by candlelight.
Her eyes are open.
She's rigid!
It's just a deep sleep, that's all.
Something's the matter.
No, no.
Nothing the matter.
Nothing the matter.
Going to the Empress.
Are you dreaming,
my child?
I'm going to the...
Alexandra: Im here.
my child.
the matter?
he was going
into Marias room.
I found him.
He went to Marias room.
I saw him!
That's a lie.
Natasha has
never lied.
Majesty, on my honor.
I'll kill him! I will!
Forgive me.
Once I saw you
watching the Czar.
I should have known.
One moment.
Before you call your
guards, listen to me.
Stand aside.
All right! Call them.
I'd like to see your face the first
time one of your faithful palace guards
Dares to disobey you.
Then you'll find out
wiy put Lubov in command,
why sturmer is
my foreign minister.
Valenka and Vassiliev
and Baron Krassin
and all the rest of them
got their posts through me.
Send off a telegram
to the Czar. Ha!
He won't get it.
Try to go out yourself
and see what happens.
I've got Russia
just where I want her.
Do you hear me?
I am the Czar
of all the Russias.
Get out of here.
My flat
is the royal palace,
and it has been
for 6 months.
If you want any little
favors, call on me.
Good night,
your majesty.
Sleep well.
We must find Paul.
Maria, look!
Oh, Paul.
Why, Paul!
Oh, Im glad
to see you.
We all are.
Thank you, sir.
Where's Natasha?
I'll get her
for you.
Wait, your
We have plenty
to do here.
Oh, Im sorry.
I've just finished.
Are you
all right now?
May I take her away from
you a minute, old man?
Oh, Natasha.
There's no one else in
the world here but us.
When you
sent for me,
I felt as if
a cold stone
Had been rolled
from my heart.
My brain
stopped aching.
I could
breathe again.
I didn't
send for you.
They said you
wanted to see me.
It was the Empress.
How long is this thing
going on between us...
This thing that's
tearing our hearts apart?
Please don't, Paul.
Listen, dear,
Im going away.
Now, you see?
You do love me.
Listen, darling, there
are lots of other armies.
I can still be fighting for Russia,
and we'll
be together.
You did love me,
Don't you
love me anymore?
I do, Paul.
Then come with me.
Is it something
Ive done?
Please don't
ask me anymore.
Then what is it? I have a right to know.
You told me
what he was.
I should have known.
I thought you were
persecuting a man of God...
but I found out.
Go back to the Empress now.
She needs you.
I must go back.
[Knock on door]
Come in.
I never was so glad
to see anyone.
Sit down.
I need you.
Yes, your majesty?
I've injured you,
But Ive injured
Russia more.
Your majesty, I know
how much you love Russia.
in your heart,
that you've done...
You thought was
for Russias good.
My heart...
is broken.
What are we to do?
I think I know...
what to do,
your majesty.
I can't believe
that Aloyshas life
Is the price
of Russias freedom.
If Aloysha dies,
I die.
But Russia must live.
God bless you...
for your courage.
[Men singing in Russian]
Hey, bring me
that Tobolsk cake!
Bring me that cake.
I know it's theirs, but
can't I have the clock?
No, no, my babushka.
Don't be selfish.
If Maria found it first,
let her have it.
Did he eat
any more?
Two, sir.
Two? There's enough poison in
one of those cakes to kill five men.
This is nerve-Racking.
Isn't the man human?
I can't
understand it!
All right.
Go back.
Yes, sir.
Isn't anyone
drinking but me?
Here. Give it
to him.
No, no. Please.
I'm afraid it's
beyond my talents.
Beyond your talents?
You want to get into my
government, don't you?
And you stick at a
little bit of champagne.
I want
men around me
who know
how to drink.
I'm going to
make it a rule.
Here. I'll show you the
way we do it in Tobolsk.
[Singing stops]
That's the way
you swill it down.
If you could do that,
Id make you prime minister.
I'll try.
I'll tell you
a secret.
If you want to drink, keep on eating.
It'll sop it up.
Come on with those
Tobolsk cakes!
Here you are, sir.
"Excellency", you
white-bellied pig.
Yes, your
That's better.
Should have
some of them.
The chocolate-coated
ones are the best.
Thanks. I think Id
prefer one of these.
[High voice, mocking] You
think you'd prefer one of these.
You prefer anything to
the thing I tell you to do.
I've seen you before
Where have I
seen you before?
I don't know,
your Excellency.
I've worked
other places.
It was here.
Right here
in this room!
Where am I?
Where am I?!
I told you. In the house
of a friend of mine.
A friend?
Guards! Guards!
There's a trick here.
There's a trick here!
That was
a fine business,
trying to wheedle me and
get into my government.
Find him!
But who,
you blockheads!
Hey! Hold him,
and if anything happens,
shoot them both.
[Guests screaming]
all right.
We've captured all the servants.
What do I care
about the servants?
Find Chegodieff!
Find him.
Get his gun!
Man: Ive got it.
Ohh. You, too, eh?
Well, this is very
Where have you been hiding
yourself during our party?
Hiding? I was merely
attending to my hospitality.
I trust you're getting
sufficient refreshment.
Don't stop playing.
There's nothing the matter.
This is a very
clever trap.
It's no trap. I merely
wanted to talk to you.
You're rather a difficult man to see.
You'll find me more difficult
to see than ever in a minute.
Give me that gun!
Don't do that!
I'm going to blow a hole
through him!
I ought to have done it
long ago.
Grishka! There are 50
people in this room.
Get Lubov! He can talk to him.
let loose of it.
He wanted a killing.
I'm not going to
disappoint him.
Come on, Grishka.
Give him the gun.
Rasputin, a scandal like this
Would ruin you.
Yes! It would
ruin us all.
I've always hated
that arrogant swine!
Get him
out of here!
Lubov, can't you do something?
Get out of the way!
All right, then.
No, Grishka!
I'm your very best friend. Listen to me!
I'm going to
kill a dog.
But Im
thinking of you!
Yes? And Im
thinking of myself!
It's either
that man or me.
Oh, Grishka.
Ha! That's
a good idea.
That's a fine idea.
Now look here.
You once told me not... to
disturb the ladies of your party.
I think we owe the same
consideration here.
Hold those men here!
I'll see that they get a fair
and impartial trial.
Just one thing. Tonight
was entirely my idea.
Rasputin: An excellent
idea it was, too.
Ha ha ha!
Go on. Lead on.
Go on there!
More music.
The louder the better.
[Orchestral music playing]
What are you
smiling at?
You're not afraid
of anything, are you?
Oh, sir! Oh, sir!
Let me go!
Rasputin: How well
did you search him?
We got everything.
Anyone down there?
Now we're going to have
that little talk you spoke of.
Must we talk
in the cellar?
The cellar is a perfectly
good place... for a rat.
Hee hee hee!
Hey! Come here.
This is a pleasure
I promised myself.
After you, prince.
Keep on going.
Ha ha ha!
That's right.
Over by the fireplace.
You're going to be coals
before long.
Still smiling, eh?
You're a liar.
You're sweating
underneath that smirk.
Why don't you admit it?
I migshoot you
in the head,
and then you'd
be dead right away.
Oh. Is this going to
take a long while?
Yes, you
grinning snob.
I'm delighted.
You're delighted,
are you?
You're delighted.
That's the beginning.
It's just a nip.
I'm saving the last one
to put between your eyes.
Why don't you
smile now, hmm?
Ha ha! Life can be
very sweet.
Oh, you don't
like that, eh?
That isn't
so funny now, eh?
[Man singing in Russian]
Ahh, that's a beautiful song to die to.
Nights of love.
Ha ha!
There's death
in there, too.
Life and death
and love.
What are you
laughing at?
You. You're full of poison, you fool.
Don't you believe me? Look at your eyes.
They're like
red jelly.
Didn't you eat too
many cakes, holy father?
They were loaded
with poison,
and now you stuffed
them down, you swine.
It's the same music.
Life and love
and death.
Are you getting cold, holy
father? It's the first sign!
Ha ha! It's
too late for that.
He's with his girl!
That's where
you'll be, holy father.
You'll be with yours. The little
children that believed in you...
You'll see them all now!
Hey there!
Tell them to come in!
Tell them to hurry.
It's Rasputin!
Help me.
Help! Help!
You can't kill me!
You can't! You can't.
You can't kill me.
You can't kill me.
If I die,
Russia dies.
Do you hear that?
She'd be
dragged down...
down to
the bottomless pit.
I tell you that.
The poison's working.
You're turning blue, father.
[Rasputin screaming]
Why don't you die?
[People banging on door]
Babylon has fallen.
The great day
of wrath is come.
Stop it!
The Czar anoints her.
All of them will go. I see
their bodies dying in the snow.
Drown in the lake
of hell!
[Music box playing]
Nikolai: Come in.
The adjutant general on duty and
Prince Chegodieff, your majesty.
Send them in.
Your majesty.
Wait, general. I want you
to see that this order
Pertaining to Prince
Chegodieff is properly executed.
There is no justification
for murder, prince.
My ministers have suggested
that you be punished with death,
but I cannot take a life that has been
so devoted in the past to my service.
I have therefore ordered
that your punishment be exile.
Who else is
implicated in this?
No one,
your majesty.
Leave us, general.
Paul, this is how we
reward your devotion.
It had to be done, Paul,
or precipitate a crisis.
All of Rasputins creatures
are still in power.
I know, sir.
I'm returning to the
front to remove Valenka.
Kristin will go next, and all
the rest when I know who they are.
But a country at war
will have to go slowly.
I wish I could help you,
your majesty.
You'll serve your country
more by leaving.
When Ive cleared them
all out, Ill send for you.
As soon
as you can, sir.
[Knock on door]
Paul, where
will you go?
To England. I've been offered
a commission in the line.
How's that, lieutenant?
Paul, take Natasha
with you.
Do as you're told. She
deserves to be happy.
Oh, your majesty.
Take care
of her, Paul.
I shall, sir.
[Knock on door]
Compliments of General
Laudai, your majesty.
If you want to reach the front in
daylight, you'll have to leave now.
Very well.
We must leave you here,
Paul. Au revoir.
Russia's going to need you
when this is over.
This time, all our plans
are going through.
I hope so, sir.
Paul: Your majesty!
Your majesty.
I... I never believed
that madman before,
but one thing he said
is roaring in my brain.
He said when he died, Russia died.
I'm afraid the cancer's
been removed too late.
We're already
No, Paul. Russia is too great
to be destroyed by any one man.
Paul, here is Russia.
And here.
At least
wouldn't it be wise
to send her majesty
out with the children
until the storm
blows over?
We have never injured
our people, Paul.
They will never
injure us.
Get out of my way!
Oh, how do you do,
comrade general?
Do they know where
we're taking them?
She does.
What makes you
think so?
She asked me
to tell the Czar
that we were taking him
to Moscow for his safety.
Ha ha ha!
He'll be safe, all right,
but not the way he thinks.
He restoreth my soul.
He leadeth me
in the paths of righteousness
for his name's sake.
Yea, though I walk through the
valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil,
for thou art with me.
Thy rod and thy staff,
they comfort me.
Thou preparest
a table before me
in the presence
of mine enemies.
Thou anointest
my head with oil.
My cup runneth over.
Surely goodness and mercy shall
follow me all the days of my life,
and I will dwell in the house
of the lord forever.
Amen. Amen.
We are ready.
Is that
You're taking
with you?
We have everything
we need at Moscow.
You'll want
more than...
That's right.
Well, let's get started, comrade.
What's that? Gold?
May I have it?
You see, it's my last
anniversary present.
Our 23rd.
My orders are that nothing
valuable leave the palace.
The picture's
all we want.
We have been
happy, Nicky.
Yes. We shall always
have that to remember.
There's very little
time for that, comrade.
Ready, children?
Yes, Mamushka.
We're ready, too.
Oh, dear, don't you think
we'd better leave him here?
Why, Mamushka?
He might get cold
on the way.
And we can always
send for him, can't we?
Yes. Yes.
Come on, please.
At once. Maria?
Whatever you say,
I saw you
feeding him once.
I'll take
good care of him.
Come, my brood.
You've dressed
warmly, children?
What's that?
All the reforms ever proposed
for Russia in the last 10 years.
Some of them
are bad.
Some of them
are excellent.
Even your revolutionary ideas are there.
Well, what do I want
with them?
I was thinking that
if you could get them
to some of the people of the
government, tsincere people...
There must be
many of them...
It would save them
tragic mistakes.
All the needs
of Russia
are so clearly
outlined there.
They might find a
bridge between revolution
and the kind of
government they're after.
I think we can get along
without any suggestions from you.
You will, yes.
I was thinking
of Russia.
[Raucous laughter]
Shut up!
[Laughter stops]
[Train whistle blows]
[Guns cocking]
[Guns firing]
[Singing in Russian]