Ray Donovan: The Movie (2022) Movie Script

Wolf Parade's
"You Are a Runner And I Am
My Father's Son"
Ray Ray.
I got a number on me
I got a number
Won't make it through
the high noon sun
Well, I am my father's son
And I am my father's son
His bed is made
And I was a hero
Early in the morning
I ain't no hero
In the night
I am my father's son
And I'll build a house
inside of you
I'll go in
through the mouth
I'll draw three figures
on your heart
One of them
will be me as a boy
And one of them will be me
And one of them will be me
watching you run
Watching you run
Into the high noon sun
Watching you run
Farther than guns will go
You are a runner
With a stolen voice
And you are a runner
And I am my father's son
I am my father's son
I am my father's son
[phone line ringing]
[Amiot] Hello?
Who is this?
I gotta ask you something.
[Amiot] Ray?
[Ray chuckles]
I tell you something I did...
something bad...
you gotta tell the cops?
soft tense music
[Amiot] Ray, where are you?
[Ray] Doesn't matter.
I did it.
[Amiot] What did you do?
I killed my father.
Shit runs downhill.
Father to son.
Father to daughter.
What do you need, sweetheart?
To not be awake.
Please just leave me alone.
You all right?
I'm not gonna be able to do it,
Do what?
You and I both know
I won't make it in prison.
It's taken care of.
What is?
You're leaving tonight.
LA, for now.
Lena will meet you at the gate
with another ticket
and a passport.
Okay, so where
the fuck am I going?
Maybe it's better
if you don't know for now.
[door closes]
Be not inhospitable
to strangers,
lest they be angels in disguise.
To Smitty.
[all] To Smitty.
[indistinct chatter]
You got old, huh?
You owe me 80 bucks.
What for?
- [Matty] My Cutlass.
- [Mickey] What?
You double-parked my Cutlass
in front of the Stop & Shop.
I don't recall, Matty.
I didn't, neither,
till I got pulled over
two years later.
$20 ticket times four.
Oh. Okay, yeah.
Here's 53.
You know I'm good for the 27.
I know what you're good for,
Mick, and it ain't money.
That's where you're wrong,
Look here.
The fuck is that?
Something for your ex-wives
to fight over.
How much you looking for here?
Jim's son Kevin
was gonna give me 20 mil.
We were right
in the middle of the draw.
And then we hit
that little snag.
And what was that?
I think you must've heard,
[Matty] Heard what?
Declan got shot.
So who shot Declan?
Your son?
[Matty] Which one?
The Black one?
Why the fuck would he do that?
Crime of passion, Matty.
Declan killed his girl.
You can't hold a man accountable
for getting vengeance over love.
[Matty] Well, Jim Sullivan
won't see it that way.
You wanna move those papers,
you're gonna have to go through
Declan's people to do it.
I got no problem with that.
Do you?
You don't think
they'd be loyal to Declan?
I'm thinking it's paper
worth 20 mil.
At that number,
no one's fucking loyal.
[Terry] Grandpa Michael
wasn't a mobster.
Sure he was.
[Terry] No, he was just
a mean son of a bitch.
Oh, come on.
He was in the mob.
- He wasn't.
- He was.
He wasn't.
Sorry, Bunch.
He used to work the door
at Rose's hotel.
I remember that fucking place.
No, you don't.
You was too young.
Yeah, actually I do.
Mom, she used to drop
me and Bridge off there
when she had shit to do.
We'd sit at the bar
and drink cokes
with the cocktail waitresses.
Oh, and they fucking played gin
all day long.
I mean, they taught us.
I remember there was...
there was...
there were two Black ones,
and there were two white ones
and they were obese.
But fuck it.
They were nice
cocktail waitresses.
They weren't
cocktail waitresses, Bunch.
Yeah, and that hotel,
it wasn't no hotel.
[Ray] No.
It was a fuckin' whorehouse?
Proud descendants
of whoremongers
on your grandmother's side.
Did you know that, Daryll?
You're two generations away
from being a pimp.
Two? One.
Yeah, he was a pimp.
It all makes sense, though,
when you think about it.
I mean, raised in a whorehouse?
Beat every day?
It's probably the reason
Mickey is the way that he is.
That's what he should've done.
Mick should've been an
instructor at Arthur Murray.
Ballroom shit?
He'd be good at that.
With the leather pants
and a disco ball buckle on it?
Cheatin' old ladies
outta their husbands' money.
Yeah. Hey, hey.
Don't worry, darling.
'Cause it's all in the hips.
Oh, you fucking call that hips?
Give me a break.
Oh, hey, hey, it's electric.
- [laughter]
- [Ray] No, it's not.
- It's fucking pornographic.
- [laughter]
- Take it back!
- [laughter]
- Oh!
- [all grunt]
- And up!
- [all] Oh!
[overlapping chatter]
Bring it back now.
[Terry] Take it back,
take it back, take it back. Oh!
And hey!
You're up.
What are you doing?
Nothing. We were just...
No, I know.
I'm sorry.
I know what you're doing.
I'm just, um,
trying to figure out why.
We didn't mean
anything by it, Bridge.
Why is it so easy
for you to forget?
Forget what, sweetheart?
Someone's life.
To just...
drink it all away
as if someone's life
is just another bullshit story
to tell.
Another notch in Mickey's belt.
Along with...
with all the other stories,
all the...
whores and killers and thieves
that you're so fucking proud of.
That is what Mickey did to you.
All of you.
That's what makes you so alike.
He taught you how to forget.
soft dramatic music
[phone ringing]
[Molly] Were there many people
at the funeral?
Just us.
We're postponing Declan's
till we find my father.
Ray, you there?
[Ray] You home?
I'll be right over.
[elevator bell dings]
Everything is such a mess.
There's something
I gotta tell you.
About your father.
What is it, Ray?
He's gone, isn't he?
My father's gone.
We did everything Mickey said.
We gave him everything
that he wanted.
I'll get you the papers back.
I don't... I don't care
about the fucking money, Ray.
Are you coming?
[Ray] She would've been better
off if she never met me.
What does that mean, Ray?
[Ray] I got what I had coming.
What did you have coming?
poignant music
Ray Ray.
Fish gotta swim,
birds gotta fly.
Everybody's looking at you.
They're thinking
you ain't got balls.
That what you want 'em to think?
Ray Ray, trust me, all right?
I'll catch ya.
Come on, kid.
Trust me.
tense music
dramatic music
[priest] There is a time
for everything.
A time to be born.
A time to die.
A time to plant.
And a time to pluck up
the thing that has been planted.
Body of Christ.
Body of Christ.
[priest] Body of Christ.
[priest] Body of Christ.
soft tense music
[doorbell chimes]
Who the fuck are you?
My name's Ray Donovan.
[Matty] Mick's son?
The one who moved out West?
To become an agent or something?
Someone told me you were
banging that broad
from the movies.
The one from the cult show.
What's her name with the big...
You heard from my father?
[Matty] Mick?
Not in 15 years.
Why, did you lose him
or something?
What's that for?
If you see him.
[church bells ringing]
[priest] Stay strong,
stay strong.
We all loved her, Raymond.
I've been transferred
to another diocese
in Pennsylvania.
I'm so sorry to be leaving.
I'm gonna miss you and the boys.
You have been an angel
to this family, Raymond.
I hope you know that.
To all of us.
- You're fucking late.
- [Mickey] For what?
That shitshow?
You think I'm gonna sit in there
and watch that cocksucker
desecrate my daughter's body?
At least he was there.
soft dramatic music
She was my baby, Raymond.
That fucking fairy's
got no business
going anywhere near my babies.
Never seemed
to bother you before.
You're a piece of shit, Mick.
You always have been.
What do you want, boy? Huh?
I should've killed him then.
[Amiot] And then what?
I don't know.
Maybe none of this
would've happened.
[Amiot] You're probably right.
None of it would have happened.
No wife,
no kids,
no life.
Probably better
for everyone if I had.
That's some sacrifice, Ray.
You'd be willing to give up
all those years...
...all that life...
...just for him?
[engine turns over]
rock music playing
[bartender] What can I get you?
Whiskey, please. Neat.
Was that Matty Gleeson
who just walked out of here?
[chuckles] What?
Am I fucking Facebook
all of a sudden?
Am I asking the wrong guy?
Was my makeup running
or something?
No. Sorry.
I'm Evelynne.
What's your name?
Well, you look like you had
a rough day, Ray.
You mind?
My day was a fuckin' doozy.
A real four-star shitshow.
- Yeah?
- [scoffs]
Work over at the Gap.
Manager now, you know?
It's all right.
The benefits don't suck.
Keeps the rent paid.
And I get 40 percent off
the clothes, which, you know.
But today, it was like
the fucking running
of the bulls.
This whole busload
full of Japanese tourists.
You'd think they'd never seen
a pair of flat-front khakis
I mean, what the hell
do you think we are?
What did you say your name was?
I didn't.
Well, whoever you are,
finish your drink.
We're closing.
For the bottle.
Nice to meet you, Evelynne.
Coulda sworn
we had it all worked out
Bryan Adams'
"Cuts Like A Knife"
You had this boy believin'
Way beyond the shadow
of a doubt
Well, I heard it
on the street
I heard you might've
found somebody new
Come on, dance with me.
Dance with your girlfriend.
Come on, Ray.
Well, who is he, baby?
Who is he and tell me
what he means to you
Oh, yeah
Took it all for granted
But how was I to know
that you'd be letting go
[Colleen] Hey. Ray.
Come on. Look at me.
Look at me, baby.
Look at me.
But it feels so right
You all right?
It cuts like a knife
Oh, but it feels so right
[indistinct chatter]
I'll be right back.
I'm gonna use the girls' room.
Ooh, yeah
So wait a minute, darlin'
Can't you see we did
the best we could
Ooh, yeah
This wouldn't be
the first time
Things have gone astray
Hey, how you guys doing?
[Ray sighs]
Bridget was good people.
Wore her heart on her sleeve.
Never a bad word about anyone.
She loved you.
She was proud of you.
She was.
You look like shit, by the way.
Can I ask you something?
What about her?
[Abby] Why?
She's a whore.
A fucking coke fiend
and a half-wit.
So why?
Seriously. Why?
I don't know, Abby.
You don't know?
I don't know.
It's honest, at least.
It's honest.
You know what happens
if my father finds out
he's dealing coke
in the bathroom, right?
Oh, cuts like a knife
[Colleen laughs]
I mean, he's a romantic,
your father.
- Yeah?
- [Abby] Yeah.
[Mickey] Come on, let's get
the fuck out of here.
He may be a cocksucker, Ray,
but he sure loves being alive.
Do you?
[Amiot] "Do you?"
That's what she said?
soft tense music
What do you think she meant
by that?
I don't know.
She let him in.
Let who in?
I thought that if we could get
away, we'd be all right.
...she let the wolf in.
Opened the fucking door for him.
Who's the wolf, Ray?
[phone line trilling]
[Ray] How is she?
How's who?
[Bunchy] She's asleep.
She okay?
Yeah, she's okay.
[Ray] Good.
Where are you?
Fuck you doing in Boston?
Don't worry about it.
Go back to sleep, Bunch.
Look at this fucking guy.
- Come on, Arty.
- [indistinct chatter]
These fucking twinkletoes.
Look at him.
Hey, all right, fellas.
Hey, it's nice to see you.
- All right, all right.
- Let's go.
[Mickey] All right,
I'm coming, I'm coming. Jesus.
Oh, fuck.
Paint the street fuckin' red.
Hey, what the fuck
is this about?
I was just coming to see you.
You've been a busy fucking boy,
What the fuck you talking about?
I'm talking about
the 50 French blenders you stole
from the back of Sam's truck.
Oh, the Cuisinarts?
Yes, the fucking Cuisinarts.
When you gonna get it through
your thick fucking skull
these guys are not
to mess with, huh?
Oh, Jesus Christ.
That's what you're upset about?
[blow lands]
Hey, Jim.
Jim, I need you to, uh,
just do me a favor.
Broaden your fuckin' horizons
for a minute.
[blow lands]
All right. All right.
I need to talk to you
for a second, Jim.
Oh, fuck.
[wincing and panting]
Hey Ray Ray.
How are the boys?
Jim, sit down.
All right.
So the other day, um,
I'm sitting there
in the Taco Grande
and minding my own business
eating my chimichanga
in the corner.
And who do you think
walks in the front door?
What the fuck
are you talking about?
- Ezra Goldman.
- [Jim] Who?
Ezra fucking... I don't know.
Some Hollywood Jew.
It's not important.
What is important
is that they are shooting
a movie right here in Southie.
[Jim] So?
So what the fuck
do they know about Southie?
I'm talking to this guy
for ten minutes
and already he hires me on
as Sean Walker's personal
technical consultant.
- Sean Walker.
- Yeah.
- The movie star Sean Walker.
- Movie star Sean Walker.
Supposed to be some kind of
vigilante priest or something.
Yeah. Black Mass,
they're calling it.
Huh? And I'm telling you,
these guys are loaded, Jimmy.
A major motion picture here.
Trucks up and down E Street
loaded with expensive equipment
and no fucking security.
[Jim chuckles]
Oh, come on.
Camera, lights, you know,
trailers, these guys even carry
their own
fucking kitchens around.
You wanna make a play
for a hit on 'em, huh?
Well, I talk to this Ezra guy,
he, uh, brings the security
contracts to you.
Boom shakalaka,
you catch my drift?
And, uh, what do you think, Jim?
Ray here would make
a hell of a bodyguard.
Might even put in a word
with Sean Walker himself.
Ray, you know anything about
these movie trucks coming in?
I saw a couple of trucks
over on E Street.
How many trucks
we talking about?
soft dramatic music
Oh, come on Teresa.
Don't do that.
I just want to talk
to my daughter, all right?
I'm not drunk.
I'm lonely, and I miss her.
When my mother died,
my Aunt Rose told us
we had to stay up all night
watching the body.
And when I asked her why,
she said,
"Well, that's what wakes
are for.
To watch the body.
To make sure
they don't wake up."
We were terrified that she'd
start twitching at any moment.
But also half hoping
that she would wake up again.
Rose went downstairs
and starting cooking stew.
Oh, the smell.
The whole neighborhood
must have smelled that stew
because by four in the morning,
we had a full house.
And everyone brought something.
Booze, a bag, box of something.
Cakes, cookies.
I came downstairs
and everyone was there
sharing stories about my mom.
I never knew
I had so much family.
But you were right,
what you said about us.
That we forget.
There's a difference
between drinking to forget
and remembering someone the way
they ought to be remembered.
poignant music
Ray... Raymond.
[Bunchy] He's not here.
Where'd he go?
[Bunchy] Boston.
He went to Boston.
[Terry] When?
I don't know.
Last night.
He called me,
that's where he told me he was.
[phone line trilling]
Raymond, it's your brother.
What the fuck are you doing
in Boston?
[Terry] What?
Mickey's in Boston.
He's got those fucking papers.
That's probably why
Ray went up there.
No, he's not going up there
for that.
Do you know much
those things are fucking worth?
He's not going up there
for the money, Bunch.
He's gonna kill Mickey.
You gotta go up there.
Right fucking now.
[Bunchy] Oh, let me just call.
[Terry] No, he's not answering.
You don't go, then I gotta go.
[Bunchy] All right, all right,
calm down.
My dad's in Boston? Why?
We don't know, Bridge.
Bunch is going up there
to find out.
I'm going with you.
No, Bridge,
that's not a good idea.
I'm coming.
No, sweetheart.
It's not safe.
I don't care.
[engines turn over]
- [impact]
- [grunts and groans]
Where the fuck you going?
Get up, you piece of shit.
Get in the fucking car!
Get in the fucking car!
- Come on!
- I'm getting in.
- Get in!
- I'm in. I'm in.
[Pete] Stand him up.
Move! Move!
Get out of the fucking way!
[Pete groans] Fuck!
[both straining]
tense music
Matty, you fuck.
[tires squealing]
[Pete] Fuck.
- Hey.
- [Pete] Fuck.
[tires squealing]
[engine revving]
[Mickey] Raymond.
Oh, shit.
Son of a bitch.
No, no!
- [trigger clicks]
- [gasps]
[siren wailing in distance]
You want some gum or something?
Oh, hey, you can hook
my phone up to the Bluetooth.
Is this Mickey?
It's his briefcase.
What's in his briefcase?
What papers?
Stocks he wants to trade
for money.
If he hasn't traded it already
for coke and whores, you know.
Do you think
some people are just bad?
Yeah, I do.
Coke and whores.
[phone line trilling]
[Kevin] What do you want?
Hey Kev, it's Mick.
Yeah, that was some kind of
fuckup we got caught in, huh?
You know, it had nothing
to do with you and me.
[Kevin scoffs] No?
I mean,
Daryll was out for blood.
Shit between him
and your brother.
We just got caught,
wrong place wrong time, right?
[Kevin] Fuck you.
Still want those papers?
You're out of your mind.
I'm having a fire sale,
if you're interested.
75 percent off, today only.
[Kevin] Where are you?
Was that Mickey Donovan?
What does he want?
He wants to sell us
our money back.
[engine turns over]
soft dramatic music
[car horn honking]
[phone buzzing]
- Bridge?
- [Bridget] Where are you?
I need to talk to Bunch.
Are you okay?
I'm fine, sweetheart.
Where's Bunch?
Did you do it?
[Ray] Did I do what?
Kill Mickey.
Tell Bunch to call me,
all right?
Tell him I need him
to come get me.
[phone beeping]
[indistinct chatter]
[crew member] Hold traffic!
Pictures up!
We're rolling, guys.
[crew member] Roll sound!
[director] Action!
This is... this is bullshit.
[crew member] Cut! Cut!
[Sean] So you just
want me to walk up to him,
shoot him in the back,
and then walk away?
Yes, Sean, yes.
You reach into your robe
like so.
Just as you approach,
you shoot him in the back.
Then you put the gun
back into your robe
and you simply continue
down the street
as if nothing
at all had transpired.
That ain't how it works.
Shoot a guy in the back?
That's, uh, a warning.
[clears throat]
You wanna make him dead,
you gotta put two in the head.
That's what I thought.
[Mickey] Not even
a stupid fucking priest
is just gonna
walk down the street
and pull out a gun
where anyone can see.
Sean, we have worked this out
and it will be best
if the blocking...
I want to hear
what he has to say.
Show me.
[sucks teeth]
All right.
- Hey.
- Don't worry.
You'll get it back.
Come on, give me the gun.
It's rubber!
Fuck. It looks real.
I'll be you.
Come on.
You know what to do.
All right. Great.
[car alarm blaring]
Pow! Pow!
Second one in the head.
[car alarm blaring]
Everybody's looking at the car.
No one's the wiser.
[car alarm blaring]
That's what I was talking about.
[car alarm blaring]
[phone ringing]
Bridget took my car, my phone,
and my gun.
[Bunchy] We were on our way
to come get you.
What for?
To keep you out of prison,
that's what for.
[Ray] Why the fuck
would you bring Bridge?
She didn't really give me
a fucking option, Ray,
all right?
Look, we're both
worried about you.
What was... what was I gonna say?
All right. All right.
Where are you?
[Bunchy] Boston.
I need you to get my car.
It's at South Station.
Keys in the console.
And come to the Gardner Motel,
room 46, all right?
[Ray] People who forget.
Who just wipe their heads clean.
What do you call that?
[Amiot] Repressed memory?
[Ray] Yeah, repressed.
What are you thinking about?
Something my daughter said.
What? What did she say?
That I was taught to forget.
You didn't have
much of a choice, Ray.
Trauma's a thief.
The younger you are
when it starts
and the longer it went on...
the more memory
it will take from you.
[knock at door]
- [groans]
- [knock at door]
Jesus, Ray.
What the fuck happened?
It's not important.
Yeah, but did you find Mick?
What about Bridge?
[phone rings]
Is that her?
[Molly] Your father called.
[Molly] He's selling
the papers back to me.
I told him to meet me
at our house in Wellesley.
I thought you'd wanna know.
[Ray] I gotta go.
Whoa, wait, what's going on?
Give me the keys. I gotta go.
No, I'm coming with you.
No. You stay here.
Keep trying Bridge.
tense music
Lena. Hey.
Social Security papers,
and birth certificate.
This is your access code
to your Bancaribe account.
I want you to memorize it
and throw the paper away.
Bancaribe. Okay.
Now, I already checked you in
and made sure
your passport cleared,
but they're gonna check it
again at the gate.
- Caracas?
- They don't extradite.
- Okay.
- All right.
What I want you to do
is go through security
and stop for nothing,
not even the fucking bathroom.
You're gonna get to the gate,
you're gonna go on the plane
and pretend you're asleep.
- Okay.
- Mm-hmm.
So when... when can I come back?
I... I can't come back?
Not unless you wanna spend the
rest of your life in prison.
Daryll, don't fuck around.
Just get through security
and lay low until your flight.
- Okay?
- Okay.
[phone ringing]
[Bunchy] Hey.
I'm in Boston.
[Bunchy] So I'm...
I'm standing on the porch
of the house where I grew up.
And I... I don't know,
I got to thinking...
...what if I could get
a do-over?
You know, what if I bought
the house back, hmm?
What if I tried again?
I really think we could make
some beautiful
family memories here.
Brendan, you know
it doesn't work that way.
You know that.
Well, what if it did?
If it did, we'd all go back
to the shithole we grew up in
and live happily ever after,
every single one of us.
You wanna
come out here and visit?
Come out here.
I ain't making no promises,
but come out here
and you get a job,
and get some help.
Maybe I get some help.
Best I can do.
[phone beeping]
soft jazz music
[crossing signal dinging]
[train horn blaring]
Might not be a good time,
Mr. Goldman.
Call me Ezra, please.
Might not be a good time, Ezra.
I'm sorry,
I don't remember your name.
Of course. Ray.
Mickey was just teaching me
how to talk Southie.
Let's go to the packies
for some jimmies
so I can bang
the wicked hot cashier
at Dunkies.
[Mickey chuckles]
You ready?
I thought we'd have
some dinner over at Nona's,
maybe take in the town a little?
Sorry, Ezra.
Not tonight.
[Sean] I'm working.
You know that.
I'm doing the whole method
thing, and Mickey, he's...
Of course.
Do your thing, bubala.
I love you. Have fun.
You can take the rest
of the night off, too, Ray.
Thanks for everything.
Yeah, just take the rest
of the night off, Ray.
Do me a favor.
Keep an eye on that one,
and call me
if anything comes up.
I'll take care of it,
Mr. Goldman.
[Ezra] Ray.
You know what chutzpah is?
No, sir.
Well, you've got it.
Don't worry, it's a good thing.
[engine turns over]
soft dramatic music
- [Sean] Oh, you're bad.
- [Colleen laughs]
[Colleen laughing]
[Sean] You're gonna get me
in trouble.
[indistinct chatter]
- [Colleen laughing]
- [Sean] Whoo!
[indistinct chatter]
Oh, I got fucking stories.
True ones!
None of the priests I know
are fucking vigilantes.
Hi, baby.
They're too busy putting their
dicks where they don't belong.
rock music playing
[bartender] You gotta
help me out here, Ray.
They had enough fucking coke
to last them
till fucking New Year's.
I gotta close.
They're all corrupt.
Yeah, all right.
It's why you need guys like me
to keep the scorecard even,
you know?
Ted wants to close up.
Oh, not unless he's out of
fucking whiskey, he's not.
[Boston accent]
Not unless he's out
of fucking whiskey, he's not.
Time to go.
Hey, oh, how do...
what do you say...
Southie slang for cash?
Uh, I will give you,
my good sir, a grand of cash,
if you let us stay another hour.
Ray, lock up.
[Colleen] Come on, Ray.
When are we ever gonna party
with a movie star again?
Yeah, Ray, when are we ever
gonna get to party
with a movie star again?
[crossing signal dinging]
soft tense music
Where's Mick?
He's gone.
He told me it was yours.
[Molly] The money.
He told me it was yours.
He didn't take it?
[Molly] No.
It is yours, isn't it, Ray?
It's what you've been after
all along, isn't it?
You wanted the money
and you helped him.
Just say it.
soft dramatic music
Look, Molly.
Ray, where is he?
I'm so tired.
I just... I just want you
to tell me
what you've done to my father.
I'm sorry.
[Molly] Ray.
[Ray] Oh.
[engine turns over]
[Molly] Ray, where is he?
I just want you to tell me
what you've done to my father.
[Abby] Do you?
Do you?
[Abby] What did you do, Ray?
What did you do, Raymond?
What did you do?
- [crashing]
- [car horn blaring]
[Sean] What?
I banged it back like you said.
Yeah, but you're
still drinking it.
Yeah, she'll tell you
she's an orphan
You oughta open your mouth
and throw the whiskey
back in there
like you're trying to splash
the back of your throat.
The Black Crowes'
"She Talks to Angels"
[Colleen laughs]
You dance good, Mick.
Even if it doesn't
really match the song.
- [Colleen laughing]
- [Mickey] Oh, shit.
- Sorry.
- You all right?
Sorry, sweetheart.
Take a seat, Mickey.
Gotta sit this one out.
She paints her eyes
as black as night now
Mm, I need a cigarette.
Who's got a cigarette?
Pulls those shades down
[Colleen] Okay.
Yeah, she gives a smile
when the pain come
[sniffs deeply]
Pain gonna make everything
all right
[Sean] Your father's
a fucking character.
You know, I'm basing
my whole performance on him.
His tough-but-heart-of-gold
stuff, you know?
They call her out
by her name
Oh, yeah,
she talks to angels
He's got him good, Ray.
Oh, my God, that's perfect.
Don't do that.
[Boston accent]
You shoot a guy in the back,
that's a warning.
You wanna make him dead,
pop him in the head.
Put the gun down.
It rhymes, you know?
Two in the head, make 'em dead.
Two in the head, make 'em dead.
- Two in the head, make 'em...
- [gunshot]
Oh, my God.
Oh, fuck. Fuck. Fuck.
The cross from someone
she has not met
[Sean] I killed her.
Oh, my fucking God.
My life.
My fucking life.
Oh, my God.
Oh, yeah,
she talks to angels
Ray, Ray,
what am I gonna do, Ray?
Says they call her out
by her name
What am I gonna do?
I didn't mean to.
I swear to God, Ray.
Jesus Christ.
I'm going to prison.
I'm going to fucking prison.
I'm going to prison.
Give me the gun.
Give it to me.
[gun rattles]
You were in your trailer.
You had a few too many
with Mick and you slept there.
- What?
- Say it.
I got drunk in my trailer
with Mickey
and I... I slept there.
Gives a smile
when the pain comes
The pain's gonna make
everything all right
- [Ezra] Hello?
- Mr. Goldman.
You better meet Sean
in his trailer.
I'll call you later
with a place we can talk.
Says they call her out
by her name
Oh, yeah
Call her out by her name
[door closes]
Oh, angels
Call her out by her name
She talks to angels
They call her out
Call her out
Don't you know
That they call her out
By her name
[horn blaring]
Ray Ray. Ray Ray.
You okay?
[knocks on car window]
You all right?
Unlock the door.
Unlock it.
You okay? Huh?
I gotta call Ezra.
Come on.
I'll help ya, I'll help ya.
Here, here.
Just lie down. Just lie...
Let me see what you got, Ray.
Let me see it.
[Ray] Here.
[Mickey] This is bad, Ray Ray.
[Ray] I gotta find Bridge.
Listen to me, Ray Ray.
This is bad.
We gotta get you to a hospital.
No hospitals, Mick.
[Mickey] Put pressure on this.
I'm gonna get some towels.
soft dramatic music
Come on, trust me.
You're a good boy.
Don't let no one
tell you something different.
You were an angel.
[Mickey] What, son?
I know...
I know you tried.
You get that money, huh?
No, I didn't take it.
It was yours.
You deserve it.
[Ray] No, I don't.
[Mickey] Yes, you do.
You deserve the whole world.
What I did...
[Mickey] What you did?
You looked after, Ray.
You looked after us.
[Ray] No. What I did to you.
I want you to know...
...you didn't deserve that.
[Mickey] What?
Fish gotta swim.
You remember, fish gotta swim,
birds gotta fly.
I got to love one man
till I die.
Stay with me, Ray.
Stay with me. Stay with me.
Can't help loving
that man of mine
[both chuckle]
Tell me he's lazy,
tell me he's slow
Tell me I'm crazy,
maybe I know
Can't help loving
that man of mine
[Ray laughing]
When he goes away.
When he goes away,
that's a rainy day.
But when he comes back,
the day is fine.
The sun will shine.
[body thuds]
What did you do?
soft dramatic music
It had to stop.
It had to end.
[Ray] It's all right.
It's all right.
- [sobbing loudly]
- [Ray] It's all right.
It's all right.
Hey, hey.
I'm gonna be all right.
[Bridget crying]
Get her outta here, Bunch.
You hear me?
Get her outta here.
You're gonna be all right.
[grunts and groans]
[Amiot] Ray, are you there?
I know you tried to help me.
Please keep talking to me.
I... I didn't tell him.
You didn't tell him what?
I didn't tell him...
that I love him.
And I'm sorry.
I'm sorry
for what I did to him. I...
What did you do to him?
I put him away.
He didn't deserve that.
Wasn't his fault, but I...
I did it.
Even if I didn't shoot him,
I ended his life 30 years ago.
What do you mean,
"Even if you didn't shoot him"?
Room 46...
[Amiot] Ray.
...Gardner Motel, Boston.
[Amiot] No. No, wait.
The Rolling Stones'
"Shine A Light"
Saw you stretched out
In room 1009
With a smile on your face
And a tear right
in your eye
Couldn't seem
to get a line on you
My sweet
Hands, hands!
Let me see your hands!
Gun! He's got a gun!
Berber jewelry
Jangling down the street
Making bloodshot eyes
At every woman
that you meet
Could not seem
to get a high on you
- [siren wailing]
- My, my sweet honey love
[officer] Freeze!
May the good Lord
shine a light on you
Make every song
your favorite tune
May the good Lord shine
a light on you
Warm like the evening sun
When you're drunk
in the alley, baby
With your clothes all torn
When your late night
friends leave you
In the cold, gray dawn
Just seemed too many
flies on you
I just can't
brush them off
The angels beating
All their wings in time
Smiles on their faces
And a gleam
right in their eyes
Whoa, thought I heard one
Sigh for you
Come on up now,
come on up now
Come on up now
May the good Lord shine
a light on you
make every song you sing
Your favorite tune
May the good Lord
shine a light on you
Yeah, warm
like the evening sun
Come on up now,
come on up now
Come on up now,
come on up
May the good Lord
shine a light on you
Make every song you sing
Your favorite tune
May the good Lord
shine a light on you
Warm like the evening sun
Ah-nah-nah-nah-nah yeah
soft dramatic music