Rat (1960) Movie Script

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- I am sure it's no bigger.
- That's not the way I see it.
It's grown a little.
Yesterday it was only this high.
I don't know...
I have a sharp eye for these things.
Yesterday it came up to there,
today up to here. The difference is this.
You've got to look the other way,
if you want it to grow, haven't you?
It's wonderful. In fact, there are
many wonders in the world.
I have lots of debts,
but life is wonderful.
Wonderful? I've been looking for work,
what's wonderful about that?
Oh, don't be discouraged, Louis,
things are not that bad as you think.
I've got a hunch that somehow today
you'll find some work.
- Easy to say when your pay comes in
each week. - Oh, it doesn't match, Louis.
I make a little money, I've got
to work hard. Well, I've got to go.
- I'll see you, huh?
- All the best.
I'll look down-and-out.
What do you think, the bride will mind?
Oh, listen, you could come just as you are.
- After all, we treat friends.
- I'll be a bit late on a wedding present.
I was thinking of...
one of those ceiling lights.
Oh, there is one already.
Let that be your present, Louis.
No one will ever know, huh?
- All right, I've got to go now. So long.
- So long, John.
- All the best.
- Many thanks.
- John! John! Congratulations
and all the best. - Thank you!
Thank you.
- May I come in?
- Oh, why, yes, of course.
Here, with my good wishes.
- May I?..
- Of course.
If there is something wrong,
I wish you tell me...
You know about these things...
I was told to fit it like this.
That's how it's done nowadays.
- Well, I think, really, that...
- You think the old-fashioned way is better?
I've got to go to Maria's, I want to be on time.
I am so glad, I could almost dance a jig.
That's nice! You'll be very happy, John.
How long will it take to pay for it?
- 18 months. - That's not bad. I don't earn
this much so I need two years to pay for it.
They are not in business for the health, you know.
The rate of interest could be higher.
The poorer you are the more things cost.
Haven't you thought about
buying her a washing machine?
Not so fast, give me time,
there's a time for everything...
Hold it, please.
I can hardly wait to see her come in here.
She'll see everything all at once,
because I'm going to turn off all lights.
I'm sure she'll be so happy,
she'll feel like crying. I am sure of it!
War declared!
- What was that? - War declared!
- Something about war...
- Good bye. - Good bye.
- And thank you!
- All the best!
- Thanks!
- War declared! War declared!
- Taxi!
- War declared! War declared!
Read all about it! - Taxi!
War declared! It's war! War is declared!
Didn't you hear, mister?
War declared!
War! Read all about it!
War! War declared!
War declared!
War declared!
Read all about it!
War declared!
Will you all come around, please?
Everyone here will be issued a covering
to shield him against atomic radiation.
- Your attention, please!
- What?
- What about those international conventions?
- Of course they exist.
But the enemy doesn't care
about conventions.
Begin the distribution!
Catch! Quickly! Each of you must
catch a covering.
Come on now! Catch! Catch over there.
Here are the instructions.
You unfold them and put them
over your head as follows.
First, with both hands you slip it over
your head like Grandpa's nightshirt.
Second, pull it down over it.
Now, watch the demonstration please.
That's right, pull it down over it.
Third, lift up the hood.
Could I have another, there is
something wrong with mine?
Sorry for you, this is all we've got.
Pull it down.
Now pull it up again.
Down again.
Up again.
Down again.
Up again.
Down again.
Up again.
Down again.
Up again.
That's it.
And be sure you keep it in a dry place
that cannot span humidity.
That's all, now fold them up again!
- No! No! This is not for two!
- Let me in! I haven't got mine!
My hand! It's still out there!
I need my hand, I'm a mechanic!
What is going on?
- What's all the noise about?
- Didn't you hear? War is declared.
War is declared?
I don't believe it!
hey're ours!
They're our planes!
- Take me to St. Stevens hill.
- To St. Stevens hill? - Yes.
- Sorry, just where is that?
- Out near the Zoological gardens.
Oh, yeah, Zoological
gardens... I'm sorry, you see...
I haven't slept. I've been on
my job 18 hours already.
Here we go...
- Would you mind driving a little faster?
- Well, this taxi is old and slow...
Next year I am going to get
a brand-new one, if I can afford it.
That's why I work overtime.
I can't stop, it's terrible...
- What's going on?
- War has been declared.
- What did you say?
- Our country is at war.
- Mama! Mama...
- What?!
- Darling... darling boy!..
- Don't worry, Mama!
Take care of yourself, son!
- Will you look at that?
- Hey, you! Come! Let's go!
George! George!..
Don't leave me all alone!
Down with war! Down with war!
Down with war!
- I agree, but don't shout, it won't help!
- What's that you're shouting?
- He said: down with war now.
- I did not! I said down with the war!
Then you're under arrest.
You must like war! Go ahead, say it!
Say that you like war, I'm waiting!
- To the police station! - Oh yeah!
If you have a warrant for my arrest...
A warrant! Do you hear? A warrant!
- What do I owe you? - Not a cent,
because today is a big holiday!
Get going!
Maria! I love you now more than ever.
I had to tell you that.
No matter what they do,
it mustn't separate us.
John, Mom and Dad are worried.
Come on, darling, let's go.
- Hello everyone!
- Hello. - Hello John.
Surprised that the bridegroom
didn't run away?
You'd never do that John,
we are certain of it.
Things were so quiet...
We were here waiting.
In 10 minutes everything simply
fell apart with this war.
We heard the news, just now.
Your sister turned on the radio
just to hear a little music, and then...
It's not a surprise. That's certain.
The problems we faced
simply had to lead to a war.
John, what are they saying in the city?
That no one should worry because
everything is going to be all right.
And before midnight
it's going to be all over.
And what is meant by "over"?
What? It means the war stops.
The war will stop at midnight.
It could already be over!
Possibly, yes.
Let's wait and see.
And anyway I have to leave now, John.
They expect me down at a factory
right now. I've got to go.
The wedding ceremony won't last long.
Isn't that right, John?
Yes, sir. You'll see, it'll be a short...
- Sorry... - We're just going to to sit down...
- Children, can't be any weddings today...
- We'll marry if we're not late to church!
Well, I think that it must be true.
Soon everything is going to be all right.
The politicians have families,
the president has a family...
The trouble is now no one knows anything,
the whole world has gone crazy.
Mama, must you bring up
such a terrible subject?
John, those bombs...
What do they do to you?
Now, listen, Jack, everything will be
all right, because it's got to be!
At worst, they will drop conventional
bombs that don't scare anybody.
They won't use the others.
You know why?
Because you know what would happen
if they did use the atomic kind?
It's crazy! You can't
imagine what it's like!
They don't dare drop it, it would
leave millions of dead!
And populations ground to powder as though they'd...
as though they'd gone through a coffee grinder.
- Water! Give him water, quick!
- Dear boy, he has a weak heart...
- Maria, turn that confounded radio off!
- Poor darling... Here, drink!
Thanks, Mom. I'm all right. I'm so sorry...
This always happens when we talk about...
- He always has been sensitive like that.
- I wanted to help you, Jack. - I know, I know.
I always have to have other people help me.
- Jack, it will be all right.
- Well, we'd better go to church now.
- I'm very sorry, really, I must be going.
They're waiting for me at the factory.
You see, that's the trouble with being
a boss: everyone needs me.
If I were like you... For you it's all very
easy because you do whatever you like.
Your time is your own. Here I've got to
go to the factory and you can stay.
You know I'm with you in spirit.
Be very happy. I must leave.
- Good bye now.
- Good bye and thank you, sir.
- Good bye John. - Good bye
sir. - Good bye everyone.
Let's go. Daddy and I in front,
Mom and John next,
followed by all the wedding guests.
- Yes, let's go.
- I bet youngsters are getting impatient.
- How well I remember my wedding day!
- Traditional candy... - Thank you.
- And my hat...
- I can't run in these shoes...
- Oh, take them off then!
Oh, we are dreaming...
Yes, we are dreaming...
It can't be real, what
do you think? John?
- Is it simply a dream?
- No, Mama, it's the real thing.
- Let's see: now I am sleeping. - You are
sleeping? - Maria, please pinch me.
- I want to be pinched too!
- I'll pinch you.
I've known you ever
since you were children.
You grew, and as you grew,
the love I have for you also grew.
This is one of the most important
moments in your life.
You, John Johnson, are one who has now reached
the lofty height that crowns a mountain range
and sees below a broad plain,
one of those broad plains
that seems to stretch endlessly,
as life itself.
From one horizon to the other horizon.
Hand in hand we walk,
and every trouble and
every peril, which... Every
trouble and every peril which...
My children! All of this was important yesterday.
But not today. So... I believe we
should hurry and get it over with.
- Maria Maria, do you take John Johnson as
your husband to love, honor and obey? - Yes!
John Johnson, my son, do you take Ma...
- Dad, Auntie, Mama!
- Hurry, we are over here!
They are coming back!
Please, don't cry Maria! Please,
please, Maria, please, for my sake!
The world has changed! Everything is
so horrible! My darling, we might die!
No, my sweet! We're in love,
it's impossible to die.
I guess... I guess it's better that we are
not married yet. I feel completely helpless.
Look Maria... I am alone in this world,
I am an orphan.
I wouldn't be able to live without you.
I have no one but you, Maria.
Maria, John, come over here!
Come on!..
- We're going home... We'll see you later.
- Good bye.
We'll have to get him to the mountains.
I'm afraid he'll never stand it.
I suppose I'll get used to it, Mama.
- Father! What do you think of all this?
- I can't say, I don't know.
- There is not much I can do for you now, my children.
- Good bye. - Good bye and God bless you.
Come now Dad! Come on!
An old railroad man like you can't give up!
They say that it's a small world...
Nowadays everybody moves around,
planes and boats and trains
help the whole world make friends.
Only it's no use...
It doesn't do any good.
All right, hurry it up...
Come on, bring this group here.
The other group to the truck...
To the other truck!
Here! Those five over here!
Hurry it up!
That's right, stay right there.
Come on, hurry it up!
Hurry it up, from over here to over here.
Bring them over.
Hey, you! And you!
Come on, in the truck.
- You're both mobilized as well.
- Mobilized, sir?
- Where've you been, there's a war going on!
- I know there is a war going on.
- But we don't have anything with us!
- We're going to give you everything,
you name it - we've got it, you'll get
all you need, even a toothbrush!
All right, that will do, pick them up!
Hurry it up!
Come on, let's go! Faster, faster!
We haven't got all day.
It's good!
Enough for that truck!
Now get the others going, hurry it up!
I want to go along!
We can't be separated, John!
There is no time for all of that,
it's not the place either,
so just cut it out...
All right, hurry up, take it away!
Maria, don't worry and take care!
- Jack, tell them, tell them about your heart!
- They can't keep me... Don't worry!
- John, please maintain him, please, John!
- All right Auntie, I swear!
- Maria, write to me!
- Where?
I don't know, Maria!
- Oh, Jack! Look at that, will you?
- What?
- Look at the sky. Maybe it's going
to rain soon. - Maybe...
Let's sing our anthem, come on,
the people are watching us!
Sing the national anthem, men, all together.
All together, men, sing!
- I don't know the words...
- Doesn't matter, just sing.
All of our hearts are
solely for our Motherland...
- Sing! - All of our hearts are
solely for our Motherland...
Let's be together, let's we fight to glory...
One, two, three, four...
Everybody out!
Everybody out of the truck.
- John! John!
- Louis!
You were right... See, I have a job
already! And how's Maria?
- Oh, this is Maria's cousin, Jack.
- How do you do. - I am pleased to know you!
- Louis, where they're going to send us?
- Who cares? I'll go wherever they tell us
to go, as long as they give me three
square meals a day - that's for me...
- All right there! - Maybe we'll
meet again... I hope so, at least.
- So long, John!
- So long, Louis.
All in there! Turn to the right! Go on!
Keep inside... All right you guys, all in!
Hurry up, there is a war going on!
- Eleven times six?
- Sixty six! - Six.
- Nick Nickson. - Six plus eighteen?
- Twenty four.
- Are your father and mother alive?
- That is, father is... mother's not.
- Do you like women?
- Yes.
- I love women. - How long are you
able to get along without them?
- Ten days...
- What have you got in there? - Nothing...
- Pete Peters!
- Do you believe in progress? - Yes, sir!
Don't shout! Two.
- Jack Jackson. - Do you love your country?
- Yes. - How much? - As much as I can.
How much is that?
Not enough...
- He's a man with a weak heart...
- Who told you to talk?.. Four.
- Your name?
- John Johnson.
You have mopped up a transport,
are still fighting with one man.
All at once your opponent
stumbles and falls.
All right, what would you do: kill him
at once or would you wait till he got up?
What do you got there, you?
- It's some candy...
- Some candy... Two!
- This is from my wed...
- Shut up! Nobody asked you!
Ready personnel - this way!
- And you, how old are you?
- 20 next month... - Huh!
Ten times ten?
Go ahead: right, left, right, left...
Get in line!
And - left, right, left, right, left...
In step...
Squad, left, right, ...
Squad... squad... halt!
Right... face!
Now we'll begin the exercises.
Lower arms!
The rifle you have is fully automatic,
you hear? Its operation is simple,
even the world's silliest
moron can understand.
All you need is one forefinger. You
have one. Everybody has one!
Raise your forefingers!
Now bend them very slowly at first.
It has to remain flexible for that reason.
You must exercise it every day.
Improve its operation.
By flexing that forefinger. Start by
moving slow... And then faster! Faster!
Faster! Faster!
Faster, faster!
Squad, halt.
Now, did you get that?
To the firing range!
Faster! Faster, faster!
Take your firing positions.
At the order to open fire
start shooting at the wooden figures.
Are you ready?
Ready... Aim... Fire!
And now we'll have camouflage drill.
Camouflage number 3!
Shrubbery... up!
Camouflage number 4!
Down on the ground, you're a flock of sheep!
Get lower! Crawl, sheep, crawl!
Sheepie, nice, sheepie, crawl!
Good... Good. And now flock... as you were!
Flock, halt!
Camouflage... skip to number 6!
Merge six up! Same as number 3.
Shrubbery, except you're trees now.
- Camouflage number 7!
- Jack! Jack!
Camouflage number... 1!
Stand up!
Rifles up!
Get... up!
He's dead...
Hey you! Everybody out!
To the air raid shelter!
Everybody to the air raid shelter!
- I am not going down now!
- You obey like everyone else!
No, I am in my home here.
I am staying here.
I said everybody has to obey
even if he doesn't like it.
- We'll kick the door open if you don't.
- Kick my door down, eh? That's right!
What the devil's this world
coming to, anyway?
You can't die anymore.
No right to die where we want.
Listen, may you try to be sensible?
You should be more sensible at your age.
- Get out! - Look, I've just paid off my house,
my final installment was paid last month...
- You're coming out!
- And it took 30 years to pay off...
All right, I'd be out in a minute.
You keep my front door, you there.
I'm coming.
Oh, I am sorry. You look like
someone who is dear to me, and...
It's quite all right.
You there!
- Take the old man to the shelter.
- They can't get into my house, to break in!
They've tried!
I've got my own home, sir!
Take him away.
Search every house
on both sides of the street.
- So only force counts these days?
- There is nothing I can do about it.
Here, give me your suitcase.
You let me go and I'll give you a lighter!
- It works well!
- I am sorry, I've got to do my duty.
Yeah, I've heard that before, son.
- Were you born in the South?
- No, out West.
- What, out West? So was I! Wouldn't you
let me go? - I can't do it, I'm sorry!
Open the door!
You can't come in!
Not through an air raid!
Come on!
Hurry up, will you?
Hey, open up, open, arm's caught!
We can't open during an air raid,
it's impossible, we can't do it!
But a man's arm is caught!
Hey, open the door!
Open the door!
Open the door!
Will you please open this door?!
- Open the door!
- Stay there, stay!
Now that you're in, you're gonna
have to stay until it's all over.
You caught my arm, I have
to go, I'm on a duty!
You'd better wait until they
finish dropping their bombs.
You'll go then. The nurse will take care
of your arm in the meantime.
Hey, you there, soldier...
Those bombs that they're dropping...
Are any of them atomic bombs?
What's that?
Of course not!
According to the agreements the
atomic bomb has been outlawed!
At the last United Nations meeting everyone
agreed the bomb would never be used, so...
This way... This way.
You too, old man. This way.
I'm sorry.
- John!
- Oh, John, John, what a surprise!
- And Maria?
- John! - Maria!
- Everything all right?
- Oh yes, thank you!
- John... And Jack, where is my Jack?
- In the barracks. He stayed.
How's he feeling?
How are they treating him?
Well... well, as a soldier.
How else, Auntie?
- And how does he look in uniform, John?
- We've all been given nice uniforms, I...
I thought he'd be with you all
the time so you'd look after him.
I'm on a mission, it's what
you'd call an inspection tour.
And... say, why is that, that you
all here, in this bomb shelter?
And whose child is this?
We were together when the raid
started so we came here.
And it's a very good shelter,
with all comforts.
I think we'd better sit down,
or we'll lose our places.
Hello there, little fellow. How are you?
Oh, look at that nose, will you?
- What's your name?
- John, tell me!
- Tell me, John!
- Jack's dead, Maria.
I don't understand anything anymore.
It's horrible... Auntie was so worried.
I cared, because she was worried, and also
because I thought we'd see each other.
I had a feeling...
- John... You won't ever leave again,
I need you. - I must obey.
We always have to obey some kind
of order, why must we do it?
- We don't, John.
- Yes, we do.
- You don't have to, John.
- I don't know anymore.
I'm going to take him off your hands.
- He must be fed.
- A mother of three and waiting for a fourth.
- It's due soon too, isn't it?
- That's right, the poor thing would be
a whole lot better off
if he weren't born at all.
Yes, with this war and everything -
it's true. Much too true.
I'm afraid it is.
I know...
No, that woman is wrong.
Your attention, please!
Your attention, please.
In a few moments the President of
the Republic will address the nation.
This is everyone's war, you all know this.
Our common aim, and I'm sure you agree,
is to win this war as fast as we can,
to spend all energy,
to bring about a complete,
a total victory over our brutal enemy.
The decision which I have taken is a means
of squashing the merciless criminals
who would drop the atomic
bomb on our land.
If we do not act fast, in less
than a single minute,
our aspiration towards progress
and prosperity will become a dead letter.
And this we simply cannot allow.
- John, what you said is true, isn't it?
- It's true, Auntie. It's true.
It is a radical decision which shall meet
with the approval of the entire nation.
Can't you tune that thing properly?
We are absolutely certain,
we are absolutely convinced
you will hail the choice we have made.
You are the nation. The time has come for all
of you to share your responsibilities as a nation.
If we do not win,
our old dream will be no more.
We cannot win if we lose courage
or falter in our will to strike.
My friends, I am sure you would have done
as I have, had it been your responsibility.
Yes, I am sure that you
would have moved as I did,
had this decision been up to you.
You want our casualties to be very light.
There is, there can be no point
in sacrificing our lives.
There is only one hope.
In just a few minutes now
our great atomic projectiles
will penetrate the enemy's
defense and strike.
Thanks to our technical knowlege
we shall show you clear motion pictures
of our rockets as they fly towards
the strategic targets of the enemy.
There is a camera, an automatic
television device that is screwed to
the end of each one of our projectiles.
Each head has the force of six megatons.
As the projectile approaches its destination
at the velocity exceeding 12,310 miles in hour,
you'll see on the screen a perfectly clear
image of the flight and the explosion.
You will see how devastating
our nuclear bomb is.
I can't! I can't stand it! Enough!
That's enough!
How could you all look at that?
It's better to be dead than to watch that!
They are the ones! They're responsible
for everything! And so are you!
- But I'm not! I've had all I can take...
- Don't!
No, please! You mustn't!
I agree with you!
Tell him! Tell him that you agree!
He is right! It's true,
we all agree with you.
What do you mean? Maybe you've
forgotten how it feels to be human.
With the coat like the one you've got.
And this for you: maybe you're a brave man.
But the world is still a huge pile of...
And me, I want out of it!.. - Don't! Don't do that!
I'm sure it can't be as bad
as we all sometimes think.
And it's sure to be so much better
tomorrow, so much better...
All of us will be. Everybody,
tell him so, he has to hear you say it!
And always tomorrow.
Always tomorrow, always!
And tomorrow never comes.
And I know why it doesn't.
- Because tomorrow doesn't exist!
We don't deserve tomorrow! - No!
No, don't!
Now pull yourself together.
You mustn't do that. You mustn't!
The government has to hear
the people's voice. Our voice!
Come on, let's march to see
the cabinet, the President!
- Everyone! All of us!
- They've no right to use nuclear weapons!
Everybody must go!
Down with the war!
Right! Let's forward a procession.
Stop war, forward! Forward to the
President's palace, forward.
Stop war! We want peace!
All together!
Come on, let's all go and speak
to our President!
We say: Down with war!
You come too! Let's go, come on.
We must all go, all of us.
- We can stop the war! - Too late,
too late now! - How do you know?
It's not too late. We'll let them know
that we're against war, we want
peace. Let's tell the President.
- We can stop the war, Mama, Daddy, Auntie!
We're gonna tell the President... - Maria,
we're too old for that, but
we're with you in spirit.
Well, don't catch cold,
dear, here is your coat.
I'm calling from section DFD. Demonstrators
marching and shouting anti-war slogans.
Send along reinforcements at once.
Go on, go on back to the shelter!
Go on, we haven't given you the "All Clear"!
- What is it, what do you want? - We're going to
see the President, do you want to come along?
- You want to see the President!?
- Yes! And as soon as possible,
to tell him what we think.
- What we all think!
You mustn't stop us, it's urgent,
we haven't got a minute to lose!
- We haven't got a second to lose!
- Beat it, beat it! We want peace!
- Peace?
- Yes, peace.
Peace, because we are against war.
We are going to see the President!
Free the way!
- Who thought up this demonstration?
- Me!
Your unit, private?
- Third Infantry.
- Why isn't your cap on?
- I dropped it.
- Dropped your gun too?
- Yes, but let me explain, I...
- Arrest him, Sergeant!
- I've heard that rubbish before.
- No, no, it isn't rubbish!
No, it isn't, eh?
We will see!
- Throw him in the jeep, Sergeant.
- No, stop it, you have no right to...
- Maria, don't worry, I'll explain it!
- You haven't got the right!
It's enough to violate one paragraph, one
single little paragraph of martial law
in order to be shot. He was the instigator of a revolt,
You may consider him as shot.
- In that case we should all be shot!
- It can't be done.
Now back to the shelter, all of you!
- Let's set him free! - Yes, yes!
- John!
Don't worry! They'll understand after I explain.
I won't be shot.
The boy's all right, don't take him,
you can't do that!
Go back in the air raid shelter!
- First detachment, ready? - I'll explain,
and if I can do that they will never keep me.
Detachment, forward!
He wasn't right, I was!
I'm a human being too!
I was right. I want my pistol back.
Give me back my pistol, you hear?
Yes. Yes. He's been arrested. Right, sir.
He's in the jeep, yes, General.
- With the 3rd Infantry, private Johnson,
John Johnson. - To the wall!
- I understand perfectly, but... - But what?
- We haven't any walls left here. - Find one!
And one more point.
The order of execution, General.
- Write it yourself.
- All right sir, I will.
- Sir, Captain, have I a right to defend
myself or not? - Wait a minute.
- There is a wall... Firing squad!
- Yes, sir.
Please, wait!
Captain! What good would it do
to shoot me, anyhow?
Please, think for a minute about it.
Why didn't I protest against
my arrest right from the start?
Because I couldn't believe
you really meant it!
What have I done to be shot?
It isn't a crime to want peace, is it?
I'm trying to understand,
please, you must help me!
Squad! Attention!
Ready... Aim...
- John! John!
- Hey, come back! - Maria!
Take her away!
Maria... Maria!
Lower arms, release.
Let go of them.
Listen, miss... I don't know
what brings you here,
but if I can give you a word
of good advice, please move back.
- Take her away! - Let go of me!
- John! - Ready... - John!
- Wait, wait, wait, halt I say. Squad,
ready! - You're murderers, all of you!
- The President, the cabinet, all of you!
- Don't you insult the head of our state!
- You too are a murderer!
- Put her in irons!
Hey! Peace! Peace!
Peace! Peace!
- Peace! Peace! Peace!
- Peace?
They've declared peace.
Can't you hear the bells ring?
Peace! Peace! Peace!
Peace! Peace!
John... I'm sorry.
Louis, it's nothing...
It's all right.
Captain, hey, Captain!
We'd be glad, Captain, now that it's all
over, if you came to our house for a drink.
Oh yes, we'd be delighted. We bought some
cakes, we have wine, beer and vodka!
Hey, fellas, I'm inviting
everyone, come on!
I'd very much like to, it's very kind.
Thank you, but no orders come in.
- But the bells are ringing.
- I'm aware of that, but...
No, I've got to be certain,
so I'll first call command.
Hello, hello! This is Captain Eddie Edison.
I hear they've made peace!
The reason they've rung the bells is that our
atom bombs had destroyed the enemy totally.
- Hello! - Yes? Yes!
Yes, sir, perfectly.
Yes, of course, sir.
Aha. Yes sir, I will.
- Get going, John. - Listen, I'm sure that
Captain won't wanna shoot me anymore,
the war could be over right now...
- Run, John, run for it!
Go over there and
hide among the ruins!
- Whose? - Yours! Your act
of total lack of courage!
Sir, can you speak of courage
when it was a matter of...
Execute the order at once, Captain!
- Yes sir, very well. - At once!
- Yes sir, at once. I will.
There they go!
Get into the jeeps.
Three, follow me.
Five and six, come over to the right.
Over there, Maria!
Over toward our house!
There they are!
Stop them! Halt!
You two! Over to the right!
Stay after them, you! Faster!
Move, move, move!
Surround them!
Surround them!
Don't be afraid, Maria.
- Hello there... Excuse me,
have you seen a Lego around here? - No...
I've lost a Lego,
rather my daughter did.
Maria! Our house, Maria! There it is!
Maria, go up there!
Go and wait for me there!
Go in, put on the light, you'll see
how I've arranged everything.
- I don't think I can go...
- Yes, if I am alone I'll run faster.
I'll make a break for it, you'll run.
They'll come from behind, and in the
meantime you'll sneak up to the house.
Why don't I just run,
let them come after me
let them chase me and in the meantime
you can sneak up to the house.
John! John!
John! Go quick!
- There they are!
- Get them in! Surround them!
Cut them off on every side!
Hurry up, don't let them go away!
The President!
Captain, what's going on here?
This man encouraged the people to revolt
and went so far as to insult the government.
- Is that so? He insulted us?
- Yes, sir!
- Give me the details! - No, I am the
one who did it! - She is not, I am!
- Be quiet!
- Let them talk! Go on. Let's hear this.
It's true that we shouted, and also we
embraced each other and sang. But
only because we want peace, that's all.
- We're human beings, Mister President.
- But you insulted me and the government, right?
Not much... I admit we said some bad things,
but then some things have to change too,
you can see some things're wrong, can't you?
- And what must change? - Everything!
- Everything, Mister President!
- And who will do all this?
Maybe... the governments will.
You and the other government heads
you get together in some room,
lock yourselves in, and... and you talk,
you talk all day, for a week, a month, a year.
For the time you need to agree on things.
Pure poppycock. People like you
are patriotic with sentimental words.
- War demands sacrifices!
- Mister President!
They've detected enemy
atomic missiles crossing our border.
Observation center X-12 reports that center
X-6 reports that none of the enemy missiles
has been intercepted. The speed is 28,000
miles per hour, present altitude 60 miles,
bearing 16.
This one is coming toward us.
Take cover, take cover!
Come on, Maria!
We are human too, I hate war, believe me!
We didn't want it, history will judge that.
You approved directions. All of you. Yes.
I have proof that you... you did.
It's down in black and white. You'll see...
Wait... Just wait, you'll see.
Here. The White book it's called.
You know what a White book is, don't you?
- Never heard of it.
- You've said "Yes" to everything,
all you, millions, you told me so in September,
October, November, December, January,
you all approved, it's in this book,
55 percent "Yes" votes.
Yes, it was a mistake, that's all.
That's our house over there.
What's keeping your parents and
the others, they're usually on time.
I bought a coffee grinder too, Maria.
Are you going to fix
the coffee or shall I?
And Louis? Good old Louis...
He was right, that poor man
who wanted to commit suicide.
We should have thought to stop the war.
Yeah. Right, Maria?
Maria... Maria...