Rathnam (2024) Movie Script

Be ready.
Hey! Who's that?
I asked, who is that?
- Come on.
- Come! Come on, guys!
- Go!
- Come on!
"Where does this journey of life end?"
"The demons play their game
in disguise of humans"
"Is this life a short story or a mystery
or a never ending story?"
"A battle between being
an angel or a demon"
"For the sake of someone..."
"somebody else sacrifices their life"
"Did the Gods close their eyes
and go to sleep?"
Totally 26 people have died.
Such an incident has never taken place
in Tirupati so far.
They toppled a bus to steal money!
They are not humans at all, sir!
Arresting them won't suffice.
Shoot them at sight.
Hey! Who's that?
Who is that?
"The sky will vanish and the earth
will perish"
"That time is not far away"
"The compassion will dry
and the time will be up"
"Kindness is not to be found
anywhere, anymore"
"Why this gory?"
"One life is all we got. We aren't
going to take birth again"
Who are you, dear?
Can I get some job?
What's your name, dear?
Noor Jahan.
"The demons play their game
in disguise of humans"
"Is this life a short story or a mystery
or a never ending story?"
"A battle between being
an angel or a demon"
"Even the idol of the Lord of Justice
lies squashed on the street corner"
"Refugees walk towards an unknown
destination but only to become ashes"
"Won't this situation change?"
"Won't Humanity rise up again?"
"As the sins increase, the burden
on earth also keeps increasing"
"Where does this journey of life end?"
"The demons play their game
in disguise of humans"
"Is this life a short story or a mystery
or a never ending story?"
"A battle between being
an angel or a demon"
(Tamil Nadu - Andhra border)
- Somebody has placed a severed leg.
- I wonder who's leg it is?
Somebody has placed a severed leg.
It's on the milestone, sir!
Milestone reading Satyavedu - 16 kms.
Click from the right side.
someone cut off somebody's leg and
placed it on the border. Call Inspector!
Somebody has place a severed hand exactly
on the border. Who'll take up the case?
Why would someone cut off somebody's arm
and leg, then place it at the border?
Could the murderer be
a psychopath, sir?
Sir, we've an information.
A body without arms, legs and head is found
near 'Nalakonda Veerabhadhra' temple.
How could've a single man place the limbs
in different places at the same time?
Sir, the body was found in Andhra.
We don't have to get involved.
It doesn't matter where the body
was found.
Headache is for the jurisdiction
in which the head is found.
Form a team at once
and start searching.
What happened, brother?
The van's not starting.
What do we do now?
I shall get you a lift
to drop you home.
Sir, the van broke down.
Can you drop this girl at her home?
Who are you guys?
Where did you come from?
- Arrogance! Showing arrogance?
- Please, let me go.
Showing your headweight?
Do you think your father
owns the Vellore region?
We gave you space in Corporation land
to run your shop and make a living.
You must either run your business
or leave if you don't want to.
Instead you unload raw materials over night
and try to build a house there?
- I'll finish you off!
- Sir, please calm down.
We'll beat them to pulp
and chase them away tomorrow.
Sir, you're an MLA but your blows
are so hard that his ear is bleeding.
I'm the MLA as far as this town
is concerned.
Otherwise, I'm the same old
Panner Selvam.
I was like them once. I used to
abduct lands and build houses there.
A 12 year old boy saved my life one day.
That's when I reformed.
It was after that I felt I must do
something good for my birthplace.
I jumped into Politics here
and what do I see?
Only 40% of the people here
are good.
Remaining 60% of them are
complete fraudsters!
So my current work is...
to save these 40% from those 60%.
Sir, but these guys work really hard for us
during the election times.
Come on! Until there are people
who take money for casting votes...
then even if a dog that contests
under a dog symbol can win in Vellore.
- Dear.
- Yes, dear?
Please come here.
Provision stores 'Annachi'
wants to talk to you.
Why did he call you for that?
Tell me, 'Annachi'.
Stop! Don't drop me off
at the cash register!
You drunkard!
He has been lying wasted here
for the past four days.
He'll reform only if his own son
beats him up!
Don't scold booze lovers, brother.
What a justification!
Just because we own the bar,
will you support the drunkards?
I'll finish you off! Now, come with me.
- Welcome, Murthy.
- What's up Reshmika sister. Here.
Look, I've purchased all kinds of meat
for 4000 rupees.
By night I was 12,000 rupees
in the cash register. Mind you.
How can we sell it all
for three times the rate?
Is this how you run business, sister?
Adulterate mutton with beef meat.
Adulterate chicken with crow meat.
Marinate masalas
on torn rubber slippers,
and serve it to our drunkards
saying it's liver fry.
Let them eat that and get
even more high!
-This booze doesn't give any kick at all
-Who's that?
Is this booze original or duplicate?
So what if this is MLA Panner's bar?
Are we not allowed to question?
- I will!
- Here I come.
- The responsible minster must come here!
- You Stonehead!
You can come here, drink, get high, vomit,
go home and get beaten up
by your wife.
Then again bunk work on Monday,
come here, drink and die of liver disease!
That's your fate!
Raise your voice and I'll trample you
to death!
Hear me out everybody.
If you're at Panner sir's bar then
shut up your mouth and drink! Got it?
How can one shut their mouth
and drink?
Use a straw! Damn, my pant is torn.
- Is Rathnam awake?
- Not yet, Murthy.
I heard you were killed.
How come you're alive?
Those who sleep without knowing the sun's
heat on face and without peeing,
they are the real drunkard boys.
Look at him, he's lying
like a wireless electric post
See that? He finished a full pint first...
and then bought a quarter
and had half of that...
and is fast asleep.
Rathnam ji.
Rathnam ji.
- Brother, the booze is about to fall.
- It won't fall.
- It'll fall, brother.
- Told you, it won't.
- It won't fall.
- It fell down!
Saw how he caught it?
That's it! People in Tamil Nadu
will waste food...
but they will never waste booze.
He is the perfect example for that.
Rathnam, I'm on my way to CMC hospital.
- Come there at once.
- Why?
Just come. I'll tell you.
I wanted her to study in a good school
and so I put her there.
- What happened, uncle?
- Go inside and see.
What happened, uncle?
Your watch looks good, dear.
My dad gifted it to me
for my birthday, uncle.
Uncle! What are you doing?
Uncle! Uncle, leave me!
- Nothing to worry. Don't be scared.
- No, leave me!
- Hey! Hey!
- God!
Don't stop. Drive faster!
Even when the doctor tried
to touch her for running tests,
she pushed his hands away.
She is traumatized so badly.
Who is he, uncle?
Babu Reddy. Ward council near Chitoor.
That fellow? He is filthy, perverted dog!
He abducted a girl from Katpadi college
and kept her in his quarry for four days.
We must have finished
off that dog back then itself.
Rathnam, finish him off!
I'll surrender on your behalf.
What do I do, uncle?
Think about this girl
when you see him.
Your mind will tell you what to do.
Just do that!
We'll face the consequences!
- Listen, don't let him near me.
- Okay, boss.
Don't spare his life! Finish him off!
Hey, finish him off!
"The war begins in the field of blood
The rage goes wild and overtakes you"
"Make the enemy suffer every moment
Until your temper withers"
"Vent out the anger is all directions
Massacre and put an end to the rivalry"
"O' come on you warrior"
You filthy rascal!
You travel from your state to other state,
and try to play your tricks?
Don't you have it all that you need
in your streets to satisfy your needs?
You could've gone there, right?
you molest a girl who is like
a daughter to you?
How dare you?
You deserve to be...
You filthy...
- Shall I cut off his leg?
- Do it, brother!
Or shall I cut off the thing
a feet above?
No. Listen to me.
Shall I cut his hand off? Or...
shall I cut off his head
that's above his chest!
No matter which body part I cut off,
people like you will never reform!
My hand! My hand!
Greetings, sir.
Good morning, everybody.
Please take your seat.
Of late, the land of the Tamilians
in Andhra border...
has be been abducted by a gang.
I've been receiving anonymous petitions.
What is really going on in the border?
in 1959, Tirupati was given to Andhra
from Tamil Nadu.
The land of many Tamilians became
a part of Andhra.
Since their land was a part
of another state,
the rights and safety of Tamilians
started to decline over there.
A group in Nagari took advantage
of this situation...
and are grabbing the lands
for half rates and peanuts.
Which group?
Retired Chitoor Tehsildar is here,
who knows the details about that gang.
- He is Mr. Srinivasa Rao.
- Greetings, sir.
25 years ago,
an NRI who settled down in America,
owned a 40 acre land in Tirupati.
He has three sons.
Those three sons also settled down
in America.
Dharmalingam, Punyakodi and Keshav
from Kerala and Dharmapuri,
all these three of them created a fake ID
in the names of those three sons...
and sold that land for 32 crore rupees...
and moved from Tirupati to Nagari
and settled down there.
They are the ones behind all these
land grabbings.
They have the complete support of
the Education minister, Gajendra Babu.
What are their names?
Bhima Rayudu, Subba Rayudu
and Raghava Rayudu.
Now they are the "big shot" Rayudu Brothers
in Nagari area.
- where's my elder brother?
- In the toilet.
Is he there round the clock?
Registrar from Renigunta had called.
What's the matter?
Remember the 60 acres land
that we grabbed from an Arakkonam guy?
He wants us to get it registered
What's the hurry?
That land's value is going to increase
in that survey number.
Then get it arranged at once.
Boss, your wife had called from Vijayawada.
Your eldest daughter wants to go
to Singapore with her friends.
She asked us to book
the tickets at once, boss.
Okay, boss.
- Subbu...
- Yes, brother?
What's the status on that building work?
It'll be completed in 10 days, brother.
we've a problem.
Do we have A problem or a huge problem?
A huge problem, brother.
Who is that?
Who made the blunder?
The surveyor, brother.
Bring him here!
It's so hot. Why don't you sit in
the car, brother?
You shut up!
Do you know how much hard work
has gone in?
Do you know how many people
I've to answer?
Do you know how your silly mistake
has created a huge problem for us?
Brother, the surveyor is dead.
He is dead?
So I was talking to a corpse
all this while?
Why tell it to me so late?
The only way I can vent out my anger now
is by peeing.
This is a sensitive matter.
We must deal it with patience.
Tehsildar, VAO and RTO are responsible
for whatever happened.
I'll give you one day's time.
Set the records straight.
Or else, none of you will be alive.
Brother, please stop the bus.
Stop the bus.
Stop! Stop!
Stop the bus. Please.
Thanks a lot for stopping the bus.
You were sprinting down!
Where are you going?
- To a friend's house in Vellore.
- Oh dear! What happened to you?
What happened?
- He looked fine earlier.
- Looks like he had a heart attack.
You were talking just fine so far.
Please check what happened to him.
- He fainted suddenly.
- Brother... brother...
Can you hear me? Can you
hear me talk?
What happened to him?
I am really scared.
Oh God!
Driver, please stop by a medical shop
on the way.
- Okay.
- Oh dear!
Dear, look at me.
- Brother!
- What?
Get me one Heparin injection.
Not without prescription!
I'm a nurse. This is an emergency.
It won't become an issue.
Oh dear.
Please get up, dear.
Please get up!
- Driver, go to the nearest hospital.
- Okay.
God... oh my God.
We have reached the hospital.
Don't worry. Okay?
- Relax.
- Make way.
Just a minute, madam.
- He's stable. Admit him at once.
- Okay, doctor.
- Who treated him?
- It was me, doctor.
His BP was low and the pulse
was feeble.
Are you a doctor?
No, doctor. I've completed
my B.Sc. Nursing.
I wish to become a doctor.
I'm on my way to Vellore to write
the NEET exam for the fourth time.
Fourth time?
I cleared the exam earlier three times.
I didn't get seat
in government college.
Can't afford to pay fee
for management quota seat.
You wish to study medicine,
but then how come nursing?
A doctor must be caring like a nurse.
And a nurse must be as brilliant
as a doctor.
That's why I didn't waste time
and did nursing.
Good. Very good. All the very best.
Thank you.
- Come on!
- Where was he?
In the gym.
You can't repay the borrowed money
but you want to hit the gym?
Will the bank give you a loan
without documents?
Will Sait lend you money
without pledging jewels?
Without any surety, our men
lend you money for interest,
and you're hiding when asked to repay?
- Hey!
- Who's that?
Who are you beating up and dragging?
Come here!
Looks like new officer.
Check what he wants.
You look very familiar.
Your mother worked
in Vellore market, right?
Aren't you son of Loganayagi,
who did brothel in the market?
- Oh God!
- How dare you say that!
- How dare you hit me?
- Take that weapon!
- How dare you raise hands on a cop?
- Leave me! I'll stab him today!
- No. Please, brother.
- Let go of me!
- How dare you accuse my mom?
- How dare you beat me?
Wasn't your mother doing that?
Let go of me!
Speaking ill of his mother?
Didn't you commit a murder
and go to jail during childhood?
I'll kill you!
If I don't put you in prison
and beat you to pulp...
How dare you raise hands on me?
Rathnam, you wait here.
Okay, uncle.
I heard you've got an arrest warrant
on Rathnam?
Sir, please come. Sit.
When there's an issue, won't you
investigate the right and wrong side of it?
He laid hands on a cop!
- And you're taking his side?
- Why did he lay hands?
That cop spoke ill of his mother.
Do you expect him to kiss that cop?
Kannan sir?
Your daughter eloped with a boy
and settled down, right?
If someone insults you by speaking
ill of your daughter,
won't it drive you furious?
Won't you arrest him and rip him apart?
That's what he also did, sir.
He treats everyone in your department
like a brother, uncle and family, isn't it?
Haven't your officers boozed with him
in my bar?
But today, just because he laid hands
on a cop out of anger,
you Khaki wearing cops are riled up
like a wild spanner jockey?
Have I ever used my MLA power
and asked you to release anyone, sir?
I always make one of my men surrender
before taking anyone out.
He is right outside.
Go, arrest him and put him in prison.
But I won't keep quiet, sir.
I'm carrying out half of your duties
in Vellore using Rathnam.
A town will prosper only if the police
and rowdies have an understanding.
Remember that.
That jerk, how dare he speak like that.
We must have severed his head
on the spot, Rathnam.
Leave it.
He spoke what he knew.
I don't get it.
She came down from some unknown place
and in order to raise her unborn son...
my mother was toiling hard in a market.
She was an angel.
A woman, who did brothel;
her eye's fell on my mother.
Her five year old son was kidnapped...
and she was blackmailed and
threatened to sleep with strangers.
My mother fought a lot to live with
her dignity and integrity intact.
That's when there was a police raid.
They took away that angel too.
The press guy clicked photos...
and ran his business.
The whole town abused that angel.
I'm sure even then she'd have been
courageous and led a good life.
But she couldn't bear her own son
seeing her in that condition.
She hung herself to death
in the police station itself.
That's why...
when anyone talks about my mother,
I start panicking, fearing what would
they ask.
dare you bring up mother's topic
hereafter! Go.
Why are you crying and boozing?
Are you here directly
from the crematorium?
I'm 50 years old and I lost
my 80 years old mother.
Unable to bear the pain,
I completed her final rites and came
straight here with my brothers to booze.
He's crying that he lost his mother
when he was five.
And you're crying that you lost
your mom when you're 50.
Age has nothing to do anything here,
a mother is a mother.
"Don't worry, don't worry dear buddy"
"We have been through worse things
than this"
"Don't worry"
"Don't worry, don't worry dear buddy"
"We have been through worse things
than this"
"Don't worry, don't worry dear buddy"
"We have been through worse things
than this"
"I lost my mother when I was kid"
"I cried my eyes dry"
"I was like the vehicle that
rode opposite on a one way"
"And so I've faced every kind of
"My taste buds are dead
because I'm used to bland food"
"Wore a jeans without zip,
and my reputation went for a toss"
"I was wandering a pauper
and lost all friendship"
"We can still lead a life beyond all loss;
I am the living proof"
"So, don't worry, don't worry dear buddy"
"We have been through worse things
than this"
"Don't worry, don't worry dear buddy"
"Look we have moved on
and come so far"
"Don't worry"
"Don't worry"
"Long ago, two bombs were dropped
in Japan"
"But didn't that nation rise back up
from the ashes and stood strong?"
"Don't worry. Don't, don't... don't worry"
"Those who studied under the street lights
now have streets named after them"
"Diamond is nothing but coal
that went through tremendous pressure"
"Don't worry. Don't, don't... don't worry"
"Racing down in bike will help you
make many girl friends"
"Once the interest on you is gone,
then they'll break up; that's the trend"
"So, don't worry, don't worry dear buddy"
"We have been through worse things
than this"
"Don't worry, don't worry dear buddy"
"Look we have moved on
and come so far"
"Shameless fellow, doofus
is what people say about him"
"He posted a reel in insta
and got 8 million views"
"Don't worry. Don't, don't... don't worry"
"Heard that there are watches
worth millions"
"But doesn't cheap watches
tell the same time?"
"Don't worry. Don't, don't... don't worry"
"Times are gone where people tied the knot
and suffered a lot"
"Living together has become
the new normal now"
"So, don't worry, don't worry dear buddy"
"We have been through worse things
than this"
"Don't worry, don't worry dear buddy"
"Look we have moved on
and come so far"
- Why don't you have a goal, brother?
- Jerk!
Is going to the prison your goal?
Who told you I don't have a goal?
I'm going to become an MLA
in Vellore district.
I'll make you all erect my banners.
You mad fellow.
Not when Panner sir is there!
By then he will become an MP
and be in the Red Fort in Delhi.
If he'll own the Red Fort...
then this Murthy will own
the Black Fort in this Vellore!
Who will vote for your face?
As if everyone voted so far
looking at faces!
- Correct.
- Vote for me. I'll give freebies.
- Every politicians gives that.
- Have you taken any?
- No.
- I'll give you.
Give what?
Look, kids these days love chicken.
So, I'll serve them 300 grams chicken
everyday, free of cost.
30 GB internet data free
for boys above 20 years.
For everybody above the age of 40, I'll
give free full, half and quarter booze.
I don't get it.
Quarter for single person,
half bottle for a couple.
- And for family?
- Full bottle!
Drink with all your family members.
That's what all are doing in our country?
- Then you'll become an MLA for sure.
- I'll hand you the department of art.
- Address me as MLA from today.
- Okay.
Address him as MLA it seems.
What is it, Rathnam?
Who are you looking at?
Well, a girl just went by.
- she looks very familiar.
- A girl? Who's she?
Who could it be?
I didn't see properly.
I just saw her from the left side.
- Car key.
- Here.
- Come.
- Come on, guys.
A vehicle that chased goons so far, is
going to chase a girl for the first time.
We've reached the toll gate
and yet not signs of that girl.
Brother, there's the girl.
That's a granny.
Every female with black hair
is a girl for you?
These days grannies dye their hair
and roam around! So shut up!
Brother, I'm sure that's her!
I'll slipper you! That's my aunt.
Aunt, sorry I couldn't make it
for uncle's funeral.
- You only killed him when you were high.
- I killed him?
"Bro is out on the search for a girl.
Let the beats roll"
"But all we see are only grannies.
Let the beats roll"
"Let the beats roll"
Hey! Hey...
That's her!
- Hey, there she goes.
- What happened?
- That girl?
- She's in a scooty.
Guys, open the door.
Let me also see her face.
Guess they belong
to Kangaroo's clan!
They won't spare even a single scooty.
They get down and chase
as soon as they see one.
Rathnam, after all who is she?
The same girl.
At least now did you see her face?
I saw from right side this time but...
she looks very familiar.
Is the car fuel tank filled up?
- Why?
- Anyway you won't stop looking for her.
Let's roam around like loafers
till the fuel tank goes dry.
- Hey... she went that way. Let go of me.
- Come.
You check that side.
Sir, have you seen this person
in the photo?
No, I haven't.
- Greetings, sister.
- She looks like Goddess Mahalakshmi.
Greetings. What notice have you all
come with?
Any function at Maariaatha Temple?
Elections are coming.
So we came to bribe you.
- How much will you give for one vote?
- 5000 rupees.
- We've 6 votes in our house.
- That makes it 30,000 rupees.
Then we'll use oil to wipe off the ink
on the finger...
and we'll cast proxy votes too.
How much will you give for that?
- How much for that crap?
- 3000 rupees.
- 3000 rupees.
- My grandpa is bed ridden inside.
He'll cast even the
deceased people's vote.
How much for that?
- One rupee coin on his forehead.
- What?
We'll give silver coin.
- Did the whole family take bath?
- We did.
- Had a hearty meal?
- Yes, we did.
- So that we can vote?
- No!
We have to vacate you.
You may all leave.
Who do you think you are
to vacate us?
You guys haven't paid rent
to the owner for last three years.
We have been living here
for 10 years.
If we live in a house for 10 years, then
we own that house! Hope you know that.
What a justification, sister.
Sister, if you decently vacate now...
we'll drop you at Vellore fort.
Or else we'll line you all up
at Katpadi bridge...
and push you down into Palar.
- I dare you to touch me.
- Look how big her mouth is!
- I dare you!
- I dare you to touch my wife.
Welcome Mr. 'Cap-less Tiffin Box' Head
I won't hurt you but my boys will.
Throw everything out.
- To hell with this!
- No, don't do it.
Leave us alone. Don't throw
our belongings out.
Throw all of them out! Come on!
Look what they are doing,
that too in broad day light!
- Hey!
- What?
- What's your name?
- Murthy and yours?
Murthy is small but Keerthi is too huge.
I can't lift you and run.
I'll send the location...
- you deliver yourself.
- Move! You old man...
When the house owner
asks you to vacate,
how dare you refuse and threaten
to go to court?
You do such atrocities only
in Tamil Nadu.
How dare you lay hands on an old man?
Of course that's wrong.
But I can lay hands on the cot, right?
- Come on!
- Leave him.
Come on! Come on!
Guys keep walking.
- Let me call the police.
- Hey, keep quiet.
If you call the cops and tell on him,
then the cops will call him
and tell on you to him.
- Do you really need all this?
- Throw this corpse in the graveyard.
He doesn't even have a consideration
for an old man and is manhandling him.
Then, will he pamper him?
Put a case and it will drag for 10 years
and it can't be sold.
Then when will the owner
repay his debt,
get his daughter married
and help his sons settle?
This is quite normal.
One day he broke the windows glasses
of a car parked near my house.
He broke car window glasses?
A resident of that street
parked his family safely in his bedroom...
and parked the car on the road.
There's no way for ambulance
during an emergency.
The public started complaining.
We tried to talk but he refused
to listen.
He damaged the car overnight.
One night my dad bought Biriyani
from a shop in street corner.
The chicken was not
cooked properly in the Biriyani.
Next day morning he went
to exchange it for Parotta...
but the shop was gone.
What happened?
He destroyed the shop overnight!
Near CMC hospital,
a guy started a hotel in a waste
land by the corner of that street.
Then he started filing cases in the court
and was threatening everybody.
Lot of accidents took place there.
I told Rathnam about it.
He told me, "Uncle, keep a load of gravel
and two tins of tar ready"
At dawn, even the hotel owner couldn't
recognize if that is where his hotel was.
It was all road!
If Vellore police department
must shoot down anybody...
then they must shoot him down first.
If Vellore police department
must give a medal to anybody...
then they must give it to our Rathnam.
Give that.
What is it?
Tell me.
"Oh my dear, is that you?"
"Is it true what I see in front of me?"
"Where were you all these days?"
"Why didn't my eyes find you?"
"Did the Almighty God hide you
away from me?"
"No matter what..."
"there is no bond like ours"
"Is this the wildest dream I'm having?"
"Sending you to where I am;
was it God's plan all along?"
Come on, ma!
"Oh my dear, is that you?"
Who are you guys?
I thought you were targetting me...
but all this while she was your target?
Who are you? Who are you guys?
Who are you? You better leave!
You go, ma. I'll handle them.
You! You're making a mistake!
You go, ma. Go!
I said, go. Go inside, ma.
You go! Quick!
Get inside!
- You go, ma.
- You heard me. Get inside.
Come on! Come on!
You're making a mistake!
I dare you to cross me and...
Bring it on.
Sir, things have gone haywire here.
Thank you.
- You didn't go home?
- Forget that.
Do you know him already?
Answer me!
He spoke as if he already knows you.
Like he already knows me?
Do you know what happened here
after you went inside?
Do you know who she is?
Do you?
Who do you think you are laying hands on?
Who are you?
If she's is in trouble;
Come on!
If you near that girl once again...
You guys beat up temple priest,
school teachers etc.,
and Panner sir asks me to surrender.
All cops rough me up as if
frying fritters on my back!
How do they fry fritters on your back?
Experience police beatings once.
It's like frying fritters and what not!
At least our state police will
go a bit easy.
But get caught by Border Police
and you'll know.
They'll even marinate and fry you!
And this fellow beat up men for
some unknown girl and got arrested.
Those men will later round me up!
- You've arrested Rathnam, right?
- Yes, tell me.
- I want to meet him.
- So this is that birdie?
Do you have any connection
with me?
But you want me to
go to prison for you?
Why'd you go to prison for me?
He'll beat those men and you want
me to face the case, go to court...
and rot in prison eating
porridge and smoking up?
I don't get it.
If a dog bites us, we don't give injections
on dog's stomach but ours, right?
If a ghost possess us, we don't exorcise
the ghost but us, right?
Similarly, whatever he does
I am being...
Shut up, man! Girl, wait there.
Rathnam will come.
Out with the truth or else
I'll skin you alive! Speak!
What are they saying, uncle?
Rathnam, they are beaten to pulp
yet they say they don't know anything.
Rathnam, two girls are here to meet you.
Come on, ma. You don't have to
come to such places and wait.
I just wanted to meet you
and thank in person.
I'm the one going to prison
and you're thanking him?
Have you seen me before?
He broke the jaws of 12 men
and he did it after seeing you.
So don't act as if he didn't see you.
- I mean, does he know me?
- I don't know that.
Don't you live in the corner house,
at Gandhi Nagar 12th street?
That man with specs riding scooty;
that's her father.
Your dad's going around telling people
that we are useless fellows and goons.
He told people that
I'm a chain snatcher.
Even my grandma doesn't
wear chain in front of me.
We are not goons who does anything
for the sake of money.
We are rowdies who will kill
to uphold our principle.
Go and tell that your dad.
- Understood?
- What a justification! Listen...
my aunt dropped a rock on my uncle's head.
Let me go and check.
- What a family!
- It's a game they play.
Why did you take such a risk
and save me?
When a woman has an issue,
even the street dogs will get agitated.
I'm a human, won't I revolt?
Fine, why did they target you?
I don't know.
They came here with a clear cut plan.
And you say you don't know?
My father is facing a land problem.
But why'd those people go to the extent
of killing me...
By the way, where are you from?
Why did you come to Vellore?
I had to give NEET exam and attend
few interviews for nursing job.
So, I'm staying in my friend's house
- thought I'll be here for a week and do it.
- NEET, nurse...
I don't get any of that.
Fine, give me your number.
I'll give you a miss call.
"We are not goons who does anything
for the sake of money"
"We are rowdies who will kill
to uphold our principle"
Sounds like a proverb, right?
Stop talking about him.
My ears are hurting.
There is no definition for good or bad.
If my mom calls you, don't just blab about
whatever happened here.
She'll ask me to return home at once.
Oh God.
- Come here.
- What?
I said, come here.
- What is it?
- Look over there.
- Those men are back!
- Yes.
Now what do we do?
- Tell me, ma. Still awake?
- Where are you?
There are 10 men standing
in front of my house.
They look like rowdies.
Do you see a blue coloured
autorickshaw outside?
Do you see a guy stretching his leg
out of the autorickshaw?
That's my leg.
You cut the call and sleep peacefully.
Why are you here?
Those men targetted you
today morning near the college.
What if they come back?
That's why I'm here.
Until you go back to your native,
we'll be with you.
So don't worry about anything.
Go and sleep.
Looks like you're in a completely
different mood.
I now have this new found,
huge respect on him.
I'm surprised how can a kind man
with such a bad reputation exist.
"Why? Why do you care so much for me?"
"Why? Why are you standing up for me?"
"Without any expectations
and without your introduction..."
"Without any rest, even at night...
Without moving an inch away..."
"You are taking care of me
with all your life by being by my side"
"But why?"
"But why?"
"Why? Why do you care so much for me?"
"Why? Why are you standing up for me?"
"Like the eyelashes protects the eye,
you are protecting me"
"Like how rain showers happiness on land,
you shower happiness in my heart"
"You still haven't lifted your head
and looked into my eyes"
"I have never met a generous and
kind person like you"
"I am lost for words,
in fact I've lost myself"
"I am not the same person I was.
I can feel everything change around me"
"I feel like an unsolved mystery
about myself"
"But why?"
"But why?"
"Why? Why do you care so much for me?"
I'm here for the interview.
I'm here for the interview.
"The whole world may hate you
but not me"
- Did you eat, ma?
- No. The interview is still not over.
It's going to be 2 'O clock.
You'll find a box of Sambar rice
next to you. Have it.
"All I want is you by my side
and I'll have no fear at all"
"Why are you making such an impact on me?
Why are you fighting everyone for me?"
"Why do you consider me as your life?"
"Why do you worry so much
when something happens to me?"
"I'm in a confused but peaceful
state of mind"
"But why?"
"But why?"
I'll reach and call.
- Where is she?
- That bus.
Okay, bye.
"Why? Why are you standing up for me?"
All okay?
Are you carrying a water bottle?
- No, that's okay.
- Wait, ma.
- Yes, brother?
- Buy a water bottle and a biscuit packet.
- That's okay. What's the need?
- Well, you'll be travelling for long.
You can have it when you're hungry.
Brother, here.
Here, ma.
Thanks a lot for all your help.
What's your name, ma?
You don't know my name?
No, I don't.
Can I click a photo?
You stay there, ma.
I'll click from here.
Thanks, ma.
"36, 37, 38, 39..."
There he is, sir.
- Sir's waiting for you.
- I've been calling for five days.
Neither do you answer my calls
nor do you return it.
Well, he's been busy the whole week,
going after a girl.
Oh, is that the issue about a girl
for whom I spoke to the cops?
Is it that girl? Tell me if you like her.
- Tell him.
- I'll get you both married.
I am asking you.
What happened?
Why are you standing like your
head's bursting and heart's aching?
What happened?
Can I hug you?
What's going on?
I feel like crying, uncle.
- Can I hug you once and cry...
- What happened?
Why are you crying?
- What happened?
- Uncle...
Who is that girl? Tell me, what happened?
How is this possible?
Who is she?
Your mother...
She's a spitting image
of your mother - Loganayagi.
"A God that bought every life
into this world is a Mother"
"A bond that loves unconditionally
is that of a Mother"
- What's your name?
- Loganayagi.
We thought you're a Muslim but
you're name sounds like a Hindu name.
It was to deliver my son safely,
I hid inside a parda.
"A bond and relation
that can't be explained"
"Nobody's equal to a Mother"
"A God that bought every life
into this world is a Mother"
"A bond that loves unconditionally
is that of a Mother"
Rathnam! Rathnam!
Please hand over my son to me.
Please return my child to me.
- Take her inside.
- Come here!
You're doing too much!
Check all the rooms.
Drag everyone out!
"Is there no right to live
for a woman with integrity?"
"She's the symbol of mother's love
and yet is it so hard for her to speak?"
"Poor thing, she suffers
like a flag in a storm"
"She loves with all her heart..."
"but now she's gone forever"
What are you guys gawking at?
Do the formalities!
Keep walking!
"A bond that loves unconditionally
is that of a Mother"
Did you tell her about this?
How can I, uncle?
If I tell her and what if she
asks me about my mother?
What will I answer?
That's why I hid it from her.
I didn't even feel like
asking her name, uncle.
I addressed her as 'Ma' and did that
to my heart's content.
I was always with her,
like a dog.
I don't believe too much in God.
But God does exist.
I want to meet her. Where is she?
She left to her native.
Hope you have sent our men along.
She's alone.
Are you nuts? You were with her like a dog
and those dogs would've followed you!
Now with this dog out of the picture,
won't those dogs attack her?
Isn't that the logic?
What time her bus left?
5 'O clock.
It must be nearing Katpadi.
Go, pick her up and drop her at home.
- Go!
- Quick! Go, Rathnam.
Stop the bus please.
- I said, stop.
- What happened, sir?
Why should I stop the bus?
Do as I say. Stop the bus!
No, I can't stop the bus, sir.
I said, stop the bus!
Sir... sir... why did you cut me?
Why did you stop the bus, sir?
I need someone to get down.
- How come you're here?
- Get down, ma.
Well, nothing...
Don't travel in bus.
I'll drop you home.
- Why trouble yourself?
- No, you're not safe in bus. Come.
I'll drop you. Come.
Watch your step.
- What happened?
- Come fast.
- Come.
- Any issue?
They are back!
- Get inside my car, quick!
- Who are they?
They are coming! Quick, get in!
- Get in.
- Come on.
Please, you also get inside.
Come on! Come on, guys!
Let's face off, shall we?
Bring it on!
Come on!
Watch out!
You! Die!
Come on... come...
- Look behind you!
- Come on!
Leave that and come inside.
- Die!
- Please stop!
Why did you all get down?
Get into the bus!
Get into the bus! Now!
Sir, you leave. Go!
Nothing will happen. Don't worry.
Oh God.
Come on! Bring it on!
Ma, don't worry.
Nothing will happen.
- Look, he's climbing up!
- Don't worry.
Everything's fine. Don't worry.
Don't worry, ma.
They can't do a thing to you.
I am here.
Careful! Careful!
Hold on tight!
Careful! Watch out!
Look on your side! Watch out!
Are you... are you alright?
I'm alright. There's a barricade
wall ahead.
Tighten your grip and hold on!
I'm scared.
- I'm scared.
- Don't be. Nothing to worry.
Nothing will happen.
Everything will be fine. Be strong.
- Who are these guys, ma?
- I don't know.
They are behind you with a rage.
I don't know.
You told me your father
has some land issues, right?
Give me the complete details
about it.
We hail from a place called Valarpuram,
near Thiruttani.
My dad faced loss in his business.
Now he's running a pickle manufacturing
company from home.
We own a 5.5 acre land in Nagari,
which is in Andhra border.
When Tirupati was split
from Tamil Nadu,
our land became a part of Andhra.
Set it up before the auspicious time
is over.
Okay, dad.
That is where the tomb
of our ancestors lay.
Hence, we visit that place
and perform ritual once in every year.
Next time when we went there,
we saw that medical college
was being built in our land.
They even destroyed the tombs.
- What is all this?
- Dear, what's all this?
Who did that, ma?
- 200 crore project.
- I'll call back.
The building has been built.
In two months the college
must be inaugurated.
And you've measured the land wrong?
One survey stone was placed wrong.
My dad immediately lodged a complaint
with the Nagari police station.
Your sugar levels are under control
and you're fine.
- You don't need any medicine.
- Okay.
They didn't build it in your land
intentionally. Well, past is past.
They are ready to pay
5 lacs per acre.
Why don't you register that land
in their name?
As Government officers,
instead of safeguarding that land,
you are asking us to sell it?
You better demolish that building
and hand over the land to us.
Or we'll move to the court.
I hope you know about Rayudu.
- Does he have horns?
- True!
If so, ask him to lock horns
with some fool!
Of course I've horns!
Not the horns that are outside
the head...
but I've got horns inside my head!
Dare you step inside!
You grabbed our land from us!
So unfair!
I curse you! You'll never prosper!
- You sinner.
- Dad.
I'm alright.
Are you out of your senses?
Show some humanity!
How dare you point hand
at my elder brother?
How dare you raise hands on my dad?
Fine, we'll take care of it,
no matter what.
We can't leave from here at this hour.
You sleep in the vehicle.
We'll start in the morning. Come.
"Oh my dear, is that you?"
"Is it true what I see in front of me?"
"Where were you all these days?"
"Why didn't my eyes find you?"
Who is that Rayudu?
"Did the Almighty God hide you
away from me?"
"No matter what..."
"there is no bond like ours"
"Is this the wildest dream I'm having?"
"Did God send you all the way here
just for my sake"
"Oh my dear, is that you?"
"Is it true what I see in front of me?"
I inquired about that Rayudu group.
They are more dangerous
than our group.
The land will be there forever.
Only we, the humans, will perish.
So we must live peacefully
until we are alive.
Give that land to them.
Take what they pay and live
a peaceful life.
After reaching home ask your dad to call
Rayudu and inform him you'll give the land.
The next minute, all the problems
will be solved.
I thought it was some street dog
that interrupted and bit our men.
But like a guardian dog, he is chasing
down our men! Who is he?
He must be a relative
or must be in love with her.
I've asked our men to inquire
about him.
First finish off that dog.
Only then we can finish off that devil.
When he sets foot in Thiruttani,
he head must not be attached to his neck.
I'll leave, ma.
Oh please come inside and go.
My parents want to meet you.
Dear, hope you're alright.
- That's my dad.
- Malliga.
- Dear, thanks a lot.
- Thank God you're fine, dear.
I am fine.
Please come.
- Dear...
- He saved our child.
You've saved our child.
May God bless you.
- God bless you.
- Sir, what is all this?
Why'd you fall at my feet?
You appeared like a God at the right time
and saved my child.
I wish nothing but peace
for your mother, wherever she is.
- Have a seat.
- Please sit, dear.
No, it's okay sir.
Malliga told me everything.
That land is like a temple for us.
Even when we struggled
due to financial crisis,
we still didn't sell it.
I've got a stay order from court
to ban anyone from entering that land.
But still they entered and
started building.
And today they are doing
the opening ceremony.
Since the asset is in Andhra,
We have none to support us
and we've lost our right.
Please don't mistake me for saying this.
Better give that land to them...
Oh God!
Malliga, help your mom.
Come on!
Come on, bring it on!
Come on! Try slashing me.
Come! Come on!
Bring it on!
Where are you running off to?
Malliga, come with me.
Come on!
Listen, dear...
(Chanting mantras)
Stop it!
Sir, who is he?
"Until the case is resolved,
nobody must enter this place"
A poor man has got stay order
from court that read so.
And none of you officers
are respecting the court order...
and are attending the function?
Who's Rayudu here?
Is it you?
How dare you disrespect our boss...
So you are Rayudu?
You are sending henchmen to kill
someone else's daughter?
Shall I slit down both your daughters
in front of you?
Answer me!
I'm talking here
and you're raising hell?
I didn't say for the heck of it.
If anything happens to that girl,
I'll do it for sure!
Come here, ma.
I said, come here!
This is your land!
If a building is built here
then it belongs to you.
The one who must sit here
and do the ritual, is you! Sit down!
I said, sit!
Samy (Priest)...
start chanting the mantras.
(Chanting mantras)
You all have a 10 days deadline.
Whether you carry this building, like
Lord Hanuman, and place it elsewhere...
or whether you demolish it with JCB
and sell the rubbish for scrap,
but make sure you return the land.
Or else...
the last offering that you give
towards the end of the ritual;
give that to me.
Here. Take this, ma.
Put it.
Put it in the fire!
Now that you've put it
on the ritual fire...
This college now belongs to her!
"The war begins in the field of blood
The rage goes wild and overtakes you"
"Make the enemy suffer every moment
Until your temper withers"
"Vent out the anger is all directions
Massacre and put an end to the rivalry"
"Let your anger
shake the whole world"
"Rathnam! Rathnam!"
- Greetings, sir.
- Greetings, minister.
- How are you?
- I'm good.
Do you all have any sense?
You built a building
on someone else's land,
and instead of amicably settling it
why are you creating a ruckus?
- How much did you spend so far?
- 180 crores.
How much did I give?
160 crores.
How much did you invest?
20 crores and 30 acres of land.
But you made the building
on somebody else's land!
That shows how smart you guys are!
Nothing was done for Chittoor district.
So, CM is repeatedly asking on which date
will you open the college.
You need to have certain quality
to be a benami.
Listen Mr. Gajendra!
We commenced the construction
on the promised date.
And finished the building
as promised.
Also inaugurated on promised date.
Similarly, we'll open the college
on the promised date.
There won't be any change in it.
The land isn't registered yet,
then how you'll open the college?
I'm panicking that the crown will topple,
and you're whining that
the loin cloth is gone?
I'll register that land only after
I kill that devil!
Do you understand?
They want that land at any cost.
They know, you won't budge even if
they come after your daughter.
Still why do they want to kill her?
Well, that...
Dad, what happened here
when I went to Vellore?
For Malliga's education fee,
I had borrowed 3 lacs from
Kanagambal Kshethram.
I signed on a empty stamp paper
while borrowing that.
They bought out that stamp paper
for 5 lacs...
and wrote a will on it saying I sold
that land to Bhima Rayudu for 30 lacs...
by taking an advance of 25 lacs.
And using that they filed a complaint
in Nagari police station.
This is your signature, isn't it?
Collect the balance amount
and register the land in their name.
Or else, we'll have to arrest you
in a cheating case.
Sir, I have no rights to sell that land
in the first place.
This agreement is invalid, sir.
Isn't that your ancestral property?
Then why isn't this agreement valid?
As per the documents,
only the first heir from the 6th generation
has the right to sell that land.
I can only use it if I want.
6th generation? Who's that heir?
My daughter - Malliga.
She has the rights to sell it.
Now, what's this new story?
If we finish off the 6th generation heir,
then the signature of the
5th generation heir becomes valid, right?
So that's why they are chasing her
with such a rage?
- Aren't you Rathnam?
- Yes.
- Get into the police jeep.
- And for what?
You have attacked four people
on the streets.
And you stole Bhima Rayudu's car.
For that!
Do you have arrest warrant?
Oh yes.
It's right here.
Wait, I'll show you...
Who are they and what do they want?
They are here to arrest me.
I asked for the warrant and he pulls out
his gun and shows off.
How dare you cross the border and
come with a force without permission?
We are Andhra police!
You better show respect!
I'll respect you as a police
until you're in your jurisdiction.
Once you cross the border,
you're just a watchman for me!
- Murthy, shut the gate!
- You, go and shut it!
None of them must leave this place. Remove
their shirts and ask them to sit down!
All of you remove your shirt and cap!
- Remove it. Ask them to sit down!
- What happened?
The police is creating an issue.
- Come on, guys!
- Rascal! Dare you mess with us!
What's the issue, boss?
He's showing off his
gun and creating a scene.
Mahesh, finish him off!
I'll stab you down! You won't
return home to Andhra!
- Mahesh, listen to me. Stop!
- How dare you point gun at Rathnam?
Patience! Uncle, please. Let's talk it out.
Uncle, please.
Without uniform and with brotherhood
you can cross border and come to my land,
and I shall do the same.
That's okay.
But if you want to cross the border
in uniform and do your duty,
then first file a complaint,
register an FIR,
then get approval from your DSP and SP...
and only with that paper and
Thiruttani inspector you can come here!
Instead of that, like a goon, are you
trying to show off with your gun to us.
I'll squash you!
Leave! Go!
I'm showing mercy! Go!
Weren't you looking for
Bhima Rayudu's car?
There it is. Take it.
- Sir...
- Welcome.
Don't you worry about anything.
Stay strong.
You are very important to us, dear.
Rathnam will do anything for you.
- Rathnam.
- Uncle?
Come here. Have some back up,
let our boys be here with you.
- I'll leave my car.
- Okay.
This is not just their family problem.
Hereafter, this is our family problem.
- Mahesh.
- Yes boss?
- Don't slip. Take care.
- Okay, boss. I'll take care of it.
- See you.
- Okay, boss.
- Listen baldie.
- Yes, Murthy?
He asked you to stab in heat of
the moment but why'd go for it?
If you stab him, I'll have to surrender!
Oh! I didn't realize that.
- Tell me one thing.
- Tell me, Murthy.
Who names such a face as Mahesh?
Please change it.
The name was not given
for this face...
but for the face I had as a child.
You'll change the shirt, inner wears
that you wore during childhood.
You'll forget the milk you drank
and start drinking booze.
You'll change all these
but not your name?
We can change all these...
- but not the name my parents gave me!
- Rathnam!
- Brother.
- Tell me.
- We need a rented house.
- A horn-less gorilla just punched me!
Tell me the requirements.
Well, not exactly like a proper house.
- Something like a cow stable.
- Okay, I'll find one.
Also, I saw a Parotta shop
in the main road.
Our boys can eat there.
I know the shop owner,
we can pay in one shot at the end.
Dad, they are looking out
for a house to stay.
The upstairs is vacant here, right?
They are here to help us. It won't be nice
if they stay outside somewhere, dad.
At any give time, I want two our men
guarding this house with weapons.
I'll be one of them.
- You stay by my side.
- I knew it.
- You'll ruin our reputation.
- Like you'll allow it.
Murthy brother.
Can you come with me upstairs?
With broom stick in your hand,
why are you calling me alone?
- You all don't have to stay outside.
- Then where else?
Stay here, upstairs.
- I've to clean the room. Can you help me?
- Hey! Jolly!
Is this your grandpa's secret
smoking room?
- Is this room fine?
- It's fine...
- but you are trusting us with it.
- Why do you say so?
No matter how much you give a ghost
a make over and let it stay in house,
in the end it'll break the door
and go back to graveyard.
What will you guys do?
We'll open a quarter bottle at 8 'O clock.
We'll open a pint bottle at 9 'O clock.
Post 10 'O clock, we'll get sloshed...
and vomit.
If your dad questions us,
we'll knock his head off.
What do you guys prefer to drink?
If we've lot of money,
we'll buy foreign liquor from Elite shop
and drink it politely.
What if you're low on money?
We'll go to a 'toilet-less' local bar,
order an omelette...
and drink the cheapest booze and sleep
for three days with hangover. That's all.
I'll myself buy two bottles everyday
for you all.
- What?
- Enjoy.
Excuse me...
don't say this to anyone else
like you told me.
Mr. 'Crowbar' Rathnam who's down stairs;
if he finds out what you just said,
he'll put a crowbar through my throat.
So, no need. Okay?
It's a reputed village
and here lives a very decent family.
They are letting us live in their house.
- Dare any of you drink and enter.
- We won't.
If you do, I'll break your head.
Mind you!
- Yes, ma?
- Well...
you all don't have to go out
and eat.
Mom will prepare food
for you all too.
That won't be necessary.
- But how can you stay here and...
- Let the issue get resolved...
I'll come and eat a meal in your home.
On that day, make me nice chicken curry
and I'll happily relish it.
He removed the policemen's shirts
and chased them away!
Were you digging your nose
with the guns?
We've marked him.
- As soon as he enters Andhra border...
- And when will that happen?
Collect complaints on him
from four of our men, at once!
And get a formal arrest warrant on him!
Even if we get arrest warrant on him,
they'll bail him out in few days.
- You leave.
- Okay, sir.
I asked him to get an arrest warrant on him
but it is not to arrest him.
It is to get rid of him.
Only if we get rid of him,
we can near her!
How about calling him once and talking
things out?
I don't get it.
I just found out that he works
for Vellore MLA, Panner.
Panner conducts kangaroo court
big time!
I don't get it.
Knowing the catch, they are planning
to get a good cut in the money.
I don't get it.
If we call Panner and fix a deal,
we can easily fix this.
He is a big shot. If we go to him...
he'll ask a cut from the college money
and from the profit.
Then let's talk to Rathnam.
We can settle it for a small amount.
Now I get it.
We are Rayudu's men.
I can see that.
Are you here to eat some parottas?
Let me sharply come to the matter.
Distance yourself away from that issue.
We'll pay you a rate for that.
Or, you help us get that land registered.
We'll pay you separate rate for that.
Tell me!
finish of that girl.
- We'll pay you a huge rate for that!
- Rathnam, careful.
Now that's a huge deal.
Shall we talk directly to Rayudu?
Then come with us.
Make a video call, you...
Call him, you...
Keep the phone straight.
Boss, it is straight.
It's upside down! Keep it straight!
It is straight, boss.
No way, Rayudu!
Because, I've hung him upside down.
You want that land, right?
Then why are you hell bent
on killing that girl?
Answer me!
I said, answer me!
Answer me!
Finish him off!
I said, answer me! Answer me!
what I guessed was right.
It's confirmed that deep inside
you've some other agenda.
Did you think that I will eat crap
for the sake of money?
I am someone who will even kill
to uphold my principle!
Want to see it? Tell me!
That girl is my life and breath!
She's my blood and flesh!
Even if a small scratch on her
body, finger, finger nail or hair...
then, not Nagari, Chittor,
Andhra or Telengana...
No matter where you run and hide
and no matter if it takes a year for me,
I'll find you and slash you down!
- Who is he! Who is he?
- No idea, brother.
- Why is he getting so much riled up?
- Exactly.
who discovered pickle?
I'll tell you that.
Long ago, a man didn't have any sides
to go with his booze.
So this sour combo - the pickle
was his discovery.
That man's nobody but her husband.
Why is Rathnam helping a stranger
like me so much?
He has at least seen you twice
and he fights for your issue.
He even sets out with knife,
to kill for people he hasn't even seen.
Look, Panner sir's wife visits
a temple regularly.
That temple priest's daughter
was kidnapped by some boys from Nellore.
That's when Panner sir told Rathnam,
"Come back with the girl
or don't come at all"
We all were hiding in Nellore harbour
for a week.
One day they moved that girl
to a boat.
On seeing that, Rathnam jumped
into the boat and slashed two of them.
I got stabbed twice on my back
and Rathnam has slits all over his body.
Enduring the pain,
we put that girl in our vehicle.
Crawling and rolling we made it
to Tamil Nadu border.
Only then we could believe that
we are alive.
We all were admitted in CMC hospital
for 12 days, with blood transfusion.
But people say we deserved to be shot down
by the police.
Why are you feeling so bad?
Good and bad...
is not based on a person's action...
but it's based on how we
perceive them.
If we add handful of extra rice to what
we cook for ourselves, you all can eat.
But you strictly refused it.
It's okay, we'll eat outside.
You came here to help us...
but when you go out eat,
it hurts me a lot.
It's not like that.
I've completed Dasara rituals
and prepared food.
Come and eat a handful. Come.
Have just a handful. Come.
- Sit...
- It's okay...
Are you back?
- Where are you?
- At Malliga's house.
They got a proper arrest warrant
on your name.
They'll be there in some time.
- What happened?
- Please eat and go.
If they take you across the border,
then they'll finish you inside the prison.
Until I get the bail papers approved,
make sure none of you gets caught
by the police.
do not step out of the house
for any reason. No matter what!
- Yes, brother?
- Let's go!
What's the issue, Rathnam?
Andhra police is on their way
to arrest us. Murthy...
- you and Muthu stay around this house.
- Okay.
Call me if there's any problem.
I'll come immediately.
Quick, get into the vehicle.
All of you, leave!
Sir, we are coming from
Nagari police station.
Arrest order.
We are here with a proper arrest order.
The Tamil Nadu police
are also here with us.
Where is that rascal?
He is not here now.
We must search your house!
- Who is it, mom?
- Why are you cops intruding our house?
- Check that room.
- Yes, sir.
Where are you going?
Whom are you looking for?
Nobody's there inside.
You come. We've to inquire you.
Why must I come, sir?
Sir, we'll go to only Thiruttani station.
So, come without any fear.
What's going on dear?
We are facing problems over problems.
Oh God!
Here, take it.
What happened? Oh God.
Looks like epileptic attack.
- Ask Malliga to check him.
- Give him water.
- Malliga!
- What happened?
- Malliga.
- What is it, mom?
That person in godman's disguise
has fainted. Please check him.
Rathnam has told Malliga not to step out,
no matter what.
- If we don't help, it'll be a sin. Go.
- No, dear.
- Okay, wait. Coming.
- Listen to me, dear.
Malliga, run!
No, don't do this.
Malliga! I said, go!
- Go!
- Malliga!
Madam, you go inside!
- No, don't do this.
- Who are you, guys?
Grandpa, don't come outside.
Murthy brother!
Murthy brother!
- Malliga, run!
- You sinners!
Muthu, close that door.
Sister, you go!
- Muthu, come on.
- Sister, you go!
Muthu, come!
- Muthu!
- Dare you near me!
Malliga, quick! Get in!
Come on.
Watch out! Go to the back seat!
Hold on tightly!
Ma, hope you are alright.
Are you alright?
Stay in the vehicle.
Bring it on!
Sir... sir...
Sir, I must take her to the hospital.
Let go of me, sir.
- No way! You're under arrest.
- Sir, leave me!
- Sir, leave me...
- Drive.
Don't worry about me.
Take her to the hospital.
Drive! Quick! Go! Go!
Yes, boss?
They arrested Rathnam.
They must not cross the border.
- If they do, they'll finish him.
- How can I help?
- Do you who's the inspector at border?
- I know him very well.
I'll send you an order copy in Whatsapp.
Take a print and give it to him.
Sir, we've arrested him.
We're bringing him.
We'll remand him at Renigunta court.
We'll put him in sub jail and...
There's no time for that.
Finish him off tonight!
Tell me, you son of a Udumelapettai Komodo!
My hero, where are you?
24/7, day and night working.
We both are same in this case.
You baldie! I wear the Khaki shirt,
where as you wear a black shirt!
I wield a pistol where as
you wield a spanner.
I am police where as you're are
a number one crook!
Both our voices might sound
the same...
but then that's just a sound sync!
I swallowed a Top
during childhood.
And I swallowed a marble ball.
Can you do me a favour?
I hope you know the deal.
Gpay! 18% GST minus 10% TDS.
You're the only honest person
who applies tax on bribe!
In future, if IT or ED raids me...
my accounts will be sharply clean,
I'm very straight forward, you know?
I want you to do something for me.
- SI, stop that vehicle.
- Yes, sir.
- Stop! Stop!
- Stop the vehicle.
- Who are you people?
- I'm from Andhra police.
But you look like a 'Parotta' master
from Punjabi Dhaba.
- Doesn't my uniform tell you I'm a police?
- What are you doing here?
We're escorting a criminal.
I don't care if you're escorting
a criminal or a granny.
All I want is bribe.
Including GST minus TDS.
GPay only!
First, I want to see
who's inside the vehicle.
- Now move! Come on.
- Sir...
please stay on the call.
Oh my God!
Is he the one you're escorting?
Tamil Nadu police has been vigorously
searching for him since past two weeks.
What are you saying, sir?
What do I tell you? He's accused
of attempting to murder a cop!
A cut on the chest and one on the ear!
We have to take him to the hospital.
What you're doing is very illegal.
Don't uncuff him or else he'll run away!
- Stop the nonsense!
- You're going against the law, sir.
- See the order.
- You've only the department order!
I have the court order!
Damn, it's torn.
I'll surrender him to the judge.
If you want, get a PT warrant
and take him.
- Murthy! Murthy!
- I am Parthi.
- Murthy?
- I'm Aarthi.
- Murthy!
- I'm Karthi.
- I'm not on lying on three beds!
- Here.
- Stole it?
- I heard you got stabbed in your stomach,
he got his hand cut off
and that girl was ripped apart, is it?
What happened?
When you already know everything,
why should I repeat it?
Reading news and watching in YouTube
are two different things.
Each of them were 6 feet
fiery-mouthed demons!
One of them came down to stab
Malliga with a knife.
Do you think I'll keep quiet?
I speared him away with my head.
He weighed like a Godzilla.
I could feel my head rattle.
- Then what happened?
- Then...
he stabbed on my hip with a knife,
just like inserting fire wood in stove.
Oh God!
Since I'm chubby, the knife went in
and came out smoothly.
Had I been slim like you,
it'd have got stuck and pulled out
all the tubes inside.
Then you'd had to fix
your punctured intestine.
He often says "I am Rathnam's right hand!"
One of them chopped of his right hand
and left it in that pickle container.
I picked up his hand and
handed it over to the doctor,
he fixed it with fevicol.
Thiruvallur Balu is behind this!
- I'll rip him part.
- Excuse me!
Eww! Get lost!
Go that side.
No matter how dangerous a rowdy is,
they become weak when
it comes to women, idiots!
Rathnam, MLA is on the line.
- Uncle?
- We got the bail order.
The lawyer is on his way there.
Then you can continue your work freely.
- Dear, how are you?
- I'm fine, sir.
How are you?
Hope nothing serious.
Didn't I tell you not to step out
of the house, ma?
You're facing too much trouble
because of us.
Let's give off the land.
That's what everyone feels.
Come again!
What are you talking?
You come across violence
and you'll get scared?
Didn't I tell you back then
to give off the land to him?
I told that'd let you
live in peace, didn't I?
Now all of a sudden you want
to give it off?
Sister, what's going on?
If we give up the land now...
then it'd be like us accepting defeat.
Hereafter this is not your problem!
It's my personal problem.
My uncle, Mr. Panner's problem.
My uncle never fails.
And I'll never let him fail!
We can accept defeat... we can...
We can accept defeat if the fault
lies with us.
Or else,
we can accept defeat if we die.
If you plan on give the land to them,
- then do it after I die.
- Oh, God! Dear...
Interior work and classrooms are ready
We are yet to receive the building
completion certificate.
When will you register the land?
We've the agreement signed by him.
Then why must we worry?
You fool! The land is not in his name
in the first place!
How will his signature be valid?
Look here, minister!
Who do you think you are?
I let you talk and you're going
If there's an issue with the college
you'll only lose money.
I'll lose my pride and reputation!
Talk to me arrogantly again
and I'll finish you off right here.
I'll step away from this college deal.
You run the college yourself.
Just return the amount
I gave for this deal.
Or write off the two properties
you own in Tirupati to me.
- Where are you going?
- I'm tired. I'll have a pot of butter milk.
- A groom is here to meet Malliga.
- Really?
We must not go inside the house now.
She's the groom's elder sister.
- Greetings. Greetings, dear.
- And he is her husband.
I heard everything, dear.
Looks like you cleared NEET exam thrice.
I've written it for the fourth time.
No worries, you can continue your studies
even after marriage.
will they serve feast at Malliga's wedding
or just give sweets and chase us away?
They'll inject poison!
Why are you so upset since morning?
No uncle!
We are already worried what'd happen
next minute.
Is my marriage really urgent now?
Yes, that's why we made this decision.
Come on, grandpa! You too?
they are big shots in Kanchipuram.
I heard the groom is a very good boy.
You must be safe and I must give your hand
to a nice guy.
That's my wish, dear.
In that case, you should marry me off
to Rathnam.
- What are you saying?
- Obviously, dad.
No matter how many of them come,
Rathnam stands up for me without any fear.
Who else can safeguard me better than him?
I'm leaving, sister.
He left everything for
a stranger like me...
and he's standing guard
outside for me, like a mad man!
You can't find a better man than him.
Sir... sir...
What happened? All okay, right?
What did the groom's family say?
What happened, sir?
Why do you all look dull?
The groom's family like her.
- But it's her...
- Why?
What happened?
She says she wants to marry you.
I don't understand.
She asked me "Marry me off to Rathnam"
You said that?
Did you say so?
One slap!
Don't you have sense?
Is your brain not working?
You mad woman!
How can you say such a thing?
Is this what I came for?
It is very difficult for me
to think of Malliga in such a way.
In my heart...
How do I tell...
I'll say it, sir.
I'll say it.
Look at this, sir.
My mother, sir.
Your daughter is a spitting image
of my mother.
don't you already know this?
My mother lived a life that
cannot be explained to anybody.
That's why I hid it from you.
"Why? Why did you say so?"
"Why? Why did you throw fire on me?"
"What you said was unexpected
and it hurt me a lot"
"Like a boat sailing against the storm,
I'm lost without any direction to go"
"Like the waves on the sea shore,
I'm wandering back and forth"
"But why?"
"But why?"
"Why? Why did you say so?"
"Why? Why did you throw fire on me?"
"Without knowing the destination,
I just keep walking"
"But my eyes look around
expecting to see you"
"I can't even feel the scorching heat"
"But my heart burns and there's
nothing more painful than that"
"As you drift apart far away from me"
"I can feel my heart wrench"
"But why are you more hurt than me?"
"Why are you distancing yourself from me?"
"This mystery is breaking my heart"
"But why?"
"But why?"
"Why? Why did you say so?"
"Why? Why did you throw fire on me?"
I didn't say all that on purpose.
Back when I faced that issue,
he helped me, he followed me
and everything;
whatever happened till today
was fate.
Why did I take birth
looking like his mother?
Even if I did, why must I meet him
after so many years?
It is said that everyone has seven
doppelgangers in this world.
I am unable to believe all this.
I swear,
I didn't speak all that with any kind
of intentions in my heart.
I said that because of the affection
and respect I have for him.
Not just now,
there was no dirt in my mind ever!
Please ask him to come home first.
It is hard for me to
watch him sit here like this.
You leave. We'll come.
Watch out!
Paranthama, you'd be in heaven
had we rammed on to you.
Isn't it illegal to fix a bumper
in such vehicles?
This is a politician's vehicle.
So what? Why do you have
black tinted glasses?
Look, removing the bumper,
tearing the tinted stickers,
putting fancy number
on the name board;
all these are the rules
for voters like you.
An MLA's car won't even stop
for red signal.
A minister won't stop for anyone
or respect anyone.
If anybody questions, we'll finish
them off. What do you want now?
- I want to meet him.
- Me?
Who are you?
Our 'Periyaval' called for you.
My grandfather. He's the head priest
at Thiruttani temple.
Tell me, Rathnam.
Wait, take the back door.
Back door?
Grandpa... grandpa...
He is the individual I told you about.
That's him.
What do you all want?
We need a favour from you.
What favour?
You have to behead a demon!
Come again!
'Dushta Samharam!'
You must finish off that Bhima Rayudu.
Why are you telling that to me?
None in this border locality has the guts
to stand up to him.
We've been following you
for the past few days.
You have that guts.
You don't have to do for free.
As as reward, we shall pay you 18 lacs
that we have in our savings account.
If that's not enough, we shall
apply for loan on our FD,
and pay you 10-12 lacs more.
You must consider this as your duty.
Man! Why do you all want him dead?
30 years old grudge!
When it comes to grudge, we smoke up
and forget it within few days.
And people call us rowdies!
But you people carry grudge for 30 years
and badly want to kill someone?
And people call you priests?
Now, wait.
They look very innocent.
How can you judge if they are
innocent or sinners?
I came here on
Thiruttani Mahesh brother's orders.
Oh, so this was all that
hairless-head fool's sketch?
Look here, we aren't a group
that does anything for the sake of money.
Anyway, one day I'm going to strip Rayudu
on the streets.
You may stand aside and enjoy that
without any service charge, for free!
- See you.
- Hey, please wait.
- Please, wait.
- Listen, brother.
- Where is he?
- Upstairs, sir.
- Welcome, sir.
- Come with me.
Didn't I leave you here for the sake
of this girl and her face?
Stop everything!
Leave this place at once.
Get lost!
Dear, I'll take responsibility
for your land.
I'll get vacation order from court,
put fence around the land...
and rebuild your ancestors tomb.
It's all my duty.
Let's see which dog will come to bite me.
What's this?
What's with the holy ash in your forehead
and why's your face dull?
I'll just to go to Tirupati once.
Are you nuts? How will you
cross the border?
Malliga passed the NEET exam.
She's allotted a seat in a college
in Tirupati.
She won't tell us all these details.
I didn't hide it on purpose.
You will join that college!
That's all!
The whole Andhra police is waiting
with their guns ready!
Uncle, come here.
She already passed NEET thrice
and couldn't join a college.
Now she's got a free seat
in government college.
It is not just her wish to study
and become a doctor,
but it's her dream, her aim in life.
Let's somehow help her
get the admission there.
Fine but she'll have to go there to study.
Do you think they'll let her?
They'll trouble her only
if they are alive, right uncle?
This is why! This is why I said
leave this place.
Back when my mom was of her age,
she'd have had so many dreams, isn't it?
Neither did I get a chance to help her
achieve all that...
nor was I grown enough to help her.
Let me do something useful for this girl
and find happiness in it.
How will you go there?
I've an idea to go there.
But you must help me to return
from there.
What must I do?
I've no idea.
- Hello.
- Put Dharmalingam on the call.
There's nobody called Dharmalingam here.
Then put Punyakodi on the call.
What? Punyakodi?
Is there a buffalo called Kesavan
next to you?
- A buffalo named Kesavan?
- Swamy.
People change their name
and place of birth.
If someone has changed their state, caste
and mother tongue, then that's you guys!
One looks like a monkey, one looks like
a pig and last one looks like a donkey.
From that itself I understood
you three weren't born to one animal kind!
So did you file a case to cancel
the stay order?
If you cancel the stay order...
then I'll have to break this truth
about you three.
Then, if the sons of the American NRI
who died 25 years ago,
appears in Tirupati SP's office
and collector's office,
all three of you have to go back
to picking pockets in Tirupati town.
You son of a...
Even if we want, we cannot prove that
we are Dharmalingam, Punyakodi and Kesavan.
That girl has got a seat under '
Mop up quota, in Tirupati Medical college.
She'll definitely come here
to get the admission.
Bus, car or train; no matter
in what mode she comes here,
she cannot escape our eyes.
Who ever shoots her down gets 10 lacs!
All the police are ready with guns!
She'll be definitely dead tomorrow.
Come. Come. Be safe.
- See you, mom.
- Quick.
- Take care of her.
- Okay.
Boss, his car is still parked
at home. They haven't left.
He's still at home.
Come on.
We're going to Tirupati, right?
Why are we getting into
Tiruvalluvar bus?
His car's still parked
at her house.
Poonamallee stop. Please get down.
Get down.
Get down.
Something's fishy.
Call inspector and find out
his location.
Okay, boss.
Stop. Come.
Here's the ticket. The boarding pass.
Take it.
- Give me if you have any weapons.
- None, Mohan.
His phone's switched off.
He switched it off last
at Chennai airport.
Confirmed, he's taking
the flight.
Go to the airport at once!
He's trapped in Tirupati.
- Break and eat him like the Tirupati Laddu!
- Okay, boss.
- Tell me.
- Don't come out, brother.
What happened?
His phone has switched on now
in Tirupati airport.
Do as I say.
- Boss?
- His phone is switched on.
He'll definitely come.
Malliga... Malliga!
Everybody came out but
he's no where to be seen.
- Somebody call the ambulance.
- Call the ambulance!
- Go inside and check.
- Okay, boss.
Sir, he reached
Venkateswara medical college.
You go and wait at the border.
Reports look fine. Nothing serious.
- Go to the college at once!
- Yes, boss.
Get in guys!
Quick, we're out of time.
Fine, how are you going to return?
Tell me that.
With 48 tonnes of gravel,
I need a Taurus lorry.
A Taurus?
No matter how many vehicles
come in the opposite,
it must run over them
and still keep going.
Sir, fee.
A Taurus, right?
I'll talk to Reddy at once.
What happened?
I paid the fee.
Your got the admission, right?
Are you happy?
That's all I need. Come, let's go.
Walk behind me.
Malliga, come. Get in quickly!
Quick, get in!
Come on.
Careful. Brother, drive!
- Check all the vehicles properly.
- Yes, sir.
Go right!
Hit him!
Hit him!
Brother, I'll drive.
Malliga, stay safe!
They are coming from this side.
Hold on tightly.
Where are you?
I cannot cross border by road.
Near Putthur Desamma temple,
I need a bike waiting for me. Quick!
I'll arrange the bike.
You'll find a gun under its seat.
Use it if required.
Watch out! A bike, bike!
They must not cross the border.
The police is waiting at all three borders
with guns.
That's the lorry! Go! Go!
Go! Go!
Go fast! Go!
Cut them!
Cut left! Cut left!
Come on, brother.
Come fast, ma.
Brother, you go to safety!
Come on.
- Where are you?
- I'm inching closer to you.
- Fast! Come fast.
- Come fast, ma.
- Give it.
- They saw us, brother.
- Go! Quick!
- You go!
I'm on my way. Chase them down!
They're closing in.
There they are! Come fast!
They are coming from the front side.
Chop him down!
All these years,
how many you'd have killed
for the sake of money.
Let me go. Leave me.
You'd have laughed your heart out
at the death of many!
- Let go of me.
- Laugh now.
Laugh and I'll let you go.
- Will you?
- Laugh!
Not enough. Laugh even more loudly!
You are the first person in the world
to die laughing.
- Malliga, get down.
- What happened?
You go home. I'll come later.
I'll come back only after I kill those two
by tonight.
- You leave. Go.
- Are you kidding me?
You want to go back there again?
- You better come home with me.
- You won't understand.
You leave.
This won't work out. Let me call
Panner sir.
- Malliga!
- You won't listen to me.
Listen to me!
- Malliga, no!
- You better come home with me.
- Malliga!
- Tell me, dear.
He is not listening to me.
He wants to go back there!
- Ask him to come home with me.
- Put the call on speaker.
What do you think you're doing?
Uncle, if we let them live today,
they'll become alert.
I'll finish them all and go to Bangalore.
Don't you have sense?
- Listen to me.
- I already killed four of them.
Police will round me up by tonight.
Look here!
You killed them at Tamil Nadu border.
So only Tamil Nadu police
will come looking for you.
They won't file a case.
They will try to settle it in
Kangaroo court. I'll handle that.
You don't worry and go
home. Listen to me! Go!
don't stop me.
- I won't listen to you.
- Dear, snatch that gun from him.
Give me that gun first.
- No!
- I said, give me the gun!
Malliga, listen to me. No way!
- Give me the gun!
- No, Malliga!
Why are you torturing me like this?
I don't want this soil or land!
I want only you! Do you understand it
or not?
Nothing must happen to you, Rathnam.
If something happens to you...
I cannot bear it.
- Malliga...
- Give me the gun. Please!
- Don't' go there.
- Malliga...
- don't cry.
- What will I do, God!
I said, stop crying.
Seeing you cry drives me crazy!
You want the gun, right?
Here. Have it.
Have it! Keep it!
Keep it!
Look here.
Let's give the land off to them.
Let's give it to them for free.
We don't need any money.
Don't talk like a mad woman!
We shouldn't ruin the lives of 150
students for the sake of winning.
I don't understand what you're saying.
This year, 150 students have been
allotted seats in that college
If the college doesn't open in two months,
then think about their plight.
What if any student gets dejected
and takes an extreme step?
It'll kill us with guilt
till our last breath.
So what?
If not this college
they'll join some other college.
We can't give up the land for this!
Some other college?
It is not that easy.
In order to get medical college
one has to buy the application
and ensure it is filled properly.
Then waiting for hall ticket,
worrying if it will arrive or not?
Marks will add up for right answers
but will be deducted for wrong ones.
Then there's the
painful wait for the result.
Then worrying whether they'll get seat in
Government or private college.
Then the worry of how much will be
the fee and from where to arrange it.
Each student goes through many such hells!
I've endured that pain four times
and I know it well.
But I never knew all this.
Listen to me.
I'll take a handful of mud from my ancestor's
tomb and build a new tomb anywhere.
No one's life must be ruined
because of us.
We must throw the land documents
on their face without taking a penny.
If we give the land to them...
we'll lose this fight.
I swear,
giving up the land will only mean
that we have won!
- Panner...
- Tell me, sir.
I heard that one of your man
killed four men near Andhra border.
Well, sir...
Andhra CM spoke to our CM.
- Well, our boy is inno...
- Don't give me any explanation.
I've already got the intelligence report.
I've arranged a 'Coordination' meeting.
SP, MLA and Collector from both states
will come together.
Both you parties better meet them,
talk and solve the issue.
Within 48 hours,
we must have an outcome for this,
the CM asked me to convey this to you.
CM found out about all your atrocities.
You just go there and sit quietly.
Our representatives will talk
on behalf of us.
That's 'Coordination' meeting!
Hereafter either parties must not
trouble each other.
Morning, sir.
Good morning, sir.
- Greetings, sir.
- Good morning, sir.
Good morning, sir.
I'm Anbu Azhagan, principle secretary
from Delhi.
Shall we begin.
This is a 'Coordination' meeting
arranged by...
Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu government.
We'll talk and focus only on
the problem at hand.
This is not a high court, police station
or a kangaroo court.
That means no filthy language,
no arguments...
and no violence will be entertained.
The final decision will be taken
by the Principal Secretary, that's me.
If anyone can't comply with it...
you can go to the high court in Chennai
or Vishakapattinam.
If there's any violation,
vengeance or any fights after that,
then government will support
only the affected.
Sir, in total 5 acres and 53 cents of land.
It'll value today is around 27-30 lacs.
We'll pay thrice of it, 90 lacs.
Yes, we'll give.
Let the money matter wait, sir.
First, they have tortured a family.
This girl...
I heard your guy too shot down
four of them. Nobody's talking about it.
You! You killed my boss, right?
I will finish you off for sure!
What's your problem?
What's with the yelling?
Do you think only you can kill?
Do you think government can't?
We chased down and finished off
all the rowdies in Chennai!
None of you will be alive!
I'll finish all of you!
Just talk points.
Sorry, I got carried away a little bit.
Let's stick to the point.
Okay, sir. We'll top if up with 50 lacs
and pay 1.5 crores altogether.
Now ask them what's their decision.
Are you ready to register that land
in their name?
this land is like a temple to us.
And a temple is not supposed to be sold.
We don't want money, sir.
We'll give it away for free of cost.
The document of our land.
Here, dear.
if this college becomes
a government college,
then it'll help in educating many
poor students, right?
That's why...
we have registered this land in
government's name in a Gift document.
Here's the Gift document.
I truly appreciate that. That's great.
It was Mr. Rathnam's idea.
"There she goes, leaving the land
that she once owned"
"An angel, who donated the land"
"And she did that with no pain in heart
and without shedding a drop of tear"
"So young yet so wise and big hearted"
- Mr. Collector.
- Sir?
This is now a government college.
Make that official.
We need the remaining
30 acres of land and...
for that we need to send
Mr. Rayudu a notice.
So that he can hand over the rest
of the land to the government. Okay?
I'll do it, sir.
Looks like Loganayagi won, isn't it?
I know. I know everything.
I give you two days time.
Before that...
cremate your brother who was sired by
another father,
do his final rites...
and say you went into depression
because of that and kill yourself.
It'll be a respectful death.
If I have to kill you...
then the worst death of this year...
will be yours!
Everything is gone!
Everything's gone to dust!
That guy gave her an idea
and she wrote it off all to government!
- 200 crores is gone to dust!
- Stop it!
- 200 crores!
- I said, stop it!
How does he know Loganayagi?
Think about that first!
- Stop! Stop the car.
- Park it aside.
Sir's waiting for you there.
Why are you waiting here, uncle?
I'm asking you.
You mentioned Loganayagi's name
to him and his expression changed.
I am missing something.
You're a changed person ever since
you had been to that Iyer's house.
I was living a life like an orphan, right?
God has showed me my family, uncle.
Rathnam! Rathnam, where are you going?
Hey! Why are you taking that photo?
Tell me!
- Tell me!
- What is it?
- What happened?
- Why is this photo here?
Do you know who is this?
This... this is my aunt!
This is my mother - Loganayagi.
- Your mother?
- What?
Are you Loganayagi's son?
Where is Loganayagi now?
Loganayagi lost her parents
when she was child.
She worked in a school in Tirupati.
When my son said he is love with her,
I didn't bother about her caste...
and I got them both married.
along with her, in the form of her brother,
there was a demon and we didn't know it
back then.
One day, Loganayagi suddenly
went to her house.
Quick, we don't have time!
Pack it all.
Uh-oh, sister's here.
- Sister...
- What are you doing?
Where did all this money
and jewels come from?
- It's mine, sister.
- Why is there blood in it?
Sister... sister... please...
Please listen to me.
Only after she went there
she found out that,
it was her brother and friends who
committed the Triupati bus robbery.
Quickly pack it all.
She found out!
Don't leave anything.
Pack everything.
- Your sister's locking us up!
- Sister, listen to me!
Sister, please!
- Sister... sister...
- We're trapped.
I'll tell my husband and arrest you.
If police comes here,
they'll shoot us down.
Listen to me. Open the door!
Go out through this door,
come inside and open this one.
Come on!
Quick, go Kesava!
Pack everything properly!
Quick, come inside
and open this door.
The police will shoot us down
if they see us.
I can hear the police jeep.
- What are you going to do?
- Let go of me!
- I hear some noise.
- No!
Come on! Let's go!
If the department finds out, they'll
give orders to shoot him at sight.
We must somehow find him...
and surrender in court.
Let that sinner die!
Dear, let him get a chance to reform.
But he was furious with both of them.
- Who's that?
- Dear!
Dear, all are you alright?
- He won't harm you, brother!
- My whole life is ruined because of you!
You want to put me in jail?
Die! Die!
Oh God!
Come, let's go down.
Logu... Loganayagi!
Are you alright?
- Be careful.
- Dear...
I won't survive, dear.
Listen to me.
Our child, who's in your stomach,
must have a good life.
You go. Those murderers are coming.
Save our child. Go!
- Come on!
- Go!
- You want to shoot us?
- You guys are committing a blunder.
- You want to shoot us?
- Finish him!
Die! Die!
- Finish him off!
- For all your sins...
Stomp him!
- Die.
- ...a severe punishment awaits you three!
You want to arrest us?
Fearing those three,
we moved to Alamelumangapuram,
Kalahasti and finally...
we settled down in Thiruttani,
at Lord Murugan's feet.
While performing the ritual, as we present
the prayer plate to the God,
it makes us feel very proud.
But when we show the same prayer plate,
asking devotees to donate pennies...
it makes us feel
very sad inside our hearts.
One son in the family cleared
the IPS exam.
If others also had studied well
and succeeded...
then I believed our next generation
won't have to ask for charity.
But when our son was murdered,
it killed us all!
The pain that came from that dejection...
turned into vengeance and brought you
in front of us.
But we don't need it hereafter. Forget
the vengeance and sins related to it.
I have got back my son
in the form of my grandson.
O' Lord Perumal!
Come with me. Come.
Things that cannot happen in dreams
are happening for real in your life.
God has done everything for you
through this girl.
Don't leave her. Hold on tight to her.
"The earth blossoms when
you set your feet on the ground"
"Oh dear, looking at your face
makes the heart over flow with joy"
"The mere sight of you brings
a smile in the face unknowingly"
"All the dreams and desires have
turned colourful like the rainbow"
"This is enough. You are the epitome
of my happiness"
Look at dad, uncle.
- Raghava...
- Brother?
What about that Iyer family?
They escaped from us long back
from Tirupati.
Thinking they won't become an issue,
we didn't bother much.
I'm sure they are alive.
Except that Iyer group, nobody else
knows about us.
True, brother.
He has been to that Iyer's house
in Thiruttani twice.
But we have no idea
why he went there, sir.
You were right, brother.
Inspector Rao just called me.
Out of the blue, he has visited
that Iyer's house in Thiruttani.
That too twice, brother!
See you.
When there's an issue,
none of them who can reveal our identities
must be alive!
Don't spare anyone of them!
- Finish off them all!
- Who are you all?
- No, stop!
- Finish him!
Chop him down!
O' lord Perumal!
Look, he's trying to escape.
Finish him!
Oh, no. So sad. Poor lady.
Careful, dear.
Don't worry, I"ll make it painless.
Rathnam! They attacked our whole family!
Look at our grand father, Rathnam.
Look at our grand father.
Look at all this, Rathnam.
He slit her throat.
He killed her brutally.
Uncle, I am very sacred.
Dear, what's going on?
So much has happened.
Nobody must be in this house,
even for minute.
You all go to Thiruttani Mahesh brother's
house at once.
Malliga, where is that gun?
- Why do you want it now?
- Where is the gun I gave you?
- Go and get it!
- Why now? What happened?
- For what?
- Don't you know?
Don't you know for what?
I knew that son of a... will show
his true colours,
and that's why I wanted to kill him
back then.
Now his men attacked every body
in my family.
Please be patient and listen to me.
It is because I was so patient...
he destroyed my whole family.
He killed an innocent elderly man.
If I show more patience,
- you will also die.
- Nothing of that sort will happen.
He calls you a devil!
He won't rest until
he finishes you off.
But before that,
I must finish him off!
Go! Go and get me that gun.
- Please, listen to me...
- I said, go and get it!
- Please listen to me.
- Go!
Give it.
Please listen to me. Hear me out.
I'm ready to let go of my dream
of becoming a doctor.
I'll be happy to do a nurse job somewhere
and take care of you. That's all I need.
Do you even understand me?
Why are you doing this?
I cannot bear if something happens
to you. Please.
Don't talk like a mad women!
I must put an end to this issue today!
Starting tomorrow,
you must live peacefully.
- Come with me.
- What if something happens to you?
Come! Let's go.
Sir, what are you all doing?
We gave them that property
for free!
But that jerk, barged into their home
and attacked them.
Do you think we can't do the same?
If you don't take an action
within an hour...
Call me back in 10 minutes
if I don't take any action.
None of the buses crossing that border
will return, I will break them all down!
Do they take Tamilians for fools?
I'll talk to Andhra home minister.
Raghava, arrest warrant has been issued
on you all.
Nobody can save you hereafter.
nobody out there can know
that you know me.
Rathnam... dad and uncle are fighting
for their lives.
I spoke to the collector.
He'll pass an order within an hour
and they'll be arrested tomorrow.
- They'll put them in Renigunta prison.
- Uncle!
In two days, we'll send our men
and finish them inside the prison!
- Don't you go...
- Don't stop me, uncle!
No more crying, and fearing
those who attack us!
You can survive only if you hit back!
Do you understand?
What should we do, Rathnam?
I cannot enter Andhra
through any entry points.
But in the name of performing rituals,
you guys enter Andhra, follow him
and keep me posted on his activities.
I'll somehow cross Karnataka border,
take Madanapalli route and reach
- Welcome, sir.
- I need a room.
They left their house, Rathnam.
Okay, keep following them.
- What happened?
- He's on the Renigunta highway.
Look the dogs are barking..
Check if anybody's there.
Why are the dogs running this way?
Check who is there.
Hey! Guys, check who's there.
- Listen.
- Sir?
- Check if anyone's there.
- Okay, sir.
How did you know this place?
Untie me!
Untie me!
Come on!
Do you want to see how a pig
is slaughtered?
Watch! Watch it!
Guys, come on!
Chop him down! Go!
Go! Go!
Don't let him run.
You filthy dog!
Trying to run and hide?
If you have guts, let go of me...
and soon I'll behead all of you!
Who are you?
You still don't recognize me, right?
Think harder!
I am Loganayagi's son!
You're a useless jerk who has never done
a good deed for any other person!
How did you take birth from the same womb
that my mother took birth from.
Just because she looks like my mother,
you are hell bent on killing that girl?
Do you hold that much grudge on my mother?
My mother...
is still alive somewhere
in this blood.
Because she too is your blood.
She still lives on.
That's why...
I am unable to kill you.
It'd be apt if you guys kill him.
For 25 years he haunted and made you run
places fearing for your lives, didn't he?
Now, in the manner you slaughter him...
all your fears will die!
Slaughter him!
Slaughter a human being?
How do I slaughter a human?
I don't know.
Don't you split open coconuts
in temple?
Don't you chop pumpkins
to make sambar?
That's how exactly...
He's just a piece of meat!
Slaughter him!
Brother, our family doesn't deserve
the curse of such a sin.
A sin must not be committed
on good people.
"The war begins in the field of blood
The rage goes wild and overtakes you"
"Make the enemy suffer every moment
Until your temper withers"
"Vent out the anger is all directions
Massacre and put an end to the rivalry"
"Let your anger
shake the whole world"
"Let an endless river of blood flow"
His sins must be absolved only with a sin!
"O' come on you warrior"
Chop his arms and legs
and put it all over the border.
Only then those who grab and snatch
from others, will start fearing.
Uncle's on the call.
Why did you unnecessarily
surrender yourself?
Because you must not be linked
to this in any manner.
Nobody from the higher management
in government should question you.
That's all.
Don't cry, ma.
I must only see smile
on your face lifelong.
It is not difficult for me
to be in prison.
You will live peacefully hereafter.
That's all I need.
I'll get a phone within four days.
If you face any issues in college,
call me at once.
The next minute I'll have
my boys behead them.
Complete your education successfully,
get married and live happily, ma.
Why do you always think and care about me?
Don't you have a life of your own?
You are my life, ma.
There were many sleepless nights...
where I've cried because
I missed my mother a lot.
But after I saw you, I stopped crying.
Can I ask you something?
If you have a child,
can you name him after me?