Re: Born (2016) Movie Script

Commencing training mission.
Suppress and detain the Ghost.
The Ghost's a combat expert,
do not engage him solo.
Split into smaller teams to
surround the target.
No man can repel an
attack from all sides.
But the timing must be perfect.
Unit 01, clear.
Unit, 02, roger.
What's the matter, Ghost?
Why aren't you moving?
Ghost, respond!
Man down at point B.
Lots of bloo - -
What happened?
Unit 03, report! Hey!
What was that?
Team Charlie! What's going on?
This is Team Charlie.
Not su - -
All units!
The mission is compromised!
I'm calling it off!
Unknown subject has
infiltrated the facility!
Team Delta! Echo!
Rendezvous immediately!
Don't shoot!
We have no live ammo!
Use your knives!
Hey! What's going on?!
What'cha got?
A cat?
Ew! Gross!
Heroes don't always look like
they do in history books.
God sends them to us in many forms.
And when the world's in chaos,
a hero appears to set things right.
Perhaps because the world falls
apart in the hands of man.
When the world changes,
blood is always shed
and people always die.
All we can do in this world...
is to fall on our knees and pray.
But if you listen carefully,
you'll hear a hero inspiring you.
Raise your voice,
and revive the world.
This hero inspires me...
to struggle on in a world I cannot escape.
Don't surprise me like that!
Just a minute, Sachi.
Need to change the light.
Watch out.
On break from 4:00pm - 12:00am
Taste Shining Justice!
Sachi, which guy do you like?
Huh? The hero, of course!
I see...
Here you go!
Thank you!
You won't get any bigger on
convenience store bento alone!
This is so good!
Ain't m?
You want anything, Toshiro?
No way. He never eats anything.
Hey, Sachi...
Check this out.
Pardon me. If you don't mind.
Here we go!
Tsuno, that's so cool!
Justice will always triumph!
Are you all right?
The Beginning of the End of the Legend
Have a good night!
"Life draws strength from its wounds,"
"and darkness is righteous."
"Which is why I had nothing to
say to that flower..."
"That's not to say that I'm waiting for
the coming storm,"
"nor the uncontrollable beast lurking
inside of me."
You were just pretending to sleep!
I've got you now!
I see...
Very well. I'll prescribe you some
stronger medication.
Can I talk about my dream?
Of course.
I'm fighting in the woods...
Killing person after person...
Then, I wake up.
But I still smell the blood.
Still feel that killer instinct.
That must be very painful.
Painful? Not at all.
It feels...nostalgic.
Nostalgic? Aren't you afraid?
Of what?
Well, you're...killing people.
In the dream, anyway.
That's nothing to fear.
I kill to complete the mission.
My mission.
The Beginning of the End of the Legend
Whether it's a stab...
or a cut...
you will bleed.
It will hurt.
Read it. It'll be good for you.
Good morning!
Gimme the money!
Hurry! Hey!
Hurry the fuck up!
Thank you very much.
One 10,000 yen bill...
And three 1900s.
Uncle Ken!
C'mere, Sachi...
You're full of energy.
You look great, too!
Can I push you?
Breeze feels good, doesn't it?
Yes, it does.
Something smells nice.
What's wrong?
Since when were you a paedophile?
You were wide open, buddy.
You're one to talk.
Remember. If not for me,
you wouldn't be alive right now.
Mind giving me your hand?
It's cute as a button...
Got a lot of free time, so...
I'm making you something.
Part of my therapy.
Holding hands, then gifts?
Are you into guys?
Good question...
Bye-bye, Uncle Ken!
When's he gonna get better?
How did he get so hurt, anyway?
Kenji got hurt protecting me.
Protecting you?
- Sachi.
- Yes?
I forgot something.
I'll meet you back home, OK?
Hey, you okay?
Is he dead?!
Sachi, you made it back.
Think it'll stop raining soon?
Lady, you're drenched.
Gonna catch a cold...
You two should warm me up, then.
With pleasure!
Ghost just killed Rock
and one of his troops.
Bodies have been dealt with.
Newt, Fox, and Eagle are on standby.
Abyss Walker, unknown.
What are your orders?
Wait, Casper.
We know where Ghost is.
Why can't we take him out now?
We came all the way out here...
Let an old man have his fun.
Of course, sir.
Where is Abyss Walker now?
On the move. He fought the
Defense Force three days ago.
But we haven't heard from him since.
Why bring him on this mission? He kills
everything that moves. Ally or enemy.
His skill speaks for itself.
The other three brought their own units
along, so why do we need him?
He thirsts.
And that thirst means...
every wound makes him stronger.
Thank you!
Doctor, imagine you're caught in an
extreme situation.
Can you imagine surviving?
What do you mean?
Like having a gun to your head or
your friends caught in a blast.
You know, a matter of life or death.
You'd lose it.
Most people would, right?
I suppose.
But some people are different.
These people need to...
put themselves in danger
to feel normal.
Going back to your dream...
Do you feel guilty taking people's
lives, Mr. Kuroda?
Processing them's like cutting
the strings of a puppet.
They just collapse.
There's no emotion.
the moment I process them...
I feel love.
I feel their heartbeat, their warmth,
their thoughts...
...and how they all converge.
Then I gently process them.
So, are you not afraid of being killed?
Don't know.
I've never experienced death.
Fair point.
Then let's use your imagination.
Pretend this is a real gun and
I'm trying to shoot you...
Do it!
Doctor...I've just killed you.
Last night, two men were found dead...
Whoa, that's the next town over!
Guy who did this better hope
I don't get my hands on him!
You'd knock him right out!
Hell yeah! Just leave him to me!
That's odd...It's brand new.
Old man at the shop cheated me!
No signal? That's odd
Sachi, I left something at the store.
I'm gonna go pick it up.
What? Now?
Sorry, Tsuno...
Do you mind keeping an eye
on her for a little while?
No problem.
Sachi, let's play some Cat's Cradle!
Toshiro, that's pathetic.
Right, Sachi?
Yeah, he missed!
Good evening.
Kenji send you?
We took care of those
bodies in the alley.
Mind handling these ones, too?
Phantom just paid Kenji a little visit.
I know...He said hi to Sachi, too.
We're going to fight by your side.
How many missions have you been on?
I'll look after him...
Or, you think we'll get in your way?
Suit yourself.
Kenji Makabe
Huh? Where's Kenji?
Not here...?
You two doing your job?
We're trying!
So what?
I'm looking for results.
We know! But this happened to you
because of Toshiro.
Shut up!
I'm not using you because I want to!
I wanted to die for him
to be reduced to ashes.
Hey, could I speak to Sachi?
Just a sec...
Uncle, are you there?
Sachi, I'm sorry.
What? What did you say?
I'm sorry, Sachi.
I can't come home for a while.
Stay with Tsuno.
Perfect timing.
I remember you cared for this book.
Are those two helping at all?
They're carrying my stuff.
Max is a veteran,
but this is Masaru's first mission.
I'm worried about him.
That's the tall one?
Well, he's more useful than you are.
I heard from Kenji.
Phantom was the CO of the unit
that both he and Toshiro belonged to.
Toshiro's three years retired.
Why's Phantom acting now?
International crimes?
Yeah, international crimes.
All while leading such a powerful unit?
That's disgusting...
Brainwashing children.
Toshiro couldn't take it
so he turned on Phantom.
Got himself taken out.
Taken out?!
10 on east. 8 on north.
All standing by.
It's from Abyss Walker!
But I can't make it out.
That's my prey!
What's your location?
Do not get in my way!
Do we really need him?
Abyss knows Ghost very well.
They used to be buddies.
They were similar in many ways,
but different in purpose.
and darkness.
Abyss Walker wanted
freedom and destruction.
Nothing more.
It's time.
When Phantom found out Toshiro was alive,
he swore vengeance.
But why'd he come here himself?
That's not our business.
We cover Toshiro.
Kenji used to tell us.
War is no place for children or machines.
This is so messed up.
Take me with you.
Those rookies aren't good enough, right?
I can still fight!
Toshiro, please!
I'm begging you!
Take me!
I won't get in your way!
I want to die on the battlefield!
Dammit, take me with you!!
Don't do this. It doesn't suit you.
I heard Toshiro's code name was "Ghost".
As in, the legendary Reborn Ghost?
Doubt it.
It's just a legend, right?
You ready?
Do you need this?
Animals are simple.
This will suffice.
Hey, Toshiro?! It's Tsuno.
I can't find Sachi!
Tell me she's with you.
Yeah, she's here.
Oh, thank God.
Sorry to bug you, then.
No problem.
Thanks for the call.
Did something happen to Sachi?
Did someone kidnap her?
Don't worry.
It's all part of the plan.
What plan?
Now I know their location.
They didn't steal Sachi from me.
I let them take her.
You've really grown up.
Oh, don't you worry.
I'm an old friend of your uncle's.
And I am very glad
your uncle is still alive.
What do you mean?
Do you know why your uncle
risked so much to save you?
Would you like to know?
the same blood courses
through both of your veins.
I believe...
that he could see.
The future.
But, he betrayed me.
And for that, he has to die.
This is not a battle.
It's an execution.
She's in those ruins.
We move together until they're in sight.
Let's go.
I count five enemies.
The main building is here.
And we are here.
One company.
One platoon.
One platoon.
One platoon.
I'll draw their attention.
Move in two-man cell
and attack from here.
How many enemies?
About 30 people to a platoon,
and 80 to a company...
That many?!
We're three men!
I could handle them alone.
Remain calm
even if you're shot or stabbed.
Be prepared to end in a draw.
Nerves cloud your thoughts.
It's how herbivores get eaten.
Carnivores don't get nervous.
Are we here to be hunted?
We are the hunters.
The Ghost stays silent and
shows no sign of his approach.
Try to hold your fire.
The sound will tell him where you are.
Fire only when you have a clear
shot at the target.
Point Bravo, reporting gunfire.
Possible diversion.
Stay alert!
Point Bravo, under fire!
The enemy has broken through!
Deploying reserve forces.
Don't shoot!
A kid?
You won't survive the battlefield like that.
War is...
no place for children or machines!
I'm sorry.
You're too soft for this world, old man.
I'll manage to survive somehow.
Max, you go on ahead.
I'll finish things up here.
Reserve forces down. Echo, Charlie, move
towards the ruins.
Echo, roger.
Be advised, the Ghost is
an entire squad unto himself.
Do not think of him as human. Over.
Quit using the guns!
Get in close and stab him!
Behind him!
Take me!
I won't get in your way!
I want to die on the battlefield!
Dammit, take me with you!!
Don't fail me, Kenji.
Our war is not fought for the
sake of children.
My war was over.
Frontline is down. No response...
Block the Ghost!
What? Say again, over!
The frontline has been eliminated.
Stay on high alert.
Do you like fairy tales?
The battlefield has its
fair share of legends.
One of which is
the Legend of the Reborn Ghost.
The Reborn Ghost has been seen
fighting in a number of wars...
The infamous Vietnam,
Afghanistan and Iraq.
He's said to have survived
all sorts of impossible missions.
Of course,
I don't put much stake in fairy tales.
If he were real,
he would be older than me.
And yet...
your uncle's codename, "Ghost".
It comes from this man.
As if he intends to fight like the legend...
The Legendary Reborn Ghost.
Max, look after Sachi
Don't worry. I'll be back, I promise.
You're lying!
If you go now, you won't come back,
so don't leave me!
I'll be back.
Let's go home together!
Don't leave me...
C'mon, let's go home...Come on...
Stop it!
I'm sorry.
See you soon.
Sachi, I love you.
Which one is the target?
Right or left?
Just pick one and shoot!
Go right! Go right!
You never change.
You can't stop the war like this.
This isn't a war...
It's justice!
Still want my blood?
Come and get it!
You good?
Are you OK?
Where are you?
I'm sorry.
I need you to hang tight.
All of this was a trap to bring you
within my reach.
You've done well so far.
But how are you going to
fight with wounds like that?
You're not Ghost anymore.
You're just a spectre with no name.
Nobody remembers who you used to be.
You're nothing.
What do you have to live for now?
You really think you brought me here?
Now I've got you in front of me.
That's all that matters.
Are you still thirsty for my blood?
I've got bad news, old man.
My blood's run dry!
you really are the legend himself.
Why did you save that little girl?
Why did you...
Why did you kill your old buddy Abyss?
Why did you subject Kenji
to that living hell?
Why do you fight?
Are you so determined to live?
You talky old fuck...
I'm not alive.
I died a long time ago.
Sorry, Sachi...
Your dad's not gonna be able
to pretend to sleep tonight...
There is only so much
we can do in this world.
It doesn't matter
how great you think you are...
When we lose our footing,
we can only think of ourselves.
And that makes the world
a colder and sadder place.
But in our darkest hours...
We need imagination to
look towards a brighter future,
and pray God sends us
someone who can turn the tide.
Someone to light a fire in our hearts,
then disappear,
inspiring us to change the world ourselves.
And now...
I stand on the edge of the world,
relying on the beacon
that will guide me to a better future
One that I will see through with my own eyes.