Re-Kill (2015) Movie Script

There are two types of soldiers
in this world: the quick and the dead!
R-Division, we are the quick.
You got that'?
Yes, sir!
There ain't no breaks in this war.
You think the Re-Ans take breaks?
- Kill, kill and re-kill!
- Yes, sir!
That's your job. That is the R-Division.
What is a cell?
And what happens when it's attacked?
It's a simple organism,
which reproduces itself by dividing.
Our bodies are made up
of millions of cells.
They're the building blocks
of our blood and tissues.
Now, powerful radiation strikes...
and cells are injured or destroyed.
Some cells less able to function
at top efficiency.
Should the body fall behind
in its recovery...
severe illness or death could result.
The key then is the amount-
We measure radiation the same way-
0nly instead of a speedometer,
we have a rate meter.
And instead of miles per hour...
we measure the rate in roentgens per hour.
We need another device
called a dosimeter...
to record how much radiation a person has
accumulated over a period of time.
In the same way we record
accumulated distance in-
where the island is once again open-
Build to handle any urban conditions.
This is what the scene
looked like just moments ago.
Peace of mind, assurance, safety.
These things are a way
of life at Gated Gardens...
an award-winning, fortified community.
This family-oriented
neighborhood is surrounded by...
an 18-foot, reinforced concrete wall...
and our 360-degree watchtowers...
are manned by world-class sharpshooters-
Due to the graphic' nature
of this program...
viewer discretion is advised.
Five years ago, our world changed.
A dead man kills six at a food court.
And this unknown virus seems
to be re-animated the dead.
Yes, these are
disturbing reports coming in.
The government has just detonated a nuclear
weapon over San Francisco.
The city of Manhattan has been quarantined.
I can't believe it! They were all dead!
China has released
a biological weapon on Beijing.
And this bill will give us
specialized troops...
to eliminate this scourge.
The death toll from the Re-An virus...
now tops seventy million nation wide.
There were four and a half billion dead.
They keep us free. They keep us safe.
They are the men and women of R-Division.
Previously on Re-Kill.
This is Erica Hamilton...
coming to you from Chevallier Square.
We are in the outskirts of-
We are on the outskirts
of New Orleans, Louisiana...
tonight investigating
the report of Re-An activity.
Some sort of attack seems
to have taken place here.
Eyes on the rooftops.
Sergeant McKinney is investigating.
Now we're moving deeper
into Chevallier Square.
Jennings, clear. Go.
For the viewers at home...
please keep our men and Women
in R-Division 6...
in your thoughts tonight.
As a reporter for Re-Kill.
This is typical of Re-An activity.
Over there.
- Move.
- Sorry. Sorry.
On the roof!
Oh, God!
- You okay?
- Were clear.
- You all right'?
- I'm fine. I'm fine.
Line up!
Stick together!
Form up, squad.
One of the
soldiers have been bitten.
Oh, no!
- Oh, God!
- Easy out?
Oh, God.
Keep moving. Keep moving.
As harsh as it seems...
this man was given an easy out
to avoid becoming a Re-An.
Something is in the car.
Hold your fire!
- Hit!
- Hold your fire!
- Second floor!
- Ten o'clock!
They got everyone.
Come on.
It's going to be all right.
- No! Oh, my God!
- Tactical retreat!
- Shes been bit!
- Put your gun down!
Up there!
Shoot them!
Theyre coming from all sides.
Theyre fucking everywhere!
Move now!
Look out!
Move now!
Oh, no, no, no, no!
Get in!
Get me out of here!
Hang on!
Oh, get me out of here.
Get me out of here. Look out!
Oh, my God! Oh, God!
Here we go!
You all right?
You all right?
- You got bit.
- No!
Yeah, you did.
Tonight broadcast of Re-Kill...
is sponsored by the Coalition
to Repopulate America.
She was in the yard gardening.
We never saw them coming.
Thankfully I had taken Vivodine.
I saw what was happening,
so I called Nine-One-Two.
It took nine minutes for help to arrive.
If it wasn't for Vivodine,
it would have been too late.
But shes alive thanks to Vivodine.
Vivodine is a revolutionary new drug...
that increases your chances
of surviving a Re-An attack...
by stopping the virus cold in its tracks.
Vivodine, the last line of defense.
A chance for life.
Vivodine, available where all
fine products are sold.
The Outbreak News Channel.
We now return to Re-Kill.
The debacle of last week's
attack on Chevallier Square...
left a startling number of casualties...
including eight R-Division
personnel and 152 civilians.
Re-Kill own field
correspondent Erica Hamilton...
was also tragically killed
in taping last week's episode.
When R-Division reinforcements arrived...
over four hundred and eighty
Re-Ans were re-killed.
The subsequent press release
from the Re-Animate Bureau...
assures the public that the magnitude
of Chevallier Square...
is an isolated and rare occurrence.
Stay with us tonight as field
correspondent Jimmy Mitchell...
is embedded with R-Division 8...
as they continue to eliminate
the dwindling re-animate menace.
My first day arriving
at R-Division headquarters...
was awkward and tense.
The team preps for its next assignment.
It's always dangerous.
Lets meet some of this weeks team.
Hey, guys.
Do you want to do an interview?
Tom, it's your first day, are you scared?
Well, sure. I mean, you know, I don't-
I don't want to say scared.
You know, a little jittery,
you know, nervous maybe.
But, uh, you know, definitely not scared.
My-My insides are kind of knotted together.
Uh, but, you know, I'm excited.
You know'? I'm ready.
The only survivor
of Chevallier Square, Alex Winston.
I write a blog about Gods Sanctuary.
Winston believes that
everyone is gonna die...
and a few selected by
God will be put on an
ark to start the world over.
Those people will survive.
So you think mankind
is just gonna be wiped out?
Except those chosen by the Lord.
Officially, it's called NS115.
It's a decommissioned nuclear facility...
built during the cold war
in Mount Rogers, Virginia.
Who's gonna be in this government ark?
Officials, top scientists.
But mainly...
itll be those chosen by the Lord.
Do you think you'll be
one of them, Winston'?
It's up to him.
Critics of your website say youre crazy.
What do you have to say to them?
The call to arms against the re-animates...
has shattered many
social boundaries including...
age, race, even sex.
Let's meet the only woman in R-Division 8...
Rose Matthews.
During the outbreak, I was a nurse...
and my husband was a paramedic.
He was one of the first to get infected.
Back before we really knew
what it was.
As we prepare to go out into the field...
some of the team members
become introspective...
While others cope
with their problems differently.
- Camera man.
- Ah, God!
That's not funny, guys.
Omar Hernandez.
How did you end up here'?
I got caught ripping off
a store near the edge of The Zone.
I had two strikes against me already.
People had to eat. People were starving.
Theyre still starving.
The judge gave me a choice.
Fifteen hard in Chino or two doing this.
Excuse me. Sergeant.
Did you want to answer a couple of
questions about yourself before-
So the sergeant has a lot on his mind.
That's fine. I get it.
We'll get an interview from him later.
After arming up, we left
for our first mission...
and I got a chance to speak
more with the team.
- Oh, shit. Oh, shit.
- Tom, you look nervous.
- Sorry. Sorry.
- No, it's okay. We can bleep it out.
Yeah, well-bleep this shit,
- Whoa, okay.
- Guys, come on.
You're ruining my show!
How come the show's
about him anyway, huh'?
What the f--
makes you so special?
I'm gonna get to everybody.
Sergeant, do you want
to say something, please?
- Just Sarge.
- Right. Sarge.
The team has just arrived at a small farm.
What's the plan, Tom?
Re-Ans inside. Search and destroy.
- You two stand back. Got it?
- Yes, sir.
Let's move.
Come on, Bobby. Let's go.
Looks like theyre gonna try...
and make contact with whoever's inside.
- Get down!
- Oh, my God!
Two tours in Afghanistan...
one tour in Iran, one tour in Pakistan...
before it went up in smoke.
That place was...
The guys got soldiering questions,
they come to me.
- Cover me!
- Got him!
Move! Move!
Sarge is approaching the front door.
Stay down!
- Get the f- out of my way! Move!
- Oh, okay!
- Move!
- Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Where is it?
- Wheres What?
Matthews, Hernandez, check it out.
Yeah. I'll go with them to the barn.
I'm staying with the Sarge.
- Keep close.
- Yeah.
- We got Re-Ans.
- What?
Why would they keep Re-Ans in a cage?
- Call it.
- On three.
One, two...
Sarge, What are you doing?
Oh, Jesus.
Just food for whatever
they got inside.
All right, you camera boys
want to know why we're here'?
Were... Were protecting her.
Were protecting her.
Were gonna see if theres
gonna be a cure.
You don't know theres not.
You don't know theres not.
Tell me where.
You don't know what is like
to see... to watch your...
You think you're the only one
who's lost somebody?
Hes hiding something.
Where is it?
I do R-Division two years.
I get a green card for
me and for my family.
That's why I do this.
- Where is she?
- The attic.
In the attic.
We have a confirmation
theres a Re-An in the house.
Remember five years ago?
How it spread so quickly?
People got bit...
but hoped against all hope
that they wouldn't turn.
They hid their infected relatives...
their husbands, wives,
girlfriends, cousins, whatever.
They were all dead, all infected...
but we couldn't accept it.
Couldn't let it go.
It was our humanity
that nearly wiped us out.
Shit. Shit.
All right, rookie. You ready?
- It looks like we're moving in.
- I'm sorry, Sis!
- I'm sorry!
- Shut up!
We are headed upstairs.
Oh, God! lt smells awful.
I think I hear it.
Did you get it?
Did you get it?
Get her, Winston! Find her!
Goddamn it!
Tom got bit.
Oh, no. Ah.
Eve Please, no!
- Sarge.
- Dispatch.
- Sergeant.
- R-Division 8, over.
- Dispatch. Go ahead
- Sarge!
One re-animate located
and destroyed. Over and out.
Sarge, hes turning! Sarge!
I was a lost soul.
Did a lot of bad things
before the outbreak.
Then I found God.
And I was reborn as one of his warriors...
to remove these things
from the garden of his creation.
Do you really believe that, Winston?
Mom died during the outbreak.
No, she wasn't infected or anything.
She... She starved during the long winter.
So... she went out human.
- Is that important?
- Yeah.
I mean, we...
You know, we're born human.
We die that way.
You know, not like one of them.
It's always hard losing one of your own.
I don't know.
Dad... He said...
Basically told me not to be dumb.
But, uh, I think hed be proud of me.
You know, this is my way of honoring him.
Youve lost a lot of people like Tom.
- Is that hard?
- Yeah.
It's part of what we do.
The most unpleasant part.
But it comes with the job.
Every man and Woman that
signed up for R-Division knows the risks.
And theyre willing to pay
the ultimate price.
Are you prepared to pay that price?
Is anyone?
All right, let's make the boy's mark.
How many of your own
guys have you had to-
You know?
We don't talk about that.
You sure were shit out of luck, Tim.
His name was Tom.
How do you think the outbreak got started?
It's Gods will.
But ifs not Judgment Day.
Maybe ifs just a cleansing
to weed out the bad...
to bring us back to simpler times and ways.
How do you know God
doesn't mean it to be the end?
Because he has a bigger plan for us.
I mean, youre still here, right?
When I was a soldier,
Id f- die for my country.
But I'm telling ya, if there was ever a
truly f- situation...
you can bet the military's involved.
I mean, you got any idea how much money
they spend on bioweapon research?
I figure they screwed up one day...
and invented something
they couldn't un-invent.
Right, Grizzly?
He believes me though.
Right, Grizzly?
About the army.
Command and Control.
This is the brain of the entire
R-Division operation.
R-Div 8, this is Command Central.
- Come back.
- R-Div 8. Go ahead.
I need you to intercept a semi truck...
less than a quarter of a mile
away from your current location.
The vehicle is moving at a high rate of
speed and possibly carrying Re-Ans.
- Proceed with caution. He's gonna run.
- Over.
All right, crew, look alive.
It's gonna get ugly.
This is R-Division! Pull over now!
Move it! Move, move, move!
Out of the cab! Now!
- Get out!
- Okay, okay, take it easy!
Get out of the truck.
On the ground!
What the hell is
your problem, man? Come on!
- What do you have in the back?
- I got DVD players in the back, man.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Show me. Come on. Back, cover!
Why would they be running if
they weren't hiding something?
- Move!
- I need a lawyer!
- I need...
- Case dismissed. Cuff him.
- Take it easy!
- I got this thing on TV.
- Open up.
- All right.
This doesn't feel right.
I don't like it.
Get up there. Go.
Th-There's just DVD players in here.
Theres nothing else in there.
Theres nothing else in there!
Theres nothing else in there!
Theres just... Theyre just
DVD players in there!
- Theres nothing else in there!
- Parker, Winston, check it out.
They're tough to put clown, yeah.
Its got to be a head shot,
but sometimes even that don't get it done.
You gotta destroy the brain stem.
And I seen them take five or six bullets in
the head before they go down.
And I swear to God, its like
shooting them just pisses them off...
and they come at you even harder.
Clear it, Grizzly!
Yeah! Get them!
I mean...
they died once already.
It ain't easy making them do it over.
Adams, close the gate!
Adams, close the gate!
Close it!
Welcome back.
Right now the guys are going around...
To re-kill all of the Re-Ans.
Its never been seen before on TV.
- You ready for this?
- Yes, sir.
How will we know
when we finally achieve victory?
the outbreak is over.
But look around us.
Look what we do every day.
It only takes one.
One uncontained bite
can trigger another massive outbreak.
It's only a matter of time.
You know why?
Because we're stuck with being human.
These... things are getting smarter.
Hey, camera boy, come here.
Check this shit out.
Boost your ratings.
They're learning.
We can't win this war.
This whole things gonna end
us dead and gone...
and these... things...
Wandering around starving to death.
So then why fight?
Because we're human.
Re-Kill will return in a moment.
Tonight on Heroes of the Outbreak...
Bob Waynewright,
the Oklahoma school principal...
who saved his student body
from sure death...
after suddenly being attacked
by multiple Re-Ans.
What a story.
It-It all happened so fast.
From... From What l, uh, can remember...
Um, I... I was telling the children
to get behind me...
and, uh, luckily, a... a bat had dropped...
from-from two of the children
who had been playing a little ball.
And I, uh, grabbed that and, uh...
I kind of went ballistic.
And at some point, I remembered...
My God, the kids.
I don't want them to see this.
Well, I... I just...
I just told them to... to run.
I got in front of them and I guess, uh...
there is something to, uh,
having a schoolteacher voice sometimes.
They... They all listened and...
and... and did what I told them.
Wow. A truly heroic feat.
Hear details tonight along
with other tales of bravery...
only on the Outbreak Network.
Your trusted source for outbreak news.
All systems ready.
- Hes the man!
- It was a good day.
Good day, good day, good day.
After the initial outbreak,
they sent us out in hazmat suits.
They used to slow us clown.
The suits didn't protect you,
so they changed the rules.
Now we can survive.
But we still gotta go
through decontamination.
Good day on the street.
Yeah, I look over at you today
and I saw you...
- Hey!
- Thump, thump, thump!
It was-
crazy, man.
You were an animal.
- Did you see it explode?
- Awesome, man!
- Come on.
- Love it.
Most people don't understand what we do.
Why would they?
It's tough. it's serious.
You put yourself in harm's way.
It's stressful.
Sometimes you gotta
let off a little steam...
in what may seem a weird way.
- Yeah!
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
What do you do to blow off steam?
I pray. That's just me.
Hey, there, camera.
You guys out in the field too?
- Uh, yeah, but we weren't in...
- All right. Both of you, come on. Go.
Yeah, R-Divs a boys club.
R-D! Oorah! Wooo!
Sure, um, well...
you saw there's no separate facilities.
Um, I heard I was
one of 121 females nationwide...
but that was a while back,
so by now some...
Come here. Hes got
a scratch on his left arm.
It's nothing. I got it this morning.
A door scratched me. Sarge, tell him.
Guys, come on. This ain't right.
Come on. You know the rule.
Twenty-four hours observation.
Let's go.
This is bullshit!
Never had an infected in the building ever.
I'm sure Officer Nguyer is fine,
but safety first.
We gotta do the checks.
Truth is, we don't know
how infectious it is.
We know a bite can do it, but, um...
What about scratches?
On, uh...
there's one thing about this war
that's different from the other conflicts.
Theres no scars on the veterans.
Once you get out...
youre dead.
- Are they sending us back out?
- I dont know.
Aint you gonna say nothing about this?
Oh, yeah, great.
That's what I thought.
As a result of the truck drivers
you caught today...
are we gonna go back out'?
Sarge? Sarge.
What else you want me to say, man?
They told me they were
DVD players in the back.
You think I 'm stupid, huh?
That's all I Know.
You know what I think is really stupid?
Spending the rest of your life in prison.
Your partner just told us...
your destination was inside this zone.
I need-I need-
I want immunity. Then I'll talk.
Screw your immunity!
Tell me why you were going there.
You're looking at mandatory life in prison.
- I don't know anything!
- Come on.
You're carrying a truckload of re-animates.
That's it. I'm throwing you back.
- Everything you've given me is useless!
- Okay, all right.
Ah, it's-it's something
called the Judas Project.
The Judas Project?
Tell me more about that.
Sergeant, these Re-Ans are
different, smarter, very dangerous!
After discovering the truck
drivers final location...
Captain McAdams and the Sarge argue...
over whether they should deploy
R-Division 8 deep into The Zone.
That's it! Deploy now, Sergeant!
Hey, get away from me, camera boy!
My name's not camera boy.
It's Jimmy.
Jimmy was the name of his son.
He died during the outbreak.
What happened?
Youre gonna keep pointing that
thing at me till I tell you, arent you?
Uh, no way. I'm not going there.
That's the Sarge's business.
If you neecl to know, you'll know.
Everyone on R-Div thinks the Sarge was a
cop or a soldier before the outbreak.
Theyre wrong. He was a
supermarket manager.
Just doing What we were told
to do when it started.
Staying holed up in his house
with his wife Ronnie and his kid.
He was only three years old.
They ran out of food, so he went to the
store to get more and, um...
when he got back,
his wife was so badly eaten...
she was gone.
She was the lucky one.
Jimmy wasn't.
He had to re-kill his own little boy.
Hi. We all remember the outbreak.
The people we lost.
Of course we'll never forget.
But now we have to cope with the aftermath.
At Gibsons Post Trauma Clinic,
we understand.
We know just talking isn't enough.
Tha's why we prescribe
the widest range of drugs.
No one prescribes harder,
faster or more...
even over the phone.
Gibsons Post Trauma Clinic.
Pain medication for emotional pain...
the kind that really hurts.
Head shot.
Good aim.
Well done.
Ive tried other guns,
but I just never felt safe.
The Desert Eagle .50 caliber.
The human skull is made of
16 joining plates of bone...
some over an inch thick.
- Point, shoot.
- Game over.
For the children.
Please have ID check ready.
Stay inside your vehicle
unless instructed otherwise.
R-D 8, proceed to zone
coordinates one-five-niner-seven
All right, listen up.
We got an address from the driver
we picked up from that truck.
Something about some Judas Project.
ts deep in The Zone.
You gotta be kidding me.
This is fantastic.
A camera crews never been
in The Zone before.
I'm Jimmy Mitchell.
And tonight we have
an exclusive on Re-KiiL.
That will be unlike anything
youve ever seen before on television.
My camera crew and I are going to travel...
with the brave men and women
of R-Division 8...
to an unknown point deep inside The Zone.
As you may know,
The Zone is the sealed-off area...
that encompasses most
of Manhattan island...
in the once proud city
formerly known as New York.
In the dark and violent months following
the patient zero Re-An outbreak...
New York was heroically
sealed off by engineers...
in an unrivaled construction project.
But no one, besides the military...
has been allowed in this area
in nearly five years.
During that time, rumors have spread
wildly across the Internet...
and several best-selling authors
have written books...
speculating on what exactly
is going on behind these giant walls.
The conspiracy theories
range from the mundane...
to the outlandish.
Now as you may know,
Re-Kill is filmed live on a two-hour delay.
This is especially necessary tonight...
because communication will be completely
blacked out once were inside these walls.
So every two hours our Re-Kill drones...
are going to rendezvous with us
and ferry our camera footage...
back to our mobile broadcast studio...
and then directly into your home.
So sit back and be the first
to discover...
What truly lies inside The Zone.
Captain McAdams, can you tell us
a little more about The Zone?
The, uh, Zone is, uh, part ofthe city...
that we never managed
to clear after the outbreak.
So, for five years...
we just built a wall around it...
and, uh, let what's inside rot away.
So tell me, Winston...
what's your thoughts on The Zone?
Its a no-man's-land.
It's a place we, uh...
had to contain after the initial outbreak.
We had to wall it up, seal it shut.
Now it's the Re-An ghetto.
A few Weeks ago,
another R-D unit went in there.
No one came back.
Hey, Parker,
have you been in The Zone before?
Do I look that f...
dumb to you?
- Huh? Get the fuck out of here.
- No. Ow! God.
Do I know why we're here'?
I'm just as blind as you are.
- Except I got an M-16.
- You got a f- camera.
Nobody wants to be here, Jimmy.
- What the shit are we doing here, Sarge?
- There's been rumors...
of something called a Judas Project...
a re-animation experimentation...
going on in The Zone.
Guy from the truck confirmed the rumors.
What are they doing with them?
That's what we're here to find out.
You think this Judas Project thing is real?
I read plenty of blogs about it.
People say theyre
trying to create some super Re-An.
Why would anybody wanna do that?
Desperate times, desperate measures.
And if ifs that big a deal,
why all six on our own?
I do know the Lord is ever
constant and vigilant.
Should have picked Chino.
I started out in a different unit-
R-Div 6.
We were ordered
into The Zone six months ago.
But I had the flu that day.
I'm alive because of the-flu.
Keep it tight. Stay alert.
- Turn that light out now.
- Oh, yeah. My bad.
Anyone have anything?
Fan out. Two to the right.
The rest of us straight ahead.
What is this place?
Hey, are you all right?
How long have these people been here'?
- Guess it's real.
- The Judas Project?
Were too late.
Hey, you see this?
Whafd I tell you, boy?
Had to be the army.
God, they must have hated him.
They don't hate. They eat.
- You sure about that, Sarge?
- Lets move.
We dont know nothing
about What they think...
or what it's like... to be one of them.
Let's not break formation.
Sarge? Sarge.
- What is it'?
- Um, I just-I saw something.
- Where'?
- Keep it together.
- Ah, yeah.
Oh, Jesus.
It's Survival Week again here at ONC.
And all this week we'll be sharing
unique stories of survival...
from our viewers.
We wanna know where you were
when the outbreak first began.
Where was I the day of the outbreak?
To tell you that, I have to tell you about
Amos. Uh, that's my stepdad.
Proud owner of Amos Trees, LLC.
Hes a piece of work.
He was just always riding me, you know?
Ellis, what the hell's wrong with you?
Ellis, why are you so lazy?
Ellis, what's your problem?
Ellis, you on f... drugs?
Your body is a temple...
and youre ruining your... temple,
One of those religious types.
So anyway, day of the outbreak...
I'm-I'm out here doing my thing,
minding my own business.
And here comes Amos stumbling up to me.
I just thought he was drunk again.
The old man had
a little thing for the sauce.
Your bodys a temple.
Anyway, so Im out here.
He stumbles up and he tries to grab me.
And l gotta tell you we-we don't really
have that kind of, uh, relationship.
I'm like, Whoa, you know.
What the hell's your problem?
Then he tries to bite me.
I was like,
Oh, hell no, you know?
So I took a shovel to him hard, real hard.
And, uh, it didn't seem to faze him.
It just kind of pissed him off.
Anyways, that goes on for a little while...
and luckily, I had old Johnny with me.
And I went at him with it.
I cannot tell you what went through my mind
when I went at him with this.
But, uh, I can tell you
What happened immediately afterwards.
I just thought... I'm going to prison.
But for once, uh, you know,
luck was on my side.
Everywhere was going batshit crazy.
So it kinda worked out
for me, uh, you know?
I got the family business,
uh, changed the name.
That's, uh-That's how
I survived the outbreak.
Coming down!
We out shit.
Send your story of survival
to the Outbreak News Channel.
Attention. I Survived.
565 Monument Square...
New York 2, New York...
9 7052.
Still got power.
Still got power.
So whatever happened clown here-
Didn't happen long ago.
Or nobody knows about it.
- Halt.
- The truck was bringing more Re-Ans.
Somebody thinks this
project is still alive.
What is happening?
Theyre messing with the power.
I got a bad feeling about this.
Man up, pussy-
They tracking us?
Are you talking about the Re-Ans?
All right, let's keep moving.
Got something here, Sarge.
Let's move.
Parker. ls that the Re-Ans?
For the viewers at home,
it may be too dark to see-
Wait. I hear something.
- Sarge.
- Ah, shit!
Did you guys fucking see that?
See what?
What the fuck?
Were after it or what?
- Calm down.
- What-What if it's true'?
Yeah, right. They
got the brains of turtles.
- I think we should stay here.
- Parker!
Come on. Search and destroy!
That's what we do! Fuck this!
- Move!
- Cover him! Cover him!
Let's go.
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!
Hernandez, you okay?
- Yeah.
- You better be.
Stay alert.
Here they come!
- Come on!
- Get them back up!
Let's move! Go, go, go!
Got you, bitch!
Don't leave me!
I've dropped the camera!
Get-Get up!
Get your ass up!
Too late! Get out!
Sarge, we gotta get out of here!
Hernandez, get him!
Help! Come on!
Guys, I think Parker got bit.
- I saw it.
- Parker.
- It's just a scratch.
- Scratch or bite'?
It's just a scratch. I'm fine.
- Thats no scratch.
- Hes bit! Look at him. Hes infected.
It's a fucking scratch, Sarge.
All right'? I'm fine.
- Look at him. Hes turning.
- Hey, I said I'm fucking fine!
Look, I'm taking these Vivodine pills,
man. I take 'em every fucking day.
The fricking pills don't work, man.
Fuck it!
Fucking stupid! Fuck!
Stupid mother-
Parker, stand down. Stow your weapon.
Back the fuck off! I'm not infected.
Do it or
Im gonna have to do it.
Fuck you, Hernandez! Fuck you!
Im not a fucking coward!
It's starting again.
Theyre coming back.
Let's move.
Sorry, Parker.
Hey, Grizzly.
I know youve had to kill
a lot of your own men on the field.
Do you think if it was Parker,
you could pull the trigger?
- Are you afraid to die?
- No.
If you had to go,
how would you want it to happen?
In a... damn blaze of glory.
What if you got bit?
How would you react?
Re-N will return in a moment.
Where was I on the day of the outbreak?
Is that what you really wanna know?
Can you please just answer the question?
On the day of the outbreak, I was on
a date with a friend, my boyfriend.
And dinner must have gone well
because he got us a room at a hotel...
a really nice hotel.
So we walk into the room,
and John, my boyfriend...
starts acting really aggressive.
And this somehow led to
a fight about money.
Couples fight all the time
about money, right?
So anyway, he just looked
around like he was lost.
It was really weird.
I was having a hard time
taking him serious...
because hes not wearing pants.
So I start laughing. That's when he decided
to put his hands on me...
which is a huge no-no.
I know exactly where to kick.
- I mentioned he wasn't wearing pants'?
- Yes.
Hmm. Anyways, so I kick him,
and theres zero response.
- So then I show him this.
- Shes got a gun.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Do you want me to finish my story or not?
Cherry interview, take two.
- Anyway, so then I tell Jim...
- John.
Yes. Then I tell John to back the F off
me. You know What I mean?
So he lunges at me,
so I shot him in the ass.
I mean, that should have been enough
to stop him, but he just goes psycho.
So I take off running down the hallway.
Im screaming my head off,
and this little old woman comes out...
and John attacks her instead of me.
No. So I went up to him.
I put the gun to the back
of his head and boom!
And that fixed it.
But then the old lady started
kind of looking weird and-
No. Good-bye. I gotta go.
So I reached down. I grab his keys.
He has a really nice car, by the way.
And I got the hell out of there.
That's what happened to me
on the day of the outbreak.
Fifty dollars, right? Yeah?
Welcome back to Re-Ki/l
If you're just joining us...
we are deep inside The Zone right now...
where we've just lost two of our own-
Trent Parker and Corporal Adams.
It seems to be quiet.
Quiet is good.
Ankle biters.
All right, spread out.
Um, Ankle biters is a slang term...
used by the R-Div team,
referring to Re-An children.
Oh, this is not good.
This is fucked up.
You got something?
Over here.
Oh, God. You guys, maybe
we should get out of here.
Easy, 'cause it's out.
This is what God has planned for me.
- Can you believe it?
- There's more of them.
- Sarge?
- Get out of here.
Okay, let's move.
Vaya con Dios.
Remember, theyre gonna
need you in the ark.
Theyre gonna need you!
The ark is Gods home for those he has
chosen to survive, to start over.
Do I think Winston's right about his ark?
F... No
Do you believe in God?
I used to.
Just like the Sarge says,
Outbreak Two will happen.
It's just not gonna kill all of us.
- Lets get the hell out of here.
- Yeah.
Jimmy, take this.
- What?
- Take it!
- I... I've never fired a gun before.
- Keep up.
Hey, drop the damn cameras!
Don't do it, Bobby.
Let's just keep going.
Slow them down a bit.
Take cover!
Squad, fall back! Fall back.
Here they come!
I'll cover!
Move back!
Watch out! Watch out!
Were under fire!
Move! Move!
Move back! Move back!
- Six o'clock! Six o'clock!
- Stop.
Get down!
Get back!
Jesus Christ!
We gotta find cover. Find cover.
Theyre everywhere!
Just get back. Get back! Move!
- Run!
- Stairs! Go!
Let's move!
Come on! Let's go!
Hernandez, go! Come on!
Let's go!
Right behind you.
Go, go, go!
Come on! Go!
Theyre still coming.
This way!
- Reload! Cover me.
- Got your six!
Move, move, move,
move, move! Let's go!
Watch it! Got it!
Come on! Go, go, go, go, go!
Sarge, the door's locked!
Move it, Matthews!
My God, were trapped.
Sarge, what... what are you doing?
Why are you taking your gear off?
- In case they get us.
- So we're not bulletproof.
- What about Jimmy'?
- I'll take care of the camera guys.
It's Hernandez.
Sorry, man.
Wait! No!
- Where we going?
- Gotta keep moving.
No, no, no. Wait, wait, wait.
That was Judas Project. Dumb assholes.
Thought they had answers.
Thought they were gonna save the world.
- What are you talking about?
- What were they doing in there?
You know what?
I don't even know.
I was just another grunt to them, you know?
Save-the-world types.
Scientists. Fuckheads, all of them.
Come on! Come!
Let's fucking move! Move! Now!
In fucking here! Let's go!
Go, go, go! Come on!
Go on. Go, go.
Go, go, go, go. Come on, come on.
That... That's all that's
left of the Judas Project.
Maybe someday somebody will find it.
Work it out.
All they told me one time was, uh, to be...
To try to find a way
to make em turn on each other.
Here. To fight each
other instead of us.
Eat each other like they eat us?
One day we got a new batch.
And one of them...
He was different.
Subject is still unresponsive.
I'm cutting the skin tissue.
They all changed.
Uh, the way they acted,
the way they watched us.
They changed.
They started acting like,
uh-in a group. Like they had ideas.
I clon't know how to say it.
I'm not an eggheacl or a scientist.
Just doing my job.
What was your job?
- I worked in the holding pens.
- Holding pens?
Oh, yeah.
We had hundreds.
Locked them all up together.
- That was our big mistake.
- What happened?
Levels are spiking.
When did this happen?
I uh-I kinda lost track of time,
but, uh, two weeks ago now.
Mm. Maybe four Weeks.
How come nobody knows about this'?
'Cause they're smart enough to sit tight.
The longer they stay here,
the bigger their army gets.
You know, the more Re-Ans
get delivered in the trucks.
- Army?
- Oh, yeah.
Army of the dead.
Were no longer top of the food chain.
Were food.
Why are you still filming this?
Were gonna die here.
No ones ever gonna see this.
No, that's-that's not true...
because every time we go outside...
the network sends drones
so we can upload the files.
- If we can just get out there-
- l-low far behind are they'?
- Uh, about two hours.
- Then we still got a chance.
We gotta let people know. Come on!
- How far do these tunnels go?
- Uh, forever.
I think they link up
with the subway somewhere.
Not a good fucking place.
- What do you mean?
- They come out of here.
Fucking anywhere.
They are like wolves.
They hunt in a pack. Hunting.
Then let's make this quick.
This is a bad place, man.
They'll come out of fucking anywhere, man.
- Tunnel dwellers.
- Tunnel dwellers?
Theyre hunting us here, and this is their
fucking hunting ground right here.
See this? See this?
Those fuckers will come out
of there, man, like water.
They just ooze out of that fucker, man.
- How did you survive?
- I guess I was born lucky.
Oh, God. Oh!
Oh, God.
What I fucking tell you?
- A lucky... I'm a lucky fucker.
- Yeah.
Theres one.
Theres one.
Okay, weve made it through the tunnels.
Now we're on our way
to try and film some footage...
of the so-called Re-Animate army.
This is wrong. This is fucking wrong.
In there.
Theyre... Theyre in there.
You see 'em, huh'? Can you see 'em'?
Can you see 'em'?
What are they doing?
That's the one. Fucking move.
- What?
- Move.
- What is it'?
- That's Elvis.
That's what we call him.
You know, like the King'?
Soon as he showed up, they all changed.
They all fucking changed.
Like they found themselves a leader.
An alpha male.
- Where did it come from?
- I don't fucking know.
We need to get closer,
find out what's going on.
No, no, no, we can't. We can't.
- Hey. We need to find a way.
- Fucking crazy.
Were following Sarge in...
to try and get a better shot
of the Re-An army...
to show the world what's happening in here.
This is crazy.
Were too close.
You said we gotta show people.
- Yeah, but...
- Listen.
We shoot it all with one camera,
fight our way back to our APO.
You guys can broadcast from there, right?
Yeah, yeah. We can upload it.
Your APO is too far.
We'll never get there.
Then we'll go back to your hole
and wait for the network teams.
Theres a catwalk up here.
You'll be able to see
everything from there.
All right, let's go.
- I'm gonna go get the shot.
- Bobby's getting the shot.
There's thousands of 'em.
Bobby! No! Shit! Bobby!
On, no!
We gotta move. Go, go! Come on! Let's move!
Come on! Go, go, go, go, go, go!
Come on, come on!
Move it!
Come on! God!
Go, go, g0, 90, 9O, 9O, 9O!
Come on!
Head for the building right there!
Theyre catching up!
Jimmy, Jimmy! Go, go, go, go, go, go!
Sarge! Easy out! Come on!
Sarge, easy out!
Oh, my God.
Let's go!
In there.
Theres thousands of them.
This is it.
Outbreak Two.
I didn't think itd come this fast.
Come on, Sarge. We can make it out of here.
I don't know if anyone will ever see this.
But if you do...
I'm sorry.
- Sarge-
- Let's go.
Come on.
Let's go.
Oh, God.
It's like a lab.
That door downstairs is never gonna hold.
Why the hell hadn't they eaten all this?
I don't know.
- Oh! Hey. You okay?
- Yeah.
Oh, God!
Kill it!
Find us another Way out!
Oh, God! Push!
Theyre getting in!
Sarge! Jimmy!
Look out!
Get off her! No!
Sarge, we need help in here!
Get off her!
Get off!
What was Jimmy like?
He was a great kid.
What keeps you going?
I mean, why you do this?
I do this so no other parent...
has to do what I did.
Do you ever think about dying?
When my day comes...
I finally get to go home.
Some religious scholars
believe that purgatory is a place...
for souls that are equally balanced
between good and evil...
and that your actions, they determine...
whether or not you will go
to heaven... or hell.
The jurys out for you all.
'Cause you are corrupt...
by doing what you do with that lens.
But then you know that. God bless you.
We interrupt this program to bring you
breaking news from the Manhattan barricade.
Sean Griffin is on the scene.
Mary, two weeks ago
we started getting reports...
of re-animate attacks in the subway.
And two days ago, they started coming up.
Yesterday, the entire downtown area
was placed under quarantine...
and the downtown barricade
here was erected.
But now it appears
a large group of re-animates...
is headed toward the barricade.
Early estimates of the numbers...
50,000 or more.
Theres no way of knowing
if the downtown barricade can hold.
It seems clear
that Outbreak Two is happening.
Mary, back to you.
Underground, this is Delta five-sixteen
requesting permission to land two Hawks.
- Oven
- Five-One-Six, permission granted.
Welcome to the ark.
- Wha's happening?
- We got another radio call.
More survivors. Theyre trapped.