Ray Meets Helen (2017) Movie Script

- Happy birthday, Helen.
- What were you doing in Peru?
- Insurance legwork, but--
- But what?
- Well, who's
laughing this morning?
- He is.
- Who's he?
- Him.
- Oh, for me?
Oh, black roses are
usually a curse.
Are we mourning this morning?
- We are.
Now, more.
That's it?
- That's always it.
- Half empty?
- Half full.
- I see.
So I'm here but I'm not.
- Lady, it's early, okay?
- Oh, I'm sorry, well,
when is good for you?
How about too late?
Is too late good enough for you?
- How about that?
- Oh, um, I'm looking for
American Signature Bank.
Do you, do you know?
- Oh, yeah.
You're on Sunset Street.
That's on Sunrise.
- Oh, didn't look hard enough.
Much obliged.
- One more then?
To clean it up.
- Is that woman okay?
- For what?
Last one.
- Just like that?
Everything stops?
Who knows?
What are you afraid of?
- Somebody getting hurt.
- You're sweet.
- Hardly.
- And kind.
- It's summer time.
Put a smile on.
- Heads never
coming back, tails.
Nothing left behind.
Jealous men always find more
than they imagined.
- Are you all right?
- I always thought so.
- One for the daddy.
- Do you need a ride?
- A ride?
- Thought I
was eating chicken.
- Everybody eats chicken.
That's part of the problem.
- What do you think I got?
- I think you'll live.
- So, when do you get off, Rose?
- Never.
97 hours I worked last week.
I was born in this
hospital, gonna die here.
- In between, you want
come over to my apartment?
New waterbed.
- Press there.
- You know, you really
gotta see this waterbed.
- I'm considering it.
- It's amazing.
It's got lights,
it spins, vibrates.
- Spins, huh?
- Yeah.
360, all the way around.
- I'm intrigued.
- Raymond O'Callahan?
- Yeah.
- X-rays are inconclusive.
Blood tests will tell us more.
If you haven't heard anything
in a week, you're fine.
24 hours, it's serious.
Morphine switch in room four.
- Got it, doctor.
- Thanks for coming, Harve.
- What'd the doctor say?
- Well, they took blood.
- Your personal doctor?
- I don't have a
personal doctor.
Wasn't easy getting this.
- Oh my.
Not easy.
'Cause what I have is
extremely difficult.
But you're a large
part of that, Ray.
- I did what you told me.
- I told you to cheese
over a customs agent?
- I'm sick.
- No, let me explain sick.
The senior veep's out
to kill my career.
But I have to ignore that issue
and beg him to call his pal
at U.S. customs for you, Ray.
So, do me a favor.
Drop dead.
- I got you what you wanted.
- No, no, no.
What I got is whole
lotta noise right now.
I got an armored
truck crash in hell.
My policy, my client.
The veep could give two
shits about this case.
Only wants blood, mine.
Yet, I have to grovel for you.
So, hey,
you hear that?
Hear it
because you're
finally there, Ray.
Rock bottom.
Ginger and I are
done, I certainly am.
And just so you know, I
never touched her once
while you were together.
- That how it's done?
- You look me in the
eye and say that.
Otherwise I got
senior VP issues.
Now to fix them,
I slept with my COO,
a nice, proper widow
and I ain't sorry about that.
I don't regret it.
That's how it's done.
- Let me have
this one, Harve.
- Fine, I'll
talk the next one.
- Your truck crash
in hell, the legwork.
- Are you that punch drunk?
- I'm not sneaky enough for you?
- I considered myself
over 50 years for you Ray,
to help you become
something, a champion.
- Except I wasn't.
- Half a life ago, Ray,
and you're still suffering.
Make your own luck
or get crucified.
- Serious.
- We can't
just give you money.
- I'll
pay, it's my word.
- With the mortgaged
assets and no income?
I'm sorry, Mrs. Wilder.
- Oh, I'm not Mrs.
Wilder anymore.
I just don't know
how to put it back.
My family is all gone and all
their debts are coming to me.
And I just need a little
money for a short time.
- Happy birthday, Mr. Loomis.
- Thank you, Harold.
Did you get some birthday cake?
It's Devil's Food.
- I love
Devil's Food cake.
- Delicious.
- Thank you.
- I thought that's
what you do here.
- I'm sorry, we do what?
- You give money to people
with money problems.
- I am sorry for your hardship,
but you have to
qualify on paper.
- I don't want your
sympathy, mister.
And I don't weep.
Do you?
- Yeah?
- This is
Empire Hospital.
Am I speaking with
Raymond O'Callahan?
- You're calling me.
- Is this a bad time?
- No.
Doc said an early call meant--
- What's the
doctor's name, please?
- Can't remember
what her name was but
you're calling me.
- Yes, sir,
we're calling you.
We need to make an
appointment, it's serious.
- Yeah?
- Hey, Ray, Ray.
- Harve.
- Stop
talking, listen to me.
How are you?
- How am I?
- Busy?
- I just got a call from--
- Stop, listen to me.
Are you functioning well?
- Better than ever.
Is that good enough?
- Ready, Harve.
- Look, I need the truth.
Always about the truth.
- All dressed up, Harve.
- The truth as we enter
into this place as invisible
as the air we breathe,
as the love inside.
- You still there, Harve?
- Listen, I need you to
- Yeah?
- Joan?
I need you to go to
Federal and Gardner.
Ask for Detective
Dukes, real prick.
Door to door, basic
report, by Friday.
- Jab cross, left cross.
- Ray.
We're even, forever.
- My name is Mary McCloud.
I'm alone in a life
of so many people.
No family or true friends.
After plenty of bad days, I
should be ready for a good one.
- Don't you think?
- Please leave me
- Please leave me
where you found me.
No need to tell anyone.
Help yourself to
whatever I have.
My gift to you.
Whoever you are.
I am at the guarded district
where an armored vehicle
crashed last night,
spreading $250,000
throughout the area.
- Get those two bozos
behind the tape.
And keep everybody back there.
- Yes, sir.
- Now!
- Detective Dukes, I'm
with Mutual Insurance.
- This is an
investigative scene, pug.
Stand right over there.
Stand over there.
I want three POs down the way,
I want two POs on
this intersection.
- We only got the two.
That's all they could send.
- Those jack offs.
- Listen, I just saw--
- No, you listen.
You will not impede
police operation.
Any violation and you
will be dealt with, hard.
- Sure, but I just saw--
- I said listen.
That means don't talk.
Horrible picture.
Report all your movements
to Detective Brank
and make sure you
report them accurately,
once you go for your
waistband, get shot.
- Boo.
- Hey, mister, mister.
- Please return to your seat.
- No, I want to get off.
- Next stop, Kirkland County.
- You want to
talk to these guys?
- What guys?
- Right on the sidewalk.
- They're not
bothering anybody, why?
- They're wearing masks.
- We're all wearing
masks, Brank.
- Excuse me, ma'am.
Ray O'Callahan, Great
Mutual Insurance.
It's a temp ID.
- Mm-hm.
Bad crash?
- Yeah.
- Wind, rain,
all that loose mail
blowing in the air?
Bought some gifts for the
little ones on the block
with the bill I found.
But this is worth the same.
Or call Uncle Sam.
- You keep that, ma'am.
- Belongs to your company.
- Uh, you spend it
on the little ones.
We don't need it.
- Then why come around?
- What?
- Am I speaking
with Raymond O'Callahan?
- Yeah, that's me.
- This is
Empire Hospital
regarding a blood test result.
- Well, is it serious?
- This is
the appointment desk.
I don't know.
- Well, who does know?
- Sir, it's urgent.
Spell your last name.
- O'Callahan, O, apos--
- Hold on.
- No, no, don't put me on hold.
- Whoa.
Do you know this?
- Taxi.
- Swanky.
- Yeah, that's a restaurant.
You're across the street here.
- How much?
- 40 even.
- $40?
- Yeah, and
that's American, not pesos.
- Here.
- Oh, gee, thanks, now I
can get that operation.
- Oh my God, Mary, Mary.
Oh, baby, tell
me we're through
How could I think
that I'm losing you
You say you love me,
you say we gotta meet
How could I be so
wrong, I'm never wrong
How could I be so wrong
- Are you gonna come
in for a little bit?
Just for one drink?
One drink, honey, for old times.
- We're just
here to talk, Ginger.
- We'll just talk
and then maybe we'll
dance a little and then
maybe we'll fuck a little,
I don't know, we'll just
see how it goes, you know.
You say you love me
- 512.
Five, one, two.
- Let's move
those two out.
We've got a big party
of big spenders coming.
Thank you.
- Always company, Ginger.
- May I take your hat?
- No.
- Would monsieur like
a drink before dinner?
- Bourbon.
- We have bourbon,
idle flower supreme.
- Straight.
- D'accord.
Bourbon, give him
the cheap stuff.
- You got it.
- Did madame
leave room for dessert?
- Um, pie.
- We have guava rum pallet
or pomegranate meringue.
- Oh, just, chocolate
ice cream and cookies.
- What?
- Your
bourbon, monsieur.
- Give me the check.
- Oui, monsieur.
This clown wants his check.
- Figures.
- Rock bottom.
- Madame.
- That man over there,
he needs some help.
- He's impatient.
- That's all?
- That's enough.
- Merci,
Madame McCloud.
- Oh, I knew it.
You didn't service this
non comprede, madame.
Would you like to add it?
- What?
- The tip.
- Oh, how much?
- Well, it's entirely up to you.
Did we please you?
- Just, how much,
I gotta get going?
- Well, 25% is normal.
More if you like, 30, 35.
- How much is that?
Tell me how much.
- 105, total.
- $105?
- Deal.
- This is Mary, thank
you for calling.
I won't be home for a while.
Leave a message if you like.
- Yael!
Look, Mary, I know
you've been calling.
I don't need to call
you twice, okay, Yael?
You have a pen?
Have I got to do
everything myself?
Seriously, woman.
Car ready?
The bag?
Okay, thanks, go,
go, go, go, go.
I know you've been calling.
But, frankly, I haven't really
felt like speaking to you.
I would very much like
to forgive you, Mary,
for what you did
to me, but, sadly,
I can't.
So, I guess, now this
is going to have to be.
Although I sincerely tried.
Oh, baby, I treated
you so right
You gave me sugar every
day and every night
But now you're leaving
and making me feel blue
It's such a heartbreak song
- Are you a friend
of Jimmy's, 208?
- No, I don't know Jimmy.
- Are you sure?
'Cause if you don't know
Jimmy, you are lucky.
He had to have his
jaw wired shut.
Wired shut.
He lost over 50 pounds.
And not the good 50.
He got ugly.
Didn't stop him from trying to
write me love poems, though,
the way he kept
pronouncing it was meh.
It really turned me
off out in the jaw.
Hey, hey.
You know, I'm really
the only true romantic
left in this building.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Bye.
- Bye-bye.
What a strange little rabbit.
But when it's over
and you think of me
- And some men,
all they want to do
is get married and have babies.
And then other men, men
you really want to be with,
I mean, they just, they
can barely spend the night.
I think, do you know what,
I think Harley has to go.
- How do you know?
- Because he does
this little wiggle.
- Hunter just goes.
Goes wherever he wants.
Wow, that's a big one for him.
Betty, why do you have a glove?
- They're fantastic,
what do you mean?
- Use my bag.
What's wrong with you?
- Oh, oh, wait.
I have an idea.
- Betty, that's disgusting.
- Oh, no, this is
perfect, what do you mean?
- Betty, that's
why you're single.
- What are
you talking about?
This is so much more sanitary.
- Walking around
wearing masks seems suspicious.
- No, not them.
That's community watch.
It's that insurance
guy, he's dirty.
- I don't know.
- It's better
you don't know,
it's better you don't know.
- Hey, you want to open up?
- Hey.
- Parents home?
- No.
- Aunt?
Older brother?
I work for an insurance company.
What's your name?
- Andre.
You wanna see something?
You can drive up to the bank.
They give it to you.
- Andre, I'm gonna ask
you some questions.
- Okay.
- That big crash,
truck was hauling
what they keep in
your bank there.
That's why I'm here.
I work for the
insurance company.
- What's a surance company?
- You don't know
what insurance is?
- No.
- Game.
Business game.
Shouldn't be saying that.
- Why not?
- All I mean is bad things
happen on their own.
Come right at you.
Right out of it.
So you want to stay
on your toes, ready.
Dukes up, head
down, keep moving.
- Elbows in.
- You play that?
- Sometimes.
- I was Navy light
heavyweight champ.
Then turned pro.
Harve managed.
Piano took the
sting out of a bout.
Best time of my life.
Chicks dig boxers.
Nobody ever beat me
in the ring, not once.
Right in there.
Where your fortune gets told.
- Does it hurt?
- Hurt?
Stray bullet, block away.
Shattered my club,
bore into my power.
Then out again.
Who knows where.
Blink of an eye.
No more boxing.
No piano.
No chicks.
Wasn't even 30.
Feels like yesterday.
- Look what I found
in the street!
A bird.
- Fell out of a tree?
- You can have it.
- Me?
Jewelry type?
Good turning this in.
Now, let me ask you
something serious.
Man to man.
Come sit down.
You'd tell me if you found
any cash lying around?
Like when I saw you yesterday,
'cause you hit on the money
in the street, keep it,
lotta trouble.
- Why?
- Breaking the law, big time.
That dough belongs
to the company.
Harve says they don't
even care about it, but
you make your own luck.
When there's nothing where
something used to be,
something you
thought hung around.
Count's late, gotta get
to your feet, or you lose.
- Want a popsicle?
I was in Peru on a job.
Sick after my first meal.
Hospital won't say anything.
Poorly run place.
Amazing anybody comes out alive.
This place is a dump.
I should talk.
Haven't talked to anybody.
Since Ginger split.
Couple years.
Never marry someone you
meet in Atlantic City.
- New Jersey?
- I watch her, sometimes.
To connect.
Believing's what hurt.
It wasn't love.
Better not be.
Now because I do a
job nobody wants,
like this one, only
worse, and I deliver.
Now I might die from it?
No way.
Not me, not now.
Down, maybe, but.
What's this?
- Open it.
- Whoa.
Your parents,
where are they now?
You tell 'em about this?
You told nobody?
Sit down.
Let's count it.
I'm the insurance guy here.
Okay, one.
Two, three, four--
- Four stacks of
100, four stacks of 50s,
and two stacks of 20s.
- Plus these in my
hand is how much?
- 74,000.
- 74,000.
74,000, 74,000.
Gotta think this
through, do something.
Something right.
- From yesterday.
All one-hundreds.
- How many?
- 16.
- 16 hundreds?
Where you keeping this?
That box fits under the chair.
- Yep.
- Great spot.
- Has a lock on it, too,
so no one can get to it.
- Yeah.
And nobody else knows?
Just you and me.
Twist of fate, miracles.
Butcher knife.
Ready to jump.
So close.
But I knew!
I knew!
A gift!
A true gift!
Dicey, though, dicey.
Can't blow it, can't.
Parents gonna be back when?
This is nuts.
I gotta take it with me.
- I wanna take a nap.
- All right, fine,
but I better stay,
your parents and
me, we have to...
Tomorrow, maybe, huh?
Yeah, a little distance,
yeah, that's better, yeah.
Yeah, okay.
Yeah, yeah, cover
it up, you know.
Maybe we should
leave, leave that,
'cause I don't think
it'll fit with,
yeah, okay.
There we go, that should be
safe if you don't say anything.
I'll just.
You sleep, I'll lock up.
Don't tell your
folks, let me explain.
Promise me.
- Promise.
- Yeah, good man.
- Side by side, inside and out.
- Does it ever rain here?
Once a big storm made a
hole over the back room.
I was gonna go back the next
morning to where you were
and, I don't know,
call the sheriff.
Family history's in there so
I had to patch it right away.
But your letter
said to do nothing.
You're a part of that room now.
That fella who called you.
He wasn't very nice.
What it must have felt
like, who could ever say.
- You imagine yourself
sailing into the sky,
part of a traveling caravan,
hopeful not to be
traveling alone.
- Push the damn veal.
- You got it, boss.
- Bienvenue, monsieur.
- By the window.
- Watch your step.
Is it your first time with us?
- Hey.
She almost done?
- I don't think so.
This way.
Would monsieur like a
drink before dinner?
- What's expensive?
- Well, champagne.
- Whole bottle.
- Oui, monsieur.
- Good one.
- Oui.
- And some of that onion
dip you got at 20 bucks.
- Ah,.
Oui, monsieur.
- Only live once.
That outfit.
Look at that skin.
Classier than any dame
I've ever seen, by far.
What were you thinking?
This dress, hairdo, everything.
Certainly don't want to
talk with some sharp man
trying to pick you up.
When's the last
time that happened?
- Play something romantic.
- Oui, monsieur.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- Monsieur?
- Something the ladies like.
- Ooh, la la!
- I'm celebrating.
What are you up to?
- Who?
- You.
How's the soup?
- Could use a kick.
- With anybody?
- Who?
- Are you alone?
- Alone?
- Want to ask if
I'm with anybody?
- No.
- Looks like I ordered right.
Want some?
- No.
- Bring her a glass.
Puts beer to shame.
- Madame.
- Go ahead.
Must have something
to celebrate.
- Me?
Well, birthday.
- Happy birthday.
- Thank you.
- Whoa, whoa.
- Pretty good punch.
- Pretty good punch.
- Place like this, they
never serve anything crummy.
No way the onion dip
comes out of a box.
- You gotta fool with 'em some.
- You sound like a good cook.
- I can cook.
- Married?
- Who?
- Are you married?
- What kind of a
question is that?
- I was.
I wanted kids.
- I thought I was happy.
I don't know what happened.
- I like the view
from your table.
- There was a fella here last
night with a pair of binocs.
What are you doing?
- Could never finish it myself.
Lot of bubbles, huh?
- Yeah.
- Excuse me, excuse me.
Somebody's sitting there.
- Yeah, me.
- Armond?
- Oui, monsieur?
- This gentleman
took my chair.
- Here, relax.
- They're
late, no problem.
- You around the bend, mister?
- First drink today.
Ray O'Callahan.
- It hits the spot.
It tickles my throat.
- It means it's working.
- Voila.
Madame, monsieur, bon appetit.
- Help yourself.
- Sorry sight for sure.
- What?
- That fella last night.
- Oh.
Might have been told bad news.
Knew you were watching,
probably say forget it.
- Yeah, his business for sure.
- There you go.
Yeah, being ready.
That's the trick.
- Ready for what?
- For when you do
what you have to do.
- Well, what you have to do,
what if it's not right?
- What's not right?
- The thing you have to do.
- Why wouldn't it be?
- Well, plenty isn't.
I mean, how do you know?
Somebody knows something.
But you don't know.
- That's what I'm saying.
- Didn't sound like that.
- What's right for you?
- But, but what if your
heart feels it's right,
but it's wrong by the law?
- Law?
Where'd that come from?
- Then what would you
be getting ready for?
- Jail?
Cops, crooks, companies.
All out to get you.
Trust me.
Wicked world.
- Why?
- Why what?
- Why should I trust you?
- On a lucky streak.
You'll see.
Ever been to Japan?
- Japan?
- I was.
In the Navy.
How about Paris?
- Paris, France?
- Yeah.
Me neither.
- Bahamas.
That fella last night, he
might have been snooping,
that window?
He could have been peeping.
- Listen.
I'm gonna promise
something, right now.
Before I'm done, I'm
getting to the sweet spot.
That's what I want to say.
Now you tell me
something about yourself.
- There is something else.
Something I saw.
It already happened, but
to somebody who had
plenty to live for.
Somebody I might
have made a friend.
I just wish there was
something I could have done.
She had to feel terrible
to do something so awful.
- Drop it.
Nothing terrible
allowed tonight.
That we're talking about anyway.
- Why do you keep
staring like that?
- Some people are gonna
meet against long odds,
no matter what.
- Which people?
- People.
Two people.
Like it was fixed beforehand.
- What's fixed?
- Would monsieur like a menu?
- Too noisy here.
Bring the check, hers
too, I'm paying both.
- You're paying for
my dinner, mister?
- Ray.
My pleasure.
We can go some place
a little quieter.
Primadonna, probably
not even French.
- Not French?
Why would he pretend
to be something?
I never got my steak.
- You want to stay then?
- No.
I don't know.
- Got something
for your birthday.
Was picturing it
around your neck.
- You're giving this to me?
- If you tell me your name.
- My name is Helen.
- Happy birthday, Helen.
- Mary.
- Oh, you mean Helen
Mary or Mary not Helen?
- Well.
- Monsieur.
- $440.
- Well, it's a
1998 Dom Perignon.
Would you like me to bring
madame's steak au pair?
- No.
Keep it.
- Keep what?
- The change.
- This is only $60,
that's only 13.6%.
- Hey, Mack, take
it or leave it.
- It's supposed to be 35%.
- Eh, voila.
- So, Mary Helen,
where are you from?
- Country.
- Like Sweden
or something.
- Sweden.
Killdeer County.
I'm an hour up from Elkens.
Place there with somebody.
- Oh.
- Guy?
Kind of a farmer,
kind of a loner.
- So you stay on a farm
in Killdeer County?
Nobody to help or hired hand?
- No.
- Boyfriend?
- Donnie Guthrie.
She let Donnie Guthrie be
her boyfriend for a while but
then he got mean and Dan
Spawn used to come by.
Until he moved out of town and,
then, I don't know,
the men got older
and she got older
and house is old.
Costs a lot to die.
Funny, such a quiet thing.
- Nobody's dying, let it go.
- That's what we
were talking about.
- We weren't talking about it.
- No fun losing things.
I used to swim.
Deep end never scared me.
- What do you think?
- Carnival, when I was 10.
This gal did somersaults
through a hoop of flames.
- Better watching this than TV.
- No.
My TV broke five years ago.
- I'll buy you a new one.
Me too.
Get a deal.
- The kind of money you
have, never saw that.
Why would I want
you to buy me a TV?
- I like you.
- How do you know that?
You like me, how do
you know these things?
- 'Cause I said so.
- Enough personal stuff.
- Get some food.
Friends, everybody.
- I'm naked underneath.
And so are you.
- Let's go, let's go.
People have their pride.
- Man, that felt good.
Why'd that feel so good?
- So are you.
- I used to play.
- I sang.
In front of 300 people at
my high school graduation.
Beautiful Dreamer.
My mother used to
sing it as a lullaby.
She changed the lyrics some.
- I know that song,
everybody does.
- I could dance, too, I
was a really good dancer.
- Yeah.
- Hey, big spender.
- Get up, I'm gonna play.
- Oh, no, buddy, no, I'm sorry.
Nobody plays the piano but me.
My method, my means,
I'd sooner hurl myself,
to Mr. Benjamin Franklin.
Cheers, have at it, comrade.
Beautiful dreamer
Awaken to me
Know that this romance
was destined to be
Who could imagine
such a refrain
Chance is, old suitor,
who won't call again
Dreamer, youth of my heart
Love has been waiting
to set us both free
The world can no
longer keep us apart
Beautiful dreamer
awaken to me
Beautiful dreamer
Awaken to me
Beautiful dreamer
Awaken to me
- You're gonna
like this place.
Got a good write up in Boxing
Weekly, said it was good.
- Don't waste your
money, pal, terrible.
- It's the
worst place ever.
- What's this?
- Whatever you want it to be.
- Hey.
This cart's better over here.
- What kind of man doesn't give
his princess what she wants?
- You want to do this?
Tell you what.
You pour champagne, we stay.
- Funny
guy, caviar too?
- Get a bottle of
Don Herringbone from
the liquor store,
we'll see.
- Benny!
- Huh?
- Come over here.
- Where do you get
all this money?
You rob your own
bank or something?
- Cheap champagne, go.
- You spend
like a rich uncle.
- Who doesn't want to be rich?
Your farmer?
- She just wants
to get on through.
- To somewhere better.
Money'll take you there.
- Tractor just takes
you up and back.
- Yeah, you've never
been on a tractor.
- The hell?
- Too pretty.
My God, you're pretty.
- You're nice to me.
Appreciate it.
- Hello, my friends,
the lovely couple.
Welcome to the
international cuisine.
- Bring us something
special, with hotdogs in it.
- I know exactly what you want.
It will make your hair stand up.
- Got any drive left?
- Any parts that still work?
- A few.
- Well, fine.
- Just don't talk about dying.
Talk about living.
Why don't you tell
what's her name?
- Whose name?
- Your friend.
- You don't need
to know her name.
- I want to say
something about her.
- Well, you don't even know her.
- I just met you, Mary,
and I could say something.
- Well, you don't
know Helen Wilder,
so just hold your tongue.
- Helen Wilder?
- No, what, I,
that's not her name.
And don't think it is
because I just made that up
to trap you.
What's this?
- Whatever you
want it to be, princess.
- Where's the damn champagne?
- Champagne!
It's already cold, boss.
- Up to code?
- Boss, this is good though.
- Just go.
- Okay.
- Come on.
- Here you go.
- It's good.
- Yeah, not as good
as the other stuff.
- I got for you
something special.
- What are you doing here?
- You okay?
- Tell me, tell me what
you were going to say
about Helen Wilder.
- Right now, that's
on your mind?
- Tell me.
Tell me.
- Meeting your friend,
Mary, Mary Helen.
Made me feel like
champ of the world.
Never had that feeling before.
- I'm not Mary.
I'm not Mary.
- Let's go some place.
- The apartment, the apartment.
- What, here?
- Yeah.
- We can't go in here!
- Why?
Don't you want to anymore?
- Do you know Ginger Faxon?
- I don't know anybody.
Come on.
- Hey.
What's this all about?
- The sky's on fire.
- Yeah, it is.
- Leave a
message if you like.
- Don't answer that.
- Mary, I dream
of sleeping in your bed
and making love to you, I
want to absorb your beauty.
- That's not--
- Hush.
- Your scent, your nipples.
Mary, I'm sorry you must feel
for the suffering
that you caused to me.
You must, but just.
You were the one, Mary, the one.
- I don't
know who that is.
- Broke every fucking
promise that I, I'm sorry.
- There's no rhyme or
reason to any of it, Ray.
- It didn't matter to
me that you were old
and more experienced, that was--
- Oh.
I can't straighten it out.
You shouldn't be here.
- Will any man ever
be enough for you?
- Better go.
- They won't be enough for you.
They can't be enough for you
with your insatiable demands,
it's impossible!
- Are you going, Ray?
- No man will ever
be enough for you!
- Let's forget
everything, everybody.
I won't hurt you.
- I have to tell you something
that I couldn't tell you before.
- Later.
We'll both tell.
You won't believe mine.
- No.
A woman died and I disappeared.
- You really shouldn't
think so much about dying.
If you're in
trouble, I'll fix it.
- No, you don't understand.
These aren't even
my clothes, Ray.
- Then take 'em off.
I'll start.
- I looked different, I was
different, I am different.
- Everything about
you is different.
I could go for you in a big way.
- Oh, she was just lying there.
With her head looking away
like she didn't want to be seen
and then she was...
Like nothing could stop her.
And you can't,
you can't go back.
You can't go back, nobody can.
- So you hold on.
No matter what
they hit you with.
Bad luck and all.
- Hold on to what?
- That special feeling,
the one you live for,
no matter how long
it's been hiding,
the one I'm getting
back because of you.
- Ray.
- Want to go
for something new?
- New, you can't, you
can't be something new
just because you
wonder about it.
You can't, you can't change
your hair and be a new person,
you just can't.
No, I don't cry, I don't cry.
- I can fix it.
- Don't cry, don't
cry, don't cry.
I don't have anything
for you, Ray.
- Everything.
- But I'm not a new person.
I'm stuck.
I have to make a phone call.
- Now?
- Yes, it's really important.
Would you just go
outside in the hall,
just, just for a minute?
- I don't
want to talk anymore,
there's nothing to talk about.
- No need to apologize.
- I gotta go, G,
I just gotta go.
- I get it.
I was just another part of
your jazz ensemble, huh, Harve?
Just another toot on your horn.
- Sheriff's Department.
- Is this Killdeer
County Sheriff's Office?
- Yes, ma'am.
- Oh, it is?
- Ma'am?
Yes, ma'am.
How can I help you, ma'am?
What's on your mind, ma'am?
- Wrong number.
- Is there a problem?
- Goodbye, Ginger.
- Liar!
You love me!
- I never said that!
- No.
I never needed it.
You won't even cuddle with me.
- Take care, G.
- At least I could trust Ray.
- You and I broke Ray's trust
like a piece of stale bread.
Now, I'm not proud of that.
- Ray's a chump.
He's just a chump.
You and I spark.
We spark together.
Harvey, isn't that
worth something?
- Mostly it isn't.
Ray had championship potential.
- Oh, really?
That was before my time.
You're just mad 'cause I'm
young and pretty and you're not!
Harve, we lit it up together!
- Ray!
- Why do you want to
put that light out?
There's so little light.
- You're right about that.
- Fine.
Love is for sissies.
- Did you mean
what you said to me?
- Everything, Mary.
- Did you mean
the things you said?
You promised, you promised.
- Everything,
everything, Mary.
- Don't call me that.
Call me Helen.
- What if I
fell for you, Helen?
- I want to go home,
I want to go home.
I belong there, I
don't belong here.
Come on.
- Okay.
- Where are you going?
- Let you sleep.
Nothing can stop us now.
Got the magic.
- But, Ray.
Ray, Ray, Ray.
Don't you want to do something?
- Everything.
- Yes, right now.
Not standing up, it hurts.
- Tried not to wake you.
- Look at me.
Look at me without the fancy
haircut and the swanky clothes.
Just look at who I am.
- Haven't stopped.
- Could I come with you?
I could be ready now.
- Take your time.
Got stuff to do.
- I could help you.
We could help each other.
I, I think we're
alike, underneath.
- Where it counts.
Wait and see.
Wait, Helen.
Four o'clock, Helen, non-stop.
- Ray.
I hope you won't
mind where I live.
There's not much to do there.
- You're where I'm
going, what I do there.
- You have an
appointment with Dr. Harris
and it's imperative
you come, sir.
- I'm leaving town today.
- You need to be
here at three o'clock.
- Three o'clock.
Ray, open up.
Open the door.
Hey, hey, Dukes sees you
running over the neighborhood.
He called my office!
Now the VPs up my ass!
Goddamn you, Ray.
- There oughta
be a God, Harve.
- When did my life
become invisible chess?
3 a.m. on a weeknight, Joan,
the CEO, shows up at my door.
Something so thrilling
and dangerous.
Says she wants to start calling
me darling at the office.
Says be open to
her, give it a try.
- Do it.
- Look,
we've only been together once.
Okay, twice, including
last night, but,
now she won't even
take my calls!
Oh, yes, yes, she's
worthy, classy,
marvelous mystery, you know,
but I have to...
I got to...
Love her, too?
I mean, eh.
- Might save your ass.
- Look, look, look.
I ain't no recovering poet.
62 and single, by design.
I don't do love, no, I
don't even pretend to.
Never have.
Can't, won't.
Oh, hey.
- Darling.
- Hey, hey, don't
you ever do that again, huh?
- Uh-huh.
- No, you.
I love you.
- Man, where the
hell have you been?
You're late.
- I couldn't find my mask.
- You ever
killed anyone?
- What kind
of question is that?
- I could
sleep all right
as long as I knew
they had it coming.
- Please shut up.
- Yeah, this is it here.
- Pay with cash, yes?
- You bet, cash money,
pop the trunk, will you?
Wait for me, I'll pay.
- Whoa, whoa, you pay now, cash.
No credit.
- Okay, now,
you wait, all right?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Hey!
Hey, my bag!
- You find what you need?
- Ma'am, you have
a phone I might use?
- Only gonna make
him more independent.
Would I love to
care for that boy.
Set him right for the future.
You know, Rita and I helped
raise my late cousin's sons.
Showered them with
love, no better feeling.
- What about his parents?
- Sarge, honey, need some help?
Need something clipped?
- All good, babe.
Nobody gonna mess
with me and Rita.
We served our country,
so nothing scares us.
Fixing kid's the
least we can do.
- Ma'am, I gotta go.
Nice talking to you.
- Ray!
- Hey.
Folks here?
- Whoa.
- Nice, huh?
Hey, Andre.
You didn't say anything?
Good man.
I'll handle it now.
Tell your folks I'm here.
Are they here?
They're not, are they?
Where is it?
You gave it to them.
They're out blowing it now.
Now, I'm not mad at you.
I can, I'll fix that,
hang on, hang on.
Here, hold this
present you bought me.
Here and open that box.
Yeah, I can fix anything.
That's what I told Helen.
- My favorite color.
- I found her, Andre.
- Wow.
- Some day you'll understand.
- Wow.
For me?
- Yeah, man,
here, look up a second.
- It's a beauty.
- Now, listen.
Today, my last day on the case.
So, before we go outside,
I need you to tell me what
happened with the cash.
- Can't we ride first?
- In just a minute.
I need to know what
happened with the cash.
- In the bank.
Where it's safe.
- Okay.
You like the ladies nextdoor?
- Faye and Rita?
- Oh, they're crazy about you.
Go fill up your backpack with
all your favorite stuff, huh?
You're gonna spend
some time with Faye.
She'll know how to
handle everything.
Onto something way past money.
I'm gonna check your room,
make sure we didn't
forget anything.
A little genius.
So, it's taken 'til I get
work and the hospital.
Yeah, everybody makes mistakes.
- I'm riding.
- Yay!
All right.
- Protection.
- I'ma ride down
to the end of the block.
- No, no, later, later.
Why don't you help Faye
get that stuff inside?
I've gotta get my coat.
- Okay.
- Let me help you with this.
- No, I got it, it's fine.
- Oh, yes, sir.
- You been reading Andre?
- What a cool bike.
- Look, there are the
guys with the masks again.
I think maybe they--
- They don't have the money.
It's that insurance guy.
That's him, that's
him, there he is!
I knew I'd get him!
Well, well, well, we meet again.
Let's hold it right there.
Or I'll shoot.
- You're killing me.
You are killing me, Mary.
- Anything.
- Does anything matter
to somebody like you?
Damn you!
What if I was outside
your place right now?
Would it matter?
You loved me and that
will be my revenge!
- How real it all seems.
Never fear, the bitch is here.
- Bitch!
I knew it, you do love me.
- I love Ray O'Callahan.
I love Ray O'Callahan.
- Who the fuck is
Ray O'Callahan?
And who the fuck are you?
- Complicated, that.
- Mary!
- What do you want?
- Where's Mary?
- Who are you?
- You should be
ashamed of yourself,
you don't deserve--
- Get out of my way!
- What are you doing?
- She is lost without me.
- Well, now I'm found.
- Mary!
I have no bloody idea what is
going but I demand answers.
You tell me.
- You will live with
this, you creep!
- Live with what?
And creep?
Why am I the creep?
I'm not the one masquerading
in some other woman's apartment.
That's her dressing gown.
I bought her this in Dubai!
- Oh, no!
- Where is she?!
- She's not coming back!
- Not here, asshole.
- What does that mean?
Tell me right now!
- Oh, don't you
talk to me like that!
- Don't talk to her like that!
- I don't know where she is!
Or where that is!
And I think she just
ran out of things
and it's probably your fault.
- Don't flatter him.
- What on earth are
you talking about?
I got her everything,
every thing, every thing,
every bloody thing!
But I could never trust her!
- Yes, you could.
- Yes, you could.
Just now now.
- She loves me.
Where is she?
Tell me the truth.
- Truth he says.
Where is that?
Certainly not from your
lovers or your friends.
- Where, damn it?
- Which only leaves your
enemies and yourself.
- Just tell me where she is!
- Oh, oh, would you go?
Would you just get out!
- That was incredibly rude
of me and I apologize.
- No, oh!
- Maybe we could just talk about
this like civilized people.
- Out, out, out, out, out!
- Bitch!
- Quiet now.
Barely hear a thing.
Well, maybe an echo
of something you said.
About Ray.
- I did say that, didn't I?
But how?
We just met last night.
- Lovers never meet.
They were always there.
- Including today's
it's gonna be $2,813.
And I'm gonna need your
insurance cards, your ID.
You know what, I'm gonna go
see if I can find some change,
excuse me.
- Nah, keep it.
Just get the doctor.
- Keep this?
I can't keep this, sir.
- Take the damn money!
Take some more!
Just get the doctor.
- I can't.
- Just get the damn doctor.
- I can't keep this, sir!
You know what, thanks.
- What's going on?
- Sorry, I just, I dropped
all my stuff, it's fine.
- How you feeling?
- You tell me.
- We need more blood tests.
A series of treatments
will be recommended.
It won't be easy.
- Not now.
That would be a mistake.
- Please sit down.
- Big mistake!
- We don't make
those kind of mistakes,
sit down, please.
- Why?
- Maybe I loved too much.
Maybe I just stopped loving.
- Hello?
- Hello, County Sheriff.
- Hello, on Ridge Road.
- Ridge Road.
- Halfway up the narrow lane,
a car went off the road.
- When was this?
- Wednesday.
- Was anybody
there, what's your name?
- That's all I can tell you.
- Name please.
- No need to
take me with you.
- But I want to.
I will.
- You were the last
person I ever saw.
Thank you for that.
- It's $20 waiting.
- Can't ruin her life.
- You okay, boss?
- Is anybody?
- Where
are we going, boss?
- Killdeer County.
- Crazy, I stopped
the meter at $500.
I'm going to buy you the
biggest cubic zirconia
you've ever seen in your life.
- Helen.
- Oh, Ray.
What do you want?
- You.
- Ray!
Oh, Ray, oh, oh, no.
Oh, no, no, what is it?
Oh, God.
Let me get some--
- No, stay.
No, stay.
- No, no, no.
- Stay.
Was destined to be
Who could imagine
such a refrain
Chance is a suitor
who won't call again
Beautiful dreamer,
muse of my heart
Love has been waiting
to set us both free
World can no longer
keep us apart
Beautiful dreamer,
awaken to me
Beautiful dreamer
Awaken to me
Beautiful dreamer,
please hear my plead
Rescue this drifter
alone on the sea
Tossed in this ocean,
lost in the waves
This castaway lover
waits to be saved
But just when I knew
I had in a friend
An angel that only
heaven could send
Beautiful dreamer,
awaken to me
Beautiful dreamer,
awaken to me
Beautiful dreamer,
awaken to me
Know that this romance
was destined to be
Who can imagine
such a refrain
Chance is a suitor
that won't come again
Beautiful dreamer,
let's take a chance
Open your arms and
I'll teach you to dance