Real Estate Sisters (2024) Movie Script

Let me tell you who you're
dealing with, guys from Alexandra.
Guys from Alexandra are dangerous.
Now someone's dead.
So, what does that mean?
You two, you are top suspects.
Make the sale, secure the bag.
Make the sale, secure the bag.
You're focused, hardworking
and ready for the world
and the world is ready for you.
Make the sale, secure the bag.
Hi. Come in, welcome.
I've come to collect the rent.
You know how much I like you?
By the end of the week,
you'll have a stack as thick as you.
A stack as thick as me? You think
It's not much, but it's pretty solid.
And as you can see, like most
apartments in Sunnyside, very spacious.
The kitchen is very
The bathroom is fit for a bachelor
or "rette".
My boss.
He said he will pay you next week
and he'll add extra cheese.
More money.
If you don't get that tenant out now,
then don't bother coming back
to my office.
This north-facing apartment
brings in the most amazing sun
Come this way.
As you can see,
it's also very pet friendly.
- Actually, you're moving out today!
- What now?
I'm not going to lose my job
because of you.
- Come on, sweetheart.
- My children won't suffer because of you.
- You're too cool for this.
- Don't tell me about being cool.
My love. Please give me one last chance?
One last chance for what?
What's going on between the two of you?
Look, you and your man
haven't been paying rent,
so my boss wants his money or you're out.
You're lying, I know people like you.
You're kicking my man out
so that you can snatch him from me.
- What did I say to you about this slut?
- A slut? Me?
I haven't shown you guys the bathroom.
Fantastic, exquisite.
You are going to love it.
Out! Bloody liar!
- What are you waiting for? Get out!
- Can I have my handbag?
- Can I have
- Get out!
Take your slutty bag! Nonsense!
- Sweetheart, it's me...
- No, are you really hitting on me?
- But my love, you know...
- Men from Mamelodi, though!
I also have a range for men products
for grooming
made of aloe and Brazilian bundles
for you, my sister.
We are leaving.
Pretoria's number one real estate agent.
- Just imagine.
- Wow.
I was there to throw people out,
next thing I'm the one getting thrown out.
No, Lebza, I think you're
thinking about this too much.
You know what Ous' Bassie says?
Obviously, Basetsana Kumalo.
She says that money is going to come in
and it's all about multiple streams
of income.
- Okay, what do we have?
- Look at me for example.
The bundles are selling.
The products are selling
like ripe bananas.
The weight loss tea is piping hot.
I'm telling you,
I'm going to be rich soon.
Soon I'll be mingling
with Dr. Precious Moloi Motsepe.
Yes, thank you, Doctor Preshy.
- The likes of Khanyi Dhlomo?
- I'm talking Destiny Magazine.
- The likes of Puthi Mahanyela.
- The likes of Pu Who?
Come on, Lebza. What's wrong with you?
Don't you know success?
I'm talking about powerful women.
Women! The kind of lists I'll be on.
You only know men.
The likes of Ramaphosa.
Speaking of men, my man's here.
- Hello, my love.
- My love-thing!
Otherwise, girls,
are you having a good day?
I mean, have you managed
to sell some flats, rent some backrooms?
No, don't worry. Have some drinks on me.
You know I run this place.
- Yes, baby.
- Boikie the boss.
What I want is for Stevovo
to treat you well.
Lerato, why won't you
give Stevovo a chance?
No, give him a chance, he's my boy.
- Stevovo?
- Yes.
Have you seen Stevovo
and have you seen me?
- And then?
- Levels, my guy.
Let's change the subject
on to something very serious.
You keep talking about
what a big boss you are.
When are you planning to apply
for a real manager's position?
I mean, I run this place, practically.
A manager's badge
won't make any difference.
Yes but, baby,
a management badge
can help with money.
- You see?
- I hear you, baby.
- My sister, and money means?
- Bride price.
- And bride price means?
- A wedding.
Yes, but like Thomas,
I'll believe it when I see it.
- Really? Lerato, you're jealous.
- Lerato, leave this man alone.
- He's trying.
- Seriously.
- It's fine, leave her alone.
- You guys bore me.
- Whatever.
- Just leave her.
- What's her problem?
- She's sexually starved.
- Of course, yes, I'll be there.
- Something.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
- That was Sam Goldman.
- Who?
Sam Goldman.
They are scouting me
to be an agent in their real estate firm.
That means I can sell real houses.
And make real commission!
- Listen here, my sister, your dream job.
- Yes.
My dream wedding.
You get it?
Stevovo, three shots, please,
to celebrate.
- Now, that's Stevovo's job.
- Cheers.
- Thato.
- Ma.
Here's your lunchbox.
Rea, please sit down.
Hello, Daddy's home.
Mother-in-law, how are you?
My word!
You know what?
- What is it?
- Don't call me that.
You'll only get to call me
that after I've received my bride price.
- But...
- No bride price, no mother-in-law.
But didn't Malebo tell you
that I'm about to apply
for a management role at work?
- You?
- Seriously, baby?
I'm serious, my love.
Don't worry, mother-in-law,
soon the cattle will be in your kraal.
How long have I been hearing this?
No, Mom. Don't be like that.
Boikie is working on it.
And this time,
it's going to happen, right?
- It's really going to happen?
- I'm very serious, baby. I swear.
How much did you say it would cost
the last time?
- Twenty, my love. Come on, twenty?
- No.
That's nothing.
- Twenty thousand.
- Yes.
That was 14 years ago.
Now after inflation and interest rates,
I want 80000 rand.
- Mom.
- Kids, come let's go! Thato!
Rea, hey! Let's go. What's your problem?
Don't you want to go to school?
Dad, what is a conjunction?
My boy, you know I'm not good with math.
- It's English.
- It's English.
Basically, a conjunction
is like a T-junction,
but it only has one corner
so we call it a conjunction.
- My girl!
- That's my girl!
The best real estate agent
in Atteridgeville.
Mom, I'm also an agent.
- You're great, baby.
- Thank you.
Today is my first day with the potential
of becoming a real estate mogul.
Wish me luck.
- Good luck.
- Mommy, thank you for the prayers.
- I love you.
- Kill it, my girl.
- I love you.
- I love you.
- Boikie, open, please.
- Yes, please.
- Open.
- Move!
Go ahead.
Look out for conjunctions
where you're going.
Con, what?
Lera-too, not bad,
you clearly know Pretoria well.
- At Sam...
- Good morning.
No, thanks.
At Sam Goldman,
we are all about the company culture
and culture is something
that the right person
can acquire.
Now tell me, what is your degree in?
- Degree?
- You do have a degree?
No, not yet, but I do have
a certificate in administration,
bookkeeping, and I did a short course
on computer literacy.
They offered it at the library.
And I passed Top 10 of my class in matric.
And what school was it
that you went to again? Saint
Phelindaba Secondary.
It's in Atteridgeville.
The school you went to doesn't
mean anything these days anyway.
My work is my priority.
I'm very dedicated and goal orientated.
And what do you do to let your hair down?
My hair?
It's already down now,
but I can put it up like yours or we can
braid it, depending, but I'll fit in.
Siphosi-too spent
two years learning the culture with us,
as an assistant to the receptionist.
In another year we should be
ready to put her out in the field.
With your qualifications,
I just know that you could be
our next Sips.
The receptionist?
Sips is our receptionist.
You would be her assistant,
to learn the culture.
The position just isn't right.
For me, anyways.
Thank you.
You know, three years
is not as long as it seems.
Thank you.
Water for 100 rand?
This is for you, mam.
I did not order that.
Compliments of the gentleman at the bar.
So what is this? Comrades in arms unite?
- What do you mean?
- Come on.
I mean,
I'm the only other black person here.
I assume that you saw
my reaction to the bill.
What is it, were you
scared that I was going to
embarrass us in front of the whites?
Don't worry about it, I got it.
Whoa. Relax.
She really got to you, didn't she?
How much did you see?
Enough to know that you are brilliant,
you're driven and you definitely
don't need to learn their culture.
You see, you are a born winner.
Like me.
what industry are you winning in?
- Mr?
- Segale.
Stone Segale and I'm in pharmaceuticals.
Lerato Maseko.
Lovely Lerato.
So, what interests do you have
outside of work and please,
don't give me
the Basetsana Kumalo answer
that you gave to blondie over there.
Sis' Bassie gave me
an early draft of her book
and I gave her some notes.
You have to tell me all about it.
I will, but first,
your interests, Lovely-Lerato?
Hanging in my city
- Zero-one-two girl?
- Through and through.
- I love that song, sorry. Yes.
- Really?
But you haven't even seen my booty hop
and you're already calling me a skank?
- I would love to see it.
- What?
Your booty hop, but first,
maybe you could show me around your city?
So, pharmaceuticals?
Well, I couldn't be a doctor, so I decided
to heal people in another way.
You know, our people used to reverence
healers once upon a time.
I don't know, nowadays,
you'd be surprised at the amount
of things I've had to do
and the work I've had to put in, it's,
it's as though
wanting to heal people was a crime.
my city.
Yes, the city of Tshwane.
Tshwane is for the news.
For me, this will always be Pretoria.
You know when I grew up in
an orphanage in Hammanskraal,
Pretoria was always the dream.
Not Jozi, not Cape Town,
but Pretoria, the city of the wild.
You see?
That's why I have to make it here.
Or else, it would be meaningless.
I guess, I'm just waiting
for my time to shine.
It will come, soon.
You say that with so much certainty.
Okay, tell me, what is it?
Did your medicine foreshadow
my future to you?
But maybe it told me
a couple of things that I already knew.
Like how smooth your skin is
and how soft your lips are.
Did your medicine also tell you
how they taste?
It told me that I would have to
find out for myself.
I see you here, but you're going
to have to take that hat off.
- Excuse me?
- The hat.
You can't come in with that, I'm sorry.
Thank you, sir.
Yes. They're here. Yes.
- Lebza.
- Hey, bro.
Stone Segale.
- My sister, Malebo.
- Such a pleasure.
- And Boikie.
- Gosh! This guy.
Is this a wall clock
or is this a wall clock? Look, baby.
- It's expensive.
- It's a Tag.
- Exactly what we're saying.
- Hi, it's Boikie.
- Sure. Stone.
- Stone, right?
You look so good.
- Lebza.
- What do you do?
What is it? What do you do?
Well, I'm in pharma.
Wait, you're a pharmacist?
Something like that.
We have a child, and he is hyperactive.
Rea, always running around,
he's too much.
- Wait, babe.
- All right, baby.
Yes, but Lebza we're here
to have fun, not to talk prescriptions.
- Also, can I fix your hair quickly?
- My hair?
Yes, in the light. Come.
What are you doing? What's going on?
I don't know, man.
There's something offish.
Tell me, bro,
how much is the cover charge?
No, don't sweat it.
I own the place.
All I'm trying to communicate right now
is that maybe you should be cautious.
Be careful.
- That's all.
- Okay.
I understand you care,
but for now, can we just have fun
- and get drunk and be merry.
- Is he buying?
Sizwe, my boy.
Listen, tonight is a celebration.
What are you having? Anything you want.
What are you doing?
How long have you been down here?
I just woke up and then I came downstairs.
I just
didn't want you ruining the surprise.
Here, have a seat.
Wow. Stone, you went all out.
Well, what can I say?
Last night, you went all out.
Yeah. Last night.
It was
What, Stone?
Nobody says dope anymore.
Look, I'm a farm boy.
Dope is dope.
Okay, farm boy.
You've worked really hard.
I mean, look at all of this.
Thank you.
So, which medicine was it?
- "Woza-Woza"?
- Stop it.
- "Gobela"?
- No, stop it.
Two months ago, Sizwe Dambuza,
the son of honorable
Minister of Health Thabo Dambuza,
recklessly crashed into the Statehouse.
I'm here at the High Court
where the Minister and his wife
have arrived alone.
- Minister
- No, man.
You know, I don't understand.
Some people have everything
given to them on a silver platter,
and they still mess it up.
But you,
you made it.
Without parents.
- That's huge.
- I've got something for you.
What is it?
My house keys.
I understand that we are vibing,
but we just met.
I cannot live in sin.
I mean, my mother and all the ladies
from church will judge me.
Even Malebo and her Boikie will judge me.
I'm not going to be judged. No.
I'm asking you to sell my house.
You are a real estate agent, right?
A great one. A fantastic one.
It's arguably the best suburb in the city.
Waterkloof Ridge!
This is a multi-million-rand property.
Eight-million rand property.
- It's a two-story, four-bedroom
- North facing.
Lower and upper covered patios.
Miele kitchen appliances.
Kiaat floors and across the street,
a golf course.
There's a basement with a wine cellar
and a four-car garage.
Wine, you have to show me.
Not now, Lovely, there's a little mess
down there that needs to be tidied.
- Okay.
- But don't worry I'm taking care of it.
In the meantime, sell this property
in three weeks
and you will get yourself
a 15% commission.
- Fifteen percent?
- Yes.
Of eight million rand?
Stone, I could build my own firm.
Look here, I don't have time for games.
I want my money.
Malebo, I drank it.
But you said that you'd have it today.
I want my money!
- Wait, let's talk, boss.
- No.
- Let's talk.
- No, take it!
Take it.
You're just full of excuses.
You're fired!
You smell like weed.
I had to take a taxi today because of you.
Don't forget that Dad left this car
for the two of us.
I'm sorry.
Busy, girl.
What have you been up to today?
More than just being busy.
And then?
Stone's house keys
to his mansion in Waterkloof Ridge.
Lerato. If you're going to live in sin,
I'm going to judge you. I swear.
- What will Mom say?
- Lebza, calm down.
I'm not cohabiting,
he asked me to sell his house.
- You're lying.
- I swear.
Eight million rand.
- God is good. Listen.
- Yes?
- How did you give it to him?
- No, man, don't be nasty, Lebza.
Let's be serious.
This is my chance,
I can finally start my own firm,
make my dreams come true.
This is perfect timing.
- Right.
- Yes.
You know, speaking of perfect timing,
I have three weeks.
Fifteen percent commission,
I'm talking 1.2 million rand!
- Say it again.
- One point two million rand, my sister!
God of God, God of mercy, God of love
and Maseko ancestors in the mix.
You're busy talking about God
and ancestors, my sister,
but you look stressed,
what's wrong?
Your God is not coming through?
What is it?
Lerato, don't get me started.
- What I am doing is not real estate.
- No.
I feel like a loan shark collecting debts.
But things have changed though,
we're in the game.
Do you get me?
Lebza, when you say "we",
you know, I was actually thinking
that this could be my thing,
and I want to do it alone.
I could work for you. Yes.
No, Lebza.
I don't know, you're my older sister
and it can get uncomfortable.
No, not for me, and listen,
the first three weeks,
you don't have to pay me, so,
you'll give me twenty
Ten percent commission
from your commission.
Please, my sister.
First, terms and conditions.
You never, ever bargain that low
when you're working
Lerato Maseko Properties.
- Lerato Maseko Properties.
- Lerato Maseko Properties.
Right? Yes, 12%.
- Sharp!
- Sharp!
- Wait, Lerato.
- Whoa!
What does this man do for a living?
- You're overthinking it.
- Wait a minute.
I'm back.
He probably stepped out.
he's a pharmacist, right?
No, pharmaceuticals, Lebza.
I mean he supplies to clinics, doctors,
hospitals, you know those kinds of things.
Wife things!
Come on.
Ben Sherman, it's a men's brand.
London things.
But you don't know London.
You see?
Empires don't run themselves.
I'll be off the grid and I don' want
any delays on signatures
so once you get an offer, I want you
to start on the transfer process
which will be in no time, knowing you.
Makes sense, you see?
He knows I've got this.
Stone is always prepared.
And that means prepared
for anything and everything.
So, our worst enemy being Eskom.
He has solar panels,
underfloor heating, heated pools
Yes, but Lerato,
don't forget to ask
Mr. Empire for house documents,
his ID and proof of Residence.
- Lerato.
- Yes, sure.
Yes, boss.
There are people inside.
The alarm is armed, so I can't go in.
Call me back.
In breaking news, socialite Sizwe Dambuza,
son of the Minister of Health
who skipped his court hearing,
is now officially a missing person.
I have here with me
Detective Motsepe to tell us more.
Let's get started.
First things first, we need to
list this property on the internet.
Next step, we need to scout the area.
Meaning we go to open houses,
we see what the white people are doing
and we do it better.
- Okay. So, it's levels?
- Yes.
What name must I put on the flyers?
Lerato Maseko Properties.
No, put Holdings.
Because we need to give
ourselves potential to diversify.
- You see?
- Yes.
And also Lebza,
we need to do a photoshoot.
Branding for print. I'm talking
flyers, posters, and business cards.
Remember, we're going to plaster
these things everywhere in Pretoria.
People will see our faces.
Can I help?
My baby, of course you can help.
You know what you can do?
You can ask your daddy to help us
distribute the flyers and the posters.
Daddy, wake up.
- Hey, what's up?
- Are you serious, Boikie?
What is it?
We're in there discussing empires
and you're here drinking?
- Come on, love.
- Come on love, what?
You know sometimes
I think that you don't love me.
No, man.
But baby, it's Sunday.
I mean
Lerato, makeover time.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Thank you.
Wow, Malebo.
- So much merchandise?
- Yes, keyrings and all.
Ladies, please feel free to look
at this modern and immaculate home
with a view to die for.
- Of course.
- Thank you.
I've never had a white person smile
at me so hard.
- That was scary.
- Dude.
There's no food here.
I mean, who invites people
to an open house and then there's no food?
You know what it means?
It means white people are stingy.
In our open house,
we're going to have food.
- And drinks.
- Drinks.
Because you can see that this is the top.
That means we also need to be on top.
My girl.
- Lebza, not bad.
- No. Very good. Wow!
I love that it is so tranquil.
Rich people can get so stressed out.
We just need to relax.
I think it's a thing
with rich people and water.
I can't remember exactly where,
but I read this quote somewhere
about money and the element of aqua.
It was something like,
the flow in the ocean
and the flow into your pocket.
My goodness!
- Skattie, is it nice?
- Very nice.
- What kind of white people are these ones?
- I have no idea.
Wow, Lebza.
Can you see the grass is manicured?
The grass is manicured.
- Just like that.
- And the trees are exquisitely trimmed.
- It's stunning.
- Gorgeous.
Hey. Do you have some chicken?
Lebza, I have to go to the loo.
- Skattie.
- Thank you.
- Skattie.
- I got some chicken.
Is it? Have you got some?
- Nice chicken.
- Very nice.
That's nice.
Malebo Maseko
of Lerato Maseko Pro
Of Lerato Maseko Holdings.
Mrs. D.
So, do you guys just like
coming to open houses on a Sunday
or are you looking to buy property?
We're new here.
- I have a huge trust fund.
- Say more.
Like very big.
And I'm looking to make a real
investment in properties and holdings.
Come to our open house.
We have the right house
for a woman of your caliber.
You understand?
And we'll also have food,
but not from my on plates.
- Bye.
- Wow.
Wow, that is a beautiful house.
- Champagne?
- Check.
- Yes. Chicken wings?
- Check.
Okay, aloe vera wipes.
We'll never know what people might need?
Maybe today people need hair bundles.
Yes, you're right.
Actually, I think I have some...
- Come on, Lebza.
- Look, we're fine.
We're ready!
Make the sale, secure the bag.
How can people
do African time in Waterkloof?
Wait, let's do this together!
Wait for me, Malebo.
Lebza, am I fine?
Hi. Hello.
- Welcome.
- Hi.
Hello, welcome.
- Great. Thank you.
- Yes.
Architecture is the search for light,
astonishing form
and the thoughtful making of space.
It's masterful and modernistic
and luxurious elegance is embodied in
the suburb.
You know that aunty of yours that always
wants to visit but never wants to leave?
I have the perfect
bedroom upstairs to show you.
Because you know,
it has a kitchenette, meaning,
she only stays in the bedroom,
but never comes out.
Right this way, please.
And obviously here,
we have a spectacular entrance.
Two double doors
Hey! Hey!
Can I help you?
Yes, sister.
Look, there's something
I need to get down there.
Hey, bro. What's up?
- Hey, sister.
- Good.
Are you here for the open house?
Yes, man.
- Open house.
- Yes.
I didn't see you signing in.
Me and the main man of this place,
we go way back.
Please. I know your type.
You come to open houses
to come rob people. Get out.
- My sister, we can sort this out.
- Get out before I call the police.
Get out!
He's probably from Mamelodi.
Lebza. That's sorted. That rascal is out.
Those two, they are next.
- No.
- What?
- I invited them.
- And then?
That woman has a trust fund.
I've never really seen
a trust fund in real life,
but I'm sure it has a lot of zeros.
Trust fund? Do you trust them?
Those people don't even look like
they have money.
But they are white.
White doesn't always mean right.
- You are racism.
- No.
Leave them to me, please.
Are you guys liking the house?
Yes. It's very industrial.
I'm Mrs. D.
- Okay.
- This is Skattie.
We're from Klerksdorp, you know.
We're just looking for the perfect home
to start our new lives.
Very far away from home.
This is Waterkloof Ridge, you know,
the Sandton of Pretoria.
It's very ex-penny.
Well, yes. That's exactly
what we're looking for, you know.
An upmarket place
where rich people do ordinary things.
- Rich people?
- Yes.
Very rich people like us.
We are what you call trust fund babies,
except that we're very adult.
My uncle, rest his soul,
had a huge farm with many cows
and farming things.
And when he died he left me millions.
When you say millions, how much?
- Ten.
- Ten million?
You know, Mrs. D, as I was saying,
this beautiful home
has enough bedrooms and couches
to entertain everybody from back home.
And a wine cellar
stocked up for all the festivities.
I can just see it.
I'll be the envy of all my neighbors.
Please take me around,
start with the wine cellar.
The wine cellar is right this way.
Rich people love wine tours.
Right? How's the chicken, Skattie?
It's gorgeous.
And as you can see, the star of the show.
This is the wine cellar.
- Is this brandy?
- No, this is very expensive whiskey.
You should start getting used to wine,
Like this one.
Can you check if you have a cold one
in the fridge.
Of course, Mrs. D.
There's actually nothing in the fridge.
Just check if there's some ice,
we can pop it in the glasses...
Ice? There's nothing.
There's nobody, there's nothing here.
Don't rich people drink their drinks
without ice?
Yes. Yes. You're right.
Rich people drink their drinks,
original temperature.
Room temperature.
Mrs. D, what beautiful nails.
You know what I think?
I think we must go upstairs
and get some glasses.
- Yes.
- Right?
Also, let's go.
What beautiful hair you have.
You know, I have bundles like this
that I sell, let's go.
This one maybe
I'm coming, Mrs. D.
The glasses are in the cupboard,
on the right.
This is Stone, don't leave a message.
- Can you turn the music up?
- No problem, my dear, anything for you.
Yes, dance.
- Lebza.
- Yes!
These ones are the best.
Yes, can we Lebza. Listen.
Don't freak out. I found a man
Finding a man in your other man's house.
That's what you mean
by multiple streams of income?
So that's what you mean.
- My girl!
- No. He's dead.
Of course, he's drop dead gorgeous.
- Look at yourself, you're hot.
- Malebo, I found a dead man.
A corpse.
- Whose corpse is it?
- I don't know.
I don't know.
Fine, okay.
- What are you doing?
- Wait.
Let me call the boys in blue.
- Wait.
- Ten, triple one.
- Wait.
- No, Lerato.
Listen, Lebza.
Hang up. Hang up!
If you call the cops,
then we're going to be on the news.
And if we're on the news,
this might ruin our career.
I mean, who is ever going
to buy a house from agents
that had a dead body
at their show house?
I don't understand why we're waiting,
we should call the police right now.
Malebo, we have to wait.
I say we wait for everybody to leave
and then we do what we have to.
- We?
- Of course, "we".
Just a sec.
So sorry.
Nice, Skattie.
We're not leaving till the last drop.
The search for Sizwe Dambuza continues.
It's been three days since he
was officially declared a missing person.
I have here with me Detective Motsepe.
Detective. What further information
do you have on the Dambuza case?
The family of Mr. Dambuza
put out a reward of 100,000
towards anyone who may have
the information
regarding the whereabouts of their son.
- What is it?
- That's him, Lebza.
- Who?
- The dead guy.
The one in this house?
- That's it, I'm calling the police. No.
- No.
But I thought we agreed that we're only
going to call once everyone is gone.
- Then tell them to go.
- Fine. Calm down.
You know, I think maybe
we must call it a night or a day.
No, but we're having so much fun.
Yes, I know, but we can do
this some other time, Mrs. D.
You mean we can hang out?
Yes, why not?
You are my first big city friend!
You, me, and sister over there
are going to have so much fun!
Yes. Fun, fantastic. Now, Mrs. D,
go on and get some rest, okay?
Go home now. Skattie. Come.
Remember to tell your mother to grab
my flyer so that she can put in the offer.
This house is to die for. Call me!
Lebza, please.
- We're in shit, Lerato.
- Come.
- Come, Lebza. Come.
- Leave me alone!
Leave me alone.
I mean, why?
- Why would anyone do this?
- I don't know, Lebza.
Just a sec.
Who are you calling?
He tricked you into selling this house
that's a scene of a crime.
- His phone is on voicemail.
- He set us up.
No. I mean
Why would he do that?
And why would there
be a dead body in his fridge?
- This guy sells pain killers, man.
- Exactly.
Which pharmacist do you know
who lives like this in a mansion?
He's a businessman.
- I'm calling the police.
- Lebza, please.
My phone is dead.
- Like the guy in the fridge.
- Lebza, no. Lebza, Please.
Wake up, Lerato.
- Let's go to the police right now, please.
- You passed out, Lebza, you just woke up.
Can we just wait,
at least until we get hold of Stone.
- Stone?
- Yes. Please just trust me on this.
Lerato, this is his house,
with a dead body.
What are you trying to say, Lebza?
You know what?
Since you want to
make decisions on your own,
I think maybe you must just leave.
Lerato, sister. How are you?
Sorry, who is this?
- It's me, Mrs. D.
- Mrs who?
Dina Duiker.
From last night
at your wonderful house opening.
How can I help you?
Well, I was thinking we could hang out
like we agreed yesterday.
I'm so sorry, right now is not
a good time. I have to go.
That's such a pity
because I was thinking we could talk
about me buying that very nice house.
You want to buy the house?
Well, it's the best house
that I've seen so far.
You gave the best house opening
and you're my best
my friend.
Yes, my friend.
When she got downstairs
she found, she saw
Lebza. Why aren't you
answering your phone?
It's dead.
Okay, can I talk to you, please?
I'm busy, Lerato.
I need to give a statement.
I understand, but that can wait.
What are you doing?
I got a call from Madam Bling-Bling.
- Who is Madam Bling-Bling?
- Mrs. D.
The Afrikaans lady
from the house yesterday.
Look, she wants to buy the house.
And then?
Okay, all I am saying is
we don't report to the cops now.
We sell the house,
we make the commission
- Lerato.
- and we let Mrs. D deal with it.
You still want to sell that house?
- You're crazy.
- Lebza.
Look, all we need
is for Mrs. D to sign here.
Lerato, I don't know.
I don't want to get into trouble.
And I also don't want
other people to get involved in this mess.
Lebza, technically speaking,
this is not our mess, you know.
Mrs. D, she's white. She'll be fine.
Lebza. Do you know what 15%
commission can do for us?
What I see for myself,
an office at Paul Kruger Square.
Yes. That's me.
And for you, Lebza,
we're shutting down Atteridgeville.
I'm talking about your dream wedding.
Fairy tale.
Brass band, seven colors, buffet.
And we can book DJ Mojava.
Do you see what I mean, Lebza?
A hundred thousand reward? That's nothing.
- Fine.
- Fine?
- Fine.
- Yay!
But you'd better tell that Mrs. D
that she better buy that house quickly.
I promise.
Come in.
- My friends.
- Mrs. D.
My sisters.
Come and sit over here.
Yes, Mrs. D.
The JC is chilled.
We can drink it by the pool.
And later, we can Netflix and chill.
Yes, Mrs. D, I hear you, but please
can we focus on business right now?
We'll celebrate later.
You're so right
but maybe if I buy that house,
we can hang out there.
Right now I have the offer to purchase
with me.
Please can you just
do me a favor, just fill it in
and then sign on the dotted line,
here's a pen.
why don't you organize me
my very own open house?
No way.
I want my Klerksdorp friends to come
to witness my new fabulous life
in Pretoria.
We hear you, Mrs. D, but can't we just
send them photos, maybe even a video call?
You know what,
we'll put it on social media.
- Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram.
- Yes.
No. In person.
I will sign the offer to purchase while
they witness my new start in life.
- Yes, Mrs. D.
- Yes, what?
You can see that we're close.
You just have to promise me one thing,
You can't tell anyone about
the dead body in the cellar.
My word! A dead body?
God help me.
My children are going to hell.
Jail first and then hell.
- God.
- Yes, God!
Because He's the only one
who's going to help you now.
You kept such a big secret!
Secrets you're not supposed to keep!
What if this guy has a wife and kids?
What if this guy has kids?
Maybe they are orphans!
And you're all quiet!
I go to church!
You're embarrassing me!
Who do you take after
because it's not after me?
You're embarrassing!
Where the hell are you?
Call me, please.
I've been thinking.
We need about 3,000 to do the show house
and then it's a home run.
So how much do you have on you?
I have 100 rand and maybe
in my savings account,
I have my last 300.
I have 600.
So, we're still short of 2, 000.
Malebo, my love.
- Boikie.
- Boikie, don't you knock?
- Lebza
- Baby, it's a mess.
Don't pull me.
Good news.
Are you sick?
Are you praying?
Are you exercising?
I wanted to tell you
that I've got my promotion, baby.
- Really, baby?
- Yes. Listen.
So, with my promotion bonus,
and our savings for our family,
I wanted to give you this. It's for you.
- Boikie!
- Hello, mother-in-law.
Are you really marrying her
or just joking?
I'm for real, mother-in-law.
- My baby.
- I always told you.
Wow, God is good.
- Wow, Boikie.
- Yes.
- Do you want tea, my boy?
- No, I'm going to work.
- Yes, go and work, my love.
- I'm going to work.
- Yes, go and work, my child.
- Go and work, my love.
- Have a great day.
- Have a good day at work.
- Sister-in-law.
- Boikie.
That's right.
- Have a great day at work.
- Okay, mother-in-law.
My children can finally have a home.
You know, Lebza, I'm so happy for you.
Boikie did good by you.
I'll put my money in.
But I want 50%.
- Deal.
- Wait.
I want 50% of the company.
Not just of the commission.
Malebo Eunice Maseko,
welcome to the firm.
This is the second time
we're doing an open house.
- Yes.
- This lady had better come through for us.
Please can I see
what you're posting there.
I hope it's real content.
None of that township stuff.
- This one is nice.
- It is, hey?
Beautiful. You're learning, Lebza.
Wow! Okay.
Sizwe Dambuza?
He was at the club?
He's talking to Stone.
Let me zoom in.
How long have you been down here?
Lebza. That's the dead man's scarf!
That means Stone knew him, Lebza.
You're right, Lebza.
You're right, we're in too deep.
I think we must call the police.
No, Lerato.
I've already sacrificed Boikie's savings.
We can't do that. And like you said,
what if the police blame us?
Look, we are a couple of hours away
from 1.2 million.
- Yes. Okay.
- You get me?
- We can do this.
- Okay.
- Secure
- The bag.
- Secure
- The sale.
Mrs. D.
Sisters. These are my people.
Guys, these are my Pretoria friends.
They are sisters
and I'm their other sister.
Except I am the youngest one.
- Welcome, guys.
- Welcome.
There's delicious fish and chips
From the North to the South
Hey, come in, please.
- Welcome.
- Okay.
- Whoa, they have firewood.
- Cooler box.
- Three legged pots.
- Whoa!
I like your hair.
Welcome, Johnny Bravo.
- Did he just
- The Cressida.
- That's my problem.
- Wow!
Yes, you see, there are two floors.
But then there's a secret
third floor under the house.
- No!
- Yes, the basement.
And guess what else.
- There is a fire pool?
- No.
There's a cellar with many, many wines,
rich people sour wines.
- Do you want to come see?
- No, please!
The truth is,
the cellar is in a little bit of a mess
right now, I need to clean it up.
It was fine when we went down
the last time.
Yes, I know,
but don't you want it to be fabulous
for your guests when they first see it?
I mean, first impressions, right?
I think we must show them the garden.
Beautiful garden.
Yes, stunning garden,
you can even host them there.
Let's go, this way.
And the moment we've all been waiting for.
Mrs. D to sign to purchase this beautiful,
extraordinary, auspicious home.
- Sign.
- Please sign here, madam.
Where exactly?
Yes, let's have some pictures.
- No problem.
- No, just sign, please.
- Let's take pictures first.
- Sign.
- Wow. Great.
- Okay.
- Right here. Yes.
- Right.
Just sign, all we need is your signature,
you can initial the pages later, right?
- Yes.
- Great.
- Coming!
- No, Mrs
- Stop it! What are you doing?
- Mom.
What are you doing?
- We are here to pray for the house.
- For what?
So that the spirit of the man
in the freezer, the dead one,
must not come and bother people here.
Mom, did you tell your church friends?
I said we're here to bless
the house before you guys sell it.
- Okay.
- What's the problem? Why?
This is ridiculous,
you guys need to leave now!
- Please
- Go.
Ladies, thank you so much for coming.
- It's time to go now, to leave, yes.
- Bye, ladies.
No, but they are so good.
I mean, I didn't expect a choir,
but I knew you ladies would
kick my open house out of the park.
- I love it.
- Yes, Mrs. D, of course, a choir.
You know, we arranged this special choir
because we want you to sign
these documents to this lovely music.
- Yes, sign the documents.
- So Mrs. D, we are okay.
For crying out loud!
A lady must always answer her...
- No, no, no.
- No, Mrs. D.
Please sign.
- No answer?
- No answer.
Officers, let's force it open.
Malebo, guys, come check this out.
Pictures first.
This is funny, it looks exactly
like this house.
Everyone, stay where you are, don't move.
We've got a search warrant
for this property.
Officers, let's go.
- No!
- Sir!
We trust in You, Lord.
Sir, I swear, it wasn't me.
- I swear.
- Malebo, it's gone, man!
On the third day,
he rose.
Malebo, be serious!
There's some serious stuff going on here!
God is good.
- Anything in the bedrooms?
- Nothing.
- Garages?
- Nothing.
Tell me, at least
you got something in the safe.
What are you looking for?
You two, this is a police matter.
Yes, we understand.
It's just that we're trying to help,
so what can we help with?
If you want to help,
please give me a glass of water.
- Of course. Lebza, please.
- No problem.
There's water in the fridge,
you just press the button.
We dispense here, welcome to Waterkloof.
- The second one.
- The other one.
No, man!
You're all coming down with me
in connection with the death
of Sizwe Dambuza.
Can't we do this after we barbecue?
Piss off!
How do you know Sizwe Dambuza?
He made stew, I grilled the meat.
I make the best barbeque in Klerksdorp.
Poor Dina should never
have moved to Pretoria.
Goodness, Detective.
We couldn't have known
that a crime was happening there.
Now she's sitting
with all these big city problems.
Those two girls are my best friends.
And that's all you need to know,
We've been investigating Segale
for months.
His company has been linked
with supplying unlicensed medication.
Today was the big raid,
and what do we find? You two!
Hey, your boyfriend is a drug dealer.
Now someone is dead.
Okay, sir. The guy that was missing
on the news.
We've never met him.
The first time we met him
was actually in the fridge.
When you also met him.
Actually, we'd like to see our lawyer.
I'm curious about
why Segale wanted Sizwe Dambuza dead.
Let me tell you who you're
dealing with, guys from Alexandra.
Guys from Alexandra are dangerous.
- Alexandra?
- Gomora?
You know, when I grew up
in an orphanage in Hammanskraal,
Pretoria was always the dream.
Segale left his mother there
and didn't even look back.
You made it without parents.
That's huge.
Yes, your mother will always
be your mother.
He cut her off just like that
as if she's nothing.
And he'll also do the same to you.
what does that mean?
You are in deep trouble.
You two, you are top suspects.
In the mighty name
of Jesus Christ of Nazareth,
we have prayed, amen.
Thank you for your prayers, Mom.
I thought you were the smart one,
but when it comes to men you're a fool!
You barely knew Stone.
When we met him, I told you to be careful.
Where have you ever seen 15% commission?
But no. Blah-blah, Mr. Perfect.
Where is he?
Sure, I've known Stone for what?
A few weeks, but he's done way more
for me than Boikie ever has
and he's been around since high school.
Has Boikie ever gotten us arrested?
You made us sell a house with a dead body.
A dead body.
- You wanted that 15% as badly as I did.
- Hey, I'm nothing like you!
- Hey, I'm nothing like you.
- Don't act better!
I don't do things
at other people's expense!
Ms. Stupid Ambition!
My ambition,
my ambition is what got us out of
the hood and put you in Waterkloof Ridge!
You're so blinded by your stupid goals
and vision board,
that you can't tell a dream from reality.
Wake up, Lerato! It's over.
- Thank you for bailing us out.
- Yes, thank you, brother-in-law.
So, I'm your brother-in-law now?
Don't start with me.
Baby, maybe we should go home
so I can explain what happened.
No, Malebo. How am I going to tell people
that my wife's a jailbird?
- I'm not
- If not, then what are we doing here?
You see what you've done?
Baby. My love.
- Sorry, Lebza. Wait for me.
- Baby.
Lebza, I got it.
Lebza, please.
It's all here, I've figured it out.
Lebza, I know you're angry at me,
but I just need two minutes
of your time, please.
Please, Lebza.
Okay. Watch, okay.
- Hey?
- We did the most.
Okay baby, let me tell her.
Stone wants to leave, it's late,
we need to go home now.
We need to go home now.
Baby, you'll put this in the car, hey?
Sizwe, my boy, listen,
tonight is a celebration.
What are you having? Anything you want.
Stone, about the deal, dude.
Me and the old man aren't
really in a good place right now.
Which means he isn't your biggest fan,
What's that about the deal?
Chillax, bro. Business is booming.
I've spent years
doing the paperwork for this deal.
I've constantly given you
cash and pills because you guaranteed me
that your daddy, the Minister,
would finally license me.
And now
you're telling me to chillax?
Stone, there's always the next round.
Okay, so hang on.
This guy killed him
in cold blood right then and there?
- No.
- And dragged him to the basement?
No. Stone is way smarter than that.
Sizwe came back to the house
for the pills.
Then Stone found Sizwe in the house.
And Stone may be all smooth talk now,
but he's from the hood.
And the worst mistake he did
was bringing out his hood side.
- I think they fought and Stone won.
- But in cold blood just like that?
He dragged him downstairs
and then, you know, cleaned up the mess
in the morning.
What are you doing?
How long have you been down here?
I'm here at the High Court
where the minister and his wife
have arrived alone.
Minister, is your son going to take
accountability for his actions?
Ma'am, where is Sizwe Dambuza?
And that's when he asked me
to sell his house.
I was so stupid.
Don't say that.
You said that idiot made
his first mistake?
His second mistake was not getting
rid of the body himself then and there.
That's why his henchman came to the house.
But we also came on the same day.
- We kept getting in the way.
- Yes.
- Get out.
- No, my sister.
- This thing...
- Get out before I call the police.
So, mistake number three?
Stone Segale's third mistake
was hiring the Maseko sisters.
I mean, he may think that he used us,
but after everything,
we must just roll over and die?
No way.
Okay, girl.
- We're doing this.
- You see?
We're doing this.
You know what, we're going out gun ablaze.
Guns blazing.
Guns blazing.
- Lerato.
- How far are you?
Patience, Lovely. What's the rush?
I kept my end of the bargain.
Now I just want my money.
Money talks. I like it.
You see how similar we are?
I'm nothing like you, Stone.
You're a criminal.
Why did you kill Sizwe Dambuza?
He was messing with my business
and I work too hard to be played with.
I did my job.
And you did it well.
Look at you now.
Holding an offer to purchase
of a property worth eight million rand.
You're on your way to
building your empire, my love.
And you'll see,
sometimes you have to ask for forgiveness
and not permission.
Look, forget all this.
We'll celebrate tonight.
No, Stone, there's no more "we".
And there definitely won't be
any celebration for you tonight.
Lerato Maseko, what did you do?
You're going to pay for this.
You'll never see me again.
You're no Thabo Bester.
It's done.
Great job with Segale's confession
and Dambuza's video, I think it's enough.
Thank you so much for your co-operation.
Look, girl.
You know how proud I am of you?
You're my sister and you do
detective undercover work,
bringing down a bad boy syndicate bad guy.
- Malebo.
- You see?
So, what are we going to do now?
Lebza, we're real estate agents.
Let me see.
- Girl.
- Yes?
- We're focused, right?
- Yes.
- Hardworking?
- Yes.
We're ready for the world.
- And the world
- But is the world is ready for us?
So, when I say make the sale
I say
- secure the bag.
- Secure the bag.
- Make the sale.
- Secure the bag.
- Make the sale.
- Secure the bag!
- I say make the sale!
- And I say secure the bag!
Let's do this, girl!
- I love you.
- I love you too.
We're going to be fine.
My girls.
Fat cakes, spring rolls,
your grandma's samoosas.
No situation is too tough
for this modern house.
- I mean Hang on.
- Barrier cream.
Come on, Lebza.
No, calm down.
Girls, girls, girls.
How are the sales going?
Lerato, you look sleepy.
Don't forget, no sleeping on the job.
Nothing personal, I'm just
doing my management duties.
- For sure. Baby, I love you.
- My hubby.
- Mom.
- What are you laughing at?
It's the email address you asked me
to set up for the business.
You won't believe it.
I miss you girls so much.
Mrs. D, it's simple, just come back.
And also we have a property for you right
next to our office, with your name on it.
It's a very lovely place.
Girls, I can't exactly afford to buy
a new property.
I've run out of money.
- How, because you had 10 million?
- I did.
But with the clothes and the bling
and the sports car,
and the investment that Skattie made,
it's pretty much finished.
- An investment?
- My word!
Yes. Skattie made a huge
investment in a clothing business.
- But he's always half-naked.
- Exactly.
You two girls were
the best friends that I ever had
and the best estates agents in Pretoria.
And I'll never forget that.
Thank you so much for everything,
Mrs. D, and call us if you need anything.
- Yes.
- Bye-bye.
Let's take a selfie.
Make sure that the Maseko sign
is also in the photo.