Reach (2018) Movie Script

- My name is
Steven Turano
and tonight I'm gonna
kill myself.
- Steven, you ready?
We're leaving in two!
- Depression.
That's the word people use.
Just because I think about
it doesn't mean that I...
I really want to do it.
You can do this.
Just get out of the chair.
Is that mine?
- It was.
Breakfast is for people who are
on time.
Come on, let's go.
- Okay.
- Look, when you're late, I'm
late, okay?
What are you doing in your room
Come on.
- It's only my first day.
- Seat belt.
- Okay.
That's my dad.
He's a cop.
Treats me more like I...
I should be in the Army or
following some book of rules
because he screwed up.
I don't know.
Most days we don't really talk.
I don't know if he
can't look me in the eye
because of me or because of
- Must Charles and Doris's
Let's hope they get that one
- Like you're getting
it right?
You don't even know them.
You don't even know me.
Why can't you stop judging
- Steven.
Let's make it a strong year,
- A small arts school
might seem
like a way to protect
your kid from the world
because it's artsy fartsy or
but there's no real way to
protect your kid from school
unless you talk to them
or they feel safe there.
But how do you feel safe?
- Look, guys.
It's our very own resident time
who went back to 1995
and picked up a trapper
keeper for elementary school.
- Nice scarf, Richard.
- Oh, nice attitude, Kim.
- Richard.
- Kim.
Now that everyone's here,
I can actually start my
- Go ahead.
- Right.
I just want to start by
welcoming everybody back.
Welcome back.
We have a great year
in store for you guys.
We have three new plays on the
which is just super exciting.
The first play is Anything Goes.
Anything goes
- And I love it because my dad
actually grew up on a ship.
He wasn't in the Navy,
he was just poor, but...
- Hi.
- Hi, and you are?
- Clarence, Clarence West.
- Clarence, you're
- I know, I'm sorry.
It's my first day here.
My first day at school actually.
Oh, here's a banana.
Thought it'd be cooler than an
- Clarence, Clarence West.
Have a seat.
- Okay.
- What kind of a name is
Clarence West?
Are you a jazz musician?
- I love jokes.
We're gonna get along great.
- Richard, but, um, too many
- Okay, Richard.
I love your scarf, it's very
- Oh, thanks so much.
I like your outfit.
Did a hipster throw it up?
Did you get it from the
eclectic douchebag boutique?
- Okay, well, this was
actually made for me
by two less fortunate souls
while I was volunteering
in South America.
They're actually no longer with
Moment of silence.
- Okay.
Just a reminder, auditions
are in three weeks
so I'll see y'all there.
You can stay home.
- Emma?
- Here!
- Ella.
- Here.
- Steven.
- And it hit me, it's your
senior year.
Dude, aren't you pumped?
- I don't know, it's whatever.
- You think I could be a
- I don't know, would you
just be careful with that?
- Hey, bud.
- Aw, shit.
- Hey, Steven.
How was your summer?
Oh, you don't want to talk
to me now?
I mean, it's our last year
together, bud.
What's this?
- Come on, Nick, that's a gift
to Steven.
- Huh, this yours?
Oh, I bet you want to hit me
now, huh?
Do it.
Come on.
Do it.
Hit me.
Do it, hit me.
- Hey, that's enough.
- Hey!
I don't know who you are,
but this doesn't concern you.
- Okay.
- Hey, what the hell, let me go!
- Or you'll what?
You keep moving and your
arm's gonna snap, bud.
- Get off of me!
- Apologize.
- No, no way.
- Apologize.
Right now.
To what's your name, kid?
- Steven.
Steven Turano.
- There it is, now just say it.
- No.
- Say it, say I'm sorry.
Two seconds.
Do it!
Say it.
- I'm sorry, Steven.
Is that what you wanted to hear?
You're done here.
- Oh.
- Nick.
- What's that guy's deal?
- I'm sorry for my boyfriend.
Are you alright?
- Yeah, yeah, I'm okay.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
- Alright.
- Screw that guy.
- Hey, what's going on here?
Three of you, come with me.
- What?
Where'd you learn how
to do that?
- Japan.
- What are you?
- Good afternoon, gentlemen.
Why don't you tell me
your side of the story?
- Miss Simmons, we were
just walking in the hallway,
going to our lockers, all
three of us, normally,
when Nick comes up to
us, angrier than ever,
and he just wants to start
like a fight with us.
- Okay, okay, okay, slow down.
Let's go back.
- Ma'am, if I may?
I'm sorry, we haven't formally
met yet, I'm Clarence.
Clarence West.
Very nice to meet you.
Well, ma'am, I was just
minding my own business,
listening to some music
when I noticed a
commotion in the distance.
I saw Nick, is it?
I saw Nick and he was harassing
these two fine gentlemen.
Nick then grabbed Steven's
conductor baton
and broke it over his leg.
I waited and I waited as long as
I could
for a faculty member to come
but sadly no one came.
I figured that I'd step in
before things got serious.
Nick then attacked me.
I simply defended myself with
a standing Kimura armlock.
- Wait, wait, wait.
What's a Kimura armlock?
- It's essentially a
reverse arm entanglement?
Volunteering in Japan, I
practiced the art of judo.
Anyway, I successfully
immobilized Nick.
I asked him to cease and
apologize, he complied.
At which time, Mrs.
Mack finally came over.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
I feared for Steven, I really
I'm confident when you review
your security cam footage,
it's gonna corroborate the
statement I'm giving you here.
- Is this who he really
He seems to have it figured out.
Wish I could say the same for
- Is that what you've been
Playing grab-ass with Turano?
- Dude, that
karate stuff was crazy.
You think you could
teach me that sometime?
- Yeah, anytime.
What's that kid's deal anyways?
- Oh, I don't know.
Nick hates everybody.
He especially has it out for
- Well, that's lame.
That was his pops, I'm assuming?
- Yeah, Officer Perkins.
- Textbook.
- Well, since we're here,
what's your next class?
- Um, it is...
Drama two.
- Perfect, right next to band.
Let's go.
- Oh, alright.
- Welcome back, everyone.
I hope you had an amazing
I've already seen a couple
new faces on campus,
which is exciting.
I have an incredible
year planned for you all.
Are you Clarence West?
- Yes.
- So without further ado,
let's welcome to the stage our
new student, Clarence West.
Clarence West
- Girls!
- Wow.
Thank you everyone.
And thank you, Mr...
- Dates.
Tony Dates.
But you can call me...
Mr. Tony
- Yeah, okay.
Thank you, Mr. Tony.
- Uh, uh, uh.
Don't even think about
it, Mr. West Side Story.
- I'm sorry?
- Oh, no, that word
is not allowed in here.
- Well, I'm sor--
- Now get up here
and show me what you've
got, Clarence West.
- Oh, I see you want me to do?
- Could be anything.
A song, a dance number, a
monologue, a one man show.
Do a cartwheel, juggle for god's
We don't care, just get up here.
- Okay.
- What happens in drama...
Stays in drama
- I like that.
Into the white upturned
wandering eyes of mortals
that fall back to gaze on him.
When he bestrides the lazy
pacing clouds
and sails upon the bosoms of the
- Romeo?
Wherefore art thou Romeo?
Deny thy father and
refuse thy name!
Or if thou shalt not, then
I shall be but sworn by love
and I'll no longer be a Capulet.
- Shall I hear more or
shall I speak at this?
- Tis my name that is my enemy.
Thou aren't myself if not a
What's Montague?
Does nor hand nor foot nor arm
or face
nor any other part of a man?
- Oh sweet, so would I.
I will kill thee with much
Good night, good night.
Parting is such sweet sorrow.
Shall I say good night?
Till it be morrow.
Sleeped well upon thine eyes.
Peace in thy breast.
If I were to sleep, so sweet to
Hence will I to my ghostly
father sell,
his help to crave and
my dear have to tell.
- Yes, yes, bravo, boys.
See, this is what art is about.
Instinct, impulse,
collaboration, presence.
- Cool.
That's awesome.
We good?
- Yeah, congratulations.
- So then what happened?
How'd you end up teaching here?
- Well, I left Hollywood,
went back to New York,
best place ever.
And did a few off-off-Broadway
And I realized that this
is where my heart is,
so I went back to school to
get my master's in education
and that way I can teach what I
- Theater.
Do you ever miss it?
- Acting?
Hollywood, god no.
- God.
That's where I'm headed.
I already have a place there.
I just gotta finish here first.
- Young guy like you?
You'll clean up.
- Thanks for today, Mr. Tony.
This year's gonna be great.
- Already is.
And hey, I'd love to
read your work sometime.
Bring it in whenever.
- Okay, sounds good.
Yo, friends.
- Yo, homie!
- I'm hungry.
You guys want to get some
comida or something, huh?
- We should totally go to the
- Okay.
- Daniel, come on, let's go.
- Alright, later homies.
I'mma peace.
- Why are you talking like that?
- I don't know.
Alright, bye guys.
- See ya.
- Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
You want to, like, get some
- Uh, no.
I have a lot to get done.
You know, homework and practice
and stuff.
- No, no, no, no, come on, come
It's on me.
- I have to finish learning
this new piece for band.
- Dude, dude, dude, dude,
it's the first day of school.
Come on, I'll drive you home
- You're not gonna take
no for an answer, are you?
- Are you gonna turn
down free food?
Come on, man, one meal
isn't gonna kill you.
Let's make this happen.
- Nick.
Hi, it's me.
Why did you have to
start in with him
on the first day of school?
And with my brother?
- Bon appetit.
- Thanks.
- What are you listening to?
- Huh?
- What are you listening to?
- Oh, you wouldn't know it.
- Oh, I wouldn't know
I mean, I'm more of an
Eric Clapton fan myself
but I know Tchaikovsky.
- My mom listened to Eric
- Well, your mom has good taste.
I'd love to meet her.
- Well, you can't, she dead.
- No way, my parents
are dead too.
- That's not funny.
- No, I'm serious, I'm serious.
Why do you think I'm
here in suburbia?
Both my parents died last
year in a motorcycle accident.
I just moved in with my
so I could finish high school.
Why would I lie about something
like that?
What's that Nick kid's deal
- I don't know.
We used to be best friends.
- What happened?
- My dad and his dad were
partners when we were kids
and then...
Things change.
- Like what?
- You know Nick was in a boy
band, right?
- You see, now that makes sense.
- So what's your deal?
- What do you mean, my deal?
- You know, you're not
like most kids.
Karate and the way you dress
and the knowledge of
classical music.
I mean, where are you from?
- I grew up traveling.
I was never really in
one country too long.
Kinda bounced around.
- Were your parents in like
the military or something?
- God no.
No, no, no, they were quite
the opposite actually.
I mean, for the most part,
they were just hippies.
But they were very
successful entrepreneurs.
When I was born, they
started traveling the world.
Used to say I was
homeschooled out of home.
- Did you make any friends?
- More like acquaintances.
I mean, for the most part,
stories were my friends, man.
Books, movies, plays.
When we were in a new
city, we'd see a new play.
- What time is it?
- It's...
If you don't get home by a
certain time,
your dad will like kill you?
- Yeah.
- Oh, dude, hey, wait, I'll
give you a ride home, neighbor.
- Why is he being so
nice to me?
There's no way he can't
make other friends.
Feels weird.
- So like what time do you
usually wake up for school?
- Like 5:30.
- God.
- My dad usually--
- Oh, you see, there it is,
I'll honk at seven.
- What?
- I'll drive you.
- No, it's okay.
- Dude, I'll see you at
seven, get out of my car.
- You're weird, dude.
- Later.
- Downstairs, five
- Yeah.
- You got about one
minute before we head out.
- I forgot to tell you that I
have a ride to school today.
- You do?
From who?
- Clarence.
Charles and Doris's grandson,
the new kid who moved in
across the street, remember?
- Clarence.
Am I gonna meet this kid?
Is he gonna be on time?
- Hi, you must be Mr. Turano.
It's wonderful to meet you.
- Hey.
- Steven, you ready?
We gotta be out by oh-700.
- That your car?
- Oh, yes sir, it is.
My father and I built it
from the ground up actually.
- Impressive.
You a mechanic?
- I like to use the term
Mechanic seems to
suggest just cars.
I like to build all
things really.
Hoping to go to college for it.
Fingers crossed.
- Good luck with that.
- Bye.
- Mr. Turano.
- Nice to meet you, Clarence.
- Ditto.
- Drive safe.
- Absolutely!
- What was that?
- What I did
just got us
a get out of jail free card
for now or for any
time in the future.
- We're gonna be late
for school.
- Yeah, about that.
- No, no, no, no, no, I can't
miss school.
My dad's already pissed
about yesterday.
You know the attendance
office is gonna call him.
- Are they?
- What?
You cannot call the attendance
office, don't do that.
- Uh, yeah, hi, how ya doin'?
This is Mr. Turano.
Shut up.
Yeah, Steven's not
gonna be in today,
he's a little shooken up
after the incident yesterday,
I'm sure you heard all about it.
Yeah, he's fine, just gonna take
the day.
Also I'm not sure if you have
my updated number on file.
Do you have a pen close by?
It's 458-555-0101.
Yeah, you go ahead and
call me in the future
if there's any other issues.
You too, ma'am.
- How did you do that?
- Genius, right?
- Do you have any idea
how crazy my dad is?
He's gonna reverse
detective that or something,
I'm gonna be in so much
trouble, you have no idea!
- Dude, hey, this is fun.
We're having fun.
It's gonna be fine, stop
looking ahead, okay?
Have you ever played hooky
- No.
- I'm so excited.
- Where are we going?
- Don't worry
about it, I got this.
Stop asking questions and just
relax, man.
I need some coffee.
- Where are we?
- Don't worry about
- Okay.
This is fun.
- Hate to say I told you so,
- What's that?
- Oh, that was my mom's
- No, what's that?
Is that mari...
- It's medicinal.
You have a pen?
- Yeah.
Let's see.
Here you go.
- Uh, what do you got there?
- Nothing.
Oh, no, no, no, no, I can't do
- Come on, Padawan.
It's just pot.
It'll loosen you up,
you need to loosen up.
- No.
I can't get high.
- Could you live with me?
- Like in a house?
- Could you live with me?
Live in the now?
Live in the now, man.
Come on, hit it.
Hit it!
Trust me.
No, no, no, no, no, come on.
I know you've seen enough movies
to know how this stuff works.
Take another hit.
Yeah, now suck it in.
Swallow it.
Swallow it.
- Like...
- Like swallow it into your
There it is!
- That's not for me.
- Oh, no, it's for everybody.
You're a natural.
Are you alright?
- Oh god.
- There you go.
- I miss my mom.
- Me too.
Me too.
- Yeah, babe, sorry.
I just, I can't tonight.
I have so much homework
I have to do,
so I'm gonna stay home.
Oh, no, that's just the TV.
Okay, bye.
- Hey.
- Okay, out of the driveway.
- Okay, okay.
- And here she is at her
high school graduation.
You have her smile.
Charlie, do you remember the
speech Andrea gave that day?
- Oh, oh yeah.
She was very prolific
with words.
She was a genius.
Brains and beauty.
- That's where I get it from.
- Oh, here's your mom and dad
on their first trip together.
- Certainly wasn't their last.
- And, drum roll, here's
your birth announcement.
- I know that guy.
- Yeah, that was a surprise.
We didn't even know
she was pregnant.
- Grandfather didn't like
my dad very much, did he?
- Well, he just...
He just wanted your
mom around more.
God, we miss her.
- Well, hey, now you're stuck
with me.
- And I couldn't be happier.
- Is that Han Zimmer?
- What is that?
- What's what?
- Is that a video
- Maybe.
No glasses, Padawan?
- Oh, yeah, I tried contacts.
I kind of avoided it
for a long time.
Anyway, I look stupid.
- It looks good, man.
- Does that have sound?
It looks ancient.
- Dude, this is a Super 8.
This little thing is what
revolutionized indie filmmaking.
What do they teach you guys in
- Not about Super 8.
- Oh, you're
so pretty.
- Ew.
- I gotta save film.
- Where you going?
- Uh, band practice.
I mean, Kim's, but I have
practice later.
- Where's your
- Kim's.
- Left it at Kim's, my ass.
You always got so much
to say, baby, don't you?
You ain't got nothing, talk
too much
You're good at saying
something wrong
I'm so moving on
- What are you doing here?
- You can't answer your phone?
I called you like 10 times.
- What are you doing here?
- Thought we could hang out.
- I can't.
I have plans.
- Oh.
- Are you okay?
- Okay, plans.
Plans with who?
- I have plans with Emma and
- Oh, wow, okay, cool, yeah,
- Is that alright?
- Yeah, no, whatever.
You just do whatever you want.
- This is so awesome.
I used to have a digital camera
and I would film everything
until Nick the dick came over
one night
doing god knows what
to my sister.
- See, you're a natural,
Danny boy.
All you gotta do is focus.
- Look at Steve go.
- Yeah, man, that's pretty
frickin' cool.
- This thing is
awesome, man.
I really wish I still
had my camera.
- Daniel-san.
The Super 8 is yours.
- What?
- Hey!
Under one condition.
You can film whatever you want
and if you have the instinct
for a shot, always go for it.
- But--
- Wait!
Believe in yourself.
- Yes, sensei.
- Congratulations, Daniel-san.
- Thanks, guys.
- That was amazing.
- No, that was nothing.
- Nothing, my ass.
That was pretty cool.
- Thanks.
- Steven, look at this
camera Clarence got me.
- Whoa, he gave you the--
- It's a Super 8!
- Yeah, Daniel.
- Isn't he adorable?
- Yeah.
We started hanging out all the
It was really fun.
Daniel used the Super 8 a lot.
He decided he was a karate
master, which was hilarious.
Nick left us alone.
I guess this is what it
feels like to belong.
I wasn't scared at
school anymore.
Clarence showed me his script,
I showed him my music.
I wouldn't trade this
feeling for anything.
- I don't know.
- It's gonna be fine, man.
It's BYOB, we brought our own.
That's it, we're gonna be good.
- Daniel, I don't know
if this is gonna work.
- Come on, Steven, it's fine.
Talked to Kim, we're good.
Let's go.
- Look at you, Daniel-san,
making moves.
I like that.
- Jesus!
Are we not supposed
to walk here?
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- I thought you said it was
just gonna be your brother.
- It's fine, Richard.
- What about these two and Nick?
- They'll be fine.
We will keep them apart.
- Fine.
- I'm gonna go find Nick.
- Okay.
- Hey, I brought booze.
- Oh, good, yeah.
- And Steven has pot.
- Oh, thank god!
I'm so glad somebody did
because I was thinking it
is so hard to find pot here
and like I'm gonna be real
I just love a good joint
after a day of stuff.
- Sorry, gents, ladies.
We got next.
- You do?
- You do?
- We do?
- We do.
- Okay.
- Ever played before, Padawan?
- No.
- Me neither.
Can't be too hard, right?
- Watch your step.
- Hey!
- Careful.
- Oh look, it's little
Stevie and his child bride.
Aren't you a little worried
about the whole statutory rape
- Is that what they're teaching
you in boy band school?
- Shut up.
- That's my brother.
- How long have you been
waiting to say that?
- Too long.
I've got pot!
- Alright.
Everything, everything, yeah
Everything, everything, yeah
I know you think that nobody
saw you
But I was standing right
next to the vending machine
Yeah, you kissing her
but who the hell is she?
She's not the girl we've
both known since elementary
You begged me not to say
But now I feel like I'm being
By the elephant in the room
Feels like I've been crushed
The elephant in the room
You just treat your girl like
a fool
Real talk, it's too much
How could she be in love with
Love with you
Oh, oh
Oh, oh
- I don't know why ,
I am like so good.
- Good later, right?
- I know.
I have to be honest with you,
like I didn't really have
an opinion of you guys
but like you're very cool people
and I don't know why I
didn't see that earlier
and I'm sorry.
- I gotta go.
- Okay, yeah.
- See ya, Jack.
- See ya later, weirdo.
Gotta go work on the docks or
Oh my god.
- What?
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no,
no, dude!
My parents say they're coming
home tonight
and not tomorrow.
They're gonna be here in like
two hours!
- Two hours, that's enough
time to clean the house.
- Hey, look, dude, that's
fine, totally fine.
Here's what we're gonna do.
Look, there's five of
us here, okay?
We all just take
a different area,
we'll get it done before they
come home.
It's totally fine, dude,
don't worry about it.
I'll get the garage.
- I'll get the kitchen.
- I'll get the living room.
- Oh, alright.
- I guess I'll get the toilet.
- Great, perfect.
We got it, it's all okay.
Totally cool.
- He's family.
This is not what we agreed on.
- But we didn't know what
we were getting into,
did we, Doris?
We're not just talking about
a couple of bucks here,
we're talking about a whole
lot of cash for anyone,
let alone an 18 year
old with a drug problem.
- That is your grandson.
And he's better now.
For god's sakes, he lost
both of his parents.
- And we lost our daughter.
You wanna see that happen again?
- Clarence sick or something?
- I don't know.
I haven't heard from him in a
- I'm sure the whole neighborhood
heard from him last night.
- What do you mean?
- Well, I heard a loud car
door slam around 2:00 a.m.
Woke me up.
I looked out the window
and there he was firing up his
which is not the quietest thing.
Then he peeled down the
street, blasting his music.
- That's weird.
- Yeah.
So listen, if Clarence
can't drive you home,
you're gonna have to
take the bus.
- Do you have plans?
- It's a little backed up at
- Oh.
What time do you think
you'll be home?
- I don't know, Steven.
I'm not sure.
- You sure you're okay?
- Steven!
I just got a lot of
shit on my mind.
- You know what day it is today?
It's your son's birthday!
Don't worry, Lieutenant,
I'm not used to having one
because the only person who
did care killed herself.
- Steven.
Steven, wait.
Damn it.
Damn it!
- And I'm sorry, Mrs. Philips,
but there are consequences.
Now I'll leave you be.
- No, no!
She's my baby girl!
Not my baby girl!
- Now you see, kids,
this is a fine example of
She believed in the
no matter how far they are
from her personal experience.
Commitment, kids.
Have a nice day.
Reminder, in two weeks,
we'll know which piece
we're putting on for
our final hurrah.
We don't have to do Rent or
West Side Story every year.
- Mr. Tony?
- Hey, Steven.
Missed Clarence in class today.
Everything okay?
- Yeah.
Well, no.
I haven't talked to
him since Saturday
and he was supposed to
drive me to school
but then he didn't show.
I don't know, I thought
he would come to drama,
it's his favorite class.
- We certainly enjoy having him.
He still owes me a piece of
written material, you know?
I personally would like
to read something fresh.
The best element I believe is--
- Surprise?
- Thank you.
- Jack, it's good to see
- You as well, Chief.
I think it's about time
for me to get back to work.
- Well, Jack, that's great,
I'm glad you're feeling better.
- But what?
- I...
We feel that three weeks isn't
enough time
given your situation.
- My situation?
What do you mean?
- Come on, Jack.
We all see it.
We can smell it on your breath.
You look like shit.
And I'm sorry, but we're
not ready to reinstate you.
Not yet.
Maybe it's time to
consider getting some help.
- Help?
What is that supposed
to mean?
- Treatment, Jack.
It's not required yet
but for now, take some
more time off.
Go home and take
care of yourself.
If you need help, the
department is here for you.
- Yeah.
- Sorry for the interruption,
- What are you doing here?
Did you have something,
did he have something
to do with this, Chief?
- Jack, come on.
- What do you mean, come on?
Did you do this?
- You're out of line!
- Am I really?
- No one had anything
to do with this,
this is just about you.
Look, we all know it's
been a rough few years
but you gotta get back on track.
Do that.
- Hey.
- Whoa, dude.
Do you knock?
- Sorry, your grandma let me in.
What's going on?
- What do you mean?
- You alright?
- Yeah, I'm fine, what's up?
- Where have you been, man?
- I've been...
I just needed...
I just needed a little space,
just needed a little space.
- Yeah, I get it, but like,
you know, what about school?
I thought we had plans today.
For my birthday?
- Shit, man.
I'm sorry, man, come here.
I'm sorry, Padawan.
Happy birthday, man.
It's my bad.
- Um...
Anyway, dude, okay, so
much went down today.
I was in drama, talking
to Mr. Tony, you know,
like about the spring play.
And anyway, long story short,
it gave me an awesome idea.
Are you sure you're okay?
- I'm fine, dude, I'm fine, I'm
What's up?
What's up?
- Okay.
Anyway, I thought what if we...
What if we do one of your plays?
So I did.
I pitched What's Eating
Marco and he loved it.
- You pitched Mr. Tony one of my
- Yeah, he really loved it.
- My play.
Do you have any idea how
disrespectful that is?
What do you...
Who do you think you are, man?
- I'm sorry.
- You're sorry?
Are you?
Are you sorry?
That's personal to me.
You just thought you
could pitch it to him?
What did you think?
What were you thinking?
That wasn't your play to pitch!
What were you even
doing in my drama class?
- I just--
- You just what?
You just thought you could pitch
one of my personal things
to Mr. Tony?
I gave that to you, man,
not him!
- Clarence, where did
you get that?
- Oh, no, no, no,
don't try to flip this
around on me, man.
You messed up!
- Wait, did you take
those from my backpack?
- Hey.
- Hey, how many of those
did you take?
- Oh, how many?
Are you worried, Steven,
that you won't have enough
for your big plan, huh?
Are you worried?
You think I don't know, huh?
Take 'em.
Finish the fucking job.
Finish the job.
Stop talking about it and finish
- No, Clarence.
This isn't you, man.
- This isn't me, you don't
know me!
You don't know me, Steven!
You don't know me!
Take 'em.
Get out.
Get outta here!
- Clarence.
- Get out!
Stay back, stay cool
I'm just
Nothing else to do
- Well, look who came home.
The little princess.
So where have you been?
You out there playing
grab-ass with your boyfriend?
Were you out there messing
around with Turano's boy?
Just like your mother!
- You know why Mom left you?
Because of this.
You're an alcoholic
piece of shit.
- What you say to me, huh?
Come here.
You think I don't know
what you're doing, hm?
You and your little secrets,
out there looking for your mama?
Well, guess what?
Your mama is gone.
She left us.
You know why?
Because she didn't want a
fairy for a son like you.
You make me sick.
- No.
No, she doesn't want you.
No one wants you.
You're pathetic.
You're pathetic!
- You, you don't disrespect me.
I stayed!
You hear me?
Nick, I stayed, she didn't!
I did not leave.
- Steven.
Happy birthday.
Take it.
Come on.
You're not gonna open it?
Come on, please.
- Thanks.
You have to go back to work?
- Yeah.
Look, I know it sounds
like an excuse and it is,
but you know,
things are crazy right now.
I'm sorry.
- Okay.
- Hey, you and Clarence do
anything for your birthday?
- No.
He forgot too.
- Everything alright with you?
With us?
- What do you think?
- What do I think?
I think no.
I want to try to make
it better between us.
I'm really sorry that
I forgot your birthday.
I'm sorry that we never
really had a chance
to talk about your mom.
- Dad, it's fine.
- No, it's not.
It really isn't.
You need to know something.
You need to know that your
mother was the love of my life.
Unfortunately, she wasn't well.
Some days were worse
than others, you know,
and it really broke my heart to
watch her,
to see the woman I love fade
There's no excuse for the
despicable, selfish thing
that I did.
And there's not a day
that goes by
that I don't think about that
or feel responsible for
And I need you to
know that I'm sorry.
- Dad, even when I was younger,
I knew Mom wasn't well.
And yeah.
I spent a lot of time
trying to find reasons
why she did what she did, but...
- But what?
- But as I got older and
started going through my life,
I came...
I got a better understanding
of why,
why someone would kill
- What does that mean?
- I'm tormented, Dad.
Every day.
By you or your mistakes
or anyone else who wants
to let something out.
I'm the target
and I hold my own.
But there's only so much that I
can take.
- Steven.
Oh geez.
Steven, listen to me, okay?
You're the only thing
I have left.
I promise you that
I will do better.
I will do better.
- What are you doing in here?
- Look, if you need
anything, just let me know.
- You have no right to be in
- I know that.
- Get out.
- Nick, listen to me,
- Get out!
- Okay, okay.
- Steven.
- Okay, turn it off!
Okay, turn it off.
- So, Mr. Tony really liked
the idea What's Eating Marco?
Listen, man.
I'm really sorry.
I was just really missing my
and I know it's no excuse but
it all caught up to me, man.
I didn't mean anything I said.
- You stole from me.
- Steven, I...
I have a problem.
And I've been dealing with it
for a while.
It's really hard, you know,
and I fell off.
You're my first
real friend, man,
and I don't want to
lose you too.
So, um, Mr. Tony.
- Loved it.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- What about some music?
I was afraid for myself when I
met you
Never knew all the things
that you would put me through
Putting a smile on my face
from deep, deep within
Giddy like a child
who found hope again
Now I can see your beauty
You surround me, unlock
the passion inside
I took the case that locked
my heart and threw it away
Now I can say
I say hey, take me to the
Show me it's gonna, gonna be
I say hey, take me to the
To the light of, the
light of your heart
Now there's a chance to
tell my brothers it's okay
To love one another, shed a
Yes, it will help you
- There he is!
- Somebody's ready for Aspen!
- My first prom date.
- Yes, queen!
Welcome to prom.
Guys, we made it!
I see a lot of you guys
look so good and so dapper,
which is not a big surprise
because I know most
of you guys have spent
a lot of your time
in the closet.
Okie dokie.
I do just want to put
out some thanks.
First of all, thank you to
each and every one of you.
I do also want to thank
Mr. Tony, our very own.
He had to dismantle his
Bohemian backyard aesthetic
just so we could see each
other while we dance,
so thank you Mr. Tony.
Let's have a good time on the
dance floor tonight, guys,
that's all I ask.
And let's reach for the stars.
Let's kick it!
Cue the music, DJ!
One, two.
- This is nice.
- Yeah.
- You look really pretty
- You look really handsome.
Is this ever going to end?
What do you have against him?
- I just like messing with him.
Oh, come on, Steve,
we go way back.
We used to be best friends,
remember that?
What happened?
What happened?
Tell them all what happened!
- Perkins, that's enough!
- I got it.
- Hey, everyone, welcome
to What's Eating Marco!
It is an original play,
directed by our very own Mr.
It was written by our
new student Clarence West
and music is all original,
done by our very own Steven
So please put those
cell phones on silent,
please enjoy
What's Eating Marco.
- I know what you did.
How could you?
- It's my life and I had to
make the decision on my own.
I need to do what makes me
- You?
- Me?
- Oh, I can't with those eyes.
Oh no.
Why are you still with Sophia?
- And how does that make you
feel, Marco?
- Not good, Doctor.
- Why?
- Sophia, I can trust her.
But Ingrid, she's always
been there for me.
- Yes.
- All I needed to do was listen.
- Yes, yes.
Sometimes listening is all it
- Maybe it's me who needs
to do the listening, Doc.
Maybe it's me.
Who knew life in America
would be so difficult?
- You must be so proud of your
- What's that?
- Congratulations,
Mr. Tony.
- Well done.
- Thank you, a lot of hard work.
- Well, it showed.
- I'm glad, yeah.
Lot of good students.
Oh, actually here's
one of our students
and leads of the
play right here.
Have you met?
- No.
- Jack Yahov.
- Pardon me?
- Jack Yahov.
- It's a pleasure, Jack.
Wonderful work.
- Thank you.
- Great job.
- Nice meeting you too.
Big fan of your grandson's.
- So Steven,
what do you feel about
your first big play?
- Well, Danny boy,
you know, I felt pretty good.
You know, I would have liked
to have a little more time
to rehearse it.
I didn't get to practice with
the band as much as I wanted
but that's okay because
everyone tried their hardest.
You know, I just try not
to screw it up, I guess.
- What the
hell, what are you doing?
- Shut up.
- Hey, hey, come on now.
- Got a gun!
- Out of my way!
- Hey, Nick?
Hey, you don't have
to do this, okay?
- Steven, just shut up!
- Nick, what are you doing?
- Kim, shut up!
Okay, this is all your fault.
All of this.
You and your cheating father.
- No, Nick, I had nothing
to do with that!
- Steven, just stop talking.
- Nick, Nick.
Put the gun down.
- No, no, no.
You don't get to
tell me what to do.
No, that's not how this works.
- Dude, calm down, alright?
- Just shut up!
- Whoa.
I'm sorry.
- He didn't tell you, did he?
- Nick, come on.
Put the gun down, you
don't have to do this.
- Did he tell you what happened?
My dad's dead, Steven.
Dead just like your mom.
And it's all his fault!
- Nick, put the gun down.
- Shut up!
- You don't need to do this.
- Shut up.
- Daniel, run!
- Steven!
- No, no!
- Um.
Two weeks ago,
my best friend sacrificed
his own life to save me.
But what you don't know is
that it wasn't the first time.
Dude, come on,
my dad's gonna kill me.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- You fixed it?
- Yep.
Daniel-san told me
it was your mom's
and how important it was,
so I knew I had to perform
Oh, dude.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Her initials on it.
It's merely shadows of
sheltering clouds up above
- I, um...
On the first night of
my senior year,
I planned on taking my own life.
That is, until I met
Clarence West.
- So what sparked
your passion for writing?
- Well, everyone has
their own story.
Some decide to share it,
some don't.
For me, it's all I have.
Daniel, Daniel, I'm
gonna drop him.
I'm just kidding.
Don't drop him, don't drop him.
Trust, trust, trust, trust,
- And I'll leave you with one
more thing.
Something Clarence
used to say to me.
Live for the now.
And sensei, that's what I'm
gonna do.
Thank you.
- That's a wrap, bitches.
- Yeah, that's a wrap, bitches.
- I'm so proud of you.
- The truth is, Clarence
taught me a lot that year.
About courage, wisdom,
There wasn't any one
thing I learned that year
that saved me,
that taught me how valuable,
how valuable life is.
I know that I never
got to tell you
Everything you
deserved to hear
Trapped inside a
picture frame
- It was a combination
of things.
Hanging onto you
till you're here
Got a million miles
worth of sorrys
- You know, you
never know what might happen.
But for me,
it was Clarence West.
Hold on, hold on for
dear life one last time
Hit by the waves,
caught in a shipwreck
Oh, I'm breaking for you
I may be lost but my
heart's the compass
Oh, it points back to you
It points back to you
It points back to you
I never should have
taken you for granted
But shoulda, woulda,
coulda never helps
I miss you being next to
me, a victim of reality
Knowing that you might
have someone else
We were always thinking
about tomorrow
But now I'm feeling
stuck in yesterday
The comfort that we left
Is something that
we lost in time
And now I'm gonna
find another way
To hold on, hold
on for dear life
One last try
Hit by the waves,
caught in a shipwreck
Oh, I'm breaking for you
I may be lost but my
heart's the compass
Oh, it points back to you
It points back to you
It points back to you
I know that we tried
But somehow we fell
from the sky
I just hope that time
Can breathe our wings
back to life
Hit by the waves,
caught in a shipwreck
Oh, I'm breaking for you
Hit by the waves,
caught in a shipwreck
Oh, I'm breaking for you
I may be lost but my
heart's the compass
Oh, it points back to you
It points back to you
It points back to you
I been going out to
sea for 20 years now
Catches that I've made
always leave me wanting
Seagulls gather round
For what I might
cast away
Just like so many
fair weather friends
And it's always
been this way
What choice could I have
made when I was born?
Son of a son of a son
Father calls me from his
rolling deep
Years ago washed away
by a changing wind
In those eyes, they
finally found their sleep
Crashing down, body found
on some distant beach
And it's always
been this way
What choice could I have
made when I was born?
The son of a son of a son
Of a fisherman
See the smoke rising
I know I'm coming home
Climbed a tower
to see the sails
Hoping, praying,
hoping that it's me