Real (2017) Movie Script

From now on,
Notice anything
I command you.
Actually there is
I to ask,
Fun is not it?
Jang Tae Ho,
Until now you're still
want to know about that right?
For what there is a loving relationship in
this world? / It's just a love relationship
between friends,
Moreover it will not impact
anything because of that relationship.
You are now still saving it on your phone
right? / I just love him a little bit.
You know what you said
sounds a little weird,
You have a handsome, rich, and face
has lots of power everywhere.
If coupled with softness,
you will be perfect.
This is what makes Master call me here - /
Your life will not be good without a sponsor
of them all.
The question will be
when did you do this?
This is just a matter of time.
Power is qualified,
With this, I think
everything you can get.
For 10 years I followed you,
I think the teacher is right.
Tomorrow, I'll come again but,
Please stop lecturing me.
You'll meet that lady again.
As long as I keep the distance
from her, I'll be fine.
But, once I get it.
He will not let me run back.
Trying to trick me with
cheap threat like this,
I will not hesitate to kill.
because I'm still
wants the teacher to live.
about the sponsor you're saying,
I will rethink.
because I am currently
is in need of a sponsor.
got it right?
with this sign
everything is clear right?
this is the sign I made in africa
this is a sign made because there is a cut.
he told me to draw a tatto
just to cover the wound.
despite a knife wound on my thigh,
can still be lied to.
if you look again,
You will be surprised.
this is a strange teacher right?
I am very
understand your problem.
is this consultation sufficient?
What's up here with the guidance? /
Do not be too hasty.
Why? You still do not believe it?
That's not it.
Otherwise you can promise.
I'm actually a little scared.
You have a tattoo similar to it,
and I understand all your reasons.
This is all my wish.
okay, next time we will
resume the counseling.
these russian toys
this you can think of as
your feelings that you're feeling.
The greatest
The second after that. / The third?
The greatest fit./ don't
see the size, look at his face.
Let me see, from the four sculptures
this, which face do you like best?
You think? / Right.
What do you mean? / No, you should
already understands this.
What does this mean by your answer, teacher?
Please select once again.
I said I do not know.
I said I understood.
And you can do
something you want.
I select the largest one.
No, I said you should
choose from his face.
This counseling is a directive
your mind is from size to face.
We repeat yes.
Jang Tae Ho
You must be very lonely.
Very good. Progress from the beat
Jang Tae Ho's heart rises sharply.
Did not Jae Ho call me yet?
You did not get it
right, Song Yoo Hwa?
Right. / Do you also want
doing a counseling session with me?
Want to enlarge your butt?
or tidied your nose?
I think your wrist is very stiff.
I will help you receive the item
sent to the police.
What is the total content
sugar on Jang Tae Ho?
Still normal.
Why are my employees so beautiful?
How long have you been out of touch?
Do you want to know?
Just relax, I can keep it a secret.
You promised me.
So from that I try to trust you .// font
Until now Hye Ri you mean is not
we can contact.
Though indeed this sata is Jang Tae Ho
is trying to find it but
It's like you're on this side,
and Hye Here, you can not unite
because there are no bridging bridges
But sometimes, you can call it
if you are more actively chasing it.
I do not think there will be
is weird with that.
Jang Tae Ho
Murder is not the answer
I've also been frequently
get killer killer
Start from now promises
not to kill again
it's a bit hard
I beg you
let's start with no killing
please to focus on
sounds are tolling
I understand
now everything will restart
some people in the period
your past will see again
what you do not what to see
some of the murder scenes were back?
Yeah. - from now on you,
will remember a thing
just say this something
close your eyes.
you will go back to your past
and you'll wait there
of course, people who trust me
has omitted
good worker
what do you see in your sleep?
we restart yes
I think you still have trauma
You eat the medicine regularly do not you?
did you get much
money from work like that?
like his
I saw some of these scenes
that's the goal
we should look for
the solution from your past
now I'm a bit dizzy
I do not believe in
what you told me
no defense
philip marlowe
he is the one who disappears
the only org
disappeared from that day
did you see it earlier?
but I want to see it again
many of my patients have
the same thing as you
some of the people they're looking for
disappears in vision,
is actually some problem
there is a solution
how did you feel there?
of course it's the first feeling
the time you felt right?
now you will feel more calm
who is the person you killed?
in your memory, you will feel back
the people you killed
tell me
do not be afraid of tae ho
you should skip
if you want to recover
but now you've seen it right?
are they you who killed him?
I can definitely find a way out
input to amblunace
her body is broken. / Quickly turn
he can not do anything
because her body was clad in
there is nothing we can do
again./ you should not talk so
I'm sure you can still survive
we wait for him / her aware
so he can provide
testimonial and see the contract
the mummy, really a person
that helps my life
my feelings say if
I know that mummy
but one day I
will definitely kill it
doctors say
the only way to
killing it is easy
from now on I am
is you live
and you're the mummy, it will be here forever
even so you
I will not let it die like this
from the beginning you
has been very helpful
how can I disconnect
your struggle for life?
do not worry
from now on I will
helps your work
if you die
I will also be dead
if you want to live
forgive me,
crazy crazy bastard!
what is it?
what is it?
- 6 years later
from now on, everything
enjoy, fiesta
soon the show will start
everything./ everything!
yes teacher
what it says,
he's lost a friend
that he is looking for
his remorse made him forget memory
is currently
trying to find its trace
You know my promise right?
yes, my friend has disappeared
work hard.
thanks for your help
what about it? Is not it?
how can you
completed it very well?
why suddenly the jerk
it disappears abruptly?
no need to be raised.
if you answered a call from org
unknown, what should I do?
My credit card is easy to track.
Do you need anything?
no person data
I can not get it in this country
whatever you need, starts data
private even difficult and hard data
is given
I can also keep my lips too
the operation is about to finish
soon you
can remove the mask
sunbae just wait
until the operation is complete
though jang tae ho has a facial similarity
like you, what do you want to do
to him?
I just want to get revenge on him.
you know what he took from me
I also want that to happen
capture jang tae ho
it's complicated to see you
we should shake it first
did you call me for
nonsense like this?
what do you want to say?
You really know me.
do you know me?
once again you said
so to the presdir,
what happens here is,
I have made a mistake,
let's talk again
This fiesta I have
you are just a thug I hired
start now rest
what do you mean? How
how do I rest?
must have been remembered by police
who did
I paid for it
now you
you know
why this fiesta
not making money
I'll find that bastard
from now on you do not
can fight here
whatever you do, I'm definitely
can find a way out
see me
is this not because of my mistake?
I go first.
quickly find who's the mastermind
what is it?
be quiet. The exit path must exist.
have you been a mummy?
I've been a mummy.
why with your voice?
my vocal crosses are broken.
these are artificial vocal cords.
jang tae ho?
both of you have the same name.
jang tae ho is a patient from america.
jang tae ho has nothing.
jang tae ho.
I can explain it!
wait! Wait!
hey, wait, I can -
I'm a vip guest at fiesta.
do I look weird?
guest is a normal person
if I can find it again,
I have to finish him
that's all I can do
then from it other than
takes over the asset
I also have to kill it.
please forgive me for the delay.
this document you requested
everything suits your command.
but this fingerprint, just
presdir that can have
this is the recording of that bastard cons.
please check.
I've set up some
the card you need.
maybe you can use it first
if I'm wrong,
this will be a thing
which is really fun
so this feels like
this is really pasta
did you hear it?
feels real
he says this is really pasta.
does he really disappear?
now you're not
to worry anymore right?
yes, she has disappeared.
1 billion dollars.
why is it named fiesta?
do not know.
just thinking.
your feelings change.
is this all because of your ambition?
from now on we will be together right?
no need for you to doubt.
where you are here.
is too hot here.
let's go inside.
I already guessed, you
will definitely be amazing.
meet again?
have you met before?
is like destiny right?
your voice? / Now I've
perform vocal cords operation
fun is not it?
what is the camera for?
I'm taking a hobby.
sometimes takes an internship job.
You sure know what will happen?
I will soon pregi.
to be an investor in fiesta you should
approve a contract first
I can promise a
live happily for you in fiesta.
fun is not it?
I'm curious about the intent of
happy life you say
do we need to work together?
do you need my directions?
I can not help you anything
do not get me wrong
if you misunderstand
with me, you'll be sorry.
what's next meeting,
should we eat together?
he / she is a person
closest to me
this is a object
I want to give you
you'll love the taste
it's like a steamed pig
is the same, but not the same.
if you eat this,
our friend started
would be better if this
is chicken instead of duck
just like any other victim.
diretur that does not
can send me away but
we can both work together
you're wrong
You should I kick out.
You are just a young man
do not know how to run casino
You know I have a lot
how to keep this casino running
You can even create
it gets bigger
this is my promise to my leader
threat like this
does not work with me.
here I understand.
that you're like .. / leech?
well but maybe it could
I think back.
Where did you get this tattoo?
You know I'm pretty sure
You do not like tattoos right?
geez my son
why are you hiding here?
goodnight. We'll talk later.
then grandma does something like this
my money has been taken by all
I have not visited it for a long time,
Sometimes I miss and think about it.
I think I should visit it tomorrow.
feels good
listen to your lucid story.
maybe you like this character.
if I see from your style.
our officers and employees like
creates such a character
so I dare
says it to you
but .. / is this you?
your guess is correct
it's called a madman
his soul swapped. / Why is that so?
is nothing ..
I just want to name it begutu
oh he is this ../ Song Yoo Hwa
sorry for coming too late.
she's my boyfriend.
are you kidding me?
suddenly calling your boyfriend to come,
same name, same outfit ..
you are not very funny
This is a dress that
I got from sponsor
what should I change?
I have this outfit
in your life you will definitely find
an accidental coincidence
if you have money, not you
can do whatever you want?
forgive me, yoo hwa.
slightly awkward to be
is ok. You two
do not know each other
yoo hwa, the food here is very
good. You should try it immediately
I do not have any skills
has no skills?
why are you touching my face?
I did not even graduate from college
do you have any skills?
everyone in this country knows you
this is just a big commodity
if you catch it,
I would be very happy
is this too?
I've been looking for that bastard /
so let's shake hands first
what do you want?
called me here?
you are not a bad person,
why ask for cocaine?
strange as it sounds.
Do we have to transact in your house?
you have lots of stuff
You must be curious as to what my face is
my face is, it will surprise you
on my written contract
can kill you anytime
you misunderstand
if you feel bad, forgive me
this contract
jang tae ho knows what
what to do
what happened to your money?
is it because of me?
or maybe not
we do not have a finished fish
I give you a live toad
I will eat
I'm wrong, I'm sorry, I'm wrong ..
what should start now?
ready, action.
fiesta ..
why is it named fiesta?
do not know.
just thinking.
your feelings change
if I become you
I can certainly understand
you're right
you will understand
your feelings are changing ..
if I become you
I can certainly understand
he was not at the time
says the sentence
he said I might understand
is too hot here
are we in yes?
is it?
I think I'll sweat a lot
I understand, tomorrow?
I'm not bothering you right?
can I just go in for a while?
this drink is delicious
if it is, you may go immediately
where is your boyfriend?
in the casino
You will marry her right?
please go
do I have to call the police?
be quiet
I will not interfere with your marriage
I have something to say
something that will surprise you
do you think I want to listen to it? / This
about the love of two human children
if I have a drink I will go
for now I am
will stay here
annoys you
you have to be careful with him
there is something with it
is interesting?
if I eat this, all
my secret will be revealed
you do not have anything .// font
what can not I do?
what do you mean?
you must be confused
do you want me to open this?
I'm scared alone
why did not you eat it?
because you like bad guys
do not you take your medicine?
I'm not hungry
there is something I have to tell you
do not put it this way, stop it.
I understand
will you play it?
fun is it ok?
this is slightly different from what I think
if I think about it again
chances are you're not a pro player
how can this be?
used to be a lot of patients
has an experience like you
but they are not
desire to live
so I told them to fight
then when will we
kills jae tae ho?
wait until he / she feels
is enough to kill you
why? Can not wait to kill him huh?
you already promised
next time, I hope you can
gives me the jang tae ho fact
the fool sucks.
did you say it was my act?
your friend is really fast working
because he is expensive.
this is the card
we will work fine
you must understand well
if you can not do it
well, then you ..
start skerang let's go
works together without threat
not me who needs you,
but you need me.
thank you for working with
do you want gum?
I'm very curious
what's on your mind
you will know
I'm also curious about your thoughts
who's who?
we should quickly find it
I also did that
have you found it?
is already
we are working quietly.
you are very nice
anyone here dare
take it from me, get out.
are they doing all this here?
know how to use it right?
the contract expires currently
are you still curious about me?
but if I'm not already
You hate me so huh?
then I have to like you?
keep your speech, you're too weird.
remember my words yes
do you live to be
stalker like this?
or is there something you want to do?
I think there's a purpose for you
does this all
I look funny to you yes
just stop talking
empty this and imitate
if you like this again I do not
will hesitate to finish you
and do not touch yoo hwa ku
the contract is done
have you seen my gift?
what is it? I'm not aware
I have a
women I love
this is where I set it up
I made it here
even after
I just noticed
this is a recent fact
I'll try as best as
I can.
I will try it
me .. me ..
I can ..
and again
this photo as well.
feel the new face?
note this conglomerate boss is very
hard to catch by seoul police.
he always managed to escape and have children
new others./ he is really a person
is suspended in this world
I'm fine
how can you feel it?
who did you mean that?
this is not something you should ask
sometimes we move
corresponds to instinct
I'll do it
the bastard
if we are currently killing gambling
everyone knows that we
is an honest company
and again, because it's
someone lost his love
though this is sad
but I do not feel any
even if you can not believe it
I've been living
party and my family
has left me slowly
thank you all
has not met for a long time
thanks for coming
thank you for inviting me
the game is nice huh?
what should I start now?
thank you very much.
The bastard is up to
is not aware of it
is what's important?
you know what he looks like
he is cunning and brave
he does not need
waiting for people to be ready
he immediately fought it
but how do I feel differently?
I think I know what you feel
you can not wait
to kill it right?
is absolutely correct.
what's fun?
strange yes, we are using
same dress again
once again you're like me
ebnar can not really let you
are you going to kill me?
go calm today
what for?
not so
this field is mine
you'll be happy this time
do we have to toast?
do not get serious
then let's party!
do you want to try this?
ah tired
what are you doing today
what do you want, I'll buy it for you
stop so
why can you say that?
you like me
who are you targeting this time?
you do not need to know what I'm doing
You're alive I'm grateful
party today is almost chaotic
because of that bastard's emotion
what is less?
tuh right
why did he follow my style?
I'll fix it
has not been drinking with you
you grow well
what's wrong with people
recover from the crash
sometimes people even
could not survive at that time
you should be able to catch it
all these people are their messengers
and he, is the leader
You know him right?
these bastards?
jin gon?
until now he
is still on the bastard
just check
look carefully
crazy person. / Five
seven ..
you treat me as a joke?
what does it feel like?
years of life
in another identity
and I'm the original
lying in hospital
what is fun?
do you really like it?
you are not school
how can my life be yours?
I'm also lazy to use
clothing like this
geez, even see you
here I am sorry
You know that right?
I never mess around
for the past 6 years I've let you
it's a bit redundant
that being a thug is you not me
you know why I
really want to kill me?
immortal life
even my boyfriend got you seized
what the hell
you have no boyfriend
are you not excessive
wants to kill me then?
you can not do anything without me
it's all mine
I do not like tattoos like this
everything you got is mine
I'm honest
where is the next party?
everything is up as planned
why this is not?
You misunderstood me
is just
You know who you love should
I am the original
know the meaning of love
what do you feel is?
it is a thing
replied and acknowledged
do not be afraid
just follow the plot
I ..
hey, come on.
You've been so good for this
you and I are over
do we want to end it?
who you are
you answered it yourself
I just kill
via here
Hey tae Ho
it's all gone
You have very competent people
I want to live here
like what you think
it can not be easy
There must be a contract you agree with
not difficult
if you do not want to receive,
you should just go
where is he?
until here
I'm also very tired
be careful
do you want me to kill ya?
dare to come again?
i'm the real
I will call you again
I'll finish it
my woman?
I know
do not search it again.
I'll kill you then
is now finished
who do you want to show?
where should I hit this guy
do you think this is over?
who is he?
I just want to live
see my eyes
this is incorrect
where is the woman?
why with your eyes?
do not tell me you're not tae ho?
here, then you will instantly die
where is it?
I'll let you know soon
is back?
with this you can shoot
this is an expensive item
he is a pretty harmless person.
he has the same tattoo with te ho
the name is kim go ka
everything is ready
You know that jae tae
original ho is back?
is correct
shit, I told you
what do you mean?
I am the most know person
an error occurred?
I already guessed it would be like this
this time .. / where is it?
far away
find me with it first
then send me to the lady
everything is ready!
everything is ready!
everything is ready!
Everything is getting ready
where is he?
where did he go?
quickly say.
this is tantamount to killing
he did first
she gave her medicine
for her to die alone
Are you a cop?
instead of
I'm not a cop
you have to respect me
you're using me right?
then you?
what have you done to me?
are you happy already
run as you plan?
is not it?
you're disappointed
let's restart again
do you know this one right?
how can you be so
knows the orgs you killed
it's a silly name
you will not survive this time
whatever you think will
is there and continues to haunt you
You're just wasting your time
it's no longer fun
this is a diary
original jang tae ho
you must be curious
you definitely want to get it
is it true?
or uncontacted?
whatever you want to be in this world
You think you are
tae ho, but this object
know who the original owner
where is he?
he is here
I saved him from tae
ho who wants to kill him
luckily not late
he who knows the original owner of fiesta
fiesta can not live without owner
you, me, and jang tae ho.
my goodness this chip is right
if you swallow this in its contents,
medicine I am infusing into your infusion hose,
you will remember everything
I will kill you
that's it?
I can do it
no what ..