Reap What You Sew: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery (2018) Movie Script

It's gonna be great.
I can't wait.
Here we go.
Oh, I'm so glad you're here.
The best part of my day.
Hey Martin, I'm so sorry
I missed you again.
You'd love this house.
There are even bookshelves
in the kitchen
so of course I had to buy it.
I uh, signed the closing papers
and I picked up the keys this
morning and I move in next week.
And you had told me to-
to let you know,
so I'm- I'm letting you know.
And I uh, hope that you're doing
well at your new post.
Take care, Martin.
You still miss him,
don't you?
So much.
I can't believe he went back
to the CIA.
I know he wants to serve
his country but I...
I just keep thinking
that he's gonna call me
and tell me he made a mistake
and he'll be on his way home.
Maybe we were really mismatched.
The librarian and the spy?
Sounds like the title
of a bad novel.
I thought you two
were a fabulous match.
Yeah, we really were,
weren't we?
[message alert]
It's Poppy again.
She's coming over in a bit.
What could possibly be wrong
with the condo now?
Well, you have to admit,
Life's gotten a lot more
since Poppy came back to town.
So um... I don't think
I'm gonna be able to make it
to your awards dinner tonight.
I'm sorry, Dustin...
Wait a minute,
you're not coming?
I just don't think I should,
especially after-
No, no, no.
Poppy, you have to come.
Ok? Please?
It means a lot to me
to have you there.
Ok. I'll come.
Um, but I'll meet you there.
No, I'll just-
I'll just pick you up.
No, I'll just meet you there.
Um, I have to go now.
I have a lot of things to do.
I'm- I'm on my way
to Aida's house.
I'll see you tonight.
Look at this.
I bet it's expensive.
Let me guess. For Dustin.
From the mayor.
You know that homeless family
that Dustin just did
the story on?
They moved into
their own apartment.
I read his follow-up.
We're so proud of him.
So proud.
Here he comes.
Hi Dustin.
Another gift.
Maisey's talking to you.
Just another gift.
Oh, oh. Yeah.
Thank you, Maisey.
I'll just put that on your desk.
Great. Thanks.
Hey Sally.
Taking our hometown hero
here out to lunch, so...
Oh, ok, I'll grab my bag.
I just need you to answer
the news lines
while we're gone.
Great job.
Of course.
Well, it was driving
me crazy,
the drip, drip, drip.
Well, if you had called me I
would have had a plumber there
in an hour.
I know, but it was late.
I got out my tool box and...
That's my girl.
I used to refuse to tie
her shoes for her.
I'd always tell her-
To rely on myself
not other people.
Best thing anyone
ever taught me.
Anyway, I found an instructional
video and I followed it exactly.
Except for the part about
shutting the water off first.
But I cleaned up
all of the water
so the floor boards near
the sink weren't warped at all.
Except for maybe
one tiny corner.
Or two.
Please tell me you don't regret
renting your condo to me, Aida.
Your mother was one
of my dearest friends.
I'm happy to keep a roof
over your head.
And if I'm gonna keep
a floor under your feet
I better call my handyman.
You think she's mad at me?
Oh, that's just
her landlady face.
She knows repairs
come with renting.
Well, I am gonna make
that condo famous.
Cara and I have been making more
videos for our YouTube channel.
You want to see the latest?

Hi everyone.
It's Poppy Wilson with another
great way you can use embroidery
to make your wardrobe pop.
You've probably noticed
a ton of celebrities
wearing bomber jackets
this season.
One of the reasons?
Embroidered patches.
Right Cara?
Right Poppy.
And um, you can embroider
any kind of design you like.
Like I made these suns here.
I am all about flowers,
so here is my jacket.
Now I have a totally
unique jacket
that no one else
in the world has.
That is awesome.
You're a natural in front
of the camera.
Thank you.
Ok Poppy, the handyman
will be at your place
tomorrow morning at 10:00.
That works.
This video already has a ton
of views.
My editor said I'm starting
a new modern embroidery craze.
There's a craze?
And when we get our book
published this year
we will own the embroidery niche
by making it cool
and contemporary.
From there we can start
with knitting and crochet.
We'll have a needle arts empire.
I wish your mom
were around to see
how well you're doing
for yourself.
Well, daddy says
she's my guardian angel
so maybe she can see.
Now, I should go.
I'm meeting a publicist.
My editor wants me to get
on some morning shows.
Thank you for sending someone
to take a look at the floors.
I am happy to pay
for the damages.
Or at least my dad will be.
I'll send the bill to Marv.
Oh, if you do, send it
to his office
otherwise my stepmother
might see it
and she'll throw it out.
I'm still helping you move
into your new house
next Saturday, right?
I could definitely use the help.
I am so glad I moved back.
I still don't know
why my dad thought
he had to move us away
after mom died.
I love that you're back.
So I'll see you
and Dustin tonight?
At the dinner?
Yeah, um... we kinda
had an argument.
Oh no.
I'm sorry.
Did you guys break up?
Well, the award's kind of
a big deal.
Sally's a little jealous.
Well, I'll be there.
If that's for Dustin
his desk is back there.
Too heavy and too far.
I don't know why the realtor's
can't just say "congratulation"
with a balloon bouquet.
Ooh, is that dark chocolate?
Ah ah, not yours.
And here I was thinking of
asking you to be my plus one
for the dinner tonight.
Oh, well I'm already my mother's
plus one.
But you have to sit with me
at the newspaper table
so I don't have to talk
to Dustin's date.
You mean Poppy?
I thought you liked her.
I do like her.
Which is why if I end up
talking to her
I'll probably start telling her
things that I shouldn't.
Such as...?
Ok, you know my cousin Lizzy
is getting married?
Right. To Bubba Rankart,
my mother's lawyer.
Right. Well Bubba
is Poppy's lawyer, too.
For her business.
Mmm. Which is taking off
in a really big way.
That means a lot of contracts
to go over,
a lot of meetings...
What, you think that Lizzy
is jealous
that Bubba's spending
too much time with Poppy?
That doesn't sound like
the Bubba I know.
Well, I think wedding stress
is getting to her.
I mean, it is next month.
But if Poppy starts talking
to me tonight...
Oh yeah, you are terrible
at keeping secrets.
Yes. We've established that.
Ok, fine.
I will sit with you.
If you agree to lug that thing
over to Dustin.
Oh. Done.
Oh, ok. See you at the dinner.
You're two minutes late.
Yes, I know, but
I brought gifts.
They're due in three weeks.
Oh, Cara, hey.
Poppy showed me the video
you guys made.
It looked really good.
Oh yeah, thanks.
We're getting better at it,
I think.
And I just grabbed these books
on how to promote
your brand online.
Who knew this is where
we'd end up
when we were in our dorm room
doing all that crafty stuff?
But Poppy's convinced me we're
gonna take the world by storm.
I'm sure you will.
Thank you. Nice to see you.
Oh, those books are
for the donation bin.
Our mystery and
true crime sections
are already over-stuffed
with your cast-offs.
Well, then we can sell them
at the book sale fundraiser.
Has it occurred to you to read
a book about art or philosophy?
Anything more edifying?
A well-written mystery is art.
The twists and turns
of human nature.
And true crime?
It is the very essence
of life and death.
It's all right here
in these books, Lillian.
Oh, Jason Dell.
Hey, long time no see.
How're you doing?
Good. I just got back
into town last month.
Oh, why didn't we see you
at the last Real Murders
Club meeting?
We didn't see Perry
at that meeting, either.
Where is your cousin,
He's in Seattle helping his dad
remodel the kitchen.
We've been working on this idea.
Here. Check it out.
Dell Investigations.
Yeah. We thought
we'd give it a try.
Oh, I think you guys'll
do great.
And I will keep
this card handy.
See ya.
It's nice to see Jason Dell.
Arthur, wow.
Nice suit.
Oh, thanks. My uh, wife
made me buy it.
Well, these awards honor
our town's finest.
You have to look sharp.
Yes, and you deserve yours,
risking your life like that
to save a little boy.
Oh, I haven't seen Lynn,
is she ok?
She's due any minute, right?
Yes, a couple weeks, but the
doctor has put her on bed rest
and resting doesn't exactly fit
her personality.
I can't find my speech.
I must have left it in the car.
Don't let them start without me.
Don't worry, Madam Mayor,
they wouldn't dare.
Aida, I suppose I have you
to thank
for that lovely gift basket.
Well, me and all
the other realtors.
Hope you enjoy.
I am.
Well, you two look like
you're having fun.
Bubba, where is Lizzy?
Yeah, you know what,
she wasn't feeling so hot
this morning.
I don't think she's gonna
make it, so...
What do you mean?
I'm here.
You knew I was coming.
Yeah, so you are.
It's good to see you.
Lizzy, what did you do?
Drive over here with the car
window open?
No. I have a comb in my purse,
we can fix it.
Will you stop?
Let's go find our table.
Well, Arthur, shall we?
My pleasure.
She used to let me fix her hair
all the time when we were kids.
Poppy's still not picking up.
I'm getting worried.
Well, you said she was
gonna meet you here.
Yeah, but... I mean,
she's really late.
Dustin, are you sure that Poppy
knows you want her here?
Well yeah, of course she knows.
Why would you say that?
You know what, I should have
picked her up.
I'm just gonna go now-
The mayor is about to start
handing out the awards.
Sally, do me a favor?
Just go check on Poppy,
make sure she's ok?
I- I barely know her.
If it makes him feel better,
would you mind?
I'll go with you.
I've known Poppy
most of her life.
Good evening, everybody.
I am Mayor Terry Sternholz
and I'd like to officially
welcome you to the 12th annual
Lawrenceton Hometown Heroes
Awards Banquet.
And we certainly have some real
heroes to celebrate tonight.
Well, Poppy's car is still here.
I wonder if it wouldn't start.
What's that?
Uh, nothing.
Do you wanna knock or should I?
You go ahead.
You know, she's
probably sleeping.
The Poppy I know would
never sleep through a party.
Well then maybe she's
in the shower.
What if she fell
in the shower?
I think I still have the key
from when I managed these
properties for my mother.
Poppy? It's Roe and Sally.
Are you here?
I'm gonna check upstairs.
Ok, I'll wait.
Why is it so cold in here?
Oh no!
Oh no!
There's blood.
Oh, why? Why is there blood?
What happened? Is she ok?
She's dead.
[sirens wailing]
We searched the house
and the grounds.
There's no sign of any kind
of knife
or sharp implement outside.
Well, it's possible
we'll find traces of blood
on one of the knives in here.
Can you find out when we'll
get the preliminary report
from the medical examiner?
I used to play dolls with her
when she was eight.
I'm sorry. Come on, let's get
you in the other room.
So you said that the front door
was locked.
Which one of you opened it?
I did because I still
had the key
from when I managed
my mother's condos.
I thought we'd find her taking
a nap or a shower
or in the middle of
an ice cream binge.
The back door was wide open.
Yeah, the back gate was open
as well.
So whoever it was, well,
they didn't wanna be seen
at the front door.
Or be seen by Poppy at least.
Ok, Roe, I know you're
suggesting premeditation
but I can't be discussing
theories with you.
Or they could have tried
the front door first,
found that it was locked,
went around to the back.
Sally found something
on the front step.
Um, yeah. Yeah, I did.
An empty envelope? That's it?
It's empty?
'Cause I'm sure that you saw
something in it.
Excuse me, detective.
I found this woman approaching
the house.
Poppy asked me to drop off these
supplies for our next project.
I saw all the cop cars.
It can't be true.
I'm so sorry.
I just spoke to her on the phone
a couple of hours ago.
Listen, I'm sorry
but I need to ask,
what time did you speak
with Poppy?
Um... I was getting ready
for work.
The 4:00 to 8:00 shift
at the Yarn Emporium,
so um... at like 3:30?
Well, if you used
your cell phone
it would list the time
of the call.
I'll check.
And who called who?
Did Poppy call you?
At 3:31.
That's the last time I'm ever
gonna talk to her.
What did she wanna talk about?
Ok, Roe, Sally, I've got
everything I need from you two.
Well, she hasn't answered
my question yet.
Roe, you're not wearing a badge.
You can't be interviewing
witnesses at a crime scene,
you know that.
Well, I should probably
tell Dustin what's happened.
No, you shouldn't, Sally,
We'll take care of them.
Poppy's dad will
have to be told, too.
Roe, we got this.
Thank you.
Arthur, Arthur, Arthur,
about Dustin?
It's been a long night.
We'll talk tomorrow.
You know, earlier today
Poppy told me that she
and Dustin had an argument
last night.
Oh great.
That means he could be
a suspect now, too.
What do you mean, "too"?
I knew it.
Sally, you found something
in that envelope
that was on the front step,
didn't you?
What was it?
I can't tell you unless you
promise not to tell Arthur.
At least not until I've had a
chance to talk to... the person.
I just need one day. Please?
Ok, yeah, one day, yeah.
Elizabeth Allison Rankart.
It's a wedding dress label.
Poppy embroidered it.
She gave it to Lizzy
at her bridal shower.
Well, why would it be
at the scene of the crime?
Oh, probably some silly reason
like Lizzy didn't wanna be
friends with Poppy anymore.
Look, if she killed Poppy do
you really think she'd leave
a calling card right there
on the front step?
Well, she could have dropped it
without knowing it.
There's more, isn't there?
It's Bubba.
With Poppy.
Well, it's just a hug.
It's a close one, but...
but it's just a hug.
Oh no, there's more?
"Stay away from
my fianc or else"
Sally, we have to give this
to Arthur right away.
Lizzy threatened Poppy.
And at least she thought
she had a reason to hurt her.
But we don't know that Poppy
saw any of this.
I mean, it was lying
on the ground, Roe.
Maybe- maybe Lizzy was going
to confront Poppy
and then chickened out and just
left it there for her to find.
I have to at least ask her
before I turn all this
over to Arthur.
She's my family, Roe.
Well, ask her soon.
I mean, hopefully Lizzy's
just bluffing.
And find out who took
the photographs.
I will.
Poor Poppy.
It's awful.
We have to figure out
who could have done this.
Which means we have
to find out
what Poppy and Dustin were
arguing about yesterday.
I'm going to touch base
with Arthur.
I just talked to Poppy's father.
He is just beside himself.
Said he's gonna start
driving down tonight.
I told him why don't you
just take some
time to catch your breath.
Well, maybe Nicole will drive.
Oh. His new wife.
Well, I'm gonna go home and make
sure the guest room is ready.
Bye, darling.
Hey Jason, how would you like
some practice
being a private investigator?
Yeah, you know I'm game.
Good, because somebody needs to
keep an eye on Lizzy Allison.
What? No goodnight kiss
for your fianc?
I didn't mean for you to do
a full write-up.
You found the body,
you're a witness, so-
Oh good.
I didn't wanna have to do
the reporting on this one.
It is a little close to home.
Why don't you send me
what you wrote
and I'll write the story
and then we'll print it
on my by-line.
Maken? You know how the victim's
significant other
is usually first on the list
of suspects?
We don't have to worry
about that with Dustin, right?
I mean, you took him
to that really long lunch
this afternoon.
I did.
He left before the food
even got to the table.
Alright, I put
clean towels in-
mother, are you alright?
Oh, I was just-
I was remembering Poppy running
around here as a little girl.
She was-
she was always so full of life
and always laughing and...
I'll get it.
Hi, come in.
Oh, Marv.
You drove all night, didn't you?
I am sorry.
I am so, so sorry.
You must be Nicole.
Yes, and you're Aurora,
of course.
Though I thought we'd met
at our wedding.
No. Sorry, I wasn't there.
Oh. Well, you missed
quite a party.
My dear girl.
Oh, my heart is just broken.
Well, Poppy always looked up
to you like a big sister.
Let me help you get
your bags.
Oh, no. I told Marv
we couldn't possibly impose.
We'll stay at a hotel.
You'll do no such thing.
No, you are going to stay here
so we can make sure you get all
the love and support you need.
I'll get the bags.
Oh, Arthur.
Hey Roe.
I was told that Poppy's dad
was on his way here.
Yeah, he's here.
But before you talk to him
you should know that Poppy
and her boyfriend, Dustin,
they had an argument the night
before she was killed.
Why didn't you tell me that
before I interviewed him?
Because you shut the door
in my face.
That's because you were trying
to take over my crime scene.
Now, can I come inside
and do my job, please?
Of course.
Thank you.
Thank you for speaking with me.
I know this is very difficult
and you've got my
deepest sympathy.
We'd be grateful for anything
you can do to help us understand
what happened to our Poppy.
Well, the coroner says
Poppy died sometime
between 3:45 and 4:30 yesterday.
But how?
I can't make my mind believe
it was murder.
We'll know more
after a full autopsy
but the coroner found a stab
wound in Poppy's abdomen
caused by some sort of
serrated blade.
I'm sorry but I'm gonna need
to ask you some hard questions,
like whether you knew of anyone
who might have wished
Poppy harm?
No, no one.
Everyone loved Poppy.
Well, obviously not everyone.
I'm sorry, I don't know
what good it does now
to pretend that Poppy didn't rub
some people the wrong way.
And I don't know what good it
does to be so lacking in tact.
Uh, does anyone need any cream
or sugar for their coffee?
I just assumed that it was
a robbery gone awry.
A stranger broke in and-
and was surprised to find Poppy
at home, perhaps.
Well, that's possible but
from what we can tell
she opened her back door
to her attacker.
That means it was probably
someone she knew.
I'm sorry. Marv knows how much
I adored Poppy
and how upset I am
that she was killed.
But you asked.
And the truth is Poppy
could act like
she was the center
of the universe.
And, if you ask me,
maybe she just pushed
the wrong person too far.
[phone ringing]
Hi Jason.
So uh, I've been keeping
an eye on Sally's cousin.
She didn't go anywhere
all night,
and Sally just got here.
Well, keep an eye on the
situation as long as you can.
I have to go to
my mother's today.
People will be coming over
to pay their respects
to Poppy's dad.
It's gonna be such a sad day.
Maybe you can figure out
who's been feeling hostile
towards Poppy lately.
Oh, well I already know
one person
who doesn't seem to have liked
her very much.
Her stepmother.
Lizzy, Poppy gave this to you,
what was it doing on her porch?
Ok, yes.
I took that to Poppy's
I just wanted her to know
that it's not fair for her
to monopolize my fianc's time
while we're trying to plan
our wedding.
Do you know that Bubba
was at her house
until 10: 00 the other night?
Ok, you don't really think that
Poppy was involved with Bubba,
do you?
Well, I didn't wanna think
that, but...
Bubba is just so irresistible.
If you say so.
And Poppy could be so flirty.
Well, you know that jealousy
is considered
a strong motive for murder,
Where did you get
the photos from?
I hired a private investigator.
He took these.
All it shows is Bubba
and Poppy hugging.
Well, pretty intimately
if you ask me.
Are there any more photos?
I stopped working with
the PI after he took these.
Look, Bubba was there
way too often.
He was Poppy's lawyer, Lizzy.
And now you've gone
and placed yourself
at the scene of the crime with
a threatening note, no less.
Well, how was I supposed to know
that it was gonna be
a crime scene?
Ok. Why was the envelope
and all the stuff in it
just lying on the porch, anyway?
Oh, tell me you didn't get
into a fight with her!
Well, I wouldn't call it
a fight exactly.
I... I went over to Poppy's to
put the envelope in her door.
I didn't know she was home.
She must have seen me coming
because she opened the door.
It surprised me.
I froze.
And then I yelled at her
to stay away from Bubba.
She said she didn't know
what I was talking about
and she slammed the door.
So you didn't give her
the envelope?
No. I was furious.
I threw it and...
it must have landed
on the porch.
But I don't know
because I was already
on my way back to my car.
And that's it.
I swear.
I saw her for five seconds.
You believe me, don't you?
Lizzy, of course I do.
But you do know that I have
to give all this to the police
and tell them where I found it.
Go ahead.
I know that I didn't do
anything wrong.
I- I think your mother's a
little put out with my wife.
Oh, that's just because
she doesn't know her well.
None of us do.
So what brought
you two together?
A lot of things, actually.
But one of the things I really
like about Nicole
is that she tends to speak
her mind.
That I've seen.
Did she and Poppy
get along well?
Ah, they butted heads a bit.
I mean, Poppy also tended
to speak her mind,
just a little louder.
So they clashed.
We uh, we had planned
a visit for next month.
We were gonna stay with Poppy.
I thought it would be a good
chance for Poppy and Nicole
to maybe um, find some
common ground.
That chance is gone.
You spent a lot of time
with Poppy lately.
Would you say she was happy?
Yeah, I would.
She was very excited about her
new book coming out and...
and her YouTube channel growing.
Yeah, and I think she was having
a lot of fun with Dustin.
Who's Dustin?
Her boyfriend.
Of the last three months?
She didn't tell you?
Not a word.
What're you doing here?
Uh, how'd you spot me?
Thought I was being covert.
I know your car.
What're you doing here?
Roe asked me to keep an eye
on your cousin.
She thinks she might be
a suspect
in the Poppy Wilson murder.
Ugh. I suppose she will be.
Which is why I'm heading over
to Bubba's office
to ask him directly if he had
any interest
in Poppy outside of being
a client,
then I have to go see Arthur.
You shouldn't have
to do that alone.
I'll follow you.
Dustin, hi. Come in.
This is so surreal.
I still can't believe
that she's gone.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
You two had grown pretty close,
I mean, we hadn't been dating
that long
but it was just one of those
instant connections, you know?
Hey, is that- is that
her dad there?
Can you introduce me?
Um, but can I ask you
a question first?
Um, Poppy told me that the two
of you had an argument
the night before she was killed.
An argument?
That's what she called it?
I'm sure that Detective Smith
will ask you what it was about.
I already talked to Detective
Smith last night,
he didn't say anything-
I told him this morning.
He was here.
Well, I don't know why
she would say that.
We didn't argue.
We never argued,
that's the thing.
Well, all couples fight
once in a while.
Not when the guy is so in love
with the girl
that he always gives her exactly
what she wants.
Mr. Wilson?
Hi, I'm Dustin.
This is Nicole.
I didn't expect to see you here.
And yet I am not at all
surprised to see you here.
But we're uh, pretty much done.
What- uh, why?
Well, the good detective here
beat a path to my door
when his associates
found my fingerprints
all over Poppy's kitchen.
I was there earlier in the week
to go over some details
of their book contract.
I'm sure Cara will confirm it.
Well, it doesn't mean
you weren't there
yesterday afternoon.
Well, young man,
you have a point.
But as I also told Arthur I was
in court all day
working through a probate case
with Judge Henderson.
That sounds like a solid alibi.
Yes it does.
Now, if it's alright with you,
I'd like to pay my respects
to Marv Wilson.
Ok, look.
I know what you guys are doing.
I know as Real Murders Club
members you and Roe
are gonna do everything you can
to try and solve Poppy's murder.
Hey, you're Real Murders, too.
No I'm not, not right now.
With Lynn on maternity leave
I'm the acting chief
and I promised her that I would
do things her way
so please, guys, give us
some distance, ok?
Let us get the job done.
Oh, and if you do come across
any information
I want your word that
you will share it with me.
I have no problem with that.
The envelope I found on
Poppy's porch last night...
It wasn't empty.
Poppy made the label
for my cousin Lizzy
for her wedding dress.
The photos were taken by
a private eye and the note,
well, Lizzy just told me that
she confronted Poppy yesterday
because she thought Poppy was
having an affair with Bubba.
Hang on, you- you held back
evidence in a murder?
I know it was wrong.
I'm sorry, Arthur.
It's just that she's family.
I had to talk to her first.
Wow. I mean- I- I could arrest
you for obstruction.
I should arrest you
for obstruction
but I'll have to deal
with that later.
Right now I need to go talk
to Lizzy.
And I'll have to talk
to Bubba again.
I hate it when Arthur
is mad at me.
I threw the envelope toward the
porch and went back to my car.
Look, it was just a silly act of
jealousy, that's all.
And what time was this?
Um, I got off work a little bit
late so quarter to 4:00?
And you just... turned
and got in your car?
Your note threatened her.
Are you sure you didn't
go around the back
and try to talk to her again?
I got in my car
and I drove away.
Poppy was very much alive
when I left,
I promise you.
You know, I should really be
at Aida's
paying respect to the Wilsons.
Why were you late
for the awards dinner?
Uh... oh.
Oh, I spilled tea on my dress
as I was getting ready to leave
the house for the dinner
so I had to go get changed.
And no one else was here
with you at the time?
No, but-
Do you own a set
of steak knives, Lizzy?
Well, yes, I keep them
on my count-er...
Um... why do you ask?
The coroner says the wound
that killed Poppy
was caused by a serrated blade
four inches long.
Exactly the length of a serrated
steak knife.
Well, um...
I don't know where my set is.
You need to call your lawyer,
'cause I'm taking you in
for formal questioning.
It just seems,
as Poppy's lawyer,
I'd know if someone
had issue with her.
We're all searching our minds
for some clue as to
who would do such a thing.
Wow. You have a lot of nerve
coming here.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Poppy was my best friend,
you don't think she told
me everything?
And if you're hoping Poppy
forgave you before she died,
you can stop,
because she didn't.
Cara are you okay?
I'm just upset.
I mean, I not only lost Poppy
but I lost everything
we worked so hard for together.
I just don't understand
why this is happening.
Well, I wanna understand, too.
[glass shatters]
I'm so sorry.
No, no, no, no worries,
that's ok.
Oh, my gosh.
Thank you.
Be careful, be careful.
Cara. I'm- I'm sorry,
but I overheard you say that
Poppy hadn't forgiven Nicole.
May I ask what that was about?
Um... well, Poppy told me that
Nicole asked Marv
to change his will to make
Nicole the sole beneficiary
and of course Marv said no
but now that Poppy's gone...
I- I shouldn't have said
anything to Nicole.
I'm sure she's just as upset
as I am that Poppy's gone.
We'll all miss Poppy so much.
Cara, did Poppy say anything
to you about her and Dustin
having a fight the night before
she died?
Oh, um... no, but it's like
I told that detective.
When I talked to Poppy yesterday
she was trying to figure out
how to get out of going
to the awards dinner.
Did she say why?
Um, I'm sorry,
I have to go.
Oh, sorry.
Hi Dustin.
Oh, there you are.
Uh, I would like an explanation,
What're you talking about?
You sent Jason to keep an eye
on Lizzy.
Why would you do that
without telling me?
Because I was worried about
the contents of the envelope.
You have to admit, it makes
Lizzy look suspicious.
Lizzy would never have anything
to do with a murder.
I gave the envelope and
everything in it to Arthur
so I'm sure he's figured
that out by now.
Sally, good. You're here.
I need you to come down to
the police station with me.
Oh, why?
Arthur hauled Lizzy in
for questioning.
He's calling her a person
of interest.
I'm going with you.
Lizzy loses track of her
knife set
and now she's sitting in
an interrogation room
scared out of her wits?
Ok, first she was at the scene
of the crime
in the time window
of the murder.
No, she was outside the scene.
Yes, having angry words
with the victim
and as for the missing
knife set,
like I told Lizzy,
the coroner says
that the stab would
that killed Poppy
was caused by a serrated blade
four-inches long.
But you don't actually
have a knife
and no physical evidence.
Do you Arthur?
Lizzy's prints or anything that
places her inside Poppy's condo?
We'll know soon enough.
Well I'm representing her
and I wanna see her right now.
Be my guest.
Do you really think that Lizzy
could do this to Poppy, Arthur?
Ok, you know what?
I'm- I'm not gonna answer that.
What about Dustin,
her boyfriend?
Yes, I'm pretty sure
he was out of the office
the entire afternoon
that Poppy was killed.
Yes, I know that.
We're looking at all the
possibilities right now,
following every lead.
That's what police
detectives do,
which neither of you are,
so guys, please, just let me
get back to work.
I know in my heart Lizzy
couldn't have done this, Roe.
Well, we may not be detectives,
but it doesn't mean we can't
solve this crime.
Marv, you're exhausted.
Let's get you upstairs
so you can get some sleep.
Marv, it's been such a long day.
You need your rest.
Not that closing my eyes
will make it all go away, but...
I'll come up.
Good night.
Good night.
And uh, thank you for everything
you've done, both of you.
I wish it were more.
Good night.
Good night.
Oh, Nicole, you dropped
It looks like a gas receipt.
No, it's not mine.
Oh, ok. Good night.
Good night.
What?! What?!
Somebody broke into the house.
Well, nothing's been taken
as far as I can tell.
I don't know why someone
would break in
just to knock over a trash can.
Well, something woke me
a little after midnight.
I- I thought I heard
footsteps upstairs.
Yeah, but honey, I don't think
that's what you heard
because I got up and looked,
Were either of you two up
walking around after midnight?
No, but the idea that someone
was walking around my house
in the middle of the night
after what happened to Poppy?
Oh, I can't imagine one has
anything to do with the other.
I can't imagine that
they're not connected.
Ok, well, we'll see if we
come up with some prints
and I'll get back to you, ok?
Hey, Arthur.
Arthur, wait.
I don't know if Cara told you
but Nicole tried to get Marv
to change his will so she would
become the sole beneficiary.
Yeah, she did mention something
to that effect.
So is Nicole on your
suspect list?
Roe, I am not discussing
my suspect list.
Besides, she lives hours away.
Yeah, but that doesn't mean that
she couldn't have hired someone
to get rid of Poppy
and come after Marv.
I mean, maybe that's why someone
broke in here last night.
Except Marv thwarted the plan
by waking up.
You think that she hired someone
to kill her husband
while she was lying
right next to him?
Look, Marv Wilson
is a very wealthy man.
And with Poppy gone
Nicole stands to inherit
a very large fortune
once Marv dies.
Ok, it's official.
You read too many mysteries.
No, actually I study
a lot of true crime.
Do you remember the first year
at Real Murders?
We covered the Jacobson case.
A man made a jailhouse
confession 20 years
after Ted Jacobson hired him
to kill his wife
while he ate a turkey
sandwich downstairs.
That's right, Jacobson didn't
do a day of time for that,
did he?
So is Nicole on your list?
Uh... you don't give up, do you?
Well, she's definitely on mine.
I know our next
Real Murders meeting
isn't for another
couple of weeks
so I appreciate you all
coming down here.
I can't think of a better way
to use our common interest
than to try to solve
the murder of someone
who meant so much to us.
We all want to help.
It's the right thing to do.
Thank you, Larry.
And yes, it is.
Ok, so I emailed all of you a
summary of what we know so far
before the meeting.
Let's talk about suspects.
Number one, Nicole Wilson.
Nicole didn't get along
with Poppy
and according to Cara,
tried to cut Poppy
out of Marv's will,
so she has a motive.
How much money does
old Marv have, anyway?
A lot.
Like at least eight figures.
But there's no real evidence
that points to her.
No, not yet.
All of the evidence so far
points to number two,
Lizzy Allison.
Now, Lizzy admits to being
jealous of Poppy.
Said she confronted her,
and she was at the scene
of the crime
during the window of time
the murder occurred.
Uh, she was outside the scene.
Well, there's also
the missing knife set.
Which Lizzy swore was in
her kitchen the day before.
She has no idea where it went.
Who does she think made it
go away?
Who has access
to Lizzy's kitchen?
Well, that would be her fianc,
number three, Bubba Rankart.
Bubba's fingerprints are
all over Poppy's house.
He explained that.
But why would he want
to kill her?
Yeah, I mean, what's his motive?
Why would he want to kill
his own client?
Well, if Lizzy was worried he
was seeing Poppy on the sly...
Yeah, but he wasn't.
Suppose he was?
And suppose Poppy threatened
to tell Lizzy about it
a month before the wedding?
There's your motive.
But he was in Judge Henderson's
court room all afternoon.
I know the judge.
I'll find out if that alibi
really is air tight.
That brings us to number four,
Dustin Sykes.
Poppy said she and Dustin had
a fight but Dustin denied it,
and Cara said that she didn't
wanna go to the awards dinner.
Yet Dustin said that
she'd agreed to meet him there.
Wait, you said he didn't
go back into work that day.
So if he wasn't at work...
Then he could have gone
to pick up Poppy
for dinner after all,
and she could have told him
she didn't want to go.
He could have gotten angry.
They could have fought again...
Ugh, this is horrible.
Well, see if you can rule
Dustin out.
Find out what he was doing
that afternoon.
Maybe he has another alibi
besides work.
And Jason, you come with me
and we'll talk to Cara.
See if Poppy told her anything
else about Dustin
or Bubba or Nicole.
My money's on the stepmother.
Well, if it is her that would
explain the break-in
at my mother's last night.
I know the Jacobson case.
But why would Nicole
want to have Marv killed
so soon after Poppy died?
Yeah, doesn't that just make her
look more suspicious?
Well, not if she were clever
enough to cover her tracks.
Ah, the gas receipt.
I forgot to tell you
about the receipt I found.
So I found this on the living
room floor of my mother's house.
It's a receipt to a gas station
right around the corner
from Poppy's condo,
date and time stamped
within the time frame
that Poppy was killed, 3:53.
So you think Nicole dropped it?
Well, she could have,
but she denied it.
Or Dustin Sykes
or Bubba Rankart.
They were all at the reception
Jason, you go talk to Cara.
I'm gonna go to this gas station
and find out who bought
this gas.
And if anyone else
has any other insights
please call me right away.
Ok, thank you all for coming.
See this right here?
It means it was paid
at the pump.
We don't pay attention
to people who do that.
Not unless they ask for help.
Hey, do these security
cameras work?
I mean, if the police came
and asked for the footage
would they be able to get it?
Oh sure.
Yeah, we had a couple robberies
this last year
so the owner makes sure
they're working.
[phone rings]
Hello, mother.
Hi honey.
Marv got a call telling him
that he's allowed
to go into Poppy's condo now.
He needs to get some of her
clothes to take to the mortuary.
The idea of going there
is just too much for him
so I told him that I'd see
if you could go
and pick out an outfit for her.
Oh, sure yeah, I can do that.
I just have to stop at
the police station first.
I have to give Arthur something.
Ok. Thank you.
Maisey, do you know
where Dustin is?
Why is he always gone lately?
Well, if you ask me he
should take some time off.
That poor man is heartbroken
over Poppy.
Is he?
I just got a tip from my contact
at the coroner's office.
They're saying that due
to the angle of the wounds
that Poppy Wilson's killer
is probably left-handed.
Lizzy's definitely not a leftie.
Oh, but I've bumped elbows with
Dustin at the conference table
enough times to know
that he's a leftie.
Can I help you with something?
I've got a ton of questions.
About yarn?
Not exactly.
[door closes]
Somebody here?
[door creaks]
Two break-ins
in two days, Arthur?
First at my mother's
and now one here.
Well I can't see any signs
this person broke in.
Are you sure the front door
was locked?
Yeah, positive.
Which means whoever it was
probably had a key.
Well, who would have had
a key to Poppy's place?
Her lawyer maybe?
No, no, Bubba was definitely
not just here.
I've already got a tail on him
and Lizzy.
What about Dustin Sykes?
I mean, they were dating,
maybe Poppy gave him a key.
I can call Sally and see
if he's still at work.
I wish you would have got
a better look at him.
Well, the last thing
I was expecting
was for someone to jump
out of the closet.
Do you think it was the killer?
Or do you think
someone killed Poppy
because she had something
hidden here?
I don't...
This is Sally.
Hey, it's me.
I need to know if Dustin
is at work right now.
No, he's been
out all afternoon
and he didn't tell anyone
he was leaving.
Why do you ask?
I just caught someone
searching Poppy's bedroom.
I mean, I didn't see who it
was but I just saw him running.
Uh, Sally said that Dustin
is not at work.
Oh, are you with Arthur?
Ok, we got a tip
the coroner thinks
the killer is left-handed.
Tell Arthur that Dustin
is left-handed.
You wanted to see me?
Uh, Cara has something to tell
you about Dustin Sykes.
Right this way.
I should have said something
that first night,
I just- I didn't...
I believed that Dustin was truly
in love with Poppy.
I mean, it just never occurred
to me that he could hurt her.
But it's occurred to you now.
I don't know.
All I know is that I was
in her kitchen
when he came over the night
before she died.
I mean, he didn't know
I was there.
He- he rushed in all excited
and then all of a sudden
he was down on one knee
asking her to marry him.
He had this big,
fat ring and...
She turned him down.
I mean, they'd only been dating
for three months.
But she said she was sorry,
she wasn't ready,
and then she said
she wasn't sure
she was even in love
with him at all.
Well, why do you think
she wasn't sure?
I don't know.
I mean, she said he was
too needy.
And how did he react
to all this?
Well, he didn't say much but...
I mean, I got the impression
he was humiliated.
And then he left in a hurry.
You know, when I asked him how
serious the relationship was
he said not very.
Sounds like he was lying.
Do you know if he left the ring
there at Poppy's
or if he took it with him?
Um... no, I don't- I don't know.
I didn't ask.
I mean, I was just
so embarrassed for him.
Maybe that's what he was
looking for today, the ring.
I- I need to get an APB
out on him.
Wait, will they arrest him
because of what I just said?
Well, if they do arrest him it
won't be just because of that.
I really don't think
that he could hurt her.
He loved her.
Hey, do you wanna get
some coffee or something?
I'd like that.
What're you doing?
Dustin, there you are.
You're searching my desk?
I didn't feel good about it.
I was just trying to figure out
where you went.
Maken was asking for you.
Where have you been?
I've been sitting in my car.
The woman I love just died
so I sit in my car
and I think about her.
What about her condo?
Do you ever go there
and think about her?
Like maybe this afternoon?
Why would you say that, Sally?
Mr. Sykes, I'm gonna need you
to come with me.
[door closes]
I really appreciate your picking
up some things
from Poppy's closet.
Oh, I'm happy to help.
Well, I guess we should
get going to the mortuary.
Oh, let me uh, give you the key
to Poppy's condo
in case you need anything else.
That's ok. I've got the key
that Poppy gave me.
At least I did.
Uh, Nicole?
Can I uh, talk to you
for a second?
I'll just get the car.
[door closes]
You have mud on your shoes
like I did earlier.
And I bet if I opened up
your purse
you would have that key.
You were the one I chased
out of Poppy's condo today.
So that was you?
I thought the murderer
was returning
to the scene of the crime.
You were looking
for something.
Yes, photos of Poppy.
I'm making Marv a collage,
but shh, don't tell him.
I want it to be a surprise.
It was Nicole.
She was the one searching
Poppy's bedroom today.
You're kidding.
I was sure it was Dustin.
I mean, I'm glad it's not him,
Are you sure about that?
Yes, Roe.
I'm sure I don't wanna
be working ten yards away
from a potential killer.
Did Nicole tell you why?
She gave me some excuse
that I don't buy for a second.
No, there was something she
wanted in that condo very badly.
Oh, please don't say what
I think you're gonna say.
Oh yeah.
First thing tomorrow we're
going over there to find it.
Sykes's attorney is here.
Gentlemen. I hope you haven't
said anything.
No, no, no.
Your client has been doing his
best quiet as a mouse impression
but I have a lot of questions.
Which he is not going
to answer.
Dustin, are you ready
to go?
Why wouldn't he want
to cooperate?
I assume you want your
girlfriend's killer found.
I assume you would just love
to cast him in that role.
Now why should he help you
build a case against him?
Well, if he's innocent then
he's got nothing to worry about.
Well, unless you've got a good
reason to keep my client here
I'm afraid you're gonna
have to let him go.
Did you ask Poppy to marry you?
They don't have a thing.
Let's go.
Yeah, well, the judge might
not agree
when I ask for that warrant.
His prints were
all over the condo.
Yeah, where he
visited frequently.
And the alibi he gave
for the time of the murder?
It doesn't hold up, so he should
definitely be talking to me.
We'll give that some thought.
Have a nice day.
There is some pie
in the fridge
if either of you
would like some.
No, thanks.
[banging outside]
It's just a neighbor
closing a gate.
We're all a little jumpy,
wondering if the- the person
who showed up last night
is coming back.
Well, Arthur said he's sending a
patrol car by every hour or two
for the next few days.
Well, that's a relief.
Yes, it is.
Oh, Marv.
Let's turn in for the night.
It's been a rough day.
Good night, you two.
Oh, good night.
Thank you for dinner.
Good night.
You're doing it again.
Giving Nicole
the suspicious eye.
Oh mother, I know that you're
willing to buy Nicole's excuse
about being at Poppy's
condo today-
Oh, I am not Nicole's
biggest fan,
but I see no reason not to give
her the benefit of the doubt.
Didn't you notice that she was
the only one not jumpy tonight?
Not worried or afraid
of another intruder,
probably because she planned
the first one.
Aurora you know I don't approve
of your getting involved
with solving these crimes.
Mother, the victim was someone
we knew very well.
I realize that.
But how many other
undeserving people
got tangled in your
net of suspicion?
That's how it works.
Every case that I've studied
the investigator finds the truth
through skepticism.
Through resisting the urge
to give people
the benefit of the doubt.
You're not an investigator.
You're a librarian.
And what is all this skepticism
doing to you?
To your relationships
with other people?
With the world?
Oh, mother, I know that
you're worried about me.
But what we should be worried
about right now is that we may
be harboring the very person
that killed Poppy.
Just promise me that you will
lock your bedroom door tonight.
So basically my mother had said
I'm too suspicious.
That I don't have a healthy
relationship with the world.
I think I have a very healthy
relationship with the world.
If you say so.
Skepticism isn't unhealthy,
skepticism keeps you safe.
Oh wow.
Poppy made some pretty hefty
deposits into her bank account
in the past few months.
Her business must have been
taking off big time.
Who do you think inherits
that money?
Must be her dad, right?
I think so?
Well, we have to find out.
'Cause if Poppy's money
goes to Marv
and Marv's money
goes to Nicole...
You know, we have opened
up every drawer in this room.
There are no false bottoms,
there's nothing
taped underneath.
I don't think we're gonna find
whatever it is
Nicole was looking for.
This cushion crinkled.
There's something
in the cushion.
Oh, it's a letter
from Nicole to Poppy.
Not a very nice letter.
This one's almost threatening.
Why would she hide these?
For safe keeping?
Marv told me that he and Nicole
were going to be staying
with Poppy for a visit
next month.
Maybe she was gonna use these
to blackmail Nicole,
show her father eventually.
Oh, I don't know.
But I do think you should
probably call Arthur.
I will.
But now I'm even more worried
that Nicole could have hired
someone to take out Poppy.
Except she opened the door
to whoever killed her.
What I do know is Nicole
didn't like Poppy
and had a reason
to get rid of her.
Marv could be next.
Who's staying with you
and Aida?
Roe, do you know
what that means?
My mother and I could be
in danger, too.
"You grew up spoiled and have
only spoiled further
"as far as I can tell
"and if you continue to
undermine me with your father
"then you leave me no choice
but to fight fire with fire."
Ok, I can see why you two found
these letters so concerning.
Why would Nicole
secretly search for them
if they don't implicate her
in Poppy's death?
Uh, maybe she just wanted to
find them before her husband did
so he wouldn't be upset with her
for the problems she was having
with Poppy.
Good point.
Still, I'm not ready to give
her the benefit of the doubt.
Especially if she's the one that
dropped that receipt you found.
Arthur, did you get a hold
of that security footage
from the gas station
for that day?
Oh, yeah.
Officer Heard's going
over the tapes right now
so that he could-
ok, wait, uh-uh.
You two are doing it again.
[together] Doing what?
That thing you do where you try
and get me to talk
about the case.
No, no.
We brought you new evidence
in the case.
We are being good citizens,
And whoever bought that gas,
they were very near
Poppy's place
right around the time
of the murder.
What she said.
No. I'm not giving you anything.
Oh, Dustin.
You scared me.
If I ask you something
will you tell me the truth?
Does everybody here think
that I had something to do
with Poppy's murder?
Well, I think it's obvious the
police consider you a suspect.
If I ask you a question
will you tell the truth?
Where were you the afternoon
Poppy was killed?
Because no one here knows.
I was at the jeweler.
I was trying to get
my money back for a ring
that I tried to give Poppy.
I asked her to marry me,
like some overanxious puppy
and she shot me down.
So now you know.
Now take the yarn
in your right hand,
wrap it around the needle
and pull it tight,
keeping tension on the yarn.
Let's see.
Getting there.
Good work.
Into the first stitch.
So this is what you've been
doing lately?
Learning to knit?
Only to find out more
about Poppy
and what she was going through.
And... you know.
Beautiful choice,
I love this one.
You like Cara.
She's pretty awesome.
Sorry to keep you waiting, Roe.
There's always a ton of
questions after a lesson.
Not a problem.
Um, so you wanted to talk to me
about my business with Poppy?
I wanna know what happens to
the money from the business.
Does it go to you?
Does it go to-
Oh, no.
Um, 'cause I'm not her...
Right. Beneficiary.
Yes, right. That's her dad.
At least I think.
You'd have to ask Bubba Rankart.
He set up our corporation
for us.
Wrote up the contracts for who
got which share of the profits.
Was Marv a partner?
He gave us the start-up money
so he has a big stake
in the company.
I only got 20 percent but still,
we were starting to do
really well and...
I had to tell our editor
this morning
that there wasn't gonna be
a book.
Or any more videos.
Well, why not keep it going?
You know, do the book yourself?
Be in the videos?
No. Poppy was the one
that was good at that stuff.
You could try.
Maybe I could help you.
[bell rings]
Oh, excuse me.
Hi, can I help you?
I'm gonna go to Bubba's office,
see if I can find out more about
what happens to
Poppy's share of the profits
in the company.
But if it all goes
to Marv then-
Yeah, that could be another
strike against Nicole.
Well, there's still a lot
to pin down
but my money is on Dustin Sykes.
Oh, Lynn, the mayor
just walked in.
Can I call you back?
Yeah- I- I'll call you back.
How can I help?
I just got this transcript
from Judge Henderson's office
for the day of Poppy
Wilson's murder.
Oh, if you're talking
about Bubba's alibi
I already confirmed court
was in session all afternoon.
Well, according to this it
wasn't the entire afternoon.
Here, at 3:25.
Judge calls a recess
so he can dial into
his son's parent-teacher
Court doesn't resume until 4:07.
That's a 42-minute recess.
And Poppy lives, what,
maybe 15 minutes
from the courthouse?
Enough time to get there
and back.
Hey boss.
I think I found what
you're looking for
on those security tapes
from the gas station.
Ok, here it is.
Here's the car and
there's the driver.
It's Bubba Rankart.
That gas station is nowhere
near the courthouse, is it?
No, it's not.
But it's right around the corner
from Poppy's place.
And it's right at the time
of the murder.
Arthur, were you here
to see Bubba?
Yes, and his receptionist said
he bolted out the back
when he saw us pull up.
Why would Bubba be running away
from you?
You mean away from me
and my search warrant?
What are you searching for
in Bubba's office?
Uh-nuh, you know I am not
gonna tell you that.
Any sign of Bubba yet?
No, but we found something.
Aurora, you need to go. Please.
Get those to forensics.
That was Lizzy's knife set,
wasn't it?
There was a knife missing.
Ok, no.
Again, I cannot tell you that.
Bubba Rankart is not a killer.
Yeah, well there's a warrant
out for his arrest.
Oh no.
It was Bubba
who bought the gas
near Poppy's that day,
wasn't it?
Ok, no.
Poppy's lawyer?
That's who the police think
killed her?
Aurora said that there's a
warrant out for his arrest.
Bubba's my lawyer, too,
and a very good friend.
I- I just hope this is all
some terrible mistake.
I'd like to go down
to the police station,
find out for myself
what they know.
I'll get my purse.
Look, I'm sorry if it turns out
to be your friend,
but I want justice
for my daughter.
Oh Marv, of course.
Only the truth matters.
Shocking, that a person
I thought I knew
could be essentially dark
at his core.
Of course you're probably not
the least surprised by this.
The way you immerse yourself
in every tale of murder
you can find.
For once I am surprised.
But I can't shake the feeling
that the wrong person
has somehow been cast
in the role of the killer.
I suppose you think you know
the right person?
I wish I did.
It's all pointing to Bubba
right now.
Um, hi Lillian.
Can I talk to you a minute?
Yeah. Is everything ok?
So I've been thinking about
Bubba and I remembered
that a few years ago he asked me
to find a garage for him to rent
so that he could store
his boat, which I did,
and then he sold the boat.
But it was a four-year lease.
He must still have the keys
to that garage.
Do you think he could
be there now?
I was gonna go check on him
myself but I lost my nerve.
Maybe if you could come
with me?
Wow, mother, I think you'd want
Arthur to go?
I know, but Bubba is a good
and loyal friend.
Please, I- I just wanna talk
to him first.
Wow, first Sally and now you.
Ok, let me tell Lillian
I'm leaving early.
Here let me-
let me knock.
Ok, bossy.
It's Aida.
Are you in there?
Maybe he's not
in there after all.
I don't hear anything.
Do you wanna wait?
I don't know if I'm disappointed
or relieved.
No, let's just go.
[door opens]
Bubba, why in the world
are you holed up
in a place like this?
You mean besides watching
my life go down in flames?
I just- I've been going through
my old correspondence with Poppy
and any one of my dealings with
her just looking for red flags.
You know the police
are looking for you.
I know, but I just needed some
time to go through this stuff.
And... well, I've been wrestling
with my guilt.
So it's true. You-
you killed Poppy?
What? No, of course
I didn't kill Poppy.
For crying out loud, Aida,
that's not what I feel
guilty about.
Why don't you have a seat
and I'll tell you everything?
No- no, I think I'd rather hear
this standing up.
Look, Lizzy wasn't shy about
being jealous of Poppy
so I told her to go ahead
and talk to her, you know?
Find out there's nothing funny
going on between us.
Well, that morning Lizzy told
me that she planned
to go by Poppy's house after she
got off work to talk to her,
and I was fine with that,
but as the day wore on
I just- I started to worry.
So when Judge Henderson
called a recess,
well, I drove to Poppy's house.
I got there right in time to see
Lizzy leaving so I thought,
you know, great, they must
have talked it out.
So I went back
to the courthouse.
And stopped to get gas
on the way.
It wasn't until I heard that
Poppy had been killed
and I saw that Lizzy's steak
knife set had a knife missing.
But I thought
what if it was Lizzy?
Well, did you ask her
if she did it?
Well, it's not all that simple
when you're a month away
from getting married.
I mean, I knew most likely
it wasn't her
but can you imagine
if she thought
I had even suspected her?
Yeah, she could get offended
and call the wedding off.
Then you see the problem.
Look, I just wanted some time
to go through all this stuff
on my own.
So I took the knife set
so the police wouldn't jump
to any hasty conclusions
until I could prove beyond
a shadow of a doubt
that Lizzy had nothing to do
with Poppy's murder.
And then I realized how guilty
that can make me look
and I thought of other things
that can make me look guilty
like the gas receipt
that placed me
right near the scene
of the crime,
which I knew was
in my pocket
before I went to your house
to pay my respects to Marv.
So you broke into my house?
I'm so sorry, Aida.
I'll pay for any damage
I caused.
I was in a state of panic
and I wasn't thinking clearly.
I hope you can forgive me.
No, no, no. Don't be ridiculous.
No, no harm done.
Clearly you were under distress.
Thank you.
Well, that's why I'm here.
I'm just trying to get clear,
see if I can come up
with any leads
on who really did kill Poppy.
But I swear to you,
it wasn't me.
And I really believe
it wasn't Lizzy, either.
So do I.
But you have to turn
yourself in
and trust that Arthur is gonna
figure out what really happened.
So Arthur showed up,
read him his rights
and they took him off
to the station.
I hope Bubba's telling the truth
and it's not him.
Well, I don't know.
You don't run if you're
not guilty.
Unless he spent all night
in that garage
trying to figure out if
he should take the fall
for his girlfriend or not?
It's not Lizzy.
She's not left-handed,
but Jason has a point.
If it wasn't Bubba then
we still don't know who-
Excuse me. I need to get
to the copy machine.
Thank you.
[clears throat]
So is anyone still up
for coming over
and going through
that list again,
see if we missed anything?
No can do, I told Cara I'd help
her with a video this afternoon.
Awe, that's sweet.
Well, I'm up for it.
Just give me a call
when you're ready.
I'd still keep an eye on your
cousin Lizzy if I were you.
Excuse me.
He's the one I'm gonna be
keeping my eye on.
Uh, mother, I'll be back
in an hour or so.
Oh, no, no, no. Stay and watch
Cara's video.
So this is what you've been
working on with Cara?
It's a tribute to Poppy.
For their YouTube channel.
I really couldn't have done it
without him.
Alright. Ok.
I can't help but traveling
down memory lane,
The taste of life...
Like so many who
have messaged me,
Poppy's death
makes me feel robbed
of a beautiful light in my life,
but it also makes me feel lucky
to have known such
a creative talent.
I have a new friend
who convinced me today
that Poppy wouldn't want
her dream to end
so I'm going to carry on
with our work,
I'm gonna finish our book,
I'm gonna make more videos
of all the creative projects
and designs
we were so excited
to do together.
Stay tuned.
Goodbye, my friend...
Awe, that was lovely, Cara.
Well done.
Thank you.
Ah, thank you.
It does my heart good to know
that Poppy's creativity
is going to live on.
And so will her
wonderful designs.
So you're alright if I upload
this video tonight?
That would be wonderful.
Well, um, we should get going.
Thanks for coming by.
Bye, thank you.
It was great seeing you all.
Thank you.
Marv, isn't that a different
logo than Poppy's other videos?
The logo from the company
she started with you.
So it is.
Well, Cara just said that she's
going to continue on her own.
We're ok with that.
I gotta go.
Wait, what?
But Cara talked like she made
the decision today
to continue the business
without Poppy
but she already
had her logo made?
So she's been thinking
about it a while.
Ok, here it is.
This is the video
that Poppy showed me.
See? This logo is different
than the one I just saw.
It's Poppy Wilson with another
great way
you can use embroidery to make
your wardrobe pop.
I wanna look at Cara
more carefully.
Ok. Here's the part where
Cara demonstrates
what Poppy is saying.
Cara's left-handed.
We should make a toast
to Poppy.
Yeah, we should.
That'd be nice.
Uh, corkscrew?
Oh, uh... in that drawer.
Did you find it?
Weird scissors.
I know Cara uses hers
all the time.
Now what I've done is
I've just printed off
a few different patterns from-
Wait, look!
It's a serrated blade.
A blade that's about the same
length as a steak knife.
I gotta call Jason.
I've never seen scissors
like this before.
[phone ringing]
Like they're serrated.
Yeah, every seamstress
has a pair like that.
Hey Roe, I'm at Cara's.
I just--
What's happening?
He's in trouble.
Ok, call Arthur,
tell him that we think
Cara's the one
that killed Poppy,
and tell him Jason's with her
and he's in danger.
I'll call.
Where are you going?
I'm only three blocks
from Cara's place.
I'll get there faster
than the police.
Ok, well you can't go alone!
Yes, ok.
I understand.
Thank you.
You have no idea how mad
I am at myself right now.
Why did I put those scissors
back in the drawer
after I washed them?
After everything
was going so well.
No one suspected me.
That's one good thing
about being
a non-entity to most people.
No one thinks you'd do something
so crazy as to kill someone.
Even my best friend didn't give
me credit for anything I did.
Even my own best friend
treated me as an after thought.
She had no problem sucking
in all the money
while I did most of the work.
But then I found out how much
money that was gonna be.
I had a problem with that.
So I fixed that problem,
and now you're a problem
I'm gonna have to fix.
Which is too bad
because I really did like you.
Oh Roe, be careful!
[glass shatters]
What do you think you're doing?
Cara, you have to stop.
This doesn't concern you.
Police! Freeze!
Cara, put your hands up!
You can put the chair down now,
I think you'll find the murder
weapon over there.
You're under arrest for
the murder of Poppy Wilson.
Jason, are you ok?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Roe, are you ok?
Let's get you to the hospital,
get your head checked out.
Roe, what've you got in here,
books or cement?
Woah, hey, you're
holding up traffic.
It's fine.
Here you go.
You guys, thank you, I really
appreciate your help.
The least we could do.
You helped us out of
some pretty hot water.
You definitely did.
We did find the missing
steak knife, by the way.
Yeah, it had just gone
under the refrigerator.
But we have decided to make
you an honorary bridesmaid, Roe.
Yeah, I told her
how much you love
wearing a bridesmaid's dress.
Oh, if I didn't have to spend
so much time worrying about you
I'd... I'd have more time
to tell you about
how proud I am of you.
Awe, thank you, mother.
I was about to say
"I'll see you at home"
but you're already home,
aren't you?
Oy. I need to get back
in the gym.
You know, I had felt alone
when Martin told me
he may not be coming back.
Oh, Roe.
But I'm not alone.
No, you're not.
I have a great mother,
great friends,
I have a job I love
and a brand new house.
I'm feeling pretty lucky.