Ratham (2023) Movie Script

I want to meet the owner.
There's been good traction
for our article on actor Tamilselvan.
Everyone on social media
is quoting our article as the source.
We're receiving a lot of hate messages
from Tamilselvan's fans.
So... are we going ahead
with the follow-up article? Is it fine?
We're definitely printing it!
We knew this would happen, Madhu.
Only then, does it seem like
we're doing something right.
No can do!
I have to meet him today!
Call the owner!
Please listen. Come tomorrow.
No can do!
What's the racket?
She told you to go. Come back tomorrow!
Hands off!
I must meet him today!
Ask that Chezhiyan to come here!
Wait here.
What's wrong?
He's here to see you, sir.
And he's drunk.
Let me handle it.
You're pretty drenched.
Come with me.
What's the matter?
Tell me.
What do you want?
Are you Chezhiyan?
Then die!
This is for every schmuck
who works in this place!
If anyone dares write anything wrong
about my idol Tamilselvan...
this will be your fate!
I'll shove a knife
down the writer's throat!
Restrain him!
Lock him down!
I'm ready to give up anything
for my idol!
There're millions like me for Tamilselvan!
Sorry. He is no more.
Aru dear?
Dad's here, dear.
Don't be afraid.
I'm right here.
Don't cry.
Dad's here.
Dad's here.
I am okay, dad.
Come to eat, Aru.
Breakfast's ready.
The test is today, Aru dear.
Revise for it.
Okay, dad.
Put away your things and come, Aru.
Good God, Kumar!
"Run from that side!"
"I'll catch you!"
"Try catching me now!"
"I'll catch you immediately!"
Good morning.
Of course.
He never says a word!
"Are you crazy?
Now you tell me the load hasn't arrived?"
Watch your step.
Bye, dad.
"Finish your lunch."
Okay. Bye.
'O dearest...'
'My dearest...'
'You fill my heart forever,
my dearest'
'O dearest...'
'My dearest...'
'You are the purpose of my life,
my dearest'
'On the slender strings of love,
I kept swinging away'
'Seeking the days I lost,
I lose myself'
'When this pain
is all that defines life...'
'...only the end
will seem like a boon'
'O dearest...'
'My dearest...'
'You fill my heart forever,
my dearest'
"The new horse
has really gotten us worked up, Kumar."
"Can you take a look at it?"
"Come. Let's see."
'When I close my eyes,
memories begin to flash'
'Days prolong on the path of tears'
'I become a bird
that has lost its wings'
'I forget how to fly
and come crashing down'
'All that's left is a silent war
in the heart'
"Watch your step."
"Alright, let's go!"
Played barefoot in the dirt?
No, dad.
I played with my shoes on.
You know dad doesn't like it
when you lie.
No, dad.
It's true!
What's true?
There's dirt on your shoes.
But none below it.
What does that mean?
You picked dirt
and rubbed it on your shoes.
Be always truthful, Arumpavai.
Sorry, dad.
All finished, dad!
Next, math!
Come in, dad.
Forgot that I named her, did you?
Like a father to me.
Like a grandfather to you.
Not 'like'.
I am your father's father.
And I am your grandfather.
How did you find my house?
Did you forget that I was also
an investigative journalist like you?
Get freshened up, dad.
I'll put her to bed.
Okay, son.
What's the matter?
Is everything okay?
They killed Chezhiyan!
My son is no more!
I came here to ask you a favor, Kumar.
Tell me how can I help.
There's no investigative journalist
like you in all of India, Kumar.
Withdrawing completely
and destroying yourself like this...
is a big mistake, my boy.
Come back to Chennai with me.
Take your place
in the editor's office again.
It awaits you.
Your chair is still empty.
If you return, not only will my magazine
get a good editor...
I will get a family too.
It might help you get out of depression
I can't do this now, dad.
The journalist you once knew is dead.
The only thing I feel now, is guilt.
That doesn't allow me to function.
I can't think too far ahead.
I can barely go one day at a time.
I'm destroying my memories with alcohol
and moving forward.
How will you raise this child?
At least for her sake
and for her future...
can't you go back to who you were?
Please don't think that I'm forcing you.
After you left,
no one has ever taken your place.
I've kept it locked.
I'm not saying this as your ex-boss.
I consider you my son, too!
Where did that grandpa go?
He went back home.
Are you okay?
I'm alright.
Time for school.
Get ready. Go. Eat.
I still haven't brushed yet.
Let me do that first.
Don't worry.
Mommy's with you.
Call Sindhu's mother Sangeetha.
Okay, ma'am.
Come, Sangeetha.
Have a seat.
Sorry to say this, ma'am.
Your daughter's not studying at all.
She's slow in everything.
She can't even say the alphabet properly.
She's unable to concentrate.
At times, she doesn't pay attention
and just stares.
She's a bad influence
on other students too.
How can you yourself say this, ma'am?
You know she is dyslexic.
She has no other developmental problems.
Actually, it's just a learning difficulty.
That's all.
A little extra care
is all it takes, ma'am.
No, ma'am.
It's generous enough to give you an
admission despite you being a divorcee.
Other parents complain about why such
troubled kids are in a regular school.
There are schools tailored to her needs.
Why not enroll her there?
You sound so irresponsible!
Many famous people in the world
have such problems.
What must change
is not the school she goes to!
It's your approach.
Being a teacher,
how can you say such a thing?
It's okay.
I'll get a transfer certificate.
It's not safe for my daughter
to be among such people. Thank you.
Come, Sindhu!
'O dearest...'
'My dearest...'
'You fill my heart forever,
my dearest'
'O dearest...'
'My dearest...'
'You are the purpose of my life,
my dearest'
'On the slender strings of love,
I kept swinging away'
'Seeking the days I lost,
I lose myself'
Carry me like how you did
when I was a baby.
Dad's tired, dear.
I'll do it tomorrow. Please.
Please, dad.
Carry me now!
I'm very tired, dear.
Fine. Come.
One... Two...
What happened?
"What happened, Kumar?"
"How did you fall down?
Get up!"
"Oh no!
What happened to the child?"
"Lift up the child!
Call an ambulance!"
"The patient is up! Come quickly!"
"The patient is up, doctor."
Where is my child?
They're here, Kumar.
"What's wrong, sir?"
"Don't get up!"
"Please stay put!"
Where's my daughter?
Aru dear...
"Please lie down!"
"You mustn't get up!"
"Where is Arumpavai?"
"Please lie down!"
"Where is she?"
"Please don't move!"
"Where is she?"
"Stay put, sir! Please!"
"Where is my child?"
"She's on her way."
"Please don't get up!"
"Please lie down, sir."
"Don't get up, sir.
You shouldn't get up."
"Where is my child, doctor?"
"Where is my child, doctor?"
"I want to see her!
Bring her over here!"
"I've told someone to bring her over."
I want to see my child!
"Please wait."
Call my daughter!
"Be calm!"
I'm very sorry, dear!
Sorry, dear.
Sorry for dropping you, dear!
I didn't mean to!
Dad didn't mean to do it!
Sorry, sweetheart!
It's okay.
I didn't mean to. Sorry.
Are you hurt?
"You all please wait outside."
"I'll be right out."
Sorry, dear.
I'm sorry.
"You got lucky! Your alcohol consumption
is very high!"
"The alcohol content in your blood
is also high."
"Being a single father..."
Take care.
"Take care of him."
Don't cry, my boy.
Stop crying.
The child is alright.
I'll get you something to eat.
I'm coming to Chennai.
A little guest will soon arrive
at our house, Raniamma.
Kumar's coming?
Welcome, Mr. Editor!
No, dad.
I'm still not ready for that.
Let me first start coming in to work
I'll work my way up
with small tasks.
For now, let no one know
who I am.
Alright, son.
Your wish.
Good morning, sir.
Good morning.
Good morning, sir.
Good morning, sir.
Good morning.
The same office you once knew.
Chezhiyan modernized it a bit.
The efforts and innovations
you and Chezhiyan put in the beginning...
is what led 'Vaanam'
to grow into such a media giant.
Yes, good morning.
Good morning, sir.
This is Sales and Marketing.
Reporters are in the other wing.
I told you the editor-in-chief's room
is locked.
It's still waiting for you.
Yes, come in.
Yes, Madhu.
You had told us to put this article
on hold.
Which article?
The corruption charges
on the Minister of Power.
By the way...
She is Madhumitha.
Our crime editor.
He is Mr. Kumar.
A good friend of mine.
He wishes to be a part of journalism.
Help him out.
Give him some work.
What kind of work, sir?
Start with something light, and gradually
give him more responsibilities.
Give him a seat
close to your cabin.
The victim Rajiv Reddy
owned Tamil Nadu's largest masala company.
Someone murdered him in broad daylight
in front of several witnesses.
Such a huge story!
But the way you've written it?
It reads like shit!
You neither spoke to the killer's family
nor the victim's.
What's with such an incomplete article?
What's the point in writing
exactly what's said on TV?
Get in the game.
Get down in the trenches.
Think you can pull everything off
from behind a desk!
Get going. Work on the notes I gave you
and file the story.
Yes, ma'am.
Translate this from English to Tamil
by the end of the day.
You can work from here. All the best.
Thank you, ma'am.
It's all going to hell!
Some job, this is...
Hello, sir.
I am Arivukarasu.
Crime reporter.
You're Ranjith Kumar, right?
I can't even recognize you!
Come, we'll talk outside. Not here.
So surreal, sir!
I got into journalism
because of you, sir!
Your book? "India: The Vision and Threats"?
I know it by heart.
For the longest time, I've wanted
to meet you. This is a dream come true!
But what are you doing here, sir?
That too, in a reporter's seat?
I can't go into detail right now.
Can we do it later?
Oh my...
I got it!
Undercover op, right?
Sir, sir...
You needn't say anything.
I'll take care of everything.
Really fond of water, are you?
This must be sent for printing
You're still tinkering with the story!
Why such a delay?
Can't you finish it on time?
Must I give constant reminders?
Tell me!
Do you know what a deadline is?
"Deadline": If you don't finish on time,
you're dead.
Sorry, ma'am.
Please wait.
Where are you going?
Finished the task I assigned you
this morning?
Must it be finished today?
I gave you a task
on your first day.
You can't even do that right
and give excuses.
Where are you all coming from?
This isn't your father's company
for you to do what you please!
It's a newsroom!
Deadlines are critical here.
Got it?
What were you doing before this?
Tell me, sir.
What were you doing
in your last job?
Taking care of horses.
It's the truth.
I was taking care of horses.
Are you pissing me off?
Bad time for journalism!
Two half-boiled eggs
for the corner table, Mani!
Yes, sir?
Half pint of rum.
A glass and a water bottle.
What's the status on the task?
So you didn't do it?
I assign you something on the first day
and you didn't do it.
If you don't know how to do it,
just admit it.
I don't think a desk job
will suit you.
Get out into the field today.
An Annual Day function
at the Mitra Mandir School.
Get going.
What do I report about
from an Annual Day function?
Like you'd work magic
if there's something to report about!
You needn't do anything there.
They'll hand you a press release
in an envelope. Bring it over.
If they offer money, refuse it.
Got it?
Go. Take the photographer with you.
Dear parents, the Annual Day function
will start in fifteen minutes.
Please get your kids ready.
Isn't that Chezhiyan's fiancee Keerthi?
She works here as a teacher.
Please wait. I'll be back.
'Is life but a mere illusion?'
'Will it fade away
like just another dream?'
'Can the mind ever forget
moments of laughter and togetherness?'
'Will the heart get over relationships
torn apart by time?'
'Do not fret, my darling...
I'll be there for you'
Check this out, Nisha.
They're going to France.
Schengen visa, right?
It seems fine, sister.
Shall I go ahead
and file the application?
Yes. Go ahead.
Good morning!
Hi! Good morning!
My bike broke down on the way.
How did you come?
God's grace!
A stranger took out the spark plug
and started the bike.
We can definitely do it, sir.
We'll send safely.
Don't worry.
Merlin sis?
Yes, dear?
Send them our quote right away.
Yeah, sure.
Did the cleaning lady not come in today?
She's not feeling well.
She asked for a day off
to go to the doctor.
Alright then.
If she needs money, write up a voucher
and pay her from my account.
Sure, dear.
I've bought two hard disks
for the office.
Could you reimburse that?
Reimburse that from the account too.
How is Sindhu now?
When monsoon hits,
she's the first one in town to get sick.
Like that isn't enough,
she's always playing in the water!
She had bit of a temperature yesterday.
It's better now.
But I don't know what to do
about school.
You'll find one soon.
Don't worry.
Hey, kid.
Yes, sir?
I need to meet Ms. Madhumitha.
Check with the reception.
Hello, ma'am.
Aren't you editor Madhumitha?
Weren't you the one who wrote an essay
on Swamiji Prabhandan?
Why do you ask?
You wrote that he sexually abused
school children.
Do you have any proof of that?
We can't stay quiet
when lies get printed.
We did publish it with evidence.
Think you can publish anything
because you own a magazine?
What evidence do you have?
Seems to be a big shot, ma'am.
Let's not do anything.
Call Mr. Rathnapandian.
Yes, Madhu?
Prabhandan's men are outraged
over last week's issue...
and have come here to threaten us.
But we have proof
to support our article.
Is Kumar there?
Yes, sir.
He is.
But what can he do?
Explain the situation to him.
And follow his instructions.
To him, sir?
He's a newbie.
What would he know?
Just ask him, Madhu.
Just do it.
Go on.
He wants me to ask you what must be done.
Who is the source?
A copy of the police report brought in
by a reporter in the crime beat.
What else do we have?
That's all we have.
Sorry, sir.
We apologize for this article.
We'll print a retraction
in the next issue.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
Let's go.
What is this?
What the hell just happened here?
The copy of the complaint
won't suffice.
Someone may have filed that
out of malice towards him.
Let the cops deal with it
any which way.
But a journalist needs more.
It isn't right to write stories
based on FIRs.
You need to get one of his victims
or their parents on the record.
Only then it's fair.
The quality of evidence is the cornerstone
for good stories.
Here you go, sir.
Oh no...
One glass please!
Madhumitha has lost face!
She can't hold a candle to you.
Without knowing who you are...
she jabbered needlessly...
Poor thing...
No, Arivu. Not one journalist in Tamil Nadu
has nailed Prabhandan in 20 years.
From judges to bureaucrats,
he's got friends in high places.
And if she's able to stand up to him,
she's not one to be taken lightly.
I really appreciate her.
This is how a journalist should be.
We need more journalists
like Madhumitha today.
She just needs a little more experience.
With a little more experience...
she will become
an important journalist.
Because she spoke to you like that...
Hey! Why needlessly fight?
Things were going fine!
Quiet! We booze and fight others,
but never among ourselves! Pipe down!
Dear fellow?
Yes, sir?
What's going on there?
A big nuisance, sir!
They never leave us in peace.
They get drunk
and get us into trouble too!
Recently, two guys were sitting around
Suddenly, one of them picked a knife and
killed a guy at the magazine office nearby!
Gotten hard to tell who's here to drink
and who's here to stab!
I'm wasting away supplying them booze
and comforting them when sloshed!
Hey, Prabha!
I'm coming!
How much?
He was referring to Mr. Chezhiyan.
He stabbed him 27 times.
What a fanatic!
Chezhiyan was my closest friend.
My parents died when I was a child.
Mr. Pandian took me in
and raised me.
We grew up together.
I can't accept the fact
that Chezhiyan's gone.
Finish up, bro.
Let's go.
I'm really sorry for your loss, sir.
Just two minutes, sir.
I have to go throw up.
Enough with him, brother.
Send him away.
One half pint, a water bottle,
a glass...
Two half-boiled eggs
and fish curry.
What can I get you, sir?
What's your name?
Prabha, sir.
Where are you from?
Near Trichy.
How long have you worked here?
I've been here since I was a kid.
Hi, Keerthi.
How've you been, Keerthi?
I'm getting by, Kumar.
How about you?
I barely recognize you.
I'm getting by too.
Your daughter?
What's her name?
Let me get you some coffee.
It's alright. No need.
No problem.
Here, uncle.
Milk for you.
Careful, dear.
I'm sorry!
It's okay. It's just a cup.
I'm sorry...
You might hurt your hand.
Be right back!
No, Arumpavai.
Put that down.
No, it's okay.
If it breaks,
I'll buy another one.
Keep it, kiddo.
Where's the restroom?
Keerthi seemed a bit out of it.
Did you sense it too?
After watching the love of their life
stabbed to death in front of them...
how can one remain normal?
Arumpavai hit it off quite well
with Keerthi.
It's very hard for a child to grow up
without a mother.
And a girl child definitely needs a mother.
When I see you and Arumpavai
it doesn't seem like she misses
her mother.
You're not just a loving father.
You're quite a responsible father too.
You have completed the circle for her.
There is no gap in her parenting.
You need not feel guilty.
What else am I supposed to feel
but guilt?
Isn't it my fault that Aru's unaware
of her mother as she grows up?
You must try to let that go, Kumar.
In fact, circulation numbers are going down
by 30 percent.
Ironically, the demand for truth
is only getting higher.
There'll always be a demand
for news.
Like he requested, a victim's parents are
ready to go on record against Prabhandan.
They're ready to provide their photos,
screenshots and call recordings.
But they're a little scared.
I assured them things will be fine.
Okay, Madhu.
Go ahead.
I can't keep this to myself anymore,
When he first got here, you said he didn't
know the job and wanted me to teach him.
But after seeing all this,
it's pretty clear he's a journalist.
And you seem to trust him more.
I really want to know, sir.
Are you...
trying to replace me?
Firstly, I'm sorry if you felt that way.
It's nothing like that.
In fact, I'm a very big admirer
of your courage and ethics.
I have no intention
of replacing you.
I used to be a reporter
some years back.
In light of certain incidents,
I quit journalism and became an alcoholic.
I'm still an addict.
Mr. Rathnapandian is my mentor.
When he asked me to return,
I offered to do so as a new reporter.
I wanted to start from the beginning.
That's why he kept this from you.
I will not step on your toes again.
Please continue to do what you do.
I'm sorry again.
She'll figure it out.
I know, dad.
Let it ride out for as long as it can.
Do you have any suspicions
about Chezhiyan's murder, dad?
What's there to suspect?
Excuse me, sir. Deputy Commissioner Vimal
is here to see you. Shall I send him in?
Yes, send him in.
Okay, sir.
Hi, Vimal. Come!
Hi, sir.
Kumar, meet Mr. Vimal.
Hello, sir.
He's the officer
investigating Chezhiyan's case.
A small formality regarding
Chezhiyan's case.
The killer is being brought to court today.
I need your signature to produce evidence.
Ask him about those suspicions
you mentioned.
Don't get me wrong, sir.
Go on.
Do you have any doubts
about who killed Chezhiyan?
What are you saying?
All the eyewitnesses are your staff.
In fact, we submitted the CCTV footage
from your office as evidence.
The killer is a hardcore fan
of Tamilselvan.
Driven by fanaticism, with anger towards
Chezhiyan, he stabbed and killed him.
I have a feeling there's a piece missing
in this investigation.
You can personally check the CCTV footage.
Okay, sir.
Is this the copy of the tender?
It was issued ages ago!
Hasn't the contractor come?
Not yet, sir.
Get him here.
Yes, sir.
I need to get a sample.
Open up the road's surface
by one feet.
I need to examine it.
Yes, sir.
It doesn't seem to be made of concrete.
What is this?
So many cracks!
On it, sir!
A guy who was supposed to investigate
major cases and make it big...
is relegated to picking up
CCTV footage.
My fate!
I sent over the CCTV footage
you requested.
Take a look.
Okay, sir.
"This is for every schmuck
who works in this place!"
"If anyone dares write anything wrong
about my idol Tamilselvan..."
"this will be your fate!"
Abdul Rahman, the collector
of Kanchipuram, was murdered.
What are you saying?
Didn't we put out a story two weeks ago
about him stopping sand smuggling?
What the hell happened?
Unrest in town because he didn't give
permission for a procession.
He got run over by a truck!
Okay, here's what you do.
Send Subramaniam to Kanchipuram.
Send Manikandan to the collector's house.
A reporter must be posted 24/7
at the collector's office!
And see if you can get a copy
of the post-mortem report.
Someone from the gang who did it...
No gang.
It was the act of one man.
It was carried out by just one man!
Oh God...
See if you can get a statement from him.
WhatsApp it to me.
This story must be ready today itself.
It gets published in tomorrow's issue!
Who are you?
Back off!
Whack everyone!
Back off, I say!
Beat it!
Why are you heading in?
Hold it!
I need to send those files.
What are you doing?
Everyone out!
There she is.
Out of the way!
Out of the way!
I'm talking to you!
What are you staring at?
Get going!
Despite patiently explaining to you
about your evidence being fake...
you published another piece.
Step aside!
I have work to finish.
So do we! Go stand there!
We have rock solid evidence.
That's why we put it out.
If you wish, file a defamation case.
We'll handle it in court.
"In court?"
Mustn't your staff reach home safely?
They need to come back to work
tomorrow, right?
A blatant act of rowdyism
in a press office?
Get out!
Or I'll call the police!
Let's resolve this peacefully.
We'll talk outside.
Back off!
Who the hell...
Don't just stand there!
Break his bones!
I'll beat you to death!
Your name, dear?
This won't work out!
Let them get thrashed!
The Security speaking.
Sorry to wake you up, sir.
Mr. Kumar dropped in suddenly.
I tried finding out why.
No response.
What do I do, sir?
Do nothing.
Let him be.
Morning, Madhu.
Where's your ID card?
Well, um...
It's right here!
The Ukraine war crisis
is getting worse by the day, isn't it?
First take that off.
I can't take anything you say seriously!
All the staff are in there!
Why, what happened?
Hi, Madhu!
Why is everyone there?
What happened, Anu?
Come see for yourself!
No one's here.
Where is everybody?
In the library.
Get back to work.
What is he doing?
Excuse me.
What's happening here?
I need your help, Madhu.
I need some information.
It's urgent.
I think this is a very huge story
which is going to break now.
I'll explain it clearly later.
But please help me now.
I need all the case details
about the murder of collector Rahman.
And the stats of murder cases
in Tamil Nadu over the last five years.
The background of the perps. Their ages.
Their families. Their statements.
I want it all in two hours.
Can you please help me with this?
It's urgent.
There's no time.
How can I get everything you ask
in such short notice?
Please, Madhu.
Please get it somehow.
Help her, Arivu.
Please do it now.
Definitely, sir.
Isn't that my laptop?
That was easy.
Please get what I asked.
Weren't you investigating
actor Arun's affair with Preethi Sharma?
Is that story ready?
That Arivu is dead.
This is another Arivu.
The photos and details you asked for, sir.
Bring these details too.
He asked for these too.
Who is this guy?
We're forced to do all this
on Mr. Pandian's orders.
But he won't tell us why.
Staying here won't help.
Convene the team.
You and your team
sit somewhere else.
I need this space.
What are you saying, ma'am?
Where will the entire sales team go?
That's not my problem.
Everyone come to that wing, team.
Take your seats, guys!
We keep the place afloat. But no respect!
Excuse me, ma'am?
Mr. Pandian checked in
as to what's going on here.
I don't know it myself.
Tell him I'll call once I do.
Yes, ma'am.
On the day of Chezhiyan's murder,
who was his assistant? I must meet them.
Why does he keep asking
about Mr. Chezhiyan's murder?
All the details are clear.
May I come in, sir?
Please do.
Who is this man?
I don't understand it all.
I think I can tell you now.
He's a world famous
investigative journalist.
From Reuters to The Washington Post...
he has done many investigative stories
for several major publications worldwide.
"India: The Vision And Threats".
That book of his is very famous.
I think you would've read it.
"India: The Vision And Threats"?
Is he Ranjith Kumar?
Oh my God!
How did I not recognize him?
Then why is he...
Here... like this...
Kumar and his wife Annapoorani
fell in love.
They got married
and were leading a happy life.
She was seven months pregnant.
At the time, an important story broke
in the Tibet border that he had to cover.
But she went into labor prematurely.
There was no one with her at the time.
As she couldn't be brought to the hospital
on time...
Annapoorani passed away.
Only the child Arumpavai survived.
Had Kumar been by his wife's side,
she would've definitely survived.
Annapoorani's death
brought him a lot of guilt.
The thought that it was only because of him
that child doesn't have a mother...
still eats at him today.
Poor guy.
He started hating life.
To forget that,
he began to drink.
An easy escape from reality.
Slowly alcohol took over him completely.
It took me six years
to track him down.
I went to Calcutta
and forced him to come back here.
Get changed, sir.
It's alright.
Not for your sake, sir.
For ours. Please.
Thanks, Madhu.
Alright, Kumar.
Break the suspense.
What have you been working on?
I'll tell you, sir.
Firstly, thanks for all the help
in the last three days, Madhu and Arivu.
My activities in these three days
must have seemed strange.
But I think I'm clear now.
My starting point:
The collector's murder.
The perpetrator threatened to kill anyone
who disrespected his religion.
He claimed to be ready to lose anything
for his religion.
"Immigrants have no place here!
Always the case with them!"
"They permitted an Easter event
last month!"
"Does our religion not matter to them?"
"Such people must be deported!"
"I'll give up anything
for my faith!"
Do any of you remember
hearing something similar?
"I'm prepared to lose anything
for my idol."
"If anyone dares write anything wrong
about my idol Tamilselvan..."
"this will be your fate!"
The killers of the collector and Chezhiyan
are around the same age.
Neither of them tried to escape
the scene of the crime.
Pride of the act, the parents' statements,
their poverty... many similarities in both.
Most importantly, similar statements
after the murders.
"I'm prepared to lose anything
for my idol."
"I'll give up anything
for my faith!"
If both cases have some similarities,
that's a coincidence.
But how many here?
I linked up these similarities
with another murder and it got me thinking.
Another murder?
Yes. When I joined here,
I attended a wrapper meeting.
You were discussing about doing a
cover story...
on masala brand owner
Rajiv Reddy's murder.
I covered it.
The same pattern there too.
There are times when a murderer
surrenders immediately at a precinct.
But how often have you seen a perp
not run away and surrender on the spot?
That's what happened there too.
If a person is arrested on the spot,
evidence can't be destroyed.
Anticipatory bail can't be made.
Their lawyer would have no valid point
to present.
This is where we come in
as journalists.
There have been three similar cases
in three months.
You even did cover stories on them.
At least one of you
should've noticed the pattern.
A good journalist must be able to find
that which is overlooked by a layman.
We are the only people
who can see the big picture.
For example: A police inspector is aware
only of the crimes in his area.
A doctor is aware only of the ailments
of the patients in his hospital.
So on and so forth.
But a journalist must be able
to scour a city, a state, a country...
or hell, even the entire world,
to identify a pattern.
And those become great stories
that can change the course of history.
I began to suspect something like that
is happening here.
More on that later.
These three murders can be bundled
under the same title.
"Hate Crime."
Because we don't like them...
Because they're against our beliefs...
The act of hurting people on such grounds
is a 'hate crime'.
The peak of that are 'hate murders'.
Its foundation is 'hate'.
One religion's hate towards another.
One clansmen's hate towards one
outside his clan.
Hate towards individual freedom
in the name of preserving culture.
The hate an actor's fans have
to fans of another actor.
Hate towards immigrants
and refugees.
Several kinds of hate
are ingrained in our society.
Everyone has some kind of hate
in them.
Per their capacity, they express it
when the opportunity arises.
Rather than killing for money or power...
they kill in the name of religion,
caste, favorite actor or language.
Those are hate crimes.
Don't such feelings exist
since the dawn of man?
There have been many acts of violence
in the name of hate.
Hate crimes have happened before.
But what were their numbers?
Particularly murders?
This is the NCRB report.
Until 2012, hate based murders
did not cross double digits.
But after 2012, they've gone up
to around 130 to 150.
You could say this is new
to Tamil Nadu.
In 2020, around 158 people were victims
of hate murder.
Such exponential jumps aren't normal
right, Madhu?
I missed this too.
So let's think the unthinkable.
Why can't there be a person
or an organization behind this?
You may have valid points, but the last
bit sounds like a James Bond movie.
You have a valid point too.
I'll share a quote of Sherlock Holmes
I love.
"When you have eliminated the impossible,
whatever remains, however improbable...
"must be the truth."
Upon eliminating the impossible...
even if what remains
is unbelievable...
that is the truth.
The notion of a person or an organization
being behind these murders...
didn't occur to me
just by this analysis.
There was something more tangible.
Since the day I got here,
a man has been following me.
In fact, he's right outside
at the moment.
It told me that the Chezhiyan case
isn't as simple as we think it is.
From the first day?
Are you sure?
We ourselves didn't know
you were coming here.
Mr. Rathnapandian said
he didn't know either.
Then how did that man out there
know you were coming?
So he wasn't following you.
He's been staking out
this office.
That's exactly the point.
The reason they put our office
on surveillance, that's what I'm coming to.
They're afraid someone might come and
start asking questions about what happened.
Since I arrived...
To find out who I am,
my connection to this magazine...
my relationship with Chezhiyan...
After figuring all that out,
they've begun to follow me.
Remember the fight at the TASMAC bar
the other day, Arivu?
A man who worked in the bar
told me something important.
We know Chezhiyan's killer Marimuthu
was in the same bar before he killed him.
But what we did not know
was that he was drinking with someone.
That Raju chap
has bought every other media company.
They've tightened their grip!
By slandering our man, they want
to stop him from entering politics.
Chezhiyan, the owner of this magazine,
is the agent who makes this happen.
The big guy was tearing up in his car,
His driver told me.
What are you saying?
The big guy cried?
Why would I lie?
Here, Mari.
He ruined our guy's life, Mari!
Believing his words, all the kids in town
are spewing their own crap about the man!
It's disgusting, Mari!
Yes, brother.
It is disgusting.
I feel ashamed in front of those fans
of Raju!
His office is right here.
Next week, he's going to put a piece
about how the big guy tried to misbehave...
with Preethi Sharma.
Should he write that article...
the big guy will hang himself to death!
His honor is what's most important to him.
Nothing else matters!
It won't happen.
That Chezhiyan must be killed and buried!
He must be killed and buried!
I even got a weapon
to do him in, Mari.
I've gotten old, Mari.
My body's not what it once was.
Had I been your age,
I would've popped him ages ago.
I owe my entire life
to the big guy's alms.
If he was in trouble, I'd even forsake
my family and kill anyone in the way!
I have to go to the bathroom.
Anything else, brother?
No, brother!
Why didn't that man tell the cops
that someone was drinking with Marimuthu?
The cops didn't ask him about that.
That's why I'm saying all of you
looked past an important link.
That's why I repeatedly asked you if you
had doubts about Chezhiyan's murder.
You're all witnesses to Chezhiyan's murder.
For a moment, forget what you saw
and your assumptions that came from it.
You saw what you were meant to see.
Like how they design a screenplay
to make you see what they want you to...
assume what you saw
has been scripted like that.
What are you saying, Kumar?
How can what we saw be a lie?
That is the genius behind this, sir.
Marimuthu is the killer.
No doubt about it.
But it was one man who brainwashed him
and handed him a knife to carry this out.
For now, let's refer to him as
That's the man who's been following me.
Someone weaponized hate and is carrying
out these murders for their own interests.
If we find out who, it will be
the biggest story of our time.
Had Chezhiyan been alive when this
happened, he'd do the same thing.
That's what I intend to do too.
Are you suggesting that actor Tamilselvan
was angered by our article...
brainwashed Marimuthu somehow,
and had him kill Chezhiyan?
I don't know that, sir.
We can't arrive at any conclusion
without evidence.
I need a little help to find hard evidence.
Murders like that of Chezhiyan
that are of the same pattern.
Like those of collector Rahman
and the masala company owner.
We need to find out if someone managed
to brainwash the killers there too.
Were there influencers in the other murders
So wasn't it an influencer
who followed you?
We can easily follow him and find out.
If he finds out I'm suspicious,
he'll alert his entire network.
We'll find another influencer in a murder
and tail him without his knowledge.
Also, if we find out
there's another instigator like him...
it'll be proved our pattern is true.
That's a big step.
In just two months, a man
could've interacted with several strangers.
How can we find one man
in such a big city?
Incidents similar to the cases we're
covering also happened in small villages.
Everyone are strangers in the city.
But in a village, even if one outsider
comes, everyone there will know him.
Let's try to track down one such murder
in a village.
When you're chasing a story,
always go to the place of action.
That's the only way.
I've compiled an entire list
of hate murders in the last seven years.
Have them ask around
in the towns where it happened.
Send our outstation reporters
into the field immediately.
Good morning.
Morning, buddy.
Can I have a word with you, Madhu?
Good morning.
One second.
Vasanthan, our outstation journalist,
is on the line.
Yes, Vasanth.
Hello, sir.
At a village near Vedanthangal
in Chengalpet...
we talked to friends of Madan,
the collector's killer.
He was always with friends.
But 10-15 days before the murder...
he was in close touch with a shopkeeper
in a neighboring town.
That man came by to meet him often.
But his friends say that man was nowhere
to be seen since the murder.
We found the shop.
The shopkeeper is here too.
Shall I go question him?
Just talk to him casually.
Don't let him think we suspect him.
Let me know how he reacts.
Okay, sir.
Someone came to my shop
to enquire about Madan, sir.
What did you tell him?
I didn't give anything away.
But I'm a little scared, sir.
Here's what you do.
Head to the place I told you about
and stay there.
I'll leave tonight, sir.
What's the progress, Kumar?
Let me summarize.
There have been several murders across
Tamil Nadu that follow the same pattern.
These don't happen by themselves.
There's no way one person
can carry all of this out.
You need an organization
to carry it out.
In all hate murders,
we've only seen the killer's motive.
But we never checked if any of the victims
had any other enemies.
That's because the murders happened
conveniently in broad daylight in public.
The killers confessed too.
Not only that,
they firmly believe they did it.
Hence, the cops didn't investigate further.
In the collector's case, for example...
he was in the midst of a dispute
a month prior with a sand smuggling MLA.
We covered that story, too.
The MLA wants to kill the collector.
But his name can't be anywhere near it.
So he needs a killer
unconnected to him.
And that's the religious fanatic.
The one who instigated the fanaticism,
is the influencer.
We saw him in person.
So we have a killer
and the influencer who instigated him.
And one who paid for it
to be carried out.
All we're missing is the organization
that brought them all together.
For now, our link to that organization
is the man who's been following me.
We need to trap him
and make him spill the truth.
With every second we waste...
an innocent
will murder another innocent.
The ones who were murdered
aren't the only victims.
The murderers are victims too.
It'll be ready in five minutes.
Wait in the garage.
I'll come.
What's before us is a small thread
of a giant spider web.
But there's no spider.
What's behind that web,
is a monster.
We need to stop that monster
No matter who or where they are,
we must stop them.
What is it?
Why did you come?
Think that 'Vaanam' journalist
is on to me.
'Vaanam' journalists
went to Chengalpet...
and questioned our agent
who's connected to the collector's death.
That Kumar chap looked at me suspiciously.
Something doesn't feel right.
Not knowing what to do,
I came to ask you how to proceed.
You came straight here, huh?
I had to tell you, right?
Did they interview that chap?
Make sure it's on the news
this evening.
Hello, sir.
Hi, Jaya!
Hello, brother.
Come. Have a seat.
Giving plenty of interviews on TV,
I see?
All thanks to your grace.
Some grace...
Let's go, Ganesa.
A party member...
He is of our caste.
We hail from the same town.
He's close to me.
He has an 18 year old daughter.
She helped out with the baby
in my house.
A dusky girl,
but very beautiful.
She caught my eye.
Can I control myself?
I made a move.
One day, she says she's pregnant
with my child and asks me to marry her.
What are you saying?
If word gets out,
my reputation will be ruined.
For now I've appeased her
and sent her home.
Is that all it is?
Don't worry.
I'll take care of it.
Send me her photo and address.
We'll wrap this up with a new technique
and ensure you're in the clear.
Technology has grown a lot.
I'll take care of it.
What does technology have to do with this?
Plenty, brother. There's a great team
who specializes in this.
Just transfer 'two large' to the Swiss bank
account I tell you, and it'll be done.
What are you saying?
"Two large"?
Some offer to do it for 'ten smalls'!
Your name won't come out.
100 percent guarantee.
That's what the sum is for.
How can it be done?
Heard of Bitcoin and Dark web?
As in porn?
Like I said, leave it to me.
Just send me the girl's details.
Hi! Good morning, sis.
What is it?
The Rajendran issue?
What can be done about it?
The idiot came home!
Despite knowing that reporter
was on to him!
Not that...
That bugger's been with us for many years.
What's so confusing about this?
The team is bigger than the individual.
Yeah. It's over.
Let it go, sis.
But what about Ranjith Kumar?
Do nothing.
Rajendran was his only clue.
He'll run in circles
and hit a dead end.
This is the address
Adhirai gave.
Let's check with the neighbor.
Does a man named Rajendran
live here?
He lives in this portion.
I've been looking him for a week.
His phone is off.
I have no idea where he went.
It's the tenth.
He still hasn't paid rent.
Thank you, sir.
What's this now?
He's been missing for a week?
Where could he have gone?
I'll explain clearly
once we're home.
Have you placed
the 'closed for lunch' board, Merlin sis?
Yes, all done.
There's been a new enquiry.
I've done the basic matching.
Check and tell me.
Which Jayaraj?
The DIG.
You don't know him.
An old contact.
Is the payment made?
Yes, it is.
Bitcoin transfer.
Target's name: Kanaka.
Age: Eighteen.
Location: Kovilpudur.
She's pregnant.
But unmarried.
What's wrong, sis?
It's alright. Tell me.
Just that... she's only a kid.
She's pregnant too.
That's why...
You are always doing this!
Did anyone pity us?
Let's focus on the plan.
The target's location is a place
that has frequent communal clashes.
So, it's best to go with the caste route.
I've filtered it like that too.
There are four profiles that best fit
the caste route in the location.
All of them are of the same caste
as the target.
I've checked all their histories.
Results from psychological profiling
is positive too.
"Women from our caste must only be
adorned by sandalwood and kumkum."
"They mustn't be defiled
by the sewer!"
"We'll hack anyone who touches
our land and our women!"
"We're the top of the chain!
We'll destroy anyone who defies us!"
All four of them seem perfect.
I'll tell you the most suitable candidate
Like I said earlier, it's now very clear.
The ones murdered
aren't the only victims here.
The murderers are victims too.
After I left Rajendran's house yesterday, I
visited the prison with reporter Adhirai...
to meet a few convicts jailed for murder
under the same pattern in the last 6 years.
The things they told me filled a lot of
gaps in this case and cleared my doubts.
The trick they use to choose
potential killers?
Psychological profiling.
Prabhu's mother has an idli shop
on a platform.
His father is a painter.
And a drunkard.
So, plenty of physical abuse at home.
Prabhu comes to the workshop
on bicycle daily.
Psychological profiling involves
differentiating people based on psychology.
"Based on psychology?"
They would find people in Tamil Nadu who
are caste, religious or ethnic fanatics.
This wouldn't have been possible to do
around 10-15 years ago.
Then what has changed?
Social media.
Who are we? What are we thinking?
What are we doing?
What is our mental state?
The places we reveal all of that?
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.
Such social media platforms.
This is Prabhu's Facebook profile.
He was in love with a girl
in his area.
He stalked her in her college
and at the beach.
She filed a complaint,
which led to a commotion in the area.
Two months ago,
he attempted suicide.
Uneducated. Caste fanatic.
Sexually frustrated, too.
Social media has turned out to be
a vital tool to them.
That's how they're able to gauge
if someone can be pushed to kill or not.
I've sourced some videos.
"Eat whatever we toss your way
and be quiet!"
"If you're killed, there'll be no one
or no place that'll seek justice for you."
"That Stephen is a fraud!"
"He converted for money. He uses cinema
as propaganda. A missionary creep!"
"He always takes shots at our religion
in every film!"
"To save my religion and my God,
I'll give my life and take any life too!"
"You bloody reviewers!"
"You creeps think you are so great
to criticize Thalaivar's films?"
"We slit throats real nice,
drink up their guts and go about our way!"
For example...
If their target
belongs to an oppressed caste...
they'd look for a caste fanatic
on social media.
They'd psychologically profile
those who fall within their parameters.
They lie to them about how reservations
took jobs that were rightfully theirs...
and incite impoverished dominant caste
kids, who are already filled with rage.
I met few such convicts
in prison.
If their candidates were alcohol addicts,
that would be an added advantage.
They'd incite hatred
and push them to the target.
When the time's right, the stupor
will intensify the hate.
They'd influence them psychologically
and push them to kill.
Prabhu seems to be the right guy.
Perfect. Get started right away.
Who'll talk to him?
Being a caste route,
I've picked Parthiban from Sellur.
No. He's too old.
Be hard for him to gel with Prabhu.
Contact Paulraj from Mathichiyam.
He's perfect for this.
With no evidence and no idea
about its leadership...
how do we stop
such a huge elusive network?
That's what I'm thinking about.
But we don't have a lot of time.
As we speak,
there's a chance someone may die.
Sooner we identify the killer's network,
the more lives we can save.
Think the coil's wrecked, kid.
Take a look.
It'll take an hour.
Sure, go ahead.
You own this shop, huh?
No, I just work here.
You're one of us, huh?
I've seen you in our community gathering!
Back in the day,
this entire land was ours.
We built this land.
And today, you work here for scraps!
Why pay so much, brother?
Just take it!
Our people must be well!
Alright, brother.
See you.
Do you know how we once lived?
We stood up to the Mughal emperors!
Our folk crossed swords with the King
of Vijayanagar when he tried to lay siege!
When our grandfathers
swung their swords...
thirty heads would roll in seconds!
They pretend to fall in love
with our women...
leave them pregnant
and take off!
No one there to question that!
They need to be beheaded, brother!
The girl at the flower-shop there?
She belongs to our caste.
She defied her parents
and married someone from another caste.
His raggedy spawn
is in her womb.
Her parents are in agony
over their honor being lost.
By not killing them in time,
they were able to defile our women!
Only if a woman
is hacked in public view...
would every man fear
to woo another!
Finish off the girl
and nip the spawn in the bud.
That's courage!
Our caste has its valor, right?
I've gotten old, Prabhu.
Had I been young,
I would've done it myself.
How can you say such a thing?
Thought you were just drunk ranting!
Don't kill!
It's insane!
If you're arrested,
you'll go away for life!
Put that knife away
before anyone sees it!
What a loon!
The Prabhu plan didn't work out.
Leave that bugger.
Head to the tender coconut seller
Muthu next.
You're one of us, huh?
I've seen you in our community gathering!
Do you know how we once lived?
Get me a drink.
Our investigation keeps leading us back
to Rajendran.
Can we abandon him
and approach it through someone else?
Whom, sir?
I'm ready.
Shall we go?
What kind of combination
is this?
I'm allergic to leather.
You know that, right?
Hi, Kumar.
No, it's okay.
How is Arumpavai?
Uncle said he was coming.
I tried his phone,
but he wouldn't pick up.
Very busy, looks like.
Are you okay, Kumar?
Is someone sexually abusing you?
Is anyone sexually harassing you?
Is he watching us right now
from the adjacent house?
I'm here to help you.
Please tell me what's happening.
When I was a child,
my parents died in an accident.
That's when...
My mother's younger brother
in Chennai...
Ajay Menon, my uncle...
He offered to take me in,
brought me to his house and raised me.
I got everything I asked for.
The price I paid for that?
He started to s...
sexually abuse me.
I'm sorry.
When this started happening...
I was eight years old.
But the light that entered
in the darkness that was my life...
was Chezhiyan.
After Chezhiyan came into my life,
my uncle backed away from me.
All of a sudden, just as my life
took a turn for the better...
Chezhiyan was murdered.
Darkness struck my life once more.
As before, my uncle began torturing me
I really don't know what to do
with my life!
Move in to our house.
I know what to do to him.
We're here for you.
Don't worry.
Hey, you!
Where do you think you're going?
Can't you hear me?
Why I ought to...
I'm talking to you!
Are you deaf?
Listen up!
I know who you are
and what kind of man you are.
For the fury I'm in,
I should kill you right now.
Because you have information
I need...
I'm trying very hard to control myself
as I speak to you.
Test my patience and I'll pop you, drop you
in the septic tank and go about my way!
If I wish,
I can have you eat slop for life!
Your niece that you abused?
She's willing to testify against you
She's no longer afraid of you.
Because I'm backing her up
right now.
I'll give you one last chance.
If you disappear after telling me how
you killed Chezhiyan, I'll leave you be.
If you try to hide something
or stalk Keerthi once more?
I'll make you regret it
for the rest of your life.
Tell me.
How do you know
that team of killers?
Which team?
I know everything.
How do you know Chezhiyan's killers?
I have no time for this.
Tell me quickly!
I won't go to jail, right?
I already told you that you wouldn't.
Tell me quickly.
A friend of mine...
A businessman.
He told me about a group who carry out
murders and ensure I wouldn't be blamed.
It was a safe plan.
He gave me full assurance
that I wouldn't be tied to it.
But it would cost a lot.
He asked for two crores.
I got the money ready and gave it to him
along with Chezhiyan's details.
That's all.
That's all I know.
What's his name?
Where is he now?
The owner of AK Chemicals.
Remain seated.
I need to meet Ezhumalai,
who owns AK Chemicals.
Get me an appointment.
Even if we got an appointment
and met him, we can't do anything to him.
He's a close friend
of the Minister.
Don't know if it's a coincidence.
They've both gone abroad for a month.
We don't have much time either.
You said they narrow down potential killers
from social media.
Can many people pull off
such a technical task?
And what kind of IT company
would help with planning murders?
That's true.
If my guess is right...
this is definitely someone
highly skilled in the IT field.
Why can't we approach it
from that angle?
It's a good idea.
How do you suggest we go about it?
Few months ago, we ran a story
on a tech expert named Shyam Sundar.
Yes, Madhu.
I think he can help us.
See if he's available to meet tomorrow.
What you say may sound simple,
but it isn't easy to pull off.
In this day and age,
any technology can be tracked.
Hell, try Googling how to kill someone,
and you'll get busted.
That's how strictly our government
monitors us.
With such measures, identifying and
filtering potential killers...
crunching big data to build an algorithm
for such psychological profiling...
can only be done by a long running
well-staffed IT company type setup.
As far as I know, in Tamil Nadu,
or maybe even in India...
only four to five people
can pull this off solo.
So, there are individuals
who can pull this off solo?
Yes, sir.
They're freak geniuses.
Since the time big data research began,
these people have been training in it.
Can you identify such individuals?
Sure, sir.
Give me a second.
Payal Mehta, Austin, Madhubala,
Bharathi, and Aravind.
These are the panelists who took part
in a Big Data Conference in Bangalore...
that occurred seven years ago.
If anyone call pull this off solo,
I bet it is one of them.
Their present whereabouts?
Give me a second.
Payal is at PPA Infotech.
Austin runs his own startup.
Madhu works at NASA.
Aravind is a consultant
on government projects.
I can't find Bharathi.
How do we find her now?
I've also tried reverse imaging search.
No trace of her
in the digital space.
The fact that a person sought by the
tech world stays away from it, is a clue.
A rat can be baited with fritters.
Shall we try to trap her like that?
I don't understand, sir.
Can we organize an online competition?
To test a person's coding skills.
We'll announce a cash prize
or recognition as a reward.
Maybe not for the money,
but to personally gauge her own skills...
she might try to participate.
We should play on her ego.
Do such competitions exist?
Plenty, sir.
We can conduct
an online data mining competition.
We'll set up a complex exercise.
Like a hackathon?
Let's go with that.
Yes, Shyam?
The event is live now.
Any minute now,
they might try to attempt it.
I'm on my way.
I think it's her.
Can you track her location?
She's cleverly hidden
her IP address.
But we've set up a tracker code.
So, I think I should be able to find it
in two minutes.
It's been rigged
to show her in many locations.
But the actual location
is here in Chennai.
Some place called SSR Travels.
Yes, please?
My name is Kumar.
I'm here to meet Bharathi.
There's no one named Bharathi here.
Is there anything else I do for you?
Merlin sis?
That ticket...
There she is.
My name is Kumar.
I'm looking to launch a startup.
I have an idea for a mobile app.
Okay... what about it?
Aren't you Bharathi?
I know you well.
I'm a big fan of your work.
I met you at a conference in Bangalore
seven years ago.
I'm not Bharathi.
I'm Nisha.
No one here by that name.
I don't know who you're talking about.
Sorry for the trouble.
Let's go.
Is Nisha doing all this?
Not just her.
Yes, Nisha?
I know you'd be racking your brains
right now.
You needn't worry about anything.
They found out who I am.
I know what to do.
My end is a dead end now.
I'll miss you.
Don't worry.
You'll get over it.
Take care.
Bye, Sangeetha.
Numbers are high
in North Tamil Nadu.
Yes, sir.
The most recent reports
are still coming in.
I'll send it to you once I have it.
Nisha committed suicide.
The report just came in.
Please step outside, everyone.
Madhu and Arivu...
Both of you have a seat.
The smallest loophole
gets them killed.
They're faster and more aggressive
than I thought.
They must have killed Rajendran
a long time ago.
We've gotten close to them.
And they know it.
They must definitely be watching me.
Does that mean they'll target you next?
They won't touch me.
Because they just recently killed someone
If they kill again,
the police will begin to suspect a pattern.
Their next step...
would be to plan on how to stop me.
They'll try to hit me where it hurts.
In that case...
My child...
Which school?
Siddhartha Matriculation.
Which class?
Do it.
Shall we eat sweet pongal?
Hello, aunty.
Who are you here to see?
I'm about to move in nearby.
I came to get a feel of the place.
Please come in.
Have a seat.
This is my daughter Arumpavai.
Hello. This is my daughter Sindhu.
We made sweet pongal. Care for some?
Is this a safe neighborhood?
It is safe, sir.
Thank you.
But is there any place in the world
that can be deemed safe?
There are dangerous elements everywhere.
You have a young child too.
Here, dear.
Thank you.
You need to be careful.
You have a husband or family?
I'm a single mother.
By the way, I'm Sangeetha.
Hi, Sangeetha. I'm...
Ranjith Kumar.
I know.
Road Runner!
Come along!
Shall I go, mom?
I pretty much know everything
about your operations.
The only thing I want to know:
No one would do this just for money.
Why this bloodlust?
You want a flashback?
Always looking for the story, huh?
You must have some theories, right?
What must be the story
behind this psychopathic behavior?
There is one.
There is a story.
A story more brutal than any of this.
But I don't wish to say it
to try and justify my actions.
Here's the truth.
A difficult task...
The high one feels when they pull of
a task with much skill...
that's way too complicated
for many to even imagine?
That's what it's like for me.
Just like you and journalism.
You strongly believe you're the good guy
and I'm the bad guy.
But I believe you're just having fun,
just like me.
Beyond stopping murders
and saving lives...
you use your talents to unearth things
that are unknown to the world.
Breaking a story.
That is what drives you.
That's your thing.
Even if you deny it,
that's the truth.
You used to be addicted to alcohol.
This story brought you out of it.
Now you're addicted to this story.
That's all.
I think you don't understand something.
Under no circumstance,
will I be caught.
Because they won't let me get caught.
This entire system
is invested in me.
Anyway, this is just idle chit chat.
Do you know the beauty of this network
I created?
Even if I went up to a killer
and tell him he didn't commit this act...
but that I manipulated him
into committing this act...
he'd brush me off
and insist that he carried out the act.
He'd proudly proclaim that he did it
for his caste, religion, or his idol.
But you can't publish that as a story
Because you don't have any evidence
for it.
And I know you'll not run a story
without quality evidence.
I'm a professional.
I have no intention
to needlessly hurt anyone.
But I will.
If I have to.
But think of your predicament.
Can you bear another loss?
Let's go, Arumpavai.
Can you bring Sindhu over to my house
sometime, aunty?
What say, Sindhu?
Shall we go to their house?
There's a cute Beagle puppy
in their house.
Want to see?
Let's go, dear.
Happy Holidays.
Thank you. Same to you.
Hi, Shyam.
Can you hack her server
and get the details?
No, sir.
That's not possible.
They're very clever.
Bharathi has set up safeguards.
They're not storing any important data
online. Everything is physical.
You need to bring the server to me.
We have no other options.
Okay. Understood.
Yes, sir?
Do me a favor, Arivu.
Go on.
What should I do?
What are you saying, sir?
Can you do it, Arivu?
Yes, sir.
It can be done.
What the hell is this?
How are there so many dead rats,
Mr. Ganapathy?
They're here too!
I'm calling from Annamalai Street,
The street is filled with dead rats.
Please come soon and check.
Why so many dead rats?
Cover your face!
Might be a virus!
There are kids at home too!
What a foul stench!
I can't even step out!
Know how hard this is
with kids at home?
The stench is unbearable!
Did you call the authorities?
Left you speechless, huh?
Can't stand the stench!
Cops are here.
O dear God...
What can they do?
Only the corporation can handle this.
The stench is unbearable, sir!
Been four hours since I reported it!
Hold on. We'll check.
We have kids and senior citizens at home.
Please check, sir!
Can't stand the stench!
No one must come out!
We can't even stand here!
What do we do?
Do something, sir!
Things are getting worse here, sir.
The public are starting to panic.
This area is full of dead rats, my child!
There are dead rats
right outside our office too!
What do I do?
Shall I call an ambulance?
Just toss them aside
and open up shop!
Constables! From Annamalai Street
to Vendhar Street...
put up barricades!
Okay, sir.
Get going!
Don't just stand there!
We are at Annamalai Street
in Thiruvanmiyur.
Since dawn, there have been plenty
of dead rats here.
Let's talk to a resident
who personally witnessed this.
As I was stepping out for my morning walk,
I saw many dead rats.
I don't know why.
The government is hiding something!
Do you belong to the same area?
Did you see all this?
Please don't stand here, ma'am.
We're from the health department.
You shouldn't be here.
This area is under quarantine.
The public are already panicked, sir.
The media is blowing it out of proportion
Inform Sir about it.
What's going on there?
The media is ripping us apart!
Wrap this up quickly
before the chief gets wind of it!
Okay, sir.
Quarantine the area immediately.
No one goes in or out.
Okay, sir.
Send our sterile ambulance.
Evacuate everyone there and have them
screened at the General Hospital.
They must be permitted to re-enter only
after the entire area has been fumigated.
Outsiders must not bring in
even their own clothes.
They must wear our PPE kit only.
Okay, sir.
Don't just stand there!
What's taking you so long?
Who let the press reporters in?
Get back in, residents!
What the hell are you all doing?
Won't listen?
A humble request to the public:
Do not leave your homes until we tell you.
PPE kits are coming.
Please cooperate with us.
Once the ambulances arrive,
they'll call you.
Until then,
please stay in your homes, everyone.
Please cooperate with the corporation.
It's our duty to prevent spread of disease.
We need to move everyone here
to General Hospital.
For the next two days,
no one is permitted to stay here.
Ambulances are on the way.
Get ready to leave, everyone.
This is a government order!
What the hell?
Such an overreaction to a rumor?
They're telling us to leave the office!
It's just for two days.
Get going.
They'll let you back in
after fumigation.
Try to understand, Jayaraj!
All my data is here!
Whoever comes in here,
the whole setup is at risk!
In that case,
delete all your data.
Are you kidding?
This is my life's work!
Nisha isn't here anymore
to help with redevelopment!
This data is my power.
I won't go anywhere without it.
Your office will be locked
for two days.
I know...
Kumar planned all this!
He's trying to get me out of here
and acquire the server!
Which Kumar?
What are you saying, Sangeetha?
This is above my paygrade.
The media's got a hold on this.
You have to leave!
Listen, Jayaraj.
If they get that data,
you'll be busted too.
Not just you and me.
The last job we pulled for the minister
of Internal Affairs?
Including him,
we'll all get caught!
I'll figure something.
The corporation has given us
the requisite anti-infective liquids.
The fumigators better fumigate
every inch of this place.
We're placing PPE kits
before every entrance.
After we tell you,
you can come pick it up.
Please follow our instructions
Please cooperate with the corporation.
Stop, sir!
This area is under quarantine.
You're not allowed.
What do you want, sir?
We're from the Anti-Terrorism Squad.
Go on.
We got word of terrorist activities
taking place at door 64.
We need to take them in now!
This is a quarantined area.
Government orders
say no one is allowed in there.
Please leave.
Try to understand what I'm saying.
An issue of national security!
We'll both be fired
if a bomb goes off and kills many people.
Let us arrest them.
We can't let you on a whim.
Please wait.
I'll check with the higher-ups.
A new development: Officers from
the anti-terrorism squad are here.
We hear they're here to arrest someone.
No concrete information
at this time.
We'll permit you.
Thank you.
But everyone mask up
before entering.
Until it comes, we wait.
As all of Thiruvanmiyur is buzzing...
authorities haven't permitted
anyone inside.
Just now, they've permitted
the anti-terrorism squad to enter.
No idea what's going on in there.
Let's wait and see
how this plays out.
DIG Jayaraj sent us.
Tell them to wait outside.
Only you come in.
Okay, ma'am.
Wait outside.
They're saying it's a plague.
I'm a family man.
None of that crap!
A rumor instigated by the media!
We called you here
to get this server out of here safely.
Did he instruct you
as to where to take it?
Yes, ma'am.
You're taking me to General Hospital, yes?
Have the vehicle with the server
take a different route.
See to it.
Do we follow her now, sir?
It's not her we must follow.
It's that blue van.
Kumar speaking, sir.
We met on the Chezhiyan case
at the 'Vaanam' office.
Yes, Kumar.
Tell me.
How are you?
I'm fine, sir.
I'm working on a crime story now.
I need some information
about it.
There's no time to explain everything.
Please help me out.
Before that, I just wanted to say
I'm Ranjith Kumar.
You might know my name.
So you're Ranjith Kumar?
I knew you looked familiar
that day!
I've read all your stories.
Tell me how I can help you.
She is alright.
You may leave, ma'am.
Next patient!
Please wait.
I'll give the result.
Yes, Sangeetha.
Be careful with my server, Jayaraj.
It's all on you now.
Don't worry about a thing.
For now, I can't do anything.
Let it remain in the Commissioner's office.
Will get it tonight.
I need to send invites
for my daughter's wedding.
I've asked permission
for a day off.
Why don't you take leave?
They won't give it to me!
Why is the van going into
the Commissioner's office?
We'll look into it.
Any leads, sir?
Yes, Kumar.
DIG Jayaraj carried out the Anti-Terrorism
operation you mentioned earlier today.
The entire department
knows just how corrupt that man is.
Only he has the power to assign
an Assistant Commissioner to this.
Where are you now?
At the office.
Be better if we met. Can I come over?
We are chasing a huge story, sir.
In the same pattern, several murders
are taking place across Tamil Nadu.
The Chezhiyan case
falls within that pattern.
I believe the biggest piece of evidence
of the case...
has been stowed away by DIG Jayaraj
at the Commissioner's office.
I need your help.
How can I help?
If anything goes wrong,
my career will be at risk.
It's not just both of our careers
that are at stake.
Several lives are in danger.
Please trust me and take this risk.
Okay, Kumar. I'll take the risk.
Thank you, sir.
I have one more request.
Go on.
We have worked too hard for this story.
If we get this evidence,
it's not just Jayaraj.
We can nab this entire network
that's operating across Tamil Nadu.
This will be the biggest case
in your life.
I've given you that.
In return,
you need to give me this story.
If you give me the evidence you retrieve
for 30 minutes...
I'll make a copy and return it.
Only with it, can I complete the story.
It's ethically incorrect.
I need this story, sir.
Chances are
they might wreck this too.
We must plug in that loophole.
Major accident at the Teynampet signal,
A story is set to break
at the Commissioner's office.
Get there tonight with your camera,
Tell your friends in the media
about it.
They're about to find a sensational story
like never before!
The DIG's car is coming in!
I have the item
and am on my way!
I'll reach our place
in 30 minutes.
No more problems after that.
That server and data
are very important.
Don't stop anywhere.
Be careful.
I got the item, right?
Don't be so scared. I got this.
Until those servers are back at my office,
they must be under surveillance.
Be very careful, Jayaraj.
Stay on the line, Sangeetha.
Can you hear me, Jayaraj?
Are you on the line?
What's going on?
Do you hear me or not?
The cops are blocking me.
I'll call back.
What are you saying?
What, Vimal?
Sorry, sir.
We heard you have a major evidence
on a murder case in your car.
We must check your car.
Kindly cooperate.
What nonsense!
I'm your senior officer!
Mind your words!
I'm heading out on an important task!
We'll discuss this later.
Now move!
Sorry, sir.
You may outrank me.
But in this murder case,
I'm the Investigating Officer.
I have to check your car.
He must not check it, Jayaraj.
Just hold, Sangeetha.
Is someone on the line?
Are you talking to someone?
Please move, Vimal!
It's an order!
There's nothing in the car!
If there's nothing,
why won't you let us check it?
What are you doing, Jayaraj?
I told you to stop for nothing!
Get going!
I can't keep repeating myself!
Now get out of the way!
Whatever it is,
we'll discuss later!
I need to check your car right now!
What's happening there?
No, Jayaraj.
Come what may,
the cops can't get their hands on it!
This is no small thing, Vimal!
Try to understand!
Your state of panic
indicates something is wrong.
I have to check your car!
He must not check it, Jayaraj!
I don't know what to do, Sangeetha!
What are you doing?
No, Vimal...
Please listen to me.
This is a big deal!
If I don't leave...
it's not just you or me.
They'll kill all of our families!
It's bigger than we can imagine!
Try to understand.
I'll ensure every officer here
is promoted.
Please, man...
Try to understand.
You also have a family, don't you?
Please let me go.
Hold it!
Let us in, sir!
Let us do our job!
Media is already here!
I can't do anything further!
We need to check your car!
Why are so many cops in arms?
Don't push us, sir! Why do this?
Back off!
What's with the standoff?
What's the issue with the DIG?
Tell us!
Please listen!
Tell us what's going on, sir!
Please answer us!
Leave! You're not allowed in here!
I don't know what to do.
No, Jayaraj.
You do know.
We won't leave!
Sir, please!
Put your weapon down!
Are you out of your mind?
What are you doing?
Don't come close!
Stay there!
What are you doing, sir?
Clear out!
Don't do something stupid!
We're with the press!
Please answer us!
Let us in!
Let us in, sir!
Must I repeat myself? Leave!
Don't do it, sir!
We're right back
where we started.
The evidence in the server
was our only hope.
Just when we thought everything was over,
we ended up empty-handed!
Were we too hasty?
Which car was DIG Jayaraj driving?
According to news reports,
it's a Maruti Swift.
We still have hope.
A Swift is a small car.
The prisoner transport van
which took stuff from Sangeetha's office...
carried many servers.
There's no way it could all fit
in one Swift.
He must've planned
to make multiple trips.
So, very little of it
was in the car that blew up.
Mustn't the rest of it be in that van?
Only us and Jayaraj know about this.
Before Sangeetha retrieves it,
we must beat her to it.
If we let this slip,
we lose all the evidence.
That's well and good.
But how can we go into that building
and get the servers from the van?
Especially after such an incident
has happened...
security will be very tight
under these circumstances.
How will we get past them?
Is it?
There's a press meet at 9 PM
at the Commissioner's office...
to discuss this incident.
This is our chance.
Who is going from our side?
Our reporter Adhirai.
Okay. I'll go there with him.
All well and good, but...
isn't this too risky?
A little risky, yes.
But when you're chasing a story,
always go to the place of action.
I always believe in that.
Go to the office
and get started on the story, Madhu.
We'll bring the evidence.
See if there's a blueprint and a map
on the internet for that building, Arivu.
Right away.
You won't find the present map.
It used to be the residence
of Governor General Clive.
Try to find a map of that.
Got it, sir!
I just sent it to you.
Very good, Arivu.
Can you hack the CCTV system
at the Commissioner's office, Shyam?
Yes. Sure, sir.
I can.
Their security system
is very bad.
Arivu... I need a bluetooth headset.
Stay with Shyam outside that building
and guide me.
Let me know where that van is.
Let's go.
When such an incident happens right
at your doorstep in front of the press...
what is the state of law and order?
No explanation from your end!
Why did DIG Jayaraj kill himself?
Is it due to departmental pressure?
What was in the exploded car?
Why did DC Vimal block the DIG?
Why did he hold him at gunpoint?
We hear reports that he planned to arrest
few people including the DIG.
Did the dept. make DIG Jayaraj
a scapegoat to save someone else?
There is no substance
to all these rumors.
Where is the press meet?
At the portico?
I'm on my way.
Who is this?
Who are you, sir?
What are you doing here?
Media. I'm going to the press meet.
It's not happening that way. Go this way.
Thank you.
Hard to tell who bloody comes and goes
into this place!
Indeed, sir!
Check where heavy vehicles
are parked here.
There's a huge open space
towards the west.
That's where the server van
we followed is parked.
On my way, sir.
We're in the parking area.
We'll reach in five minutes.
Okay, sir.
Plenty of servers here, Shyam.
It will be tough to carry.
No issue, sir.
Just the hard disks will suffice.
There's a tray like device
at the top of the backside.
There's an eject button.
Press it and get the hard disk.
Didn't sleep yesterday.
Night duty tonight too.
Some job this is!
That's what they say.
Let's have some rest.
What's taking so long?
Let's have some tea.
It's late night.
There's still tight security
throughout the building.
I'm scared.
Let's abandon the hard disks. Just come.
Don't worry, dad.
I've handled even more dangerous situations
Don't worry. I'll come soon.
They assured us headlines
at the press meet.
This won't even fit in the box!
Why hold a press meet at midnight
for nothing, Suresh?
What do we do, boss?
Shall we leave?
I'm not going anywhere.
My editor will scold me
if I come empty-handed.
Same here.
Let's wait.
Mic three calling.
Who's at the main gate?
Checked Gate 3?
Yes, sir.
Check every vehicle.
Verify the identity of every individual
coming in and out.
Every bag, handbag and purse.
Check everything!
Just like this!
This is how he once left
his wife on a job.
If something happens to him,
what do we tell his child?
Give me the phone, Arivu.
Just give it.
Listen, son.
Please listen to me, alright?
No need for this evidence.
Just come over.
Without it, they'll let you go
as you're a reporter.
Please get out of there!
Good morning, sir!
Permit only horsemen through gate 5.
Strictly no one else!
Check everyone's ID
before you let them through.
Keep moving.
Only let our riders through!
Let our riders through!
Make it quick!
Keep moving!
I've been posted on duty.
Morning, sir!
Get going! Move!
Don't worry, dad.
I'll definitely make it out.
No, dear.
I'm a little busy.
Nothing like that.
Stop him, sir!
Stop him, sir!
He's not a cop!
Hold it!
'Blood, blood...'
'As it flows,
it bellows and bellows'
'Lives resound all around'
'And so begins the war'
'Moment after moment,
intent shouts out'
'As obstacles surround every way...'
'...this blazing volcano
shall blow it away'
'An adversary rises up...
monsters closing in all around...'
'With victory,
the sound of war shall resound'
A man's getting away on horseback
at the back gate!
'Blood, blood...'
'As it flows,
it bellows and bellows'
'Lives resound all around'
'And so begins the war'
He's got a bag.
Yes, sir?
I don't care what you do.
He's trying to steal something.
Even I don't know what it is.
But the higher-ups are insistent
it doesn't come out.
Try this.
Give a shoot at sight order,
and stop that man by force.
Yes, sir.
We will do it.
This order comes from the top.
Got it?
The very top!
'Swords are wielded not...
Shoulders, in fury, quiver not'
'All seven worlds are spinning
on the axis of lies'
Shut the gate!
'Legs march not...
A helping hand, arms render not'
'As fate gives way, truth lifts its head'
Seal gates 3, 4 and 5!
'As the town thrashes about
in a river of fire...'
'Who will hear this melody?'
'As roots are eaten away by termites,
who will gaze at the flowers above?'
'Words are not what's evil'
We have orders to shoot! Fire!
'How can there be nectar
in burnt flowers?'
'Who will be the one
to slash away the thorns?'
Let's go!
What's going on?
Come on!
What is it? Where is he?
He's in the ground!
'Questioning the madness,
winning over the town's heart...'
'...there came a man to wage a war'
Any other gates, Shyam?
'He conquered the skies...'
'...and dived into the seas'
No, sir. All exits are closed.
'He shall win over his enemies,
this man of will'
'If the frolicking foxes...'
'...atop the mound of ashes...'
What is he doing?
'...are not dragged down...'
He can't escape. No way out.
'...the future will be lost'
'He asked what is right and what is wrong'
'He ordered the enemies of history
to be vanquished'
'He stood there
making even terrorizers tremble'
What's happening now, Vignesh?
Think he's going to surrender now, sir.
Just unmask and surrender, Kumar.
Listen to me. Please!
Shoot him!
He's about to surrender, sir!
I said 'Shoot him'!
Stop, I say!
I don't understand.
What is he doing?
Why is he charging like this?
Is he going to leap over
such a big wall?
'Blood, blood...'
'As it flows,
it bellows and bellows'
'Lives resound all around'
He won't jump.
'And so begins the war'
'Moment after moment,
intent shouts out'
'As obstacles surround every way...'
'...this blazing volcano
shall blow it away'
'An adversary rises up...'
'...monsters closing in all around...'
There's a gate here!
'With victory,
the sound of war shall resound'
That part of the building
is almost 200 years old, sir.
Everyone forgot there's a gate
in that spot.
What's happening?
Move aside!
What's going on?
Why won't you talk to us?
Please quiet down!
Maintain silence!
One question at a time!
I'll answer one by one.
Tell us, sir!
Apparently your men
were chasing a horseman in there!
I'll explain.
Do not write as per your whims, everyone!
Please cooperate.
Please explain clearly what went on.
It was just a mock drill.
We heard gunfire.
That was also a part of the mock drill.
If there were no problems,
why not let the press in there?
We have our own protocols, sir.
We can't just let everyone in there.
Please disperse.
Please answer us, sir!
We've waited all night!
And you won't tell us anything?
Please answer us, sir!
What the hell? He won't tell us anything
and you won't let us in too?
This organization has members
across many power sectors...
such as cops, politicians,
businessmen and judiciaries.
They'll put pressure on you to ensure
this story doesn't come out.
They'll do anything.
The society claims journalism
has gone to the dogs.
That's not true.
Many youngsters are ready
to work with honesty and courage.
But it is some publishers who have
gotten too scared and have sold out.
I have no reason to sell out
or to be scared of anything.
Go get them, Kumar.
One more thing, dad.
I'm not going to publish every angle
of this story.
I not only know what you will hide
but also why you're doing it, Kumar.
You are my editor.
I trust you.
I'm aware how gangs and criminals
often have police support.
But I find it unbelievable
a top police official was running this.
Do you think Jayaraj is the head
of the entire operation, Kumar?
Going by what happened, I feel
DIG Jayaraj was the head of all this.
But I'm not entirely sure, sir.
Is this the full checklist?
The statement from the R2 Inspector
is in, sir.
Put out posts on our social media handles
that we're breaking a huge story tomorrow.
One copy of 'Vaanam' magazine!
One for me too!
'Vaanam' magazine in stock?
Attention, reporters!
Stop whatever you're doing and follow
the hate crime story broken by 'Vaanam'.
Okay, sir.
Why the change in the cabinet?
Four ministers have been expelled.
Is there any connection between this
and the recent murders?
Nothing like that.
In governments, replacement of ministers
are quite common.
This has nothing to do
with our Chief Minister.
Welcome, ma'am.
We've prepared a passport
under the name you gave us.
Your house is ready.
Your staff has been assembled, too.
I know why you let her get away.
But it is still wrong, sir.
I know.
I couldn't help it.
I couldn't do that again
to another child.
It is wrong, indeed.
I'm sorry.
There's a letter for you, ma'am.
For me?
Yes, ma'am. Annapoorani Sebastian.
It came to our office.
'One fine day...'
'I walked down my street'
'Facing me, there stood a man'
'With two arms, two legs
and one infectious smile'
'He stepped up to chat with me'
'At first, it was
"What's your name?"'
'And then, it was
"Where are you from?"'
' "Who are you?", he asked'
'Even before I was done talking...'
'...he severed his friendship right there'
'The moment he heard
what I had to say...'
'...he began to hate me right then'
'What did I say?
I just said who I was'
'I just said my name...
I spoke my truth'
'What did I say?
I just said who I was'
'I just said my name...
I spoke my truth'
'What is that
which made us split apart?'
'Who was it
that sowed this separation?'
'What is that
which made us split apart?'
'Who was it
that sowed this separation?'
'You don't like me...
Why don't you like me?'
'You hate me...
Give me a damn reason why'
'You don't like me...
Why don't you like me?'
'You hate me...
Give me a damn reason why'
'In the streets of our homeland,
flows a river of blood'
'Cast your arrogance aside
and take a look around'
'Open your eyes wide
and see the river of blood...'
'I came to tell my story'
'I came with eyes,
shining with dreams'
'I was bruised and scratched
as I clawed my way to the top'
'With all that I saw and sensed,
here I come to tell my story'
'One fine day...'
'I walked down my street'
'Facing me, there stood a man'
'He came near me
and said out loud:'
"You're no human."
'Toiling in the heat every day all day,
black of skin, that's who I became'
'I pray first and finish my work next...
God's child, I am'
'When it comes to love,
I see no gender'
'I do not accept the labels
you slap upon'
'Don't like this man
or that man'
'Don't like his face or religion
or language'
'Birth, Death, Education,
Upbringing, Sustenance, Hometown'
'Dreams, Kin, Loss,
Nation, Betrayal, Love, Affection'
'Words spoken, mouth that speaks...
nothing do I like'
'Even when meeting one's end
hatred is not forgotten'
'Hatred is never forgotten'
'In the streets of our homeland,
flows a river of blood'
'Cast your arrogance aside
and take a look around'