Raven (2022) Movie Script

I don't miss those condoms.
I'm sure.
You weren't lying
to me when you said
you got that
vasectomy, were you?
- Really?
- Mm hmm.
After six months, you feel
the need to ask me that?
It's not the only
thing I wanna ask.
What is this?
It's more than just sex.
- Really?
- Mm hmm.
Sure you're okay?
Yeah, yeah.
If you want, I can
just leave some money
on the dresser and just leave.
Well, I mean,
considering this is your house,
shouldn't I be the one leaving?
Not if your face
is the first thing
I wanna see when I get back.
Yes, it is, who is this?
Yes, I am.
Did something
happen, is he okay?
What do you mean, accident?
Is he okay?
Okay, I'll be there
as soon as I can.
What's wrong?
My husband was in an accident.
I'm not giving
you another opportunity
to put your hands
on me again, Ephrem.
- I deserve better.
- Wait, wait, Raven, Raven.
Sit down, please, baby.
Talk to me, come on, sit down.
Don't do this, Raven.
I just, you know.
Is that all you have to say?
No, just give me a second.
A second, is that all?
It's the least I can
do is give you a second
to say whatever it is
that you need to say
to try to make up for nearly
two years of physical abuse.
I just need some time.
I wanna make this right for you.
Listen, baby, I don't wanna
lose our family, okay?
I deserve that, but just let
me make this right, please?
Take all the time
you need to make things right.
Just do it for
yourself, but not for us.
Let's talk about this
later, don't do this.
June Bug!
Hey, hey, what's up, baby girl?
How you doing, how you doing?
Listen, it's okay, all right?
I'm your father.
Don't you forget
that, all right?
Raven, slow down,
just let me talk.
So, what's been going on?
Well, my dad got
in a car accident last night.
Oh my God, what happened?
He was drunk driving.
Please, tell me he's okay.
He's in a coma.
I didn't appreciate it before.
What do you mean?
Well, when Mom and
Dad were together,
I just wish I was little again.
So, what's up with Ephrem?
You guys still talking?
Oh my God, almost
forgot to tell you.
Tell me what?
He's in a coma.
He got into a really bad
car accident last night.
Apparently, he got drunk,
ran right into a pole.
Fortunately, no one
else was involved.
Sorry, God, oh my God.
I went to see him last night.
Figured it was the
right thing to do.
Yeah, I definitely
wish I was 13 again.
Why do you say that?
Well, you know, I'm grown,
I'm living on my own, you know,
and I have a full-time job,
which is great and all.
It's just now I have a
lot more responsibilities,
like a car note, student
loans, groceries, rent.
If I didn't have a roommate,
I don't know where I'd be.
All I'm saying is when I was 13,
I definitely didn't have
to worry about any of that.
How's Kenya's
counseling working out?
I love her.
She's closer to Kenya's age.
They have an amazing connection,
and they have
something in common.
Meaning her parents
were divorced?
Mm hmm.
All right, okay,
so how long's it been
since you left Ephrem again?
Oh, it's almost a year now.
How is the
placeholder working out?
Hmm, well, the
placeholder's trying
to make himself a
permanent fixture.
Things are really
heating up, huh?
What about him?
The feeling's mutual.
Look, it doesn't
matter what's going on
in your life, Kenya.
There's always a
different perspective
you could choose to see.
So, just pick the best one
for you, and hold onto it.
Well, what would you
say the best perspective
is in my case?
Well, not to diminish
anything you're going through,
but both of your
parents are still alive.
They may not be together,
but they're both very
involved in your life.
What, do you
think it's too soon?
Of course, I do, Rae.
It's my job to
think it's too soon.
You're not even divorced yet.
See, that's why
I keep you around.
You know how to
keep me in check.
I really like him!
That's cool.
Do you think my dad's gonna die?
I don't have the
answers to that,
but you know what
I'd do if I were you?
I'd go talk to him.
But he can't hear me.
Of course he can
hear you, Kenya.
Can we go now?
Yeah, absolutely.
Sometimes it's just
hard for me to wrap
my mind around how much
things changed for you.
You guys have been
such a great family.
Yeah, well, you and me both.
Hey, baby.
Hey, Mom.
How are you?
I'm good.
Mind if I sit down?
So, how was your day?
It was pretty good.
How was your
session with Falani?
- It was fun.
- Really?
What'd you do?
She took me to visit Dad.
We talked.
You know, that's good.
I can tell that she
really cares about you.
No, I mean me and Dad.
At least, I talked to him.
Do you still love Dad?
Of course I do.
That's not what I mean.
Baby, it's complicated.
It's very complicated.
I know about your boyfriend.
Kinda figured that.
Are you in love with him?
No, no, no, it's too early.
I know you still love Dad, Mom.
Love just doesn't
leave like that.
It's just buried
under all that stuff,
and you gotta dig it out.
Whatever you do,
don't give up on Dad.
Please, don't give up on him.
I got you your favorite.
- Thank you!
- You're welcome.
That's sweet.
So, how's your husband?
He's the same.
How's Kenya?
She loves her dad.
Look, Quinn, I know
this is not easy for you.
I'm not insensitive to the
way you must be feeling.
Hey, look, it's okay.
If the tables were turned,
I'd probably be
doing the same thing.
I just wanna make
sure you know that.
Look, I gotta go, okay?
I'll call you later, all right?
All right.
Is it okay for us to be here?
Here, baby, have a seat.
Hey, Mom, you remember that time
Dad came out with no clothes on?
What, you remember that?
Yeah, remember, he thought
I thought I was in bed, sleep.
But I stayed up late
watching a movie.
I didn't do anything wrong.
I was just watching TV.
He was just embarrassed.
That was your dad.
I swear, he grew up
on a nudist beach
somewhere in another life.
Couldn't stand to wear clothes.
You talk like he's dead.
He's still here, Mom.
He's right there.
I know, I'm sorry.
That's not what I meant.
It's just-
- Can you step out for
a moment, Mrs. Hall?
I'll be back.
So, how are you doing?
Look, Mrs. Hall, I
wish I had something
more concrete to tell
you, but, the truth is,
this could go either way.
He's holding on, to
what, I don't know.
But I presume it's
to his family.
Now, I have no hard
core facts for what
I'm about to say to you.
This is strictly my opinion,
but the more love and
compassion he receives
from those closest to him,
the better his chances
are to recover.
We're all flawed human beings.
Flawed, but human.
So, the plot thickens.
Really, do tell.
I had coffee with
Quinn yesterday.
It was awkward, you know?
I wanted so bad to reassure
him that we'd be okay.
I just couldn't.
I had to feel his
emotions, his thoughts,
his fears, his anxiety.
It's like I knew what
he wanted me to say.
I just couldn't say it,
you know what I mean?
No, not exactly.
So, he just got up, kissed
me, and then walked away.
You didn't try to stop him?
I wanted to.
I think.
You still love Ephrem.
Ariana, how can I love a man
that used to treat me
as his punching bag?
And all the bruises, black eyes.
And Kenya, Kenya, she
knew what was going on.
She could hear the arguments.
But I still lied
and made up a bunch
of stupid excuses
for every bruise.
Why'd you stay so long?
That wasn't the Ephrem
I fell in love with.
He changed.
I was hoping and praying
that the old Ephrem
would come back.
I couldn't wait any longer.
I had to leave.
I didn't want Kenya to think
that that was what
love looked like.
You know, after all of that,
you know what she said
to me the other day?
That I should hold on.
That somewhere
deep inside of me,
I still loved him, and
that I should not give up.
Well, Rae, I just, I don't know.
It's okay.
Hey, Miss Ariana.
Hey, Kenya.
Falani's out front, Mom.
I love you.
I love you, too.
So, what's on your mind?
How old were you when
your parents got divorced?
I was about 10, why?
Do you remember how
that made you feel?
Most definitely.
Please, tell me.
Well, I was mostly scared.
I think I knew things
would be changing,
I just didn't know how.
I think what I feared the most
is that I would miss how my dad
would tuck me in at
night and wake me
up to breakfast every morning.
I used to love that.
Is he still alive?
Yeah, both of my parents are,
and they both remarried,
and they're happy.
How'd it make you feel
when your parents remarried?
Well, again, looking at it
from a different perspective,
I got more gifts
during the holidays.
Why'd you ask me
about the divorce?
I think if my dad wakes back up,
my mom's gonna divorce him.
Don't you think you're getting
a little ahead of yourself?
I heard my mom
talking to her friend.
I don't think she
loves my dad anymore.
Did you hear her say that?
Do you know that for sure?
So why are you creating all
these scenarios in your mind?
Don't you think your plate
is full enough already?
Yeah, I guess.
Well, how about this?
How about we get your dad
back up on his feet, first,
and then we'll cross that
bridge when we get there?
- Mrs. Hall?
- Yes, speaking.
Can you
get to the hospital right away?
He's awake.
I'm on my way, thank you.
You look beautiful.
Thank you.
Wish I could say
the same about you.
I deserve that.
Do you remember what happened?
Yeah, every detail.
So, what happened?
Things got hard when you left.
I tried to replace
the loneliness
with women, drugs,
and other things.
None of it could
check the emptiness.
So, I decided it was
time to take my life.
You and Kenya
were the only ones
I was living for,
and, with you being gone,
I felt as though I
had no reason to live.
So I got drunk and drove
straight into a pole
as fast as I could.
So you're saying that
all of this is my fault?
- Because we left.
- No, not at all.
I take full responsibility
for my actions.
Where's June Bug?
She's on her way.
Ariana is bringing her.
She know?
- Yes.
- Okay.
I need to gather myself.
It's taken a lot for me
to hold it all together,
especially with you being here.
- Ephrem.
- Yeah?
What is it?
Look, I know that you
started a new life.
I get it.
This past year has
been hard on Kenya,
not seeing you.
She's in counseling.
How's that going?
Pretty good.
It's a young lady from the
YMCA Big Sister's program.
Her name's Falani.
Kenya loves her.
And you?
What about you, are
you in counseling?
Yeah, Ariana.
How is Ariana?
Oh, you know, she
loves her cocktails.
Look, I'm gonna be honest,
I want my family back,
and I'm willing to use
every bit of strength
I have left to make that happen.
You really wanna talk
about this right now?
Kenya's gonna be walking
through that door any second.
What do you want
from me, Ephrem?
Just because you almost died,
I'm supposed to
just open my heart
and let you back
in just like that?
No, I'm not expecting that.
Whatever you're willing
to give, I'll take it.
I understand the risk
of not being able
to win you back,
but I love you, and I'm
willing to fight for us.
- Daddy!
- June Bug!
Jesus Christ, Rae,
talk about drama.
And that's not all of it.
All right, give me a second.
Let me get another one.
All right, hit me.
Ephrem said he was gonna
fight for our marriage.
How you feel about that?
How's the BF?
Bittersweet, huh?
Sounds like a great
name for a cocktail.
Thank you.
Yeah, Kenya's father woke
up from his coma yesterday.
That's good, that's good.
It is.
I'm not telling you that for
the reason you might assume.
- Look, Raven-
- No.
Let me finish.
Ephrem and I were high
school sweethearts,
so our ties, they run deep.
Outside of him, you are the only
other relationship
I've ever had.
I need you to know that.
I don't know what the
future holds for us,
but if we decide
to move forward-
- If we decide to move-
- It's important for you to know
that Ephrem will always
be a part of my life,
especially since we have
a daughter together.
You know, not too long
ago, not too long ago,
we decided that this
was more than just sex.
Now it's it.
I wish you'd stop doing that.
Doing what?
- You know-
- Forcing my hand.
Forcing your hand?
Forcing your hand?
I'm just stating facts.
You know what I mean.
No, I don't.
- Yes, you do.
- No, I don't.
Yes, you do!
You know, we
started here, right?
Now we're here.
What changed?
You know what changed.
No, I don't.
He's alive.
Thank God, he's alive.
I don't understand
why things can't go
back to the way they were.
We had something,
we have something.
You're right.
Everything you said,
you're right, okay?
I just need you to get out
of your own head space,
and step into mine,
just for a second.
Everything for you, everything
for you is black and white.
For me, there's a lot
of gray, a lot of gray,
and I need to try and
make sense of it all.
I mean, the consequences
for the decisions
that I have to make
are far-reaching,
not just for myself,
but for everyone.
I just need more time
to figure things out.
I'm sorry if you
can't understand that.
I'm trying.
I'm trying to understand.
So am I.
So am I.
You haven't changed a thing.
Really, Ephrem?
Kenya, come help me
clean this kitchen.
Let's not even talk about UNO.
I had to draw 20.
I remember that day.
Just like old times, huh?
Ephrem, what are you gonna
do about your drinking?
Since I got out of the coma,
I haven't had the urge to drink.
Can't explain it.
What about when it comes back.
If it comes back.
Okay, if it comes back.
I don't know, I haven't
thought that far yet.
I'm just happy to be alive
and spend time with
my family again.
What's funny?
You remember that time
when I walked into the room
and I walked into the room naked
while you and Kenya
were watching a movie?
Of course, how could I forget?
You know how mad I was at her?
I was so embarrassed,
I just sent her to bed.
She didn't do anything wrong.
I love that girl.
What made you think about that?
Oh, it just popped in my head.
I'm sorry for everything
I put you through,
everything I put y'all through.
I better be going.
I'm gonna let Kenya sleep.
Thank you.
Mm hmm, good night.
Hi, baby.
You just missed breakfast.
Oh, really, what did I miss?
I made turkey
bacon and pancakes.
Oh, how was it?
It was good, it was good.
There's some leftovers
if you want some.
No, thank you, sweetheart,
but I can help you
clean up the kitchen.
No, I think I got that.
Can I talk to you for a second?
Hey, Kenya, can you
give your Dad and I
a moment alone, please?
What's up, Raven?
Do you remember that
starting a new life comment
you made back at the hospital?
How long have you
been seeing him?
Six months.
Is it serious?
How serious?
Unprotected sex serious.
You're kidding me, right?
You're not gonna make
this easy, are you?
Apparently not.
Wow, Raven.
Don't worry, it's not like
I'm gonna get
pregnant or anything.
We're being safe.
Oh, really, that's good to know.
Good to know.
So, that's it,
that's my new life.
Well, you got a
decision to make.
I'll flip a coin.
Heads, me, tails,
your boyfriend.
You're not upset?
Of course I am.
What happened to you?
I don't know.
I guess I bumped my head.
Where are you going, Mom?
I have to meet with someone.
I'll be back later
to pick you up.
Hi, Mom.
Hey, I'm here.
- Come outside.
- Okay.
Kenya, what's wrong?
K-K, did something
happen at your father's?
Then what is it?
You, Mom!
You're the problem.
Whoa, what are
you talking about?
You see that Dad needs you.
Why would you continue
dating that man?
Look, you are starting
to cross the line.
No, Mom, you're
crossing the line.
We never should've left.
We never should...
Kenya, things happened
between your father and I
that I do not expect
you to understand,
but us leaving at that time,
that was the best decision.
I'm sorry I wasn't honest with
you about what was going on.
Your father did things to me
that no one should
have to go through.
I know what's going on.
I'm sorry, I shouldn't
have said that.
I just want us to be
back together so bad.
Oh, Kenya.
Truth is, I do still
love your father.
To be honest, I'm
still in love with him.
I'm just scared.
To be honest, I'm terrified.
We'll be okay.
Everything will work out
the way it's supposed to.
I've been going
through a lot lately,
and I'm just...
You're the only one
on my side right now,
other than June Bug.
I just need somebody
to pick me up.
Jada, look, when I got
out of the hospital,
I came out of that coma,
I was different, changed.
I haven't had a drink since.
Truth is, my priority right now
is just getting my wife
and my daughter back.
I look at you, I watch you,
and you're not the same Jada
from 10 years ago, you know?
But you just glow.
You don't drink,
you don't smoke.
Nothing phases you.
That strength, you know, you
just have it all figured out.
You're on top of your game.
Maybe what I'm saying
is I just wanna be
more like my baby sis.
While I might look like I
have it all together, right,
I appreciate that compliment,
this is a practice, you know?
I gotta get up every day and
start over again, you know?
I have my own
affirmation recordings.
You know, you being
in that accident
was a huge trigger for me.
It brought back all the
things that we experienced
as kids, and things
that I thought
I had gotten rid
of a long time ago.
This what I want you to do.
Write down everything that
you don't like about yourself,
everything you wanna change,
and I mean everything.
I believe I'm a failure.
I don't feel worthy.
I'm an alcoholic.
I don't take full
responsibility for my actions.
I blame everyone for
my circumstances.
I resent my mother
for not protecting me.
I resent my father
for abusing my mother.
I lose focus easy.
I give up easy.
Burn the things that
you don't like, right?
So that the whole idea
is to just get rid
of the things that
you don't like.
So after you write
down all the things
that you don't like
about yourself.
You're gonna take those things
and write an affirmation
for each one.
So, for instance,
"I'm an alcoholic."
You're gonna transform that
into a word or a phrase
that makes you feel empowered.
Most people will be tempted
to say something like,
"I don't drink alcohol anymore,"
or "I don't have the desire to."
But you actually
wanna write something
like "I only drink things
that make me feel healthy."
Does that make sense?
I accept
people for who they are.
I accept the things
I cannot change.
I only eat food that
will nourish my body.
I'm accepting of the mistakes
that others have made
that may have affected my life.
I appreciate my family,
friends, and loved ones.
I'm successful in all that I do.
I am a loving husband.
I am a loving father.
I'm focused on
accomplishing my goals.
So, how you been, Rae?
Well, maintaining is good.
What about you?
I'm good.
So, any new developments?
I guess you can say that.
Kenya and I had a little spat.
- Really?
- Mm hmm.
She really wants her dad
and I to get back together.
Can't say that I blame her.
She's only 13, still innocent.
I guess.
You know, when Ephrem and I
dated back in high school,
those were the
days of innocence.
I miss those days.
Still love him, don't you?
I've tried shielding Kenya
from pain her whole life.
You know, protect her innocence.
But it's impossible.
'Cause at some point, you know,
pain and innocence,
they will cross paths.
When they do, it
just feels like,
feels like you're
tainted for life.
Nah, you did good, Rae.
Some kids get tainted
way younger than 13.
Hey, what happened?
Good ole uncle.
Everybody has one.
You stayed with your
husband two years too long.
The minute he put his hands
on you, you should've left.
Don't ever regret your
decision for leaving.
Now, whether you
should take him back.
You know what I love about
my relationship with Quinn?
The innocence.
Innocence, I don't
know about that.
I mean, he's never hurt me.
Just a matter of time.
I mean, he's gonna hurt
you, you're gonna hurt him.
We're human, it's what we do.
So, Dad's back home.
Yes, congratulations!
I'm so happy to hear that.
Thank you.
So, how's everything
been since he's been back?
It's been great.
I spend a lot of time with him.
That's good, and your mom?
Well, she comes around,
but I think she's still
seeing her boyfriend, though.
I see, and how does
this make you feel?
Angry, but I understand
he put her through a lot.
But why can't she
just forgive him?
Well, how do you
know she hasn't?
If she would have forgave him,
she would've taken him back.
He's not the same, I can tell.
Well, just because
she's forgiven him
doesn't mean she
necessarily wants him back.
You know, she remembers
the pain he caused her,
and memory can be good.
It's a sign of protection.
Just like, you wouldn't
go put your hands
on a hot stove, would you?
And why, because you
remember the first time
you did that, you
burnt yourself, right?
Yeah, I guess.
So, how ya been?
It's been difficult.
How's your husband?
He's improving.
That's good.
Kenya's been spending
a lot of time with him.
How have you been?
It's been difficult.
I'm sure.
So where do you stand,
you know, regarding us?
I don't know.
I'm thinking that I'm gonna
spend some time to myself.
- Okay, right.
- And raise Kenya
- as a single mother.
- So you're just
gonna take the easy way out?
- Easy?
- Yeah.
- Wow.
- By not making a decision.
Look, you, you
are something else.
I need time.
- I need time.
- Look, Raven,
- look, Raven-
- You keep pressing
- me for answers.
- Raven.
- I need time.
- Raven.
I have a new opportunity.
My company's expanding.
We're opening a new
office in Florida,
which I'm gonna have to
go and oversee, all right?
I'm hoping that you,
Kenya, will come with me.
We can start a new
family, all right?
We can get married.
I love you.
I love you.
I couldn't take Kenya
away from her father.
I was afraid you'd say that.
I guess I just made your
decision much easier, huh?
Why are you doing this?
Don't look at me like that.
I never thought that.
What'd you think
was happening, huh?
It's like you told
me, life's difficult.
It's not just black and white.
There's a lot of gray
areas, all right?
Divorces, car accidents.
You know, that's life.
You just gotta deal with it.
I'm sorry.
Where you going?
Yeah, that's right.
Yeah, that's right, go back
to your abusive husband.
Ephrem, I'm afraid of you.
I know.
I still love you.
I just don't know what to do.
Who says we have to
make a decision right now?
There's time.
We have a beautiful
daughter that loves us.
Let's just focus on her and
let the rest work itself out.
Quinn's moving.
His company is opening
a new office in Florida.
He wants me and
Kenya to go with him.
I think you know
the answer to that.
I only eat food
that will nourish my body.
I appreciate my family,
friends, and loved ones.
I accept people
for who they are.
I accept the things
I cannot change.
I'm successful in all that I do.
I'm accepting of
mistakes others have made
that may have affected my life.
I'm focused on
accomplishing my goals.
I am a loving husband,
I am a loving father.
You know, the
last time I craved ice cream
at two o'clock in the morning,
nine months later, Kenya
made her grand entrance.
Did you get a test yet?
I'm pregnant.
I thought you said
he had a vasectomy?
He did!
I mean, at least, almost five
months into our relationship.
And did he ever get a
final sperm count test?
What, what is that?
I don't know, he never
mentioned anything about that.
Well, that explains it.
He was supposed to go
back to the surgeon
and make sure the
sperm count was zero
before having
unprotected sex again.
Wow is right.
Hey, are you busy?
No, what's up?
Can you meet me at our spot?
Okay, sure, what time?
In about an hour.
Okay, see you soon.
What's wrong?
I'm pregnant.
How, how?
How's this happening?
I had the vasectomy.
Did you get the final
sperm count report?
The doctor said I should
be clear in 30 days.
Yeah, but did he
tell you to come back
and get the final
sperm count report
before having unprotected sex?
What, you don't believe me?
So what do you wanna do?
What do I wanna do?
What do you want me to do?
It's not like I'm gonna be
around to help you with it.
- What?
- I can't do this right now.
So you're just gonna
leave, huh, just gonna leave?
You walk back into my life,
you tell me you're
pregnant, and then you leave
without a plan?
Do you even care what I'm
going through right now?
Of course I care!
I wouldn't have come
back to tell you
that I was pregnant
if I didn't care.
It's not like I planned
any of this to happen.
I'm not a psychic, I didn't know
that any of this
was going to happen.
I have a daughter.
I have a daughter that
adores her father.
Why she adores him, I
will never understand,
after everything that
he has done to me.
But if I turn my back
on him right now,
she'll never forgive me.
Do you understand that?
She will never forgive me!
As for this baby.
As for this baby,
it took you, what,
a matter of seconds to
decide what should be done,
so, as far as I'm
concerned, I am on my own.
I'm sorry, Raven.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, so am I!
Ephrem, I've figured
out what I'm going to do.
I'm going to raise my
kids as a single parent.
I'm pregnant.
I just found out.
Oh, Quinn, he had a vasectomy,
and we didn't wait for the
final sperm count report
before having sex.
Raven, you're smarter than that.
I thought so, too.
What does he have
to say about this?
He doesn't want me to have it.
Look, Ephrem, I'm going
to have this baby.
I've already been
raising Kenya on my own
this past year, anyway, so,
that's what I'm going to do.
I'm not looking
for your opinion,
not your help, not
even your sympathy.
It's my decision.
I will figure this out.
I'll figure it out.
Sit down, please.
I don't want you to
keep walking out on me.
This is all my fault.
You were my family,
and I pushed you away,
pushed you into the
arms of another man,
and that would
have never happened
if I loved you the way
you deserve to be loved.
You're a phenomenal,
phenomenal woman,
with a lot of love
to give her man,
and if the price for my sins
is to raise another man's child,
with my wife, then so be it.
You're worth it.
And I love you.
I love you.