Real Playing Game (2013) Movie Script

... to overcome the last frontier,
a return to youth is at your reach,
in a body of your choice,
beautiful and healthy...
Can you turn it off, please.
... with limitless possibilities...
Yes, Mr. Battier.
... your dreams come true...
Welcome to RPG, Mr. Battier.
Mr. Chan, this is Mr. Steve Battier,
our last player.
How are you Mr. Battier?
As good as it gets, Mr. Chan.
Have a seat sir, please.
As we both are busy people,
I'm not going to waste time.
RPG is biotechnology'
neurocellular answer
to men' oldest aspiration:
Eternal youth.
The brain is like a computer
with myriads of connections
processing past and present information.
After decades of experiments,
my team here at RPG
found a way to transfer this accumulated
information to a new brain...
Why the secrecy?
Unfortunately, life and death
are not on the market...
We have a problem:
The young brain dies.
If you want to experience what it is like
to be young again,
someone has to die.
An old brain in a new body...
it sounds heavenly.
In order to access the information
from the old brain in the new body,
it' necessary that old body stay in
absolute rest during the connection.
That' why we keep them in there... a controlled environment...
Since the timeframe in which we can run
the new bodies with the old brains is short,
we decided to offer our clients
a radical experience...
you will play a game:
A Real Playing Game.
This experience will stay forever
in your memory.
What kind of game are you thinking of?
You and nine others participants,
in your young and beautiful bodies,
will spend the next hours in a location
from where only one will come out alive.
I prefer chess.
I'm not a violent man.
If you are not sure of what you want,
you can still quit.
If you want to experience youth again
you must complete the payment now.
The other players have already paid
and are waiting for you.
You will not regret this.
It will be an experience to remember!
I can tell you something you
don't know yet, I don't have much time...
it will be so nice to just walk
or move without pain
and feel something like pleasure...
and I don't mind being young forever.
Can you do that Mr. Chan?
Unfortunately at this time
it seems impossible.
We're still developing our technology...
I thought impossible was not part
of your vocabulary.
There' no time for semantics now,
we'll talk after the game.
Time to choose your new body...
they are beautiful, you'll see.
What the fuck is this?
Don't touch me.
Sorry, wrong door.
Follow me, please.
No, not this one.
Portugal in ruins?
That seems just about right.
Number 7.
We can start now.
Let' test this.
This way...
Ladies and Gentlemen, for the next
10 hours, you'll be young again.
Let' choose a location where you
want to live this extreme experience.
You can choose now.
Let' play!
Let' play...
Anybody there?
Is there anybody out there?
Anybody there?
Who are you?
What is this place?
No idea.
Do you know who you are
or what this place is?
I know very well you I am.
And you?
What are you doing here?
Still trying to figure that out.
What about you?
I don't know.
Someone must have drugged me...
I just woke up here, I don't know.
That makes two of us.
Do you remember
where you were before?
Just a little.
Same here.
Let' get out of here...
Maybe we can find a way out.
Don't come any closer!
I'm telling you...
I've nothing to do with this.
Come on, do you think I'd bring
a woman to this... this dump?
Nobody touches me!
I'm as lost as you are...
I'm not going to harm you...
Are they with you?
I never saw them in my life!
Who are you?
Do you know where we are?
No idea.
What' going on here?
This crazy woman thinks I'm going
to attack her or something...
Listen, it seems we're lost.
Don't be afraid.
Hey, down there, I heard you.
I woke up in here, too.
Come down...
maybe we can talk
some sense into this woman.
It' ok...
I've had women ran away from me before
but never that fast!
She'd be better off staying with us.
We have no idea what' beyond these ruins.
Where' the girl with the stick?
Ran away.
She' wasn't with you?
What do you think?
It looks like we just broke up,
is that it?
What about you?
No, we came on our own, too.
So, nobody knows anybody?
Don't be scared,
we're not going to hurt you.
What happened to you?
Some woman hit me in the head.
That crazy bitch, han?!
We need to teach her a lesson.
It' just wrong to hit people in the head
before even having a reason to do it.
Do you think there could be
more people like us... around here?
We could take a look
at the other buildings...
maybe we find something there
that tells us where we are...
I don't think there' much to find.
Hey... There is somebody there.
Hey, you down there!
Don't be afraid.
We're coming down to talk to you.
We're all lost.
We are not lost.
We're stuck here.
You said stuck?
What did you mean by that?
You'll see.
Guys... We've company.
Let me guess, you woke up here
and you don't remember where you were
and you don't know where you are?
Do you know where we are?
No, I only saw an old big building
over there.
Ok... Let' go and have a look.
I think it' better
if we find a way out of this place.
You can not leave this place.
There is no way out.
Who are you?
I'm the gamekeeper
and you are the players.
This is a game and my job is to give
you the rules of the game.
What kind of a sick joke is this?
I know you're a little confused
but this is not a joke.
Your real bodies are in our Game Center.
You are not young but old and sick.
You don't remember because your
memories were adapted
to the age of your new bodies.
These bodies.
Are you telling us that we are old
geezers inside young bodies?
You're not just old geezers...
Believe it or not you are wealthy,
powerful and famous people.
And you can be Boris Znovarev,
a Russian tycoon or...
Kate Barrington,
a famous Hollywood star!
Yes, the choice was free,
and you chose the body you liked.
But you can't waste any more time,
let see who you really are:
Li Meng, Carlos Santiago,
Yasmin Nova,
Alice Fjallbacka,
Steve Battier,
Maria Moulineaux, Jorge Valdez,
Okot Ba.
Now... let me get back to the rules.
Rule number one: Only one will be alive
at the end of the game.
Rule number two:
One of you must die each hour or the
game randomly takes care of that.
You better stop with these rules?
What the hell is all this?
Who' behind this?
If I were you, I'd be careful about
what you reveal... it' dangerous...
Because you can only kill someone
when you know who the real person
behind the body is.
And don't make assumptions
on gender as well.
You had the chance of choosing
a female or a male body.
As you can see here
you are 5 women and 5 men,
but in reality there are
4 women and 6 men.
The bios on the holograms
refer to who you are in the future,
so some of you may be surprised
at who you become.
What if we kill someone we don't know?
That will be a fatal mistake:
You die if you come back here
and wrongfully identify the hologram
of the person you killed.
If what you're saying is true,
then in the future...
In the present.
Okay... in the present, we paid you to
transfer our brains into these bodies.
So why should we kill each other?
Because it' a game...
and you decided to play it.
And how are we supposed
to kill each other?
Slapping ourselves to death...
that' it?
That' your call.
This is ridiculous.
I understand you may think that now,
but I can assure you when you signed
the contract you agreed to all these rules
very enthusiastically.
The clock is ticking.
You have less than an hour
until the first death.
After you make the kill you have ten
minutes to come back to this room
and touch the hologram of the person
you believe you have killed.
Enjoy the game!
This can't be true.
We have to stick together;
This guy tries to turn us
against each other.
This can be some kind of a sick game
where rich old people get off on
watching us killing each other.
Get off?
Did anyone see their name already?
I didn't...
Me neither.
I don't think so...
I hope not...
Hey, you're reading that bio
very carefully, is that you?
I'm going to read them all.
Hey, China man...
are you really Chinese?
Supposedly, some of these people
are famous.
Does anyone know who they are?
They're from the future,
we don't know them yet.
They're not from the future,
they are from the present.
Good thinking.
Maybe you are the computer geek
over there.
Maybe you created the game yourself.
Oh, if you're so sure, why don't you
kill me right now and get the game on?
Wait a second, if all these characters
are different nationalities,
how come we're all speaking English?
I got a theory about that,
but if I tell it to you
I may run the risk of being killed
by my friend over there
on the count of being a computer geek.
Oh, pray, tell us anyway.
I don't believe any of this bullshit.
Maybe you are an agent from the people
who made this game,
sent here to convince us of its rules.
Maybe if we just find a way out of here
they can't control us.
I agree.
Okay, let' go.
I think that one is the playboy.
Did you notice how he looks at us women?
He can be the lesbian in a man' body.
You're right.
That makes sense.
Given the opportunity
what did a lesbian do?
She'd incarnate in a man' body.
What' this?!
I never saw a fence like this...
Beware, looks dangerous...
I don't think so...
Ok, let' see how dangerous it is.
I told you we are prisoners here.
Do you think it goes all the way around?
Obviously. They want to keep
the players on the field.
We have 40 minutes to find out
if this is for real or not.
You speak, after all.
What about food?
Do you think they thought
of feeding us while we're here?
Who really believes
what the hologram said is true?
What?! Nobody?
Your mind is everything.
What you think you become.
What' your most recent memory?
You claim you don't believe it,
but, just in case,
you're not going to say
something about yourself.
Seems we all believe in this, after all.
I don't.
Good. Tell us something
about you then.
No problem.
I like sports,
to go out at night and movies.
Everyone likes that.
Are you a man or a woman?
A woman, of course...
but I think I might be gay...
Since I have some women
in my memories...
You're saying that you're that
gay activist from the holograms?
Maybe, but I'm not sure, really.
If you really don't believe in the game
why you just tell us who you are
instead of evading the question?
Because I don't know.
- Bullshit.
- I'm serious.
I looked at the bios and I could only think
that I would love to be
2 or 3 of those people.
Hum... but I'm not sure who I am.
You think... Hitler knew
he was to be Hitler when he was 20?
Who' Hitler?
Hitler may not have known that he'd get
that far but at 20 he was already a Nazi.
There was no Hitler in those bios.
There is a dictator and some autocrats...
One of them is Chinese.
Or Korean.
Well... the real Chinese
knows who he is, right?
The real Chinese would do anything
to pass as a westerner.
This is good for the star.
The movie star.
She' an actress,
she can be whoever she likes.
We're playing their game.
We shouldn't even be considering this.
Does anybody actually have the courage
to kill someone else?
Were there any killers in the bios?
Apart from the dictators, but they
don't normally kill with their own hands.
Let' just go to the hologram room?
It' almost time.
What? You're not coming?
Just in case,
we should wait out
the hour in our own.
So you believe it?
People under stress can do
the most unpredictable things.
But if you believe the rules,
even if you're not close to any of us,
you can die by the game.
I still think it' better if we split up.
Hell is other people.
It' just like real life, isn't it?
You never know what is going to happen
after you die,
if there' hell or heaven,
if there' an afterlife,
or if there' nothing at all...
With that kind of thinking you could be
the new age singer...
20 minutes...
What' your plan?
Let' follow the wall.
Maybe there is a way out.
Oh, but, when the hour is over,
how are we going to know
if someone killed anybody,
or if there' a random death?
We may not know.
Unless we kill each other.
I can't kill.
Me neither.
But there'll be only one survivor...
I thought about that
and I know what I prefer.
What is it?
I would rather die randomly by the game
than to kill someone else.
I'm so glad I ran into you...
We don't even know each other names...
if... if we're going to stick together
we have to trust each other, right?
Well, let' make this easier on us:
The less we know
about each other the better.
Yah... Yah, you're right.
We can still stick together,
take care of each other,
but without talking about us.
Yah... It is an original date.
You know...
We don't have to talk
about the same old things:
Ex-lovers, family,
our aspirations and fears...
I like it.
But if...
if the idea of this game
is to enjoy our young bodies...
We could really enjoy ourselves...
I was fourteen and he was seventeen
and hot...
but when he kissed me I felt nothing...
Since then I never kissed anybody else.
I don't want to be disappointed.
And you never kissed a woman?
Why not?
I can try...
Why did you kiss me?
You're not a lesbian.
Why do you say that?
Because you're not even a woman.
I'm not a woman?
Are you sure?
Yes. And I don't have time for this shit.
How much time' left?
Very little.
What' a colposcopy?
And a speculum,
do you know what it is?
I don't know what you are talking about?
And a hysteroscopy?
Have you had one?
I had an arthroscopy once...
Oh... That' interesting.
I don't understand
where you're going with this.
Are you a professional athlete?
I told you I don't know who I am.
I think you do.
What happened?
You better not look.
Oh my god!
Help! Help!
Help! Oh my god!
Oh, my...
Don't look... Don't look... Don't look...
Why are you running?
At the fence... It' horrible...
Did you kill the sports superstar?
Nope. But somebody did.
We heard screams, did you hear them?
Yeah, far away, some woman.
Let' see if we can find her?
Hey... hey, show up.
I know you are there...
We're nine, now.
Did you see somebody in here?
What happened?
It' that woman... the one who was
talking about not knowing who she was...
I found her.
She was dead by the fence.
I heard a scream and when
I reached the fence she was dead...
it' horrible...
She wasn't a woman.
What do you mean?
The hologram that' missing
was from a man.
The football star.
A man?
If this is right.
Are you sure it was an accidental death?
What do you mean?
Just cheking it wasn't someone working
for the game that killed her... or him...
I found him dead... I can't tell...
We saw the body.
Can you take us to her?
I wouldn't recommend it.
The question is, did somebody make the
first kill, or was it the game?
Do you really think nobody
would find you here?
I'd be ready.
What if we joined forces?
This game doesn't include any allies.
If nobody kills anybody this hour you
can die by the game like the sports guy!
How do you know?
I saw him die at the fence.
You know he was hidden
in a woman' body?
Get out of there, it' weird
to be talking to a bush.
I'm not Moses and you're not God.
You know the bible well.
So do you.
I hope I never get so old I get religious.
Why do you care if I know the bible well?
You're trying to find out who I am?
Aren't we all?
Who do you think I am?
There is that African president
who' a fervent Catholic.
You think I'm a man?
Don't you think she' hiding
something from us?
Who, she?
No, the one that found the other dead
at the fence.
Why do you say that?
I don't know but her story
seemed a little bit off.
Maybe she killed her.
Maybe the game can not kill at all...
In fifteen minutes we will have
that answer.
Quiet! Quiet, don't move or I kill her!
Do you know who she is?
Who is she?
Maybe you will find out...
but it will not be that easy.
Maybe she decides to tell me who she is
and die quickly or find out
that there are worst things than dying!
With that kind of attitude it' easy
to know who you are.
Oh yeah? And who am I?
The Russian secret agent.
Don't you think
that is a bit obvious?
Don't you believe in the capacity
for people to change
when their life is at stake?
I believe a lot of things and right now
I believe that you're not going to do that.
You want to try me?
No, I'm only saying what I believe.
Tell me who he is and I let you live.
I know you've been together;
Maybe you talked a little after sex...
You fucked her?
He never said anything.
You didn't get anything, if he' into
politics... computers... movies?
Keep away!
You and me are going to have a little talk.
What are you going to do?
We're getting some weapons.
What do you say? Is this you?
The rebel princess
from a Nordic royal family?
No, I don't think you'd go to a man for
protection, come on.
And this lesbian? Hun?
Is it you? Hun?
I don't think you would use a man
as a disguise?
What about the artist?
Lonely and recluse
at her multimillion dollar estate?
Is what makes sense for you to
side with a man... you're helpless...
you don't like violence...
I could be a guy.
It doesn't say here that any of these
guys are gay.
Why would I have to be gay?
To enjoy fucking the other guy!?
I could be faking it!
Maybe you did. Come on...
Movie star? Hun? Hun?
Now let' find out if you're the artist...
Without any fingers, how are
you going to play the guitar?
Or is it the piano?
Wasn't it the Indians who scalped
the cowboys with stone axes?
Just tell me who you are.
I don't know who I am...
Try another one... uuhhh...
you don't know who you are?
And you, do you know who you are?
You want to bet?
Make your move.
You're pretty confident that you can
beat me with that rock.
Leave her alone.
Oh! Someone who cares.
The woman is bleeding.
Your friend here fucked her
and he doesn't care.
If nobody kills anyone
then we ruin the purpose of the game.
You still don't believe this is real?
I believe this is a test and we can win
if we show we have the power to say no.
Power is domination, control,
and a truth that is a lie.
Please... end this...
You just need to tell me who you are.
I'm the actress.
I thought so.
No! No!
No... no...
I thought you would try
and save your lady.
She' not my lady.
You are a monster,
you are a monster!
Relax, it' only a game.
Aaahhh... what if she lied?
Let' get out of here.
Where are you going?
Don't you want to
know if I win or lose?
So what do you think?
She was in pain, what reason
would she have to lie to me?
None, right?
How do you think this works?
We just touch it?
What if nobody died?
We'll never know.
What are we going to do?
I don't know,
maybe we can have some fun...
She lied.
Yeah... she was the singer.
And our friend here
was the African president.
And a fanatic catholic...
What now?
We have another hour to kill...
Thank you.
What for?
If you knew who she was you would
have more chances to know who I am.
I told you, I don't want to know.
Yes, we don't want to know.
We have to stay together,
away from the others.
You're right, only you and me.
I hate waiting.
Yes, you're a very patient person.
Yes, I am.
Do you know what'
more exciting about this?
Not knowing if you're
a man or a woman.
Labels are for clothing,
not for people.
Are you asleep?
Tell me who you are.
Don't worry, Mr. Battier...
We had a little technical problem.
So this is real?
Am I really young?
Yes, you are.
And if you win the game
you will stay forever young.
It' good to be young.
Yes, it is.
We're sorry,
this wasn't supposed to happen
but you should be back in the
game without any more problems
and hopefully you won't remember this...
Wait, tell me something...
How do I know if this is true
or just some kind of dream?
You will find out.
Is good to be young.
Is good to be young.
How you feel?
Did something happen?
Like what?
To me, did something happen to me?
You fell asleep...
oh, you were talking in your sleep.
What did I say?
You said "this is real?"
And "am I really young"
and then you said "wait"
and you woke up.
I said "wait"?
I just said "wait"?
What did you dream of?
I wasn't dreaming.
What was it then?
This is really happening.
What happened?
What did you see
that made you change?
I think it' better if we split up.
Are you breaking up with me?
I think this is for the best.
Are you sure?
Yes, I'm sure.
You don't want to do this,
you don't want to do this...
you know I like you.
Oh really?!
You know, you didn't have
to act with me.
I know who you are.
No, maybe that' because I'm not
the one who has been acting.
Am I acting?
Maybe I'm the Russian
military guy with combat training...
The only combat training you've had is
"stage combat" for theater and film...
Do you think you know who I am?
What about me?
Are you really sure you know who I am?
Yes, I am.
Did somebody die?
Where is your woman?
What are you doing here?
Did you kill somebody?
Which one?
Tell me!
I know who you are and I saw
what you did with that woman... guy.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I don't know if we can kill two people
in one hour,
get ready, you're next.
Hey! Where are you going?
What' that?
Did you kill someone else?
I didn't kill anybody.
I saw you in that room choosing the
footballer hologram, I know you killed him.
You're crazy, I couldn't kill anyone.
And I'm pretty sure I know who you are.
You play so many games
and you're good at acting!
You can only be the actress!
Did you hear this?
Where' the computer geek?
What happened to the actress hologram?
Somebody killed her.
Maybe the computer geek?
Why do you think
the computer geek killed her?
We saw him coming in here.
Oh, I see,
you killed someone...
you killed someone
and you have no idea who you killed.
I killed the actress, someone
has gone ahead before me
and picked the right hologram.
Why? Can there be two deaths
in the same hour?
I don't know.
Where are the rules for this shit?
Why are you so nervous?
You have fifty-fifty chance.
Shut up, and let me focus!
Leave me alone...
the computer geek killed the actress.
Uh. There' only one woman left.
If she is a woman.
And we haven't killed anybody yet.
We're missing all the fun...
Don't worry, there'll be plenty
of opportunities...
We should read these bios again.
I don't want to happen to me
what happened to this guy.
Hey, where are you going?
Another hour has gone by, who died?
Does it matter?
You have to keep track of that.
What for?
You're going to try to kill me?
I don't know who you are.
I know you.
Maybe you're the humanitarian...
you're not going to kill anybody.
You sure?
Where' the woman who
was following you around?
Did you kill her?
We're all turning into animals,
aren't we?
I'm just trying to survive.
Aren't we all?
For me, survive means not dying,
it doesn't necessarily mean I have to kill.
we don't always have that option.
If this is a video game
there should be bonuses, right?
Hidden weapons, food,
health packages...
This isn't a video game.
But it is a game?
If it' not a game it sure looks like a game.
- Have you found anything?
- No.
Then it' a shitty game.
You bet.
Just tell me who died!
What have you got to lose?
And what if we go and kill the geek?
You really think it' him?
We could try to find out.
What if you are the computer geek?
Why do you say that?
The one you call the geek,
is the only one who had a girlfriend.
Maybe he' the playboy.
- Come on, you also got laid.
- Yah.
So I could be the playboy, trying
to make you wrongfully kill the other guy?
It' a possibility.
Let' find the other guy anyway and see
what he has to say about himself.
We need to be careful.
He killed already.
He could be the
Russian killing machine.
But we're two against one, let' go.
what are you doing?
I'm trying to get to the other side.
I don't think you can.
You've just saved my life.
Group meeting and we weren't invited?
The humanitarian geek here
just saved my life.
Oh really? Tell us about it.
If you all kill me, how are you going
to know who' responsible for my death?
Only one person can identify
the hologram.
What? You expect us to lynch you?
We don't actually know if the game will
kill anybody if we don't do it ourselves.
Yes we do,
the first kill was the game...
The first kill was Maria, the lesbian.
I saw her throw the other
against the wall.
He' right. I saw her
identifying the hologram.
What do you suggest?
We stand down for the next hour
and see if the game really kills?
What have we got to lose?
Ok, it will be like playing
Russian roulette.
Let' go to the swimming pool
and wait out the next hour.
It is as risky as trying to kill me.
Kill him, or wait for the hour?
10 minutes.
When you woke up in the game center,
did you see the others?
What are you talking about?
I woke up in the game center.
This is... this is all true.
That' why you killed the actress?
She attacked me.
But you knew who she was?
I had an intuition.
You're saying you made a guess
and you got lucky?
Luck is all part of the game.
Almost time:
5, 4, 3, 2, 1...
what now?
In the last hour there were two deaths.
Must have given us an hour credit
without a kill.
That' why you were so confident?
What' your suggestion
for the next hour?
We aren't all thinking the same thing...
I know what I have to do.
I'm coming back for all of you.
I'll be waiting.
You can run but you can't hide!
Don't be afraid!
This is only a game!
Come out!
Behave like a Queen!
A member of the royal family
should face her execution with dignity!
Be a lady and face death!
There you are.
So you finally decided
to give up running away.
No, I've decided to play.
You're not used to video games,
are you?
I prefer real games.
If you played video games
you'd know that there were areas
where you could find bonuses,
like health packages, food or weapons.
Is that so?
Did you find anything?
You bet.
That' not fair.
It' all about the game.
So you know who I am then?
So you have the power to kill me
but you can't.
I don't know it yet.
But I have a whole
hour to find out.
That' what you think.
Who has a gun?
In video games there are hidden weapons
in obscure corners and secret rooms.
We looked everywhere.
I don't know about you guys but I'm not
going to wait here to find out.
I've never been shot before but
I can imagine how painful that is.
So, why don't you tell me who you are
and I will spare you the suffering.
Or you can spend the next 50 minutes
of your life in excruciating pain!
You're so nave!
All I have to do is give you
the wrong name
and you'll die when you touch the
hologram, like the other guy.
You're right.
I'm going to kill the geek.
Hey there, your royal highness!
He who controls others may be powerful,
but he who has mastered himself
is mightier still!
What the hell are you doing?
Good luck in finding out who I am...
What the fuck!
That' not right!
I didn't kill you so I don't have
to identify your body, right?
Fuck! Oh Jesus.
Where did you find this?
It was inside a box.
Did you know the Chinese
was a real China man?
I'm so stupid!
Are you going to kill me?
I'd rather do something else with you.
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Don't be afraid!
Didn't you listen what the other guy said?
When we die we go back to the future
where our old bodies wait for us.
Let' enjoy our youth while we can.
No way. But thanks.
Thanks? Thanks for what?
Now I'm certain of who you are.
Oh, great! So tell me... uhh?
Who am I?
I've seen the way you look at women
and how shocked you were
when you discovered
one of them was really a man.
Oh... yeah, that' true.
Anyway, I'm the one who has the gun.
And I'm the one who has the bullets.
Looks unloaded, ah?
I've got the bullets.
Let' make a deal?
What kind of deal?
You give me the bullets so we can get
rid of both of them,
enjoy together our last few hours
in these young beautiful bodies
and, at the end,
we can still play Russian roulette
to decide who wins. Okay?
Give me the bullets.
Do we have a deal?
We'll see.
Hey! Wait! Wait up!
Let' talk!
Hey! I mean it!
No, no, no... don't go, don't go, wait.
Stay here with me!
Are you sure you don't want to sit
here next to me?
You don't give up easily, do you?
I just hate to see beauty wasted.
Olha, que coisa mais linda
mais cheia de graa...
essa menina
que vem e que passa...
Ideas are more powerful than guns,
aren't they?
We would not let our enemies have guns,
why should we let them have ideas?
That' very interesting, who said that?
Are you trying to guess who I am?
Since everyone seems
to be certain of who I am.
So, I'm not the computer geek.
I know who you are.
Are you sure?
And that doesn't scare you?
Because you don't know who I am.
You think so?
Remember the actress?
She' down there.
Why would a computer geek kill a
good-looking girl who was into him?
Self-defense, you said that.
And you believe me?
The playboy wouldn't kill her either.
Unless he got tired of her.
The playboy isn't the only one
who is still alive.
You're trying to suggest that
you are the princess?
I'm just trying to say that I could be
anyone except you.
Ok! Let' say that you are the princess,
for a second.
Why did you choose a man' body?
She is a rebel,
against her own royal condition,
her family, unstable, independent.
Turning into a man could be her liberation.
What are you trying to prove?
Think twice before you kill me.
You don't want to get it wrong
at this point of the game.
Why don't we go back to see if
the others are still alive?
We have time for our final confrontation.
Thought you said ideas were more
powerful than guns.
You still have a weapon.
Is this good enough for you?
- You walk in front!
- No.
We walk side by side,
you still can be the Russian guy.
Anybody can have karate lessons...
- Even the princess...
- Even the princess...
How do you feel?
You want to bet?
On what?
Which one of them will come back...
I don't care.
It' just for fun.
I had enough fun for one day already.
I totally got it.
You're not a woman.
Why do you say that?
You're not a woman!
That' why you
didn't want to have sex with me.
You admit it?
I don't have to.
Think what you want.
Hey guys!
Which one of you has the gun?
No one. He decided
to throw it in the lake.
If there was a gun in the game,
there can be other things.
What you need right now
is a first aid kit.
You're bleeding a lot.
Doesn't it hurt?
Not really.
Can you move?
Per... fec... tly... fine...
She' not a woman.
Is he dead?
Hum... hum, it looks like it.
You've got ten minutes left,
to choose the hologram.
That' easy, I'll do it now.
It would be nice if you get the right one.
Why are you so interested
in weather I get it right or not?
If you fail you die too and it' between
me and the killing machine here.
He' the Russian?
I think so.
But he doesn't know who you are?
And you really don't have the gun?
Too bad...
Well, if I've been counting the time
right, we got a couple of hours more
without having to kill anybody.
What do you want to do, an orgy?
Yes! Do you?
Go fuck yourselves.
I'm going to take care of her,
we'll meet later.
We won't.
Do you really think you were
going to find the gun?
What else could I do?
Could come with me.
What makes you think you're any
different from the others?
I already said no.
We both know who we are and we both
know that we're decent people.
Oh, really?
Was it decent of you
to kill your girlfriend?
It was self-defense,
she tried to kill me.
How do I know you're not going
to kill me.
Trust me, I will not kill you.
I want to stay young
for as long as possible.
Ok then.
And how are we going to spend
the time we have left?
I'm not sure,
you tell me.
Let' go take care of the Russian guy,
then we can have some fun together.
No need. I already took care of him.
What happens now?
I won.
Shall we?
I won the game, right?
Yes. Let' play the hardest part.
I want to be forever young in this body
and I don't care how much it will cost.
I told you we're not sure if we can
keep your brain in that body
for more than the time you have left.
You know, I'm a very rich man
but I prefer to be young and poor
than old and rich.
How much Mr. Chan?
I'm not sure.
We'd have to keep this
entire structure just for you.
Give me a number, Mr. Chan.
If you insist, I can try.
But I'm not sure how long
we can keep it working.
I'll take that risk. How much?
I hope I won't regret this.
I'm sure you won't.
Young again?
Are you sure you can do it?
Yes, I can.
You know... I'm old and thick.
I have nothing to lose.
I will do it!
Yes, sir. You won't regret it, sir.
It will be an ultimate experience.
I'll get in touch with you again
so we can settle all the details.
Okay, then.
We did it!
I still don't know how you do it.
I'm a kind of priest.
They want to believe
and I help them believe.
Next time I want to play the Gamekeeper.
Oh, no, no, you can't.
I've talked to him so he knows me.
Why do men always have
to get the best parts? It' not fair.
Turn it on.
Excuse me, sir?
Turn it on...
I like it!