RDX: Robert Dony Xavier (2023) Movie Script

Oh! There are so many fans, man!
Where? I don't see any!
Look, there they are, smiling!
Oh, okay! Got it!
Oh, good God!
Damn, this guy!
What a sucky driver you are!
Move, you!
Get down, everyone! Come on, quick!
- Take your cap and go, man! Get down.
- Let me jump now.
Hold this, please!
Now, hold me! Come on, I'm your master!
Look how I jump even at this age!
Now, go, all of you!
- You too. Go to the churchyard.
- Master, where are you going?
- I'll take a piss and come.
- Piss?
You get going! Start the vehicle! Quick!
There he is!
Hey, Jibin.
Where have you been?
Did you get it?
The drinks stall was crowded as hell.
- I see!
- Every Tom, Dick, and Harry was there!
- Where is it? Give it to me.
- Yeah, it's--
Here you go. Keep it there.
- Be careful.
- Okay.
Don't break the bottles.
- Never!
- Don't you have anything more?
We have more than what we need!
Here. Keep this aside.
- Who is this for?
- That's for Dony, man!
And where is he?
- Is he not here yet?
- Nope.
Enjoying the fireworks?
After bursting these for trial shots,
I wonder if there will be any firecrackers
left for the real show!
They brought explosives worth
3.5 lakh rupees from Sivakasi this time.
If the fireworks turn sour,
the festival committee
will burn them alive.
Listen, shall we go have a peg?
If not now, when?
The procession is about to begin.
It's going to be crowded.
Let's stay high-spirited, man.
The boys are all set. Just come.
Oh God, what is this?
The master seems wasted!
Don't fall on my feet. Just get lost.
What's this, Master?
Dony, my child!
Stop throwing tantrums.
Go and perform with your band.
It's okay. My boys will handle it.
We booked this band
only because you are a part of it.
Only you can bring this festival to life!
Come on, Master. Go, nail it.
- Come.
- I will!
Let go of me, kiddo.
Have some drinks. I'll go by myself.
Watch out.
Where are the stairs?
Where are the stairs?
Wow! The party is already on!
Did you think we would wait for you?
Have it, man.
Shall I pour some more?
Where is it?
- What?
- Where's the item?
Didn't I tell you to buy the flavored one?
I called you many times.
He's staggering,
thanks to your flavored one!
Go ask him.
He won't mind if I drink!
He's my darling.
I'm going to play a new number for him.
- Hey, watch your steps!
- Yeah!
Have a peg.
I'm good.
Come on! Drink this!
If my wife finds out, she'll get mad.
Come on, Dony! Have it!
And then chew some cardamom pods.
No one will know.
This is my regular drill!
Go for it.
Come on! Go for it, man!
He doesn't believe it.
Robert won't come this time either,
will he?
No, man.
I asked him to come,
but he refused.
The festival used to be so fun
when you three were here.
Now, it's all so bleak.
Why the hell, man!
Why the long face on such
an auspicious day of the festival?
Never mind.
How long has it been
since my son came home?
It's the church feast.
You could've just called him home.
Well, you always act cold
when it comes to him.
If you keep behaving like this,
I'll move to his place for good.
We are ready!
Wow! Who's this?
Granny's baby doll is here!
What a pretty girl!
Shall we go to the festival?
What toys do you want?
Let's buy you some balloons!
And toy cars!
Make it quick. We have things to do.
Yeah, hurry up.
Dony, let us go and help
with the food service.
- Okay, man. Go.
- Okay, bro. Come quick.
Okay. Hey, take the other bottle.
That's finished already.
Oh, Jesus! Dad's here!
She'd better not find out that I'm drunk.
Damn his cardamom!
How would she,
if you have chewed the cardamom?
Thomas, all good?
You guys come there.
- Mr. Philip!
- Hey, Justin.
Where's your dad? Do you see him?
Why are you late?
- Baby doll.
- What's on your face?
I had some peanuts, that's all.
- Don't cry, my child.
- Peanuts, my foot!
He seems tipsy!
Sera, my baby
- You thought I wouldn't find out?
- People are watching!
- I don't care.
- Sera, balloons!
Which balloon do you want?
This one or that one?
Tell me, which one?
- This one or that one?
- The balloons are here.
Yeah, I know.
See, I won't be available
once the orchestra starts.
We'll serve the food quickly.
- Then we will rock it together.
- In that case, I am fine.
Now, you do the work.
- Master, we are ready.
- One, two, three!
One, two, three!
- Hi, Philip!
- Hey.
Didn't Xavier come?
He said he would come.
Maybe he's in the Academy.
Perhaps, he would come.
That jerk wearing khaddar is Peter!
Oh, George, join the procession.
Let's put an end to his chivalry, Davy.
Devotees, please pay attention!
A counter is arranged
near the church office
to collect your festival share.
Requesting everyone to cooperate.
The festival is really splendid.
Spared no expense, did you?
With the cooperation
of devotees and natives,
things are going smoothly.
How could I have done all this alone?
Peter, wait. I want to ask you something.
- Don't serve lavishly.
- Won't it be enough?
- There are a lot of people, right?
- Yeah.
- Is the food enough?
- There won't be much rush.
But let's serve modestly.
I heard that you locked horns
with some outsiders.
It happened last week.
A lorry hit a child and sped away.
We caught the driver on the spot.
But his helper fled with the vehicle.
You could have informed the police.
I informed them right away.
The lorry was transporting hooch in it.
Some cops were very eager to settle it
as a mere "hit-and-run" case.
I got this information
from another source.
They could be unhinged lunatics.
Just be cautious and watch out.
Don't forget that you have a family.
Anyway, call Roy and inform him.
He will do something about it.
I've already informed Mr. Roy.
I have details of the guy
who fled with the lorry.
His name is Davis or something.
I'll trace him down in two days,
no matter what!
How can I let it go that easily?
After all, I wear khaddar
and call myself a political worker.
Don't go for any mayhem.
Who's this jerk?
- Who's he?
- I don't know.
Who's he?
I don't know.
He has been around for a while.
Here he comes again.
Sister, come up here.
Am I here to watch the show?
- Serve me the beef.
- Brother, you have eaten too much.
What if we run out of food?
People will curse me then.
I can't serve you more beef.
Have buttermilk instead.
Give me your plate, sister.
This is a church public feast
not your dad's funeral feast.
Serve me the beef!
How dare you!
- Who the hell are you?
- How dare you touch me!
- Get lost!
- I won't serve you anything!
Serve me the beef!
- Get lost, you loser!
- Hey!
What's the matter? Justin, move!
Tell me, what's the matter?
Nothing, sir!
He's been nagging us for a while!
We've almost run out of beef!
You're fighting over such a silly matter?!
Serve him. Let them eat.
What a shame!
Move your hands!
Unnecessarily creating a scene!
- I won't spare you!
- Let it go.
Let it go!
Get going.
All of you, disperse! Go there!
The show is going on there.
Here comes Bibin Cochin
with a peppy song from the movie Naran!
Where the hell were you?
I was right here.
Hey, let's sit here.
Hi, Kunjumol. How are you?
- Where were you?
- Right here.
Can't they sing any devotional song?
You are so outdated!
Let the kids celebrate!
Come on, sister! Let's dance!
It's a festival, after all!
Let go of my hand.
I said, let go!
They won't let me watch the show in peace!
Who are these brats?
Who are they? Creating a ruckus!
Get him off the stage!
- They're going to ruin it, Philip!
- Yeah, they are!
Hey, sister! Join me!
Let go of me! Damn you!
- Get off, losers!
- Philip, don't!
Wait, I'll handle it!
They are here only to trouble others!
Damned brats!
Hey, move to the side and dance.
Don't block others.
Scram, you!
That's cool!
Enough. Stop now.
- What stop?
- Let go of my hand!
- What?
- I politely asked him to stop!
Get lost!
If you want to dance, go there and do it!
Don't ruin the show.
Don't bug me!
- Move aside!
- Scram, you!
- Don't you understand?
- Fuck off!
- Throw them out!
- Listen to me!
Don't create a scene here!
- All of you, disperse!
- Stop, everyone!
For God's sake, stop this!
I said, move!
Don't create a scene!
Jibin, throw them out!
Come on, beat him up!
If you touch our master,
you won't get out of here alive!
Enough! Move!
- Listen, kids! Nobody's here to fight!
- Move.
Listen to me!
It's the church festival.
Please move, sister.
Make way.
I'm talking to you!
I said, move!
Move! Make way!
- Move!
- Dony, no!
- Let go of me.
- Don't go there!
- Listen to me.
- Let go of me, Master!
- Dony, don't!
- Dad! Everyone, move!
All of you, move!
Dad, don't say a word! I'll handle it!
- You come here.
- I'll handle it!
- Who are you?
- Get lost!
Don't you dare touch me!
- Move, Dad. Let me handle this.
- You come here.
- Get lost!
- Who are you?
- Dony!
- I told you!
Get out of here!
- Son, no!
- Enough with your ruckus. Leave.
- Don't you dare mess with us!
- Just leave.
- We will go only after dancing.
- Later.
- I said, go!
- You go! Fuck off!
Get lost, you asshole!
Dony, my son! Stop it!
- Son!
- Enough, son! Let go of him!
I said, move!
Please don't create a scene here!
They are all drunk!
Go! Take them away from here!
- What the hell!
- Come here, you asshole!
Take him away from here!
Enough pestering! Go away!
- Move, I said!
- Enough, son. Let them go.
It's okay.
Keep walking, you bloody ass!
Get lost!
What's wrong? What happened?
Go, start the car!
Paulson, get in the car!
Get in!
Come on!
- Davis, what happened?
- Get going!
I'm alright, Dad.
Let go of me.
Who told you to meddle
in this matter and beat them up?
When some random fellows
ruin the festival,
do you want me to sit idle?
If people come to spoil the festival,
we, the church committee,
will handle them.
Who asked you for your help?
Dad, they laid hands on you.
I couldn't stand it.
Just let it go.
you haven't caused
any problems in a while.
Let it be like that.
That's my decision.
That's why I am telling you all this.
Do you understand?
I am asking you! Did you get my point?
Yeah, he got you!
You keep driving.
- Oh, no!
- Dad!
- Dear!
- My son!
- Son!
- Please get up!
Please get up!
You thought we'd take your beatings
and leave silently?
I heard that you are
a big-time karate guy!
Hit me now!
Get up, you ass!
Oh, no!
- Don't!
- No!
- Baby!
- My child!
Don't harm the baby.
- Let go of the child!
- Wanna beat me? Come!
Don't hurt the baby!
Let go of the child!
- Dony!
- Come!
Oh, no! Please don't hurt her!
Let go of the child, you!
Don't hurt her!
My dear!
Let's go, everyone!
Let's go.
My dear!
- My child!
- Oh, no!
- Six!
- Xavi!
- Uncle Philip!
- Oh, Jesus!
- Philip, what happened?
- How did this happen?
- Sir, we need to take him in.
- Please go and see my children.
Simi, my child!
My child
His arms and legs are fractured.
Did they do this to settle the score
for yesterday's fight?
I'm not sure if they did all this
to avenge yesterday's fight.
They didn't spare the baby either.
They harmed her brutally.
There seems to be some other reason
behind their attack.
Does Robert know about this?
Tell me.
Throw the ball! Throw it!
How's that?
How's that?
- That's an out!
- Yeah! Out, for sure!
- Out!
- You're out! Now, go!
Hey, you! Enough with your drama!
- I was inside the crease.
- No! That's an out!
Anas, your leg was out of the crease
when you gotstumped.
You'd better not create a scene.
- What if I do?
- Hey!
- Stop!
- He was outside the crease.
Don't mess with me!
I'm way out of your reach!
As if you can stump me out!
Throw the ball!
Give me the mic.
Attention, teams!
Don't turn the cricket field
into a battlefield.
Players should refrain from fighting,
and maintain harmony.
The umpire will decide
if the Royals team batsman is out.
Please play the game
with a true cricketing spirit.
As if we are playing with a hockey spirit!
What are you saying?!
- Idiot!
- Players, pay attention!
Don't take out your anger
on the organizers!
Remain calm on the ground!
The umpire's decision will be final.
- That's an out!
- Enough, stop!
They said the umpire's decision is final.
- Come. Let's go ask him.
- Yeah, let the umpire decide.
- Hey, you, wasn't it an out?
- Tell us!
Come on, tell us!
Speak up! Are you deaf?
Didn't he get out?
- Say it!
- The audience
is eagerly waiting
for the umpire's decision!
The umpire has given a not-out!
What? Not-out?
The umpire has given a not-out!
What the hell!
His leg was out of the crease!
Where were you looking?
So, no more dispute on that point.
The umpire's decision is final!
This is quite a relief
for the Royal team's fans.
- Anas has a second chance!
- It's okay, man.
Anyway, they are not going to win.
Go get ready for the game.
Anas continues to bat with 18 runs.
What's wrong, man?
Do you want to stump out me?
Stop your cheap show!
Try to play well and win, you shameless!
This is also a critical match
for the Royals team
who lost miserably to the Rambo Boys
in both their matches two months ago.
Let's wait and see who wins.
Hey, Jibin!
We are now entering the fourth ball
of the fifteenth over.
Can Anas turn Justin's
lightning delivery into a boundary?
Fans are waiting to find out.
- Oh, God!
- Oh, no! Rahul!
- Hey, you!
- You
- Rahul! Get up!
- Rahul!
Beat them up!
Beat them all to a pulp!
Players, pay attention here!
We politely request you to stop fighting
and play the game harmoniously.
What are you even saying?
Didn't you see him
hitting that boy with his bat?
They won't leave till they receive
a "memorial trophy" for that.
Do you know whose team that is?
Robert, Dony, Xavier!
The force of nature!
These boys are a danger
Don't be a hater
You'll regret this later
Shoulder to shoulder
They fight like a soldier
Just a scene, boy!
It's a scene, boy!
They fight too fast
Wanna see? Rewind!
Don't try to last
Kiddo, you will go blind
No matter who, there's no fear
Don't try to start a fight
Don't put your hands on us
We'll chase you, find you
You'll see hell!
You'll get wasted!
We'll tear you down!
Gather your team, bring the tools!
Let the fight begin, yeah!
Blow up!
We're invincible, boy!
Invincible, boy!
Get out of the way, boy!
The nunchaku swinging around
Dexterously wielded
Punches being thrown around
You're timid and trembling
The nunchaku swinging around
Dexterously wielded
Punches being thrown around
You're timid and trembling
They fight too fast
Wanna see? Rewind!
Don't try to last
Kiddo, you will go blind!
No matter who, there's no fear
Don't try to start a fight
Don't put your hands on us
We'll chase you, find you
You'll see hell!
You'll get wasted!
We'll tear you down!
Don't mess with us!
You'd better flee!
Gather your team, bring the tools
Let the fight begin, yeah!
Blow up!
Blow up!
This is RDX
We're invincible, boy!
Invincible, boy!
Get out of the way, boy!
We're invincible, boy!
Don't mess with us, boy!
We're invincible, boy!
If you want to follow up on this,
we'll be in Kochi.
Come and find us.
I will not spare any of you, you
You knuckleheads have no brains!
Always getting into scuffles and brawls!
No practice, nothing!
No, Master. It's not like that.
We just give back
what's been thrown at us.
our reputation will be at stake.
You guys have a notion
that karate and boxing
are your license to beat up random folks!
It's a martial art to defend
ourselves in crucial times.
Don't you know that?
We use it only during
crucial times, Master.
Wanna catch an earful from me?
Are you aware
that the championship is in the next week?
- Go and practice!
- Okay.
Hey! You, come here!
Where are you going?
Thank God!
Go and practice!
Go and fill the water in that pitcher.
You can practice after that.
What are you staring at?
Come on.
- Get up, man!
- Jab and cross.
- Jab and cross.
- You should block correctly.
- Keep your eyes straight.
- One!
Two! Three!
Bring it here. Yes, straight.
Keep your head straight.
It should come inside.
Shouldn't go to the side of the body.
Who's the master here?
I'm the master. What is it, dear?
Master, my name is Mini.
- Okay.
- I need help.
What help?
I need to learn karate.
That's not a help, that's my job.
It's not that, Master.
I need to learn karate in a week.
Or maximum, two weeks.
You may take special classes, if needed.
I'll come.
What do you have in mind?
I need to punch someone, Master.
- Go ahead and teach her.
- Get lost!
Go and fill the water.
Who asked you for your opinion?
Karate is a martial art, dear.
Leave it.
What you are saying can't be done.
Please don't say that, Master.
It's urgent.
No matter how urgent it is,
it doesn't work like that here.
Leave. Go!
What a nuisance!
Yes, like that. Up. Down.
Can I take that guy along, please?
Didn't you understand what I said? Leave!
Such a pain in the neck!
- Fishing for trouble!
- Move!
- Move!
- Who's this pest?
You got one hell of a punch.
- How are you now?
- Get lost, man.
I asked him,
but he kicked me out then and there.
He'll come out now. Let's try once again.
What if this, too, doesn't work?
When he picks up the cane to beat us,
block it like this.
That's it.
Yes, you.
Come here.
- He's calling us.
- Not us, he's calling you.
Hey, what are you doing?
What is it? What's the matter? You've been
roaming around for quite some time now.
What's the matter, dear? What happened?
Brother, the thing is that
I have
a problem.
What is it? Tell us what it is.
I want to hit someone.
Your lover?
Not my lover.
Our teacher.
Did he give you any punishment?
It's not that.
Get to the point.
Only then can we find a solution.
It's a little bit personal.
We have a teacher.
Unni Rajan.
He canes us badly.
Not only that,
he canes us by lifting our skirts.
He stares at us like a creep!
Not just me, he behaves like
that with all the girls in class.
Sounds creepy!
Didn't you complain
or inform your parents?
We did complain
but it was of no use.
They are blaming us.
And if we tell our family,
they will ask us to stop studying.
That's why
we came here.
That creep deserves a tight slap.
Where is he now?
At the college.
Hop on.
You guys wait here.
Listen up.
Meet me in the evening
before you leave. Got it?
Hey, look! It's Robert!
Everyone, just go outside for a bit.
Sit down!
Who are you?
- Hey, let's go.
- Sit down, everyone!
Hey! Sit down there!
You may go.
Who the hell are you?
Why did he go alone?
You should have gone with him.
He is the best one
to handle stuff like this.
Oh, come on! I saw what he could do!
I saw him go unconscious
after getting punched by that karate guy.
What is it, sir?
Do you have to lift their skirts
to beat them up?
I'll cane them however I want!
What's that got to do with you?
You only saw him getting punched!
Did you see what happened after that?
Happy now?
Hey. Enough. Come.
And then? Tell me the rest.
What happened at the college?
What else!
Your darling son knocked him out!
I'm pretty sure almost all his veins
and nerves are crushed.
He deserves it!
You should've burned that creep's bum
with a red-hot spatula
and then punched him!
Your high spirit
is what fires us to beat people up!
Best! Wow, what a perfect
role model your mother is!
Why don't you just pass them
some weapons and tools?
That way, they can go around
conveniently attacking people!
Who gave you the damned right
to assault others
in the name of karate?
Look, I'm warning you!
If you go on like this,
you might end up being
the one getting beaten up!
- What the heck are you saying?
- Kunjumol!
Don't interfere when I'm talking
about something serious with the kids!
After finishing their studies, all they do
is get into fights and waste time,
instead of getting a job!
What else should I do with them?
Should I keep them in the holy cabinet?
Listen up, both of you.
Enough with your karate and fights!
Stop it right now!
Starting tomorrow,
you will be coming with me to the mill.
Got it?
- But, Dad--
- What is it?
These brats are testing my patience!
What was that?
See, my roti got burned.
How long are you going
to keep listening to songs?
You can hear it?!
Of course! I'm not deaf!
You're blasting the music at full volume!
Dony, my brother.
Stop beating around the bush
and come straight to the point.
That girl is damn cool, isn't she?
Who? Mini?
How do you know?
I sensed it on seeing
your overacting and enthusiasm.
She is from that Maharaja Colony.
Don't you dare turn these petty brawls
into mighty wars!
What do you think about me dating her?
Nope. Not possible.
My dear Robert,
I have a feeling
that she won't fall for you.
This brusque nature of yours
won't work well with the girls.
For that, you have to be
a little romantic.
As if you wooed Simi by being romantic!
Who told you that I can't be romantic?
You can ask Simi if I am romantic or not.
As if I have nothing else to do!
This is all I can do.
I only want people
who like me for who I am!
Come on!
Oh! Rebel Robert!
Scram, you!
Hey, I am actually very romantic.
Shut up and move!
Richu! Throw the ball!
- Enough!
- Easy two!
- Easy!
- Throw it!
Damn it! We could've
easily scored two runs!
What's this? Can't you stand properly?
Step back! I may blow a long hit!
Hey! Stop! Stop it!
Is this how I taught you to dance?
Is this how you're going to dance
at the carnival?
How did I demonstrate the hand movements?
Didn't I tell you
to stretch them out completely?
See how Mini is doing it!
Show them the steps.
No need to touch. Just tell me.
What's this, Mini? Show them once again.
Hey, Xavy!
If you spit on the ball,
I won't catch it! I'm telling you!
Everybody, step back a bit!
You'll get a catch now.
Come on! Throw it!
Here you go!
What were you looking at, Robert?
You just got stumped! Go home, man!
Will you do it today?
Get down first.
Poor guy!
The winning moment is always mine!
What a finisher I am!
Stop. Take a five-minute break, everyone.
Hey, there he is!
The one who follows me to the college.
That ogler! There he is!
- Your dance is superb!
- Don't get us beaten up!
Hey, please do something.
Stop it. She seems furious.
Such a nuisance!
Come on. Let's fix this.
Full toss!
- What kind of bowling is this?
- You do it then!
- Superb!
- Dony, superb!
Bug off! Go get the ball!
Somebody, go and get the ball!
Don't sit idle. Go, find the ball.
Let's go. Get that bat.
Please come here.
Hey, no. Leave it.
Shut up.
What's up? Dance practice?
Yeah. It's for our carnival.
A fusion dance.
I am the lead dancer.
I often saw you practicing here,
but I didn't know you back then.
We only come here once in a while.
When we have more people.
I see. Who is this?
- She is my friend Sruthy.
- I see.
In fact, we came here to ask for your help
with something related to her.
What is it? To beat someone up?
Oh, no. No need to beat anyone up.
You just need to scare him off!
See that guy over there?
He's been stalking her
for quite some time.
We must put an end to it today.
You can do it.
Who do you think I am?
Am I some kind of a thug
to handle all your problems and cases?
Oh, no.
If you give him an earful,
he will stop troubling her.
That's why we--
What's the issue?
Well, bro, he's been following me
around from a few days.
He's such a pest!
I am fed up with it. That's why
Did you tell him you're not interested?
No. I didn't.
So, are you interested?
No! Not at all!
I'll tell you what.
Walk right up to him,
look him in the eyes, and firmly tell him
that you're not interested
and don't want him to follow you anymore.
Oh, no. Is that necessary?
The mere sight of him scares me.
- He must be her friend.
- Must be.
I thought so.
He doesn't look so scary.
Be confident and go ahead.
Should we do this?
Just be confident and go.
Out! What's this?
We could've won the match easily!
Who's this loser?
Hey, did you see that? He got bowled out.
- How did it go?
- He said he wouldn't follow me anymore!
He apologized too!
See! It was that simple!
So, now you understand
how to handle life situations, right?
Don't be scared. Whatever you gotta say,
say it to their face, firmly!
Happy now?
Carry on, then.
You go ahead. I'll be right there.
You could've given me
this same advice the other day.
I would've looked Unni Rajan in the eye
and firmly told him,
"Don't you dare hit me again!"
Why did you go beat him up?
Get going.
When we have something to say,
if we look in the person's eye
and tell them firmly,
they'd understand, right?
Those who really want to would.
In that case,
I have to tell you something firmly.
Don't say it.
Don't go!
- Let me tell you.
- Never mind.
- But I want to tell you.
- No!
Oh, radiant moonlight!
The raving beauty of my dreams
Your celestial smile
Like blooms in the sky
Desiring is my mischievous heart
To soar above the skies
On the wings of my dreams
With your angelic presence
You turned my world upside down
Countless dreams within me
And you set my heart aglow
Like a petite feather in the breeze
You gently appeared
And graced my world and my soul
Oh, the beat of my heart!
Oh, radiant moonlight!
The raving beauty of my dreams
Your celestial smile
Like blooms in the sky
Desiring is my mischievous heart
To soar above the skies
On the wings of my dreams
I yearn for night's fleeting grace
To swiftly wane
To catch a glimpse of you, my love
Afar in the dark, in serene dreams
You came seeking me
With every word and each piercing gaze
You pour sweet droplets Of heavenly honey
Is this a captivating spell?
Where have I lost myself?
Oh, you, the hue of my life, my shadow
Forever by my side
Oh, radiant moonlight!
The raving beauty of my dreams
Your celestial smile
Like blooms in the sky
Desiring is my mischievous heart
To soar above the skies
On the wings of my dreams
It was a good film, wasn't it?
What? You didn't like it?
It's a good film.
I don't know why, but I love her.
Like the ones you loved before?
Come. Hop on.
Isn't that him?
Hey, are you still thinking about that?
When you get a marriage proposal,
we'll deal with it then.
Now you're studying, dear.
Oh, they won't wait
until my studies are over.
Because of our religions,
they'll never approve of our relationship.
Despite all this,
I would've stood up for us.
But how can I
when you don't even have a job?
Why are you talking like this, Mini?
Don't forget
that I am a senior karate master.
Karate master, my foot!
Why can't you help your father
with his timber business?
My dear,
Dad and I will not
get along well professionally.
Only Dony knows how to deal with him.
And my vision is a little different.
To hell with your vision!
You won't get it.
Don't stress yourself.
I'll make everything alright soon.
I'll handle it, I promise.
What is this? You won't even smile?!
My dear Xavy, I'm losing it.
Give me some idea.
What am I supposed to say, man?
If I go to Uncle Philip
to talk about your marriage,
he will cut me into pieces
like a timber in his mill.
You know, right?
I don't think there is any point
in telling Aunt Kunjumol either.
When Dony is still unmarried,
do you think they'll let you get married?
- Then should I elope with her?
- Yeah, that'd be the best.
I mean there is another way.
But it's a crooked one.
What is it?
If a certain person does something,
everything will fall into place.
Who is that?
All set?
Everything is perfect. You go now.
Yeah, okay.
We wish you a merry Christmas
- Happy Christmas to all.
- Same to you.
- Happy Christmas!
- Happy Christmas to all!
- Happy Christmas!
- Sister.
- Oss!
- Oss!
- Happy Christmas, Master!
- Happy Christmas, Master!
Happy Christmas. Go. Go to your class.
Let's go.
His bloody "Oss"!
First, promise me
that you will take my words seriously.
Don't stress me out. Tell me what it is.
Something really bad is happening at home.
What's happening?
A marriage proposal for our Dony.
What? When? I didn't know this.
Yeah, nobody knows about it.
Yesterday, I heard Dad
telling Mom about this.
Do you know my dad's cousin,
Uncle Vareed?
- Yeah.
- Do you know his daughter Jeena?
- Yeah.
- She is the one.
- Oh, my God! That girl?!
- Yes.
I have seen her many times
in church looking at Dony.
I already had my doubts.
Does he know about this?
- I'm not sure if he knows or not.
- He might.
But whenever there is a family gathering,
I have seen Jeena and Dony
talking closely.
- Really?
- Yes.
They might not have meant it like that.
But we should always be alert.
I care about you.
I have dreamed of you two getting married.
What do we do now?
You should take the lead and speed up.
What do you mean by speeding up?
Don't worry about that.
We'll go meet my dad tomorrow,
tell him everything, and decide.
Meeting with your dad?!
Look at me.
Don't be anxious.
You just come with me.
I'll take care of the rest.
Trust me, I'll take care of it.
What is it, son?
What is it, dear? Tell me.
Tell him.
What is it?
I don't know.
Tell him.
Oh, dear!
Hey, what's the matter?
Tell me.
don't get me wrong.
Tell me what it is.
Dony and I are in love.
Yes, they are.
Hey, why are you so worried?
Calm down a bit.
Dad will create a scene now.
I am not even sure if she will come here.
I'm wondering which moron did this to me.
We have got enemies all over the town.
Can't trust anyone.
- That's correct.
- Yeah.
How long has this been going on?
If I remember correctly, it's been
going on since tenth grade.
You shut up!
Not since tenth grade, Uncle.
- We've liked each other since childhood.
- Oh, my
I can't live without him.
He also feels the same.
Poor soul.
Let me discuss this with their mother.
Then we should consider
your family's stand too.
- Do you understand what I am saying?
- Yes.
You may go, then.
Okay, Uncle.
Hey, you, come outside!
I'll deal with you later!
Dad, let me tell you something.
I think we should not
delay it any further.
Because I am also coming
to a marriageable age.
- So what?
- So nothing.
Look, Simi's here.
She's coming. Go.
- Simi.
- Hey
I have told everything to your dad.
You'd better make a decision
before the carnival, got it?
Isn't that a bit too soon, Simi?
Shouldn't I be prepared?
This much preparation is enough.
Delaying our marriage is not a good idea.
His bloody uncle's daughter!
What? Uncle?
Don't act so innocent now!
Don't think that I don't know anything.
To hell with Jeena and Uncle Vareed!
Which uncle's daughter?
They are very serious about this, Dad.
I mean, it was okay, if it was just love.
Hey, how can a son
say such things to his dad?
What is it?
My dear Dad, they are deeply
into the relationship.
What do you mean?
Think about it, Dad.
Hey, Robert.
Hey, tell things clearly and go.
Deeply in
- What happened?
- I have played a trick.
I think Dad is convinced.
You won a jackpot, Mr. Groom-to-be!
You naughty boy.
- Did Dad really agree?
- Yes.
Go, go.
Hey, listen.
Don't you think Dad sounds different?
No, man. It's out of love.
- It's out of love, isn't it?
- Go now.
- Xavy, start the bike. Let's go.
- Tell me what's happening.
- Start the bike.
- Dad.
What kind of relationship
do you have with her?
- Tell me!
- It's true love, Dad!
One, two, three, four
Five, six, seven, eight
- Class, thank you!
- Thank you!
- Thank you!
- Well done, my boy!
The carnival committee
applauds the members
of the Rambo Karate Academy
who did a stunning performance
and their master Xavier
- This looks splendid, right?
- Yeah!
Yeah, nice!
You all did a nice job.
The Knife-Hand-Block was superb.
Such huge applause!
Let's have some food then?
- Tomy, watch the kids.
- Okay, Master.
- So, field close. Bow!
- Thank you.
- You've brought your boys, Master!
- Everybody, disperse.
Watch out.
Hey, shall we also get some food?
Yeah! You're here!
Where have you been?
How's it going? Is the show over?
You mean Mini's dance extravaganza?
- Scram, you!
- What?
He didn't like it!
Simi's family had visited us.
- That's why we got late.
- I see. Wait, what?
So everything's set?
Yeah. Their decision is to get us married
right after New Year.
Wow! That's great!
Once that's over, I ought to tell Dad
about my relationship with Mini.
I ought to find a job in Ernakulam
so that my Hotel Management degree
won't go to waste, as Dad says.
- Really?
- So you've decided to start a good life?
Once I have a job,
Dad will be impressed
and I can show it off to her too!
Look at his grand plans!
Nothing's going to work!
Mega dance show, soon on the stage
Her show's about to begin.
Let me wish her good luck.
Don't make her lose confidence!
- True!
- Scram, you!
Hurry up! Get moving!
Our carnival's light and sound works
are sponsored by Kalathil Timbers.
It's not as big as last year's.
Attention, carnival attendees
Hey, shall we get on the giant wheel?
We won the double!
Who's the lucky winner?
- I'll pay you!
- Make it double!
Awesome, Jaison!
- Double!
- Hey, give us our money!
- If anybody wants to play, do it!
- I will pay you!
- Move aside!
- Anybody else? Come on!
Move! Move, you!
- Move aside!
- Make way!
- Jaison bro! Jaison bro!
- Yes?
Remember those morons who assaulted us
at the playground?
They're here!
Spades empty, Hearts winning!
- Where are they?
- At the ground below.
Take our folks and go there.
- I'll be there.
- Okay.
Come on! Move!
Move! Move, you!
Bro, let me handle this.
Move away, you!
What will you handle, my foot!
Seven Eight. Got it?
- Followed by this. One, two
- How about the next step?
After that, five
Like this, I guess.
Continue with the practice.
I'll be right back.
- When did you come?
- Just now.
- Would you like some?
- Sure.
You are here all by yourself?
- Dony and Xavy are here.
- Why didn't you bring them?
Would I be able to meet you alone
if they were with me?
What are you up to?
All the folks from my area
are roaming around here.
- Make sure they don't spot you!
- Let them see me.
I'll tell them that you're my girl.
Are you here to seek my hand, my boy?
What if I am?
Do you want to come along?
How about later, after the dance?
- Mini!
- Yeah?
It's time. Come!
Shall I
Hey. Take this.
After your show, I'll tell you
something you'd love to hear.
What is it?
Finish your show.
I'll tell you after that.
Where are they? I don't see them around!
Oh, no!
Get us down, losers! Ask them to stop!
I want to see my dad!
Come on, get us down!
I'll never grab bowling
and batting chances first again!
- Open your eyes and see!
- Dony, Xavy, ask them to stop!
Make way, you!
- What's it?
- Hey
- Where's Jaison bro?
- Why? What's the matter?
Remember that loser who ogles at Mini?
He's here!
Not just him. His folks are also here!
Anas, make sure none of these pricks
leave this place in one piece! Got it?
I'll make sure that they pay dearly.
You carry on.
Carry on!
The mega dance show by Maharaja Colony's
Flying Shadows dance company on stage.
Hey, move!
Move! Make way!
Come on, move! Step out of the way!
Hey, move! Let me watch it!
Hey! You've watched enough!
Let us watch it now.
Don't raise a fuss here.
Stop inviting trouble. Leave.
Hey, hold up!
It's our call
whether you should watch it or not!
And about you chasing after that girl,
you'd better cut it out!
Otherwise, your family will be left
with nothing but your ashes.
I'll mince you and burn you down!
Got it, you son of a
Beat him up!
Come with me, Mini!
Listen to me! Come on!
Beat them up!
Catch him!
Paulson, it's them!
The fireworks warehouse has caught fire!
Hey! Let's go! Jaison bro!
- The police are here!
- Come on!
Come on! Let's go!
Come on! Lift him up!
Jaison bro! Jaison bro!
Come on!
Come! Come!
We'll catch them someday!
Hey! Come on, hold him!
Uncle Philip, We didn't start anything.
They came to mess with us.
No. I should be blamed for this!
Aren't you pulling off this nonsense
because of all this?
There is no use
in pointing fingers at each other.
Try to think of a solution.
What solution?
Ask to dig a few graves in the graveyard
for both the families.
Mr. Roy is here.
Hey, let me tell you all something.
Things have gone out of hand.
It's better for everyone
to go for a compromise.
I don't think
they'll agree to any compromise.
They said they'd chop him up
and toss him into the sea.
I went there and inquired.
Apparently, he went backstage and
had a chat with a girl from the colony.
That is what led to the fight, it seems.
What did Robert say?
He and that girl are in love.
He went there to meet her.
That too because she called him there.
Dad, Mini and I are in love--
- Dad!
- Listen to me carefully!
I'll kill you if something happens
to my family
- because of your actions.
- Dad
- Let go of him, brother-in-law.
- You come here.
Look, you'll have to stay alive
to be in love, right?
A whole gang of goons is on their way!
They're ruthless and unstoppable.
And Jaison, whose leg you broke.
We'll have to wait
and see what his situation will be.
Come here, brother-in-law,
I need to talk to you.
Look. Let's go and meet
that Jaison right away.
Listen to me.
Let's use all our influences
and try to come to a compromise.
There is no other way.
- Come, brother-in-law.
- Move. Move aside.
Listen to me. Move aside.
Make way.
Move to the side, you bloody
Jaison, this should have been avoided.
He made a mistake.
And you are no saint either.
You brought this on yourself.
So, without compromising both sides,
I'll propose something.
If you're here to advocate for him,
we won't agree!
Who are you?
Did I ask you for your opinion?
He's his brother, sir.
Paulson, move aside.
Jaison, I know nothing can compensate
for what happened to you.
But please forgive us.
- Please don't hurt my kid because of this.
- Hey.
Jaison, my brother-in-law will give
everything you and your family need
and will take care
of the hospital expenses.
There are many cases on you at the station
including murder attempts and hooliganism.
I might as well turn a blind eye to those.
Think it through and let me know.
What is there to think?
- Tell him you won't do it.
- Shut up, you!
Alright then, Jaison.
Think over it and let me know.
Or if you are thinking of other plans
then we'll have to meet again.
- Hey, he is--
- Come on.
Brother-in-law, we'll have to shift him
to somewhere else soon.
It's not safe here for him anymore.
Otherwise, they'll come after him.
- Stop the vehicle
- Stop
Go away, you morons!
We will catch him
no matter where you hide him!
Drag them away!
Don't you dare shelter him
after screwing up with us!
We'll chop that swine into pieces.
Mark my words!
We will make him pay dearly!
- Stop the car.
- We'll kill him.
Move away.
- Stop, you
- Stop!
Roy, I won't let you take my kid away
no matter what you say.
Kunjumol, the situation
is really bad right now.
You have to understand
the seriousness of this.
Otherwise, if you want
only one of your sons
you may very well keep him here.
Kunjumol, try to be calm now.
I have called Mercy's brother in Bengaluru
and told him everything.
Let him stay away from here
for the time being.
We will bring him back
when everything settles down.
Listen to me.
Yes, Dad.
I slapped him in the heat of the moment.
Also I said many things,
but I didn't mean it.
Don't take it to heart, Son.
That's alright, Dad.
Because of you and Robert
Xavier is also getting into trouble.
Have you ever thought of that?
He's not created any trouble so far.
Everything was for you two.
From now on,
things shouldn't be like before.
Nothing else.
Well, he's the only one Antony has.
Do you understand what I'm trying to say?
- Then what happened, brother?
- What do you think happened?
Dony and Xavier mellowed out
after Robert left.
The fight that happened at the carnival
never happened again in Kochi.
I still get goosebumps thinking of it.
It's been a while now, right?
Do you think Robert will come back?
I don't know if he'll return or not.
But if the three reunite
If they reunite?
They're the ones who stalled the Kochi
Carnival for touching one of theirs.
Now, they've assaulted their family.
They'll hunt them down one by one.
- Jaison, how many cigarettes do you need?
- Two packets.
Here are two packets.
- I'll collect the money tomorrow.
- Okay.
What's up, Jaison?
What is it, Davis?
Do you come here now because
Vypin is not enough for you?
Just mind your own business, Jaison.
How's your business doing?
Is it any better?
Keep the change. You need it.
Be there in the evening.
We have to send the load.
What's wrong with you?
Why are you poking him?
Paulson, don't think
that I don't get to know things.
Why the hell did you go
to Philip's house and attack them?
If you are doing
all these atrocities for me
you better stop it.
For you?
I do it so I don't become like you!
You may be loyal to them
after taking their money
but I am not obliged.
Also, I exacted my revenge, not yours.
Just stay put looking after your business.
Hey, Paulson!
The blood pressure is a bit high.
Don't stress yourself.
Everything's going to be fine soon.
Do you recognize me?
- You're working here now?
- Yeah. It's been two years.
Alright, bye.
Have this.
I can understand your pain.
Give him a little more time.
He'll come to you on his own.
He left this place in a lot of pain.
It'll take time to heal.
Don't be sad. Everything will be alright.
I just want to lie down.
Who are they?
I have no clue.
It all started during the church festival.
I hit them back
when they laid their hands on Dad.
That's why they did this.
Davis, don't try to show off
your martial arts skills.
If you move an inch,
I'll blow your balls off.
So, you better come with me.
What did I do, sir?
I'll explain everything
and write a novel as well.
Now come along.
Get inside, you son of a
That's enough.
It's nothing, baby.
The baby might be in pain
for a couple of days more.
I'll prescribe an injection.
Don't move her neck too much.
Doctor, how is Simi?
Simi has improved.
Still, it's a head injury.
So, let her continue in the ICU.
- Okay?
- Hmm.
No, baby
Here. Do you feel much pain in the leg?
No. It's okay.
- Is it okay?
- Yes.
Sera, my dear child.
Don't cry, dear. Don't cry.
Don't cry, dear.
There's nothing to worry about, dear.
Don't cry.
Baby, look who is here.
Look who is here.
I've got something for you, Sera.
Take it.
- Didn't you go to work today?
- I don't have work today.
- How are you feeling now?
- Oh.
It's alright.
Hey, kids. Come with me.
- Hey, Roy.
- Yes?
- What is it about?
- Hey, it's nothing.
I need to talk to them about something.
Come on.
I am here because we grabbed someone
yesterday in connection to Peter's case.
His name is Davis.
He's one among those
who attacked our house.
I don't think he'll reveal
the names of his companions.
I'll tell you what.
Get another written complaint
from your dad and mom.
I'll get hold of the others too,
no matter what it takes.
This will make our case stronger.
Do you get it?
But we don't have any complaints,
Uncle Roy.
We'll settle things on our own.
- It's not like that, boys.
- I don't care.
Those five will get to know
who and what we are
before we leave from here.
You may forget about this case, Uncle.
Yes, tell me.
Hey, this is one of my friends'
local TV channels.
He covers all the videos in this locality.
Come on.
Most of them are procession footage.
Inside visuals are very few.
Stop there.
Rewind it.
- Can you zoom in?
- Of course.
He is one of them.
Isn't this Suni?
Do you know him?
- Yes.
- Who is he?
Do you know
the Vypin-Kamalakkadavu boat service?
He works there.
Is it for a solicitation of assault?
Let's go.
Get down fast.
Get down fast, lady.
Move aside. Let them in.
Stay aside. Hey, get in.
What are you looking at? Get inside.
Come, get in.
Get down, get down. Get down fast, lady.
Get down fast.
Hurry up.
- Hey.
- Yeah?
- I'm leaving.
- Okay.
Hey, what is it?
Are you not getting down?
This is the last stop.
What do you want?
Are you here to create trouble?
If so, you better leave!
Or your brains will be blown out!
Give it a try!
Do you now understand the history
and geography of the situation?
Tell us.
Who were those buggers with you?
Speak! Speak now!
I'll tell you.
Seban, Ratheesh and Paulson.
They all are from Kochi.
What is it?
When did you come?
I should be the one asking that.
Didn't you meet Mom?
I did.
I waited to see you guys before leaving.
Alright then.
- What is this, Xavy?
- Hands off me!
The people lying down inside
are my family too.
Just remember that.
- Hey, Xavy, don't go.
- Hey, Xavy.
How many were there?
Two of them.
Have you seen them here before?
No. I haven't seen them here before.
I don't think they live here.
Are you sure?
Yes. I am sure.
- You may leave then.
- Okay.
I've warned this fucker
not to mess with outside gangs.
Someone must've paid him back
when they found him alone.
Let him be here for a few days.
Shouldn't we go meet Davis once?
It's not difficult to get bail.
No one should give a statement
at the court, that's all.
He's gone into hiding.
Let it be. We'll take care of it.
What about the load?
We couldn't dispatch it.
What the hell are you
Paulson, if the load
doesn't get dispatched at least now
other gutsy folks will grab the deal.
Didn't you take the full payment?
Listen carefully.
I don't care what you do
but the load must reach Mangaluru.
Got it?
What do you know about the situation?
Davis, the load will reach there.
Got it?
Move it! Go!
Our daughter
She is okay.
She's alright now.
She's with Mom.
Robert has arrived.
Don't you want to see him?
This is no big deal.
Just a minor wound.
I just met the doctor.
There's nothing to worry about.
We can go home soon.
Don't worry.
Everything will be alright.
You look quite dashing after a bath!
Shall we go?
His whole gang would be inside.
- Brother, one cup of tea.
- Sure.
- Hello.
- Paulson.
The ones who assaulted Suni on the boat
have come to our colony.
Are you sure?
It's them, Paulson. I am sure.
Alright. Hang up.
Look at the camera. Sunil, look here.
- Come closer.
- A bit more.
Yeah. Ready. Bro
Look at the camera.
Just a minute. Look here.
Ready? Smile!
- What happened?
- Ready!
- See you.
- See you.
- Seban.
- Tell me, Paulson.
Hey! Keep quiet!
Tell me, Paulson.
The ones who assaulted Suni
are in our colony right now.
Nab them no matter who it is.
Hang up. I'll deal with this.
Anas, let's go.
- Come on!
- Seban!
Suni's assailants are in our colony!
Get our whole gang!
Come on, everybody!
- Don't spare anybody!
- Get the whole gang!
Lock them up! Come on!
Paulson, it's those guys.
The assholes who assaulted Jaison.
So, the Karate Kids are out for revenge!
It's in our hands now to decide
when they should leave this colony.
Lock them up!
And three!
Reset, reset. Come on! Energy, come on!
- One, two, three, four
- Faisal!
- Come.
- Okay.
Come on, everybody!
- Anas, they just passed by!
- Seban, they are inside!
Start the bike!
How dare you hurt my family!
Move aside!
Kill him!
Don't let him go! Catch him!
Catch him!
Don't let him go!
Hold him!
Hold him!
Nab him down!
Come on!
Tie him up!
Tie him up! Come on!
Hang him!
Hang him!
Come on! Pull it up!
- Pull him up.
- Pull him up.
You scum!
Die, you scum!
Pull him up! Pull!
Die, you loser!
Stop struggling!
Die, you swine!
- Pull up the loser!
- Come on! Pull him up!
Come on! Pull him up!
Finish off! Kill him!
Are you okay?
What are you doing here?
What is it? What's wrong?
Come on! Get on the bike!
Come on!
Dony! Come on!
What kind of stupidity have you done?
Where are they?
Dony is outside
Come on! Take them and leave
before the crowd gathers! Go!
- Catch them!
- Hurry up, Xavy!
Catch them!
- Robert!
- Stop!
Hurry up, Robert! Come on!
Set it on fire!
Come on!
Set it on fire and burn them down!
Hop on! Hurry up!
Start the bike, Xavy! Come on!
What were you thinking
when you went straight into their den?
They don't have anything to lose.
But are we like that?
You ought to put an end
to this recklessness of yours!
Do you even know who they are?
It's Paulson's gang that we messed with.
Who's that?
Remember Jaison, whom we assaulted
at the carnival? Paulson is his brother!
Jaison's younger brother?
Come on! Lift him up!
Xavy, watch out.
Look at him! Xavy
- Xavy. Get up!
- Get up, Xavy!
- Hey!
- Xavy!
- Hey, Xavy!
- Xavy, hey!
- Xavy!
- Hey! What happened?
- Hey!
- Jesus
Paulson, they attacked Seban.
Release me, Paulson.
I am a politician.
You won't walk away scot-free
after locking me up here.
I won't let you live in peace.
I'll make sure that you pay for this--
Help me get up.
- Don't get up. Lie down.
- Help me!
The doctor has asked you
not to move your head much.
Are you okay?
I am okay.
I am okay.
See you, ma'am.
- See you.
- Okay.
- Sir.
- See you, dear.
When did you come?
A while ago.
I came here to meet you as well.
How is Xavy?
The doctor said he is okay.
Ratheesh, whom you came looking for
is my husband.
After that incident,
my parents stopped my studies.
Your parents visited my home
back then to meet me.
They were ready to accept me
but my family didn't agree.
I tried a lot not to get married,
mentioning our relationship.
But I failed.
And this is how my life is now.
- Robert.
- Yeah?
I'm here to tell you something else.
Paulson is not like Jaison.
The only person in this world
whom he loves and cares for
is Seban.
And you assaulted him
in the colony yesterday.
He is ruthless.
You should be careful.
Ratheesh, they snuck into our area
and assaulted Seban.
Let's put their whole family
to eternal sleep.
We will call you. Bring our folks along.
Got it?
Alright. Carry on.
- Come on. Let's go!
- Let's go!
Please hold me.
- Can you just--
- Yeah.
Careful. Please hold him.
- Son.
- Yeah?
It's not that I'm displeased with you.
- In that situation, I was just--
- I know, Dad.
- What's wrong, Son?
- It's nothing, Dad.
Slow down, Son.
Ugh! The power's gone.
Start the vehicle. Come on.
- Enough.
- Have some more.
Get some sleep.
What is it, Son? Any problem?
No, Dad.
Where had you been?
Why is there a power cut?
The power will be back soon, Mom.
Stop there, you!
- Son! Son!
- What's the matter?
- Dony!
- Robert!
Your whole family
is going to bite the dust, you assholes!
What's wrong? What happened?
Dad, Master,
we've to leave this place now.
We shouldn't be staying here any longer.
Son, with Simi and the kid
in this condition
Antony, what do we do?
He is right, Dad.
Staying here is risky.
Philip, all of us will be in danger
if we stay here.
Kids, do whatever it takes.
Let's leave this place.
- Let me get Simi out then.
- Alright. Hurry up.
Philip, sit there.
- Master, get Xavy.
- Go ahead.
- Come on. Let's go.
- Come on!
It's risky to shift Simi
to another place now.
She is an ICU patient. Don't forget that.
This is your responsibility.
I know, Doctor. We don't have a choice.
Hey, be careful.
- Come on.
- Hurry up.
- Don't stop. Go!
- Kunjumol!
- Xavy.
- Dear.
- Xavy!
- Dony!
- Son
- Hey!
- Son!
- Move aside, Kunjumol!
Get the car!
- Son, come on!
- Hurry up!
- Come on, Son!
- Dad, Master
Stop fooling around with your wife
and bring the folks from the colony!
Dad, Master! Hurry up!
- Be careful
- Mom.
- Careful!
- Careful!
- Careful. Slowly.
- Watch out.
- Let me also come along.
- No, don't.
- I can come. It's risky.
- Start the vehicle!
Go! Go! Go!
Start it! Start!
Let's go!
Mom, the kid! Simi!
Turn it around! Turn it!
Hurry up! Come on!
Come on! Turn it!
Keep moving! Go!
Stop there, you! Come on!
Come on! Hurry up!
- Catch them!
- Mom!
Careful, Son! Careful!
That way! That way!
Drive past and block them!
- Block them!
- Turn it around!
You won't get out of here alive
after assaulting Seban!
- We will finish each one of you!
- What do you want?
Reverse it! Come on!
Stop it, Son.
I said, stop it!
Oh, God! Dear--
How far will we escape?
Where will we hide?
I am fed up with this.
I don't know if we'll survive this night.
But if we do
Nobody should be there
to chase our family anymore.
Got it?
Get down now!
Marty! Get our folks!
What is it?
Don't go anywhere now, Ratheesh.
What are you saying? Move aside!
Why are you staring at me? You lowlife!
How dare you stop me, you scum!
Hey! Let go of me!
Release me!
You aren't going anywhere.
Got it?
Thrash them down!
Take it out. Come on.
Finish them off! Come on!
Slash them up!
Come on!
Come on!
We aren't asking you to come back
when you're able to stand up.
Because you won't be able to move anymore.
Got it?
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear Sera
Happy birthday to you
Wow! Look at that!
Wow! Did you see that?
- Come on.
- Sera.
Listen. Karate can be used
to defend ourselves in crucial times.
Right, Master?
Scram, you!
Hello? Tell me.
Alright. You may hang up.
What's the matter, Roy?
That fellow has been granted bail.
I just got the intel.
Hey! Come on! Punch!
One, two!
One, two! Come on, one, two!
Come on, one, two! Move!
Come on, one, two
Eight! Upper block!