Rasputin: The Mad Monk (1966) Movie Script

Raspoutine, Le Moine Fou
"Hossein Saj. "
My presence
is henceforth useless.
- If she regains consciousness,
give me a back.
- And if not, doctor?
Call a priest!
I can't do anything.
- How much I owe you, doctor?
- That you can give me.
Your business is bad?
With my sick wife, doctor...
Good night!
Paul, If we can help with anything...
If anyone wanted something
ring that bell
- There is a sick person here.
- I see.
Will be cured with wine.
Don't understand?
His wife... is sick
Our mother is sick
- She has a high fever.
- We know.
High fever.
But it takes away
I've taken the fever in my hands.
Touch them...
They are burning...
Throw it away!
Throw it away!
- It gets better?
- Won't die.
Open your eyes, you are healed.
This is you?
- How to thank you?
- Offer me a bottle.
- Not enough.
- Well, go down and bring more!
Whatever you want!
We can't see anything here,
take more lamps to illuminate this.
Lights, yes!
Nicolai, go for more lamps.
Your daughter is beautiful.
It's a party tonight...
- A party?
- Yes, a party.
- Your wife is cured, you should
celebrate this What a better reason?
- Vassili!
Did you see?
How that stranger danced with my daughter?
- Have you ever seen her dancing loop?
- Who is he?
Don't know...
But has saved my Anna.
Has saved.
No, could not.
- More wine, friend!
- Thanks!
- Have you seen?
- Who? We only see him
- Who is he?
- Nobody knows...
Appears, gets drunk and goes...
But my mother has cured!
And the doctor couldn't do anything...
Wanted to celebrate this party.
Has drunk
three bottles of wine!
No, no!
Keep drinking,
is a good red wine!
She is a clever girl.
- Have you seen her dance?
- Yes.
Tania has danced
with him all night...
- I don't like it
- And me too.
- What are you gonna do?
- Really teach him a dance.
He is longer your brother
Follow him!
He is!
What do you have to say
in your defense?
I was attacked and I defended.
I'm not talking about that
This case looks at the civil authorities
I'm talking about your conduct
in relationship with the Church.
The beverage
of women
Teaches you that the confession
of your sins is good.
And then?
And by removing all temptation,
sins could not
I applied this rule.
When I go to confession, I don't
offer God small sins...
But hardly my sins are
worthy to be forgiven!
You are blasphemous?
- You will be punished...
- Father, be merciful.
My wife, Anna was dying
She pulls me from the grave...
- Merciful? He mutilated my son
- What did you say?
Of the grave! Was a miracle!
It is another blasphemy?
I healed a sick woman.
- Cured? With potions?
With these hands.
His wife was possessed?
The exorcism?
- No, I played with these hands.
- True, father.
God wouldn't give a gift
to such a sinner.
Must come from...
The demon?
Who knows?
Only I know
I have this power
I've always had.
I feel like burning inside me.
As I pushed.
Is within me.
In my hands.
And I warn you all...
Grigory Efimovich Rasputin,
I use it.
The power is mine,
and I use it as I please.
What do they know
locked in their cages in cotton?
Have to use the senses,
Feel, Taste, Touch.
- Know much about life.
- Sometimes I think all.
You're wasting your time here.
Go to St. Petersburg,
To tell the Tsar do something.
They could use someone
who knows everything.
Is as feature?
Yes, is just as they say.
Is like a fairytale.
Building are so large...
And streets are so wide...
And palaces...
And women...
I once spent an entire night there.
I got drunk and lost
all the money, I have not ever
You need lots of money
to live there
It's not for us.
Get the money,
You could,
But I don't go there.
Then you're in for a surprise.
Back now!
- Like this?
- What?
If you like.
It's great, right?
What do you give me for this?
The Doctor!
- Hello, Doctor!
- Glad to see you.
Come back tonight.
Be in shape?
- Good night
- Good night
- Good night
- Cognac?
Two bottles of wine.
- Who dares to him?
- I do not.
50 kopecks who drink more than the doctor.
- Nobody dares?
- Forget it!
It has already begun.
I accept your challenge.
Very well. Let's go.
- I warn you, The doctor is not beginner.
- I'm not too.
That has no place to drop dead!
- Hi honey!
- Can we invite you a drink?
I have an invitation to
the dance of the Palace
- Get me out of here.
- What is it?
I'm sick of the officers
stepped on me.
Take this.
- It will make you forget his sufferings!
- Delicious
This ball is successful.
And Devil...
It was an odyssey...
Sonia, don't drink so.
- Was thirsty.
- Drink water.
- Okay two rubles.
- Two?
- You are the most adorable brother.
- You won't give me to feeling.
Ivan and Vanessa!
Come with us.
- Where are you going?
- This is boring.
Peter knows
an exciting place.
I was thinking of "the Tzigane".
How is it?
students went there, lately.
- There's always drinking and fighting.
- Sounds great.
You're not here to have fun.
- Champagne?
- Yes.
No, vodka.
Our vodka is very strong.
- Did you see that?
- What?
The bearded man looked at Vanessa.
Who does it?
Sit back and enjoy,
for that you have come.
Don't make such a fuss
Come on man, Drink!
Dance, dance,
dance for the winner!
Dance to the winner, dance!
- You owe me an apology for laughing at me.
- Wait...
You will come to apologize.
What insolence!
"Will come to apologize. "
I'd like to give a lesson!
- If I hadn't stumbled...
- Yes, yes.
You didn't give me much help!
We are better off away from there.
No, Sonia?
You've seen the eyes?
- I don't drink more.
- Pay.
Pay, idiot.
Come on!
Come on!
- Where does he live? - The other side
of the impasse. Over the slaughter.
That is, take it.
- Sorry to bother you.
- What do you want?
I'm sorry, ma'am.
- I was here last night.
- Yes, I remember.
- Yes you stole...
- No, nothing like that.
There was a man here...
Tall, bearded.
I understand.
I want to see him.
- Know where he lives?
- Yes.
- Tell me, please.
- Above the carnage.
- Be careful. - I know how to
take care of myself, thank you.
I guess you'll go soon.
Don't you want to go?
You can't stay here.
- I have things to do.
- What things?
Private things.
Open the door.
- It may be a creditor.
- I know who is there. open it...
Come in!
Good morning, madam.
I came here to apologize.
For last night.
So apologize.
- I'm really sorry.
- Well.
Now come here.
Now kneel.
- But I'm living here!
- Go!
Go for lunch.
Cook for us.
- I'm not your servant.
- Aren't you?
Aren't you?
What are you then?
What are you?
of the Tsarina.
Go for wine and food.
What's your name?
- Sonia.
- Sonia.
Little Sonia.
You're beautiful, Sonia.
Aside from being with the Tsarina,
- What do you do?
- I take care of little Alexis.
- The Tsarevich?
The others are older,
but we took him for a walk.
" We"?
Me and Vanessa.
She was with me last night.
In the dresses.
Yes, the pretty girl
Yes, the pretty girl
Where are you taking Alexis?
The forest, the lakes, the park...
Tomorrow we go to the Vanessa's cottage.
There is an icy river.
Alexis likes to skate.
Isn't it a dangerous thing for him?
I closely monitor,
which does not please Him.
which doesn't please Him.
The vigils when there is danger.
Come in, Boris.
Don't worry about Boris,
formerly physician.
Stand there
Look into my eyes.
In the eyes?
In the eyes
Look at me intently...
Think only of myself.
Think of nothing more
Hunting all other ideas of your mind.
Listen to what I say.
and obey.
Tomorrow, Alexis takes
skate on the river.
While you're there
you manage to have an accident.
An accident? understand?
It will hurt.
You may say I know a saint...
that can cure him.
And send them to me.
Not working.
- Doesn't listen
- Hear what I said.
- And if the child dies?
- Not die
And you will say nothing, Boris.
Wake up.
You can get dressed and leave.
- When can I see you again?
- When you did what I say.
Thing you said?
What do you say?
You'll see.
Now get dressed.
Got money?
Leave it on the bed.
To me, Rasputin,
and the Tsarevich.
Alexis, where are you?
Come, tardona.
She promised to take me skating.
Be careful.
Vanni, Vanni, We're here!
Hello, Alexis!
- You got the skates?
- I'm going after them.
Oh Alexis! Careful, don't fall.
Careful, don't fall.
He is unconscious, but breathing...
- What happened?
- He must have slipped.
My poor baby.
Alexis, darling!
You're burning.
I wish she'd let me
bring to the hospital,
where could examine him well,
with the right equipment.
Now we are in your hands.
- Be right back.
- You can't leave.
You should not.
But I can't do more.
- If you take him to the hospital...
- No.
This is your home.
Here is the Tsarevich
and the palace is your site.
- But we could try...
- No, no.
Then I can't do more...
What can I do, lord bishop?
- What can I do?
- We can only pray Majesty.
Yes, we must all pray.
Lord, have mercy
on this wretched sinner.
Save your child...
to be Tsar of all Russia.
Save him, if you will...
not only by his mother...
but also by his loyal sbditos
who love him.
Save him, sir.
Have mercy.
my son.
- Amn.
- Amn.
I know a holy man.
Maybe I should send for him.
- Give me more.
- There is no money.
- There's more.
- I have not even a penny.
Are you Rasputin?
- I am Rasputin.
- I have a message from the Empress.
- Yes?
- Her Majesty wants you to go to the palace.
Can I know the reason?
You might not know,
but the Tsarevich is sick.
I know.
You've been recommended to
Her Majesty as a healer.
Her Majesty
wants me to heal her son?
Tell Her Majesty that I will come.
I must go and pray for the boy.
Then I'll come to the palace.
Tell her...
that don't be afraid,
your child will recover
from this time.
Breathes better.
Thank God.
And you say that
holy this way?
Came after praying, madam.
His prayers are answered.
I don't think.
Improvement, and I haven't done anything.
- God is unfathomable.
- Yes.
When that man came,
let me know.
I know.
- Is the saint?
- I am Rasputin.
Will be fine by tomorrow.
God bless you.
Should be rewarded.
- Minister.
- I ask no reward.
My son.
Go ahead, little Sonia.
What they say about me?
That a man holy and mysterious...
had saved the life of the Tsarevich.
They say that God sent him.
And that should be
sought and rewarded.
Well done.
- I do not understand.
- Let, little Sonia.
Peter?! what are you doing here?
- Care.
- You act like a slut.
A good man, those eyes...
You know he didn't
accept any reward...
for the miracle?
Yes, madam.
Not many men like him in Russia.
Greed, ambition and the corruption...
My court is full.
No need to tell you.
You know what happens.
Where can we meet...
This Rasputin?
- I know where, madame.
- Well.
Tell him he must accept
a reward, I say.
- Very well.
- Tell him to ask what he wants.
- Will you?
- Of course.
- Well.
And now...
I'm not feeling well lately.
With the shock of Alexis...
I'm not feeling well.
The doctor has seen?
They have done nothing for Alexis.
I'll get the Cognac madam!
No, Sonia! I was thinking of Rasputin...
Yourself could go and see him.
Tell her I can't visit here...
for obvious reasons.
Need to find a more
appropriate place for our meeting.
A place where I can carry out
Not bad,? Indeed, Boris?
Not bad for a peasant.
- You were lucky.
- Luck?
This is only the beginning.
He gave me this.
But it's only a house,
and she has all Russia.
She has a lot to give, Come!
Ladies, please...
The master can not see more patients.
- Please leave.
- Is shameful!
- I paid, I want to visit.
- And I visit her.
Stop eating and exercise!
Ladies, please.
Thank you.
- Your Imperial Majesty.
- Good morning, Grigory.
- I can...?
- I don't want anything.
Keep happy here?
Happiness is not for my profession,
surrounded diseases.
But I have work.
- I ask nothing more.
- You are very good Grigory!
You're is very pale.
- How are you?
- Fatal! No, better.
I don't know.
it seems to me that I'm better
when I'm with you.
- It's very kind.
- It's true.
- I wish it was not.
- Why?
Because it depends on you.
It's not good to depend on others.
All Russia is up to you.
You give too.
So coming here,
to relax.
Look into my eyes.
Look me straight in the eye.
Do not think about anything else.
Everything else is dark.
No thought.
Don't look at my eyes!
Now sleep.
I'll make you the doctor appointment Court.
I have no medical exercise!
I will not!
I need someone in court.
Sonia no longer serves me.
The medical board never consent to.
They obey the Tsarina.
- I don't like.
- This might be the first step.
Could become minister!
I can get it.
I know.
Dr. Siglov does not suit you.
- Please do not!
- You'll dismiss doctor Siglov.
And Appoint Dr. Zargo
your personal physician.
Yes, Understood.
Congratulations, Doctor.
What are you feeling?
Much better.
Is much for me, Grigory
Is it the responsibility
of my destitucin?
The Empress has come this morning...
and again gave the order to dismiss.
- And I tied ropes.
- Very well.
It's true she's been here today.
You wouldn't have cured even the headache.
- Imaginations.
- I agree.
But I have cured the
headache imaginary.
And you had advised her to sack me.
Before you go I want you
to meet someone. Boris!
Leave these disgusting
concoctions and see!
I Introduce your successor,
Dr. Boris Zargo.
I know that name.
I'm very busy.
It was
involved in a scandal?
He forbade the practice of medicine.
- When the Tsarina know!
- She knows.
I always thought I was an idiot.
- Now I know who is crazy.
- Doctor Siglov!
You're is speaking of
the Imperial Majesty.
Take care...
or lose something
more precious than your work.
Beware, if you can lose
more than your load.
Offend too many people,
maybe someone becomes violent.
Rasputin uses the Tsarina
for his own purposes.
He puts it in his pocket.
Don't stop until he was dominated.
And I'll finish with her and all of us.
Unless we do crasions before.
You're not serious.
In my life I have spoken so seriously.
Speak of murder?
- Murder.
- Whatever.
- Not the same.
- For me yes.
I understand that you refuse.
Of course.
If you were out on your nerves,
you would make it out.
Sonia is the real problem.
- She has slept with him.
- Everyone knows that!
She makes no secret of her actions.
What do you want?
I wanted to be with you.
Is it strange?
It's boring.
What have I done?
See, you did what you had.
I don't want to see you more!
- Go on, don't make me sick!
- I disgust myself.
What do you want from me?
- What should I do?
- I'll tell you what to do, Smallest!
Get me to your beautiful girlfriend,
I'll kill you, demon!
I'll kill you!
I'll kill you!
Go home!
I'll kill you!
I'll kill you!
I'll kill you!
I'll kill you!
Man! It's acidic.
Wanted to kill me? Kill me!
- Look at me!
- No!
Look at me!
Do exactly what I say.
Here you are.
You will want to kill yourself.
Grigory, no!
Do you understand?
You'll go...
and you'll kill yourself!
Where are you going, Boris?
Away from you. Anywhere.
So, dear Boris wants to leave me...
- After all you've done!
- Stay away.
No need to go behind you!
- I can kill you any time.
- You're crazy Rasputin, understand?
- You're crazy.
- Me?
No, Boris.
It is you who are crazy if you
think you can do without me.
You'll come back crawling.
If not, I will end you.
I find you and smash!
My God.
- Are you better?
- Same.
- What do we do Here?
- It was you who wanted to come.
- Do you remember the last time?
- Forget it.
We were here.
And they were there.
- I'll kill him...
- Do nothing, sit!
Hey you!
- Where is your friend?
- Shut up.
Can we talk a minute?
- You are not drunk!
- Peter!
I've been drinking,
but just enough to understand things...
and see what to do with Rasputin.
I understand your feelings,
but this is important.
- We have to take this?
- Let's close!
I must speak with you.
Can go somewhere?
My house.
He controlled the Tsarina.
Under hypnosis will do
everything he wants.
We must kill him!
- I said!
- I don't speak for myself.
I died long ago.
What do you want?
Mean to kill him?
Yeah, I mean
he must be killed.
- I can not participate.
- Not asking you to remove it.
I myself will do it.
What I ask is that...
You must forgive me for saying this.
but he has attracted your sister.
- Vanessa! She hates him.
- He did not imagine it.
Go see him, I'll tell you what to say.
If you use the name of it to attract a date,
will come, and I will not leave you alone.
Do it,
by Sonia.
Poor little Sonia
Why "poor little Sonia"?
What have you done?
Tonight he...
has told her to kill herself.
My God!
He told her to commit suicide.
Rasputin!, Salt, demon!
I know you're there.
Here I am, Peter Vassilievich.
Here I am.
What you want from me, Pequeo Peter?
My sister is dead.
You killed her.
I an very clever.
I have not even touched her.
You tell her to commit suicide.
Orders fulfilled, what a good girl.
Poor little Peter.
Scared in the dark.
Watch out, Peter.
Acids are stored here.
Good morning.
My name is Ivan Kolesnikov.
We know each other,
but we haven't presented.
I do not bother you?
- Yes.
- I will not waste much time.
What do you want?
This is lovely,
as I described for Vanessa.
- Vanessa?
- My sister, the Tsarina's lady.
But you already know that.
Can we go there?
What gorgeous! is very nice!
Why are you here?
For the sake of the two, I hope.
You can't do anything for me.
I should go then?
Say what you have to say.
I fully understand my sister.
She keeps telling me...
how much she like you.
She barely speaks of nothing else,
could be said...
who complains too much of you.
You can do something for me.
But, wouldn't have come.
Why do you think your
sister would want?
She notices, What gorgeous!
I'm a military and promotion is slow.
There is a vacancy at the Embassy of Paris,
and I want it.
I know you have a lot of
influence on the Tsarina.
She might help.
Thank you.
My gratitude will know no bounds.
To keep up appearances,
She will not come here.
But in our house is a very nice apartment,
away from home.
In the past it was an ideal place
for special guests.
My carriage will come looking
for you today at 10.
- I thought that he was.
- Oh, no.
We will hear the carriage.
Is a tragn!
Can not resist this.
Do not touch it,
is also poisoned.
Offends his label?
Prefer rather play down to a pistol duel?
- Know anything about your friend?
- No.
Nobody has seen him since
I found Sonia's body.
- Sure you want to?
- Yes.
I have to.
Is it him?
Yes, hurry.
Good night.
So don't go through the house.
It is very opulent,
but it's nice.
And she?
It is intended that the
lady is already here.
But because of her vanity
you must wait ten minutes.
Ah, yes, the wine.
I know you likes sweet.
Try to hurry.
...touch me.
How did it happen?
It was Rasputin?
Will never die!
He is the devil!
I've tried, but doesn't die!
He's dead.