Ravan Raaj: A True Story (1995) Movie Script

'The battle between good
and evil begins today.'
'The empire of evil
is up in flames,'
'..and the reign of
terror is crumbling.'
Hello, Auto Kesariya.
I must say, you look
quite dapper tonight.
Look, no one should
cast an evil eye.
No one can cast an
evil eye on a man.
Especially a man like
me who always carries..
..lemons and a chili.
Get me a 'Paan' (betel leaf).
Get me a 'Paan'.
I will have betel leaves later.
Brother, your wife
loves the saris,
..that I choose for her.
So, don't worry.
Alright. As you say.
Hold it.
Get out!
My sister!
Help. - A goon has napped
my sister. Stop him.
I can lose my life
but not a babe.
Dont make a noise.
Dont make a noise.
Dont make a noise.
Inspector, a goon
abducted my sister.
Please save her. Inspector,
help me find her!
Inspector Madanlal here.
- This is Chandru.
Chandru, my pal! - Yes.
Long time, no see.
A new movie just
hit the theatres.
"You are very pretty, my love."
- Sir.
My sister's life is at stake.
The goon will get away.
Sir, please.
- What is the matter?
Why are you screaming?
Don't you see I'm
talking over the phone?
You lost your sister. We get
scores of complaints every day.
Ask Khande to register
a complaint report.
Here. Start writing.
When did she get lost?
How did she get lost?
What time did she get lost?
Where did she get lost?
What is the license
number of the auto?
Write them all. I
will come shortly.
Hail Minister Charandas!
Hail Minister Charandas!
Hail Minister Charandas!
Hail Minister Charandas!
Hail Minister Charandas!
Hail Minister Charandas!
Hail Minister Charandas!
Sir, hold on.
- What a useless fellow!
Is your boss in there?
- He is busy in a private meeting.
Hey, where are you going?
There's nothing private,
..between Charandas and me.
Sit down.
Charan Das.
- Hey! Charan Das, again?
I have told you not to
address me with this name.
I get the stench of feet
and slavery from it.
You can call me giver of
jobs, give of licenses.
Giver of permits. And
provider of food.
Don't call me Charandas.
Auto Kesariya, come on in.
Care to see a nubile beauty?
An urgent call from
Delhi on my hotline.
I must leave.
You drink. Have more alcohol.
- Oh okay.
Where is she?
- Beauty is worth dying for.
She's upstairs.
How is she?
She is young. She is fair.
Go and have fun.
I want my price if you like her.
What a useless fellow!
You always hanker me for cash.
Can't help it. After all,
I'm a rickshaw driver.
Okay. If I like the stuff, I
will give you the return stuff.
Oh. What youth. - No.
Come on. Take off
your clothes fast.
I am in a hurry. Come on. - No.
Please leave me. Let me go.
Let me go.
I beg of you.
I don't trust people
who beg to me.
Because I beg to the public
and then I deceive them.
Come on. - Please, don't... No.
Look, I force people
to give me votes.
I dont use force
in this respect.
No. - Let us do it with love.
Let me go.
Let me go.
Let me go.
My mood is spoiled.
What a useless fellow.
She knows nothing.
What's wrong? You
look all beat up.
What the heck? She is stubborn.
Does that mean you're
letting her go?
So what do you want me to do?
If a girl is willing, it's
like getting a salary.
If you have to force her,
it's like taking bribe.
So what do you prefer?
One enjoys taking
bribes in politics.
But I'd rather have a salary.
But she is refusing
to give a salary.
What can we do? Send the witch back.
- Oh no.
The stage set. I am
holding the mike.
And you are stopping me
from giving the speech.
That is not good.
I'll straighten her out.
I will do the inauguration.
You witch!
People always yearn to have
pics taken with ministers.
And you have gotten a
chance to sleep with him..
..and you are being stubborn.
If that is the case, then get
your mom and sisters here.
That will also increase your honor.
- Hey!
What happened?
What happened to her?
She was not ready to sleep with
you, so I put her to sleep.
That's what your problem is.
You make too many
quick decisions.
I'll lose my job, if
someone finds out.
Don't worry. This
secret is safe with me.
Sleep peacefully.
I will call you once
I get another girl.
Check out the newspapers!
That policeman is dead!
The city is hit
with a crime wave.
Law and order is under threat.
It's a matter of shame for us.
Because people don't
believe in us anymore.
People approach goons to
solve their problems.
No one comes to us.
Sir, we're trying our best
to win back people's trust.
I don't see any efforts.
In fact, we have
forgotten our motto,
..and now we serve goons.
We pander to politicians, and
our conscience is long dead.
Now our only hope is, that
an angel descends as a cop.
Run away! Police!
Back off! Run away!
Come this way! Run away
This side.. Hurry!
Come on.
Rocky, it wasn't a
productive day.
Neither did I get
any good pictures,
..nor did I get any
sensational news.
Here comes my news.
Rocky, come on.
Run away!
This dog won't die before
it claims its hundred.
Who are you?
- I'm Geeta and I'm a journalist.
Be it smuggling,
vandalism or rape,
I'm always around when
a crime takes place.
I see. - You use your weapons,
..and I have my camera.
You scare the goons
with your revolver,
..and I use my pen
to knock them out.
Rocky, enough pretending.
Now wake up.
So you won't get up
till he thanks you.
He'll definitely say thanks.
He'll get you a medal
on Republic Day.
Sir, will you get him a medal?
The officer agreed with me.
Get up now.
See, even he is
hungry for publicity.
He is my friend and a bodyguard.
He is very brave.
Otherwise, a girl like me
wouldn't dare to venture alone,
..in search of a story!
Rocky, we are late. Let's go.
Bye, sir. Good night.
Assistant Commissioner of Police,
Arjun Verma, is so dashing.
Rocky, if he teams up with us,
..then he'll be promoted
to commissioner,
..and I'll become
the top journalist.
Why should that bother you?
I'm not dumping you for him.
If I progress, you'll progress too.
Let's go to the press office.
Grandma, uncle's picture is
in the papers. - What is it?
Nice photo, isn't it?
Dolly, show it to me.
- Right away.
You look very dangerous!
Listen. - Yes, grandma.
ACP Arjun here. - Mr Arjun.
These days, you're
always in the news.
A photo in the newspapers won't
make you a commissioner.
Sir, I didn't get it published.
Did they publish
it on their own?
My photo wasn't in the newspaper
in 20 years of my career.
Sir, I...
You don't need to
get into the news,
..to get a promotion. Okay?
It's all that girl's fault.
I talked to the chief minister,
..and got an election
ticket for Dubey.
How's this possible? I deserve
the ticket, not Dubey.
I have worked 20 years
for this party.
Oh God! What a useless fellow!
That's the problem.
You gave 20 years,
..but he offered Rs 2 million.
You gave the ticket to a man,
..who is corrupt, dishonest
and runs gambling dens.
Do you think you are
a decent person?
Why you became a politician?
Charandas! - Don't yell at me!
Politics isn't for
honest people.
Only dishonest people and
traitors survive here.
I won't let this happen.
Are you threatening me?
- It's a warning.
If I don't get the ticket,
I'll wash your dirty
linen in public.
I am Gajanan. Remember my name.
Wow! He is so handsome!
I just feel like embracing
him and never letting go.
Shut up!
You get jealous every
time I look at him.
Listen, my friend, if
we don't befriend him,
..he won't team up with us.
Hi! How are you?
Are you upset with me?
Sometimes I go overboard,
but I'm always right.
I like you, so I felt
like being naughty.
How could you publish my
photo in your newspaper?
You should thank me, I published
it only in the paper.
Else a handsome man like you,
..deserves a place in my heart.
Get lost!
"Oh, beloved, the weather
is so romantic."
"And I'm going crazy right now."
"Oh, beloved, the weather
is so romantic."
"And I'm going crazy right now."
"I know you are a
dashing young man."
"I know you are a hunter."
"I'll make you my lover."
"Oh, beloved, the weather
is so romantic."
"And I'm going crazy right now."
"You teased me with love."
"I stopped you in your tracks."
"I must offer you
my lonely heart."
"I don't care whether
you turn me down."
"Please listen to
my saga of love."
"Please listen to
my saga of love."
"And I'm going crazy right now."
"Get out of my way.
We are poles apart."
"I am not a loverboy."
"I'm not charmed
by your beauty."
"I am just a lonely traveller."
"I am just a lonely traveller."
"I'm oblivious to your charms."
"I know you are a smart girl."
"But you're a little crazy."
"You still don't know me."
"Oh, beloved, the weather
is so romantic."
"And I'm going crazy right now."
"I know you are a
dashing young man."
"I know you are a hunter."
"I'll make you my lover."
"Oh, beloved, the weather
is so romantic."
"And I'm going crazy right now."
How did he die?
Get out of the way. Hurry up.
Isn't he...
- Sir, he is Gajanan.
He's a social worker
of our neighbourhood.
How did he die?
- No idea. We just saw his body.
Get off me.
Get off me.
Who are you? - ACP Arjun.
Who killed Gajanan?
Who is Gajanan? - I see.
Tell me! - Please don't hit me!
I'll tell you the truth.
I'll tell you the truth.
The other day, Gajanan had
threatened Charandas.
Later Charandas told
me to abduct Gajanan.
I bashed him up and
took him to Charandas.
'Come on!'
'You warned me before the
party members, didn't you?'
'You said, you'd wash my
dirty linen in the public.'
'So are you forming a
party to oppose me?'
'I'm not doing it
to oppose you.'
'I will form a party,'
'..to make you resign from
your post and destroy you.'
Later, I dumped Gajanan's
body on the beach.
Write down whatever
you just told me.
Okay. - Come on.
'ACP Verma has arrested Mishra.'
What? - 'That's right.'
'Right now, he is grilling
Mishra over Gajanan's murder.'
Are you writing
my death warrant?
A victim and a coward
can't help anyone.
Will you arrest me based
on his statement?
Do you have the courage
to arrest a minister?
This uniform lends
me that courage.
Someday, your job is
going to destroy you.
I'm the government!
People have voted me to power.
People didn't vote you
to be a murderer,
..or commit a crime.
Sir no. The law is
equal for everyone.
No way. People will punish me,
..once in five years
for my crimes.
Your law can't punish me.
So you aren't afraid of the law.
I don't give two
hoots about the law!
You coerced him into
making a confession.
What if I coerce the inspector
general or the commissioner,
..will you arrest him? To
hell with his statement!
I don't care about
you or the law!
Sir. - Commissioner, your
junior officer thinks,
..he is more powerful
than a minister.
Oh God, he is a useless man!
Mr Verma, what happened?
Yesterday, we found a
dead body on the beach,
..and the minister
is the murderer.
Do you have evidence?
- Yes, sir.
Here is it.
Mr Verma, a coerced
statement is not evidence.
Sir, how could you do this?
And that's why he
is a commissioner.
Keep your ego in check.
People have elected me
to power for 5 years.
Mr Minister, you have this
power for only 5 years,
..but I'll be a cop till I'm 58.
You're under the
wrong impression.
You won't even last 58 minutes.
Once you lose your job...
- Sir, you may leave.
I'll make him understand.
What a useless fellow!
Today's headlines.
Dishonest cops... And the
minister is a murderer.
Today's headlines.
What do you think of yourself?
You are just an ACP, not
the entire department.
Mr Verma,
I had warned you before against
unnecessary publicity.
But you never listened to me.
You always tarnish the
department's image.
I'm not responsible for
what is in the news today.
But the news isn't wrong.
You saved Charandas by tearing
up Mishra's statement.
It doesn't mean Charandas
is not a murderer.
He is a murderer.
I was only doing my job.
Don't teach me my job.
Do you know what
happens when we,
..arrest a minister
without evidence?
The entire department
will suffer for it.
We'll end up writing apology
letters to everyone.
We put criminals behind bars,
..but this case can
send us to jail.
So if I want to
continue this job,
I must turn deaf and close
my eyes to crime. - Yes.
That's why the department
has decided to suspend,
..the officer who has the
habit of kicking up a stink.
Here's your suspension order.
It isn't the
department's decision,
..to suspend me.
It's your decision.
Because you serve Charandas,
not the department.
Arjun! - You are pandering
so much to Charandas,
I have no doubt that he owns you.
- Shut up!
Do you know you're talking
to your superior officer?
You were my superior
officer, but not anymore.
Now I'm a citizen
of this country.
I can lash out at
officers like you.
I don't know what
will happen to you.
But as long as officers like you are
there in our police department,
..it's not good for our country.
Hello, Charandas. How are you?
Kesariya, do you know
Geeta, the journalist?
Yes, I know her.
She is making my life hell.
If this continues, I might
even lose my power.
I want you to kill her.
Why use a cannon to kill a fly?
My boys will take care of her.
Help! No.
Let me go.
Don't worry. She is just
scared and shaken up.
I've given her a sedative. She'll
be fine in a couple of days.
I'll leave now.
- Thank you, doctor.
Mother, you took care of me
and gave me so much love.
I'll never forget it.
Now I must take your leave.
Where will you go?
You just called me a mother.
You can't leave your mom.
You'll live here. Make
yourself at home.
Geeta, if you live with us,
..you can become a
top journalist.
It's a great chance to
team up with my uncle.
Uncle has started liking you.
Am I right, Rocky?
Even he wants you to stay here.
Uncle, she is leaving. Stop her.
Arjun, ask her to stay.
If they are insisting,
why don't you stay?
"Nothing feels right
without you."
"May we never get separated."
"Nothing feels right
without you."
"May we never get separated."
"When I miss you, my
heart skips a beat."
"Oh, my beloved."
"Oh, my beloved."
"On the days we meet,"
"I stay awake all night,
thinking of you."
"On the days we meet,"
"I stay awake all night,
thinking of you."
"When I miss you, my
heart skips a beat."
"Oh, my love."
"Oh, my love."
"Nothing feels right
without you."
"May we never get separated."
"Each moment spent away from
you, seems like a year."
"Each moment spent away from
you, seems like a year."
"Look what you've done to me."
"I'm no longer what
I used to be."
"I wonder what's going
to happen next."
"Oh, my love."
"Oh, my love."
"Nothing feels right
without you."
"May we never get separated."
"You stoked my
unfulfilled passions."
"You stoked my
unfulfilled passions."
"I don't care what
the world thinks."
"No one can do us apart. We
love each other so much."
"Oh, my beloved."
"Oh, my beloved."
"On the days we meet,"
"I stay awake all night,
thinking of you."
"When I miss you, my
heart skips a beat."
"Oh, my love."
"Oh, my love."
"Nothing feels right
without you."
"May we never get separated."
Wow. Uncle, be careful.
Someone might cast the
evil eye upon you.
What if you cast the
evil eye upon me?
What? - Right.
Thanks to you, I'm
getting married today.
I want you to run to
your would-be aunt,
..and help her get ready.
Till then I'll attend
to the guests.
Come on. - Right away.
Go and bring the guests
here from the guesthouse.
Hello. - Congratulations.
Any problem with the arrangements?
- None whatsoever.
Where is the groom?
Hello, sir. - Hello.
I'll be back soon. - Okay.
I'm glad you bothered
to attend the wedding.
Finally, you are getting married.
What a lovely choice!
Made for each other! - Uncle.
Uncle, Geeta is not at home!
What? - Yes.
Excuse me, sir. - Sure.
Where is Geeta? - With my wife.
My wife reads the Bhagvad Gita,
..but I enjoy chicken and booze.
Do you want to taste?
I'm not talking about
the Bhagvad Gita,
..but Geeta, the journalist.
The one you wanted
to get killed.
Where have you kept her?
What a useless fellow!
Have you gone crazy
after losing your job?
Why are you asking me about her?
Don't bash up my boss!
Why are you hurting him?
Get away!
Let go of me!
Let me go! I won't spare him!
You bashed up the minister.
How dare you!
Sir, he has kidnapped Geeta.
Do you have evidence? Tell me.
- He has no evidence.
A murderer gets 14
years' imprisonment.
But I am going to make sure
that you will rot in jail,
..for 114 years, for
raising your hand on me.
Take him away!
Take him away!
You're an utter fool.
You ruined all my plans.
Why didn't you shoot him?
This was my move
to finish him off.
Had I shot him, I would have
been accused of a murder.
Oh, God!
What a useless man!
Inspector, did you find any clue
of my sister's whereabouts?
Didn't you write a letter
to the newspapers,
..that we're not doing
anything to find your sister?
So, why have you come here?
Go to them.
Ask them to find her.
Sure, I will. You're only
scared of journalists.
What nonsense!
Beauty is worth dying for.
That's what I believe.
These days, people aren't
bothered about anything,
..but you're very disturbed about
your sister's disappearance.
Forget her. Just forget her.
Who are you to interfere?
- Who am I?
I am a policeman
without uniform.
I mean I am like the police.
I have got similar powers like
he has in this police station.
Right? - You are correct.
Yes. Do one thing.
Take back your complaint.
Otherwise not you but your corpse
will leave this police station.
Inspector, dont try to
threaten me ganging against me.
I will deal with you all.
- You Idiot
His wife is waiting
for him outside.
Get hold of him and
take him away.
Boss, what should
we do with him?
Bury him in the wall? - Fool!
Think about us too.
We bury people in the wall,
whom we kill ourselves.
He is still alive and
will be of use to us.
Shove him into an ambulance
and drive him there.
They will take what they need,
..and I'll get a good price.
Come on. Pack him off.
Uncle. - Why are you crying?
Don't cry.
How could this happen?
Someone cast the evil
eye upon our family.
Don't worry. Everything
will be fine.
Any news about Geeta?
Forget her.
She is not what we
thought her to be.
What happened?
She has sent a letter.
'Arjun, I know you'd be
sad to read this letter.'
'This momentary sadness
will end all your sorrows.'
'I know you love me, '
'..but I never loved you.'
'I knew that friendship with
a brave officer like you,'
'..will help me become
a top journalist.'
'But you got suspended.'
'Now you are no good to me
as a friend or a lover.'
'There's no point in
staying with you.'
'I've given it enough thought
and decided to leave you.'
'I just want to
have fun in life.'
'I want money and fame.'
'I don't want to end
up as your wife.'
'Please forgive me and settle
down with someone else.'
I've finished an entire
year as a minister,
..and that's why
I'm celebrating.
The entire state will
celebrate this anniversary.
Because I don't intend to
stay in power for 5 years,
..but for the next 50 years.
- Applause!
Thank you.
So drink and enjoy.
"Save yourself from
these femme fatales."
"Or they'll torture
you to death."
"Save yourself from
these femme fatales."
"Or they'll torture
you to death."
"If they look at you and smile,"
"you'll be in trouble."
"Save yourself from
these femme fatales."
"Or they'll torture
you to death."
"Or they'll torture
you to death."
"Save yourself!"
"They look so innocent,
..but they'll captivate
you with their smiles."
"They look so innocent,
..but they'll captivate
you with their smiles."
"If they manage to enchant
you, you're done with."
"Their eyes are so beautiful,
and deep like the ocean."
"You'll drown in the
beauty of their eyes."
"Save yourself from
these femme fatales."
"Or they'll torture
you to death."
"Or they'll torture
you to death."
"Save yourself."
"The sorrowful tales of their
lovers, break our hearts."
"The sorrowful tales of their
lovers, break our hearts."
"Some went crazy, some
renounced the world."
"The rest died
merciless deaths."
"Their treacherous
lanes are witness,"
"..to countless funerals
of their admirers."
"Save yourself from
these femme fatales."
"Or they'll torture
you to death."
"Or they'll torture
you to death."
"Save yourself."
"Save yourself from
these femme fatales."
"Or they'll torture
you to death."
"Save yourself..."
- Sir. Sir. Sir.
What is it?
- The governor has sent a letter.
The governor? - Yes, sir.
He must have sent his wishes.
Read it. - Yes, sir.
Staying in power for
an entire year,
..is no laughing matter.
Read it out.
Tell everyone about his wishes.
'Respected minister...'
- There you go.
'Ever since your party
came into power, ' - Yes.
'..vandalism, abduction
of women, atrocities,'
'..and corruption have
crossed all limits.'
'So considering the welfare
of the state and its people,'
'I hereby dissolve the
present government,'
'..and bring the state under
the president's rule.'
Your Honour, I'm in
a terrible dilemma.
Since last year, I don't know
whether I'm a widow or not.
I want the court to tell
me where my husband is.
Ma'am, the court is
sympathetic to your plight.
If your husband is missing,
..then you should lodge a complaint
with the police, not the court.
My Lord, had he disappeared
for some other reasons,
I would have
approached the police.
Since he disappeared
from the police station,
I had no choice but
to move the court.
Even if we believe her
statement to be true,
..she could have opted
for other ways.
She should have gone to
the commissioner or I.G.
If subordinates are corrupt, will
their superiors be any different?
A tree with a rotten
root is as good as dead.
Ma'am, you're enraged because
your husband is missing,
..and that's why you're
making baseless accusations.
But you should know,
..you can't blame the government
for the errors of the police.
Why can't I?
The government awards medals to
the police for their performance
..and gives them promotion
and praises them.
Then, the government is accountable
for the police repression.
The government boasts
of its achievements,
..but fails to recognise
its shortcomings.
The eyes of Lady
Justice are covered,
..so that she won't discriminate
between the poor and the rich.
She shouldn't ignore
the poor and helpless.
I came here with the faint
hope of getting justice.
I don't want anything
from anyone.
Just give me back my husband.
I beg of you as a
helpless woman.
Just give me back my husband.
Just give me back my husband.
Justice delayed is
justice denied.
The court sympathises
with this helpless woman,
..and condemns the
government and police,
..and issues an order,
..to present her husband
within the next 6 months.
Please sit down.
Gentlemen, the court order is
an embarrassment for all of us.
Many people are still missing.
The governor is very worried.
Has the police become useless?
Is there no brave and honest
officer in this department?
Sir, pardon me. We have plenty
of brave and honest officers.
Whenever we act
according to the law,
..we are put under
political pressure.
Good officers are
transferred haphazardly.
Some of the superiors who are
in cahoots with politicians,
..suspend their honest
junior officers.
We can't work independently.
We're helpless.
You shouldn't be helpless.
Now there is no
political pressure.
The state is under the
president's rule.
You can do your job
without any fear.
Can you find Komal's
husband within 6 weeks?
Yes, sir. I need the brave
and honest officer,
..who is rotting behind bars
right now. - Who is he?
ACP Arjun Verma.
- What's his story?
A victim of politics
and manipulation.
Please release him.
- Fine. He will be released.
May I come in, sir?
Welcome, Arjun.
Why are you not
wearing your uniform?
Sir, I want to have a word
with you before I take charge.
Go on.
May I know why my suspension
order was revoked?
An honest and brave officer
like you is always in demand.
It's strange when you
talk about honesty.
I was suspended
because I was honest.
I went behind bars
for my honesty.
Had I been dishonest, I
would have been free.
When a worker is fired
without a just cause,
..his co-workers demonstrate
against this atrocity.
They go on strike.
When a student faces
injustice in college,
..his friends stage
But when an honest
cop is suspended,
..no officer from our
department raises his voice.
Our department is
full of donkeys.
We just snap and kick
at whoever is good.
Honesty is used only
as a punch line,
..it has no real value.
I agree with you.
Sometimes we fall
into these traps.
If an officer of your calibre
fails to understand this,
..then cops will lose
their effectiveness.
Arjun, right now, we're
investigating a case,
..which is not only a challenge,
..but a matter of honour for us.
Only you can solve this case.
You must take charge again,
..to restore our department's
tarnished image.
Please don't say no.
Okay, sir. But I
have one condition.
I must have full freedom
during the investigation.
No interference or pressure.
Okay. Go ahead.
Do you have a death wish?
- I am sorry.
Arjun, what a surprise!
- Harish?
You were riding so fast!
Are you blind?
Yes, I'm blinded
in Shilpa's love.
I see, that college
affair is still going on.
Hey, I am late. Shilpa will leave.
See you! Bye.
"Oh, my darling! The
love of my life..."
"Love is in the air."
"Oh, my darling! The
love of my life..."
"Love is in the air."
"We met, and flowers
bloomed all over."
"We met, and flowers
bloomed all over."
"I'm yours now. I
swear upon you."
"Oh, my darling! The
love of my life..."
"Love is in the air."
"Oh, my darling! The
love of my life..."
"Love is in the air."
"If I come near you,"
"I'll drown in the
beauty of your eyes."
"If I come near you,"
"I'll drown in the
beauty of your eyes."
"Don't look at me like
that, don't tease me."
"Don't look at me like
that, don't tease me."
"I start blushing
when you tease me."
"Oh, my darling! The
love of my life..."
"Love is in the air."
"Love is like an ocean."
"It's a never-ending saga."
"Love is like an ocean."
"It's a never-ending saga."
"Let's pray that we're
together in every lifetime."
"Let's pray that we're
together in every lifetime."
"Even a lifetime with you
won't be enough for me."
"Oh, my darling! The
love of my life."
"Love is in the air."
"Oh, my darling! The
love of my life."
"Love is in the air."
"We met, and flowers
bloomed all over."
"I'm all yours. I
swear upon you."
"Oh, my darling! The
love of my life..."
"Love is in..."
Haven't I warned you
countless times,
..not to see my
daughter ever again?
But you don't relent.
We love each other and
want to get married.
Married? - Yes.
Come here. Don't move.
I won't let my daughter
marry a pauper like you.
I've spent a fortune
on bringing her up.
Rs 200,000.
First, give me Rs 200,000 and
then we'll talk about marriage.
Dowry? Do you know,
..that taking and giving
dowry is a criminal offence?
It's not a dowry.
I brought her up,
..so consider this as a
service charge. - What?
Don't even look at her
till you bring Rs 200,000.
Don't try to talk to her or
I'll shoot you. - Hey...
Out! - Harish.
Don't you dare! Come on!
Mom, someone's here.
Who are you? What do you want?
I am a cop. I want to
enquire about Rajan.
'I want to enquire about Rajan.'
'I want to enquire about Rajan.'
I want to enquire about Rajan.
What do you want to ask?
When did my husband disappear
and who kidnapped him?
I'm tired of repeating my story,
..but so far it has not
yielded any results.
Please forgive me.
I don't need your help.
Please leave from here.
Komal, don't be so rude.
Mother, I've started
hating the police.
Don't be so harsh.
Please don't feel bad about my
daughter-in-law's comments.
She has lost her patience
after Rajan went missing.
I can understand.
I'm ready to listen
to your complaints.
The department has asked me
to investigate this case.
I promise you that I
will find your husband.
Just tell me, what
happened to your husband?
He lodged a complaint
for his missing sister.
One day, I went with him.
He entered the police station.
When he didn't come
back for quite a while,
I went inside.
'Yes, how may I help you?'
'My husband. - Who?'
'Who is he?'
'My husband has
been coming here'
'to lodge a complaint for
his missing sister.'
'I see. So he is your husband.'
'He was here a while ago,
but he left.' - 'What?'
'No! Tell me, where is he?'
'Go back quietly just
as you came in here.'
'If you create a ruckus, I'll
have to use force with you.'
Show your police power to
some foolish ignorant.
I am not scared of
your threatening.
I have been sitting outside
the police station for long..
..and waiting for him.
He never came outside.
Were you sitting
outside and waiting..
..or flirting with
the male passersby?
Inspector. Control your tongue.
Keep quiet and get out.
Otherwise I will accuse you
falsely of prostitution..
..and get you arrested.
Got it? Get out.
So I came back from
the police station,
shaken up and humiliated.
Can you tell me which
police station was that?
Kala Chowki.
Who wants to disturb me now?
Listen. - Yes.
Don't come out till I ask you to.
- Sure.
Hello, sir!
Please come in. Have a seat.
Why don't you have a seat?
- No, sir.
Who is in the bathroom?
No one's in the bathroom.
- I see.
Are these your wife's clothes?
- No, sir.
I guess they belong to a
prostitute or your mistress.
You're encouraging the crime
you are supposed to stop.
Anyway, it's just the
tip of the iceberg.
You've committed
more serious crimes.
Sorry? - You forgot.
A year ago, a
person named Rajan,
..came to you to lodge a missing
complaint for his sister.
Poor guy didn't find his sister.
He frequented your police
station so many times,
..that one day he disappeared.
You must know where he is.
No, sir. I have no idea.
You're drunk right now.
Remember and tell me tomorrow.
Hello, sir. This is Madanlal.
ACP Verma was here and
was asking about Rajan.
Don't worry. I didn't
tell him anything.
You'll have to get
rid of him quickly.
Else he's dangerous
for the both of us.
Mr Madanlal,
..you're a cop, but
you act like a .
Where is Rajan?
- I have no idea.
Where is Rajan?
I said, I have no idea.
So you have no idea. - No.
Tell me or you'll
die right here.
Tell me, where is he?
- I'll tell you.
Auto Kesariya abducted him
from the police station.
I don't know where he took him.
Kesariya is Minister
Charandas' lackey,
..so I couldn't touch him.
I closed his file.
Sir, I told you the truth.
What do you want?
- Where is Auto Kesariya?
You've come to the wrong place.
Get lost.
Let him go. Sir, please.
You idiot!
Do you have any idea
who you tried to hit?
Please don't misunderstand, sir.
They don't know you.
They're new here.
So your old friends know
everything about me.
Sir, what are you talking about?
Everyone knows about you.
- I see.
What is your connection
with Madanlal?
Madanlal? Who?
Inspector Madanlal.
How could you forget him?
You talked to him over
the phone last night.
I see. You're
talking about Madi.
I used my political connections
and promoted him to an officer.
Now he is hankering me
for further promotion.
I see. So you are
friends with ministers.
Of course.
- So Madanlal and you,
..abducted Rajan from
the police station.
Tell me, where is he?
So you're here to
enquire about him.
No. I'm here to
conclude my enquiry.
Tell me the truth or...
- What are you going to do?
Will you arrest me?
Or throw me in jail?
I knew it. When you
took charge again,
I knew you'd pose
trouble for me.
So I'm carrying my bail
papers in my back pocket.
See this. You can't
even touch me.
You are very smart.
But you got a little hasty.
I'm not here to arrest
you but to warn you,
..that I'll arrest you soon.
Rocky, come on!
Hello, control room. This
is ACP Verma speaking.
Bring this wall down.
Hey. - Yes, sir?
Dig near the well. - Yes sir.
Hold it.
Keep digging.
Take it away.
How many dead bodies
did you find?
We're still investigating.
Once we're done, we'll
tell you the body count.
What do you think
about these murders?
The culprits can only be inhuman.
That's all I want to say.
Did you arrest Kesariya?
Kesariya managed to escape, but
his associates were arrested.
But I want to assure you,
..that Kesariya will
be arrested very soon.
We've examined all
these skeletons.
Here's the lab report.
You're welcome.
Inspector Bhavani. - Yes, sir.
Get the details of the people
who have gone missing,
..in the last 2 years.
Get in touch with all
the police stations.
Collate all the details and
give me a list within two days.
Right. - Yes.
I lost my son.
You killed my son.
Mother, what happened?
Those brutes killed my son.
- Mother.
Have patience, mother!
The police have only
found skeletons.
It is not enough to
identify the dead persons.
How can you so be sure that...
No. Rajan must be alive.
He can't abandon us like that.
I have a feeling that
he'll be back someday.
He'll be back someday.
I wish, you were right.
I got it. I got Rs 200,000.
Shilpa, Shilpa come out quickly.
Harish, you...
- Where is your dad?
Call him. I got Rs 200,000.
Really? - Call that moustache...
Well done!
Now you are talking like a man!
Give it to me.
Here. - What's this?
He is Auto Kesariya.
A dangerous goon.
The government has declared
a reward of Rs 200,000,
..for the person
who catches him.
I'll nab him and
throw Rs 200,000...
I'll present it to you.
- You idiot!
The police couldn't catch him.
What will you do?
Until you can get me
Rs 200,000 in cash,
..don't come anywhere
near this house.
I spare you once
again but remember,
..as a soldier, I won't allow
the third mistake. Out!
Shilpa! - Get out!
Bye, Harish. - Go upstairs.
You get all excited when
you hear his voice.
Go upstairs!
Bro, what a fruity tree.
I have seen such a full
girl for the first time.
I think she is from Punjab.
Girl, where do you want to go?
To your father's village.
Get lost!
She won't travel by a rickshaw.
She must be staying
in a five star hotel.
'Wow, she is a looker.'
Will you come with me?
Where? - In a five star hotel.
We'll eat, have a
couple of drinks,
..and we'll have fun
all night long.
No, I'm waiting for
a rickshaw driver.
No girl has turned
me down before.
Come with me! - Get lost!
All India Eunuch Conference,
..welcomes the members from
all parts of the country.
My friends, so far
we've been mistreated,
..but no more.
The government has launched,
..so many schemes for
the poor citizens.
It has a reservation policy
for the backward classes.
They offer loans, houses,
livestock for the tribals.
They have been offered
money as well.
Other groups are progressing
under this regime.
But what has the
government offered us?
What have they done for us?
Which class are we a part of?
And, do we get any kind of help?
The rest of the population
has been laughing at us.
They have reduced us
to a laughing stock.
Thank you, friends.
We won't keep quiet now.
We'll fight for ourselves.
We'll move to the parliament.
We'll raise our voices
for our demands.
We will lay down our lives,
if push comes to shove.
Long live Chameli!
Long live Chameli!
Long live Chameli!
Long live Chameli!
Long live Chameli!
Long live Chameli!
Long live Chameli!
"What a figure!"
"She is as beautiful
as the moon."
"She is cross-eyed."
"She walks with a limp."
"She casts a furtive glance."
"Her hair is covered
with henna."
"You may abduct her."
"She is all for taking."
"Your slim waist
has enticed me."
"Your slim waist drives me crazy."
- Get lost.
"Your fragrance is magical."
- Get lost, you meddler.
"Your slim waist drives me crazy."
- Go away.
"Your fragrance is magical."
"Just say, yes." - Try
your luck somewhere else.
"Or say no." - I'll slap you.
"Just say, yes. Or say no."
"I'm your beloved."
"I'm your beloved."
- Get lost.
"Just a sight of me is enough
to sweep guys off their feet."
"It hasn't started raining yet,
but a hailstorm has started."
"I move with passion." - Wow.
"I feel so lonely."
- Can't help it.
"He sneaks in and
enters my heart."
"She is a beauty."
"She rules every heart."
"So dance to your
heart's content."
"Dance and enjoy."
"You are a very tough girl."
"You are a very tough girl."
"You are a very tough girl."
"You are a very tough girl."
"Your chubby cheeks..."
"You got short hair."
"You are a girl or a plaything.
You're dizzy all the time."
"You are a very tough girl."
"You are a very tough girl."
"You are a very tough girl."
"You are a very tough girl."
"People call me 36-24-36."
- Really?
"They expose me all the time."
- Come on.
"People call me 36-24-36." - No.
"They expose me all the time."
- I love you.
"My lovers and my admirers."
"They compare all the
girls with my looks."
"Padma, I'm going into a shock."
"Salma, I'm losing control."
"Vimla, Kamla, I'm
losing control."
"Note down her address."
"Introduce me to her."
"Help me start an affair."
"I want her to say yes."
"Padma, I'm going into a shock."
"Salma, I'm losing control."
"Vimla, Kamla, I'm
losing control."
I thought she was a girl,
..but he turned out to be a man.
You Idiot! You should
have died at birth.
Police! Police!
Inspector! Inspector!
Inspector! - I'll call you back.
Arjun, it's you. Save me.
A goon is after me because
he thinks I'm a girl.
What's going on?
Are you playing a
girl in a drama?
I'm doing it for my girlfriend.
- What do you mean?
Her dad wants Rs
200,000 in dowry.
I read it in the news,
..that Auto Kesariya
who kidnaps girls,
carries a bounty of Rs
200,000 on his head.
So I went in a girl's
disguise to trap him,
..and got myself in trouble.
- I see.
So it's your love affair again.
Lovers often achieve the
impossible in love.
You're trying to catch Kesariya
for your girlfriend. - Yes.
Good. Very good. Two
is better than one.
All the best.
ACP Verma here.
- Sir, I am Shanti.
I want to help you in
your investigation.
Where are you calling from?
- Sanjeev Girls' Hostel.
Alright. I'll be there.
Excuse me, sir.
I made that call.
Come with me.
What is it?
- Sir, six months ago,
I was working in the accounts
department of National Hospital.
My friend, Dr Kasturi
also practised there.
So... - One day, a lady patient,
..was brought there
for her delivery,
..and her condition
was very critical.
'My God.'
'Did your wife ever
undergo a surgery?'
'Yes, two years
ago, when she was,'
'..due with our first child.'
'She had to undergo a surgery
due to a complication.'
'Which hospital?
- A private hospital in Chennai.'
'Why are you asking me?'
'Nothing. Your wife
is very weak.'
'That's why I'm asking you.
Excuse me.'
'Renu has been admitted in our
hospital for her delivery.'
'She has been a victim of fraud.
- What's wrong?'
'She was admitted,'
'..in a private hospital in
Chennai for her first delivery.'
'She underwent a C-section.'
'One of her kidneys was
surgically removed.'
'Do you suspect it?
- It's a fact.'
'I had the patient scanned.'
'I realised that she
only has one kidney,'
'..and it's in a poor state.'
'If she undergoes a
surgery right now,'
'..she'll die right here.'
'Kasturi, you're making,'
'..this difficult for the
patient's family and myself.'
'Forget it.'
'We have nothing to do with
her previous surgery.'
'It happened in another state.'
'You're right, but
being a doctor,'
'..it's our duty to
inform the police.'
'Don't get into this.'
'Being your senior,
I advise you,'
'..to forget about these
things and just do your job.'
'Now get ready for the surgery.'
'A doctor's stubbornness
and his negligence,'
'..cost an innocent patient her life.
- Forget it.'
'You can't change what happened.
So, stop feeling guilty.'
'This isn't about profit or
loss, but about humanity.'
'If you don't care for
fellow human beings,'
'..you shouldn't be a doctor.'
'It's better if he
becomes a butcher,'
'..and sells meat.'
'I won't spare him.'
'Try to understand.'
'Shanti, I won't
keep quiet now.'
'I'll bring this case
to everyone's notice.'
Let me go.
Help. - Not that one. Her.
Help. Anybody there.
Let me go.
Let me go.
Four days after that incident,
Dr Kasturi suddenly disappeared.
She is still missing.
Can you tell me the
doctor's name?
No. I had taken up
a job recently.
Second, I was in the
accounts department,
..so I didn't know many doctors.
Can you recognise those goons,
..who attacked you
outside the hospital?
I can recognise them,
but I'm very scared.
What are you scared about?
Sir, what if I they
try to harm me,
..as they did to Kasturi?
Don't worry. You'll be safe.
We'll protect you.
You must recognise them tomorrow
at the identification parade.
Show me your teeth.
Speak, rascal. Where is Kasturi?
I dont know where Kasturi is.
I nabbed her and gave
her to Auto Kesariya.
Why did Auto Kesariya
want to abduct her?
I have no idea.
He paid me Rs 10,000
for abducting her.
Where can I find Auto Kesariya
right now? - I have no idea.
I have no idea.
Why are you so worried?
Everything will be fine.
Have some juice.
You haven't eaten for two days.
- I've lost my appetite.
I don't feel like eating anything.
Take it away.
It's all over for me.
I used to travel in an
air-conditioned car.
I'd guzzle up free booze
at cocktail parties.
I'd proudly accept bribes,
but it's all over now.
I thought I'd die in my chair,
..but I've ended up on this bed.
That's why I advised
you to be honest.
Shut up, Ganga.
Arjun is here.
Tell him, I've gone
on a pilgrimage.
May I help you?
- Where is Charandas?
He has gone on a pilgrimage.
- What?
Sir, he decided to mend
ways once he lost power.
Now he is trying to
become a good person.
He committed so many crimes,
..and now he wants to become
a good person overnight.
So, you've gone on a pilgrimage.
This is your way of trying
to hoodwink the police.
Where is Auto Kesariya?
I don't know where
Auto Kesariya is.
Tell me the truth or
else I'll arrest you,
..for abetting the crime.
I'm already deadmeat.
After I lost power,
everyone abandoned me.
I'll definitely tell you if I
ever get any news about him.
If you act smart with me,
..you'll pay for it.
I am such a fool!
Come here. - Yes.
Before things get any
worse, find Kesariya,
..and ask him to
finish off the ACP.
Else, he will finish us off.
Hi! - Hi!
Excuse me, ma'am.
Whiskey or brandy?
I am waiting for my boyfriend.
I'll order later.
- Very well, ma'am.
Buddy, watch me win her over.
Hi, miss. - Hi.
Are you waiting for someone?
- Yes.
I'm waiting for my
boyfriend Auto Kesariya.
Auto Kesariya? - Yes.
Ever since I saw
him, his good looks,
..have made me go
crazy about him.
The moment I think about him,
..my body starts to tremble.
I get goosebumps.
I run out of breath.
My body starts to
wriggle with desire.
I start blushing
thinking about him.
My lips start to tremble.
What else happens to you?
Who are you to ask about
my personal matters?
Your boss,
Auto Kesariya.
Auto Kesariya?
I found him! I found him!
Police! Police! 200,000!
So, you came here to
spy for the police.
You came here to
get me arrested.
Where are you going?
What are you doing? Let me go!
He broke my jaw.
Darn you!
Let go of my leg!
I don't want to get married. I
don't want the reward money!
What is that?
I don't want to get married. I
don't want the reward money!
Arjun! - Yes, sir.
Auto Kesariya! - What happened?
Auto Kesariya gave me the slip.
I tried to catch him,
but he attacked me.
Where is he? - Dimple Bar, Juhu.
Inspector Nayak. - Yes, sir?
Set up roadblocks in the city.
Check every vehicle.
Kesariya shouldn't get out
of the city at any cost.
You're responsible for
Auto Kesariya's death!
Had you arrested him alive,
..we could have solved
this case easily.
But you set up roadblocks and
forced him to commit suicide.
Now, the case has become
more complicated.
Neither has the case
become complicated,
..nor did Auto Kesariya die.
What do you mean?
We have found his dead body,
his clothes and his passport,
..but you say he's not dead.
The dead body we found on the,
..railway tracks is
so badly crushed,
..that identifying it
is very difficult.
..no one would commit suicide
with his passport in his pocket.
I am sure Auto Kesariya
wanted to mislead us.
He's still alive and
I'll arrest him soon.
Listen, set the table
for my husband.
I'll be right back. - Okay.
Hello, sir.
Listen, what's your name?
Kamala. - Kamala?
That's a nice name and
you are very beautiful.
Kamala, have you set the table?
Yes, ma'am. - Ganga, who is she?
She's our new maid.
My aunt sent her
from Budhwar Peth.
So, she's from Budhwar Peth.
Will you please answer the phone?
I'm having dinner.
Listen, after my
wife goes to sleep,
..bring a glass of
milk to my room.
You want to talk to my husband.
Listen, it's for you.
- Okay, give it to me.
Hello? - Charandas, this
is Auto Kesariya speaking.
What? You are still alive!
- But I might die pretty soon.
The country's police
is hounding me.
I'm coming to your house.
- Listen...
Listen! Hello?
What happened?
Auto Kesariya wants
to hide in our house.
Tell him, it's not possible.
- How do I stop him?
I don't know what to do.
ACP Verma.
- Arjun, this is Harish.
Auto Kesariya will be at Charandas'
place in a while. Hurry up.
What a fool I am!
I wish I had told the truth to
the police about Auto Kesariya.
I would have gone to prison, but
this wouldn't have happened.
It's not too late.
I think you should tell
the police everything.
Yes, you're right.
Devdas, what are you doing?
Can't you see that I'm
clipping the telephone wire?
Are you out of your mind?
Why are you doing that?
Because your husband
wants to expose my boss.
Who is your boss?
The one whom your
husband serves,
..is my real boss.
Ganga! Ganga!
Go and call my wife.
She can't come here.
What? - I've sent her to heaven.
What nonsense!
You too will join her soon.
Help me.
Help me.
Help me.
No! No!
Hey! You..Stop.
Chandas! Chandas!
Tell me what happened.
Auto Kesariya...
Doctor, this criminal was
involved in a serious crime.
He's a witness who can
identify many other criminals.
You have to save
him at any cost.
Don't worry, officer.
I'll do my best.
Mr Prabhakar. - Yes, sir?
If Auto Kesariya's associates
find out that he's alive,
..they will try to kill him.
So, no visitors!
And nobody should know,
..that Auto Kesariya is alive.
- Okay, sir.
Sir, Auto Kesariya is not dead.
He's alive.
He's badly injured and the
police have brought him,
..to my hospital for treatment.
Finish him off before
he tells the police,
..about us. - Okay, sir.
Yes, doctor?
Nurse, make arrangements
for tomorrow's surgery.
Go on. - Okay, doctor.
Look, Kesariya is here.
Didn't you tell me that you
will perform your duty well?
Is this how you perform your duty?
- Yes.
I'm aware of my duty.
So, what are your duties?
Do you cure the wounded
or do you kill them?
Mr Verma! - Listen, Hey! you!
You are supposed to work
for the government,
..but your loyalties
lie somewhere else.
Who was on the phone? Who
asked you to kill Kesariya?
Answer me! - Mr Verma, you
are misbehaving with me.
Don't forget that I'm the
chief of this hospital.
And I'm a police officer.
Let me go.
If I let you go, you will fall
down on your head, rascal.
Will you speak, or
shall I let you go?
Tell me, who is he?
Dr Amir Khurana.
Dr Menon. - Sir.
Nobody should know,
..that we've surgically
removed one of his kidneys.
Look after the patient very well.
- Yes, sir.
DK. - Yes, sir?
The foreign patients needing
these kidneys have arrived.
Arrange for the transplant quickly.
- Okay, sir.
We've got an urgent order of
30 kidneys for next month.
Arrange for the donors.
By hook or by crook.
- Right, sir.
Sir, Jinny and Robert will meet
you at Tiger Bridge at 4 pm.
Dear friends, Madras
Cultural Club,
..welcomes our chief guest and
the famous doctor of India,
Dr Amir Khurana, for our
silver jubilee function.
We have with us
Miss Suzie from Paris,
who will add glitter,
..to this beautiful evening.
It's a matter of pride for us,
..that she has come to India for the
first time, to honour our club.
All this was possible due
to Dr Khurana's efforts.
Miss Suzie is a good
friend of Dr Khurana's.
Please give a big hand to the
great dancer, Miss Suzie!
"I will take your life."
"I'll play a game with you."
"I will take your life.
I'll play a game with you."
"You will meet your
end very soon."
"You will be wiped out from
the face of this earth."
"You will meet your
end very soon."
"You will be wiped out from
the face of this earth."
"I will take your life.
I'll play a game with you."
"You have ruined my life."
"You'll be cursed to death."
"You have insulted my love."
"You're a despicable person."
"Enjoy all you want,
for a few moments."
"You may enjoy your
drinks all you want."
"You will soon drop dead."
"You will be wiped out from
the face of this earth."
"You will meet your
end very soon."
"You will be wiped out from
the face of this earth."
"I will neither kill
you, nor let you live."
"That's what I intend to do."
"You will curse me
all your life."
"I promise you that."
"Don't look away."
"You are oblivious of
what's coming for you."
"I am here as your guest."
"You will be wiped out from
the face of this earth."
"You will meet your
end very soon."
"You will be wiped out from
the face of this earth."
"I will take your life.
I'll play a game with you."
"You will meet your
end very soon."
"You will be wiped out from
the face of this earth."
Excuse me.
Do you want to kill me?
Do you want to kill the one
who is in love with you?
I was just trying to scare you.
You got scared, didn't you?
Why would I be afraid of you?
I love you. I admire you.
Suzie, I have never
waited for anyone.
I have been with
many girls before.
It all goes well for some
time and then I move on.
But ever since I met you,
I feel I can wait
for you forever.
An influential person
like me is at your mercy.
Really? - Yes, Suzie.
I love you very much.
But I want you to
accept me willingly.
That day isn't too
far, sweetheart.
Amir Khurana here.
This is Devdas. - Yes, tell me.
As per your orders, I've
killed Charandas and his wife.
I tried to finish Kesariya too,
..but ACP Arjun Verma
saved his life.
And at the moment, he is
sneaking into your hospital,
..to gather evidence against you.
- What?
'And at the moment, he is
sneaking into your hospital,'
'..to gather evidence
against you.'
What is Geeta doing here?
Call the security chief. Go!
- Yes, sir.
Sir, he's here.
- Good morning, sir.
Do you know that ACP Verma,
..has sneaked into this
hospital due to lax security?
No, sir. That's impossible.
Yadav, strengthen the security
at the gates. - Yes, sir.
Appoint Gurudev in his post.
- Yes, sir.
And find out ACP
Verma's weakness.
Hey. Stop. - Hey. Stop.
Hey. - Hey.
Stop. I will kill everyone.
Hey. Shut up. - Hey. Stop.
Hey. - Stop.
Hey. Shut up.
Who is Dolly, the
niece of ACP Arjun?
I am asking you. Who is Dolly?
Tell me quickly otherwise I
will slit the matrons throat.
No. - Stop.
I am Dolly.
Where is Arjun?
You? What do you want?
You had ruined my personal life.
Now, you're being an obstacle
in my professional life.
Not at all, Arjun.
Don't get me wrong.
It took great efforts on
my part to get to you.
Khurana's henchmen
are looking for you.
They will shoot you at sight.
So, why are you so concerned?
What will you lose if I die?
Arjun, try to understand.
Understand what? Are
you my well-wisher?
Are you romancing Amir
Khurana to protect me?
Girls like you can have
an affair with anyone,
..for name and fame.
For girls like you,
..modesty is just garbage,
..that ends up in a dustbin.
- That's not true, Arjun.
Sometimes even your
eyes can deceive you.
I never got the opportunity
to tell you the truth.
I'm willing to undergo
any punishment,
..but give me a chance to
explain my side of the story.
I never betrayed you.
I haven't ditched you.
Arjun, I was very happy
to have you in my life.
That night I was
thinking about you.
Then all of a sudden...
Mother India. He knows nothing.
You need to make a newly
wedded bride on your lap.
And you threw her off.
Oh no. Hey. Hey. Hey.
Killing her wont resolve the problem.
Let her go.
Let her go.
Look, Geeta.
The rule of our business
is we dont forgive..
..the person who messes with us.
Catch her! Catch her!
Hey, what are you
doing to that girl?
You! Send her in here quickly.
My queen.
Hundreds of girls are smitten on Dr.
Amir Khurana.
But I like your way of dying.
Let me go. - Hey.
Come on.
Now, you tell me.
I wasn't worthy of
getting married to you.
I had lost my honour.
I sent you that letter so
that you could forget me.
Now, my only goal in
life is Khurana's death.
I left the country
and went to Paris.
I stayed there for a few months,
..and returned as Suzie.
I befriended that demon.
I lured him in my trap.
That drunkard doesn't even
realise that I'm Geeta.
I tried to kill him many times,
..but I failed every time.
I have gathered
evidence against him.
No power,
..or loopholes in the
law can save him.
Arjun, Khurana wanted to
know your weaknesses.
I hope he doesn't get to
your mother or Dolly.
Mom has gone on a pilgrimage.
And Dolly is in a hostel.
Do one thing. Keep
an eye on Khurana.
I'll call her hostel in Mumbai
and find out about Dolly.
Hello. Don Bosco Girls' Hostel.
Hello, matron. This
is Arjun Verma here.
How is Dolly?
I'm sorry, sir. Some goons
abducted Dolly yesterday.
We have lodged a
police complaint.
Dr. Amir Khurana here.
Khurana, this is ACP Arjun.
Yes, Arjun, I knew
you would call me.
Your honor is lying
at my feet right now.
Do you want to talk to her?
Hello? Hello? Uncle.
Dolly. Dolly, are you okay?
Save me. Please uncle. Save me.
Dolly. - Uncle, save me. Uncle.
Do you believe me now?
Khurana, you have not
done a good thing.
You can enter my hospital and
collect evidence against me.
And I cant even have
your niece kidnapped?
Listen. - Yes.
Take her upstairs. - Okay.
Listen to the good news.
Your niece has attained puberty.
Dont shout.
Doctors dont like much noise.
Just give me back my files and
back to Bombay in 12 hours. Arjun.
You will get back your niece.
Otherwise I can do
anything with her.
You got me, right? you Idiot!
Hello. Tell me.
Ma'am, this is Dolly.
Some goons have kidnapped
me from Mumbai.
Save me. Please save me.
Wrong number.
Listen, the phone is ringing.
- Sir, this is Dolly here.
Some goons have kidnapped
me from Mumbai.
Save me. Please save me.
I don't understand
what you are saying.
Uncle, my name is Dolly.
My uncle is an assistant
commissioner in Mumbai.
Some goons have kidnapped
me from Mumbai.
Uncle, please save me.
Don't worry.
You wait there.
I'll get the cops.
Okay? - Okay.
Yes, sir?
Send her to hospital.
- Okay, sir.
Yadav. - Yes, sir?
There should be strict security
around the hospital. - Okay, sir.
I have given Arjun 12 hours.
If he doesn't fulfil our demand,
kill both of them.
I think the effect of
sedatives is diminishing.
Administer her another sedative.
- Yes, sir.
Take her to ward number AK 707.
Let's go.
Get going! Hurry up!
Wait. All of you go
to ward number 2.
Get going!
Arjun, I was looking for you.
Geeta, do you know where ward
number AK 707 is? - Yes.
But there is strict security.
Many security guards are deployed
and video cameras are fixed.
It's very risky to go there.
I am ready to take any risk
in order to save Dolly.
But Arjun...
- Just show me the way.
Come with me.
He is Rajan. - Do you know him?
Yes. I have been
looking for him.
I have to take him out of
this place at any cost.
Rocky, please save me.
Sir, Arjun has killed all our men.
He is coming here.
Dolly! - Uncle!
Dolly! - Uncle!
Dolly! - Rocky!
Suzie, what are you doing?
I am not Suzie. I am Geeta.
The journalist whom
you had molested.
The girl whose life
you had ruined.
In order to kill you,
I followed you like a shadow.
You can't escape today.
Arjun, don't move.
Don't move.
Khurana, so far I have
always abided by the law.
But today, I am going to
do something illegal.
I won't arrest you, Khurana.
Because as long as
you stay alive,
..you'll be ruining
many innocent lives.
Centuries ago, Lord Rama had
killed the demon king Ravana.
Today, a woman will
kill a demon like you.
Here, Geeta. Take
this and burn down,
..the kingdom of this demon.
Mother, there he comes.
Rajan, my son.
My dear!
How are you?
Munna, talk to your dad.
Dad. - Munna.
Arjun, for the
sake of your duty,
..you sacrificed the
life of your niece.
Your sacrifice is
really precious.
I am proud of an
officer like you.
Whenever people will
talk about law and duty,
..you will be remembered.
'Harish Verma, who helped the
police in nabbing Kesariya,'
'..was awarded Rs 200,000.'
'He gave the money to his
girlfriend's father,'
'..and got married to her.'
'The court gave a death
sentence to Auto Kesariya,'
'..for his many crimes.'
"Nothing feels right
without you."
"May we never get separated."
"When I miss you, my
heart skips a beat."
"Oh, my beloved."
"Oh, my beloved."
"On the days we meet,"
"I stay awake all night,
thinking of you."
"When I miss you, my
heart skips a beat."
"Oh, my love."
"Oh, my love."
"Nothing feels right
without you."
"May we never get separated."