Realive (2016) Movie Script

Doing great.
Keep breathing.
We have the head,
keep breathing.
I've got it now.
Here we go...
Imagine you were born
totally aware and conscious
of everything around you.
Conscious you were coming
out of someone else's body.
Joined to it by a bloody cord
that you are completely
covered in blood.
We have a healthy baby boy!
Conscious of the dry air
entering your lungs
for the first time.
The sharp sounds in your ears.
- Scissors?
- The blinding light in your eyes.
- Ten fingers, ten toes!
- Conscious that your bones
are unbearably soft
and your life is so fragile
it could disappear at any moment.
That's what being
resurrected is like.
- Congratulations!
- Thank you!
I can imagine nurse
Elizabeth Mansfra
I can feel her excitement
the day she met Dr. Victor West.
Regenerative medicine's
new genius
Look at the light, please.
Good morning, Miss Mansfra.
Welcome to Prodigy.
Where humanity's greatest
dream is coming true.
Are you aware that our team of
top international scientists
has developed the world's most
advanced regeneration program?
We're the only ones capable of
regenerating up to 65 percent
of the human organism.
Prodigy Health Corporation...
The only company in the world
that can bring you immortality.
Because immortality is
only a question of time.
Elizabeth, I remind you that
you are still bound by the
confidentiality agreement?
Nothing mentioned here today
can leave the premises.
This is Elizabeth Mansfra,
the nurse.
Elizabeth, Dr. West.
Nice to meet you.
It's an honor, Dr. West.
I've read all your books.
Try augmenting the levels
of catecholamines gradually.
Excuse me.
Oh, Elizabeth.
Thank you.
Ready for a visit?
I'll call Dr. Howard.
Elizabeth and Victor.
My new parents.
This is where we work.
The entire wing of the building
is dedicated to the project.
200,000 square feet of
facilities for Lazarus alone.
And we barely even fit.
How long have you
been working on it?
Four years. We're finally
prepared to face reanimation.
That's a scanned map of Lazarus
with an accuracy
almost to the cell.
We use it to study the
primary difficulties
and to make decisions
before the big surgery.
Like what proportion of
the body can be reanimated
and what proportion
must be substituted
by bionic parts and organs
developed in our laboratory.
That is the operating room where
multiple surgeons will work
under Victor's direction
and assisted by 120 technicians
on the outside.
This is a model of
a surgical robot
we've designed for the operation.
When's the surgery?
July 25th.
That gives you four weeks
to familiarize yourself
with the clinical details
and to prepare your strategy.
After surgery, Lazarus remains
in an induced coma
for nearly two months.
Giving him time to assimilate
his new organs and implants.
It also allows us to address
possible reanimation defects.
Now, one of your functions
while he's in a coma
is to help him make that
transition into his new life.
And after that, you'll be
much more than just his nurse.
You'll be his
Of course.
Those are Lazarus' muscles
I knew it could be done,
but that doesn't
make it less impressive.
Any questions, Elizabeth?
What's Lazarus' name?
Why does time pass so slowly
when we're children?
What are you doing, Marc?
Why does the future seem
like a huge endless eternity?
He is so tired.
Okay, c'mon, you can do it.
That's a good boy.
Let me see you.
Whey do we never feel
anything that intensely again?
Only the pain.
I'm sorry to have
to tell you this.
Our worst-case prognosis
has been confirmed.
It's too late to operate.
All that we can do right now is
try to slow its
spread with treatment.
At this point, radiotherapy
and co-adjuvant chemotherapy
is still the most
effective option.
How long have I got?
Based on our experience
with this type of tumor,
you'll be able to live,
more or less comfortably for
about a year.
And after that it's...
It's hard to say.
But um...
So soon.
I mean, um...
What's the reason?
Why... why my throat?
There could be many reasons, um...
Bad habits.
- Smoking.
- I don't smoke.
It's cancer.
If you undergo treatment,
and we act quickly,
we might be able to
give you some more time.
I need to think about it.
I beat you!
I beat you.
This is beautiful.
- Where did you find it?
- Easy.
They hide under rocks.
Let's cut off its tail.
Don't do that.
That's just wrong.
- Eww.
- Ugh.
You big bunch of babies.
- Stop it!
- Marc...
Don't be scared.
They grow back, you know.
This one's tail
will never grow back.
What do you mean?
- No!
- What is wrong with you?
Time is coming back to me now.
Slower than ever.
You can't imagine all the things
that need to be done to
dismantle your life.
And prepare everything
for when you are gone.
Starting with the simplest.
Telling your employees,
suppliers and customers
that someone else will be
taking your place from now on.
That not to worry,
that everything will continue
exactly like it has until now.
Giving instructions on
how to finish the projects.
Selling your shares.
Leaving the business in good hands.
Deciding what to do with
your most personal projects.
With your dreams.
Telling the people you love.
Deciding who not to tell.
Managing all the
concern you will awaken.
Telling your mother.
Explaining to her that she's
going to outlive you.
Writing your will.
Selling your properties.
Emptying the house of
your personal belongings.
Looking at them for the last time.
When you get rid of
everything you ever were...
What's left?
What do you want it to be?
What was yet to come?
The best was yet to come.
The best was always yet to come.
I got lost.
I didn't know where I was.
I'm here.
- I got lost and I...
- Shh... I'm here.
I saw Steve today.
He wants to get back together.
What did you say?
That I'm in love with you.
That I've always been in love with you.
You should get back together with him.
I want to be with you through this.
I want to spend the rest
of your life with you.
Come on, Marc, jump already.
Rebecca's looking this way.
Waiting to see that swan dive.
Way to go, dude.
Now he's gonna bellyflop.
What do you guys think
about cryonization?
Like Walt Disney, right?
Walt Disney didn't have
himself cryonized, but yes.
So what is it?
Basically, after you die,
your body gets put
into a capsule with um,
liquid nitrogen?
Am I right?
In hopes that someday,
medicine might be able to
cure whatever disease you have
or just to live longer.
Wait, you're not thinking about
freezing yourself, are you?
Let me show you something.
You say you're going away
I didn't know
You want me to help you?
Ah, this article is...
Seven years old now.
They extracted the heart
matrix out of a dead rat
and inject its stem cells into it.
A few days later,
the heart started beating.
And this is just the beginning.
I mean, since then, they've even
managed to fabricate
simple human organs.
They've even transplanted
some of them successfully.
There's a revolution coming.
At some point in the
not-so-distant future,
they'll be able to manufacture
organs specifically created
to suit each patient.
I mean, imagine, I could just
simply replace my pharynx
with a new one.
That's that.
I could keep on living.
Are you serious?
I am.
But for that to happen,
first they'd have to bring
you back to life, right?
That part doesn't seem
so difficult to me.
They've already reanimated insects
and small animals trapped in
ice for who knows how long.
And babies conceived with
frozen sperm and eggs
are alive when they're born, right?
How do you know they'll
keep their end of the deal?
I mean the people you
signed the contract with
won't be around
to take responsibility.
I guess I'll have to trust humanity.
You know...
it sounds good to me.
I mean after all,
we are talking about
what they'll do with your
body after we die, right?
Yeah. Yeah, it might not be
such a bad idea.
Let's have a toast.
To cryonization.
- And to the future.
- Sure, what the hell.
- Cheers.
- Thanks.
We love you, Marc.
You know, I bet the
future's gonna be full of
- hot chicks.
- And super horny!
An improvement on the present.
- And men would be sensitive.
- Oh, come on.
Yeah, but we'll be old
and wrinkled by then.
Not me.
I'm gonna fuck all
your grandchildren.
- Calcium channels?
- All clear.
Sodium's at 110.
We need to bring it down.
Invert sodium/potassium pump.
Inversion initiated.
Temperature variation?
Two decimals.
Thanks, Elizabeth.
Exocellular potassium rising.
Okay, time remaining in spine?
Four minutes.
Arm 6, confirm closure.
Arm 2, I need you out.
Copy that. Moving.
Mitochondrial RNA levels?
90 percent.
Muscular insertions?
Activate neuromuscular connections, now.
Arm 5 to enter pericardium.
Go ahead. Arm 3, I need you
to change access with Arm 5.
Copy. Initiating movement.
- Sodium levels?
- 109.
Still too high.
Introducing hypotonic solution.
- Temperature?
- 73 fahrenheit.
Troponin under 001, good job.
What are you looking at?
What do you think?
Look man, the truth is,
I still don't trust it.
All the websites I've seen
look like they belong
to a cult or something.
There's no guarantee.
Did you know that in 1979,
they found the bodies of nine
people that have been cryonized?
In a cemetery,
here in California...
Thawed, 'cause the company
was cutting costs.
You guys are all over me tonight.
Yeah. And people who
cryonize themselves
trust that the 40 or 50 grand
they set aside will be enough
to pay for reviving
them and all the rest.
You see my dad's pension's almost
gone since the last crisis.
I know. And I agree.
There were problems at first.
But cryonization's gone
mainstream since then.
I mean, now it depends on
how well prepared you are.
For example, the money question,
I'm gonna set aside a lot more.
I'm gonna set all
of my money aside.
Why do you think that
anybody from the future
would want to bring
you back to life?
Or anybody else for that matter?
The world is gonna be
totally overpopulated.
You'll be like a man
from the 19th century.
I mean, what's the point of that?
Unless they wanna use you as
guinea pigs for science.
I'm sorry, I shouldn't
have brought it up.
No, it's okay.
I wanted to talk to
you two about it.
Then I have question.
Everywhere I look,
they say the body needs
to be cryonized as soon as possible
after you're declared legally dead.
So your cells don't deteriorate.
But no matter what they did,
it would take several hours.
Even a day or more to
complete the process.
The damage will be huge.
Not to mention the harm caused
by the disease and the
treatment before you die.
I'm not doing any more chemo.
I already saw my father
spend years of his life
fighting his disease.
Dying little by little.
I won't go through that.
And as far as the time
between death and cryonization...
Well, I have a plan to make sure
that they get to me quickly
and start pumping blood right away.
How... How will you do that?
I mean you would have to know
the exact circumstances of your death.
Um, I'm gonna make sure
they're waiting close by
and that I'm in good physical
shape when the time comes.
I gotta die before the
disease gets a hold of me.
And I need your help.
I need somebody close by.
When I do it.
Hi Marc!
- Hi, Marc.
- How do you feel, Marc?
Great to see you.
Welcome back to life, Marc.
Heartrate, 190.
Blood pressure rising.
It's okay, Marc, we're here.
I'm here.
Can you see yourself?
Don't worry, you'll look a lot
better when your hair grows back.
Try to tell us how you feel.
Can your feel your whole body?
It hurts.
What hurts?
That's a good sign, Marc.
I'm Dr. West.
The pain will go away
little by little.
You have to go easy
on the painkillers.
Now, tell me if you feel this.
I don't know where it is.
You don't know where I'm touching you?
My arm. I don't know where it is.
Is it the same with your legs?
Don't worry about that right now.
We'll try to fix it.
Tell me, Marc, can you remember?
Do you remember your life?
What about after that?
The years up until now?
Do you remember anything
about the other side?
Waking up.
Okay, Marc, you don't say anymore.
We know this is
incredibly hard for you.
Ladies and gentlemen of the future,
it's time to introduce myself.
I'll use the same words as Dr. West.
My name is Marc Jarvis,
And I am the first man
ever to be resurrected.
To summarize, this is what I am.
20 percent remains of
vital organs and tissue
recovered from my old body.
Mainly the brain
and the rest of the
central nervous system.
65 percent cloned bones
muscle, skin, nerve endings,
and other organ remains.
10 percent bionic implants
to reinforce the muscular,
skeletal system and sensory organs.
And 5 percent internal technology
designed to regulate and monitor
the correct functioning of the organism.
On top of that, add a system
of external connection.
A detachable umbilical cord.
A nearly constant means
of connecting me to my
new mechanical mother.
Dr. West and his team
have had to face
innumerable problems
since my reanimation.
and their respective
solutions have been
More surgery.
Organ removal.
Induced coma.
External control of vital signs.
The administering of drugs
to prevent adverse reaction.
More drugs to ease the
effects of those drugs.
And so on, and so on, and so on.
All this resulting in a
terribly fragile organism.
Permanently on the edge of collapse.
The Laboratory Man.
Frankenstein's monster.
- Very good, Marc.
- Well done!
It's amazing.
But there is another
way to look at it.
I was going to die.
I was going to disappear.
And I'm alive again.
I'm alive.
I'm alive.
- You're doing great, Marc.
- Good.
- No rush, small steps.
- You're doing great
You're going to sleep well now, Marc.
Get some rest.
You can rest now.
Goodnight, Marc.
Okay, now let's try
one finger at a time.
- It's difficult.
- Little by little.
What's it like?
The world out there?
What would you like to know?
I don't know.
Are there spaceships?
People living on Mars?
You know, things haven't
changed so much.
If you went outside,
you'd see a lot of buildings
from your time still standing.
And although we barely use oil now,
Cars still have wheels and
airplanes still have wings.
Let's try it with the other hand.
- Good morning, everybody.
- Good morning.
How are you feeling, Marc?
Good. Thank you.
Actually, Marc, there is something
you've never seen before.
Technology's biggest
revolution since computers.
We call it MW or
Mind Writer.
If you connect it to your head,
it can extract images and sounds.
With concentration and practice,
you can record your thoughts.
Nowadays, MW is used for everything.
This is where the
information is recorded.
Then later, it is
used to substantiate
anything that has occurred,
or to present
reports and projects.
Or to simply share experiences
and connect with people.
Or see what they're
doing behind your back.
It's also used to create art.
You were an artist, weren't you?
Apart from anything else,
it would help us to
get to know you better.
And not only us,
very soon, many people will want
to know first-hand, how you feel.
We want you to have something ready
when we present you to society
to the media and to our investors.
The media?
A lot of people have paid
good money for your resurrection.
It's important that the
world meets you, Marc.
Of course.
Would you like to give it a try?
I'll put it on you
for a few seconds.
Are you okay?
I admit, the first time
can be a little intense.
You have to concentrate
on the images and sounds
to make them come into focus.
Like in the movies
you used to watch.
I'm gonna leave you. Try not to
overstimulate our patient.
He's had enough excitement
for one day, okay?
I'm going back to my office.
In my spaceship.
Wanna try it again?
Put it on yourself.
What are you do--
Marc! Marc! Marc! Marc!
Yeah, suck on that!
Am I all the things
I'm seeing and feeling?
If I manage to record my memories
Will they still belong to me?
That's the first thing I thought
when I put on Mind Writer.
I just hope I get the hang of it
before you see this recording.
in sign language
You're very pretty.
But nothing special.
Nowadays we have it
easier than you did.
We can choose our
children's features and
microsurgery does the rest.
No wonder people were
so ugly a century ago.
What about your teeth?
What about my teeth?
Is it intentional?
Of course, it is.
Why, you don't like them?
No, I like them.
How old are you?
You got a boyfriend?
I think our notion of couples
is not as defined as it
was back in your time.
What do you mean?
Well, let's just say that
romantic love has come under
a lot more scrutiny.
You were truly slaves
to it back then.
We don't suppress much
of our love anymore.
Does that hurt?
So what do you do in your spare time?
You're talkative today.
Um, well, since I started
working here, not very much, um
I'm a big fan of Mind Writer,
almost an addict.
I watch series, I have dinner
with my parents.
I meet with my sex group.
Sex group?
I'm lucky, it's very complete.
and I've got good friends there.
It's the world I always dreamed of.
I like you.
If you want, we can
have sex some time.
Well, later on, of course.
When your body feels strong enough.
Later on.
Of course.
What can we expect from it?
A body.
A working body.
That tightens and relaxes naturally.
That moves.
A heart that vibrates.
Elastic and strong.
Ready to feel.
Hey, Marc!
Here comes Rebecca.
Hi, Marc.
Wanna go to the
school dance with me?
Hey, hey, what about us?
Yeah, don't forget to invite
us to the wedding.
Na na, na na, na na...
Na na, na na, na na...
Make sure to get this
flower for you, Marc.
What do we expect from it?
Certainly not this fragility.
This half speed existence.
We definitely don't
expect a medical history
full of afflictions and minor defects.
A propensity for thrombosis.
Numbness in the extremities.
Involuntary movements.
Loss of equilibrium.
Scaling of the skin.
Irritation of conjunctive tissue.
Respiratory insufficiency.
Cardiac insufficiency.
You don't expect so many
limitations so soon.
You never expect
this invincible fatigue
which eventually becomes like a fog.
Covering everything.
Marc. Stay with me, stay with me.
Threatening to turn off any light.
- Everything's going to be fine.
- Any sound. let me get this straight,
if this is your exhibition,
does that make you
the exhibitionist, or what?
you might get
in trouble for that.
And if deterioration,
fatigue and despair do arrive,
you at least expect
to keep your memories.
You guys, there it is!
You see it?
Oh, there it is.
Marc Jarvis.
Mr. Jarvis.
What if your memories
were erased as well?
What will become of me
now that my memories are fading?
Neurocircuits are functioning
even better that we anticipated.
But there is something happening
in certain cells in this area here.
Now, we don't know why yet,
but they're deteriorating.
It's what caused the apoplexy and
it's what's causing the memory loss.
It's very difficult to
crack the problem, Marc.
We don't expect greater consequences,
but as far as your memory's concerned,
I'm afraid there's nothing we can do.
I don't mean to trivialize this, but
nowadays, memory loss is not
considered a serious problem.
Mind Writer allows us to recover
memory with a 100 percent accuracy.
In fact, millions of people
all over the world
lead completely normal lives without
actually remembering anything.
Could I speak to you
for a moment alone?
Tell me Marc, what can I do for you?
I just wanted to have a little chat.
I haven't thanked you for
everything you've done for me.
You've nothing to thank me for.
Your family?
My kids and um...
My ex-partner.
I'd like to know...
what you think of my
progress as a patient.
I wonder what will
happen from now on.
If I'll ever move by myself.
If the complications will go away.
If I'll ever be normal.
I'm afraid, you'll never be
completely autonomous, Marc.
That machine keeps you alive.
It takes care of you.
But you will be able to
disconnect yourself from it
for greater periods of time.
You'll never move at the
speed and accuracy of a teenager.
And I can't promise you that
new complications won't arise.
But with luck,
they won't be any more serious
than those experienced by
patients with chronic diseases
or by the elderly.
The elderly?
I understand your fear.
But I have to ask
you to be strong
and not to let it get
the better of you.
And don't you forget,
we're all here to support you.
That you're not alone.
Don't you realize the
importance of our achievement?
It's a giant step in
the history of medicine.
You're that giant step, Marc.
You'd better prepare yourself.
You're gonna be the most
famous person on the planet.
I don't know if any of you,
maybe some of the oldest,
have seen any films
about Jesus Christ.
I remember being struck once
by Lazarus' attitude in the
first moments after he was
revived by the Messiah.
He looked deeply confused.
Like he knew he
was morally corrupt.
As if he hated Jesus for
bringing him back to life.
We'll be able to go for
walks outside soon, okay?
Short ones.
So your new lungs can start
adapting to the air of our time.
- Whoa.
- Congratulations.
For he's a jolly good fellow,
For he's a jolly good fellow,
For he's a jolly good fellow,
Which nobody can deny.
100 days old.
Congratulations, Marc.
Can I eat sugar now?
Don't get your hopes up,
it's a special cake.
Thank you all.
Sit down, Marc.
Do you remember it?
What in the world is this?
My work.
And photographs.
Photographs of my life.
We'll have them scanned so you
can see them on your screen.
Let me tell you the story
of two lovers who
were never in sync.
The lovers without a time.
They meet in college.
They're the coolest,
the best looking.
A walking pile of hormones.
The machinery is set in motion.
The course of their lives
will never be the same again.
But the timing isn't right for her
because she has a boyfriend
that she doesn't want or perhaps
doesn't know how to break up with.
Yet still, behind her boyfriend's back,
she fools around with him
over the course of several years.
Until she realizes
she's in love with him.
And only him.
But now, the timing isn't right for him.
He got tired of waiting for her.
And has overcome his teenage shyness.
He's in his prime.
Meeting tons of girls and getting laid.
All the time.
She suffers for several years as
they continue seeing each other as friends
and occasional lovers.
Meanwhile, he grows tired of his wild ways
and realizes that what
he really wants is to be with her.
And her alone.
But once again, the timing isn't right.
Because she's tired of being
emotionally dependent on people.
And has discovered her freedom
and the pleasures of being promiscuous.
She feels young again.
Meeting tons of guys.
And getting laid all the time.
He suffers for several years
as they continue seeing each other as friends
and occasional lovers.
And now, it might be sheer habit.
But they're seeing each
other more and more.
And his hair starts falling out
and her biological clock
kicks into action.
Only for now, still...
Their luck is out.
'Cause he's just been diagnosed with cancer
and is going to die.
She confesses her love and tells him
she'll break it off with her current fling
and take a leave of absence from her job.
Because she wants this last year of his life,
this last year together
to finally be their moment as lovers.
But now isn't the right time either.
Because he's decided to
have his body cryonized.
And needs to commit suicide
before the disease destroys his body.
Dear Marc,
I've written this letter a thousand times.
I've tried to fill you in on what
happened throughout the years
to the people you loved.
But it seems unfair to
summarize their lives in a few lines.
Do you want me to read it for you?
Anyway, I'm not writing
to tell you about them
but because death is at my doorstep.
The news has come when I'm 50
And although I've conceded to
enjoy what little time I have left,
I'm having myself cryonized, too.
Why? I miss you.
That's the simplest
explanation I can give.
I never loved anyone
like I loved you.
I'd like to see you again
and hold your hand.
And if they can bring us back to life,
surely, they can make me look
young and beautiful again, right?
I'll only be a little bit wiser.
Fingers crossed.
See you soon,
We'll see about that!
I got a cramp!
What... Oh, my God!
Not in the water!
Stop it!
Stop it!
Not in the water, no!
A large part of the success of your
reanimation was due to the fact
that you interrupted your life while
still in very good physical shape.
That's why you were selected.
There they are.
You spent a while here too, you know.
What will happen to them?
Well, it's hard to say.
Apart from the medical risks
involved in each individual case,
the time and resources required for
reanimation are still quite high.
Consider that we'd have to create
organs and specific technology
for each one of them.
Like we did with you.
And an enormous team of humans
would have to be mobilized.
Then most of these people
will never be reanimated?
Reviving cryonized people
are so expensive at the moment
that someone would have to have
a special interest in them.
And be willing to pay for it.
This is it.
This is what you wanted to see.
Here is Naomi.
We put her back in the capsule
after we performed the cell scan.
I'm afraid her organism is in
worse condition than yours was, Marc.
Her disease had caused
considerable damage when she died.
And it took too long
to properly cryonize her.
It's too risky.
We could be exposing her to
some very serious after effects.
- The previous experiences were...
- I promise.
I promise you, we will
study the case carefully.
I don't want you to
get your hopes up, Marc.
Would things have turned out any
differently if I'd lived longer?
Could my relationship with Naomi
have been any different?
What was it?
Where did it come from?
The need to constantly be seeking
some unknown source of fulfillment.
The hunger for experiences in life
that always made me
wanna be everywhere
except where I actually was.
Life seemed like it was
always just around the corner.
Or in some brief moment passed
that only remained in memory.
Never here.
Never now.
It was a promise
always perceived intuitively.
In a scent.
In a glance.
In the vague feelings
caused by nostalgia.
In the touch of a body that
reminds us of the person we love.
Why then, not simply in the
touch of the person we love?
What are you gonna do
in the 22nd century?
Open a funky little
advertising boutique?
Suppose they actually
bring you back to life,
What are you going to do...
years and years from now?
Getting old.
All alone.
You'll die heartbroken!
I said I would give you this time.
Is that worth nothing to you?
You have no right.
Your life does not
belong to you alone.
Who the fuck is gonna
care about you in the future?
More than the people that care
about you, and love you right now?
Who's ever gonna care
about you more than me?
There'll be other people to love.
Other people will care about me.
Ugh, you fucker!
You fucker, no, no!
God! You fucking asshole! No!
You're wrong.
Life is...
Finding harmony in
life is too difficult.
It's too fragile.
You think I'm gonna be able to find
it in another place, another time?
Are you really sure about this?
Those all for me?
Mark, what are you doing here?
Are you okay?
There's so many, it'd be
easy to make a mistake.
Others maybe, not me.
Come sit down.
Elizabeth, do you know anything about
the experiences previous
to my reanimation?
I was wondering how many
rehearsals they need.
How many doubts they have to resolve
before they reanimate someone.
Must be a very long process.
You mean other people before you?
I don't know.
I hadn't thought about it.
You know, everybody here signed
a confidentiality agreement.
Is this about Naomi?
Someday, they'll overcome
all of these difficulties.
And you'll be able to be
together again, just like before.
It's only a matter of time.
I'm gonna finish my walk.
Wait, I'll go with you.
No, no, really.
There's no need.
Will you really be okay?
Thank you, Elizabeth.
His anxiety isn't going away.
He seems more...
And some of his behavior is
similar to the first week's.
How accurate would you
say these memories are?
80 percent. I recorded
them almost immediately.
Well, clearly we've been unable to
halt the depersonalization process.
Do you think neural damage
might be spreading?
Oh, no. He's only just
recently informed of Naomi.
So it's normal for him to feel confused.
Let's not get ahead of ourselves and
mistake this for something that it's not.
I don't know, I'm afraid there's
something we're incapable of seeing.
His mind is always...
way ahead of...
I, I'm just afraid of
what he might think.
Do you have a suggestion to make?
I say we get him outta here.
Let him see the world and
forget himself for a little while.
It's still too soon, Elizabeth.
His organism is still very fragile.
You know his lungs are still not ready.
Besides, things on the
outside are still too hot
because of the rumors
about our experiments.
More protests have been announced.
It's too risky to let Marc out
before we've presented
the project to the media.
I'll up the dosages of all
anticonvulsants and tranquilizers.
What do you think?
We might have to reduce
the disconnections.
And be on the lookout for
possible respiratory depression.
What about being straight with him?
It might help him.
You know, let's explain to him
that his neurons aren't dying
and his memories aren't
being erased for no reason.
That we do know the cause.
Let's explain to him that
he's boycotting himself.
Elizabeth, even if Marc
were able to understand,
he wouldn't be prepared
to take control.
And the process might even
accelerate if you attempted
to throw in the towel
and give up altogether.
That's not the real issue here.
Marc's decision is what matters.
He isn't here by chance.
He chose to stop living so
he could have another life.
Well, he certainly feels
very guilty about Naomi.
No wonder.
He sacrificed a remarkable
woman for an inadequate dream.
Marc is an adult
who made his own decisions and
has to live with the consequences.
He'll get over it...
in due time.
There's no need to
tackle it all by yourself.
You mustn't.
It's important you don't
transmit this uneasiness to Marc.
If you need a rest,
please tell us.
I need you happy.
The bosses gave me permission.
We can have sex now.
But softly.
This pill is so you
can maintain erection.
And this is a desire stimulant.
One for each of us.
Everybody uses them.
I always take them.
They increase desire quickly
and without side effects.
Are you all right?
I'm sorry.
I'm still hurt.
It's okay.
Before I died, I thought
there was nothing after death.
Now, I'm sure.
Why do we yearn so
desperately for life after death?
I did a reset, but
they're not responding...
What is it that we want?
Okay, I'm coming.
Perhaps reward for our grief.
Or punishment for our sins.
What we really expect to find
is what we already know.
What we once had...
And lost.
If there was something...
We would turn it
into more of the same.
The same chaos and
the same beauty.
The same reward
for the same effort.
The same tale
by the same idiot.
If there was something...
It will probably be purgatory.
Allow me to show you
what it might look like.
- No!
- We're here.
Come on!
- Aah!
- What happened?
We don't know.
Alex, back off, please.
Easy, easy.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, easy.
Easy. Easy.
That's it, lie down.
Take a rest.
- No, no, no, no, my God!
- Relax, relax.
Introduce mixture.
He's not responding!
He doesn't respond to Mother.
What's going on here?
He was fine a minute ago!
Hold him! Hold him down!
Give me an I.M.!
Give me an I.M.!
- He's all right.
- Put him back to bed.
Alright, get him back up here, c'mon!
Let's plug him back in.
He still doesn't respond.
I can't get him to respond.
Take it easy.
Everything will be all right.
Is there something you want, Lazarus?
Easy, shh...
It's okay.
We're here with you.
- Strap him down! Strap him down!
- Get him out of me!
- Ah!
- No, no, no, Oh my God! No!
Oh, my God, Lazarus!
What have you done?
What have you done?
Very good.
Keep going.
You can do it.
Concentrate. Right foot.
You can do it.
Okay, follow my finger.
Alright, blink once if you can hear me.
Please follow my finger.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Tonight will most certainly
go down in history.
And all of you with it.
'Cause we have done it.
The journey has been
replete with prejudice,
legal barriers,
doubts and sacrifice.
But we overcame.
We have made possible the dream
long held by humanity,
in his struggle against
disease and time.
And we couldn't have
done it without you...
Our investors, stockholders,
allies, collaborators...
Scratch that.
Without you, we couldn't
even have begun to dream.
- That is why tonight...
- How are you?
The painkillers should
have taken effect by now.
Not only does this day position
Prodigy as a leader in our field...
And you will be compensated for
your generosity and boldness.
But most importantly, because of what
our advancements mean for humanity.
Because we will prevail.
It's time. Please.
That is why I want you to
be the first to see him...
speak to him, to touch and feel.
Believe me, he is
worthy of admiration.
Without his courage, determination,
and patience in the
face of many setbacks,
the miracle would not
have been possible.
Come forth!
Ladies and gentlemen,
after nearly a century deceased,
Marc Jarvis,
the first human being
ever resurrected!
I'm very happy to be alive.
Please, forgive him.
He appears to be frozen again.
You'd better take a seat, Marc.
Because what I'm about to say
will knock your socks off.
You see, in his past life,
Marc had a great love.
A love cut short by
illness and death.
Her name was Naomi.
And Naomi, having missed Marc,
for the rest of her life,
decided that she, too,
would have herself cryonized.
Of course, here at Prodigy,
we couldn't let their
story go unfinished.
So, we're gonna do it.
Naomi Keller will be the second
human being ever resurrected.
Don't worry, we won't be asking
you to take out your wallets.
You'll gladly hand them to us.
Because the future of
medicine is in our hands.
Because immortality...
is only a question of time.
Why did you leave
without saying anything?
We wanted to share
your big night with you.
You know, I wonder
who's really the monster.
Me, for what I am,
or you, for what you've done.
Who said anything
about monsters, Marc?
I did.
I suppose, you've seen the recordings.
You could've closed the file
cabinets, so I wouldn't notice.
not a single day goes by,
not a single moment
that I don't remember those people.
I recite their names
to myself every morning.
At first, I was so tortured
by each failed reanimation,
that it made me wanna
quit the project.
I'd prepared my resignation
over and over again.
But at the same time,
each failed attempt brought
us closer to our goal.
Every time, it made more and
more sense to try again.
Did you think reanimating you
would be the result of some miracle?
The suffering of those people
became a living hell for me.
I couldn't sleep anymore.
I lost my family when
they found out about it.
But that was the risk I had to
take to get as far as we have.
To bring you back to life, Marc.
Do you still not see
how important it is?
I can't stop you from talking about
what you saw in those recordings.
I won't.
But Prodigy's standing is
very fragile at the moment.
And if you talk about it,
Project Lazarus will go bankrupt.
That's the bottom line, Marc.
The failed reanimations
are my responsibility
and I have to live with that.
But you have another responsibility
as the key to the project.
You get to decide whether or
not humanity will ever
have a chance to benefit from it.
Were they part of humanity?
Maybe not to you people.
Maybe they're out-of-date humanity,
or second-rate humanity.
You know, I don't believe you.
I don't believe you ever
really cared about their pain.
Do you care?
Do you really care about my pain?
Of course, I do!
I have done everything I can to
treat you and ease your pain.
I can't give you a better life
than the one I already have.
And you know what?
Maybe that's the part
you can't take.
That the life I gave you isn't
the one you were expecting.
You wanted paradise for
a few thousand dollars,
and I only gave you
the life you already have,
with all its defects and
all its limitations.
I might have a body that's
loaded with defects,
but I noticed I'm pretty strong.
I know.
I created your muscles.
And I see you people from the outside,
and I don't... I don't care about you.
And I don't care if you live or die.
It'd be very easy to cross
the line and take revenge.
But you haven't got the guts.
I crossed the line and
Project Lazarus is all I have left.
If you cross it,
you'll be left with nothing.
Drink this.
It will make you feel better.
I'm sorry, Marc.
I'm sorry that I'm the
least capable of all people
to relieve you of your loneliness.
But she's so young for you!
- Hey, Jeffrey!
- What? Yo!
Can a man be alive
only in his mind?
Live only based on memories?
I can't forget
the life we've had
or the love we shared
the tenderness
How could I love
anyone else
if i was born again?
God, I've missed you.
How are you?
I'm fine.
How are you?
I'm great. Everybody came.
I'm happy.
Everything's going like I wanted.
You are the only thing missing.
I'm here. I'm here.
Hey, you know?
I've been thinking a lot about us
And I think, despite everything...
Ours was one hell of a love story.
It is one hell of a love story.
Let's join the party.
Wait, Marc.
I'll do it.
I'm... I'm gonna be
with you when it happens.
Your heart is made of gold
How could I love you through
someone else?
Thank you, Naomi.
Look to the streets,
watching your feet,
as they slowly walk away,
sunlight guides you to the corner.
Pull over please,
my mistery,
there's something I need to say
why don't you choose this time to stay.
A little after midnight,
Don't steal my man.
Don't you steal him! He's mine!
you seem so far away from home.
I've got ganas to besarte,
but has to alejarme,
here we go again.
Look to the streets
watching your feet,
as they slowly walk away,
sunlight guides you to the corner.
Pull over please,
my mistery,
there's something I need to say
why dont you choose this time to stay.
Marc, Marc, Marc, Marc!
Naomi, Naomi, Naomi, Naomi!
donde nos lleven los pies
(oh yeeeee)
And I'm waiting for this moment,
come again.
(oh yeeeee)
Se viene, se viene, se viene y se va.
Se viene, se viene, se viene y se va.
Could I live in the past,
going over and over it with
Mind Writer,
filling it in,
polishing it,
making things up,
until it reaches perfection?
I love you.
I don't know.
There's only one thing
I can see clearly now.
Life is nothing more
than a state of matter,
like a gas or a liquid,
a form of molecular organization,
and there's nothing transcendent
or divine about it.
Its only objective is to
perpetuate itself through motion,
change, adaptation.
Life isn't worried about any species,
much less any individual.
We're nothing more than the
chunks of mud it uses as a vehicle.
Life is what's scary, not death.
That it's always on
the verge of extinction.
That it exists wherever it shouldn't.
And the soul, you may ask.
What about the soul?
Well, maybe the soul is the bit that
gets lost when you freeze the meat
and then thawed out again.
Hi, Elizabeth.
Hi, Marc.
- How are you.
- Fine.
I'm fine.
We'll have to get you back
to the room and connect you.
It's been a long night.
- Are you okay?
- Sure.
The Naomi announcement is big news.
Her being here will make
you feel better, you'll see.
Less alone.
What about you?
Won't you feel alone?
Didn't you feel more alone tonight?
I love both of you.
I can't wait to meet Naomi.
I'm sure we'll get along great.
There's been enough guinea pigs
already, don't you think?
Marc, they're not going to reanimate
her if they're not sure about it.
I don't even wanna imagine Naomi
feeling like she's
trapped in someone else's body.
Someone else's life.
- That's your fear talking right now.
- Fear again, huh?
You know...
There's something I haven't
told you about my past life.
I never talked to you
about the day I died.
Naomi was with me.
Picked a day and
everything was ready.
We'd say goodbye to each other.
And at the last moment, right before
I was about to drink the poison
that would stop my
heart from beating,
I realized that the last few months
had somehow been the best of my life.
Squeezing every drop out of each moment
in a way that I never have before.
The happiness and the pain.
Everything was connected.
But I had second thoughts
at that moment.
I thought about putting it off.
Living life to the fullest.
As long as my disease would let me.
But, no.
Because the happiness
I felt was only possible
because I decided to kill myself.
Suicide was my way of fighting
the arbitrariness of cancer.
The only way to avoid the agony.
And the uncertainty of when
death would finally arrive.
The cryonization, it gave me hope.
It gave me the faith
I didn't have to die peacefully.
You know, the truth is, I never
really thought I would be reanimated.
But doing what I did,
it gave me a program to follow.
It restored a certain order to things.
It gave me back control over my life.
Finally, I had accepted
the idea of dying.
I realized that was what mattered,
that things were fine as they were.
So, I drank the poison.
The fear is gone.
And right now, too,
things are fine as they are.
You know, living again was worth it.
'Cause I met you.
That's been the best part.
For me too, Marc.
Then, will you help me?
Of course, I will.
All I need is the name of the
product and the necessary dosage.
My job is to assist you in life,
not to help you end it.
You're the only one
I can turn to, Elizabeth.
Why? Why should I help you?
'Cause you've seen everything I have.
'Cause you understand what
I feel better than you'd like.
Because I need for
all of this to mean something.
Because I'm all alone.
Because you love me.
The plan is simple.
In the next few days, I'll
follow the advice of my doctors.
And record my remaining memories.
But for you, not me.
I'll relive my memories
for the last time.
I'll wait until the weekend.
Would you like to join us?
Two calls.
First the cyronics lab and
one to 911.
And cardiac...
Cardiac massage.
- Gently.
- Right.
Don't wake me up again.
We got it.
Where you want the books?
And this right here, is the best part.
My... What?
- Fuck you!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, dude! Dude!
And, you, know.
- Then.
- Whoa.
I dare you guys to jump today.
Your mama's so fat, when she sat on
a rainbow, it turned into Skittles.
Wait for me in... the water!
Poor Dr. West.
Lazarus wants to return to obscurity.
He was right.
Just like I wasn't ready to die,
I wasn't ready to live like this, either.
Like most people from my time,
I can't accept anything less than
the young, free and sensual world
of the advertising Olympus
I'd grown accustomed to.
The frozen shop window existence.
A heaven for skeptics.
Therefore, ladies and gentlemen
of the future...
I hope this will help to
clarify my final wish
To be nothing again.
To disappear.
To finally rest in peace.
Although, I have a suspicion.
It's possible that you might
never see this recording.
It's possible that
Prodigy Health Corporation,
after investing so much into
Project Lazarus,
after putting so much time into me,
might not permit this failure.
We found you just in time,
we managed to recover your organism.
You are one very lucky young man.
Please, forgive us.
How insolent of us.
We should have been
more understanding.
But trust me, we won't let you
feel discouraged again.
You'll recover your will to live.
Heartrate and blood pressure rising.
Increase solution to 180.
Activate cardiac assistance.
Activating. 180. Oxygen dropping.
- Intracranial hypertension.
- Dilute and maintain ventilation.