Real Murders: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery (2015) Movie Script

Harvey Johnson
came into the library,
said he saw an ad
for Unit Four.
Mm, I rented it.
This morning.
A new professor
at the university.
Very handsome.
I told him that, uh,
you'd stop by
tomorrow morning
and give him his keys.
Are you trying to set us up?
Aurora, I would never.
Yes, you would.
Yes, I would.
Aw, but I'm still hoping
that you'll get back together
with Father Aubrey.
Aw, I had such
lovely visions of you
as a minister's wife.
No, Scott was very sweet,
but we had
nothing in common.
That's beside the point.
A smart woman
learns to feign interest
in what her man likes.
Oh, so then you'll be
at the Real Murders Club meeting
Because John is giving a talk
on the Julia Wallace murder.
I'm sure he would love
to have you there.
I'm sure he'd rather
pine for me.
You might actually
find it
interesting, Mother.
The husband
was convicted
even though there
was no evidence.
No, thank you.
Now, don't forget
about the new tenant.
I told him 9:00 a.m.
Yeah. I won't forget.
Hi, Bankston!
Oh, hey.
Okay, see you later.
I'm just going
to pick up Melanie.
Oh, it's Wallace tonight.
I know.
We're looking forward to it.
I'll see you there.
Bankston and his girlfriend
go to meetings.
Real Murders Club
is a hot date, Mom.
You should try it.
Clearly, I have failed
in teaching you
what constitutes a date.
But do tell John
I wanted to be there.
That'd be lying.
No, feigning, dear,
[cell phone rings]
Hey, Sally.
Hey, get to the meeting
early if you can.
I have a surprise for you.
Oh, no, Sally, you know
how I feel about surprises.
Yeah, I know, but you're going
to love this one.
No, why don't you
just tell me?
Tell me what it is.
You are so stubborn.
Just get there early.
...Well, I better
get going, Melissa.
We have a club meeting tonight,
and LeMaster's coming by
for the keys to the hall...
Yeah, I'll see you soon.
Gerald, it's roasting in here.
Can we turn down
the fires, please?
"You were on the phone.
"Had to meet a new client.
See you at
the Veteran's Hall."
[sighs heavily]
You know I hate
driving at night.
[doorbell rings]
Ah, LeMaster, you're early.
Okay, Gerald,
where'd you leave the keys?
Oh, what are you doing here?
You look awful.
Here, come in.
I'm making sandwiches
if you're hungry.
What on earth are you holding?
What are you--
[body slumps]
He's a cute little thing.
[dog grumbles]
That's a fierce watchdog
you have there.
[chuckles] Oh, yeah.
Totally savage.
[rings doorbell]
[knocks hesitantly]
Gerald? Mamie?
It's LeMaster,
here for the keys.
Mamie? Mamie? No!
Hey, why haven't
you gone in?
It's locked.
isn't here yet?
Aren't you at least curious
about your surprise?
I mean, come on,
have a guess.
You got me a card that says
I can pass
on your guessing games.
Guess again.
You got me a kit I can use
to make a card
that says I can pass
on your guessing games.
You know
you're spoiling my fun.
Oh, hi, Uncle John.
Can't wait to be dazzled
by your talk tonight.
My mother says
she wishes
she could come,
but she was only feigning.
A man appreciates
a little polite pretense
now and then.
And we're not going
inside because...
LeMaster hasn't
shown up with the key.
And he's not answering.
I made a copy of the key
for just such an occasion
back when I was president.
But don't tell Gerald.
Don't tell Gerald what?
Hi, Gerald.
Good to see you all.
John, where'd you
get the key?
LeMaster was supposed
to pick it up.
What's your position
on polite pretense?
So you're really not gonna take
a guess about your surprise?
I'm really not.
Where are
the creamers and sugars?
[tap rinsing]
[telephone rings]
That's weird,
that phone
never rings.
Is Julia Wallace there?
[call disconnects]
That was creepy.
Someone just asked
for Julia Wallace.
The victim John is supposed
to talk about tonight?
That wasn't
your surprise, was it?
No, that was a prank.
Dory, those cookies
smell delicious.
Chocolate chip.
I had to make a bunch
for my son's class party
and made extra.
Have one.
[squeals gleefully]
Oh, you two,
you have to try
some of Dory's cookies.
They're to die for.
Cookies, great.
The cookies are not a part
of your workout program, though.
Who's that?
I know who that is.
That's my surprise?
Robin Daniels?
What, the mystery writer?
And Roe's
favorite writer.
At least I think he's still
your favorite writer--
Yes, yes.
He is amazing,
Hi, Robin,
thanks for coming.
Sally. Thanks
for having me.
So, this is the friend
that I was telling you about.
Roe Teagarden.
Roe, this is
Robin Daniels.
I know!
I know. I'm a huge fan.
I mean, I'm a big...
inspired fan.
Oh, that's nice of you to say.
Sally seems to think
that I'll become a fan
of your club here.
Oh. Yeah,
how did you guys...
He's a friend
of Macon's.
My editor at the paper.
Yeah, we went
to college together.
and Robin is in town
at the university
for the next
few months,
and he asked me if I knew
any nice places to rent,
so I gave him
your mom's number.
She got me
a short-term lease
on this great townhouse.
Oh, you're the new tenant.
I'm the property manager.
I live right nearby.
Oh. Well then,
we were destined to meet.
Well, come meet
our other neighbor.
This is Bankston Waites.
And his girlfriend
Melanie Clark.
And there's Arthur.
What's he doing here?
Is he rejoining
the club?
Oh, I don't know.
I'll go find out.
Who's he?
Oh, he's a police detective.
And Roe's ex.
Please tell me you're
coming back to the club.
We're here
in an official capacity.
Wait, what's going on?
Um, Lynn needs
to talk to Gerald.
But if you want to
talk to him...
You're a homicide detective...
Unless you've changed
your name to Gerald,
we have
no business with you.
Which one is he?
Um... he's right there.
Oh, Arthur, please don't tell me
this has to do with Mamie.
Mr. Wright?
Detective Liggett Smith.
Do you think we could
go somewhere
and speak in private?
-What is Lynn doing here?
LeMaster was supposed to
get the key from their house.
He hasn't shown up yet.
Is he all right?
LeMaster is fine.
He's shaken up,
but fine.
Shaken up?
Did he find the...
Arthur, you're back.
And you brought
your wife.
Oh, you aren't here
for the meeting.
Unfortunately not.
Wonder what
that's all about.
It's gotta be
about Mamie, right?
Do you think
she was hurt?
Whatever it is,
it seems pretty serious.
Oh gosh, I hope not.
I really like Mamie.
Oh, no,
look at Roe's face.
This is bad.
Is there anything
that you can tell us?
Mamie and Gerald
are our friends.
It's not my place.
What is it?
What's going on?
Mamie's been...
She was attacked.
That's awful.
She was a nice lady.
She certainly
didn't deserve
to get bludgeoned
in front of her own fireplace.
That's how it happened?
It's... it's really
not my place to divulge--
Sally, please don't quote me.
Quote you? No.
Are there any suspects?
Detective Smith?
on the radio.
What is it?
He wants to know
if he should bag the raincoat,
or wait for the husband
to I.D. it.
Wait, what raincoat?
Oh, there was a raincoat
crumpled under Mamie's body.
I'll talk to Patterson.
Uh, guys,
you're probably gonna
wanna cancel the meeting.
Send everybody home.
Roe, do you want to
announce we're done here,
or shall I?
Is everything all right?
Did you hear
what Arthur just said?
A raincoat
was crumpled under Mamie.
By a fireplace.
The Julia Wallace case.
The phone call.
That voice
that asked for Julia.
I have to go tell Arthur.
Is she always two steps
ahead of everybody else?
Generally, yes.
Yeah, okay.
Copy that.
Arthur, there's something
you need to know.
What is it, Roe?
15 minutes
before our meeting,
someone called here
and asked for Julia Wallace.
The victim
in the murder
we were supposed to
discuss tonight.
Do you remember that case?
England, 1934?
Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Vaguely, yeah.
Husband convicted of
bludgeoning his wife?
In front of a fireplace,
on top of a raincoat.
Wait, are you saying
what I think you're saying?
I'm saying what happened
to Mamie was a copycat.
I'm saying
I think whoever did this
was someone who knew
what our meeting
was gonna be about tonight.
I think Mamie's killer
could be a member
of the Real Murders Club.
Lynn needs to know now.
Call Captain Burns,
get some back-up
down here.
And don't let anybody
outside that building!
We gotta question everyone.
What in the world
did Roe tell the police
to have them round us up
like prisoners of war?
Hey, so can I get
my phone back or what?
'Cause I'm for sure
gonna call a lawyer!
Call away.
Now, we're
going to be asking
a few basic questions
of you all tonight,
so if anyone else would like
their lawyer present,
you can use that phone
when Perry is done with it.
I've never been questioned
by the police before.
You can't buy
this kind of research.
Photos are coming through
right now.
See? That. Right there.
You see that?
The victim's arm,
it's bent
just like the crime scene
photo of Julia Wallace.
She was posed?
You know, Mamie's husband
is an insurance salesman.
Just like
Julia Wallace's husband.
How do you announce the subject
of discussion of your club?
Post it online,
put it in the paper, what?
I send a group email.
So only club members
would have known
the Wallace thing was
on your agenda tonight?
Well, anyone connected
to a club member
might also know.
I mean, they would have
seen a flyer maybe?
No, we don't pass out flyers.
That would require a budget.
And that would
require a club
that wasn't
a ridiculous exercise
in pretend investigating.
Just an opinion.
Tell me what you know
about the husband.
Oh, he and Mamie
would never miss a meeting.
It was kind of cute
they way they'd argue over
who was the more likely suspect
in a case.
They argued?
No, I meant debate.
Like a fun debate.
Look, I know that
he's the most obvious suspect.
The husbands
usually are, right?
But no, Gerald, he adored Mamie.
He would never--
We decide who our suspects are,
not you.
Oh, did you get
any sleep?
Not much.
They kept us there
until almost 2:00 a.m.
That's terrible.
Treating my daughter
like she's some
common criminal.
If whoever did this
to Mamie
really is someone
from Real Murders, well--
I downloaded profiles
on everyone in the club
last night
to try to
figure this out...
and it's obviously not
Sally or John.
I suppose Gerald
has to be on the list.
Aurora, how many times
have I told you
this club is not
a wholesome environment?
LeMaster found the body,
so that puts him on the list,
but I'm guessing
he'll be ruled out soon.
And so will Bankston.
Did you hear what I said?
It's not healthy to obsess
on these tragedies, Aurora.
I overheard Lynn say
that Mamie was on the phone
at 6:10 with her sister,
and LeMaster found the body
at 6:30,
so that pinpoints
the time of death.
And then we saw Bankston
leaving to his car
to pick up Melanie
just before 6:30,
so it definitely
can't be him,
or Melanie.
Now, Dory, I can't
imagine it's her,
she's such a mom.
Now, Perry Dell
that's a different story.
He was really
agitated last night,
and he's been arrested
for fighting.
He said he turned over
a new leaf,
but I don't know.
Here. Chamomile.
-It'll calm you down--
I totally forgot about him.
You know Benjamin Greer,
the butcher from
the gourmet market?
He was the only member
that didn't show
to the meeting last night.
Oh, he's definitely
on the list.
And then there's
Robin Daniels.
The new tenant?
He writes
murder mysteries, Mother.
And he just happens to
show up at our meeting
right after
what happened to Mamie?
You think that's a coincidence?
I'm supposed to give him
his keys this morning, right?
I could ask him
a few questions--
Oh, no, you don't.
You're not going to inflict
that suspicious nature of yours
on a tenant who hasn't even
moved in yet.
No, no, no,
I'll give him the keys.
Yeah, but what if--
Listen to your mother.
Oh, hey, Roe,
how ya doin'?
Not good, Benjamin.
Mamie was killed.
Yeah, no, the cops
came by my place yesterday
to tell me about it,
asked me why
I wasn't at the meeting.
Yeah, I was wondering
the same thing.
Well, I got
some stuff to do.
You know I'm going
into politics now.
I'm the new campaign manager
for Morrison Pettigrue.
He's running
for mayor.
I think he's got
a real shot to win.
You think so?
and if he does,
that means
no more bloody aprons for me.
But right now,
I've gotta
get some chicken out.
Free range organic,
on special,
only 6.99 a pound.
You're thinking
it's him, aren't you?
You're thinking
Benjamin Greer did it.
I know you're not
here for chickens.
You don't know
why I'm here.
Well, I know you're not
pushing a cart,
and I know you think
you need to solve any crime
within a 50-mile radius.
This wasn't just
any crime.
It involved Mamie,
our friend.
Yes, we knew her.
And we might even
know who did it
if it's someone in the club.
So you do think
Benjamin did it.
I just think it's strange
that he's the only one
that didn't show up
to the meeting last night,
yet he's not even curious
about how Mamie died,
or anything that happened
the other night.
Was it was
the butcher,
in the parlor,
with the candlestick?
Hi, Robin.
Did you two come together?
Yes. He was
complaining to Macon
about not having
anything in his fridge,
so I said I'd show him
where all
the gourmet stuff was.
[Robin]: She didn't think
I'd take her up on it, but...
Oh, I don't mind,
But I do have to
get back to my story,
so Roe can show you
where to find
whatever it is
that you need.
If she can stop
looking for suspects
for two minutes.
And if you figure out
who's guilty,
this time, can you
call the police
before your life is in danger?
Have fun, kids!
So, do you need help
with anything?
but I am curious about
how you plan to investigate
these suspects.
So this Greer guy
is on your list,
but the husband's gotta
be on there, too, right?
Especially if this is a copy
of the Wallace murder.
No. Gerald adored Mamie.
Besides, I don't think
he'd copy a crime
that pointed to himself
as the culprit.
But, see, if this were
a plot in one of my novels,
I'd have him copy it
because no one would think
he'd point to himself.
Oh, that's diabolical.
Which is not Gerald.
What about Mr. Sunshine?
The guy who had to
have his lawyer present.
Oh, if you're talking
about Perry Dell, I believe--
You know, I think
this is club business.
So, if you don't
need me for anything, I'm--
I'm starting to think
that I'm a suspect, too,
given the way the police
were treating me last night.
How do you feel about that?
Are you kidding me?
It was the greatest night
I've had in months.
The only problem is,
I have no one
to confirm my alibi
between 6:00
and 6:30, so...
I know you're not
the most
likely suspect.
You did
just move here.
I thought you came
for gourmet goodies.
Have you ever tried this
with peanut butter?
It will change your life.
This is very scientific.
You stick it in a bowl,
you swirl it around,
the swirl is very important.
The cereal sticks
to the peanut butter,
and voila.
Sweet crunchy heaven.
this is so wrong,
but it is so good.
All the best things are.
So, I'm curious,
when did you first
get into mysteries?
When I was 12.
My parents were
getting a divorce,
and I found this book
at the library
about the Hall Mills case.
The choir singer
and the minister?
Yeah, it was
such a puzzle.
There were so many odd clues
and pieces,
it was so absorbing.
And it gave me something
to focus on,
just something
that felt important,
with life and death stakes.
How about you?
I was a teenager.
My brother had gone off to war,
and when he came back,
he was a different guy.
I needed something
to escape into,
and that's when I discovered
"In Cold Blood."
Truman Capote.
"The village of Holcomb
"stands on the high wheat plains
of western Kansas,
a lonesome area..."
[reciting together]:
"...That others call
'out there.'"
See, nothing
is too terrible
if it can be wrestled into
a pleasing sentence.
Well, you write a lot of those.
[chuckles modestly]
So, why doesn't my favorite
writer have an alibi?
Look, if you really
want to know,
and you're not busy
Friday night--
[door opens]
I got your message
about the package.
You have company.
Well, I'm glad
the two of you
are getting acquainted.
Oh, but shame
on you, Robin,
for not telling me
you're this big famous writer
when you came to see
my little townhouse.
Believe me,
fame is in the eye
of the beholder.
Here, Mother.
It was left on my doorstep
when I got home.
I know you're busy, though.
This is your father's
return address.
Why would he be
sending it here?
I don't know,
but you can figure that out
when you go home...
But you're opening it here.
Seashell candy.
Remember when you're Aunt Neela
used to send us a box
every Christmas?
I always loved it,
because it reminded me
of our time at the beach.
How thoughtful of your dad
to remember this.
That's not like Dad,
and it's not Christmas.
"I hope you and Aurora
enjoy these chocolates."
Well, I know I will.
I hope this one
is a caramel.
Mother, stop!
It's not your job
to police my calories, Aurora.
No, I don't think
these candies are from Dad.
He never calls me Aurora.
I think these chocolates
have been tampered with.
There's a hole
right at the bottom.
Let me see.
These candies
have been poisoned.
I just talked to Dad.
He didn't send
those candies.
Of course he didn't
send us poisoned candies.
I mean, as if what happened
with Mamie Wright
wasn't bad enough,
but now this attempt
on my life,
on my daughter's life?
Club members
are obviously being targeted,
and their families.
What is she doing?
Uh, she's looking for books
on death by chocolate.
First, we don't even know
if this chocolate was poisoned.
Yeah, we kinda do.
I mean, smell them,
they're noxious.
It's got to be poison.
Maybe we should let
the labs determine that.
[Aida sighs]
You know,
I find your attitude
very cavalier.
We could be lying dead
on the floor right now.
I'm sorry,
Mrs. Teagarden.
I guess my lack
of sleep is showing.
My baby is teething,
I have statements to go through,
and 10 alibis to pin down,
including yours.
Plus, I had to leave
a media briefing
to come here.
Wait, what?
A media briefing?
Is there something new
about the case?
Do you have a press badge?
No, I don't think so.
Mrs. Teagarden,
I promise you,
if the labs
come back positive
for a toxic substance,
I will be doing
a full investigation.
Roe, just in case,
you should warn the rest
of your club members
to stay alert.
There's so much
to go through.
I'll give you
a hand.
Uh... okay.
I knew that this club of yours
was bad for the soul,
but now it's
worse than that.
You can start
with these two.
That club has put
your life in danger, Aurora.
And it put
your life in danger, too,
which is making me furious.
I need to figure out
who is going after us.
No! You need to resign
from that club
and stay with me
until this nightmare is over.
Mother, I am not
walking away from this.
You know, uh,
I'm right
across the street.
I can keep an eye on her
if it makes you feel better.
Thank you,
but my daughter
is obviously not interested
in doing anything
that makes me feel better.
I'm wasting my breath.
[door closes]
In the "none of my business"
shouldn't you
go after her?
I'd just be
wasting my breath.
What if she'd eaten
those chocolates?
But she didn't
because you stopped it,
because you're smart,
and sharp, and...
And too emotional.
Teagarden women
don't get emotional.
We get to work.
We problem-solve.
[distantly] Roe?
Yeah, in here!
Oh, hi.
The police dropped a bomb
at the briefing.
They found
one of Mamie's earrings
in Melanie Clark's car.
Where is she going?
Roe, what are you...
Did you know Mamie's body
was missing an earring?
No, they hadn't released
that information
until just now.
Did you know the police--
I just heard.
I'm headed to the station now.
Do you have a comment
for the paper?
Sally, now is not the time
to be a reporter.
Since when are you
the boss of me?
Know what,
I do have a comment--
It's absurd to suspect Melanie.
Okay? She left work
just before 6:00.
There's no way
she could kill Mamie
and then
be home in time
for me to pick her up at 6:30.
It's impossible.
Whoever did this
is trying to set up
a member of your club
to take the blame.
Yeah, I think that's obvious.
I gotta go.
This is not good.
You don't even know about
the poisoned candy yet.
Poisoned candy?
Okay, we need to call
a club meeting.
She was crumpled
like a rag doll,
there in front of
the fireplace.
I went over
to get the keys,
and then the door was open...
Does Lynn know
we're meeting?
Yeah, I told her,
and I'll
have to tell her
that's said here.
Why'd you
bring the writer?
Seems to me
he's a likely suspect.
Which is why
he's a part of this.
Thank you all for coming
on such short notice.
First, I...
I just want Gerald to know
how sorry we are
for your loss.
Mamie was a good person.
I didn't do
anything to her.
I don't know
how that earring
got in my car.
Because someone
planted it there,
that's why.
Look, anybody
who knows you
knows how ridiculous
it is to think that--
This is uncomfortable
for all of us.
What happened to Mamie
was horrible,
and it's hard to imagine it
happening again,
but it could.
A package was mailed
to Roe's house.
It was a box of candy
that she thinks
was poisoned.
If our lab confirms it,
then we have to assume
that all of you here
are potential targets.
And that we're all suspects.
Why would you say that?
Why should it be one of us?
[Arthur]: Well,
whoever killed Mamie
did so in a way
that replicated
the Wallace case.
[roe]: Right, I mean,
who else would know
that we were talking about
that case on that night?
Or be familiar with it?
But no one knows for certain
how Julia Wallace was killed.
-She was bludgeoned.
-With what?
The weapon was never found.
Well, every
author I've read
says it was
the fire poker.
Well, actually,
Scotland Yard
has a different theory.
Come on, the poker was missing
from Mamie's house.
It had to be
the poker.
I don't know why you people
always dismiss my opinions?
we're getting off track.
We're also considering
the possibility
that the guilty party is someone
connected to a group member.
maybe someone that has
access to our emails,
maybe someone
one of you talked to?
Did anyone here
discuss the Wallace case
with a friend,
a family member?
Or an enemy?
Wait a minute,
is everything we're saying going
in the paper?
Because if it is,
I need to leave.
These stories could
hurt my business, Sally.
But this is the biggest story
I've ever had.
He's right.
This needs to be off the record.
Okay, we need to figure out
who could be doing this,
because if we don't,
I'm afraid that someone else
might be targeted.
What are you all
looking at me for?
I didn't do anything.
I hate to say it,
but if this club
is putting us in danger,
maybe we should think
about disbanding it.
Well, I don't care,
I'm quitting anyway,
I have better things to do.
So don't anyone
come try to kill me,
'cause I'll be waiting for you.
I have to trust the police
to find the right person.
After what Melanie
has been put through,
I'm not sure how much faith
I have in the police.
I think we've had enough
for one day, though.
Well, I guess
the Real Murders Club
is adjourned.
Did you see
Gerald's face?
I have to solve this.
No, Roe,
you have to let
the police handle this.
Whoever did this to Mamie
is seriously twisted.
I have to go.
-Bye, Robin.
That's the last of them.
Thanks for helping.
I haven't done anything yet.
You know,
I figured it out,
You're like the heroine
in one of my novels.
Smart, determined,
If you think flirting with me
is going to distract me,
you're wrong.
What am I distracting you from?
From wondering why you're here.
You, the man without an alibi.
You're really hung up
on this whole alibi thing.
And you keep avoiding it.
Maybe you're here because
you're keeping an eye on us,
so we don't figure out
the truth about you.
The truth is,
is that I write mystery novels
for a living,
but I never
get to see one
carried out in real life.
Why don't I believe you?
Okay, you got me.
I'm actually here
because I really,
really like you.
Now, I'll let you decide
whether that was meant
to distract you,
or if it just happens
to be true.
What if it's both?
Sally, I need to talk to you.
Oh, I knew you'd be mad
as soon as you saw the paper.
No, this is about
Robin Daniels.
Yesterday he said--
Wait, what would I
be mad about?
You know,
I was just doing my job.
The public has a right to know
exactly what's going on.
[disconnects call]
[beeps phone off]
[sighing heavily]
I see
you're making a spectacle
of yourself again.
The reporter quoted me
without my permission.
Hmm. "By Sally Allison."
Bud Allison's
Isn't she your friend?
[scoffs] Some "friend."
Hey, Mr. Allison.
Hey, Roe.
Oh, let me help you
with that door.
Oh, thanks.
That door
is getting worse.
I know.
I almost got myself
locked in there last week.
Yeah, I'm surprised
to see you here today.
Don't you usually
volunteer on Wednesdays?
Yeah, well,
what with Sally's story
in the paper
this morning,
the phone's been
ringing off the hook.
I had to get some peace.
I see you've had
a peek at it.
Oh, yeah, I've read it.
I mean, why shouldn't I
go out with him, right?
So I told Deborah,
you get that man
over to my house pronto
before he changes his mind!
Quit socializing.
Grab Paul,
get yourself downtown.
Something big is going on.
Fourth and Pine.
[cell phone rings]
Hi, it's Sally.
Leave a message. [beep]
Hmm, so you're not picking up.
Well, call me back.
I need to know
if I'm your friend
or your source.
[beeps phone off]
You must not be happy
about the story in the paper.
Haven't seen it,
don't wanna see it.
I'm here because we got
the labs back on the candy.
There were no
fingerprints on the box
other than you
and your mother's,
but we did get
a positive for poison.
Rat poison to be exact.
You were right.
Someone was out to harm you
and your mother.
You mean kill us,
and they could be
going after other club members.
[hissing] Aurora!
Using your inside voice
at the library
might set
a better example
for your friend.
Oh, we're not friends.
Well, good for you.
Anyway, I've spoken with
my patrol sergeant,
and he's agreed
to have his cars
do swings by
your members' houses,
just to keep an eye out.
That's it?
[cell phone rings]
Would you let your mother
know the results?
I have to take this.
I'm on my way.
So, it was rat poison
in the candy,
wasn't it?
How'd you know?
I've become
all too familiar
with gruesome things--
for which I blame you.
Show her.
This is out of print.
I only have it
because there's a chapter
on Lizzie Borden.
Ever hear of Cordelia Botkin?
Sounds vaguely familiar.
She was having an affair,
a wealthy businessman.
He refused to leave his wife,
so Cordelia mailed the wife
a box of bonbons.
Filled with rat poison.
Now I remember.
It's such an obscure case,
I'd almost forgotten about it.
The wife died.
And so did
her mother.
That's why the chocolates
were addressed to you.
[cell phone rings]
Okay, we have to let
the club members know
about the results.
Excuse me.
Robin, hi.
Uh, now is not
a really good time.
Are you watching the news?
What news?
...Morrison Pettigrue
had recently announced
his candidacy for mayor,
and police have, in fact,
ruled his death a homicide...
Could it be
the same person?
Could he be targeting people
outside of the club now?
Look, there's
...The body
was, in fact, discovered
by Pettigrue's campaign manager,
Benjamin Greer.
Greer told police
that he found Pettigrue
inside a bathtub full of water,
apparent stab wounds
in his chest
and a number of papers
floating in the water.
We will continue to bring you--
I can't listen
to any more.
Papers floating on the water,
why does that sound
so familiar?
The Marat Assassination!
The what?
A famous case in Europe.
Oh, the one
from the painting!
The French Revolution,
Jean-Paul Marat.
He was a politician--
Like Morrison Pettigrue.
Killed in the bathtub
by an assassin. Stabbed--
Morrison Pettigrue.
John, we have got to go
to the police station
and tell Lynn.
We should stop
at my house,
I have a book
on assassinations,
so Lynn can see
what we're talking about.
It's the 21st Century, John,
we can look it up online.
[metal clattering]
What do you want to bet
that's the knife
that killed Pettigrue?
[sighing sadly]
[police radios squawk]
Sorry, guys. Lynn keeps
texting me questions to ask.
It's not a good week
for her to be the only
homicide detective
in Lawrenceton.
Two murders.
And one attempted,
me and my mother.
Yeah, so, uh,
you go out to your car.
Was it locked or unlocked?
Not sure,
but I tend to lock it.
I didn't have
anything to do with
what happened to
that politician.
I was with Aida
until 10:00 last night.
The coroner is placing the time
of death at about midnight.
Which means
John has no alibi.
I'm not offended
to be suspected,
but I'm very offended
to be thought of doing
such a poor job
as to leave the weapon
in my own car.
Okay, listen,
I'm sure that
the knife was planted.
But I still have to ask you
to come down to the station,
and get fingerprinted.
Roe, we've already
got yours on file.
Why do you need
her prints?
Because they need
to make sure
I'm not the one
who planted it.
You know John.
He would never
hurt anyone.
What about Lynn,
or Captain Burns?
Well, they know someone
is trying to run us ragged,
looking in all
the wrong places.
A patrolman found
rat poison in my desk.
Whoever is doing this
wanted to
make it look like
you're trying
to poison me?
Would have been more believable
if they found the poison
in my desk.
[laughs mirthlessly]
You're funny.
Have you told them yet?
See here,
Marat's papers were found
floating in the tub.
Same as Pettigrue.
So the question is,
was Pettigrue chosen
because Benjamin
is in the club,
or because Pettigrue
fit the profile
of a famous victim?
If it's the second one,
then anyone in town
could be a potential target.
Well, so far,
the copycats have been
related to club members.
And I'm still
trying to figure out
if there's a common thread
between the three.
Maybe they're from
the same book.
Or the same website.
I mean, it is
the 21st Century.
I have been trying
to find a common thread,
a pattern--
What is this?
Our suspects
making themselves at home?
Actually, they've been sharing
information with us.
Sounded to me like
you were sharing with them.
Did I authorize
on this case?
No, sir.
Then get them out of here.
I've always loved
his sunny personality.
Yeah, okay,
let's give
Detective Smith here
some space.
Lynn, there's something
I've got to know.
How high is Robin Daniels
on your suspect list?
I am not
discussing that with you--
I delivered your baby.
[sighs heavily]
I knew you were going to
play that card eventually.
He was at the top
of the list for a while.
He had a weak alibi.
Said he was buying gas
at some station
miles out of town,
a station
he couldn't even remember.
But we found gas charges
on his card,
and the security cameras
picked him up there.
Daniels wasn't
anywhere near Mamie.
So, this is
my favorite restaurant
and candy store.
Wow. To what do I owe
the invitation?
Besides my obvious
obsession with sugar.
A peace offering?
Lynn told me today
that you've been
officially cleared.
[chuckles] Well,
that's a relief.
Are you surprised?
No, not really.
Look, can we at least agree that
I'm on your side?
I'm definitely getting
that impression.
So, tell your Marat theory.
I will, but first...
Salted caramels?
Lynn ruled out Robin
as a suspect.
You know, I think
he really likes you.
That's what he tells me.
Oh, really?
And do you like him?
Now that I know
he's not a devious criminal?
Yeah. I think I do.
We speak the same language.
A famous author
to add to your collection.
[chuckles ruefully]
Hey, you know
what I just told you
about my feelings for Robin
are private, right?
Roe, how could you
even say that?
Um, because of
your latest story?
Oh, that.
Yeah, that.
You quoted club members
even though we asked you
at the meeting
to keep it
off the record.
Look, I know,
and I'm sorry.
The Associated Press
is picking up my articles now.
So that means you have to
sensationalize the club?
And quote me,
quote Gerald?
That's not what I was--
You always talk about respecting
the victims
and their families--
And you always
turn them into suspects.
I see Gerald's name
on your little list right there.
He's not even that high
on the list.
He's number five,
right after you.
What! I'm on your list?
Number four!
Roe, that's not funny!
I know,
but this isn't a suspect list.
This is a list
of who might be next.
I'm going through
all these old cases,
and I'm tracking
the similarities
between the victims
and the club members.
So, LeMaster
is a businessman,
that bumps him up
on the list.
John is a real estate investor,
that bumps him up.
And I'm number four because...
Reporters do things
that get people mad enough
to get rid of them.
[mutters] I wonder why.
I'd better go.
Hey, if it makes you
feel any better,
I'm on the list, too.
I've found at least one
librarian victim so far.
It doesn't make me
feel any better.
I couldn't bear it
if something happened to you.
You too.
Hey, maybe you should stay
with your mom and dad
until they catch the bad guy.
Yeah, I think I will.
Thanks for the tea.
[dog barking outside]
[dog barking]
[car door slams]
I'm supposed to
start teaching tomorrow.
I was looking
for my bag.
but I can't find it.
I could have sworn
it was in the back seat.
You okay?
No, there was someone
in my backyard.
Did you see anyone
running around here?
No, I was looking
in my car.
Hey, guys.
Hey, Bankston.
Hey, did you see anyone
suspicious looking
just hanging
around here?
You know what,
it wouldn't surprise me
if that creep Perry Dell was.
That guy's got a police record,
like, a mile long.
I bet you he's the one
doing all this stuff.
Well, it's never
the obvious suspect.
Yeah, well, maybe not
in your little novels,
but this is real life.
[scoffs] Wow.
What's his problem?
I think this situation
is making everybody
a little bit jumpy.
I don't even know
what I'm going to do
from one minute
to the next.
Hey, listen, um,
now that my innocence has
been firmly established,
you want to go
to lunch tomorrow?
Yeah. Okay.
All right.
Good night.
Good night.
Ma, I can't
eat all this food.
You're too thin, honey.
Mom's right,
You're wasting away.
Daddy, I don't eat meat.
Who doesn't eat meat?
You always ate meat
when you lived at home.
That was 15 years ago,
and you guys both know
I'm a vegetarian.
I thought it was
one of your fads.
You always did change hobbies
at the drop of a hat, honey.
I have to go to work.
You have not
been excused
from this table yet,
young lady.
Sit down
and eat your breakfast.
Come on, eat up.
We're looking forward
to meeting you
for lunch today.
We planned it
last week, remember?
Are you always
this forgetful?
I don't think
this vegetarian fad
is good
for you at all.
It's not a fad, Mom.
Bud, help me fold
Sally's clothes,
will you?
You washed my clothes?
They weren't dirty.
They were looking
a little dingy.
They were dry clean only.
You don't want to be
wasting money dry cleaning.
I wanted to take home
some true crime books,
but most of them
are already checked out.
Well, don't complain.
It was yet another one of
your friends
who came and checked them out
in a batch a few weeks ago.
What friend?
You should know.
He told me you were the one
who got him
interested in the subject.
[muttering] Couldn't you just
answer my question?
Of course.
Perry Dell.
Perry Dell
checked out all these
two weeks before
the first murder?
Yeah, he's been
in the club for a year,
and he just now starts
reading true crime?
See, if this
were a novel,
this would be
a big neon sign
directly at him.
Well, the Marat
and Wallace stories
are in those books,
but not Botkin.
You really think
all those cases
are going to show up
in one book?
Well, it's one
possibility of a pattern.
Another might be
a common type of attacker,
like a woman.
With both Marat
and Botkin,
it was a woman.
But who knows about Wallace?
But wasn't the husband
Yeah, but a lot of people
think he was innocent.
There are other theories
in the literature.
So your area of expertise
is not just the crime,
but which sources
mention which cases?
I am a menace
on the message boards.
You're also amazing.
You talk
just like you write.
It's always clear what
your characters want.
Well, that's
my expertise.
motivation, want.
Now, what do you suppose
a copycat killer wants?
Besides attention.
Oh, I have no idea.
A person
who takes someone's life
doesn't seem to want
normal things.
Well, sometimes, they do.
They just have abnormal ways
of getting them.
[door opens,
entry bell jingles]
Heya, small world.
Hey, yourself.
Mr. And Mrs. Allison,
this is Robin Daniels.
It's so nice to meet you.
Hi. You look
Probably from
his book jackets, Dad.
I made a display
of your books last week.
Roe just loves you.
Does she now?
She didn't mention that.
Well, welcome
to Lawrenceton, Robin.
Thank you.
And how have
you been, Roe?
How do you
think, Ma?
She's terrible.
We're all terrible
with everything that's going on.
Well then, you should
fold up that club.
You sound just like my mother.
Aida is
a very wise woman.
Why don't we
grab a seat
and let them
get back to their lunch?
Nice to meet
you both.
One day.
I've been
staying with them one day,
and I'm already going crazy.
They seem
nice enough to me.
Oh, Sally and her stepmother
are great friends, really,
it's been a long time
since she's lived at home.
Right, of course.
Okay, you were talking about
suspects' motivation.
Yes, so motivation
always starts with character.
Okay, so if Perry Dell
is my character,
then I need to figure out
what he wants,
and why he checked out
those books.
No, no, no, wait,
you can't do that.
You can't just go and question
a possible murder suspect.
That's crazy.
Oh, then you have no idea
what motivates my character.
Okay, fine,
but that means
I have to go with you,
which, in turn, means
you're endangering my life, too,
but sure, let's do it.
I will take the list to Lynn,
and I'll have her talk to him.
There you go,
that's a wiser choice.
Thankfully, following reason
is part of your character.
I know what you're thinking.
That someone smart enough
to pull off what this guy has
isn't going to check out
books with his blueprints.
But most criminals make
at least one dumb mistake.
Did you check Perry's alibi
for both cases?
I'm not answering that.
He doesn't like me
very much, does he?
It's strange how he can be
so blind to your charm.
Well then,
I'm just going to just
have to answer my questions
in my own way.
Don't do that.
Roe, I'm serious.
I can't tell
who he's talking to.
I'm still trying to
get mine in proper focus.
Can't you two
find another place
to play your little
spy game?
Well, you have
the best window
for where
Perry works.
[quietly] We'll try
to use our spy voices.
Looks like
they're fighting.
I don't know who
the man is, do you?
I've seen him
on the golf course.
Oh, he pushed him.
There you go,
violent, angry.
Too hotheaded.
I don't think Mamie Wright
and Morrison Pettigrue
were attacked by someone
hotheaded or impulsive.
The crimes do seem
to be the work
of a cool
and calculating head.
It just doesn't
feel like Perry.
Excuse me,
I'd like to get
to my files.
Sorry, we know
you hate this muck.
I had to promise her
I'd never bring up
the Lizzie Borden case again.
Oh, I looked at
the Borden case
as a possible model
for a copycat.
It's a good thing
that we don't have
any Sunday school teachers
in the club.
Or female members who still
live with her parents.
Well, just Sally,
she's staying with
her dad and...
her stepmother.
Wasn't Lizzie Borden's
the one who got the 40 whacks?
With a hatchet.
Wait, but there are no
other similarities there,
Sally doesn't have a sister,
her father's not a banker,
and her name
is nowhere near Elizabeth.
Well, her middle name
is Elizabeth.
How do you know that?
I got her that monogrammed
purse for her birthday,
I gotta call Sally.
[cell phone rings]
Sally, why aren't you
picking up?
And why didn't you tell me
your middle name was Elizabeth?
Hi, it's Sally.
Leave a message.
Hey, do you remember my list?
You are number one now.
I mean, your parents are.
But we have to get them
to safety.
You've gotta call me.
We have to warn the Allisons.
Mother, do you have
a phone book?
Yeah, I believe so.
I'll look online.
I know where their house is.
I'm going to go.
Call me when you find
the number.
Don't let her go alone.
[TV playing loudly]
[turns off TV]
[chuckles fondly]
Yes, I know
what "unlisted" means,
but this is an emergency.
Never mind, I can get it.
They're not listed.
City property records.
[typing rapidly]
Lillian, please.
Just walk to the bulletin board
in the break room,
and get me Bud Allison's number.
You know
it's against the rules
to leave the front desk
Just do it!
Why would I break the rules
for someone
who's screeching at me?
[groans in exasperation]
[humming quietly]
Addison, Akins...
Mother, did you find it?
Yeah, I just did,
but what do I say to them
that doesn't sound insane?
Just give me the number,
I'll call.
They're used to my insanity.
[telephone rings]
[gasps, startled]
[yelps in fright]
[telephone ringing]
Mrs. Allison, it's Aurora!
I'm worried that
you're in great danger.
call the police!
Aurora, I've got to go.
I'm calling 9-1-1.
Oh, my gosh.
Are you okay?
The police are
on their way.
What happened?
You saved Bud's life
by calling,
that's what happened.
And mine, too.
I just got your message
and rushed over.
Did something happen?
There's been
an incident.
But we're okay, honey.
[gasping in relief]
Here they come.
Look, guys, look.
Bud Allison says
the hatchet was coming
straight down for his head
when the phone
woke him up.
Who was holding it?
He didn't see.
I sent an officer out
to find out
if Perry Dell was working
an hour ago.
Oh, yeah, he was.
We, uh--
We saw him working
from Aida's office,
across the street.
Every member of your club
has an alibi
for at least one of the murders,
except for Perry,
and you just ruled him out.
So it isn't
someone from the club?
That's a relief.
Yeah, for you.
Now I have to widen
my pool of suspects.
I am so sick and tired
of this garbage--
Hey, hey, hey!
Before you start
to yell at me
for talking
with civilians,
you should know
that this civilian
just prevented a tragedy.
So we definitely need
to talk with her,
at least this time.
Where's forensics?
They should be here,
looking for footprints.
Get this rabble
out of here,
they're trampling
all over everything!
Don't look at me like that.
This doesn't mean we're buddies.
Right, 'cause that
would be so silly.
Is it true
you were almost
hacked with an axe?
Did you get a look
at your attacker?
Do you have any kind of
description at all?
Give them room!
After they give
their statements,
they'll be able to
speak with you if they want.
For now, back up!
She's the one
you should talk to,
Aurora Teagarden.
She saved us.
Go, go.
Take my truck.
Miss Teagarden!
Miss Teagarden!
I'll keep
the marauding horde at bay.
Ladies and gentlemen
of the press,
uh, how may I assist you?
Mother, I'm fine, really.
I'm home,
and I'll lock the doors.
Besides, Robin's here.
Yeah, I'll talk to you later.
I love you.
It's all over the radio.
You saving the Allisons.
You all right?
Oh, I missed it!
I... I missed the similarities,
and I was almost too late.
But you weren't.
Now the police, they've
ruled out the club members,
and now the list
of suspects is so wide now,
it's impossible.
No, it's not impossible.
I did figure out
that Sally's parents
were likely to be next.
If I can just figure out
who's next sooner
so the police are waiting
when he tries it again.
Okay, well, I'm here to help.
we'll put
all of the club members
at the top...
and then we'll put
the elements of all the cases
below it,
and then we'll see how many
connections we can make.
Okay, yeah,
so, for example, uh...
the Laura Landry case.
We'll put it here.
Yeah, we'll just... do this.
See, she was a librarian,
so, that's the connection.
It's interesting.
Oh, I just, I do all of this
because it helps me visualize.
No, no,
it's funny,
because I do the same thing
when I write.
No distracting
each other.
Okay, sorry.
I left a message
for Dory.
I just spoke
to LeMaster.
I hated calling early.
It's pretty clear
who matches what case.
Yeah, all the parallels
to Dory's family
and the Hunt case--
it's got to be
her husband next.
Or LeMaster.
[knock on door]
Hi. What's the matter?
Is it your parents?
Oh, no, they're fine.
Sorry. Hi.
No, I'm just really tired,
because I've been up all night
putting my story together.
What, about
the attack?
Yeah. Oh! No.
About the police
finding the hatchet
that nearly killed my Dad.
What! They...
They found the hatchet?
Yes, about a block
from my parents' house.
It was wrapped up
in one of Benjamin Greer's
old work aprons.
They dragged him in
for questioning.
It took me forever
to get the details.
Oh, coffee.
The police must be
assuming it's another plant.
Yes, they are.
Yeah, they
have to be.
I mean, whoever
is doing this
wants the weapons
to be found.
So then why haven't they found
the weapon in Mamie's case?
I mean, it has to be planted,
too, right?
The diagram queen's
been at it again.
Let's go look for what was used
in that first attack.
Lynn needs
to see this.
[Aurora]: That's Mamie
and Gerald's house.
[Robin]: Got it.
Let's split up.
[kids giggling]
We've searched two blocks
in every direction.
I don't think
we're gonna find it.
Maybe we're
trying too hard.
If the weapon was planted
to be found...
It would be in
a more obvious place.
Yeah, like
that manhole right there.
Oh, that's too easy.
It's a little askew.
That looks like my bag.
Yeah, that's my bag, all right.
Well, let's open it up.
I don't know if I like
being the first reporter
on the scene.
A hammer?
Most authors say
that a fire poker
killed Julia Wallace.
The murder weapon,
in my stolen bag.
[shutter clicks]
[police radios squawk]
Lynn is gonna be steamed
her team didn't find this
after Mamie's death,
but we didn't know to look for
a planted weapon then.
I' happy to answer
any questions you have
about that bag.
No. No questions.
You haven't heard?
They got a confession!
Macon says Benjamin Greer
just confessed to the killings.
They're gonna have a briefing,
I gotta go.
Benjamin confessed?
Yeah, about an hour into
Lynn interviewing him
about the apron
that hatchet was wrapped in.
He said he was the one,
said he just snapped.
No, these crimes were planned,
a snap doesn't fit.
And Lynn said that Benjamin
had an alibi for Mamie's case.
Yeah, Morrison Pettigrue,
victim Number Two.
He provided
a fake alibi for Greer
and probably died for it.
It all fits, Roe.
Did Benjamin tell Lynn
where he hid the weapon
used to kill Mamie?
Probably not,
'cause she would have
sent someone
to pick it up already.
Okay, no, no,
you have to ask him
about the weapon.
Ask him what it was
and where it was.
Okay, Roe, I know
how sharp you are
and how much
you care,
but just 'cause you didn't
solve the crime yourself,
doesn't mean
it didn't get solved.
No, you have to ask him.
What if he didn't do it?
You're the one
that talked about
the psychology of
false confessions for the club.
I'll make sure
he's asked, I promise.
if he doesn't know,
and you don't have
the right guy,
and he's still out there,
I think I know
the next potential victim.
We made
this diagram.
Yeah, I want to
give it to Lynn.
Okay, I'll
let her know.
I need to get
to my computer.
Most books say
that Julia Wallace
was likely killed by
the missing fire poker,
but Bankston said
that Scotland Yard
had a different theory.
The only Wallace book
I haven't read,
"Searching for Scotland Yard."
"A Scotland Yard detective
told a London paper
"that he believed
the injuries were consistent
with a hammer."
Robin, Bankston read that book!
He thinks the weapon
was a hammer.
But Bankston
can't have killed Mamie.
You're his alibi.
Yeah, I mean, I saw him
walking to his car
at the time of the murder,
so it can't be him.
Unless Bankston has a partner.
A partner,
that's interesting.
But who?
That's a possibility.
But, no, they...
they weren't really close.
I mean, the only person
that Bankston
was close to in the club
was Melanie.
It has to be Melanie.
I provided Bankston
his alibi
so that he could
provide one for her.
Right, so let's
call Lynn.
Lynn already has
a confession in hand,
all we have is
a reference in a book.
I need hard evidence.
Where are you going?
You're making me nervous.
His car's not there.
He's not home.
I'm going to go
to his house
and see if I can
find anything.
You what?
Are you allowed
to do that?
I'm the property manager.
I have the keys.
I don't like this.
[cell phone rings]
I respect your bravery,
but I don't know,
this could be
kind of dangerous.
This might be
my only chance.
Just for the record,
I think this is a bad idea.
Just be my lookout.
[whispering] Hurry.
[thunder rumbles distantly]
[door opens]
And you're sure
the clerk got
a good look at you?
I told him we needed
a wake-up call at 6:00 a.m.,
so as long as we're there
to answer the phone by 6:00...
He'll swear we were
there all night.
Yes, now,
how do we handle
Dory's stupid dog?
The same way we handled
her stupid husband--
[Robin whispering]
Did you find anything?
Oh, no.
lock the front door.
Oh, great.
You were right.
A very bad, bad idea.
Well, both cars are here,
so she should be here.
[ringing doorbell]
[knocking insistently]
Aurora! [knocking]
It's me!
You left her
a message telling her
she still had
my car keys,
and we'd be coming
back to get them?
Yeah. She knows I can get in,
so maybe she left them for you.
Well, there's no keys in here.
She's not here.
But her phone
and her purse are.
Her laptop is open
on the table.
Maybe she's with the writer.
[insistent knocking on door]
Detective Smith.
I need to speak with Roe.
Is she home?
Her cell phone
and purse are here, but--
We're thinking she
might be next door,
with Robin Daniels.
Daniels didn't answer.
She's not there?
You have any idea
where she is?
It's urgent we speak with her.
She left her computer
open on the table.
Maybe that'll
tell us something.
Come on.
She was reading about
the Wallace case.
I wonder why.
You've already got the man
who killed Mamie.
That's the problem.
We don't.
Benjamin Greer
confessed, but--
But he didn't know
details he should have,
which Roe predicted.
You don't have
the right person in jail?
Greer confessed
that he lied
because he liked
being on television.
The idiot wasted our time.
Now, Roe said she knew
who the next victims
were likely to be,
said she made
some sort of diagram?
This is just
what I was afraid of!
She's at it again!
No, I'm not going to panic.
She might be
with Robin after all.
I mean, maybe they just
didn't hear your knock.
Well, I can go
bang on the door again.
Or I could give you the key.
I wonder why it says
the weapon in the Wallace
case was a hammer?
Everyone knows
it was a fire poker.
Though didn't someone
at our last meeting
argue against
the poker?
Yeah, that's right.
Wait, was it LeMaster?
No, it was--
That's it.
Roe's led us to him.
But how did you know that?
Bankston's key is missing.
Roe probably has it.
She's over
in Bankston's townhouse.
Open the door, Bankston!
Knock it down.
Let him do it.
I'm afraid not,
She's not here?
I got something.
It's chloroform.
[sighing groggily]
[Robin]: Roe...
[Aurora]: Robin...
He knocked us out
with something.
Oh, chloroform.
The Hunt case.
You were getting ready
to copy the Hunt case.
We were right.
Dory's husband
was next.
You think you're
so smart, don't you?
All of you in the club,
you think you know
the answer to everything.
Especially her.
Ah, she's not
as bad as John.
After my last talk
about the Deaton case
in Georgia,
John sent me a three-page
letter of errors.
Three pages.
Pompous idiot.
That's why you killed Mamie?
And Morrison Pettigrue?
Wounded pride?
It was to prove
that Bankston has
the real mind for murder.
what we agreed?
No explanations,
no justifications.
We did.
I'll go get
more books.
Well, can you
at least tell us
why your minion is off
on a reading fest right now?
Aurora knows.
Don't you, Roe?
Remember Laura Landry,
from our diagram?
Yeah, the librarian.
She was killed
by a spurned suitor.
How'd he do it again?
Beat her to death
with the Campion
English Dictionary,
and then staged her body
under a pile of books.
But wasn't it
a murder-suicide?
Didn't he
hang himself afterwards?
Aurora Teagarden, female, 30s,
and Robin Daniels, male, 30s...
Wha... What is going on?
Can you go
have a look?
Where's Roe?
Is she okay?
No. I don't know.
She's missing.
It seems she's figured out
that Bankston is the copycat.
And he took her,
and maybe Robin, too,
and we have no idea where.
John's going inside,
to try and
look up cases
with either a writer
or librarian as a victim.
But Roe already did that.
She made a diagram.
Yeah, we know, but it's not
in her house, not in her car.
Well, that's because
it's in Robin's car.
You know, just in case
it wasn't
clear enough before,
you people are
sick in the head.
[Melanie]: Right.
You plot murders every day
and get paid for it.
You're a terrible
Your first mistake
was the hammer.
Not a mistake.
Scotland Yard said
it was a hammer.
And Laura Landry was hit
in the back of the head,
not the side.
And not to mention,
you're using
the 2010 version
of the dictionary,
when we have the version
that was used on Laura
right there,
in the rare book room.
What are you doing?
You're helping them
kill you more accurately?
'Cause she has to be
a Know-It-All,
right until the very end.
Go ahead,
be sloppy.
The hammer was how
I figured out it was you,
and all the mistakes
you're about to make
is going to help
someone else figure it out.
Probably John.
He can spot your errors.
It'll be... poetic justice
to kill you
with the right dictionary.
Melanie, can you go
to the rare book room
and get the, uh...
1923 edition.
Okay, just go
straight down with it,
you're angling it.
You were taking too long.
Here it is, Laura Landry.
She was a librarian,
she was killed in
the library.
The library!
Let's go, let's go, let's go!
[rattling doorknob]
[quietly] Why are you
taunting them?
I don't think you should
be taunting them right now.
Shh, shh...
[mouthing silently]
The door's stuck!
I can't get it.
Just forget it!
All right, wait.
I'm coming.
Okay, back to back.
Back to back.
Back to back.
Get yours first.
Okay, hurry.
Hurry, get it. Hurry.
Yeah, I got it.
Hang on.
I'm trying.
All right,
hurry up and get it.
There's, like,
a thousand books in there.
I can't get it.
Just push your feet,
push with your feet.
Can you not help me find it?
And leave them alone? No.
Just look for
the fattest books!
Go. Go get help.
Right now, come on.
I think this is
kind of a waste of time.
[door creaks]
Where is she?
Roe? Oh, she, uh,
she's gone.
She went to
call the police.
If I were you, I would
get out of here right now.
No. The door's locked.
She can't get out
without a key,
and I've got hers.
She's still here.
And I'm pretty sure
when put this knife
to your throat,
she'll come
running back.
You see, there's no way
Aurora Teagarden
has a better mind for mur--
[police sirens wail distantly]
You have should used
the 2010 version.
It's heavier.
Come on.
[door rattling]
Bankston, the door is stuck!
I should have
canceled this meeting.
Real murderers were in
the Real Murders Club,
how can this not be
the end of us?
Let's just go in
and find out.
What's all this?
Well, my story
about how you stopped
Bankston and Melanie
made people curious to
come see what we do here.
That's so great, Sally.
She even quoted us
correctly this time.
Okay, no teasing.
Especially if I'm going to write
a story about your business
this week.
Oh, right.
Come with me then,
Madam Reporter,
and let me get you some
of Dory's famous cookies.
Shall we?
-Hey, hi.
Feigning interest?
Oh, I don't need to.
John told me
that Robin here
is going to be making
some remarks tonight,
and I'm quite interested
to hear them.
Well, thank you.
I hope I don't
disappoint you
and everybody else.
In fact, you might be able
to convince my daughter
that fiction is more
interesting than fact.
Oh, that's impossible.
But he is
pretty talented.
Yes, he is.
I think you have
another fan in the family.
I'm okay with that.
No distractions.
I have a speech to make.
How am I
distracting you?
Like this.
[everyone applauds]